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What is the oldest and first minecraft mini game this mini game was created just a month after minecraft classic was made this mini game was made by three players green slimy pentaclam and molaris the game was made after one of the players was constantly griefed and they decided

To get their back the way the player griefed was unique and thought he should turn it into a mini game the minigame was played on the server where there were no mods or commands so the players had to manually reset the game every time this mini game

Was actually inspired by a free online game called blockland notch even played the video game and loved it yes ladies and gentlemen the oldest mini-game is spleef and you may have played it as a child

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  1. STB4G Avatar

    knew it

  2. Toxic GD Avatar


  3. Sebastian Fernanez Avatar

    Spleef was added to legacy edition and renamed to tumble

  4. fireflyYT Avatar

    I have played it with our PS3 that we have still and i could play it just right now

  5. Typically Fresh Avatar

    spleef was made by grian. grian even talks about how he made it.

  6. reflection Avatar

    Old Minecraft console mini games ;'(

  7. Average_swede Avatar

    I played it on the Xbox 360 when i was five

  8. alex Avatar

    Spleef the game where you learn to raid

  9. tr4gic Avatar

    I like the music, so nostalgia

  10. Netsgets Avatar

    The first thing I thought of was spleef and well, I was right

  11. Nathator97 Avatar

    may have played it as a child? i still play it

  12. Z4NZ

    Pls make mc vs Roblox rap mc wins. Use mc java on prev VID mc rap

  13. KittyLovin’ Avatar

    This is what me and my sis and bro would do in every Minecraft world:
    We make our houses, storage, and farm
    But then we would always make a beautiful building for spleef

    Ahhhhh childhood, sweet, innocent, joyful childhood.

  14. cyan Avatar

    Is it kinda odd that i always loved spleff as a kid about 5-6 at that time

  15. 闪电击中 Avatar

    Pov: no father figure

  16. cat + bunny imposter Avatar

    June 23rd is my b-day

  17. Junkyard Avatar

    Spleef was my childhood

  18. ms marek Avatar


  19. SlayinXD Avatar

    I love spleef.

  20. Alpha Avatar

    OG Spliff

  21. Fard Avatar


  22. TopNotch2041 Avatar

    Wait June 23 oh no

  23. Omid F Avatar

    My first build was a birch log tree house

  24. Hamstreak Avatar

    Why is it called spleef

  25. Adit Pros Avatar

    That minigame give me nostalgia because i always played it on my ps3 with my 3 friends and me

  26. drevoksi Avatar

    no hecking way!!!1!1!1!!1!1!1

  27. justin mesina Avatar

    Ik I'm a kid but I think Minecraft is created in Nov.19 2011 and my birth is Nov.19 2012

  28. Jambo Neo Avatar

    Xbox live on the 360 nostalgia rn

  29. James Williams Avatar

    That is when I was born

  30. Wezix Avatar

    Yes spleff

  31. DAJakWha Man Avatar

    Ur cool

  32. Masterfighterr Avatar

    I remember blockland very well. I used to play it before MC came out, I returned to it every once in a while, but that community is totally dead now. Brickadia is a good modern alternative to blockland though for you fellow blockheads

  33. Fret Avatar


  34. 🎄Lumity is Life🌲 Avatar

    Pixel Piradise: we have one of those

  35. Someone On Youtube Avatar

    Ah yes, spleef, havent played that minigame since my ps4 broke