The Ultimate Minecraft Murder Mystery Madness 😱

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All right I have a I have a new strategy I’m going to stick very very close to Captain I’m gonna always be beside his side just just so we can eliminate one person so we know who God damn it oh my godam it Jesus Christ there was a Massacre that just happened

Happed oh

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“Freak Show Unleashed: 7 Years of Destiny Madness with the Supreme Leader of the ‘Mediocre Legends’ Clan! QA Tester Turned Guardian God Takes on Raids, Strikes, and Shenanigans!

Supreme Destiny Leader – Freak

Embrace the Mediocrity – Join the Legends

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Dive into the chaos as Freak, the QA Tester turned Guardian Extraordinaire, leads the ‘Mediocre Legends’ through Destiny 2’s wildest raids and beyond. Expect the unexpected, and join the legendary mediocrity! #FreakShow #MediocreLegends #Destiny2Madness”


Clan: Mediocre Legends
Regions & Platforms: [NA][PC + PSN + XBOX]

About Mediocre Legends
This is a clan is owned by KiloZ3n and led by Freak, who value being reliable, and crushing all the pinnacle content this game has to offer, while having fun with a tight knit group of players. We do all forms of content and are looking to fill our raid roster out a little more to have consistent raid times in the future. We offer a welcoming community who participates in all form of content, who have no problem showing new people the ropes and getting their first clear in raids and dungeons

What We Offer
An active community
An active clan LFG channel and voice chats for activities
Raid & Dungeon sherpas
Information and help with equipment and weapons ( Spreadsheets Provided)
We have people that actually like Gambit and PvP

Join the Discord and agree to the rules- This gives you full access to the server
Mature Men And Women
Active with clan members either in game or in server
speak English fluent
Have a good Mic
Clan Links:

/ Discord :

/ Discord / RDM :