Tragic Minecraft Tale: Poor Maizen in No Way Home 😢

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hi everyone today we are sad because we don’t have a house we don’t have a place to stay we don’t have money and we have nowhere to go and if you let us live in your house leave a like And subscribe to the channel I would love to know that but what then but what do we want to do so I have a good idea that you will find a place for us to sleep while I will find food for us it could be me I’m going to hunt for food somewhere let me think where can I hunt for food one maybe there’s food there on that farm I’m going to go there and see if there’s anything for us to eat it is good Mike went looking for food I have to sing some wood to make a fire since we have nowhere to sleep and probably if we sleep on the street it will be very cold we can’t let it be cold leave it to me because what can we do look there was some wood too am I going to pay for that wood this wood will help me make a fire and that fire doesn’t exist so that helps us a lot so we don’t end up freezing to death during the night let me see where I am can I start this bonfire look that farm really is quite big interesting there must be a lot of things on it okay but we need to find a place to stay with Mikey we need to spend a night and I think we could see if that Farmhouse is empty but I don’t know if it probably is anyway wait for this bridge here my God what can I do but look that house looks nice and what if someone is there if there is someone there or not we can sleep there for a while and after the owner shows up we leave it wouldn’t be a one-time thing but anyway let me put your sticks here to make a fire now I need a lighter to power it if if this bonfire where is it is it there on that farm let me go there there’s probably a lighter there and I’ll be able to use it to light this fire I can also take the opportunity to see if there is anyone inside your house because if there isn’t I and others can spend the night there and sleep at least for a while because if we don’t have a place to sleep we’ll probably end up hurting ourselves but my God I have to go slowly and very quietly to see if anyone is there wait for me to understand but he’s sleeping I don’t need to be that careful but I still need to be my God what now what can I do right that’s it I need to go through it very slowly so he can’t wake up so I managed to get through now I have to do something else let me see what’s here can I find something food here let me look in his fridge maybe there’s some food for me and Mikey to eat too my God the fridge is empty what can I do I have to do something I wonder if there’s something on the stove for us to eat right there isn’t one okay I need to count the left one to be able to use it there’s probably some around here my God what now let me see is there something here let me see if the trunk is there is there anything there look there’s a lighter here on a pickaxe this will be of great use to me especially the pickaxe Mikey and I can use it to find ories this will help help us survive go Mikey and there did you find the food no I didn’t find the food itself but when you find something interesting to get with me which you will also find and find quite cool I think you will like what you see one is fine let’s help but my God what must the rest have found look he found a lot of chickens we can kill some of these chickens so we can eat them my God thank you but you helped a lot by finding these chickens let’s stop her let’s kill them so we can eat them this will save our lives but wait hi you guys get off my property you are killing my chickens I’ll catch you yes let’s kill them we can eat wait what’s that noise are you hearing he’s the owner of the farm he woke up he’s armed with a 12 let’s run from here let’s run but let’s ask them they can’t catch my god let’s run from here run Mike let’s run away he’s close I’ll catch you now Mikey we managed to get away from that crazy farmer now let’s go sleep somewhere it’s already dark we managed to get to the big city let’s sleep here and let me put the fire here I managed to catch her before the farmer got close to us JJ I’m glad we managed to get away from that guy he seemed to be quite dangerous he was armed yes I’m glad we managed to get away from him Mike but now it’s our time to go to sleep we need to rest so that tomorrow we can find a way to survive since we have nowhere to stay let’s not even sleep with money man we need it then I finally woke up now I just need to look for where it stopped where is Mikey has the bonfire already paid for no I think Mikey went to find something for us to eat my God where did he end up anyway he should appear now it must worry me guys if you think Mikey went after food leave a like subscribe to the channel and comment on what you think of the video my God what now what can I do look there’s some rubbish over there is there any food there for me or anyone else let me take a look wait let me look at this one first no there’s only one the rotten meats here look there’s some amp Nessa let me look another time there’s a sausage this sausage looks good my God now Mikey and I won’t go hungry and it will help us a lot what can I do while Mac doesn’t show up my God it’s now what can I do I miss miky he left recently but even so I already miss him I hope I hope I can do it I was mining with this pickaxe it’s just that I can find something with it oh let me see if I can find a cave look there’s a hole here wait what is this diamond my god I’ve never found diamond so easy in my life I have to catch it my God I’m so lucky what a shame that marinho is here he would be very happy to see that now he is Rich millionaires now we can live and have a good life and buy a house and rub it in the faces of everyone who thought we couldn’t have a house thankfully but we’re going to get a house we’re going to be able to buy after all these diamonds everything will be fine now you just have to wait for Mikey will it take long wait I need it what is that noise oh my God Hey kid keep quiet this is a robbery everything is happening everything you have I want to know what it is I don’t don’t just want everything to pass here please don’t shoot me don’t hurt me please look look the child has a diamond thank you very much you’re going to save my life ha my God I Could Be A Millionaire but I was robbed and now what can I do my God where will he have a guitar he won’t believe what happened I think now we’re going to have to go to the police the police station something like that but I need to get it here first when can I go alone hi Mikey you don’t want to dictate what happened I’m glad you arrived I just got robbed they took all my diamonds and I got them by mining wow I feel really bad man my God man you had achieved diamond we could be billionaires but it’s okay it wasn’t our fault you were robbed now we have to go to the police station to file a complaint come on this happens to us then we finally managed to get to the police station my God what now what are we going to do come on talk to the policeman let’s get give we need to press charges and talk what happened let’s deal with it okay Mike let’s go let’s find someone wait is there anyone at the police station and a police officer is there a police officer around here please I need help come on police officer are you here there’s no one here but what hey your police officer came here just now we need your urgent help I don’t think there’s anyone here like us we need to get out of here and we have to keep moving forward right because we lost little money we will get more true but you’re right but wait look at those beautiful girls across the street let’s start with them let’s see if they like us let’s see why we could start dating two beautiful girls let’s talk to them hi girl how are you how are you so we’re fine but we don’t want you around we don’t like poor people and another you look homeless we don’t want to talk to you go away please we’re sorry we didn’t mean to bother you let’s go wow what stupid girls look what they did to us but everything is fine we will prove to them that we are better than them what can we do I know let’s look for a trash can here look maybe there’s something for us to eat shall we eat wait it’s just money in the trash can I’ve never seen this before there’s a lot of money here we’re going to pay people all this money my God but we’re millionaires now look man there’s a lot of money here now we can buy our house oh oh how good it is to be a millionaire I’m already used to this rich life right Mike what do you think of our new house or rather our new mansion now everyone who despised us will miss us and will come after us it’s true you’re right we are now billionaires we are the best that’s right we are the best and biggest billionaires I’m going to be able to test this parachute guys everything will be fine don’t worry I’ll be able to jump I’ll land calmly for the love of God be very careful when you jump hence it is very high and it is very dangerous ah oh my God JJ are you okay you got hurt man talk to me wake up please wake up please you have to wake up then I woke up it was all a nightmare wait because Mikey and the TV woman are in the Tomb because the tomb says JJ my God it’s my tomb it really wasn’t a nightmare I died to Mikey is he throwing flowers at me rest in peace friend you will be greatly missed I hope you are in a good place he will be in a good place may you rest in peace my friend you will be greatly missed I hope you are having fun somewhere else and that you are happy wait I really died my god look they’re finishing burying me I was supposed to jump with a parachute actually I wasn’t supposed to jump with a parachute I was supposed to stay down there with them that whole thing was a bad idea I should never have done that now I’m buried and dead my God wait what was that noise there’s a portal there where does that portal lead to Let’s see where he’s going to take me will he take me Beyond to heaven we will see it’s a bit of a strange portal but okay let’s go that’s what we’re going to see then I got here wait where am I here strange room the white room am I in heaven my god look it happens to but it’s here this is pretty random but it’s okay I don’t know since I’m a little scared and these beds don’t make me feel very good guys if you think I’m in heaven leave a like subscribe to the channel and comment in the comments what you think of the video wait let me see where am I it’s quite strange here look it’s a ceiling my God what a strange place I’ve already opened it here look there’s parkour here I’m going to do this parkour get to the other side and there’s a chest there too what’s inside that chest can I use it can I use my favor shall we do parkour okay I got it right here it will be easy to nail this parkour I’ll get to the other side quickly let’s go now this jump will be long but I’ll make it let’s go it’s going to be okay my God I ended up falling like that I wanted to hurt myself I burned myself my God I should have been more careful but the effect of the fire will soon pass my God I should have been more careful but okay come on look there’s armor here a sword diamond armor I’m going to take all of this and I’m going to wear it I probably need to use it I don’t know if there’s anything wrong here but if an animal appears I can protect myself well it won’t be able to attack me let me see what’s on the other side look there are animals here my God what is this they are evil angels imagine they could do that to me they can’t attack me they are angels they must be good my God these angels are evil I will defeat them I’ll make it my God take this you won’t beat me come on I’ll make it we won’t let’s go not long then I’ll make it my God these angels are very strong but they won’t beat me I will beat them I am stronger than them they are evil angels so anyway I’m going to win this one too I’m going to be able to raise all the Angels my God I’m glad I made it I’m just the best haha I’m glad I managed to defeat them but I hope there’s no way to go my God wait a door appears here with gold around it my God is this the way I’m going to continue I’m going to open this door will there be anyone here now I’m going to open this door and let’s see what I have behind it is there anything interesting is there anything that can help me I can’t stay dead I have to go back look there’s an angel come down that one will help me hi girl how are you so do I but you don’t know anymore for you to get out of here you’ll have to defeat me first it won’t be easy for you to get out of here here I’ll take over soon but right anyway first you’ll have to defeat me and then go to this portal so you can escape Davy and look I don’t know if you’ll be able to get out of here but let’s see what you’re capable of you are doubting my ability so fall in hurt me you are quarrelsome you come at me I doubt you’ll win no one will give up better than me look pull out your sword I want to see if you’ll be able to beat me get up get in let’s fight you don’t call me into a fight and I’ll win okay also look at my sword you will never beat me come at me my God he is very strong and really my God what can I do look he’s also doing a lot of things right and now what am I going to do get out of here get out stop hitting me my God I need to get rid of him get away from me I’m going to get out of here my God she assumed did she really leave she went somewhere she has no idea where she went but it’s okay I have to get out of here as quickly as possible I have to use the portal come on where will this portal lead let’s find out now I managed to get here my God I hope what is this place what a strange place it seems like the place is made of lava fire something like that is this here some kind of hell where am I wait what is this if it’s a labyrinth it looks a lot like your labyrinth to discover and discover the way out I think this is a labyrinth that’s right it’s a labyrinth look I can’t find the exit but what’s there I think it’s that way and I haven’t been that way yet this should be the way out could it be I have no idea whether there is a way out or not but that’s okay I think it’s right here at the door I’m going out this door is there something here let’s see wait there’s no empty room I know wait is the exit through that lava my my God I’m going to get hurt and burn there this ground hurts I can’t step on it it’s going to end up burning me I got a little burn now even my God what can I do look I have a moon here what’s inside a fire resistance potion will only help you a lot no let me take it to survive guys if you think this situation will help me a lot leave a like subscribe to the channel and and comment on what you think of the video okay let’s go let’s test to see if this will work hope it works look at the floor I’m not being taken anymore and it’s not burning me then everything will be fine just wait for the hell hello JJ I hope you’re okay for now because you won’t be soon you won’t be able to get out of here anytime soon you can wait it’s going to take you a long time to get out of here you’ll have to beat me but before anything else I have to sort out a a few things we’ll see later but I hope you’re prepared to suffer what you’re going to suffer because you’re in Hell welcome to it my God that was scary I have to get out of here as quickly as possible look there’s a chest here what’s in it he had a gun it can help me protect myself a lot I’m going to use it a lot but that’s okay let me reload it right here look what a beautiful weapon I’m going to use it a lot to defend myself look there’s a hole here I’m going to fall from it this should probably be the way wait there’s an animal here take this I managed to kill the animal I killed him quickly but that’s okay better quickly than not killing him it was him and me anyway I hope this wasn’t anything bad so let’s go there I have to stay at that door let me see that’s it I did it look the portal is there we’re going to make it I’m going to be able to go back home and and be alive again I’m going to be resurrected not so fast Jay you’re not going home first for you to go through the portal you’ll have to beat me and I hope you know what you’re doing well you only have a sword I have a gun you will never be able to beat me you’ll see just let me reload my gun and I’ll beat you little devil take this I’m done with her I did it my God this is the portal to finally return home and still be resurrected my God that was all I wanted I’m glad I managed to defeat all my enemies I’m glad I did otherwise I’d be stuck here forever guys if you think everything will work out leave a like And subscribe to the channel and tell us in the comments what you think of the videos my God come on I’ll make it let’s go to be able to get back to normal I’m in the real world look it’s Mike’s house from from tvom let it ring here to call them they won’t believe I’m alive my God hi TV wife how are you it’s you JJ are you alive great that is great I’ll call Mike my God I’m really alive I’m glad I came back to life look where’s Mikey hi JJ are you alive how are you alive this is a miracle so that’s a story for another day but what matters is that I’m fine I’m alive here with you ha oh I finally woke up but the days look like the day is beautiful my God I just need something to eat I’m very hungry I have to go to the kitchen get something my God that’s what anyone wants to eat wait let me look in the fridge there must be something interesting to eat in the fridge wow the campaign has to be playing at this early hour my God let me open it here Hi how are you it was then not good at all but I wanted to tell you that you should stay away from this house now now what are you being evicted from by not paying the rent you haven’t paid the rent for more than 3 months I need you to get out of this house now good can you come later I just woke up I didn’t need anything I also have to pack my things so can you come later please I just need some time to organize my things so I can’t leave now the dudes he may come later or he may not now can’t you see what I’m holding get out of that house now you can’t stay here anymore in that house go away my God I just got evicted from my house I had everything for myself to be great and happy and I ended up being evicted now I have nothing left I don’t have a house I don’t have a car I have nothing else everything belongs to that guy oh my God I have to find somewhere to go I have to get out of here as quickly as possible which is good I decided what am I going to do I am going to eat so I came here downtown to this restaurant and also a bakery anyway I’m going to eat something here I need to eat something but I can go without eating if not not I’ll probably get sick let me see what I’m going to do where are you does he have a place here are you here where is the boss to order my food look my boss good morning hello good morning how is your order then I’d like a burger if you can bring me I’m family so can you bring it here if I want a burger that’s it I’m going to get you the burger and I’ll be right back I like the service it’s very good here while waiting Let Me Wait for a search I’m quite hungry is the burger here delicious and do I really really want to try it I like burgers there so much so he gave me my burger ready sir here’s your burger more people went down with me I would like to ask what is the payment method so let me look in my wallet here let me get it let me take a look at what appears it’s very good now let it go wait my wallet stayed at home I just got evicted I don’t have any money wait you don’t have money you’re poor so I hope you get out of here now I don’t like poor people in my restaurant get out of here get out of here now okay okay I’m leaving now and I’m sorry I didn’t know you were so prejudiced against poor people we are not prejudiced I don’t want to lose my clientele my God I just got kicked out of a restaurant I just got kicked out of my house my God everyone is despising me I lost everything I had goals for if you help me I’ll leave it online subscribe to the channel and comment in the comments what you think of the video okay where am I going to go now I know I’m going to Mikey’s house maybe he’ll help me but his house is fine he finished I find finally arrived at Mike’s house I’ll get his attention probably free of charge and help me look how beautiful the Moon is my God is Mikey home let me knock on the door and call him hey Mikey he’s there but he’s at home come here of course I need to talk to you is he coming hi Mikey hi JJ so but I just got evicted from my house I haven’t eaten in a while and I also need a place to stay could you help me but please so JJ I can’t help you because here in my house it’s very small and the neighbor just doesn’t like poor people so you have to leave to forgive me formally my God even my best friend Mike he abandoned me he didn’t help me but that’s okay no problem i’ take us to his house and I’ll sleep on the pool chair where you won’t even notice a pool chair there he’ll probably let you sleep he won’t even complain when he wakes up will it fit here too I don’t know but I need a place a way to stay wait it’s going to hurt was that it hey come back here you’re not going to sleep here you’re leaving my house now otherwise I’m going to hit you man get out of here I told you that I don’t like poor people I mean the neighborhood doesn’t like poor people get out of here now we don’t like the kind of people like you who leak out of here you poor mediocre people my God even Mac abandoned me that’s something true friends do and it started to rain my God now what am I going to do I I need to find a place to stay I can’t stay here it’s too dangerous oh my God can I go I have to sleep somewhere I can’t sleep on the street okay I think I found a place there’s no better place so okay I’m going to sleep under this tree I’m going to wake up the next day and decide what can I do with my life this is all very dangerous my God I never imagined I would do something like this and now I have to sleep good night look guys there’s a poor guy sleeping here in the middle of the street and you’re watching this followers wait what is this what are you doing well I’m recording a beggar who is sleeping on the street to post on my social media and it’s going to be really fun and everyone is going to laugh their asses off and everyone is going to start following me too what are you doing what comes out of here now get out of here I don’t want you filming me relax poor man we won’t be filming anymore I already filmed you as needed now I’m going to post it my way on social media everyone will laugh in your face and another you will become a global disgrace apart from that I will also gain a lot of followers I live may you stay on the street and learn to be a normal person sport for your sleep on the street let’s go friend that’s right I’m leaving here only the boring ones look what you did my god look what these women did they recorded me while I slept on the street and they will post it on social media I’m going to become a global embarrassment my God everyone is going to laugh in my face I didn’t want that and now what am I going to do I’ll sort it out later but first I have to go look for food I’m quite hungry I have to find something to eat I can’t be hungry if I can’t end up fainting feeling sick or something going wrong I’m going to look for food I really need it okay I’m tired of walking is there food nearby some kind of food anything my God needs food look there’s a cow there my God I could kill the cow to get her to eat my God but know that she is so cute because of her little face will I be able to do this God I can’t do this but I’m so hungry I need it I will kill you kitty but I’m sorry my God God what now then I’ll make it wait forgive me kitty but I’m starving I need it for necessity I just need one more cow yourself I’m sorry is the crowdfunding two forgive me but you have to go too will you take you that’s it I got it now I can eat the meat I’m hungry very hungry I haven’t eaten in a while what do I need need something to eat I hope the kitty forgives me but it was necessary it was good for me I was either she or it was me so I can’t die of hunger but okay I promise will I go I think I’ll go downtown I’ll take a look at things and now what do I do I need a light in my life I ended up losing literally everything I wanted and now I have nothing left I have nowhere to go hey JJ look here up it is me let me drop down here to help you just a minute okay it fell my God lady are you okay were you hurt I’m fine no need to worry look I know how to fly because I’m an angel haha but there’s no need to worry so I came here because I had a mission for you to help you in fact I’m going to give you a few things so you can get back to having everything you deserve but first I need your help you have to try hard to get it because if you don’t try hard you won’t achieve anything in life your life then I’m going to give you a great opportunity look I’m going to give you a few little things and you can use those little things to help you here there’s a map and a paw good luck little boy I have to go be careful okay because it might be dangerous where you’re going but everything will be fine it’s okay little angel thank you very much for your help it will help me a lot you gave me a treasure map and a shovel I’ll get it thank you very much much bye my God look at this I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life it’s gone my God it really was an angel and now what am I going to do she gave me the treasure map and I’m going to find this treasure I already know where it is and I’m going to find it well where is here I finally found Ox now I just have to dig let’s see if I can find anything here look my God there’s a chest here let me just dig a ladder so I’ll have a way to get out of here when I get the things if there’s really anything here right I don’t know if there’s really something here let me see what’s inside this chest my God there’s a treasury a lot of money diamonds gold my god look guys I’m very rich now oh oh another day I wake up here in this big mansion of mine my God it’s great to be rich a millionaire in fact I’m a billionaire but that’s okay oh poor everyone who despised me more than those women that guy at the bakery but okay good morning my butler how are you I hope you’re well but okay let’s go my Mansion is really nice I’m already tired of it I’m thinking about buying a bigger one but it’s okay looking at me the car was outside as always and let me see I think that’s it that’s what I’m going to do today I think I’ll play a little tennis but that’s it I hope everyone who looked down on me learns the lesson of not looking down on anyone haha wow look at this huge beautiful garden with lots of trees and flowers very beautiful this perfect place is really very good this place brings me peace it brings me love look at these flowers how beautiful they are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen in my entire life let’s take a closer look look how beautiful this thing is these things exhale me a smell of Peace a smell of love I’m in love with these flowers with this wonderful place let me get a flower here for you here this one is especially for you you are a flower too you deserve another wow JJ you are incredible thank you very much thank you for the flowers they are very beautiful so take this one for yourself the biggest of all because you deserve it you are incredible thank you for everything you only do me good brings peace huh look let’s go forward there are our houses let’s go let’s try to talk to the rest of the people to see what they’re doing come on we can’t waste time look JJ I can’t believe it look at that my God they’re fighting they’re hitting each other so low they don’t stop hitting each other they’re hitting each other really hard they’re going to end up hurting themselves my God they’re really forcing us come on let’s try to stop this this cannot be done it has to be parents it has to be loved it has to love others it has to give affection and not hit so come on we’ll try to solve this problem now as soon as possible follow me here don’t stop following me and now let’s go talk to him hey boys stop it guys this is very ugly you’re fighting you don’t stop hitting each other stop that that’s not necessary my God they don’t listen to me we have to do something look at this they don’t stop beating each other guys stop it I can’t take this anymore anyway I’m not giving up I don’t have anything else I can do you find a way to solve it then I’ll go home guys stop beating yourself up my God it’s really ugly man I can’t stand seeing this anymore take that camera woman you deserve it for everything you’ve done there’s no point in taking me down and you take me down but I come back again anyway like I said I’m going to try to go home do something important I can’t stand watching this anymore try to figure something out about them okay you can leave it to me tvom guys guys guys please stop beating each other up a little let me talk to you what is happening that you are fighting so much you have to be friends you can’t be fighting so much she keep stealing my things taking my food look she knocked me down here look I’m so weak from being beaten so much take more so for you to see you deserve to be beaten more and more so you can learn not to steal my food my God I give up on them I can’t take it anymore I have to go home I can’t stand seeing these things I’m a peace guy guys please leave a like so it can be resolved leave a like subscribe so you can keep them calm and stop fighting between them come on guys you are our biggest support so since you left it there what you wrote let’s continue anyway now I’m going to rest a little because that thing hurt a lot my head yeah TV woman where are you where are you huh let me see if you’re up here I don’t think she is like that at all I have no idea what she could be doing now hey JJ come here did I surprise you no come here come with me I hope you like it a lot here’s a big romantic dinner for you because you deserve it anyway I prepared everything with great care and now let’s go get some food there I am I made it especially for you you can take it our TV woman you are awesome thank you for these delicious foods they are the ones I like the most my God you really don’t exist with without credibility let’s put it here so we can eat together and have a lot of fun during our dinner you are amazing there are more surprises here plus these candles to make it more romantic and have a more loving tone thank you JJ you are amazing and you deserve this dinner so much and now let’s Wait nothing let’s eat as soon as possible before the food gets cold and then let’s go oh my dream is here with you eating these delicious foods that you made for me you are awesome wow I’m dying of will what happened huh I can’t believe it they’re doing this again inside our house no that will not be allowed here we have to find a way TV woman it can’t stay like this look at this what a ridiculous thing this can’t happen they are friends there has to be peace between them let’s resolve this here now hey stop it my God what an ugly thing no I can’t stand seeing this anymore I have to go I have to solve this now I have an idea my idea will be perfect to stop all this all at once I had an idea let’s call our third member of the love group so we can stop this now if it’s already very ugly look this is destroying our plants and this can’t happen anymore oh my God man you know what enough of this I can’t take it anymore I’m very stressed seriously anyway let’s go now and resolve this as soon as possible and now it won’t Escape me to stop this once and for all come on come on come with me this is where her house is she’s our neighbor she lives right next to to us and she’s going to stop this now once and for all you’ll see let’s start the campaign here wait until she leaves let’s see let’s see then it appeared wow what a giant house I very cool Hello TV woman I’m glad you showed up it’s good to see you wow thank you very much I wanted to talk to you I wanted to ask for a lot of help you have no idea the people in our house are fighting they won’t stop fighting over nothing we tried everything but our love group isn’t solving it so let’s go there until you solve it use your things your magic to solve this it is true you can leave it to me let’s go there as soon as possible I already have in mind what I can use but first let’s see the situation to see what it’s going to be like if it really needs to be the way I’m imagining it man this situation really is very critical they don’t stop hitting each other for a minute they are very angry with each other I’m going to use my love potion to end this now you can be sure it will now finishing it never fails my portion is top nothing has happened so far like this I’ll try again this has never happened before so far nothing my God the potion isn’t getting on them and now what are we going to do I’m going to play several here to see if I can do it bro stop with these things these things won’t help us you are very idiots anyway girls let’s keep fighting outside leave JJ’s house and let’s go what are you waiting for come quickly before I beat you more you don’t stop hitting I’m going to fight with you until you can take more oh my God man what a crazy thing I’ve never seen anything like this that’s in my life bro and now that we’re going to do it let’s go in it’s getting late anyway you’re our guest today speaker woman you can stay here in the room and sleep in the guest room while the TV woman and I go to our room so let’s go as soon as possible so we can sleep because it’s already getting dark man today was really crazy let’s rest and relax our heads come on JJ today was really [Music] tiring oh what a long day finally a new day now without being able to breathe calmly the TV woman is still sleeping the day is already very strong so let’s see is the speaker okay are you still sleeping so let’s go look dude she’s still sleeping she sleeps really cute so let’s let her rest in peace she must be very tired and now we’re going to do our usual routine which is to go outside our backyard and take our big morning bath in our private Lake it’s really good here guys wow I love this Lake you guys you’ll see it’s the best bath ever it wakes us up and leaves us feeling ready for the whole day so come on guys this bath is really nice wow I I’ve already had a little bit here now I’ve woken up better let’s enjoy it a little more here now uh wait that’s the camera woman over there and she’s fighting with Mike let’s look closer hey what are you doing with him stop it this is hurting he doesn’t need to do this I already said you are friends stop fighting and so this shouldn’t happen he doesn’t stop bothering me and bothering me I’m going to finish him off now he’s in a lot of trouble know you you have no idea you’re not here to see so take this get away from here and far away as soon as possible you’re so annoying man wow my God how did you do this to him you’re really strong hell you even woke up the girls my God I’m going to have to tell them as soon as he can be there poor man girl you have no idea what that woman did to Mike she threw him really hard really far with just one hand man that’s a lot of strength anyway they don’t stop fighting each other look look at this I gave up guys anyway that’s it guys that was the adventure I hope you like it and until the next video today it was this madness [Music] today I finally got up man she really has a lot of strength and now I’m really embarrassed I don’t know what to do but I know one thing it won’t stay like this anyway I’m going to have to pluck up the courage to go there in fact I’m going there now are they going to pay me me for this no it won’t stay like that you’ll see I’ll fight with them even more if that’s the case I don’t believe finally she arrived let’s go talk to her wow my sweetheart you’re finally here I’ve been missing you so much how nice JJ come here and give me a kiss now what what will be the schedule for today well we can choose whatever you want feel free I have several cool books and films here or games so we can play whatever you choose tell me one then leave it to me let me look for a really interesting one for us so let’s get started I put a good one what got there show me there no it’s nothing it’s just my mom texting ah then everything is fine so let’s continue watching our movie JJ I’m sorry but I have to go now I just arrived but I need to go urgently we’ll talk later okay I love you a kiss see you later man what finally I’m here I’m coming to meet you now my sweetie wait for me I hope no one sees me let’s go after him as soon as possible man something is wrong she must be doing something let’s go after her and what is she doing ah she is there let’s go slowly so she doesn’t notice our presence where is she going dude she just arrived and left um okay cats go she must have some more important reason than me so we’ll see oh I found you finally my sweetie I was finally dying of homesickness I’m Glad You Came to find me huh what is this I can’t believe it that’s exactly what I’m seeing she’s cheating on me with that guy I have no idea about that man what a horrible thing no I have to talk to her so that was your new plan right now everything is explained and now I know everything you don’t need to go back home you’re not my girlfriend anymore you can stay with him I don’t want to know anything about about you anymore don’t come after me I never want to hear from you again you hurt me I’m leaving no JJ doesn’t do that please it was unintentional I want to explain to you well leave him alone now just us you’re okay now we’re together let’s go to my house we can have fun cool so let’s go just come with me to my house don’t stop here forget about this guy oh man I can’t believe she did that to me I’m desperate I’m finished how can she do this to me I loved her so much after everything I did for her that’s what she does to me man that’s what I that’s what I deserve I don’t deserve to be loved anymore and now I’m very very upset I don’t know what to do I’m really sad my God man how can she do this to me man I don’t know what I did to deserve all this and now there’s someone sending me company let her see what I didn’t want to serve anyone else who’s there Mickey can you come in I’m not in a good mood today but that’s okay you won’t believe it the TV woman was cheating on me I just caught her cheating on me man with another man what but it won’t stay like that I have one good idea for you to cure this don’t leave there you won’t regret it guys help me please leave a like And subscribe in 5 seconds so you can improve my heart because I’m very sad I am helpless So You Are My Strength help me because without you I don’t have the strength to continue so help me please girls JJ was cheated on and now I’m going to find one of you for him who ever has the best date guarantees him as your new boyfriend so you have to do your best I trust you a lot don’t hurt my friend anymore he’s there in his entire house terrified because his girlfriend cheated on him so now I’m counting on you the plan has to be perfect the first one who guarantees and does it against the mayor for him takes him and whoever wins will love it that girls I don’t believe finally we will be able to meet JJ I hope you all make it and good luck to you all but I think he’s mine hey wait we we want him too dude is someone ringing the bell again let me see who it is I already said I don’t want to see anyone else today a is Mikey hey JJ I am a surprise for you you won’t regret it come with me just come here let me show you the surprise as soon as possible look at this crazy house but it’s not the surprise the surprise is inside it so just go in and you’ll know everything you need to know be careful you won’t regret it man okay then I’ll Trust you I’ll come in here now I hope there’s nothing wrong with that huh what is this place why did he bring me to this place here wait one moment hi JJ I finally found you dude you are very beautiful personally sit here so we can have a nice and romantic dinner but why do you like these foods that I brought especially for you these candle lights are also perfect for a very romantic dinner I hope you like it well after you finish eating I want to show you something come with me here you will love my beautiful room it’s wonderful we can sleep together today if you want to agree to date me wait what is that there are corpses here skulls no no you’re crazy get away from me I don’t want to know you anymore you’re not normal my God believe me no I’m scared of you Mikey let’s go she’s crazy don’t stay there she can at you man get out of there as soon as possible she’s not normal she has several skeletons in her room hurry and soon man as soon as possible my God what did you get us man oh I didn’t know she was like that I’m glad you warned me but you can leave it to me soon I’ll bring the next one and it will be much better believe me trust me you’ll love it in 1 hour we will work out you can trust me well now it’s your turn speaker woman the first one didn’t work out and now I’m counting on you so I hope you win him over be a good girlfriend for him well is this the place Mikey told me she would be exactly there here she is we did it guys we’re going to have our second date now and I’m going to take some flowers for her I hope she likes it I hope everything goes well this time let’s see I hope this time this meeting doesn’t get blown up I really hope not there she is hello woman I finally met you how are you I brought you a little gift I I hope you love it hour thank you very much JJ you are very romantic wow I can’t believe it it was really nice meeting you I also have a lot of cool things so we can spend the day together here at the beach I hope you like this place wonderful it’s a really cool place so you can feel free already drink these delicious soft drinks along with these Foods it was also the best I made it with great care I hope you like it thank you very much now we can sit here for a while and talk sit here for a while speaker woman tell me a little more about yourself this place really is wonderful man you chose a very good place you did a great job with the location and now what can we do a really cool thing we can take several swims in the sea uh H wait there’s an animal here this isn’t it it’s coming after us run as soon as possible my God what a strange thing it came out into the sea I never want to appear here again in my worst life meeting everyone my God man you finally get home you had a meeting it’s working out for me Mikey wake up you can wake up her other plan didn’t work either the second date failed and now I have nothing else to do and I really don’t have luck with these things it’s better for us to give up let this go no it won’t stay like that you can be sure now the third one will oh my God it won’t stay like that I’m going to find one like this tvom now you are our last hope you have to win over my friend the others didn’t have results so now it’s up to you I hope you win it oh JJ accompanies me come here so the perfect place to take you now you won’t regret it this time I promise so you’ll need your car now because it’s a very far place from here but it’s very cool very interesting you will love it I’m sure take your car out of the garage this car your car is very beautiful it is very cool I’m sure it will Delight a lot of people out there so let’s go let me get in here first so you can leave well okay let’s go then I hope you’re right this time all right let’s go so this is the place you told me about yes yes that’s the one now you just have to go in there feel free to go up to the first floor and go down to the top then there’s nothing else to do trust my plan this will undoubtedly be the best you won’t regret it I trust you good luck boy go all out okay thanks so much Mikey you’re a really great friend he arranged this thing here for me again so he sent this now it’s going to work that’s it guys if you think it’s going to work leave your fan here to accompany me on this journey so let’s go guys I hope this time it works out well now we just have to wait for the elevator to open it’s ready wow what a beautiful thing it is I can’t believe it look at this place look at this View man it’s really wonderful I’ve never seen anything like this beautiful before my God look at that hello JJ you’re finally here so we can talk a lot enjoy these delicious foods that I totally prepared especially for you along with this drink so we can enjoy together I hope you enjoy this wonderful atmosphere that I made especially for you you because I’m too crazy to date you you are the love of my life so this would be very perfect we spent several days together you are amazing amazing thank you for everything thank you you are a very wonderful guy we are going to have a lot of fun together oh one more day here at my house and now what do you want to do so guys how are you good morning to all of you let’s go to another video I’m going to call Mikey so I can talk to him I wanted to call him here so I could have a picnic with him so let’s go huh he doesn’t answer so far it’s only going to voicemail is he not at home I have no idea so let’s see personally he’s not answering so our only way is to go there let’s go let’s see where he is what he’s doing sir that one really is home if he’s sleeping anything I’ll wake him up by knocking on the door come on hey Mikey come over Mikey I want to talk to you open the door man I’ve been out here a long time you never show up guys I don’t think Mikey’s home and now what are we going to do there is wait a minute look at him there he’s using a camera why is he using a camera what is he doing with that camera here in the middle of the park man I have no idea let’s go talk to him and Mikey come here oh hello JJ and I finally found you look guys this is a friend JJ we go on several adventures together so you have to follow him too so let’s go I’m recording a routine here in my city here in front of my house with several cool Parks so if you liked it you already know right so leave a like subscribe again I’ll be back soon hi JJ Mikey why are you making this camera man this is terrible stop using this but after all I had an idea since you are using this let’s troll the TV woman come on JJ let’s go let’s go come on she’s at her house I think I’m sure she’s going will she fall so let’s talk to her properly and the plan will be as follows let’s make a hole here for it to fall and we’ll record it and you can post it on your social networks so we can get a lot of likes and followers so come on damn JJ this is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen this trolling I don’t know if it will get a lot of views but let’s try let me call her here now and I just have to wait it’s well framed there so you can record everything so wait a minute now will be the time to call her King there was a woman It’s JJ come here so we can talk need to talk to you what a delay oh hi JJ what do you want man you won’t believe it there was a rain of money here come here I want to show you what I don’t believe it was all a joke on your part you are very clowns very children get me out of here now that can’t be done man what a silly joke and get me out of here now I don’t like any of this calm down TV woman I’m just joking and you fell right in we are very good my God man she was really angry but the plan finally worked oh man you really have nothing to do okay my god let’s get out of here let me continue doing my thing you have nothing to do but I do I don’t believe our plan worked Mikey I think she was very angry anyway I feel sorry for her I had an idea we have to try to have a Reconciliation dinner an apology to her she will really like it let’s go I have several delicious foods there and also several good tables so come here to my house so we can prepare come with me here here is everything we will need to make this great dinner then let’s go let me get it here come come and get you too you have to help me he takes the rest there the rest of the food and the rest of the table so let’s go there as soon as possible it doesn’t take long that’s it guys we did it and now let’s go apologize because she was very angry huh there’s nothing here man I’m looking for a place where we can do it but there’s really nothing here no interest place here so I had an idea let’s do it outside outside will be much better I believe she will like it here because it’s a free place and it’s much more beautiful here than at my house so go ahead here’s a perfect place for her to enjoy dinner with us so prepare the tables there so I’m going to start the preparations here you can leave it to me I’m going to start adding these tables here it will take several to have plenty of space for various foods that she will be able to eat well now I just have to put out the food and everything will be perfectly perfect for her to order except our apologies to us so let’s go perfect everything is already the way we planned now you don’t have to worry anymore mayor guys we did it our reconciliation plan is going very well and now let’s go and try to talk to her look at these wonderful Foods guys I hope she liked them anyway look and that was our table for our reconciliation with her but before that guys help please help us so that she can be on good terms with us and she forgives us and leaves a like and 5 Seconds for that you have 5 Seconds to help us be okay with tvom so leave your like as soon as possible don’t waste time since you left a like and subscribed so now let’s get to the rest of the adventure and the mission let’s go there as soon as possible hey look you forgot about the chairs JJ come to my house and take a chance on the chair because we can’t eat while standing up so you can go there in peace go go in the same corner where you found the tables so you don’t need to worry you don’t need to be embarrassed Rey my plan worked as he managed to go there now there’s no one looking here I’m going to do something with them too so let’s go that’s it there’s a very hidden place in his house where he keeps some potions that can give you a really bad stomach ache and make you mess up so that’s what I’ll use he doesn’t know nor does she but this is going to be a lot lot of trolling for both of us I’m going to put this tummy ache portion on all the food for them to eat if they get a lot of tummy ache and I won’t hold it until they all get messed up so that’s going to be a better plan and I’m going to record all of this and put it on my social networks in other words it will be the best trolling ever I don’t think anyone saw me I went very quickly let’s get back as soon as possible until JJ comes back so he doesn’t notice our absence that’s it guys it’s working really well I think this plan will be the best of all so now we just have to wait and be very careful and place the portions here very carefully every time that’s it our trolling is on soon I arrived here at Mikey’s house and now it’s from here he said it was in the same place so let’s look is it around here no it’s not right here place he mentioned here so let’s see here nothing here perfect I thought there were four but we only have three but even so let’s wash her as soon as possible he should be there waiting for hours so let’s not waste time let’s vote as soon as possible well I think what is they’re here Mikey I found them I think these are the ones right here they are I’m going to put them all here now so we can be calm and quiet and we can’t eat food standing up so perfect everything is already in place now let’s call her as soon as possible that’s it leave it to me I’ll call her then because since I recorded everything my responsibility is greater so you can leave it to me and now I’ll call her and apologize and talk about dinner so she can wait come on shall we the time is now to apologize if you call her so we can have dinner all of us together hey TV woman it’s Mikey I wanted to apologize to you tell her here please what we did it was very naughty but we want to ask for forgiveness oh what do you want here here with me I’m still quite upset with you we want to apologize and for that we made a very incredible dinner for you with several foods that you like I hope you forgive us so let’s go eat as soon as possible of course I will forgive wow you guys are awesome I understand your joke that’s it Mikey we did it she understood our joke and is now forgiving so let’s eat as soon as possible let’s not waste time come on come on the food it’s going to get cold and there are several things that you love so there are several delicious foods let’s go eat as soon as possible so as not to waste time and no one stole your food here in the middle of the park wow boys you guys rocked it these foods are awesome that’s really what I like most wow you guys are incredible I’m going to eat a lot I’m going to eat until I can’t take it anymore you are very good boys thank you for everything wow this cake is delicious this drink also wait a minute my tummy won’t stop hurting I’m feeling sick and what did you do did you mix it again I can’t take this anymore you guys are so bad I’m leaving that’s it guys our plan worked the option I put forward worked very well she’s feeling ill wow I can’t believe it oh no come back here TV woman what did you do Mikey again your tasteless jokes oh man you did that to me too I can’t take it my stomach was dying of pain wow man you really are such a joker that doesn’t happen to anyone you’re such a jerk wow it’s going to hurt man I have to use the bathroom as soon as possible if not I’m going to [ __ ] myself here in my pants then I can’t take it anymore I have to release everything here as soon as possible oh man I finally got here wow I feel really bad my stomach hurts so much that’s it guys our plan worked it’s our trolling it worked out the best costume of all time I can’t believe it I’m very happy this is going to be a hit on the internet I have no idea how much people will like this wants to know this isn’t going to stay like this I’m going to call the TV woman I’m going to tell her that I didn’t do it and that we’re going to get a big scare I’ll change it so let me talk to her come on I’m almost here let’s go talk to her hey TV woman come here we want to talk finally I’m glad you showed up man it won’t stay like this what he did to us cannot happen anyway come I had a fantastic idea so we could catch him once and for all and get revenge for everything he did for us so let’s let’s go look I need you to help me with the materials give me the pickaxe and a shovel thank you very much it will be useful for us to be able to break down here and to be able to do our big trolling on top of it and so he will be surprised and stop doing all this to us and he will be very ashamed of the trolling we did to him so let’s go well I made it here now I need the money thank you very much for the money and now we’re going to take a trail what money as he likes money a lot before he will come up very excited and won’t notice the hole and will fall with everything on top of him anything we push so go stay hidden there and I’ll stay hidden here too and now we just have to wait for the right time wow look at that money oh my God man I can’t believe it how much money here in my city um what’s that no my God I don’t believe it I fell on your screen my God that’s it guys we achieved oh I just woke up I’m really tired it’s been really bad sleep sleeping here I miss having a home it’s a shame my parents kicked me out of mine my God I finally woke up okay now it’s another new day I’m a little scared because I’ve only been sleeping on the street for a short time the life of being poor is sad I didn’t want to be like that but it’s okay let’s continue look at least the day is beautiful not everything is so sad the day is very beautiful the sky is very clear but everything is fine here looking for food I’m very hungry my parents kicked me out of the house so I kind of ran out of food I’m quite sad about all of this but guys if you think I should have a house subscribe to the channel and like the video oh my god do I have to do something I have to get some food I’m going to the city I’m going to have to get some food from the bakery somewhere like that I have to get it I can’t be hungry I have to go after food let’s go AE finally here in the City I’m almost at the bakery the bakery is already there I have to take advantage of it and order something to eat because I don’t have money and I don’t have a job to be able to buy something so I have to ask for some food and if he doesn’t give it to me I’ll offer my work to be able to buy something look at all the delicious things there were here I even wanted to eat something will he give me the baker oh my God I want to eat something like that it’s all very delicious I really really really want to but but come on I have to try to talk to the baker will he pay attention to me maybe he won’t give it because I’m poor and I took the okay let’s go and then yes the baker so I was in need of some food without a baker and without the baker could you give me some attention please don’t ignore me leave the baker alone my God he’s not paying attention to me and now what am I going to do I wanted to eat something I need to get his attention I need to talk to him my God and now I’m going to talk to him I think if I go in front of him he won’t ignore me it’s not possible that he would be that bad hello could you I’m in need of some food and Sir could you give me a little please because I don’t have any money so if you can help me no I can’t give you food we don’t give food here if you want it you have to pay this is not a place for the poor it’s with these dirty clothes here please right Mr Baker sorry for bothering you I didn’t know it would be a big room but if you want and need it you can also work I’m looking for a job don’t you have a job here either no I can’t help we are not hiring and I already told you that I want you to leave you’re scaring my customers away go away right now go away before I call the police Baker while I’m away I’m sorry for the inconvenience it’s my God Mr Baker you should feel sorry for me guys if you think Mr Baker should help me leave a like subscribe to the channel and comment in the comments what you think my God I have to keep going I can’t be hungry and if I sneak some bread from the Baker’s Kitchen through the back door I don’t think he’ll even miss it although he might see it but that’s okay no problem I can’t be hungry anything I’ll run away from here I have to calmly enter the store I know he hears me let me think about this door so he doesn’t hear it let me get this expose because I’m going to need them to eat now now I have to get out of here as quickly as possible before he sees me because if he sees me I could end up in a lot of trouble I’m glad he didn’t see me now I have these breads here to help me survive at least for a while I can’t go without eating but anyway let me walk here I need to find somewhere to stay for a while my god look there are women there I’m going to make friends with them they’re really beautiful will any of them want me hi kittens how are you kittens EXC excuse me mister but you poor sir could you get out of here you kind of stink so your smell is really bothering you here we don’t like poor people we are rich so we don’t want people like you around us so could it be removed from here as soon as possible please we don’t like you and you are bothering us otherwise we will have to call the police no no need to call the police I’m sorry for the inconvenience I didn’t want to bother you my God I’m sorry my God what boring insufferable women they shouldn’t be like that I have to go home

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Poor Maizen No Way Home – Sad Story in Minecraft (JJ and Mikey)

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  • Ultimate Sugar Cane Farm Tutorial

    Ultimate Sugar Cane Farm Tutorial Infinite Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft Mechanism Sugar Cane Farm Creating a sugar cane farm in Minecraft can be a rewarding experience for players looking to expand their resources. By setting up a mechanism sugar cane farm, players can ensure a steady supply of this valuable resource. The process involves utilizing redstone components to automate the growth and harvesting of sugar cane. Redstone Part The redstone part of the sugar cane farm is crucial for its functionality. Redstone components such as pistons and observers are used to detect the growth of sugar cane and trigger the harvesting process. By… Read More

  • Cod in the Pond: Minecraft Ep 37 Fishy Fun

    Cod in the Pond: Minecraft Ep 37 Fishy Fun In the garden pond, cod fish I’ve placed, In Minecraft world, a new challenge embraced. Sea grass and kelp, all part of the plan, Creating beauty, with my own hand. With shears and silk touch, I gather the podzol, Planting azaleas, in a beautiful stroll. But Chickchick the chicken, causing a fuss, Must find a new spot, without all the fuss. The sun rises high, the azaleas grow tall, In this Minecraft world, I stand proud and tall. With blocks and bricks, I build and create, In this virtual world, my dreams elevate. Read More

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    Escaping Goatman & Shadow Man in Minecraft! #8 Minecraft Adventures: Escaping Goatman and Man from the Shadow In this thrilling Minecraft episode, our protagonist embarks on a dangerous journey filled with encounters with mysterious creatures and challenging situations. From facing the menacing Goatman to narrowly escaping the Mimicer, the player’s survival skills are put to the test in the dark and treacherous world of Minecraft. Encountering the Shadowy Figures The adventure begins with a tense encounter with the enigmatic Man from the Shadow. The player navigates through the shadows, trying to evade this mysterious figure while exploring the vast landscapes of Minecraft. A Close Call with the… Read More

  • Ripe Melon Mine: Crafted Block Xuan

    Ripe Melon Mine: Crafted Block Xuan In the world of Minecraft, where creativity thrives, Our favorite news reporter, spinning rhymes that jive. From updates to animations, each detail in line, Crafting stories with humor, making hearts intertwine. With melons ripe and friendships deep, Our narrator watches, secrets to keep. In the realm of gaming, where joy takes flight, Our rhyming reporter, shining bright. So leap into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth take wing. Minecraft news with a grin and a spin, Our favorite reporter, always in. From fishing to surprises, in every scene, Our narrator describes, sharp and… Read More

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  • Dynamite Testing: Minecraft Science Delight

    Dynamite Testing: Minecraft Science Delight In the world of Minecraft, a PC test was done, With dynamite explosions, just for fun. Artemi and KlaDiamond, a duo so bold, Testing the limits, with stories untold. Starting small with just a few blasts, But soon escalating, the experiment lasts. Artemi’s computer, put to the test, With each explosion, they gave it their best. From matches to dynamite, the sparks did fly, But the PC held strong, reaching for the sky. Fifteen dynamites, a challenge so grand, But the computer survived, with lapis in hand. A hundred dynamites, a test of might, But the PC endured, shining… Read More

  • Super Dog Villager Oi Oi Oi, Hotter than a Creeper!

    Super Dog Villager Oi Oi Oi, Hotter than a Creeper! When your dog is so super, even the villagers can’t help but cheer “Oi Oi Oi!” Looks like this pup is the real MVP of Minecraft! #bombastic #minecraft #memes #funny Read More

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    Combat Chaos in Minecraft Minecraft Combat Tutorial: Mastering Weapons, Skills, and Experience Welcome to Graeme’s Minecraft Tutorial series, where today we dive into the thrilling world of combat. In this episode, Graeme takes us through the essentials of surviving the night with weapons, skills, and experience. Let’s join him on this action-packed journey! Exploring the Battle Arena Graeme has prepared a special battle arena for our combat training. Equipped with a shield, sword, bow, and crossbow, he’s ready to take on the challenges that await. Let’s follow him as he navigates through the dark of night, facing off against hostile mobs. The Shield:… Read More

  • Insane Live Minecraft Stream – Crazy Donut SMP Action | 3600 subs!

    Insane Live Minecraft Stream - Crazy Donut SMP Action | 3600 subs!Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVE | Minecraft | Donut SMP | Cill Stream | 3600 subs?’, was uploaded by CoolBry Bry on 2024-05-05 14:18:09. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Server: DonutSMP.Net Port: 19132 Hi and welcome to my channel! My side of the internet offers a growing community and … Read More


    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE with JJ MAIZEN & MikeyVideo Information ah morning already Mikey it’s time to wake up come on good morning remember Mikey today the day that mama is going out and leaving us alone all day is that so oh we’ll watch over the house Mama M absolutely no Mischief we would never we’ll be good kids and watch the house bye-bye [Music] [Music] let’s go back inside H okay we’re home alone today so I’m starting to get kind of hungry how about we get something from the kitchen okay mama bought a cake the other day let’s look around for it JJ cake… Read More

  • CHAOS Anarchy Server Review!! #Minecraft #Gaming

    CHAOS Anarchy Server Review!! #Minecraft #GamingVideo Information [음악] [음악] l [음악] [음악] C [음악] [음악] [음악] k h [음악] [음악] [음악] k k [음악] p [음악] [음악] [음악] k l [음악] This video, titled ‘RTS ANARCHY- Console/Java Server Review!!!! #gaming #java #minecraft #factions (Xbox,Ps5-Java)’, was uploaded by RTS productions on 2024-07-12 15:09:19. It has garnered 50 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:37 or 277 seconds. We are back to bring you a Review Video about A Server we have been working on for the past year! We a small community already active they yearn for new players to challenge them!… Read More

  • Platinumari’s EPIC 2023 New Years Minecraft Fireworks!

    Platinumari's EPIC 2023 New Years Minecraft Fireworks!Video Information This video, titled ‘New Year: 2023 Minecraft Fireworks Display’, was uploaded by Platinumari on 2023-12-30 08:00:23. It has garnered 35 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:13 or 433 seconds. Have a good year everyone, from our crew! Credits: Hope to Return by Verbovets | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 Fly Away When The Fog Settled Down by Spheriá | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 Evening Improvisation (with Ethera) by Spheriá | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0… Read More

  • HACKERS ONLY Server in Minecraft – Sneaking in with RaHul!

    HACKERS ONLY Server in Minecraft - Sneaking in with RaHul!Video Information तो ये हूं मैं और आज मैं यहां पे जॉइन करने वाला हूं एक हैकर्स ओनली सर्वर लेकिन यार तुम लोग सोच रहे होंगे कि मैं ऐसा क्यों कर रहा हूं क्योंकि मुझे यहां पे बदला लेना है अपने दो दोस्तों से डैश और से क्योंकि हम लोग जहां पे खेलते थे इन लोग ने वहां पे मेरे पेट को मार के भाग गए और इन लोग ने जॉइन कर लिया ये वाला सर्वर और इस वाले सर्वर में मुझे यहां पे सामना करना पड़ेगा बहुत सारे हैकर्स का जो कि मुझे कभी भी आसमान में फेंक सकते… Read More

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    INSANE PROGRESS! MINECOLONIES 1.20 GAMEPLAY DAY 2Video Information cómo andan amigos todo bien Bienvenidos a mycon oficial día dos es una escalera hacia donde vive el chavón no Ah no tiene un piso arriba decorativo acá tiene más decoraciones y la entrada Parece que son estas dos esta la entrada parece Ah al lado de la escalera Qué dice vas a tener que picar una banda de diorita no voy a poner un esclavo que ha una mina y yo voy a jugar el cont Warning mientras el chavón pica ese va a ser el trato no Padilla A ver quiero dejar unos bloques bastante a… Read More

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    Wudo - INSANE NOOB vs PRO THEME PARK Challenge!Video Information mutant zombies destroyed this playground and now these kids have nowhere to play if we don’t build something fast they’re going to burn in this fire Woodle what if we build a theme park guys the kids will love my roller coaster but it’s made of dirt monco and it’s super tiny come on axie let’s build a real roller coaster so we can save these kids it’s going to be so much better than what builds in his newbie theme park no way I’m going to start building mine right now all right axie the first part… Read More

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  • ☕ Java Survival – Semi-Vanilla – SMP – 1.20.4

    Java Survival SMP Server Java Survival is a multiplayer server that offers a pure vanilla Minecraft experience with a community of players. Moderators and admins play alongside everyone else without using commands for personal gain. No RTP! Unique custom plugins for survival gameplay without common plugins like Essentials or GriefPrevention. Server Details: Address: Discord: Community Values: Provide a long-lasting survival Minecraft experience. Community-driven server where players have a voice. Server Rules: No offensive language. Avoid controversial topics. No hacking, cheating, or exploits. Respect other players’ property and space. Be respectful, kind, and avoid advertising. Read More

  • Lilwilly Junior High School

    Lilwilly Junior High SchoolTHIS IS NORMAL MINECRAFT SMP, JUST WITH SOME PLUGINS!VERSION: 1.21**RULES**- No Griefing in Spawn- No Killing In Spawn- No Stealing In Spawn- ONLY STEALING IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE OF SPAWN*( Spawn Is basically the peace land ) ***PLUGINS**- Found it- Tpa- BetterHomes- Custom Enchants- Custom Food- SuperHarvestJOIN MY DISCORD TO GET WHITELISTED. { } is the discord link. Hope to see you in the server! Read More

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  • Terrifying Curse Unleashed in Minecraft

    Terrifying Curse Unleashed in MinecraftVideo Information oke yang jelas di video kali ini kita diteror dengan banyak sekali hal aneh ini sih hal aneh dan cukup menyeramkan sih kalau menurut gua ya tadi itu ada tulisan die Dan juga ada penampakannya guys ya dia itu menampakkan diri lagi dan di sini sekarang kita gak tahu kenapa gini ini gak tahu kenapa gini guys ini pusing tahu bikin pusing guys Wah gini gila sih Ya udah deh jadi kayaknya ini kita nunggu malam hari kali ya nunggu malam Soalnya kalau malam enggak bakalan gini sih feeling gua atau ini sebenarnya malam hari guys ia sih… Read More

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    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

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    Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps - Can You Escape?Video Information somewhere in the universe somewhere someone’s got it worse wish that made it easier wish [Music] I feel the hurt the world smallest violence really needs an audience I’ll blow up into smiies and spew my tiny Symphony all up have to cut me off we down a city street while trying to put my mind it is like finishing the [Music] smelling this feels like a necessity so this could be the maybe just better me now with [Music] This video, titled ‘Can You Outsmart These Minecraft Traps?’, was uploaded by Minecraft Junction on 2024-06-22 20:21:59. It… Read More

  • EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PRO

    EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PROVideo Information guys today we’re going to be having a noob verse Pro Build Challenge in Minecraft and guess what we’re going to be building is it going to be unicorn tacos no no no unicorns ice truck no tacos and no ice cream truck it’s going to be a water slide I love water slides Daddy the reason you don’t like water slides cuz every time you go on them you break them it was two times okay I got stuck in the tube uh you just Scar the water slides cuz they remind you of showers which you… Read More

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    Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkishVideo Information Ar gadar Selamlar Bugün sizlerle birlikte Minecraft’ta başlayacağız Minecraft’ı çok bilmiyorum ama başlayacağız Bonus sandık aldım Bu arada kendime bir çık daha kolay olmasını istiyorum çünkü zorlanmak o kadar çok istemiyorum onun için Bonus sandık aldım daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanala abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın meşaleyi ikinci elimize alalım ilerleyelim daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanalıma abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın Aa karpuz var karpuz alabilirim bak karpuzları alabiliriz Karpuzlar işimize yarayabilir Bence güzel bir yer bulalım buraya bir ev falan yapalım size şahane bir ev yapacağım izleyin bir ses duydum ana papağan var… Read More

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  • Renaicraft

    RenaicraftOur server is about smp you can pvp there you can make money there and get the strongest and richest player. We have many fetueres. Read More