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Oh bloody what’s going on everyone’s your row mere along with Blaine and welcome welcome to polka play everybody for the next big episode that’s right we are here now if we are ready to go right outside of the dabbing and poli on statue what’s not to love about it but

Thank you all so much for coming out here thanks to all the awesome vodkas on the server reminder if you want to play it is free to play it it’s out of beta mode you go check it out or of course everyone you could take advantage of

Some awesome kits and crates and ranks to help make your adventure that much more fun and easier as well look at the shops down below the description but thanks everybody we are gonna be joining in right now if you don’t know where we left off we had to gym badges and we’re

Trying to get a third gym badge because that is the number that comes after – all right what we have to do for that is go to mall mile city and take on the electric gym now I don’t know if we’re prepared for that just yet but we’re

Gonna try and see what can happen either we did get a Valentine’s Day crate so we’re gonna try and use that bad boy but first things first I need to go ahead well how do I get rid of these backpacks I got I remember how it turns out it

Didn’t work for me because I had those super weird thingy yeah should work for you now it’s back in the basement of Professor Elms yeah okay place because I am running out of inventory space so this is a very important thing you know everybody this is where the backpack

Salesman is and you can buy yourself backpacks to help you along with your adventure in case you run out of inventory space and don’t want to be throwing things all over the ground willy-nilly like okay so let’s go down here but show everyone out there watching begging the almost 1000 people

You’re amazing ray said Jerome just use your Swampert it’s immune to electric mode so you not wrong my friend I mean Swampert if I put him first maven Tori he might actually be able to take them all down honestly I think I’ll be able to take out that entire Jim wait here we

Go let’s get the champion pack okay I did it it created the backpack so now I just click on this button and oh no way so I just put everything away in there yep that’s like super convenient okay whoa what is this you can also have more than one blade question yeah

Strange one what is ultra necros Oh Miam Z oh so this is Z Chris okay so I repeat what is ultra Nick resumed p.m. three I’ll be honest your room that’s gen7 that’s yeah that’s uh I don’t really know I’d have to look it up exactly what it does I know it comes

From gen seven oh I’m so glad I got one of them buzzes someone must have gotten it from a boss and give it to ya ray just left it yet why do I have that right I told I totally do it is bad yeah all right jump up here for the

Valentine’s Day crepe whoo here we go come on dig click dig it dig it dig lit what is it what I get what I get 32 love balls nice that’s pretty cool right yeah you know that’s only here for the rest of this week on I know so if you want

The Valentine’s Day crate you better grab it while you can and we just passed a thousand people watch it help us out everybody if we get 1000 likes blade I have a special request okay I might give it to you so I have all those legendary birds that

Someone got me last episode right uh-huh I would like to use a mover learner on them so I could train them to use the best moves possible for later on okay I got it that was the likes can I have access to a mover learner see Shannon was you two

Could use your shadow part I’ll foreshadow definitely actually for you I was actually gonna say no but foreshadowing really oh how sweet okay well uh then you have it there buddy we need a thousand likes and blades gonna help us out also where’s the warp shop or whatever

You call it to warp the work building oh there it is I head back to mall vile I want to take on that Jim I want to see my cabbie time using my Swampert just like Ray suggested marble city I gotta say the mat for Gen 3 is one of my shall

Be so bold as said thinking might be my favorite this so the world yeah like do you not I don’t know I really like the world three words I mean it looks good I just it’s so much water fair a good chunk of it is water but that’s what’s the end of the

Game anyway I mean Jerome I don’t think I’ve told you this yet our players nope because there’s been an announcement about it on our discord I don’t think you know about it yet cuz Vale yeah he’s already started on next we started on what the nice next the next map already yeah

Wait you guys are crazy that is is going to be a one-for-one scale no way dude I can’t wait I cannot wait and a sensitive what doesn’t 100 people watch it you guys are amazing thanks for being to your friends okay where is here is Jim there’s a third in

The next Jim is in lavaridge town just south of here South are set North Oh to South okay here we go um requires the knuckle badge well we got one of those all right let’s take on the gym then hello level 25 Oh level 25 only oh you are in for it now

Do I need some negative Alton not probably not oh man well I was super effective and Oh dodged the attack but my Swampert has horrible moves Oh whose fault is that whoa I think Hawkeye destroyer just gamy chars our night Y&X hey give me more and Aerodactyl a thank you thanks so much

Friend that person’s taking on that trainer that I’ll take on this trainer while I wait the manectric bah mega evolution is kind of late what’s the best way to make money in the game cuz I didn’t know IIIi thought I had a lot more money than I did and I spent

$40,000 on flamethrower now I have like 600 bucks and I kind of wanna get ice beam for a Swampert well you also just spend a lot of money on your backpacks out oh is that where all my money went soup cuz I was I

Thought I had a lot more than what I had and that’s why I was like yeah and that you also just spent a lot there’s like five grand for a backpack well I spent forty thousand out of TN so like I said is where a majority of it went but still

Um well I mean to be fair the best way to make money in any pick small game is to get good pokemon and train them up and then sell them but give me a Valentine Rose wait sell your Pokemon yeah is that the best way really I mean

It any poker like that’s always gonna be the play all right play well here we go stream I need some good lucks being wished in chat we’re going against the third gym leader I mean I’m pretty sure we’re fine but we’re gonna try to take

Us in and a huge shout out to tectal paladin for getting all those packages thank you for supporting the server and helping keep it alive my friend you’re awesome all right let’s mega evolve for this battle here actually didn’t let me make all of them

Strange uh you might have a glitch but I can fix you up just okay I think I know what it has to do with probably technically speaking you have the mega ring but with there is an update you don’t oh I need to kill you in order to

Get back uh I need to kill you yeah yeah that part I had a question about that part the whole kill me yeah yeah yeah yeah the whole killing thing what that’s what that’s how you fix it what happens if I die though you get your ring back

But then I’m dead yeah but then you have a ring yeah you okay well go last Pokemon everybody it looks like Ray was totally right Swampert just completely rolled that gym trash honestly you should be ashamed yourself even call yourself a gym leader okay next gen no also bring all the heat

Badges okay let me just I’ll just fix your mega ring for you that’s you okay I’m sorry Shane I sneezed by the way Stern what are you guys up to this weekend weather are this what week going into the weekend low stress people out and say what they are doing lever up

And I want to show people that I want to see you I want to see all right some more vile city so we did all this cool stuff here I’ve got the gym cousin back now you gotta I gotta go south oh I got 200 ninety thousand dollars now

Good good she’s not gonna question where that came from I guess oh you don’t even have the stone for Swampert do I don’t guess I don’t but it said mega evolve on the stream it definitely said mega whatever okay I don’t know weird okay then why are you

Going back into the third gym oh I’m looking for the place where I bought the teams from in the first place oh the mall oohs in the mall okay here it is are you the mall Oh boys in this town I think I was in this town are you sure

Was in this town no I’m not sure I guess I’m just going crazy going alright okay dad yeah I guess there was no TN person here Oh Jerome thanks for your donation whoa hey Sonny Keith thank you who did that for me that’s it no it definitely isn’t this

Town blade I remember cuz it’s not the mall it’s the casino that they have in the game your shiny key was from yep it’s in here blade deadly to Kane deadly to can yep well thank you mister deadly to Ken you’re awesome thanks to the

Shiny key bud and thank you for the $5 tryptophan mess gamer’s at his movie learner of valve or city and i missed his last don’t know I’m sorry I’ll have to go back and look thanks Austin kid for a $5 trip is that I’m watching you and doing college

Homework oh well I hope you’re getting your homework done but good luck and congrats on being in college you know that’s awesome mean alright I got an ice beam now I could use on my Swampert and so it’s room you know how we have that special event that goes off as a

Community go for one to come bosses yes yes we are 96% there Wow no way so let’s get ready to go back to our favorite area then and by the way everybody I was looking we’re nowhere near a thousand likes at the moment what’s going on

Everyone come on let’s get it going at a thousand likes blade promised to let us use a mover learner for a legendary birds which is like really good really important only one move pervert what that was that part of the rules okay here we go so this is a traitor if you

Don’t remember everybody this is where we last left off with these trainers we at the end of like might even last episode even we’ve made it like all the way around here and yeah also I saw some people asking about where’s Erica if she’s gonna be doing the the thingy with

Me that she said she was going to do she was gonna hop in for an episode she is still going to do that however not at the moment so pretty much she’s gonna be doing that when is it probably this weekend I have to set her up with like poke like the

Poker play mod and all that and just yeah so probably this weekend we’re looking at like Saturday or Sunday plus she has a ton of exams coming up this week so big whale oh okay I’m looking around this town I can’t remember there’s anything important in this town

Whoa blade we just hit 1000 likes we did it well congratulations alright let me go put some of these pokemon away and let’s go uh get out my Articuno and Moltres and my snappy dose all right let’s do it uh let’s you ready TP ready to row oh yes you’re sure there

You go hi drew hi Blaine yep okay gang guard hypnosis you can forget that whoa Gengar you set the bird yeah he’s a bird that’s kangaroo the bird dangler doesn’t sound like a good name of a bird yeah and what does it mean the other one I feel like

You’re not telling the troll truth here you wouldn’t lie to me no you wouldn’t try to scam an admin would you no you know if you do that you can get jailed I don’t know I’m not going to jailbreak everyone out again I’ll do with plead you know I’ll do it I’m gonna

Make a special jail just for you that you can’t please don’t I don’t want to go to jail you know I’m gonna have it in the middle of a town so everybody can come around and laughing all right thank you for let me use the mover learner’s

Blade but now we need a new goal can we do at 1500 likes can I get an XP multiplier you can get it at 1542 light come on let’s get to 1542 likes then very specific mind you the guard oh boy or master huh claim your winnings oh did

You find a master trim I did but I’ve never seen these before what who is this in what do L so master trainer I mean it’s cool but Wow I mean this guy’s just rolling me at the moment yeah it’s kind of more like after you beat Billy for yeah I could tell

That I mean that’s really cool so are there a bunch these guys like all around the world the PPE and that’s how you can get a mega stunt how cool is that everyone so they’re like hitting off Chun go Chum go Shawn go Shawn go he also had a trophy which means he

Beat the game blade chunga which I believe it oh my gosh I have 750 thousand dollars in the game now good I thought you were broke I was up until a minute ago apparently you know you didn’t rob somebody no I didn’t Rob anybody tricked I’m gonna gonna play a report later about

You Robin I didn’t rob anybody I swear thanks to follow strict investor a gamer is said Jerome just you know I can use a Z move probably the person who the only person who can at the moment and also to blade when the mounts are going to be fixed so

He wasn’t when the mats are fixed and that’s also you Z moves I know of those I just don’t know exactly like what they are how did you know do any of that stuff there’s a Pidgeot master and blade uh one of the mounts gonna be fixed the

Mouse will be fixed whenever to run gives me a lot more time to be able to have the server down and dedicate more time into getting that done and thank you Bayesian Bacchus for a ten dollar stream tip and he said I’d your own beloved videos I made a tennis a LeMat

Before like creative and would love of you and your friends play the map if you could uh yeah after you have a way to email it over or something that’d be super cool I mean I’ll be down to check it out or like give us a code for it or

Whatever to download it oh I don’t think I have caught any of these pokey mins yet I don’t have it illumise don’t have any no I don’t have a single one let’s catch them so we started completing the whole pokedex play we’re trying to be the very best I feel

Like you’ve probably actually missed a good night I don’t think I have at this point I’m about to backtrack even though it’s kind of out of order and go to the electric area to catch those Pokemon – now we got a new member on the channel

Thank you from kill snipe one one five before becoming a member and supporting my channel hey if you became a member you can head over to our nice sponsor sub discord and get a rank over there yeah you can get cool commands like doing dead Joe that is they’re very cool

Thank You Landon perish for 10 Oh strippers and have you ever thought of making pixelmon daily I would love to but the promise it’s one of our most viewed not even most one of its like I think our most viewed series at the moment and the problem is with those

That means that a lot of people are super interested what you’d go wow so why not make it daily well the thing is then what happens is a lot of times is not everyone is free every single day to make streets so some days people might

Be free you know like let’s say they’re free like Tuesdays and Thursdays but they’re not free every day to watch it and we did it daily then people would start to fall behind fall behind fall behind and eventually they might stop watching entirely so to be fair for everybody so that they can

All have a chance you know we do it once every like three to four days like twice a week which is I don’t think too demanding you know it’s like an hour every couple days that people can watch in you know in their busy lives so yeah

Alright thank you for D we just had another stream to come through where was it a five dollar strip tip from Akko hey man he said much whale loves to both you and blade yes many whale loves to you my friend and he said if you get a whale

Lord can you name it loaf wellif yes yes I can no just for you to I’m gonna go into the sub desk or to do a dad joke and read off all right I’m going backwards everyone right now because this is a cool area now in the

Actual games you have to wait to get hm surf but because we don’t have this yeah we can just go over there now and I’ll show you guys a super cool area of the map that you can play in and it’s where you also get access to all sorts

Of really cool electric-type pokémon all right drum so nurses to the doctor doctor the patient sorry doctor there’s a patient that says he’s invisible doctor replies well tell him I can’t see him right now well this guy’s got a met tang that’s awesome man I’m jealous here we go I’m in the

Electric pokemon area so if you want electric pokemon everyone for your team this is the place to do it this is where the electric pokemon all hang out I heard of all tore oh thank you – hold up hold up for donating this server and getting a package thanks for keeping the

Server alive friend and thank you master bang a gamer for a $5 stream tip and he said first final stream tip do you want to trade for the 92 % legendary Pokemon drone and Blake you tell a bunch of dad jokes I mean I’ll be down to trade for

Just a matter of what you want if you sort them you from yesterday are sorry the other day then totally I’ll give you them you for a 92 I the legendary it’d be crazy women as their Lori’s in this area naturally I thought Mari wasn’t in Gen 3 Wisc n3

Maybe I’m not sure top of my head I’d have to look it up but I do know that like in order to get like the most amount of the generation this map is a mixture of all that’s cool and Marie Brooke freegan come on stay in the ball buddy you having some trouble

There yeah oh well and just hey whoa look at that we got bosses now the server it’s boss Pokemon so I need to go over to my secret hideaway where I do all my training so thank you for the people push it over which is maca two to

One for all those donations thanks Trump to the server hit one of its goals and we got to get going from here don’t worry we’ll be back there obviously the train soon but we’ve got to get over to our secret area or we’re trained or all the boss Pokemon get that

XP remember buddy 1500 likes and we get for ourselves a XP multiplier we need your help everyone give us a hand smash Alaimo turn so drunk funny story yes the the event annex went off they made everything bosses right the mad pixelmon disease yeah when I was talking

To JP as far as like making this and everything you know he sent it over and he’s like oh hey here you go good to go you know just make sure you test a or whatever I said to him just like yeah I probably want to make sure

That you know it doesn’t turn players Pokemon into boss hey yeah and he he’s quiet for a second he’s like oh yeah give me five minutes oh my gosh was that an actual bug yeah no way and hey pump box it said I did there would have been a chance that like

If your Pokemon we’re out of their pokéballs when the event went off we were turned to your own pokemon into bosses oh my gosh dude if that happened you imagine upset some people would be that’d be horrible yeah yeah could have been catastrophic it’s not as easy as it used to be to

Train in here with my gang guard so I used to have curse on him but now that he’s learning all those good news I mean they still can’t hit him though right no yeah it just takes a little bit longer as all yay funds and tons of XP in a

Rare candy let’s see this any more any more of these things I also got a Brizzy Asst orb wins in these that oh I died did played a jump down the ladder oh you Division Bacchus for a $5 stream Tim said we’d have to add him as a friend he

Doesn’t support a creator code okay well a mail me some stuff like your username and we’ll see if we can get like a thingie going mmm like you yeah just email it like your username what the map isn’t all that and if you have screenshots and that’d be kind of cool

Um start the your journey oh I went back to the main area now give me a chance use my shiny key that someone bought me as well earlier bet you’re good Diglett dig dig dig you gonna dig yet no shiny cycler though whoo that is honestly gonna be so cool

To see what it looks like you could get a are nieces or I don’t think he’s shiny blade look at the name so shiny he’s green yeah that’s what he looks like shiny yeah I take back what I said poopy no is not your poopy he’s the same color

It’s a it’s a better green sure I got a marsh a DMZ to put all these Z crystals I’d have to look it up here what is it marche diem zy let’s see alright back to Marv Lyle everyone if you want to play for yourself links are in the description

Hop on in and play it’s free to join yeah so this is a special crystal best specifically used for the Pokemon marsh shadow which allows it to upgrade a special special thief into the special Z move soul stealing seven stars strike yeah sounds cool thanks up 1700 people

Watching a big reminder at 1500 likes were so close and at that mark we are going to get a double xp multiplier thanks to our pal blade so please 1542 likes now this right here everyone before you face the 3rd Jim if you’re feeling like your Pokemon aren’t strong

Enough this is the best way to go about it this area is super good for training and a Eric is in said hello and yes I would like to tonight I told you oh she was talking to you Oh you might even talking to you honestly I

Don’t know I mean I doubt she’s talking to me but I said cutie so I just super super spill this nose is very cute thank you not the word I’d use to describe it but well yeah so I’m just kind of beating these guys just because it’s

Part of the game at this point there’s a little bit of XP but it’s definitely not the best place for us to train at the moment a Pokemon way too good already in beat the third gym leader earlier I doubt we’re gonna be good enough for the

Force gym no the fortune he’s way too good thank you hello level 21 guy let’s go Dream Eater nice got another one alright let’s go with I don’t know Dream Eater okay good good also all my Pokemon this glitch now blade where it says if I like to make a

Stone of all of them all your focal one all of them look even like like Oh Ganga has Ganga right now but Marshtomp definitely it probably says that for those that can evolve even if they don’t have their stone on them or not but just i okay trainer take some of that perfect

Yeah we took out the entire bicycling road they’re all gone that’s a fun one how long until you think pixelmon mod ads and bicycles like from the actual games yeah so that’s another funny story cuz that’s actually something that JP was working on yeah and then they did

The gem 7 update that just changed everything so it’s gonna start all over again I mean I don’t want to put words in their mouth because I’m you know I don’t I don’t know what their entire plan is for it I just know that it was something

That the fix my team was having worked on so I’m sure they will again like as far as the time frame I don’t know so what blade just said the answer is never it’s never coming out the answer is out of my control so this gave me to mind

Badges I don’t need your badges but some if you’re just given all the badges then you can just go straight to the e4 you know you’re not wrong actually no I am wrong because they mean nothing and you need a permission to get past all

The checks and so they can’t do it I meant in the actual Pokemon world blade the sister real world no the real Pokemon land the sister real pokemon that everyone knows that Pokemon actually exist bleed okay yeah right here you’re looking at them is this not the real world no blade this

Is not the real world it’s better it’s poker boy I thought this was all real oh man that Magnemite wasn’t strong enough to survive it sit face all right and great ball time come on let’s catch this Magnemite and there it is we caught him polka dab let’s see you poke it out

There just drop it tiens omim I’m just putting him back on the floor drunk I want to see polka dot polka tab you just gotta fun well if you look at that polka tab on we gotta wait for a Mari to respawn at some point as well try to remember there’s anything like

Item wise that you want in here I mean I know there’s nothing you miss there’s another one say there’s an item you missed back in the main room oh really cuz that item I just found was only a paralyzing okay I don’t know I’ll see

What it is if it’s worth it but I know I’m pretty sure you didn’t get it about to catch this magnet on here oh yeah it’s a TM yes now time to catch some Mari drum did someone just killed this polka loop they killed a polka lute yeah

I mean a vault or no polka Lou how could someone kill a polka Lou it was right here and then it died Thunderstone nice trim look another focal loop it’s moving plate that’s not a pokey that’s a Pokemon no it’s a focal ooh it looks like that’s what they’re meant to look

Like it but they’re not Oh another Master Trainer I’ve been running into a ton of them today where they just added uh I mean not that recently but you’re also like I mean the last I want to say two weeks in – am I crazy I mean they’re a lot more obvious

Another yeah well thank you for the final stripped at master Omega gamer he said – how about you – Jerome and Jerome players can only get mega stone I could read the whole thing I’ll see if I can scroll through and grab that in a second

So how about Mewtwo to Rome and Jerome players can only get mega stones once so everyone who gives you one will never be able to get that stone again I’m confused you can only ever get a mega stone one so anybody that gives you a mega stone

They can no longer get that mega stone it was given to them by someone don’t give me all your mega stones than everyone and he’s not wrong this is how it works so played how close three to fifteen hundred lights you’re at one point four whoa okay so pretty close right well

Let’s go this way everyone we’re gonna keep on our terney and head up north or in this game south because i think the map is police don’t strike anyway uh well here Jerome let me just select it all and rotate okay good good I mean I guess technically you could do

That I just can’t imagine it wouldn’t crash the server I mean technically it wouldn’t because it’s not normal world that it is fast async world that is so it does it in chunks and slowly enough that it will never crash the server this just won’t do it all at once okay that’s

Cool however you won’t be able to do anything or run any commands or anything until it’s done which for map this size will take a long time but it can you can you do me a favor if you see people throwing random items on me could you just kick like

Some people be really annoying you just item bombing me and I like I don’t even know what any of this junk is yeah we go thanks for Fito straight tip anonymous anonymous I appreciate you pal he said you’re my second favorite youtuber because you stopped doing bed wars please do more

Better okay well we had we doing the other day and people really liked it so he might might be doing more yeah Wow I mean fair he’s a he’s a person who knows what he wants I say oh my gosh that’s funny it’s a lot of trainers here yeah dude

I’m clearing these I’m just cleared through all these trainers there’s a ton of them but they’re no match for me I am too strong played I am too powerful it’s probably more your nose just don’t look at it more will be the bucket but shampoo will take you towards the fourth

Gym yeah I remember this area you can’t keep going South Dakota fallible so we’re not allowed on the desert technically yet everyone that’s when you come back to later I don’t remember exactly at what point but I think you have to like doing a whole loop around

The map here and and then it’ll let you through because you need to get like these special goggles to let you see what it let you see your to keep like the sandstorm all out of your eyes bump yes well I mean okay yes I guess thanks

Bayesian Bacchus for the final strip tip you said okay I sent you the email hope you end up wanting to do it yeah no I mean it sounds very cool I mean we’ll check it out I hope I hope we want to use it to my friend thanks anonymous and

I was for $5.00 stream tip you said you’re welcome for making you laugh Thank You Pam Erica’s have got any grips I mean Dave that’s directed at me okay question is that I saw I’m wondering yeah I’m like understanding place-kick no mr. ken come on blaze kick

A lustrous or what is that what is a lustrous orb an orb that’s lustrous and flamethrower blade do we it will point five thousand lights because that’s what people are saying yes we actually we did yeah double XP Oh Eric you’re stuck with a duck song yes yes of course everyone

Knows the duck song sorry I put a good photo second it was like aqua tail for naked room thanks blue so we got double XP down my chimney we’ll take you towards the fourth Jimtown okay am i letting do all that yet though your guess is as good as mine

What would stop you what do you think I mean how am I supposed to face like team magma at some point is that now let’s go up top then let’s try that I just hmm I don’t know anyway thanks anonymous anonymous for $5 strippers and I’m on

The server and I’m golden chocobo well keep my eyes out for you pal get a lot of a cookie for $300 I don’t want your cookies especially not a $300 cookie what a ripoff whoa is this where we faced off against yeah here’s all the trainer’s and stuff here’s Team Magma

Okay I guess I said this part then so we do this now and then I think we’re allowed to go through the cave so you were right I just can’t remember what order things happening oh man this would double xp especially this is some great training yeah people are looking for good

Training don’t sleep on this area oh my gosh yes that way bigger or else evolving I’m gonna cancel that because I don’t know if we want that for now everyone I still not convinced that we want to do that so I’m just gonna hold off that but Thank You violet fever for

Donating a server I hope you enjoy your package thanks for supporting it keeping it alive well here’s the team magma boss that you have competed just using my epic tracks now you can’t beat them I’m gonna beat them right now with one pokemon flamethrower boom gum bad trash like there’s a

Because it’s like obviously you know this is both versions in one like Ruby and Sapphire like there’s like little members and magma members up here I mean why can’t they just work together why can’t they be trains they’re both evil organizations they can work together I literally almost a week

Into the volcano oh my gosh to be honest I would have laughed at you I would have laughed at myself dude yep the trucks just cleaned house they’re just gone she wants you to say her name right for a change okay patrol necks there we go

Someone gave me a never stone okay I’ll put that on my Vigoroth I do not want mental herb I don’t need a bin quick you don’t need a what sorry I was reading something a pen someone gave me a mental herb and that just reminded me of n oh all right I

Think I’m supposed to I don’t supposed to go through jagged pass I’m gonna go through this way to foul bore town cuz foul boards for the fourth Jim is they think all those are the sunset for town this way I already have a coughing I remember catching you Oh probably a

Shiny thingy yeah maybe torkoal okay let’s get ourselves a torkoal and then I’ll go get a slug mucky come on torkoal okay you know what torkoal I’m getting I’m getting made so lavaridge is the fourth lava ridges were the for chinnis yeah okay okay thank you anonymous anonymous for

Sponsoring us Jerome did you remember your Parmesan cheese deodorant today of course you just smell perfect why do I feel like there’s the first time I’ve heard of that one really I mean I’m I I used to have a shirt a long time ago like in 2014

December I think it was I did it my first campaign with it where it was our Michonne she’s deodorant no that’s a new one for me yeah armors on this shirt was literally a baka putting Parmesan cheese on his armpits it doesn’t surprise me I got it you say my jokes are bad

That’s route 112 there do you have a torkoal yeah I just caught that actually Charizard Master they just slugma really is left right didn’t you kept my flash hammer on me yeah I ran out of a night vision in here but I saw my flash hammer

From like earlier in the game so yeah I mean that’s that’s why we gave it out put this at all he wanted the loo for himself that air is mostly a dead end thanks lazy tiger for sponsoring the channel thank you so much friend I can

Head over to the discord and uh do some dead Joe oh god no I know exactly where to go I’m waiting for a slugma to respawn apparently they where um from I saw one at the end over here right here there’s like one yeah he’s boss I’m looking for one to catch

They set Apple for a $5 stream table said Jerome you’re the best if it subscribes his pics on my island season 1 Wow well thank you so much that was so long ago the boss anymore oh really magic that was in August of 2016 thanks so much pal and thank you

Anonymous and arms for a $5 trip to be said drum you should visit presa plays and moose craft oh yeah I mean I’d love to visit Preston I haven’t seen him since his wedding actually in May of last year thing for the I don’t

Know I saw him at e3 actually I did see my knee through there we go we cook slugma GG alright we can leave the caves now dude we’ve been doing a lot of damage today blade so I’ll get me an upgrade disk so if I got a porygon I get

Porygon – thanks land in Paris for the 500 strippers in hadron I’m in Richmond Virginia getting private quarterback training trying to make you big well that’s awesome and best of luck with the private quarterback training good luck man it ain’t nice but I’m rooting for that’s cool that’s really cool

Thanks for strip tip Jake Silva they said drum I’m hungry can you guys play if I can have some of his pizza blade uh depends Jerome can I have some pizza no well there you go that’s your answer I don’t know I thought maybe you’d actually get miss pizza for a change no

No pizza one of these days Hi every go so which way do I go there’s two different ways to go with this place apparently well flip a coin let’s see what’s to the right the rights of debt the desert extends this far out really well we know we can’t go to the

Desert so we’ll ignore that then for now Oh apparently we dude I’m so confused as to where in the world we are right now I’ve been following you so dude I am so lost right now can you put your Swampert away can you his big butts in the way your

Big butts in the dragon airs out your Swampert is out you know what that means it’s you’re gross okay let’s go over here I’m gonna go ahead and use my dragon air and see if I can do it regon Ridge not make the Pokemon thing yes

There go now I could have a better chance of catching sandshrew and sorry when I’m like thoroughly lost so it’s gonna be a wild ride for a little bit here what’s wrong you know we have staff you could ask the help person the moss and the admin is saying like hey where

Should I go they don’t know what they’re doing fair if you ever tried talking to that line habit guy or drop see thanks Pope X atomic for donating a server thanks for uh keep the server alot friend to be honest I just try to as little as possible see they don’t know what

They’re doing bleah well this strategy is working well just the dragon rage to lower their health and then hit it with a great ball look – now calling you rude dude I think I just caught Boris Balto that’d be for new Pokemon literally like a minute and a half

Thank you mystical flame for a five-dollar strip there’s a drum would you like a museum Z from you I actually got one I don’t know who gave it to me but someone gave it to me okay I really don’t like I’m supposed to be here yet you know if you believe hard

Enough this is like the desert area thanks anonymous anonymous for $5.00 stream times that I’m an admin of the server whose anonymous anonymous anonymous anonymous chat watching I mean all and a lot of our admins in chat are watching but we don’t not have it in the

Admin by the name of a novel whoa whoa whoa might have it what’s going on there that porygon Z level 100 shiny huh ha I think he upset them you’re trying to try to say something coming out here just flaunting my favorite Pokemon in front of it hmm

These day you know you probably rescued them there what four bucks for no I would have done that okay you never give me a chance please I given you plenty you just leave them in box for you just get any food just get any water Thanks anonymous anonymous for a $5

Stream to be said I’m in vanish okay I wonder if it is one of the admins just watching or not or if it’s just someone trolling I mean there’s no real way to know because anyone can name the view Tube channel anything so I mean I can

Tell you that not right mister it’s not no yeah we’ve got a spin de dammit catching them all left and right it’s over here thanks for that $5 straight tip there from xxc boss XX e YT he said I inspired him oh thank you so much man Thanks anonymous Adamas for

Another $5 strip tips and I’m watching you to roam yes on the stream scary blade one of the benefits of Minecraft when you go into game mode 3 is you’re able to see people who are vanished no meaning yes should’ve known it all along but I mean

Hey if you do want to be a staff on a server you’re welcome to go over to our website and apply me play just coffee just like yeah good luck with that what I thought was funny porygon z mine have it I’m watching you it where McHale Jerome if mine habit has

Your porygon Z he might be playing with the wrong crowd now cz Messi he thinks it’s ok to mess about like that max either those will come in handy for like the leaf or that is a big number ok this guy has to spin does Oh

Future Sight no way wait it didn’t let me learn it ok that was garbage it just like disappeared I want to learn a future say these are sex pooping what poopie you just say it’s really powerful it’s poopy another trainer tried that on precise they’re high trainers I think I

Know where I am finally I don’t know how I got here what’s going on but but yes my e patron X now just hit level 50 oh my gosh oh that’s it’s true hey is that really how she wants it said I yeah maybe I

Don’t know how do you not know I think you see me it’s just patron X yeah why wouldn’t it be how did she say it she doesn’t really actively say it I mean who just goes around spouting their own username how many times have you seen okay throw me SF I yeah exactly

Know whatever you call me Jerome ASA if you can’t be just your own for all you know I passage remove it I’ve seen you do that yeah mmm well we’re in the town I think this is where the fork in is supposed to be I hope certainly hope so anyway let’s see it

Sit around here there it’s just the fourth chin no that’s the Pokemon Center true I thought you were a Gentry expert apparently not this isn’t the fourth gym what town is this this should have been a hugger and I said this is al well

Yeah – says that you need to head back to volcano to get the fourth Jim I told you to ask the staff to run but you don’t listen he’s a liar okay he’s just being a liar pants on fire that’s him wait okay no I’m just kidding he’s probably correct let’s catch the

Skarmory here that’s cool – Sonia shiny trapinch running around mm-hmm I don’t stitch weapons I saw a shiny trapinch right next to me I see a porygon and a poor Ganzi and a I remember what his name is where he was until Ludicolo Carberry ben de sans Rio there’s no trap it’s

True all true ball thanks anonymous anonymous for a five dollar strength to be said I love this server it’s so fun I got peek – Pikachu one bull bees oh and also tub ladies trash hey well thank you I’m glad you liked the server friend Coleman and if anyone out there wants to

Play and have fun as well servers free to join there’s another scripts you can find out where to download pixelmon and from there you can just come on in come hang out cause me trash maybe I’ll delete those Pikachu’s contend that to death dude Skarmory must have a very low catch

Rate I’m just wasting pokeballs out here I wish that scum rue was a really weird Pokemon why I don’t know there’s just something about him that he’s supposed to be extra special but he’s really not that good Skarmory is decent you don’t think so I mean all Pokemon are decent but like

He’s not something like he’s not one of my goat guy oh no could just be me I don’t know I was never one for using steel type Pokemon really I mean all you need to get a CEO type is a fire it’s four times effect wow I need to get ultra balls oh

Hey it’s a shiny trap minister have you seen this one I told you the shiny trapinch running around yeah he’s right next to me no I told you don’t take this from me drew I told you it was here five minutes no I always the one talking

About a private come on Skarmory stay in the ball dude this Skarmory just won’t stay are you using love boss yeah of course the one you jump on it works how does that always happen and everybody this might be the perfect place to call things quits mid to foul or city we’re

Gonna try and make it to the fourth gym tomorrow or the next time we stream all right hopefully Erica will join us as well provided she’s available for it not be super cool but take care everyone thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time goodbye

This video, titled ‘THE OVERPOWERED LEGENDARY BIRD TRIO – MINECRAFT PIXELMON POKEPLAY.io GEN 3 #4 | JeromeASF’, was uploaded by JeromeASF on 2019-02-20 23:46:28. It has garnered 61749 views and 3225 likes. The duration of the video is 01:00:28 or 3628 seconds.

Today we play Pixelmon Pokeplay.io and check out my new Legendary Bird Trio Pokemon Join Our Server: Play.PokePlay.io Store: http://store.pokeplay.io/ Download Pixelmon: https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/PixelmonCraft

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    Unbelievable Find! Massive Iron Vein in Minecraft Modded Let's PlayVideo Information This video, titled ‘Biggest Iron Vein EVER! – Minecraft 1.20.4 Modded Longplay (No Commentary) – Ep 10’, was uploaded by EmilyTheDemon on 2024-02-26 22:00:07. It has garnered 9 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 02:41:05 or 9665 seconds. All I wanted was some cobbled deepslate for my next project. Instead I found something terrifying (if you caught my livestream on the 21st, then you know what it is!). Then I poked around some more cave and found legitimately the hugest iron vein I’ve ever seen. It was just ridiculous. Every time I thought it… Read More

  • Yahiamice EXPOSED! Don’t join Jschlatt’s SMP

    Yahiamice EXPOSED! Don't join Jschlatt's SMPVideo Information [Music] all right and with that I think uh oh we’ve got a sign Diamond duplicator drop one diamond on this plank and step back and it’ll double that seems like a no-brainer [Music] [Laughter] this Looney Tunes ass [ __ ] going on in the server today [ __ ] wow why do my skin look so different what the [ __ ] why is Animal Crossing faintly playing I immediately welcome by like every aspect of a SCH video just faint Animal Crossing music Isn’t that cool welcome Good Vibes and wholesome fun for theah I’m… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Build - Japanese Shinto Shrine Timelapse 🏯Video Information This video, titled ‘Building a Japanese Shinto Shrine in mincraft | Relaxing Minecraft Timelapse’, was uploaded by Animation Timelapse on 2024-05-14 16:15:00. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:57 or 177 seconds. Hello a relaxing time-lapse of building a Japanese Shinto shrine in Minecraft: 🌸 “ZenCraft: Building a Tranquil Shinto Shrine in Minecraft” 🌸 Embark on a serene journey as we construct a mesmerizing Japanese Shinto shrine within the pixelated world of Minecraft. 🏯✨ In this enchanting time-lapse, watch as we meticulously place each wooden beam, carve intricate torii gates,… Read More

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    Secret Enchantments for Ultimate Minecraft Crossbow Power #shortsVideo Information गड लेवल एं चेंट मेंट फॉर योर क्रॉस पो फर्स्ट अनब्रेकिंग थ्री अनब्रेकिंग थ्री आपके क्रॉस पो की ड्यूरेबल को इंक्रीज करता है सेकंड मेंडिंग मेंडिंग आपका एक्सपी लेकर आपके क्रॉस पो को हील करता है थर्ड क्विक चार्ज क्विक चार्ज आपके क्रॉस पो की रीलोड स्पीड को इंक्रीज करता है फोर्थ पियर्सिंग या मल्टीशॉट पियर्सिंग से आपके रो पियर्स करना चालू कर देते हैं मतलब कि अगर एक के पीछे एक मॉब खड़ा है तो वो दोनों को डैमेज होगा ना कि एक मॉब को और अगर आप लोग मल्टी शॉट लगाते हैं तो आप एक बार… Read More

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    Dangerous Walk Collab - Minecraft AnimationVideo Information This video, titled ‘あなたわ – Walk Background Collab [Minecraft Animation]’, was uploaded by Scarlet Animation on 2024-04-26 11:56:01. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. You also subscribe. Modeler/Rigs – @regonaise – @HelmiFauzi – @satriadreammc Animator Collab – @satriadreammc Ending … Read More

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    Welcome to The World of Celestria! Greetings wanderers! Join our Minecraft geopolitical server where you can unleash your creativity and explore different gameplay styles: Builders: Create your own structures and landscapes Roleplayers: Dive into immersive storytelling Lore Writers: Shape the history of Celestria Pvpers: Test your skills in combat Earth is your canvas, whether you want to create a nation, join a cult, start a religion, establish guilds or businesses. Rise to the top and make your mark in the History of Celestria! Join Us Now: Discord Server Link Read More

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    Looks like this meme is scoring higher than my grades in math class. Read More

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    1v5 Ravagers: Minecraft Mayhem! In the world of Minecraft, a player did fight, Against five Ravagers, with all their might. Twice they clashed, in a battle so grand, But alas, the player fell, not able to stand. The Ravagers triumphed, their victory clear, Leaving the player with nothing but fear. But in the end, it’s all just a game, In Minecraft, things are never the same. So like and subscribe, to the channel so dear, For more Minecraft battles, to bring you cheer. Thanks for watching, until next time, In the world of Minecraft, where the sun always shines. Read More

  • POV: Villager Chad vs Villager Chadwick 🔥

    POV: Villager Chad vs Villager Chadwick 🔥 POV: Short Villager rank 1 trying to reach the top shelf in the village store vs Rank 999 Villager who can just levitate up there with their god-like powers. #shortpeopleproblems #minecraftmeme Read More

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