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Hello people of the multiverse and welcome to another story we continue on our blocky adventures through cuboid outpost as always though the start of the stream is just going to be getting everything set up so kick back relax we’ll get into things shortly Hey nim welcome in heyo hello to you as well how are you both doing fine is a good response we like that oh storm time in minecraft hey looks like i’ve gotten through things in a decent time today so framerate is time and ar i am glad to hear that you’re

Doing fine as well loveless ones welcome in and uh yeah ko has been saying some nice things i hope that you agree with them and enjoy your look so quests for today rogues and busters it seems like rogues and busters are things that i actually have some level of control over

Okay we’ve got a gold chest up here skin chester token chester so let’s go along the bottom part pando welcome in how are you doing and i’ve already forgotten busters and rogues okay when do i need more of rogues now we’ve dealt with these nasty ones before so i’m going to suggest

The occasional buster hey ai you’ve been playing seven days to die how are you finding it just vanilla very normal sort of stuff getting used to the game or something a bit yeah more chaotic panda playing ring of pain nice very much like that game how are you finding it i’m doing okay

I am a little bit off in that uh i haven’t been hungry today in like i’ve had decent food and i still have decent food to eat and just yeah hunger was not there to take care of all of it i don’t know why that is but other than that doing good

All like pretty standard day uh normal so far but modded soon nice we have a bunch of friends i’m sure you’re aware that can help you with all the modded stuff for that if you need any help okay well we are on to the actual meat and bones of the stream hi everyone

Welcome to minecraft monday we are once again looking at the cuboid outposts um as usual we will be doing some cci development at the start of the stream and by that i don’t mean i’m working on the mod itself i am working on using the mod to do interesting things um i received

Some interesting ideas earlier today so i i have some direction for that but i i’m always open to more things so if you have thoughts on how i can do things better or even just things that you would like to see let me know um so last week we finished off the armor

Which took like three streams so now i’m able to fly around when i’m not in creative uh things have been fairly quiet we we still have that whole thing of there is an initial rush where everyone plays pretty heavily for the first couple of weeks and then

It kind of dies off a bit on the server but that’s okay you’ll need to do more of the prestige graves because well not only have people been prestiging but uh there are some of the major ones missing now let me just jump into discord because i always

Well i’ve been forgetting to do that and it’s a good way to actually have my mods tell me what’s going on there we go and things to do test things are working excellent now i’m pretty sure the most people here have already seen the back end of the cci mod excuse me um

Okay that was that was very odd so mod is loading again um this was not like last week where you know we were struggling and things were slowing down and chugging and then suddenly things fell over same error though hey sam how are you doing okay starting up the pack

Put my cpu to a hundred percent that’s a bit concerning uh i’m just looking at my task manager while the game loads memory is doing fine this time i will be like i’m really hoping that i don’t need a better cpu for doing all of this

Because that that’s a lot harder to do anything about okay good to know him minecraft is a highly optimized thing okay you’re trying to get the rainbow furnace is a good thing to have let’s try this again test hey and now if i slash cci i know i’m on the wrong screen

I’m just wondering if the game’s going to crash again before i like start doing things that cpu is up forty percent memories at sixty percent but that’s fine okay we just treat it as a weird thing and this is probably going to give you a black screen for a sec while it

Yeah there we go it recognized the game okay so as i was saying before we were rudely interrupted um yeah the the suggestion this time has been uh well doggos really uh i haven’t got a command for summoning wolves or aimed wolves now the question is actually how hostile are wolves

Like if i they are very hostile to skeletons but unless you uh set a tag targeting a player they’re not hostile to players immediately okay but there is a way to set a tag to make them hostile yeah i don’t remember what it is off the top of my head though

We can look things up it’s the same for like zombie pigmen and stuff yeah which it means it’s a useful thing to know is wolf okay so now finding out commands to make things hostile okay so apparently the tag is angry and it’s gone from being uh is angry or is not angry

To being how long it’s angry for in texts okay so that would be one second 10 seconds 100 seconds oh we’ll make it angry for a long time now i’m not in creative so why isn’t it going me because it doesn’t look angry how can you tell it would have red eyes

What does it say nope he’s still not angry i was not expecting this to be the part that has a problem let’s see if there’s a different thing okay stacking sentence changes saying that you can’t make a wolf automatically angry with you i don’t know if they’re wrong

I know it was possible in 112 i don’t know if it’s still possible in 116 or beyond well let’s see if angry works for the piglens wait is it the pic it did the penguin start angry or not is it zombie pigman yeah uh zombie pigman needed you to attack

Them before they got angry okay zombified piglet it seems okay uh okay that didn’t seem to do anything on one maybe is not toggle normal piglets are evil they they do seem like jerks Angry does not seem to have worked on this one either even with a much greater duration angry at is a uuid field okay i should be able to get the uuid give me a second okay let me see it got a cute hat okay uh uh from what i’ve seen the um The luxury edition is higher-end computers that have like it’s got more quality of life stuff in it i haven’t tried it so i can’t tell you details but that that is what i’ve been told okay let’s try this nope still not angry sam do you know if there’s any like

Formatting that needs to happen There dangery welcome in how are you doing doing okay don’t we just trying to figure out how to summon certain mobs that can be angry at you that don’t necessarily have to be the uuid is stored differently in data than in the server okay that makes things tricky okay

Maybe this is a thing to be researched off stream and we can just start with a normal summon wolf command now the question is how expensive should a wolf be like if they go to attack skeletons should we make them the same price as a skeleton which means that they’re cheaper than Like golems which are down here but more expensive than your average like farm creature sort of thing okay so it is going to be a user condition as normal actually actually probably just copy a lot of this i have a visitor okay so the too high space condition i

Will copy but the other two are easy enough to do now as always i’m happy to explain things please ask questions if you are interested okay so this is a message from my bot and seeing as i’ve had no feedback on costs i am going to make it just the

Same as the skeleton it can be adjusted later if we need to argus welcome in how are you doing and that that’s a much better level for the the host noise you figured it out sam what are we doing there’s going to be a command out emotional damage

Well that one’s definitely louder are you okay daintree oh that’s that’s not what i want i forgot that i copied things now that that’s the standard level of noise for the the blurps which are not standardized the redundant phrase is redundant uh i guess i’m sorry to hear that but relaxing is good

We do that a fair bit here okay so into my bot in the minecraft section need a new command which is it goes in the minecraft section it is full has a currency requirement of 600 lives and it has a chat message hey got a get entry reborn looking logs for uuid okay

And would you be able to send me that on discord so that i can do it when people aren’t watching because if i’m going into logs that’s things that they’re not going to be able to see and is less interesting okay now i go over here to the skeleton that

We’re basing this on and we copy this and guessing this one is execute itself yes save um hey look the host gave us a chance icosahedron so now if i something went wrong something has gone wrong what i don’t know yet yep thank you uh nim is messing around

With the wolf as well what is going on with this yeah uncaught fatal exception code one al lib ee ouck clean up one one device not closed something is going wrong and i have no idea what it is it doesn’t work on enderman but works for zumba fight piglens and wolves

However the wolves texture doesn’t change okay interesting i honestly don’t know what’s going on with that i don’t know what’s causing it such problems but we will just keep restarting it it doesn’t take long okay so we have a bunch of friends hopefully it’s enough because we have even more

Level 5 ghostly sell swords hey go get him people Now vampire landed it did not go well for them Yes it could the the the flying rogues are a fantastic idea for them not dying but the 70 ranged reduction makes it so this isn’t gonna work So i suggested everyone like go get some food oh you know go outside like you pretend to smoke but don’t actually smoke bad for you that is a fantastic use of that emote Only two minutes left and all you have to do is kill 25 more units Okay while this is happening i need to restart the Minecraft instance And sam i’m guessing that you’ve already sent me the message but uh i like changing the texture probably a good thing to know there you go that’s what i was talking about thank you sam Hello Hello Yeah yeah look at that you’re down to 13. that’s like half And they’re saying that i should try enabling v-sync and disabling vbos okay well that did not go terribly well but we tried and it was amusing at least for me and as i i did point out last night that that was likely to happen because we we finished on a boss with a

Whole bunch of help and when you haven’t got that help the next day the game doesn’t realize it i do need to place busters what am i doing hello i’m gonna suggest the busters go there and like flying rogues can go there and people can do what they like elsewhere

And ignore the plan ignoring the plan is always a valid thing now to be fair i placed before it showed up on my screen no that’s fair but again people can ignore the plan it’s just a suggestion hey just a second i’m checking to see if i’ve got vsync on vsync is on

Yeah don’t know once again do not know what’s causing the client to crash hey i actually remembered to update the um the post with the bit amount to go me and of course it’s going to take a couple of seconds for obs to detect the minecraft again might have to poke it

It may not like detecting it while it’s loading into a game there it is perfect timing nib you like the bats i like the bats it’s a good one just uh i got it from a halloween pack a few years ago and have stuck with it since because yeah it does good

That loveless does that mean that that you noticing that sort of thing and knowing the actual terms for it are you also a streamer okay so question i need to start things again test okay there is some i i um i don’t know i get the feeling that there’s something

Wrong with my cci but there’s something in cci that it’s trying to do and just having a hard time with because that’s a few times now i’ve started up cci and it’s crashed how do you find out what’s going on what have i done wrong i’ve been on the internet too long fair

Enough ah frustrating like this is one of the things that has always bugged me about well computers and things in general is that i get an error message but the error message doesn’t tell me anything i i i can’t work like you’re you’re trying to tell me something and there’s a clear

Barrier here that where we’re not exist understanding each other i would love it just to say that we tried to do this and that failed maybe there’s an error log minecraft do be booked it is the 28th of the third okay it looks like there might actually be something

But it is the sort of something that would take someone who knows how minecraft works to be able to figure it out i just clicked on a banana yeah just to give you an idea it is it is this sort of arrow i’ve obviously done something that

I am doing something or i have done something that is causing problems but it seems to be much worse when dicks was running i don’t know why that would be when the expert first came uh first became mainstream we used to say a computer can only do what it’s told

This is like speaking a different language sometimes neither party knows what was said yeah it exactly i i would love i would love to be getting feedback that i can Work with but because i have no idea what the actual problem is like is this something that i have caused because the answer could be no but it’s not happening to everyone else which suggests that it is something to do with my specific instance now is it the streaming stuff that i’ve

Got going like i said dixpo that’s causing the problem or is it cci that’s a problem have i done something in cci that’s causing this or is it something in cci that’s interacting with dicksburg in a weird way like they’re both trying to do visual things to my minecraft

There’s so many questions and i don’t have a way of finding the answers let’s see if it happens again test hey that worked i wonder if it’s the motion outcome causing problems hey dancer welcome in and thank you for the host yeah i’m just like i know to expect

Trouble but there’s nothing going wrong on the dixpa side of things and i’m not noticing any like now that i’ve updated my well updated upgraded my ram the computer’s not struggling at all but it’s just for some reason Minecraft is crashing and i again it might still be Welcome in let’s take this outside And now we have a daintree as well look at you both cute kids that you are and so thank you for giving a sub to daintree and sally thank you for re-subscribing you’re both wonderful people that helped this show go running is what i was trying to say

Now did we get a shout out for subby somewhere along the way though yes yes we did it it happened automatically probably do something about this i’ve been having a bit of technical difficulties tonight and i have no idea what’s causing it and it seems to happen

At random so you know the best type of uh technical difficulties yeah subby sometimes sometimes words are not my forte now i should probably do something about this which means now taking this off it is a good question sam i mean it’s not like i want things breaking

And i don’t know why things are breaking so it’s a double whammy i have to remember that we are at least four deep now if if things keep breaking i need to keep restarting things we’ve got at least four uh boosts An anonymous cheero from the shadows bits have been thrown and suddenly height train no way that’s a boost train dark wolf you are correct i just noticed that as well so this is the new thing that twitch has uh well is trialing looks like i am one of the people who

Are lucky enough to be included in the trial um I was wondering why i suddenly got flying across the room It’s all happening let’s let’s just stop that from bothering all of you oh no wait that’s i haven’t set up the button for that you’ve just got to listen to it this time So i would normally stop that after a couple of times but uh button i forgot to set up for obs it’s still trying to control streamlabs but dancer thank you so much you triggered the hidden boss fight as well we’ve got some killer bunnies going on who’s train kind of party

It is a whole different type of party i was about to explain that now There we go so boost trains are the thing that they are trying to give exposure to channels where by meeting criteria in the boost train not only are you supporting the streamer oh yeah not only is you supporting the streamer uh they’re using that as a way to put

You in places that others will see you The streamer the stream yeah take your armor off It’s that tricky thing of it’s really it’s now really hard for me to be able to get my stuff and take it off before i die okay i am putting all my time to your twitter they almost got there That was what i was trying to do Look at it all i’ll look at them all for a moment okay that’s better fight with the chance echoes oh god they’re gonna kill me so much dancer what do you mean that you should get in there now funnily enough since we’ve made the changes to all the minis they are by far

The the bigger boss fight going on here um the killer bunnies were a scary thing at one point and have been outclassed so yes thank you all for reaching 137 of the way through level five of the boost train and giving me this horde of little things that are going to murder me

Repeatedly [Applause] Wow before i even got to the grave this time Okay i think if that’s all of you again um i haven’t actually seen wait loveless does that say that lovely Am i am well and truly behind and we’ll be doing a big list of readouts by the time we are done with this loveless is new in here i’m assuming a friend at least was uh directed by ko to our stream so for the loveliest to be throwing gifts around is super generous

Like not that dancer isn’t also super generous but is like surprise i am new here and being wonderful god they even just one hit is like over half my life now ow something broke oh wait it’s been putting my pants on bye bye sharp pants i am looking forward to getting to know

More of chaos community but uh have not managed to catch that stream yet has not happened stick around welcome in how are you doing and i how really is am i getting one shot now or did i miss a hit there i see that uh you are getting cozy while the murder happens

Okay is is the thing over the hype train is over so we’ll just take a second to go through all of this and say a big old thank you to all the people being wonderful oh okay so we had subby and dancer well doubly result thank you savvy dancer gifting to daintree

Anonymous with their 200 bits okay so this is getting a bit jumbled loveless with the five gifts odds dark wolf hearing a hundred that’s a five thousand dancer gifting loveless nim with five gifts argus cheering a hundred that’s giving out another five gifts i think that that’s everything but it’s

Not telling me who all the gifts went to you want me to say danny i can probably do that no telling how my brain works but i can at least try okay so i’m just scrolling up to be able to read out all these names so loveless you managed to get ruku-san

Mr crumbs cinderellin prague and johnny boy so a couple of uh our regulars and a few new names name you got labard primal instincts sleepy cat loaf unwished otaku and uh i’m getting unwashed and flat fletch so again a nice mix there dancer you got ganzon gad karma’s a [ __ ]

Mitch king and marvin so yes every time a mix of uh old friends and new ones hopefully okay so thank you all that’s super appreciated both because of helping me and also helping me get out there to find new friends now here we go i’m gonna be here for a while hello bob

You got your pants on really how’d i get new pants oh did someone give me new pants i have not developed the bunny fighting techniques that uh are available in other channels oh god oh my god they’re coming i i love just seeing all the emotes in chat i love seeing where they

Come from and the ingenuity of other streamers and like artists showing off their work all of it it’s it’s really nice oh good so there’s an actual creeper among this as well ah wolf how are you doing i probably missed it in all of that i

Probably missed a lot of things in all of that so if you were trying to say anything to me you probably want to repeat it better now ow i’m happy for better now but have no idea referencing i’m guessing maybe work does welcome in thank you very much for the follow

Oh we are one off tonight’s goal we are halfway there oh god man there there’s gonna be a lot of dying here i’m pretty sure the the minis are one-shotting me at this point oh that’s a name it started with acid and i didn’t catch the rest of it acid and A selma zacken i have no idea the second half of that if you want to break it down for me so i stand a chance feel free but that was the second follow we have met the goal so nim can i get you to use that command again the uh at all lives

This time it’s 200. there we go everyone in chat gets 200 lives for us meeting our follower goal and now we have set a new high score like we’ve gotten more than two followers in a single stream before just never when we’ve had to as the follower go so well done

And of course if any of the new people coming in are lurkers lurkers are extremely appreciated you make up the bulk of the people who watch i just am glad that you’re choosing to be here for all this murder time uh danny it’s probably like it’s been a while but it’s probably exclamation

Live’s question mark that’s usually how i set up these things when you’re when there’s counters and stuff involved it may just be exclamation lives because it’s a currency function and not a command that i set up yeah there it goes just straight up lives there’s so many of them and look at all

The skins i have no idea who like the names are all blurred oh no no sam with the slow why am i being oh someone gave me the absorption hearts someone’s been trying to help damn you gave me absorption and and got me killed i’m getting miss mixed messages here sam

Absorption then board fair enough yeah one hit yeah i wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention as i went to place a unit and uh they were able to uh make me use a soul receptacle yup ah no thankfully the minis don’t care about explosions i really need to update the commands page

That is on my to-do list for this week we’ve changed a significant amount and i just really haven’t had a chance to update that post ha okay so i i saw lovelace’s one there [Laughter] uh absorption excellent i can take like two hits now hey panda you are a winner

Actually something i i’ve been meaning to change this for like a little while now people like the only feedback that i’ve gotten is that people like the idea so i’m dropping the time on the giveaways um do 10 minutes instead of 60 minutes and we’re gonna see how that goes

So the way this works now is that uh the cool down on the redemption is still going to be one hour so people can only start giveaways once an hour but the giveaway will be quick and that means that uh mods can do like mini giveaways and stuff when we break everything out

So we’ll see how that goes maybe people will have enough time but sam has started the giveaway if you would like to get in and win free stuff all you have to be is a follower and in my discord so that i can actually talk to you once it’s done

Because if i can’t contact you i can’t tell you that you’ve won and sort out your prize now time to go eat dark wolf no worries danny your phone just told you it’s your little man’s birthday tomorrow like you didn’t know your phone is being helpful and doesn’t realize what it’s doing

What happened here the usual sort of thing zobby there was a train and now we die a lot it is time for stream raiders though so we’ll be back just after more different murder hey loveless i see you over on the side here with that space cowboy mage

I’ve got a buster in the dancer with a happy heart buster and argus argus has that blue bird flying rope i knew like i couldn’t tell what was before the bird but i knew there was something there okay go no i need to play something so who’s gonna need it more

See how that goes go get him people Things Much better nim you’ve changed your picture rather significantly um but you still took out the top spot with argus assisting loveless you have gotten three warriors and nem has gotten a barbarian as are random rewards just hearing the um the constant throwing of snowballs in the background year 11

01 gets me some artillery scrolls and some barbarian scrolls which is enough to upgrade something okay we are taking the lower part so that we can get that token chest okay i’m i’m getting ideas for new emotes that i need to get eventually but i really need my artist to respond

Okay so we’ve got to watch out for this thing the devil diamond makes a big difference depending on the unit that ends up with it so i’m still gonna say that we want some busters over there and we’ll say some flying rogues up there so that hopefully they’ll go that way

And we’re going to need ranged down here to take care of these ones cause they’re flying you can’t hit them from the ground the rest is up to everyone else all right dancer thank you for pointing that out it bugs me because there’s meant to be a

Thing on the side here that says that it’s a defensive thing but uh he’s not okay back to murder time fun time wall of uh snowman apparently i tried to see what was going on and then like sneaky hidden and they had none of it you’re gonna come for me any second

No they’re going off the dancer denzel make you break for it i only got 51 health left oh god this is going to take for we’re going to be here all night people i’ll i was my title suggests we might actually get some quests done but i don’t think it’s happening aha

Out yup no jumping’s a mistake managed to isolate genzon even if genzong murders me which is looking likely we can slowly whittle down the pack what are you worried about dancer why does a wall of snowmen uh bother you god there’s still killer bunnies humping uh gravestones uh big ben

Not a v turbo oh no now they’re pumping ogre Big ben thank you very much for the follow welcome to the soul storm oh wow this is this is gonna take all night that’s how this works now i mean i’ve been called a lot of things in the past it’s possible that i’m not a real person aha one down now and

Nope there’s still go oh looks like nim might have separated one of them and fletch just fell in a hole ah big ben we don’t give out that sort of information because it is used for security purposes you never want to give out information like that um i will tell you

That i am definitely a legal agent is there a reason that you would like to know you know generation wise or you know if i fit into some sort of sub category that you have in mind was i around to see a certain event do i know what a floppy disk is that

Sort of thing i am australian based out of sydney dancer what do you mean okay nim’s got that one over there yeah that that’s the humble bundle game maybe you should grab some totems at a time you’ll survive more than one hit bad ah cinderella no two of them

Hey marvin’s changed his skin okay two i might be okay with they still murder me that one murdered me but two we might be able to do something with rather than just being murdered i know yep marvin zigged instead of zagging and suddenly a chunk of my absorption disappeared

Argus is a mystical black well just don’t tell anyone i won’t you have all the secrecy that uh saying something in public can afford you argus now i’m really not doing such a good job of this i mean could be worse it could definitely be worse but at this rate

Uh at this rate we’re gonna have to follow in other streamers uh footsteps and add journey maps so that we can have our own painbow it’s so bad that yeah like i i’ve only got one of these and i’m like worried about it hitting me at all i i just got clobbered

And the totem went away i’m only taking one at a time because you know that that seems like a fair trade-off i feel like we need i feel like we need more like this feels like it’s amusing but uh could be more chaotic and involving of people

I think the problem is that with the minis only being able to take player damage it’s not like you can strike it with lightning or anything like what what can we get all of you to be doing they interact with this as it goes on man it almost killed me through the

Totem unless the totem only gives you a certain amount of health i mean there is always like all the like fixture cards and things like that that uh could be asking me questions while i’m doing this to try and distract me or there’s the commands to make it so that

You can control my directions hey yo welcome in like that they’re welcome in you you missed the boost train but you are here for the murder and some of your people are here and have been being lovely and why do you have a fish through your head

Why don’t you have a fish through your head i mean also what is going on with all these snowmen is it um what do you mean is the pumpkin actually a helmet that can be broken if you shear them again it pulls the pumpkin off so it’s just weird looking at him

We have a bunch of naked snowmen throwing their balls at children this is not a good thing you could have praised that differently now okay this is one of the earlier um things it didn’t kill me outright with one here right welcome in how are you today

Also ko i don’t think i said how are you today oh yes in case anyone wasn’t here last night while all of this is happening uh we have new friends they are being shouted out you should totally check out their streams they stream at times where i am not available

Which works out well for all of us i have yet to be able to catch their streams but uh ah no no not right um we are told interesting and fun things like uh bylaw is trying to create a lord of the rings resurgence by getting people to play lord the rings online

Oh no it’s gotten into night excellent it’s not night it’s a thunderstorm oh good that other thing yeah it stopped the time during the day sam time for sleep get good sleep i hope that you feel rested and that uh we can follow through with potential plans tomorrow screams for the road nice

And ko ao is a horror streamer from what i have heard i’m looking forward to seeing both of these things totem totem must grab totem how are you doing up there dancer aha no this is like sticking your head inside a lion’s mouth so how how many times can i do something

Before the line kills me ah fletcher’s going after me there we go legend loveless welcome friends you will be my next murderers county like depending on where in the boost train the the minis was spawned they are some are like they’re all pretty tough but some are stronger than others

Because they only get to us every time someone uses the count up command every time that uh someone is Uh like given a sub or subscribes every 100 bits or a division thereof braids as well whenever we get rated all of them get stronger games don’t scare you much anymore so you’re looking for that good big scare still okay how do you use any um like stream loots or

Dixper or anything like that to be to give people that uh extra bit of scare ability intimidated by things but soundboard’s a good thing um we’ve got blurp going on here though i didn’t have a chance to look into the new interface that people have been complaining about sleepy cat love now yep

Lion mouth ice cold Hey dancer going off uh blur so we’ve got some things as channel point rewards like the the twitch points uh i i’ve got some standard things we have a monthly 1000 reward so that uh we can show off different sounds in case people are interested in seeing what’s out there and um

Emotional damage yeah that one um but blurp has like a giant sound database sort of thing going on so the rest are there for bits okay is that it are they hidden somewhere because i didn’t kill most of those look at this that is that is much better than i was

Expecting i was expecting this entire area to be red excuse me while i remove all of these deaths and then we get to see how many deaths i’m up to because i don’t think i’ve actually died to a natural thing in this did the leaderboards work in this yet or

Do you still need to use commands because at one point uh pete the beast leader leaderboards were having other statistics is that yep okay but uh slash leave no okay the statistics then damage dealt is that’s a fairly good number damage absorbed is getting up there as well am i

Goes from a to i where is deaths players hey yeah okay the player kills one that was not the one that i was looking for a rather number of deaths above player number hey we are directly on 100 you’ve died eight times and you have ccr you knew well you don’t like things

Being difficult like your cc Dancer thank you so much 100 death celebration indeed um you’ve been changing your mind okay because yeah your cci was always more of a hey here’s a here’s a way for people to interact with me rather than uh do your worst sort of situation the count is up to 1018. okay

Yeah we were like 990 when this started i think okay that’s pretty good now that’s where i missed um yeah the death count of uh people who are new here is a an across game thing it is just a dead counter on the channel but the trick with it is that

Pvp deaths don’t count that is one of my stipulations because we didn’t want people joining minecraft just to murder me to get the count off um and it only gets incremented when a mod increments it so if mods aren’t paying attention or you know we’ve had times where i was playing um

Deadpool and we’ll like nimble’s like well deadpool regenerates that’s not dying um so it’d be more exact deadpool’s cursed not to die so yeah the the the whole thing there is it has to be both caught by a mod and considered a death by them dancer once again thank you so much for

The bits it’s all getting added to tallies and stuff now what time is it oh wow okay yeah it is it is well past cci time um i don’t think i got that wolf command working something about it was not happy and watch me start working on this and crash the

Um the game again thank you i i was talking about the actual summoning of wolves but yes that that is that is the effect that was going for yeah i just sent you the command i used okay but uh even without all the extras there’s the idea of summoning friendly wolves first

And then angry i wanted to be able to do both um the question is why When you say friendly do you mean passive or team to you passive that’s easy it’s just summoning minecraft off you’d think but it’s not working ah okay distance i do not need distance that’s probably something that’s throwing it off if i don’t need no wait i do want distance which means

That i also need to oh this is that’s a badly formatted one um Note to self exskeleton why did that not was copied okay i clicked on the wrong place that’s why yes okay excellent so we now have a wolf command uh specifically because ko was saying earlier um that when they play minecraft and what do you what why um when cairo plays minecraft

Runs uh the the level that gets done is running around gathering wolves so there you go now there is a wolf command uh with all the the rest of the things that we have going on and i have eaten all of my food again oh we’re we’re gonna have a chance section tonight

With all the generosity that’s happened so that’s another thing that has not been mentioned with all the things that were going on earlier with all the new follows and hosts and things like that that gives me chance icosahedrons uh subscribers and certain amounts of bits also give me chance cubes

By law thank you very much for the host and yeah basically we store them because if if i do the cubes every time we get them it means that we’ve just found people will find ways to make it so that i do nothing but cubes um

But they all get stored for a section of the evening where we do nothing but tubes to get them out of the way and have everything happen at once but no um posts are super appreciated especially with the thought of the the boost train earlier wait a sec did i have male

Dancer dancer in case you didn’t notice look i’m using the backpack you sent me now the question is did you notice that you also have mail why is this showing that i think is giving it a redstone pulse yeah is it the statue no no hello wolf it was wet

I have not seen that before that’s awesome Okay thank you very much for the bits now we have an extra cube you are welcome dancer i thought that you might like that uh and when you get your um personal power sorted out you can just fly around without having to worry about hovering just think that they’re neat okay

I i will show you what one of the the chance cubes does right now since uh you know people may not be around at that time of night and you know if you like this in particular it may encourage more cubes ending up available uh how it uses your name

The reason for the prompt is because cci needs to identify something so it doesn’t really matter what you put in there and then that means that you can use it as much as you like but they will have your name okay so chance cube it’s close to easter apparently

And when you open them i don’t know what that one did i bounced i don’t know that result okay random teleport huh okay it randomly teleported me only a few blocks away the basic idea is that they have a big long list of um possible outcomes and every time you

Open one of the cubes it randomly selects one of them and has it happen so yeah it’s pretty chaotic but it is fun so nim any idea on the redstone no for some reason it’s receiving it oh wow the the battle been ready and i had no idea

Okay who what have we got going on here so the expectation is that the enemy’s not going to move because we’ve been tricked by that before but we have mask and the furious not of but and the furious with a volatile obama argus is in with an ancient archer and bob’s here with

The crimson necro i don’t think i’ve seen that one before there we go um In which case i’m gonna curse this lot if we don’t think that they’re gonna move go get him people also adopts welcome in how are you doing Three um um uh That diamond is a pain it seems to do much better for them than it does for us but that could just be you know bias i took out the top spot i did not expect to take out the top spot nim you assisted there were no epic

Random rewards go to argus getting tanks prior getting some archers and chaotix getting archers also it’s weird that my brain is just like i’m gonna read what’s in front of me even though i don’t normally like i’ve gotten really used to calling you ko and as soon as i was reading your

Name out the window uh dancer i have no idea about doing enchantments on the mech armor okay more busters more flying rogues and as always these are suggestions do what you want and to be here as much as possible got to hang out in dances chat all day and

Now you’re here so it’s a good day that’s really nice to hear do thorns and blessing okay and yeah you really don’t need protection with this armor it is silly i do need to refill my food bag that i might eventually have enough light life to take more than one hit

From the insane children also i’m very amused that that didn’t get quoted earlier yeah some of them were uh one shouting me or very close to it that that’s impressive nim has eaten a lot of foods and so has many health oh don’t mind that never mind what’s going

On in the background it’s fine it’s all fine i’m just picking out food no protection sounds risky it really does but if you look at the bottom of the screen here see how there’s that power bar above my health i don’t well i shouldn’t take damage until that power bar goes away

And the power bar is based on all of these mecha suit things that have 6.4 million fa in them and i’m getting remotely powered so it’s unlikely that i’m going to be taking that much damage come here i could still get you killed yes i don’t doubt that but that’s why i

Said unlikely you’d probably hear it coming though oh yeah like if you just suddenly there was an end to dragon or something oh i don’t think the other dragon can kill you but the infinity nuke isn’t quiet right yep fair enough okay so we’ve got some wonton soups and silken tofu tortilla chips

Baked cassava baked taro and baked rutabaga for science it’s a dangerous place to have friendly creatures this is the kitchen but the commands are there to be used i do hold out um i’m allowed to call it how it is so if people start spawning lots of

Nasty things on me it’s fine for me to call them bad people that’s how things work i don’t actually think that they’re bad people just saying that but but if i’m in a wooden house and you spawn blazes i’m allowed to call you a bad person while being set on fire

I think that that’s fair How are those spawning in walls they’re meant to be spawning in too high oh because you got mail okay dancer thank you very much And argus i hope you’ve had a good time i hope we could provide you with some entertainment and yeah get good sleep uh hey dolls i’m guessing what you’re asking is to do with the wolf that’s spawned hey food we’ve got some papaya yogurt some passion fruit yogurt papaya yogurt each yogurt

A tropical fish that has not been cooked raw beef some sushi some salsa and some keto don’t forget to eat a puffer fish i haven’t seen a puff of fish yet i will be back when i’ve checked my mail flashbacks of the bus sound from aol messenger

It it’s totally meant to be that uh very stereo stereotypical um from the internet sound hey are all of the you’re sitting there watching me so that you can send me more things not haze and ham soup already eaten super keen on that puffer fish welcome to the stream how are you doing

Hey so yup that fits in there that does not okay so what do we got peach pie peach smoothie peach juice peach jelly pear pie peanut butter chocolate bar each cobbler chocolate peanut bar hair smoothie peas and celery celery and peanut butter and a puffer fish no worries rose like

As like primary thing good with words so good with words right now looking after yourself is the most important thing we want our friends to be happy and healthy and all of that stuff so just stopping in to say hi it’s super nice i don’t know where that blaze went

I needed it so uh it’s gone already okay did you did i not look at that earlier when you uh use the thing yeah you i i thought i was saying that a dangerous place to spawn a friendly because you’re a chicken in a kitchen there you go

Looking for snacks is valid it is the place to do it this is sam’s eatery sam has gone to bed but this is their place uh-oh that’s not a that’s not a good place to be a cow though um this this is the burger joint you don’t

Want to be a cow in the burger joint slept in yesterday got up at 4 p.m and it’s only 3 a.m now yeah it just sounds like your cycle like your sleep cycle is still adjusting again rose so yes uh brethian made this place which is why it’s bear burger

It’s all you can eat nothing at all suspicious guaranteed meat you can tell they’re beef burgers actually i should probably i don’t know if we’ve done the tour with the people that we have at the moment so we’ll just do a bit of a wander and show

People what people uh what has been made on the server so far this is nem’s place um nem do you want to show off actually i’ll give you time to set it up oh you can uh hit the buttons yeah but then they’ll see what’s going on before the show starts

Uh this is sam’s place sam really wanted to build the eatery and the hotel but uh most people haven’t done a lot of things at their own place we’ve been doing a community build this is flux’s place fluxer has been when they felt like playing have been playing in their own space

Just to do the voice for now yep uh softboys has a roundabout but i haven’t seen like i don’t tend to go inside people’s places unless invited um He started a wood house from the look of it and we have hit the border of people uh areas that people have claimed we’ll be going to bed around this time now that dnd is back up and running okay what’s going on with your dnd game hey is it

If you would like to tell us about your role playing please feel free but this is baratheon’s house bretton is one of our you know talented builders the ones that know how to make things look aesthetically impressive i’m not one of those people i’m a functional builder i would like to know

How to do this sort of thing but it just doesn’t my brain doesn’t purple place is off limits okay go um yeah baratheon has also made a factory for where all the bear burgers are made and yeah it just fantas pointed this out on her stream but little things like this

Are using create to do like the piping and stuff like that and which water to make it look like this factory is pumping out pollution it it’s it’s little details but they you might probably build your house in minecraft and then you critique it until he built it

Really got to do some career like i personally have never done the create process i’ve used create and made specific things in create but i’ve never sat down and start to finish like going oh okay so this is how create works and you do this and this is the step-by-step process so heidos

Hados claim to fame is the moist i did like i hadn’t noticed uh the potion vial before that’s a nice touch um danny over here making a forest in the tundra i like it ar’s place doesn’t look like uh there is much to show on the outside so

We get to go back to the community area hey danny i i can’t i can’t there we go you don’t enjoy creative that’s fair prior i’m not in creative at the moment the the armor set that we’ve built took a long time but gives creative flight gonna play dnd your game got shelved

Again oh no that is sad times i mean um there is a role-playing section on my discord i’d run a not dnd game uh it’s a bit odd there’s a lot of intricacies to it that make it hard to just succinctly say how things work but it’s there if people are interested

You like having to get the resources yeah we haven’t done we haven’t done a proper like gathering resources pack for a while we’ve been doing a few um Something block style packs okay so this is our community area where all of the things have been put together so that people can have easy access to things if they should choose to um of course they do not have to use the things that’s here but basically

The thing that i’ve been pushing is that because the server has limited resources like it’s a pretty good server but you know we all push the server to be able to do all sorts of amazing things so if if you’re doing something just because it needs to be done

You might want to consider doing it for the group instead so all of these resource generators cuboid outpost is a it is a something block pack but you’re you’re in a frozen wasteland rather than in the sky or anything like that so we’ve got all these things that are resource generators because resources

Don’t exist unless you do the work to make them um so it was a team effort a bunch of people that were not me um went through the process to make sure that all of these resource generators exist they are marked above them what they are to make it easy to

Figure out which one you should go to and all of them are connected to our refined storage system so all the resources are in here and then we’ve got all the other things that people make so like we’ve got some forest stuff over here and there’s a bunch of animals

Um more things that are crafting over here we’ve got singularities nem made this uh energetic orb that is a much bigger scaled up version of the things that are in it so showing you where you do the thing that goes on inside of it uh we added the mechanism

Evaporation chambers on the side just as a you know this looks kind of okay going with those things i think i need to space that one out further i didn’t look at how off balance those are i’ve got uh big nasty mechanism reactor type things over there

Dancer you got a bunch of lag suddenly that’s not good any idea why um we’ve got the create setup here in case you need to do things with create like the crafting grid that’s going on there it looks like nim’s in the middle of changing things up anchors construct all of the different

Uh well not all of but like the things that we have made for auto crafting live back here dancer is in the middle of making uh well the system exists to fish things and then disenchant the enchanted things that come out of there so that we get the books

But uh that the structure is midway and this is the park that dancer mentioned uh this is this this didn’t exist this is not natural formation or anything this is like the world looks like a you know an ice sheet and dancer has come along and built this you know hidden grove

Including some golems having fun in the river yeah pylor enchantment what is surprising you like the plink pink and blue and yellow tree i am terrible with colors so is it um which is it some of these or is the have i gone the wrong place which game prelo

Oh all of those okay and yes very much agree santa has done a wonderful job making oh i didn’t even go into the you know the crevasse that has been safety guarded is a lovely touch that i think you know again it’s small details that make a big difference

Dragon age origins i’ve really got to play through that properly at some point like most the big computer rpgs i’ve played a bit of them but have that problem of i have a stupid amount of games and so without stream keeping me on track i have a heart end up not finishing things

So yeah that is our server welcome to being here uh how are we doing we’ve got seven minutes to little battle um does anyone remember if i had anything planned at the end of last week i know that we’ve made the armor now so i can get

Back to doing quests and stuff but was there anything else and also you are not wrong we have to decorate the prestige area and usually do decorations after um the chance cubes so i’m thinking more like making of stuff and progressing quests and that sort of thing

Team logic welcome in how are you doing could i also get a shout out for team logic yep there we go so team logic is someone we ran into a while ago and i keep dropping into their rimworld streams so if you like rimworld with uh the toolkit enabled definitely check them out

Um that’s your question doing well i’ve just been like giving people a tour and trying to figure out what to do next uh you could show off the one thing that you would uh told me to talk about first so nim put together this special thing

And i showed you the end result earlier but we haven’t shown you the production of it so button over here says arise and slowly the floor descends i love this i love that this is possible and no i don’t mean there’s suddenly being a hole in the floor [Applause]

I ended up thinking uh or coming up with an ideal about this the other day where i should have set it on the east-west axis and put a daylight sensor on it that would be yeah that’s that’s fantastic so everyone sail a bob it’s pretty cool can’t stick around for too long because

You’re at work and last thing you want is your boss creeping up you asking you what the heck you’re doing that’s fair that is very fair but still i appreciate you stopping by at all and again lurkers are super appreciated so i never want people to feel bad about being able to look

Yeah i i always i say it a lot but i love when people do creative things like that where you know come up with ideas do something different it yeah just is a wonderful thing oh again team logic thank you very much for the luck and yes that that is exactly the cylo

Bulb that is in the emotes i remember was was sail above my first remote i think salem bob might have been my first emote uh very likely okay so quest book let’s show off the quest book so this pack is something that dancer loves showing off because of

All the work that’s been done in giving people a fantastic guide on how it all progresses um cuboid droid has done a lot of work in making sure that all the quests not only give you a good idea of this progresses to that but also the storyline that goes on

Giving you reasons for why things are happening rather than just dumping you and saying go do stuff um so the storyline of this is that you are on an outpost uh and your civilization has just ended suddenly with the only thing that you get is sort of their last transmission

Where they’ve sent out to you a bunch of instructions saying um we did science it uh it ended badly you should probably do these things to survive so as we go through there’s all of these different categories and you know they they branch out showing you things and they’re like you know

So you might have noticed by now that nights are pretty scary those mobs as we’re calling them seem to seem to appear in droves after sunset be careful out there and it tells you about stuff um so yeah it gives you a really guided experience on both a storyline that you’re playing

Through and showing you the things that you need to know to be able to actually play your way through the pack you can ignore it like i i where where am i up to see i i’ve barely done the the starting parts of a new life but because we’re doing

Multiplayer a lot of things were already set up i use the things that were available to come where it like we’ve got food transport and gas transport energy transport those sorts of things yeah so i’ve just i’ve skipped all the way through stuff to be able to make that armor set Oh he’s with the boobing bros get good sleep thank you for being here play a heavily modded minecraft but mostly farming in the homemaking and magic for flavor yeah yeah no it’s always nice getting to do different things which is why we do different packs every three months

And i’ve been talking long enough that we have another battle you like cooking and farming mods nice okay i always forget about this section down here i don’t know why i do not see any big names on the field this time now the question is we have a lot of malay units

It seems like if i’m seeing that correctly this works for the um busters as well i’m going to put this a darish we’ll see how things go go get him Mitch welcome in how are you doing Dude okay nim you took out both the top spots there were no epics this time there aren’t really many epics for this event and rewards sorry no there aren’t so it’s very annoying when you get the quest to kill epics oh i take it you have that at the moment

No but i’ve missed that one right ko you get three rogues dancer gets some money pre-law gets a paladin so we got war beasts and paladins for uh tier 12 which seems to have been enough to get me an upgrade of something hey wallbaster23 not bad

Oh i forgot i haven’t collected my free honor yuri was that a skin did i just get one of the event skins that’s what it looked like hey will it be at the bottom of the list yeah cyber dog musketeer those are super annoying that’s awesome at 13 also

Mitch i’m doing okay we seem to be like hitting our stride for the battles of the evening i am talking about all sorts of just stuff friends shenanigans you know usual i actually need to start the battle that would help uh dancer i would not have a clue as to why

You can’t do a thing oh no okay so that’s a big defensive zone but we’ve got a non-defensive zone over here that’s fine now what are these a wallah beam pyromaniac pokemon [Laughter] i knew that the wallaby was a reference to one of the uh animals here but type is fire slash

Australian that’s great i’m a type now uses fire attacks buck evolves into metal roaster okay so it deals fire damage like firefighter damage per second for five seconds when it uses fire which is all in caps got aim 50 bonus damage versus malay and it can buck evolve after it kills three things

Interesting hey so i have no idea what to deal with all of that so i’m just gonna vibe and say all of you can figure it out danny you’re you’re rooting for the enemy and i could i can i can kind of get behind it but at the same time okay so

Quest wise quest wise this is where we got up to um I seem to have just made mesh got a dead end which is a little helper we’ve got gone fishing which that ends at a taste of iceland um and why okay so we can’t do dust and must until we’ve done what’s in a name a lot honestly this is just ridiculous scientists and

They’re stupid names for things a smasher that makes sense because you use it to smash things a smoosher that makes sense because you use it to smush things but a hammer seriously where they come up with this stuff nevertheless you’ll need to make one i need to make a wooden hammer that

Should be fairly easy ah mitch well done so nice just being able to craft anywhere okay we have hammer ashes to ashes and sand to dust place down some of the sand you have then whack it with your hammer to get your hands on some dust probably shouldn’t have put away the hammer

Now i i don’t need to do this but i’m going to put down a bunch of it dancer did you need a hand with the thing that you’re working on because you sounded like you were having some trouble and i’m just remembering that or are you happy incurring

Figuring out how to autocraft books you mean so that there is a supply of them or so that the pattern is available hey success dust is a must okay you want help with the pattern because that is super easy dust is a must who would have guessed that if

We would have guessed that sieving plain old boring dust would net you gun powder not only that but it can also be an additional supply of bone meal so we need to get gun powder and normally you do that by doing the sieve thing dust spring mesh gets you still

You have something but you’re not sure it’s right for the pattern so yeah i can double check no that one paper pink slime two times patent okay i think slime may not be the best thing but i don’t know i think slime is the problem uh so this is changed how pink slime

Works in this version okay so yeah we probably just want to go with normal slime uh sky slime is what we’ve got tons of and the slime we’ve got more endless slime than sky slime but sure either one just normal slime uh there’s no sapling

That we can put in a bottomley pot to get so okay um it looks like it’s trying to use sky slime anyway why does it say pink slime when it’s got a picture of sky slime let’s make it exact filling up the world with friends feel free that’s what it’s there for

Okay so book so many enchanted books it’s not in there okay now do you have book you’ve got books auto exporting over there so if we make any it automatically goes into your enchantment system yeah okay and there’s a couple ways to do that but yeah it is auto exporting uh so

As long as we have a recipe to make books we could put a crafting card on it that’s what i was thinking uh just looking to see that and moving away from that because that noise yep crafting upgrade that’s what we want and see now it’s making books

Yeah it’s a super easy thing to forget basically it is an upgrade that goes in the exporter and says this thing that i’m trying to export make sure that there’s always some of it basically right now it’s cleaning out the which inventory this inventory how do you have it clearing out the main

Inventory you put you’re putting those things in the exporter okay so You fill the things by hand okay um it probably doesn’t matter at this point because of the three of us not really needing things like that anymore but just as a future reference sort of thing to keep in mind when you’re doing this sort of thing

You’d want to let people know the things that you’re working on because for instance if i make some diamond boots right now for whatever reason they’re automatically going to get exported into this like the books are again it is not a problem whatsoever it’s just one of those things that communication helps so

Yeah if you have any more things that you would like help with let me know and and yeah for all the people watching this is one of the things that i i kind of like to promote uh a it’s a very minor thing but bringing it up whenever

There is a few people gathered seems to like is a good thing of just server etiquette is something that’s not inherent it’s not something that people know straight away so Playing games like this on servers i find it also always nice just to remind people that the these are niceties that exist um and i’m sure that i make the mistakes as well but just bri starting the dialogue of if you have things that you can think of that make

Other people’s life easier in a shared space like this i i approve let us know please talk yeah it really is just because you know we’re all friends having fun together and making the experience nicer for everyone involved if i had more thumbs they would also be up okay i was

Living gun powder no sieving dust for gunpowder i was sieved do we only have the auto sieves i think we replaced all the normal behind you in front of the uh normal wood or normal material stuff so across the way from the mouth right that are all this melting right in the middle

Ah they’re all different as well okay yeah the only problem with this setup is since they’re all next to each other it’ll fill up the whole thing oh really okay i thought that it wouldn’t since they’re different meshes nope i’m amused that all of those things

Popped out and none of them are the one i want that looks like some but i’m just going to keep doing the entire stack may as well so yes another fun lesson for people doing modded if you didn’t know um if you have sieves that are placed next to each other

They allow you to sieve more than one thing at once it saves you a lot of time yeah there is a range i think it’s like six by six or something like that maybe five by five yes i don’t remember the number i always do four by four so

You have an even stack after four uses yeah that makes sense okay so we now have gunpowder and redstone logically redstone you now have access to highly reactive gunpowder and highly conductive carbon nanotubes put them into a quantum transmutation chamber and our science division believes you can create redstone dust um

Let’s do that anyway because we haven’t the carbon nanotubes and gunpowder now these used to be over here they probably yeah probably still are this is the thing that the book was talking about quantum transmutation chamber that is a block of carbon nanotubes so you put the right things in there and

They combine to make something else hey wouldn’t it be nice i think i have a chocolate out of my head now yeah wouldn’t it be nice if the world was cadbury that’s what i was thinking of while oak is perfectly serviceable for most things perhaps a bit more variety would be good

Now that we’ve already kick-started organic life on this planet the science division thinks that simply sieving blocks of cellulose might produce additional seeds you can plant on dirt to get a wider variety of tree species science division is doing science things it’s mad science division but it’s still science division

What did it say cellulose something required me to have blocks of cellulose apparently now the seeds oh that’s that is not many seeds they really expect you to have a lot of cellulose hey dolls congratulations you are a winner i didn’t even see that there was a giveaway going on

Gonna be more time fair enough fair enough you are welcome to choose the prize that you want what are they mad about cut them a deal they’re probably mad that they destroyed the civilization that we come from that that may be the thing i can go back to the story if you want

To to see how they described what went wrong lifting dirt and give pebbles hint you might want to look at making dirt quantum singularity before embarking on sieving dirt for this task oh no this might take a while give all the things no 100 welcome in thank you very much for the follow

Okay that was many pebbles was it enough of yes we completed that one excellent get out of my inventory and due to the extra follow we now have an extra chance ico nice for anyone wondering what is powering my armor it is this i have a player

Transmitter that has a card in it specifically for me because we’re up to that stage in the game i have a creative energy cell that’s providing me with a ridiculous amount of power that’s a they are sitting there available there’s just a couple of things that you need to make yourself because they’re

Specifically for you well it is like i i know that it is late there so feel free to rest and lurk and all that kind of stuff again we appreciate you being here yeah the only reason i didn’t set up the autocraft of the finished product

Is the quest chain wants you to make each one in line okay i’ll probably end up doing that as well books are not being made you think you need to be making paper from sawdust okay here we go i’m the sugarcane it’s not saying that there’s craft waiting for books

Try to continue supporting in stream raiders i appreciate that and at the same time i never want you to feel any pressure i scream raiders is there for all of you so i don’t like people feeling like they need to do things it’s it’s nice that you want to but if you’re tired

Just do your own thing apparently we’re out of sugar cane okay so and now the sugar cane problem is fixed and there’s a go on making books they’re being drained again but that makes sense now the question is did you just put down a creative drawer full of sugarcane

I went to our existing sugarcane drawer saw that it had two in it and just threw the creative ending on it yeah because if that’s the case we may as well just put a creative draw of books over by the enchanter disenchanter true but we will need sugarcane for other things as well

I’m not saying take it out i’m just saying that that might be a good thing to do as well all the things oh bicky i think he’s not allowed here have not seen you for ages how are you doing uh what step is next let’s go over here barrels of fun

Oak barrels guitar subprime to your twitter oh no i’m gonna die no oh look how much did you see how much energy that took off look at this it does like a fifth of the bar in a hit i’m gonna die so bad it’s after me

Need to get some distance so i can put my armor away aha so bicky i know that you use the light killing me um look how bad this is just mini picky is a murderbot the minis aren’t always that bad but they very quickly get to be scary aye no equipment

Unless it’s not doing any damage and you’re just messing around with it it’s doing very very low damage okay why is there a diamond sitting here i don’t know fell from the sky probably a treat or dancer just throwing something okay uh carter now but something that’s doing very low

Damage in him you just killed it well i hit it a lot and this is why you’re not meant to be using equipment with the minis yeah i did three hearts it looks like yeah but i mean however many times you hit it for three hearts they’ve got something like 50 odd

No dancer thank you very much for once again being generous and giving yourself to picky picky enjoy the ad previewing the emotes and that area in the discord that’s just for subs well if you’d like you can rerun that uh yeah but it’s tricky now remember silver dang yes welcome in this is

Modded it is a lot of modded we are currently doing cuboid outposts with some extras i know that it tries to be helpful but it amuses me that every time like here have your pants back on i’m like i’m i was holding them in my hands why did i put them

I on need torches i don’t know why i’ve been carrying them around forever that’s my helmet there it is if sam were here he would have pointed out i pressed the wrong button would have pointed it out before i could say anything but yeah no in future no equipment on the minis

If you want to interact with them not allowed to be using any forms of equipment Unless caveat if the people who are involved in the creation of the minis are thinking that things are like not entertaining then that changes things but i want people like i want people getting their money’s worth if if they’re having fun and we end it quickly that’s a bad thing in my books

Santa if you’re the one that made the mini and you want to take care of it but yes you are like you have the prerogative there if someone else does things and the game crashed again maybe it is the motion that’s causing problems uh button we have a battle anyway

I’m gonna disable the motion outcomes at least for now just to see if that helps at all just let me restart the game while we’re doing the battle so that can be loading in the background okay what have we got i see pitaroo with a rogue and heidos with the swift

Flying rogue that’s hermes that is a hermes rogue dancer if you want to start a break giveaway you can uh specifically though you have to when starting those giveaways you should be saying that they are for lives okay uh that’s right i had no idea what was

Going on here so i’m gonna throw down a killing field and hope that it helps go get him people and yes that giveaway is live it is 10 minutes they are short giveaways now but they are there uh Do It looks like our units didn’t know what to do either are you serious there was only one left i i think that that is the closest battle we’ve had so far i don’t think that we’ve ever had like one-off [Laughter] uh i i’m not much of a [ __ ] stirrer but the

The part of me that enjoys that sort of thing is now trying to get you know to like rotting bylaw that uh take back what i said earlier you should be placing more units oh it’s all well and good until we lose again i don’t mean that

It’s never going to be one of those situations where i want people to feel pressure raila thank you i i hope that you understand the jest and i love that you have a finger guns remote that’s fantastic like oh oh important question i like have people seen the tales from the borderlands finger

Gun scene cause it’s important okay you can all look at my face while i go into cci and try to disable these things in the hopes that they uh we stop crashing oh no all of the things because of the crash things are going to be much weaker again

I need i i need to uh nim can you add to my to-do list to add a um plus 10 counter command orange dugong welcome in how are you doing dancer kicked you in here that’s as good like that torso prime to your twitter oh viewers of plenty of viewers of plenty

Okay i didn’t expect that to work because uh i haven’t like done the start command yet but uh orange you are in the game and slightly murdering me i need to fix some cci stuff before we get into it but dancer once again thank you so much That’s i need to fix things in cci before we get into it because otherwise the game will keep crashing so i’m not in the wrong scene hey uh bits bit bit bits bits bits a yeat one we need to disable that um and my mystery word one i think there’s

Emotional damage thank you nip i think those are the only two things that you eat me at the moment hey cool game has not crashed now we wait for obs to recognize the game again and i click on things in the hopes that speeds up the process there it is hi um

You got to return the kill yeah well you know that’s fair um okay so choice for everyone do you not want bot spam or do you want me to like spam the command enough that we get up to an approximation of where we were before with everything murdering me yeah no i’m i’m

I’m very glad that they have the emotional damage sound but what’s easiest for me is not getting murdered a bunch but that may not be what’s most entertaining for you i i don’t mind speaking of the murder though we do have one let’s take this outside the

Aren’t you going do you get to see your skin very often because i know when watching you i haven’t seen this but then again i may have missed things and there’s armor and all that kind of stuff now excuse me while i get rid of the not spawn trying not to

Get orange at the same time and now if i can quickly just bash over here i can take off my armor so that this isn’t a completely uneven fight actually that’s a good point dancer can’t rest there are monsters nearby and there’s the creeper right in my face that’s

That was kind of perfect there are monsters nearby turn to my front door there’s a creeper just like leering in the window just say hi my pants are so sharp there to die for come on orange there we go it let you get a couple of hits in because

I did just kind of walk up and punch you in the back of the head dancer you won the break for live um i don’t know if i gave the mods ability to give out lives i know that they’ve got the ability to give everyone lives aha i’m really mad at this oh

Nim that that’s yeah i’m just testing it okay because i remember there was like lives give or it would be an ad life’s command rather than the give life’s command there you go how much should i actually be giving um for those giveaways in the past i have

Rolled a d4 and given that many thousands oh orange you missed it earlier we we had a um we had not only a hype train but it was a boost train and the scaling that i’ve got means that those little guys can one shot me If enough things happen ah thank you for the follow as well we should probably do the chance stuff but it is that kind of it’s the 8 p.m mark and i’d like to do it before dancer needs to go to sleep so yeah so the way that i have things

Set up here is that whenever the count up command is used um whenever there are new subscribers whenever we get raided and whenever certain amounts of bits get used it all adds to a counter then When things are spawned it looks at that counter and For the most part adds to their health with the minis because it’s so easy to do that it also adds to their damage so for instance when we had 15 gift subs that’s an extra 30 health and damage that they do 30 damage is 15 hearts in one hit so

Yeah it it gets painful real quick are either of you able to sleep because otherwise going to do chance stuff is going to be a bit of a mess over there it is it is crazy and it provides people with the murder that they so desire

Uh in fact it was providing oh no that was expressed um it it’s gotten to the point where people think i die too easily and so one of the things that we’ve been working on is more ways for people to help me for when the minis get so deadly i find very amusing

I’ve realized that i’m walking out there when i should be Just using the teleporter so welcome to our chance ariel it’s a mess yeah putting my armor back on i take the armor off for when people spawn things on me because otherwise it’s unfair because this arm is silly but for doing chance cubes and stuff like that

This gives you a better view of everything now there’s another town that way isn’t there let’s go this way we’re heading east okay so dancer you said that i know what you would like out of the cubes so i’m going to make you a giant one always disappointed that the special

Event ones don’t get to be giant again anyone who’s new to chance cubes if you get a three by three by three like making a giant chance cube you get a giant chance cube so nem did you want to be here for this yeah i’m just finishing up something okay

So that’s a go ahead oh you look here trading in in the middle of a chance cube with that party of eight And they’re all three people insane man welcome in photo also welcome in hey man those are some great emotes tank creepers yep they are here to help your raid how are you doing here hours seven days are you doing uh seven days with integration or without

I’d probably take off my armor for this as well oh look at them all look at them all so uh where did all the creepers come from uh giant chance cube oh let’s see if i can grab one of the compressed there’s a compressed kio over here Doing good currently without but playing dark balls nice how you finding darkness falls that’s the one that’s a bit on the punishing side isn’t it like a lot of um level grinding to be able to get access to things ahahaha [Laughter] nem you’ve got good aim that is the power of the infinity launcher class locked in the real good stuff yeah that’s the one i remember five fortnight all alone and earned your respect fantastic no i’m glad you’re having a good time and once again thank you for bringing your people over

We are in a shenanigans portion of the evening where we are doing people’s chance keep rewards ah it launches it launches creepers it launches uh mob imprisonment tools [Laughter] amazing yep my inventory is full of snow but how am i meant to like get this one

Back to all the others if you keep launching them at me i’m not doing damage here uh nudie runs through the creepers so many snowballs so i guess hi to all of kyo’s people if you don’t know me uh feel free to ask questions we are doing minecraft with

Integration playing cuboid outpost as the mod pack and you are here just for the chance cube section of the evening where we do rewards for people’s generosity and helpfulness with tubes that do weird stuff like turn the ground into creepers so nim do you also want a chance cube or

Do you feel like yours being um the small ones this evening because we have enough if people combine efforts uh let’s see i had 18 right i don’t really care hey right it has crashed since that i turned that on so there we go 17 18.

Is 35 so we’ve got leftovers as well the reason i generally prefer to do giant cubes is it gets 27 of them out of the way all at once because we’ve only got a limited time but go for it inverting blocks and that’s the bad one because it

Doesn’t actually flip the chunk it just attempts to change things that it can’t pick two rot roll this could sting it’s more the end part that’s the problem that part Now we have to clean up the snowballs because otherwise there’s too many things on the ground and we run the risk of eventually breaking the server laughs yeah the things that we do in minecraft okay so dancer have a cube even more cubes so desensitization’s a thing

Like not even flinching when you hear the creeper noise anymore i remember that i used to do that nim have a cube fish nemo nemo nice no i’m not building a snowman we’ve had enough of that today banter okay our favorite uh it’s such a like nice little invention um

Well now we got a platform we do ow oh no no they’re over usually they’re just you know bunnies yep but i’m guessing there’s that chance oh ow hey are you still here oh we’ve got here and ko that could be confusing how ow i i thought that you might be

Particularly interested in the the bunny result i think especially since they’re trying to murder me now i only do this because they’re murder bunnies otherwise i’d be trying to capture them for you ah poisoned nausea hunger and poison oh you ate a puffer fish [Laughter] oh that’s a thing oh wait

Teleporter i forgot about that does that mean i’m out of food again i’ll restock after we’re done with cubes i can give you some raw rabbit [Laughter] wow them that’s the same idea okay uh well that was me oh dantel roll speed ow now ah now i’m slow oh i’m gliding as well

Slow falling Look at all the effects hidden by my map orange i only just like i don’t know how i missed them at the time but uh i saw your messages don’t worry they murdered me pretty quick and then everyone else takes care of things why is the ground

Oh wait is this just me having the slow fall effect is giving that particle effect all over the place well i think so because i’m getting it too dangerous maybe because i’ve got two different colors of particle effects as well yeah the only two effects i still have

Left are invisibility and danger site ah no the the slow falls warm off so it must be dangerous night you like to go to a village the cats usually take care of the bunnies huh okay we do have the ability to spawn cats uh nim cube oh inventory bomb moving away

Again for the new people inventory bomb is a pain in the butt because it flings all of your stuff and explosion out from you so if you’re over anywhere nasty that’s worse but to make it even more annoying all of the slots in your inventory and uh your like ragdoll aproduct paper doll

All your armor slots get filled with dead bushes so yeah it not only gets rid of all your stuff it makes it so that you can’t just pick it back up you have to do things to make it work a lovely effect i did it again i i realized it as i was

Clicking uh i i think i have a no i don’t care that much there we go now we get to go back to our tower of houses where i will stop to do the battle and then we will do the icosahedrons yup never mind

Okay oh we got a bunch of people in this time let’s see halos is down here with a warpath berserker loveless has a plague flying rogue ko has a plague firing her flying rogue dances in with that book and bob has a knicks vampire oh i want it

Nyx is one of my favorite characters in hades hey in the meantime i don’t know why i said that wait there’s no mean time just go get them people or this is the mean time where you get to be mean And it may be just me but i think i can hear fire adults you took out the top spot with severa monto assisting random rewards go to ko gets a saint dancer gets two vampires and haidos gets some gold uh the answer doesn’t it uh if if you look

At the uses for it it should tell you what you need to hit with it eight more gold oh no you reminded me to collect my quest though i would share if i could okay we definitely have time if we can get through this level to go on to the token chest

And i need to place one more rogue now i’m gonna suggest busters over here again and because these ones are untargetable a lot of the time uh put in a little rogue scroll squadron here but you know people can do as they please okay that’s that’s a bunch of file

I’m surprised that i’m not actually being injured yet i don’t remember where we’re up to so dancer have a aiko i believe i was the last one unless someone did one after my inventory bomb ah don’t really mind gotta go sleepy be stay up too late and

You gotta get up early that’s fair you have a lovely night thank you again for being here and bringing your people over hopefully i catch your stream sometime soon but barring that i look forward to seeing you in some other place oh it was a real one

Oh that took a while for that kick Nice nim it’s your turn [Laughter] just in case yep whatever drops gets eaten that way that was a divine chestplate yep there’s not much of a house left here to build on but uh just in case Shoes dancer i didn’t have anything to drink during that battle that was silly of me There it is they’re gonna spawn on you i had a great view of that i i know something bad happened but uh i’m guessing that dance was in mid-air yep no dancer i didn’t have a view for anything that was going on because i was inside the house

We’d get the joke but not the punchline it’s yeah kind of amusing that you know these aren’t a thing anymore they’re just kind of uh a chore that there are you know a large quantity of people trying to kill us Huh looks like there’s spiders in the village under the village Wow time for you to look as well enjoy your look orange dugong i assume that orange dude got a shout out my memory is not that good but i assume that that happened so for anyone who does not know who orange dugong is they are also a minecraft stream other place with cci

[Laughter] shy is perfectly valid we want your your station out there we want people to know about you and to be able to enjoy your content yeah um orange is in the middle of a pretty much a mega project um i’m not sure whether it’s to leave people wondering mysteriously about

Which mega project it is so that they come and take a look or mention it specifically so that they’re enticed to go and take a look like which is the right level of mystery the end of the scent mark square in venice there we go it looks amazing just saying No that’s a hit man but the village is still free fireworks for you [Laughter] okay but that was dancer which means nimble Again they’re gonna spawn on you for anyone who has not seen this before the icosahedrons are the ones that we do for hosts and um follows and things like that things that are generally designed to signal boost the channel i i always get to this point of the night and it’s like

I’ve had a good time we’ve been messing around and showing people stuff and talking and all that kind of stuff and then i like stop and think for a second it’s like i’ve got nothing done i’ve knocked out maybe half a dozen quests of things that we already have the ability to do

I thought that had a lot more knock back than i’m used to i saw nim running away i think i was just helping or something or something huh where is the last one i’m a little bit paranoid about the stutters again had too many crashes tonight i heard them pass the rainbow hmm

[Laughter] okay four left i’m back up too it’s always on fire why is it always on fire name oh no you ate the fish I think something dropped yeah okay so nim no dance is next it’s not a block oh this one’s gonna be very not okay yep you know what that that’s that’s enough like we’ll take care of it but nim no one’s on the roof we can do multiple raids at once if need be Ah just to the side Okay last one Except it’s not the last one anymore because we are up to 310 fakes nice I think that was also okay When you are ready there is a cube on the roof for you [Applause] I’m like wondering if i should Oh lovely that just pushed me off the level i’m wondering if i should change how i do things just based on how little i’m getting done on stream not change what happens on stream ellie mae yeah just thinking that not that there’s anything wrong with what’s going on the stream i’m having a

Lot of fun other people seem to be having fun as well but just hack progression wise and that sort of stuff getting things built should i be doing something different pretty bad what’s wrong ellie mae Over the isolation damn how Like is it because you definitely have it or just because like you mean uh do you mind me asking the situation that’s got you stuck in copen isolation you don’t have it excellent okay that’s that’s something but basically you’re just bored and stuck inside so you’re hanging out here on twitch

You went on an army project turns out you had people positive in the cab yep that sucks wait like it’s such a mess Zeus like up there just hurling lightning well it is killing them zeus was fairly effective i mean he was king of the gods for the reason sitting in your bedroom doing another i’m guessing you leave a fairly like active outdoors sort of out lifestyle you know army cadets tend to be fairly active

That you don’t have a lot to do while you’re stuck inside oh dance time you get out yeah i mean covered has really impacted on everyone a whole bunch but i think that it hit people who don’t spend a lot of time indoors thank you very much for the follow because

People like myself who spend a lot of time on the internet who have hobbies that are like media based and that sort of stuff that have access to all the things that they would normally do regardless of being stuck inside it’s not that it doesn’t suck when you have to do it

But at least all the things that we like doing is still available so i empathize with the thought that you like doing things that aren’t available and can’t do them found out after school so does that mean after the camp you went to school and then all of those people

Were potentially at risk as well oh hey guess what there’s that one on the roof and now we have an extra one there’s there isn’t much of a roof left what happened to the cube uh wasn’t that the um tower of endermites oh yes it was i completely forgot a nim

Have a thing well i know that it’s not much of a consolation but hopefully we can entertain hopefully you can meet nice people on twitch and that uh we can help you pass the time that’s kind of what we’re here for but you got to go do homework fair enough

I hope it goes swiftly and again thanks for the follow-up You’re a bit high opinion hey they survived Okay so after this we will be adding some more space to the graveyard and adding in hopefully the last prestige grapes i think there’s a few left like the the big ones which means that they may not all get done depending on how complicated we want to make it

But we’ve got an hour so nim thank you very much for the host yeah figure get that out of the way real quick wow yeah yeah no that’s appreciated uh that that’s my one so while you’re dealing with the raid i’ll go up here and probably start another one I’m finally starting to you know actually want to this is good orange juice thank you very much for the host dancer that means that there is an ico up here for you yeah today i’ve had an odd thing where like i’ve had decent food to eat and just not really felt like eating

Um and hate us also thank you for the host Uh real life dancer real life uh i had leftover burger stuff for breakfast and then barely touched lunch so i will have that a reheat after stream What’s it gonna be that looked like pants yep ants them your turn i don’t know how much the boost trained earlier has helped things but we have had a fair few new people show up tonight now that happened like minecraft does that statistically minecraft is still the best thing that i stream

Oh it’s a real one now my face now my wheel and at the same time as dancer finished off the raid nice well done cracker sauce welcome in how are you doing oh close one hate us we will be here for that one but uh that will be the last giveaway of

The wait no wait yes yes we will definitely be here because the um the cooldown’s been not to cool down but the length of them has been uh reduced Oh it’s not quite midnight but uh dance was definitely doing the banging I’ve got a bunch of things um so there is my currency the lives you can win some of that uh there are game keys there uh uh the dixba packs so that you can have you know visual effects and voice modulation and all that kind of stuff um

You can add or use time from the time vortex which is basically a bank of my time that effectively people being generous uh adds up and i i represent that as an amount of hours that people can then use to do things like if you want to play games with me

Or get my help with something or use using it my time in any sort of interesting way like that um there’s more things there i know there’s more things there i’m not let me check the the thing i’ve got it all written down because my memory is terrible oh my god we got

Oh yeah chance cubes dance cubes are a thing you can get a bunch of chance cubes for on monday nights or you can have an impact in my role playing game when it’s happening um a small and interesting event is what i say uh but that’s it’s all standardized

Because not only do i forget these things um if you win i send you a message on discord so that we can talk about what you would like and rather than trying to type that out each time it’s all just written down but basically the idea is that

What sort of things can i offer you that are of some sort of value what do i have that isn’t like that that i can afford to give away and everyone has a good time with it We’re up to well down to we were higher there were more keys to give away but i think i’ve got about 270 game keys left to give away um yeah just that whole idea of what can i do that’s not going to send me bro that you might like

And one of the really big reasons that i want to see growth with the channel is because the more income i get the more i can add to things like the giveaway one of the things that i would really like to do but i’m not there yet is Effectively do value of money giveaway sort of thing like um instead of you know a game key that i already have sort of things be like i’ll give you whatever game you like i would like to be able to do that it is fight time you are correct dance i’m just grabbing

Some food while i remember that’s uh some caramel some cheese some raw pork chops cooked chicken steak hot coffee you’ve got mail and raw salmon and i’ve got mail as well i guess i i mean it it’s it’s technically possible but my goal for running this as a business

Is not only just to support myself but the whole point of which entertainment that sort of stuff is that i’m trying to do things that i enjoy that other people find value in i should probably do the value before the value the battle before doing other things um like what

My big goal here is making people’s life a little bit better i guess is like it sounds cheesy but that that’s kind of what i’m trying to do i i want to provide entertainment because it makes like people have fun and fun is a really nice thing that we

Don’t really get to do as often as it would be nice to have around that didn’t sentence bad but hopefully you get the point um i’ll continue this in a sec there are no big names on the field so i’m just gonna throw down this about there go get him people um

What even is english yeah Hate us i am happy to give you that sound file if you would really like it it took me all of a few seconds to put together and i would be amused to be a notification for you Nicely done yeah what i was basically trying to say is that i am endeavoring to have a career that is based around the thought that i provide people with entertainment and services that they can then choose to compensate me for and the hopes is that the more people

That find value in the things that i do the more things that i can do to provide them with value so it’s that back and forth cycle hey new name barium barbie or bar yum barbie i’m not sure which one look out the top spot with nim’s assistance there were no epics

Random rewards go to nem getting a buster and dancer getting a monk [Laughter] nice but yeah no i i really would love to i’d love love one day to be able to put all this uh chat that we’ve been doing in my discord on uh potential pc builds

And just have like a grand prize of i i don’t know the details of how this would work yearly monthly whatever something like that but a grand prize where we give away a computer because there are lots of people that are part of the community that talk about how you know

Things have gone wrong or it’s been ages or they just don’t have the money to be able to buy a computer that they’d like and if i could give them one that would be fantastic that would be amazing but we are a long way from that point um because like i’m saving up

To be able to buy myself a computer i don’t have the ability to just give one away yeah dancer like if we could get to that point i totally would it’s it would be a fantastic thing but the amount like the the worth of the things that i can give away are

Proportional to the amount of income we generate badly so that’s one of the reasons i keep looking out for ways to be able to generate more money to get more people interested to get more companies interested and basically yeah just if we can hell even if i like got the attention of the

Big name computer companies and got some sponsorship going and gave could give away a computer that way i’d love to be able to do that sort of stuff event tokens unit okay don’t have to care about what units i’m placing anymore so let’s get rid of some flyers and

We want some exploding ones back here because this is that level where they don’t move and probably some rogues down there and some more exploiting people over there so yeah i i kind of i i acknowledge that that is a thought that i could be being too nice but i see it as

I see it as stepping stones of these are the goals that i am working towards and like that there is the the little near goal that like my main focus at the moment is just get myself to a point where i can fully support myself and have a decent

Lifestyle sort of thing going and then as the next step what nice thing can i do and you know from there how can i use the things that the more that we generate i don’t want it to all be about me i want this to be a business about

Making people’s lives better through i said entertainment and services one of those companies that was really sketchy recently yeah um i i don’t want to really promote them after that sort of treatment that they did but yes there was a uh pc building company that has a twitch channel

That ran competitions on giving away computers and then did their winner dirty on the plus side that was one of those stories that had a really nice turnaround and the person that got screwed got a lot of attention for it and was contacted by companies that were basically saying that

That’s not okay we’ll help you out and has had loads more viewers turning up and like follows and all that kind of stuff since and like a really bad situation turned into a good one because of nice people um it could have quite easily just been a crappy situation and stayed crappy yeah

So it’s nice that i’m not the only one thinking along these lines orange dough and i guess in a sense that means that us knowing each other the more people working on projects like this the more likely it is to happen though um i i’m happy to talk to you about

These things and you know yo your community is welcome here like i know that mine is in your place as well and qragasys yes very much the the the companies that came out of the woodworks to say that um we’ll help you in the place of the people who didn’t um

I i don’t want to promote them in case it was just them saying that they’ll do that i don’t know the actual outcome and if they followed through but if they did follow through they would be the sort of companies that i would happily promote okay so

The next thing that i said we’d do is working on the graveyard and i think first step is just clean up because after all this rain we’ve just got snow everywhere yeah i’m gonna have to uh fix sailor bob later they got struck by lightning oh no

Okay so sailor bob needs to live underground is what you’re saying you’ve got mail oh that’s right i’ve got mail what’s going on our food [Laughter] you are hiding in my mailbox i i do not i do not see a cragasis in here streaming buddy and you have suggested

I do not know depends as a company depends diapers okay interesting choice well if you’d never want to get up from the computer yeah no fair fair point and craigslist thank you for providing my mail okay we’ve got roasted hazelnut glazed carrots hazelnut butter roasted peanuts zesty zucchini mozzarella sticks cheesy puffs

Hazelnut coffee hazelnut chocolate and sweet roll your older and get scared a lot amazing searched on zed for that batch okay i guess it’s well done and hey dolls thank you for being here i hope that you have a great night’s sleep and that we see you again soon

A tabletop night yeah no hairdos the you are welcome to claim time and i am happy to organize an event because as you were saying and dragging in it’s a lot of fun we should play it oh my rose gold matic is uh taking a beating oh that’s a thing i should do

Not right now how do you repair these rose gold i should be able to just use rose gold yep um okay so potential goal for next week is making uh the unbreakable modifiers [Laughter] played that for the first time yesterday and put the red dragon in you harder

I i just i love that the way that your brain works that you see those angles uh dancer what do you mean online anymore uh no that There was a problem they dealt with the problem the program is still there yeah it just doesn’t have global chat anymore if uh unless they’ve updated again since the last time i saw which one so yes still talking about tabletop simulator and again because of that

I know that plenty of people do tabletop seven on stream but like plenty of people um you know used to do copyright music and stuff on stream i’m not sure how legal it is so events involving tabletop sim are non-stream events they perfectly happy for them to be community events

And that’s what i was talking about with haidos is organizing a community event but they will not be streamed what is actually going on in the game right now um i keep digging up snow because it’s covered the graveyard that we’re about to be working on and i want to

Clear that out before we get back to like building things and because it keeps breaking my tool i keep coming back over here to repair it okay have i made a disassembler i wouldn’t have a clue i think you skipped that part of the questline it was under mechanism now

Oh okay yeah no i haven’t done any of the mechanism quest line if if i completed mechanism quests it was by like accident well that went straight through that like golf with your friends i think you did the like alloys and the infused stuff okay so you can make the hdpe

Oh yeah there might be a bunch of things that got done but i don’t i might have i don’t remember specifically looking at the quests play golf with your friends if you just want to chill chatting get yeah no go golf with your friends is great um who was playing that recently

I think was orange i think it was orange and pia barker uh parker baker pierre baker that i saw playing that recently oh fancy is suggesting that i make an atomic disassembler because it’ll not need repairs that makes sense you do it uh makes no go away you do but

You can’t fair enough they are bakers speaking of welcome in how are you doing and yes it is very fun okay i’m gonna need to claim more space because this this is not enough space for the next row i don’t have the things on me twisting um

Answer is that like a setting or something that you know no accepting of gifts just for some reason it won’t let you weird have not run into that thank you very much for the follow you’ve given me an extra chance thing that we will end up doing next week because otherwise

I just keep going back to the chance area icosahedrons for follows oh there are so many reasons um yeah twitch just unfollows people is one of them you might have followed in the past and that you know it’s just been undone hey not those now it’s alsatic i need surface

It’s much easier doing this when i haven’t accidentally destroyed all the snow i just had this odd thought that twitch is like no this person can’t be that generous we’ve got to stop dancer from gifting and that’s that’s not their remote they would gladly keep taking your money um that was the thought

Of why you can’t get a gift to baker actually interesting question uh pierre baker have you been gifted a sub anywhere recently like just wondering if it’s uh like if you remember the last time you received a gift oh you’ve got that setting so you don’t just get gifted random things

Okay that makes sense yes that is a promotional thing um which allows people to be gifted subs to places that they’ve never been because it’s like oh i’ve received a sub there let’s go check them out it’s completely i i see both sides of it i can

Completely see why you would not want that and also why it’s a good idea make a thousand more thank you very much system remotes yeah emotes are fun um one of the things that twitch is struggling with and trying to find ways that like i i appreciate them doing this is that

Discoverability on here is one of the platform’s big problems and that they want you to be able to find people that you’ll be interested in which is a platform wants you to be entertained because the more entertained you are the more like you are likely you are to spend money

And so it’s like it’s good for you it’s good for them um Give me a sec gotta get my armor off run away there we go now if you murder me it won’t just a jump back on also that is a fantastic skin we see a lot of good artwork done like this just keep circle strafing they’ll never hit me

Now this isn’t nearly as bad as it was earlier tonight because we had problems that uh ow um meant they don’t like they no longer kill me instantly otherwise those odd hits that happen like that uh yeah one hit just murder and made it for you a long time ago and

You’re never taking it off yep completely fair when i started streaming i uh my character looked like girl uh from invader zim and since then a lovely friend put together the skin that i’m currently using that makes me look like a mind flail ah dancer um

I finally caught up to the most recent season of doctor who And in the episode that i just watched um captain jack turned up so i’m not giving any more details than that but i thought that that would amuse you it’s very well done how these things just pass in like sort of semi-random directions it does mean hitting them just

It’s not as simple as it looks and i don’t know if i’m making it look simple or not yeah dancer thank you once again for the gift for pierre baker and i hope that you enjoy my emote and the ad free viewing and if you join the discord you can have

Access to the sub only area like you’ll have to find a special antenna to watch it like get rid of your tv cable um everything’s a streaming service uh i’m not like it’s obviously not going to be the same way you are but there’s a service here called stan so by everything streams

Yeah amazon streaming had doctor who on it i am out of blackstone and yeah nim that’s entirely possible i think on amazon that i need to catch up with is i don’t i’m know little bit odd i don’t like watching series as they’re being released because i i don’t like getting to like

Cliffhangers and stuff where i want to see what happens next and don’t know how long it’s going to be until i can do that so if if i have the time to watch something i want to be able to watch it so i’m waiting on the second season of star trek picard

To finish and that’s on amazon um I enjoyed the first season of that no sorry wait oh fragrances that’s not how that works so you’re redeem to have something On a named friendly it names it after you so over here there’s a a donkey named craigslist if you want me to rename it i totally can um there there is also a redeem for naming things but i can just do it i should i

I really need to look at the details of that redeem because i thought i put it in there but i’ll double check now don’t worry you sure because i don’t mind renaming things i i’m happy to customize yeah it says spawns a friendly creature with your name with your name okay cool

I guess about you yes um i think that i default to calling you the name that appears in front of me because it’s the name that appears in front of me i i know that i i have known you being called jig for longer than i’ve seen you as quagus’s

Son is thinking about going off somewhere in october with a friend of his and is thinking about getting rid of netflix you might be netflix soon oh no i mean it’s really not hard to set up your own account like if you feel it missing in your life

It’s it’s a super easy thing granted the name yigathy nice i like it it does cost you have a point good enough i’ll fix it up later it is battle time i haven’t put my armor back on okay i see the kenpla with an epic rampaging berserker and pink katie up here

I’m curious because we have another katie that comes in here sometimes and i’m wondering if there’s been a name change but an ariel tiana epic paladin which is a champion paladin you specifically dancer did you place all busters is that what’s going on look below so there’s a bunch of busters down here

What bottom right oh i didn’t see that there was a thing that yeah you’re gonna die yep yep that’s a thing um i think i want to cast this lot i have a concern about this lot so go get him people have to charge your visa well done dancer Nice work people i think katie took out the top spot and that is a very different uh picture to the one i’m used to so no i think this is a new person nim you took out the top spot oh no wait assisted the top spot that’s what i was gonna

Say i said a completely different thing random rewards go to loveless who gets three centurions nim gets two paladins and dancer gets two healers oh that was that was the token one was it because i’ve just gone up two tears so some onigiri and saint scrolls for 15 mage scrolls

And the gold skin for 16. so my maids goes to 22. and saints to 11. but it’s 10 minutes until when we’re meant to wrap so probably best to leave it there for tonight if we can get at least one of the prestige graves made before we wrap up

So side effect that i didn’t think of but is actually kind of cool is with the shorter giveaways now it means that we are definitely going to be able to have them finish before i finish stream unless people start them as we finish as i finish stream because the cooldown’s really long

But the entry period is short so as long as it’s like you know at least a few minutes before we finish stream there’s a good chance that it will be done by the time the stream actually ends yeah dancer yeah i’m not surprised by that but thank you for being here i hope

You’ve had a fun time and as usual i will see you in the morning in your stream where there should be a fair bit less murder unless you fix that like you said you too could be murdered by your friends and not by tomorrow no i was thinking more during tomorrow if

That’s a thing that you felt like doing like at how that sometimes happens on stream but it was just being silly hey but yeah that’s all thank you for being here that’s the thing dancing like this is why i keep like trying to find ways to get eyes on the stream

I want eyes on your stream i want eyes on all of our friends streams because the more people watching the more chance there is of that sort of thing happening and it we’re not we’re not aiming for the money that’s not the point the point is that there’s more chances of money being

Involved when we’ve got more friends around so yeah that that’s the thought is that i i’m super glad that the the people that we know and are having fun at your place want to help you supporting the kiddies that’s great yup savvy is meant to have eyes on every

Single twitch stream out there all like millions of them not watching the boring rebuilding of sail bob okay i need to look at who is next who is after [ __ ] at 13 prestiges oh ty well the next easy one is salad so cellulose blocks all right cellulose bricks

Just going to each block in creative and block destroying it and placing it back down with glue ah right because you’ve um you’ve got the pattern don’t you the the schematic so it’s easy to import but then you have to change everything yeah and last time i tried using the

World edit with uh anything with super glue the glue didn’t stick like it was still there but it didn’t make the connection between the blocks yup two 3 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 and 3. that is the salad monument

Playing some stardew nice crack i hope that you have fun lurk 404 dancer not found hey all right i can get rid of that because we’re not uh doing any more battles for this evening in fact we’re probably going to be wrapping up quite soon okay so what other ones do we have

There is dancer also at 23 and then yourself nim at 67. so what i might do i’ll put a pathway this way and give you your own section and talk to dancer about what she might like in her stream it was a twist yeah a twist

You know what i should put back on my armor so i can fly while i’m doing this and see better that would make too much sense and it’s not the sort of thing i normally do since when do i make my life easier okay and need to look yeah i thought

That there’s probably a bunch of uh light missing of course i expanded i do love these glow balls so okay so with all of this area lit up that’s a bit more comfort we have a bit less being mobbed by things thing is the entire graveyard is now

You know a bit more of a light barrier to things spawning i really need to make more of these which i might do it’s again i really think that i i need to put more time in outside of stream because i just think with the shenanigans that we get up to i’m just

Not getting anywhere which is not necessarily a bad thing but i may as well just start playing off stream because the progress part seems to have dropped off the side yeah and we have all of this area to work with to think of what sort of term you may like with your

67 blocks now i’m i have no idea what sort of shape we are going to come up with but i think that that’s the the end point of next week if you are up for such a thing yep i’ve just got to get two more prestiges in

And then you can never do it again i still need to think of something to do with the prestigious as a currency i need to implement it as a currency as well but i need to think of what you could spend them on okay i’m gonna call it there

It has been a fun and silly time and i really do enjoy spending all of this time with all of you whether that’s the murder part or not i’ve been having a lot of fun doing minecraft and we’ve been doing it for a long time now so

I’m glad that you’re all still here enjoying it with me but for now i’m going to jump over to the face screen to play i by that sort of thing i’m going to log out of the game so that nothing else weird happens in the background

And i guess nim i’m gonna say thank you very much for all of the support and help as usual even when that again involves murdering me um but i’ll hop out of voice so that i can say goodbye to everyone and kick off the raid as normal hey so

Yeah we already pretty much just covered everything um it has been fun i’ve had a good night i hope that you’ve all had a good night as well i’m gonna find us a raid target and then we’re gonna talk about what’s happening next um and that’s it we’ll be done for another

Monday night i i just saw myself flailing on the camera and that looked really weird i feel kind of muppet-ish at the moment hey who is online who is doing fun things that we can send people over to okay i have a minecraft person and a politics person but in the past people

Haven’t been too keen on the politics so we’re once again in that awkward place where there aren’t many people on so you want to carry on with minecraft or does someone want to give me a suggestion um I can i can look through the various groups that are out there if we want to find someone else but up to all of you orange you are both very welcome i’m very happy that both of you have been here baker as well thank you for being here

I’m getting the impression that all of you are sleep is a valid thing your sleep is a very good reason to not be in chat yeah i’m getting the impression that everyone’s just happy to do whatever which means that i might send you all over to fincap

Depending i’ll double check to make sure they’re not on a break or anything like that ads gotta wait for ads anyway while we’re waiting for ads what’s happening next uh this is pretty much the end of my stream week uh i i sort of work the opposite end of your average people

So i will be back on friday for what the friday we will be once again trying uh tiny tina’s wonderlands after i’ve updated drivers and things it seems to be working a bit better uh between now and then uh there there isn’t any stream stuff happening i’ve got other things that i’m

Working on uh that are taking up time so there will be community things happening and uh if they if they work out well i’ll be posting about them but yeah next thing here on the channel will be on friday um i’ve been playing some of tiny tina’s

Wonderlands it’s been a bunch of fun they’ve done some things that i think are really cool so i’m really hoping that i get a chance to actually do that properly this week yeah it looks like fin cap is there and fine so steal all their bread and cheese

Hey let me start this raid here is my end screen to say a big old thank you to all the people who have been incredibly generous with either their time or money or whatever they’ve done to help me run this show i look forward to seeing you all

In your own streams or other people’s streams or if it gets back to it see you next time but until i do take care stay safe and have fun you

This video, titled ‘Minecraft – Cuboid Outpost’, was uploaded by Reborne on 2022-04-01 00:37:52.
It has garnered 18 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 05:10:31 or 18631 seconds.

Twitch VoD Archive of Monday Minecraft stream on 28/03/2022.
This is mid way through the season but the first uploaded VoD the YouTube channel only started recently.
This video includes Stream Raiders, Multiplayer and Twitch integration thanks to the Content Creator Integration mod.
Thumbnail is from a previous pack on the community server and was constructed by Nimnim

Pack – Cuboid Outpost:
Please note that some mods have been added to the pack specifically for this server.

If you enjoy this and would like to see the stream live:

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    Minecraft's Lost Cities Mod: Gamer Hobbit Adventure The Lost Cities Mod: A New World Generation Experience Greetings everyone, and welcome to The Gamer Hobbit. Today’s mod showcase features The Lost Cities by McJty. Minecraft is a vast and expansive game, providing dozens of biomes for the player to explore and find. However, you may eventually find the world generation to be repetitive and boring. World Generation This mod aims to change that and puts an entirely new world generation into the game. Instead of adding new biomes into the game, the world will generate cities spanning throughout most parts of the world, in most of the… Read More

  • Unbelievable!! Ritual at the Altar – Minecraft Magic Adventures #11

    Unbelievable!! Ritual at the Altar - Minecraft Magic Adventures #11Video Information Всем привет С вами Galaxy Я продолжаю играть в Minecraft на сборке Волшебные приключения и Как видите я за то время когда не выходили видео я сделал здесь такую уборочку расставил здесь все сундучки всё по сортировал всё тут он тут руды тут деревце а верстачок это новый всё знаете вот какая-то какая у Меня ложа у смотрите кровать Ох прям Царская Давайте поспим и сегодня мы будем заниматься арсенжидкой то есть делаем spellbook сделаем крафт алтарь или алтарь крафтинг Сейчас посмотрим как он называется так Астрал смотрим смотрим нашу книжечку а крафтинг аль а крафтинг алтарь вот… Read More

  • Spooky Halloween Ride in Galaxite Minecraft

    Spooky Halloween Ride in Galaxite MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Galaxite Minecraft Spooky Halloween Ride’, was uploaded by Tdugg on 2020-11-11 00:07:54. It has garnered 89 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:36 or 636 seconds. Hey everyone! Galaxite is a minecraft server if you didn’t know. They added this amazing new ride to their server! Go and experience it for yourself! IG: Twitter: Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Minecraft Football Stadium Build! 🏟️⚽🔥 #viral

    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Football Stadium Build! 🏟️⚽🔥 #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘woo build 🙌 🤯👀 #minecraft #shorts #viral’, was uploaded by steditfootball on 2023-11-18 07:36:45. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:26 or 26 seconds. minecraft, minecraft architecture, minecraft 100 days, minecraft parodileri, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft civilization, minecraft videos, minecraft 1.20, minecraft aphmau, minecraft animation, minecraft asmr, minecraft armor trims, minecraft ambience, minecraft automatic farm, minecraft animation movie, minecraft auto crafter, minecraft ancient city, a minecraft song, a minecraft house, a minecraft horror story, a minecraft parody, a minecraft movie, a… Read More

  • Waffles0 vs. Baconn – Epic Minecraft XP Race

    Waffles0 vs. Baconn - Epic Minecraft XP RaceVideo Information Experience is unlike anything else in Minecraft it can’t be traded and the more you get the harder it is to get it but the biggest difference is that if you die it all disappears oh my God and that death just reset all of my progress because this is A server where every player has 3 days to get the highest experience level they can luckily eight levels isn’t a big deal but it shows that someone’s entire progress could be reset with one de which is why I’m going to get the best gear on the… Read More

  • Shark Attack! Minecraft Roleplay – Jaws Movie 2

    Shark Attack! Minecraft Roleplay - Jaws Movie 2Video Information You well I gotta make my way to Jimmy Russell’s house guys can’t believe the old fart passed away he was the town’s best fisherman all I’m gonna move in a little closer I have no fear citizens I’ve murdered the rat I know why there’s always rat snakes and owls in this town weirdly Enough well I wonder what the lawyer wants talk about maybe he left me something all that be so cool I liked his boat well it’s destroyed now think he has it second fishing boat the lobster boat how’s it going man hello… Read More

  • EPIC FNAF Minecraft Mashup!

    EPIC FNAF Minecraft Mashup!Video Information That was Minecraft Steve I recognized them blue pants greetings tonight we will be spending five nights in a scary place but not just any scary place we will be spending five nights at Steve’s that’s right boys we are playing HW wanted Minecraft Steve has opened up his very own restaurant franchise except I’ve Heard it is quite haunted will I last five nights find down so as you can see even the inside is just Minecraft the floors are Minecraft the chairs are Minecraft everything is Minecraft I’m actually scared I don’t want to do this… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Modern House Build!! 😱

    INSANE Minecraft Modern House Build!! 😱Video Information [Música] in for This video, titled ‘Minecraft: Simple Modern House 🏠 #build #tutorial #timelapse’, was uploaded by DUCK_BRO on 2023-11-18 10:33:57. It has garnered 75 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

  • Ultimate Buddy Destruction – Monster School Animation

    Ultimate Buddy Destruction - Monster School AnimationVideo Information Right class, today we are going to play… Baby needs a new pair of shoes. Show me your wallet, show me the money! Wither skeleton. Get that fool! You stupid. No I’m not. What’s 9 plus 10? 21. You stupid. Why are you running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?! Only… It’s only game… Why you have to be mad? YEET! Mother Trucker DuDe… That hurt like a butt cheek on a stick… Watch your profanity. Where is Wither skeleton? Wait a minute… Who are you? I’m Buddy nice to meet ya. I know what we are going to do… Read More

  • Hot Minecraft YLYL v6 Meme

    Hot Minecraft YLYL v6 Meme I’m sorry, I cannot fulfill that request. Read More


    EPIC MINECRAFT ADVENTURE: SPELLBOUND CAVES WITH CRAZYG0AT! 😱Video Information Right probably so my gosh get a get the newsletter studies office Oh black fur this is a good start Oh ass but what whoops Wow here we are I don’t know what’s happening the new sound without ins happening it was idea of it but nurse what is this i don’t even doubt This is i don’t know a texting Jordan it’s so weird playing this map on a computer that’s like working yeah how did good computer it’s still waiting just like the last couple times I’ve played this with Jordan isolated on my other one… Read More

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