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[Music] [Music] w [Music] [Music] you [Music] n [Music] you [Music] [Music] you [Music] Gamers hello why is it not pulling up Minecraft oh I know why cuz I didn’t do that oopsie hello Gamers how are we doing hello [Music] Gamers uh chat that’s uh not chat but now there we go how are we Gamers um I will be hopping in Discord in just a second here let I get everything ready whoa there I am hi Gamers hi gamers hi Gamers Gamers Gamers hi humans and vtubers hello fish being let me just uh shink myself down here feel like I need to uh whoa move my pickaxe up a bit there we go doing good just working nice all right I’m going to be joining Discord here you’ll be able to say hi to Stevie and snickel hello Gamers ah scary ah same work yeah yeah it be like that sometimes I work tomorrow I’ve been afking at our um oh was this called weather skeleton Farm get some [Music] BM we built this Wither Skeleton Farm um it Farms other things too as you can see um I have three skulls on me right now but oh my gosh that’s a lot of blaze rods sheesh [Music] so I need to replace the Iron Golem oh oh it’s the pants the magic pants oh my gosh look at that another one skeleton skull wo magic pants why does it wait okay wait that’s why I am the creeper saw me and then mooned around a corner now I’m scared for my life cuz I know for a fact he saw me what’s that there we go [Music] how was audio Gamers let me know in the chat I muted myself in uh Discord really quick uh so I can explain to you Gamers what’s kind of going on here oh um so this is a wither skeleton farm that me and uh jerck aka Big Boss have been working on um we’ve been spawn proofing it and all that uh I just need to I just kind of need to build like a staircase out of here and uh spawn proof as I go I’ll give you guys a little tour of it oh sounds like some blazes are spawning oh let me just get out of here really quick but uh I’ve basically just been afking at this Wither Skeleton farm for like hours and hours uh because we want a bunch of Wither Skeleton skulls obviously to fight the Wither once we get there oh gosh uh okay this is not work I wanted this to lead out shoot okay well freck um um let’s uh fix that okay uh oh my gosh oh yeah oh yeah I have flying enabled just because I was doing stuff to make it stuff easier um I’m gonna I’m GNA fix this that simply won’t work um this needs to lead out somewhere else uh needs to lead out here you know what okay let’s see let’s see let’s see oh gosh okay um I need to plug all this back up again dang it that’s all right how’s audio Gamers can you hear like the bjm all right yeah this needs to come out at a different place let me uh fix [Music] that and then I’ll show you guys some of the other stuff we’ve been working on I’ll do think of something for this oh gosh it’s dark sorry you guys can’t really see what I’m seeing here I was trying to make a little staircase out it wasn’t really working too well uh okay take care of this all right let me give you guys a little tour um and I’m flying because we have had to spawn proof what the heck okay so sorry BL Mages I was playing nation states with friends no worries um I’m giving a little tour of our Wither Skeleton Farm if you guys are curious about um whose Farm the what tutorial just let me know and I can send a link to the video but we’re trying to get wither skeletons skulls and me and Jerick aka Big Boss have probably placed just under 20,000 buttons um as you can see buttons literally everywhere buttons just buttons this is to spawn proof all around so that all the spawning of wither skeletons can be focused in our farm here look look at this buttons everywhere close just under 20,000 buttons we have placed all around and we are still kind of not done we’re still like trying to still spawn proof do you see this this is it’s absolutely insane look buttons everywhere this is what we’ve been doing for days look buttons buttons buttons buttons buttons literally as far as the eye can see if there’s a space for a button there’s a button we’ve placed close to 20,000 buttons hand placed buttons to spawn prooof this entire Fortress just so we can have our nether uh nether I keep calling them nether skeletons um Wither Skeleton Farm to work look at this buttons it’s literally they’re everywhere also carpet but um buttons do work a little better um because while carpet cannot directly catch on fire uh if something adjacent to carpet is on fire then the carpet will catch on fire so look at this buttons they’re everywhere buttons and carpet but more buttons than carpet and this is the this is the farm as you can you can see it’s working very nicely look at this let me turn my brightness up all right that should be brighter that does not look very bright here let me do this um the wether skeleton farm this is the setup there was an iron golem here just below the turtle egg oh yep that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen um but it died somehow but you basically make like this platform and Surround it with glass walls and uh so then they the turtle egg is so they all try and get to it and they all fall down here look at this look at this you can get skulls for days look at that any skulls from those just now no but that’s fine I have I already have four on me and then I have like an extra seven at home did I dream about buttons no but but get it look at this buttons literally buttons or carpets everywhere do you see this we’ve been going insane the last like couple days buttons literally everywhere spawn prooof the freaking heck out of this out of this freaking Fortress and the nether just to all Focus the spawning to the farm that is down here it’s it’s it’s absolutely insane what I don’t I still don’t get how blazes are spawning over here but they are so oh my gosh see look this thing works so well I don’t know why we have not thought of doing this sooner because we’re we have so many we have quite a lot of Wither skulls compared to like the usual way of getting them you can’t get insane if you’re already insane that’s that’s true the entire rest of this Fortress has buttons to spawn proof it anywhere you see buttons it’s kind of funny but um also we’ve kind of Gone Insane from how many buttons what the heck how are there some places without buttons um it’s done actually pretty a job of focusing all the spawning for the skeletons to the farm it’s pretty nice if you guys want a tutorial of it let me know and I can send you the link to the YouTube video that I followed and then we just literally Place buttons everywhere buttons literally just buttons yep insane plus one OMG that’s what you’re talking about yeah look all the buttons to spawn proof in this entire nether fortress including the area around it oh yeah slabs too but mostly buttons I kid you not we’re probably at 20,000 buttons at this point oh looks like somebody forgot to place a you yeah um yeah that’s that so let me take you guys into the Overworld uh where yes all of those buttons were crafted legitimately I’ve spent many many hours cutting down Crimson trees as well as oak trees to make all the Buns any type of wood w to make the buttons and then we just have to go this way yeah so needless to say I’ve only been doing like a total of three things in Minecraft for the last last like 5 days is an understatement if insanity is a negative does that mean that two times Insanity becomes a positive does it cancel itself out I don’t know maybe Jing my cow feet let me take you guys to the Overworld we’ve been working on a couple things in the Overworld um me not so much uh me not so much because I’ve been afking at that Wither Skeleton farm and uh placing buttons everywhere um so let me show you guys what’s new around here from the last time so we have Stevie’s potion shop that he always built he also built this little birthday present this little present um it’s to uh please please leave at least one of each item before leaving so uh this is just a collection of a bunch of items I guess anyway um the Dylan’s Farm is still the same st’s house got an improvement what the heck yeah that’s definitely something St would do uh that’s why he stole a sheep from me he was on the other day and he stole a sheep from me uh yes this is the W Hoy uh sign so whenever you see this you have to yell W Hoy hold on let me unmute myself in a Wonder okay uh yeah that’s what that is it’s the gift box if you need any special items hard to find items you are free to take anything you need yes thank you Stevie that is what that is why are there so many skeleton horses around bro um let me let’s sleep really quick so I can make it daytime to show you all the new additions well that’s new I don’t even that’s that’s something I haven’t even seen yet hold on sleep sanity integer overflow became become so sane that you become insane is that possible can Stevie be asked to test this Insanity science um no Stevie will not be donated to science anyway um let’s continue our little tour of what’s next so the heck okay um this over here is Mr Magic pants’s House magic pants’s is a somebody we don’t see very often in uh the videos or streams um he was in my project zomboid videos but uh this what the heck is this oh that’s glass that was that looks so weird but cool especially with the shaders uh this is Mr Magic pants’s House very nice this is a new addition this is this is pretty cool I like this it’s like different levels nice there he is um Dylan’s house is the same there’s a couple new buildings over here ooh what’s this building this is new I’m not quite sure what this is we probably have to ask Dylan Chan here in a second that’s a new building um this is a new building you guys haven’t seen this is the library the community library also built by Dylan Chan um it’s very nice it’s very cool there’s like some stained glass and a glass Dome up top it’s very nice we’ve actually donated a few books to it as well um there’s different are different categories of books comedy uh Dylan wrote a book here um the be movie part one uh yes it is the most of the script to the be movie not the whole thing just yet it’s that’s why it’s called be movie part one but yeah that’s under the comedy section written by Dylan Chan nor truly um tutorials and a tutorial section um this is a tutorial of how to cure a uh zombie villager stepbystep process very nice written by Stevie um our other sections nonfiction uh oh yeah book Return comedy poetry and riddles I actually have why does that say arly Griffin I should say whatever wait what did stew right Secrets the secrets of Stew written by stew I have some Secrets hidden in this Village find them for a handsome reward oh I don’t even know about that um this is my poem I wrote It’s called there was a cat there was a cat long ago there was a cat who swallowed a ball of yarn and when the cat had kittens they all had sweaters on the end that’s my that’s my poem I wrote it’s pretty nice what Stevie say I added some new features to the LI Library including the guide book and the book catalog ooh nice oh this is history section the library isn’t full quite yet um oh yes this is this was an addition by uh uh jam7 romance SL Yuri SL yawi all three where’s the game of mine Thrones can we write books and not get added with commands uh sure I mean why not uh action in fantasy science fiction fiction this is where you can pick up books and write them librarian at the help desk also uh uh also uh this guy has mending in Infinity but let’s show the rest of the uh I don’t know I mean I could see like copying and pasting stuff on books and adding them that way I don’t know how to deal with command so I’ve go to sleep bye bye Isaac thanks for tuning in it’s nice seeing you as always but let’s look at the rest of the library some boots More Boots another entrance this it’s very nice very nice and then there’s a second floor this Bal cool B that overlooks that and then this is where we have uh I guess we have enchanted books here uh these is these are where all the other villagers um that you can get stuff from like some sharpness and stuff the other enchantments uh there’s the enchantment table that kind of stuff very very nice it’s very nice nice Li Library one of my favorite buildings on the site tools you can make Minecraft books I can drop it in the Discord group for people if they want to try oh yeah sure that’d be cool um what else is new here oh this house this house right here is Mr mayor’s house um here’s Mr Mayor that’s him that’s our mayor hello Mr Mayor good day to you anyway that was Mr mayor’s house um you guys guys have seen the hospital already and this building oh yes this is a new building um currently waiting for the roof uh the copper roof to oxidize and all that this is my small aquarium what the heck where did you come from this is my small aquarium that I built um Dylan did a tiny bit of the renovations but I mostly did everything else um this aquarium just just has Turtles and Froggies look at them Froggies and turtles it’s very nice I like what I did with the Frog enclosure let me just uh sneak in here yes this is what I did with the Frog enclosure what the heck hey yo there used to be more tropical fish in here what the heck happened to them are there only two there were a lot more in here anyway um this is the froggy enclosure what the heck that should have a root down there as well what the heck happened in here sorry oh my gosh sorry that’s the froggy enclosure this is the turtle enclosure more tropical fish and turtles turtles very nice um and then there’s a staircase that you can walk down or you can have an underwater viewing area pretty [Music] nice nice you nice I need to add more tropical fish back in here there there used to be way more don’t know what happened to them they flopped out of the water and drowned I assume okay yeah that’s plausible anyway that was my aquarium fish prison no fish being wow I can I can never just I’m always going to be a villain in your eyes and then oh yeah this is like a cool little map of the of Spawn this that the library looks cool on here everything else very nice uh I’ll show you guys what that is in a second this is my bar/ night club looks pretty cool in here got some seeding um and the bar here get the barrels with the with the the spouts for the bar stools looks pretty cool whoops and then the dance floor right here and then I have some discs here yeah this is the the club slthe bar uh I did I designed the interior but dchan built the exterior she just built like kind of like a shell of a building and then I continued from there um this thingy over here this is a big boat that jam s is working on he built this dock here and he’s now building a big boat I think it looks really nice so far it’s going to look epic when it’s all done but uh yeah that’s the heck is going on with this horse armor why does it look like that does it always look like that huh okay oh Stevie’s trying to say something oh anyway yes you are a villain in my eyes I’m sorry um oh yeah this is like a community board that Stevie created so he uh puts challenges and requests on here that we can all take part of yeah on either side and then Dylan Chan put one here Dylan snickle challenge make a functional iron farm I’m I’m sure that’s quite doable what there are so many zombie not zombie skeleton horses everywhere what the heck I haven’t done much with my place um I think you guys have seen the little pig pen already and then I’m working on getting a bunch more bees bees around here yeah let me show you the the the fruits of labor for the Wither Skeleton Farm look at this seven skulls with total of 11 that’s not even including what uh jerck probably has Mr Big Boss he probably has quite a bunch too I’m but yeah that’s what’s kind of new around here in the Minecraft world we’re going to defeat the Ender Dragon uh a bit later uh when everybody is present and sorry whatever is present and ready but in the meantime we just play some Minecraft oh yeah uh Stevie gave me this bundle I haven’t used it yet but yeah that’s what’s been going on uh but yeah let me uh I’ve been muted in Discord this entire time just so they don’t have to hear explaining all this to you but I’m going to unmute myself in Discord now I’m back Gamers welcome back I was talking to chat and giving them a tour of all the new things yeah I was watching the stream yeah I’m sure you were how is Minecraft Minecraft is pretty good we’re going to kill the Ender Dragon later when everybody is present so that’ll be a thing there are a couple things I do want to do around my place though I want to extend my Farms or like make an automatic one if I don’t extend it on the surface then I’ll probably do it underneath here in my weird basement thing I have going on yeah maybe I could do it like Hollow this part out and just do the auto Terrace Farm thingy yeah that seems nice Dylan Shan I noticed that new building over there what is that this is going to be the butchers places to put all of the stuff I collect on my farm nice nice always like the new building Editions h for we need villagers to that buy uh freaking wheat and beets I too many beets maybe that will be a new goal add that to the community board maybe so we all have a reminder yeah I told jerck about it and he said eventually it will happen but have a bunch of cactus is there a villager that buys Cactus I don’t remember uh wandering Traders trade Cactus and then you give them an emerald they give you Cactus please actually it’s like three emeralds I’m actually my gosh okay well I looks like I can donate some freaking um raw beef to the butcher because holy crap I have a ton I didn’t even realize we have to get a butcher villager as well my cow slaughtering days how much is the offering for your beef what how much is he offering for the beef no I said I have a bunch of beef I know he’s offering to buy it from you oh and I asked how much she was offering you for it uh how much do you want I’m asking how much she’s um what are you willing to pay for for it what do you have what cuz I I don’t know make a price based on what you got I mean hey if you want to lose your deal and just give it to the Villager I guess you can go ahead uh 10 emeralds for a stack how’s that maybe five emeralds any uh any takers trying to save up emeralds for the dragon oh I will take how I will take some later Stevie maybe five or five Emerald a stack but I’ll take a look okay I can I can negotiate five emeralds five emeralds for a whole stack of beef Angus beef I’m just gonna first check though how much the they’re just offering to take it anyway first see if I’m not getting ripped off Ang beef yeah I’m just going to kidnpped some villagers from a aaia biome to have some outfit variation yeah variety isn’t there a villager that buys rotten flesh too yeah that’s the cleric okay I have a I have a butt ton of that too do not have a place for him yet yet the way they just I just still love the way they all jump up and down like pick me pick me buy from me no me what little sillies they are what oh dang bro sweeping Edge I bro oh no if a bee stings you once will it die yep Frick how bees work even once yes oh freck have you have you ever uh met a bee in real life will it die like well this one just stung me and it’s not dead yet yeah it doesn’t die in instantly bleeding out now it’s bleeding out no no my bees Frick you’ve seen the be movie haven’t you have read the script that’s a terrible thing to bring up a beast revives is stinging in that movie it does yeah cuz he gets freaking a new Stinger Applebees like freaking what’s it called thingy little little plastic sword well FR oh my bees where are they going that’s what I was saying I don’t know why the bees disappear I wonder if naming them will stop the disappearing process at all just bred a bunch of bees the other [Music] day you have beehives for them yeah I’ve got like four beehives over here I wish they like all popped out when you hold a flower near The Hive so you have to like wait for them do these not die when they fly in the water uh I don’t know I don’t think I think they’ll just avoid water I I don’t I guess we got to drown a bee for science I would hope they’re not stupid enough to fly in water but I don’t know be surprised be surprised oh my you you w do you still want the beef at all Stevie I might but I’m I’m on an adventure okay oh I should make a I should make a cake A celebratory cake when we defeat the dragon later oh I need to make a bakery as well done oh yeah I didn’t even think about that so all that sugar cane eggs can finally go to something yeah I always just Chuck my eggs at the chickens but maybe I can maybe I can do something else with the with the eggs dang man Animal Crossing music so good a butcher house having two stories that’s just the tutorial I’m following oh oh I see even Dyan Chan follows tutorials what yes I’m just kidding I do here I thought it was all just coming from your mind not all ideas come from my mind that library that is a Bonafide Dylan classic Bonafide Dylan class oh shoot actually most of these buildings I didn’t I didn’t follow tutorial for any of these buildings over here so are you ruining the street now where did this fox come from I brought it over here oh so she kidnapped it that’s that’s what happened oh well you know how do you think the villagers got here kidnap maybe you shouldn’t say that on stream well you know what I think we all know oh freak I can’t sell the Fletchers anything because they don’t have they don’t have their blocks you have sticks I do but they they don’t have their Fletcher blocks so they haven’t restocked I you could just give them Fletcher blocks I could but like for the emerald fler oh yeah what about black blacksmith too yeah better not say an unwilling holiday what what are you talking about fish bean [Music] what what do you mean for the kid and the nap oh right right see I I pick up what you’re putting [Music] down all right I’m going to go kidnap a bunch of villagers I mean go visit the neighboring Village yep that’s what I meant that was a close one close one that was close yeah that was a little too close for comfort you know never know who’s watching who’s watching who’s listening Stevie why did you type Type X in the [Music] chat all right okay then I know just aaia biome to kid I mean go say hello to some villagers totally unsuspecting [Music] [Music] whoops I can see a village been rewatching assassination classroom and I dang I just forget how good that show is it’s so good I like your nickname you have yeah that’s what people call it ass class you I mean you could call it like AC but I’ve just seen so many people refer it to ass class that’s my favorite show air conditioning what is the meaning of life according to Magic pants asks fish being in the chat do we have any input oh sorry you definitely have to repeat that uh fish being in my chat asks what is the meaning of life according to you magic pants well staying fresh ironing your pants and keeping the magic pretty easy pretty simple that is that is some solid that is a solid answer right there and is technically an answer technically no that is an answer keep the pants as magic as possible solid meaning of life there says fish ping hello villagers I’m I’m here to say hello should i o if I don’t break their occupation blocks will that be a a problem I don’t think so uh in what way like if I bring them all the way back will they still technically be bound to the blocks over here or no probably I mean like might as well just break them better safe than sorry uh yeah if I had any pants I would keep wait what if I had any pants I would keep it in my pants from now on what fish being what what too bad I am a fish fish being a do you realize what you just [Music] said he just explain the hypothetical where he’s no longer disgusting slime fish oh hypothetical all right there only four villagers left here good thing I’m giving you guys a better home who uh so who decides if it’s a better home um good question also yes we have a plugin that will let you put leads on villagers that is what this is cuz Minecraft’s not going to do that for us I think rightfully so what too inhumane is that it I don’t know it just it’s just weird if it’ be weird if they’re like we’ve officially let you uh put ropes around people’s necks and drag them around H whatever it’s it’s so much it saves so much time and effort being able to just rope them up the meaning of life nothing else I was saying no clue what you were saying okay fish Bing let see also I’ve been seeing the thumbnails to your videos or your streams do you actually have a like freaking chain mail and like armor that you wear during stream if so that’s freaking metal as freak I have chain mail and armor and a crown oh my gosh fish bean goes above and beyond here for Content Crown like it’s pretty cool [Music] [Music] I’m seeing bees a couple bees that are all the way over at the The Village on the hill when you go north but I don’t know if they would be the bees around our spawn I don’t think they travel that far me probably not they’re just probably bees that spawned I guess I’d have to check the trees over there to see if there’s hives yeah name the bees hives gosh every single bee needs to have a name that starts for bee Berry’s definitely got to be one of them Betty the bee Betty um Bethany you fish being Betty fish be yeah that counts that counts no Bish F oh villagers get the freak out of my way so how prepared are you for fighting the Ender Dragon quite all right I’ve brought some villagers back from uh an aaia biome they’re just fenced in at the uh the one building where all the villagers were first kept who is going to be the first to get an elytra oh my gosh fish being go going to an Africa inspired biome and forcefully moving things with a leash around their neck fish I think Minecraft made the right decision not officially adding this fish Pig why it have to freaking call that out I mean you’re the one doing it bro that makes me sound awful well maybe because I am maybe just a little bit maybe just a little bit I mean we’ve seen the things I’ve done in Rim worlds I mean this is nothing compared to that my room World reputation precedes me if you ever gain uh power over the world what is your first thing you’re going to do oh gosh I don’t I don’t freaking know I don’t know that’s that is quite the decision there remember not to vote for Mages at the next election whever you are wow I see sabotaging my election I see I’m just kidding yeah if uh if if your game play is any implication of what you may do you get power you say that as if like you haven’t done anything similar to that trying to think we we know you can be just as evil I don’t know I don’t I don’t know if I’ve uh kidnapped people from their Villages before besides that’s why I’m not running for election do not vote Stevie John uh 2025 or 2024 wait so how how do I how do I use a bundle I’m sorry all right let’s see let me how a good idea do you ever have something in your inventory and it’s just like one of it yeah like ever like get a heart of the sea or something stupid and it’s like right cck oh you right click it I see now I see now yep and you just put all that type of stuff in the bundle and then it saves your life I see what vote Stevie all right careful what you’re saying there fish being you may regret that fish beinging I think you know more than anyone that I would probably come after you first if I got in power why so many we’re Rivals you you should know now since forever oh is this the whole connect is this over the whole connect this goes more than Connect Four oh it’s deeper than the connect for Arc of course like many people in my life fish beinging is also probably someone who I will have to fight to the death with oh I see luckily I don’t plan on losing way more than the connect for what what else happened I thought it was just the Connect Four thing that kind of was the The Catalyst to it all how naive of you I am a fool for assuming was there not philosopher that said that games reveal hidden parts of your personality pretty sure yeah my motto he was like be bad do bad or something be bad do bad my Nintendo he said that I’m pretty sure no need to fact check I’m pretty sure you said it be bad do bad look even dumber when you type it out like exactly be bad do bad oh that’s good can we have can we have a poem in the library that just says that can we have in the library badad anytime someone says something stupid we just pull it out and like a like a a book of of like quotes or like yeah quook quote book oh I didn’t hear that uh let’s see by the way you don’t have to sign your books when to put them in the library can you say oooo I’m a sub but all right oooo that felt gross I’m sorry but I mean I said it so you better subscribe yeah looks like we had to cancel the stream now she’s feeling ill after saying it like that feeling ill yeah yeah laugh it up laugh it up in the chat said I hate Phantoms less than most people however always hearing that initial swoop and just waiting for him to start screeching at you is always the most annoying thing ever sub thank you very much much much appreciated don’t expect many more ooo from me she just did it again okay well I didn’t like say it with feeling she said it emotionlessly yeah that’s probably what you’ll get anyway if anyone wants to start compiling anytime she says a woo from now on go ahead oh my gosh please I thought you guys were going to do that with another word I was said uh was it villager Hotel no it was in another Minecraft stream like all right guys you got to clip every time I say this this or something like that I don’t remember what the word was it might have been ooo I don’t know if it was oo just been the continuation I don’t I don’t know if it was oooo I think it was something like Bru or something I don’t know you do have some catchphrases there’s a lot of things that could other than bruh yeah is that even a catch bra oh I think it was lava nipple it was maybe it was yeah that sounds that sounds something like something lava nipple that’s that’s a catchphrase yeah I’d agree lava nipple uh if it flies it dies that’s that’s another good one um fish beinging why are you counting in the chat you counting down to something all the times you say things probably oh oh that’s probably it uh let me test that oo woo will there be an 11 in the chat I’m looking for it I’m waiting be bad do bad oh there it is there it is it was that uh What uh oh what’s right isn’t always what’s legal that’s another one that I say frequently that’s not my catchphrase though about that song you sing okay app P up how about at the after party yeah you and I your friends yeah they love that what is it about lethal company that makes you want to sing that song I think it’s like just to fill the void of silence as you’re walking through the facility and exploring about the void of Minecraft yeah but that this like it I guess the other thing is uh because it’s proximity chat I wouldn’t be like annoying everybody in a voice call if I were to be singing it passively so that’s like the other thing the counting is how many strikes strikes oh I just lost two pieces of armor in a row [Music] neat okay after up I think it’s just a vocal St you do it’s a what a voal dim oh a a nervous tick I’m just kidding not quite probably because it is when we’re playing the scary game you start singing it yeah but I’m not like actually scared where is she no I don’t I feel like I’m definitely not as scared of horror games as like I used to be but I feel like that’s how it is for for everybody she’s more dead inside as she grows adulthood yeah if anything I find like scary games kind of funny in the sense where it’s like you know you get spooked and then you kind you laugh afterwards like that kind of vibe unless it’s like genuinely something horrifying I don’t play horror games with friends unless I don’t care about the game itself really Faith the Holy Trinity Unholy trinities my [Music] bad a gun with one bullet a gun with one bullet a gun with one buet yeah for the type of art it is Art exactly yeah yeah and the like the rotoscoping of like real footage to do like the little cut scene [Music] thingies definitely becomes way funnier though with Oh yeah and when we’re making the the puffer fish noise every now and then and drawing a pee pee in the blood of the character who’s leading out does that uh does that also count as one of your catchphrases the puffer fish noise no I I definitely don’t do that enough to be considered a catchphrase but definitely if it flies it dies and lava nipple lava nipple [Music] [Music] gasp are you trying to build a mob farm Casey I guess you’re truly very much out there maybe it’ll work it’s time another one works we did try doing one long time ago uh once we do the Enderman one and but the Wither Skeleton one and the nether kind of acts like a mob Mob Grinder mhm the blazes are like a little annoying but I don’t even know how they are spawning where they are look at me I’m I’m mining again Mining and [Music] crafting the return turn the [Music] slab return the slab back in the mines so we back in the mine I’m scared about the butcher villagers because if a a baby zombie could easily get in here oh gosh um I mean maybe you should make it resistant to them baby zombie proof you could just surround it with like uh train tracks right yeah that works that would work they don’t walk over those they don’t walk over train tracks if you put a ring of tracks around the building then they walk over tracks they’re scared of them it yeah it’s like their their pathf finding becomes weird and they they don’t walk over it I will just put the train tracks on like the opening shelf part you’ll understand when you see it what if I don’t understand then what well uh sucks to you I guess I’m curious what jerrick’s book is GNA turn out to be like yeah what is he riding I don’t know knowing him I’m sure it’ll be great oh yeah the golden apple Jerick wrs uh yes he types extremely [Music] fast it’s not the only qualifier he has but yeah but I mean he’s he’s good at riding things I’ve read things he’s written and he’s very good at it and yet he he denies it and it bugs me say to deal with I mean I guess everyone kind of does that but but like H he writes like really good things but he just won’t accept [Music] it would be red B bear thing whenever anyone does that yeah sometimes I try going the complete opposite direction and then jokingly telling them that it’s the worst thing I’ve ever written even though like I tried to tell them that it’s great at first trying to be a little funny huh try to get them to stand up for themselves for once I see I’m like oh this it’s really good they’re like no no it’s not very good I’m like you’re right it’s awful horrendous I was just lying to make you feel bad oh my gosh I think a lot of people do understand that you know it isn’t that bad yeah and that that’s the joke that I think it’s bad the truth is that I don’t think it’s bad depends on who you’re talking to though and how comfortable they are with it yeah ask Jerick what what his uh words per minute are because it’s it’s pretty insane the fastest Rider I know Rider as in w r t e r i he has a motorcycle he does have a motorcycle as well that’s true but uh I don’t know how many CCs that thing is so I uh can’t be the judge of how fast almost died once you did yeah it was super funny the story you told remember no this name free bird wait when was this well you don’t remember no was this like out of yogurt night or something you can you can just ask him to retell it was it did he tell this story at like a yogurt night or something I’ll find out later to be to be continued oh to be continued later we’ll just ask him and have him tell it to us I will and we’ll ask him about and water and I just saw this bee dip into the water for no reason and go back out I told you they could there’s no way they’re not entirely not stupid oh my gosh they’re just taking dips in the water slow down you freak take a dip in the pool why don’t I kill you that’s why uh if you remember hit movie be movie bees don’t fly in rain no it’s a phrase by Barry Benson ever heard of him Barry b Benson the B Benson the B from the B Movie who became like somewhat of a lawyer that one time briefly I think he went to court defended himself oh yeah he was like his own defendant maybe actually no he was like he was like a pseudo lawyer it’d be weird how much just the world would collapse if we found out that bees have a sension yeah I don’t I don’t know what I would do with that point I’d be like what the [Music] heck so you kill another human being you get a life sentence in jail kill a bee who ascensions do you like live out like the in jail for like the lifespan of the bee like do you go to jail for two weeks or so um maybe that I mean that sounds that sounds plausible sounds like that could be realistic the time me and Jer decided to investigate how plausible be movie could be oh my gosh really so actually you guys would do something like that you were discussing be movie and I was like would be would Barry make it to the end of the film or would he die because of his lifespan what like the how much we researched it we were like okay how long does how long is like the movie framed like how much time passes between the start and end and like you know just calculating like that and seeing what the average lifespan is and it turns out he could make it to the end oh really but he wouldn’t survive for like that much longer after oh he could barely make it yeah he lives for the it might be like a week or two maybe after the movie ends but I think we also decided that like there’s the line at the beginning where they’re like uh 3 days in elementary 3 days in middle school or like one day of each and like we were like that’s actually kind of fits with like their lifespan yeah that they really thought of everything yeah the be movie writers are clearly a genius they clearly did their research oh yes also I had I was at the dollar dollar store the other day I and I found something that I thought Jerick would find intriguing what is that it was a Jerry Seinfeld trivia card game that does seem like something right up his alley the interesting thing is why was that at the Dollar Tree in this day and age I mean why not I guess I I’m just is there is there a market for like they they made so many of these that they could sell them for like a dollar I guess so you get the signf license and this is what you do this is what you do I immed Cas they wait nah he would die in the court case they show newspapers with years on it why do I remember this about the Bee Movie why do you remember this much detail about the Bee Movie fish being are you trying to say something are you a be movie fan speaking of the be movie I didn’t consider this fish being I may have to come back with more research at a later time someone’s got to have made a YouTube video on this like I don’t think so honestly really I don’t think people care about be movie they like meing on it but like I don’t know has has creating actual complex theories I think game theory has done or at least film theory has done a video on bovie at one point oh yeah for sure they have what the heck B experts in the chat who want to pipe been with their be facts about how long they live uh comment now a freaking car just laying on its horn outside just now I don’t know what the heck that’s all about people your Uber is here you had to take you to the doctor’s no that’s tomorrow it’s a long but I’ll be taking myself I hate my memory I watched it once that’s funny boo Calamity Roxy why it’s always at the most inopportune times shaking my head rocks you ever do to you I don’t know say say boo at random times I don’t know man gasp how could how could they I know right oh this sunken boat is on fire you watched the B Movie once and you just remember minuscule details about it that’s kind of funny I remember watching it a lot when I was a Wee child yes it’s one of the movies I think there was like a I think it was like Voodoo one of those uh digital movie services and they’re like oh anytime you sign up on a new device will give you like $5 to spend on whatever you want on our service Movies 10 bucks for like being on like PS3 and something else or something and you know what we it was enough for B movie and we watched it B movie it was our movie that we owned we own movie and so we watched it because it was ours and also because we enjoyed it we’ll see that’s um that’s my relationship with the be movie if there were there were any questions about that questions try to more diamonds why are the tring so hard to get in this game just make a drown Farm man you just suck the fun out of everything what Tes take us much time where’s the fun in that though that’s why I made the Wither SK skeleton Farm like otherwise that would take so long to be fair you did spend a lot of time making the weather skeleton Farm the farm itself didn’t take long it was just the mob proofing that took a while yeah that’s a part of making the farm yeah I guess but the design is like pretty basic compared to other stuff I saw mine diamonds if you could learn wait wait I you could fly to the mom Farm if you could fly to make the mom Farm why was lava not an option uh oh like to mob proof it um well CU that would I feel like that would just be kind of annoying just having lava everywhere especially in the nether where lava flows faster be fair that’s kind of already how the nether is lava everywhere yeah I don’t know I’d rather place like 20,000 buttons then deal with a bunch of lava and I don’t want to hear the sound of lava flowing constantly it’s like listening to uh the sound of water flowing constantly oh diamonds h hope I’m not going to get uh copyrighted with all this uh Animal Crossing music that would suck don’t worry they’ll just delete delete the channel yeah I won’t go that far unless I like did a really bad oopsy no they’ll delete it for you oh [Music] really Bop uhh terms of copyright strikes I don’t know when your channel gets an actual strike that means if you get it’s like what three yeah three strikes on your channel it’s like deleted yep to Fair though that’s not you doing it yeah but I mean that’s not that’s not the same as getting a copyright strike [Music] though that’s nice if they deleted it for you no all my stuff would be [Music] [Music] gone [Music] Dylan Chand Doo Dylan is gone forever just kidding has a lie no every time I listen to Animal Crossing music I just think of Planet zoo cuz I turned off the ah good thing I didn’t have fall damage um when I I played oh my gosh Planet zoo I turned off the in-game music and just put on Animal Crossing music instead and so I started to associate the two without even thinking and I was like oh wait no I mean how dis similar are Animal Crossing and Planet zoo really though you know both evolve animals yeah you got to put the animals in new homes that’s true yeah I just also didn’t really like the the background music for plan of zoo so it’s another reason why would you consider it weird if someone treated Animal Crossing like a zoo simulator um no with the possibilities you can do with like designs and Animal Crossing I wouldn’t be surprised weird dehumanizing uh villagers like that I remember when I was obsessed with Animal Crossing those days are sadly behind me sadly yeah why makes it sad I don’t know cuz just I don’t play Animal Crossing anymore haven’t touched the game in a long time you always could still I assume like no I lost all my copies they were all burned in a fire oh no none of that happened it’s more like I just kind of lost interest yeah tried a bit was super into New Leaf on the on the 3DS when that came out then I played New Horizons for a good bit and then uh I think I played it for like when did when did that come out what month in 2020 I believe March or April yeah I played it for like a good month like I I binged it for like a good month and then I never played it I never picked it back up again it’s like I don’t know I just like lost interest I think it was mostly because I’m like what’s the point of all this furniture and items that have zero function to the game I think that was the one thing that made me lose interest like it’s just a decoration it has no function or purpose so like what’s the point it’s the point of anything you know and uh we know me and my lackluster decorating skills I’m just not sure people play Animal Crossing for item I don’t know some people like working towards that like oh yeah then I can finally put it in my house something think the main of the game is getting rid of De yeah yeah but just but then he you just get put in more debt it ends eventually eventually speaking of the the Animal Crossing debt one of the the funniest animal cross experiences I’ve experienced was when I was still playing and into New Horizons Jerick and I were playing and we were visiting uh an island of one of our friends in Discord and we’re we’re on in her Island looking around we’re like wow this is nice and then we see uh in her Town Square there were there were uh two wheelchairs parked right outside of uh Tom nook’s shop and we’re like um excuse me so and so why are there wheelchairs outside of Tom nook’s place and she says oh that’s to represent my forever crippling debt to Tom Nook and I was like oh my gosh I thought it was the funniest thing ever someone understands the game yeah she’s like yeah it represents my crippling debt Tom Nook I was like oh my gosh that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while I really thought you’re going to be like it’s h it’s for Sons when I’m done with them something like that that’s what I was thinking I was like what are you like planning to do something to Mr Nook or something [Music] n still funny though put more motor into wheelchairs more Motors into wheelchairs yeah we should be able to like fill them with gasing and watch them go just speed speed like a go-kart but a wheelchair yes that’s a good way to put it that would actually be pretty entertaining i’ watch that go chairs yeah go chair like go chair races hey wait a minute doesn’t the old man in Happy Wheels basically have that we should aspire to be more like the old guy in Happy Wheels yes motorized wheelchair with with Nitro oh [Music] man happy wheels yeah oh yeah old flash games when was it like a week or two ago I was I didn’t know what games I wanted to play in on my PC so I just I just went and played a bunch of old flash games I used to play as a kid they were they were quite entertaining if you ask me I didn’t play Happy Wheels though there was this Flash game I always played called the waitress and it’s exactly what it sounds like you literally just play as a waitress and bring food and drinks to people and I thought it was like a blast were you good at it I mean as as good as you can be at a point and click Flash game wow you the best man I thought it was so fun and then and then now when you’re an adult and you think about doing something like that you’re like jeez that sounds like it sucks I do stuff like what be a waitress I don’t know waitress yeah it is it would not be as fun as the game makes you think it might be but I mean like to be fair that’s that’s a lot of video games that where you just you know you take the part of something that normally wouldn’t be fun in real life but now the video gam that is fun anyway it’s got to be some reason there’s so many uh what’s it Trucking simulators wower simulator Etc yeah I guess so I can’t even remember most names of flash games I played in the past yeah there was like this one website I don’t even remember the name of the website but it had a bunch of flash games I’d play on it Ma games obviously no I It Wasn’t Cool Math Games it was like some obs skure site I don’t even I really don’t even know what it was but I played Flash games on it obscure site called new grounds I don’t know if anyone’s ever heard of it I know that one I it wasn’t that one though was not news but I have played on new GRS before nickelodeon.com I didn’t really play many Nickelodeon or Disney flash games [Music] dat can’t you can’t remember the flash games but you can remember some obscure be movie facts I hate the data that is stored in my neurons uh that’s funny it’s it’s like you consider upgrading your brain to an SSD upgrade it from hard drive to SSD feel like I don’t know a lot of people experience that wish I could do that they’ll remember weird random obscure facts and then but if it’s like something relatively important it’s like oh listen you can never remember what you’re supposed to remember that’s how it is yeah it’s like I don’t remember how to do this math equation but I can tell you all the first and last names to all the hollow live girls I mean to be fair well I mean that obviously but like when’s when have you needed how to do the math equations give us an example in a math equation stle Day 2000 something of not using S cosine and tangent woo or like the Pythagorean theorem I Doan theor nope I do other than like extremely basic math I don’t think I’ve had to use anything relatively complex in my life so far simple life other than simple addition and subtraction or multiplication div division yes uh when am I going to when am I going to stream uh times attack a it’s up to you you got to go Ahad and just do it I’m not I’m not going to do it CU then it’ll just it’ll just showcase my my poor math skills you’ll be a true Hollow live girl then having poor math skills yeah must good I don’t know I’ve seen some of them do pretty terribly with M who who else I think fua oh yeah yeah those two would be kind of a little so yeah I don’t know what two by two means they don’t some of them they don’t oh oh man not two times two specifically like two you know just 2 by two four in a square oh wow well they’re all a little quirky aren’t they aren’t we all we need a we need an updated uh what’s it called updated list of the of the smartest hollow life girls as of a year or two ago um it was Bolton she had the most points when it came to being the most intelligent I like fish Beams I just like how fish beam is spelled triangle tringle and mostly tringle stuff nice job compared to a bunch of hollow life girls Bon is easily like the most intelligent the only sign of intelligent life yeah it was I don’t know if you know Choco’s test that she gave to the Hol life girls to determine the scores of that they all have yeah of how many question scor it’s like I don’t remember the time limit I think it’s like 2 minutes and they have and she gives them a bunch of questions to answer and however many questions they answer correctly in those two minutes it determines their how smart they are and and bolon scored like a 27 or 28 out of 30 and then the next highest score was like a 10 or something like that it happens she’s like yes Bon you have you have raised the average thank you that is definitely a way of putting it it’s not inaccurate at all yeah but the the questions were like what do the degrees what what are what are the the degrees of a triangle add up to like 180° stuff like that it was like basic questions like that and cons oh my crafting table blew up good thing I have I can give a new one no I I have wood on me I just crafted a new one no don’t worry SL TP no I I have wood on me I already made it slash teleport to the end no I need I need to look up that chart someone on Reddit was keeping track of it chart of what the how the scores yeah I thought you talking about Minecraft it was it was kind of a kind of sad to see all the how the scores were I’m looking it up all right oh this is oh dang okay this one was from 3 years ago but then again I don’t know if she’s done more quizzing at that point okay okay go on um Bon is currently ranked number one with uh 28 out of 30 answers correct the closest to that from Hollow live is Kata with 20 out of 30 so it’s not bad um oh my gosh so the the average score for hollow Live members is 8.12 correct questions out of 30 I really thought you just going to end at eight but you didn’t get that much further at all that’s the that’s the average for about great no uh let me see it it’s not every single member of hollow live and again this was a chart from 3 years ago but uh good majority of the hollow live girls the average is about eight out of 30 which is uh which is something considering the the questions were like what are the degrees of a triangle what what what gas is you what type of gas is used in in lighters stuff like that so when are you going to get a labotomy so that you can be Dumber um those are illegal now will there ever be a Mages quiz between the three stooges oh man maybe about with one of those I thought about doing like a a quiz thing like that with everyone in the group but uh I have yet to come up with like a list of decent questions you’re just reminding me of something I need to I’ve been meaning on quizzing and everyone about oh might do it a quiz I’m more like a tier list that people just fill out oh [Music] think of some I do the quiz thing then I got to think of questions and there there won’t be any of those cheap questions one two the hardest question hardest question of them all one plus two or what’s one plus two go you have three seconds three two one three you’re a little slow but I counted zero 0 / 0 zero correct what is the Pythagorean theorem a 2 + B2 = C2 how long is a diagonal if you have a triangle where with one side at one foot and the other side at one foot and end is remaining how long is that end what is solve for seek find x what kind of triangle is this is this like a isoceles uh well it has a one foot long side and another one foot long side that’s all you need to know oh gosh uh hold on my my brain is let me think so two sides are are a foot long yep how long is the third side uh I’m just going to assume the the triangle has can’t a triangle can have all equal sides so so I’m going to go with one foot well 1 s+ 1 squ equals what I mean I didn’t say it was a 90° angle however it could be one foot it could be an equilateral I may be dum yeah I was like is this isoceles is it equilateral you ask that I’m just a little stupid stupid why uh so anyway don’t quiz me on uh this this thing I refuse to be involved wait so what’s the answer uh that is a good answer actually that is a valid answer one it could be literally anything I was wrong I was thinking one with a right angle but I neglected to say that cuz I’m very bad at speaking okay I was like it all depends on what triangle it is yeah and I didn’t give you that and you rightfully ask that first and then still continue to soloo Well Done 0/ by 0 equals undefined not zero but if but they would be zero anything divid by zero is zero including zero itself is the longest at the side of the last side of the triangle could be is like 1.99 9999 forever feet uh I don’t that’s what the longest the last side of it could be dark Eclipse says hello 1id 0 equals undefined what that should be zero I do believe it is zero yeah cuz if you just divide anything by zero it’s zero have a dumb calculator maybe the one in the wrong it is not what do you mean hello dark Eclipse we will be killing the ender dragon uh I’m just mining right now while we all will be killing the End Dragon wait and prep no promises we could we could stop everything but at the last second change of heart we don’t need to kill the dragon no we’re going to kill it today I we already decided that on Monday the fish might be snart you wrote snart I hate my my phone keyboard you can Google it but you cannot know the value of infinite oh we’re getting in that territory [Music] least [Music] I might get me a drink me a headache but I’m trying been trying to get rid of for a couple hours now it’s like picking one random number between zero and infinite uh five [Music] is pie truly an infinite number do we actually have a written written uh record of the number plural and does it actually end I mean it’s not like you can really write that forever but I guess you could put that little line above it think mistake I think the fish is correct it is not zero I think I was misinformed I i’ like to make a public apology of everyone in the world I want any number divide by zero excluding zero I believe he at not zero interesting might have been confusing for the fact that I think Z divide by Z is at least zero if it would end you are in The Matrix oh I see to see the end of pie you would have to be in The Matrix what the heck I saw a glow squid just like balancing on top of a stalagmite and it it legitimately looked like it it was like impaled by it that’s I like to think that’s what happened how violent how cool also does anyone e potatoes cuz I have an excessive amount in Minecraft uh you can donate them to the farm building so you can uh sell it to villagers for emeralds do I ever get a cut of this profit or uh yeah they they’ll give you emeralds this diamonds has Dylan been this whole time just dead she died Dilan [Music] d I think you were there yesterday when Dylan said I can’t call her Dylan Chan right yeah I was there all right I just want to make sure I have been singled out what is it where have you been she’s dead well I went into a give him m a cookie uh mindset okay what and we changed the light bulb on our ceiling fan and so I noticed that the fan blades had caked on like dirt and dust oh I know you went on a cleaning binge oh I see and I wanted to clean it on the fan but the grime was so thick and sticky I have I went and unscrewed each fan blade from the fan oh whoa and thoroughly scrubbed it with a microfiber cloth I like how you uh you gave us the the details Dylan died again played too much OverWatch now iFish being she’s alive oh yeah she she made a recover yeah she she was alive gas her into believing that uh OverWatch is not real the like wood plastic that’s on there cuz it’s not very good oh shoot is that is that giant house next to your ances yes oh looks nice how do we know this is the real Dy um well I guess I can’t prove that it’s her twin sister you figured us out all right one second I’m going to grab a drink real quick all right I’m gonna ransack your farm I’ll be back on tomorrow my arms are Hur my arm hurt why is this the only one thatle [Music] [Music] thanks for doing that with me have you finished your adventure Dylan yes for now for now now mhm what are you going to buy a whole new fan and then replace your old one how can it escalate further no it’s just the process of me putting the fan blades back on you still haven’t put them back on no why not my arms hurt get better Arms This is the next St this is the next stage you got to get new arms so that you can fix the fan then when you’re out getting new arms you might as well get like new legs and then you know become a robot [Music] [Music] cyborg I’m going to leave the call temporarily I’m going to be doing something in peace and quiet bye [Music] thanks [Music] [Music] [Music] all right I’m back Gamers oh Tyler is not here I’m here what happened to Tyler uh he I don’t know oh well he uh back though oh he’s still in Minecraft so no he’ll be back he always comes back like William afon I always come back okay so the butcher just needs some villagers now nice nice well I kidnapped some a ones but there are also plenty of villagers in the beneath the fountain I believe all right time to get them over here just use leads we have the plugin I know but I don’t I only have one lead oh I see you bad do bad I don’t know why that’s so funny be bad do bad oh should we put these guys down in the breeding area um can be boo okay go see who will be a victim you bad bad I’ll be bad I do bad go up the [Music] fountain [Music] become employed I am out of this cave I once again have a way too much iron and I know what to do [Music] with how do they become employed [Music] uh are you putting blocks in front of them the blocks yeah oh uh no not a Fisher get they should just have the occupation if you put this thing in front of them I don’t want you to be a Mason I want you to be a a butcher [Music] awesome are you kidding me he he did it again what the stupid gray like grce glass panes it was in one of my furnaces freaking heck bro I hate that so much unless that was a furnace I missed last time I don’t think it [Music] was I freaking hate that F these light gray stained glass pains bro literally invisible [Music] stupid have those villagers in the hospital been cured yet not yet uh well I have a ton of apples I can donate so I we have like several stacks of apples [Music] Mountain do you spark Mountain spot sip sip yeah I still have a case of it the light gray stained glass be renamed to blank for extra Anarchy I can try let me see if it’ll let me do that oh wait what are those there are special characters you can do uh that that won’t show up I think we just need the potions for the hospital uh yeah there’s like a certain invisible character that you [Music] can copy and four golden apples four golden apples oh I’ve got seven plus three stacks of apples so I can donate some to the [Music] [Music] cars [Music] okay do we we have potions of weakness right I’m 99% sure we do I’m checking Tyler’s potion shop [Music] now splash potion weakness they’re not splash potions I think you can make some splash potions yeah yes hold on he has a thingy over here oh I’ll convert like how do you I don’t know how to do this oh all I did was put the thingy in the thingy and then take it immediately back out how do you convert how do you I don’t know I don’t do potion making at all convert it to spash potion you put gun powder in it oh this gunpowder Yep this gunpowder oh I see well I hope I just did that [Music] right we have slow falling yes all right I’ve got some Splash weakness [Music] potions are you do you want to cure them now cuz I can come over now yeah I’m having difficulties with a villager who wants to have ambition I’ll wait a second then you can come over and help him help them now okay I’m going to smell some more stuff real quick okay uh I’m also going to make it daytime really quick be bad new [Music] bad I am on my way let somebody call it doctor okay let’s see I know there’s like okay I think oh oh have they all been transferred over yeah okay I see okay good cuz I made I made two weakness potions so all righty eat it up all right the process has begun all right the heck you can’t be in here sir what are you where are you going where are you going sir you can’t just walk into a hospital like that what are you trying to get [Music] [Music] for [Music] you come stand um in the butcher shop and see when this villager stops being a what is it a Wht yeah the one in front of the smoker yeah did he change outfits uh he’s a butchers there’s supposed to be two butchers in there are there two butchers in there oh no one’s a Shepherd still but then again I I think that might be because it’s tied up so is he not a butcher anywhere or a Shepherd no he still is I’m going to try and get him into the still a but of Shepherd yes which one of these freaking deos he attached himself to trying to going to try and get him in the trapo thingy tell me when he stops being a shepherd what nothing has he stopped being a Shepherd yet uh hold on okay okay I got them both in um he’s still sh [Music] [Music] yeah wait wait wait what oh no they just turned back yeah yeah they turned from villagers back into zombies because they’re in a boat with a guy that hasn’t turned yet I cured them at the same time [Music] well well uh I’m going to go donate some more gunpowder to Tyler’s shop because uh that freaking sucks uh I should put separate boats that sucks run away run away that really sucks I can’t even move them cuz my lead is in the butcher shop oh uh I I have it I’ll I’ll give it back cuz I I trapped the other one behind the thingy where are ye in the hospital [Music] hospital yeah the other one just died there’s no more V oh no stop uh hold on oh get the child out of here oh come on I’m just going to I’m just going to tie him to that well that sucks it really sucks doesn’t it h we have one one fatality for the hospital Rest In Pieces he’s still a he’s still a Shepherd what block does he think he’s bound to I don’t know it could be any of the Looms in [Music] here no get back in there break all the Looms hold on I’m I’m doing that one [Music] second um should I replace place it to um no just break the Looms I know you are a loom I am no Loom did he change no not yet what I got rid of all the Looms though no no where are you going where is he going hold on no go back down it might go to the SM no what is he doing hold on I’m going to have to hold on I got to go grab a lead I got to get him back in here like there are nowh Lo booms in there they will walk to their job block yeah we’re trying to get them to do that in the right time of the day what usually there’s walk to it like we’ll go to it immediately okay let’s placed it back down sir oh he’s walking he’s going downstairs go to the job block no no not outside go now he’s he’s just standing on top of it he’s standing on top of it and then he’s looking at me like you think you’re so funny huh what’s the right time to loom what all the Looms are broken I’m in The Butcher Shop the Looms are broken you I he’s like doing this to spite me or something he’s still a Shepherd I know what job block is he trying to go to I don’t know stop trying to shoot us Tyler go oh wait okay wait wait stop resisting go no why do you keep trying to stand on this block what is your [Music] problem no I got him here where is your work block go to your work block go go to if you try standing on top of the go no stop not a butcher I have no need for him what is he doing then let’s see where your job block is let’s let’s see where he goes I swear if he walks in the hospital because there are beds in there hold on let’s see where he goes let’s follow him where are you going sir is there a loom in the mock apartment then we’ll see there probably is he’s going what what hold on let’s see if there’s what is there a loot are you kidding me he’s went into bed get go back up you come here you come here you’re coming with me okay that didn’t work oh that hurt him oh shoot it’s it’s kind of it’s kind of hard to to uh get them in there I don’t have a I could make a mine cart no don’t do it how else we going okay okay oh shoot come here okay hold on I’m going to put all these stuff back okay freck what if someone hid a loom underground oh we could try that how did Jerick get him out he he put him in a rail cart yeah okay I’m doing it have iron on me anyway oh the Phantoms get in there go get in yes yes yes he’s been kidnapped okay okay okay okay okay and now put lead on him come with me you I’m trying to [Music] sleep what why what is he bound to I’m so confused where where did you go I’m taking him back to the butcher shop let me see if there’s any Looms in the mock okay I got him trapped he’s in the here he’s in the trapo thing the trapo [Music] prison search for any and all [Music] looms are there Looms in the president’s room yes there is it might be that one the presents in Mr May’s house yes I broke it okay let me go check he’s still a Shepherd you what’s your problem hold on keep looking I’m going to check in the Village thing we should Outlaw looms no looms allowed any Lo in here no there any Looms in the hospital right no I got rid of all the Looms that were in the hospital h what could he possibly be bound to then if there are no looms then he should lose his occupation I got rid of all of them has he had any trades locked in no okay like this no Looms in the library no I don’t remember putting any in there sir where is your occupation should we let him out again and see where he goes yeah that’s what I’m doing oh all right let him loose why is you walking towards the May’s house I broke the loom that’s in there stop looking at me like that there’s no Looms in there didn’t he do this earlier what are you kidding me okay okay okay hurry bag him come here get him out of here I’m trying what what’s happening oh there we go there we go get out of here oh my gosh it’s working it worked it worked come here bag him it’s a cat why did it it take him walking over there to finally process I don’t freaking know walk over yeah there oh I’ll push him in okay go go push him no or in there here wait wait wait pushing in the wrong way hold on I I’ve almost got him get ready to trap door it no I no okay wait wait do it now now now he doesn’t have an occupation so he’s going to walk out either way no there’s a thing right here I know but he’s not taking to it give him a second maybe it’s too late we we’ll give him a second give him a second he might be a little shy I don’t think that’s it I think he’s after something else hold on no just give him a second hold on I’m going to tell me when he takes it I’m going to put the lead on him and then hurry and break the smoker and then put it back okay we we’ll give him until tomorrow morning life is a loom all right fish being hold on I’m trying to n went down for him dang bro why are Villers so annoying got to be after something now but he’s in nitwit he should be he should be [Music] fine oh still without loom life is Doom Jen that’s good that was a good one that might be it that might be it yeah he’s a butcher now yay yay I need to see just my own eyes need to come on and we need to alter his trades because what he’s trading now is useless Frick hold on let me I need to donate gunpowder to Tyler first there we go all right let me come see this epic Loom quotes for the MC [Music] books yay now I just need to like alter his trades well at least he’s a was a butcher he is the way they’re staring at each other oh this freaking dude man freaking stupid villager stupid I got to go put all this Hospital stuff back [Music] well thank goodness thank goodness found the purpose he’s a butcher now and I suppose I should put the Fishers over there as well huh yeah maybe hold on I need to go to the bathroom bathroom idle meeting my bees at man I had more I swear I keep only see my the one be the one [Music] be I just bred a bunch of bees the other day what the heck [Music] it’s quite funny like these bees these bees have like are long gone oh wait there’s a second bee breed my bees I said breed no stop no you freaking suck oh that really sucks doesn’t [Music] it all right all this gild I can probably make like a million beacons at this point not a million but you know what I mean actually I’m going to take my flowers back out so then I can go breed the bees I am back out [Music] there what is happening what am I hearing epic actually I guess I going to sell this beef then I should gosh dang it I got hit with another gray stained stupid glass pain I hate that so much oh look at this this this fibery hold on let me see if he did it okay no he didn’t do it again gosh dang it I hate that so much freaking stupid get R of these dumb glass PS heck I didn’t know that was think yo yeah look if you look at if you’re not if you look at your inventory light gray stained glass panes are legitimately invisible in your inventory look at that it’s literally invisible so what Tyler was doing was putting them in furnaces and in like blank spaces of your chests so you literally don’t see it and oh my gosh it was the worst thing ever it freaking sucked cheap move I’m going eat then I’m going to go to my BAS the Buzzy Bees I’m G to sit right here and wait for them and uh I have a DM like what you thinking fish beinging okay two bees right right do your thing cool look at them I’m going to name my bees cuz I want to try this experiment thingy that that Tyler mentioned if you name bees if it will whoops if they’ll uh not somehow disappear uh let’s do Betty and Berry and the baby one can be Bees Nuts Bees Nuts quickly to the beans oh frick dang it dang it they’ll come out again won’t they will right do bees come out several times in a day I don’t know I don’t I don’t remember the the behavior of these get it cuz it’s like it’s a b joke B pun yeah yeah I try I know I’m not that funny guys I don’t need to be told twice just Googled in Java Edition they take damage when touching water are you for real that’s unbelievable Ah that’s good that’s good well uh I got to name my bees but if they’re they’ll come out again I’m pretty sure I don’t know Tyler was saying earlier how oh okay you oh right here yeah okay okay wait Betty bees not oh shoot you were supposed to be Bees Nuts oh well oh where it now where did it go oh Bees Nuts Betty a Barry and Bees Nuts okay can you guys breed again no okay that’s fine they are named so we will see if naming them has any sort of effect breed the cows as well no eggs all right why do the llamas just make absolutely horrendous noises in this game they’re like and then they’re like tell me that’s not exactly what they sound like it’s exactly what they sound like like they they couldn’t have given a worse sound effect for llamas alpacas whatever I always get them mixed [Music] up [Music] harvest the carrots [Music] [Music] last two rows [Music] beets Tes this one I feel like potatoes always grow so inconsistently and know the shade or Shadows have nothing to do with it that has no effect on the growth whatsoever that’s purely aesthetic they have any poisonous potatoes uh sure what do you need [Music] [Music] some [Music] be which be is this a be are you that’s Bees Nuts okay I have any other be wandering around they should be able to bre again ah yes I’m back hello sorry I got jump scared by the sister missionaries jump scared yeah I didn’t know they’d show up like 700 p.m. uh run I saw Stevie near Tyler was nearby what what [Music] I say check the furnaces this one that one had one I freaking can’t get this crap out of my face where is he I have your potato potat where is he I don’t know you could type in locate and it will point a compass to him I don’t have a compass on me that was think so Stevie I have your patat come out come out wherever you are whatever I’m just going to put it in your donations chest in the potion shop sure you heard me just now your stupid light gray stained stupid glass man I can’t I freaking can’t I hate it beads beads beads dang I have like no [Music] I tried naming some of my bees and hopefully that will work in somehow keeping them [Music] around oh they can’t breed yet I have I have Betty Berry and Bees Nuts those are my bees h going to harvest theed farm with my full tune pick kot weave we I need to name my ho something a little more creative it’s just named hoe so lame so lame hold down hold down throw down now every time I I farm carrots I just think of that weird conversation we all had about freaking like Madden football games you were there for that right I think oh wait no it was on Monday we were playing we were on the server just playing Minecraft and for some reason we got on the topic of like talking about like the Madden football games and how they’re just like the same exact thing every single year like like Sea and the NBA games and we’re like oh all right and then we were talking about like if people mod them and like which Madden game was the best one and then someone it was either either Tyler or Jerick looked it up and were like it’s the 2008 one so and it was while I was mining carrots and so I was like now when I mine these carrots I just think that weirdo conversation would you rather trade for emeralds for string or would you ra rather trade in coal for string for emeralds I mean uh probably string Let’s uh yeah string here roots oh string an Cole oh got a lock of in I forget oh freak I need a lot of raw chicken uh I I have some pork chops I have some of both my chops yeah in my I always forget the name of the chest it’s like animal plus food or something like that there’s chicken and pork chops food farm yeah that one there’s a a lot of stuff in there I need to sell beets but we don’t have a villager that does that yet your roots [Music] [Music] do we have a looting yeah we do [Music] yes this is so many [Music] carrots oh [Music] h [Music] h my gosh there’s so many [Music] carrots look like a whole Minecraft day I swear [Music] okay there are now about uh almost three double chests full of carots [Music] so it’s a lot of Kuts [Music] [Music] [Music] h [Music] tell her asked me for a poisonous potato and I don’t know why it literally has no function in the game oh gave you another [Music] [Music] [Music] one [Music] h what are you working on thean CH I am trying to feed my livestock I see and Gathering resources to trade with the butcher villagers oh has Tyler been sitting in the library this whole time yes what is he doing I don’t know all right then I don’t want to trade you rabbit and chicken I don’t have enough chicken and I don’t have any rabbit the struggle back to your cage sir I have sharpness on my sword yet what the heck am I doing nice I might have a name for the hoe oh what is it give it to me fish beinging I need a I need a more creative name for it other than just ho why is one of them a nitwit again holy crap one pork chop dang I’m GNA go Slaughter some of my pigs one pork chop yeah no that’s seven is it not crossed out for you no oh shoot probably cuz you cured him huh or I don’t know yeah yeah you cured him the one I’ll hurry and trade with him so then he can level up or whatever I’ll give you I can give you the emeralds for it I have pork chops if you need them okay I’m getting us some extra holy crap oh by I’ve got looting on my sword okay pork choies take these oh your goats are Oh I thought they were free on purpose I still don’t know what to do with them cuz they’ll just if I make a pen they’ll just jump out of it so they’ just been yeah but I kind I want them to like free room like the rest of the animals all right let me trade this dude brh that’s brh that’s this is broken okay okay now he just needs to restock dude I TR that was like easy emeralds right there okay here I’ll give you a here I have a stack of emeralds wow in Dutch to ask how are you you say oh got it I do not know if it sounds funny in English I mean it has the word hoe in it so did I say I probably butchered that pronunciation my bad I’m not quite sure what the accent is for speaking Dutch ever actually tried until now I should breed my chickens shins also I completely forgot that you can breed pigs with freaking potatoes or beets yeah I’m like jeez I for Gore only the got is hard for non-native speakers we say the letter g in a funny way [Music] oh the rest was good oh I’m glad I’m glad I was able to prounce that right if there are any Russian people come into the chat depending on what they type I will be able to read it I studied Russian briefly at one time so I know how to read some words oh my Minecraft what What [Music] chan oh my god oh I see you bred my chimkin for me yeah yeah yeah I did that I don’t really breed them that often but I should do it more Dang if only uh casual was here I’d like to test out my German pronunciations I haven’t seen casual in a hot minute hope he’s doing okay oh that’s cool I could not and oh that’s cool I could not and scared them away when I did not hello in Russian oh hey you have a lot of beef right I do does does is there a villager that buys it yep okay perfect and it’s on discount for me because I leveled him up oh nine beef I’ll give you some beef raw beef raw beef okay yeah I’ll give you some here’s a stack for now I can get you some more in a second back and we also purchases mutton I do have a lot of sheep all right let me do some population control crowd control do they buy leather as well or is that a different that is a different different villager go loing sword go holy crap looting’s broken to empty out my inventory stressing me out I need more Lamas not been able to find [Music] any oh I think a certain somebody’s going to join soon got to go pick up all my stop from mul there my goodness oh this the roof of the of aquatic compound uhhuh is almost green yes almost entirely then we need to go in and wax it all which means we need a lot of bees I’ve been collecting some honeycomb dang bro freaking sweeping [Music] Edge all right I’ll have the rest rest of you live for today okay I have more meat to sell oh my gosh this chest is so full of [Music] stuff [Music] yeah make it a small I only get a large when it’s by myself but or the to large tots you ordering Sonic SS yeah oh man I am yeah I am my go to meal okay Dyan Shan I have more meat who magic pants magic pants is a friend of ours yeah a friend of mine beef my gosh uh that’s not even I didn’t even give you all of it yeah yeah oh dang kelp blocks oh that would be easy to set up a kelp [Music] Farm oh boy I just remember the first stream I saw of laes was under the Ender Dragon where I stole the dragon egg oh yeah howdy mes pants and D hello burgundy bison is he a new Big Boss no magic pants is not big boss big boss will be in here soon though soonish I think we are going to kill the dragon tonight POC trippy hello wow welcome everybody sweet berries Sweet Berry I don’t have any oh no I’m going to set up a farm D now I got to make like oh [Music] man one of them somebody buys um feathers don’t they yeah that’s the Fletcher oh yeah that’s right when are you killing him uh hopefully soon her cuz she lays an egg oh sorry her what the heck how did you get out of the enclosure dead to me oh I never bed the cows whoops or yes I did and for all future meat production we’ll go here nice nice I don’t need this iron hoe anymore I got me a diamond one why and does anyone have a surplus of string and or coal I just need to get it to level this guy up um I’ve got some string got any discounts with him not yet okay here I just need to lock it in whoa yeah looting three goes crazy where does this come from uh killing mobs and looting three ah yeah uh ch cheese pot ah oh I’m starving all this meat and you’re starving what the he sorry I don’t realize how much running back and forth does yeah [Music] Fair [Music] [Music] oh I’m gonna plug my phone in knock knock who’s there po trippy I’m concerned here Windows [Music] noise pokey pokey [Music] who where’s Big Boss anyways um that’s a good question I’ll ask poke trippy is that it just just poke a Tripp my be come on down [Music] here which bee are you Betty rips off mage’s hair what the what the heck Calamity Roxy the heck why you keep trying to do this [Music] can’t wait for stew to find out the surprise I left him you left a surprise for stew yep what’s the surprise is he in your stream no um wow I don’t remember anytime stew has popped into any of my streams well since I found the tunnel that he made under everyone’s house oh yeah I decided to rig an explosive so that when he does go under the tunnel again it will explode what yeah oh my gosh Dylan Chan you what I didn’t test it otherwise there would be a crater you what you what magic pants is very quiet yeah well it’s whatever they may or may not be in the same room so that also has something to do with it yeah I just didn’t want there to be anything double on the mics as all fair there as as explained I only heard it once you can hear me and hear him oh yeah I heard it that time yes we’re in the same room hi magic pants from Calamity Roxy oh hi right back at been feeling the absence of jerck it’s is getting to me oh I’m going to tell him you said that I’m going to I’m going to screenshot that all right I told him we will be killing the dragon soon I [Music] think I would I would think so if once Jer gets on maybe mayhaps if if uh people are ready it’s world book day it is where’s Jam s when you need him to read off the list of national [Music] holidays why you saying poker trippy po trippy we get it you’re in my chat this is my stream yes in the UK oh National book or World Book Day in the UK I think it’s still yes it is still Wednesday for me that is [Music] correct Mages Wis St that’s what it is oh yeah I need to breed the [Music] pigs [Music] knock knock who’s [Music] there dog oh no is this a Who Let the Dogs Out the thing is that what this is going to be I I already know I’m waiting for it I’m waiting for it you were a dog mes LOL what did you guys see that they’re adding more dog types to Minecraft they’re going to be doing that in a future update isn’t that exciting literally everyone’s been asking for that for freaking years now and they’re finally going to do it not as many types of and not as many variety as as cats but still it’s something I’m freaking waiting for something like that forever don’t need no mods to do it [Music] now speaking of dogs who let the dogs out there it is every time there it is that’s what it’ll sound like when one of you spots [Music] it oh somebody’s in the chat well voice chat I’ve been here for a moment oh well uh when I have OBS open it’s it doesn’t uh I don’t hear Discord notifications so I couldn’t hear it when you joined oh Goa [Music] yeah so which where do I go to get in so that I can tag along for that tronic murder spre it’s the same M server multiplayer server Java or Windows I can never remember that’s the same thing pretty sure Java Edition the Superior edition of Minecraft got you gotcha who’s that second person who Revolver Ocelot it’s B there it is it’s burgundy bison that’s that’s another name for him and now big boss I love reloading in the middle of battle the C Sing election Army best handgun ever made Six Bullets is more than enough to kill any living oh Stevie’s back now wow we’ve got like a freaking full roster here look at this are we ready Louise look at this yo y mama I you getting in here yeah I’m going to kill the Ender Dragon the bed why is it doing that what the heck I’m probably not in the nice Dylan skin Dylan skin yeah you’re you’re using Dylan’s skin Oh shoot yeah cuz the last time last time I was on your you were on the server was I tuned in on your computer oh that’s right I remember that now right freck how do I change wow everybody right the launcher did you just shoot just can I tell you something yes you go ahead Jerick are you a redstone torch because you power the light in my life fish being said that I am a redstone torch it’s a serious medical condition I had hop that no one would notice but I’m glad brought you positivity somehow you survived the treatment and I survive that’s like that reminds me of Blaze with his chronic back flipping condition back flipping but he’s better now he’s better now he’s in a better place yeah yeah he’s he’s he’s gotten help for that back flip too close to the can you make rafts in this game yeah the bamboo no you can make boats does it function than a boat no it’s identical it’s a ra one just looks like a now raft but it’s not now five Mages get ready for K what yes don’t want to lose everything but I don’t know if I’ve been in the Mages Mages world yet Cinematic Universe isn’t the M’s World M’s world this is the multiplayer server where the build battle was on this is just the survival portion of it it’s true it’s so it’s the same in a glass box have you not been paying attention we’ve been we’ve been talking about this for a while there he is your mama’s been talking okay okay all right I’m not the Dyan skin any hi Stevie John who is very odd and messy what is that even supposed to mean no it’s accur oh come here I got something for you all right then what are you talking to Jer yo yo mom whose head is that wow wait a minute that’s a JoJo fell man he crushed his own legs under the weight of his oh no mes and do yeah there are uh there’s there’s another one of those in my house hi Big Boss Calamity rocks he says a lot of heads hello meth oh yeah take all the meth you can what I’m trying to come back I’m trying to be better how else do you think I can so easily okay well uh I’m ready to go kill the dragon whenever you guys want to okay here I got you these I’m just final moment preparations yes of course oh yeah um if we could borrow some slow falling potions that would be nice I mean you you can’t borrow them unless you just want to hold you can [Music] all right I got to get you I got to get you City Roxy asks how are you big boss oh I’m doing I’m doing great um I’m feeling fine feeling fresh feeling free you don’t sound as ill anymore no I I got better disappointing disappoint it was guys it was Calamity roxxy’s birthday 7 days ago everybody wish Calamity Roxy happy birthday I already wish it her birthday on birthday me too so like Get Wrecked I’m just Kidd yeah losers you didn’t even wish it on their birthday whoa whoa whoa chill hate breaks don’t tell me how to live my life yeah I’m so hungry don’t tell me not to tell me how to live my life I’ll shoot you well don’t do that you’re telling me again take anything you’d like I got to go uh get some food from the grocery store I’ll be right back uhhuh what grocery store no from the villagers I’m just calling at the grocery store cuz I’m uh we have a new building and new trades oh what building hey jerck did you know we have a library now I saw the Library my book is halfway done that’s right how many pages are you at what what’s your book about boss no jerrick’s not leaving that was a f it’s a surprise you you’ll have to read it to see no stop it’s full of intrigue full of History spoil it full of Fortune full of romance maybe no who burned the food in this Hall what oh in jer’s house that’s that’s my me I’ve been cooking it for a few days he on well done that’s excellent no that’s what that’s what I said I was like that’s not well done that’s congratulations yeah that’s excellent that’s a good one too since like the start of the server it’s been there for weeks you’re right nearly a month has it been slowly changing it has been yeah yeah it went from raw to um cooked on the outside but rare on the inside then yeah went from thorough and then well done is it me or is kind of lagging bit very well done is it and now I think some of my animals are stuttering a little bit but that’s about that’s about it no i’ I’ve been noticing I did a big file transfer earlier so I I hope that that didn’t cause too many issues are you transferring like the server files the server files to a new computer just to speed things up just delete all the no that that’s J uh okay I’m pretty much ready to go fish beinging asks Jerick have you already written your magnum opus no no I’m working on well I want to say this is my magnumopus but it’s not my magnumopus is a um it’s going to be an extremely long uh uh text about crabs say Magnum what caliber is your mag no one said Magnum what caliber is your Magnum op me are we going all right what’s who who’s ready right hecking now I I had to get some food for my brother over here I already have some food um I’m breeding my cows and then I’ll be ready the cows that are stuttering and rubber banding eat them you could always no longer are they just for uh looking pretty although they been able to eat them for years and years I don’t know what you’re talking about no know you haven’t oh my gosh it’s been your food for your whole life I’ve only been alive H you’re talking about glistening melon how do you know about that name listening melon in this game is Magic pants and Gerald who’s Gerald magic pants is new to the stream but he’s been around for a while I’m pretty sure all of us have been around for a while yeah we’ve all been involved no uh Magic pants was born yesterday actually he’s our newest specimen that’s not true you heard me okay well um I believe I should be ready I am yeah I’m ready oh I guess we should probably craft the uh Eyes of Ender Jer already has like 20 of them I have at least eight I know he has a lot of blaze rods and maybe some ender pearls but have you been snooping through stuff here I just crafted I have them I crafted eight of them so some I’ve got some backup oh also we have 11 Wither Skeleton skulls uh make that make that 15 SK you have three in your chest too yeah I said Gerald why’ you give me a pumpkin head that isn’t obvious making a giant boat no it’s not it’s uh Jacob making the giant boat that’s awesome boat big all right let’s meet up at the portal in town uh or at spawn and where would that be where you spawned uh it’s by my house you know how you spawn in I could get there all right everyone head on there I got turn like my boss portal by the house do we already know where it is no oh I’m saying we’re all meeting up at the portal the spawn portal at spawn so we can conven everyone meet up at the end that portal yes oh I didn’t mean the nether portal but we know now all right everyone meet about St house how about that bu house I think even less people will know where that is all right let’s see um three of you are present we’re missing Stevie oh there’s Stevie where’s oh there’s Dylan Cham all right de we got where the he get armor did you say sea Wars deor oh I heard sea Wars sea Wars oh my gosh all right I I just saw Dylan Chan where did she go she’s running across the bridge over there already running is no actually she’s right behind me Isn’t She anyway throw the Pearl hey guys wait Dylan Dylan Chan get over here I’m why did you meet up at spawn if you weren’t ready I didn’t my house is just that way all right we have to run the way Stevie’s running to anyway oh of course that one broke the first time I threw it no I threw what I threw my own oh why would you guys throw another one so quickly already I don’t I don’t think she knew that we threw one all right do not step on my farm please noted step time is up let’s go why is the entity distance so low I don’t know it’s big moing wait wait wait pause for a second I’m going to get my boss music ready okay by Boss music I we have quite a ways to go adventure line song copyrighted all right x1000 before we need to throw another solid oh wanted potion sucks to be you oh shoot slow falling potions bottles I’ll go get some okay guess we’ll make Camp here no we just keep running start make Camp here I’m running good luck man oh that’s Turtle Master whoops yeah don’t waste those stupid yeah ah yes I will be completely immobilized against the dragon My ultimate technique oh I love your magic pants man all right where’ you Gamers go where we left where you left us you can’t see us CU of the render distance can you use that I can but I’d have to restart no I’ll just TP you guys I don’t care cheater oh my gosh the food is here all right we can continue okay let’s go oh okay saving lovely so manosos how how Pearls do you have huhman how many pearls you got I got 11 I got seven okay I got a all right I’m going to wait at this point for y’all to catch up change direction slightly it’s leading us back to spawn the go is so close a b oh I see that as well a b right oh there it is there they are they got my Ranch stop throwing pearls you wait till we get to like x1000 thr it could be close it probably isn’t it’s undera you don’t know that I mean I’ll be honest I spent a lot of time looking through uh and and and uh it takes quite a while to get to them that expain they also SP specific rang bro oh never there’s a imagine just a bunch of rings surrounding spawn noch men in a band called where did you guys [Music] go oh hey Super Why did Stevie need a poisonous potato I have no clue I swear I like turn around and then you guys are like gone The Entity distance man yeah you think we should you think during the final battle is just going to be like where’ you go we don’t see each other at all will we even be able to see the Ender Dragon hopefully yeah where’ you let’s go running I’m just 85 550 oh there you guys are do you want to just like stand right here and wait for them to catch up I could just teleport him sorry oh my nightmares are fighting Me Stevie why did you need a poisonous potato don’t know what this is mon you need more that’s okay all right I guess he’s not going to answer chat I’ve been I’ve been left behind stay close okay what did you need my life before my eyes I didn’t in the shape of a skeleton with a cross not defensive giving it away just follow the Phantom it’s it’s circling around steamy Oh shoot no that’s me back here you all right I’m going to wait for the rest of you to catch up [Music] again keep that Phantom off let it’s it was diving in the water after you did someone bring a bed to reset uh spawn point oh I am collecting wool along the way okay good cuz I was like we could probably just collect some there’s a village on the way over I just thought I just found it we can just loot it well I guess there’s that too steal the beds and then we are you lost uh-oh there’s a creeper look out more Phantoms man are they on me oh my gosh you’re free oh I’m getting some lag I’ll cover you that must me discovering new chunks oh yeah oh yeah that’s good no one’s ventured this well I probably have in just one of my many many running around a village for oh there you guys are took you long enough kept you waiting oh come on bro steal beds from here quick raid the village raid their homes Village raid their homes literally what I said earlier yeah I know these two are making a baby why why is steal their bed making a point of it just practi they’re making a baby steal their bed why does this house not have lag getting worse it’s not a home uh I don’t know that sounds weird and dumb Calamity Roxy says Stevie John smells continue east Rocky just because you didn’t set up your smell of vision properly doesn’t mean you can blame me where’s the rest continue East we’re going east this way this way all right leave him lock him in the woods so never make his way back don’t leave me I’m coming will will no I don’t trust him but will why did you even summon [Music] us oh you just killed a sheep whoa you killed a sheep do it again hey we’ve got too far north now where yeah calling us back to spawn further into the Forest portal does move actually that is true no that’s false not don’t you FIB no no fitting The Fortress The Fortress Is technically alive I think in the low um it moves underground just consuming the Earth with it makes me uncom I don’t want to believe it it’s not true makes me feel something inside like herob don’t say his [Laughter] name okay where did you guys go I’m lost get the boy over here oh where did that go oh oh it’s got to be like down in this big cave that’s not a big cave never mind we’re going the wrong way oh how do we know if we’re there oh we no we are close though SC douch hey guys go see Kung Fu Panda um in theaters can’t do this again another du never it’ll never be the same as oh oh went back you fool right in between these two trees no it needs to go down doesn’t it huh I don’t think that’s where it is run it down it just went backward we went one way and then we crossed it and then it went the other well yeah but go into the ground when it’s done I’m going to create like a pillar to to mark this place I just want to test this uh yeah let me get down there okay yeah it’s still this way I didn’t even see oh oh come on it broke I’m sure we can run into it down here I don’t know I I why do I hear spashing no as possible dumped water in here uh I don’t know seems like time to clutch yeah oh we’re in a cave oh oh well we need to mine this way we need to mine this way there we want to place right here on the standing no there was a creeper oh man here we go oh are we going down there yeah almost hey look diamonds yoink who is flying no one lie don’t you FIB mes I mean someone probably is flying knowing this I don’t know man sus lately I probably should brought a I see diamonds I’m mine I have a simple brain yeah he did you guys go parkour that’s not the problem there’s just all the way down there jerck where you see his name tag down here it’s over here right going deeper oh probably gone way too deep oh I see now oh we’re hit Bedrock whoops why did you fall down I’m good can we go back to the surface and actually dig in the right spot now R Pearl what eyeball what was our plan when we got down here um find the the portal because uh now we’re stuck down here why why would we be stuck just like real M to we don’t have an easy way back up without just digging a large tunnel upwards yeah it’s this way where where was the hole that we fell down it’s all it was back this way you see this natural light over here not that okay it’s right here you stand where I am oh okay are you going to drop water down leav no I’m going to mine down to it and then I’ll mine over to you guys fish being just said the Fortress must have moved just as Jerick said it would told you it would no it’s a fib all right so what’s the current plan I’m going to mine down into it and then mine over to you guys from inside it he guys here I’ll I’ll drop down a thing for you ah and we can all go up with you and that’s what I’m trying to do here give me a second find no you stole my water I can dig a little Canal why are we going down who stole my water source the water I think it’s pants my water source there’s more water sources right here just get another one there’s water on the surface I’m just going to take it over no here we go I’m just going to do this really quick oh you Phil I just want water I’m just getting water there’s literally water down here you well do want me to get you guys up here a water here swim on up oh okay did you just cheat no I went and got water she just flew up how did you get up then in the first place she flew up ask Dylan how’d she get up here huh I’m eating food that’s not an explanation I’m eating anything and I’m scared all right okayy jerck did you find the actual digging spot this time I found it okay all right get on up here Gamers it went one way and then it went another way I can’t the water source is gone sorry hold on I’ll fix it that should work now I’m sorry I didn’t bring much tools so I can’t help you oh what okay it’s this way Gamers oh he’s in little you want to place the Water Source block up here first so that we can just swim back up yes I put it like right here like in this little bit well take it and I’m I’ll get another one no that’s not the point the point is we need to wait for this to drain otherwise it’s just going to keep refilling you’re going to drown me yeah I’m trying to tell them what to do wait for that to drain all the way out and then once it’s all gone place it on this block it’s fine there’s no Source block Jerick it’s just taking forever to drain listen I can’t help you and they’re just ignoring it I’m going to mine over to you from inside the the um jerck if you keep mining the water’s just going to keep falling down wait for to drained we okay now place it mees all right do you want to help me go get L your name tag just m no no no don’t don’t move don’t move I’m coming to you yeah that’s why I’m moving to oh can you see me yeah anything why did you pour water again Tyler told me to we actually have a way to get back up just wait till I’m down and then pour no cuz I’m going to drown I can’t see all right I got rid of it do they go into deep slate does the yeah I think they they do now they do I’ve had a deep dark like a thing hold on Dylan wait for the water to finish there he is he’s coming oh he’s making his way he can do it there are too many bodies down here many in the I’m sorry is my present not wanted you have a pickaxe to help I mean I can just leave it’s okay I get it no I’m just wondering why you jumped in uh oh I just enjoy being with you okay why did you jump in uhoh I really hope does anyone have a torch by a chance cuz I think I might have found a hole cuz I saw his corpse hole yeah I’m just going to do this okay why did we do water again okay who poured more water not me pants no he has everything here I’ll get rid of it this is EAS has been the most complicated for this whole time we’re just trying to get to the freaking portal okay hey pants I stole all your stuff made it did you find it pour the water again because it literally went directly down into the ground but I just dug a bedrock and there was no oh my gosh do you want me to throw another Pearl throw it yeah but it didn’t this better be the spot oh right you and your garbage it was it went down that way oh see okay yeah it’s I have my Pearl’s falling down there can you get it someone down there whoops me pants are down here wait I think I got it the heck I can’t have the pumpkin back I think it need we need to dig like missing a helmet and a slightly nor I didn’t touch that you think it might have fallen into this lava or something it might I’m mining with a freaking axe I’m stupid it happens put water up so it went down into the hole though right oh you might want to take Dylan’s inventory as well it’s not in mine sounds like a when I threw it it went down so I don’t have any helmet anything on me I’m trying to m down somewhere this is the most this is one it turns out oh this when it turns out someone’s just destroyed the whole end part and it’s just like where’s any it you found it I found it where sweet let me see if I can get back my coordinates are 1477 29 685 did you just teleport to me yes like what everyone else has been do with me 1477 I was just there yeah it’s so the first cave that we mined into it was that was directly above it oh it was above okay oh you guys are below it find the right one well you did and you you literally did we were closer that time than we were the second time Li oh yeah we’re below we’re too low we need to go up I mean what what you literally dug at the wrong spot start making closer that cave was closer to it I had to get back to that champ there’s no way you could have known that I couldn’t have known that no but I was right in the right spot get wait got an achievement did you cheat to get here Tyler or did you just get here over I torted to you when there was all the what no but to the portal oh my gosh what do you mean so you lit it while we were gone did you find it yeah hello I’m almost there I think oh yeah I’m just going to run at his name you delet this was on accident have to it was a did you destroy the sign as well I I I just threw it in the lava oh my gosh edit that to what it said before I don’t quite oh wait crap crap crap crap crap crap crap help help help oh my gosh come on man I just want to get to the freaking portal why did you do this why not you can see my little Rat Hole over here I can oh do you guys not see our name tags uh I could see oops wait oh that is your name tag oh there they are you see my name tag oh I yeah okay I see them now just just just run to us fellas he broke the door hey hey one of you moving a bunch oh wait now I see stop moving one of do you I’m close to someone does someone hear mining that’s oh yeah yeah turn around oh come here come here I just I just slow went in the largest Circle ever I hate everything we have Dylan and pants to take care of now they’re over there found a library guys guys found a library ow I found one of those right you two uh pants and snel we we found the end portal if you want to follow us I’m right here you see my name tag now where am I going what the [ __ ] where you are going me neither oh I’m just looking around mostly e e [Music] all right we’re going to kill the dragon hit me bro well maybe don’t hit me are yall we’re finally yeah the portal is this way finally to the stronghold done it oh so you already lit the portal yeah there’s a certain placing those end eyes this is now very underwhelming yeah nobody nobody go we could we could always find another end no go in set your spawn points I have potions if you guys want them of slow falling and stuff I’m going to put them in the barrel and generation as well well I’ll bring some extra beds in there in case we want to you know go Kaboom oh oh yeah yeah can anyone bring um did anyone bring buckets uh I brought one for myself oh yeah people definitely brought buckets that’s where all the we’re here to the pret portal yeah y isn’t there supposed to be silver fish in here or they he already broke the spawner beat us to it he already broke the spawner y yall ready for this I’m ready that’s the correct song I have the Metal Gear Solid Boss music playing okay let’s go let’s go epic fight happening epic let’s go Sky Box Chang last time I I was about to say I’m like what this Sky Box looks way different what the heck I liked what it looked like before I know it was like the purple yeah yeah I don’t like this new one let’s go Gamers all right where’s that big Dr Silly Billy that silly Dragon let’s go Gamers got him anyone have an extra bucket of water anyone have any water no come here oh did someone bring mind dang it hey boss would you mind grabbing them crossbow bolts I loed up that wall this one oh I got I got it I’m chucking an arrow oh yeah I see him oh come on why are these pillars feel so much higher than normal uh they did up the uh the height of them oh they did no I made that up I should just not believe anything you say oh like for real oh no oh you guys didn’t get that one ah oh yeah got it let’s get get him get her you flying who surrounded by I have slow falling yeah oh The Entity disappeared The Entity keeps disappearing bro get her go for the headon oh no there’s still one on me oh my gosh this freaking oh there’s another I’m not looking at him I promise oh no what what I saw someone get locked slow falling otherwise I I might have gotten severely injured could have become a [ __ ] I could have become let’s go Gamers almost dead oh look there’s the end flower a get her get her wait for some more bre look out I’m going to put you she’s coming down let’s go I kill let’s do it and now the withering oh shoot okay the weather’s just right here all right I was joking okay I didn’t think we’d be fighting the Wither after this but okay it’s more intense get the Wither get him get him yeah take him down shoot him shoot him out of the sky if he flies it dies Rose I can’t hit him me neither he’s he’s just dodging my attacks he’s too fast get him I don’t have an enchanted bow so this isn’t really doing much but oh I accidentally hit an end you guys got him distracted what just happened did I just jump in the portal I just jumped in the portal hold on I’m tping no I’m not I’m at the stronghold are you right next to the portal though yeah okay I walked into the portal where’s the egg uh did someone already with it not a again please did you guys kill it already no h okay okay I’m coming back let’s go yeah okay phase two phase two Gamers get him phase two get him yeah go go go let’s go no lasted lasted yeah yeah let’s go going to fight the I only one set I should have brought multiple look out theend don’t like me look out let’s go gamers thank you woo a step up I’m just trying to celebrate bro we did it we did it we saved the city oh what the heck I’m not even looking at you cron stop let’s go so uh where’s the egg what happened to the egg like I said I have it why you earned it h cuz killed it no it’s going to blow up I did there’s no way you could know of course I do that’s why there’s two portal eggs in in the end why there was an XP either you already came here and killed it yeah what that’s why the Flames were there are you serious that’s why there were flames on cuz he came here killed it oh my gosh bro theight why I just don’t like it any under egg will be at spawn I’ll just put over there dragon egg cool W thanks well good job anyway guys all right well yeah I mean you killed it I uh got the nether star so we can make a beacon yeah oh here have this was that oh nice thanks with the rose to uh first fight my oh my back oh my back well don’t don’t feel the same as it used to just give me a few minutes is it just going fall fall right there yeah that’s a oh I didn’t sleep with the excuse me sir where did this armor trim come from back taking I was just Who stuff is this thank you that’s my stuff okay well um we killed Theon we saved the city very nice very nice well Gamers I’m regeneration interesting TP myself to spawn here whoa TP that’s cheating you’re using commands as if as if Tyler didn’t teleport himself to you and uh already killed the dragon without everybody but that’s not cheating it’s not cheating yeah no a Teleport thing I was saying yeah but I wasn’t the one who started teleporting you were teleporting on the way over yeah but I didn’t teleport to the stronghold I figure out we were already all there yeah I was I was still heading there oh shoot I forgot to put a nether portal there a dang it well I put a cobblestone pillar over there so yeah wit is on we did it we saved the city congratulations do you have anything to say for yourself who me who yeah any of you you you um [Music] um oh no Silver Dragon I think it was pretty cool I mean frankly it’s like the 20 time we’ve done this so whose Farm is this over here is this Dylan’s Farm what does it look like there’s beets and pumpkins and melons and yeah that might be my yeah Golem back I need to breed my livestock is it next to Dylan’s house because if so then it probably is hers it is yeah Gamers we did it we killed the dragon yeah guys please stop ignoring me no what happened what there was like nine silverfish all attacking me at once I’m still what are you doing well break the break the bed replace it somewhere else go in the portal and then exit then just exit no more yes well we killed the dragon uh I don’t really have anything else planned for the rest of the stream and now we never Play on This Server again we’re going to uh no that’s not what I insinuated but I’m going hold defen myself here Gamers and uh whatever but we done it we saved the city we defeated the Ender Dragon except uh apparently uh Stevie already went and did that without everybody and told nobody so that’s that’s um anyway um I didn’t really have anything else planned for the stream but uh we I’ll probably still stream Minecraft again in the future but uh that was about just about everything I had for today um been playing for like four and a half hours anyway so I think that was a good stopping point um I’ll probably do all the boring finding elytra stuff off off camera because that just takes a while sometimes and it’s not that entertaining so but I want to thank you Gamers for tuning in to the stream and watching us fight the the ender dragon and a Wither we fought a Wither directly after twoo so that was pretty exciting but Gamers I think we’ll call it there for tonight yeah yeah I think we’ll call it there for that stream seems like a good stopping point but thank you gamer for watching um hope you enjoyed the stream if you guys haven’t already checked out the newest video posted on the channel that was posted today it is some very funny moments from season 20 of Apex Legends I highly recommend it was actually really funny to put together so hope you guys watch that and I’ll let you guys know if I’m going to stream again this week I’ll be a little busy but thank you Gamers again um I really appreciate you guys watching and I’ll see you Gamers later byebye bye Gamers see ya thank you thank you thank you [Music] [Music] byebye [Music] a

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    🔥 INCREDIBLE Minecraft mobs gameplay #Shorts 🌙Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft mobs 🔥 #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by FakeMoon Gaming on 2024-05-29 15:07:09. It has garnered 447 views and 16 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. minecraft,minecraft puzzle map,minecraft challenge,minecraft puzzles,funny minecraft video,minecraft bedrock,minecraft impossible puzzle,beating minecraft,minecraft gameplay,minecraft survival,can i solve this minecraft puzzle in 24 hours?,solving impossible minecraft puzzles,minecraft hindi,minecraft server,minecraft but,minecraft redstone,minecraft house,minecraft hindi gaming,minecraft hardcore,minecraft minigame,minecraft gameplay in hindi puzzle,jigsaw puzzle,puzzles,jigsaw puzzle time lapse,karen puzzles,jigsaw puzzle tips,puzzle games,jigsaw puzzle vlog,biggest puzzle,puzzle time lapse,jigsaw puzzles,puzzles for kids,puzzle box,biggest puzzle ever,giant puzzle,animal puzzle,puzzle for kids,hardest puzzle,video puzzle,9000 piece puzzle,jigsaw… Read More

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    SHOCKING: Unplanned Minecraft Livestream Chat with LuvstarVideo Information This video, titled ‘A Spontaneous Stream, Let’s Chat :3 ♡ Minecraft Livestream’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-20 15:44:21. It has garnered 949 views and 94 likes. The duration of the video is 00:42:51 or 2571 seconds. Haii everyone! Welcome to my live stream! Let’s play some fairycore minecraft together! Leave a tip to show up on screen here: https://streamlabs.com/luvstarkei/tip 🌈Become a Channel Member: https://www.youtube.com/@luvstarkei/join ==================================== 👾My Website: https://luvstarkei.com 💜My Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LuvstarKei 🎧Request an Art Commission: https://luvstarkei.com/commissions/ 🐈‍⬛My Art Channel: youtube.com/@luvstarkei2 📷 Contact me through email: [email protected] 🖤 For business inquiries, please use: [email protected] ==================================== 🍓RESOURCES USED:… Read More

  • INSANE! Building Epic City in Minecraft Live!

    INSANE! Building Epic City in Minecraft Live!Video Information This video, titled ‘BUILDING A CITY IN MINECRAFT|SCS| Minecraft | Chill Stream’, was uploaded by Mr.5k on 2024-04-01 23:31:32. It has garnered 1021 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 03:38:43 or 13123 seconds. Donation and Merch Link https://streamlabs.com/mr5klive/home Make Sure You Follow All Of My Socials My Discord : https://discord.gg/p82djvY2qT My TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@mr.5kyt?lang=en My Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/mr5kliveyt Read More

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    Insane Chicken VR Prank Gone Wrong in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘#minecraft #oculus #memes #vr #funny #oculus2 #comedy #pasta #oculusquest2 #melon’, was uploaded by Chicken vr on 2024-03-22 20:19:35. It has garnered 14 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:02 or 2 seconds. Read More

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    Can My Internet Survive the NEW Minecraft Update?!Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing The NEW Minecraft Update If My Internet Connection Holds Up!’, was uploaded by JacobGgamer on 2024-04-03 04:04:44. It has garnered 33 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 01:17:09 or 4629 seconds. TODAY! We play The Poisonous Potato Update! Read More

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    EPIC Minecraft Gaming Remix - Surath GamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘#minecraft #gaming #music #instrumental #remix #ringtone #song #shorts #shortvideo @SurathGamerz’, was uploaded by Surath Gamerz on 2024-05-21 14:31:41. It has garnered 6 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. Read More

  • WhaleBoxx

    WhaleBoxxWelcome to WhaleBoxx. We are currently a vanilla survival and boxpvp server. We only just released so come and join us today! whaleboxx.minehut.gg Read More

  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server – Vanilla, SMP, Snapshots, 1.21-pre1, 1.21 Experiments, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Discord

    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Features Experiment with new features such as crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the bogged, the mace, 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and more! Community Join a friendly community with multiple towns and a diamond-based trading economy. Explore the End every month, participate in enhanced dragon fights, and never worry about resets… Read More

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    Looks like the critics of Minecraft are mining for compliments with that high score! Read More

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    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Animated Show Unveiled In the world of Minecraft, a new tale is told, An animated series, with adventures bold. Netflix has announced, a show to excite, Bringing blocky worlds to life, shining bright. The teaser trailer, a glimpse of what’s in store, Creativity and adventure, like never before. Minecraft fans, get ready to explore, In this animated series, we’ll all adore. Stay tuned for updates, as the story unfolds, In the world of Minecraft, where creativity molds. Excitement is high, in the gaming community, For this new series, full of opportunity. So grab your pickaxe, and your diamond sword, For in Minecraft’s… Read More

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    Ohio's Nether Portals: A Hot Mess! 🔥 POV: Ordinary Ohio nether portals at different ages in Minecraft be like going from a toddler trying to figure out how to walk to a teenager trying to navigate their first awkward dance. Just a whole lot of confusion and chaos. #OhioProblems #MinecraftStruggles 😂🕳️🔥 Read More

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    Minecraft 1.21: Fingees Strikes Again The Exciting Possibilities of Minecraft 1.21 With the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update on the horizon, players are buzzing with anticipation for new features and enhancements. One dedicated Minecraft modder has taken it upon themselves to create a unique mod for this upcoming version, promising an exciting twist to the beloved game. A Glimpse into the Mod The mod, created for both Minecraft Forge and Minecraft Fabric, introduces a range of new elements that are sure to shake up the gameplay experience. From innovative mechanics to quirky additions, this mod is set to offer players a fresh perspective on the… Read More

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    Minecraft Glitch: SHOCKING SMP discovery! Episode 14Video Information This video, titled ‘「MINECRAFT: PALLID SMP」| ’Roads and Roads!’ | Episode 14’, was uploaded by Glitch Entertainment on 2024-06-11 21:21:12. It has garnered 51 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 02:05:13 or 7513 seconds. Thanks for watching this video! To keep updated with future uploads please consider hitting the subscribe button! ================================================ ↳Socials: ▶ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/v7enHd3rvm ▶ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/glitchentertainmentlive ▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/glitchentmt_max ▶ Twitter (X): https://twitter.com/glitchentmt ▶ Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@glitchentmax ================================================ ↳Channel Information: Welcome to the Glitch Entertainment YouTube channel! We are on the road to 15K Subscribers! Our content as of now consists… Read More

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    Skibidi vs. Poppy Playtime: Minecraft Toilet BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘POPPY PLAYTIME CHAPTER 3 MINECRAFT SKIBIDI TOILET BATTLE #newvirus’, was uploaded by Skibidi battless on 2024-02-25 12:24:12. It has garnered 96 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:11:45 or 705 seconds. Skibidi Battltess 🫡💥⚡️ Thanks for watching❤️❤️ Like and subscribe! 🥹🥰Skibidi Toilet is a series of viral YouTube Shorts uploaded on the DaFuq!?Boom! channel on YouTube. The series depicts a battle between the Skibidi Toilets ✅✅ ……………………………………………………. Subscribe to my channel: @skibidibattless All Battles in this Video are created by Skibidi Battless The audio and video sources in this video were… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Rabbit Goes Wild on EchoCraft Charity Stream!Video Information This video, titled ‘EchoCraft Charity Stream VOD! #minecraft’, was uploaded by Rabid Rabbit MC on 2024-03-17 13:00:18. It has garnered 26 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 02:22:53 or 8573 seconds. This is the uncut charity stream from January 13th 2024. We play mini games and raise money for the Emily Kent Unit. The Story from Souli- Alyce (my beautiful daughter), 15 years old, is currently fighting Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma, and is undergoing Chemotherapy treatment to rid her of this awful disease. This fundraiser is to raise as much money as possible to help… Read More

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    Shocking Revealed! The Truth About Kiro's Deception? | Minecraft MEGA SMP #7Video Information This video, titled ‘Bản Tin Sốc !! Sự Thật Duonng Lừa Kiro ? | Minecraft MEGA SMP #7’, was uploaded by Duonng on 2024-05-31 11:30:14. It has garnered 30296 views and 1354 likes. The duration of the video is 00:24:45 or 1485 seconds. MEGA SMP is a Server with more than 30 Youtube Participation from the Vietnamese Minecraft Community… —————————— ————————————————– ———————————– ► Duong record: https://www.youtube.com/@Duongrecord ► Duonng : https://www.youtube.com/@Duonng88 ► Duong Ghi Image: https://www.youtube.com/@DuongGhihinh88 ► Duong Roblox: https://www.youtube.com/@DuongRoblox88 ————————————————– ————————————————– 🔖 Video is only for Entertainment/Understanding about Minecraft… ✍🏻Leave your comments below in the comments section to… Read More

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    Sanna races Cutie in EPIC 20 Min Minecraft Build!Video Information This video, titled ’20 Minute Minecraft Build Challenge With Cutie!’, was uploaded by iamSanna on 2024-02-18 14:00:41. It has garnered 57549 views and 1395 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:56 or 1076 seconds. 🦄 BECOME A MEMBER WITH SPECIAL PERKS: https://t.co/ckFG6LkOvY 🦄 🦄 Enter my Star code ⭐️iamsanna⭐️ when you buy Robux at https://t.co/uVuYnoKTb6 🦄 (When you use my code Roblox gives me a small percentage of your purchase! Thank you for the support!) ❤️MERCH: https://iamsannashop.com/ 💜INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/iamsanna ❤️TWITTER: www.twitter.com/iamsannay 🦄Moody Unicorn Twin🦄 https://www.youtube.com/c/MoodyUnicornTwinRoblox 🌸Silly🌸 https://www.youtube.com/c/SillyRoblox 🌈Sunny Unicorn Twin🌈 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQQQj8s6dwTVMbOtH68iO-A 🐰Cutie🐰 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAy3SbSn9988JS8KCQreF9A 💙ALL GIVEAWAYS WILL BE… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Edit: Null vs Entity 303! Who will win?Video Information This video, titled ‘collab with @kenzi24434 ( null vs entity 303) (herobine vs luis) #editing #subscribe #minecraft’, was uploaded by Ari_edit on 2024-06-11 07:23:10. It has garnered 133 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:29 or 29 seconds. animation by @ShadowCreeperAnimations and @sashamtanimations3761 edit by @kenzi24434 and me @Ari_edit678 edit by me #shadowcreeper #mr_shadow #edit #capcut #shorts #minecraftshorts #subscribe #like #comment #sashaMT #song #editing #minecraft #effects #animation #plslikesubscribe #editing #subscribe #smooth #cool #minecraftanimation #battle #enjoy #shakes #shakeeffect #youtuber #shortvideo #edits #effect #comment Read More

  • Frendz SMP

    Frendz SMPHello guys , Welcome to the server of Frendz SMP , this is the server owned by Dynamo100 & Dynami_Wizard . This server is totally survival , here u can build your awesome and large builds with ur creative ideas and do much more fun with ur frnds. From the community of Dynamo Clan u all will be provided with a discord server where u can directly interact with our moderator and if u face any kind of problems u can personally email to our community and we will solve your problems soon as much as possible.There is a YOU… Read More

  • –> CoconutCraft SMP: Hermitcraft-like, Dynmap, Voice Chat. BRAND NEW!

    Welcome to CoconutCraft! If you’re looking for a fun and welcoming SMP, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re into redstone, technical builds, or majestic creations, CoconutCraft has something for everyone. Inspired by hermitcraft, our community is strong and vibrant. Features: Shops and a diamond-based economy No land claim, trust-based server CoreProtect for grief prevention Plugins for quality of life changes Join our whitelisted server and apply through our Discord. We have proximity chat and data packs to enhance the vanilla experience. No pay-to-win features here! Join our Discord to apply: Discord Read More

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