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Welcome back guys it is the Empire yes it is the Empire welcome back to you know another episode we’ve had some strange days lately and you know everything has been going kind of sad but yeah the Empire has been growing things have been expanding people’s houses have actually been made so we’re

Gonna go check out our lovely people so check out this lovely thing that we had made for us through some villages up there trapped and check out this lovely thing so let’s go over here and let’s go see our new there we go there’s there’s purpose and

Joey and that’s basically what they are and they you know they come out of nowhere looking awesome as ever and that that’s basically what it is whoa don’t don’t attack each other that’s mean alright guys so yeah today what we got to do is we decided that

We’re going to be building a graveyard because after golem died we had a bit of a frustration so we have to build a graveyard you know make it all nice and easy um come on Joey so we got to go find some people real quickly and the problem

Is we’re gonna go visit all our people and look at it it’s daytime guys isn’t that funny so yeah let’s go let’s go visit some people ah so nice so nice so humble it’s just that it’s just a very extremely useful day today isn’t it guys where is he standing there there’s no

Villager here what you guys don’t see a villager right here no I do there’s a villager right here are you Mack here you go what no I just I hit him one time and he disappeared I swear there’s a villager right here he was purposely I think I think so just

Like I think so you’re going LLL but what there’s arrows coming well what what the heck hey there’s arrows coming out hold on what the heck’s happening all right let’s go hold up we got to go make sure everybody’s okay I haven’t seen everybody oh yeah guys and we have a

Nice little mind purpose I think so you’re going crazy are your eyes okay this is crisis wait he’s away Oh crisis is away that really stings sorry crisis so it’s tea sauce where is everybody oh yeah guys and streets actually fully moved in here’s Aaron’s place no doors

You know that’s just soda how he rolls that’s air aids actual why is there Enderman in there Joey I like him wait who’s what the heck is that thing wait what it did the it did that looks like a builder do you think it’s a builder

Are you a builder little Enderman I know I know they’re famous for that you a builder yes yes finally we have another architect throughout our nice little village purpose you’ve been having interesting days he can actually teleport you can do whatever he needs to that’s really interesting all right Joey

So let’s go is area not here hey you do you know where do you know where AIRAID went no let’s check the basement maybe I don’t know maybe he’s off on a nice little adventure we may have to if he doesn’t come back we may have to go find

Him I’m a little worried about that that could start up a nice little scare let’s go check the streets he’s the blacksmith and red Smith so why is everybody away Joey everybody’s been gone lately with that Oh a purpose you know what I think so you need to give him his armor

Though because you know as the red Smith do you have his armor yeah I do all right you go ahead and give him his armor so when he comes back and you we’re gonna need your help we decided that we’re actually gonna be building a graveyard and since you’re a

Nice builder and you seem to be pretty chill for you know everybody we’re gonna need your help that’s what we’re gonna need we need some more help from some more people are you sure crisis is away guys enter at your own doom yeah he’s away check upstairs yup he’s most definitely away I’m

Surprised what the heck’s down there nothing nope obviously not Oh Joey go check on tea sauce yeah so um we may need some material so you guys want to go inside the mine yeah let’s go inside the mine oh look lapis it randomly spawned at this level oh look it’s a spider

Let’s kill all the things throughout a molecule oh look it’s diamond how graceful spawning at this level from this wonderful world of all the things to spawn at this level Diamond spawn yay why don’t we mine them and you are going to die anybody need any food while I’m gone Oh Joey

All right let’s get that Enderman back here where it where is he Joey let’s get that Enderman I think so I’m gonna name him crap he looks like a crafter so crafty person so he’s gonna be he’s the it’s craft of our world he’s the it’s and he’s the cracking

Let’s kill these zombies why is there still Enderman a freaking Enderman man I whoa what is up crack turd you ready to uh get to work on building a graveyard yeah you got some materials well this guy is just equipped with everything Wow one like you get a person in the case

Like that Wow Oh God creeper creeper there we go he’s dead you know Joey one thing I noticed about Joey is that he’s a great warrior what’s up craft you don’t know who he is do you oh he’s he’s yeah thank you craft all right we need to build this graveyard

Out here so we need to make sure we have a nice little graveyard because I think so I may be like putting names on here or something like that eventually you know so that’s what we’re gonna be doing with it craft what are you doing alright so

Build the graveyard craft and yeah so we’re gonna get to work on building this graveyard this magical graveyard I know I said that a lot uh yeah I know shut up purpose let’s kill let’s go you know it’s about to be nighttime anyways so let’s go let’s kill these creepers off

Hey do you guys want to go you know what we’re gonna have to do some more exploring Joey I just had an idea something just popped into my head that dragon well what’s up craft we should go visit it you guys if you guys remember from the last episode there were

Dragon where we found our people and since it’s the perfect time to visit it it’s almost nighttime we’re gonna go visit it while Kraft builds this graveyard for us and makes it look pretty here craft you can take this pickaxe if you need it Oh crud what the heck is that you’ve

Gotten away thank you Joey this is so fun so let’s go oh yeah so this is uh this little thing right here this is a new addition it’s a committee thing where you can like talk and be like all right I want to make a change I believe that I can

Make a change you know that that’s basically what it’s born people are gonna have to sit there and listen so let’s uh yeah I believe I can fly all right so why don’t we go check out you know I haven’t put away my stuff at all

Yet I don’t really have that much stock that’s purpose where’s all this stuff you see ease and have he even has his special sets of armor so I need some stuff to put away before I go visit that dragon just in case it kills me I don’t

Want to die you know I want to live in my chests Oh Joey we well joey is our guide purpose Joey so what do you think about this mirror here purpose what do you think it could possibly symbolize like creeper it kind of looks like a creeper does it look

Like one of those mirror mirror on the wall things whose the greatest of them all but I’m the greatest of y’all and I’m not there so maybe if you tell me wait where’s Joey where’s doing it’s black purpose summon them back here what is up with these disappearing tricks yeah you gotta you

Gotta summon him back here real quickly oh it’s craft it’s craft now you gotta summon its craft too I think so I may have to defend him throughout the night if he wants to live because he’s been getting it this it’s craft Oh No a new person of the Empire

Got what happened here craft here I’ll fight them off I’ll fight off the mobs for you alright we’re gonna have to pay a visit of the dragon before the night time we’re gonna fight off the mobs oh god its craft run god I’m missing horrible even my bad craft run run for

The life what happened did these things just come out on an attack is it just an attack on you Wow he just he just had an attack Joey no purpose I know you’re really good at with combat so what I want you to do can you do me a favor and

Defend craft while we go visit the dragon all he builds the graveyard purpose we really needed that help with that shut up quit complaining Oh crying the nighttime is dangerous guys you you don’t understand I’m getting completely attacked what’s happening we can have craft we can have crash yeah craft is a

Great builder so let’s go Joey where are you near the basement I see you hold on I want to make sure we’re fully equipped so I got some stuff Wow whoa never really looked in that chest who did that there’s tons and tons of glass somebody must have went ham on the glass

There all right so what we’re gonna need to do is that things that there’s something happening with the world and I’m pretty sure some villagers know some stuff so next time we’re gonna have to have some villagers in here and we need to just interrogate them to figure out what they

Have to say you know what I’m saying I’m coming through with you Joey are you sure about this yes no you shouldn’t what the heck what the heck it’s shooting fire why is it shooting fire at us all right what should I ask it I don’t

Know it doesn’t talk yes what should I ask it Joey I don’t know why are you here well if well are you like are so we’re not evil then is that what I’m taking you’re the greatest evil is that what you’re trying to say yes okay problem

With that is you’re coming on our land you’re trying to talk to us and we’re gonna we’re gonna have to have a we’re gonna have to have a goal okay you know it’s fine you know let’s leave I don’t want to mess with this thing will fight it later

I can’t we don’t have here everybody’s way we don’t have enough people to take it the dragon is mystical it’s magic and we got it we got to leave it I don’t want to Joey what should we do for what or why would we prepare for war I thought the only world

We’re gonna ever have is within those mean this dragon all of a sudden pops up and you know we’re all worried about him what if Inbal attacks while we’re preparing to fight him you don’t know then do you that’s just that’s just something all right let’s let’s help craft out kill that skeleton

Let’s help crapped out let’s get this graveyard finished so that we can make it nice I’ll cry Dan craft there we go tuck them out okay this this night is like it’s quite evil I could say the nights about to end so craft do you need

Any help with anything or do you think you got this on your own yeah he’s got it on his own we’re gonna have to repair that grave that was gongs grave you know Gollum was in sort of asset he was there when the kingdom disappeared he was

There when we needed him so that makes sense for a job no creeper explosion just let it burn make some food out of it oh I haven’t seen one of those in a while nice little spider jockey then the mobs have tried like it’s they’ve gotten more

And more here as we started building our city I don’t know what it is about it hold off Joey do you think it’s the dragon that’s causing this that’s that’s the worst thing in the mall the dragon yeah we’re gonna have to kill it because if we don’t kill the

Dragon how are we ever gonna be able to actually take care of ourself I mean for God’s sakes you know air aids missing we don’t know what happened to him the world’s been getting worse and worse and people have been disappearing and we know it’s not been you know the gun shot

And tank because those two guys were banished to the forest depths but we need to just figure out what’s up with that so next time crisis comes back from his adventure we’re gonna figure out what we’re gonna do about this and you know should we go through the portal

That’s the biggest thing to think about here if we go through the portal maybe this could stop some of this madness as we continue to build our empire beautiful empire that we once knew I really cannot tell I mean the dark clouds fly high above the average clouds

For us and it’s like the world is sort of come at our command so yeah I don’t want to leave it but we may end up having to Joey who’s your most trusted person if we have to leave who do you think should take command and take

Charge of what is up with the Enderman craft are they coming for you what the heck there’s just tons of amount people hold on is that some people over there is that some what’s up with the people what’s up with the villagers craft what’s up with the villagers kill them

They don’t deserve to be here what’s up with the villagers this is crazy Wow yeah I don’t know what’s happening you know we got to ask we got to ask the villagers what’s happening oops dropped on soy by accident we got to ask the villagers what’s happening oh we killed them all oops

Look over there chicken guys a chicken oh all the things to look at a chicken alright well guys unfortunately we’re having some evil issues right now we’re trying to figure out what’s happening with the world so we’re gonna come back when the graveyard is done and you know

So we’re gonna see you in another episode hope you guys enjoyed this one it’s just a plain old world I mean it’s been a great day nothing really bad has happened so far and I’m gonna have to give you guys a major peace out

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    Insane VR Minecraft REdizayn 123 in Virtual Zone! 😱🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘VR Minecraft REdizayn 123 #shorts #minecraft #vr #dm #azerbaijan #azeri #baku #awk #azerbaycan’, was uploaded by VIRTUALZONE on 2023-10-20 17:12:06. It has garnered 2951 views and 57 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:11 or 11 seconds. VR Minecraft REdesign 123 shorts #vr #azerbaijan #azerbaycan #baki #baku #azərbaycan #azərbaycan #vr #azerbaijan #baku #azerbaycan #virtualreality #baki #instaaz #instabaku #aztagram #oyun #game #playstation #azərbaycan #xirdalan #parkbulvar # nerimanov #club #absheron #laligagamecenter #baku #insta #aztagrampeople #residentevil #palma #genclikmall #aaaf #psvr #ps4 #ps #aze #vr #minecraft #dm #redizayn #azerbaijan #baku #azeri #azerbaycan #awk #virtualreality # lami_cake #baki #superstar… Read More

  • Speedrunner vs Hunter – OP Tree Loot!

    Speedrunner vs Hunter - OP Tree Loot!Video Information Mikey what’s he up to looks like he’s at a crafting table making something but what is he huh oh it’s an iron helmet he has a wooden sword too looks like he’s working on some upgrades He’s climbing that mountain Where are you going buddy off in the wrong direction huh good riddance at least he’s not following me around anymore i can relax for a bit i’m going off on my own looking for some new and This video, titled ‘Speedrunner VS Hunter But Trees Drop OVERPOWERED Items 05’, was uploaded by Maizen Short on 2022-07-30… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft Animation Part 1 Released Now!

    EPIC Minecraft Animation Part 1 Released Now!Video Information خوب آره این منم راستش نمیدونم چی شد که به این روز افتادم ولی اینو میدونم که همه چیز داشت خوب پیش میرفت و داشتیم به پایتخت برمیگشتیم اینم بگم که اصلا اطلاع ندارم که پهلوون الآن کجاست و تو چه حالیه برای دیدن ادامه انیمیشن به کانال سر بزن😉 This video, titled ‘قسمت اول انیمیشن بلند آپلود شد 🥳😉… | minecraft animation’, was uploaded by Shirdal Craft on 2023-09-14 16:16:43. It has garnered 16508 views and 438 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. #minecraft #minecraftanimation #minecraftmemes I uploaded the first part of… Read More

  • BeeNilla

    BeeNillaBeenilla, a semi-vanilla, nice and friendly server, with an ever-present staff, is here to deliver to you the best Minecraft experience. Current features: – semi-vanilla – grief prevention – custom economy – no pvp – player shops – frequent events – resource world – creative and survival worlds Come join our family, forge your own unique path and BEE-TASTIC! beenilla.modded.fun Read More

  • SV – a simple 1.20.2 survival server – friendly small community

    SV - a simple 1.20.2 survival server - friendly small communityHi! I’ll make this short, I’m hosting a 1.20.2 Survival server, anyone can join, we also have a Discord that we HIGHLY reccommend to join (as you will know about server updates, or even wars between people).No mods required, just type in the IP and hop in.Discord: discord.com/invite/mkQXRH6UdYIP: svsurvival.duckdns.org Read More

  • “Hot tip: Don’t do this in Minecraft” #shorts #meme #memes

    "Hot tip: Don't do this in Minecraft" #shorts #meme #memes “Never try this secret feature in Minecraft unless you want to spend the next 10 hours trying to dig your way out of a hole you accidentally created. Trust me, I speak from experience.” #minecraftfail #diggingfordays Read More

  • EPIC Kirbycraft Minecraft w/ Yogscast LIVE!

    EPIC Kirbycraft Minecraft w/ Yogscast LIVE!Video Information [Laughter] are you gluing I’m gluing oh it’s going a little oh it’s getting a bit peely oh already oh oh nice and nice and quick oh that’s nice I might put on a thick layer for a good time where on your hand oh my God I need to concentrate I Need to stop putting glue on my hand I’ve got to finish this thing I don’t want to walk straight into an ambush I’m just going to go how was he hidden welcome to the clips hello everybody hello hello everybody I stayed within the radius… Read More

  • Unbelievable Ghostly Pumpkin Hunt in Minecraft!

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  • EPIC NEW Mutant Husk HCF – Minecraft PE 1.20+ Server

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  • Mind-blowing Cyberpunk Minecraft Build w/ Thirst Trap Music

    Mind-blowing Cyberpunk Minecraft Build w/ Thirst Trap MusicVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Cyberpunk Build but synced to Thirst Trap Music #shorts’, was uploaded by Zeemyth on 2022-10-23 00:30:04. It has garnered 19275 views and 973 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. This is so cursed, but the build is pretty neat this do be some Minecraft Building #shorts #shorts #minecraftshorts Skin: The Lost Miner by Cheerioos https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/the-lost-miner-4102992/ Read More

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    EPIC WATER DINOSAUR FISHING in Minecraft! (Mods)Video Information This video, titled ‘Jurassic World: Minecraft Modded Survival Ep.153 – FISHING FOR WATER DINOSAURS FOOD (Dinosaurs Mods)’, was uploaded by TheWaffleGalaxy on 2016-08-11 03:52:28. It has garnered 72966 views and 1083 likes. The duration of the video is 00:41:03 or 2463 seconds. Minecraft Mods put Dinosaurs in Minecraft!! Jurassic Dinosaurs have gone extinct in Minecraft, and Waffle has a plan to bring back the Dinosaurs to create a new World! ▶︎ Let’s try to hit 750 LIKES! :^D Jurassic World is a Minecraft Modded Survival series using the Rexxit Technic Modpack full of awesome Minecraft Mods! In this… Read More

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