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Hello hello everybody what is up Jerome you’re along with the buddies and welcome to an awesome Minecraft live stream today we got Sandy battle doome all the way followed up with gold rush and then we’re ending it off with the premiere Showdown now you guys loved it

When we faced off against the mods and monsters Industries however they wanted a rematch and so we’re going to give it to them we’re going to be doing an ant farm uh rematch and it’s going to be fun it’s uh yeah I don’t know if you guys

Know Ant Farm is great game mode we’ll get to that when we get to that but this is Sandy battle them for those that don’t know how we play that means you’re new here and welcome to the channel however the way you play is simple you

Break the sand inside the sand is random drops from not just vanilla Minecraft but also modded uh Minecraft as well it’ll be a surprise what’ll be the best gear after 25 minutes we then do a battle to take out each other’s ships uh in in particular the beacons on board

And after that your’s no more respawning also if you guys couldn’t tell the internet is finally better we’re we’re we’re streaming at a higher bit rate life is good I could finally yell very loud this is uh Steve it said I can yell loud oh sorry ah no loud is not allowed Steve

Bad go to the corner oh my gosh oh there is one thing I need to add hot sauce wheel of dude I keep forgetting to do that so let me let me go and let me get that wheel rolling here dude I can’t hey did you guys know that dr’s a trip this

Weekend no he doesn’t did you guys know that like yeah he has a big big big trip this weekend so just keep that in mind that’s true I’m actually not going to be live streaming tomorrow I’m sorry guys if you’re wondering why it’s all because of Steve to be completely honest with

You I’m just trying to be transparent Steve’s really just yeah yeah Steve should join the hot sauce he’s really trying to just like get the donos to punish Steve instead of getting all the hot sauces he blames me everything that’s what I think Jerry’s going to be on a plane and then he’s

Going to have the hot sauce problems you all right well I set the stuff up shout out to the 100 people watching let’s go ahead and let’s do it oh answer your question Colin um 4273 all right separate calls up good luck to you guys bye now they’re gone I

Wish them horrible luck I never miss an ounce of that good luck wishing let’s do it luk let her rip when you’re ready okay there we go there we go I got I got two dragon head this is for you wait did you come again we broke it at

The exact same time oh but it’s totally not based on tick speed that would be crazy drop don’t let get mad at you totally not yeah yeah it’s totally not how it works don’t let blade catch on that that’s what’s happening why am I getting double drops

For a lot of stuff or triple drops even sometimes hey I’m not I’m not asking too many questions here dropsy I got the death Hammer 22 attack damage oh my that’s probably one of the best oh I had some on me but thanks let me test it out on this poor defenseless

Rabbit yeah it works did that really seem like the best way to test it I mean a little bit uhoh oh no what oh just a witch spawned in front of me they’re just annoying that’s all it was it wasn’t that serious it was just like

A you know oh c be kill me hey keep inventory was on H the messed up I’m keeping my weapons they can’t touch him just this one well they did two so it’s one for one it’s fine so this thing has a Wither effect after all that I’m liking this wait oh

That’s what he died to dang whoa dark leggings this this is better than the other stuff so far all right all right all right all right all right wait what’s the swing speed on the 20 damage ax horrible point8 oh I figure yeah yeah so it might

Be the best but it might not be the same time I got a netherite pike that’s eight attack damage 1.4 that’s okay Earth Apple I wonder what that does do we test out the Earth apple right now I mean sure just to see I have a water apple on me right now reg

For regen two for a minute luck three and jump boost three I don’t know what luck does if I’m being like fully transparent I have yeah use this death Hammer as a shovel I’m I’m yeah yeah I accidentally did that dude that’s right that’s right you run Steve that’s right you run I

Accidentally did this and I’m so glad I did wait I’m just going to make a little uh excavation pit over here yeah this is ridiculous oh dark body 10 armor I I think dark armor is the best uh light armor is pretty good too I think that’s the second best that one’s

Like at a nine uh-oh uh jome I made a mistake there’s a lot going on over here there’s a lot there’s a lot going on over here I made a mistake I made a mistake I found a higher DPS Weapon by the way oh wait then the 20 yeah higher

DPS wa what so this one right here is called the earthquake scythe and it does 16 attack damage but 1.6 speed so it’s double the speed of the uh hammer so it is better dang okay oh I died goodbye my friend oh I’m so scared uh that Scythe you should walk

Away from your base and right click with thanks Luke it killed me wait why did it kill you I don’t know oh it spawned a big pill area and then it killed me oh that’s not good and did it take the okay it didn’t take the site I

Was say like Luke ow ow thin ice pal blade oh know what a blade do nice and private just I’m just put it out there so it is based on tick is it is yeah see see uh dark body yes but it doesn’t matter well no it all I’m saying is we

Were like oh it must be the same exact time because we break stuff and get the same exact thing which means it does the same exact math so it’s the same tick there’s nothing wrong with it but you can’t say we’re wrong but the odds we

Did it though okay I we we not only did we do it just just today we do it multiple times like in a single instance I used the on their base oh dropsy please cppy Angy at me for being a butt oh okay I’m coming appar that’s frown upon

Now uh yeah yeah back up back up back up yeah I scared him off make sure you pick up that stuff you left on the ground over there yeah I’m just putting everything in these chests and then when we have them full we can go through them I’m still

Convinced dark armor is best armor but maybe like maybe like might be even with light it might I don’t have any compar the light chest pleas had one less armor point so I think it is better it is just dark then okay cool yeah I’ll go set up

With the dark arm I also spawn a bunch of earthquake dirt pillars in their base they’re blowing horns what the heck happen hey 200 people watching 200 200 200 200 200 200 okay you’re putting dark stuff in there okay hold on you already sort through these I’m sure you

Did do you have no decency there’s an order to these things oh my bad no that’s that’s on me um I’m going to throw out these extra weapons and stuff that I doubt we’re going to be using what am I looking for again that was the 16 um it’s called the earthquake

Scythe earthquake Scythe noted I’m only keeping the apples cuz I think those are going to be unique and E pearls huh and e thank you uh yeah yeah yeah I didn’t throw any of those out uh if you take a look by the way I uh I set

Up in this chest the top one there it has all like the utility items oh big okay I’m actually going to hey 300 people watching let’s go I did get the new internet yeah he’s finally a normal person yeah he’s not on a cell phone anymore which unironically that’s that’s

Essentially what he was on pretty much like literally yeah literally like a cell phone data connection was what he was working with I just Spa I’m just destroying their base I would be surprised with the hammer uh with the earthquake site yeah I just keep right clicking their B is just terrible oh

They’re mad at me help Cy angry uh quick Exel get him C be ignore the Exel drops coming home the chickens are coming to roost the chickens are coming to roost I kill we’re good all right well now you can get his stuff you are weak like all

Texans you just you just really know what buttons to push [Laughter] huh [Laughter] oops was like born and raced what else did you [Laughter] expect uh oh now the mods are getting mad Frankie and Vernon are getting mad out here oh oh for the text and comment yeah there’s a lot of them

Here I say m as if I didn’t live there for my childhood all right anything to put in here I’m storing the extra death hammers I find just to be safe I was going to say that 222 ridiculous a flip up supposed 22 putting the Bounty at

2230 it’s a fair price yes on fraki oh I was going to type something oh no no no c c can’t you don’t want this you don’t want this you don’t want this I made the base look Uglier okay let’s go let’s go let’s go and thank you everyone for watching thank you for celebrating with us the good internet a reminder everyone that is greatly appreciated for those that can stream tip for those that help us out like that it really is uh super

Awesome uh and it does support the channel Keep Us Alive and uh that’s you guys you do that so thank you friends useful I still haven’t found that staff which uh the earthquake site is it that it must be Mega rare or something well we got to get you one we

Also got to get dark boots for ourselves we have zero pairs not found a oh why no no oh I might have just found one Vernon said of someone who was born in New Jersey and now lives in Florida I’m both proud and horrified of Jerome

As a repes as a representative yeah I mean that’s it’s quite an accurate representation though [Laughter] huh Vernon what part of New Jersey Steve’s here at the earthquake site and we kill him we get his and you can have it oh he’s healing too quick he’s got

Too many Regens I don’t know what he has but he’s not he’s not dying he must used one of the Good Apples I got him nice take that scythe and and hide it away forever I’ll hide mine away got one now we just have theirs yeah I’m going to

Hide mine away cuz clearly it’s important silin with a one month ultimate membership thank you for being such a big supporter and fan of the channel we appreciate you and I can’t wait to see you again on the member server as always silent thank you silent for being such a big supporter

All right I’ll put my earthquake oh you already had an extra earthquake cycle there ni yeah that’s what I’m saying we’re just keeping theirs that’s so sick look at all this maybe maybe we can dual wield what would that even do I have no clue oh Roger Miller now with 27 months

Of membership but also being an ultimate supporter thank you Roger Miller that’s so sick a lot of big fans out here a lot of big ultimate supporters love to see it oh I got another uh earthquake sa I think that’s been people’s favorite like aspect of it

Dropsies not the server so much as like people with that it’s that you get the shout out in videos as an ultimate support uh so when you right click with the hammer it do that oh I’m sorry I Inked we should spam that around the beacon oh yeah we got to

Break everything that’s here right now but like before for time we’ll spam it around the beacan oh I’m going to go harass them with this in the meantime though JS out here is a 44 month member that’s older than I am all right where are these let’s see

Dark boots I’m beginning to think that Luke didn’t put dark boots in it’s probably too op or something there’s there aren’t a lot of uh shoes in general in this i’ I’ve had a hard time just finding boots now we’ll have to have a backup I guess for

That probably light boots and then all the others like the Earth uh water and fire and stuff have like the same stats okay let’s see breaking all these another two crazy dropping still do you have an extra pair of light boots for us each or no I’d have to like Rego

Through the stuff I don’t know okay okay um what is it it’s fire boots probably yeah it’s nothing oh I’m wearing a pair of light boots let me put those away actually I just realized that oh there you go he was born oh planfield yeah I know

Planfield New Jersey I know that very well I think you guys have a park there that I see us to bring peanut too sometimes let me see Playfield New Jersey AR sorry dropsy I’m taking care of important things it’s fine I understand what I’m thinking

Of this I’m only going to die to a ravager I don’t know this might be it maybe it’s not planfield I thought it was on planfield I’m just not looking the right part of play Feld sorry guys this is very important don’t worry about it this is very

Important stuff oh yeah this is totally cool either way I know where playing field is the ravager floating why is he floating uh why is it floating Luke what is he doing why is it up there um why is he up there Luke what have you done what did you do I didn’t

Do anything I was running away and then he just started ascending to the is he dead I just just just fell to his death oh no Luke what is wrong with you oh my god Luke you’re sick why did it do that I was just messed up I I didn’t want to see

That hey 400 people watching let’s go oh my God I just threw out a pair of light boots oh now I got to go through that pile of junk I just made their base so ugly oh really I put a bunch of spider webs in some

Dirt I’m just going to keep light armor pieces now too just in case yeah I put the light boots away that I had like if there’s like a full set bonus oh my gosh dropsy you’re going to have to prot protect us for a little bit here broken Pacman just wants me to

Suffer today with $375 Hammer said spin that wheel all right chat you know the rules it’s rigged if it ain’t at 12 no it’s not rigged it’s not rigged we have five spins and I’m he with a $20 Street I heard you were dissing Texas I can’t

Believe you have done this you are no longer my my favorite MC streamer I’m no longer attending your wedding okay I want to be very distinctly clear I was not dissing Texas I was dissing the people that inhabit Texas anyway time to spin just the inhabit not like the land

Beautiful state oh my God you know people anyway here we go just it’s a big difference all right spin the you are so ridiculous no the first one was 12 no yeah yeah that’s what we like to see that’s that’s actually reparations all right that’s 12 so we’re going to remove that

From from the wheel that’s a dub chat 12 never gets removed from no 12’s getting removed Immediately okay eight starting off with a 12 oh man so we have 12 a why is it Luc is doing it again heo Dr please turn around I’m begging you I can’t I got display capture on I’m on the wheel oh no 12 eight one again I’m going to start

Off with the weak one I’ll start off low to high 12 8 one and seven so far and we have one more wheel spin what a what a what a jump I can’t believe the first one the site just broke on me bro I don’t know why it does that going

To be so hot the sight literally just shut down on me I can’t believe that’s hilarious here we go I have to remake the wheel there’s hot sauce number one oh nice little crunch which is didn’t too bad all right I need to remake the wheel here looks said there’s a lightning

Spere but I I haven’t seen anything else besides 10 all right applying the wheel change there so this should be the last one oh not again so one and 11 so 12 jeez so we have 78 I think right 7 8 11 12 is that correct we’ll see in a second the chat

Prob I remember you saying 1 S8 and 12 I remember those okay so we did one now seven eight and 12 coming on up I tabed back over oh my gosh I just tabbed back over and coronos is the $75 St way we’re doing hot sauce round the Ben back to 12 again

Coronos now we have to spin the wheel again and then we’re going to have five of these hot sauces in a row I’ll land on the two you’re your boy only a two weak Kronos like Texans anyway rigged ow I just can’t believe that Cy would say such negative things about his

Own people his own his homeland here we go number two it’s not that hot not that bad but seven on the other hand act what things are about to jump up actually I’m G to try each apple to figure out what to do we only have one water Apple save

That I can’t believe we’ve done half of them already floating again oh my gosh dude why is that pronos with a $75 stream tip and Justice Ox with a $75 dream tip we’re going to have to spin the wheel again here let me uh W oh my gosh dude they are they are

Relentless today good thing we already technically have what we need or else we’ be kind of doomed actually I know dude the the wheel spin is not working it literally just keeps crashing on me oh sounds like we have to do it the oldfashioned way and guarantee a 12 whoa

Whoa whoa whoa whoa I don’t know I say we start at the number you have so far so that’s what six seven well we have there’s three four five six 9 10 left and I have to do two more wheel do those there we go and we’ll do the regular

Wait I got I got to fix I got to fix we’re okay here’s the two so that’s going to be number five needs to be done and then number 10 oh wait no no number nine it just never mind it moved uh totally not rigged okay n chat that was such a prime

Example it’s not rigged it’s so rigged it’s it’s quote crashing and now it’s landing on a lower number than it was gonna it’s not rigged it’s not rigged at all don’t worry about it and just oh I did Justice HS okay we’re good here we go guys we have to

Hit now number five we’re going to be going in order of these oh hey what’s this you guys are all crazy especially you Kronos and especially our capital live stream broken Pacman did I do that did I right click did one of them come up here what I didn’t do nothing there

There’s the cobwebs I might have accidentally right clicked with the uh hammer broken Pacman said my job is done love the vids thank you buddy I appreciate you thanks for being a big supporter fan and uh keeping the channel alive oh thank you o that was hot oh it actually replaced

Blocks that time it didn’t do it last time that was weird oh God arctic wolf what’s up dude thank you for 20 gifted memberships wo that’s a lot that’s a ton of them yeah that’s that’s a oodles and Boodles out here all right here we go number seven

Hot sauce oh I accident put a little much on I’m sorry uh did you find a lightning I mayhaps I heard May I’m so excited incoming by the way I’m already getting the hiccups just from number seven um thank you again arctic wolf that’s so awesome of you gifting out memberships

To awesome fans of the community thank you hey I don’t like that he’s breaking stuff that’s not oh thank God it wasn’t an important one he actually replaced our chest what what do you mean Steve came in used the earth spear thing and it replaced one of our chests it wasn’t one

Of the important ones thankfully but like it’s just like it’s just gone now Steve I’m not dealing with this I’m not dealing with your mess oh my God why is he so fast why do I get the hiccups I hate the hiccups out of here chat who else in chat at curiosity type

One if you get the HIC UPS from things that are super spicy or two if you don’t it’s a pretty common reaction to SP is I just get like I don’t know I guess the normal stuff like siny like oh that’s cleared up but I don’t I don’t think I get

Hiccups a lot more twos than ones fact like no one really that’s just mostly like me that’s crazy okay oh I’m burning up here also I don’t know where my water Dr is can we get the i i my water downstairs I’m going have to run

Downstairs and get my water get back up there oh okay no not yet uh until I’m done 11 and 12 I’m dying here oh okay I’m dying here and I got I’m going to pull up the chat in the meantime here we go guys number 11 D I’m dying oh my

God uh pop out chat jaob said I’m just weak bro you have no idea how hot this stuff is all right I can see it now if you’ve done these you would know this is like deadly it’s Caroline Reaper scorpion pepper ghost pepper and capson extract all one here’s number 12 oh my

God you got hold down the fort for us I I have been the ENT the past 14 minutes when this started I have been I’m ding here I’m ding here I I know buddy hold on I’m going to see if there’s a uh full body there is I’m just going to clear my

Inventory and then take the stuff out uh I don’t know how worth it is but the light stuff you get a speed like a permanent speed oh still might be better in the dark I got to get my water I’m sorry I got to go oh you’re fine all right chat you’re

Stuck with me he gets hiccups because he is weak like everyone from New Jersey I’m glad that’s what I read first I don’t disagree oh hold on uh Mr Jerry will be back momentarily hi Demitri long time noisy guys don’t Willy Bop he’ll blame Steve which I guess is fine

But oh no we’re all doomed wait hold on where is he here I can look at you guys while I while I talk to you there we go what are the last four digits of your credit card what a wonderful question hello hello hello hey you guys

Should give him at least hold on how many did he do he did like eight if we have at least four more hot sauces by the time he gets back he has to restart the gauntlet and I think that’s a pretty good idea personally uh favorite

Pop-Tart is the uh the the brown sugar ones those are real good those are really yummy how much can you bench uh I uh not much I am not I am not a uh bench press uh kind of girl I’m starting to s Sumo squads though and those are or uh Sumo

Deadlifts sorry not Sumo squads that’s that’s a different thing when are you going to marinate your Minecraft Empire soon I agree with see that’s what I’m saying just have some hot sauce is waiting ever had Maple candy no sounds sounds good though I’m a fan of maple oh

My God I’m dying here Max benches 475 real Luke knows I got I got four plates either side uh Jerome they’ve suggested drinking Warm Soda how do you feel about that sounds like a Colin Mr watch a flowing time suggestion is what that sounds like all right guys I’m dying but

And 100% Can Derek I could I I haven’t physically literally but like I know in my guts I I could definitely like press over 300 lb like that is that is for sure cuz I I can rep out 235 like eight like three sets of eight so I could definitely do more

Weight I don’t even know what the base is that’s just what I’ve added huh oh I don’t know uh two lives one of them matters more than the other I’m going to guess tell us which one the one that has the particles is the important one but I don’t know which one is

Particle that’s really funny I could guess all right drum Look Away don’t watch I’m not looking broken Pacman though thank you again for being our captain the live stream my mouth’s on fire I can barely talk right now you want to know an actual life hack I

Learned the other day that someone did for like a hot ones challenge that actually helped a lot in terms of heat mhm sour cream that makes I mean just Dairy right cool well it’s Dairy and the slight acidity of it because it’s kind of like a yogurt esque product it

Actually helps balance the heat both on your tongue and in your stomach I wouldn’t recommend eating like an entire Bowl but like a little bit a little bit will help toothless boy it is very hot dude you don’t understand I’m not making it up if you

Guys have had these hot sauces you know how they are make sure keep inventory’s on cppy spider weing anym oh am I protecting the beacon uh maybe I can that’s fine I’ll hang out here for a bit before attacking just SP himself Steve has green armor oh they’re doing the spider we

Strat uh Cap’s over here by the way I hit him a couple times you should be able to kill him I got him I’ll take care of this man he’s running away like tiny baby coward man who cowards remember guys we’re facing off against the mods in the

Last segment we’re going to win again you better be rooting for Team Buddies over team mods we’re one and0 against them in our special showdowns one and0 against team mods drum let me know when you want me to run over there oh you know what I’m going need some

Ender pearls because oh yeah true actually I didn’t take any so all all the ones we have are there I took one cuz they have spider webs up down the front of their base it’s like impossible to get there m okay there’s two of them here

By the way that’s the right click of the death Hammer is spawning uh Spider yeah I tried it’s not doing it oh it worked for me yeah that’s what I’m saying I did it earlier but now that I’m like trying to it won’t weird okay oh bro

What their Beacon is wait it won’t let me break their Beacon wait wait H our Beacon’s being broken I’m breaking their broken there’s a broken oh big let’s go let’s go oh bro hold on caps right here I’m stuck in cobwebs cuz it cobwebbed the

Thing wait are you dead no I’m in it I’m in it to win it come on chat we got this dropsy I got this Steve’s right here yep oh oh what you want paper boy I withered oh my God no oh it’s Ste a bunch of the apples I forgot to get the

Apples too well you’re a bit pre uh you can’t climb up the ladder I can’t run away also where did Cy go uh he ran to heal I don’t know where he actually oh he’s coming around now okay fire Apple both on you right now be careful green apple go Blue Apple

Go oh God just eaing all of them fear me Steven liby cast behind you be careful Shield a shield Steve yeah I did not bring a shield we have shields I just didn’t use them yeah same you see how mad someone was yesterday at me oh who would have

Guessed that eating every overpowered Apple at the same time would have such profound be careful yeah but so is he he’s not getting out of the spider webs yes oh let’s go my God every Elemental Apple I who would have thought to be honest how did you lit that [Laughter]

We literally all the apples I got like one of every effect so I was just kind of being crazy oh okay there we go everybody so that’s the first thing we’re doing today next on the list is Gold Rush leading up to The Showdown of a lifetime against these moment of

Lifetime the what huh the what the what also look we’re making good timing so we can do 40 minutes on this one okie dokie look at you Luke so guys 10 minute Gold Rush let me tell you guys a little bit about how Gold Rush all

Works so while it’s all loading up here if you don’t know once again same as Sandy battle welcome to the channel That means you’re probably new here um and these are all new games to you you’re probably think were insane as well because you saw all the hot sauces

Thanks broken Pacman and Kronos appreciate jce sace I appreciate but anyway um yeah so what what this is then is is really cool down here in this Valley you will notice laser drills uh so pretty much these laser drills will automatically Harvest resources for you uh you then take those

Bring them back to your base and you try to make money that way you can also make money by killing the miners that are not spawned in around the map uh and then you can oh there’s some in the middle just that one hallway just had I don’t

Know that was weird uh that one has them I guess the other one doesn’t I know what’s going on but yeah pretty much then you did that team with the most money at the end wins as you get more and more points new effects happen to you uh at your base so yeah

That is pretty much it makes sense everybody make the points do the thing you can kill the other team as well that’s totally allowed and there’s no keep inventory so things get a little bit Wild on that front also stake does have EMC value so in this game mode it’s

One of the few that steak bombs are actually a helpful thing uh as opposed to holding you back what do you think any other question pry awesomei lots of sand in this SE in these segments today yeah right a little too much sand wait did I boot up Sandy battle do

Yeah I booted up Sandy Battle Zone instead of Gold Rush yeah that’ll do it yeah that’s why there’s so much sand oh drum this is red side buddy oh whoopsies I cleared out all the stuff by the way for us but yeah let me go over to all right we’re moving and

Grooving okay here we go and SL spawn point so uh before you start as well make sure you get a stack of steak and then don’t keep them but learn an iron ingot and a diamond in case you don’t get those so you can trade with the traitor boom right perfect delete

Those uh I’ll set up go all right Perfect all right guys let me take a look at the description here and then we’ll be on our way for gold whose team am I on uh I’ll take I I’ll take Cy okay cool boom spawn point basement in turn

Yesh talk to him he has really nice things to say does he no yeah can I let wow wow does he have more to say no that’s Lally it okay so diamond iron H it all right I’m just change things up here steak all righty description has been

Changed we’re ready to go let’s have some fun well let’s go uh we don’t have Steve cppy Jerry yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah brother welcome to the pain Zone brother we’re gonna go to the danger zone welcome to the danger zone wait cap is your em can you check

Uh if your EMC is working real quick okay good yep you’re good good cool beans uh we need one iron one Diamond yes yeah give yourself a stack of steak Diamond steak small Jerry small Jerry he is compact for ease of convenience of Transport fits right in dog carrier small Jerry is

Jerry small Jerry has TSA pre-check what oh my gosh he is part of Captain’s Club international number one Jerry Global all right let’s go ahead and let’s do this thing we’ll separate up calls good luck to you guys and remember at the end of this we’re gonna be

Teaming oh don’t we need swords against the mods stone sword oh good point uh and actually Luke let’s move it down to 35 minutes thank you oh okay stone sword stone sword and once you turn it down to 35 could we turn it down to 30 oh okay can we just skip the

Gathering part and just bare knuckle fight each other in the Denny’s parking lot no because it’s Skyrim mod you guys got to become doing who I found I found a Skyrim mod oh yeah I forgot you didn’t play Skyrim no I haven’t played Skyrim way too critically acclaimed all right let’s do

This guys it’s one of the most bugged games ever created that’s it’s so good though I’m ready to fight we’re leaving audios yes please go we’re Rush here get out of here all right Big Time Rush I’m just going all right and with a $45 stream to

Start us off by opening a pack of Pokemon cards good luck C you’re on your own buddy sorry bud yeah yeah yeah that happens no worries no pressure anything I’m worried definitely no pressure dude just a lot of pressure significant amounts of pressure honestly go these

Things why do why does Luke always make these things throw daggers like why is that a thing cap you got to hold down the fort for us I’m opening Pokemon cards I’m doing important things here all right bonley um doll Tim pole P guys come on are we getting AAR

Today are we getting aard today Amar Rouge oh dragon air yeah yeah I’ve got armor I’ve got dri armor reverse Hol electros that’s pretty cool definitely the best one and all right well it was an okay pull there I like the reverse Holo electros but otherwise not not the

Best not the best cards no Charizard in there but that’s fine that’s fine all right ke how you holding up buddy you good okay yeah yeah okay I’ve got some armor for us Jerry and I’ve got some weapons wait already yeah yeah I got them good Jer I

Got them I’ll meet you at home dude it’s not like full armor but here is a steel sword uh dror leggings my go yeah oh my oh my oh my oh my let’s go so drora armor is the best is what I’m seeing probably yes in in

Skyrim dri armor is always the best D I thought it was drora armor drora is a type of dra don’t worry I’m a giant nerd I can help you figure this out oh hey looke Luke what what are the odds that what scouters say about the the power level

Of can we get another chest uh C by the way uh your sword actually has a value for some reason steel sword so I just put it away nice man Justice o with a steak bomb on Cappy get in there get go oh God it’s catapult

Out turn them into a motorboat you turn him into a motor boat and just I’ve said it before they’re just not to be here as much the zups are Budd okay there we go boom all right oh I just got a bunch of stuff dude I just got a bunch of drops

Um nice oh cap e ebony maale is better than uh drora wait oh that’s one of the legendary things did you get that’s a I set that at a 1% drop rate oh really D dude it’s you kidding me yeah the chest plate for it is that actually wait

Really I put it as 1% oh I didn’t think you’d guys get it so I’m just stacking out here is that what you’re saying pretty much yeah it’s kind of good there’s no dual wielding in this not true to Lord oh cap I got an Elven sword does 10.3 damage

Nice dude this going swimmingly okay do I have strength no I only have speed to all right I’m putting away all my excess armor and weapons here guys we need some power uh drills please yes Connor told me to pick up some steak and throw it in there I can only CPP can

Pick it up I don’t know what why cating wise is that Luke why is it that like the person who steak bombs is the only one who can pick it up I guess because it’s coming out of his inventory and maybe it’s some sort of like inventory protection you know if

Your inventory is full and it it was trying to be given to you someone else could just steal it I guess so all right well I’m heading on home here nice guys 12 you know 12 laser drills would go a long way you all what I’m saying is there dragon bone

Armor tan was a fish bomb on Ste thank you tan always a pleasure having you coming out to these streams for real thank you Tegan is epic all right there we go let’s put all this away here oh cap I just got a bunch of EMC from that one

There I just got a bunch of vmc actually I feel like with the power drills I think normally they’re they’re not that I think they’re normally down a bit I got a uh eony warax it does 10 damage oh okay what’s the speed on that though uh 1.3 attack speed arctic wolf

Just gave me 12 or lasers thank you arctic wolf you’re awesome arcf also gifted 20 memberships earlier in this stream arctic wolf on fire Luke Fork over the goods what what what what what what what Luke why you being why you being difficult why you being no dark Raven

Wrong team dark Raven with $105 Stam and steak bombs and drills for dropsy that’s one steak bomb and that’s two that’s 24 Drills dark Raven thank you for being our captain of this segment of the live stream here but you’re giving it to the wrong crowd oh my gosh cap I don’t I don’t think we I don’t I don’t like our odds here yeah me either I think we run over there and we

Just kill them a bunch and steal their their drills I tried that’s for chat I figured yeah right like we all assumed normally she can’t feel that for any of us who’s Chad oh my gosh I need to get me some ebony mail cuz like it’s a good piece of armor

Because Steve has one as well Bill trying to tell me I Math’s wrong I lowered the price on the uh the drills to 40 so the math is math and it but one steak bomb in 24 of the drills the math do be mathing unless I’m mistaken but I don’t think I

Am I lowered it down because it was set to 55 at first but I think we normally do it at 40 That’s why so I lowered it down I’m I’m pretty positive we they’re beating us no of course they are dude they have literally double the drills and a steak

Bombing insane we need to catch up what about mustard got no ke did you just get us 14 diamonds worth geez dude yeah uh well I think that’ll help us catch up not the full way but it made a dent nice ow someone hit me Steve’s outside of our

Base Luke are you sure there’s a 1% so Steve I think has the exact same chest plate bro I’m checking the percentages that’s it he’s he’s faster than us I can’t catch him he must they must get a better speed buff yeah they have like 300,000 EMC on

Us I’m trying to get a better chest plate so I can stand up to him more cat Steve’s trying to be a butt you wouldn’t believe it I know but yeah that’s his default setting all right cap I’m coming home I’ve got a lot of emeralds a lot of

Diamonds Steve’s trying to gain on me cap Steve’s gaining on me yeah he ran away he saw me he ran away oh okay okay yeah that’s what I thought Steve yeah they’re both set to one Man where does the coal keep going okay is there not like a drora chest plate or is the ebony male supposed to be the drora chest plate in this circumstance I I don’t know because I don’t play the game but ebony male is the best chess plate that I’ve seen so far nice

All right let me put all these away the Elven sword is also like the best weapon I’ve had yeah Elvin sword is good I’m going to switch to that instead of the ebony Hatchet yeah but by the way chat I want to thank you so much everyone for

Making this Stream So Special so far like I said I’ve just been jazzed up all day long because I just got this brand new um what’s it called brand new internet and my internet speeds are actually good again and I can actually stream without lagging and do it at a

High bit rate so it’s not like you know grainy for you guys and so thank you for those that have come out and kind of helped us celebrate that and I don’t know I’m just excited to be back in full swing it’s nice after having B internet

For like a couple weeks there um so for real thank you thank you to those who support the channel tremendously like our cat for the live stream broken Pac-Man uh Luke we got narwhal guy with a $50 stream dip once 12 orl forry and tan with a $40 stream who also wants 12

More thingies for Jerry or lizard Jerry those kind words which are very much appreciated kind words equals nice things kind words equals nice things see Cappy’s been trying to teach me that for years but I’ve learned the opposite with uh I’ve learned the opposite with Jerry

The only way he can show is affection is by being a ruthless butt there we go feels good to be streaming a 10,000 bit rate again uh-huh it’s nice I’m going to try and stream at 20,000 bit rate see what happens why I’m do at 100,000 bit rate

100,000 bit rate Cappy 100,000 good luck Soldier 100,000 100,000 years 100,000 bit R let’s go SoCal Absol said jar this because you’re from a dollar store discount from New York I’d rather be from a dollar store discount shop in in New Jersey or New York that a steakhouse in

Texas anyway bro I’m on your team right now what is your malfunction oh wait yeah sorry I forgot about that yeah never mind never mind Texas is [Laughter] okay I was fighting steveen mid Conor goes downhill steal their coal I I agree dude good thinking good thinking that’s that’s a good idea we

Should do it right now immediately yes this is good idea C yes oh easy wipes on those all right I killed okay I got the dri mace and that is a 12 attack damage cap Mr alter said uh Texans can’t grow is this true I’m just saying that that sounds

Like the voice of someone whose home state like is boring and doesn’t have the culture mine does I stole one their emeralds cat now they’re mad run run I stole their Emerald oh they’re on me now Jerry Jerry help Jerry help for like a bro hey need some backup

Dog well they took all my good stuff the top chest has some good stuff yeah but I had the strongest weapon so I got to get that again wait did you actually yeah I mean the the dri mace right that’s strongest one so far you did not get the strongest weapon Cy

There’s a stronger maze oh okay do you know which it’s oh God yeah you remember you know yeah it’s a artifact I I remember it I remember it okay oh big we can do this Jerry bro I just got two drills from that and four emerald ore nice

Dude I’m liking this so far I’m liking this good stuff good stuff we’ve got to crush them Jerry there can be no other way uh Luke I made it oopsie what sort of oopsie I’m bro what did you do I uh I I I thought I was clicked over on the laser

Drills but I was on the emerald or and I just put the emerald ORS down where the laser drills go br we used to get pickaxes in this game mode just in case but it’s been a while since people made mistakes so the alien minor cuz I was

Niky Frankie that was mean we’re lowering it down to $12.31 oh my gosh incl with a $25 stream dips and steak bomb on Jerry Texas South Wisconsin what what does that even mean of the most garbage of hot takes that’s the craziest one I’ve heard ever yeah what is South Wisconsin mean dude

Like oh my gosh Cappy is this true or you no it’s not true uh your donation unfortunately is wrong all right ke we have to get a laser at least around at least the first layer of each so I’m going to spend some of our money on that okay

Okay and also I got some stuff furnace there for us ah drops he caught up to me boo okay cap I just put away yeah I’ve got 1.3 mil okay so now now I’m just going to take out all the iron that I possibly can here and buy a bunch of drills

Nice we need your help chat we we can’t do it without you the evil powers of Steven liby all right there we go that’s 24 so that’s at least two full setups there oh I had all this steak out here too I can just keep collecting oh I

Finally got a drora chest plate nice I’d recommend immediately going to their side and feeding you’d think you’d think right that’s totally the move uh in the chest up your cap if you prefer the maces there’s a dri mace oo very nice oh my gosh I don’t know if that’s

True Angus but but that’s insane if so his max Squad is 605 dang bro if that’s true wait did you say his name was Angus yeah like the be I believe it I believe it you know what fair fair when Angus tells you he can squat 65 yeah it’s Angus

Bro oh my gosh Mr meat himself yeah yeah cap over here sirloin says he can bench 3,000 this guy’s wag you Ryan abet with a $50 stream tip was a double steak bomb on dropsy Ryan don’t help them they’re already crushing our souls it’s miserable dude The Spooner in chat goes

Angus what are you a tow truck dude 605 is actually that’s silly that is a silly amount they grow big oh my gosh dude Mr alter said Uncle ribey dead lives a t dude my uncle ribi can deadlift 5,000 lbs their cousin wagu is the most beautiful woman in the

World and you said kind of did college wrestling then was in the Army for a while oh that’ll do yeah that’s why you can that’s why you can squat 600 my guy jeez you’re a monster okay I got a drill From the muffin man oh my gosh I can’t get over that c when you’re like Angus yeah makes sense checks out I mean his name is Angus what do you want man like he was foretold in the stars that he would be a beefcake oh yes the Greek god

Angus the only thing that would be more likely for me to be like yeah is if his name was like Fergus Fergus well Fergus McLoud I am Fergus McLoud I lift Boulders and I toss logs I’ve angered the Scottish Gods it started raining but let’s uh dude I don’t understand places

Like not just England but also like uh Seattle places where it always rains or like rains you know like let’s say five six days a week dude I don’t know how Sunshine is a commodity yeah dude I don’t understand how people do that man a Dwarven

Rce okay so I got a diamond there and some Elven armor no luck finding this supposed most powerful ma there ever was people in chat guessed it it was the Mace of Molag ball yes who he’s a dri prince in Skyrim okay now if you gave us the wber

Deck what is so what is a dri what is that is that like a country so there’s gods and then there’s demons and the draas are the demons basically but they’re like more like actual evil Gods pretty much ah can you kill gods in the game oh yeah you can kill Gods takes

Some doing you know because they’re Gods but they can die so can you become a God in the game yes the marind itself is all about being re a reborn God as a moral oh really okay yeah yeah yeah it’s like several story lines uh the dragon born from uh

Uh one of the dragon born like in Skyrim one of them became emperor and became a a moral who becomes a God right I don’t know which part you got confused like I’m straightforward I’m gonna go on a theft Mission I’ll be back oh nice good luck Soldier one game I never

Really got into the lore I just never paid attention I’ve played the game for years RuneScape I know it is a super deep lore and all that but I just never have bothered like I you played it that’s genu genuinely so much of your life and you don’t know the lore no I

Just I just show up that’s wild it’s wild like I know some of this stuff is like different ages too of time history and the only one I was really interested in wasy hurt please help she didn’t like the idea of me doing theft W you had to just go after it

Huh where are you like when you steal from them no behind you oh I think she’s gone actually oh there you go chat we need we need a steak leg up we need a leg up guys we need some help help oh no the C is stuck in a hole

One of these days like I hope I get to see this MCE of mol ball oh my gosh Steve’s out here right outside of our base cap do you want to reinforce I’m coming I’m coming Cherry I’m fast but I’m not sure if I’ll be fast enough he running he

Running he running he running all right all right we’ll let him go we’ll let him go this time okay okay come on we can do this oh I have one heart dude I got to retreat oh I could not rough stuff oh they took all my stuff

Cy Speedy the get some sleep sleep’s very important dude all right I’ll grab the Nordic sword and then I guess I’ll just take some drora gear it’s not terrible our R killer Nation with $100 stream tip said four steak bombs for Jerry or you can have 24 earlier at this late in the

Game if it was the beginning of the game I would say the or lasers but there’s only 12 minutes left I’m taking those four steak bombs killer Nation you might actually give us the lead here Luke that’s 2 minutes straight of steak bombing and don’t use Skin pad even a second I’ll be

Watching thank you killer Nation for real dude you might be able to give us a little bit of an advantage okay just get that s bomb going oh my gosh dude dude this is awesome killer Nation thank you thank you again killer Nation C we’re coming back we’re coming back with

This Angus wants to know how Cappy fights he said do you think he’s a straight boxer or MMA kickboxing kind of guy oh I’m kind of a wimp have you ever considered doing any of those like MMA things like jiujitsu or anything it seems dangerous just like

For someone in my position dude I had someone like recently say like he does Jiu-Jitsu he’s like you should come to a class and I’m like I what about me says yeah I would do well in jiujitsu what about me says I would not break every

Bone in my body like what are you talking about dude he’s like no it’s easy dude it’s safe and I’m like no no man no it’s like I play Minecraft for a living dude like I’m not I’m not like I took some kickboxing in Jiu-Jitsu and I

Learned like a couple moves but like honestly like the dedication I would need to do that almost full time cherry cherry cherry cherry cherry cherry I got something cool I got something cool is it cooler than getting a a quadruple steak bomb dude I got the Mesa MOG ball oh good C bro

That’s it I’m skipping out on a second you’re getting a 1 minute 59 seconds all I keep hearing every time you say it cap I just put it nice in private I just can’t dude like what God Jerry you’re the worst that’s I keep hearing dude every time you say it

I just hear that fine I just got the mace of [Laughter] Mr guys I I don’t know if you’ve heard about the the most powerful mace but oh no I yeah I I know what he meant to say but uh like why would I want to use this what the mace

Of what you don’t want to say it no I’m good oh my gosh okay time to take down these three alien miners oh my gosh I have two Emerald or I got from that’s pretty good I’m going go check out our drills also thank you again you brought

400,000 points to them killer Nation without your help we would have been absolutely doomed dude so what is what is the G with this Luke because this may suck so far um it gives you strength for but also poisons you what yeah you have to right click with

It and then it it it’s a drawback and a positive effect strength four though yeah so have fun poison okay strength four that changes things time cap our drills are cooking for us right now good oh my my gosh that one had five emerald ore in it

Alone cap I have the lead in my hands right now 17 emerald ore and 10 diamond or I literally have the lead here dude and there’s No Stopping Us Now chat I think we might be able to come back big dos said jiujitsu is very safe Brazilian jiu-jitsu is dangerous what’s

The difference that’s true wait actually how do you know L yeah I know mixed martial arts what what yeah I’ve my dad taught me since I’ve been a little in turn like really yeah okay yeah prove it prove it okay I’m coming over I’m coming over I can do

How come how come peanut keeps kicking your butt because Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Jiu-Jitsu can only be used on humans well that’s kind of mean to say anyway killer Nation with a $50 stream tip send a double steak bomb for team Jerry let’s go dude this is going to give us the

Lead they’re cooked they’re done for go let’s go hey dropsy need uhhuh would you believe if I told you that Luke knows Jiu-Jitsu okay this is like he’s taller than me again maybe like he did when he was a kid oh my Lord what I said dropy would

You believe it if I told you that Luke did you Jitsu and she goes as a white belt baby oh bro I’m a no belt oh no oh dropsy that was so yeah Savage Oh you guys can be like you’re not 6 foot but I can’t be like you don’t know

J is 5 four first of all oh all I’m saying is Luke is not taller than me oh my gosh Luke it gets worse I went down there and they go by the way Luke’s not taller than me either so dude there telling you dude if I wasn’t

Taller than her I would be an Oompa Loompa oh my gosh C you want to do kickboxing class together oh yeah that could be super fun that poison lasts forever my dude like oh my God it’s only 15 seconds you want some milk any amount of poison that gets me down to one like GH I’m just reading notes in private

Jesus this isn’t fair I can’t make any of these jokes what do you mean you Ohan you can’t make them out loud what I hate you all this is like the worst for me hey ke what was the name of that mace again moag balls okay okay good good [Laughter] oh my

God oh man Jerry are catching up oh no no no they’re not we’re getting this W out here C I’m going on another theft run oh nice know last time I tried that dropsy was waiting watching oh she she probably mad she always mad she has to deal with us all

Day yeah that makes sense my gosh oh man it’s a good mace you got there cap what the one of Molag balls yeah that one cap it’s his it’s apostrophe s tan said ly poo oh those L PE offended pretty sure dropsy is taller than

Me sorry my guy I got some bad news for you like dang dude like it’s a she it’s not even a my guy oh my God I got aare I got a spare Mace of Molag ball for you oh thank you you got no no dual wield

Cap dual wield but that would mean I’d have two Mace of Molag ball let me use the moag ball mace dude it’s not even that good why do you use this it’s so it gives you strength four if you right click but poison yeah but you could right click it

And then switch to a better weapon two minutes left two minutes left oh my gosh this has gone terribly terribly wrong make sure the mods are ready by the way Luke because I’m in a little bit of a time crunch arino okay so blade is currently on that cuz

They’re they’re having trouble oh come on is it Willie Will’s caus yeah Will’s causing a bunch of trouble Steve’s just running to our base oh my God they’re actually going to win Chad they’re actually going to win we have a minute and 45 to turn this around they’re actually going to

Win what is Steve doing in here he’s shaking his head no okay well you’re dead and you’re basic dead there we go 16 emeralds yeah nice killer with a $50 stri there a double distinct bom on Jerry that might be enough let’s lock this Victory down we’re winning

Right now go Jerry go by the mace of mol ball we shall win this one’s for you moag ball cap use the ball mace I’m using the ball the mace of ball capap use the I’m using the ball you got to make sure to use the M of ball the Molag

Ball Steve’s back I’m going to hit him with the ball [Laughter] Ma I’m just a baller Luke just put a gift in the company oh dark Raven with a $50 stream to for dropy to get a steak a double steak bomb let her let her run out tell her

Tell her luk can run out through the last minute if if she wants because totally fair she can run that through oh my God dark Raven with a $50 stream thank you and then D said a fish bomb for the intern for his comments yeah

Luke gets a fish bomb they going to be falling from the sky oh my gosh so guys we just got to play the waiting game to see oh they didn’t even need it they crushed us even without that double steak bomb yep brh they did great they crushed us

Anyway oh guys my gosh so Luke put a gift just go I regret everything oh all right I don’t go down there it is just a barrel of laughs go guys Y what what’s going on here guys Jerry can we test something where are you GP Jerry jome behind you right click with

This drum right click with that I want to see what happens the ancient ender scrolls what is this what’ you just do the the Skyrim music just playing the level of Music would you do [Laughter] nice Jesus all right well they crushed us there so I won the Sandy battle on day

Lost the gold rush that’s okay because it’s now time for buddies verse mods and farm chat you got to let us know who’s winning this one starting to here who will win an Farm the buddies or the mods I’m starting the poll here let’s see how confident you guys are in the

Power of the Buddies import from I Ste you good buddy Jerome my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard why would you andag ball like did you guys get the ball staff get it no no we never got it you never got the Molag ball no didn’t you see what I said hold

On I’ll retype it oh we saw it no didn’t you we saw moag ball gave you poison what’s what’s up with that I’m just going to read this out the stamina poison I’m just going to read out part this Steve accidentally called it the Mal malma

Malma I don’t think that was I don’t think that was an accident I think he just thinking about it like just had it on his mind I’m uh I’m gonna go to the bathroom on that note Steve you gotta you need to fix yourself buddy you need you need to fix yourself

I been like we’ve just been we’ve just been dying all right we I got to go to the bathroom Steve you explain to the fans what uh what no don’t exp oh aarm oh I can’t I can’t set up the stream set up my instance and

Explain I got it I got it no I got I got Ant Farm I got Ant Farm you set up the the chat all right for everyone new to this game mode it’s quite simple picture an ant farm you can see through the side you see the little guys crawling around

That’s about to be us but instead of just building a colony we’re going to fight each other at the end we got like uh what is it up there 30 minutes we got 30 minutes to collect all the stuff that’s in our little colonies and craft

It up to like the best gear we can make and then we have to go to the other ant colony and destroy their base to win that’s it oh this is Dark Souls stuff yeah I just realized I just I’m I based this game so it’s the name I see you

Again okay so you need dude cap got two maces of Molag ball I was double balling he was crazy and when you typed I’m just a baller that also made me laugh okay I’m glad someone laughed about [Laughter] that how could you I was my favorite class oh my

Goodness blade is currently trying to help out yeah I figured that was like okay what’s the deal with Glowstone Dust though is that in the there’s glowstone in the in the nether now yeah instead of making you guys collect a bunch of uh Emerald blocks I figured that would be

Better okay so we’re going to need okay there are um very little but if you look you will find some there are netherite blocks in the nether as well but I would say a solid like 1% of all the blocks in there are a netherite

Block okay yeah but if you find two of them you’re like good yeah but it is a very you know you can either search or gather I figured I’d give you guys the option just to at least get two of you like geared up you know so yeah big

Excite so uh Luke is there more uh of the mools in this we’re trying oh well actually it’s this is based off Elden ring so kind of yeah but this guy’s name is the nameless King what makes him the name wait isn’t naming isn’t by calling him the nameless

King isn’t that a an oxy I think it’s more of a I don’t know why you’re calling him a but [Laughter] yeah the worst all right chat we’re gonna need your help because we need to crush the mods we’re be we’re up 10 oh in our championship title one to0 what

Is this W who are they uh waiting on by the way uh some some people are uh having trouble launching Minecraft and another it’s all like Java versions and stuff that we’re trying to fix you understand right Jerry no uh that gives you plenty of time to

Go ahead and change the title and change the uh description like I know you will I usually don’t touch the title okay 32 blocks of emerald I appreciate that you’re getting better with the capitalization Steve I I genuinely I’m trying I want you to know that I am

Trying to go back and fix it oh I forgot of course open Pokemon cards the one that I I fixed it already I wasn’t going to say it I was complim I’m I’m trying to to pay attention to it I’m trying to pay attention to you I’m sorry that’s kind of weird

Okay so we are going I’m just going to write down what all we need in nice and private there we go I’m changing up a couple things in here but uh you know okay all right I’m launching Ant Farm I’m on the way 16 48 + 16 *

4 you guys feeling it Mr Krabs oh I’m ready plus 4 I ped Chad are you feeling it Mr Crabs 80% of you think the buddies are going to win that means 20% of you are just dead wrong it’s sad to see yeah honestly you hate to see it hey some

People like rooting for the underdog + 48 plus 64 = times four okay Colin said I’m part of the 20% we know Colin wait now we’re aware we’re well aware Colin okay of where your allegian is l oh is that the total amount for everyone cap I believe so yes I’m trying

To nail it down so that we don’t have to worry about it later so that 10 Stacks yes not so bad hopefully anyways plus four that might be a fourth of all the glow stone available in the nether oh I I counted oh man I’d rather

The EMD a lot of I’d rather the emeralds the emeralds is way easier cuz you get nine a block and it was not that many oh cap you’re doing the math thank you sir thank you yes he is the math is kind of scary buddy the math is

Scary and a reminder guys I’m not going to be here tomorrow unfortunately to stream I’m sorry that’s why you got a hot sauceome today no oh okay so each 56 Time 4 even Salvador said I’m rooting for the Buddies just for the record See that’s for everybody to be fully Ked out Steve’s on yeah sorry I was sneezing nice studid it’s a long sneeze oh yeah are you okay do you need medical assistance Maybe you know chat before we even get started you can give us some bonuses oh my gosh why do you become

Vegeta first of all that’d be awesome second of all do not have a s’s Pride glowstone so glow stone big Emerald not as important anymore noted so emeralds don’t really matter much at all Luke do they if you want the Lightning Spear they matter yeah but otherwise no so I guess

Priority then would be unlocking nether which is diamonds okay priority then diamonds that’s a lot of netherite we need for this stuff though G Willer P it’s a lot of glow stone that’s what I’m worried about is there Fortune enchant wait where do we where do we

Geted it to the nether if you want to fly out and look at it you can see it there is technically enough oh I do see that oh they added more lava as well yeah I there was far less lava last time yeah there’s two there’s 2,500 somei

Glow stone on there and uh like each of them will drop like two to four glowstone a piece I hope I honestly wish my math was wrong if someone can no you’re you’re correct it two ow somebody hurted my feelings with that yeah you got the you got the scrap and

Gold correct cap no that’s a lot of damage uh my psyche my therapist doesn’t want me taking this so what I’m going to do is immediately go for getting Diamond I’m going to get a pickaxe jump oh uh so I’m going to just go go for a

Diamond pickaxe and then I’m going to start immediately mining for netherite ancient debris chest or uh steak chest no no you don’t start with one but you might as well steak bombs are going to be flowing okay nice Nathan dur asks when is Crafting Dead season 2 coming we probably

Thinking about starting that back up again around 2029 we’re not sure though bro don’t someone’s going to clip that dude if they’re still waiting by 2029 I’ll give them a bonus episode okay it’s gonna end up like uh that episode of like Zach and Cody people literally like oh yeah this

Is the date for their reservation at the restaurant oh my God Gordon goes clip that no don’t clip that Gordon Tori are you excited for our hot sauce making video nice I’m excited yeah we’re gonna be making hot sauces I figured you were you were just

Going to push it back until I come down to visit force you to do it no main toour doing next week sounds like a good time your yeah look down your shoes untied jeez dropsy what butter on toast I my heart yeah for real on toes well that’s

Something I just don’t know how you’re going to run after the bus like in the anime with that so chck what the what was that sorry I opened Tik Tok it was a baby crying I was so concerned for a second I was like ringtone I was like someone in

This chat has some explaining to do like you texted her Jerome and that’s your ring to whenever Steve texts me my phone ringtone for him just really I thought it was just yap yap yap yap yap yap y y clip that clip that we need it yap yap yap dude that’s

My favorite moments when I get a solid like you can’t overdo It’s gotta be the right moment when you just get a solid clip that though oh yeah not you would never overdo that I’ll knock you out Gordon said Nal is your ringtone accurate uh

So these uh the mods how are they uh how they I don’t know you know uh I will start this is why you’re a bunch of jokers and you’re never going to win this is why see I told you I told you I told you poor sportsmanship sorry I just had to go

Tell him like it was yeah I feel like gotta go for the gold like I may just go for gold the entire time till I get the uh Whatchamacallit I don’t see glowstone being a problem like I really don’t I think you might have problems just with the lava destroying some that’s that’s

Fair oh man so how about that pizza guys I can’t eat it right now but I miss it so much I could go for a good pizza right now okay why don’t you just look for healthier pizza Alternatives like collie have you ever heard of power I actually had a cauliflower pizza thing

From HB the other day it wasn’t too bad well if you want protein and you want to not have a lot of carbs kie power is the Brand Power kie power so their Pizza is all cauliflower 350 calories for half the pizza it’s advertised has 12 grams

Of protein which is okay but you’re eating pizza you’re not expecting to like you know yeah Mega bulk up but yeah it’s got 12 grams of protein 350 calories for half an entire pizza that’s insane yep yeah it’s cauliflower so I saw blade got on the server you know

It’s bad when he has to hop on well he’s going to be on the other team with Luke yeah it’s gonna be Luke and Blade with the with the mods Willie Vernon Luke and blade vers us sorry chat we’re doing the best we can but this is what happens everyone

Like oh why don’t you ever face the mods in battle because they don’t know how to do things Tori they’re delaying the inevitable their downfall is the inevitable would you delay that to wouldn’t I delay that too no I take my failures head on these drops see that

Laugh I just want to play Minecraft with my friends I want to play Minecraft too Jerry I can’t play qu because they won’t set it up the mods don’t know how to Minecraft babe so uh who you guys think is going to going to win the Super

Bowl I don’t even know who’s competing it is the 49ers and the Chiefs 49ers and the Chiefs man I have no frame of reference for whether those guys are good or not but you would assume that because they made it to the Super Bowl they’re pretty

Good the Chiefs won a few years ago and the 49ers are have just been a good team in general I I remember Patriots winning a good number of times so they go downhill or what well they lost Tom Brady so yeah yeah Tom Brady was the whole team let’s be

Honest they lost Tom Bry and cron like it was over I’m way more of a baseball sort of guy the Astros signed Altuve for like another five years I think the Cowboys will really win Miguel I Cowboys fans are something else oh man I don’t know Patrick Mahomes is

Good though so it’s kind of tough to tell Dude the MS Kelsey combo but then you got uh Brock Mr QB 49er he’s pretty good so where does John Cena fit into all this I you probably be there H so how about those movies guys I

Actually I saw a horror commercial for a movie coming out soon that I’m really interested in called long legs e so just that’s wait is it just a movie about Steve but like isn’t that such a wild name for a horror movie like you You’ think it’s going to be spicy

Dy try look yeah it’s my boy here you can have him thank you I’ll I’ll cherish him he’s a little guy he is indeed a little guy I’m going to take him with me to battle I feel bad but I have to go eventually yeah I’m G to go yell at them

Again what’s the big what’s the why you guys it’s it’s really but we can do 33 at that point in time not a [Laughter] you I don’t know if you’re interested in that what am I interested in what a 3v3 out yeah uh let me let me math on time uh

Yeah I me 30 minutes from now do ma if we lower to 25 minutes I’ll give him like five more minutes but yeah then we might have to do that we might not have a choice I’m sorry Chad just proving our superiority just press oh jeez Super Bowl I’m I’m gonna ask the

Chat who will win the Super Bowl it’s workshopping who is going to like it’s it’s got I got to know what the parlay is okay I need to know what people think it’s it’s got to be the Chiefs man I just feel so out of place

Among you guys right now cuz I just don’t care about the Super Bowl at all I start I don’t either I’m I’m I’m watching this purely for entertainment value I have no allegiance to anything here gry’s watching it for Taylor Swift she’s I don’t even know if she’s

Going to be there she’s doing her Tokyo uh I think it’s said that her jet will land in time that’s so funny that’s Wild N dude urer is the halftime and uh post Malone’s doing I’m sorry who uh urer Ur baby that’s how he says his

Name all right I know it’s not actually but he says erser I’m going to see Hank Williams Jr at the rodeo this year yo nice wait that’s kind of sick yeah it’s going to be awesome I’m going to wear my cowboy boots and my cowboy hat and I’m going to go watch

There we go who wins the Super Bowl it’s obviously Steve Steve versus both teams Steve I think I could the 48ers had 22% and then the chefs had 21% dude I I think I could win the Super Bowl put me in tag me in coach Steve they’d break you like a

Twig all I got to do is out run You’ be you’d be out just as fast as you were put into the game rsy I know I I saw that’s why I started laughing I could be the kicker I could be the kicker yeah CU if anyone

Touches you it’s a shut up cuz if anyone touches you it’s a foul so that’s fair all luk going lower to 25 minutes they they are hopeful they have a third on the way and then Luke will probably have to team up in the fourth spot okay cool

Beans forging oh dude easiest dude if you’re talking about smithing level in Skyrim easiest thing to do go mine up a bunch of iron ore and the leather uh straps and stuff and just and just Spam craft iron daggers easiest thing for you to do let’s go and then uh and then you

Well you know he’s now not down there we haven’t gotten to you know I got to explain how to level listen this is what you do okay potions up your level and then you craft a bunch of iron daggers to unlock all the stuff okay all let’s go I need to

Go he’s currently pooping his pants drops he that’s what he always makes truly Tori is a saint sorry I love you Rampage Dragon drops he’s yapping what hey sky Skyrim never be yapping I have terrible news for you guys what I am joining team mod well then get over there get going start

This start it off once we’re all s dog we’re settled start the game literally dog water Jesus man that’s crazy go did we get steak no yes no no yes yes yes go remember tick speed is up here so dude if they don’t I’m literally just going I’m

Going I don’t even care I’m going making babies first thing you did pep has his priorities in an odd place but for an enchantment table bro oh my God got a point dude 25 minutes is not going to be enough time to get everyone armor so I

Don’t know what we’re we have to get 200 and some odd that’s why I’m speed wait Steve get back over to the chest over there with a $50 straight to Chrono s a double steak bomb on Steve no that’s bad I was the I was the person for uh

NE there we go thank you Kronos guys if you really want to help us out there you can destroy some of their beacons you know what I’m saying I’m saying yeah just make it to where we could just kill them immediately we could just kill them

Off rip don’t have to worry about it yeah that’d be Mr Alex Capone with a 25b stream a steak bom on Dawn cppy we got for days alap we also have cows in this room and it’s really annoying I just can’t believe that Al Capone came out here to give CPP a steak

Bombing the AL here we go I’m a big fan of alap ponage he’s probably a nice enough guy right yeah totally he’s a wildly guy tricky tricky oh my gosh bu all right I already got an iron pick I’m heading down I’m going to try to what are we

Unlocking first not the end this time actually the nether James with a $50 St why are they Steve that’s another minute under steak bomb buddy he James did a double steak bomb of Steve let’s shoot for a new record guys also got to cussion I got kicked in the head in MMA o

Ooh I’ll say rest up buddy and maybe if you’re watching this on like a phone or something turn the brightness down and if there’s one thing I know yeah if there’s one thing I know about brains though it will grow back so you should be fine if there’s one thing I know

Where’s my steak bomb he needs a double it’s because it’s blade he’s not even here he’s not even here that blade blade got it I got it I’m getting steak bombed it just took him a long time is this bu I wasn’t even in here I was dealing with something

Else I’m making some stuff go ahead and throw that coal in there if you can Luke would never let this happen not true Luke already messed up on something else that’s not true at all Luke’s a standup guy he would never CU Luke didn’t put the data pack

In Luke up guy you take that back how dare you disparage him the is not even on this world I’m trying to find it so I can put it on Steve please Steve oh it’s capping sorry literally getting trying to do a staircase and you’re just like wait

Chaos company thank you the $100 streight to for a warning on the intern Ru him all right I can finally get my stone pickaxe did somebody say Moon Him Luke just goes bro I’m underground with the warden yeah let that be hey Steve Jacob Flores was a steak bomb on Steve the $25

Stre dip oh my goodness can I please can’t even like it’s taking a second to break some things yeah I haven’t even made a stone pickaxe yet at least you di of the warden imagine why is it keep inventory on put the data pack

On br oh my God I got to just go in creative mode and get your spectator get your stuff I that’s that’s what I’m doing yeah I’m going to go back and then go back to the top okay we need like four stacks of gold if we want even a hope

Like bro oh jeez okay good the lag is just blade load of the data pack I was like r r Shaggy yep dude Jacob Flores said yeah he’s right job florid said man Steve is slacking I know dude could we turn off this steak bomb he spent more time

Yapping about some steak bomb thing yeah man like complaining about steak bomb when there are hungry kids who would love to have a steak bomb oh God that’s a direction uh Mr blade cuz I don’t know if it works anymore I have the diamonds for the uh nether if that could be

Unlocked uh I don’t even know what he did here give it uh that’s what I’m saying normally we would just have to give it to him I don’t think it like worked as intended and you would have to like just go break it Hi here’s my payment oh man I’m lagging bad frame

Wise oh yeah all right Steve I’m going to take care of oh Steve I know it’s all your steak that you threw on the floor probably that’s good steak and you’re wasting it do you have no shame no I have plenty of can we get to

Clear all on that steak though for real for real for I I’ll get you once you get a chance to Brea blade blade blade blade blade blade blade but blade could you please please could we could you also solve world hunger please the intern would never let this

Happen blade I would like a million dollars okay since we’re asking for stuff thank you okay cool I didn’t realize we had enough diamonds for that York Giants no he’s helping the mods minus one Beacon for us blade you have to break one of our beacons dude just cut us some

Slack come on man you’re giants we got a win dude bruh so they’re up six to seven then question no attention to the scoreboard but which Beacon will Mr blade be breaking oh that’s a good question Jerry all right going through this wayy you said you’re already working on

Netherite I’m heading down there right now into The Nether stuff gold is going to be hard guys sure is all right I need to run this reload to see if it’ll actually enable the data pack now so why is so much I’ve got seven diamonds nice I mean I guess getting

Full diamond is like a priority to start yeah just cuz I don’t think we’re going to get the full armor for everybody no not a chance dude I’m going to try I’m try God okay however this was made this lava is terrible is it just like deleting a

Bunch of the glow stone well it’s like it’s just spots because it was definitely made with a command and so it’s just everywhere uhoh yeah it was uh like 1% of of Netherrack changed that is not true just looking at it that cannot be true I

Refuse 1% of Netherrack and some of it was also changed to something else so okay I’m just gonna make that diamond pick the intern would never play I’m just gonna keep saying this intern would I listen I know him he would also yeah the naava is actually becoming a problem

I can’t pick up any the glow stone cuz it burns Netherrack or uh nether debris is fine but focking of water uh I’ve just been replacing it with blocks and you could probably just replace it with blocks okay I built a diamond pick and I have 10 extra diamonds so nice a little

More I have a lot of emeralds though 14 of them I mean I guess we can all get Zeus’s strike arino soon yeah I’m working on gold now since drop’s in the nether yeah Gold’s going to be something else yeah I don’t think at the Y level that there is gold cuz I

Haven’t seen it in a minute yeah I think gold tends to stay a little bit higher uh yeah the lower you go the more you find like diamonds and emeralds gold is like kind of mid level of our things as soon as you start seeing a ton of as

Soon as you see golden like deeps like you’re a bit too FR so Gold’s not in the lower y levels BL the intern would never the intern would never the intern one that set this up yeah the intern would never would never not our intern hashtag not our intern um I have 18

Diamonds what do we need diamonds for uh in case we netherite as a backup in case things go horribly wrong that’s fair that’s fair L netherite being spent okay I have 41 Diamonds oh my gosh I found some blocks of diamonds so like it was diamonds are

Further down oh I probably should just been doing that to be ho is also a necessity because we have to fuel the furnaces make more cows Steven Libby oh and Diamond hatchets don’t forget to make and if you get extra extra extra Diamond you can even do diamond shovels

Too I don’t think we’re going to be able to do enchantment I mean we could and it could make be the difference between like just Enchanted and then like not enchanted diamond okay that’s possible Raiders and Recorders it’s very possible that blade picked up zanite that might be what’s

Going on yeah yeah because Luke would just not that yeah Luke knows better yeah man how much did it to destroy one of your beacons hang on whoa whoa whoa the card hey wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait let me find the company card here hey wait blade blade real

Quick why don’t you why don’t you check oh no toothless boy you’re ruthless boy is more like it oh my goodness that’s what I’m talking about bro dude the intern would never oh more gold oh my God this lava is making me so sad all right that’s enough diamonds for

Me should I go and get uh solid Emerald blocks we can get Zeus’s uh thing yeah is the weapons might be all we can get and that might make all the difference you know oh definitely dude there’s a crazy stream tip for a full set of armor

And weapon but I don’t know oh dear oh man night vision isn’t on a repeating command block no no it’s because I had to run it as a command because you know blade didn’t do the command block but my goodness it wouldn’t be a problem the intern would never have allowed this to

Happen intern would never never dude okay I found a spot that was giving me more gold than usual poison we should do more mod events honestly against the mods yeah man agreed to be fair I do like facing them it’s fun it’s a added Challenge and it’s

Yeah it’s added Challenge and it’s nice to actually get to hang out with you guys uh who’s the challenge added for by the way quick question will Challen is to our I don’t know if this is meant to be the set but it’s definitely what I’m going

To give you if somebody gives you the full set I forgot you’re tell me you don’t know what’s in the Traders yeah don’t do anything else poopy uh blade for some You Luke wouldn’t do that blade yeah L you know what else Luke would do he

Would make it that if I paid for the end area turn around what blade now is not the time or place for this head it over oh oh you want my oh oh okay got it got it got I thought you were trying to show off your hair do uh

Nice guys I’m just saying the intern would not let this happen dude I’m just saying man it’s like something just doesn’t feel the same Steve you you good dude Steve yeah I’m doing fine check this check we we saw we saw I’m just surprised you’re not normally so bold

Steve oh my gosh okay I’ve got 24 gold so far hyper tpls said blade doing his best we know and that’s the problem it’s just not up to the end where’s the where’s the company card oh we canceled that it’s gone now company is cancelled there’s no card it’s it’s

Over you know guys I’ve had a really good time today oh yeah it’s been a nice day it has been a nice day for you Steve yeah like it could have been way worse it could have been way worse I just wish that the what was it molaga what was

It bro you out here hey Vernon finally got diamonds that’s crazy long enough that’s insanely long amount of time for for the diamonds okay I’m finding a good amount we need help to beat these guys is all I’m saying they’re up by one already Will’s probably just straight up cheating yeah Will

Cheating and they had the though no Luke Luke would never L Luke would never Luke would never he’s just a sunshine baby like how could you ever cast aspersions on him dude the intern would never dude I can’t believe someone said he does MMA like I was told jiujitsu he oh what MMA

Or Jiu-Jitsu what I was told to Jitsu that’s why I said white belt specifically fancy seeing you here okay no but I’m ending that poll immediately not a chance pal we’re not doing epic fight mod you get garbage yeah that that stuff was terrible epic fight mod is the worst mod ever which

For some reason triggers Cappy whenever I say it but it is just gen so well I I just can’t ever rely on you to have any taste jome is all it is it’s terrible cap you enjoyed when we Ed those in the mini games yeah I thought it was

Interesting I just think that the implementation was not good because like why were we doing it on floating islands Fair epic fight good thing luk didn’t set that up yeah he would never he would never dude the intern would never who’s just digging straight down the middle probably Steve that’s not

Optimal how many Emerald solid blocks is it per lightning thing I’ve got 32 so two stacks okay we need two I have almost one stack I have 60 so I’ll be able to get us the two stacks I’m just strip mining need as much gold as

Possible Yep this lava is making me so mad dude it’s definitely we’re definitely going to be rocking like uh diamond armor I think I yeah I don’t want to jinx it but I do have half the glow stone we need bro that’s wild I don’t have near the

Gold we need I have nine gold or only I have I found one of the blocks hold on hold on all hope is not lost hold on like netherite netherite blocks in here that’s big big Le that’s ning it’s that’s technically it’s technically 36 gold

That we don’t need and 36 scraps that we don’t need Kronos that might be the worst idea we’ve ever received what the epic fight mod with the gravity changing mod what you want to fight on the walls listen all these things are cool in theory Jerry just wouldn’t be able to do

It like I think he’d literally vomit be terrible okay I have 43 gold 24 good stuff good stuff I need about half a stack more of you say that about a volunteer Jerry did I can I say what sorry I was too busy handing handing the zanite I can’t remember what

Talk oh man I I lost my train of thought must have been zanite powered somebody say anite who are you well I just realize the irony of the fact that Salvador lehon AKA Chava in the chat the live chat before we started this said he was rooting for us and then

He just had to sub in so now it’s like well well well well he asked that really and I was like oh you just sabotage your team and he said oh okay oh sh who is digging just down the middle of this it’s not optimal like at all

I’ll give you one guess as to who could possibly be doing it it’s why you could do it one away from either side and then you’d see all the ores possible no I know what it is C it’s because he’s been trying to mine with the epic fight mod and it’s just that’s

What happens kind of goes all over God have you abandoned in all sense yeah all sense what all sense all sense wait did I miss something how are they missing a oh immediately Chava Beacon bork what give him one back I feel bad we can’t have him actually sabotaged that’s

Really funny though I appreciate the commitment to I do appreciate it all right I SL killed I got two stacks of emerald nice blocks or emeralds Emerald blocks no just emeralds see you were in the end right right I mean I need to get this stuff

Cooking if we want any NE like more netherite anyway so like let’s go yeah what you got to get the netherite uh I’m I’m working on I’m just I’m I’m honest I’m all oh I’m on fire is what I am I’m building my backup gear here yeah all

Good one two three four five so chat this is my emergency gear oh I didn’t have smelted that iron for the shield Okay so we’ve got a good amount of iron working now do we need iron I I mean gold okay I was like do we actually

Need iron is there any point okay so are we going to be able to that’s valid but J you never use Shields you know the intern would never give this kind of Trash Talk blade oh my God never dude okay so do we think we’re all going

To be able to get the sword or weapon from this thing uh that’s entirely up to drop if she has the glowstone then you don’t burn I’m I’m very close to having all the glowstone and then I’m just going to go on a debris like run down uh I might die though I

Don’t think you have time to get more debris we’ve only got 5 minutes left if I find the blocks though Connor asked why do we need a diamond shovel I will show you why um it’s not just memes it’s actually very useful for the beginning of the battle phase the tunnels are all

Covered in dirt so it will like even the middle one there which has L loot so if we can get to the middle faster than them I.E having a diamond shovel uh theoretically we’ll able to get the loot faster so it’s it’s actually like of the utmost importance having a diamond

Shovel thank you for coming to my T um Iron Iron kind of like the way you said that like the way I said what Ted yeah it kind of feel a little aggressive honestly oh talk yeah that too uh okay let me smel this up we can at least get the dragon slayer

Sword spear I think like we can get two of those drops he found a block of netherite Chris iron said jump bro I’m out here trying to show people about how the map is and he like hanging over the edge jump bruh brh the nerve of some people Chris the

Nerve Chris iron I’m G start calling you Chris aluminum all right oh man that one got steeve it did get me I always get Steve with stupid just like the dumb dad level jokes they just always get oh yeah I can’t help it I will always laugh at dad jokes burning drop

Yeah all right I’m making our drop down tunnels by the way here okay dope all right slash kill getting us all prepared over here nice to this side uh I think yeah that no no this one this one’s straight down all right we need to start crafting the armor now

Like uh it’s getting desperately close and we have nothing crafted I just made yeah I made Diamond I just I do you have the scraps diamonds glowstone but I’m going to I’m still I’m going to take the time because we still have 3 minutes to see if I can find blocks we

Have 3 minutes oh have you not gotten any scrap I mean I have some but it takes a lot longer to mine that’s why I’m just going to try to look for the blocksy I thought you’ve been getting scraps this whole time I mean I have been but I also have to get

Glowstone if she got she got to block a netherite we can get at least two of the spears you know see Nathan is accusing you of having an Irish accent slip up earlier this stream apparently that’s C what did I do this time you had an Irish

Accent slip up yeah but like what did I say uh Jerome enchanting table that’s what you can work on I don’t have a bro I don’t think yeah okay that’s it’s not happening man like nope not happening there we go and the last piece of water

Was placed all right so we have a quick drop off point uh do you guys want me to take middle because I have a diamond shovel yes uh yes absolutely do you want one of us to back you up honestly rather us think different things Drome think about all the looten

Middle that we could take back and the arm cuz I I I hope to God there are blocks there yeah like very salvageable if we can just push towards mid if someone wants to go for one of the other tunnels they seem to have chest in the middle of them so oh oh

Killer Nation with a $200 stream tip said Jerry gets OP armor weapons my my God need back up here to worry about I already got diamond ready so like okay if drops if you need you can have can I have your old diamond stuff cuz I’ve only been here the whole

Time yeah let’s go killer Nation thank you dude yeah okay so I I’ll shovel you’re on full fight Duty dude no do the do the double thing two people on shovel Duty so you can go fast as you get in the bottom chest was going to have all

Your extra diamond stuff okay thank you I’m running back up now and I’m going to put uh glow oh that is steak okay killer Nation GG my guy this is junk we’re getting the Dub here now cap we’re doing it okay you’re going to dig you sure yeah I’ll dig and you can

Probably also dig if you think you can hold on I was going to say I’m going to make a shovel because we should do the two at the same time cuz it’s way faster okay what you might want to do is offhand that with the spear Jerry go jir set a stake on

The mod of Jerry’s Choice Willie are we not going to use this block in netherite 7 Seconds s seconds will but we’re going to try and Rush first okay seconds all which top block or bottom block I’ll go top killer Nation you might have secured us the win

Thank you buddy thank you buddy again for real on a scale of 1 to 10 you’re the goest okay I’m just going to rush yep go go go go go yep yep yep go all right we’re good we’re clear I think yeah literally Notch Apple and netherite ingots Notch Apple netherite ingots okay

Also some hide stuff under here I just saw that’s literally what I was doing right now over here I Can’t Break Stuff pun oh golden apples okay I have eight netherite ingots drops you want I’m taking all the diamond and I’m dropping my dropsy I was going to say all the

Netherite just give it to me and I’m going to go back up and see what I can make all right let’s get in anything else you guys got it okay I’m going to break I’m going to mine this last these last diamonds and then head back up

Floppy Fish bom on Jerry said James thank you for the $30 stream tip best of luck drop daddy oh jeez oh jeez let my Floppy Fish Propel us forward to Victory oh how did he get the armor how he’s got full armor oh my gosh does he really

They probably prioritized one person we have enough for it nice all right I’m digging straight down to get one of their lower beacons okay we can do this Chad you ready who had the armor was it Vernon uh okay I’m going to take out their nether I’m taking they got they got multiple

Sets they got multiple sets no shot really oh oh it wasn’t as much as you guys said uh what do you mean it wasn’t as much I thought it was more netherite ingots than like what you guys were letting no we we said how much scrap it was

Okay he’s coming to Mid by the way all right I’m in their nether by the way guys so don’t break any beacons I’m going to take out their hardest one first okay yeah you’re fine uh they’re on their way over two of them to our first beacon all right all right that’s fine

You guys just got to defend them like I said I know that they’ll probably break more beacons but we’re going to get the hardest one literally oh bro they’ve already got H they broke one of our beacons dude dude this is miserable why is there so much

Lava in here you’re right dropy this is I dude yeah it’s awful it’s it’s horrendous dude okay where we going dropsy the intern would first beacon but uh I saw the names and as soon as I started heading down I hope you get a middle seat on your flight how dare you

Wow that’s that’s actually brutal I picked up the the Lightning Spear thing I two shot one of them in the good armor yeah do we have more netherite just laying around more the weapon is so important it’s way more important than the Armor the weapon costs four so oh you’re okay there’s

Enough debris or uh scrap dude if I didn’t have I got like 46 of them okay yeah oh my goodness Wily has a spawn just close enough that he can stop me from breaking this Beacon every time bro why is isn’t a spawn in the area

Supposed to be in the no that’s what I’m saying it’s the first beacon but his spawn was just on the you break Beacon orc yeah sorry oh I see why that’s a problem I am so sorry sorry I am so sorry Jerome fine I I don’t I didn’t want to win I’m so

Sorry I’m running over there so I’m going to get a turbo break then giving up on the nether for now nether is disgusting okay I can make a netherite inished dude the sword is just so good hey Steve hey can you uh thanks there I got the

Sword um about to bork another one oh really nice I wasn’t even going for this this one I just happened to stumble upon it they’re coming in on the far left okay I’m guarding the right right now I wasn’t even going for that one I just kind of stumbled upon

It all right we’re tie ball game now tie ball game I’ve got two people on me ouch let me know what you need back up I’m just stopping being like used at all someone was digging over here but maybe they stopped mhm no they’re still there intern’s just

Digging up on the far left side you might be going for a different Beacon all right I’m going to make it through these tunnels on the far side you should be on your right soon dude quite literally Willie I’m heading on up all right I have made a successful

Tunnel to one of their beacons I’m about to break it cha Chava came out of nowhere I think the spear has a right click ability too it does I’ve been striking Willie with lightning oh yeah whenever he Shields I’ll stri him with the lightning be bor be bor okay I’m

Back home I’m heading on over I’m just guarding one Beacon oh I fell running back so strong which one did you break huh oh no you guys said it and so I’m running back that’s I apologize okay so we only have one regular one left and then it’s

Uh what is it so it’s it’s one regular one left if I’m understanding oh no there’s two okay okay okay so they have two reg on I’m heading into The Nether right now nice oh wish me luck guys wishing you luck oh my goodness there’s so much lava oh dude

It’s terrible I told you it’s it’s literally just the worst a a spooky ghost knocked over my green screen oh no it’s not standing it’s not standing oh no oh it’s cuz the bottom legs yeah that should work all right I’m going to break one of the uh one of the

Beacons I’m making good progress over here in the nether are you I’ve just been killing slowly but surely Beacon Bor sound familiar that’s fine that’s fine I’ll TP back once I find the place that’s fair you don’t have to yeah Tech the rule is you just can’t break a

Beacon but you don’t have to come back yeah there’s nothing making you come back all I’m going to get that last beacon in the middle there wait Luke isn’t wearing the same armor is it oh it is just looks weird okay okay ow there’s a straight shot to their

Beacon they have flowing lava on it but there is a straight shot now I’m currently just lava or not the lava the that lightning attack hurts I’m the Lightning Thief what does it even mean Percy Jacky Jackson who don’t don’t say that bro how dare you how dare way informative bro next

You’re going to say you don’t know about Aragon I’m going to be honest I didn’t know about person Jackson either so till recently what it’s wild I mean I think that was just a little after like I don’t I don’t know I also didn’t I didn’t read very much as a kid

Uh Steve probably just head back to our side head back to our side so that way if you do accidentally find the nether Beacon would you just get going no I found it that’s what I said oh you did already wait per yes I found it York

Giants with $160 Dam wait for us York no he was to break two of our Beacon so blade break two of ours also I broke one of theirs all they have left is the end in the nether so blade if you set red to to two and then if you break two of

Hours set us to three York Giants why are you helping them dude oh no oh my gosh oh my gosh we can do this guys we could do this all right did you you said you broke one or something sorry yeah put us to two put red to two and us to three

And then break two of our beacons yeah I did that I didn’t know if if you got a beacon for I did I did all they have is the end of the nether left that’s all they have Raiders and Recorders said why is blade negative -2 I don’t know but

The intern would never be good question yeah the intern would never all right I’m in the end Steve so I’m going to try find I’m in the nether I’m I’m go into the beacon so you might as well get spawning in here mob spawning on all right see you I’m breaking the

Beacon all right I’m resetting resetting uh I broke it and nothing happened yeah it’s I’m just spawn camping them right now that’s what I’m doing bro I’ve been guarding this one tunnel the whole time while you guys look for beacons the last one’s the end yeah got

Him oh hey dropsy hey this is what I’ve been guarding the whole time they have not come through here all right I’m over at the end what I just dropped my phone I think oh that’s what I heard yeah I heard that wait killer Nation the 80 said other

Team loses last Beacon go team Jerry break that Beacon hold on someone tell them last life oh last lives they we’re starting now last lives thank you killer Nation yeah get them I got them attack whenever one of them dies make sure you put him in spectator Mo

Blade it’s ogre for them it’s ogre for them one of them just died cap which one was that that was uh Salvador Leon shav Leon okay so he needs to be in going up oh Soldier I don’t have any building blocks so I’m going to follow cap yeah giant

Said he’s only helping because red is favorite red is my favorite color too but I mean come on man guys I’m going after him right now I’m in a fight with him right now I killed Vernon he’s out ver out Luke’s out out how many are left wait that’s it that

Was a two we won wait that was it that was it that was it g g everybody that means two and0 Team Buddies over team mods thank you killer Nation for helping us secure that Victory thank you York Giants for being me mean to us making it that much more

Of a rewarding win that’s going to do it though everyone unfortunately I won’t be live streaming tomorrow like I said I’m going to be out of town however I’ll be back Monday live again to hang out with y’all take care have a great weekend thank you for joining us today and

Bye-bye my friends thanks for celebrating the return of good internet connection look at me you can see all the frames yes yes Ponder and and and wonderment and amaze I it’s just Okay Internet it’s not like anyway

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