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[Music] [Music] [Music] go to afternoon hello Ryland how are you glasses are fued up hello hey hello van hello first new can’t remember what you called hello toxic is that can’t remember what you asked me to call hang in a minute hey tox [Music] is it Sam you ask me to call what was it again anyway hello sorry everyone just suddenly appeared that I said three viewers and it just jumped up to six I Sam Sam Sam right okay I need to remember that when I see your name anyway I started oh a giant Teddy head has appeared on my base hello giant Tedy head Tedy bhead anyway I start of I haven’t decorated this outside area but oh no toxic you just keep rubbing it in you just keep rubbing it [Music] in how is that you know what that is that’s cuz you do that must be CU you’re doing Roblox uh shorts I think I think I might build a house over this you know I don’t know I’ve got I’ve still got loads of stter stuff to do all right I was thinking I need I need dark oak uh bamboo because the ship I’m going to build is going to be dark oak bamboo mix I think it’s definitely going to need bamboo the little 5-year-olds that did it maybe so that going oh look at that that’s good isn’t it I’m going to fill that up quite quick actually did he only put one chest there oh yeah that is going to fill up quick right well that’s good so um this stter base we’re just going to carry on working on the stter base cuz there’s still too there’s still tons of stuff to do I don’t like this entrance by the way well that’s cool but the the giant bhead is cool but I don’t like the the way I’ve done this I just did this really quick at the end of last stream but I don’t really like it so it’s going to change um yeah so um bamboo Farm iron I I need iron [Music] okay this is where my Bas starts going weird because it just build loads of little off shoot areas everywhere um H let me just think think [Music] think someone leave me in here diamonds and Rockets right think now I it’s going to be probably another one or two live streams before I actually start building the main build I think because I just still need to carry on Gathering stuff so um my God is saying maybe okay let’s just think about this a sec all right chop them out we’ll just dig through here and we’ll build our bamboo Farm through here oh no we won’t it’s actually full of water actually completely full of water right well not we’re not going to do that that’s changed right o no that’s weird up there isn’t it Minecraft cave sounds are crazy yeah just a little thingy on the server uh mod plugin thing a um where could have put like should have put a door here actually actually I’ve just realized this is going to be water isn’t it yeah of course it is oh whose idea is it to build a base here [Music] right uh right I don’t think this is going to go in here cuz I I don’t think it’s going to fit if they ever get to be too much you can turn the stuff that oh yeah yeah I’m I’m I’m being indecisive here cuz I can’t work out what to do I know I’ll just move the bed and we’ll build across there we’ll just we’ll just build through the water cuz it’s just annoying hey toxic go there this is going to be water here yeah please don’t destroy my whole base right um no is is I want to get onto the main build and it just takes a while because I’ve got to do all the St base stuff which will avenge you and pass Tilly you will avenge Me Oh by passing Tilly h a minute I okay you say that I’ve just got some have good for now [Music] which you should get your own skin get my own skin I have my own my own skin I use it on the other server this one now currently is uh one that I downloaded but tweaked CU it’s supposed to be in line with the story that I’m trying to create but going to take a while to create it it’s okay H oh come on oh let’s just uh clear this out yes Rich lives in a fish tank hello DM my goal by the end of the year is 20,000 unbelievable toxic unbelievable as long as you plug me toxic go for it I don’t mind you’re overtaking me as long as you plug me on your [Applause] channel take me with you when you’re famous I don’t want to be left behind in the I feel everywhere right my cough is driving me crazy so ignore me right that is the entrance this is now going to be where the bamboo Farm is and I’m got to try and remember how to make a flying machine which will be interesting cuz I am terrible at most Redstone related [Applause] things you trying to make your own skin cool what what are you using are you on one of the skin website thingy [Music] Oh no just stop filling with water downloaded that cool Rich hello toxic how is that turned into a s one wait how did that happen maybe it just was I need to go I’m going to need to accept that I’m going to need a storage place in here and I’ve I’ve been reluctant to build one CU I wanted to build one on the ship the reality is I need a I need storage what do you think you will get by the end of the Year honestly me um I reckon 6,000 I reckon unless something really takes off for is a bad year how come right we’re going to need to build out some we just build up somewhere oh no let’s just make a mini storage area for now because I’ve just got far too many blocks realized I used a crafting table before for that and I didn’t even need to right is he going to fill with [Music] water are you how come how come oh it’s not me that’s not even not even oops long story okay whichit you got a fe feeling my girlfriend will break up with me how come what what makes you think that oh go away hey Ryland didn’t know you were still there not been texting for six [Music] days maybe you don’t know is there something going on for her at the moment though she’s got exams or something or she’s if she’s really busy with something that can be a reason why do she are was texture right okay oh I’m just carrying so much stuff all the time I need to just offload some of this we’re going to go I’m just going to go to the Nether and get some uh it one two you’re going to be famous one day Sam she does have exams but still she says hi six days it’s maybe ask toxic maybe just message and say is everything okay we haven’t messaged watch recently sometimes it’s easier to just ask than one day uh let’s get out of here toxic ryland’s adventures with his with getting in trouble with his girlfriend a legendary don’t should take advice from Ryland he’s always in trouble with his girlfriend uh hang on a minute let’s get might end up in a whole heap of trouble that going to get caught there no gravel why have we got loads of gravel hat did you get it got it most of our conversations when Ryland online is about him getting in trouble with his girlfriend so you might not be the best person to ask advice back soon going to change some stuff my channel that’s okay toxic with the speed you’re growing your subs will go up and down loads so would I wouldn’t worry about it and by the way I called her brother she said she broke her phone there you go sometimes it’s just a simple explanation toxic you know you can uh J to conclusion sometimes I get worried oh oh I’m not going down there to get that she laugh because I broke my phone three times and now she’s broke hers where did that Beacon come from weird oh I’ve just realized I’ve got haste on my oh someone’s left me a beacon oh that’s very nice of them either that or they’ve been mining my area no they haven’t they’ve done it that’s very nice of them how was thinking before was that even oh I don’t know it’s like haunted the area I live in [Music] here um I’m just going to PO was that there at the start of the stream am I going mad I someone just come in and built that was that there at the start I did I have haste before am I going insane I think I might be going insane I’m sure I didn’t have Hast before when I start started someone’s like snuck in someone like snuck in that give me a beacon or something I that I did have it and I was just so used to having it I didn’t even notice cuz that’s likely cuz cuz they have it cuz they use it so much on the other oops I’m sure I didn’t have that before I don’t know ignore me I have no idea what’s going on Ryland I have no idea whatever happens you need some [Music] storage no I didn’t have haste before someone has come on while I was streaming and and give me that some mysterious elf some gift elf just come on to give me that while I was streaming there is like five four other people online [Music] so oh can I just no no can I just get on the please yes that middle one’s a bit stupid at all oh who yeah I definitely didn’t have that Beacon [Music] here someone’s blowing the H near me no what’s blowing their hor baby my base is haunted I think what is going on who is haunting me they’re hiding I I I I I I I’m scared I’m a bit scared that wasn’t the chicken was it someone is near me Bing chus H oh hey there’s a person ah dang it hi did you put that Beacon there no absolutely not oh hang a minute I I just might need to turn you down what’s this what’s the the key to to okay ah voice CH settings V and then it should be like sliders the icon should be like sliders I it on 2% for some reason right I think that’s uh you might you might need that for some people um I think there should be another option to turn individual people down right okay uh let me just is it group no uh ohang on a minute just volumes okay okay yours might have to go down a bit I think it was it’s on 200 from when I was on speaking to AI the first time uh yeah I think that’s about right let’s do that hello anyway hi um just wanted to give you like a I don’t think we’ve actually met properly uh I don’t think so um I I get mixed up because is your M you have you in my chat before you have I have vand but it’s vand sloth right different name that’s why yeah it’s a different name so anyway hello in in real life or game Minecraft life M Minecraft voice chat yeah that sort of re sort of real life but yeah more real life to me than the actual real life so that yeah I live here more than I do in real world so that’s yeah hello hi I um um so I I figured like I I’ve been watching like your your past two streams as like vods I’ve just been like trying to keep track of just like uh if I can you know help out in subtle ways while not you know being too in the way you know that you know what I mean you know letting you have your creative freedom um and I just figured you you you I think you saw my first gift last stream and um I know it the fish fish head on the the barrel with the diamonds yeah okay thank you and um I notic you were doing underground base so I figured H Beacon why not it’s only it’s just a starter base for now cuz I’m going to build a big ship out in the ocean but um when away and thought when I went away and thought about the resources needed I realized I’m going to need to build a bunch of farms to get the resources to build the actual so this is my stter St base and then the ship will be my starter base so this is like my pre my pre- starter base oh okay yeah I got you I I’ve actually done that something very similar it didn’t look as pretty as yours it it kind of looked horrific but um yeah so so I’m I’m I’m in the Pro I’m going to make it a bamboo Farm today and and the first ship I’m going to build is going to be um black stone which is actually we’re pretending it’s um wood paint Ed black and B bamboo so that it’s it’s black and yellow basically so it’s like a ship that’s it’s like an old old gallion painted black and yellow basically and but the story is that the the there’s there’s a deep dark ancient city underneath where we’re stood and there’s sorry there’s going to be a town here and the the the archaeologists and adventurers have uncovered the ancient city but the the uh the what you call it skull is poisonous and it started creeping out of the ancient city and the ships fleeing to escape but the ships are going to end up covered in skull like they’ve been poisoned um you know so my my my outfit is a deep sea diver outfit cuz that’s how they find the city through deep through diving into the water and wow it’s underneath this yeah something like that I I’m kind of working out as a go so so are you going to like come across it while the Christ is happening or is it just like I don’t I don’t know really I almost thought maybe the ships have have left the port and they’re decaying as they leave but but they’re empty and because the people have have gone missing or they’ve died or maybe maybe not go too dark with it but but but they’re missing maybe missing a better way um or something along the lines of that I don’t know it depends on how long I don’t know when this world gets reset I don’t know if you have a time where you you start a new world it it takes as long as it needs to essentially um that that that’s the best way I can really describe it at the minute we don’t really have a concrete time to stop yeah yeah well I I’ll just keep building it until like yeah I’ll just see how it goes I’m I’m just kind of work it out as a as a as a I have I I kind of got a picture in my head of some things I want but uh I don’t know if actually to to to dig a giant hole right down into the deep dark or not or have it like does there’s a sinkhole in the town or I don’t know I’m still working it out really okay well uh if by the way I if you ever need to move I I just my the beacon was just like my best guess as for placement if you ever need it and need to move it I’m not going to be offended did or anything that’s okay I appreciate it I appreciate it is there a sign on it oh yeah there is oh yeah hopefully this helps all right thanks I I wasn’t sure if I was going to uh stick around and mess with you for a bit or not so I just put a sign there just I logged on and then like and then haste just appeared and I was thinking was that there at the start of the stream I couldn’t even I couldn’t remember if I ever been I’m sure I didn’t have H before yeah I I I thought that was the effect I was hoping it would have because I I I imagine you were kind of like used to having haste at least to some degree yeah so I that that that worked out perfect I if in case you didn’t figure it out I love messing with people in a certain way no it’s okay like I Josh who was who are played with on the other server just that that’s how he spends most of his streams just leaving me little track building random things that appear in places uh you know and then I’ll get a little message saying have you logged on to the server yet and I’ll go why oh yeah and he say oh oh just make no no reason I was just wondering and’ll be a puffer fish hid hidden at the entrance of my base or something or some kind of trap with a mine cart TNT below it or something oh yeah but then he’ll say to me oh can you just put on your gear in this chest here why I think you need to put on your gear in this make nudge nudge uh sorry just going to talk to the chat hey ZD yeah what’s happening we’re just talking basically um yeah because I’ve just I I’ve only been on the server a couple of weeks Ed so we’re just we’re just just still settle it in so yeah anyway yeah I’m going to go back to it and carry on with me me uh bamboo Farm no yeah uh um is there an easy way to get iron on This Server uh without I don’t know do does someone sell it or do do so someone is selling it but they they aren’t making it very easy at the moment so I don’t think anybody will really I I I do have like an easy way of doing it but it kind of involves a Wither and it’s very out of the way so I don’t think you’d want to do that right now well I an iron farm with the Wither no it’s not an iron farm it’s an uh I I’ve basically been working on mining with uh with a Wither oh right okay trying to abuse its mechanics yeah um that’s like without actually making an iron farm because that’s I I I don’t know I’m not entirely certain of the legality of making an iron farm that’s like the the best way I can think of to get the legality sorry or yeah just like I okay so there is kind of a a limit on how you can get certain resources it’s mostly to like uh encourage uh interaction with each other all right oh Oh you mean in the server rules you mean yeah yeah like trying to like if you need like a bulk amount of something just uh like try to trade it with somebody yeah it’s that that kind of thing you know right okay yeah I don’t know if that how much of that has been explained to you uh yeah I need to I’m still there’s so much information on the Discord server that yeah and I’m on like other servers and then and and then work on Discord as part of my job and after a while you’re bit like I can’t read any more like Discord messages yeah so I need to go and properly look through um just to refresh my cuz when I joined a few weeks ago already took me around and we chatted and things and well I just need to uh kind of embed my brain in This Server a bit more so so so I kind of get it if that makes sense no yeah I gotta so uh cuz normally I would just build an iron farm get a few villagers and have like hundreds of stacks of iron but I get the sense that that might conflict with the spirit of the server a bit yeah I I mean the I I might be able to like buy some off of yo if he’s ever available and then like be kind of a what’s the word courier not Courier uh and just pass it over to you you you pay me so we’re basically paying yo but like in case you never find him online cuz sometimes it’s a little tough especially considering you’re in what the UK right yes yeah yeah so uh if you if you want to arrange that I’m more than happy to but I I’ll let I’ll let you sit on that uh but yeah no worries I mean I can I can mine it fairly quickly especially if I’ve got haste as well yeah yeah should be too I don’t actually I think it should go 50 blocks down so you might you might be able to get some iron doing that I’m not entirely certain yeah if not I can just move it to the bottom of the world sorry lower down the world should I say not bottom of the world that wouldn’t help at all all right I don’t what actually because it goes up doesn’t it it goes continuously up from the uh it goes continuously up but from the sides and down is where it h that block range okay okay yeah no worries anyway I’m going to get back to it so I’ll see I’ll yeah catch you in a bit see see you have a good one see now what was it doing what was it just doing forgot anyway oh come on bombard Maxima that’s the spell isn’t it from Harry Potter that Umbridge used to break into the um what you call it room of requirements when B is Double Do Double Do Army practicing no worries toxic right we’re going to create a little hello [Music] Sam I can’t hear that very well actually cuz the music’s turned up dead loud you can probably hear it right right let’s put um hello Squirtle [Music] kitties [Music] I’m just building a little bamboo Farm together resources is ready to start building my main build [Music] [Music] to hang on a minute what is [Music] that we where this water everywhere right [Music] [Music] okay oh Rich te um because you’ve written the word NS Google has blocked it by the way not Google YouTube has blocked [Music] it I have a headache I don’t know what’s wrong with me I think I’ve had too much caffeine over the last few days and now it’s catching up with me cuz my head is aching sorry I just have to do a little cough then right um where is my iron do just a nice little smelter your head hurts how come got a little smelter thing in here there just quick no I don’t think so there’s one oh go away [Music] let’s just build a little smelter thing here oh look at that silk touch watch and um no [Music] no thank you you should put some glasses as well as the hallway glasses glass you me put some glass in you mean [Music] um ah all that in there for now this can all go in [Music] here [Music] [Music] [Music] sec oh um chicken scream jump scare okay thank you ah as I supposed to scream a um wow that’s not actually bother with the hey Dragon there you go okay thank you how are you I mean it’s like Scout TF2 saying chicken and then chicken explodes and it screams like from a zombie game or something okay I’ll just go would you on that one okay Rich do you eat chicken feeds I don’t eat chicken feet no I don’t make come as a surprise yeah I [Music] don’t oh I have loads of that that’s actually did I s the school is tiring but my will to go on is that the end of this week it’s my birthday oh well that’s good something’s a lot forward to at the end of the week isn’t [Music] it let put [Music] a now this is just a nice little uh quick furnace there sorry why did I make that I can’t even remember why I made that forgotten why I’m going to school thank God firing HDL water on the hill okay I don’t know what that’s a reference to but right um actually will that only fill up the left hand side one if I put that in there I’ve just realized not sure how that actually works should we just test it a sec just realized I don’t know how that actually works oh no it’s filling it up equally oh that’s good no no no we don’t want that um next I will need what would you for 10 billion dollar or 10 billion friends I’m going to go with the dollars because I can make friends afterwards and I’ve got to be honest um um I i’ find it hard to sustain having 10 billion f 10 10 billion friends that sounds like it’s very tiring that sounds like it’d be very tiring uh now we need to go on an iron hunt oh we got some more iron there exactly yeah would you have one million dollar or be immortal you see I’m not sure if being Immortal is a good idea because I think you would get tired of just life I think you would get to a place if you’re a mort where you’re like you know what I’ve had enough now not in any kind of Bleak way just I think you could already think you would just get to the point where you’re a bit like that’s enough oh hang in a minute oh sorry everything just got done uh I’m my friends over and we’re going to have a little get together I like 11 people over and have two two confirmed yes and two confirmed no well that sounds like it’ be good is that for your birthday is it yeah uh yes smart then ask them oh if you had to oh that’s interesting 10 billion friends and asked them for $2 each and you have 20 billion that’s quite funny actually if you had all those friends yeah you could just ask them all for couple of dollars each and you’d be loaded then um I’m just going to get some more I think I’m too deep for the uh what you call it now what you call it uh [Music] Beacon how do you contact all tell that’s a point because you’d have messaged him that means you’d have to send 10 billion messages oh that just it’s getting too complicated guys that forget it not 10 billion friends no I couldn’t be bothered with that noia or iPhone I’ve got to be honest with you can’t stand iPhones I know that’s a bit of a controversial thing to say but I would happily have a noia over an iPhone cuz I can’t I can’t I don’t like apple they’ve got in trouble recently haven’t they for um with Spotify hav’t Spotify suited them I think they have haven’t they but like was it something like blocking the what did he do something like did he block the like apple block you put their own streaming service above Spotify when Spotify has signed a contract with them or somewhere something like that if that’s me being lazy though cuz I can’t Android orome uh Android is Samsung and Samsung’s runs on Android doesn’t it I thought oh I’ve got a same I don’t like apples bad phones too sensitive to expensive too many flexes I didn’t say I want to see it it’s just that it would won’t be that bad for me is that too harsh what was that Sor you saying yeah Samsung uses Android yeah um we just snuggle a light somewhere down here I think we just put one in that comes through on it I think that will come through on it yeah are you and grandpa or father like do you have a child nothing personal I I don’t think many people would would take that personal I don’t have a child now don’t ask me if I want to see my ones die oh right I see right we’ve got our little uh why that looks a bit weird doesn’t it just knock that out right we’ve got a smelter here I think we could just put uh now next let’s move oh hang a minute let’s just put all of it in here I’m going to put all the black stone in there cuz no not Black Stone deep SL right [Music] okay fair enough we’re just randomly talking about King Kong why not all that in there for now just put Rich are you 34 years old nothing personal what you don’t you don’t have to write nothing personal I’m not 34 years old no um oh my music’s gone off next um I just put that on there I did I think um have you played Lethal company no not yet people keep asking me to though and I’m just don’t you need people to play it with though like you don’t play it on your own do you um Minecraft Mayhem did you see my rebranding oh oh it’s you Josh oh let’s have a look go on I’ll have a look I’ll have a look while you’re here uh you’ve changed your name to Minecraft Mayhem oh nice yeah yeah yeah that’s good that yeah yeah yeah uh I’m going to give you my account and you play it play Dead Island 2 Dead Island 2 my my YouTube channel guys is for now I don’t know some of those games you’re suggesting might be a bit too old for my channel I’d have to play a game on Twitch or I always play it every now and again pretty fun all right okay uh this is actually getting a bitang on a minute let’s just not that out symmetry police will be after me right next we need a ton of iron but I’m going to start these suar boxes out first um um I put my treasured possessions in [Music] my I’m literally a random guy saying to you random memes I know okay hold might be useful to R me in the chest um um wait what was that what was what oh it’s it’s a it’s the transportation thing on the server you use it you use it to get around uh oh hard to see let’s put one of them in my school there’s a popular girl she asked me out what do I do well I suppose the question is do you want to go out with there cuz that will answer that that’s how you work that one out what do you want to do uh [Music] so gu I’ll say yes well there you go that was easy you got your answer uh I I hold somewh iron [Music] there oh I’ve got a block of iron there I didn’t even know I had that’s useful alien noises okay that’s fine too if you want to make alien noises you’re more than welcome DX says you need to shave your head bald Dax why do we need to do that I do need a haircut though should have gone today and and I didn’t the problem is if I shave my head bald I have a Casper the Friendly Ghost head in that my head looks like a light bulb and I don’t really want to do that cuz cuz I don’t want a light bulb head I have had a shaved head in the past and it just looks like a light bulb literally looks like a light bulb m McDonald’s or Burger King oh the quality is better in Burger King but I would probably choose McDonald’s just for Taste okay alien noises that’s fine want to make alien noises you’re welcome to okay I don’t know what’s going on he be because you’re a baby and babies have I’m a baby Dax how dare you oh you’re going to be an egg why is everyone picking on me today just everyone’s just picking on me I’m not man okay you know not yeah four no thank you things are coming together time to toilet okay right um a minute d Rich you’re cheating why am I cheating you have coal blocks yes I got them um with my Sil touch pickaxe these are Ed silt touch when you’re mining sometimes cuz it uses up less of your inventory so you collect them as blocks and you come back and then you mind them another another um hey little storage area here [Music] oh de yeah that wasn’t [Music] good oh dear sorry I was I was looking at the chat um anyway [Music] um little frame around here that was a bit dramatic you just do that no you don’t which half of your ha is missing um what do you mean that’ll be because of my friend aarin who is my barber he a Turkish Barber if you mean you mean that literally yeah there’s a reason for that I have a cool Barber and he tries to make me look cool and I said to him am I too old for this and he says no I think it really suits you and I go okay Mr Barber and he does a cool haircut for me and then I think I’m sure I’m too old for this [Music] haircut he’s dead nice guy okay now um that now is empty so let’s actually put that in there that could be Sher storage I look like a 2-year-old baby oh thank you very much what is it just like be mean to Richard day or something everyone’s just thank you van [Music] um so oh mod we need M for this next build that’s good uh let’s put use this for sand mud and wood for now sand mood and wood actually gravel let’s put gravel in there as well I’m sure even though I hate gravel at some point I’m going to need it it’s always the way and I always think oh why didn’t I save that gravel happens to me all the time that okay I have no idea what’s going in my chat today I’ll leave you to it you enjoy farting in the track I don’t even know what’s happening um while we’re here let’s put we’re going to need mud blocks we’re going to need iron going to need observers and pistons this is ready for my farm uh where [Music] the right what should I get for my first car how how old are you who’s Minecraft mayam it’s Josh toxic he’s just changed his name he’s changed his name 16 oh you’ve got plenty of time don’t need to worry about your first car yet plus you you have can you afford it yeah what should you get for your first card I don’t know um there’s a whole bunch of stuff here let’s just move that 100k and also I need to learn now buy Rich you know no wor he’s toxic you don’t have 100K unless buy some bizarre coincidence you’re from a millionaire family not bizarre coincidence but lucky coincidence I don’t know ignore me I can’t speak right wood wood wood wood wood wood let’s put all of that in there for now there enough you’re not Ling okay right that’s almost full of just random bits of stone um a BMW why not go for it right that’s empty now settling down finally almost got a base some form of base anyway um uh um nothing sort of nothing okay we can do it a let’s put all the metals in here anything metal can go in there oh wait I can put our pumpkins in here that’s Groll related [Music] um my headache is getting worse I have to go meet tomorrow or in one year okay that’s very random see you in tomorrow see you tomorrow or in one year right empty empty right we getting settled that one is just full of food them out that is food actually might just be good too we got anything we can diet with H did they die don’t they in if we need food there it is no one even know running down here we go where’s the food right there good now next step iron iron what’s of iron more mud slime which is going to be a bit more difficult to get do you know what I’m over complicating this we’re not going to do the flying machine one we’re going to do a basic one we’re going to just going to do it that basic so we’ll do we’ll build it like that just there just have it one row probably it grow so quick the y that’s what we’re going to do still going to get some we could do with some um sand sand [Music] sand don’t we should be just destroying this cuz that’s that’s it’s part of the scenery hello there some sand I you need like a stack or two um next iron could going to [Music] mine done putting my radiation to the toilet okay strange way of wording things um oh no we actually we might have enough iron might have enough iron we probably have um right chests 18 iron loads Hoppers many no that’s not so we’re going to there then um where’s the bucket H back up so I think we could do with you go old school old school that’s what we’re going to do um um we need one chest don’t we um I’ve done this wrong [Music] here uh it might need to move back oh what a do well we have to go back not enough space for [Applause] it all next blocks here um now um no that’s not right is it um Zen what am I doing here I’m going absolutely crazy I’m I’m going crazy um no I need to make some more [Music] chests that might need to go there oh hang on a minute too dark uh oh which by the way the wife didn’t even yell at me she noticed the PC parts ERS she lectured me but didn’t yell at me well that’s he’s he’s he’s lecturing he’s lecturing better I think that’s better isn’t it [Music] okay so okay we’re going to need to go into The Nether and get some more why have I got random bits of armist here definitely better as a sorry have expecting to wake up there a pillow above my head in my sleep but she just she’s just like you didn’t need to spend that money you’re wasting money okay well now’s the time to uh to do yeah I mean I’m sure if you if you’re able to do something with it constructive she’ll be okay eventually if it turns into money coming in you’ll be all right that my fortune yeah got this one the whole thing is that when it’s done you’ll see the difference [Music] yeah I think like when I get these last watch hours in I’m going to start just slowing down a bit and start coming up with more being a bit more creative um start kind of a new season for the channel um probably where I’m focusing a bit more on some new different ideas rather than uh streaming six or seven days a week I mean I still stream like five days a week but I I I want to just once I’ve got that box hit the watch hours box literally within a week or two that’s going to be I’m going to start thinking outside the box a bit more coming up with some ideas and maybe focus on This Server a bit more and and yeah I’ll see oh hang on a that was silly um up with a proper schedule as well rather than just hammering streaming every single day six I love stream lights but they’re pain to get and think I might need more oh oh this isn’t good uh-oh oh that was close those guys um ah it’s going to fall get it without falling oh no you J to risky this ah oh I dropped it again no is it gone off the edge no oh [Music] oh we random bits of brick in this tree everywhere um where did it come from the rings gold leaves nope gold right um H uh so bamboo I have some up here [Applause] thank you food please the Bamboo’s going to be here oh hang on a minute um Pistons again I forgotten right okay um [Music] Pistons iron we need wood why am I why do I not know anything right wood 16 there you [Music] go is that actually in the center that’s annoying just spent money on better equipment he did he did indeed I just hide that so centered I just cheat normal now now um so so Soo glass I actually don’t know water will flow here properly I haven’t actually checked it check [Music] it’s just occur to me though no they won’t really I’ll do the same when I get money I just the ad actually just occurred to me that I’ve messed up a bit there right I’m going to [Music] it what we want [Music] is that goes there will that go further no oh one block NOP oh that’s annoying it’s one block off uh I know what I’m going to do because it’s not actually even in anyway one two three four one two three four I’m going to knock this column out all for the sake of symmetry my music sto there you go symmetry [Music] away perfect perfect right that looks awful that glass is awful um never mind this is what happens when you don’t play with OptiFine on things look [Music] [Music] through Next Step got up here going to be loads of All Sorts in that right I hope that doesn’t uh trap that I’ve just realized it shouldn’t [Music] do okay so we’ll do um um ah no s sneak man why do you ping so much in your Discord um it’s the bot so every time I go live it pings and every time a shot comes out it pings it’s automatic I don’t do it plus people chat in there a lot as well if you’ve joined remember to verify your account by the way cuz otherwise it won’t uh people keep forgetting to verify joining and just not verifying now um how high are we a to I’m going to put in here um this doesn’t need to be Mega efficient so I’m not bothered about it being like being loads of uh observ it it’s just so I’m not and then hours trying to um oh that’s wrong put it [Music] here one two three [Music] four okay now [Music] um that should work oh look oh that’s sppy under there isn’t it I have to talk out not the neatest Farm I’ve ever made it’s not remotely neat if I’m honest [Music] [Music] what I think that should [Music] work yeah that’s [Music] okay [Music] um no oh I haven’t put the bamboo in I have to plant the bamboo that’s important bit can I get it from here no no no oh oh that’s a problem actually that’s a problem oh no I should be okay think no oh that’s a problem [Music] um that should work yep good I’m stuck out of here please get me out here um how do I get out we design this thing right [Music] here right [Music] okay no oh you moppet oh please [Music] right [Music] right in theory everything on the sun has just come through that rather than it’s not very neat is it never mind that need to be there actually one yeah roof needs a roof uh can’t get off [Music] here how did they get how did they even get out here [Applause] okay uh right [Music] oh I’m got a minute that is a problem isn’t [Music] it not going to be produce huge amounts but it will produce some um didn’t ditch all that and we’ll just see what happens plus the end mon aren growing now just throw things into confusion it’s okay it’s okay I mean it’s not it’ll do for now it’ll do yeah that’s never going to produce that much but it’s only it’ll just tick away in the background while I’m doing other things so it’s fine it’s it’s very ugly I I’m honest it’s quite ugly let’s let’s be honest it’s [Music] ugly d I mean other than maybe changing out the glass to gray glass or something it’s not that bad so far yeah it’ll do I literally I just need it so I’ve got a constant flow of bamboo cuz it’s just it’s very messy I just want it to be ticking over in the background it just gets very messy when you’re trying to like grow it just manually I and I just I think I’m going to need a lot of it not like yeah not so much that I need to build a giant farm or anything but I don’t know I don’t know what I’m talking about really if I’m honest no idea just I don’t I don’t even don’t know don’t know this little uh some Acacia [Music] touches um oh look at that [Music] water don’t know what I’m doing literally don’t know what I’m [Applause] doing [Music] [Applause] [Music] now trying to add some different coloring cuz it getting too Stone like [Music] no hey oh look at that’s C oh it’s on top of the bambo isn’t it there you go 11 bamboo 14 15 hello do it’s working that’s [Music] good no no no [Music] have I done that they oh hang on a minute confuse myself [Applause] then [Music] that’ll [Music] do um [Music] [Music] now getting a bit sick of picking up uh got little work thing station in here as well probably take picking up Cobblestone um [Music] don’t know what yet a few chests or [Music] somewh nope that’s not [Music] right [Music] I’ve got some chests oh that doesn’t look good does it oops [Music] light and that Lo it in with [Music] uh okay that [Music] looks oh you can see them once look into that possibly let’s get that block there going to be chest in front of [Music] this [Music] remember that is it no there you go H the light in now we just put that on the floor there what would it look like I’ll [Music] do so um now just finish finish finishing sh um it’s going [Music] to oh [Music] [Music] no uh right okay we’ll do this last bit and then that’s it what just do yeah [Music] uh [Music] Backle perfect next [Music] side and just put some on the roof Just Wind It Up [Music] [Music] um oh actually h ch let just do that Ah that’s going to be a problem no going to have a math test tomorrow okay are you that good or bad looking forward to it or worried about it good study for that maybe yeah not worried I might need to look over some stuff but mostly fine okay yeah I’m not build like fairies we you you’re for you your building sorry would you what you mean zoor that all I got 21 from that actually [Music] to m [Music] [Music] oops I think Mr Beast is going to be the one hitting the is it 1 billion Subs it sure [Music] yeah [Music] should I think it would look good though we just gr this I’m not massively bothered what this even looks like it’s just the fact that I just needed some good starter area really um up te there you go the series has 261 million Subs but Mr Beast is already at 243 he growing really fast [Music] yeah not really looking that interest in this is it let’s do [Music] um it’s okay it’s okay it’ll do it do it’s only a St base which I’m going going completely over the top with um that’s not producing much uh sugarcane is it oh no it’s okay there’s someone in the top chest thank goodness that’s doing its job perfectly anyway that’s good now because we can uh that that’s resources now for our ship which we’re going to build at some point so that is um nicely chugging away there um let’s offload some of our stuff in our inventory um have you ever swore on stream dreams I don’t think [Music] so actually water is useful keep that with me hello uh I think I’m guessing Warden weapons mod Xbox One Minecraft cool collect it invest I don’t recognize that name are you a new person to my streams you’re very welcome um I don’t recognize the name though you may have been like once or twice or something and [Music] have right we will feel a bit better now I think we’re my start Base is almost settled [Music] um I might build a house on the front of it though let’s put our get one chest here and just put some rockets in it perfect if you get invited to a beat of Minecraft is is it like R uh I’m not sure be honest not sure I mean I don’t know I don’t know um [Music] do [Music] do oh is that a half I don’t know what I’m doing by the way don’t know what I’m doing that’s kind of weird isn’t it oh that better oh I’m going to change that actually an idea uh oh hang on AE is that [Music] there there you go nice little bsh uh I’ll do kind of nice in it anyway uh that is my little start base almost done so why those two at the end they growing the slowest where the Observer is how annoying right I’m just going to go to tet guys I’ll be back in a [Music] sec [Music] [Music] sh [Music] hello I’m [Music] back anyway um next thing is mining Mining and Mining and Mining and Mining um so we need iron deep slay does a beacon even make difference any difference did don’t even know you know where is the tunnel is it here that goes all the way down to here isn’t it it’s the one that goes down to the ancient city there’s one one you can literally fly down to the ancient city I think it’s this one I’m sure this is the one that goes to the ancient city it is is it it is there it is that is mad isn’t it so that that’s part of the story it’s mad you just fly down there you right there um not not an intimidation I know how how amazing is it though you you can literally just fly all the way down you can just Glide and be careful I’ve I’ve not seen that before that’s a it literally I’m going to die [Music] here I’m a [ __ ] I’m an absolute [Music] [ __ ] oh sorry I can’t even write it why I what you watching the stream why am I even typing it I’ve got back up a light I’ll just go and see if I can find it right oh you know what I wasn’t even paying attention to me heal right oh let’s just go and see some of the there was lava below me right we’re not going to do anything cheeper now that’s just from being too cocky just easy right okay so right some of it may have fallen in lava but not so bad I have back up here I accidentally flew down here sh don’t move no move yeah so some my gear burned up but it’s okay cuz I can get it back I have backup axes and stuff oh how did those how did those boots get over there [Music] it is I have lost I’ve just lost my pickaxes and shovel but I have another I have more I I I never worry about losing my gear anymore in Minecraft cuz I’ve got it back so many TI now it’s like it’s like part of the game I think that’s it so I just lost two pickaxes and a [Music] shovel unbelievable so this all needs exploring at some point I’m going to I’m going to have a little sneak round right that’s the exit we just fly so dangerous I’m going to need some wool do you know where some of the XP Farms are uh not yet no I need to I so because I’m so close to getting the watch hours it I’ve been hammering the streaming but what I need to do want to get the last few watch hours in and he just slow down think about what I’m doing learn things so over the next few weeks when I hit that last watch hour Target I’m just going to learn and slow down and get me head in gear a bit the reason why I’m panicking with the watch hours a bit it’s because it’s knocking it off from last year now so uh so yeah so I need time to just like explore and learn and blah blah blah you know the thing okay he just wait to five yeah how I don’t know what I did how I did that that’s weird what heck little lump on the side live stream is not the place to be discussing a lump on I’m weird did I bang myself I don’t know that’s nothing to do streaming ignore [Music] me I am wondering now what that’s s oh how weird anyway uh no not considering one but this this it just a little lump there just I just and it [Music] so Zedd YouTube keeps editing your comments because you’re writing lots and lots of the same thing at once bit weird [Music] anyway how weird um now what do we need to do I I was going to oh no I’ve not got a pickaxe anymore okay oh it’s f one I’ve got still got a sword oh and a decent shovel with mending that’s oh no I have got a shovel then so I’ve only lost I’ve only lost my pickaxes oh that’s not so bad and I’ve got lapis to all right okay things aren’t so bad I’ve got lapis as well so we’re good I just need to go and enchant them weird anyway I’m trying to think of a fell before when I was tired you know don’t think I did anyway um hey Alex how are you going to go on an adventure yeah sorry but I’m Hing my keyboard all right okay I thought that was a bit of a weird comment it’s just lots and lots and lots of dots [Music] [Music] um finally got my got you new another new phone you’ve gone through like three phones in the time it’s taking me to go through one phone what phone have you got now Alex have you betrayed Samsung I I’m going to go for an explore I don’t know where anything is spawn let’s fly to spawn [Music] oh iPhone 13 Pro I don’t know why I asked that because I don’t I don’t know anything about iPhones or phones in general I covered mine for about two and a half years now still pling along oh is this where I’m going I’m just going to explore I haven’t really looked around I don’t know what this portal is the first one I come through let’s go through it and see where it goes someone will know what is this keep going this way south is a portal nowhere I’m going to get lost here AR I I didn’t I only brought one stack of oh no two okay I don’t know what this is prismarine Farm okay that’s a prismarine farm I actually have got a lump on my side here oh like I needed that just there that’s weird anyway not talking about medical things on a line stream I’m going to stop talking like you guys need to know that information uh where do I go um oops I’m going to it an XP farm you may use it for XP if you wish thank you um so I could use it for XP okay okay yes okay then cheers I really need to re research This Server properly and look through Discord and everything because I’ve been on a few times but I I need to like learn learn it this looks an incredibly complicated Farm compar what is this oh ah clever are they gone through into the end to the nether they coming out here are they well this is way more complicated than anything I we’ve built oh where do you stand I don’t want to touch it it looks dangerous not dangerous but looks like I could break it which is dangerous cuz I’m dangerous basically it’s quite cool this okay so they are they’re coming through the right okay so where’d you go don’t want to touch anything cuz I I’ll break things I’ve got 22 XP oh hello hey uh did you figure it out did you figure it out or I have no idea the one we have is much simpler well that’s that’s you might you might want to turn yourself down I think I’ve got my hostile SS turned down anyway hang in a minute um but basically you just sit here uh does your sword have sweeping Edge um I haven’t got it on me actually is there is there an Ender Chest around um uh I can place one I should probably get one here uh sweeping Edge it does yes is that good uh yes that will basically hopefully hit kill him in one H so what uh where where where would a stand would it be on the on the iron trap okay and just swing yes oh it’s not you have to aim right oh oh between the gaps or something yeah you have to go above the fences oh whoa wow that’s that’s something yep wow that is something is it yeah I I I forget whose Design This is but pretty sweet anyways I’ll leave you to it thank you very much that is crazy W that’s powerful in it um all right I had to switch keyboards because it’s crazy the back space just broke completely got to tell my name if it’s possible to fix using the window all right no worries well that’s just nuts that is crazy the best Guardian found to build in my opinion cheap and gives good loot yeah no arguing there I’ve never seen this this gu didn’t found before right now we’ve got here um crafting table where’s the crafting table that haven got efficiency five now so I’m going to think think about it uh the only real downside is that it doesn’t give any supplementary ink sacks but other than that pretty great I’ve got a for ass server that does um that uses alyss to collect insects so it uses the Guardians to kill the squid and then at Le pick the in ink sacks up pretty basic ah you know what I need to uh I I’ll have to I’ll have to focus on that properly another time I was going to stream for 3 hours I’ve only got 20 minutes left so what I might do is leave that there and then focus on it next time I’m uh online there’s a villager what’s that F I’m doing oh no it isn’t is it oh it’s trading Is It Anyway which way did I come from I think it was this way was it um which way did it come from yeah right good I just realized what I’m doing I can teleport back can I or can I do we need those Pearl things oh I’m I have no idea I am so Dopey I need to like learn properly I don’t think I’ve got oh no cuz they’re in my you need those Pearl things to transport yourself or do you just need XP no okay good oh right I need to I need to I just need to learn I’m so Dopey I have no idea what’s going on all it takes is level okay that’s good I just need to learn about this server more uh I’m just going to move that Beacon underground I need I’m going to need some um I want doing bed um yeah he’s got a channel I’ve just realized I’m doing this but I haven’t even got efficienc I picka so I’ll get that next time oh oh Jack ch is streaming is she oh where are all these coming from go away oh go oh oh come on oh a switched hand now you believe that didn’t drop anything down there did I no don’t think I did did it’s not anything there we can drop that pop don’t see what she’s doing what is she doing I think she’s probably just animating isn’t she and drawing usually he’s on a minut there nothing’s fell down there chicken down there now watching two streams at once tell tillia said hi he Richard said hi d [Music] she said hi back discussing things across across the streams we’re crossing the streams you’re not supposed to do that Ghostbusters said never cross the streams the streams he said I I’m going I might just um oh look at all this iron here oh let’s get this while we’re here oh I haven’t got Fortune right um I don’t like this entrance at T all it’s do me heading but I’ll have to check I’ll have to I’m going to look at a house design and build a house over it quite happy with this though this is this is okay um so I’m getting hungry in real life so I’m going to finish in like 10 minutes um but my last task of this stream is to just move that Beacon a bit lower um so AE if I dig straight down I’m going to end up in the middle of that ancient city AR I so let’s where is the that’s the mob farm where’s that hole I like your starter base thank you this has all got water below it so put it under there that’s going to be a pain um we don’t go around here got to be careful though cuz I’m sure the ancient city is somewhere around here stter base yep stupid stupid gravel I can’t stand it I can’t stand it makes everything slow so annoying so annoying oh water go away water um how much water oh lots of water oh that means there’s going to be loads here now three streams in a game what’s the other stream you’re watching that my friends is why you dig two blocks oh no ah oh no oh G I have not got any torches in my left hand and there’s a creeper coming till he link the stream to a friend all right okay what is going on there oh I have not [Music] [Music] um so I think we just put it in [Music] here he might get a brain onism how come oh well from watching all the streams you being hour I see [Applause] [Music] I’m that’s the center [Music] here oh we can make a diorite Beacon that’ be useful wouldn’t it have I counted this wrong 1 2 3 4 5 six seven oh silly man silly silly man uh no let’s do thought something was feeling weird about that then right now I got that wrong now why can’t I do just a basic thing what’s wrong with me um right 1 2 3 four five six seven eight oh four five six seven8 nine too much of the brain to handle yeah that be too much of your Internet to handle as well oh now is that right yes internet’s fine that’s right oh no it’s not oh it’s okay turning on then too [Music] good right awesome I have no iron oh I do but it’s in it raw form so let’s go have I got feather falling on yeah good I’m reckless I’m absolutely re [Music] Reckless I was going to crank the volume up a [Music] b I’ll [Music] do [Music] oh where’s my [Music] iron should probably light this area up and there you go well not a bad stream got some of the basics now bamboo is quite important I don’t think I need any more Farms before I can start building what what I intend to build so that’s good two stacks of bamboo just there while we’ve been pottering around um and we’ve got infinite supp Rockets now so that’s good so um I’ll be back streaming tomorrow I’ll be on TB craft tomorrow back to the old city gr uh Friday evening I’ve been playing a different game so I might there’s DLC for little nightmares 2 I need to play and I might play that over the weekend with ccraft or I might carry on with Ghostbusters but not many not many people wanted to watch Ghostbusters no one was really watching so I don’t know I don’t know anyway so thank you so much for watching Everybody um I’m probably going to focus a little bit more on the server once I get me watch hours in for the next couple of weeks and um do a little bit more on it but yeah just just dipping my toe in now getting up a bit of uh momentum with it um but yeah I’ll catch you guys I around see you soon thank you so much for watching guys take care byebye [Music] if you [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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    Mastering Mace Enchantments in Minecraft The Ultimate Guide to Mace Enchantments In Minecraft Introduction In the vast world of Minecraft, players are constantly seeking ways to enhance their gameplay. One popular method is through enchantments, which provide various benefits to weapons and tools. Today, we delve into the realm of mace enchantments, exploring the best options to unleash your full potential in the game. Unleashing the Power of Mace Enchantments Maces are formidable weapons in Minecraft, known for their ability to deal significant damage to enemies. To maximize their effectiveness, players can enchant maces with powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle… Read More

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    Ultimate Auto Crafting in Minecraft Upgrading Farms with Auto Crafting in Minecraft 1.21 Welcome back to another episode of The Adventures of FoxFoil! In today’s video, FoxFoil is diving into the world of automatic crafting in Minecraft using the newly introduced Crafter block from the 1.21 update. The goal is to upgrade various farms to automatically craft Iron, Gold, Bone, and Bamboo blocks. Let’s join FoxFoil on this exciting adventure! Iron Farm Upgrade Starting with the Iron Farm, FoxFoil faces a slight complication due to the production of poppies alongside iron ingots. A quick adjustment involving an item sorter resolves the issue. The Crafter… Read More

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    Ultimate Guide to Fixing GLFW Error Fixing GLFW 655245 Error in Minecraft Welcome back to R.J Tech! In this video, we will address the common issue of the GLFW 655245 error in Minecraft. Let’s dive into the solution to this problem. Simple Method to Fix the Error If you encounter the GLFW 655245 error while installing Minecraft, follow these steps: Open any browser and navigate to the official GLFW website. Download the necessary DLL file based on your system architecture. After downloading, extract the DLL file. Copy the extracted DLL file. Locate the Legacy launcher, open the file location, and navigate to the JRE folder…. Read More

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    Minecraft: Endless Night, Hard Mode Delight In the world of Minecraft, where challenges abound, Our hero takes on hard mode, with infinite night around. Facing off against monsters, in a battle of might, Crafting, building, surviving, in the darkness of night. Epic fights against creatures, like Martha and Kuki, Sightings of the unknown, mysterious and spooky. Love arrows flying, food to sustain, A magical well, where dreams may reign. But beware the dangers, lurking in the dark, Our hero must be clever, to leave their mark. With humor and skill, they navigate the land, In Minecraft, they thrive, with a controller in hand. So join… Read More

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    Join Minewind Minecraft Server for an Epic Lifesteal Adventure! Welcome to Newsminecraft.com, where we bring you the latest updates and trends in the Minecraft community. Today, we stumbled upon a fascinating YouTube video titled “My Application For {CHORSMP} Lifesteal SMP.” While the video itself may not be directly related to Minewind server, it got us thinking – what makes a Minecraft server truly stand out and attract players from all over the world? One server that has been making waves in the Minecraft community is Minewind. With its unique gameplay features, intense PvP action, and thriving community, Minewind offers an experience like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned… Read More

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    Experience Mind-Blowing Minecraft Madness with SasuVideo Information This video, titled ‘Live Minecraft’, was uploaded by Sasu on 2024-04-23 05:55:08. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

  • HexPeace Notch vs Herobrine: Epic Minecraft Battle

    HexPeace Notch vs Herobrine: Epic Minecraft BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Notch vs Herobrine – Minecraft Fight Animation #animation #minecraft #herobrine #shorts’, was uploaded by HexPeace on 2024-02-16 18:13:05. It has garnered 229 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:48 or 48 seconds. minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft mod,shorts minecraft,minecraft speedrun,minecraft challenge,minecraft facts,minecraft seed,camman18 minecraft,minecraft but challenge,minecraft update,minecraft 1.20,minecraft how to,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft rarest,minecraft but you cant touch the color,minecraft manhunt,minecraft tips,minecraft animation,minecraft funny,minecraft fun facts,minecraft survival minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,shorts,minecraft but,minecraft animation,minecraft memes,minecraft tiktok,minecraft mod,minecraft challenge,minecraft speedrun,minecraft funny,funny minecraft shorts,minecraft short,minecraft meme shorts,minecraft facts,minecraft meme,youtube shorts,camman18 shorts,minecraft speedrunner,minecraft manhunt,minecraft seed,camman18 minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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    UNBELIEVABLE! ONE BLOCK END PORTAL REVEALED! 💥Video Information This video, titled ‘MENGUNGKAP MISTERI END PORTAL DI ONE BLOCK – MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION – LIVE’, was uploaded by JeeeInHere on 2024-07-11 19:32:30. It has garnered 265 views and 23 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:56 or 7196 seconds. TODAY WE WILL FIND THE MYSTERY OF END PORTAL IN ONE BLOCK DOES END PORTAL EXIST??? DONATIONS TO FEED THE WOLVES STARTING FROM 1K 🙂 : https://sociabuzz.com/jeeeinhere tiktok : https://www.tiktok.com/@jeeinhere1?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc discord #Minecraft #MinecraftOneBlock #Minecrfatjava #MCPE #Windahbasudara #shaders #RTX #MinecraftSurvival #windahbasudara #Minecraft #MCPE #Minecraft1.20 ElestialHD ElestialHD Minecraft #akuzeru #mediashareon #live #minecraf tag: LIVE MINECRAFT LIVE MINECRAFT SURVIVAL WINDAH… Read More

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    Welcome to our Modded Minecraft Server! We have a friendly community, no banned items, no tp cooldowns, and ranks available! What to expect in this modpack: Advanced Technology: Utilize cutting-edge tech mods for powerful tools and machinery. Automation: Automate resource processing and base operations for maximum efficiency. Innovative Building: Create complex structures and systems with a variety of advanced building options. Resource Management: Efficiently manage resources with enhanced storage and processing solutions. Diverse Mod Integration: Enjoy a seamless blend of technology-focused mods for a rich gameplay experience. Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/gGuvPnPedy Connect to our server at: Download the modpack… Read More

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