100 Days in Fantasy Minecraft Hardcore: The Ultimate Survival Challenge

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this is Minecraft medieval fantasy in a realm where myth and reality Collide 12 Enchanted ender eyes each with a unique power have been lost across Dimensions one hero must embark on an Epic Quest facing legendary beasts treacherous Landscapes and ancient structures my mission to reclaim the eyes reopen the portal and save Humanity from the brink of annihilation on the first day of my journey I was required to choose an origin after reading through all of the origins I decided to be a knight this means I take less damage I start with more gear but it also means I get hungry a lot quicker after choosing my class I was spawned into this Fantastical World wo this place is absolutely beautiful hey yo we spawned right next to a structure too okay let’s jump down from this tree and start collecting some wood oh no the tower’s on fire oh that skeletons oh my God there is so much stuff going on right now there’s flying birds there’s cities in the sky I can’t take this I took a few moments to gather myself in this small douse and then decided to head back out I noticed that you could actually pick the apples from the leaves which was great as my Hunger depletes massively as I’m the night class I then continued exploring grabbing this little shrub which I found out you can actually make saplings from I then grabbed some wood made myself a crafting table and got to work crafting some basic tools such as a wooden pickaxe I then came across these ruins dustier than yanan’s cabinet and found some Loot and when I opened the chest up it was filled with lanterns and iron but also some food so it wasn’t all bad after this I stumbled across a small Stone deposits so use my wooden pickaxe to grab a bunch of cobblestone so I can finally upgrade to stone tools yay basic Minecraft stuff bro look at this view it is so Majestic and beautiful I could spend the rest of my life in this mod pack bro I’m thinking we go back to that Watchtower now I’m feeling a little more equipped so let’s grab these ores and head back well at least we now know the cause of the fire there’s like a ton of lava down here let’s try and climb up here old parkour style whilst trying to climb I was ambushed by a bunch of mobs including a flipping Vindicator bro and it was way too early game to take those on oh God I wasn’t paying attention to the skeleton I have no choice but to get out of here bro oh three hearts go go go go go go I took refuge in a nearby structure and regained my heart by eating some apples I also discovered that temperature and weather is a thing in this mod pack and if I don’t get myself a nice cozy jacket your boy is going to freeze to death whilst I was waiting for the sun to rise I decided to have a little peek at some of the quests that were involved in this fantasy world of course my main quest is to find those 12 Enchanted ender eyes but there’s also a ton of other stuff I can achieve whil along the way bro look at this there’s like a bunch of different dimensions to explore so much High tier loot to get my hands on Yo some of these swords glow bro what oh wow these are some huge bosses I’m going to have to take on whilst I was indulging in the quest book I was ambushed by this small level two spider but I managed to take him out the next morning I continued exploring these rich lands there were structures absolutely everywhere I climbed this tower opened up the chest inside and found myself a bow and some arrows it was good to know I could get some weapons out in the wild I took a moment to appreciate the view those eyes are out there somewhere I continued focusing on the basics I went ahead and found some sheep took them out to grab some food but I just couldn’t bring myself to kill this cute cow I stumbled across another Watchtower but this time lying inside were some spell books and also this really cool straw hat which gave me discount in nearby Villages as of now I have no idea what this spell book does I’ve tried using it but I just can’t seem to get it to work but I’m sure its purpose will reveal itself next to the tower was this cluster of raw iron blocks so I mined all of them up and then when I looked into the distance I noticed villagers running around let’s get over there as soon as my cheeks bro what the hell hello small civilization whoa you guys have a wayist stone here okay this is good this means I can teleport to other way stones in the world I looted the village and decided this was going to be my temporary base I can stay here a little while level up get a little more equipped and then continue exploring the world on the hunt for those Enchanted eyes don’t worry bro I’m not going to stay here forever I want to go and build my own base at some point well looting the small base I found a bunch more spell books a bunch of food and even this small little cow plushy that I can wear on my head my life is complete you guys also have blast furnaces thank the loud well let’s go ahead and smell all that iron up I grabbed earlier so I can make some better equipment once start smelting let’s see if I can find a bed because the rain is so loud yall have a bed I can use jeez really none of you sleep do you do you all just lie awake is this the village of insomnia is that what this is you have beds yes what the what is that a it’s a cute little bird I’m going to steal this guy’s bed sleepy time this is where all of the employed are I see this is a sort of working from home situation we’ve got going on that’s fine at least I know where you are all right let’s have a look in this chest oh wow loads of food I thought I looted this place but evidently not onions O Brother ooh oh there’s another chest here oh more food oh what’s this when the wind horn Echoes throughout the forest of the Overworld the creatures of the night tremble with fear a windhorn [Music] okay I like it so far we have a spell book that I don’t know what it does and we have a horn that sounds cool but we’ve yet to see it in action so I guess we’ll wait for tomorrow night for that all right let’s see how our iron’s getting on o Mama 42 iron ingots Come to Papa this Village has so much loot another Spell Tome okay learn it apples iron gold o we have silver that’s new what can silver be used for I can make a silver Witcher sword four silver ingots well I have leather in this chest I just need two more silver ingots and I can make myself a Witcher sword that’s cool let’s go ahead and make a full iron set of armor can I can I put that this on oh you have to replace the plushy I don’t think I can do such a thing wait can I put it in the trinket slot no it has to be there that’s made me sad the cow’s got to go cuz the plushy doesn’t actually do anything let’s make a chest plate go ahead and make some pantalones and then we’ll go ahead and make some little boots awesome we’ll pop them on pop the chest plate on and we’ll pop the boots on okay wicked full iron armor although to be fair the wooden chest plate that I just dropped actually kind of gives me decent stuff so I think I’m going to pop that back on honestly gives me more resistance awesome let’s also go ahead and make ourselves an iron sword oh hold up I have no wood like no wood at all okay we got to go and get ourselves some wood let’s use the iron to make an iron ax at least let’s go grab some wood from these nearby trees what the why is it doing that I don’t want to do that that is such a laborious long process oh wait if I crouch it doesn’t do that Jesus that is one loud bird bro do you want to just put a sock in it for like just a second oh my I’m going to go deaf making this video if they keep screaming in my ears let’s grab this wood can I make anything like cool oh I can I can make maces the holy wand what’s the holy wand do iron and gold well I have both those things the holy wand what does this do oh my okay I have a magical staff and I have no idea what it does it heals okay I can literally heal my health I want to try this out I’m super curious oh okay oh okay I’m in so much pain ah can I heal myself oh it does the Holy One heals hearts that is sick so now we have a tool to heal ourselves what else can I craft so much stuff I can make daggers and Spears what’s a terror wand oh my goodness there’s just there’s a whole list of things I can make I can make a frost staff if I get snowballs oh I can make an IR iron Witcher sword hold up where’s my crafting table let me put my crafting table down real quick one leather and four iron ingots makes an iron Witcher sword bro I just made an iron Witcher sword it’s a two-handed sword pretty powerful it just means I can’t have my shield I can’t even block with it and then of course I have my staff that heals me wicked okay solid start we have full iron armor we got some custom weapons I definitely think I’m strong enough to do a little bit of exploring I have loads of food I feel like super op already all right let’s get some sleep and let’s head out do some exploring on this glorious day don’t worry Mr Golem I’ll be back all right off into the world we go I don’t think you realize who you’re dealing with now I got myself a Witcher sword here sword packs a punch I say we head in this direction see what we can find so of course some of the enchanted eyes are easier to get than others I’m pretty sure I just need to find like a desert biome and a desert temple to get one of the eyes some of the eyes need to be crafted I think but I’m just going to go for the low hanging fruit at this point I think I’m just going to explore the biomes loot chests and hope to find as many of them as I can but I know it’s not going to be easy cuz everything worth having in this game is protected by evil ooh look at this tree that’s a beautiful blossom tree that’s a Skelly horse hello Mr skeleton horse oh wait what the what is this TNT bones oh I can make bone harpoons ooh an iron skull a soul Rune what do I use those for damn I would love to ride you but I don’t have a saddle right now do you drop anything I think I’m going to spare you you’re not attacking me so I’ll let you live another day and so we head out into the vast lands I definitely need to craft a backpack like ASAP it’s literally like day three and my inventory is rammed so we got to sort that out ASAP kind of like where we’re heading though we’re heading into this beautiful pink forest what is that it’s a raccoon hey little guy ah and a butterfly I feel like I want to grab some of this pink tree ooh Cherry log yeah it looks so nice I’m taking you you fit the fantasy theme oh my inventory is full isn’t it so far so good we haven’t run into any like crazy mobs just yet come on any structures nearby or anything of value let’s check my quest book have I completed any quests there’s there’s like a whole mining Quest tree right here 10 completed all quests and I get Fortune one it says to craft an iron pickaxe but I have oh I haven’t did I not craft an iron pickaxe I’m an idiot I’ll do that in a moment what is that that is a floating village I see a little house I want to get up there bro yo my Hunger is going to be very for the next 100 days that’s going to take so much wood to get up there isn’t it I think that’s why an elytra would actually be kind of good I think the elytra is more important for this mod pack than anything else because look how many floating islands there are bro there seems to be quite a few of them I’ve stumbled across so and I like just probably a good shout and of course to get in a lro we’ve got to go to the end and to get to the end we’ve got to get the eyes so once again our main quest is the priority o we’ve stumbled across the structure let’s get down here wow look how beautiful that is let’s sneak on top of here look at this what’s in here a crossbow a saddle okay some more arrows a crossbow is always good to have and of course the emerald oh that’s quite a lot of loot in here actually seeds oak logs Emerald eh I’ll take the emerald is that cooked pork pork chop thank you very much yeah it just kind of seems to be pretty basic loot in this one that’s an enchanted wooden huh pretty cool I’m I’m dipping let’s get out of here the loot is kind of mid bro that is beautiful I don’t want to stray too far from the temporary base I’m not that equipped yet to just go off and do whatever I want I think that was a decent little Expedition what is this ooh there’s a lot of ores down here look at this glowy things ow where’s my holy wand oh my goodness that’s my favorite thing so far yeah I think I’m going to go home get reorganized clear my inventory out we definitely could do with doing a mining trip the sooner I get diamond armor the better I have a feeling the mobs I’m going to take on and the bosses are going to be pretty strong let’s make our way home this is going to be fun it’s getting late it’s getting cold my mini map is showing bunch of stuff over here have I stumbled across another Village Oh No More Cows though oh spiders a baby spider that’s sad little fils are killers get away from me you Beast okay he’s taking care of where’s the cows I know I said I wasn’t killing the cows but I actually kind of need the cows for their leather I need leather to make a backpack so sorry guys it’s got to be done you didn’t even drop leather now I just feel awful they didn’t drop leather oh my goodness let’s just leave and hope nobody saw I’m a monster I’m a monster okay I think home is this way hello zombie sorry bro this sword is kind of bad I’m not going to lie better off just using the axe oh another cave yeah I really want to make a backpack like ASAP bro what is that mushroom tree die hold up now where am I I’m in like a dark fantasy Forest what is that why does the creeper look like that why was bro bending his neck like that I hate skeletons oh he’s quick you’re a very fast skeleton aren’t you I love the night class you can take so much damage oh I leveled up woohoo there’s so many mobs run oh no zombie villager oh no I’m hungry ah eat oh I’m taking hits I’m taking hits bro no not near the lava chill chill chill chill use my use my healing staff yes you can’t hurt me I’m healing ha my armor that I’m wearing blocks arrows pretty well so that’s why I’m not taking too much damage oh my God what is that what are you oh no oh oh no I’m blind no no bro I’m blind okay I can see again how did that not kill me oh I have explosion resistance with this armor set as well okay bless up the night class that’s pretty good what the yo bro chill that’s an angry orc and that’s a ghost okay I’ve had enough now I got to race back home we got to kill this guy otherwise he’s going to keep chasing me oh no okay he actually does decent damage so level one to like five just seems to not do a lot of damage oh no I take that back he actually does decent damage heal heal haha I bet you wish you had my holy wand but you don’t let’s get away from here okay so these things are the worst jeez oh there’s another one of those ghost things not good there’s an Enderman he don’t look like no ordinary Enderman though I’m not going to lie let’s stay clear of him hello what the I’m on fire bro ah starving deflected gravity burning zombie no bro that’s a mini boss I’m fighting a mini boss right now he has a Boss Bar and everything I have my Witcher sword at least oh he’s burning me use my crossbow take this little guy down ooh did he drop a heart he did sometimes if I kill something with this crossbow they’ll have a chance of dropping a heart where is he there he is I wonder if he drops any good loot he doesn’t have much health left oh he throws me that’s so annoying die bro guys you just take a day off bro that mini boss is so close to dying oh we got him we got him yo what did he drop is that diamond axe yo they Dro High tier loot he dropped a diamond axe sharpness three increase the damage of the item okay that’s sick awesome we got ourselves a diamond axe from killing a mini boss okay guys I’ve just realized something this mod pack is a little different to normal Minecraft when it comes to crafting I crafted these iron leggings sometimes when you craft them they’re given random Buffs and I ended up crafting legendary iron leggings which gives me armor toughness that’s why I’m taking these hits like a beast that’s so cool so you never know what you’re going to get in this m pack you could craft a full set of diamond armor and it can have a bunch of awesome perks now I feel even more inclined to start crafting stuff okay I return from My Expedition and I bring you nothing n I’m kidding of course here’s some bread tuck into that boys your favorite dry crusty rolls crusty rolls they taste so good all right that was fun we’re learning more about this Fantastical mod pack that was a decent exploration session I have also now discovered that there is a skill tree look at this guys I picked up a skill point earlier I can now choose what path I want to go down and just look how many skills there are bro it’s huge so I can choose to go the path of the wayfairer the warrior or the initiate and each roll basically gives you Buffs in each area I’ll move quicker with the way farer I’ll get to cast more magic if I’m the initiate and I get more melee damage if I’m the warrior now personally I’m a big fan of melee damage because the quicker I can un alive enemies the better I don’t think I’m too interested in running quicker than them if I’m honest who cares if I can jump higher than a skeleton I’d rather be able to kill him quicker although the magic looks super cool I don’t know I don’t know guys there’s so much Choice I’m going to go the path of the warrior if you guys think I should do a different path or there’s something you know that I don’t know let me know in the comments it would be good to kind of get your help because if I do 200 days on this there might be some skills I don’t know about that you can help me with so okay so I spent a point on melee damage I get more Health oh okay even more Health what is this you get special powers your melee hits have a chance to call down a sword from the sky dealing damage to your enemies I have a lot of skill points wow oh I’m going to add a point to my healing power as well because my healing wand is great I’ve spent my points that’s cool I wonder where we’ll be by the end of the 100 days I wonder how much I can unlock this is sick look at our hearts our hearts are like doubling up right now that’s awesome so no sign of ender eyes just yet but I’m not too worried because we’ve been getting some pretty sick loot I think my focus at the moment should be making a backpack and then going mining once I get those two things sorted I can start building my own base so to make a backpack your boy got to go out and find some cows cows are where I’m going to get leather I can’t think of any other way to get leather maybe I’m being stupid right now you guys let me know at least I won’t have to worry about food while I’m staying here oh there’s more chest up here a tasty bone you hear distant howling as you hold the tasty bone in your hand ooh okay that doesn’t sound like a good thing though if I’m honest but I’ll pick it up anyway oh there’s another chest here as well a quiver a quiver is filled with the deadliest arrows oh it’s a flaming quiver awesome and a water bucket oh that saves me crafting one at least let’s try and find some leather also so I don’t forget let’s just quickly make an iron pickaxe there we go let’s make one of those quickly and get rid of the stone pickaxe waa I seem to have made a Mythic pickaxe whoa the pickaxe I have crafted Min things very quickly I love this mod pack bro that is insane let’s find some cows let’s get some leather not that again this is the tower right yeah okay I remember where we are now oh what is that yes there’s cows yay I see you and it’s nextra a cool constructure so we can check that out hello woolly cows give me your leather please I don’t think these cows drop leather at all because look if I kill this guy I don’t think either of these are going to drop leather no they just Dro meat oh no okay not good so woolly cows Do not drop leather I have to go and find normal cows oh what is this a soul campfire that’s cool let me break that there’s a chest underneath it I had a feeling there would be what we got a golden sword that slows mobs down that’s actually not that bad I’ll take it let’s look for a normal cow then if they’re out here that’s sheep I wish you dropped leather guys but you don’t and the Sun is setting again I can’t give up I have to find cows I know they’re out here somewhere oh God evil creepers again cool a horse wait a minute I have a saddle right no that’s a normal creeper bro why is he dancing no oh I thought I could kill him in time but I couldn’t bro my armor is op it’s literally just iron armor but I just barely take any damage cuz of that chest plate uh let’s get the saddle on this guy oh oh what’s wrong let’s see if I can tame this guy eat the apple yes I have tamed the horse this is going to make finding cows a little easier do you think raccoons drop leather is that a potential let’s find out I’m so sorry about this oh they do oh that’s so sad okay so raccoon drop leather let’s just kill these I’m I’m so sorry raccoons where are you cows yes yes come to me give me your leather amazing you little moo blooms ah no what does it actually take to make a backpack oh my goodness you know what let’s get to safety otherwise I’m just going to die out here we have three leather at least we know that general area cows spawn right let’s get down into waa what is that he looks very evil what are you bro oh he’s laughing at me bro he’s a vampire that is a vampire oh no bro chill chill chill chill wait maybe now’s a good time to use the tone book oh okay that’s cool so the spell book shoots him high into the sky I’m about to freeze to death bro can you just maybe cut me some slack where’s my horse hang on a minute he is sucking my blood I am not actually doing anything to his Hearts right now help here take that bro Sammy what are you doing bro can nobody see I’m being attacked by a vampire right now now oh goodness me I brought a vampire into the town and I’ve left my horse this is all going terribly wrong Arrow shots seem to be what work one more shot and this guy is toast did I get him is he dead how is this guy Not Dead Yet hang on this isn’t making any sense this guy refuses to die oh no he’s invincible and he can go through walls I am taking so much damage right now get away Golem okay maybe the Golem can help I wonder if I can tame those that would be cool oh okay the Golem killed the vamp vampire thank you bro did he drop anything no they are really hard to kill oh I wonder if I had a silver sword that would work because obviously silver kills vampires as the sun rises let’s finally see what it takes to make a backpack okay so I need eight leather and a chest to make a backpack oh hey guys that’s a lot of mobs oh mama let’s eat some food there we go all right let’s get back up top now I got to find my horse buddy ooh vergas what can I use vergas for ooh I can make magical swords Moonstone pickaxe Moonstone I could okay I can make Moonstone tools from this oh what I can literally make Thor’s hammer what I just need to get a lord soul I guess I get that from killing one of the big bosses fun let’s keep an eye out for that is there any more out here seems to be kind of rare all right where’s my horse there you are buddy come here I have a treat for you I got you some horse armor let’s go back to that spot take advantage of the day kill a bunch more cows hold up what is that oh [Music] ah no what was that was like a dragon or something you good bro we’ll find some apple trees bud and get you all healed up I wish you would follow me it’s really annoying that I have to keep an eye on you at all times and my chest plate broke great back to default iron so I’m going to end up taking more damage o I just remembered I completed the quest where I got iron so I get XP and with XP I can spend my levels which means I can now buy another perk do I increase my melee damage yeah let’s do it cuz I really want to unlock this special power so I need to do two more cool all right where you at mu blooms whoa oh there’s loads of structures on the other side of this what what have I stumbled across wow that’s a spawner Mana leeches an ancient scroll let’s get rid of these I picked the ancient scroll up but nothing happened let’s break the uh Mana leech thing right now oh we got Spirit orbs cool well at least we know there’s a bunch of bookcases in here so when it comes to enchanting we can use those where has my horse gone now bro would you stop running off oh that’s a Pillager we’re definitely next to a Pillager Tower or an outpost should I say let’s eat these berries all right don’t straight too far okay please okay Yep this is a Pillager Outpost oh wow yeah these guys are not happy it’s a standoff I win who’s the Pillager now mofo come on give me leather that would be so good if they had leather here and I didn’t have to like kill a bunch more cows I mean the chances of a Pell Outpost having leather is like 0% but it’s worth a try wa what the hell that’s so much loot we got runes guys that’s our first eye we found a corrupted eye amazing 11 eyes to go this item looks sick so let’s equip that we have smithing templates carrots yeah let’s take the arrows let’s grab the smithing templates what else is a value the runes we need the runes I don’t know what for yet but they seem like they’re going to be important so and then let’s take this bottle of enchanting and just give myself some more XP cuz that means I can get more skill points awesome what does this do a frost orb I can enchant it with prismarine crystals it feels important wait do can I attach this to something no strange maybe if I wear it in my off hand it gives me like a buff it looks so cool but I don’t know what it’s for well I’ll keep it in my off hand see if I can do anything with it anything in this chest oh even more stuff an invisibility Cape okay this Pillager Outpost has tons of loot bro what the hell we got more smithing template let’s throw these bottles of enchanting down the invisibility Cape if I put that on do I go invisible is that a thing I actually think I do don’t I I do wait let me put my armor back on when I hold shift I go invisible that is so cool Now You See Me Now you don’t apart from like everything I’m holding but hopefully the game isn’t smart and the mobs still can’t see the items on my back that’s some extremely op loot I really need to craft a backpack it is just getting too much I guess we’ll find out what that really cool spinning orb thing does later on right now I have bigger things to deal with you all right bro you guys having a party without me he’s just chilling he doesn’t even want to hurt me let’s check out what this giant structure is up here oh you poor Golem let me free you how could they do this to you bro you’re free now let’s clear these out oh I am going to freeze to death up here there’s so many pillagers hey guys I’m just here to tell you about our Lord hey buddy oh they captured a stray okay I have no interest in rescuing the Stray considering that stray is probably going to kill me what I will do though is I will free this Golem oh no I have mining fatigue I’m starting to freeze to death bro still playing the pipes bro chill can I steal the bag pipes from him I would love if I could if you don’t drop anything I’m so sorry did I just rob you by accident I could play the bag pipes everything is running after me now going to use my staff to heal up oh okay I’m taking damage I’m taking damage eat eat bro let’s try out this horn apparently it clears enemies away from me well that’s a lie it doesn’t do anything to leave my horse behind as well go away be scared oh let’s just get out of here oh no I’ve lost my horse but I’ve gained a bunch of cool loot it was so worth it the whole backpack thing is still a problem though kind of annoying let’s get up here into the warmth otherwise I’m going to freeze a farmer Outpost oh it has iron and a hoe what else do we have arrows wheat this is cool so the outposts are for different things and this one is for Farmers I don’t suppose the farmer killed any cows by any chance whoa H what am I in a cloud I think I’m in a cloud right now everything’s gone super dark there’s a waystone up here in the most random way let steal that awesome more emeralds more arrows and more apples I’ll take it okay so it’s awesome that we found our first eye and who knew it would be on our doorstep right next to us guarded by pillages let’s get down here and uh I’m pretty sure I saw a oh the stupid bag pipes oh stop with the bag pipes bro okay that one was for fun let’s use this bed and get some sleep clear the mobs and hopefully daylight brings me leather good morning beautiful world now I’m just going to look for cows yes yes yes yes yes hello cows give me your leather thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you I’m so sorry it’s for science I’m science I mean backpacks okay we are killing these guys there’s a horse please avert your eyes children okay that horse dropped leather and we’re right next to our village as well we have eight leather we have a chest let’s place the chest in the middle the eight leather around it and boom we have ourselves a Fray backpack let’s go which does give me a little more space and the best thing about that is I can put it on my back and it doesn’t take up any more space in my inventory and throughout the 100 days I can upgrade this backpack by placing by placing iron around it yes okay cool we’ve already upgraded our backpack so of course let’s store the corrupted eye our one of 12 think I’m going to store my way stones in there cuz they’re pretty high tier Loop let’s put this random thing in there and the smithing templates cuz I’m not going to need them just yet you know what let’s move the quest book and the runic guide over into the backpack cuz I don’t really need it right now let’s put the tasty bone in there my raw iron okay it’s actually kind of decent to clear up some space sweet finally we got ourselves our backpack that took way longer than I wanted it to all right well I think now that I have a backpack we do a little mining trip get a little more geared up and then after that I say we part ways with these guys and head off into the wild of course I’ll say thank you to the villagers and give them lots of food and I’ll give them proper goodbyes but now the focus is getting a better armor set so let’s do that let’s head back to that Lake where all of those or were I really wish I had my horse back all right we’re back here let’s find that little cave there it is hello cave I hate caves where it’s just all water let’s swim down here I’m going to drown breathe all right let’s get out of here what is this ah I’m violently bobbing what is this oh it’s copper okay my mini map shows I’m next to a cave so and here we are let’s get the old water bucket ready let’s get down into this bad boy beautiful it’s more of that Moonstone yes yes yes yes yes come to me those Moonstone weapons look sick and I want them I want them now give them to me bur glass oh what is that ooh bangum what does bangum do oh it’s like an explosive ore I can make TNT out of it oh there’s so many different ores in this mod pack manganese oh that’s just a building block oh wait no you can make a manganese Anvil oh okay are those diamonds on my mini map it’s like a very light blue square on on my mini map oh please be diamonds please this game better not be teasing me I’m going to drown ah I’m so close yes yes is it here it lied it’s this stuff shinies I don’t care about shinies what’s the point of this stuff then can make an orb what is it with the orb stuff in this mod pack I guess we’ll find out oh hey buddy I don’t have any potions of weakness right now so I can’t heal you I really wish you could make mangan’s armor or something can I use this stuff to make armor nope I am finding everything but diamonds I’m finding the most random ores silver though silver is good because we can use silver to make The Witcher swords and stuff and silver is good against vampires which we have fa let’s just dig down I’m sure we’ll find diamonds eventually the deeper we go I feel like I’m in the nether at this point it’s just full of Black Stone grab this silver o makes a very nice sound wo my pickaxe is about to break and I really want to keep this sign pickaxe cuz it’s a Mythic one oh oh yes all right wao we got loot in here this is cool oh nothing oh a golden apple okay holy what what was that some of the bars have traps in oh okay I have to be very careful because these can explode on me oh what what is this is this your home oh you have no arms wait if I crouch and go invisible do they lose sight of me they do oh no they can see my items he gets a little bit confused at first but he still sees the items so I guess the game is smart in other news though I’m praying this chest doesn’t explode this chest has diamonds in yes diamond pickaxe yes please gunpowder amazing so we got a diamond pickaxe a diamond axe oh wait this is diamond or it just looks nothing like Diamonds oh yeah okay there’s a bunch of diamonds here how many diamonds do I have now eight diamonds right let’s pop them in the backpack for now let’s steal this bed as well always good to have a bed on us what is this oo morite what does morite let me do I’m starting to realize a lot of the ores here are kind of pointless what is this orc yay I can make orc stuff yay wait I can use this orc ore to make orc tools a twin blade oh that looks sick how do I make a twin blade what you already need two ingots how do you make an Ingot you literally just smell the all I only need to find one more of that and then I can make myself orc stuff okay lots of more kite down here lots of silver I am having a blast right now if you are enjoying this video maybe tickle that like button and if you’re not subscribed then get with the program boy subscribe I mean you don’t have to but it’s free and it means I can keep making these entertaining videos for you keep exploring oh that’s diamonds right wait no that’s the the special stuff that’s that verg glass stuff okay I totally have enough fur glass now to craft myself like a sword or something that’s exciting oh these caves are so rich in ores bro wait those are diamonds right please be diamonds no Moonlight ore what is this Moonlight ore oh I can make magical ingots what the magical ingots let me do magical stuff I don’t think I’m going to be able to do everything in this mod pack in 100 days ooh you look nice there we go finally some more diamonds oo look at that Jade what can I use Jade for can make jewelry another chest and it’s a let down some cake though oh no no get in the water bro no let’s see what’s in this chest waa are those night vision goggles can you not see I’m busy right now I’m about to lose all my armor oh he’s he’s a he’s a mini boss look undying rust zombie oh oh my God what is he doing heal heal heal this one does not heal me fast enough it does have a heart come on I have no armor on at all and he heals oh my goodness you don’t realize how protected you are from armor okay not good not good I need to kill his friend okay friend taken care of I need to eat then I need to heal heal with the staff bro heal with the stuff okay okay this is good okay now I can fight him the 200 sword is so bad bro let’s use my axe yeah we’re getting crits we’re getting crits yes yes yes yes yes I’m about to kill him no he’s going to kill me heal oh my oh okay we got that guy and he dropped a diamond pickaxe with silk touch amazing so we have a silk touch diamond pickaxe now what the what that is a mutant creeper why why now heal heal he is he’s giant I got to get out of here bro I don’t see any more diamonds around here wait that’s Diamond let’s go let’s get out of here I’m not dealing with a creeper right now that’s a tiny little orc let’s just swim up here let’s get up here maybe try and get away from that creeper I just keep mining this way hopefully it should create some distance between me and the creeper and then yeah let’s go this way this seems promising okay yeah hey and more of that orc or awesome I really really need armor I have no armor now this is not good have I got a crafting table I do and I have a bunch of iron in my backpack don’t I oh I don’t what happened to all my iron oh no I have iron ore okay it’s fine the thing that I’m lacking on is coal I mean oh there’s more diamonds here I’m getting diamonds but I’m not getting coal let’s use the crafting table and see if we can start using these diamonds to make some armor let’s make a diamond chest plate and a diamond helmet that’ll do for now and then I can just use the iron I have to make another pair of leggings and then another pair of boots Wicked pop those on okay cool now I crafted the diamond helmet and instead of getting a good perk this time I got a bad perk it has 30% less durability so that is also possibility you can make bad gear great what else can I use in my inventory what can I use here I should have put a wa Stone down back at the Village I’m I’m kind of an idiot aren’t I I remember to do that soon a new problem has become apparent we don’t have any fuel sources to cook up any of the ores so let’s continue on our hunt for diamonds so we can make a full set of armor but also let’s grab coal in the process too it would be nice to craft like orc armor or something something a bit more custom and cool ooh that’s a huge lava pit wow it’s like a whole sea of lava right here at least I know where I can get obsidian to go to the nether crazy diamonds and coal diamonds and coal well I tried redeeming my quest to see if I could get any coal but instead I got other things including raw or ore so it’s not all bad I got a bunch of levels though so that’s sick I got so many bottles of enchanting as well for those quests so let’s redeem all of those I don’t think I can be bothered to navigate this big sea of lava oh and you spawned right on me so I think I’m just going to head back up into the caves there is some Diamond here though I see you where did I come from oh up here right yeah yeah let’s see if we can find an even bigger cave last time we were in this area it was filled with Mutant Creepers now it’s just filled with normal creepers so that’s good there’s so many creepers up here now I can finally loot what was in this chest yes I knew I saw night vision goggles in here oh okay yeah everything is a lot brighter I feel like this should hurt me but because I’m the night class I think I can walk on this freely which is pretty cool okay so I found some mithil you can add this to the list of cool things I can craft because you can make really cool Mythril weapons and they’re really cheap oh brother when we get home we’re crafting some serious stuff I’m going to take this blast furnace because to SM a lot of these ores you need a blast furnace to do it so probably a good idea I steal one bro come on oh this Witcher sword is so bad actually you know what whilst we’re down here we may as well start smel some of this stuff up let’s put the mythal ore in there put some coal in there let’s smell this up then do I have any wood in the backpack oh come on you’re telling me I didn’t bring any wood with me whatsoever I left it at home that has to be a joke for goodness sake anyway let’s grab the Smith Ro Ingot oh look at that that looks so sick all right God go on yep go do your spooky stuff down there bro thanks let’s go let’s go let’s go I need wood wait no my blast furnace all right let’s get out of here who knew coal would be such a difficult thing to find I mean we’re getting a lot of books here oh that’s a lot of iron ah get away is that diamonds it is I spotted you hiding there ah ah die die die I really want to get rid of this sword it’s it’s so weak oh mithil yes please stay away from me stay away unreal chill bro chill all right we’re heading into deeper territory now oh apparently I found the ocean this don’t look like no ocean oh my God there’s so much here more Mythril at this rate I might be able to make a full set of Mythril tools can you make mythal armor you can oh my I would very much like that thanks there’s so many skeletons down here is there a spawner around here oh that chest it’s a mimic get back get back oh what did he drop he dropped a charm allows the wearer to move freely in water oh my goodness when we find some water we can test that out oh thank you 10 diamonds and some amethyst shards I can use amethyst shards to make staffs and magical things oh W you can make some really cool stuff you can make a crown an Arcane Spell blade I can make a sword that casts spells bro and it’s super cheap to make what okay they’ve got to come with me 100% I even have a gold sword and I’m pretty sure over here somewhere I did see gold ingots is that gold I think there’s some gold up here right yes and we got some gold ore so I’m pretty sure we can craft that sword when we get home oh bro so much stuff to craft I’m going to get the horn cuz it doesn’t seem to actually do anything I really need to upgrade my backpack as well this fantasy mod pack is just giving me so much stuff bro my mini map is showing some pretty gnarly stuff I’m also running really low on food I can’t deny that this has been a very very very crazy mining trip I have so much stuff in my inventory night vision goggles magical charms some insane ores all I need to do now is grab myself some wood so I can get some sticks this structure on my mini map looks very interesting I think I want to go find out what it is have I got to dig up I think it’s above me do I have any building blocks I do let’s just build up come on I know there’s something up here I can see it on my mini map I’m technically in the ocean right now so I have no idea how far I’ve strayed from that little cave what is this is it below me I think it might be below me yeah more stuff is coming into view please don’t be bosses not yet please we’ve made it into a crypt okay you know what before I head down let’s just check our skill points I have three skill points oh I can spend them and we can get the special one your melee hits have a chance to call down a sword from the sky okay amazing hopefully that comes to help us as I jump down here oh my goodness whoa what is this place I write these lines with a shaking hand and a cold grip around my heart his decision stands and although every part of me resists I swore obedience Death Shall cleanse the world what bro no cleanse it when I’m not here please well let’s put an end to that I guess let’s find out whoever’s uh cleansing the world oh my look there’s mobs in there Fisk of the sand okay that looks like a lot of bosses what are these oh they’re like chests you can look inside corruption can I use that for anything you can make dark iron ingots that’s pretty cool I mean the sound that they make as you open them is UN oh oh my okay I killed him he didn’t seem too difficult let’s take some more of these amethyst shards definitely some more gold hopefully this place can give me some decent loot but if I’m honest I don’t think it’s going to have anything worth screaming home about dark iron ingots they look kind of cool ah oh when you open the Crips it’s like their ghost spawns die wraith oh my more of you surely my Witcher sword does damage to these guys not really a lot of enchanted books a cool Skull whoa you you can make a pretty cool sword how do you get runic tablets well let’s take the skull anyway doesn’t seem to be much down here here honestly oh some emeralds all right it’s getting old now bro come on come on we know the score by now you ain’t got to do all that buddy got some gold in here honestly emeralds wither Road there’s literally nothing here I’m just causing More Problems by looting these things oh an enchanted golden apple okay we managed to find a gapple decent that’s not that’s not terrible what’s this a gray glazed n what’s in here oh another good apple wonderful there’s a diamond chest plate here that has the curse of slid I wonder if this can help me slide into the DMS of that girl I want to talk to oh no okay no it’s just a slide on all blocks okay I do not want that it makes me slide on everything like I’m on Ice I know the good stuff is in there I can just feel it cuz it’s filled with all the bad mobs I mean just look at that guy but the thing is I don’t have any good weapons I’m currently still using a diamond axe I have so much stuff to smell what if I just steal this stripped Oak log real quick turn into Oak planks turn the oak planks into sticks boom let’s get rid of the horrible sword let’s steal this Oak log turn it into Oak planks let’s make a quick crafting table let’s get this Blast Furnace down and the crafting table let SM up all this mithil I think Mythril is the best thing I can make right now of all the loot now let’s see what cool Mythril stuff I can craft I feel like the sheath is probably the coolest thing okay so first of all let’s go ahead and make this Mythril sheath just cuz it looks so cool oh look at that oh it’s so slow let’s also make this Warg glaive cuz it just looks so cool yes please oh my God bro how cool is that okay Wicked now if we remember correctly I could also make a Spell blade I need a gold sword and two gold ingots so let’s start smelting the gold up we have the gold sword ready so let’s go to the crafting table you place the gold sword here two gold ingots here the amethyst Shard here and then a diamond ah okay we can make an Arcane Spell blade let’s make a magical sword guys cuz you only live once that’s so cool let’s get in there see what cool loot we can get oh oh my that’s a boss oh he’s actually really fast oh my oh my I’m on two hearts I’m on two hearts block him in block him in I got to eat Oh my he packs a punch not even my SP blade sword is doing anything where is he oh oh you know I’m scared bro let’s try and use the power of my sword okay he actually does a decent damage come on bro die this is just a taste of what I’m going to have to deal with isn’t it come on bro come on bro just die already whoa you dropped a ton of loot is it even worth picking up this enchanted book eh I think I’m going to Golden Apple and now I’m going to head in because that is a lot of mobs here goes nothing we’re killing him that Vindicator is strong we’re taking him down okay seems to be some sort of corruption in this world that’s like turning normal Minecraft Mobs into like these horrible creatures let’s finish this guy off with a magic spell boo nice try buddy yo I love this sword where are all these guys coming from that’s what I want to know okay he’s taken down okay I was right this is where the meat of the structure is oh there’s the spawner ah oh no ah I’m taking hits ah Golden Apple I’m stuck in the cobweb oh my I’m taking so much damage oh I leveled up big time there though level 40 bro come on oh I can’t get to the spawner these guys are just slightly out of depth like they’re just a little too strong for me let’s break this thing wow there we go okay how many spawners are down here I’ll find you oh what is that what is that no no oh okay I killed him there’s so many cobwebs it’s so annoying there so much Undead stuff here bro oh I’m taking some serious damage again take this here bro I’m not sitting here all day doing this I got stuff to do I have worlds to save I have a dragon to kill I’m all out of food you know what let’s come back yeah there’s a spawner right there let’s come back here guys this isn’t even worth the grief oh my oh my no where’s my bread I had loads of bread I have no food oh no is there any food in oh this is not good I on three hearts I am on three flipping Hearts bro I’m going to have to Golden Apple it I really didn’t want to do that but let’s Golden Apple it kill this dude die oh there’s two of you oh there’s loads of mobs here I’d be so dead if it wasn’t for this golden apple right now okay one more hit on this guy all right he’s taking down let’s get out of here I’m not even kidding uh where did I get in up here right I fell from somewhere there’s a wither skeleton head there ah okay good to know bro let’s just break out the wall let’s just get out of here that was a sick mining trip we got a ton of stuff I think it’s definitely time we head home and we get a little house built so I can start storing all of this stuff because it’s just getting so out of hand let’s mine our way back up to the top that’s a creeper oh my god get away uh no which way was it ok doy we’ve made it out of the cave I don’t recognize where I am at all um I seem to be at the beach that is a pirate ship a floating Sky Island WA look at the wildlife that is beautiful look at all that aquatic stuff is that a little raft as well yeah okay the annoying thing is is like every time I want to go home I just stumble across a new structure and then I want to go and explore it this mod pack is just crazy what’s going on oh no it’s that charm I’m wearing wait a minute let me kill this guy take this bro yeah that’s what I thought let’s kill him yeah this charm that I’m wearing means I can move freely in water but that means I can’t swim that’s so annoying I can just run along the water at full speed which is like a good and a bad thing because oh oh I’m being attacked by my Shark ah bro go away oh no the sharks in the water come on bro not today I have no food like genuinely not even a light snack and I’m not eating another enchanted golden apple and my Hunger is really low so let’s take all this coal ore because we know how much I’ve been struggling for coal so I’m not going to pass up on this huge F and then I think oh no I’m going to drown oh okay just catch them there a second you mine at full speed when you’re underwater with this charm if I can get myself a helmet that lets me breathe underwater or something tackling Ocean Monuments it’s going to be super easy why would you be exploring an ocean Monument coffee well I think one of the eyes are in there that’s why I’ll be exploring it wonderful viewer of my video so that’s an adventure we’ll both be going on I say an adventure with both going on you get to sit in the comfort of your home and snack on popcorn while you enjoy my long videos and I have to put myself through hell for like 30 hours so but it is what it is I need to think on my feet here let’s grab my crafting table and let’s make myself a quick furnace I’m just going to grab this calp oh more of you really bro okay for some reason I can’t swim I’m trying to swim but it won’t let me it just I just have to gradually Bob which is fine I guess let’s grab this CP and I guess we’ll cook it up just so we can get a little bit of food quickly oh hold up that’s a village we shall Place some of the coal in this furnace we’ll place the kelp in the furnace oh the Sun is setting not good I’m hearing strange sounds at least we finally have some food oh my God I I I forgot how bad KP was bro wait a minute I just remembered it’s been so long but I have my holy wand get those hearts up okay this is perfect take the coal take the kelp leave everything else let me just grab the rest of this coal quickly a hunger’s back up let’s get out of here I definitely need to remember this place this place is golden bro so we have a pirate ship and a village nearby oh yeah it’s a huge village it goes right down the valley okay you know what I’m going to do right now I’m going to use one of my way stones and we’re going to pop it down and we’re going to call this one the beach boom so when I get home I can Way St to this point and we can go and explore that pirate ship and this Village oh there’s a structure up here oh it’s a stable of horses hey guys oh hey brain just a lonely old stable farmer just chilling living the High Life yes give me that saddle I’ll take free saddles um we got wheat here ah yes let’s eat this bread thank you Brian or brain you’re probably thinking I should take one of these horses but I think we all know my experience with horses is terrible and I keep losing them so I don’t want to put Brian through any grief he can keep his horses and I will lightly jog home wherever home is let me see here so we are on the beach the lake is where we were and then of course the village we need to get back to is here so I just need to head in this general direction cool what is that a m there a cute little Camp here anything in the chest a lead I’ll take take it cool I kind of want that hanging sign cuz when I get back I’m going to be building a house I am very much looking forward to having a place I can call home aha yes that’s the lake there’s the structure I was in I must have dug into those caves and then just tunneled my way underneath the ocean easily done I suppose man this world is so beautiful cracking Shader pack and of course if you want to know what Shader pack I am using and all the little edits that I do to make it look like this you can join my Discord the link is in the description a lovely little Community I must say now we stumble through the Cherry Grove once again sheeps yes I recognize where I am now let’s go home look at this guy he’s just Majestic come back come back to me when I got close it says observe ah Land look can I ride you I have a saddle I’m observing I’m observing yes can I ride him it says he’s a mount but it won’t let me ride him what do I have to feed you do you eat stuff no you don’t eat enchanted golden apples of course what about wheat do you eat wheat why it says he’s a mount am I meant to have nothing in my hand oh wait yes yes wait did I just tame him I think I just tamed him wait yes I put the saddle on no no way bro oh my bro you have no idea how much this helps I am so happy I stumbled across this oh no ow no come back to me okay don’t hold shift I’m flying on a mount okay yeah it’s official this is perhaps the coolest mod pack I’ve ever played and I’ve played some pretty cool mod packs float down my beautiful bird what do I call you I shall call you Indie you are now Indie give me a kiss I love you I love you I love you okay I hope this isn’t a situation we going to fly off though cuz I have a WG glaive and I’m not afraid to use it no don’t fly away stay near me what do they eat I guess I’ll find out I’m pretty sure there was a quest yeah okay if you looked at them you got two golden apples okay what’s up guys you would not believe the couple days I’ve had Percy honestly it’s been crazy you guys still haven’t got the windmill working seriously I’m breaking my B for this town and you’re doing nothing I think I’m going to grab some sleep with the homies sorry Frankie give me a bed and use today to build myself my own little home Indie Indie come back please thank you where is everyone oh they’re all up here well guys all I got to say it’s been a blast I really appreciate the hospitality I love you all I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me since the beginning I’m going to steal some more of your food if that’s okay thanks you offered me Refuge when I needed it I will come back once in a while and tell you the stories of my Adventures but for now I’ve got a dragon to kill so I can save you all goodbye friends I’ll never forget you and everything that you did for me let’s get out of here all right well now we have this beautiful bird it makes traversing the lands a lot easier wait I can get up to the floating islands now anything of value up here or oh yeah there’s some loot here let’s see what’s in this chest oh there’s some nether W pickaxes some food okay decent loot I’m not going to take that now but bro where’s Indie gone Indie oh don’t scare me like that now the thing is I don’t know where to build these lands seem pretty chill but still don’t really look that cool I mean I could build up in the mountains but then again I’d be dealing with pillages all the time so I don’t think I want to do that let’s see what’s on the other side of this mountain whoa that looks cool oh wow what is this we got a village we got some multicolor trees that is a castle let’s float down here is it a village with villagers in or is it a village with bad guys in oh no it is a village what is this then is the castle filled with good guys or bad guys oh no that is a Pillager Outpost cuz they’re all trying to kill me there’s so much stuff bro wao what is that prisoners quarters is that a portal that is a portal guys I think we should build around here 100% we’ll place the feather down I guess that means that you won’t stray too far from that right yeah okay let’s grab some wood o Magnolia log looks really nice as well let’s make another crafting table super quickly place that down we’ll make a double chest classic dump our inventory in there including everything on my backpack except the eye though we want to keep that on us at all times awesome and then let’s put a Way Stone here we’ll call it a home okay let’s get to work grabbing all this wood so we can start building I really wish the rain would stop there it’s so annoying she’s sleeping oh I love you so much she keeps dropping her feathers as well we’ll collect the feathers is the rain too much for you she’s just going to sleep down there that’s very cute well she can sleep but we’ve got work to do let’s hurry up before Sundown this is a perfect spot we’ve got a castle to investigate we have a cool portal we can enter hopefully there’s an enchanted Ender ey in there cuz so far we only have one and I need 11 more the thing I expected to happen whilst I was collecting wood has indeed happened I’m being attacked by zombies come on guys H oh ind’s helping me kill the Zombies how kind thanks boo I appreciate that oh he doesn’t stand a chance look at him dummy any other zombies out here no okay I shall continue my wood collection oh wao we have a mutant creeper in the distance there not good I need to eat again this area is a little higher level I will say I can’t Sprint cuz I’m so low on food look come here I can see you’re trying to get out there you go do I literally have nothing I have potato to get me back on my feet I think I’m going to go ahead use the rest of these diamonds to just make some diamond leggings there we go then of course let’s make a shovel oh no why is he so quick oh my oh no no bro where’s Indie gon she’s up there Indie Indie I need you I can’t I can’t Sprint what the this is a spawn alter it’s spawning vexes no we do not want that oh my oh they do so much damage oh no all I want to do is build my house and all these guys have done is attack me all night I have no food I have potatoes that’s it let’s use my wand at least to heal me up oh my are these going to start setting fire yet or what yes finally the sun is rising these guys can burn to death I’m trying to get my hearts back with my wand I really need to upgrade this wand none of these trees are apple trees either so I can’t just pick the apples from them let’s get up here and break this so I don’t have to deal with vexes for the next 100 days okay there we go oh I got a spawn fragment from that I can make my own spawner I think that’s cool is there a chest underneath it usually there’s a chest or something no I just need food do I have any wheat seeds I do okay what I’m going to have to do is make a quick hoe p a little patch up over here right now and do my water bucket into it there we go and let’s just plant my seeds down bone meal this stuff replant the seeds replant those seeds and just keep rinse and repeating I do have potato if I quickly grab some Stone and go ahead and craft a furnace oh oh yes place the furnace down and at least I can cook up these potatoes and then hopefully I can get my Hunger back up and we can actually start building a house I’m annoyed that I don’t have a bed anymore let’s fill all this in cuz the creepers definitely did some damage there we go I left my bed back at the beach I’m so annoyed do I have any wool no I don’t annoying let’s just eat food yes finally a full hunger bar that took way too long wait no I want to keep a potato we can at least plant a potato here as well all right if I have to live off potatoes and wheat for the next 100 days I’m cool with that wonder if there’s any sheep nearby indeed please don’t fly off all right I kind of need you near the base okay this area next to the logs is where I’m going to build my house so let’s get started I don’t know how I’m going to make this look let’s just wing it how big do I want this to be we want the door to go here let’s make a door and we shall place the door in the middle oh I like that you know what let’s have two doors next to each other like that and the front of the house can look like that we can have a window here yeah and then should I strip the base stripped Magnolia looks really nice cool let’s get the base filled in Trace along like that some of these need to be fixed cuz I want it to look nice cool let’s strip all of these the stripped base looks really nice I like that a lot strip strip strip awesome then we want to build four up 1 2 3 four that’s a bit too high actually isn’t it we’ll go three up yeah that works we’ll just fill then we’ll get the rest of the frame done this shouldn’t take too long we got plenty of logs so I do need to keep things Hasty though cuz dealing with mobs at night is really annoying wonder if there’s any sheep near here so I can get some wool I’m sure there are somewhere I hope all right cool yeah that looks neat then of course we need to swap out the floor so we’ll grab all this dirt we’ll clear up these last few pieces there we go then we can just fill it in with Magnolia planks but then I think I want to kind of like alternate between log and plank I think that could look really nice yeah let’s do that oh no we got to hurry up it’s getting done get these filled in there we go obviously let’s just quickly do the doors those can be windows I don’t have any sand right now to get Windows but of course we’ve got to return to that beach where my way stone is so we can just get a bunch of sand there plenty of space for Windows so we’ll have a ton of light ah bless me now let’s go get a bunch of stone for the roof we’ll just mine down here we’ll create a little strip mine here we’ll just get enough Cobblestone to make a cool pointy roof hey and we found coal in the process wonderful all right I got the Stone and I’ve returned to find a bunch of spiders I hate my life I will say that the Scythe has a lot of damage it might swing slow but she packed a punch thanks Indy appreciate that all right I’m going to make a wooden cauldron cuz I can I guess let’s make a bunch of stairs oh my God bro please give me a break let’s get this over with there you go kill you both I promise you one day guys my building skills will improve I just feel like no matter how hard I try I always make something kind of bad I don’t know I really wish I was a good Builder but I feel like everything I make is kind of mid but you guys let me know your thoughts if you want me to take some time and develop my building I will do that if that’s what you want like if you want to see cooler builds I’ll put some time into getting better at building so just let me know in the comments what do you want little zombie what do you want you little fils a killer look at him trying to get me go away oh okay that’s a lot of skeletons scary is this such a nice area to build because we have like the blossoms from the trees it’s like so nice first layer of stairs done we’ll move on to the the next layer whil things are calm let me just tell you guys if you’re interested in making a Minecraft server use wise hosting they’re like the best server platform ever I know there’s like a ton out there but I use their servers and they lit you install mods so easily bro it is crazy so if you guys are interested in making your own Minecraft server head over to wh hosting the link is in my description and if you use my code CFG I could save you a little money you know I got your back bro it helps us both you know I’ll scratch your back you scratch mine you know you know but of course finish this video before you go ahead and make your own Minecraft server now that the roof is done we can go ahead and add some lighting in here we’ve got those lanterns that we found in the Crypt at the start oh my goodness me I really need Windows don’t I this is going to be a problem we’ll hang a couple of lanterns out the front yeah I like it I do need Windows Windows would be nice I can definitely add to this I might even swap the roof out for red planks later on but we’ll see we’ll see how we go let’s move everything back into this oh okay not that chest cuz it’s full let’s make another chest let’s place them inside my house like so clear my inventory out all right so we got a couple of chests in here now we’ll make sure we got our Blast Furnace available to smell all the OES I do have a little cauldron here that I can place down once again I’m hungry oh hey little guy my wheat is fully grown so place that surely I have enough wheat now to at least make one piece of bread yeah okay food is still very much an issue okay we have a ton of crazy good loot let’s take some of these cool ores and let’s smell them in the blast furnace finally we’re getting hands on the ingots now what can we make with you we can make spear I need something that does really high damage there’s like nothing here that is actually like that good oh I can make orc armor we’ve also got some silver here I can make a flail I can make silver bombs there’s so much you can do I don’t know there’s so much Choice let’s just go ahead and craft an orc Hammer cuz this thing deals some serious damage yeah look at that that is a beast so I definitely feeling a little stronger now we got full diamond armor oh no we don’t I need to make some boots I think I’m I’m going to use the silver I have to make some silver boots there we go my helmet is literally about to break so I’m going to make a silver helmet waa okay we killed him pretty quickly all right I think I’m definitely ready to head out again I got some decent gear it would be nice if I can make a better healing staff I can make a diamond holy wand what you can you can actually make a better healing staff hold on a minute golden iron hold up hold up if I can swap this wand for a staff I will be so happy let me just grab my gold from this chest gold iron hey guys yeah I like this Hammer this Hammer is a lot stronger and it keeps them up Bay stay back you Beast I really need Windows oh my God place my iron there yes we can make a holy staff oh yes that’s way better what is that what that’s an evil dog I have so had enough of this mod pack now this is stressful okay let’s wait for the sun to rise and then we’ll head back to that beach so we can get some glass finally I looking forward to going in there but not yet my waist Stone should put me right on the beach yep boom just like that we spawned here all right now we’re here I can grab all this sand pop it in my backpack guys chill oh the ghost is freaking out grab all of this let’s shoot home let’s smelt the sand in a furnace like so and while that’s smelting let’s head back and investigate this stuff oh I’m excited what could this Village hold food food just give me food I care for nothing else right now I’m just a starved Knight on the hunt for snackies do you guys have any snacks please say you do oh yes give me your bread give me your bread no time to talk oh so much bread sugar cane loads of wheat n nom nom nom nom nom nom this is a lovely Seaside town you got guys I’m going to steal one of their beds as well I’m just raiding their town oh yes so much food give me all your bread half a stack of bread right now oh Maps I’ll take those it’s always nice have an empty map it seems this Village actually offers nothing but food oh what’s this wao Spirit orbs wait I have Spirit orbs don’t I you get them from breaking mob spawners you can spend your spirit orbs to unlock more Hearts I think I have Spirit orbs in my chest at home oh there’s loads of like enchanted books in here of course more food you have blast furnaces here what have we got here the chicken plushy aw the Plushies are so cute we’ll take this one what’s in this chest oh some diamonds bread some iron cool you have an anvil yes I’m stealing all of this this stuff’s actually really annoying to craft so when you can get a hold of it and steal it do it I’m going to rush home and grab those Spirit orbs cuz I know they’re in this chest yes two spirit orbs amazing back to the beach back and forth back and forth spending all the levels oh speaking of levels I have four skill points to spend yay I can increase my movement speed what about Max health I can increase my healing power think I’m going to do that that oh more melee damage as well I’m running I’m running I’m running I’m looting I’m looting I’m looting okay you need four orbs okay let’s keep a lookout for spawners cuz I want to buy heart containers that’s annoying let’s store some of this stuff in my backpack I think I’m going to head down and check out that pirate ship just craft myself a quick boat makes things a little easier can I not put a chest on the boat is that a thing I can yes okay we got a boat with a chest in case there’s any cool Loot on the boat let’s jump down here okay even more loot down here wow a look at this little hermit crab look at him chilling ah another water bucket nice you know what I’ll steal that you never know we going to need two water buckets more enchanted books they have enchanting tables oh what’s a spell binding table what do I do with this oh there’s there’s multiple spell binding tables anything in the chest leather more books you know what let’s take one and when I get back home I’ll see if I can use my blue lapis with it what is this aquarium ore what does that give me raar aquarium what can I do with aquarium ingots no I can make aquarium tools who could have figured I can even make an aquarium okay I’m definitely doing that I just keep getting distracted we must stay focused brothers let’s go after that pirate ship before the sun goes down okay here goes nothing over to this pirate ship please don’t have pirates on it oh be okay there’s a cat on the ship I have a feeling there’s going to be bad guys on it oh yeah Pillager flag let me snack on my bread real quick I’m being attacked by a shark get away oh that hammer does insane damage let’s get get up on this boat oh I see a I see a villager I see you bro you’re not fooling anyone let’s have a look what’s in here then cow wheat seeds I’m not going to lie literally nothing oh a light feather I might just take the light feather cuz you never know let’s take the salmon cuz food is food the dried CP can stay though I I care not for dried CP I thought this was going to be a lot more difficult than it is there’s literally nobody here except that one Pillager up there let’s see what’s in this chest oh another Rune always good to have what’s this increases the length of invin ibility after taking damage what another charm it makes me Invincible after taking damage for a short time that’s sick I’m confused I hear them but I don’t see them maybe he’s in here oh this is like Captain’s Quarters this is where he sleeps well let’s see what loot he’s got then more bread empty Maps oh nice some blue lapis perfect we can put that with a spell binding table a coin pouch what’s that ah copper coin Army matey just in case I want to trade with any Pirates I’m good thanks I’ll take this iron and we’ll take these emeralds oh there’s so much loot loads of dark oak logs oh some smithing templates a crossbow pocket poison oh another charm okay we’re starting to get some good stuff now I’m not going to lie ah you finally found me huh bro this charm it makes me Invincible after I get hit look at that that is the best charm ever oh my goodness you are so dead amazing so we have another charm we can put on it’s not a charm it’s a glove increases my knockback back awesome let’s grab all these hay bales and then we’ll explore the rest of this pirate ship oh yes get in my inventory this is perfect I’m not going to have to worry about food now for a little while cuz we got Stacks and stacks of bread oh lots of fish as well we’ll cook that up when we get home let’s see what’s down here we got a smoker with some coal in it you know what I’m going to take that got some cake nom nom nom Golden Apple I’ll take it some more bread oh we have a brewing stand with a potion of luck inside cool you know what I’m just going to drink that right now make me lucky baby get rid of the glass bottle oh there’s another bad guy die you Beast rest in peace to him oh yes so much coal what’s down here then is that a totem oh no it’s a shield that’s cool okay we got a cool Shield we pop that on look how cool that looks sweet what else we got in here trip wires more smithing templates hold up we got a new crossbow that looks sick oh what I can’t open this Treasure Chest because this guy is protecting it okay now I’m nervous let’s eat hey bud oh oh he’s poison me bro I’m basically Invincible now this charm is unreal although he is breaking my armor I don’t really want to go through that let’s kill this guy here feel the wrath of my orc Hammer bro he’s poisoned me and I’m about to take him down oh my goodness me oh he dropped a netherite helmet it’s literally about to break though let’s keep that though and a stack of poison arrows amazing some bottles of enchanting a runic tablet can be used to craft and reroll runic weapons oh okay what bro look at some of these swords they look insane okay cool we’ll keep those runic tablets what else did he drop that was cool oh he has a a Mythic crossbow here oh my goodness bro we’re getting so much loot it’s just insane what was he protecting then really brother some iron leggings anything else wait I got a totem for killing that guy let’s go do I have a totem slot surely there’s a slot I can put my totem I have to put it in my off hand I guess it’s not a totem that you use when you die it’s a totem that when you right click it heals you okay good to know all right well I don’t think there’s anything else in here is there they were keeping you imprisoned in here guys how could they do this what’s up brother you sell fish steaks and coconut crab cloths how could they do this to you well you’re free now Boys Go off into the world do as you so please I’m going to continue looting oh more emeralds what is that I picked up a trophy oh that is so cool what okay let’s pick that back up we’ll put that on display back at home I got a trophy for clearing out this pirate ship that’s awesome I better jump ship because it’s sinking oh hold up not before I grab all this hey sheep I really wish I could take you back with me but I can’t and I don’t know if you know this but back at home we have a kind of food problems so it is what it is I’m so sorry guys I really need the food oh I feel so bad how much food did I get from that six raw mutton okay that is actually better than nothing let’s get out of here bro just chill where’s my cool crossbow I have a cool crossbow now that shoots fast underwater so haha I freed the pirate ship and they have reclaimed it enjoy your freedom guys the alley looks so cute all right let’s get out of here anything in here oh no it literally is just a raft throwback guys back to the 100 days raft video we’ve come so far since then adventuring across dangerous Plains let’s keep back up there somehow well that was fun I can’t say it was like groundbreaking loot but we got some cool stuff there’s my way Stone so let’s head back home all right home sweet home I hope Indie is okay Indie I saw a wing where is Indie gone there she is I know you’re eager to go into the portal but we can’t go just yet if I’m honest I don’t even think you can come at all can you even fit through that now we’re home what I forgot I have to be within the chunk for it to work I hate my life it wasn’t a wasted trip though let’s empty my inventory into this chest and let’s try and do something with this spell binding table now of course I have the blue lapis and a book so I think for now I’m just going to place the SP binding table in here let’s sleep clear the mobs because I want to do this stress free look at him look he’s desperate to get to me nice try buddy let’s place this thing down and let’s see how this works whoa I can make a spell book there’s loads a paladin libram a holy book does it cost blue lapis I’m kind of confused y there’s so many T of fire T of frost well first of all let’s do the holy book because I recognize this something to do with health so what does that do use the spell binding table to add spells oh oh okay it cost blue lapis and I can actually buy spells okay so I have a spell book now I obviously haven’t bought any spells to put in the spell book I’m pretty sure one of these chests has more blue lapis hold up there we go okay we got a little more blue lapis now all right let’s see here let’s see right let’s put the holy book to the side for a minute let’s craft another book Let’s craft something like fire yeah fire techniques yes see now I have a fire book okay and then we add the blue lapis and then we buy a spell how does this work okay we bought fire flry so when I equip a weapon I now have a spell I can use oh yo that’s sick okay so I set everything around me on fire is that what that does oh I’m so curious to see what spells we can unlock I want to see if I can do something with the holy book oh I’m so excited there’s so many spells I can unlock holy shock okay so now I have unlocked another ability called holy shock this heals me and hurts enemies around me I think can I test out on a mob let’s try out on this be okay yeah so it heals me and hurts a mob chill bro it was an experiment oh God I forgot I don’t have Windows yet okay there we go he’s happy now he got his revenge an eye for an eye oh no don’t come back now we got the glass let’s make a bunch of glass panes and finally get these windows filled in yay so the house is finally finished I of course can expand it I would like to sort out my storage situation cuz it is a little bit all over the place but there we go all done and now we have spells that’s a thing I can do which is cool I think I’m going to use the fire spell for now because with my healing wand I can heal myself but also I can do the fire skill as well so oh no you son of a gun is so annoying bro okay strip this where’s my doors filling the damage I can’t believe that he’s just creeping up on me P the pun damage fixed okay we are starting to make some serious progress now because I’m starting to get spell books insane gear I got this cool Shield that looks really cool we now have a place to call home I can feel protected I think my next job is to head out and see if I can get a few more of those Enchanted ender eyes so we can go and fight the dragon I’m hoping that the portal over there can offer me some eyes so let’s free up some of my inventory and we can head in we have ourselves some spells uh uh no not today buddy not today let’s take him down let’s grab some sleep solid few days not going to lie I’m feeling pretty equipped so I think it’s time we head into those prisoners quarters Indie I won’t beong you chill here okay this crossbow is insane oh bro stinks before I head in let’s just redeem all of my quests oh we got loads of stuff for that awesome and I got the guide book look at my levels guys 55 levels we must have done a ton of quests all right let’s head in here goes nothing ooh what is this it’s like some sort of prison oh goodness okay this looks dangerous let me get my wand ready I’m going to put my totem in my hot bar with some golden apples oh I’m nervous bro oh there’s loot already oh what is that what is that he throws grenades chill bro let’s see if I can use my crossbow he’s down and he dropped a monster cell okay we can use that to make a cell crafter new things to learn the loot so far is very bad I think I farted better loot than this chest let’s just keep exploring oh hold up let’s add a waypoint so we don’t forget where this portal is let’s head in oh he looks cool you are very unique aren’t you it’s a shame I’m going to have to kill you though oh we’re getting so much stuff infected flesh wait what was that a new cell crafter let’s let’s read this book oh there’s different dimensions the insufferable Crypt waa look at that that looks sick okay that’s awesome we got different monsters what we got here chains iron a health flask I’ll take that that looks cool restores two HP and removes bleeding and poison nice let’s keep moving from room to room more grenadiers Kaboom let’s kill you oh he has a shield that I can’t break through do I have to break the shield first oh there we go let’s try out my new fire spell you are quite strong aren’t you buddy what was bro protecting nothing I just want an eye give me the eyes bro the eyes are really important let’s take you out it’s like a maze in here is isn’t it let’s navigate these maze likee corridors I guess and see if we can find an enchanted Ender ey oh not you again well we know we can get behind this guy and kill him pretty quickly we just got to make sure we do it fast there we go finally a chest they like nothing in eat my food this place is huge bro oh what’s in here I see doors it doesn’t seem to be anything in here either oh yes another runic tablet I have three now so I can upgrade a weapon when I finally get a hold of them what is that a cougal stuns enemies briefly is it a shield or something oh it is that’s a really cool shield and it stuns the enemies if you hold it up all right let’s head over this bridge oh no I’m back where I started let’s head deeper into this structure I’m still disappointed I’m dealing with a few more mobs now let’s take you down die The Shield guys are so annoying because they don’t take any damage unless you get behind them okay finally wait what is that I’m pretty sure we just read about that in the the book all right let’s take the shield breaker out there we go what is this requires a Vine Rune where can I get a Vine Rune I think is I don’t want to get stuck in a dimension I can’t get out of that’s also a worry oh I have guts in my inventory gross wait let’s read the handbook real quick okay we need to get a Vine Rune so I can activate it but we’ve got to get there first I don’t know I guess we’ll find out let’s keep searching through this we’ll add a marker on it at least honestly this place is pretty mid oh a new mob you got a fancy scarf on it don’t you let’s take him down let’s kill you rest in peace bro F in the comments guys so I’m finding like the odd Diamond here and there that’s that’s it that’s what I’m meant to be getting excited about I’m spending more of my time being hungry I was really hoping that we would find some eyes but we’re not look get out my way I’ve had enough of this I’m just sprinting past the mobs now I’ve had enough what is this oh okay I found another portal okay this is cool oh I’m excited bro what’s this oh this is the cellcraft wa okay I already have the shield oh this is cool um what do I make what do I make the electric whip I feel like the blood sword looks cool the balance blade is actually kind of decent though I need four cell infused steel one stick and five blood bottles okay I can’t take it with me I have to use it here um how do I get sell infused steel oh literally it’s just four iron ingots did I bring my iron with me I did let’s see let’s just see if I can craft any of these right now that would be very much appreciated if if I could let’s put my iron in there and we’ll make two cell infused Steels I kind of understand why I have to kill the mobs now they drop the monster cells I don’t have enough to craft anything so let’s just go in the portal hopefully we can get an enchanted Ender ey in here cuz this looks promising here goes nothing oh look at this oh I wish I could have brought Indie so I can return to the Overworld I’m not going to do that now though cuz I might end up in a random location so let’s go explore this place was absolutely beautiful there’s a sign here that says I can find a portal and a rune that way so I guess we’re going to do that this is insane and I do need to kill you guys cuz you drop Cs and the SS let me craft really cool weapons there’s a lot of dead dudes in these trees makes me kind of nervous my helmet is about to break okay let’s not waste time bro can we just appreciate how beautiful this world is I don’t know what dimension this is but I like it I wouldn’t mind basing here but I got my base on the Overworld so well we got some structures nearby so let’s go check this out we got a little chest here oh yes tree saplings you’re thinking why are you getting excited over tree saplings coffee it’s because it’s the same trees that’s in this biome and I love them oh hello I want to find a way to get bottles of blood cuz I really want to craft that blood sword also do I have any skill points I do I have two skill points let’s not let those go to waste I honestly might start making my way down this side of the skill tree cuz I’ve been using my crossbow a lot and there’s some Archer related skills over here and Mele related skills so let’s make our way down this side of the tree like this cool apparently I should jump higher now and move quicker and I know I clowned on that at the start but I guess I need this parkour related stuff this is so cool bro it’s like a full Village in this Dimension let’s kill these leaping zombies I need to eat nom nom nom my helmet broke not good do I have any silver on me no I only have gold gold and iron H we’ll try and craft a helmet soon hopefully find one throw down my totem so it heals me and then we’ll defeat this guy just use my staff me to hurt them that is so cool chill bro the mobs here are really annoying what’s in this chest I hate the loot in this Dimension I’m not going to lie whoa what’s going on there what is that that mob is healing these mobs yeah they don’t take any damage when this mob’s healing them let me get in there real quick bro where’s my axe oh I’m actually taking damage right now ah oh that totem is insane heals my hearts really quickly just get in there stop healing there we go I’m breaking it use my all the powers that I’ve got this is the most fantasy thing I’ve ever done magic spells unique mobs I love it I really need to upgrade my backpack I think the next stage is gold so let’s do that when I get home let’s see what that mob was guarding a monster eye you can eat it that’s kind of cool I’m going to keep that cuz I have a feeling I might be using a recipe to craft something in the cell crafter more cool trees I’m going to take all these home with me all right let’s go exploring okay we’re getting a lot of different mob variants in this biome or Dimension I should say I’m doing that now I’m exploring Dimensions I have like 60 levels I feel so op but like not at the same time cuz I still take decent damage oh this crossbow is insane poison arrows what’s in here then is it just going to be more of the same looks like it’s going to be more of the same hey guys oh more monster eyes yeah it’s literally just tree saplings I’m sure there’s going to be some sort of cool structure in in this Dimension ooh a golden Claymore big gold sword that’s cool I mean I don’t want it so but it looks cool oh man I wish I had Indie here I could be flying her around let’s just keep going see if we stumble across something cool I think this is the dimension I get the vine runic and then I can explore the other dimension that’s in the prisoners quarters there’s layers to this stuff bro what is that what is that bro okay now I’m nervous ah I can’t wait to enchant this Hammer cuz we are going to do bits the King statue can I steal the King statue oh my goodness I’ve stolen the King statue that’s sick is there any loot inside this thing no it’s just a random thing well okay whatever let’s keep exploring oh there’s more okay so there’s statues all around it’s a big castle full of mobs oh what is that a mutated bat oh oh oh oh chill chill chill we’re all friends here they are super easy to kill though I can basically Farm those for cells oh yeah it just looks like the same old structure unless you guys can give me bottles of blood I am not interested well I have so many monster cells which means I can make monster infused steel there’s like nothing in here it’s not even worth nearly dying over so I don’t have many arrows left either oh my goodness oh my goodness that’s so many of you let’s take all of you on please please drop a glass of blood oh wait there’s a whole quest line for this place ah now that makes sense okay so I found these two things so I get XP levels if I find any of these things you get another right oh okay there’s like a whole bunch of Dimensions out here ow bro I’m I’m breaking down the quest right now can you just give me a minute let me see here let me see here wait this is a vine Rune and I get a totem oo okay let’s find the elite enemy interesting okay lots to do I really don’t have enough days I still have to kill the Ender Dragon to save the world we’ll definitely return here though let’s keep an eye out for that Elite Shrine thing that it’s talking about cuz that seems cool I didn’t realize there’s like Dimensions within Dimensions within Dimensions so okay so I’m back on the road home is that way I’m pretty sure Hello Goodbye the you can just follow the road like the road goes throughout the dimension it takes you to all the things you need to find I was a bit of an idiot and went off into different directions that’s quite a lot of enemies all I have done is kill mobs hold up there’s a sign here that sign says if I go that way I can get a runic Vine and this way leads to another portal let’s let’s go to the other portal Oh yay this is cool ah so many enemies is it I’m going to assume it’s up there isn’t it aha I don’t have a Vine Rune this is so annoying so many Fantastical mobs on me and it’s doing my head in okay I still need a Vine Rune is a vine Rune like in these chests oh the leaping zombies are so annoying maybe I have to go this way first to get the Rune and then I can go into the poort let’s try that yeah it’s got to be in here then isn’t it let’s climb the chain let’s see if the Rune is up here what about up these stairs in this chest no did find a pickaxe though go away oh my God the knockback is so crazy on that glove hello um please be on the top floor sell andus steel I mean it’s not a runic but I’ll take it it’s there oh we’ve seen this before guys we have indeed seen this you go down there and I think there’s a boss fight cuz it said Elite enemy in the quest line oh let’s jump down oh God oh my goodness look at my armor hold up I need to make some armor real quick what armor can I make I’m going to have to settle for iron armor make a helmet make some boots put them on okay oh there’s a runic vine plant here I’m so nervous let’s Golden Apple I guess I break this oh no I I right clicked it and it’s give me the most mid enemy ever bro are you me to be difficult y’all got me hyped up but nothing okay guys I did it I got a Vine Rune oh every time you right click it it gives you an elite mob to fight that’s sick die you Beast I will say that this crossbow is insane oh I got another Vine Rune here goes nothing I guess I guess we just uh right click on here what do I just climb it wait a minute wait a minute it doesn’t take you to a dimension it just lets you get out of the area you’re in hold up let’s go back to that other one we can use the vine Rune on this that is pretty cool I’m not going to lie it breaks through the blocks and let you scale the tower okay oh no this is the lift right right click to activate we okay so now at the top I see we have found another portal this is just getting crazier and crazier let’s make another crafting table real quick let’s see if I can Infuse some more of these steel things just grab my iron and all my monster cells I can make nine infused thingies is there anything on here I can actually craft yet not yet let’s go into this portal but when I get home I’m definitely going to grab all my blue lapis and craft one of these bows cuz I definitely want to test this stuff out it looks sick all right let’s go in here oh God here we go again more danger who we got a new bow okay so you can actually find this stuff you don’t have to craft it oh my goodness that looks sick it shoots three arrows at once oh we need to get infinity on this bad boy what’s this A dimensional Rune use on a doorway in the Overworld to change its destination okay good to know oh my God look at my inventory it’s just so rammed I think this has to be the most insane 100 days I’ve ever done like ever look at this look where I am right now let’s get up into this place what’s that an undead Archer I hope the loot is good here hey guys oh okay these dropped goo whoa he dropped a Fang oh okay there’s another portal we can find Brilliant whoa okay don’t go down there this bow doesn’t shoot poison arrows it seems okay this way to the portal it says what do you mean I mean if I go that way I die so I don’t really want to do that just keep exploring oh I see requires a little bit of Parkour come on bro not today nearly there ah oh way oh bro come on surely I’m nearly there there we go let’s kill you waa new M let take you down bro he rolls very cool okay we took care of him and he dropped some stuff oh he dropped metal shards I need those to craft things O A molten chunk oh I can use molten chunk and Arcane goo to make Blaze Rod and salot the chests oh more Sal and fuse steel gold cool kill you bro oh my goodness these are actually the most annoying mob I’m not going to lie all right we’re getting to the top of this let’s take this guy out and then there’s a chest please can we just chill there we go finally we killed him what we got the balance blade I don’t even need to craft it you can just find it look how cool that looks okay that was so worth it bro I feel so Fantastical what I need is a better armor set I got that charm that makes me inin after I get hit but other than that I’m not very much protected I have felt pretty Invincible which has made my life very easy I’m sure that’s not going to be the case when I’m facing huge bosses especially in the nether let’s keep making our way through here aha this way it says okay that’s a lot of spikes we got another sweeper but we are getting closer to the other portal this crossbow is the most OP crossbow in the game I’m literally one shot in these mofos look at this look bang bang and bang give me all your ancient goo oh goodness that’s a bed of spikes let’s try and get around that there we go let’s see is it this way I have a feeling I have to keep going this way so many mobs I’m okay I’m running past I’m running away from him another sweeper there we go what’s in this chest a I was hoping to get some good loot oh okay that has a big purple strip around it so I’m going to assume that’s an important building okay I’m running low on arrows now oh I’ll find another way around here I am so close to this building I just have to kill these guys I have the magical sword all right now he’s taken care of let’s go eat this eye nom nom nom nom still no Enchanted eye though but I’ve been having so much fun so if you guys are enjoying this please smash that like button this is so much fun oh my goodness that’s a lot of mobs my knockback is insane we got more sell anduse steel and we got the nerves of Steel for some reason it doesn’t shoot poison arrows but at least we have it I can make a bunch of arrows when I get home we have so many crafting materials now though to make the cool stuff let’s make our way down and hopefully hopefully there’s another portal at the bottom of this oh that’s going so fast bro all right the next stage what more loot slash through enemies in front of me uh okay that sounds good to me oh my goodness look how cool that looks that is sick anything I can craft here I mean I’m pretty much much finding all of you in a chest so yeah I found the katana I mean I can make the electric whip should we make the electric whip okay we’ve made the electric whip let’s try this bad boy out oh that is so cool okay that is sick is there any armor I can make oh I can make emerald armor honestly I think I might do that let’s do that let’s make an emerald helmet a little bit stronger than the iron helmet obviously when I get home I’ll craft a bunch of stuff but right now this is the situation all right let’s go into black bridge this is the most jam-packed hun days ever bro what’s next oh God oh God no I’m good bro I’m good let me go home I’m joking I guess we got to take this guy on fun oh my okay he’s angry this is going to be hard isn’t it let’s use the range to our advantage I only have 12 poison arrows left so let’s try and stay out of his vicinity I do have a healing totem I can throw down and that heals my hearts as long as I keep my distance I should be okay let’s gapple to see if the electric whip is any good okay not bad not bad bad okay I think this is very doable okay Dodge his fire attack let’s going with the katana oh here comes the fire throw down the totem that is a bit of a meta just keep using the crossbow until I run out of arrows oh God I need to stay out of the corner if he Corners me it’s all over waa okay new attack new attack bro pulling out fresh moves he’s down to half Health not bad is is he okay I’m out of arrows now okay throw down the totem I need my healing staff oh Dodge that okay I got my healing staff now I might have to gapple again honestly gapple I’m chewing through hunger right now who Okay huge knock back on this guy just going with the katana go with the katana oh my goodness use the totem use the totem let’s just keep hitting this guy okay here comes the Flames again just keep hitting him throw the totem down get my hats back up this guy has a right hook on him we just have to stay on him cuz he heals keep jumping keep hitting three hearts bro no totem totem okay there we go we got to stay on him otherwise he’s going to get that Health back up not on my watch buddy bro how has he still got this much health we’re knocking the levels off him but he’s still really strong and I do not have a lot of food to keep up with this dodes hits Dodges hits I just got to stay on him ah come on he really does pack a punch doesn’t he slice slice slice oh okay he’s fuming got to stay on him he’s in Rage mode right now I’ve realized that the reason I’m not doing any damage at all is because he disarms me so literally my hits are doing two hearts at a time so I just have to keep hitting him it’s not even about strength it’s just about consistency at this point I just have to keep consistently hitting him ah come on we got this we got this we got this oh my get the hearts up get the hearts up get the hearts up yes from behind I should have probably brought a milk bucket snack the food hit him with the electric whip go around the back of him and boom hit after to hit we’re actually doing decent damage I’m going to use my magic powers come on bro just die already we got this we got this we got this the invincibility charm is coming in clutch my armor is taking a beating but I’m pleased I crafted more oh ah totem totem totem I got to get in it to get the hearts there we go rinse and repeat baby rinse and repeat he’s so close to dying is actually insane come on yes the electric whip like freezes him for a minute which is really good oh my God oh my God the hearts the hearts throw turn down dodg is hit smack smack come on like 10 hits left and this guy is toast 16 Hearts left this is it we’re going to take him down yes we killed that Beast ooh an obelisk oh I assume that resummon him what do we have here then a lot of stuff a boss stem cell I guess when we take it to the C crafter we can see what that gets me wow we made it to the end of the fort I guess this door opens now right boom there it is Mission completo we did it no I let’s just return to the Overworld that was incredible hey Indie you beautiful creature I love you so much I’m pleased I spawned by my home cuz I really couldn’t be bothered to Traverse the lands right now awesome look how much stuff I have look at this I have electric whips and sparkly blades and healing staffs I’m so op you don’t care to you you’re just a bird you have a bird brain I forgive you I’ll just share my excitement with you guys wow intense I have a ton of stuff so let’s place it all in this chest Wicked okay so loads of cool stuff but still we only have one eye and at the moment it’s just the corrupted eye so we’ll head out and grab the rest of the eyes shortly we’re going to have to explore the Nether and all the different biomes to find them but I feel like after such intensity I kind of just want to build I just want to relax few days you know it’s just nice to hear the birds and see the Sun and feel the air around me so I say let’s grab my axe what do you want what do you want from me I think the Enderman is trying to get my attention what do you want bro oh maybe he was directing me to this well that’s nice of him not thirsty thanks but thank you Enderman let’s chop down a bunch of this wood and I think I’m going to build a little storage area so I can at least sort the items that I’ve grabbed I also kind of need an excuse to place the King statue and the cool trophy I found earlier on the pirate ship let’s also plant some of these really tall tree saplings around yeah let’s put one here and and and one over here yes yes hopefully they grow do I have anything I can turn into bone meal um honestly don’t think I do no I’ll have to kill skeletons grow my beautiful saplings they say talking to your plants actually helps them grow so hey baby just you and me right now we can build in the morning look at you you beasts you guys are nothing compared to what I’ve just faced so come here yeah none of my gear there’s any any decent damage bone meal hey let’s get some bone meal from you let’s see if the tree grows oh it does wa look how tall that tree is that just shows how high the trees grow in the other dimension when you see it compared to the normal Overworld trees that is quite the sight I’m being raided how dare you try and rob me I won’t stand for this oh great now I have bad Omen and there’s a village right there okay I got to make sure I Stay Well clear of that oh he gave me a platinum infused Hatchet though how kind of him great I got bad Omen for two hours I’m not really in the mood to do a raid I’ve taken such a beating I’m so far in and I still have the worst armor all right let’s stop Dilly ding wouldn’t it be cool if I built like a tree house that would be so cool we could take advantage of that tall tree and we could so build a tree house but am I going to start a raid if I get too close to that Village please don’t start a raid please don’t start a raid okay no I’m good I’m good here yeah let’s build a cool Treehouse let’s get a bunch more wood cuz we’re going to have to craft a ton of ladders peaceful chopping let’s create like a bit of a thing here so it looks a little different the ladders can go here and then we can just start building like this okay oh the other tree grew cool it’s build all the way up here and we should make it to the top of the tree now the smartest thing to do would just be to go straight to the top right now okay there we go all right we’re at the top of the tree magnificent look at that view wow and let’s say about here we want to start building out yeah I like this this is going to look cool I’m not going to build like a huge Treehouse I just want literally a box around a tree with a little cute roof on it so it feels more like literally a house on a tree this works ah there’s a cloud going through me right now there we go and we’ll start opening this up we want plenty of space to walk around and plenty of space for chests so let’s go all the way around the edge with the logs like so I also like this pattern the log facing outs side I think it looks really clean I think I’m going to just open this up by one layer cool then we’ll break all these bushes like this the crispy rustles from the bushes are very satisfying okay cool now the middle doesn’t matter so much because I’m going to strip It Anyway there we go let’s keep some of the original tree here as well that looks clean I actually like that I might just strip around this part yeah cuz that’s where you like come out cool then we’ll build four up yeah trust me this is going to look clean I think this is going to look so cute I can’t reach that far down one two three four cool and we’ll build the frame along here wow look at that that is just the definition of a fantasy 100 days isn’t it we’re building an awesome Treehouse staring out of this beautiful view of a castle Sunset multicolored trees I mean the bad Omen is kind of spoiling things a little bit but we sh let it get us down there we go okay now we just fill in the rest with planks like that now I have plenty of sand that I grab from the beach earlier so we have plenty of space for Windows boom there we go awesome let’s make a crafting table let’s make a bunch of chests and we’ll trace the chests all along the walls like this so it literally is like a hoarding area I love that I love that so much let’s hop down here we’ll get to the bottom and next to the bottom we can display our trophy look at that how cool is that yeah I like that you know what would be super cool is if I could like join tree houses to each tree but that would take too long right now and I only have 100 days definitely something to consider for the 200 days though his Katana is doing bits all right I’m going to Shear a bunch of bushes and place a bunch of bushes around it let’s also place our statue down cuz he looks cool so he can chill there hey buddy let’s clear the mobs oh there’s monsters nearby go away get bro I am trying to sleep thank you all right clear the mobs by sleeping and then let’s just hop on top of this bad boy and add a roof there we go and we’ll use these Cobblestone stairs and Trace along the roof and then we’ll be done and at least this way there is absolutely zero chance I hope that creepers can’t blow up everything nobody can steal my loot it’s mine I feel like a squirrel hiding my nuts in the tree there we go I’m not going to fill in the roof cuz I feel like the tree does a good job I feel like it adds to it being open top and then of course I have a bunch of prison torches so let’s add them around so things don’t spawn awesome let’s hop down here place a bunch of torches around so it looks cool and edgy I love this little guy look at him he’s like go up there it’s the storage area all right oh W wo wo wo that is a creeper I need to craft some arrows you good buddy how’s life yeah same it looks so cursed but I love it oh my goodness wait is that your bee husband out there look this isn’t what it looks like Mr be she was in here when I came in here nothing’s happening I promise okay I’m going to sort some of this stuff out and move it up there so BRB okay I’m just about to finish some additions there we go so now it actually looks kind of decent when you look underneath the Treehouse I did pick up this flag if you remember I kind of want to use it but I don’t know where maybe like here oh yeah that looks kind of cool all right so everything is organized now we have a bunch of or related stuff here we have a bunch of building blocks we have all our weapons there is some stuff left in the chest down below but I feel like this is sort of like the major stuff awesome solid few days work let’s uh climb few the cloud get down here and get back home we’re being greeted by a ghost of course plenty of mobs down here where’s my food oh yeah I have like no food left see now I mean when the giant Cloud moves out the way you’ll see that it looks a little nicer I hear you buddy don’t even try it ah another one of those giant dogs go away weird strange wolf dog thing wait a minute what happened to that bone I had I had a bone I’m not going to kill the wolf just yet I want to see if that bone yes here does he eat the bone oh no he’s going to eat me ah oh okay that was close he’s my totem of regen okay this bone does not work bro let’s get rid of you how many hearts does this guy have honestly is he healing he is healing right now what why is he healing might have to try and whip out the old Hammer oh my ah what is happening right now why can he heal is it a full moon or something I’m really confused that makes no sense let me just use my staff to heal my hearts up bro this staff movees slow bro can’t I speed up with skill points is that a thing oh I have five skill points whoa okay um aha yes healing power let’s spend a point on healing power and then let’s continue up the skill tree and increase my archery damage oh yeah oh yeah cool this perk is actually pretty interesting it means that my melee hits have a chance to strike twice so let’s try and get that I’m one skill point away from unlocking that so that’s good he still have a bit of a problem here um we have this selfhealing dog it just seems to be Invincible there we go why did that take so long do I have any food in my smoker yes I do I have all that salmon from earlier oh yes meat what about all that mutton from the sheep on that pirate ship yes we’ll Kook you up as you can see this is like the only chest that I left I couldn’t be bothered to sort it apparently if I hold this tasty bone in my hands something is meant to spawn but still yet to see anything spawn and it is a full moon what the no eh did I just accidentally spawn a dog with this thing wait let me take my shield out my hands my charm around my neck looks so funny I didn’t realize it looked like that look at that I got bling on bro I look cool come on come on we know better than that um if I right click this on the floor oh my it spawns dogs I didn’t know that ah ghost so is he mine now ah creeper this description makes it out that if you just hold it in your hands it was going to spawn something but you actually have to like right click the floor and it spawns dogs so I can have a whole tribe of dogs right now what’s up little guys I will protect you with my life okay so that’s cool that is a well welcomed development in this 100 days okay let’s see here cool tree house built load of gear from an amazing Expedition let’s go get ourselves some ender eyes of course we need to go and find the ender eyes and I need armor so we can do both along the way I just got to make sure I don’t go past that Village cuz I still have bad omen ah ah where’s my dogs did my dogs despawn I’m confused oh there you are where’s Indie oh my God where’s Indie oh no she was here she was resting oh no Indie Indy no I need you you’re my ticket to the biomes oh my God she’s gone isn’t she don’t just look at me like that find her for goodness sake wait a minute there she is there she is there she is there she is oh my goodness oh she’s sleeping wake up I thought I’d lost you look at this Enderman look at this dude so Majestic she’s flown off again I I just don’t think she likes it here you have barely any health I can put armor on you I can pet you that is so cute I don’t think you can feed them anything bread no you don’t eat your own feathers by any chance to you uh I wonder if putting my totem while I ride her heals her as well it does yes now she has Full Hearts amazing so it heals my allies awesome before I head out and find those eyes let’s just see if I can craft another full set of armor from what I’ve got I’m running naked right now uh okay yeah we have a lot of myth real got some diamonds keep my Vine Rune on me yep that’ll do let’s head down to the blast furnace let’s rush back home my goodness it’s really chucking it down with rain glass furnace raw mithil take out my coal start cooking that up just cook a little more meat as well I probably should extend my farm at some point cuz that is a pretty pathetic Farm I have a bunch of stuff still let’s take my silk touch pickaxe with me oh I have five diamonds in this chest with the five diamonds in that chest and the Diamonds I was and the other diamonds I found that’s 13 in total so that’s a decent amount we’ll just wait for all of this mithil to cook up then we’ll make ourselves a set of mithil armor and then we’ll head out and look for those eyes all right let’s make a mythal helmet mythal chest plate mythal boots and mythal leggings boom slap all that on okay that looks sick let’s grab some food and I say the first place that we’ll definitely find an eye is the nether let’s redeem our quests we got a totem which is amazing um so we can put that in our totem slot we got a netherite Ingot I’m wondering can I upgrade my backpack straight to Diamond oh no I have to do gold first to upgrade the backpack I need gold and then I need emeralds and diamonds honestly I’m definitely going to do that when I come home so as you can see guys here’s all of the eyes that we need to find to fill the slots we can find eyes in M shafts bastions Buri treasure Nether fortresses e glues so as you can see we’ll be traveling to a lot of Dimensions starting with the nether if I head down here there is a spot where we had loads of obsidian just got to find our way back to that cave shouldn’t take me too long this cave joins up with the other cave oh lots of iron down here so we can grab the obsidian from here hopefully there’s not lava underneath me and we don’t lose the obsidian cuz I’ll be very upset great Where’s my water bucket get to the edges all right let’s grab a bunch of obsidian and we can gracefully head into the NE gracefully huh gracefully like that’s going to be a thing probably going to walk in it’s going to be completely remod with some insane fantasy editions and I’m going to have a miserable time you can’t say I don’t love a challenge bro this takes forever all right so we got plenty of obsidian to make a portal and to make ourselves an enchantment table oh yeah I’m enchanting don’t you worry about that let’s head back home all right let’s grab some sleep oh bro come on I’m trying to sleep over here a I thought the dogs are me to clear the area they spawn another one okay sleepy time now we got nether Time Boom nether portal built and just grab a flint and steel light you up look at you aren’t you just delightful only Minecraft players winningly open the gate to hell here goes nothing I’m not even going to risk taking Indie in there but I am going to need her to fly all over the other biomes to find the desert pyramids and The Bu treasure and stuff but right now I don’t want to risk losing her in the nether come on boys into The Nether we go and as my terrain loads I wonder what am I doing with my life and how did I end up on this career path okay here we are we are in the Nether and of course it looks completely different holy shiv me timbers that has to be a joke right ah ah I am right next to a fortress you couldn’t make that up that is a fortress Castle thing I have like 80 levels um I’m on fire I got a potion of fire resistance for walking into the nether as well so I think I’m just going to pop that right now considering I’m right next to a fortress let’s get over there and see if we can get that nether eye I was not expecting it to be that easy I love it when that happens okay here we are and what is that ah great I needed fuel for my nightmares thanks jeez oh okay I got wither effects straight away okay let’s loot this place and see if we can get another eye oh it’s filled with observers and droppers why do I feel like there was something meant to be in here is there something underneath nope okay that’s an emerald block so let’s let take that let’s explore my mini map shows there’s like enemies beneath me so I am going to continue heading down I’m going to risk it aha see kids this is why you go with your gut every time instincts over everything what we got in here then holy mother of Minecraft what is this a frost Claymore well that already looks like something I want in my hands so it does really low damage but it looks cool what else do we have we have a water ring oh my what there’s no way we found an ie that quickly there’s no way I refuse to believe that and Spirit or bro I’m getting all the stuff that just feels way too easy bro I spawned right by the Fortress I break into it and I get an eye I promis on my mother’s life I had no idea that the Fortress was going to be here that is insane a dragon’s blood sapling that looks awesome um I think I’m going to leave the ocean ring cuz I don’t really care and I already have the knockback pocket piston thing and yeah the rest can stay I grabbed the horse armor because I can take it back for Indie let’s steal the arrows from this dispenser I mean I got what I came for but the fact it happened this quick I kind of feel like I should carry on exploring give me all the arrows I need them ah of course we still need to find a Bastion cuz that has eyes in them my night vision goggles have been clutched this whole 100 Days by the way so I owe a lot of credit to those goggles otherwise I’d be blind right now more blocks of emerald dispensers pressure plates whoa okay go go go go go go go go go go go oh a okay I thought I was going to die then did I break in at the end of the trials and ended up with the ey I’m so confused what is happening right now I’m just met with traps avoid the pressure plates oh bro why did I scream like that oh my god I’ve had way too much fun filming this video on God bro all right let’s get down let’s get down here ah oh big open room with tons of loot is that a staff it is an Arcane staff oh we can shoot lasers we can use this Arcane staff to Fire magic at enemies what’s that nether quartz is it saying put the nether quartz in The Cauldron is that what that’s saying where am I I love that stuff oo what is going on down there what is that that is a nether fish I guess there’s fish in the nether now I’m confused what am I meant to do here is it saying to put nether quarts inside The Cauldron cuz if you want me to do that I we’ll do that is there something underneath this ah yeah there’s a dropper it’s like a farm hold up what’s underneath all this there like a whole Redstone setup right now literally nothing kind of pointless I wish I still had fire resistance cuz I feel like there’s something underneath this I love this stuff oh my goodness well I mean we got the eye and some sick loot including the staff so I guess we just get out of here let’s do this again shall we H there we go made it look easy this time oh no okay there we go um we got to go up here got to find my way back to the top okay yeah we haven’t been this way before oh this really is a maze aha steps up oh I didn’t need to break my way down there was stairs that makes sense hello zombified piglin there’s our portal waa that looks awesome ow get away so let’s try and find ourselves a Bastion huh oh this staff is sick look at that bam bam bam oh that is a lot of enemies holy smokes this nether is Mass what the hell bro that’s like a full Village look at that I see loot I want to get down there but how do I do it without dying that is quite a large drop isn’t it I have an idea that’s lava right but if I jump in that lava I can hop onto that magma Rock oh here goes nothing oh my goodness me that’s a joke right there’s Netherrack right underneath that how am I not dead this night class definitely gives you uh Extra Strength I’m pleased that worked eh just throw this totem down there we go I have this electric w Which packs a punch bro my electric whip does so much damage to these guys wait what is that wa I got hit with lightning bro what just hit me with lightning is it him what he’s invisible that’s a mini boss and he’s invisible that’s just cheating bro yeah he’s stuck in the lava now yeah die ah the caveat to that is that I’m not going to be able to get any of the loot that’s a shame still that was crazy o doy let’s loot this place any chests up here I did see one yes and it wasn’t even worth it yeah it’s Lally just gold Flint no one cares about that okay let’s try and find a Bastion okay so not a Bastion just seems to be a castle we have loot oh a god Apple let’s go netherite scrap okay very much appreciated what other loot do we have in this bad boy I don’t suppose you have a an eye do you yep okay yeah doesn’t look there’s anything else in here let’s keep searching oh we’re heading into unprecedented territory now this looks terrifying I’ve taken my night vision goggles off and it actually makes it a little easier to see because with these on it it makes actually kind of like too bright so I hope you don’t mind I mean if you prefer I put them back on just let me know yo coffee do you mind wearing the night vision goggles when you’re in the nether because I kind of like it that way if you comment that I’ll do that honestly I read all your comments I tried to reply to as many of them as possible it’s like my favorite thing to do the love you guys give me it’s it’s honestly the smile on my face goes crazy when I read your comments so um where am I going okay so I managed to get out of that biome and uh I think the night vision goggles are going to have to go back on I’m going to be honest as you can see there is a slight cause for concern here CU as you can see there is a boss bar at the top of my screen that looks to be a Bastion I think I would assume that’s a Bastion but I might be wrong but that’s the least of my concerns right now I’d rather know what the decaying King is cuz I’m all down for kings and stuff but the decaying ones no that doesn’t sound too good does it oh that’s a hoglin okay let’s get out of there good thing I got a totem well we know we can survive Heights so that’s good uh is the decaying King in here cuz that looks to be a castle and this looks to be aha yes the decaying Kingdom it seems I have located the decaying Kingdom and it looks totally rad how do I get into this bad boy I want to get in here so bad is this the front I think I found the front oh my god oh he’s just pulled me in okay okay I have no choice looks like I’m fighting this guy now ah I’m not prepared for this at all you sure you don’t want to talk about this oh my I have my Arcane staff that’s doing some decent damage oh now I have wither effect the whole place is on fire oh my God I’m in the lava can I get out oh he doesn’t let you leave he does not let you leave throw my totem down regen get my heart and now he’s healing this is just this is too much bro you’re doing too much what do I not have like I’m sorry about this I’m going to have to just swap out something the electric whip is doing nothing let’s use my shield okay the shield blocks the hits then I can go back in for strikes okay this works and now he’s hitting me oh eat my salmon eat my salmon when in Out I need my Amiga oils bro it keeps me fresh for the fight this is not how I expected my day to go I just wanted eyes bro oh we are messing him up now oh this this is the matter this is the meta Dodge strike strike strike totem totem totem totem yes oh my yes give me the pink stuff okay heading for strikes a bro you could have at least let me get in the qu ah oh no oh no okay last who hit surely that’s going to kill him yes yes yes yes yes come on we killed him guys I have no idea what just happened what the hell was that oh my God what is this what what what wait uh dark in Blade you are kidding me uh what do I get rid of ah get rid of the arrows I got a lord soul a soul of the old forgotten demon king okay uh what else did I pick up from this dude and a demon heart oh okay you can burn the demon heart and it gives you netherite iner or you can use it to craft a really cool armor piece okay we need to find Demonite if we want to do that though what’s the lord soul used for oh what bro you can use a lord soul to craft something crazy I can literally craft Thor’s Hammer with the lord soul or the LI man cratos his axe wa that Soul Reaper looks sick Soul infused Ingot how do you get lost souls smelting Soul Sand that’s it I can smelt some Soul Sand and I can make myself the Soul Reaper Scythe bro look at this sword what the hell I’m so pleased I came in here hello little Firefly oh wait this thing has a secondary attack okay I can fly up in the air and Smash down all of my armor almost broke in that fight though wow what the hell is that bro’s got buck teeth hello you look so funny I imagine he sounds like uh welcome to the nether dude uh do you want to chill in the nether dude do you want to chill on the Lara puddles with me dude gnarly dude okay now I feel even more prepared to go into the the Bastion so let’s head in there I see a chest and I see an angry piglin don’t even try it bro I have a huge sword which does not do any damage I’m not going to lie what we got then a spirit orb that means we have four in total now guys so I can buy a heart golden carrots yes please I don’t need the diamond glaive I have much cooler stuff than that right now come on give me an eye oh a Wither helmet let your attackers wither okay let’s put the Wither helmet on cuz this is about to break look at me I’m a wither skeleton more spirit orbs a music disc I really need to find the eye and I don’t think it’s going to be in any of these chests let’s see if we can get deeper into this thing how do I get deeper into this thing bro we just give it a rest there we go what did he drop oh coin pouch not interested whoa that’s a lot of you I bet my crossbow is insane against these guys yeah I thought so so I just get in there how many’s down there cuz I kind of want to risk it who there’s a boss down here we got Samuel The Pit Master hello mate says you’re the boss around here well I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to take you out of this world yes this does feel a little bit like I’m cheating but you got to do what you got to do at the end of the day if that means I get to keep my life I’ll take it this sword is so cool okay nearly dead now all right I’ll give him a I’ll give him a chance come on there we go I killed him I hate when the fire is on my screen cuz I literally can’t see anything what did he have oh a netherite helmet wa that’s a really good netherite helmet okay I’m going to put that on I mustn’t lose my lord soul okay he literally dropped nothing else there is nothing good here there’s loads of piglins down here you stupid brutes you think you stand a chance against me never In Your Wildest Dreams let’s try and find some more chests I seem to have also found another city so we got a Bastion and another city I’m still looking for the eye in here I don’t think I’m going to have much luck all the chests up there didn’t have anything in I mean the most I found was this Arcane Claymore which don’t get me wrong looks super cool but I don’t know I just I prefer this cool blade hey guys sorry I’m just going to kill you my staff now thanks thanks can I reach that chest eh I don’t have any building blocks fine you want to get oh my I’m burning again here’s a chest and there’s nothing in it just more golden carrots and runes come on there we go what we got in here then ooh a diamond shovel yes I’ll take that lots of arrows again literally nothing where is the eye you Beast it’s got to be around here somewhere surely what’s that an Enderman yeah it’s an Enderman oh what is that it’s got wings I have no time I have no time I have to stay focused oh hello o an Arcane orb and a spirit orb okay that’s some pretty cool loot I think I’m going to have to dip there’s like no sign of an eye here that’s frustrating might have to find another Bastion which I really didn’t want to do come on just one more chest there’s a chest up there eh eh I’ve already been here yeah I have seen this place oh yes indeed it was a nether bat okay yep no no Enchanted eye here guys let’s go check out that nether City come on bro bro I just need to get down to that City bro chill chill I really didn’t want to do this fine you leave me no choice what’s in this chest ooh fire orb that looks sick um do I just hold it in my hand there’s another nether eye in here well I’ll keep it I guess but still kind of frustrating I don’t want two nether eyes bro I need the Bastion eye what’s this a sapphire necklace oh get more health no I don’t want any of that stuff what can I do with this fire Rob oh my God I’m going to die the gasas is is coming after me there we go he’s dead do I take damage no I don’t take damage if I use this to jump so let’s just see if this works I jump down oh that is sick you don’t take fall damage if you do that okay this place looks amazing look at their lanterns I feel like I’m in the rich version of Minecraft give me the fireball please and the pedestal oh my you are fully armored with a skeleton holy he packs quite the punch we are 85 levels guys how crazy is that well that’s a lot of you let’s use my sword to take you down come on bro come on there’s like no loot here it’s just a city I’m not interested in this place if you don’t have eyes anything up here this looks Fancy no just a fancy room oh at least I can have a seat for a moment to calm down why do you need to Cal down coffee because I can’t find the eyes bro all right that’s it I’ve had enough let’s lock in let’s lock in let’s find another Bastion let’s get that eye and let’s get the 10 others cuz I’m running out of time oh balls where do I need to go I found another Bastion I’m just going to quickly look in here because this looks interesting more Spirit orbs a lightning staff that looks cool we got a cool helmet we actually got some decent loot for once mystery leggings uh yes please goodbye mithil hello mystery leggings okay all right let’s get a Bastion eye yeah yeah yeah Bring it on Bring It On where ‘s the eye where are you keeping it I know it’s in here somewhere oh what that’s amazing this glove literally smelts ores as you mind them that’s insane okay but it’s not the nether eye oh give it a break with you hoglin I got bigger things to deal with than you you pig can you tell I’m getting annoyed now chests I need to find chests let’s head up I’m not seeing any chests I’m disappointed come on let’s head up here to the roof to the roof come on I don’t see anything of value in this Bastion I’m going to cry oh my God bro no it’s not in there and we got another mini boss come on please be an eye nope how many bastions am I going to have to loot oh come on what Samuel The Pit Master oh not you again come on Sam skip this over with oh since when did you get so strong Sam damn I’m basically Invincible at this point so do what you want to do get it over with cuz I’m just going to carry on swiping you with my sword and there we go he is dead ah cool Sam was guarding absolutely nothing thanks for nothing Sam all right let me tell you something now I am literally going through hell and back to find this eye and if it isn’t in this structure I don’t know where it’s going to be cuz this has been the craziest structure I’ve ever been in no it’s not in that chest it is not in that chest oh my God wait there’s another level down here oh my God bro is there a chest down here there is there is a chest here let’s see what we got here oh holy staff okay I’ll swap out my diamond staff that’s sick oh my God we found it we found it we found it we found it we found it praise the Minecraft Lords that took forever okay three eyes found anything else in here a spirit orb n I’m good thanks all right let’s get out of here wow that was ridiculous that took far too long but I think that was the hardest IE to get because it was deep in bastions oh let’s get out of here oh now I’m on fire again I cannot tell how happy I am to be back in the Overworld I’m still on fire let’s get up into my Treehouse and empty this into chests wow I have so much stuff going to keep my lord soul so I can craft something cool in a moment let’s just dump all this stuff in the chest right now I got so much stuff from that expedition okay three eyes nine to go I’m literally living off scraps let’s make another Diamond hmet real quick there we go cuz my netherite helmet is about to break lovely jubly what can we craft with a lord soul I think I’m going to go ahead place the diamond here and use this lord soul to craft myself a li Bane is that how you say it Li Li it looks sick oh my God I have a burning sword I have a burning sword look how cool that is it’s on fire I love this game okay cool let’s grab one of these bows cuz I finally have arrows now and then let’s go grab Indie not waste any more time and go find those other eyes so I’ve just redeemed my rewards and I literally have the craziest amount of levels I’ve ever seen in my life okay let’s see here so let’s see the situation with the eyes we have the nether eye we have the cursed eye we have the corrupted eye I think I’m going to go for the old eye that’s in a desert temple and if we stumble across a jungle even better cuz we can find an eye in a jungle temple the black eye seems really easy to find it’s in Buried Treasure oh the cryptic ey is gained literally just from enchanting so we’ll make an enchantment table and we’ll enchant my armor so that should be pretty simple and and of course we need to find a m shaft this this will be pretty easy I say that when has it ever been easy let’s grab some sleepy time like And subscribe slurp my coffee M oh my goodness that is so nice all right Indy let me hop on your back come on come on right let’s see here look how cool my Treehouse looks that is sick all right let’s go so Majestic and so wonderful me and Indie we’re flying over the Overworld yeah we’re on a hunt for the eyes and we’re going to save the world from destruction and annihilation and I’ve also got a really cool flame sword I’m going to shut up now let’s just find a desert oh that seems like a cool structure no time we must stay focused Brothers oh what is this what is this focus on these nuts what is this what was not worth stopping for come back back here before I slice your head off of this flaming sword Indie for crying out loud what is she doing bro land I don’t know what you think I’m going to do do you think I can fly up there oh my God I will actually there we go oh there’s a little villager out here she is following me I guess that’s the main thing hello what are you doing all the way out here on your own and do you have anything I can steal you don’t even have a job you’re basically homeless in the eyes of Minecraft I mean this isn’t much of a house so I’m going to leave you now oh what is that that looks cool finally you land what is this this looks cool planes Oracle there is a barrel here anything in it oh I got to break the thing on top of it oh literally emeralds let’s leave it’s not worth it we found a Pillager Outpost is there any aokas here if there’s any ioka here that would be great because ioka also drop eyes we got our lovely little setup here boys be a shame if somebody raided it but this is a waste of time come on Indie I don’t know why she keeps flying away from me but it is the most frustrating thing in the world bro all right this looks like we’re in a desert area but no sign of a desert temple come on got to be one out here somewhere that is a pyramid wow that is a lot of mummies okay yep that’s a desert temple right there cool now if I land please don’t fly off hindy I’m going to land on top of the pyramid and I’m going to get down there oh I have mining fatigue already you know what come with me we’re going down there together it’s a huge drop there we go oh wow all right now you can’t fly off okay let’s clear these mobs out all right Indie look for an eye it is called the old eye and you can only find it in the desert watch’s this let’s press the button okay ah oh no I did it wrong and it spawned a bunch of Bad Dudes oh my goodness mining fatigue as well it’s going to make my life really hard down here thankfully this bow shoots three arrows at once so wait if I’ve got mining fatigue does that mean it’s going to take like 10 years to get rid of that it is oh my God bro this has to be a joke my whip like sends him flying back get back you horrible creatures no stop it you’re going to get us both killed quick heal yourself heal yourself use the totem wow you dumb bird let’s get you out of here I can’t believe I have mining fatigue can I not just break it all right let’s give this another go where’s my night vision goggles there we go it’s a bit brighter in here now that is so many of you where’s Indie gon come on let’s trying and get up these stairs get me out of here fly me up to the next floor ah ow ow okay we’re on the second floor I have a feeling all the loot is behind that puzzle cuz I don’t know about you guys but I don’t see a single chest around here oh my goodness yeah there’s not a single single chest around here my mining fatigue runs out in a sec there 7 Seconds oh no it just keeps resetting doesn’t it oh my goodness I know if I break that I can get down there I just know it I just wish I hadn’t sprung that trap H what can I do here let’s kill all of you just give myself standing chance I need to get some breathing space I know there’s a spawner but if I can get some breathing space I should be okay where where are you all coming from all right I have an idea come with me stop are you sleeping let’s get out of here fly me out fly me out come on come on we’re in the desert now so there’s snakes and stuff so please be careful let me get my axe where she gone come back here Indie I have an idea I fly back down but this time I have building blocks I can build around the middle make myself a barrier and this is going to work for sure this is going to work I know it is I just I just know it yes thank you Indie she’s a good egg right let block myself in away from the spawner aha now I may have mining fatigue but at least I can just sit and mine this now I don’t care if it takes 10 years I will do this I would rather do this than some stupid puzzle oh my God this is going to take forever isn’t it okay I can hear them all around me I’ve nearly broke the block come on we’re so close we’re so close come on I’m getting cold in here as well you’re actually joking me come on come on break yes yeah oh no no no wait where’s Indie Indie I don’t see her anywhere oh no did they kill Indie ahuh I think they killed Indie H the babies are getting through this is a disaster why is that iron there I can’t see Indie anywhere no bro that’s Indie saddle they killed indie no no I can’t believe it why do I always lose my pet it was beans in the cave only world now it’s Indie when will I be able to keep them alive it’s all my fault I’m a monster bro I don’t know how I’m going to get out this is a disaster i’ I’ve completely done myself setting these guys on fire it’s warming me up bro yeah keep me warm keep me warm oh my God it’s so loud right I have an idea this sword lets me jump right so let’s just build up oh my God I can’t think of another way out of here what if I just build up oh my God oh my I keep getting hit with mining fatigue wait okay this might work okay I got to use my sword to get up oh my this is not going to work is it wait a minute I have a water bucket yes yes I can get out oh my that took me so long to think of that God we lost Indie bro I have no wood I just have a bunch of signs but all I care about honestly is getting out of that pyramid that’s pure Insanity holy I don’t know what to do honestly I I don’t know what to do like I know it’s in there it’s not in one of these chests by any chance is it oh my I got mining fatigue again oh that is a challenge what to do what to do what about if you grab some wood make a crafting table I mean I don’t know if this will work but we can at least try hey try and get some gun powder off this creeper did see a creeper over here where is he there he is come here you go on please drop gunpowder if you know what’s good fear okay we got some Gunpowder uh and what if I get some sand kill these mobs place the crafting table down grab a bunch more sand to make TNT what if I jump back down there with TNT and see if that works it’s worth a try right we can use my sword I don’t take any fall damage that way all right TNT flint and steel get get out of there that explodes oh my what no everything broke I’m so confused what has happened TNT definitely is the method though it’s there isn’t it it’s there I know it’s underneath this yep going have to use my sword to jump out at least I got my water bucket here okay it’s taking me some time but I’ve managed to get enough stuff to make five TNT there’s a ton of Creepers out here and a ton of sand and I think it’s just enough that’s a lovely flute but please go away I think it’ll be enough to blow below the bottom of this Pyramid open if there isn’t an eyeon here this video ends I don’t care I’m so done okay here we go again all right we hop down here oh my goodness nearly died let’s throw down a torch for warmth slap a TNT in the Middle Light that bad boy up come on all right come on no no no no no no no no no no no no no this way this way this way oh my goodness I didn’t think this I did not think this through I need to leave one space open okay at least I managed to get to the loot now I just need to cover this up without anybody falling down down no okay let’s clear these guys out real quickly I just need enough space I’ve regretted so many things in my life but this trumps it no no don’t you dare this way don’t fall don’t fall all right I managed to do it somehow stop babies from getting in okay I don’t know how I’m going to do this honestly okay if I just hop down here okay if I could just hop here and then here and then here I just want to get low enough to get to the loot anything in this chest oh no no no no no no please please one of them has to have an eye I’ll literally go crazy okay we got a golden apple at least you’re kidding me right what about this chest no no no no no no lots of gunpowder though I’m going to need that to get out of here I don’t see the eye I thought there was meant to be an eye down here am I not looking properly nothing in there nothing in there oh my god there literally is no oh my god oh it wasn’t all for nothing okay we got it we got the eye okay the fourth eye um how am I doing this I have a totem I think I’m just going to risk it oh my God this is the dumbest idea ever isn’t it okay let’s use the totem and the regen and hopefully together it can save me oh my God oh my God oh my God yes yes big brain it worked now I still have mining fatigue but I’m hoping I can stray further enough into the caves that it wears off please please please come on don’t fail me now yes yes we did it we got the eye and we got out of there that was horrible oh my God all right I’m placing a torch that was absolutely pure Insanity now please let’s get the hell out of here I am all out of food all I have is this Golden Apple left and we are inside a bamboo forest I have no Indie so I’m going to have to walk all the way home great I have tragic news guys we lost up a Loved Bird F in the chat guys I’m actually so sad like so sad I know she’s out there in spirit bro I can feel it whilst it’s on my mind let’s grab this way Stone which I should probably start taking with me head to the beach and buy a bunch more heart slots with our spirit orbs here we go boom I’m spending all of them okay my hearts are like yellow and gold now so I’m I’m pretty much Invincible I never want to see sand again though so I’m getting out of here let’s go and find ourselves a jungle hey yo before we go and get the rest of those eyes let’s just spend my skill points I can finally buy Twin Strike so my melee hits have a chance to strike twice that’s handy I can increase my attack speed can also increase my resistance I might spend a point there then I have four points left hm this increas my melee damage there we go spent all my points pretty solid I’m just going to head and as I travel through the biomes I should find the structures with the eyes in we looking for a jungle we’re looking for Igloo H and I thought the Bastion was going to be the toughest one turns out it was the desert temple thank goodness for creepers hey otherwise I would have been done for we’ve been walking for some time now yeah all right that was our stray we’re definitely in snowy territory what is that nah what I’m so confused oh there’s so much what going on I’m so cold and I’m being attacked by this weird Enderman thing we took him down but it’s important to note that I freeze to death here so maybe if I hold a torch out it keeps me warm yeah that’ll do oh hey little guy is that an igloo oh it’s an Enderman but he’s wearing a hood cuz he’s cold I’ll let you off thing cuz you kind of look cute let’s check out this igalo now these are supposed to have eyes in knowing my luck though we’ll see there is the hidden door let’s head down here hopefully it’s warm down here hey guys I thought I’d find you down here what’s going on here then oh it’s a cleric what have you got in here there’s a splash potion of weakness down here is he a cleric I’m pretty sure clerics trade me Quest as well there’s one of these I can trade with a cleric which one is it bought from a master cleric let’s throw you the potion of weakness and feed you the Apple all right you do your thing just as I suspected no I at least we can trade with him let’s find another Igloo I’ve been searching so long for an igloo and all I’m coming across is these little towns what are you I thought that might happen ah I’m in packed ice look at this how do I get warm oh that’s so many of you look how many chilles there are oh my I keep falling in packed to ice bro I’m going to die oh go away where’s my torches just warm up a second I’ve had enough of these guys so I’m going to very happily run away from all of them go go go go go run away run away look how many arrows in me I’m sure we’ll revisit the castle my quest says that the eyes are in an igloo so let’s just continue trying to find an igloo all I escaped the village and I think I found another Igloo oh okay let’s warm up real quick I really really hope that this is the one please this has been the craziest challenge ever oh you’re kidding you’re actually kidding it won’t let me loot it because you’re here I’m cold I’m tired and I’m sick of fighting bad dudes like you oh he’s using lightning on me but bro has no idea I bought like 20 hearts so you don’t stand a chance level 140 oh my did he drop anything worth going crazy about um fur padding oh okay it means I can get warm great I don’t care about any of this stuff oh this bat has Infinity though so I’m going to keep that because when it comes to fighting the Ender Dragon this bow might be great but I’d rather have a bow with infinity on it all right let’s check this chest another Golden Apple of course cuz that lets you kill the Villager a balloon what does a balloon do oh you put it on your head uh let’s have a look oh yes yes yes we got the eye thank you wow okay five eyes amazing we got the cold D so we get some XP levels cool I’m going to take this potion of weakness all right we got the cold dye we are nearly there let’s see what this balloon does oh that’s cool the balloon lets you like float so it keeps you from taking damage which is really handy that’s going to be perfect when I’m fighting the Ender Dragon because I’ll just pop that on my head and then I won’t take any full damage I’m going to put that in my backpack ready to fight the Ender Dragon okay now please can we get out of this freezing cold biome I traveled back to that bamboo area from earlier and have stumbled across this didn’t actually take that long to find so I’m very happy I’m hoping it’s just in the chest and I can go yep of course not that’s not how it works you idiot I’m going to have to deal with a bunch of traps hopefully this one doesn’t give me mining fatigue oh it looks exactly like the nether one the one that I kind of like accidentally skipped all of the trials chest where are you down here somewhere aha what’s the levers do okay I played with the levers I made the floor change now I can get through here great we’re going even deeper into this pyramid notice how I’m breezing through this right now because I just really want the eye okay no eye in this chest I haven’t lost faith though oh come on it’s got to be in this chest uh we got a spirit orb decent some smithing templates what are these rooted boots slowly replenishes hunger while walking on grass you’re actually joking me right now I needed those like 90 days ago bro okay so when I walk on grass now I replenish hunger that is the best perk out of the entire 100 days I really needed that right I’m confused okay I have a bit of a challenge here oh I accidentally did it I turned all the torches on that side so now I have to turn all the torches on this side uh this turns on those ones let’s just keep clicking things until we find what works wait what about this button hm what about this one hey okay there we go a secret door there it is praise the lord and there we go we managed to get ourselves the Rogue eye and there’s a bunch of gold and emeralds in here which we don’t care about goodbye okay another eye successfully grabbed that one wasn’t too hard thankfully now let’s find the next one we managed to get the Rog guy now let’s try and find a m shaft okay here we are M shaft which is kind of Handy it was right next to the desert temple so I don’t feel so tired oh this chest has diamonds in it that’s cool uh no I though let’s keep searching I’m really hoping this one doesn’t take long at all whoa another one of those trap chests oh lots of coal in the furnaces grab those I’ll just keep going room to room oh my oh no no break it break it there we go don’t even think about it you horrible horrible horrible creatures okay chest where are you we did pick up an obsidian skull which is pretty cool gives me temporary invincibility when I’m on fire let’s just keep hunting the corridors the thing that’s making me nervous is like no mobs like I haven’t seen a single mob have you cuz I haven’t I honestly don’t think there is one in here the only thing I can think that’s different is that there’s a latch here but nowhere else but there’s nothing down here ah I’m caught in the Cobbs is that is that a chest wait a minute I will be so happy if it’s in here let’s open this up there it is the Lost eye come on perfect and a golden apple all right we’re getting there guys I dedicated the next bunch of days to just getting the eyes hey there it is we got the magical eye with just three eyes remaining I had to double down on my speed this eye was pretty easy to get though I must say all I had to do was simply keep enchanting items and hope for a random eye drop I’m pretty sure I Enchanted every item I own until I finally managed to get my hands on the cryptic eye let’s place this Shield here let’s go I Enchanted my shield and it gave me a cryptic eye wait it doesn’t even let me enchant a shield was it like a hidden thing was that like an Easter egg that you could finally unlock the crypted eye if you try and enchant something that’s unenchant cool we are really making some insane progress our last two eyes are super easy to get I just need to kill an alder guardian and then I just need to buy one from a master cleric which we know we’ve cured one in an igloo nearby so we’ll grab these last two eyes and head over to the stronghold this Dragon should be easy to kill there’s a good doctor let’s keep trading rotten flesh with this guy level him up I appreciate it mate this took like forever to find but this should not be hard um I only have 8 minutes so I got to get in there kill the guardian and get out let’s go soon as that mining fatigue hits we’re run for a treat all right let’s try and find the Guardians uh where I wonder where it’s going to be they’re hitting me but I don’t know where the Alig Guardian might be in here maybe oh I can’t see a thing cuz of those things okay there we go this would have been so much easier if I could just broken through a wall but let’s hope this is the room yes it is you better drop an eye bro otherwise we are going to fall out bro I am Invincible die there we go did he drop an eye what this guy didn’t drop an eye you’re kidding me just prismarine shards no that’s so annoying look at all these poor aelott imprisoned you’re free now my children I hit the balls eye all right let’s try and find the other Guardian there might be a chance I can get the eye I can’t find him anywhere this is so annoying I’m Lally going from Corridor to Corridor where are you Guardian oh there you are come here please give me an eye or die give me an eye or you die all right yourself he’s so annoying to kill cuz of the laser but I don’t know if you noticed he’s only hurting my armor he’s not actually doing any damage to me he’s nearly dead I’m not doing any damage there we go I have to wait till he shoots his shot oh my God bro just die there we go did he drop an eye oh my God bro I don’t think you did oh there stuff floated to the top prismarine shards what else what is this dark prismarine I have too much stuff in my inventory eh smithing template not interested what’s that is that it oh my God yes thank you thank you thank you thank you die die you little Guardian such a pain in the there we go I only have 2 minutes I got to get out of here let’s get out of here go in the way I came and then I believe that is it oh go to the top to the top oh no I’m taking damage I can breathe and there’s my boat and there we go now I I do have a spare nether eye so can I use that to navigate I only have one eye so I’m just going to throw it and we’re just going to head in that direction I played this game long enough now to know things can go terribly wrong but also things can go very well so here we go let’s not forget to put my balloon on my head cuz that’s going to come in clutch with the Ender Dragon this is it it’s taken me like forever my goodness but we’re going to do it let’s hope the eye doesn’t break yeah it definitely is here I’ve thrown this a couple times now yes okay I think I’ve got to head straight down uh yeah let’s do that I only bought one breathing potion I should have bought a couple if there’s a Minecraft guard out there there will be a stronghold right below us come on do not fail me now look at my inventory guys pure Insanity I’m going to drown ah okay take a moment to breathe aha I see moss blocks yes here we are we are in the stronghold and my little balloon let me float down okay oh my God what are they they kill me on sight what the they didn’t care that I looked in their eyes they just went for me look at them they’re like Guardians bless up the balloon that’s coming in clutch let’s hurry up and find the Portal room oh what is that a lush creeper die you foul beasts what in the hell is that oh it was like a zombie disguise as a blue thing you did this to yourselves oh what is that scarf of invisibility turns the we it invisible ah okay I don’t want to be invisible permanently did my chest plate break oh my who cares no time I’m pretty sure by this point I’m on like day 101 cuz it has taken me so long to find the structures and trade with the cleric and bro I’m tired come on where is the portal room yes I finally found it get rid of you okay it’s finally time we’ll first start with the first eye we ever got perfect then we’ll place the cold eye which we found inside the igloo then we have the Lost eye that we found hidden in that M shaft then we cracked the puzzle in the Jungle Pyramid giving us the Rogue eye we killed the Elder Guardian for the guardian eye I traded 90% of my life trading with clerics to finally buy the evil eye we went to enchant my shield granting me the cryptic eye we conquered the nearby Castle killing an aoka and getting the magical eye I accidentally stumbled across a nether eye and of course the spare one that we found in the chest which thankfully is the only reason I managed to find this place we scar like five bastions to finally find this eye and then of course the absolute close to death experience that I had in the desert temple but big brain cof your Genius managed to save the day and get the old eye it took long enough but we finally had all the eyes and now it was time to kill the dragon and save the world let’s see how easy it is to kill the dragon in this mod pack then we made it to the end easy peasy lemon squeezy I’m just going to quickly use this darken blade to jump up oh no I knew that was coming I knew if I hit the Enderman they were going to hurt me no they are quite hard let’s get up there and kill this Ender Dragon there he is in all his glory hello sunshine oh they do not care about if you look them in the eye great what is that that’s an Ender fish bro look at the Enderman they’re going crazy let’s start climbing up oh there’s no grass here so my Hunger doesn’t refill oh that’s fine where’s my salmon there we go nom nom nom we have a stack of cobblestone once I get to the top of this one we should be pretty good to go my God how tall are these things I’ve gone through a whole stack just for one Tower aha there it is okay first one down and I’m pretty sure from up here it’ll be a breeze we’ll take that one down we’ll take that one down we’ll take that one down this one should be pretty easy to take care of bro I am absolutely breezing through these I have not missed a shot apart from the one I just said I didn’t miss and there we go I’m pretty sure that’s all of them these guys are so annoying I don’t know why what kind of Enderman you are but I don’t like you come on bro the best loot I got was from the pirate ship I swear down because this crossbow has killed like everything one shot and he’s coming down right now here he comes now I just need to get on his head there we go come on we’re getting hits we’re getting hits oh bro this was so easy what the hell look how slow he is this is it the Ender are going crazy I about to free the world after everything we’ve done we finally killed him brow is going crazy right now we did it that was crazy we went to like a bunch of different dimensions killed a bunch of bosses crafted some of the most insane Loot and we got another Lord Soul so if I wanted to I could craft something crazy look at that done and dusted let’s hop back home easy peasy lemon squeezy bro that was the craziest 100 days I’ve ever done if you enjoyed this video guys click that like button and of course subscribe I love you all as always I’m the coffee fuel genius peace your boy is going on vacation for 2 weeks but if you join my Discord I’ll be talking in there interacting with y’all I love every single one of you you help me do what I love have a great day

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Watch as I spend 100 days in this fantasy world filled with medieval fantasy themed structures, mobs & weapons! I use magic spells, wizard staffs & modded weaponry to conquer alternate fantastical dimensions, castles & huge bosses!

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    The Dyson Sphere Modpack Created by SphereMC Enjoy a blend of mods including Create & Addons, Mekanism, Gregtech+Space Addon, new building materials, decor, Valkyrien Skies, Eureka ships, and airships! Server Whitelist-only server with a fantastic community and engaging modded experience using our blend of mods. Simple and quick whitelist process! Updated modpack ⭐ What Sets This Modpack Apart? Introducing The Dyson Sphere modpack. Built on Minecraft 1.20.1, inspired by ‘All the Mods 9’, trimmed for gameplay and performance optimization. Ideal for adventurers and tech enthusiasts with modded biomes, magic, technology like Create and its addons, Clockwork: Create x Valkyrien Skies…. Read More

  • Mystic_Isles

    Mystic_IslesWelcome to Mystic Isles! We are currently only a Factions server, we WILL be adding more game modes in the future. ACTIVE: FactionsComing Soon: SkyblockComing Soon: SurvivalComing Soon: PrisonVersions: 1.10-1.21 Read More

  • Minecraft Floating Head x Trolling face 🔥🤣 #minecraft #memes

    Minecraft Floating Head x Trolling face 🔥🤣 #minecraft #memes When you’re trying to build a house in Minecraft but end up with a floating head instead, just blame it on the trolling face emoji for causing chaos! 🤣 #minecraftfails #trollingemoji Read More


    EPIC PSG STATUE BUILD CHALLENGE Minecraft: Messi PSG Statue Build Challenge Embark on an epic journey in the world of Minecraft with the Messi PSG Statue Build Challenge! Join the fun as players face off in a battle of creativity and skill to see who can construct the most impressive statue of the legendary football player Lionel Messi. Noob vs Pro vs Hacker vs God Witness the clash of different skill levels as noobs, pros, hackers, and gods showcase their building prowess in this exciting challenge. From beginners to expert players, everyone has a chance to shine and demonstrate their unique building styles. Building… Read More

  • Insane Goose Beats Impossible Modpack With Zero // Ep. 18 – Falling Sky, Rising Power

    Insane Goose Beats Impossible Modpack With Zero // Ep. 18 - Falling Sky, Rising PowerVideo Information This video, titled ‘Beating Minecraft’s Hardest Modpack With Nothing // Episode 18 – Sky Falling, Power Rising’, was uploaded by Neurotic Goose on 2024-06-14 18:00:12. It has garnered 41578 views and 3988 likes. The duration of the video is 00:34:41 or 2081 seconds. In this eighteenth episode of the series I solve the space-trash problem using a neon blue goose-juice powered rotary impeller, automate photosynthetic degeneracy – or possibly fertilization – by feeding an exclusively vegetarian diet to plants, create ever-more-powerful magic boxes, and vomit rainbows all over the floor. GT – New Horizons is an intricately designed… Read More