5 Tips for Running a Minecraft Server

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Hey guys cleveland here and today we will be going over five tips for running a server with commands as well so the first tip which is uh should be a no-brainer but do not get essentials so the essentials plug-in is a plug-in that people commonly get when

They’re first starting out a server i even got it personally on my first server and quickly figured out just how annoying it is so let me give you a use case example and i’m sure that there will be somebody out there who says oh

You can do this and this and that to fix this and you could do this and this and that to fix that but honestly what essentials adds for most people is not too great and you can probably find individual plugins that also add those very specific features that you

Actually are looking for without adding a bunch of unnecessary stuff that you aren’t looking for so right out of the box if you do give at pstick it will tell you player is not found if you do give at stick player is not found and the other factor of

Essentials is that a lot of times it’s just going to break almost every single data pack that you throw at it just because it messes with the vanilla commands or at the very least makes it some so that some vanilla commands are just not accessible

And in addition to this tip i also want to say that when you add new plugins they may conflict with old plugins or the data pack itself which kind of leads me into tip number two tip number two is to make your own content and commands whenever you can uh

Including plugins if necessary and the reason for that is you don’t want to be stuck waiting for somebody to update a plugin that is incredibly essential for your server to operate if you’re just kind of a smp based server then certain things you’ll be fine with or without or you can find

A replacement but on some servers there are just essential plugins that you need to be updated and in those cases it might be best for you to figure out how to code that specific plugin yourself or ensure that you have somebody you can contact to update that plugin when you

Need it updated uh and for the same reason with commands and data packs some data packs are going to be inefficient or uh not really well optimized and they and data packs tend to break with newer updates far more than plugins because command syntax can sometimes

Change just a little bit and kind of just make all the files invalid so for that reason you should try to use your own commands your own data packs and if you have to use libraries use as few libraries as possible or be very scrupulous as to which libraries you choose

And for that reason when you are adding new things it’s going to be important for you to eliminate what is the problem so sometimes you may add a plugin or you may set up your server and then there is a plugin such as essentials which becomes a problem

And it can be hard the more plugins and data packs that you add to eliminate what is the problem and for that reason what you’ll have to eventually do is just use a process of elimination that is you essentially have all of your plugins turned on and you just take a

Few plugins and disable them or delete them from the file and reload the server to see if the server works once you remove those plug-ins so you just stop it and restart it and see if everything works if everything works then you know that the one that you just disabled is the

Culprit now if multiple things are causing problems then that will become a real pain to try and debug but you can kind of go through turning one plug-in off at a time until everything works and then once the problem plugin or data pack is found you can remove it and start everything up

Again and slowly add one plugin or data pack at a time back until something breaks or everything works and it’s a very slow and painstaking process but that’s kind of the thing you need to do to best figure out what is the problem if you are not getting any direct

Messages inside the console saying uh some kind of error with a plugin the third tip is do not shortcut sub servers so there is a plugin known as multiverse and this plugin is very popular for allowing you to add multiple worlds to the same exact server which is a very

Cool functionality however it is not a shortcut to adding sub servers what do i mean by this a sub server is another server that you can connect to which is private so i cannot connect to it in my server list right here but it will become a server that only

Some players will be able to connect to if they come from the network of servers for example if you are using bungie then it would become a bungee cord server that can only be connected to by first going through the parent server which essentially means you can only connect to it by using

In-game signs or connecting well in the original server to go in between them and what that basically lets you do is it lets you distribute the load of players across your servers let’s say you have two minigames you have skyblock and you have bed wars right if

You put skyblock and bed wars in the exact same world running commands using multiverse the commands ran in the skyblock world will be heard in the uh other world and if you try and also use vanilla dimensions to do this sort of a trick uh this same logic will apply in

The sense that the commands will not separate by dimensions they will not separate by world so what you will essentially just be doing is increasing the load on one server and what this does is it increases the memory usage and the memory usage is something that costs a lot when you pay

For servers you’re mainly paying for ram as well as whatever cpu capabilities they have but the variable that you can adjust based on your price is typically memory and ram does not come cheap however multiple servers will typically come cheaper than having to pay for the ram required to

Run multiple minigames on the same server as you add players complexity increases and the memory usage increases whereas if you split it between players on one sub server and players on a second sub server one sub server being one of your games the second sub server being a different game

Then you will effectively reduce how much you have to pay per month even though you’re paying for more than one server at a time uh it will the more servers that you have added to the multi server network the better distributed your player base will

Be and the less you will end up having to pay overall in ram tip number four is actually a positive tip towards plugins this is use plugins to shortcut and or simplify your commands in a meaningful way so one thing that everybody loves to have on servers is

Roles you want to have a way to reward people for donating you want to have a way to have admins look different than normal players or some kind of distribution of types of players based on how long you’ve been playing the game and for this reason you could use

Commands to add teams with prefixes uh but it’s better just to use a plug-in to handle this because if you use the game’s commands to handle roles then that means you have to use the games commands to handle what those roles can do you need to use the games

Commands to handle the prefixes and it will actually disable you from being able to use teams because you need a separate team for a separate role so you will no longer be able to use teams for something like a game which could be very useful so for that reason use

Something like i really suggest luck perms one of the best permission based plugins out there and it’s very well updated it has a web editor which looks like this which lets you add different groups and edit the permissions kind of live it can take a little bit to set up

I might make a video on it but there are other videos out there but it’s really great for handling the permissions because something like permissions and something like anti-cheat is just better handled with plugins than commands and the final tip for running a server with commands is to create a command world or

A mirror of your world for single player and update those things on single player before rolling them to the main server what i mean by that is while you can hypothetically edit commands and upload the commands in a data pack to the server and type reload on the server and

Test things there you don’t want to have any bugs potentially break while players are on and playing the game you don’t want to accidentally clear everybody’s inventory or kill everybody a bunch of times things can happen when you’re working with commands that are really weird so create everything in a single player

World then push it possibly even to a second sub or secret server that you run for testing and then roll it out onto the main server or you can skip that depending on how small or big your server is but regardless you should separate the data pack work from the server running

And one sort of bonus tip for you guys is to find a server host that you like and that is cost effective for what you’re trying to do personally i used to run with mc pro hosting because they had the simplest ui however their prices are a little bit outside of my range

Especially since i like to do large projects which usually involve multiple sub servers and for this reason they don’t have a plan that is cost effective for me in terms of ram and price per month for a good amount of time i ran with shockbyte because they did have a

1gb ram 250 per month option and i think that shockbyte is a decent option if you want to scale things because they have good customer support and will help you set things up if necessary and they aren’t too expensive they have lower cost options so that you can kind of

Diversify have multiple subservers the one downside to shockbyte is that their ui system is incredibly slow and the only way that you can really work with it is if you use ftp filezilla access and ftp filezilla access is also incredibly slow for adding or deleting big folders

The current server host that i use is revive node hosting which i’ve done a video in the past this is partially sponsored but not sponsored in the sense that they didn’t ask me to make this video but they have been providing me with a server to run tests on for quite

Some time now which is really cool of them but you can get their one gig plan for three bucks a month which is kind of comparable to shockbyte for that price point and a decent gpu which a lot of other server hosts do not tell you what gpus they’re running

And all of these detailed specs but for that price point it’s decently scalable and also includes a very nice server management system using the pterodactyl daemon and they use something with docker to set things up i don’t know exactly all the details but they have a really simple file management system

Right here where you literally just click file manager and right there you can edit the server’s files which is very clean compared to something like shockbyte and if you have an archived file you can unarchive or if you have something you want to archive you can archive it and then download it

So it’s very easy to work with here so those were five tips for running a server with commands hopefully you guys found that useful i’m gonna do a few more videos about servers as well as i work on my own server actually there will be a

Ip and a link to a discord in the description for my smp server that i am currently running just in the meantime while i work on my rpg server just something for you guys to do the discord is meant to just connect people that have similar games including

Minecraft to play and hang out uh so if you’re interested in that kind of stuff go ahead and join it in the description and if you want to see more of this content please leave a like subscribe and possibly share it with your friends who are interested in this

So that i can know if this is the type of thing you guys want to see more of other than that guys thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time peace

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We go over a few useful tips for starting a Minecraft server!

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    "Minecraft Insanity: World Made of Leaves! 😱🍃" #clickbaitVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by Vortex Virtos on 2024-03-26 13:48:46. It has garnered 11533 views and 333 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:56 or 56 seconds. #chapatihindustanigamer Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts #andreobee #imbixu #noobvsprovshacker #minecraftbut #minecrafthindi #funny noob vs pro vs hacker noob vs pro vs hacker minecraft noob vs pro vs hacker minecraft diamond mining noob vs pro… Read More

  • BitCube

    BitCubeExperience the best of both worlds on our semi-vanilla server with a plethora of tweaks that enhance vanilla Minecraft mechanics. We offer a range of vanilla-like features that maintain the original texture and aesthetics, ensuring a non-modded feel. Dive into a world where player shops, player warps, and custom crafting recipes are just the beginning. Say goodbye to pay-to-win schemes as our server provides a fair and balanced playing field for all. Enjoy interactive visual mechanics that bring the game to life, while pre-loaded chunks enable lightning-fast teleports. Take control of your gaming experience with individual view distance settings. Start… Read More

  • Astral Pixelmon Modded Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11 Resource World Gambling Crates Non-Pay2Win Vanilla Mobs Gym Leaders LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Astral Pixelmon! IP: play.astralpixelmon.com Discord | EV Training | Pixelmon Bingo | Dex Rewards | Custom Crates | | Adult Owned | LGBTQ+ Friendly | WonderTrade | Pokebags | | Pixelmon Raids | Gambling | Timber Mod | Resource World | | Vanilla Mobs | Custom Textures | Gym Leaders | GTS | We are an adult run Pixelmon server focused on providing family-friendly yet challenging fun experiences. Our trained staff team has been playing since childhood and can handle any server challenge. Need help installing Pixelmon Reforged? You can use the Curse launcher at https://download.curseforge.com/ or download the mod… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Unleashing the Legendary Eight-Handled Sword in Minecraft”

    Minecraft Memes - "Unleashing the Legendary Eight-Handled Sword in Minecraft"Looks like someone really went all out with their Minecraft summoning skills just to apologize for their Jujutsu Kaisen brainrot. Gotta respect that dedication! Read More

  • Diamond Juggernauts: Speedrunner’s Hunt

    Diamond Juggernauts: Speedrunner's Hunt In the world of Minecraft, the speedrunner runs free, Chased by hunters, a thrilling spree. Diamond juggernauts, a force to be reckoned, In this epic battle, who will be beckoned? The speedrunner’s skills, swift and sly, Dodging traps, reaching for the sky. The hunters, relentless in their pursuit, But the speedrunner’s wit, they cannot refute. With each twist and turn, the story unfolds, In the world of Minecraft, where legends are told. So join us now, in this epic fight, As the speedrunner races into the night. Read More

  • Everyone’s Secret Obsession in Minecraft!🔥

    Everyone's Secret Obsession in Minecraft!🔥 Remember spending hours trying to build the perfect house in Minecraft, only to accidentally set it on fire with a misplaced torch? Good times. #minecraftstruggles 😂🔥🏠 Read More

  • Crafting a Portal for Finley the Sea Serpent in Minecraft

    Crafting a Portal for Finley the Sea Serpent in Minecraft Minecraft: Creating the Finley The Sea Serpent Portal Embark on a thrilling Minecraft adventure with UzeMing as he delves into the creation of the Finley The Sea Serpent portal from the Indigo Park game. This mythical creature, known for its dragon-like appearance, is a beloved character in the game. Materials Needed To construct this portal, UzeMing gathers obsidian, flint, steel, yellow wall, and green wall. These materials will form the basis of the portal’s structure, creating a mystical gateway to the world of Finley. Building the Portal With meticulous precision, UzeMing assembles the materials to craft a 4×5 portal…. Read More

  • Bedwars Shenanigans

    Bedwars Shenanigans Minecraft Bedwars Adventure with BlueLedYT and WeebRed Software and Equipment Used: For this epic Minecraft Bedwars adventure, the team utilized: Recording: OBS Studio Editing: Capcut They also had the following hardware: Keyboard: Random Logitech keyboard Mouse: Bloody A60 Mic: Portal 7.1 HG28 (headphones mic) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 RAM: 16GB Resource Pack: The team played with the Bombies 180k resource pack by Tory, adding a unique visual flair to their gameplay. Subscribe to BlueLedYT and WeebRed: If you enjoyed the gameplay, make sure to subscribe to their channels: BlueLedYT WeebRed Highlights from the… Read More

  • Knapp’s Epic 100 Day Cobblemon Challenge!

    Knapp's Epic 100 Day Cobblemon Challenge!Video Information this is camon Island the place that brings the magic of Pokémon into the world of Minecraft and for the next 100 days I’ll be trying to survive in this magical world will I become the very best or will I be eliminated in my path to Victory well I was about to find out as I spawned in and had to choose my starter Pokémon I think we’re going to choose a gen one Pokémon and we are going to go for we’re going to go for we’re going to go for Bulbasaur there we go and… Read More

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