Adversaru’s Building Adventure in Minecraft Live!

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uh okay hello I’m streaming again now because seems my [ __ ] internet decided to just kick the bucket uh lightning struck somewhere and it just killed my internet so uh yeah kind of unfortunate but we will we will uh you know is what iss so um yeah kind of is unfortunate uh but yeah I mean can’t do anything with my internet being God awful oh my god let’s see the stream quality then uh God God okay it seems to be running fine I think I I hope if I open my stream up your internet is that bad I mean yeah it’s that [ __ ] bad that lightning struck uh D my internet just went out at least we got past one hour yeah true I mean you did get past 1 hour uh uh stream is indeed back is is back is back oh man that’s really annoying such a pain in the ass they just died such a pain in the ass okay right uh seems to be running fine um stop playing okay I will uh right let’s uh let’s St playing then let me start digging again that’s really annoying know that it like thunder just hit and then my uh my thing just went out do then that means the amount of over views for my stream is uh just drops which sucks goes to do you mean megabyte uh because gigabyte is wild 900 gigabyte would be actually rapid that would be crazy like that’s like NASA internet mine goes up to a mighty uh gigabyte what no way what gigabyte what the [ __ ] where do you live do you live in like NASA’s like basement or something what the [ __ ] you need to like lend me some of that speed uh mine uh mine goes up to 3 megabytes Mighty free absolutely crazy amount a mighty fine uh three megabytes and that’s on a good day and then my upload only goes up to 500 kilobytes it’s so [ __ ] depressing it’s so sad it’s so depressing honestly like uh one thing I was thinking of is getting like a starlink where it’s like Elon musk’s satellite one just because that would be so much faster there was like £500 a month for the uh gigabit package free box uh you in the UK cuz I think that sounds familiar uh no it’s French never mind I am wrong I sounded familiar it’s not uh let me see how much starlink is then cuz if I ever to uh end off uh uh like if I ever do end up becoming fulltime streamer and I’m still living at home uh since you know I’m 18 then I think it could be a a good shot uh refer 75 a month that is wild that is wild that is diabolical El musk what the [ __ ] oh my God man that’s so expensive though uh I’m tempted I’m tempted I’m tempted if I uh save up enough money then I’m I’m tempted to just because it would be better than uh shitty WiFi that I have El must not need more money true but it’s less about giving him money uh more about uh actually um like getting fast internet because it wouldn’t go down like that I use mod now um yeah he’s like nearly like 300 billion I think he’s like 273 billion which is wild absolutely wild uh I use mod I use something called uh launcher which allows you to uh take a like mods from Mod r p fortun Technic and mod packs and just combine them into one and it’s such a useful thing like the GUI does not look nice at all it looks horrible but uh you know it’s um uh it’s more about function of a form it isn’t as smooth it might just be uh like my what’s it called My Stream because uh like it’s smooth for me I mean I let me check this let me check my stream real quick because game isn’t as smooth okay let’s let’s see this let’s see what’s plus let me see what’s cooking up on my stream real quick uh God I’m going to hear an echo okay I can hear the echo let me just uh look around oh too Fair yeah it is getting kind of choppy yeah is kind of Choy I might turn down res uh res I can’t speak English I currently can’t speak English nice we love to see it real light right now uh yeah yeah it’s there not running as smooth which is kind of annoying but I’ll press it out real quick Fair uh if I just close that um then I just go twiter get it there and I also uh P that there so then if I just delete that and then sorry for just being inactive guys I do apologize right there we are uh um it should be slightly better now I think yeah I’m getting like a right let’s see how high the average will be after like 10 seconds I think it’s better because basically I’ve got a modded Spotify no never mind I need to turn R distance down or something that and let’s uh turn down that uh yeah that should I I hope be better this fora just a texture pack it looks really nice yeah yeah there we go it’s doing better I mean the I got a apple skin and Jenny map instead of Z map I think it’s better I mean I think it uh is preference lar largely I don’t like how the uh H looks for it God something in my eye uh let me just quickly have a look sorry for just keeping on pausing the game I know it’s not uh fun to watch particularly right if I look at the H never mind it doesn’t show me it uh on the mod page that’s annoy if I get to images to be fair I I can understand it’s uh I yeah I suppose I can understand but I just don’t like I don’t know how to describe it really I uh I I’m more like I don’t I just prefer the like layout of this because I don’t like having all the buttons at the bottom like um plus you can uh screenshot the map on here I’m not sure if you can do that with the other one oh yeah yeah yeah you can can screen it uh I mean to be fair yeah there are some features that it has but it’s not like a too much of a difference for me so I’m not too fast but I can understand your point of you know uh thinking is better cuz there are a few features that uh as areas mini map and wood map doesn’t have but you know we B ah do you have any suggestions on mods and resource packs and cheaters um resource pack I’d say try to get some like faithful times 32 uh it’s on curs Forge and it basically would be like this texture pack I’ve got but half the resolution but it still looks really nice it would be more than Minecraft’s default 16 I think yeah yeah this is 16 cuz this uh has L more pixels like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 and we see how far across am I’m not even like the entire like way across one block so it’s it’s decent plus it’s also my shaders uh data packs uh if I go to uh data packs I have a few data packs what do you mean uh again what you want about I’m so confused I’m so confused uh I’m confused what’s up uh what’s again uh Ingus P oh uh texture pack uh I’m so confused uh the texture pack I’m using is faith faithful 64 times but it probably will be really taxing on your PC so I’d say get 32 times there half the resolution of this uh yeah did you I L The Village uh yeah I’ve led the village the blacksmith had absolutely bug Ru in it was terrible I get food you uh yeah true thank you for that actually remind me God I actually slept horribly last night that’s why I’ve got an energy drink but I’m now kind of jittery so we love it I’m now going to be a jittery massive stream I I defin need to stop mining as much start because um uh mainly because of the fact that um uh mainly because the fact of what’s it called cuz the fact that I need to build a house 32 64 I have 64 but I’d say try 32 first and if you’re still getting smooth FPS with that then I’d say maybe try 64 but uh it’s for me like even for me it can be taxing at times issue called let’s get building I mean it’s but like building dirt like a dirt Mound and terraforming technically building I mean I was I I sh you not I was going to call it let’s get terraforming but that’s not going to be the main focus of theam stre so yeah but uh I suppose I could start building and then just ter after so I’ve got um stone brick I just there we yeah yeah I mean I’ll I’ll start uh building this what you’re intrigued to see happily wrong thing now you just turn them on to [ __ ] buttons hey thanks a lot man okay nice stutter we love it uh I’m not sure whether to build into the ground or not yeah I’ll just do like that so I at least want to do like a something like this yeah so the building has command so I’m going to be careful with what my building is like because my friends mercilessly and I mean mercilessly mock me for it it’s sad I mean my building is absolutely terrible honestly it’s it’s truly truly awful is that a circle yeah I think that is yeah yeah that is okay nice it’s symmetrical now one thing I want to do um I’m not sure what to do for the wood but let’s just Qui sleep cuz I I don’t want it to be uh anything too special I tell what I’ll do is [Music] I’ll he saying it’s boring cuz you’re probably right it is boring like the building is a boring ass build I mean it’s not going to my main build it’s just to kind of like a this little house ready for myself um got I need to transport all of this which going to be kind of annoying but we will uh in compliment cheaters reimagined oround I don’t understand uh um yeah I believe it’s reimagined I should do hardcore I I do want to do hardcore I actually do um this is not a hardcore world I suppose I could launch it as a hardcore world I think that would be a sick idea I could edit the nvt tags of it to be hardcore so I I will probably lose the world and I want this to be like long term oh my God I don’t trust myself enough right now I just grab the wood real quick Bly let me just I just put my tools together real quick like that and then let’s just goly just place on the floor apparently just shove all my stuff in there uh and then let’s place that bottom right and then let’s uh how did you place a block into crafting table uh crouch in place I thought that was common knowledge not going to lie uh but now you know let’s uh grab the chest and just sticks in there just going to place it there for now and then boom then disim that and then I’ll definitely use that awesome I mean to be fair I I’ve always done it I I thought uh knowled maybe I’m just an idiot though for thinking that I don’t know clueless but I mean that’s the more you know so I have some of this and why I kind of want to do is I want to do something like this it may not be a good idea but hear me out let me cook real quick and then uh in between that I want to place Spruce maybe it’s not going to work I don’t know it might not work but you know I can always uh see otherwise I’m going to be try very safe with the design really I’m an idiot what why did I do that there we go and then here but is there any Spruce biomes about there’s mang is that Mangrove I think that’s Mangrove there’s no Spruce about God have to go so far I could use dark Cod um uh did you do anything when you weren’t live uh I it’s probably not do noticeable but I kind of built this out a little bit it doesn’t look good it does not look natural either so what I’m going to do is probably just going to I see R portal uh hello Alie welcome I assume you’re new here I hope you’re doing well uh I hope you have I hope you’re having a good day and it is nice to see everyone else uh welcoming you I see a run portal uh what there yeah I’ve already L to that I’ve got the obsidian from it uh there and then but that’s from multiple but yeah I might have I’m not sure do I have Spruce saplings I don’t think I do oh no I have Birch oh God no oh my God where’s the nearest thing there another there which I’m pretty sure I’ve saluted that’s the other one uh that’s a jungle uh that’s a dark Forest uh oh my God no where is the nearest Spruce oh my there’s the nearest Spruce I think God I think I’m going to cry God no [Music] oh [ __ ] that’s so annoying [ __ ] wait wait wait no okay it’s there okay uh right no I’m not going to use ons there we are Spruce oh my God there we a spruce question Mark let’s let’s go Al um entity uh another thing I would recommend for mods is this mod called Jade like G A but basically you can see um the stats of things so I can see this horse got 11.69 nice out of uh 14.22 uh speed and then 2.87 uh jump height so that’s blocked out to 529 which I think’s a really useful thing as well as you can just see health bars and [ __ ] oh yeah if I just quickly look is there any place closer wait what am I doing oh it’s over here I’m legally blind I mean at least I brought my axe cuz I don’t bring any food like an idiot but it’s okay I’m on horse back uh do you enable you jump hell no uh basically the thing that uh that all uh the horse are Flo in the water that’s a uh mod okay I crou from doing that I shouldn’t have there we go nice tree capitator the best mod in the world well not the best be all right see you in a bit man let me just uh grab some more [Music] Alie oh my God thank you man I appreciate the subscription thank you so much I really do appreciate it man I’m I’m happy to uh thank you so much man honestly like I uh I appreciate you honestly just like subscribing be mind you’ve just joined and so I I hope you’re like happy with like myp streaming I mean that’s sounds like a weird statement but I suppose for you to subscribe you are so I really do appreciate it man honestly so much also in terms of Music since uh you know I exist to like provide value to my uh subscribers is there any specific type of music you want to hear uh like that is non-copyright cuz this currently is like even just genre uh because like I I could probably just find something like that happily yeah I think that’s enough I’ve got a saplings so I can just use burone Mill techno I can’t say I’m a fan of techno uh but I’ll see let me see if stream beats has any real quick uh yeah stream beats uh what this playist uh is Tech is techno the same as EDM uh oh oh like you want about technoblades wait uh can you wish my uh friend NXT RAV Channel happy birthday uh Happy Birthday NXT r i mean I I hope you have a good birth birthday uh and all the best from me and yeah I’m so [ __ ] awkward but yeah uh welcome yummy Yumi uh are you you new but uh yeah W uh welcome uh and I hope you’re um you’re doing well and I hope your friend has a good birthday uh techn blade Never Dies uh is s noncopyright I welcome can you comment on his channel of course pigstep pigstep is a banger I love pigstep my favorite music disc um so yeah let me just go grab his channel up then I’d be happy soon you know like it’s a small like amount of time on of my day so you know you I let me uh also give him a subscriber um let me so yeah NXT R have happy birthday once again and there you go there is the subscription and um so on uh can I come on his channel yeah sure I’d be happy to uh there you go I I hope uh he likes that there you know that’s like getting a came from uh uh look at very unknown person right of what you smoking wait is that uh wait yummy Yi are you friends with TR Studio are curiously I mean if you are like uh that’s actually pretty sick but uh yeah um what was I going to do all right no oh okay wait I’m so confused wait rank up unless just by coincidence there the same name as this guy who’s just in the Stream that’s actually sick but yeah I mean I I find it like was like really cool that uh like that you are almost feel like me saying happy birthday has some weight cuz you know I’m just a random British guy but yeah thank you uh for like I don’t know that’s just kind of made my day and I hope I’ve made your friend’s day me as Pablo S is back hello welcome back Pablo S can you comment on shorts yeah of course man let me uh shorts It’s a sigma right let’s uh watch it through but muted because otherwise I’m actually going to I was otherwise I’m going to get copyrighted probably and yeah I don’t want to get copyrighted the stream just goes under the water uh let me quickly check my studio oh [ __ ] I’ve gain an additional subscriber thank you so much to whoever that was oh wait it was uh it was Alie so thank you Alie yeah let me uh that and then uh G uh uh let me uh uh uh let me just have a look at this real quick sorry for being out of action from playing uh uh game chops that’s what I’m on about uh if I uh checky again sorry for not playing guys uh I’m pretty sure chops uh right there we go this a PIX set remix we use another anytime soon uh I mean I have the equipment here I mean I don’t like this remix I can’t lie I like this more sounds decent yeah let’s uh head back to my base real quick this remix ashes banging awesome yeah I will go to the ne soon but I want to just want to start out this house first there we go we are back there yeah uh uh that does not look as good as I wanted it to that’s fine oh God uh okay what do you guys think of that pattern there I don’t like it too much but what do you guys think uh can I make a pole I I probably can what uh okay right uh okay right let me let me just go to live dashboard real quick decent enough all right thank you I appreciate that uh so that’s uh if I get to to the live page uh stop Hole uh is the wood on there we are there’s a poll tell me what you guys uh can unless a place like just there put it all in then I’m just going to organize it later yeah there we go and actually just organize it like that already there we go boom that’s a then uh actually if I go to uh actually yeah yeah yeah well do as well I get to uh albums do they have Nintendo Mar and sleep is that only uh if I game CHS Nintendo game chops all right I think that sounds fun yeah sounds like pokemones yeah I mean yeah okay that’s already s what M saying so what I’m tempted to kind of do is just do that of course move the horse then let’s uh build a little door uh right what I want to do is quickly sleep CU it’s coming uh night real quick God I already don’t like that I I have a idea so I’m going try C real quick there yeah uh let’s try that and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to break that and then I’m going to go like that I more like how that looks I’m actually not sure I’m sitting on the fence with that one oh I don’t know I really don’t know do I have it facing no I think I should have it facing uh this way I think that looks nicer and I could craft the door let’s grab some wood just not enough that’s going to annoying the organization of this is abysmal like don’t question it at all I’m going to try to uh shaders and hope my lap explode yeah I mean I mean yeah there’s no I’m in trying is there no that looks terrible oh God uh if I have it like that instead no that that no that does not look good I mean yeah you can put it on potato mode I mean especially you to describe your MPC as a potato yeah I like that I think that looks fun what is this H C that sounds pretty nice be F okay so fingers crossed I mean uh if if your laptop explodes killing you in the process I’m not to blame I I take no uh uh credit for an untimely death relating to complimentary shaders God I’m I’m not sure what to even do here oh actually I know I need to go get some sand there so let’s go get some sand okay there we go that caus a that lag oh my God why is the current so strong there Jesus there we go yeah en let me know if it actually runs fine or not on like mode like untuck my shirt cuz uh it’s literally just really warm in my room I don’t know why I had it tucked in I mean it was raining earlier so I suppose that’s why and I was a little bit cold but yeah now it’s time to Chuck these in the blast furnace but the blast furnaces uh and at the same time Grab Some Coal so I yeah should be fine and then what I’ll do is I’ll uh there we go so check that in there and then that in there and that should be PR most efficient way to do it already got some glass let’s go nice uh yeah I think that probably be the best option here that does not look that nice I’m going to keep it real that looks horrible oh my God that looks so bad let me cook real quick no I don’t like that oh no that looks so bad that does look so bad worse than I was expecting I’m not a good builder at all this was iteration is a ways a thing for a reason grab some more glass uh I’m back I don’t know how I managed to convert a l for semicolon B Q CK to I’m back but magic am I out of it surely there’s some more in here yes I was about to say be a bit confusing likey W layout changed how come what do you think of this it looks too enclosed I don’t like it uh do I do this as well it looks way too enclosed in my opinion me just place a torch there and then where are the where are my torches there okay if I uh Place one up there there we go I just place them periodically around my base just different mobs spawning at least within this radius that’s not symmetrical but it’s whatever yeah that’s not symmetrical at all that’s fine so what do you guys think so far this do I uh do I keep it like this or do I change it cuz to me it looks kind of ugly but maybe my my judgment is wrong let’s also trap doors there we yeah let me experiment with this that looks so bad oh my God that looks so bad going to break that uh I mean I could like like that that looks awful though no that looks so bad I’m not doing that that is Criminal oh horrible [Music] absolutely that is so [ __ ] oh my God I truly cannot believe how bad that looks that looks criminally bad do you guys have any suggestions on buildings I God it I’m such a bad Builder [ __ ] oh my God criminal that’s criminal absolutely that does look I I have a way to make it look better I think I I don’t want it to look surrounded I that I don’t know I’m breaking it with that that’s fine okay nice thank you for lagging we love that this is going to look even worse so please don’t judge me that would be very mean go this look so [ __ ] but it’s fine we B just build this out a little bit sorry I couldn’t come out for a while because some reason every time Minecraft it was full screens that’s really um I’m pretty sure it’ be in the launch argument some like that I may be wrong but uh corck me you weren’t lying when you said you’re bad wow okay that’s a ban from the stream I’m playing like case now just Banning people for saying anything n but I I am abominably bad at building I I’ve never been good at building ever I never claim to be sorry it’s fine no I’m not going to ban you don’t worry not yet that looks even worse do it like that how’s that look from above that looks God awful Jesus oh that’s so bad um if I uh actually no I I have a better idea much better I did than that that’s uh right there we go so um yeah I think Al looks better there I want to kind of [ __ ] about with slabs so let’s just uh it’s just there we go now I have some of that uh God terrible utterly let me uh can I God I’m so bad it’s not even funny uh all right let’s try that I am so bad at building God this is so ugly God give me strength that is so bad it’s not done yet but still looks [ __ ] disgusting no I don’t want it to be that far out that’s terrible I mean you know if you guys have any like propositions for like ideas for building feel free to propose them I’m happy to here cuz God is my building capability awful truly is uh it’s leav something to be desired I think it’s probably the best but in uh BSL I get around 5ps but PR much the same just notice this Jesus that is that is so much that is that’s so that’s so much cheap usage right let me see how much mine is actually using real quick don’t mind me keep you us uh I mean my uh my GP usage is uh it’s mine’s only like 56% used and 40% of that is Minecraft 16% is and there but so it’s between like uh 40 and 56 yeah it’s only 40 something per is used by Minecraft and then the rest is used by obs I’m getting scared yeah that’s just about to blow up uh what is your favorite Block in the game mine is the wax light weather copper stair very nice uh I mean that’s like the naming scheme on it just recently has gotten so bad uh I’m not sure what mine my favorite block is uh it probably be the uh let me find it real quick it would be the uh the cracked polish Blackstone uh the cracked polished Blackstone bricks or something like that uh what’s a really long name of it uh uh cracked polish Blackstone bricks I mean that’s a pretty long name it’s not as long of a name as wax lightly weathered cut copper stairs the uh how [ __ ] long that name is I don’t know what to do I’m so [ __ ] building no wh slightly weathered csts oh I’m so bad at building I’m actually going to like cry like watch like a green video or [Music] something no I’m not doing that that looks so bad what you want characters including space is that’s that’s crazy oh my God what’s crazi as how [ __ ] bad I am at building this like it gives me anxiety how bad I am oh my God and like puts me in a state of distress what actually what I’m tend to do is just build up real quick and this looks so bad I think I’m going to cry what is this the Abomination I have an idea let me cook real quick let me cook a stone GL thank you for just making me feel even more insecure about my building skills thanks man it’s so [ __ ] ah what I might do is I’ll just extend this by a bit just so I can misplace a block and then use more durability God this looks so bad criminally bad at least you have more building patience than I do I I don’t have much patience when it comes to building this why I really do try to avoid it at any necessary I I I don’t like building cuz I’m bad at it is the honest truth I’m so incredibly bad at it it’s not funny would that be better like that and then what what am I doing what am I doing place that uh maybe I mean I need to expand the a little bit it’s a decent build you’re you’re twoo kind entity it’s a abominable build it should be destroyed with fire and brimstone even though you can’t really ignite it I mean I supp the closest would be TNT no stop my eyes hurt thanks I’m just going to end the stream no I’m kidding but like I think it’ probably be uh safer for my uh ego not to like be known as the [ __ ] worst builder on the game oh I’m so bad I hate it I’m more of a uh like a uh like I don’t know Explorer than I am a builder but yeah God I I I need professional help I need like a coaching session with like some Minecraft God Builder like I I just I’m not talented when it comes to building and one of my friends see this when they see my stream they’re going to be like what is that monstrosity that you’ve constructed and I’ll be like like please just leave me alone oh God it’s so [ __ ] God honestly I’m so bad you’re better than shovel 2 for one a building this is called sarcasm thank you you explain that to a Brit like the CEO like the Brit the British Isles is like the CEO of sarcasm oh God a bad build God I don’t know what to do [ __ ] United Kingdom of sarcasm yeah exactly that’s what unites us sarcasm like that maybe no that looks that looks like a dick nice TNT I think that may be the only answer to making this look better in fact I think it would look better as a [ __ ] explosion it like uh you know what Let’s uh single player uh let’s um if I edit folder what I’m going to do is I’m going to duplicate this thing uh uh copy uh and I’m going to paste it no okay uh that maybe a sh idea I have an idea right let me um there and let’s change the name uh to there we go and now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to saves and uh yeah what I’m going to do uh is back on here um two right there be now what I’m going to do just uh see see if yeah that’s the intention I’m going to blow this up so let me just quickly uh let me just uh open interet there we go uh I uh how long is the longterm surval uh long survival uh still uh surviving on it it’s just that’s m my brother one so this is like can custom uh right let’s uh let’s do something can’t there we no brail what am I saying um so maybe yeah uh yeah I’m blowing up the uh I’m blowing up the uh copied version uh Flint still right basically what I’m going to do that was underwhelming let’s do this again that was under I can’t even blow it up properly that’s how [ __ ] it is thank you it’s so much better yeah I agree not like I’m weeping inside oh my God that’s uh so so like that and like that and then boom boom hello classy Universe uh you’ve you’ve joined to me blowing up a copy of my house cuz how ugly it is but I hope you’re doing well I’m like a mental breakdown right uh how many dra will be enough but yeah how are you uh classy I hope you’re doing well oh [Music] sh okay yeah well it’s gone byebye house yeah water house never existed no uh trace of it ever existing what are you on about ah yes explosives my favorite same now let’s actually go on the um the one this one I think yeah there we go and it’s all back to normal but you look at that yeah this house looks so bad I don’t know what to do man I’m cless oh my God it’s not fair it’s not fair it just looks so bad it looks so bad I think I’ll be uh need to go to the petition yeah it probably blinded you yeah thanks Alpha just being bullied this is what my stream has devolved in being bullied by a viewer all right uh I’m going to quickly take this can downstairs because it’s empty and I don’t want to have litter in my room so I’ll be right back and I’m definitely not going to cry but yeah uh if anyone else joins if you see this like sub count like this sub count up here go up sub full account then uh let me know and um yeah I I will then uh Cry by it’s a cry by it’s me going to cry uh I’m going have a fun of the time but but uh I can build uh is as a block wait I’m kind of a fun of design but the best I can build is a block I mean thank you I I appreciate the comp I mean it’s not a block it’s technically like a [ __ ] NOS it’s like dant DM’s laboratory bro all right I I will be back uh shortly give me like two minutes I’m just quickly pop this up and then yeah there should be 2 minutes so for about back yo hello I’m back I’m back to assault your vision with my building yeah let’s [ __ ] go yeah like we [ __ ] basically making you guys completely blind uh let me just check something real quick um God damn all right uh let me just put my phone back there I just had a supposed a brief break yo hello what do you mean finally Al shut up shush shut up oh my God God this what’s the next one this looks I just don’t know man it looks so bad I should have boot it into the ground well K me oh my God I’m losing faith I’m losing faith help what is it what do I do bro looks so [ __ ] no it’s so bad what do I do do I do I buom it for real do I just blow this [ __ ] up just get wipe it off the face of the earth I mean right let me show you a strap for climbing ready boom look at that DIY ladder boom that’s where my skill begins and ends at climbing a door not building hell no oh should Sho my entire PC easy like like not my entire PC but my desk but yeah oh God what what do I do so bad think I’m just going to actually cry myself to sleep tonight I mean firstly I have to have bad building and then I have to get insulted I what why do I take damage there what what was that let’s clim again uh so I have my server and the complimentary shers and I love it awesome man I’m glad you’re you’re uh enjoying the shaders because they are so damn beautiful but I mean they even make [ __ ] like this look beautiful which is a a challenge a huge challenge uh class Universe said any of yall play uh bedro Minecraft uh I I I do occasionally cuz it’s crossplatform but most cases Java Supremacy uh just cuz you know more mod support however a a better condition is more like optimized for FPS it’s got own rendering system on I think it’s the Vulcan engine but uh yeah what do I do right you know let let’s find some inspiration okay [Laughter] I I I’m not going to be able to [ __ ] replicate any of these anytime soon so okay all right let me show you let me show you this ready so let me show you you have this amazing design let’s get a bit of a distance on it oh look at this Masterpiece this this work of art yeah this work of art amazing and then let me show you these look at these look how good they are bro that Mega base is sick what the [ __ ] I could never build like that ever oh God I’m so bad I should probably just uninstall Minecraft at this point even just stuff is simplistic why can’t I be naturally gifted that looks so nice let me see if there’s anything more simplistic I swear if it gives me like a d heart I’m going to cry that’s more simple I suppose that actually is really nice what [ __ ] looks so nice yeah I could never build anything like that I’m going to cry why am I why must I be so bad at building that is cool if I tried to build that it would look like it shouldn’t exist that’s nice as well I like that really good use of spruce uh like the strip logs that like play with viewers uh but I mean I if you uh add my Discord uh which is actually you know just give me your Discord I think that’ll be easier uh and we could we could play at some point I’ll be happy to like uh like even just like buying a real or something I’d be happy to do that ready TR what was that that was too bad okay nice just bugged out again sweet well uh yeah okay let’s just get rid of this [ __ ] I’m actually going to cry so bad [Applause] it’s so ugly I’m just destroying it all it be the equivalent me blowing up it’s so bad I I hate myself for that that was just terrible oh my God okay I’ve got more glass anyways it doesn’t matter too much God that is just depressing how [ __ ] I at building really that’s awful truly truly awful uh so I’m looking at some designs right now and I think they they actually look kind of cool yeah why zoom out that okay there we go I I I don’t know I’m I’m just clueless really I don’t know what to do man right what what I need to do is do I have my chest uh yeah so let’s just for the meanwhile I’m just going to place them over here so they’re out of the way let me take that back yeah do you guys have any suggestions on what I should do cuz I am incompetent apparently I see apparently I am incompetent it’s not like someone’s told me I am I can uh legally confirm I am dog share building God oh Jesus she kind of Ying [Music] H I just added me uh God why must I be so bad at building it’s so over oh man it’s fine it’s it’s F I’m so bad I hate it may pick this up I’m criminally bad like I don’t know should be sentence for just place my bed yeah I’m just going to keep it out of the way I’m not going to put in any building yet just in Cas I actually don’t like it I have a different plan i’mna cook up something keep doing iterations until I actually put something that actually looks nice probably going to look like dog [ __ ] but is fine Weeble I also got just enough items it’s so useful genuinely like uh like the fact that you can see the use of things and like the recipe for is so useful and like dark theme dark theme is that enabled oh uh just uh I oops theme oh it changes that okay I see that’s cool oh my God hello to the six people that have just but that everyone who’s here uh since my view count just jumped up to T welcome I hope you guys are doing well I did not expect to get such a influx of uh viewers but welcome I hope you’re you guys are doing well uh you’re about to see the worst builds ever you’re about to see the absolute worst builds ever so uh prepare prepare for like needing like eye bleach truly I mean if you want a testimony to how criminally bad my building is ask uh Alpha and entity it’s so awful right I just got a message I’m so confused oh God man I I’m I don’t know what to do dropped the free I mean it’s fine people coming I like I didn’t expect people to stay I mean to be fair the promise of horrible building is enough it would probably make me leave too it would actually make me leave too I I like I would just be gone like the fing wind truly all right what I’m going to do is I’m going to grab my spruce saplings why is there a Pillager raid over there bro I think it’s time to go use this lava bucket and I have no food that be a bad choice to go over there uh anything let me just do wait I mean it’s fine with it dropping to two I’m actually like it I’m I’m I’m an idiot but uh yeah I I want to Qui just one these Spruce saplings about just because then uh okay what no no they’re still over there they’ve just decided to travel the Seven Seas wait they are being tactical they’re being tactical okay the bread’s skting my way they’re being tactical they they can’t they they are wait they are genius they are smart they’ve evolved and learned that I I cannot Place lava on them if they were in the water I mean I can but it would just place Cobblestone effectively and I have to at least build a block and but time than that I’ve died so yeah yeah right let’s uh quickly plant these over here and make the landscape look even uglier wait I have an idea no I don’t want that I don’t want Port no [ __ ] if I T it with yeah it should turn back into like that this tree is too big ah uh let me change falling let me change tree size Max scan size let’s go 200 there we go oh my God Jesus that is so much oh God I need start that portal as well I’m pretty sure that’s a new thing I think where like it’s sp sp so oil I’m not sure yeah I need to now go and till that so it turns back into uh like um that let me just uh where’s myON there we go I think that’s a pretty effective way of growing it uh but yeah wait no if we just I’m stupid be better for me to like just place it in the center I think if I just there we go and then I can just te where’s wait did I us my bone Mill I’m not even sure I’m really not sure us still notic in that I’m what what’s wrong with me today I I think like my brain is leaking on my ears or something let uh [Applause] boom that’s the rest of it there we go let’s cut this down as [Applause] well okay that’s way more than uh than enough um stuff now let me to this so it wait I I can’t to it nice I think she I big bur there we go oh my God Jesus God Almighty by by the way I’m not religious I I just say Jesus P cuz you know uh cuz um I suppose it’s exclamation I need to wait this completely regrow which is kind of annoying but we will m not like that yeah there we go but yeah I also want to just expand this little bit whil I’m already out the dirts stage gun all right uh the texture of the dirt exactly uh well like here or like the pods oil I mean yeah here the dirt texture in general is horrible but you know what’s worse than dirt gravel gravel is odly other than flint and uh concrete powder is completely useless have those guys over there despawned yeah I think they have I suppose some problems to solve themselves there we go uh green one is okay but Brown D yeah I mean the brown d looks horrible I have a idea right let’s move my horse down here stay there so uh one two one two uh one two one two okay right let me cook for a second okay yeah I’m cooking I’m cooking I’m cooking like I’m cooking I’m actually cooking for once I I’m beginning to cook this is going to be our Masterpiece famous last words but please don’t put any pressure on me uh to make this good what I want to do is I also want to get some spr Lees so me it wait Did someone drop a bone meal like on Bedrock why these swimming come back okay now I think that’s a Bedrock exclusive picture that’s kind of annoying I didn’t go there’s par no okay no it’s not Hallelujah free source of wh I mean not fre but you know I mean well yeah Technic but it’s not consistent yeah just only got one bur now let him cook I mean don’t let me cook cuz I’ll burn down the kitchen by accident I’m pretty sure it’ll be so bad honestly hello to the uh now fourth person in the Stream welcome I hope you’re doing well uh I am currently trying to build the house but I think I’m going to do a terrible job but it’s it’s all good we B fire uh okay that’s just grown nice I go that was a waste maybe not a waste but like you know uh not useful I suppose be probably the best way putting it uh there we go and let’s make some shars this still cut down like that okay it doesn’t count as a tree which is kind of annoying but it’s fine actually wait what am I doing I could let just that’s not a thing is it right that should be enough for now at least oh my God we Just sh up to seven people watching welcome guys hope you’re doing well I hope you guys are doing good uh I’m just trying to build a house and probably it’s probably going to look terrible but you know that’s all part of the process of making one I’m pretty sure that’s like a bob R quit God now let’s just do that and then yeah I’m going to need to then Place some more of these and then do same here and then let’s uh this same oh my hello Noms welcome back man how how’s your day been I I hope well I hope good uh it is like it’s really nice to see you again so welcome man I think that probably be the best option to do that yeah I think that that that looks okay so far process is slow but sure so you know uh do I have uh actually I know what to do right let’s just there we go let’s just place that and uh let’s do the same here he’s cooking I’m not cooking at all but I appreciate it I didn’t mean to do that that is not cooking like gu as I said I’m not cooking I’m not cooking but yeah I am not cooking who like bro cook truly it looks fine it’s nothing special I think it’s going to be like too stubby of a house yeah I think it’s going be too stub of the house but it’s fine thanks for asking I’m fine how are you today I’m doing good but uh my uh my will to live is De pleasing because I’m building a completely awful house it’s absolutely horrible but you know we B we B but yeah I hope you’re uh not uh like as insane as I am now after building terrible houses uh got to go and sleep uh I might still be here all right no worries uh have a have a good night and thank you for being here entity for two days in a row as well the streak is crazy right uh I’m not sure what to do um do I just no that does not look nice against it uh I’ll just use that for now all right uh let’s Qui just sit my bed then oh God there we [Music] go yeah let’s just like expand that then I think that the uh the Spruce on Spruce locks looks not that nice I’m going to keep the real uh I have Oak I might try how that works real quick yeah [ __ ] it let it there we go uh grab some o till this I’ve got a pet of three that out there boom it really looks like the uh Spruce which is like the uh it’s good the spruce uh logs actually I have an idea oh I’m terrible be building your house looks pretty cool so far I like the spruce and Birch thank you I appreciate that man but I you should have seen the thing I built before it was like a almost like a dome it was not good man it was not good at all actually uh right let’s let’s uh break this and let’s build that there we go uh actually no uh I don’t want that to be all the way up actually maybe I do I don’t know I’ll see but I need to quickly just Place some more of that and then I need to get uh rid of this real quick I need to grab some more so boom boom boom add some more of that there we go this actually looking good thank you man I appreciate that I I I don’t like the look of it too much but it’s I yeah I I appreciate the comment even though it looks terrible for lack of B terms yeah actually too fair that looks okay but I don’t want the house to be too long which is the issue so I don’t want it to be too high either so it’s going to look like a I don’t know it’s going to look like it’s on like stilts I I appreciate the compliments guys really there we go boom there we yeah uh I yeah that should be enough Spruce for now so what more uh uh you use for the multi block break everything uh it’s called Simple uh I’m pretty sure it’s called science simple vein Miner yeah uh and it’s on modin I’m pretty sure so uh that should work cuz I’m pretty sure you have modin or was that someone else that said that I can’t remember yeah I is that too tall I think that’s too tall I’m not sure that might be too tall I don’t know uh what if I just do that and then uh break that and have that be it uh oh my God there is a wondering Traer what have you got nothing about you so you’re done there we go dead wondering Traders are most of the time God awful so you know I feel no guilt in killing him oh yeah I to go all s simple mining uh uh it’s it’s I’m pretty sure called sign simple vein Miner so this here vein Miner mod check out the H page it’s too Fair it’s so useful comes in super handy I don’t want that to be as high there we yeah okay thanks no worries man of course happy to help you appreciate it yeah of course anytime where’s my glass there uh let’s do something like that actually oh [ __ ] I want them to be pains instead I want to be pains should I take half of them then we go I think pains would probably look nicer but I also want to dye them so if I uh red red and blue yeah uh so if I there wait uh use oh oh okay I’m I’m actually an idiot nice I’m an idiot get some more roses then or poppies I think they are now or are they roses I’m not sure no they are poppies okay I was right like some of these as well then why not I’m actually kind of hungry in real life I love how I have to like specify that but you know not be too sure about things so why is the Iron Golem so high up why are there so many Golems what the f how many is that 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 what the [ __ ] sign simple vein minor right I’m not getting when I said it could be a cur for I’m not sure I’d say You’ be better at first looking the page but why the [ __ ] is there so many Iron Golems yeah why is there so many Iron Golems I’ve got like an iron golem Farm running like unintentionally what does this sound like a lullaby I want to get this there we go oh wait that I’m stupid want do it with that don’t I oh yeah the am of Golems The Village wanted way too much security yeah too Fair it was probably the B of the uh P Road spawning over there 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 eight eight I’ve spotted there could be more on the prow there’s so many Golems there uh right so me there we go should be fine I hope uh it’s probably going to look terrible but what launcher you use I use at launcher uh reference so hope that helps I think it might need to beit that and guard of course it’s training that’s annoying mildly infuriating but we will I I think I want to get let’s get rid of that let me use my axe nice is lightning that means I can sleep for yes let’s go nice I sleep for the r uh launcher so it’s a t l a u n c h e r God damn it uh so if I break that then I also break that cuz I don’t think that would look nice cuz IA want more of this uh let me just quickly place a block there uh yeah can I jump across yes I can and uh of course no worries man and I want to uh break is it’s really annoying so how does that look uh yeah that looks fun I think so far keyw so far right uh let’s do something here and then what I want to do I’m getting it awesome man it’s so useful I’m not sure if vein mining would work this way but if my uh okay now J oh I’m an idiot let’s get rid of my shield real quick maybe that work just hold down both Mouse buttons like that and then boom we have a effectively water um what’s it called water uh stripper that sounds bad uh an auto wood stripper so yeah here we go right now uh let’s do the same here uh there we go oh [ __ ] Oopsy Daisy [ __ ] yeah I think best would be just do that and then be a place there and then like that if there’s any logs like that I think I’ll probably have like that yeah I think that looks fine if I uh do that and then do the same here if I uh oh [ __ ] oops that was not the right there there we go and then do that and then up up up yeah and then one okay okay I think that looks okay kind of I think it looks too tall uh but supp I can [ __ ] around and find out it’s really tall yeah I mean I think it might be too tall but I’m not sure I’m interested to see God I’m actually so hungry man I’m going to quickly uh just go grab something to eat real quick cuz I’m not I’m hungry as all days honestly all right so be right back I’ll put up the dir back thing up [Music] [Music] [Music] hello I’m back is this a Pokemon song see with c yeah that’s right uh until remix that was pretty hyp I’m Not hype like um right what I need to do you can get some bamboo go what’s say eat uh there we are watch run oh [ __ ] the BRB thing still on thank you there we go thank you Noms I appreciate it man I always forget about that got to hate eting on camera I’m hungry as [ __ ] yeah I hate eating on camera this horrible but it’s fine you know this was it makes me seem more human and someone who wouldn’t right grab a MAG T of bamboo we run off you just be easier oh [ __ ] Jesus that’s a lot of bamb causing my game to lag such b yeah more enough B we cooking do I have any string I don’t think I do I mean I might have my base it’s actually like really like um yeah it’s not like Hype music can I no okay never mind go every way there we go I hate pastries sometimes they like like different corners of your mouth it’s annoying which is another reason why I don’t like eating on camera I know to see I suppose but [ __ ] it oh yeah we Bo here we are back at it again this time scaffolding definely string okay I have to right now all right good man don’t sweat it have it have a rest your night man so have a good night and see you talk to later man thank you for coming the stream thank you for being here it’s appreciated a lot thank you and I’m sorry for making weird um mouth movements I’m trying to I’m trying like uh I consume more food but maybe next but maybe next stream I’ll be there for the entire stre eventually but no stress thanks byebye bye now it’s not weird I mean I I see it as kind of weird I’m a I know I’m a very interesting person I suppose yeah uh have a good night entity once again thank you for joining bye man let me uh check some all right uh there oh there’s a battalion and spiders over here all right let’s get this go I take up that was horrible that was horrible boom get away there going to spawn more zombies cuz that’s how it works nice one stream from free spiders cheers game oh man that is disappointing uh let’s uh let’s uh get these spiders over here of course skeleton there this is a creeping AR Fleck shot we love it more over here God damn just spawning as I run along get away you [ __ ] has the hit box changed cuz I you can’t hit them at the same range as you could come here [ __ ] that’s an end PE nice we love it another end over there might just take him on all right let’s uh skeleton there we it I want to take the bones oh Dr on get away [ __ ] very nice to be careful with this there we in fact let’s just kill these skeletons over here as well cuz I need the BNS the bom M there we go very nice awesome hello to the additional people who just joined welcome I’m just currently on a hunt to get string and not uh not run flesh but that’s because the string is coming to me okay now he sink me into the water I’m getting DED by spider that depressing and just not going to talk about that at all I think it would be in the probably best mindset for me to uh put that in there real quick so I can go around picking up all these arrows to Z be villager shame I don’t have a potion of weakness and then um uh then a gapple will be useful I do have a gapple but I don’t have a weakness and there’s I don’t think there’s much point in just and know what’s it called just taming him in the middle of nowhere oh my God get flicked on [ __ ] there we go nice I can’t hello to the other two people just joined uh to say hello back yes I mean I suppose that but yeah welcome zombie here let’s just kill him okay so after so many skeletons we only got eight bones nice I think day got enough Str I think okay how did that hit me goofy like once again the weird facial expressions just that there we go I have enough no I put the string there more on there we go so my do just go uh and then what I can do is I can yeah I think that looks better unless I do that I still think that makes it look kind of cool no let’s keep it that way I think okay nice took damage [Music] oh yeah that works yeah um I’m not sure what to place in the middle then what I was thinking if I cook real quick I want to use some St bricks so like no I want not to be bit high if I like that what are we thinking that look like a dick nice okay okay that is [ __ ] god awful we just like thisen might look good I don’t think it will see actually right let’s uh as well that’s going to look uh way too like chunky I think but uh we can we see oh that looks horrible no that looks so bad that is so bad yeah let’s get rid of that I did not cook there I did not cook that’s all yeah I’m not cooking I didn’t take damage uh one thing I’m thinking is Maybe like that now if I get rid of that and I boom boom then I uh okay now I think I know and then I going to Once him break that okay or just fall nice as you do and then just going to make it look even more like a dick but it’s fine yeah that actually looks like a dick nice nice okay guys so I built a dick in Minecraft that’s going to be my next video idea we are building dicks in Minecraft I’m know how bad that is stupid now Shu him okay um this a suck a dick now Jesus I’m glad you are humid by the dicks glad to hear that you are indeed human fire dicks okay yeah I think H could be better certainly better than whatever else I’ve been building that take it down a minute bring us little bit forward can’t my monitor which is like here God who actually let me cook truly you let me cook H it looks goofy look so goofy I’ve I have idea no I don’t want it to be like that [ __ ] I just like like that [ __ ] no no it looks so bad if I if I just in the middle if I break that and then I use that and then boom there we go nice nice stter that was lovely okay so that looks relatively fine there we go that should be fine please don’t curve around h no I placed it wrong way oops oh For the Love of All Things holy a unless I TR him like this I just like place it like that there we go uh maybe that could actually work I don’t know I’ll see I I’m seriously not cooking with this Noms at all I am not I’m not cooking who let me cook God it what is that why did it place like that okay not what we want but we will wait all right uh that looks like it’s got legs now a dick with legs ladies and gentlemen a dick with legs why can I not be good at building God why am I so bad honestly this is Criminal a my God what is wrong with me bro what is wrong with me okay they’re shaking and playing nice we love it uh I have an idea that it’s going to make it look hopefully less like a dick though this may just backf me man if I then that and then I raise that higher up uh no I need to make that look a bit coer let’s go s them it’s just embarrassingly bad let’s supp try one erors way I feel youd just just then go up look out eventually I’m sure I mean you have too much Faith you have more faith than I do in myself good look horrid it already does if I just bring that up one and I bring that up one and then I bring that up then I bring that up then how’s that looking it still looks like a dick still look like a dick God it looks so bad uh actually if I do this now just look like our [ __ ] rocket ship oh my God it looks so bad bro uh if I that looks slightly better I think kind of kind of so then this this area here just looks horrid that’s really really bad truly it just looks uh right I have an idea okay no that’s going I need to scolding then all right uh does that look better that does actually look kind of better all right it looks okay looks okay um really not like good enough in my opinion but you know we bu we bu uh let’s Chuck these in here and then I have the slabs I could [ __ ] about with these slabs um no oh [ __ ] no that’s not going to work unless I unless I like that but I I appreciate your confidence in me Noms more confidence than I will ever have uh no no that looks so bad and I I can why people are joining and leaving look how awful this looks might just focus on other details first to be honest and then course when it comes to it there we here uh let’s half these half these and then actually I probably want to there we go add two more to that and then looks truthfully awful don’t know why it be there but yeah we wait why am I doing that what’s wrong with me what’s wrong with me I think am I stupid I think I am yeah I should be placing another bomb I think or I have a better idea I think I have a better idea um I could just put dirt in there and then Place some plants loads of people have joined um I to kind of say your expectations I’m very bad at building but um I mean I’m sure you’re having fun watching well I hope at least otherwise I don’t know uh let’s let’s put some plants in them said plants are in here okay like one there one there uh then let’s put these either side it just looks very bad they need to be double plants that’s what they need to be I need to find a flower Forest um I think a meadow would work the meadow is is all the way up here I should have grabbed some cherry blossom what is wrong with me I need cherry blossom and there’s no cherry blossom to be seen for a while God this is so cooked uh what do I for now just like like it like that I don’t know that looks kind of weird I’m not sure just do it like that for now uh I think I’m going to play some Char Blom I’m going to need that I’m going to need that need uh some more bread there we go put this stuff back here that’s organized pack I honestly am so baffled on what I should uh [Music] do I have not the foggiest of ideas but I do want to go to the flower Med again so what I’ll do is I’ll that away put that away put that away put away uh grab that yeah I’m going to that on me I need to repair these oh my God I need need to go on a mining trip but I should be fine for the most part so I need a boat um so let’s grab that what else am I going to need uh yeah should be fine I should be able to set on my epic adventure to find Tre Blossom so far away all the way up there which God knows how many blocks where is 5,000 okay uh well ladies and gentlemen who are just tuning in I am going on a 5,000 block journey I believe unless there is some cherry Groove down here but as far as I’m aware there’s none and basically this is my house uh questionable very questionable so please don’t just I mean ask questions if you must but you probably won’t be getting the answers you’re looking for because it is absolutely abominable so um yeah oh okay this is uh interesting Cave System I might go caving in that soon uh oh no okay I’m not falling in oh my God okay that is a giant Ravine that is a giant Ravine so what I’m going to do is I’m going to uh huge cave creative name I know uh but yeah so I intend to explore that later but what I’m going to do is I’m just currently on the P for um for uh some Cherry Grove so what I’m going I’m just look around here I don’t expect to find any they could be over here cuz it’s more mountainous so that that’s supp a bit of an incentive to look over here uh yeah once I do that I’m my disc I think there we go right uh oh and of course it’s rainning nice uh I think I should be better placing a boat down there we go horse boat let’s go oh that’s actually kind of pointless that’s pointless because I’m just traveling slightly let’s go nson great work me uh I might grab some m in there as well to be honest just uh because that is uh for the S convenience so I have to go and find some later if I’m intending to build out it so I at least want uh some of the Minecraft [Applause] pots yeah God that’s some lag God damn I mean there’s Moss there so I’ll take that as well this uh frogs nearby I think o okay I’m exploring the wrong area I need to be um continue oh that’s a White Frog okay okay maybe bringing a horse over here was not the best idea oh I mean some problems solve themselves there’s a lava lake there so that may just just destroy this entire place but I mean at least I preserved it uh mang proper God damn look quickly I’m ascending look quickly that it’s causing FPS drops okay I need to grab the I’m here and Co there we go nice that’s only one okay perhaps I should have brought a PE me but it’s fine so I can skip night but you know we that’s fun not Cherry GP it’s stupid toall ass plants which I do need okay why is it a oh I think one of my mods is reset uh inventory H turn that [ __ ] off there we go uh I mean I suppose it’s only snowy because it’s that high up that’s a drop I mean these would probably look nice oh man there emeralds though I really don’t need emeralds at the moment VES are a much better source of them oh no it’s not even anyone there I mean uh suppose I could just use this way to just run all the way up but I supp just see it’s necessary I just in terms of having things available near my base oh my God my axe is nearly dead [Applause] God oh [ __ ] my ax is nearly broke I can’t I literally can’t oh no I need to no I have to go mining right oh nice thank you for shooting my horse you [ __ ] oh God Almighty why is it so bright for being uh for it being night time I’m really confused okay nice there may put the way so annoying a I might just have to this so annoying to Traverse on horses [Applause] fine oh it’s near done there so I think yeah yeah it’s done oh that’s a witch nice and that’s a thank you bamboo I hate bamboo so much it is just the ban of uh trying to get past with a horse as jungle is a little bit better that’s lava okay nice let bur everything up of course my f back on becoming a bit warm Jesus oh gosh I need fall into the cave what do T of the shaders there we go there we are boom I don’t know’s over there as well damn a lot of abandon portals ruined portals whatever they’re called the song this is kind of mid oh man it’s going to be such a trk the 4,000 block Journey well 5,000 I mean it’ll be that much if I uh if I um end up not finding a Cherry Grove near which by the looks there’s not going to be any one nearby which just kind of annoying but there’s a witch run as f as I can there a little facing Island over there that’s pretty cool let me just turn my rendance now I’ve got my uh [ __ ] is off a this is so annoying that I have to run so far but it’s still good I mean no part of it oh that is so many of these I’ll take that there yeah for this uh zombie can get my ass okay that was a lot of zombies pick these up run oh yeah let’s go let’s go let’s go oh there’s oh my God that’s a lot of red flowers yes thank you mine mine orange thank you oh man that’s going to be so far what I might just do is I’ll probably sleep this Village over here just because uh I I feel like it probably best uh for me to um if I just turn my music slightly because it’s getting a bit loud uh apies for tapping up there is there I think you can now hear it a bit better uh like bit more optimized for how I hear it too oh my God that is so many yum thank you these spowers are all mine again so many white ones nice that’s sick or so many orange God damn that is crazy so many [ __ ] flowers oh my god I’ve got so many like a metric ton of them yeah I think I’m just going to for just uh just to skip the night I’m just going toip this Village skeleton I’m going to try evade him he’s about to become a drown over there and this where I place a boat and then get in the boat there we go and then me and my horse go on a epic Crusade there we go oh I also going of want the sunflower actually I don’t want as many Mangrove Roots CU I’ve already got enough as it is we just organize my inventory don’t need stones don’t need arrows realistically don’t need seeds uh no let’s break the boat actually I proba want that with pickaxe instead just because my um my ax has got very little use left so I think I probably be the best oh nice uh there’s an Golem I mean I I said nice there’s nearly always an iron golem in a village unless it’s glitched which can help I suppose there we are we skipped the night and the rain a flaming Iron Golem let’s go no it’s not even going to may as we just explore the map at this point oh that is so annoying though that is so so annoying but you know it’s whatever like I so I’m just trying to find a cherer right now because realistically it will be of oh my there’s only 13 uses left on that oh God I may mean I need need to go caving just to repair it kind of sucks and I’m so far from home as well get this guy in a boat real quick there we go let’s get to sailing once again to get him across this lake is that a okay interesting so close oh man I hate how infrequent Cher are I mean for all know there could be some around here and I just would have not have known and if there is I I think I’m just going to cry because that will have just broken my spirit truthfully there’s so much sand here J just get the sand just basically desecrate this uh Beach this big ass Bach this a big beach Jesus don’t need Cobble uh dark can do uh the bone is not necessary I can just get a load more of those where I live let’s continue that’s so infuriating that there’s there’s none near me I mean the spawn of the world is like up here somewhere the actual Char grave is 2,000 blocks so over the halfway mark for sure okay how did that hit me all right way this be my best option here just par trees oh my God they just killed my horse I mean I suppose the positive is that I’m exploring this area which you know I think is good ooh that’s actually really Beau how like exposed that Lush cave is that’s really nice I like it why is the good generation not where I live God knows I mean to I I did choose to live there so that’s my fa more than anything so I’m basically bitching at myself 1,700 now okay that’s a cool Valley I like that I think that would have been cool to clear out that’s uh see these are all oh my God that cave links with the other one I’m pretty sure that’s a really really cool makes me wish I had not chosen to live over there there’s so much stuff to escort now God that heartbreaking that there’s Lally been no Cherry Groves all way until up here that is genuinely heartbreaking Ravine okay nice lag thank you need died to a cave woo oh God what do I do here there we go boom we did it and then now we’ve got another 200 blocks to run uh oh my God there’s actually nothing until I get there oh my God no that’s so annoying oh I want these okay nice I’m suffocating myself boom boom boom boom boom which is parkour not really parkour we’re just climbing a mountain that’s what it really is there we go okay I want to be careful what’s going down here otherwise h the end of my H’s life okay the TR still is not in render distance yet soon though oh God M taking so much damage I know he’s healing up he’s taking the damage I could champ fair play really my horse there yeah okay nice just can’t hit that jump skill check failed all right I need to start heading this way okay right so for a reminder uh I am nearly at the Cherry Grove I I think it will hopefully be looking nice uh well like incorporating it into my base somehow I’m not sure how I’m going to do it but uh I’m going to do it somehow so be prepared I suppose there it is the Cherry grve awesome we are destination nearly Final Destination which is the Cherry Groove and then is the treacherous Journey Back God my God this going to be a miserable Journey back because it oh my God I might just uh I mean I could I’m an idiot I could have just taken the boat from there and just got all the way up why God why why why am I so stupid God knows there we go there we go put that up there then uh So the plan of action is grab these they are very nice I like and then obv got the beries I’m not sure how you say it but yeah got varied plants I don’t have any sunflowers no I don’t there we yeah don’t need that much sand there we go uh okay so the plan of action is grab these and then grab these and uh that should be a fine amount I think actually well there we go then one more one more one more and that’ll be this one now just sail across the sea so actually should be a easier Journey back I think though I’m tempted to go to that Village just to skip night CU It’ll be such a pain in the ass to return to my uh to my base but you know that’s fine uh it’s Village here okay that’s a spider and a skeleton and that’s a baby zombie nice let run through the creepers run from like a f of [ __ ] flowers there’s the other part of the Cherry Grove over there these Meadows are really nice I just don’t like the shade of them so yeah [ __ ] it I just leave my horse there and then my horse facing which you like get ridden by the uh ground or something you know what’s going on here there was a villager laying down there one was to be but I’m not questioning it at this point So the plan is to go back to my horse which is there and then just ride him down the well ride SS bad to uh and just uh take the boat with him down stream back to my base [Applause] let’s just take him over here okay also a bit so now the plan is to just sail across you know I’m swimming in circles I’m just blanking yes there’s an ocean Monument there uh let me capiz that is like an aqua dark that works that’s Prett accurate to what the color of it is uh all right the plan of action here is we just continue going in a straight line and I also want to check this location where my dogs could be but uh yeah so once it does that I will be right back okay I’m back hello I come buing uh big ass bottle of water okay interesting oh what the f multiple Ocean Monuments here oh that that that is quite a bit I don’t know I said this Posley I was like oh that’s quite a bit assume there’s more up here then somewhere Sun can [ __ ] uh no I appear to be wrong there not where I can see at least could be like one around here no okay I sand C why are they all so densely packed together then the hell uh uh so if I put M2 Monument two uh no just O2 if I edit1 uh ocean Monument M nice Monument three and that say to be3 uh and then ocean Monument or and that will be4 obviously respectively um yeah okay nice there any others no okay I don’t think there would be wait give me two minutes okay there we are let’s go uh around here obviously just uh do this and then just go what’s called then I can go back to my base I’m getting some FPS that’s why might just range down my uh redance there we go all right I tell you I’m just do something uh speak to my brother be right back and I’ll just keep it sailing just two minutes hello I’m back uh Bas location we are 2,000 Buck we are the halfway mark so yeah so um when I get back I want to then finish my house I’ve been streaming for 3 hours Jesus Christ there’s a have we been here yeah yeah I’ve been here don’t know what I’m Ying about oh there an acacia Village here like an AAA Savannah but yeah get the point uh right uh let me quickly reop Minecraft then sorry for that is this oh it’s for the same songs oh God uh Kirby dreamland Dre game chops uh there we go I can uh break the boat and then let’s go yeah let’s go back around and then let’s do that base is only a th000 blocks away wish this last hole should be just easy cuz B basically just Overland though the forest may be kind of annoying that we oh that uh that bit of that actually kind of nice in terms of like uh like terrain I’m not sure I mean just it does look just kind of nice so you know oh that’s a Prett cool cave the hell that’s pretty cool but uh yeah I mean I may explore that later but my main priority right now is just completing the house it is absolutely goons terrible even [ __ ] per abominable maybe uh let me Qui shut my phone uh okay all right let’s uh just continue going then but I just don’t I think it’s the cliff or at least it one just like most moon walk down it there God go so fast yeah if I go like that oh yeah all right all right uh so once I get back plan of action is to just finish the house and then once I’ve done that I might go mining for a bit God knows we’ll see okay right I can’t do that jump I just got into these trees can I land that yes I can let’s go I’m for there we are yeah it does not speed me up does it there yeah right now I’m completely across I can go to my base she set my respawn point back there there we yeah I’ve got uh I think I’ve got one of every tree now no not every tree uh most though so that’s just positive there we go we are literally home that skeleton may be an issue quite some spawning now excellent yeah nice God it looks so cooked my house looks so cooked it’s so bad all right uh let’s just sleep my bed rep for any more problems come around there we go back on our last God it’s a stretch okay this go on there we God it does not look good it this look so cooked man it looks so bad oh my days oh I actually know what I need to do I think I might need to it might make this look better I can okay right I need just chuckle uh I need to First grab chest then I need make basically a flower chest cheuck that in there for a second there we go um no that’s not good what is this man okay nice what how nice excellent all right so if I look what can I do there uh maybe place godness there we go um what if I I don’t even know man how can I make that like artificially look no what I want to do is I want to do that okay what place like that that’s really weird then I’m going to break that real quick and place that I think that is so cooked man God I like want to rebuild it now as well so bad genuinely I just try place that only think that’s going to repair it uh kind of no not at all uh I could try make this toer but I need to lowkey repair my um thing I need to make a un one more there we go and then did I uh yeah I checked in there okay Jesus Christ I know I could have just got another diamond and then uh that but no long yeah this definitely need Co raise up by one I need to grab the rest of spruce real quick that’s it that’s Spruce here okay I apparently can’t do p either that’s always fun now I what the [ __ ] when did you when could you do that when that’s so weird cuz when could you do that there we go uh yeah so the plan of action for this would be I need to my God I need to grab the red glass well got d there we go I think that might be just enough okay nice sweet just take that as is then if I go that and then I go like that and then boom okay then I want to break this that looks so [ __ ] ugly oh my God that is actually atrocious what if I uh one more there then I have to break that there there we go what is is that uh that looks so bad oh my God that looks so [ __ ] bad bro it’s criminally ugly I don’t know what to do actually might just call it a day here and and the stream just because I need to watch some videos on how to actually uh build better so okay so I’m going to end end the uh stream here because firstly I’ve been streaming for like 3 hours 15 minutes and I I need to go go off and just learn how to build uh I might do some like more terraforming off stream and I might uh uh do some more of the house off stream but I I don’t know so uh thank you for watching uh the stream for everyone who’s come uh people who viewed it yeah thank you for watching and I I will see you in

This video, titled ‘Let’s Get Building! – Minecraft Live Chill’, was uploaded by Adversaru on 2024-03-27 22:47:04. It has garnered 42 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 03:15:34 or 11734 seconds.

Currently, I’m playing Minecraft on a slightly modded version of Java, trying to complete the game and use this as a long term survival world, come chill and hang out whilst I play the game 🙂

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    Welcome to MCVPG! A Public Vanilla SMP With No Plugins. Rules: NO Hacks. IP: Version: 1.20.4 Discord to find a team: Classical survival on modern version that been up for 3 years You can grief, explore, build with friends, ANYTHING! JOIN NOW. Read More

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