Aphmau has a STALKER in Minecraft!

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I always feel like somebody’s watching me because someone is stalking aphmau now she has to pull the door real tight and avoid the phone because when at home alone aphmau all on her own but who could be doing this hey where are you going what is that why are you running

Uh let’s see where’d it go okay what is going on over here oh my gosh same kill after the attack wait wait wait have you guys seen any like shadow figure run past you or anything like that I think they went that way you guys seem like you have your hands

Busy uh good luck with whatever you guys are doing thanks good luck to you too I guess where’d it go it was so weird maybe it’s just someone trying to play a prank on me all right let’s get back in here ah it’s probably just my imagination I huh

What was this Rosa red aluminum is purple this gift is for you also I read your journal what a diamond pickaxe efficiency 5 on breaking three and Fortune 3. who went through all the trouble of getting me this wait Hey where’s my couch why is my stuff

Uh this is not how I left any of my stuff before someone was in my house and rearranged it okay that’s weird um there’s a calm down I found maybe you’re just over 30. oh hey what’s up hey um weird question were you in my house by any chance no why

Um someone left a really nice gift for me it’s got a bunch of really great enchantments you’re upset about a gift oh man I kind of wish someone would leave me a gift yeah just like besides that they left me a note and they rearranged my house too

What’s taking so long oh I just got so much gold and you can’t have any of it because you weren’t there uh hold on a second look something weird is going on yeah atmo got a gift and now she’s upset about it oh no that’s not I wish I was

Getting gifts no I why don’t you ever get me any gifts uh because you pranked me or blow me up every time I try to be nice to you guys look come on you don’t get it someone was in my house and I didn’t know about it and they were reading my journal

Are you keeping secrets from the server that would hurt you cool stuff she gets from other people hey look I’m freaked out by this okay what if it’s like a stalker or something oh on the server come on I don’t think anyone would do that here yeah it sounds

Like you’re freaking out over nothing FM I mean come on probably just a prank you’ll be all right can’t believe it made me feel like that you know what it’s fine I’m not gonna give up someone was in my place and I’m gonna find out who it was alright calm down and think

About this logically go through your head who would want to come and rearrange my house and leave me gifts um maybe I was a little harsh maybe it wasn’t a song Maybe okay okay okay this is freaking me out this is really freaking bad for you all right

Who’s that for he scared me I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hit you with the frying pan it’s just why did you sneak up on me like that why did I sneak up on you look I heard Ian annoy say that you were acting weird and when I got here you were screaming

I mean that smoke bomb that wasn’t you no that wasn’t me okay looked leave your door open or something no I didn’t oh this is creepy I think I have a stalker it was staring at me in the door and I couldn’t see who it was hint and it was

Weird and uh what is going on stalkers and weird like I said something is going on a potential soccer maybe all right well let’s go through the usual suspects did you do this did you do this how about Rod did you do this now we can’t do all the suspects I don’t

Know who else it could be me but we did try like everybody even Freddie hey F uh Zayn hey Aaron what’s going on did I miss something a big adventure but half Mal thinks she has a stalker that too did you try um you know the usual suspects they already went through the

Process of like helping us what happened don’t worry I’ll make some ladders we’ll get you out of there no escaping allowed huh just glass and spike traps are you serious this is so easy I could just get out of here I don’t know who’s at that trap but that

Wasn’t very nice at all up and oh oh geez what I do Kim huh you okay pretty on edge I’m playing by my house so it’s just looking around the area I really need it back but uh you know what they’re like come on let’s go

Out like best buddies do yeah please put me down not like that but look Kim I’m actually dealing with a big situation right here like I just them gotta go bye get back here oh I just saw them teleport over here with an ender pearl

Man I should have got some end of pearls myself all right Zayn wasn’t much help Kim is looking for somebody who took her stuff maybe I’m not the only one going crazy here hmm maybe I’ll check around Ian’s house nothing super out of the ordinary nothing in his bedroom hmm no iron

Secret base what the is that me what you want me that’s weird oh I can’t believe I forgot my pickaxe reminding and not just any pickaxe today is gonna be a special pickaxe [Applause] oh here we go my special golden pickaxe and my perfect gold mouth oh you’re even

Better than the real thing you never tell me to clean up or take responsibility for my actions I mean it’s the real app when they have you besides the real aphmau has someone who likes her so your best girl now That was super weird but obviously he’s not the one doing this he’s got a gold statue of me that’s okay I get it all right wasn’t Ian maybe it’s Noy oh maybe it is him all right all right don’t jump to conclusions don’t jump to conclusions let me hide in his

Barn maybe we can figure something else out look at all those animals what have you seen what have you seen what do you know tell me secret tunnel secret tunnel wow secret secret secret tunnel no one will ever know wow noise way to be super Incognito not super smart think about it

Goes back turn wow this is really obvious uh but nobody comes to noise Barn so what is going on down here so another cow area nothing in there see it’s there’s something under the carpet anything good secret secret secret secret tunnel oh is he coming back um I thought I lost my secrets

Hello hey my beefy buddies what’s going on what happened to my second was someone down here guys did you see anything what happened moo they don’t talk annoy okay where are they where are they okay all right that’s a relief huh now where are you what’s still there

There is something underneath a chest with gold and friendship notes for Ian by Noe what is this so he’s trying to make more friends I don’t think he’s the one after me huh oh no you oh my stuff is oh no I gotta go find out where this guy

Went maybe I cannot stand huh so then I get some red seven and then I’ll activate a piston and then I’ll activate another question and that’ll activate another piston guys oh there you are oh are you okay I’m a little shaken up but not really my investigation came up cold all right

Well listen we’re gonna afford a fire house too you know at least keep you safe we have a plan look guys we’re not doing that what what do you mean I appreciate that you’re trying to help me but I need to do it my way okay it’s my problem I

Don’t know I feel like this would be a good idea you’re not wrong just trying to keep you safe why don’t we compromise but we’ll do things my way and if it doesn’t work then you guys can hide me away thanks Aaron no no problem all right

Let’s get down to business let’s head out here all right uh okay so what’s the plan all right so I’m gonna lay a trap and you guys are going to pretend to be me and when the stalker tries to get me don’t catch them yeah exactly super

Smart big brain wait wait wait wait ask which one of us is gonna be you oh all right then you ready no I have several objections to this right now I think you’ll be fine by the way Aaron thanks for letting us use all these diamonds well you know it took a while

To get them all but he keeps safe I owe you so many diamonds I’ll go mining as soon as it’s all over all right let’s hide okay all right put on your best impression of me Zayn you’re my best friend I know how you talk okay let’s

See my name is aphmau and I am so alone right now wow that’s right I hope no one comes here to capture me like a creepy stalker stunk or anything yep just tearing my diamond home wow look at him what I can’t believe that I sure hope there is a

Stalker I don’t have a rope I thought you were bringing the Rope I hope someone would come out hey looks like he can’t get away you’re surrounded wait how do they have creeper spawners okay okay all right he’s launching scene oh where’d he go did he explode well that didn’t work well

Um thanks Aaron you guys were talking about something your way right come on we can get started now all right that seems like a good action well I didn’t think that plan was gonna work I just wanted to see Zayn imitate you wow I can’t believe this well maybe this is

For the best if they locked me in here and they can’t reach me I should be safe right who needs to hang out with friends or do anything normal man sucks huh what the what is that noise um are you getting me out of here whoa okay

Weird you know what I’m curious you know you could just tell me who you are and what you want I might be able to uh who are you don’t you want to be friends wait wait wait what what the what huh I got him don’t worry I got this get him

Get him this is for hurting her wait exploding my diamond oh wait wait wait got him oh man what I wanted to find out who it was uh now they’re just gonna respawn and cause more problems oh yeah that would have been smart I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking clearly it’s okay it

Happens I would have done the same thing too but I was trying to play the smart angle and thanks for taking me seriously of course you know I’m just trying to help okay maybe I could just leave your house oh [Applause] my house or something how did this happen

Thanks for that don’t worry listen I have a certain set of skills and I’m gonna hunt down the stalker once and for all but air Eric don’t worry yes I’m on my own right now hmm I could probably figure this out maybe I should go hang out with somebody else

No wait I should go hang out with Noy huh hey noi noi huh hey oh hey no what’s up um can I like hang out with you for a bit you know um well I don’t really want to be by myself right now not a problem

Do you as a friend and we’ll hang out together for a little bit Yeah Yeah that’s it all right so so nothing else did get blown up a bit maybe we could like get some wood or like some concrete and Clay to like repair it ah okay yeah yeah let’s go do that

Um do you have like an extra ax or materials or stuff I don’t have anything oh you’re in luck I made a despair by accident nice accident uh here you go that appreciate it come on let’s go okay and don’t worry nothing gets perfect I’m gonna take it past your

Other one on your Secret Base but okay so we’ll get a little more okay what here oh okay a little something different that’s that’s that’s that’s pretty rare I guess someone planted it here yeah that’s cool um all right there this will be pretty easy I can do this grab a sapling replay

Later and some regular Oak too just in case that should be catch it up with wood first before I get some concrete it’s gonna be a bit but you know I can make do with this stuff huh wait a minute hey noise behind you behind you

What huh huh huh it’s a stalker uh where’d it go don’t worry I’ll protect you I don’t know no I don’t get past me um where are you show yourself show yourself what is that where are you okay oh no it’s a paper it’s a long way up what’s this

Stop trying to get your friends to help you or else the same will happen to them great this creep I’m done playing games come face me face me I’ll take care of you myself Erin hey Aaron I haven’t found anything yet hey what’s going on um I got this note noise

Gone and this certifies that this person is a stalker because they’re being super weird about it and I don’t appreciate it okay okay all right listen just are you okay yeah I’m fine are you okay are you blinded just don’t worry about me we gotta go wait wait uh don’t worry

Maybe I should go on my own okay okay yeah yeah that’s a good idea it’s okay don’t worry about me I’ll be fine that’s it I’m done with this I’m done sitting idly bye I’m gonna take care of this and no one hurts my friends

Especially the guy that I uh yeah do you like them you know I’m just gonna go I’m gonna go find this person okay I’m gonna take care of this once and for all good luck I’m ready to do this I got my supplies and I’m ready to take this

Person on myself I see you up there ah gotcha running why are you running now you want to now you want to run when you have to actually face me come on just ditch it oh huh Kim how’d you hurt me what are you talking about can you

Give me by trying to hurt everybody else hurt your friends all I did was follow you around and leave you a few things I even let you out of all those places you kept getting stuck in wait what what are you you talking about you heard no you

Heard Aaron girl you got some problems kill anyone all I know is someone stole my disguising potions in my other cool man stuff Aaron you’re fine are you okay Kim what what did you get here oh I’ve been here I ran out Adventure pearls and then aphmau punched

Me what Kim have you been behind all this no no she’s got there’s other problems okay just just what do you mean disguising potions why are you gonna make me all cool and shadowy looking you know kind of like that guy over there wait us there’s two of them

I’m confused why were you two being super weird and sneaking around like that what yeah yeah traps and pranks and parkour and all that stuff I just wanted to learn from you oh my gosh hey come on I just figured it’d be fun plus uh yeah

So that’s weird okay let’s get out of here I think that two different culprits call for two different sets of punishments actually let me just adjust my errors really quick what hey Kim I’m gonna give you to the count of three to get your keys throughout my property okay one two okay hi

Guys oh well that took care of both of them that was actually pretty fast let’s get your house back to normal oh wait I’ve got some I’ve got some cool tree that annoys growing his backyard not standing yeah let’s use that

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Someone is stalking APHMAU in MINECRAFT!

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  • BitCube

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  • Astral Pixelmon Modded Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11 Resource World Gambling Crates Non-Pay2Win Vanilla Mobs Gym Leaders LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Astral Pixelmon! IP: play.astralpixelmon.com Discord | EV Training | Pixelmon Bingo | Dex Rewards | Custom Crates | | Adult Owned | LGBTQ+ Friendly | WonderTrade | Pokebags | | Pixelmon Raids | Gambling | Timber Mod | Resource World | | Vanilla Mobs | Custom Textures | Gym Leaders | GTS | We are an adult run Pixelmon server focused on providing family-friendly yet challenging fun experiences. Our trained staff team has been playing since childhood and can handle any server challenge. Need help installing Pixelmon Reforged? You can use the Curse launcher at https://download.curseforge.com/ or download the mod… Read More

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Aphmau has a STALKER in Minecraft!