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hey everybody and welcome back to lead ditions and the we there was no audio and mouse now I’ve made a little bit of expanding for the trios space as you can tell it’s is still in [Music] progress but it is being worked on off screen um reason I’m doing it off screen is because so I do not and of course I am using a gr skin yes why not bring girls in game School anyways So today we’re going to be what put where to go didn’t oh the go on from Wich I forget I’m playing 1.6 I’ve been playing a lot of versions with so if I mess up my controller oh so I haven’t done question on the channel longer oh and this Tuesday coming up I will have may some do stuff so be on the look up for that excuse yourself I am talking in my video thank you reason I’m been up one is I just haven’t had passion or just time serieses but I am back and I’m going to be keeping back up with this so you will see a video this every Wednesday or Friday if I don’t record on Tuesday if I record on Tuesday you’ll see it on Fridays now I would like you guys to leave in the comments for today’s question what is your favorite Minecraft Mall or YouTuber of all time personally mind’s favorite mod is um the we and tornadoes mod the old one before we 2 um my favorite Minecraft Youtuber well okay just your favorite YouTuber in general um I used to like someone I’m not in men on his channel because I don’t support um his actions but I do like his content and if you follow me for a long time you would know who I’m talking about if not I’m talk about Conroy and know story I don’t want to talk about anymore I don’t mention that on my channel because die Punk just a preference that I don’t like CH anymore but I do like his I believe in separate the art from the Creator want to watch this old stuff right now that’s what I’m know separate from the Creator and if you bre a different way I’m sorry just it’s my channel I can bre them whatever I want you know it’s punk you want to go Dam zombies like I said there’s also sweing on my channel so you don’t like swearing then why I keep watching my content my content is not for kids thank you um cuz I do swear lava but um Honestly YouTube as a whole it’s fun to make videos but like reason I haven’t had the pass wait oh on was just I’ve just been feeling that my audience isn’t ah watching when I know I have an audience and I like I feel like I’m not getting these videos to guys so wave it down and but I will purpose this if any person on Discord that I B is watching this get off my channel I swear I have a con some connections and I will use them white connections but all I’m saying is have connections what so oil we getting in that way but basically I’ve just not had the but was ah it’s time too I also time to make videos as much as I want but I want to talk about something that has been on my mind and I want to let you guys notice I say these YouTubers retiring and I’m like when am I going to reti well I’ll have this channel now I’m going to I’m 40 and I going to keep up with that and prose that I will stop when I’m 40 years old and if you’re watching this in in the future when I’m retired well welcome to my channel I have I have plans and place and those plans are I have a successor in mind if I ever do have kids which I probably will if they will get the chance so if you want to join me on this journey I would suggest you subscribe and maybe if you can you don’t have to leave a like um I I would appreciate it because it helps um my content get known um yeah my goal for subscribers is not high like most like I F any goal really as long as you love my content and what I do that’s what I strive is making content that people can enjoy I need to check my controls here let’s do where shift on know um oh okay way points all right get out of here punk wait Al i cho down some trees and um another question for you guys what’s your favorite TV show of all time one of mine is Doctor Who favorite doctor isor I love David he’s awesome I need some water oh wait um what buet LML G’s w a thing back in these days right um we going that and 1. in the meantime we going to make another pick I put on my rip we’re going to need a lot of iron for this m pack boy boy how do you a lot um I’m GNA go a 20 minute video today to make up for my absence so if you cannot watch video well I wouldn’t mind you just watching intervals I do that with videos all the time I watch them when I can and if you’re my ex teachers watch this well hello it’s been a while hope you’re doing well so yeah I this will go up tomorrow yes I don’t feel like aight slowest just ch but yeah that’s work in oh yeah I should have the top of that finished I guess I could show you guys it it’s a treehouse base basically all our portals and stuff we there we’ll have this down here is storage so you’re going to be able to walk in here jump up here possible like I said it’s not done yet so it’s noty to up here but this bigest problem we’re going to use [Music] so hopefully that’s going to be exciting for you guys to watch that devel over the course of season one um now this I want you’re probing I problem them like if you’re doing doing that how are you going to Port the world well what I’m going to do is I’m going to um copy this save for this world and try to import in my 1.7 pack see what happens loveely it’s raining how do I craft one of those I need bone gound I need to kill a creeper okay actually just works out I need to kill a zombie first I’m better to make some iron armor if I can a finger can I think I can we need craft that later cuz I we have dra forest or we can that check if that’s in yeah I need to keep an eye on it um if you don’t know this a my back is weather and tornadoes which adds tornadoes spiders no spiders well I am over the 20 minute Mark I will see you guys next time on the lunar Dimensions goodbye

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this is my series the lunar dimensions based on minecraft 1.6.4 the idea came from dantdm i hope to bring nostalgia and the idea of a series like dans back join me on this adventure List of mods Atum 2 grimoire of gaia TreeCapitator bspkrscore spacecore lucky block jammy furniture damage indicators B0bGary’s Growable Ores! backpacks battle towers buildcraft bibliocraft carpenters blocks clonecraft famliars all packs decocraft weather and tornados tropicraft dimensional doors dungeonpack farlanders eternal frost galacticraft mochickens crayfish furniture openblocks nei mca roguelike dungeons oceancraft ruins twilight forest underground biomes witchery zans minimap waila

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  • WhaleBoxx

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  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server – Vanilla, SMP, Snapshots, 1.21-pre1, 1.21 Experiments, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Discord

    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Features Experiment with new features such as crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the bogged, the mace, 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and more! Community Join a friendly community with multiple towns and a diamond-based trading economy. Explore the End every month, participate in enhanced dragon fights, and never worry about resets… Read More

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