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Hello and welcome to this tutorial on ae2 auto crafting today i will be showing you how to set up the simplest possible auto crafting system this video is aimed at people who just want to have the simplest possible setup or have already done it but need a refresher on how to

Do it so first of all you want to have your me system set up so we’ve got that here for the simplest possible option we just need me controller me drive and are we going with a creative energy cell this wouldn’t work in survival so then you hook this up to an interface

Preferably a crafting interface crossing terminal i mean then you just pull that over to i’m gonna put it to here get yourself a crafting co-processing unit the more crafting processing units your multi-block has the more tasks can be done at once so for the simplest possible we’re just

Going one the multi-block is called a crafting cpu so if people are talking about the cpu they mean multi-block if they’re talking about the co-processing unit they mean that so then you add on the crafting storage which provides storage space for the crafting pro processing unit to allow multiple

Crafting jobs to be protested simultaneously so that is basically the simplest possible multi-block it has to be a cuboid or so basically that shape or that shape all that shape or something it can’t and the easiest way to check if it’s functional is it has a different it looks different

And it won’t connect to an emmy flux cable you can add uh crafting monitors if you want and create a crafting unit crafting units are basically for so you want this setup but that isn’t a cube that isn’t for right shape so these are basically cheap of these

Crafting units and you can just plump them down and they don’t actually have a function they just sort of act as filler crafting monitor would show you the our task that’s currently being done and how far it’s gotten so far so how do we actually hook this up

To a crafting thing so you get yourself a molecular assembler plot that there now these can either be used with one pattern or with multiple platinums by putting an emmy interface next to them any interfaces can store nine patterns we’ll get to the patterns in a moment if you want to put something

In a furnace or this would probably also work for macerators or other blocks that have an input and an output preferably you’d want electric an electric furnace so that you don’t run out of fuel or have to refill it when you get an import bus importers it puts it into the me system

Exports it takes it out of the me system so that is now functional because it will put stuff in the top take it out to the bottom uh all my old blocks have all directional so a furnace takes stuff in from the top and puts out on the bottom for instance

Thermal whatever it’s called these days you can configure it to have input output wherever ic2 i think uses the same system as normal minecraft which is in on the top out at the bottom so now we have our basic setup crafting so you want to make yourself one of these blank patterns

Take that blank pattern put it in an emmy pattern terminal now these the emmy pattern terminal will store them so if you go out of inventory it will keep them there put them in that slot there and now you can program it to make a door for instance

So you just put it in that crafting field there you won’t be able to craft with this field you can only make patterns once it’s raining again and then you press encode pattern and then it will teach you how to make a door then you put that in the emmy interface above

The thing and it will show up basically if you hold shift by the way it will show you what is made by the encoded pattern so now we’ve got a molecular assembler that’s been taught how to make doors i would take these two patterns i made earlier so that would now

Show up here under craftable if you have that of the view set to stored and craftable or just craftable so now say i want a pickaxe which i programmed earlier you can just press that tell how many you want i want five for instance press next that’s how much

Bites used that is also where you need the uh crafty crafting storage so if you need more bites use you can just add more storage until it’s start and it’ll start making those so but what if you want to smelt iron into iron ore for instance basically you get yourself some iron ore

And an iron ingot so basically you need the input item and the output item then you go into this pattern terminal set the crafting pattern type to processing pattern that would be the same for crushers materials which are the same thing but you know what i mean

Put the input in the left and the output in the right encode that then you put the pattern which creates iron ore or any other item that you want to smelt into the patterns action in the me interface and then you can craft iron i need to press start don’t

Forget to press start and you’ll tell that lights up smelting the iron gets sucked out immediately and is now in there simple if you have any questions i’ll try my best to answer them in the comments this is basically the gist of it how to set up the simplest possible

System if you want to make any bigger stuff like auto crafting nano armor then i’d recommend making a much bigger system but this works for like the moment for like minor things or minor to most things i’d say this is enough you could also put in an emmy interface terminal which will

Show you what’s actually hooked up so for instance it tells you about the furnace makes iron and the molecular assembly can make those free things out of wood so if that helps you please like for video and have a nice day again any questions i’ll try to answer them with comments

I’m not an expert but i i do know most of how this works right have a nice day

This video, titled ‘Applied Energistics 2 Autocrafting – Simplest Setup (Tutorial) | Minecraft Mod (1.16)’, was uploaded by Failgames on 2021-06-08 06:00:07. It has garnered 30111 views and 273 likes. The duration of the video is 00:05:52 or 352 seconds.

How to set up a simple Automatic Crafting system in Minecraft using Applied Energistics 2 (1.16), the simplest possible AE2 Autocrafting setup, and how to make it in 5 minutes


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Applied Energistics 2 Autocrafting – Simplest Setup (Tutorial) | Minecraft Mod (1.16)