Asveria SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 Java Bedrock

Welcome to Asveria

An enchanting online Minecraft server where nostalgia meets innovation. Immerse yourself in a vanilla-based gameplay experience that captures the essence of the classic Minecraft era. Join a vibrant community, embark on epic adventures, and relive the joy of the game in its purest form on Asveria!


  • Respectful Staff: Our staff team is welcoming to all, and always ready to help!
  • Quests: Complete quests to earn money and get to the top of the balance list!
  • Player Shops: Set up your own personalized shops to rule the economy.
  • Free to Play: Fair for all players who just want to play some Minecraft.
  • Optimized Plugins: A perfect mix of all our favourite plugins to create endless fun.
  • Claims: Claim your land and build to your hearts content without worrying about it getting destroyed.
  • Friendly Community: We strive to create a friendly and welcoming community for all those who join.

Play today at: bedrock port: 19132