Blightfall Ep. 49: Epic ME Drive & Terminal!

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Was going on guys to du’a for here welcome back to some more blight fall now last have a liftoff we did a little bit of detail if I oh wow I almost just like what happened right there it felt like a million years whenever I didn’t talk that little split second anyways we

Did a little bit of detain – flying off camera and then we scanned on camera and got our bronze a 20 percent cleansing badge for the plains area which I am super proud of you see up there are painting for the ship I changed it to the the fortune cookie skeleton like an

Think I know it looks like yeah I know it’s supposed to be him coming out of like a casket or something but it always looks like he’s coming out of a fortune cookie herself anyways yeah I did a lot more detail in this last episode in this

Episode when you leave the minimap right now is just an absolutely insane amount of detail to vacation i did to find out something that may detain defying a little bit easier and that is to go underground because this is this is one of the problems I had there’s a lot of

Detail to find house do it like out right here it will see terrified and then later did get taint if I it again and it didn’t make any sense because the the taint doesn’t spread on water of course it sounds like it okay I’ll go underground

Check will so what’s going on down there so I found out there’s like a big ravine you can actually see the line right here there’s a big underground ravine that was tainted and I guess it only detain defied this area but all of this will still tainted so the taint just spread

Back over here under the ravine without me knowing it kind of like what’s going on over here I bet I bet there’s an underground cave that’s like touching this bit right here that’s making it get paid to fight again at always yeah I just did some underground ek defying

Right there and that’s what cleaned it up I said I think I did that like two episodes ago or something and then between last episode in this episode I did a lot of detail fiying over here in these underground areas because I know some bits like they’re there and like

Down there some over here there are a lot of areas that were like this you know there’s like a little bit of taint just on the corner there and it was it was really annoying so I went on the ground again that found I was like a huge cave system and

I had like a torso spare ethereal blooms and went down there detain to fight the area as much as possible I mainly just putting down ethereal blooms and just kind of letting the game run link in the background just letting all the taint detain to fine etc etc and eventually that just pretty

Much detain divides this whole entire island and then and I’m supposed to say like this whole area is like detained five but the ocean here that that’s not detain fly as far as I know but as you can see there’s like a there’s like a cave right there it goes like that heels

Like that and even they can’t define some of this some of this bit over here and yeah so right here this wasn’t detain fight I just put some of the extra three noble looms I had to try and connect these like so I think I spread out my ethereal blooms around the

Biodome alpha by like one or two ethereal bloom radiuses or radii so we got some pretty good progress going on there I didn’t do anything with these ethereal blooms unfortunately but Tom really really anxious to go read weary scanner area see how the swamps do see

How well the plays are doing and yeah let’s just go aboard the jaded let’s just go scan our area shall we alright oh there you go get my lucky a little bit of jaded damage right there I do wonder where all these items we go and what is that thing right there is

That a yeah I know that is I care about with the nay if it is there’s a book right there is like it call it chanted tall grass or something right there there’s like pink dye a heart right there leave that a little harder this

What is that heart from I was like a really detailed looking heart anyway it sounds going there and capture shitake you know what listen let’s go over here let’s take note of what we’ve got going on here so right here’s the 20% like threshold that you need to reach to get

The bronze a thing and we’re like two pixels away from that on the the swamp thing so there’s the swamp there’s this Plains and I’m gonna bet the plains it’s going to go up at least one more pixel the swamps pro if you only go up like

Maybe two maybe even three pixels so you know what let’s just let’s just screenshot this in our minds and then now let’s just scan the area and yeah so this is the all this is all the area that we have a detained fight right now I kind of want to just like do

What I do last episode and kind of just look at the Oh parted it’s an interesting reason why for Carson yeah I’m detained finding the area I’m finding out how much hits DJI advanced to me I know is I kind of want to leave this on the screen right now I should

Probably look downwards even more because that area down there’s nights to detain defied I’m gonna leave this on the screen and I don’t see you guys here a bit and we can see just how much of the area has been detain defied since the last time we’re actually like

Touching this little mountain over here so that’s a pretty good amount of progress anyways I will see you guys here in a bit alright guys look at this this is some pretty good detail I’m not gonna joke around not bad at all huh anyways it is not completely finished

Just yes so let’s just go whoa whoa whoa Leland the swamp is actually head of the the plains oh man okay so we definitely got our 20% swamp thing didn’t we Louis Quinze already in prime ah there we go bronze swamps match look at that

Don’t mind if I do gonna be sending that in to the next guy where’s that at the colonists there we go and where is that up there it is right there a 15 min outlook not going joke around that’s not that bad claim the reward and there we

Go we can go throw this thing up on our wall it’s going to be fantastic what is that is like a picture information nice the mushroom biome isn’t it look for a picture of them up there it is right there yeah mushroom island yeah mushroom island isn’t really that

That taint if I die it shouldn’t be that hard to detain fight if it oh yeah I don’t always second oh the jade is all the way over there okay I was wondering like it is to Jason like a different dimension or something but I guess it’s

Just all the way over there I don’t I guess if we really wanted to we can take a boat from this the volcano island just kind of swim up there and see what the Jade it looks like that’d be kind of cool yeah don’t really want to waste my time right

Anyways yeah so I’m pretty sure we could detain defy these islands pretty easily I’d say if anything it might be hard because of the caves that are like connected underground kind of like what I said over here with the caves but you know we don’t like green that is

Looking fantastic so far it is so good not gonna joke around I would not be surprised if we got I don’t know a pretty good portion we live just it’s just a pretty good portion of this whole entire area detain to find within the next I don’t know 20 episodes next 20

Episodes I’d say we’d probably get our very first 100% biome detain to vacation batch you know he’s right now we have 12 yeah little league in the swamp the swamp is yeah the swamp is 1/3 33% cuz this is one block there’s another block if there’s the third block this is so

Old what kind of people would live on such a planet I don’t know you’re talking to me I’m literally living there you’re making me live there captive anyways we’re uh we’re two blocks are at two pixels behind on the place now so we really need to step up our game but

We’re doing a pretty good job on the on the planes anyways that is making me feel great we have our bronze swamp badge for 20% detain defecation in the in the swamps so let’s make me feel really good as men we feel fantastic right now anyways I kind of want to jump

Right in to the Emmy terminal stuff that we’re trying to do last episode do we make anymore the UH the I know frames did we just make one a scanner merit badge I don’t know I don’t know where we put it though I cleaned out my inventory before recording because I always seem

To have like a really disgusting inventory but I guess we just get smaller these silver wood logs and a little bit of uh that it’s right there leather I think they’re still sticks over here no I guess not alright yo turn these in a stick of

Rudys and turn this into an item frame there we go I filled up my lunch boxes as well they have a lot of like berry medley and different like like juices and jellies and stuff inside there so they’re you know 20% for the swamp 20% for the the plains and it’s just feeling

Fantastic thus far pretty much my render distance is at 12 you know twelve chunks a pretty good pretty significant amount of the land just in the rendered area is DTF I’d like of course these mountains are not detain defied like they go up in the air of course he could see those but

Likely this just pant pant around mile is fantastic there’s a lot of green there’s logic taint fight area it’s looking fantastic so far oh this is still like shooting man over there got some comments from you guys for a few episodes ago saying I can get this certain plant that will

Both like turn taint into mana so maybe I’ll look into that later if we ever need any more for some more you know betánia stuff right now just the man is just kind of doing this thing on its own and that’s enough for me to make a

Theory of limbs no problem but it’s just tedious you know so anyways let’s just continue on with the n-terminal stuff so I’m glad that I didn’t use all of my diamonds we still have like what three day yeah we three diamonds left over and when you

Two of them to make the Emmy drive so we’re going to need to get the engineering circuits so where’s that engineer so can engineering press I know we can get silicon from oh man wow this is this is ironic I was I was literally saying I know I can make I can make

Silly oh yeah put sand in the polarizer and I guess you still okay with Sandra it there we have a polarizer over here and open others court all we have forgot that you get like nether quartz and stuff from from the lip oeuvre is anyways let’s put it over here there you

Know so for blob of blue and we need to get the in slavery engineering press and throw a diamond inside of it and that will you know get ourselves a little diamond saying now we need two of these and we need a some silicon and stuff so

There you go we have some silicon right there there’s one and there’s two hopefully don’t need too much more now while those indicators I found some stuff down there didn’t find any diamonds or anything but I found a lot of like yes saurus ports a bunch of different minerals like platinum and

Stuff like that I didn’t mind any of it to house mainly down there to detain to fire the area but did I only get all the cows let’s say I put like 16 this 16 Santa side that only got 8 silicon back I know is we have two of the the presses

That we need logic presses for gold let’s go get these silicon pre-cut I really need to move that thing geez oh there’s the slow compressed and there’s the calculation press we can’t do the calculation press until we have any pure at service course which we can’t do just

Yet I don’t know what am i doing let’s get some silicon and we just need a little bit of redstone and that will make our stuff so we’ll need two redstone and I’m gonna need to get a little bit of arm nama fication you may believe that mini-map on the top right

Almost all of its green man that’s awesome I love that alright let’s go over okay okay I literally I don’t know why it just crash with that I I kind of have an idea Oh God again with the prickling I have an idea I think it’s because I was right-clicking the the

Polarizer with my ax with my lunchbox that tried to put one oh whatever was in the polarizer into my lunchbox because you know if I can right click the the fridge with my lunchbox it fills up with food maybe it works with other blocks that like contain other items that stuff

Aside or any which we have some pretty silly can we get another one those parenthesis elegan another one and that’s gonna get us our second piece of printer silicon and then we could put our diamond silicon and redstone inside there and that’s going to get our printed circuit now we’re gonna need two

Of these things for the Emmy drive so there you go engineering processor and I’ll see what else do we need for it just a little bit of iron in class cables and we pretty much have the Emmy drive nice now of course we do need things to actually put inside the Emmy

Drive we can’t just have a casual Nass it has no hard drives inside of it you know we have to definitely get some of that I think I put the glass cables yep there just right there class gates or over there get a little bit of iron I

Don’t know how much we need so I’ll just do that and then we can have Auto Krell can’t ever mind I mean why oh it’s flowing okay wait no uh yeah okay let’s put the recipe up on the screen and what’s happening there I think it’s one of

Those weird chunk delicias I just kind of cycle through all that stuff and it kind of fixes it and always let’s get the recipe up on the screen oh wait uh I don’t know it’s doing that weird thing again oh there’s sticks over here well it’s

All there is right there huh that’s kind of weird anyways we got the Emmy drive now however I want to put this like I mean Network you know so I don’t know Ali really matters right now actually now that I think about it but it’s kind of hammer out of area if

You’re right and maybe we can just store over here especially cuz I’m just like you know Kate over here there’s no real need for it to be a DJ defied wasteland or anything like that so we could definitely like carve out a pretty pretty sizeable chunk of chunk of area

Over here for like machines and stuff like that and then just kind of hook them all up to the big reactor we have just sitting right there maybe even move the big reactor because this kind of just like you know in a very weird spot right now and yeah anyways there we go

And I should probably patch this up a little bit because those sting berries are not gonna be able to grow when there’s like like a light just leaking in there so there you go and where’s the cabling there’s that that’s it yeah I guess we worked what we have right now

I’ll do we have like any conduit or anything like any any hardened flex ducts or whatever they’re called so should probably make some of those things like lead led pipes or whatever they’re called so I don’t think we can do that just yeah because we don’t have

Any lead now or know if we can request lead let’s look that up and the supplier LED yeah LEDs literally the only thing that we’re missing surprising is that I kind of do want to request like another machine or something oh my god let’s

Really want to put a watch watch if I do that it’s gonna give me an Emmy drive right knowing my luck yeah again and second Emmy Drive isn’t necessarily a bad thing but like I don’t really want it right anyways there’s that and then what else what stuff do we have Allah

Sexily see we’re up to 107 it costs like 24 to get out of a machine bag hmm sure I do it you know what let’s do it let’s just do it there your machine bag and let’s open it up ah redneck cables I don’t know that is it’s

Like a point seven percent chance of getting these things my factory overloaded so what it was or must be for these things plastic sheets with redstone that’s not dad I guess I don’t know I don’t know do these transfer power though is that oh oh is this getting I think it might be

In power hold the phone wait I get so hold on there’s nothing inside the inscriber losing scribe reza as an example here let’s do this and then set this to orange on this side which is basically every side now let’s put these Ryba Rooney actually yes get the gasket the polarizer can’t really

See if the inscriber is getting power unless it unless you know you put some inside to it so at least for the pulverizer it has a little bit of a internal energy buffer so there’s that and oh I guess I should probably put something aside apart I know I can’t

Really put anything a whoop up with that you know I can’t put that Scyther put iron inside there it’s probably gonna get me like iron nuggets or something but just say yeah sandstone let’s get some sand from this stuff and see if it works so the Energy’s going down you know

Maybe after that configure this to read that cable fairly hard oh wait why is it still blue wait a second blue orange yeah there you go the power is going up no hmm awfully weird it got pretty I am moving that thing like right now okay these get

That thing out of here there yo I’m putting that I don’t know where I’m gonna put it under here okay there there oh we still have our bloom under there oh man I could have harvested that I totally got that bad I think there’s multiple ones down here right there’s

One there’s two oh man this is awesome we just found a casual gold okay there’s like only two okay okay well it’s better than nothing so that’s good that’s good so I get to go add those to my newly detail tight area and how about you Tate

If I even more so that’s awesome anyway so we should definitely start getting started on the Meo terminal so let’s actually see what we need for that so we need these formation colors and charge service course a little bit of flutes guests which we do have some

Flutes crystals which we just need to put inside the polarizer and that’s gonna get some of the fluids just so the oj never mind we have a fluid crystal let’s put these Reds red cables up here and yeah there’s my crescent hammer right there yeah ah well let’s put it

Over here in the the thing get some pull fry you only get one polarized flukes dust from that and that’s unfortunate well how much do you need okay just one and then a logic processor which is just silicon gold and redstone glad I don’t need a tie thing and he dies for the

Noise you don’t need eyes for that okay so you don’t need eyes for any of those I think you do need diamonds for the actual storage it’s one of those things called you now I think it’ll just look up applied Energon instincts and I could just yep store sell that’s creative mode

Stores so when is the one that we need yeah there it is right there Emmys towards so on the most basic one one kme storage cell okay you don’t need time it’s just yet for 4k you do know you know huh well you do need the calculation circuit which is flip the

The pure the pure serves course so that’s unfortunate for a 16 K no diamonds oh yeah you do need times for a 16 K okay well we start off at a dime and leftover so maybe we can get one 16 K and that would be insane I know a

Jurassic world I have like a bunch of 64 decays but that’s just because we have like a digital mine or we can basically get unlimited anything’s with that thing but with this and blight fall everything’s a lot harder so can’t just quite casually take a digital miner

Outside and just get free stuff left to right anyways I’ll still throw down these literal free ethereal blooms that we just found and you know helped you take to find the area a little bit more so uh kind of want to help over here where this little little

Connecting the the detain divided area above ground and the detain defied area from below ground I kind of want to like bridge those together maybe even put them right here yeah okay so let’s put one right there actually I’ll split it like it’s you actually uh I’m getting confused now but

One like you about right there and then another one man I don’t know here is somewhere in the middle here there you go so yeah that’s definitely want to help out a little bit definitely get four to that anyways let’s head back let’s try to make the ME terminal now

And then maybe off-camera I’ll try and make some of those are those any storage cell things because those those are the real tedious part of the Emmy Network stuff the the actual storage cell themselves I’d actually do it off camera Jurassic world so of course I’m gonna do

It off camera here cuz that is boring stuff unless you want to literally see me go up to the to the little work press thing like 40,000 times especially in this series where I don’t have like all the materials I’m probably gonna have to go out mining stuff too so that’s gonna

Be really boring anyways let’s just look at the recipe we need Ian for the for the an me a terminal and a terminal we can make this into a crafting terminal I know that the crafting terminal is probably preferred over the regular terminal and let’s actually look that up real quick

After you get terminal I don’t think you’re doing media you just need a regular ME terminal and another calculation processor and of course a crafting table anyways what we’re going to need is these formulation cores and stuff sort of course launch processors so you’ll get some gold let’s go get

Some redstone let’s go get some more of that silicon we already have some silicon in our inventories the last good still you can press yeah we still have that so that’s awesome now we’re actually have like all the presses we don’t need a calculation process or just

Yes so no only the no real need for it that this grab our I’d old ingots and let’s go throw these into here so so they can press throw a silicon in there we’re gonna need I think to silicon Oh arcane crafting to word what is that okay well strong other

Silly oh let’s leave the recipe again formulation core is gonna need a source courts pure source course or just a regular source corpse with a logic processor and then the other ones gonna need another course okay so we just need to get some more that fluids dust and

Stuff so engineering press I throw some gold or a lot is it logic press freako okay so with this logic press free gold so we gonna need uh actually I think we’re gonna need four of them right actually five of them no no no we’re just need three alright let’s press awesome anyways

There’s one there’s two I should probably make another silicon here in a second so two and three so let’s see what do we need to make the other sort or the pure thing again I think has to be shiny or uh what was it called I like charged yeah that has to be

Charged source ports for it to be Alice actually lift that up real quick fluids just blah blah blah looks crystal drop one yeah drop one charged source ports and then one another course and then one redstone dust and I’ll give you two fluids crystals okay so we just need to

Go find smaller those charged don’t we just continue on with our or is the silicon there it is right there with our little craft that we’re trying dear so you probably go into the caves and just find one easy-peasy no problem maybe we do that off camera real quick

But tell let’s just make the print to silicon that princess silicon prison logic and a little bit of redstone we already three of these things and then after that I don’t think we’re gonna really need too much of anything else now just these bright illuminated panels

But those are a big bowl of nothing really easily make those without a care in the world let’s just put that there that there and a piece of redstone let’s don’t even saw second one you can see what I’m talking about one if I say it’s really tedious

You have to make you have to like press all these things and they have to press them again into something else is just really tedious but yeah here’s our third one third and final one for at least the AME terminal actually for the yeah the calculation processor for the for the

Crafting one so yeah we can always upgrade later but let’s go I guess new cave exploring for a little while see if we find any more of those uh any more of those those pure source ports and yeah I guess I’ll see you guys here to bitten if we’d find ourselves a

Pretty good amount of them that would be fan the fiddle diddle tastic anyways I’ll see you guys here in a bit oh look at that there are diamonds over there ma’am I will be gladly grabbing those such as you see diamonds I know is this just

Grabber ah yes to grab those down as I was about to say like should I even grab them or not because my pick is getting pretty low and I guess my hammers getting pretty low as well but that’s definitely gonna fool there’s a diamond I usually like digging around the

Diamonds just the kind of oh wait here’s another one another one but I kind of like dating around my dial I got a charge one I didn’t realize it that’s awesome and it was like kind of like digging around my dives just so I can see exactly how much I’m working

With here and you know just in case it’s you know more no wow that’s actually a pretty good amount 1 2 3 4 of ohms so far not bad the row the current height up don’t need that Indy are a and almost has died so that’s going to give

Us a 4 for diamonds I don’t mind a vandal and there’s probably even more diamonds over there now and I think about it hmm well you might as well just fine now let’s just do a little bit of excavator action get all this disgusting this gasping growling out of here don’t

Need this disgusting er did ya don’t eat it yeah I don’t know I I do like traveling across lava lakes like this I always seem to find diamonds whatever I’ve you know go across lava lakes like this but the thing is it’s really dangerous and my technique includes

Having a water bucket and unfortunately I don’t have a water bucket so I can’t really do my MLG trademark the fine brothers technique so that’s unfortunate I know is oh we do have a pretty good amount of a diamonds for diamonds and it is pitch ball I bet it’s like pitch

Black for you guys right now I can barely see it though but I ran out towards I didn’t bring any torches I’m pretty sure yeah I don’t have any torches I could make torches said the old platinum I’m grabbin you I’ve been grabbing you I’m eager Avenue and

Sandstone don’t need that garbage but yeah I could make diamonds but yeah I can kind of see without it anyways it’s gonna be like pitch black for you guys but that’s not a big deal right there’s a little bit iron right there but not a big deal but for right now we can

Continue to try and make that terminal and yeah hopefully by the end of the episode we’re gonna have ourselves a working em a network so that’s gonna be awesome but of course we can’t put anything inside of it cuz we have no memory for it just yet we don’t have any

Hard drives we don’t have any flash memory it’s kind of like trying to trying to start up a computers gonna have a hard drive or anything else inside of it you know so I kind of wanted to check real quick is there anything you sell what stores I don’t

Know I need to do some research on this stuff but tool materials ordinary yeah I don’t think there’s anything I can only there’s the possibility of me turning these casual service courts into you know charged service boards always there’s even more but just where there’s

Like 10 of them up there what all this time okay anyways we have five total diamonds so that’s awesome let’s go over here what do you need Oh what’s happening sighs there’s there’s some sort of nuclear fusion so we have a quartz regular another court series right there I’ve scriber silicon thing

Night or I could put that up I guess and we need some redstone so let’s get some of the charge put that down there and a redstone put that down there I’ll still throw these into a lake that’s gonna give us what we need or you gonna need these flutes crystals let’s

Throw it up inside there in one – let’s do two two and two there you go and hopefully there we go stony dust for fluids things there you go all right awesome sweet gnarly radical anyways what else do we gonna need for this we’re going to need to combine it

Oh yeah we will need to combine it with we won’t need to turn it into dust first so we already have one dust and then we’re gonna need at least one more dust there is that and I just just try and make it been these crafting tables real quick so there’s that

There’s that and okay so there’s the formation core and now we need the annihilation core do I not have enough I thought it was endowed quartz yeah okay I don’t know why I didn’t put another course up there and always we’re going to need to make these illuminated panels

From the Illuminati itself but to discovery of what my discovery of nether courses although what do I do I only just now get that I don’t know but my in my achievements all over the play there’s just I don’t even know what’s going on with the achievements but looks

Like all we need now is that little screen looking things so let’s actually see what we need for that I know we’re gonna need some sort of yeah quartz class and you get that with just any type of class and some sort of dust so we can get it’s like nothing quartz dust

I assume let’s put a little bit another course over here one two three four how much do you get for a per craft of that four okay and I think you need for to make the bright illuminate oh you know you only need three okay and we have

Glowstone I believe so well why is that not working oh yeah okay now why is that like glitched I don’t know but oh I could probably get those sticks throw away the dirt cuz we don’t need that yeah I bid you and how do we

Can try and make the wait what I what am I doing here I just completely lost my train I thought oh yeah when you throw these another chords and some sort of furnace but I should definitely make some sort of redstone furnace I should definitely do that

I don’t know why I still don’t have that jeez ah well there you another quarter dust that’s going to get us a quartz glass or something right I hope no I got me silicon god oh yeah you combine it with dad of what I am stupid I am literally dumb what is going

On with me right now there you go a little bit of that and then we need to get some glass Mos Eisley check up on our glass yeah we have enough glass we don’t need any more right now there’s a little bit of sand for your troubles then I think it’s like

This right or do we need five yeah we need five god we need five of these ports thanks geez yeah I’ll still throw another one it’s to the pulverizer like so all right and that’s gonna get us all ready glass that we need there you go quartz glass nice not bad

At all now we won’t need a little bit of glowstone and stuff I don’t know where the oh yeah we already have to blow snow fantastic and I guess I just throw up regular glass in there but the course glass like so put this I guess inside of

Latinum don’t need to put platinum inside there geez I am just all over the place right now gee what is happening I don’t know what’s happening I need to put the rot wars over there like so and we need to get some of the glowstone I think we just need redstone next right

Nicely of this yeah and a little bit of okay so we need two glowstone like so one redstone in the middle and then one eye on like that that’s gonna get us our Illuminati panels so ah let’s just put them over here like so and that’s gonna

Get us art and a terminal fantastic alright so let’s go put of our stuff over here actually just so they’re nice and easy to get our extra illuminated panels do that we’re going to need these glass cables so I could just mess with those here in a bit quartz silicon I’ll

Put those up as well more stirrers quartz crystals don’t need anything else really let’s just head over here and let’s connect this to this there yeah I think I can rotate this bunny like some sort of some sort of wrench maybe I should have a wrench over here right

Or maybe yep there’s a crescent hammer it should be able to rotate that right let’s see yeah there you go kinda like that I like it like that cuz it looks like a little search bar there at the top right or top left anyways there we

Go but I just thought god I just turn that chest around yeah stop doing that rightfully it normally there yo anyways I think that’s gonna be it for this episode we got a pretty good amount of primers down this episode actually a joke around and I was proud

More extra plates and stuff and just kind of move them over there cuz we don’t need them to be over here right after it’s a logic circuit yeah waiting time over here just so they’re nice and easy to access like so and there we go we have all the all the

Necessary materials we need to make all those billions of parts we need just to make a little a little bit of storage for this thing geez actually I wonder if you make these glass cables if they’ll actually plug into the less known energy cell mmm I think to make those you just

Need to get the little quartz cable things that we have and add a little bit of this flutes crystal right is that all you need to do you get two of those do that yeah there we go any flutes glass or whatever it’s called let’s see if that connects let’s go see

If this Xbox connects to that nope nope and unconnect alright well hold on a second I think it’s shift oh you don’t get it back oh man I think you do get it back right break it with a pickaxe there we go yeah you get a bad guy but it’s just

Done connect to this thing so that’s unfortunate we need some sort of energy acceptor if we want that to work so I guess we can do that here essentially see what you need to make that energy acceptor we try to layout it last episode and then a G and scepter that’s

Tree we can make that like right now actually let’s go do that yeah now we can make you next episode we did a lot of stuff this episode anyways speaking of this episode I guess we can end it right now so there you guys offer

Oh wait thank you guys all very much for watching if you have enjoyed the video be sure to let me know by leaving a like down below and if you guys want more of these honest videos be sure to hit that subscribe button I’ll put my latest

Videos our YouTube home page as soon as they come out so you don’t miss an episode but until then they as all very much for watching and I will see you guys here next time hi there

This video, titled ‘Blightfall: Minecraft Modded Adventure Ep.49 – ME DRIVE & TERMINAL!!! (Modded Roleplay)’, was uploaded by TheWaffleGalaxy on 2016-02-27 18:00:01. It has garnered 17095 views and 386 likes. The duration of the video is 00:33:19 or 1999 seconds.

Minecraft Roleplay in an epic Modded Minecraft Adventure Map?! Blightfall is a Minecraft Adventure Map with its own Minecraft Modpack to help make for an exciting roleplay! ▶︎ Let’s try to hit 200 LIKES! :^D

Blightfall is a Modded Minecraft Roleplay Adventure Map series using the Blightfall Technic Modpack full of awesome Minecraft Mods! In this series, Waffle must roleplay and explore the mysterious, tainted, purple planet for the promised paradise! Will he be able to survive such a treacherous planet and establish a successful colony?

▶︎ Blightfall Roleplay series playlist –

▶︎ Minecraft Modpack: Blightfall Technic Modpack (1.7.10) –

▶︎ Minecraft Mods List –

▶︎ Outro Music: Medasin – “Coffee” –


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