Insane Minecraft Food Truck Build Madness!!!

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Chad hello waos Diaz how are you no lore here sorry I I I hit the the wrong button in the chat thing I apologize don’t tell fo it listen today’s going to be a beautiful day Zero lore only Minecraft that’s what we’re doing that’s what we’re doing let me put

The no what what was that music why did I put that at the start that’s too intense let’s go with the more relaxing one ah yes this is Minecraft music this this is Minecraft hanging out music for me hi we’re going to play in a nice in a

Nice world with our friends and play and and make cool things welcome bu bues wherever you guys are at hi it’s the first time I spoken today my voice hasn’t hasn’t been used so it’s a little a little you know it’s a little so um I

I still have the morning voice I just woke up a little while ago it’s fine I’m you know but I have uh at least uh 20 gallons of coffee in my system so it’s going to be all it’s going to be all right yes oh wait I missed so many

Things I missed so many things some people sub when I before I was even ready who did it huh seven whole months that is beautiful we’re so close to our our child our baby our twitch baby’s coming that’s so cool and then who else Su mombo with seven

That’s my beautiful friend Su mombo you’re fantastic M kisses and Sylvie Sylvie with 7 months one of the be most beautiful humans in the world and then I saw someone with a with a 9 month who did it who did the nine I saw a nine

Somewhere I saw a nine somewhere hold on there it is I found it socially atypical 9 months that’s a baby we just had a child what are we naming it we need a good name this is fantastic it’s 1: a.m. for you oh bless your sweetheart bless

Your heart we’re going to go for at least three hours you better stay up take take something get some some some uh some chai or some or maybe like a a matcha tea or something I S I wait hold on I missed a thing I heard a thing go

Ple ple ple what was that we got what was it Gilmore Girl Oh What a Beautiful show thank you for the 100 Bitties oh my God the hype train is going we’re doing hype train thing listen I’m I have so much coffee inside me it’s going to be

Great wait wait C cacu how much you have left for that how much you have left for this how much you have left for that it’s almost time I got you got 50k you’re so close you’re so close e slap cat to around uh let them know that once the time comes

You know I’m going to you know I’m I’m not going to do it I’m just going to laugh and be like haha you wasted your time dummy no but I won’t I promise I’ll do it I promise I might bring out the voice mod thing too I might bring out

The voice mod thing too we’ll see we’ll see you know but imagine you got all the way to the end and then boom you get no clown that would be messed up that would be messed up but I will do I promise I’ll be nice yes hi everybody Welcome to

The stream we’re going in right at in this exact moment I’m I’m pushing buttons and we’re going in ready 5 4 3 two seamless transition Oh wrong button sorry that’s not lore that’s not lore there it is hi welcome to my house masika holding some fish not the salmon

This time I’m only holding a piece of card but you know what like tradition around here we must keep this going for everybody who just subbed renewed Subs you know we slap Salmons around here and we mute music so this is what happens this is what you expect on a mythical J

Sausage stream uh headphone warning you’re getting the correct angle as well to slap the salmon how many Subs did we get hold on this is the level two hype train we should even get a couple extra smacks we got like five we got like five so that’s 10 each 50 minimum get ready

10 20 30 40 50 and a couple extra one because we’re on a hyr you can dance in the chat you can dance go ahead and dance a couple extra ones because we haven’t stream since last Monday we love you in Spain I I love you

In Spain I was in Barcelona in Madrid uh last year and it was the best experience of my life I love Madrid in Barcelona and there was a couple other ones and I have to say Barcelona with a even I Spit on myself when I talk in

Spanish from Spain there you go and then from hold on MJ gamer mom is coming in tier one for three months in advance that means I’m holding down my my mouse button I’m holding down the mouse button now for at least a minute Yeah dance

Please this is a time to dance this is just as good as music it’s like beatboxing but for salmon okay perfect thank you so much for all the subs you guys deserve it you know if you sub to this channel you’re going to get you’re going to get um Sam

Slapping if you throw bits you’re going to get Sam slab and if you just breathe wrong you’re going to get a Sam slab music again please please Perfect nice relaxing Minecraft music thank you welcome welcome so so much to the stream we’re going to be doing bartending today

I’m going to be your favorite bartender I’m going to go to the tavern we’re going to make a bunch of drinks today okay so get ready it’s going to be very relaxing chill core Minecraft today we’re going to be making potion um and then and then get ready for this I’m

Going to build a food truck I already told FP I’m not going to be selling anything that’s not Minecraft related in the food truck so that means no impan okay I’m not going to be selling any imp bananas um it’s it’s it’s banable it’s a banable defense if I say the word in

Banana in the context of a food truck so sh I didn’t I’m saying it now as a warning that I can’t say it later so if you if you’re looking for some food trucks yeah I can’t sell cafo NOA no so no cafo no food no no no so

We’re just selling Minecraft Foods right my farm let’s take a look let’s attach our retina my Minecraft farm right here say hello and and the Beautiful hog by the way the hog um this beautiful Farm produces many things in Minecraft that we don’t need to use empanadas for we

Have all kinds of stuff you know we sell sugar we can sell uh uh pumpkin pie we can sell uh what do I have over there bread we can sell carrots potatoes we can sell beetroot we can sell melon all right and also come with me as well we

Could go ahead I’m not this is not a ghost I’m not a ghost I’m not a spirit I’m just flying um and we can sell chicken related products we can sell okay we can sell uh any any of these guys uh food food bits and then of

Course Cow products okay what JY doing up there and we got an extra cat too look we got extra little kitty cat this guy’s guarding the kitty cat he’s about to die though um but yeah this that’s what we’re going to do today Na Nana Nana thank you for subscribe that’s 6

Months that’s six month you’re in the six month group you’re in the six month group um it’s amazing six month with Lord daddy that is me I Am Lord I can no stop wait we cannot say the word that starts with an L around here

Okay we cannot say it we cannot say the L word okay Lord daddy sounds amazing I cannot repeat that word uh after this okay this is you know it’s the warning I can’t say the L word so okay okay sh he’s not he’s not awake yet he’s not awake yet if oh he’s

Probably awake already he usually wakes up a half an hour Oro it’s fine it’s fine you know the omnipotent God uh the speaker of the uh to the fates uh flip is is is awake right now okay there’s no there’s no l there’s no l he did say he

Did speak with fat so I’m I’m just repeating what he said you know I’m I didn’t say that part he said if you saw my last video which you should have because it was amazing um he did say he spoke with the fates that his words only

I spoke with the fates and I got these you know the these coins for you okay but shut up but but shut up no lore here there’s no lore be quiet be quiet absolutely zero I didn’t say he said I didn’t say it I I I did a if you heard

In the background I did a quick little huh like that’s all I did I did a huh oh is that right is that right what did you just say what I think you just I didn’t I didn’t question it I didn’t question that’s fine uh but oh I love this song

Okay but before we keep going hold on let me say hello I didn’t say hi to people I always say hi to people at the beginning I’m going to say hi to everybody finally catch your stream scatter cat thank for coming and then hold on dness of course dness is here

Don’t you say the word Lord daddy don’t say Lord Daddy Shut Your Mouth Scarlet is here Tamara is here kelper is here say hi to me right now raccoon of course is here raccoon lives here Hunter is the best hunter lives here uh Ash is here e

E i I’m going to keyboard smash my my with my face next time you do some beautiful or like you did last time okay so I’m missing everything I’m missing I lost um JZ Louise oh my God that’s a beautiful name water lily Bumble Birch

Oh my God I almost said the other word your name is if you see it really quick and you have astigmatism like I have I could have I could have done a Jimmy a Ron Burgundy and said something else with Bumble Birch’s name um but Sylvia

Is here rat’s here Lori hi Lori’s the best Lori beautiful uh sort of Sunshine Love is Here ladies here I’m Luke is here L Luke you’re beautiful I love Luke so much I I’m I’m I have to I have to rewind I miss so many things uh of

Course Sylvie you know crazy kids here lady I saw lady twice you’re all beautiful thank you so much thank you so much so wait sa C didn’t did it what did what did C do is it done it’s done he wait where is it stop

Stop moving is it done you did it wait where is it where’s the redeem I want to see the redeem I missed it I missed it where is it I saw it Oh my God Lori subscribed as well wait how did Lori subscribe Hunter gave it to Lord Hunter you’re a

Beautiful okay it I guess okay you worked very hard for this moment you worked very hard for this moment I don’t know if my voice mod works for the other part but you work very hard for this moment Cactus work very hard to get 50,000 Channel points so I guess it’s

Time pause everything pause everything I okay let me get into a good position so oh and it’s night time let’s put shaders on let’s put shaders on oh I hope nobody sleeps is there anybody else on the server Scotts AFK this is the perfect time to do it let’s get a a really

Ominous area this is no lore to this thing there’s no lore to this thing but if there were to have lore this would be a good spot to play the music okay hold on right here at this angle at this angle oh look at that the Aurora Bor is

That that’s what it’s called here it comes okay everybody cactus’s been waiting a long time for this moment uh redeem the clown music so we got to play this now in its entirety okay and there’s no to this no this shouldn’t be AB bonable offense I’m just playing

Music with shaders in the background looking at the monolith no big deal uh I don’t know if I could play put my voice on though but we we’ll play it okay the moment is here 50,000 Channel points and Dena thank you so much that 7 months

That’s a long time we’re almost at our baby we’re almost at our baby we’ll name it soon here comes let’s go clown Music Everyone dance Everyone I don’t know why you laugh this song brings back horrible memories of scary clowns and demons so man let me see if this thing works On it’s not Even you’ve made it lemon got GI some by Hunter again you Legend everyone dance this is there’s no lore to this by the way if whip comes in now he’s going to think there’s lore there’s no lore this is a point Redemption 50,000 my Voice oh He Hey listen no not that song not that Hey listen No does this work do you hear this what does it sound like this is my voice or is it another voice I don’t know what I’m using but I pushed the button and something came out [Laughter] this is not more this is not more this is just a point Redemption and once the

Song ends he will be put back in its place there’s no Lord this is just a point Redemption warning warning warning not Lord not Lord this is a point Redemption but there you go CTO you’re welcome now I’m going back in my cage in a second because I’m not supposed to be

Here technically I merge with the other guy so technically this is from another another realm a point in time fixed point in time before I joined up with the other man which I’m all now again but this is just you know this is a one time thing

No more just is a point Redemption Point warning warning Point Redemption okay that’s all you get hi welcome back um that guy’s never coming back you you’re welcome there’s no lore here that was a point Redemption and that is it and that is it he did not you did it’s not lore it’s

Not lore it is not lore it is basically you know uh cactu has been uh living in my streams um for for for 6 months and that took 6 months to get so the next time you’ll hear him is in another 6 months unless somebody else have been hoarding

Points so there you go it takes 6 months the way I stream because I don’t stream every day uh to get that to get oh um why is there an evil eye there um that wasn’t there before I started playing that song H hello okay huh it must be nothing so

Today we’re going to be doing some fun stuff so get ready we’re going to be eating some fish slapping some salmon oh my God people have subbed and hold on I’m so sorry people have subbed you know whenever anybody Subs we got to stop it I’m not going to do the third person

Slap that you know it’s not L it’s just some somebody put a weird eye up there you’re welcome thank you for for sub all the all the gift Subs Hunter you’re the best listen that is not Lord that’s just a weird thing I’m not going to even bother looking at it but welcome

Welcome to sausage Valley welcome to sausage Valley this is my beautiful base we have done so many good things here okay I’ll take all that we’ve done so many beautiful builds here throughout throughout our days do donations get slaps of course they do donations get harder slaps too um and the more that

Gets donated the more the harder I slap it you know so you know the salmon the same but we built so many cool things look at this place how long how long wait how long is this server with friends with no lore has been onuh when did we

Start where where’s my C where’s my calendar when did we start hold on when did we I don’t even have my calendar we started less than a month ago probably oh my god vict oh wait have you gone to pick up uh Lumi yet wait which one’s Lumi oh my God the

Thing went up went up what is that prow yo prow what’s up welcome welcome welcome thank you for raiding you made it right on time we just started we just started we just we’re just getting getting ready right now look at this beautiful I don’t know when we started

We started probably has it been a month already it hasn’t been a month has it been a month it’s it’s G to if it’s hasn’t been a month it’s going to be wait it’s been almost a month yep and and we’ve built pretty much we pretty pretty much built a whole empire already

Uh but not you know this’s not Empire there’s no l here but yeah we we build a pretty good chunk of of stuff right here this is our this is our base welcome this is our base welcome check this out an Empire no I mean like in in real like

You know not an Empire this is not Empire’s S&P season 3 or nothing this is just a place a fun place U uh a Minecraft S&P with friends that has no connection whatsoever but we build pretty much what seems to be almost uh there’s no Castle or anything but it

Seems almost like a like the size of what would be considered an Empire but it’s not we’re just playing Minecraft uh with friends of no Lord uh no no this is not Empire season 3 no no no no no no if there’s F season 3 know there’ll be a

King of the North or something by now no there’s not we we’re just hanging out but yeah welcome welcome welome wome look look at this place we’ve done so many cool things it’s no lore time we’re just hanging out we’re going to be doing some fun stuff today because I built

Recently over there at spawn it’s a lot of spoilers over there so I try it’s exclusive previews as they say but I try to keep my head down but we build a lot of stuff at spawn uh and today we’re going to be filling up our Tavern with a

Bunch of cool stuff so follow follow me follow me we’re going to be doing a lot of cool things today but our house look how beautiful our house is uh I’ve been speling some stuff to weit ooh let’s take all of this we’re making a bunch of potions today so today we’re bartenders

All right well today we’re bartenders and we’re bartending at the at the at the at the place and you guys got to let me know what uh what the sell potions for I have no idea I’ve never sold a potion before wait what is

This oh a book there oh and by the way um if you guys don’t know about the server uh is is Minecraft SOS we basically have uh hardcore rules so uh if we die we have uh a potential uh way to never come back again in this world

Uh but there’s a way to revive us with these things called fake coins which you see right behind me there’s one only I had two before I did have to use another one recently which you don’t know about there’s currently two uh deaths of people which I have revived because I am

Like the savior of the server I’m like a superhero some might say I’m not you know I’m kind of dressed in um regular clothing but it kind of resembles miles Mor you know I don’t want to get into it but I’ve used another fake coin by the

Way um but I only have one left so if you have a fake coin you can revive people that died which is amazing but it’s getting more and more expensive right it started with one right and now it’s two it could go to four five six S

I don’t even know So eventually it’s going to get too expensive and we’re going to have to rush to get fake coins to help our friends that die uh in the world so who who knows um if we if if you know everyone might die and and one

Coin is never going to be enough but either way but I used another coin hopefully we’ll see that uh soon one of these days uh if if if if the these if these people release their videos um it’ll be fun you’ll see oh let me put my

Head down let me put my head down hey how question in the stuff available as spawn for the first yes yeah the first wait the first CH yeah yeah yeah yeah I didn’t show that in a video I completely forgot that I cut that whole thing out

But all this let me I’m looking down so there’s so many spoilers but in um in the first challenge we had a community bundles thing and we were all in charge of getting a bunch of materials and lighting up this uh Cave oh my God this what is that it scares me every

Time it scares me every time who did it who’s doing Hey listen that that that scares me every single time there it is and norat hold on a great mythical s of building a castle and looking wait for your expertise in building uh okay I got block pallet yes there’s so many

Different block pallets you can use for cast thank you so much for the donation there’s so many things you can use it depends on what really it’s like in your area like what fits oh my God there’s so many spoilers I’m so sorry uh you got to

Look down the whole way it depends really on on the aesthetic of the area really like if you’re building something Mediterranean or Spanish I would go with like terracottas and bricks and and and and like that kind of gradients you know if I’m building something pure medieval

Just a bunch of stones and mossy stuff like that would look good uh and then colorful roofs people always forget about the roof people just make the roof really simple just may maybe just do deep state or Blackstone or whatever but go with go with uh roof that pop like

Maybe do a little bit of uh of aasi roof or red roof all right or gradient colorful roof make it pop a little bit try something like that that that’ be a lot of fun uh wet spun and magenta sh [ __ ] your mouth swort of sunshine you

Shut your mouth that is disgusting don’t you dare do that but yeah I would do that but but if it’s more medieval like do do the mossy base that I did on my castle which I’ll be going back to very soon Mossy base tough andesite uh a

Little bit of um uh stone stone brick uh and mossy Cobble and then grading it up to like regular softer stones to the top and then make a big cute colorful roof that’s it that’s that’s you that’s you but listen we we we did use a bunch of

These see somebody been I’m stealing this and I needed that for a potion brewing and and people have been taken so all of these were completely filled up look at all my carrots and potatoes people have been taken uh after the challenge was done people and we had so

Many so much copper people are ridiculous the woods are gone of course the woods were completely gone and then the foods I might steal this from my food truck I might steal that some for my food truck I’ll repurpose it uh but yeah all this whole thing this whole

Thing was completely made uh available to everybody once it was done but okay I got to look down oh we’ve seen most of these oh ELO is there you know I’m going to spoil Eloise’s very badly you know I’m just going to spoil everything I don’t care so welcome to my Tavern this

Is the Winchester which is totally a Shan of the Dead reference for the people that know uh and so far I have five signatures five of them don’t look at number two but I have five I need three more in order to get a fake coin confirmed for me so the Winchester right

There look how pretty and this is it and a lot of people were wondering sausage where is the stage where is it most of your TS have a stage most of them do I there’s no stage here but there should be um so let’s do

A quick Let’s do let’s do a quick poll um let’s do a quick poll today um if I were to put a stage it would be right back here I’ll get rid of this I’ll get rid of this so let’s type do do a PO do

Do do a poll will do stage yes or stage absolutely not you’ve had enough of stage presence in every other series you’ve done in the past so let’s do a a little poll let’s do a little poll but I’m thinking if I do do one if I do do

If I do do one it’ll be right back here right against this wall and we would put a structural support we would put a structural support because this is a very dangerous area you know at spawn a lot of high traffic so the thing could potentially collapse uh so we would have

These structural support potentially right right there um and and and it we be all right let’s see let’s look at this the the the poll results oh my good God okay now quick question Who are the two people that said no show yourself right now so I can make fun of

You and also ban uh show yourself who are you who are you who are you which one is who is it show yourself right now in Chat Show Yourself who are two people show yourself it was me froggy go oh you SL Jad it you SL Jad okay I want to know

Who you are right now let me look again there’s six of you who what which one are who show yourself there’s six now who is it who who does not want a a stage who is I’mma find you I’mma find you and nothing will happen but I will

Find you okay let’s prepare no I’m sorry I I love threatening people every once in a while it’s a good it’s a good um it’s a good fun Pastime here in uh in the mythical sausage J is silent uh Chats on Twitch um oh and then I’m going

To use these and which is great that we have them because I’ve only had a couple and I really did not go want to go into The Nether and potentially perish burn alive and death um so let’s convert some of these wait blaze powder is a is an

Actual ingredient to make a thing right to actually make something so I’m going to keep some of them uh and it should be good and eventually this whole top part will be for selling stuff for now it’s just for making stuffz CU I am the bartender but eventually this will all

Be labeled and there’ll be uh potions for sale oh my got a B came in hold on Maya Maya Hazel Maya Hazel is my favorite person I’m going to with twitch Prime which is completely free and and and anybody could do it if there’s one sitting down there in the bottom you

Could definitely click on it and maybe you have one sitting down and maybe you can give it to me for free and I can give it to my girl Bubbles and then she can get treats that’s her right there also you did subscribe so I have to slap

The salon I apologize so for people who invisible salmon SLA oh my God hold on how did I do that is that lore no there no lore here how did I do that I just went invisible wait I can’t do it again there it shh hold on I’m like a wizard I’m a Wizard I am invisible and I’m a wizard there’s no lore here um you got a bubble poop got her invisible salmon slapping I’m a wizard I’m a wizard I’m a wizard oh sorry I’m back no I’m not it’s just you know the Act was Wizard like but I’m not

A wizard there’s no lore here and thank you so much oh wait I saw something something else no no Empire reference no I was not a wizard there I was technically uh a war a not a a sorcerer I was not a wizard was a sorcerer back

Then that it was a sorcerer like the sorcerer Supreme okay uh King King Kingdom Stars thank you for subscribing that actually worked you actually fell for it I I apologize I you only get four slaps I no but thank you so much thank you so thank you for subscribing uh okay

We’re going back oh God no not my building okay I’m putting stuff away but first we’ll let’s prepare our bar today we’re at the bar at the tavern and we’re going to be setting up drams today uh I am tending tonight so if you guys would

Like a specific drink you let me know I will make it uh but I’m going to make a bunch of random stuff but first off we’re not ready yet we’re not ready I need to do a couple things before we start before we start okay let’s check

My warts would you like to see my warts everybody look at all these warts I have so many warts down here I really would like a soul speed boot booty this is very slow this is very slow eventually we’ll be moving our potion making down

Here at the bottom and I’m going to line them up over here I’m going to line them up on that side we’ll make Po potions downstairs and I’m going to do it manually for now I’m not doing any kind of system automated or anything not for now maybe later maybe later but for

Right now I like I like old school you know I don’t have any auto really much Auto I don’t have any auto Farms yet so we’re going to be doing a very old school today and then potions will go over on this side oh beautiful what a

Great day you saw my warts aren’t they pretty um hold on oh spoiler warning and then another thing we’re building today oh Eloise your place is is nice another thing we’re building today my render distance is at 32 by the way look at that another thing a sausage Martini

That sounds delicious um I make a good Martini you know I actually I actually used to be a bartender back in the day I used to be very good I used to be very good you know you know people would FLIR with me and try to get free drinks and

It wouldn’t work uh but listen I’m going to be making the sausages meat wagon food truck it’s coming soon but it’s coming today we’re going to build it I’m going to build it right here in this spot I’m going to build it right here in this spot and we’re going to build a

Nice and I got all the materials right there all the materials right there I used to be a Bart yeah not not for too long for like maybe like six six seven months I used to do all kinds of stuff I used to flip bottles and I

Used to be really good at that it used to be really good really good you can imagine me Barton imagine me Barton the same me hanging out in the bar taking drinks flirting with people uh getting tips you I got TI real good I got like

$500 a night one day um and then this is our material we’re going to be building a food truck right there yeah I could yeah like Tom Cruz exactly I used to do bottle flipping it used to be very good not not too much because I was scared I

Was going to break stuff but yeah it was very fun times uh it’s that’s lore lore no no it’s it’s not lore it’s real that’s actually real life um but wait what what was I doing oh I think we’re almost ready to do stuff we’re almost

Ready to do stuff wait um is there anything that I’m missing let me get my paper let me get my paper what are we doing today and then we might do some fishing and we might do a little fishing if we finish early there we

Go we’re gone we’re G oh a spy oh no somebody oh look down somebody told me in the comment section at least 17 people told me though so I can’t pinpoint one person but we need to go get a crossbow we need to go get a crossbow no

Lore no sorry look down there’s so many new builds here there’s so many new builds here I’m going I’m going just look completely down I’m going look completely Dam M’s building something there but that too late you already saw that one I can’t stop okay here we go more salmon

Slapping in coming Ella Ella thank you so much for subscribing you get a salmon slab you get actually 16 specifically salon slps pause and you get an extra one thank you so much this is my first time I’ve seen you live all and you subscribe that

Quickly you are the best thank you so much oh my God if you want an extra I know I’ll give you an extra slapping later on because this is your first time and you sub on the first time that that’s beautiful that’s oh Owen did a

Big thing wait wait you guys saw Owen streaming that whole thing so I could show that right I think Owen was streaming and he built that whole thing on stream probably so that one’s fine right yeah okay we can see Owen’s thing I did do a little slap fight with with MOG the

Other day while olly was streaming uh and we did do a little slapping in the face you know a couple times I slapped MOG real good MOG slapped me right back it was a mutual slapping uh in the circle and you know he slapped me around

Real good he pushed me in the hole and everything we’re like we’re like you know we’re like wrestling in the mud we’re doing the mud wrestling Me and Mar was cool uh it was a nice good time hold on death this and OT wait OT

O girl I I can’t even say that correctly I think I did it at the end thank you so much 6 months and 1 month you guys are the best thank you for the the subscription Services yes me and M we had a a mud a mud wrestling

Match it was a good time well Oli was busy Ollie couldn’t see it you know maybe we’ll get Ollie into it we’ll do like a three-way mud wrestling match later on uh in uh in Owen’s uh little hole Owen has a little hole pigs has a big hole it’s a completely different

Hole situation uh I need a crossbow okay now I’m going to do a used up crossbow because oh should I do I wanted to actually no let’s not do Ed let’s do a brand new crossbow let’s do a brand new crossbow I must call this crossbow why

You heading hands in why you heading handing it was a mud wrestling match it wasn’t anything specific the Winchester we have to put a crossbow Over the Bar on the top called The Winchester it is now um cannon that we must do this and I

Need a item frame and I need a Shear do I have one on me yes and is there something else I need to do here hold on let me think about it spy glass spy glass somebody said a spy glass I haven’t done a spy glass yet I forgot

How to make one and we need to make one this instance I have not made a spy glass yet it is PG it is it is PG mud wrestling is not non PG mud wrest is not non PG when when did mud wrestling become uh npg you’re crazy it’s basically wrestling in

The mud slapping each other in the face with mud and in you know it’s not a big deal and there we go spy glass it is made I finally have one it doesn’t have the googly eyes on it but it’s good enough for what the technology we

Currently have uh in this realm in this in this server in this multiplayer server with friend with friendship um okay I think we’re ready to go we’re ready to do some bartending come with me uh I should take my horsey uh baby friend Mayday junor oh Mayday junor

Taking a little nap May J take a little nap I got to build a cam pen later on for Mayday junr oh but also we need to do a a sniffer Sanctuary very soon oh my God I got to look down very soon I need to I have

That sniffer still on my inventory and I feel so bad and now that Eloise has a little sniffer in her little shop I can do the breed job we we can share custody of of of uh of sniffer babies and then I can have a bunch of sniffers that we can get all

The sniffer plants that this the whole me me and this the whole me and um me and MOG wrestled and we slapped each other around with in Owen a tiny little hole it was fantastic work it was great job I I got to look down okay now I can

Look up now I can look up magath with the seven months oh my God you’re going to get magath is going to get a stupid amount of salmon slaps right now actually I might be able to put it uh uh uh automatic mode hold on magy gets the

Automatic mode salmon slap because it is a magath magath Here Comes This is for you you’re going to get the automatic all right here it comes you’ll see um I did this to all the yesterday you get the automatic there you go perfect wait we have a raid we have a

Raid coming right at at this exact moment in time who Raiden I didn’t see it perfect timing welcome Raiders who raided The Raid didn’t come through oh didn’t show well welcome thank you for coming we do this is from magath let me eat a little something I’m a

Little hungry and eat a little fish while I look at fish slapping welcome perfect magy gets a special a special one but listen we’re going to be building a a lovely food truck in a little bit and this is the spot right over here this right here is going to be

Great we’re going to build this soon but we’re going to do some bartending first we’re going to do some bartending first now hold on the Winchester now I’m usually it’s at the top of the bar in the middle but there not a lot of space

Here so I’m going to put it on top of the door right here this is the Winchester boom perfect this is this is it this is how you know and if the end of the world does come at least we’ll be here with our friends and I can take

This Winchester and kill a bunch of bad guys if they’re trying to break in uh this is not foreshadowing a lot of people thought that I was foreshadowing something uh when I did uh that comment okay it’s not a foreshadow it’s just it’s just a reference to Sha of the dead

It’s just a reference to Sha of the Dead a great movie one of my favorite uh movies of time and and it’s not a foreshadow of things coming you know it’s not that at the end of the there’s going to be an end of the world that

We’re going to be huddled around here uh hiding uh waiting for everything to blow over no it’s just it’s just it’s just a comment based on a film which I really do love I really do love good film good film okay um let’s do potion now so give

Me right now what is my top five potions that we need what is my top five I’m for sure Fire Res is number one because people are going to be going into The Nether and they’re going to need protection in the nether right that’s number one so we do we do that first

Let’s do that first all of these to start out will be fire R all of these all of these but besides that what a slow falling oh my God that’s a good one but the thing with slow falling uh I can I can’t sleep I I have I we’re going to

Have to not sleep okay from now on remind me do not sleep throughout this whole stream so I can get Phantoms I get Phantoms I get slow falling night vision okay write this down okay somebody write this down sylv’s in charge Sylvie write this down so we’re doing Fire Res night

Vision slow falling that’s one 2 three Night Vision Night Vision yeah right Fire Res night vision slow falling regen should no no forget regen how about this weakness a lot of people are going to be curing villagers right so weakness potions that’s number four and and water breathing water breathing

For sure okay that’s top five that’s top five we got it top five top five right that’s it top five I completely forgot everything I just said already so we’re doing Fire Res we’re doing night vision we’re doing weakness we’re doing slow falling and we’re doing water breathing

Okay that’ll be a top five top five okay remember those and if I forget you remind me we’re doing that is top five that’s beautiful now another question another question yeah weakness is so easy that’s so and I think the thing is I don’t have a spider farm so I

Really I only have this I only have these um so hopefully that’s enough for now if anything if if the if the if the demand gets crazy I’ll build a like a whole system for like a little Redstone Contraption I even have a a building my

To do but if if it’s needed for now we’ll do it manually and we just hanging out in bartending and we can do this while we while we streaming um I can do a whole Redstone machine yeah I can do a whole Redstone I already saw it I technically

Okay technically I build something already in the event we do need it so there is a build in my little flat world um with everything I need already only if we need it only if we need it uh okay and then we got to make it 8 minut 8

Minutos 8 minutos so we’re going bum B it’s a pretty build too you should see it’s pretty pretty if the time comes I think the next build that I really want to build I really want to do a sniffer sanctuary as my next build we should do a project board okay another

Thing to remind me of another another thing to remind me of before we finish we’re going to make a little project board together and we’re going to get all the ideas of all the stuff that I should build okay I technically I already have one two three four I got

Four builds in you know waiting they’re they’re in my back pocket they’re hiding in the back ready to go but you know we we can add to that uh okay I think these are all done beautiful Fire Res is done Fire Res is done okay we’ll we’ll do we could do

More Maybe Hey listen who did that jump stop it that scares me every single time thank you for the donation Vic Vic my God every single time I’m not used to that thing coming out it sounds like flip back when he was a a goblin not in this world um oh

Jesus I oh stop okay let let’s put these down we did this set we did this set oh let’s let’s take all these other ones okay now we got a good amount of fire R Let’s do let’s do another one okay what’s the next one I forgot

Already um how do oh let’s do water breathing cuz I have a bunch of poofy fish I got the poofy fish let’s do poies we do poies they’re easy and quick and they’re right here we’ll do and then we’ll do uh weakness after thank you for being here while I’m while I’m

Bartending this is a great time I’m doing like like bartending preparations here this is really cool so we got all these oh I need this back where’d it go where’s my warts thank you warts are going in oh my God what is that that scared me

Again who did it who did it sirich thank you so much that’s 200 whole Bitties okay you know what donations and Bitties get salmon slapping that it’s it’s um it’s our calling card now um you know how an assassin drops like a Wither rose on the floor after he kills somebody

Arth thing um is is slapping salmon after somebody sub uh either subscribes or or donates so this is for the original jump scare there you go oh my God I’m slapping with my warts and then this is for cc and crafty for rating don’t you hate listen shut your

Mouth perfect thank you enjoy enjoy those slaps what a beautiful sound hello beautiful man hope you’re having a beautiful day oh I’m having a amazing day thank you so much Dow I said that right thank you thank you so much uh but we we’re doing we’re doing lovely stuff today we’re awkward potioning it and now we’re going to drop a bunch of poofy fish in here and then we’re going to get a bunch of uh lovely

Uh water breathing potions ready to go and then we can sell it okay now another question another question we need to know this cuz is this a server of course it is there’s a bunch of beautiful content creators in the server there’s about 14 including me and they’re all

Beautiful and lovely uh wait what was my question oh how much should I charge oh my God what is that how much should I Char oh my God it’s a th000 Bitties mag how much should I charge for potion how much should I charge for potion that’s going to be an unlimited

One that you got the 5K bit badge what is that I don’t even know what that means oh my God you’re going to oh this is you I’m just going to put on autopilot hold on we’re putting it on autopilot again magy asked for it how much should I charge two diamonds

Wait two potions a diamond maybe one Diamond three potion not two five Diamond Jesus that’s expensive I’m going to have to do a th000 salmon STS let’s get it closer to us let’s get our observers yeah we have to go all out now for meiy so you’re thinking how about

One diamond for three is that too much one diamond for three one diamond for three cuz they you know they don’t have to do anything you know they’re going to be there you know they don’t have to make it I make it for them they don’t have to put any any work

Into it they just come and pick it up one diamond for three there you go thank you magy now you get the salmon slapping in the background I pause music One diamond for two and two diamonds for four oh my God that sounds like a good that’s decent how about

This one diamond for three right one diamond oh that’s the back of my head one diamond for three right and and they get a complimentary um um drink from me that it’s it’s I’m going I’m going to sell them I’m going to sell my I’m going to

Sell my own concoction drink you know I I’ll make it I’ll put I’ll make it very nice you know my own drink like I would go like hold on I’ll show you what that’s beautiful sound such beautifulness where’s my drink I will make like a special drink for them a special where’s

Hold on I’ll make a special this one I’ll make like a special drink that I will make specifically you know like this watch this like I would just I would just lay here for a little bit and then sell this I’ve never done this before in any

Situation and I think this is going to be a best seller they’ll get this for free they’ll get this for free after I’m done no they come in they give that one Diamond they get their three Fire Resistance potion and I’ll give them a spe just a little bit of this I’ve never

Done this on another server before not what after Afterlife no I never done that I never done I don’t remember I don’t remember doing this this is going to be my first time doing that so I give them my special oh no don’t e not my own I give them my special

Water my special water I’m going to call it the we can need a good name though it can’t be it can’t be any other names you think oh my God okay that’s good that’s a thousand I’ve never done hot dog water a bottle water I’ll call it that

I’ll call it that I’ll call it that I’ll call it that a a water I’ll call it that for you know it’s perfect because I am actually the the British people have adopted me so I am actually part British now so I’m going call it a um and then

I’ll sell I’ll give it for free for free when they come in and buy my stuff so that’s it a b water uh and it’s perfect I’m going to do that so there you go this is the first test one oh I don’t know if it’s this one or this one I’mma

Put both of them I’m G put both of them uh so we we’ll take care of that back to music yeah okay that’s not lore that’s just British People British people is not lore they just exist okay British people are not lore I believe they’re real you know I have some of them that are on this server are they even online right now we have technically you know technically the whole server is British but but but

Like two people okay or three technically or four five maybe five five it’s you know it’s technically it’s over it’s more than not okay so Bry people are not low oh Cosmic thank you for subscribing you get a samon slap one more another one two

More there you go thank you so hold on I saw I saw something else you get one more that is awesome salmon SLS for everybody I SOS SAU is canonically BR I’m well I’m adopted British I wasn’t born in the branas I have been adopted by British people okay

I heard a thing MAV Mavis Mavis night night Winnie night wine sorry I said Winnie oh my God night wi Mavis night wi that sounds like a like you sound like a like a wizard that’s a beautiful name it’s like Sam gam G but that was he

Wasn’t a wizard either way sounds cool here you go and bubbl gets a Boop she got booped right there there you go thank you so much thank you for the subcription we’re making post we’re bartending and then we’re building stuff later and that’s it we have the water

Breathing done done and ready to go done and ready to go bum BM bum oh we’re doing so good with the best bartender there is I’m going put this in here right now oh my God we’re doing so good oh I got to move these Waters somewhere

Else I got to move these Waters hold on I got to move these are special Waters I’m going to hide them in the basement because they’re very One of a Kind I’m going to hide these in the in the basement perfect you’re going to as a road what’s

A road man what’s a roadman is that like that from the movie snatched it’s it that the the one with um with the Brad Pit Brad Pit is one of those cuz if you’re going to draw me as Brad Pit draw me as Brad Pit you that sounds good

Weakness now yep let’s do it so weakness does not take um oh my God my inventory is really bad uh weakness only takes these and then a redstone to make it strong you don’t even need the Redstone technically so it’s just this by itself isn’t it uh let’s put the uh The

Observers of beautifulness away but I’ll leave them here here in case we do need to do a automatic salmon uh slapper gunpowder and gunpowder yep because you got to throw them you can’t drink them that would be ridiculous imagine if you drink that that’s gross oh my God it’s my favorite

Song okay let’s um let’s get some water let’s get some water sorry I’m half British everyone knows now um okay let’s go this one I’m not going to go inside oh um we should just leave these down here by the way cuz it’ll just be easier oh I don’t want this Bone what wait uh what is the the new wolf variant that bubbles oh she’s the the the most common one the the forest one the forest one is her I put it on Twitter the forest one 100% 100% uh her if you look at it she has the same like

Brown coat on the top and the lighter bottom in the belly it’s the closest one it’s the closest one Forest bubble and it’s so funny that she’s the the the most common one she’s definitely the most common one I wish you could keep them as a puppy if you could keep them

As a puppy it would be exactly bubbles you know if if there is any way Mojang please so we can have different size wolves Tech dogs wolves they call them wolves for everything um if we can have different Siz doggies and keep them that size I would love a little baby bubbles

To be a baby the whole time that would be that would be actually perfect uh okay time for the fermented spider eyes in every every single one of these oh my God the music feels loud hold on there for met the spider eyes we’re making weakness potions so we can

Actually cure um a bad bad guys o and remind me another thing to to add to the reminder list there’s a a zombie villager in uh in somewhere my in my base where is it I think it’s in the it’s in The Hobbit Hole there’s a zombie

Villager in The Hobbit hole I need to cure remind me uh to do that whenever we go back home so scream at me if we go back home for anything we do that all right remind yes we have a zombie v i I don’t know what to make them as I don’t

Know uh but we’ll figure that out either way I would I would love to get that advancement maybe we get a uh a fake coin from it I don’t know what the fake coin list is so let’s make all these Splash who would drink this like why

Would you not why would you drink this like personally like why would you swallow this you know it should be automatically Splash that’s weird oh we’re doing good we’re going to cure baby zombie no sleeping yes Sylvie helps me Sylvie is my assistant no sleeping

And we’re going to cure a a a a nasty little zombie baby it’s not a baby he’s a grown man and there’s no lore assigned to their name at All sorry I push the wrong button sorry I can’t stop it once it starts I can’t stop it once it starts sorry sorry sorry I I can’t stop it once it starts I press the wrong button I press the wrong button sorry that’s not lore thank thank

You e seven home month that’s seven month seven a couple more we have a I have a child uh if you see me drawing you as as miles it’s it’s because I rewatch spiderverse movie all yes I actually saw it I saw spiderverse again for the 15th time uh

On on Saturday uh I can’t stop I can’t stop it’s it’s it’s I’m addicted to that it was an accident it was an accident it was right next to the my streamlab thing it’s fine and now we have weakness and now oh my God I almost splashed it stop

Stop stop oh my God I almost splashed myself with it oh my God it’s my stop I almost splashed myself with them imagine if I Splash all three of them that is would I die would I not be alive anymore I’m going to put these in here for now

They will be where the stock takes place but whatever for now they go here um I think we do one we can’t do more weakness cuz I have no more of this okay that’s fine wolf PE thank you for subscribing you get a salmon slap right now come with

Me and E of course gets Salon slaps but this time you guys are getting it while I’m holding holding my cream and going invisible in and out I’ll building a castle your M oh miss Joe that sounds cool you better send me pictures send me pictures on Twitter I

Like to see what you’re doing and and then JY the be sorry I’m going to have to hold down the mous mouse button for this one thank you for subscribing with uh Prime you know what you could have used that Prime on anybody there’s millions of streamers

Out there in the world but you used it on me thank you so much you either love me very much or you really love the salmon slaps or one or both or none and you made a mistake but thank you so much I will be quiet now as you hear the

Sounds of the ASMR of the salmon this probably both you still mispronouncing my name I know I do it on purpose at this point J the be okay now we’re done perfect that that felt nice okay so we did what’s the next on our list I I can’t sleep so I need to

Do the other wait what does glistering melon do um oh wait I have an actual thing I have a potion uh list actually what is the next ones we’re doing we’re doing night vision what’s Night Vision Night Vision is golden carrot golden carrot and I have golden carrots I believe night

Vision time it’s night we can do night vision right now we have the technology for the night vision we just need this this and my warts I have my warts on me perfect um where’s my my bottle Waters um did I use them all I used all my

Bottle Waters oh hold on let me put stuff in you know what I don’t have any I don’t have any aesthetic barrels or anything what’s wrong with me and this is completely filled up hold on I’m going to use we’re make we’re building a food truck very soon but for right now

I’m going to put a extra Barrel I I can’t believe this is not me I need a aesthetic barrels everywhere they’re all like serve a purpose like what is wrong with me okay we’re putting let me put stuff away so I can carry more W uh uh

Sorry I have to say like that from now on because I am British now um I’m never sleeping so I’m putting that away uh I don’t need that I don’t need that and the rest is good okay oh I love my little Moss carpet all right

Perfect they there is oh yeah yeah yeah I know the other ones are in the basement I just my inventory is just so bad where is it oh oh no those are the special ones I had to pick the the last Barrel I had to okay let’s do we’re not going to dip

Ourselves in this one perfect okay I have to dip myself for a second but I’m not using the dipin right now okay perfect upwards we go we’re such good bartenders don’t show Pearl what no everything is perfectly fine right now if you show Pearl if you Sher everything’s fine that chest right there

Is for a build later everything else is completely organized I have been traumatized by the cleaning lady and there’s no way that she you know everything has been perfect so far Kelso that’s an e backwards thank you for subscribing with prime for two months in a row the salmon slaps have

Returned pear will be so proud of me you don’t even know I’ve been doing so well thank you so much woohoo okay back to bartending so we’re doing three here and then we’re throwing my warts inside three here we’re doing so good we’re making great time you know thank you for being here

While I do this because I would not want to do this uh by myself it’ll be so boring so you know you’re helping me out you know so I don’t go crazy uh doing potion uh okay that’s perfect and now we we put our carrot inside every time a

Bartender did a bath water routin imagine you know if the if that bartender know you know it’s if they’re a special one you know maybe people might want that water you never know they might charge for even extra bits uh there’s potions of weakness no this part don’t worry about

This part don’t worry about this part don’t worry about that part you know that was in the middle of of organization that was in the middle of organ you can’t judge that part you can’t judge that part um okay they’re all good and now carrot time you can’t

Judge that that is I’m in the middle of a the process of organ of organization you can’t judge that one that wasn’t like I didn’t leave that that was actually uh just a redstone by itself box okay and which which you need Redstone to make the potion strong okay

So don’t even I don’t know you’re talking about lemon take this nap right now put me in the background though so uh the salmon slaps can help you relax um and then we’re almost done and then last but not least you know I love that they’re

Colored like this now I don’t think if you Splash it on the floor they show the color but I think at the next update I saw in the snapshot if you throw these on the ground there they would actually be this color on the floor so it’s very

Very cute imagine like a green tint uh a particle on the ground when you you slap it around oh Eloise is coming um what was I doing now night vision we’re doing this now we’re putting these we’re putting these in now we’re making them very strong very

Strong Eloise could be right there in her sh she left Eloise could have been what the hell is this what the hell was that no what happened here how how is that scientifically how wait how wait how did I take it out I never took it out

How how is how is this a thing how is that witchcraft possible it is not lore it couldn’t be that is not possible what did I take it out and put it somewhere here that just messed up my whole thing how did that happen maybe he’s outside REM me no sleeping huh

How sorry I had to hit it one time wait how did there’s no way that’s possible okay it’s not lore um that is so man I’m going to have one less one to sell I wasted it ingredient it’s okay it’s only a golden care whatever it’s fine it’s so

Weird that is not lore that cannot be that’s not I’m not some kind of Alchemist or anything that’s not like a subplot that I have in my in my character story art which does not exist by the way cuz there no lore in This Server um we just have to do an extra

One we’re just going to have to do an extra one that’s fine I’m going to have to do a whole set I’m going to have to keep two as a for myself because it’s not going to count anymore in this oh no oh no oh okay let’s do another set of

Night visions let’s do another set and I’m only going to put two in this no let’s just go three whatever we have two extra I’m a really good bartender I’m very organized in my bar here I’m very organized all right let’s go put more warts we’re doing great oh

You know what I can fill these cauldrons up here for aesthetically uh uh looking um things hold on okay these are all perfect I’m going to put these and these in there remind me not to sleep I need do I have any water on me oh look how pretty this night time

Is can you get some Sav yes yes I have you give me a moment you’re going to get the most relaxed ing salmon slaps that will get you to sleep peacefully in your bed here it comes are you laying down make sure okay make sure you’re laying

Down okay make sure you’re laying down you have the covers all the way up you have them all the you’re covering your whole head with the with the covers you you’re sitting you’re sideways uh like a little baby you know you put your your your your your knees are up your knees

Are up your head tilted sideways you’re like a little baby you’re holding you you’re like hugging um a pillow okay and you have the phone uh on you next to you looking at this okay here you you ready okay you’re covered okay ready go this say lowf low slaping

Sh I’m actually doing a beat it’s like a Beat why is it a weird heartbeat you never know maybe the Salmon’s alive still now imagine a base drop right here like perfect okay there you go you’re welcome now go to bed we’re doing great we’re making great progress here in our

In our Tavern um I already have all these now it’s time for more night visions wait does doesn’t night vision make something else like if I do something to night vision what’s its night vision and I put something else on it it turns into something else doesn’t

It hold on let me look at my let me look at my at my cheat sheet there’s something that turns is it invisibility we can do invisibility to troll people I could turn my night vision into invisibility right if I put fored spider eye to the night vision it turns into

Invisibility that’ll be a nice one oh uh keer zag lady I said that correctly thank you for subscribing uh with with a beautiful Prime that is the best time you’re going to get a salmon slap just one that’s it no I’m playing you get a couple perfect thank you so much for

Subscribing oh man we got so many beautiful new subscribers today thank you so much I appreciate you uh and then hold on and now we make these into very powerful eight minute long ones you know I need to go to an ocean Monument I really would like some uh some prism

Runs and I would love to get U the that tied armor trim I’m collecting armor trims I think eventually we’re going to uh make an Armory to to display all of our armor TRS we have so many right now we have so many you almost had that perfect oh my

God I almost said it perfect I tried not to say I’m invisible again this is not lore look this is not lore I for for whatever reason from time to time I turn invisible no big deal I don’t even need to wear to wear I don’t even need

To slap slap myself with invisibility potion ah I’m back I’m back I just turned invisible like on command this is great there’s no lore that’s not lore it’s just a a glitch that’s boy I said that right thank you for subscribing you get some Sam saing too tier one look at

That you get a good one see no low required I just turned invisible on command all right we have these I’m going to make some of these I’m going to make these and the extra two that I have into invisibility I’m going to keep two

Of them so I can troll people and I’m going to sell the rest so we have a good amount of these guys night vision um get those out and then I’m going to make what do we need fermented spider oh I don’t know if I have enough I have a

Couple how do I make ferment is it is this and this right I think uhoh I don’t have a crafting bench how dare me do this to myself I don’t have a crafting bench hold on I actually do even have wood on me I don’t

Even have an axe on me hold on oh there’s bad men everywhere let’s get a wood let’s get one Eloise I know that’s you can’t believe Eloise did that I would never leave a floating tree there’s bad guy oh I need eye I need your eyes I need your

Eyes did they get their eyes I might might have gotten their eyes I’m going to steal this tree sugar ni perfect there’s a lot of spoilers there uh I’m trying not to look I’m trying not to look hold on and I hate it when people leave these I don’t

Have my hoe on me I would just trim that bush a little bit I would trim that bush a little bit but I’m not uh I’m trying not to spoil that much there is a couple things oh there’s a creeper did they see me no there’s a creeper there

You get one um I need to make oh I don’t have the crafting bit I’m going to make it right now I’m going to make them right now I’m going to make all of them I’m going to make four where I’m going to hide them as well right there there

And there perfect boop boop boop that’s going to look really awful from the bottom here but whatever it doesn’t matter it’s a basement nobody’s going to come down here anyway uh and then this one I’m going to keep I’m going to keep this one oh perfect uh fermented that is actually

Enough of what we’re doing right now that’s enough so we’re doing this and that should be invisibility this one and um this is just for me my own personal stash cuz I made only two instead of three so it’s not going to I’m not going to be selling that that’s fine oh that’s

Perfect I I have seen things but yeah you’ve seen nothing you’ve seen absolutely nothing I wait do I have any more I have no more eyes I think MOG has a spider farm so I might be buying some eyes from him and we can do it in between our mud

Wrestling matches that we’ve been doing lately um okay take that out so we have invisibility now I’m going to keep two of these uh on me these are mine and we’ll sell those let’s go ahead and put this in my oh it’s daytime now Scott is

AFK I think Scott is doing some farming um so we put these in this little thing and that’s mine and then we’ll put these these away these are not useful is was the creeper still here okay no they’re gone all right perfect we’re doing so good Vanessa AKA Harley

Quinn thank you for the Bitties you get 100 salmon slaps for the 100 Bitties thank you so much I appreciate you this makes me feel good okay that sounds like 100 thank you so much I totally I I think it’s totally was 100 okay we’re doing so well right now let’s

Put stuff away here for just first second I need to grab a couple more little things let’s put all this here except for my fish uh let’s put div over there we need more water we need more water a little more water sorry or apologize apologize so always the last

One yes let’s go oh my God I remember this song from another series not connected to this one one that was only 99 oh come on I’m going back I’m going back I’m going I’ll go back oh I went in I went in the water water sorry I went in the

Water I’m so good at British oh God I think I there too many in there let’s just let’s just do it all let’s just do them all let’s just do them all let just do them all all of them and I’ll do my special orders later I’ll do my special ones later

Almost such a great system I wish I had that autoc crafter man if there’s something that the fates can probably give us not in lore just you know you know the fates whatever you know what I mean um can give us the autoc crafter that would be so nice that would be so

Nice we get the autoc crafter and all the all the other nice like tough blocks and that would be pretty cool uh we’ll see we’ll see maybe we pray maybe we have to do some kind of uh prayer ritual to ask the fates you know besides the Fate coins give us the uh

The data pack for the the AutoCraft so we could do some kind of you know magic things fat is Mojang yes maybe I don’t know I don’t know about lore the lore of this there is none there actually is none what are we doing now okay what was

Okay we did we have so far assistance assemble we have fire resistance we have water breathing we have weakness we have night vision and now we have a little bit of invisibility which wasn’t on the list what are we missing slow farting slow slow so farting I said there’s no we’re not

Going to be farting slowly here if we’re going to go we’re just going to let it all out so falling is not going to happen yet because we need to wait till Phantoms come out we need to wait till Phantoms come out so we’ll save that one

For later we’ll save that we can’t do that one now and what was the other one slow falling and what was the other one we the only one we’re missing is slow falling right cuz everything else is done now we don’t need I don’t think we need regen who nobody really uses regen

Really do they do people use regen um let me look at my list again let me look at like the possibilities of what we could do right now while we’re here cuz I think we’re doing pretty good for now we can start selling our products already um we even had added the invisib

PO potions of poison no I’m not going to do that that would just hurt people strength what is strength maybe we could do strength actually right cuz that’s super cheap strength is super cheap it’s just um it’s just blaze powder and then we can use the strength potion whenever

We fight the dragon right we can use strength we can use strength potion for the dragon okay and then for wither killing too oh let’s do strength we got strength we we we do strength we do a couple of those okay so we need my warts

Back warts come to me we’ll do some extra ones that we don’t even need I require only salmon slaps no lore you will get them DJ diabetic Dawson take this at a different angle this time no don’t drink that sorry this is actually a pretty good angle

No hold on that’s a better angle that’s a good angle I did water breathing yeah yeah we got a bunch of water bre I’ll do some strength just as an extra bit cuz we have the technology and the ability to right now we can’t do the slow falling

Because we don’t we never we always sleep every night perfect thank you for the Bitties you get a good amount of slaps right there no l just slaps and then let’s put it boom boom and maybe you know if the demand is crazy I’ll automate all this but for

Right now this is just fun we can just hang out and do some bar from time to time right so we got that we got the blaze we’ll put that right after and then we got the red stone we got the red stone and we’ll do that too perfect

We’re making such great progress today and you know what the food truck is coming we’re going to do the food truck right after this right after this I’m going to use um a a little light matica schematic for it it is a beautiful one it is a beautiful one it’s very simple

But once it’s built it’s actually my favorite um I don’t make a bunch of like vehicles or nothing but it’s my favorite one that I’ve ever done it is very nice it’s a vehicle it’s an actual food truck right so we’re not in this medieval realm that you know you might think we

Are because of my area no this is it this is Minecraft server with friends no Lord but there’s the the the way I have it is you know it there’s technology from all sorts of places you know you know there’s no lore but it is an actual

Car it’s a van it’s a food truck van okay it’s a real van yes getting top tier food yeah top tier saua food truck yep it’s going to be the best sauce food truck you’ve ever seen the best ever oh wait Doom Walker thank you for gifting a

Sub that is so nice of you thank you I appreciate I appreciate thank you so much you are lovely that is you literally your first time chatting and you give sub and run you get sub and run and uh you give the sub to no lore that is a great name and very

Appropriate for this place we are currently in yes perfect perfect gift subbage name yes you almost SLA the salmon hold on I need to eat first I’m very hungry this sapping salmon just take a lot out of me thank you so much welcome to the Winchester this is we should have an

Actual um like a doorbell to get into the Winchester that’s just like like a thousand salmon slaps like in one second so it’s like like it sounds like you know like like like end of the world you know well we I might set that up later I

Do have a lot of quartz to make a lot of observers so it is possible we can break the server with a with one big slap you know one huge slap as you come into the Winchester we’ll set that up that could be a thing that could be a thing that

Could be a project for later okay so now we have all of these done we’re doing so well we’re doing so well is there another easy cheap and quick one that we can do let’s look let’s look easy cheap and quick um I could do I could do regen but I no

One uses regen though I’m going do it just to do it maybe because we have the ability to because it’s just uh a gas tier but we can’t make that many we can only make two we can only make two I I’ll do it just to have it in stock I’ll

Do it just to have in stock speed wait shut your mouth what speed is it just is it just sugar hold on I’m never going to get the potion of Leaping by the way because I have to murder my bunny friends it’s just sugar speed it is speed it is speed is

Just sugar it is so easy so we’re doing you we’ll do some speed oh my God we’re doing all of them we’ll do some speed potion speed potion’s fun no one’s going to really use it maybe they’ll do it for fun maybe somebody wants to race can you

Give speed potion to a horse do you guys know Vanessa Vanessa Harley Quinn Vanessa Harley Quinn that’s my f you know Harley Quinn my favorite one of my favorite characters of all time you get extra salmon slaps extra if you can pick your favorite character uh favorite character in your

Past who would you pick my favorite character oh man it has to be Sanctuary Sanctuary sausage it has to be cuz technically Sanctuary sausage is a combination of uh of myth and SAU because you know it’s a future Reincarnation of the man we gain memories so technically if I say that

One specific one it’s actually a combination of all of them even a combination of of uh of supreme himself you know so technically if I say uh Sanctuary sauce it’s all of those so technically that would be the best one that would be the best one thank you so much oh a Juke

Boox spb you know what you are smart remind me remind me when we’re finished here when we’re home okay now everybody bring bring your pencils and pens out when we go home we’re going to do two things we’re going to cure a zombie villager and we’re going to get a juke

Box okay those are the two things we need let’s do some speed the potion speed the potion speed don’t head in hand that one don’t take that out of context somebody just took it out of you know what somebody just took that out of context what it’s too late for me it’s

Too late for me if I had an a context uh video it would be an act it would be a 5H hour movie so it’s fine add that to the list it’s fine we’re doing speed together everybody we’re doing speed together fine whatever take it take it take it

And run with it it’s your fine can’t believe this can’t believe this one gentle salmon slap for Dan that’s it don’t do drugs yes no drugs please I do not condone drug juice it’s okay I have the VOD up I have the VOD up and and and you can hear the

Context of potion making you I have the the context is there I have the full VOD I’m going to put it on mythical sausage uh uh the the the VOD Channel which which if you don’t know I do have a VOD Channel it is there it gets wiped away

From twitch so go to mythical saucer without theth without theth is the other one and a lot of people ask me SAA why did you have the the’ on your main Channel and you have a mythical sausage without the ‘ wouldn’t it be wouldn’t it make sense if your main channel was

Without theth was just mythical sausage by itself and to that I say yes you are correct but what happened was that I actually lost my password to that channel for a lot very long time and and and I and I didn’t have access to the email account for that one for a very

Long time so I had to make another one I had to make the the uh and then that and I just went from there and then when I finally got it was too late I had over 100,000 Subs on that one uh and I had a plaque and everything so there’s no

Point in going back so there you go there’s some other there’s some lore for you there’s some lore for you um so that’s why um what was I doing now we’re doing a couple of these guys we’re doing a couple of these a couple of the this whatever that makes

That’s some actual real lore in in don’t tell like like lore from like real life real life lore real life not ingame context don’t take that out of context too don’t take that out of context too don’t take that out don’t take that one out with you uh and then

Okay gas tier we’re doing a gas tier here I don’t have that many gas tier ones because I I haven’t killed that many and I was robbed by the fates the fates robbed me by the way I do have not the statistics I do have the advant M

For the this for the where it go I do have where where is it I do have the where where are you I’m not going to sing the song I have the one I lost it the one for G slapping the gas the gas ball back into his face I

Have that one but it didn’t it didn’t count it it didn’t count it there it is I have it but it didn’t give me a fake coin it cheated me it cheated me the face cheated me I lost the ability for that one only 45 seconds that is highway

Robbery okay and we have a couple of these and we should be good I think after this I think we’re fine I think right we return to Center yeah I have it I have it I did it but it never showed I did it that day everyone was doing it

And I was being laughed at ridicule for not hitting that that the the Sam the Sam I just hit the Sam the the the the gas ball back into the gas face but it didn’t work it didn’t work I think for whatever reason it just didn’t show up

In the in the timeline I mean the time no no I that I don’t mean the timeline that it’s not no there no Multiverse I mean like in the the timeline of footage that I have recorded it’s no there’s no Multiverse sorry about this um there’s no timeline

Um okay we’re almost done I think with our our our journey here through bartending class um I’m keeping am I keeping those no no I’m putting these away hold on what am I doing I put these here and then I will label them and I will put a sign

Um is there another one we could do that ghost hi welcome welcome to the streum wait is there another one we can do let’s check let me check my list again we could do healing we could do a couple healings I have a little bit of

This guy we could do some healings let’s do some healings we can have a little bit of everything a little bit of everything we’re going to do it a little bit more a little bit more because we can’t do slow falling that’s a very important one especially once we go get

That dragon fight everyone’s going to want to have that slow falling so if you get yeated into the sky you don’t perish and then you know you have to give up fake coins in the dragon fight I have a feeling I’m I’m I don’t know it’s just a

Weird feeling in my stomach in my little guts that during that dragon fight there will be at least two deaths I’m calling it right now and we’re doing that dragon fight very soon I can’t tell you when but we’re doing that dragon fight very very soon and I

Think someone will perish someone will fall into the void someone will get yeed and fall and die from Fall damage there will be death in this dragon fight so I’m going to do my best to help people there if if the thing is this is the

Messed up part I have a feeling there will be fights we’ll have inter inter office fighting right here uh because whoever lands the killing blow on the Dragon Gets one fate coin just one so there’s going to be a a fight uh to try to get the last kill

Okay and I have a feeling there might be maybe someone gets a little a little angsty a little mad and want one to gets the last killing blow and they might kill someone else you never know in these these times you know but whoever gets the kill in the dragon they get a

Fake coin so that’s going to be ve it’s going to be very fun to watch it’s going to be very fun to watch I’m going to replay mod that up and I’m going to make it look very cinematic in non in a non

Non lry way in a nonl way I did did I do this already oh yes so we we we we’ll see that happen uh I bet you someone’s gonna get killed so this I’m calling three deaths now I’m calling death from being yeed into the Sky by the dragon

And they fall and they die from that someone’s going to accidentally fall into the void that’s two and then someone’s going to kill someone else to try to get the fake coin of the person who actually killed the dragon so I’m calling three deaths minimum can you

Respawn yes that’s the thing you could respawn the dragon over and over and over again and every time you respawn the dragon and you kill the dragon you get a coin but it only it can only happen one time per person so technically we can get up up to 14 coins

If we kill 14 dragons so that could be a thing later on down the line we just have to respawn the dragon and kill him but but the thing is the killing blow has to be a person who has not gotten that advancement so it’s possible it is

Possible to get a bunch of coins but this there going to be I’m calling three deaths minimum minimum I don’t have anything for that one uh oh he perfect and then we do pop oh wait we can’t do you can’t do restone dust on instant Health wait hold

On oh no you can’t it’s glow Stone it’s glowstone hold on I have glowstone I am smart I have the whole Wikipedia up don’t worry about it I have the whole Wikipedia up it’s glowstone and this is it’ll be instant Health two oh these are going to sell great I

Have a feeling I have a feel okay I’m going to have to take all of these okay once we’re done now I’m going to put I’m going to take all these away I’m going to put these in the basement I’m going to put these in the basement so then

Only thing up here is the stuff we’re selling and then we’ll make you know I think the biggest seller is going to be the the Fire Res so I’m going to have a whole thing right here of just Fire Res but let’s so that means we shouldn’t put

Stuff at the bottom whatever let’s just go the bottom we’ll take it we’ll take it let’s put um let’s put everything here for now just so I can move stuff around we’ll move the stuff downstairs oh you know what I I want some scaffold I want to use scaffold as our little uh

A little thing that we have here hold on let’s put all this here all this here uh oh let’s go home let’s go home and get some extra supplies and then we’ll do the two things that you guys are going to remind me once we get there because I

Forgot already um okay we’re good you can’t prepar I’m always prepared I’m so organized all the time wait if someone dies in the void oh it’s funny if someone dies in the void then their gravestone gets placed in the nearest piece of land above ground in one of the floating

Islands so it just it just spawns in it’ll just spawn in because imagine if you have to go all the way to the bottom of the earth you have to get like a water bucket and go down hey no way way uh-uh that I would I would never I

Wouldn’t save that person ever they would just die uh no it should it should spawn it should spawn on the top which is cool which is safe it’s actually a safe way um which is good imagine if I had to water Buck it all the way down there so where’s my

Fire Fire Res which one was these are the fire ones I’m going to put the fires all in its own thing we’ll organize this after hold on it’s no let’s organize it now because I will forget and pearl will be upset with me uh okay these are my Waters

These will be the fire section and then we’ll have like a miscellaneous like Bunch bunched up um okay these are strength speed invisibility and I did want to keep two of the invisibilities right I think I have that somewhere else oh and I think I need a weakness I might keep some

Weaknesses for me I might keep weaknesses for me uh and then I think we’re good okay okay okay okay come come come okay let me take some of these downstairs we’re going to have some aesthetic ones like these two are aesthetic ones and then down there I’ll

Have um the uh we’ll make a bunch more all right but let’s go home oh it’s night time I it’s going to be dangerous okay hold on it’ll be dangerous nobody sub nobody sub or give Bitties I’m going to I’m going to be away from my salmon

Nobody suff get busy I’m going to be away from my salmon I’m going to have to run back okay nobody do nothing now oh spoiler warning sorry spoilers let’s take this let’s be or organized let’s have everything in its proper spot this is my hot bar uh setup this is the best hot

Bar setup in in Minecraft so in case in case you’re aware it’s like this you always leave an empty one there you can water bucket clutch get out you you must die this is the best setup in Minecraft I can do this I could do this to-do L cure and

And jukebox yes oh we’re going to to the to the monolith we got to make this pretty this thing is disgusting we might next stream uh let’s do this we’ll do a project board remind me now another another thing you got to put in in your

Thing uh remind me in the project board eventually once we get to that the last thing we do is that um make a pretty uh Nether Nether entrance for for our for our spot right just for our spot not for spawn or anything we might do that as a

Group but just for mind this man this man okay time to do things step number one oh no don’t B now oh no Torell how dare you I I will I will I will smack the salmon when we get home I will sa smack the salmon when we get

Home remind me to smack the salmon when we get home I need a juk box oh and by the way look at all these I made copies of every single one of the 10 plates so I’ve been spending diamonds and I still have all of these diamonds left I still

Have all those diamonds after after duplicating every single one every single one got duplicate just to be on the safe side how do you make jukebox again how do you make jukebox again how do you make it again I’m going to have to watch the beginning oh yes we have so many things

That happen you missed so much I make jukebox okay so we have jukebox let me take some songs I have have some here in in my in my bedroom where I play my songs before I go to bed and do a nice little song listening party but I can’t

Take all of them I’m going to take one of each of these I don’t want to take the good ones they’re too good these are way too good but I might play this one I might play that one not for a lower reason just for fun I might play that

One later I did end up making the one that I found the the fragments from and I need a golden apple very good very good very nice we have weakness and and we have apple right here Perfect all right we’re curing a friend and you know what I might make

This villager into a librarian cuz I don’t have my own Librarians I might make them into a librarian and then let me protect them by putting for now um we’ll cover them in Spruce the best block in the game just to protect them because they will turn into a good person

Eventually what did I get sered for what happened what happened you have to work oh Vanessa thank you so much for coming thank you for subbing thank you for Bitties thank you for having the coolest name in the history of names hog s you’re amazing oh thank you so

Much you get a slap salmon slap yes remind me when I get back to my place we’re doing salmon slaps how dare you Dr Fate okay we’ll cover you up real fast I’m going to cover him up stop it I won’t kill you if you keep it up it’s

Just a regular name it doesn’t mean anything um hold on H are you serious right now I cover you up do I have I I have torch yes you’re going to get torched up here we go oh my God another salmon sa thank you Kirby squishy what a beautiful name I’m

Going to I’ll sap salmon once we get home I just need to do this first here it comes ready I don’t want to get hit with this 1 2 3 and perfect perfect I will lock you in now you are safe in there for now we

Return shortly you will be fine in this you’re covered in Spruce there’s nothing bad that can happen being covered in Spruce um okay come with me I I also sprayed myself with with the nasty weakness juice all right we’ll let that happen and we’re going to

Come back once the curing has been done look at this building I love this building so much I want to add a little bit of uh Bush going down here to you know to be a little you know this side is so plain this building is pretty I

Love this building so much hold on I must adjust there that’s more aesthetic wait could have sworn I Heard a Voice H could have sworn I Heard a Voice like somebody going like hello or something like that like a like a scary like a scary sound it

Wasn’t Scott though it wasn’t Scott it sounded like it’s I had I Heard a Voice I don’t know there’s no demons on the server it’s a very normal server hold on what am I bringing wait am I bringing anything else um scaffold that was an extra one I didn’t ask you guys to

Remind me but I did there I really would like some scaffolding to put um uh the the Brewing stands on top of in the basement it’s a perfect basement uh table we’re going to do that I’m not paranoid I got the Juke Box I got it it’s right there I just need some

Scaffolding a couple scaffolding and then you know what we’re going to do uh we’re going to build our food truck together we’re going to build our food truck together um let me just take all 11 why not I have no more string I’m going to ask MOG for string he has he’s

Going to give me some string later on and and we’re going to do some fishing we might be able to do a little bit of fishing in our beautiful little Pond here later so many beautiful plants oh my God I have to slap this hmon so much

When we get home so many beautiful subs thank you so much that is seven months Aether that is seven months can you believe it time has flown by hey sa sorry for joining late oh it’s okay you had a short nap oh no it’s okay hopefully you had a beautiful nap no you

Know what now you’re well rested now you’re well rested and you can you can hang out here while we oh sorry spoilers while we do some fun stuff and we’re doing building a food truck in a little bit thank you was also my birthday two days ago happy late birthday I’m so

Sorry I missed it I hope you had the best birthday in the history of birthdays you have everything you wanted you had cake you had nice food you had good fun hopefully it was a great time happy happy Birthday everyone happy birthday in the chat right now this

Instant take my shield away but we did have 17 Subs while we were away so we must slap Salmons now so please get ready stand up from your chair stretch out and we’re slapping that’s for the first sub that’s for the second sub and that’s for the third

One and I’m slapping it with a card technically the worst fish the salmon is so much better the C is like one of the worst fishes known to all mankind everyone knows this and there we go perfect thank you all so much for all the subs you guys

Are lovely you guys are spoiling me today I’m getting a spoiler job today you wanted more do you thank you so much Doom walk wait what do you think of the mace the wind charge and the Wolf variant okay for number one the wolf variance I’ve been

Waiting all my life in Minecraft for that so that is the the best thing that can happen there could be nothing else in that update and the Wolf variant is the only thing if that’s the only thing I’m happy I’m happy that’s perfect I

Love it it’s the best day of my life I’m going to collect all the doggies but I’m going to collect the best dog with my girl bubbles which is the forest dog that’s the best day the wind charge it’s okay I thought it was all right but in

Combination with the mace is the greatest thing ever made you know that game what’s that game Team Fortress classic you know the the soldier that does the Rocket jumps you can technically do a Rocket Jump and then jump down and Thor hammer smash so it’s a combination of Thor and and Rocket

Jump that you can rocket jump from Team Forge it’s the greatest thing I love it so much A lot of people think it’s op I don’t think it’s op it’s going to be one of the hardest things to get it’s like a 2% chance to get it you probably have to

Go to 15 trial Chambers to even smell uh the the ingredients to make a a mace so I’m cool with it so I’m fine it’s fine uh if I going to one shot a warden probably not because you know I play hardcore when I play in that situation

So I’m probably not going to be that dumb because if I miss the hit I’m dead so I’m not going to do it but in a server with friends with no lore you can definitely do something like that and you don’t have to worry about dying but

It sounds great it sounds great the Orion sound movement officers in Minecraft yes anything that has movement options is the best thing and you know what I love it because then you know what we could do we could do uh parkour we could do a bunch of parkour with a

Win charge do a bunch of Parkour I can throw some of my wind in alli’s face I can blow wind into alli’s ear you know me and Ollie hanging out by his new Pig his beautiful Pig with the big head and the small and the small waist we can

Hang it over there and I can blow in to Ollie’s ear I can go like that while my Disney princess music is Playing this is me and me and Ollie this is the song I’m playing with me and Ollie are hanging out by his Pig his baby hog and I have the wind charge on me and I do a little wind charge into oli’s face like this you feel that Ollie you feel that

The emotion And then we do a little butterfly kiss you know we just we just you know right in the corner of the hog gr we just do a little that’s it you know that’s a great time it’s not lore it’s actually real life yeah oh no not this song the song has lore implications

Next perfect okay Ollie I’ve been boning all day I’ve been boning all day are you feeling it I’m feeling it so much I’m feeling it in you know from from from the head to Tippy Toe from top to bottom you know from all kinds of places it

Feels great come with me to my basement as we watch my warts I’m going to be I’m going to be putting some uh Brewing stands here on this side and on this side just a great time Ollie we love your Pig so much we love your hog and

Your pig and your pig hog I need one more brewing stand I think I have a backup these are aesthetic Brewing stands by the way this just for a Ollie if you ever need any kind of potions I am your man you can chug any of these you know I can actually feed

Them to you I can actually there is a mechanic that I can actually um feed you the potion I can make I can help you sip it where’s my other uh thing I’m going to have to take one where’s my other one I had another one I had another

One if you’re like I say yes please come inside my book come inside my book so far I am almost done I’m almost I almost have my fake coin I have five I have five all I need is three more all three more I sign your book you sign my book

We sign our books together how about we do this you I I have my hand out and you you hold my hand and you help me sign my book and then I hold your hand and I help you sign your book we hold hands the sign books together I’ll get on oh

Perfect this going to be the best day I need another another one of these I thought I where did it go it’s probably in the basement it’s probably in the basement hold on it’s probably in the basement it is not in the base where’d it go I had a backup

One there’s no simmetry here now okay whatever we’re done bartending for now we homies hold hands yeah that’s what we do if you don’t hold hands for your homies there’s something wrong with you oh my god C caffeine lean thank you so much for gifting now I’m going to go ahead

And smack this I can’t sleep I need I need to wait for the um we need uh slow falling potion so I need to not sleep so we can get the um the Phantoms coming out oh thank you so much and some and some wait and Savannah Savannah you get

Salmon slaps too everybody who Subs gets the slappin thank you so much thank you for being here thank you for all you guys are spoiling me today getting so small today you know this is the best day it’s the best day best Monday ever thank you so much and we have our

Automatic slapper if we need it um okay now we need to have oh I know what we’re doing and oli’s coming so this is the perfect timing we did have a oh no we did have a vote earlier um and I asked the beautiful Chatters in chat if they would like a

Stage because we didn’t have a stage here so to as a thank you to everyone who voted you will now get a stage it’s going to be a good time it’s not going to be a big stage it’s going to be a little stage and we’re going to put it

Right up here right there this is perfect so the stage is coming and then oh my God we got stuff is happening Zoe Zoe Marie thank you so much you get salmon step too a year and a half a relationship just got T no last night no a year and a

Half oh that’s a long time listen they you know you’re better off without that person if they don’t want to be with you you know you might as well just you you’re going to actually do better on your own trust me you don’t want to be

With someone who doesn’t want to be with you so you’ll be fine and eventually you know what you’re going to find the right person you know so don’t even worry about it hang out and chat chill get a couple laughs in here get a couple salmon slaps and you’re going to be just

Fine you know with time everything’s gets better so don’t you even worry don’t you even worry everything’s going to be fine and now we stop slapping Salmons you’re going to be fine don’t you even worry and did something else happened that was for Zoe oh Zoe thank you so

Much and and oh and static static G oh no you get slap too Fire gets some too and you know what two more that’s you’re fine listen come with me inside we need to make the stage I’m not even done yet I’m not even done we need to do

A structural support as well we need to do a structural support I need to do in a different color as well because you don’t want it to blend in you don’t want the stage to blend in okay hold on let’s do structural support will be right here perfectly aligned to that uh

But we must do a little a little way up kind of like slabs we have this ladder in the way so we can’t really go that deep into it we can do something like this we can actually take this away and you know what we could put the uh the

Juke box right there and then we’ll structure your support it right there I’m going to get some dark oak maybe or some regular Oak let’s see if we can find a regular Oak I can’t sleep though we have to go into this dangerous part structural support is very important you

Don’t want to fall I need I need your eyeballs I need your eyeballs oh my God I hate this why is this all on the playlist this reminds me of Tumbl town I hate tumble town it’s the worst place to live um there’s no low here um I just got

Very sweaty when I was over there it’s too hot it’s too hot don’t you run at me like this creeper I thought I had my shield on me and I don’t even I did not ah I needed o anyways I’ll clean this up later it’s out to ah I’m fine get in the

Hole oh I need actually need gunpowder I need gunpowder um I’ll clean this up after headphone warning sorry headphone warning headphone warning when it’s night time everyone should know this I shouldn’t even say it oh the Orion SS oh no spoil there spoilers everywhere that way I

Can’t look um come with me we’re making a thing we’re making a structural support structural support time we’re doing this thank you for sleeping I cannot I can’t sleep I can’t sleep right now I’m waiting for Phantom uh let’s do this I need sticks and we’re doing structural supports in Oak

Perfect see this is just a precaution so the the this doesn’t cave down from the music that we’re going to be playing here at the bottom oh is that my sweet boy hello I’m coming in the back entrance oh come in the back yes come through the back end

Jumping up the walls oh yes come through the back I just made a a a stage for you to perform Let me just pop through this window here no don’t break a window I can’t don’t break a window cuz I I need some sort of strength potion to

Get through this window oh no don’t break that window don’t come on in come on in come on in all right La hi welcome to the welcome to the Winchester OH the Winchester is it I’ve coming for a pip you come for a point you you go I’d love

A p of Guinness you got I got a point of Guinness oh yes Guinness then I want to go oh yes I got you I got you this will help you out right now hold on let me give you something here take take take one of these take one of the Little Pine

Guinness it’s perfect because if it’s green it oh it’s green oh oh yeah Mak you want to go home and uh see my wife see your wife yeah see your wife my wife she’s very beautiful she yeah yeah she very beautiful a very beautiful wife I’ll have another Guinness now you would

Have another Guinness oh fine I’m just wasting my inventory now okay thank you that’ll be you know I’m going to go back to the plumbing business that I work oh you’re going to go pipe you’re going to go piping I’m going to go lay some pipe

Oh baby you know I’ve seen you lay the pipe you lay the pipe real world too oh thank thank you yeah oh yes would you like another Guinness one more to go one for the road one more Guinness for the road have any more I’ve got to drive you see

I think three goodnesses is probably maybe one more maybe one you you ain’t getting no more we’re cutting off we’re cutting off you one more gu hey you want to fight you want to fight you want to get out of here why you put that ax

Down sunny I don’t like I have the Winchester right the actual Rifle right here oh I like that I will shoot you down um oh wa where’s your book let me give it a yeah sign my thing sign my thing sorry the Salmon’s out here don’t

Worry about it which book is it there’s so many right here this one this one right here no bar fighting no barf fighting yeah you must pick it up with your bare hands too oh okay you can’t just you know write on the book while

It’s on the thing only okay now you must come to my nail oh very good let’s go now you must come see the new hog oh yeah I heard you perish after I left yesterday yeah I did you fell real bad I considered going asking you for help but

I’ve already taken too many of your coins I had one coin left it wouldn’t have helped anyways yeah no well I M gave me one L gave me another oh perfect oh look at that beautiful sign my book you haven’t wow that’s kind of messed up

Why wouldn’t they sign kind of messed up you think at least Catherine would sign after the things she said it did oh yeah you know what let me let me uh let me detach my my face let me look at it from a nice angle everybody look chat chat

Check this out look how pretty this is the body is very Peppa Pig it is a Peppa Pig variant you know it has I love the wings this is my favorite part yeah I quite like the wings I think I’m I’m still struggling I’m keep changing it

Cuz I don’t know how to make the nose be in a place where it still looks like a nose but it doesn’t cover the eyeballs cuz from where we are currently you can’t see the pupils and I think you need to see the pupils for it to look

Cute I feel like I should have made it maybe like one block down or I maybe move the platform like up a little bit yeah no give it like really surprised eyes like go two blocks higher with the white and then put the eyes up like it’s looking up into the

Sky and then put the the eyelashes yeah like make you see it’s cute it’s cute like this with it looking down the middle yeah oh quick question quick question quick question um yeah what’s up with the um the torch which torch the torch on the pig

Oh that torch yeah yeah that’s just a little torch it’s just to light it up you don’t any mob spawning on the pig well well actually also to be fair if you ever look at any Renaissance paintings or paintings from like I don’t know the past any old statues from like

Greek tpes they all do have something poking out they they do they do they and as this is an art piece as you read in the book When Pigs Fly a sculpture of love and beauty yeah it is it was important to capture the art in its rawest form oh it’s

Pretty raw you know I would say it’s pretty raw yeah yeah ra hog I’m taking a beautiful screenshot this is actually should be a painting in up in an art gallery somewhere well if someone wants to draw it I’ll I’ll put it in the game yeah there you go look everybody all my

Beautiful artist friends in the chat this is a beautiful art piece right here the pig floating while me and Ollie are gazing into it with a little Sparkle in where the where the uh the torch is would be nice go ahead very beautiful begin your sketches toight thank you we

Call it when pigs fly oh that’s a good ol Angelo good name good name Angel you know this deserves it this deser I’m going to put I’m going to be the first one that’s it okay wait 1 2 3 4 five six perfect amount the perfect amount yes I

Know I know you have to make sure I can count oh good counting I love the earrings too it’s a nice little hanging one too yeah that’s mogs Edition that wasn’t mine that’s very nice I like that your has little earrings this one’s a big boy earring yeah this is like a

Proper hoop yeah a big guy and originally he had only one tooth as well he was kind of like he’s a little bit you know a little bit chipped but it shows that beauty comes in many forms you know yeah this pig is loved by many

He is loved by many yeah I don’t maybe I should make the platform I don’t know if I make the platform higher then you can’t really see it from over there as you walk towards it but if you make it lower then you can’t see the eyes no I

Think this is the perfect hepe because once you get on this slab it’s a you can see it perfectly yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking yep maybe down here a little the thing is the pupils look good from every other angle like if you’re flying around it the pupils look

Really good yeah but none of us can fly cuz none of us has wings none of us have wings yeah not yet maybe soon you never know maybe soon who maybe but I don’t know we might go to the end one of these days uh I maybe I’ll move them hold on

You stay there okay and observe as I do the same thing I did yesterday but I don’t die this time well you might still die this is a very high elevation no it’s okay MK gave me feather falling boots oh goody then oh you are completely safe you’re F oh but you’re

Going to go higher though that’s the thing if you fall from the bottom it’s fine if you fall from the top you might die I only have one fate coin left okay I got a couple we’ll be fine okay but hopefully they’re not on you so I put

One let’s try moving it here yes move it up let’s try move it there oh oh yes it’s kind of derpy all kind of Derpy and fun yeah put it up oh no you crossy reverse cross that’s kind I like reverse cross yes oh that’s good they definitely

Somebody did bunk them in the head and they totally BR so dumb it’s so oh god oh no it looks a little weird I like it though it’s actually better than before I could move it to the bottom side instead and see if it looks any better

Oh that’s worse no don’t put it at the bottom that’s worse you think that’s worse oh yes why is that worse two tops are are fine the bottom and the top looks like they definitely been knocked out no I move I’ll move the other one as

Well oh okay okay okay okay okay okay okay they move you should leave it like that that looks good you it look good like that it’s a silly one oh no that looks good yeah now you can see it now you can see it that makes sense that makes

Sense it looks horrible but it makes sense don’t mind it I think it’s fun it actually gets a little bit need to be able to see the pupil rather than just being like a white of its eyes yeah yeah yeah no that’s good um do we think having the Torches

In the nose is good or do you think it takes away from the shape in the no yeah you don’t really need that one you don’t really need the torch in there you know what you could put you could put something else inside it and it’s like

Seeing you can see through it maybe like um a shroom light or something you can see like it’ll glow I got some shroom I got some shroom some hold on I shall return hold on let me return I’ll give him some shroom I’m going to get all of my

Shrooms nir thank you for subscribing that’s 5 months remind me when I get back home we slapping salmon do I have it on me wait where’s my salmon oh no I have it back I have it in the back I will I will slap it real good when we

Come back let’s go get some shoes for oh sorry spoiler warning um spoiler warning the tors is insinuating things uh well it it’s it’s just for lighting it’s just for lighting purposes at the beginning I made a mistake and I thought it insinuated something but at the end

At at the end I I I made a m I made a mistake I made a mistake who build that those rocks it’s so weird um I made a mistake and I assumed it was something but it’s not it’s not anything it’s just it’s just you know it’s nothing it’s just uh light

It’s just light you know um there we go I’m going to give Ollie let’s give Ollie 10 shroom lights temp shroom lights just in case just in case just in case who asked yep who asked tell him tell him tell sleepy girl off tell him I I give you permission tell

Him Saucy Saucy Ollie is the best Ollie listen these are just rock formations there’s nothing to look there’s nothing to look into it’s just rock formations oh spoiler warning that’s just a rock formation we saw this Owen Owen made this already we saw this on he did it on a

Stream come with us it’s a very pretty hog it’s a very beautiful very beautiful interpretive piece I don’t know what I just oh wait it must been the night vision turning off it was like flashing it’s not L it was the come down I was like really confused it was the

What down that’s what you call it when you you’re coming off a bevy like that like the post hang that’s what you call it okay then yeah oh wait so you think I put this in the in the nostril put it in the nose like in there yep pop it in

Behind the trap door yep yeah and it looks like it makes the eyes look too dark now though it looks like they have um they got some snot flaring inside and all they have to do is this spit it all out if I put that there does that look weird like or does

It look kind of tusky that looks pretty good if you really want to make it tusky you get some some Sandstone walls and I’ll be a real Tusk well don’t be too tusky yeah it’ll be a boar then you know oh no got rid of the pink Leaf yeah no no I

Don’t want too much in front of the eyes you know yeah otherwise she can’t see yeah no no no she yeah is beautiful she is a very beautiful very beautiful it is a portrait of your wife my my wife your wife definitely not a crab this time I

Put this there instead that it’s more like a cute cheek let me see I put the torch there instead of on the oh yeah yeah yeah that’s cute little oh there’s an Enderman over there don’t look at him look down I can’t control where I I look

Don’t look at the Enderman you will perish ask things of me that I can’t control you will perish you will die easily not me no no I got full diamond now well it doesn’t matter you know you have no no enchantments in any of them so full diamond now you have no

Protection you have no protection I am the strongest guy you have zero protection in your body right now this just beautiful I can’t I can’t sleep so I’m waiting for I’m waiting for uh bad men to show up so if you want to see I I need um I need Phantoms to show

Up because I need to make slow falling potion ah what do you want me to not sleep no you could sleep it’s fine with when you sleep but for me I can’t sleep the night times oh I mean I probably slept less than you though I’ll probably

I’m bet that guy’s dead oh now it’s too late you slept many time next night I should be able to get my my sweet Phantoms out very yeah I think that’s I think that’s better I think it’s a beautiful hog yeah I think the eyes are a better place now

This yeah oh my God you almost pushed me off no you’ll be fine you got feather Fallen I’m still scared though uh yeah I do I have feather fall four protection four Unbreaking my only thing is I’ll kind of wanted to make I I’ve cut down

Some trees to try and make a sight line from the side and I don’t know if I’ve managed it like you can see it from there can’t see it you kind poking out over the top of here I like there’s a random Pig walking around too underne it

Wait was that wait was that not the was that the one that’s hanging no there another there was one down just walking there is still Pig hanging there okay you have a hanging Pig too oh my God it’s part of the exhibit is he is he not

Too close to the ground to hit it no he’s okay he’s been there for like a day now and he’s not died so he’s fine he’s fine that looks like fun actually yeah it’s a lot of I don’t have a saddle for him no but don’t put it

That’s the thing I was going to tell you don’t put a saddle on it because if you put a saddle on right it it’ll it’ll be heavier and it’ll definitely bounce off the ground ah yeah I don’t know I kind want to cut down this big tree here

I couldn’t tell if it was a custom trck oh no that ain’t custom that’s default as hell yeah you can get rid of that one and then you should get rid of maybe this one here this this one this this this one right here is covering

Everything this one right oh if you oh that’s the one I thought was a custom tree cuz I started destroying it and then I fixed it again no no I was like actually no that would be the perfect one to get rid of cuz if you’re behind

Like a M’s thing when he builds it you’ll have this perfect sight line for it yeah all right let’s delete that get rid now I’ve had your confirmation that it’s a normal tree I feel less bad about destroying it yeah they like half of it

And I was like wait oh God no no no we don’t have any it’s not no it’s not that pretty we could do a lot better than this the only custom trees are in the you didn’t build this someone else might built this well they did shame on them

Oh okay shame on them oh wait hold on I’ll be right back I need to do something I’ll be right back okay I’ll be at the potion Shop Hold on I missed it CL class is starting I’m I’m failing anyways no oh no don’t no cat don’t fail

Go back to class go back to class it’s going to be fine don’t you’re the best study study hard don’t fail come with me come with me come with me though come with me I have to put stuff away we have to start the food truck we have to start

If I don’t start the food truck we’re never going to start it we’re never going to start it and I have salmon to slap I have salmon to slap come with me every time that thing comes out you jump scare me you jump scare me c every

Single time thank you so much for Bitties thank you so much for Bitties somebody must have sub as well when we were walking away so you get this too you get this SLP too take it take it that Pig’s Fine By the way that Pig

Loves to bounce all all the pigs loved a good bounce job don’t worry about it there you go thank you so much okay wait I wasted potions I will make more later we need a junk drawer um for now um we need a junk drawer I’m going to go

Up oh structure support we we’ll we’ll test the structure later I will put stuff here oops you saw nothing um you saw absolutely nothing there’s nothing there uh I will take this um I’ll leave this here for now I will come back there is absolutely zero bad stuff everywhere um we’re good

Okay we must test the structural support pause all of the r sound ladies and gentlemen Sub sub to Ali’s YouTube channel you will see episode two very soon hopefully by by Thursday and or Saturday and then I might be in that one and then I might release something later

As an accompaniment to it here we go we will play music Now here we go bing bing bing bing oh not that one sorry wrong one wrong sorry wrong one wrong one okay sorry about that wrong one this is more appropriate yay okay social support time we dancing oh B that’s not the greatest song in the world is that a poll no it’s

Not a poll it is a structural support to be sure that we uh the this thing does not collapse we want to make sure that the because once I play the music it’s going to start going crazy the ground’s going to start shaking and I don’t want the the

The second floor to collapse what if somebody’s sleeping upstairs and if they’re sleeping upstairs we don’t want them you know to just like oh my God everything start came to came in is a cat scratch P yes it is too yeah oh see you guys voted for the

Poll we got the poll I mean the structural support sorry Structual support is up now to play my favorite tune from the ancient cities this was found the day I went into that ancient city I fought my way through shriekers and a bunch of nastiness we even ran through and and and a warden was was on our tail that

Day but we escaped with this beautiful fragment there were nine in total that we created this disc with and this disc right here is a very special one that is very hard to get you see you you you almost sacrificing your life to try to

Get this specific disc so I love it and I think it’s perfect it’s not L when was the last time you actually heard this song in a Tavern I don’t think you have this might be the first time but we play all kinds of music here

We don’t have any there you know we don’t mess around this tavern play everything all kinds of songs is this perfect so nice the beat’s going to drop now it’s going to be very cool ready right now it’s coming see the bubbling of the potions that I’m making in the

Tavern that’s just the sound of the patrons coming down getting ready that’s the key I’m opening the door of the tavern see this all this all atmospheric see this me coming up the stairs I’m a little out of breath cuz I’m running I’m late to open the tab

Right see this is all perfect this is there and then I come in I open the door to the tavern and I walk in that’s me closing the door all right see you feel it this is all setting up the scene and then I’m and then that’s

That’s me going downstairs stairs to the basement see grabbing the wart putting the making the potions see that’s just another gate opening and that’s me going through the gate now this part I don’t know what this part means I don’t think I’ve ever let the

Song play all the way I don’t know what happens now I never really let it play this Long no I’m okay that’s fine I didn’t I never got that far into the song um very nice song though very nice track we will leave this here um in the back we’ll leave it in the back I I never let it play that long never let it

Play Let’s go back normal music time thank you for coming to my uh my little DJ session um I need one barrel um I’m going to have to chop down another tree I can’t use these this for the food truck we’re going to build a food truck

Now it’s perfectly fine it’s not a horror time it’s not horror time that’s basically it was just a nice story of When I Wake it’s when I wake up in the morning it’s just a nice story when I wake up in the morning is that is that who I think it

Is is that K oh you’re a beautiful beautiful sweet man I miss you so much thank you for coming hello hello Raiders you made it right on time I was I was actually testing the structural support of my new Tavern welcome welcome you are up so

Late what are you are you doing an all nighter tonight are you doing an all nighter tonight you’re not sleeping tonight it is it it’s like it’s like 5: in the morning you go back you go to bed this instant you go to bed this instant well thank you for coming by hi

Everybody what’s up what are you up to what are you doing you know we need to play some horror games soon please I miss our horror horror Wednesdays or Mondays was that were they Mondays I I miss horror time please let let scream like like little lost children together

Soon it is 5:00 p.m. UK time no but K is isn’t in in the UK K is down under yes let them know let them know hi welcome it is 4 a.m. bless your sweetheart horror time must return I know we must do horror time oh thank you

For coming uh whenever anybody comes and either subs or or raise or anything uh we we slap our salmon if if you and here it comes I’ll give you a quick little bit of slapping I know you love a good salmon slap K I know you love it I know

This one of your favorite things so we give you a little bit of what you love enjoy a little quick ASMR moment you’re welcome there you go we’ll put it on autopilot later on I was building something what was I building oh I was making a little Barrel to keep

All of our music discs such a great set you need more slap you know what I’m going to do it now but I’m going to do it with no music so we get the full immersion and and the angle too let me give you the angle this

Is the proper angle if you’re ever going to slap a salmon you slap it at this angle all right ready let me take everything out of my inventory my hot bar ready okay listen K ask for it so whatever K wants K gets sorry sorry there we go that’s the angle woo

Thank you I appreciate it you know anybody who loves a good salmon slapping is a good is a good friend of mine you’re welcome it’s all about the angles it’s all in the angles Z the cat Hi listen I don’t do this for me I do this for you guys

And that’s it okay you know we we have to we have to hold it back sometimes if you give people the Sam slab for too long then they’ll get desensitized to it and it loses its charm in the long run so you want to give people a good chunk

But don’t give them all of it you know just a little little a little at a time it’s a little a little a little bit at a time and then you give them like a big amount like a big chunk and then a little bit at a time and then maybe one

Or two along the way we do a driveby slapping and then you know we’re good but we play some lovely songs here do you like my structural supports the thing is the reasoning for this is that you know I have music playing now we didn’t have the stage before we have

More seating here at the tavern at the win chesta uh but now I put this music disc down this music juke box with the music and now I’m scared that since we do have a um a Inn on the second floor with the bunk beds I was scared that the

Music down here would collapse these um these ceilings the whole ceiling will come crashing down if somebody’s sleeping up there I might get sued you know it could be Jimmy up there hanging out sleeping having a nice night and all a sudden I put some music down here and

The whole thing collapses so I have a structural support uh now in place just to avoid any lawsuits in the future it is a very support it’s very supportive it’s a good support so that’s what we got that’s very very nice thank you yes excellent Sam thank you so much I do my

Best I do my best but if Jimmy sleeping up there this whole thing collaps so that’s why I’m a man of the people people come into my Winchester Tavern they either get a a this crossbow to the face or they get lovely uh a lovely time with all these lovely

Drinks we even gave olly a bunch of the green ones because it was um St Patrick’s Day recently so he got pretty pretty wasted in here uh and then I had to kick him out you know we had a little bit of a bar fight it’s no big deal

Everything’s fine now and then we’re going to be building a food truck in a few minutes but I can’t really do it because it’s night time and I can’t sleep because I’m waiting for Phantoms to show oh spoiler warnings sorry people have not seen all of that um but let’s

Hide in the Winchester for a little bit and we’ll hang out until the daytime cometh uh and then we’ll we’ll make we’ll make all kinds of things uh let’s put more Barrel I’m going to put a barrel more Barrel action let’s do bop bop perfect let’s hide junk in here and don’t worry

I don’t have a junk drawer I everything I place is is strategically paced for a reason um so don’t worry everything here will be cleaned out car don’t tell Pearl though car don’t tell Pearl what’s happening right now um she’ll be very upset knowing that I’m putting stuff in

Random Barrel so between you and me don’t say a thing okay I will get a nasty uh Discord message I will get a nasty Discord message saying I can’t believe you did this I how dare you you know how dare and the the the Demonic uh

5 500 a.m. Pearl voice will come out how dare you um so I don’t want to you know don’t don’t tell don’t tell don’t tell I will clean that up oh it’s daytime already oh perfect okay it is time it is time it’s that sorry a little samon

Slapping on the go it is time now we are going to be building our lovely food truck right in this area right next to the tavern a lot of people if you go like to like uh breweries and stuff like that they’ll have the brewery right and

Then next door they’ll have like food trucks uh for people that are drinking you know they want to get a bite to eat right outside that’s what I’m doing based off of that so we’re do we we’re building it right now and we’ll put the

Salon here just in case we need to slap it along the way but we’re building food truck it’s food truck time it’s food truck time now this invent this I’m I know this looks like a mess right in here it looks like a mess but every one

Of these blocks going to be used except for the coer I don’t know why the co dir is there um but all these things will be used um right now let’s just put extra junk on this side I’m not going to need a sword uh I’m not going to need a

Shovel right now I’m not going to need that I’m not going to need this we’re going to put some stuff away we’re going to build we do a little buildy buildy thing um I’m I don’t need that I don’t need this this or this I don’t need all

Of that okay it’s full truck building time it’s a good mess all of this is going to be used trust me I forgot the order of okay these are the tires those are the tires uh we’re going to need um this is the undercarriage of it um we’re

Going to need this is the base um we need Terra cotas it’s going to look very nice we’re going to need all of this get the main stuff that we need all of this all of this these guys uh this this this this uh this this this and this

And this is the main boys we don’t need torch and I’ll take this okay now we’re ready okay are you ready it’s building with Dad time yes L daddy as they call me but not in the server because technically in the server uh there’s no lore by the way

There’s no lore there’s no backstory I’m not playing a character I am mythical J sausage the J oh sorry spoiler for Eloise the J is silent I’m just a Minecraft Youtuber playing in an S&P with friends there’s no lore or backstory here lore less yes exactly cat

Cat guy knows there’s no lore here basically for those just coming in from car and have no idea what Minecraft SOS is let me give you a little backstory this is is story time before we build so technically this is a hardcore like serve you see the little hardcore hearts

In my little hot bar in the bottom it’s hardcore okay if we die we have 24 hours to be revived we turn into a gravestone but during that time I could be a ghost a spirit an essence of a person and I can inhabit um any mobs around but

Passive mobs like horses or or bees or or or chickens right and I have 24 hours to be revived okay if they don’t revive me my friends on the server which I love very much and Trust to revive me if they don’t revive me I will die forever and I

Will be banned officially not just momentarily like a tent ban like I have been in the past I will be banned from the server won’t be able to come back uh but I have 24 hours to to to be revived with something called a fate coin this

Coin is achieved by doing tasks maybe certain hidden challenges and we get a fake coin right now it cost two fake coins to revive a person so then if you get revived by somebody you come back to life you know you’ll be revived into your normal self you’re no longer a

Spirit you’re no longer dead you’ll come back as yourself back again like this and you never know it could be more expensive down the line right it used to be one fake coin now it’s two it could be four five six seven it could be 20 eventually it’ll be so expensive that

People that do die and are dumb to die because who dies I haven’t died on the server yet well technically it will be too expensive for them to come back and they’ll spend their last remaining moments as a mob talking to their friends as their life gets sucked out of this

World that’s not lore um that’s not lore um so technically that’s the whole concept of This Server which also consists of absolutely no lore so if everything you heard from the beginning till now sounds like lore fate coins the Fate’s giving us these coins secret challenges being uh inhabiting uh

U mobs uh as a spirit uh coming back from the dead if that sounds like L to you it is not it is just a game mechanic a game mechanic okay there’s no lore here and thank you so much to armod Kai for subscribing for three whole months are you having lower you’re

Having lower withdrawals no no I’m not no I’m I’m good I don’t need lore to survive I’m fine I’m just a regular boy playing Minecraft there’s no lore here I have no connection there’s no Multiverse or nothing thank you for subscribing okay and now we’re ready to build I am I

Am a zombie doctor apparently okay the thing kind of the render distance I’m probably close to the the spot over there this sounds a little like clown music I’mma leave it I’ll allow it okay don’t look don’t look I have let me move this down we’re doing

Layer by layer of this schematic that I have ready to go it is not cloud music is it here okay we’re going to lift it one at a time there we go we’re lifting one at a time see this is the start let’s let’s start placing blocks that is the

Tire that is a tire this is a tire this is a tire we are going to be placing now the undercarriage lovely look how pretty this is we can take this out we don’t we don’t need to know what this is it’s very pretty and then we go bop bop bop

And then we just place all these down look how pry oh sorry there’s spoilers over there but I can’t help it I have to place them down like this sorry spoiler warning it’s ex exclusive previews it either way oh my God another sound hold on I love massive men that’s a great

Name great name classy I love it thank you for subscribing good name classic classic classic name classic oh no I placed wrong block you are getting a salmon slap good name you know people like big guys and there’s nothing wrong with that there’s nothing wrong with having a name like

That he said it of course I’m going to say you know it’s the name isn’t it it’s the name I got to say the name don’t clip it though don’t clip it it’s a it’s in context I have the VOD up I have the

VOD I have the VOD I can prove that it was in context of the person who subscribed and I’m sapping S I just said I love massive men and I’m slapping Samy right after that you know what people are going to take it out of Conta you

Can take it out of contact you can do whatever you want it’s it’s it’s it somebody subscribed and that’s that’s that was their name I am I have turning into Jimmy now you clipped it already perfect perfect perfect good stuff SOS out of context SOS out of context so

Great I actually need a scaffold for to get up to where I need to get do I have one here I have a scaffold perfect somebody just clipped it and oh great great great it’s fantastic that’s going to be in every that’s going to be everywhere tumblr’s going to get it first

Probably um okay next layer next layer we’re working this out we’re going to be doing now this lovely block we’re doing this um mud break all the way around I messed up that one I messed up that one oh what excuse me this actually sounds like clown music

Too and oh I got messed that up again this is going to be a beautiful food truck I’m not going to let you see it all the way I’m not going to let you see it all the way you’re going to wait wait till this

Time wait to wait we go one lay at a time and I’m looking down the whole time we’re not going to look at oh my God I messed up again oh wait I don’t have an extra one of those that’s fine getting SP with clown music it’s fine

It’s it’s light clown music it’s not all the way oh no I just use double of this perfect though I need note blocks I think I actually Ed the not blocks for for the salmon slapping oh no they’re here this is the grill this is the Little Grill this is

Looking great I need I need slab for that part oh this is going to be the little lights what how did that place there wait how did that place there oh there you go there it is now I need ladder and I need trapd doors go here this is going

To be the best uh food truck you’ve ever seen in your life you watch this I need slab I need slab we’re going to do Boop and then there oh there it is oh look and this is where we do the cooking let’s put the cooking uh stuff inside um

And we do that that that and uh good enough for now come with me please fix the blocks what blocks am I fixing they’re fine we’re doing good smoker goes here cauldron here that’s going to be a little little stand here I’m going to put a little

Refrigerator on that thing yes we have refrigerator it’s not Medieval Times um and then now we do glass glass this is where the food truck opens up and I can take your order from here look at that and then we’re come like this and we got some of this orange beautiful

Orange look at that there there and that’s the front of the truck there we go oh it’s looking oh um what goes here I don’t have no more of this uh-oh wait uh-oh I don’t think I have all my materials oh no it’s okay we’ll fix it

This is a a beautiful food truck look at this it’s looking good right I love this so much oh I can’t sleep I can’t sleep sleep I can’t sleep I think I ran out of this the I think I was making the smooth Sandstone I have to go back home I have

To go back home in the dark it’s going to be scary okay um I have to go back home in the dark and it’s going to be very scary I I was cooking some uh smooth Sandstone smooth red Sandstone oh we have to go home quick okay we’ll go

Home quick wait did I leave my horse here oh someone slept oh bless you is it MOG beautiful boy oh Dash’s here I knew it okay I kept forgetting Dash was there I left ashy there for 3 weeks uh no has been that long it’s just been a day uh

Minecraft Minecraft day oh sorry spoiler warning don’t look at that let’s go home real fast let’s go home real fast we’re going to get that Sandstone it’s only been a couple days in Minecraft it hasn’t been that long dashy loves it there anyways dashy life

Is being close to me at spawn it’s fine dashy is living their life the best life they just miss Mayday junor they love they love each other so much can you please stop pushing my cats oh I have two by the way I found another one I haven’t named them yet but

I did find a couple cool names I’m going to know probably on the list oh hold on stay there dashy don’t leave I was cooking some right here perfect that’s it that’s all I needed that’s all I needed that’s all I needed let’s go yeah we need a bigger area I’m going

To build my own little personal little horse table uh probably um hold on probably here you see this space right here this little spot I was thinking right here building my own little horse stable for for our horsey beautiful friends uh horsey and camel stable it’s all inclusive it’s all inclusive oh and

By the way hopefully I don’t die here please no back here I was going to be putting an apiary but I think I’m going to be switching that spot right there to a sniffer Sanctuary it’s going to be a big boy too it’s going to be pretty much

This whole size this whole this whole thing is going to be a sniffer Sanctuary it’s going to be so pretty I got an idea it’s coming out really nice it’s a huge Greenhouse a little spoiler spoil without looking at that build it’s going to be a giant Greenhouse like a a giant

One like super tall very protected you know so my stippers are very protected I don’t want them out in the open it’s going to be a giant Greenhouse it’s going to be so good I have it ready to go I built it and it’s Fant it’s the best greenhous best greenh house I’ve

Ever done I will show you hi s hi Camille come oh we have our our stuff I’m building a food truck right now he came right on time all right now we’re almost done with it it’s going to be very simple you’re just going to put a

Little thing right there and a little thing right there and then we’re going to put a couple more over here this is going to be where we put the um a little uh rear viw mirror kind of thing and I’m going to put a door uh right there so

You can get in and out Sam you are going to get a salmon slapping thank you for subbing that is for you to look behind me there’s spoilers there thank you Sam Sam guess the Sam is slapping of their life now what was I going to put there oh wait I need chain

Too a door there it is there’s a door this is going to be a door to get in I know it’s very tall but that’s why I got the scaffold there okay that’s the wrong place I need it like this that’s all right hold

On oh my God I forgot I had ice coffee oh my God give me a second delicious um this coffee is from Colombia it’s a Colombiano coffee it’s delicious with a little bit of half and half a little bit of half and half a little bit of of cinnamon it’s so good

Um what was I doing there it is oh and now see this one is a little darker cuz it’s tinted window so we have the tint going on and then we’re going to put this on the sides and then we’re going to keep going like this and then we’re

Going to have a little overhang here because in case you’re at the window here getting your order you don’t want to get wet so that’s an anti- wet uh thing so we got this and this and then of course the window opens up like that and then we have barrels um

I got to go get the barrel and then oh I forgot this is the little section for the heat to go through the exhaust I I fell I’m good and then we lift up there I where are my barrels I need to go get my barrels um let’s go get

Them there’s SP everywhere everyone has seen it it’s too late it’s too late I think I used extra barrels for other things so um I’m just going to throw a pot up there whatever no I need the barrel because that’s what we’re using the cell what am I

Doing oh my God this is a scary song you know what we’re going to put barrel and one chest it’s going to be it’s going to be likeo broken up it’s fine so barrel barrel as you know I need it to be a barrel because then I have a flower

There and if there’s nothing to hold it up I need I need to make a barrel oh no okay give me a second I have to chop down another random tree in the background again it’s fine just make sure there’s no creepers back there I think I put all the barrels on

The in the in in the basement um bye Birch goodbye universe that is 7 months oh thank you so much you are beautiful and lovely I’m going to slap that Sam hard right now get ready hold on all of these sound like clown music now all all everything

Coming up now because Cactus got the clown music going everything sounds like clown music um look it’s Jim sweet boy Jim sweet cute boy what a lovely man he’s going to be digging in pix’s hole again I think today he loves it good luck in the hole today sweet boy

He couldn’t get enough of pix’s hole last time so he’s going right back in sweet sweet man cute little man oh so sweet he better not die today I only have one fake one sweet cute man what AM my okay we’re doing this and we put in an alium in

There as well we don’t have to put the exact flower but you know what it’s it’s a pretty flower so we’re putting it in there sweet cute boy um oh God I what did I just do Jimmy got make me nervous I started fidgeting okay here we go and

Then double chest here which I don’t have another chest do I have the crafting bench on me I have to go back up and down again where did the crafting bench go I have to go inside for the crafting bench okay we’re doing great we’re doing

Great so then we’re doing one more chest and now we are officially should be good and done with chests and barrels now oh the food truck is looking good right parkour it needs to be a double perfect and then I’m going to put a chain here you’ll see what this is for it’s

Going to look good hello chain you better go down wait I had this in the wrong place there you go this is the fastest truck I’ve ever built so F I’m so quick in building there we go okay next layer oh now we’re getting into the Reds look how

Pretty this is watch this we’re going to do red all the way down and then we’re going to put something very special on the top of the of the of the food truck and you’re going to you’re not going to know what it is at first but once you start

Building a little bit of it you’re going to be like oh of course you built that so get ready oh God perfect and then we’re doing this all the way down this is a beautiful little overhang that’s going to go right there and I don’t have any way to put it off

Hold on I’m fine let’s get this and where’s my stuff oh no oops um this a silk touch moist sounds we’re not doing moist sounds sorry s do you have any advice for a newbie Minecrafter playing on the oranges mod for the first time oh man

Yes get the elyrion it’s the greatest um ever there’s none better than the elyrion always start off with that that trust me you’ll have a great time the end Ely is op I I love a good elyrion um what am I doing oh let’s go see do I need two

More oh no hold on yes 100% elyrion don’t settle for anything else I forgot about this there you go this is a little design on the side of the food truck of car par and then we turn these off oh and one more right there um but

You’ll be fine try elyrion elyan is good I think the um what was the other one that I loved I love I love the um the Wither the Wither boy the Wither boy is great good l i mean good it had good powers had good Powers is very nice and fun and

And just play around with the custom ones so many custom ones you can find uh just go crazy with that why is this like this where’s my stripped ACAA oh no I think I have to go back and get more um hold on hold on I need more Acacia I thought

I have more my music finished hold on don’t look at this yet I need um where’s my I had more AA than this I had more stripped AA than this oh no don’t look oh no don’t look it’s invisible oh look how pretty that looks so far hold on I got

To get strip tocia don’t look we need a low intervention nothing’s happening that was a previous series no more intervention needen wait I didn’t sleep right I haven’t slept yet right okay I think we’re good the Phantom should be coming right now I think the or sound is back Ollie let’s

Go inside pix’s hole with with Jim make sure he’s safe no L word Flory FL Flor Riri hi um I need strip TOA I need to strip some a sure strip let’s go stripping really quickly don’t not take that out of context um I think I need the full log

To be safe we’re stripping I need a little bit just a tiny little bit bit of stripping bit of stripping on a Monday that’s what we’re doing a little bit perfect see that’s all I needed I think let’s put these away um Boop okay let’s go dashy we’re done stripping let’s go

Back could you please stop pushing my cat around those cats weren’t dead like that last time yeah you saw that I’m a quick stripper when it comes to the stripping Woods I am actually the best in Minecraft like if you have a tier list I’m above the S tier oh sorry spoiler

Warning I’m above the S I’m above it I’m above I’ve done it many times I’m so good at it inside this little stable we go and let finished our beautiful truck spoiler warnings sorry don’t look don’t look are you ever in context no yes I mean that was all in context actually

That was all everything I just said was in context it was in context of me stripping wood if you took it somewhere that’s you that’s you you did that to yourself I did into it wait these were regular Woods ah whatever you’re going to love this little

Topper oh it was like that it’s fine Boop oh oh got it and then one more layer it’s this this this this is beautiful if you haven’t seen what this is already you will see in a second I’ve always wanted to build one of these mhm no you’ll see when I when I move out you’ll see you will see when I move back you will see the food truck in all its Glory do I have my carpets on me I don’t want make on me

Umer and I’m going to go uh hey sa hey sweet boy oh sausage just to just to warn you I’m is it okay if I go in this space Oh yeah yeah yeah that’s perfect you’re good that’s an open open expand into it are you no no no this is my last

Build in this area my little food truck wait you wait you better be this he’s doing two yeah he’s a try hard don’t tell me this is hot dogs no there’s no hot dog in lore there’s no hot dog in lore I I genuinely I thought this looked like a hot dog van

For some reason pop look what it is a bun that is it is a bun and a hot dog yes but you’re not selling you’re not selling dogs I’m selling all kinds of meat do but wait oh you selling Street Meats I’m selling Street Meats I go for

A bit of street meat where’s the Buns I’m making it now have street meat the Buns I just built it I I the inventory is coming I’m not done yet yeah you’re going to use have a bakery in there for the amount of buns we need to go stre no

I’ll give you all my buns sweetie cuz there’s nothing better than a yummy Street dog oh yeah I’ll give you my dog I’ll even feed it to you ollie hey didn’t ask hey now he’s PG I am PG too I’m PG as well brother you are you are

So no no he skirt it he does not skirt it he you are so far from PG I don’t know how you you convince yourself that you are PG I am PG everything that I say is completely normal I don’t cuss okay if you think I’m implying something

That’s your dirty mind PG yes if I if if there’s something implied and you take it there that’s your dirty mind not mine dirty M you’re dirty old M you’re dirty old M Jimmy Jimmy wait really quick can you tell me the name of your last episode

What was the title what was the title what was the title of your last episode Jimmy he’s walked T and he’s not around huh what was the title of your last episode Jimmy what was the title huh Mr PG what was the last what was the title

Of your last episode huh go work in the hole guys um huh I’ll see you in a little bit he’s working the hole he’s working that hole he’s working he he worked that hole so good last time he’s working it again now on stream mhm see who’s talking can’t believe this Twitter

We up in arms howg it everyone was like excuse me excuse me I was like yeah that’s just Jimmy Bean Jimmy I kind of wish the portal wasn’t in the middle of the pathway yeah what be co uh well it’s a two-way entrance I kind of wish we

Could move it cuz I think it’d be a nice like walk through the middle without the portal here yeah but where would we put it then H because everyone’s always going by just push it straight back to like the end of the road we could actually do

That oh yes that’s then that’s that’s where the future build is plan yeah actually you know what we could do you know we could do instead of being like this cuz it’s not really symmetrical we do the put under the the monument maybe lore you think there L I don’t think

That be allowed no no no no no you you know might be good you know you know when you do the the the portals the the 2x Two by Two by like the a a square so it’s a portal in every corner so it’ll

Be a box instead of like a a single one might be good you’re saying a lot of things but yeah I think I kind of get it yeah like like you do like you can get in the portal from every angle so it’s not like like this that might be cool we

Might do a we might upgrade might make it oh like a box pole yeah yeah exactly and you can get in from every corner and we put like a nice little obis in that do they all still end at the same port yeah same thing it’ll work yeah I I

Might design something maybe I’ll do something cool oh I’m almost done oh sorry it was an accident I yeah it was an sometimes I just slap it by mistake don’t we all yeah just goes off I go off you know say you’re not got any dogs in here you’re

Not got any street street dogs yeah yeah yeah I’m going to be selling all the meats yeah yeah I’m going to be selling all the meats I’m going to be selling everything that my that my farm produces I’m going to be selling I like that I

Can enter it from two sides yeah we got multiple entrances all over the place it looks going to keep this a scaffolding I quite like it scaffolding it’s like a little step no yeah that’s my step yeah that’s the step to get in yeah it’s fun

Little step oh you can get up here on the roof as well on the top of the dog yeah yeah yeah y you can get oh you need to have a parkour way to get onto the onto there Assassin Creed could you maybe put some like smoke out of the top

Of this and they be made out of like a physical block that I can yeah I can do something like that yeah yeah yeah we could oh I could do the candle trick like I did last time in my house yeah I mean no I think do it like glass panes

Like have some actual smoke and then glass pan oh yeah I can do it I need to gather a lot of glass I have no glass on me but I I’ll do it I I could do jump to here and then jump from there to to onto

The onto the mezzanine yeah and I need you to put a ladder or some other thing up onto the main bit so I can get to the very tippy top oh you know I could do uh I could do Vine Vine will look natural oh yeah make it very much like’s it’s

Like a Disney film yes like a like a like a tangle I like a good Tangled yes I like a tangled yeah Joel Joel was cosplaying oh yeah I can’t look at them yeah can’t look at you cuz you shush up don’t look at him don’t look I got to

Ask Eloise I got to borrow that that guy very soon because I need I need to use him uh as a breed job mechanic you going to you going to do a breed job on that guy yeah I’m going to sniff for Sanctuary look yeah don’t look at it I’m

Going to do a a sniffer Sanctuary one of these days maybe by the end of the week or so I’m going to make a sniffer Sanctuary a big giant uh Greenhouse going to be very lovely and pretty I like that I like that I still not I had

A sniffer yet I kind of I do want to get one yeah you got some danger it might contrast with the hog cuz you know they’re both big bul and boys get boys yes that’s fine you can do it also he’s the wrong color he’s not pink he’s ugly

And green maybe we can get the data pack and Dy him hey it would be cool if you could color the like leaves with like different leaves from different trees on the top like if you feed it different leaves or different saplings it grows a different top that’ be so sick oh yeah

Oh care why do I have all the best ideas and Mojang just doesn’t listen to me yeah you you need to put that make a make like a some kind of a Twitter post one of those twit longers you know how the armadillo is going to be able to

Curl up into a block that I think you can stand on probably like a physical block yeah I think that’s the plan I think sniffer is big enough that it should be a moving physical block that you can jump on top of I shouldn’t be a I wish you can ride

It too we should to ride inside him right now and I’m in his innards and I’m be careful it’s leaving it’s left it’s all bleedy and gross in there I Y don’t go in the don’t go inside him anyway don’t don’t look at him he’s spoilers no

It’s a spoiler don’t show ELO get very upset I’m very upset very upset very angry going back fly now I was just trying to convince jimy to to do my book and he did oh he did it oh perfect that’s two signature you you’re good oh

God it’s a good I think it’s quite a good looking pig from here it’s a very lovely P look at it from straight down the line and tell me that isn’t a beautiful sight line down the middle from where I’m standing right down the middle oh that is a very nice sight line

No I’m glad I didn’t put my food truck there I was going to put my food truck in that spot I’m glad I didn’t what next to another food truck yeah yeah we’re going to do a food truck little area but I was like you know what it makes sense

Right next to the T spring it out is nice I think your and also your T I think it’s it’s got a nice a nice selection of things yes I love spreading it out ultimate how are you going to compete with all the free food that it’s

Currently in the in this challeng one I’m taking you’re taking it yeah I’m taking it all okay yeah you’re just going to put it in here yeah that’s part of that’s part of the plan I’m taking it all oh I like okay that makes sense yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m confiscating

Everything technically I took all my wood back oh goody cuz it’s my wood that yeah you know yeah I bet you did that that would that was so you going to take it and then sell it back to us or is it going to be free inside of the food

Truck yeah no no I’m going to sell it back yeah I’m going to sell it back okay that makes sense no I mean why not waste not what not capitalism capitalism yep I’mma capitalize you know I’m going sell it no but I’m going sell good stuff I’m

Going sell like like bundles of of different foods and stuff too yeah you should s you’d sell 64 bread and then 64 meat and then 64 bread instead of a Sher box it’s like you’re getting an actual dog yeah you get a little sandish you know it’s delicious well I want a little

Savage yeah I’m going to make it I’m going set it up you wait you know I don’t know what vegetables we have that you could put in there to replicate like a tomato and a beetro beeto looks like a tomato I guess beetro could work yeah I

And I can sell pumpkin pie Tech cuz Catherine doesn’t sell pumpkin pie she has a bakery so I’m going to sell everything the only thing I was not allowed to to sell according to FIP was empanadas again oh cuz it’s law well I didn’t say that but yes because it’s law

Cuz empad is a base in law well yeah they well they’re real life based as well no they’re B they’re from Empires you invented them an Empire no no they’re not invented an Empire actually if you go right now EMP you told us you invented them in Empires you said I’ve

Invented this new yummy fop well specifically in that realm I did oh I needed these guys don’t sleep I was going to say they’re here now oh finally I need I need sword I need sword do you have to kill them or do you have to milk

Them I have to what you don’t milk them I don’t know I I don’t know how it works how do you milk them uh it’s they’re dying now no no Jimmy I forgot to say I need night time I don’t have my I don’t have my arrow do you have an

Arrow oh no fall down won’t they next night no they won’t no they won’t oh no down down this one coming down oh no he took damage and went back up no oh I missed them all oh been waiting seven nights for this God I love Bobby mod I

Like that I can look that way and I can see pix’s the tower off it’s so it is still there it’s kind of good cuz it means we can kind of figure out where he is in comparison to like everyone else but I can see a tree that way I can see

Him there and it’s like kind of a straight line Bobby mod is the greatest thing yeah I can see your hog from here too I can’t see that far I can see just up to your windmill oh yeah I got 32 render on this there’s not really a

Sight line to my hul from here anyway is there I can see Flip’s place if I go up with the with I can see fli and Scott’s place if I go all the way up I can see MOG from the from this bit such a good

Rend I I can’t see the the the hog really it’s not that far I can see the base is where it gets to the trees up okay I’ll I’ll let the run a distance to 20 no go 32 32 no cuz it does make it

Does performance issue oh god um I do 32 20 28 let’s probably 28 28 I imagine will do 28 maybe 32 for sure 100% say I did it it’s done food oh no I’m not done I need two more levers and I need um and any glowing item frames how can I

Forget the glowy item frame I don’t know that’s very foolish of you I am so dumb I cannot believe me I must take all this junk back um this is very such a busy spawn we made it so tight we should there was so much space we could have

Worked we like a tight spawn we like we like getting all claustrophobic on each other I know I just like because there like there’s the space up on the hill like behind here that we could have gotone up to and stuff but everyone just kind of made it in the tiny

Square it’s fine well at least we have some people going down the road too so that’s not that bad yeah yeah that’s good it’s good makes it feel lived D yes I like it all cluster oh no wait hold on I’ll be right back I need to go get

Stuff I need to get some I need to get glowy item frames and two glowstone to make it look like head lamps all right I’m oh wait by the way I left um I left my donkey at yours for no reason yesterday and I need to pick it up at

Some point if if you see it it’s mine please put it on a lead or something I have not seen that donkey isn’t that is that in my stable no I left it at the front door because I was walking oh that thing is gone I to steal a book that

Thing is long gone no it’ll be around it your donkey is gone they probably by M’s house vogs in it so we need to find it oh Jesus I’ll keep my eye on I’ll be right back hold on let’s check okay no empanadas see I confirmed

It no imp bananas will be made during our time here no impan zero hold on did somebody while I was talking I heard a noise oh I’m so sorry M mtit did I even say that right thank you for subbing I’m going to saap the salmon

When I get home that happened when I was chitchatting with all of the Orion sound thank you so much I have not seen that donkey at all like not even once while we’ve been here so um that donkey is gone forever um uh never to be seen

Again it’s fine uh he can breed another one eventually let’s put all this junk away let’s make our friend Pearl proud we’re going to put this away where it’s supposed to everything is going to go where it’s supposed to go you know this is how we do it around here we make sure

Everything is well organized see Mangrove mangrove we have a Terra Cotta section now on this side which is this terra cotta that’s not that’s terra cotta okay that’s perfect wait what is this smooth red Sandstone is actually sharing itself uh over here with the regular sand um so don’t worry about

That don’t worry about this that’s perfect uh yep look at that perfect look um that goes here mud block look uh bam look you see that dirt Bam Bam copper copper goes in the copper section mhm Birch goes in the Birch section look there it goes look at that

Mhm that goes in our this is our junk drawer we are allowed one we’re allowed one uh oh let’s check on our zombie friend as well um come with me we’re going zombie checking uh he must be cured now come with me oh the clean will be so happy

You see that oh my God he scared me so much you don’t understand I don’t I know why that scared me I thought it was somebody coming to kill me wearing diamond armor but even though there’s no PVP really nobody’s really tried to murder anybody or anything um we’re

Taking this and this oh and in case you know maybe we do a couple rolls maybe do a couple rerolls if we get something really nice uh and if we do a couple rerolls to make sure we get something really nice we should get a little bit

Of paper a little bit of paper and then we get a little bit of book action a little bit of book action where’s my books where’s my books where where’s my where’s my book where’s my there we go just in case just in case let’s paper it

Up just in case we see something very nice while we’re here we’re going to do a couple R rolls maybe we get mending for one mending for two or something really cheap something’s in the in the woods trying to kill me I hear it I hear you are you here are you with

Us sorry we’re not playing phasmophobia you’re fine there’s no more murder lore no see these rocks are normal see they’re not not snail likee like the other one was I don’t know what happened then please be alive still this is our box of safety and it’s perfectly safe oh well

Oh we already had one hello Dr Fate what a beautiful name you are released now what do you have for one though but too bad I don’t want Infinity let’s see hold on what do you got we’ll do a couple a couple a couple rolls a couple rolls

Just a couple and see if we get something good if I get a mending for one I will be the happiest man what do you think besides mending what would be a good one just to have here I think mending is good I’ve been getting all my mendings from

MOG but I wouldn’t mind just a mending at home that I can get a quick little cheat point a one for that a one let’s keep going maybe it’s efficiency 5 I will keep an efficiency 5 manifesting yes manif says Unbreaking could be good but I would in oh God

40 ridiculous I would love a mending though I would love like an on thee-o mending boy here living in the in in The Hobbit Hole just hanging out we might build a library later but I don’t we don’t really need it one for piercing okay I want a mending that’s all I want

I just want mending and I don’t need to go fishing for it anymore even though I got it one time you know it’s fine it’s no big deal I just you know I just got it really quick um o nah I don’t need sharpness I don’t need sharpness I just

Want a mending this mending is perfect for every situation yes thank you mending or Unbreaking but mending mostly impaling no thank you give me something good give me something good stop smirking at me you cute little thing Unbreaking for four that is really cheap that is really cheap Unbreaking for

Four oh I no yeah no no I want mending I want mending no I just want mending Unbreaking is good but mending is the best mending is the best plus plus if we do start like an Armory business we could technically put um sell everything with mending so it’ll be uh we could

Charge more money for our Armory business right silk touch for one is so good too okay no we want mending we want mending mending is going to go perfectly if we do an Armory business plus if I sell all of my my trims like built in

With with with mending on a on like a on an armor piece even better I think it’s going be worth it more in the end we need mending oh come come on I don’t want to be here all day I usually get many really fast I’m very I have very

Like a lot of good luck here I have a lot of good luck here there one behind you there’s one behind you there’s one behind you there’s one behind you there’s one behind you there’s one behind silly man oh there you go please put

For hold on I must move a thing I must move a thing get out of the way thing perfect h hello sorry to keep you waiting bane of arod never in this world I I say in the next five we get mending I say in the next five we get mending next five

One two Three four in the fifth one we get it in the fifth one we get it multishot is start I thought it was it okay we’re getting it right now we’re getting it right now ready ready yeah he’s nodding he’s nodding he’s nodding Oh you mean the next one oh

That’s what you meant okay the next one this one’s it this is it okay the next 10 the next 10 one it started with an M two three little smir look at you go yes GG right now mending for one in the next 10 we called it it didn’t take that long

At all I told you I had good luck the fates are with us on this fine day we shall oh no I don’t have emeralds oh no um uhoh um oh no if I go too far away we might lose him Um would you like to go on it you would like to go on a trip with me um okay you know what um this should be fine um we’re still kind of close by um oh my God if we lose him I need emeralds they’re right there you think

It’ll be it’s not too far it’s not too far right oh no I’ve done this before and I’ve gone a little bit too far away and then they reset because you’re too far oh you’ll be it’s not too far it’s fine okay okay okay let me check if I have uh

Emeralds here if not I’ll go inside my house no I used them all they’re over here they’re over here um yeah I’ll sleep for I can’t no let let him sleep I can’t sleep I need I need the thing oh sh sh sh sh sh please be

Good I’m not going to sleep I’m not going to sleep I’m not going to sleep I thought he said if he could if he could sleep I’m fine if he could sleep I can’t I can’t sleep because I I I’m I can’t I don’t want to reset my my

Phantoms he’s yeah he’s going to be like um I’m waiting oh anyone stop stop it oh he’s not near bed yes let’s get the Phantoms we need silly man okay okay I need the Phantoms I need membrane I need membrane come come come come come come over

Here it’s back guy behind me no no oh no no no come on then I hate this I got one I got two please before it’s to late why so they move so fast I got that one okay I got some I got some I got

Some woo that was an adventure okay we got one here and I think there was one over here we got a head oh I got to show the pixelist for no apparent reason oh there it is okay that’s six potions we did it did they one wait did

One fall on top of the tree did one fall top I know I killed another one I don’t think it fell that’s a bone no I think that’s it said it there’s a ball there I must get the ball yeah I don’t think there’s another one let’s take a quick look I don’t

Think this one dropped anything no l here yeah there’s no l ah who did this that was probably me um you must eat sorry that was probably me I oh I do need more spider eye um got him that was probably me the Villager thank you forget the eye forget the eye please

And you’re locked and I had I got way too many books by mistake um I got way too many books by mistake uh oops uh I didn’t mean to get all those manyi books uh okay um thank you I guess I will I will build this out later on I will

Build you know what my goal for the next episode that we do I I am going to make this place pretty for you for you specifically this hobbit hole will be your home I’ll make this side pretty okay deal okay deal I will leave now and

I will return soon this will be better later no no no no no that’s your door okay I will make this place pretty we’ll still have a nice mining entrance but I have spots for him to hang out this will be very nice Dr Fate is so pretty he’s very

Judgy but he’s also I just made him Rich uh I’m and I made myself rich with all this mending book all right perfect let’s go put this upstairs oh my God that’s perfect we have a mending Book trade for one even though I don’t really need to have mending mening manying

Manying on everything but in case we sell stuff we’ll have more mending all right mhm perfect plus I’m going to probably need a bunch of mending stuff uh whenever I get a beacon and I need to break a lot of things for big big projects which are coming up later on uh

You’ll see let’s put all of this into mending Central all of this this whole section over here is going to be mending boop boop boop oh boop boop boop we got so many books Boop and Boop and I have an extra one I will put the

Extra one down here and the rest of the books go here wait actually I have 42 levels what can I get right now I will take that see we didn’t need um Unbreaking for a villager we just do this perfect oh what else we got nope

Don’t want Rip Tide all perf whip tide uh Boop and Boop and poop and we get to see what this sounds like I’m back you made it back man we did so good we got a mining book Trader villager for one Emerald it’s fantastic

Times um what am I doing what else was I going to do okay let’s put some more stuff away we got to go back we got to go back to where we were before uh I’m leaving that there this goes here uh I’m putting my stuff away go away we can

Make potions now with this guy which is great we can make potions with that guy I needed two levers two levers sticks two lever time we need two for the food truckies I completely forgot and glow item frame and I you don’t need to tell me I remember glow item frame

Time you just made dinner what’ you make what did you make I need to make this glow how do you make this glow is it just inac is this just inac I need two these yes one two for the headlights I think I might need two more maybe for the back I don’t

Remember what I put in the back okay we’re almost done let’s put our emeralds away let’s put our carpet away I’m so organized we need this um we need uh these and oh and I need something else Ginger Ginger thank you so much for subscribing remind me to slap the salmon

When I get home I will slap it in your honor and I need headlights these are my headlights one two and I need brake lights I need brake lights these are my brake lights one two and I think we’re done let’s go let’s go um where’s uh you know I’m

Going to leave dashy there cuz I’m going to forget ahead Dash I’m just going to walk it this time oh we’re so good see I’m organized you see that I told you I was going to be organized in this beautiful place you know I’ve learned my

Lesson you know I’ve been really bad at times is there a couple places with barrels that have have random stuff in it they could be maybe one maybe two maybe three or four but not that many as many as I used to have I got to look

Down the spoilers oh my God I have to slap that seven so much now we have so many lovely new Subs mby 7 months oh my God have I been um streaming on Twitch for seven months now it’s been seven months right that’s crazy thank you thank you so much for

Subbing you’re in the seventh month group we’re almost at baby time we’re almost at baby time okay we can look up now I built this beautiful food truck it actually has a hot dog on top which is fantastic this is where I’m going to sell all of my meats and and veggies and

Stuff like that here it’s going to be so good we just need to finish it up we’re almost completely done we need to do front lights which is that that and then we’re putting these guys in here these are my headlights how pretty that’s so pretty we have a little scaffold to get

Up to the top and then in the back this is our little thing here you know we got the little handles like you can technically hold on to it or open it up or whatever and then we also have the brake lights which actually you don’t really need

Them this kind of is the brake light what do you think does it look good like this or if I do this this one or this one which looks like a better brake light this is more subtle but this one is a little more flashy which one without it right

Ah without it looks like it it you get the picture you get the the points without right yeah only one with iton frame dude pull pull time pull time pole time let’s make sure pole time pole time pole time let’s see with with or without item frame

Redstone with or without let’s see we’ll do p time and while we do that I am going to slap the salmon real good because we had so many new Subs comeing in thank you so much for all the subscription you guys are lovely which one yes let us know thank you so much

For all the new Subs coming in you’re lovely you guys are my favorite people in the world there you go take a little salmon slabbing and now a couple slow ones and a bubble Boop got her she’s literally right behind me she literally just said what who’s winning without without is winning okay

Without it is we don’t need it without one lemon lemon with the rating thank you so much you get you get five 55 salmon slaps how are you even raiding lemon Le there’s so many beautiful lemons we have so many lemons in the community you get you

Get look at that that is a that’s like a different lemon it can’t be the same one cuz the same one is hanging out here how can that it’s two different lemons there’s two lemon cakes which actually is a very lovely uh dish that if there

Was lore I would sell it here in the food truck but there is no lore s there’s no selling uh lemon cakes here technically uh but there that’s it we’re done with the food truck the food truck is ready we just need to stock it up look at this beautiful food truck let’s

Look at it with shaders oh baby oh so nice let’s do a a screenshot moment of us looking at it after we build it with shaders oh yep that’s a screenshot moment look how pretty we just did that and now with the whole thing and and Eloise’s big old bone is a spoiler

Warning I’m glad I built this before Eloise built her thing because then I couldn’t have done a screenshot moment at the angle that I took it cuz I took a screenshot from this angle this way and if Eloise’s big old bone was there this would have been the screenshot this

Would have been the screenshot moment of the the thumbnail would have been like this so thank you Eloise for waiting till I did the thumbnail uh to build the big old bone oh it’s a pretty truck look how nice oh that’s a good angle it’s more plain angle it’s a more plain angle

But technically I don’t think I can build anything on this side I could do a little window right down here but it’s in a weird spot it’s okay to have a plain side it’s okay nobody’s going to see this side anyways that’s why I put these little uh signs there on the side

Because you know just to make it nice the big bone got in the way um okay so I think I’m going to need more more barrels I think I’m going to have to make this into barrels so then I can sell more stuff

Um or I could do like I can sell like a one Diamond per stack of anything in the barrels and then I can just mix and match like I could put a stack of steak right I could put a stack of steak I could put a stack of mutton I could put

A stack of um of of of wheat or I could put a stack of pumpkins or melons right or a stack of not a stack of bread cuz that’s way too cheap that’s way tooo cheap I could do I could give away the bread uh but I could do like a stack of

Whatever and that’ll be just one diamond and then I it’ll just be all up here so then it’ll be fine it is night time again I’m going to try to kill some more Phantom I’m going to try to kill some more Phantom and then I got to take this

Out of here I got to take this out of here oh I wanted to see what this sounds like hold on go Timmy easy easy job let’s listen hold on that sounds terrifying okay never again that sounds terrifying it is not as nice as the other one let’s get all

Of our stuff here can this fit inside me um there’s too much oh back to music um I got one button I can do oh Eloise is here no spoilers no spoilers um I’m not spoiling anything uh I don’t need this I will get rid of that that’s going away and going to

Despawn um I need this and this and I don’t need seed and I take this away perfect Eloise is not at her shop spoiler warnings okay before we do anything else I would annoy Timmy in a second but I need to do one thing I need to make since we already have the

Ability to do it I must make slow falling potion I must make slow falling potion so so we can have it in our inventory and and and I got to put a little oh it’s superise greetings H would you like to come in the Winchester how are you oh yeah I’ll go

In the Winchester and have a pine and wait for this all to blow over yeah you should yes there’ll be a diamond for a three um uh drinks thank you very much one Diamond please this this one is cheap I don’t have any on me well what

Do you want it’s that a free Pub it’s that a free Pub oh I have to ask you I I have to ask you um later on not today like later on in video form I must I must uh use your your sniffer what why I must use your sniffer

For breeding I must breed with your sniffer one of these days you must yes oh Dam me for well for my sniffer I mean like I must use your sniffer to breed with my sniffer once my sniffer becomes born in this world which you’re not born

Yet but soon I will make a snier sanctuary oh okay yeah um I would like to be there for that yes oh perfect we’ll do that I once I build it I’ll let you know it’s going to come soon probably sometime this week after the uh uh certain events happen after that well

Um I’ll build no no spoilers or any something that’s happen oh oh there I go I’m back oh you half dead you have yes so later on this week we’ll do it what what what would you like to slap the salmon again yeah go on I got chicken ah I

Misplaced you are so silly sorry you can go ahead and slap your chicken if you Want that’s a lovely sound it’s kind of kind of it’s kind of gentle kind of soothing isn’t it yeah it’s not too bad but then oh God my my poor seat you’re breaking the Winchester oh my is just too good my calm down don’t I had to kick out people

Before Winchester I’m fixing the Winchester oh my God this place is always something some barf fights happen in here some craziness I like this over here I like the pots in the floor oh thank you you like my structural support I did it because now I have music I have

Music that I play now here oh not that one I don’t like this this isn’t very funky I can’t shake anything to this sausage I can’t shake anything to this the thing is you shouldn’t play this one for too long uh maybe like a good five 20 seconds and minimum yeah you don’t

Want to go too far with that one because there’s implications that are far beyond our capabilities in this world oh dear yeah you don’t want to do that but you can play this one this is a good one I shake it to the one you’re about to play yep yeah let’s

Go yeah I built some structural supports in here in case somebody’s sleeping upstairs in the Inn uh the it doesn’t cave in I sorry this is this what structural support yes you want to make sure that it doesn’t cave in yes oh wow yes you’re you’re checking to

See if this yeah wow yeah woo yeah it definitely isn’t going to break or fall in I see yeah many people can dance around this and nothing bad will Happen yeah I like that little spin you like that yeah I I man I’m a professional I can dance like crazy out I’m spit it out don’t get dizzy don’t get dizzy oh turn it off I’m sorry no no puking in the Windchester before uh before midnight

Okay agreed oh you you went down to see my warts oh yeah yes yeah good you should get a doctor to look at those nah they’re natural you shouldn’t have warts downstairs well I’m a man of the night I like to have warts down below because it is very very useful for my

Business nice build I like this very very I’ve already signed oh yes you did count as too if I sign as a chicken and and as a real nobody knows about that it’s fine look no I mean like this oh yeah well that’s how you signed before

Yeah you were wearing a chicken head last time yes yes that’s what I mean no don’t say no I don’t want I don’t want to be some kind of loophole that I don’t get my crashed out oh you crashed again was wearing it no fine you were wearing

It when you signed it first the first time but don’t don’t don’t sign it that’s just your alra ego but there’s no lore here so you can’t really see what about if I wear this one do you think it can’t wait stay there oh oh I thought I

Would have stolen it it’s fine wait do I get to do I get to resign if I sign it like this oink oink yeah you did show me that remember yeah do you think I can resign I just want you to you know get the recognition

You deserve yeah yeah no no no don’t I don’t want this to be some kind of loophole I don’t get a fake coin because of what happened because you signed in mul multiple um characters you know there’s no lore those you signed mine sausage you’ve not signed mine I haven’t

Been to it in in in in character I mean in in video form yet no okay that’s valid then but I’ll sign it anyways cuz I should cuz this is a great EST I didn’t want to look into it here because everyone’s watching and and this is technically spoiler warnings but I

Just I know apprciate your spoiler I appreciate your spoiler I just fear with this challenge it’s near impossible to keep it spoilered yeah yeah yeah it’s in a very centralized location I’m going to move Katherine’s K cuz it’s too close to the dot that’s what I thought but I I didn’t

Want to move it oh yeah I moved it done yes very ni smelling me cute little so cute that’s very nice oh yes I will buy stuff from here as well but I’m already a professional archaeologist so I have most of the things already oh

Well but I will do it for shards I love a good Shard a sharding as they say some Shing you can get yeah okay well I’ll let you get on thank you thank you I’m going to bother Jimmy in a few minutes oh what are you going to do to him I

Don’t know we should say a bunch of inappropriate things and make them all blush and be like I can’t believe this I’m PG kind of thing yeah you do like to do that one I like bothering him quite a bit even though his his title of his last video was him spelunking inside

Pix’s hole well whatever you know I don’t think he said he was spelunking in yeah he was diving deep inside his hole yeah he said it know was he saying that hold on let me go to thees solidarity gaming channel hold on chat what did he say he did say something very

Specific okay I was forced to work in his hole dot dot dot well that dot dot dot leaves a lot left UNS said doesn’t it yeah because I know what that dot dot dot means you know I I I’m I’m the king I’m the master

Of the dot dot dot if you see a dot dot dot from me you can you can you can pretty much picture all kinds of Unholy things I’m a dot dot dot Master that’s as they say oh I got to fill in this thing here

Hold on I will go right now is can people confirm his p is he at pix’s hole this instant I will go right now he’s in the hole again is he in the hole why he in the hole you know he loves that hole he goes in there quite often

Is he in the hole yes okay hold on I’m going to put this here I’m my my my thing is not stocked up yet with food so nobody buy anything from here yet I will put this here for now I will take the salmon with me and we’re going to the

Hole we’re going to bother Jimmy in the hole I have my water bucket in case I need to clutch anything and we got this we got that we got this we got that we got the spy glass for immersion okay I think we’re good to the hole M we’re going to the

Hole let’s see oh PX is coming too oh man we’re going to be busy in pix’s hole together oh baby wait do I have efficiency 5 I don’t I can’t help uh maybe if pix has um un efficiency 5 I can help I can help in the hole I love a

Good hole and a hole in that’s what I call it I should have just tooken the the portal at spawn we’re too late we’re too far gone now hola Papa it’s me fre it is is is Poppy sausage At Your Service I’m tipping my cap if I had one man party in pix’s

Hole party and P I’m going to put in chat if no one else is there I should have taken the portal I’m so dumb this is a long way this is a long way oh we’re almost there ah it’s Cy it’s a beautiful song Too to get to

Uh traveling to the whole song this is my traveling to the whole soundtrack the whole oh behold oh the hole is getting bigger and bigger every day has this man picked a new quadrant so many new Oh oh there she go oh my God I almost went down I thought there was a a Vine wall here oh here it is oh my God I think I could survive that drop though I think I can survive that drop he got holded that was pretty close I thought that’s where it

Was this this is him paying me back I SP points on this man yeah there is yeah I I died and he bought me back look at you have a lovely little outfit that is good wait wait let me just wait P you come

Here give me a sec um build a gym yep yep yep oh look at Jimmy getting naked and pix’s hole oh my hey hey get that spy glass out of here I see it I see you you undressing in piece of no I was just taking off my armor nothing about the no

I caught you red-handed no you didn’t yep in myle peeping Tom I’m a peeper oh good job you are something else doing all right aren’t I you doing better than last time you little cheap skate only doing a three block hole no hey that wasn’t me that was pix’s system

You can’t beat the system yeah yeah that’s I will I will fully yeah I will fully ouch for Jimmy at that point that was definitely the system there’s uh this is all split into chunks and because of the curvature of the wall there is one area where there was just

Like a three block area that needed digging out and he he rolled that from the dispensers that determine which chunk you should dig out there’s a p got good curvature in his the diamond I’m very much looking forward to that he could absolutely have like you know said

Well that’s it you you said I needed to come over here and dig out a hole and I’ve dug out a hole but no he came back and did this one as well mugy baby what up sweet boy have to do if you use one of your coins on us um maybe but

Then then again like that pix his way yeah this this is this is something Jimmy did sort of semi volunteer to do so I I think if if you use a coin on somebody you do owe them something but I feel like it doesn’t always have to be

This uh in this case though this felt like something worth Jimmy doing so I’m I’m having him do it yeah Ollie Ollie and uh FIP they haven’t asked me to do anything and I I’m not going to remind them so um I actually uh saved you so uh you

Do owe me yeah they don’t have to they don’t have to dig out a hole this you just reminded me that uh you actually owe me now thank you yeah hey my my own I’m going to put you to work you no please please I’m going to put you to

Work now I don’t want to work in the food truck I don’t want to work in the I’m going to you’re going to be a bartender for me one day I don’t want you’re bartending at the Winchester one night I’m let you know when it’s time um

You can get him dancing on the little stage yes you can be my little dancer Eloise perfect yes you are in charge of dancing in my stage and perform one night this week coming okay how about a Tuesday are you busy Tuesday just tell just tell me the date and I’ll

Be there Tuesday 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I just I just there’s no uniform is there it’s just me I need you to get in your best cat made outfit no no the rules that’s the rules Tuesday rules rul please I saved your life you said you could do you’re going to do

Anything for the person who saved you and I want you to dance this Tuesday in a catm outfit I’ll I’ll uh I’ll think about it no no no it’s stop thinking about it you get your best cat outfit and you meow meow meow for me next [Laughter]

Tuesday meow meow meow meow meow meow meow yeah practice practice practice that’s a good good start Good Start I I’ll I’ll be there Tuesday what time am I turning up around 2:00 2 p.m. eastern time and what’s my what’s my shift what’s my hours uh just just just you

Know just just a good just a good 30 minutes you don’t even have to go that far 30 minutes of dancing everyone’s going to come over um we might get maybe the whole server will be there just to watch you dance excuse me I thought it was just well you’re going to be

Performing at the Winchester it’s the grand opening technically yeah everyone’s going to be there today yeah oh my it’s the grand opening you know I just stocked it up today so the grand opening Tuesday actually Tuesday that’s tomorrow you better get ready tomorrow oh gosh I’m digging holes on

Mond on Tuesday what is this it’s okay you’re getting strong your muscles are going to be all nice and roughing up from all this digging you’re doing oh my gosh yeah I’ll oh my M there’s a there’s a giant hole underneath us uhoh is there man Tuesday’s going to be such an awesome

Hold on ho hold on hole action put up some walls going have to put up some but this is pretty good actually cuz it makes uh that we don’t have to I don’t have to M why are you helping me here you’re you’re uh you’re helping me out

Here helping the brother out I appr it’s really satisfying watching those Stone like that stone break from above yeah I like watching I’m just peeping soothing yeah yeah this is the source of so many good uh time lapse bits oh that is relaxing hno that is relaxing

Corner if I fall from here I’m I’m okay probably guys if you want any blocks come down and get them actually do I need I’m I’ve got no I’ll wait for deep deep slate I’ll take some deep slate when you’re then a lovely why you come down and help

Sausage I don’t have efficiency five I apologize and don’t don’t take any deep slate cuz I need it to rebuild I haven’t I haven’t silk touched enough deep slate yet oh that’s true you need a silk touch too cuz that’s the original need about I need about 30,000 blocks of deep 30,000

Fly me yeah Fair he’s going he’s going he’s going he coming up sorry I was just very excited I haven’t touched it in a long time look you coming friend oh I need spider eye sign spider oh by the way I need for potions oh got three of them your villager died

In the boat oh yeah that’s fine it was a nit anyway oh what an idiot yeah I figured he I I cured him but he wasn’t going to last long uh I think we might have to poor little fell yeah I was I was testing whether or

Not uh nitwits would cure into villagers that could take professions turns out they don’t so uh now I know cure back into netw yeah yeah Green C and it didn’t even look different for being in a jungle St right I know but yeah like I I was hoping that it look like a

Cheeseburger like the other jungle villagers do but it didn’t so I was like it’s fine cheeseburger with extra lettuce is what I was hoping for silly man at least you get a fresh head you get a nitw head out of them yeah yeah I

I I assumed that a zombie just at it so I I did not uh oh you didn’t convert for the for the NIT whip but never mind n we don’t need it wait I’m going to get out of here I’m I’m I’m I I don’t want to go in your hall all

Day very few people do yes but fortunately I’m married so fortunately yes no I’m going to make theend impossible to escape one of these days right we just we basically have to confirm all of the stuff just embrace it embrace it I finally I finally got around to watching

The uh the the clip in Jimmy’s video of you lot messing around with his tier list and just you laughing so loud in the background it was I lost it I literally lost it I I cried there was tears real tears I’ve genuinely like this has been

You’ve been doing these bits for a while but I’ve genuinely never heard you laugh that hard I just didn’t expect him well for one I did expect him to read it I did expect because he does that but I didn’t expect him to read it the way he

Read it yeah yeah full on like you’re like why are you Ron Burgundy now he literally he literally he couldn’t just he could have said it normally just like breathe through it and just said boss and then keep going but he went balls balls and I I was done really put the

Emphasis on there yeah I was done that’s that’s all it took for me I’m fine I’m I’m I’mma put one on this sign as well just in case he comes back and rereads it later and then he probably will oh picked this up here you go uh oh that’s fine that’s

Fine oh you you pushed the button yeah yeah this this is how you choose what chunk to dig out if you’re somebody who likes a bit of Randomness I I feel like you need the randomness to to make the digging chunks of ground more fun A2 there you go

Sausage you’re committed to that now in fact I don’t think A2 exists I think it starts at A3 because of the curve oh goody so uh you got you got off Scot three there I think bless Scott’s not here Scott’s not here yeah he is he was

Here he’s AFK we are currently Scot free so many BL oh my God yeah I have I have far too many blocks oh oh do you need the smooth Stone how am I doing this I’m going to take some smooth Stu go back have I need smooth Stu have please have have take

Take I yeated smooth Stone uh-oh he call a few to his hole I shall return momentarily he’s stuck in the hole I shall return momentarily oh I’m so glad I didn’t get stuck uh digging out that hole I’m leaving before it’s too late before pix goes like you

Know what you can you can stay and dig out hole stuff no I’m I’m G I’m leaving bye but this is my is this mine no look no lower ahead just in case no lower ahead just in case yes so we have Jimmy working at the Winchester he thought I forgot he

Thought that pixel RI was the only one who saved him and the only one asking for a favor no he says that whenever somebody saves him he owes them something so he’s he’s in pix’s hole for when PX saved him but now I saved as

Well so he’s going to be dancing at the Winchester as in a catmaid outfit this Tuesday which guess what is tomorrow yep it’s tomorrow I’m going to make sure I record all that I’m going to put the nicest music and and he’s I’m going to get the replay mod going I’m going to

Invite everybody on the server and we’re going to watch Jim dance right before we do something very special uh tomorrow uh and it’s going to be great in the afternoon of course I’m going to make sure he’s well rested uh and ready to go for the dancing that he’s going to be

Performing it’s so good it’s so nice it’s so great what a what a great day this is I was so glad I was reminded that he owed me one very good times you guys you know what you’re welcome you’re welcome let everyone on Twitter and Tumblr know post that clip let people

Know the dance of the cat made gym the furry boy is coming he was a big dog once now it’s going to be a little kitty cat he’s going to be a little kitty cat is going to purr in our lap at the Winchester tomorrow it’s going to be so

Good oh God Papa streaming I can’t stream it I got to save that for the video I got to save it for the video no streaming I got to save that one that’s perfect content for for for for immortalizing it in video in video form that should not be streamed that should

Not be that should be something we can keep uh forever and ever in in in a greatest hits uh video trust me it’s going to be worth it because you know I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to do a bunch of like I’m do a bunch of

Replay mod I’m going to do a little glow camera angles you can see his little kitty cat paws start going like dancing going around the structural support it’s going to be a great time it’s going be it’s going to be there’s no lore to it it’s just going to be

Jimmy being Jimmy it’s going to be no lore to it you know it’s going to be good times oh but you know what that’s the perfect the perfect way to end today’s stream we streamed for 3 hours and a half a perfect stream nothing bad happened

Nobody died we we stocked up became a bartender we build a nice little food truck we hung out with Jimmy and we did great stuff with Ollie uh U you know it’s going to be a good time and guess what I’m going to build a stiffer Sanctuary too coming up very soon

Probably in the same video but we’ll see and maybe we’ll go into the end one of these days maybe maybe we’ll do a party at the end either way it’s going to be it’s going to be so good uh enjoy that Tumblr let Tumblr know uh everyone’s

Gonna have the best you know what that that’s going to be some good fan art right there Jimmy dancing while everyone’s there sitting at the Winchester looking at him throwing a bunch of uh stuff at him not we don’t like that um emeralds we’ll pay him in

Emeralds or something we’ll make it rain emeralds for that boy that’s fine but is there anybody to ra who R oh no Freya thank you so much thank you for for for gifted subes and all the people who sub today thank you so much we had so many

Things torn wall tor Tor Torell subed when I was chitchatting with everybody at the whole thank you so much thank you for everybody who followed all the people who came by all the raids we had all the follows we had all the subs we had all all the salmon slappers we did

That’s my voice who is there to raid who can we raid on this beautiful day we must raid somebody you know our boy impulse is live I’mma give I’mma give you guys the impulse let him know he’s a beautiful man and he has lovely french

Fries on his head he a lovely boy uh let’s let’s let’s go right and Paul uh I love your face thank you so much for being here I’m gonna probably stream again soon I’ll probably stream maybe we stream Wednesday maybe we stream W maybe we do a stream on Wednesday I’ll let you

Guys know ahead of time all right I’ll let you know ahead of time I give you I’ll give you the heads up on Twitter uh and all over the place okay let’s let’s go give impulse he sweet little sweet boy sweet boy cyberpunk boy impulse some

Love just put # sausage raid and we’ll raate that sweet man but thank you for coming thank you for being here I love your face and I will see you on the next one which is very very soon very very very very soon MW MW kisses and hugs

We’re raing impulse now no lore no lore oops

This video, titled ‘Building a Food Truck on Minecraft SOS!!!’, was uploaded by MythicalSausage on 2024-03-20 14:00:25.
It has garnered 7240 views and 274 likes. The duration of the video is 03:32:32 or 12752 seconds.

In today’s Minecraft SOS Live Stream VOD we’re stocking up potions in our tavern, and building a food truck to sell food to the server!!!

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at

#minecraft #hardcore #sos

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