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watch explosion doesn’t just for the kill down that required to Mone is it’s not really worth it like I don’t know if it’s may like Hit Mobile people or something I don’t know if this may been an eoe but like the fireball ends up hitting mobile people anyway so looks like gingi should have kept his mind to her for what it didn’t do anything what do you mean you might keep it on your person is it may sit out and like like Gall energy over what does it do it does something at the moment I think I’m Reckoning it’s going to open a portal or some junk feel the chat’s being Shifty try Le me to do something stupid I’d believe it I think it’s in plan to make barriers that would make sense well we would never I [ __ ] no you f you f of hilarious having me open up portal at my front door I don’t that’s actually what it does but I’m just assuming that it’s doing something all right I’m low on Mana at this point so I’m just going to get in here and just uh yeah there we go 26 XP lovely that’s so much work for something it’s way stronger than a h Goblin boss it doesn’t give much more than a Hob Goblin bsh but hey that’s how it goes I suppose one’s a boss and eight also where the F did that bear go I see the Red Dot here which means it’s underground oh wait no no no that’s that’s the other thing that’s the that’s the that’s the skullet thing now okay in that case uh what is over here I’m assuming it’s not just the skele of the one I killed that one time fck maybe it is where AEL go I think you only beat the minion the boss still oh don’t mean that is the boss I’m just talking about the minion is has got like 40 it’s like level 40 odds whereas the Hogg boss level 20 odds and yet the H go boss gives like 20 XP and the that that minion gave 26 meaning for the ratio is not much stronger much more you know also okay the Red Gate was up here where the fact where is everything where are they all they’re all gone but the boss is still in the area so where is it win squ vanish there a lot of red dots here where are they all hold on let’s cave here they all come in here I is creepers that’s no kids good this I’ll take the iron M here I have Fortune now so I can got a whole bunch of it once there is fck all here Oho okay the mobs disappeared so it’s somewhere in the area it’s not up this way so they all have gone down the hill then all right hold on hold on hold on hold on go back to the gate yeah it’s still showing up on the map so it’s somewhere in the area it’s just a game of Weir a sure let’s go try and track down this thing I should definitely not be filing at this point never mind it’s no longer in the area where the heck is this thing it actually despawn no it’s still in the area Okay where this is the version where netherite armor and weapons are easier to get I’ll tell your word on it I haven’t se I found a beer yes I’ll take it oh wait oh no oh they went underground didn’t they they proba under there idiots how could you doish I can probably take this bear and a square F right now that I’ve injured it but look like it’ll get good shots at me since I’ll be like right on level with it but we’ll dramatically speed up the battle so or you know it’ll Miss because of the not back some a time oh cool all right now we’re in the corner oh fck fire B yeah okay maybe don’t Square go the bear it was a terrible idea maybe I miscalculated and I’m taking this thing with me oh here look who’s still alive in the hole D this time I will finish you finished one you off before I’ll do it again a gay open you don’t say where though like somewhere nearby me uh hold on [ __ ] up to where the Red Gate is never mind it’s right there but say from this high point surely I’d be able to find it okay wherever the wherever the boss has gone off to like I don’t know where it is like it’s somewhere nearby here but it’s also man to f off somehow so I don’t know what’s going on also that’s literally in lava game game that’s literally in lava I don’t think you seem to realized this but that’s lava it’s less than an ideal Place well well well would you look at that portals can be moved by water you see that’s definitely not something we could abuse in any sort of way anyway please have golems in you yes finally I mean there’s Golems here too but I’ll take where I can get Golems yes finally and get XP I mean it only worth seven but I mean it’s more than what I was getting a minute ago more Golems more Golems me i d oh bunk okay the all B dagger uh not keen on it I’m getting hit by something a bunch what oh fck I apparently missed that there interesting all you guys are slow Firebolt fire definitely uh work combos with this I mostly just want to beat things up and crit them though so I can beat them really quickly honestly like the piercing does a lot for me in that but like actual let okay okay okay okay uh Fireball get out of here this is a Golem Goblin dungeon so make sure to look down to yeah I know I see the Goblins there are a whole bunch of them that’s a hobgoblin boss which you know whatever H could just Blitz it past them these aren’t worth a lot ow get out of here bunk okay yeah they’re doing like no damage now the now en chants were worth itk okay there’s the Mage there somewhere I don’t know where you are I can’t see yet there you are fire ball BK all right amongst like Kos I got him cool oh my words there’s a whole bunch of them oh dear Firebolt he’s coming then I got stuck a fcker all right fine fine fine get out of here [ __ ] Mage Goblin all right Lads Firebolt got your hit boxes is so awkward get him J should be fireproof since he has uh since a fire Mage I ask how that works because you can bend there fire doesn’t mean you’re immune to getting burnt by it I said though yeah fire resistance is looking more and more like an acceptable option on my armor at this point this for I often have to deal with these fers but I know that actually I’m say I know I know that won’t last like technically from going into like you know the hill dungeon and all this fire resistance would be handy again I don’t know what enemies you fight against later on so which way is the goblin ball oh no burn him and there he is Firebolt got him I don’t all right let’s just go straight for now wait no I can see I can clearly see the M straight does not get me anywhere cool yeah there’s the boss you took no damage from that fire there you punk no the a strank made from the marot wasn’t fireproof he said X and control over fire still had to fall the RS of handling fire look if iies taught me anything it’s the people that throw fire around can just as easily end up having burn like fiery burns on their skin I stand by that logic just CU you can shoot something doesn’t mean te necessarily you are immune to it also hey we leveled up from the pointless little Gobles I think I P is at level 20 nice I feel like to uhoh well that’s a m there back away you miss fire yeah I think I got buk all right where’s the boss there he is pretty sure yeah okay we’re fire bolt you are actually getting stuck on the crystals that’s hilarious w’t last though get back I see you there little Goblin all right dud that’s just let go get in the corner come on I need I have KN back on my daggers unfortunately you have to get you in a corner now so we can actually beat you up properly also Fireball oh sorry I didn’t see you there nor Firebolts I keep say fire it’s not fireboat it’s Fireball all right there we go sell crystals 2500 Bank nice don’t want to grab all these crystals it’s a bit pointless but sure like I have nothing to spend my money on but sure oh well Le fin Golems do exist may not be many of them but they exist so B why does he Taun me like this where the f are you I know it’s around to some but where where is he I swear I saw a big GP of these guys like I first spawned in where did they all go I’ve literally seen one ice elf and like three Ice Bears and that’s been it I wondering where they all went to Aha Are You The Boss or like you just a regular I generally have no way an knowing it’s the boss well I’ll all right T to play game to play game can I hit him back before he gets me danil no okay kill I’m just going to fire at him then ow I got one headed fck all right Co he’s doding ah the fcker of course he is right well he is stuck in a hole so ow he can hit me from there that’s unfortunate dud can you like claim this war and actually get to me please like please like please come on I’d rather fight you in the water would I in the water I mean I can just keep shooting fireball it’s not doing a lot but like not 100 or so I I’ll beat them I can’t Square goem straight up like we know this even with my enchantments and stuff I’m too low level my defense are too small oh out there I would rather him be on the water cuz I think I could deal with him on the water and straight line much simpler than him being in a stupid little bit like this I like say I could at least going and stab him while my health is high that’ be nice plus I could off hand the other dagger and let you know hope it gives a lot of XP I think people say gives like 40 which you know I need 300 now so it’s not enough for a level up but whatever get the spear for reach sh shop spear silver spear purchase okay hold on we need get off my off hand the poison dagger on there we go ow oh [ __ ] yeah unfortunately because of the angle of everything like I I still think he’s just as likely to get me as I am to get him also I’m not getting the dagger poison this way this is quite unfortunate also I’m slowly irking closer cuz the water in the way he’s immune to poison and bleeds oh wait if poison and bleed works by level and stuff it’s probably so much higher level Dage he proba I probably just can’t hurt him with it cu the level difference which would make sense to be fair it would make sense it was worth a try but yeah unfortunately we’re just too weak like Hing in the water those a real pain CU it means my Fire doesn’t get as much impact on him my fire goes out huh yeah is a CH weapon I suppose that’s a thing from the uh it’s probably the better combat mod maybe I don’t know I mean that logic if I go in my dagger and him actually I I could I was say I could use a bow I need to get a bow with infinity on it so I can like shoot arrows that probably poison to them that would do nothing thing oh look two hits oh guys he terrifying DOD come back damn it all right let’s put the magic staff back on I actually generally don’t feel this magic staff doing anything but whatever apparently it’s doing something so I’ll take it get back uh oh where are you going D oh thank you go Sub Spot for subscribing thank you thank you all right apparently he’s in there now uh-oh uhoh uh oh please I must keep the high grounds other right the Speer hurts there he is hello yeah now you’re going to struggle and I can burn you okay this is working better oh yeah there we go that’s more like it what’s that zero % Health bunk got him oh hey I got his dagger what does this thingy do gives me plus three speed paralysis effect plus 10% bonus damage what three Speedman like I’m assuming it’s not talking about the agility clearly so I just run quicker with a dagger in hand I assume so uh weapon attack damage nine attack range two oh it C attack wait oh it’s acknowledging the staff in my off hand yo no I don’t want this to get broken maybe speed me more Dodge could be so the staff has a range of 2.5 cuz spear like weapon the spear has attack range of 3.5 regular daggers have an attack speed of two and two and okay these don’t okay these aren’t being part of the other mod though attack range okay so that’s just 2.5 is the standard attack range then yes this actually has less attack range than the axe and stuff cool all right so there’s no extra attack range good to know okay I think we are moving quicker with this try spear in the elepant that’ do be an idea I’ll you just put another dagger in the offense Let’s Go Crazy or I can just yeah I can put the dag put the Venom one offense I didn’t kill him one hit interesting uh 2,000 durability okay so I can’t let this thing die I need to keep this weapon in good Nick I need to keep this thing in good Nick I can’t I can’t lose this thing thing’s too good interesting yeah we are lot quicker while wielding it or at least when we Dash anyway when we walk normal it’s not a big difference most likely won’t work because it’s two-handed Oh you mean the spear uh maybe yeah it doesn’t even count I’ve got this I’ve got in my hand it doesn’t even acknowledge it there’s the N we missed one yo ow be gone be gone shorty oh several more okay this is where they all were they were further in also there a portal there hello all right d let’s play a [Music] game mostly me figuring out if I can hit you without getting hurt but apparently that’s not the case holy [ __ ] uh yeah spear uh let’s try this instead R safe distance far away Firebolt fireable a man a spear keep them at distance okay knock back on the spear might not be bad if I want to use it as like a knockback weapon keep spamming get close to get spear away can lunch fire while I’m doing it I don’t all my [ __ ] mouth I suppose cuz I don’t know where else I’m launching it from this kind of works get a little B spear damage every now and then I I get animation combos though that’s kind of Cool’s only doing four to 15 damage yeah I’ll take it some okay cool because I remember if we if we bu two daggers we do get a combination attack thing just we have to have two weapons that actually count as daggers for the trigger which unfortunately uh the Fang and the night killer don’t count and yet regular dagger and this one does but I think it’s cuz dagger is in the actual name it considers an actual dagger that’s neat also that was way quicker didn’t give us that much more XP though to be fair well then yellow ow fuing h fire all right let’s play the stab game again Bring It On okay now he’s getting a ke hit I don’t like that [ __ ] hell you’re back there St out luckily he’s not doing too much damage to Mak can tank it but like the problem keeps getting hits in this is such a dumb combo in fact it’s working on higher level enemies but whatever I arguably would be quicker just going through a dungeon fill a Golem though Golems give me way more XP cuz I can kill a lot of them in the time it kills to kill one so yeah a difference there wait no no no no no no no get back get away there we go 21 XP whereas alternatively We Could Just Kill three golems and get more than that prom is finding Golems that’s the big problem all right we’re in go we’re looking at goblins boss Golem half injured yo demon was in here that looked a bit bear when I first walked in yo all right then Firebolt bring it on oh yeah swing’s done it oh yeah it can paralyze enemies now can’t it it will threw out a crystal me I don’t I I really don’t have much to spend on like can you enchant the St a Anvil uh maybe I don’t know what youd enchant it with though only thing what Goblin oh I know why this is so much weaker oh hold on N killer main hand that off hand still get the speed Bush but now yeah it’s cuz I’m not cring I can’t get crits with that mod I don’t think I can so yeah that’s the difference uh when I create things I kill them so so much quicker which makes sense it’s cre quit uh okay that’s interesting that’s very interesting also it says there is a couple of golems in here one of being level 24 there’s the boss yo Boss how you feeling about me just uh Waring a bit that pal effect going bunk bunk bunk bnk I mean you were already half injured I suppose but you know actually yeah being half that actually did make a bit of a difference also hello little get out of here bunk bunk bunk thought something was coming from me there but never mind got him and so cell glorious oh the beautiful Golem dungeons one defile yeah I’ve got three more points to spend know where to put them though just going to save them for now I guess just hope I can come across more uh Golem things I am wondering though did he even like log out did he just die and then quit or like did he log out in the dungeon cuz it crashed or something like I I don’t know what happened not kind of curious what’s going to happen to him when he gets back in actually I know what’s going to happen to him when he gets back in he’s going to go wait no never mind now I was about say he’s going to go in the penalty Zone but no he did his quest in more other hand he’s probably going to go in the penalty Zone yo stop actually does good work L I mean okay I’m not going to win but like pain very hurty still poal up there who yo hello yo Jing I mean I have 12 agility already crazy fast not much Point more I don’t know what the whole stat thing for a delay is I know there’s obviously the chance of like Dodge appearing but I I don’t know what the rate is so what the point of it is yo it’s tank Bic is isn’t it I need to kill all the Sheep here for food cuz we are running out this isn’t close enough to where I live get back I have not back damn it uhoh oh yeah Fireball yeah keep running at me Fireball so on the war with me let’s see how this treats you I Fireball you o living you’re not as quick as what the elf will actually time to test the three again so dumb but it works what he can’t do anything look at him he’s CAU such a toxic combination oh beautiful anyway destroyed 32 experience that’s more than what I got from the boss yeah I think the Bears are a lot the Bears are so much easier than the the I eles you want bleed on night dagger that would be good but for that so what I can do is I can just keep buying more daggers with all the money that I don’t need and just keep trying my enchant lock until I get a good one then I can merge the good ones together with my other ones so I just end up with the ultimate night dagger you know use Fireball animals with more than one heart wait there’s a chicken there it’s full Fireball see it doesn’t actually count as like bur like proper burning is the problem it’s kind of just killing them with like un effect but basically the anal would need to live my initial fire attack and then you know B actually burn on fire but they don’t survive the initial attack cuz they’re too weak all right what we got what we got what we got there Goblins the boss yo you made my life so much simpler sir come here come over here come on perfect I’ll take it oh let me let me eat this real quick all right continue Fireball bnk Fireball again dungeon cleared record time we speedrun this thing I have no bread left oh get old food ha all right T to on a food run is it generally all just a goblin is it just a goblin cave it’s just a goblin cave right there’s no there’s no point of me going in here there’s no Golems or anything it’s just going to be me suffering at the hands of goblins for a while with no food I refuse to pay for bread I ain’t doing it I saw a lot of enemies right there yo guys line up Fireball super Fireball thrives got the Lord of enies and a 20 fo range of each other obliterate them excellent so crystals Happy Days BK let’s just say it’s the next D and D time I need to play an actual spellcaster so I can learn Fireball down line don’t campaign that gion figure that one out there sh sell I am actually okay I’m I’m going to stay here for a bit I’m going to try and clear out the Goblin I can level up I’m I’m close I have to be careful since I’m not perfect start uh yeah I’m not recovering uh health I’m going to be a little bit careful explosion that is single targeted it’s poting it that’s so I don’t think it does enough to be worth it no yes it’s explosion not much more I I really need to get Dy attach this I’m really curious at this point I feel like it does that much more level up I’m getting out of here there’s no golems in here it ain’t worth them getting out of here I just wanted to play around and get the the level up so I saw a Golem on the map and it was a goblin yeah I thought the same I I do I get excited occasionally thinking is that a Golem no it’s it’s just a goblin it’s always just a goblin it’s quite unfortunate really anyway Tim is need to check his spell skills off XP I need to check a few things really like I’m I’m quite curious about a few things when it comes to the spellcasting aspects of this world but um yeah we need dummy cuz I I want to actually hit a thing so I can see the number attached nothing look cool maybe you should fix how messed up your point distribution is like I can’t help it okay like I I I didn’t build to be a mage I built to be strong oh my intelligence will overate my strength after I put more into I know I need to up a Jil a little bit but like I don’t know how big having a Jil that much har do I know you get quicker with it which can be useful especially probably at later levels when things get stronger but you know yeah let me Mage life chose me and chose the Mage life I you chose to be a fire Mage could have been the Healer Mage like the Healer Mage life just wasn’t doing it for me okay like I I healed one heart it was pathetic maybe it would have gotten better I don’t know though I don’t know if it would maybe I would just stay pathetic anyway going to test this really quick so all right that in there give me that give me that who have breaking three book that we could put on Unbreaking three books uh that we could put on one of the daggers just to make it better uh sharpness four and bleeding SE oh oh it’s perfect it’s exactly what we wanted okay hold hold on before we go crazy into do that uh what other stuff can we get before we go into liel story what else can we do um let’s figure that one out together what else needs Enchanted my boots uh protection three protection okay you’re all fan bus protection three nice exactly what I wanted book efficiency three I really care about it for my pickaxe uh could put on the what can you do oh wait a minute hold on there’s a more obvious answer this one the baraca daggers sure why not okay yeah you can keep that on like okay it’s it’s just Unbreaking that’s fine okay that’s whatever but you know that that’s still useful that’s still useful in the daggers yeah I’m just a bit disappoint you didn’t give me more Unbreaking Tre doesn’t tell me anything I already have the books for it I didn’t want it as better anyway okay uh bleed plus thing other I’m pretty sure cost way more won’t it no oh all right we’re doing that one then uh with that we repair the dagger sweeping Edge three not back two bleeding three and sharpness four which will burst the damage the dagger up from 15 to 17.5 so that’s nice BL uh then from there we take this lovely book of unbasic three and we go bon bon and then we have sweeping a three not back two bleeding three sharpness 4 Unbreaking three fantastic it’s a it’s a very beautiful dagger now plus that equals that awesome dummy have a test what’s the re requirement for NK I have no idea I don’t there is a level requirement or what just I I just have I just have skills I have you anyway we launy fireb I see 26 there I think I said 26 there yeah 26 okay so our regular Fireball does 26 explosion I think Miss true uh holds on let’s aim it properly This Time Explosion and see what damage it did annoying skill that uh dagger oh hey that’s a bleed effect Al that does 37 now oh that’s fantastic that is oh it’s beautiful that is fantastic look at the little thing bleeds anyway right cool uh just to check if I put three points in intelligence training no yeah it does effect generally did just startop my power bag but see what crit does 56 okay so Al my intelligence is directly affect the power of my Fireball it may not feel it sometimes but it is directly doing it also yeah I’ll put the other two points in Vitality just to run off that’s that so my Vitality over sorry right as well it keeps my La a bit more uh Co yeah so I have to power up my dagger but like that’s still decent check the armor Pierce I mean the best way I can do that is I’d have to do a normal attack and then do one with this but i’ have to put armor on the dummy I I I’m just going to assume it’s doing that like this is more just a if it was an enemy with no armor but we know if it is armor the night tiger is going to do the best work it’s typically how it works I really want to know what fing explosion does though it’s bothering me that I don’t know what it does and I don’t see a damage show up show me your secrets okay well my original plan of building base stuff did not work but we did get our level up too higher than demon so the end of the day that’s all that really matters assuming he is actually at level 20 not level 23 so we’ll see about that one but yeah okay we upgraded our gear I got the enchant stuff going so that’s all well and cool uh yeah I think for today probably GNA end things there for okay people are saying okay supposed to increase my power by 20% Bon 34 what if it’s in the off hand 34 yeah works that is good to know that is okay so everything does work as it should that’s a fantastic feeling but right anyway people for now though we’re going to end things there next time hopefully have some of the others with me I don’t know I believe tomorrow may doing DD I don’t know may about do more stuff so that could be fun but yeah for now all end things there thank you all very much for watching we’ll see you all next time for more solo leveling stuff where hopefully I can get to the next tier dungeon and I actually do want to build a base around this area so that’ll be a thing to do at some point but that whatever ask for next but yeah so yeah for that thank you all for watching go bye everybody also just want to say a quick thank you to all of our channel members for the extra support and a special thank you and shout out to our Elite members the jining members Sebastian Ramsey and Aiden is gone and our unb member monster Q thank you all very much for the extra awesome support

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    Unleash Your Power on Minewind Minecraft Server Welcome Minecraft enthusiasts! Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of facing off against powerful foes in Minecraft? Well, look no further! Join us on Minewind Minecraft Server for an epic adventure like no other. Imagine taking on formidable enemies like the Warden, but with a twist – using gun mode in Minecraft to defeat them. The excitement, the challenge, the adrenaline rush – it’s all waiting for you on Minewind. With a vibrant community of players and endless possibilities for exploration and conquest, Minewind offers a unique and exhilarating Minecraft experience that you won’t find anywhere else…. Read More

  • Minecraft: The Tragicomedy 😂 #minecraft #memes

    Minecraft: The Tragicomedy 😂 #minecraft #memes When you spend hours building an epic castle in Minecraft, only to realize you forgot to save and it all disappears when you exit the game. 😭 #minecraft #memes Read More

  • Franklin’s Freaky FNF Character Test

    Franklin's Freaky FNF Character Test Minecraft Meets FNF: A Colorful Crossover When the worlds of Minecraft and FNF collide, magic happens. In a recent video by Baby Ddong, viewers were treated to a delightful mashup of FNF characters testing their skills in the Minecraft universe. Let’s dive into the exciting gameplay and animations that unfolded in this unique crossover! Character Test Galore The video showcased a variety of FNF characters engaging in a character test within the Minecraft realm. From Garten of Banban to Coach Pickles, the characters faced off in a series of challenges that tested their abilities. The colorful and vibrant world… Read More

  • Discover the Unspoken Thrills of Minewind Minecraft Server

    Discover the Unspoken Thrills of Minewind Minecraft Server Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and greatest news from the Minecraft community! Today, we stumbled upon a fun and entertaining YouTube video titled “Minecraft:哪些话说了和没说一样?【我的世界方块轩】” which showcases the creativity and humor that Minecraft creators bring to the table. While watching this video, we couldn’t help but think about the vibrant and exciting community over at Minewind Minecraft Server. With its unique gameplay features, intense PvP action, and thriving player base, Minewind offers an experience like no other. If you’re looking to dive into a world full of adventure, creativity, and endless possibilities, then Minewind is the… Read More

  • Sonic OST Covered in Minecraft!

    Sonic OST Covered in Minecraft! Minecraft Note Block Cover: Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog Green Hill Zone, a beloved track from the iconic Sonic The Hedgehog game, has been recreated in Minecraft using Note Blocks and Redstone. This impressive feat showcases the creativity and dedication of Minecraft players in bringing popular tunes to life within the game. The Creation Process This Minecraft Note Block Cover of Green Hill Zone was meticulously crafted by ear, without the use of external programs or mods. The creator spent approximately 3 hours perfecting the arrangement, which consists of around 300 Note Blocks. The attention to detail… Read More

  • EPIC BUILD BATTLE: Noob vs Pro in Elemental House Challenge!

    EPIC BUILD BATTLE: Noob vs Pro in Elemental House Challenge!Video Information This video, titled ‘NOOB vs PRO: ELEMENTAR HAUS BAU CHALLENGE in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Ukri on 2024-04-08 15:30:27. It has garnered 88550 views and 2663 likes. The duration of the video is 00:36:12 or 2172 seconds. 💦➜ Ukri & Semlaki Element Girl : Ukri and @Semlaki are building an element house in Minecraft! To protect SemUkri City with Semlaki, Orksui, Nelly and Billy from an element water and lava tsunami. The safe element base includes traps, parkour and many other things that the other player has to do. Who builds the safest element house at the… Read More

  • Exploring Terrifying Minecraft Cave

    Exploring Terrifying Minecraft CaveVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft cave horror’, was uploaded by Jaccmers on 2024-04-23 08:16:03. It has garnered 2 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:29 or 569 seconds. First time with moded minecraft. Read More


    SURVIVING 100 DAYS ON A CHERRY TREE - EPIC MINECRAFT CHALLENGE!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 100 Days On A Single Cherry Tree In Minecraft Hardcore Full Movie In Hindi’, was uploaded by Zendiago Gaming on 2024-04-21 02:30:08. It has garnered 15744 views and 303 likes. The duration of the video is 01:03:50 or 3830 seconds. In This Video I’m Gonna Survive 100 Days On A Single Cherry Tree In Minecraft Hardcore Can I Survive 100 Days On A Single Cherry Tree In Minecraft Hardcore I survived 100 Days On A Single Cherry Tree In Minecraft Hardcore I Turned A Single Cherry Tree Into Cherry Island In Minecraft Hardcore… Read More

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    "Apsiin - Mind-Blowing Edit | Songs of War | Click NOW!" #epicedit #mustseeVideo Information This video, titled ‘Quick edit | Songs of War | #edits #songsofwar #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by Apsiin on 2023-12-08 05:48:17. It has garnered 4045 views and 241 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. Read More

  • Join our EPIC Minecraft Server NOW! Java + MCPE

    Join our EPIC Minecraft Server NOW! Java + MCPEVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Live Survival Server Anyone Can Join Java + Mcpe Bedrock’, was uploaded by Smoke Zone Plays on 2024-03-16 03:26:55. It has garnered 16 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:23:54 or 1434 seconds. #minecraftlive #gamerfleet #bixuislive #minecraftsurvival #minecraftserver #minecraftsurvivalworld 🔴 MINECRAFT LIVE INDIA || Java + Mcpe Server || Join Now🤗 port:-44047 server name :-smoke zone server Click this link to watch how to join our server :- join our discord :- / Ignore keywords /++ live with subscribers in hindi, minecraft live with subscribers java, minecraft live with subscribers pe… Read More

  • “INSANE MINECRAFT IRON GOLEM SPAWN!? 😱” #Shortfeed #cliffhanger

    "INSANE MINECRAFT IRON GOLEM SPAWN!? 😱" #Shortfeed #cliffhangerVideo Information This video, titled ‘Will Iron Golem Spawn (All Mobs Head)😱 ? #Shortfeed #minecraft’, was uploaded by Hii Gaming on 2024-03-31 03:13:51. It has garnered 14200 views and 450 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. minecraft, j and mikey, maizen, mikey andj, ij and mikey minecraft, minecraftj and mikey, maizen minecraft, j and mikey roblox, siren head, shorts, minecraft ghost, roblox, mikey and j minecraft, sonic, choo choo charles, maizen roblox, sakura, granny, herobrine, jj mikey, chainsaw man, minecraft shorts, minecraft minecraft, choo-choo-charles, jj and mikey minecraft 100 days, minecraft mikey and j, monster school,… Read More

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    <p>"R0yal MC - INSANE <em>META</em> MONEY MAKING ON MINECADIA!"</p>Video Information This video, titled ‘THE BEST STARTER MONEY MAKING *META* ON FACTIONS! | Minecraft Factions | Minecadia’, was uploaded by R0yal MC on 2024-03-27 03:32:07. It has garnered 5461 views and 121 likes. The duration of the video is 00:22:05 or 1325 seconds. THE BEST STARTER MONEY MAKING *META* ON FACTIONS ———————————————————————————————– Server | (Pirate Realm!) ———————————————————————————————– Texture Pack: 32 OCN ———————————————————————————————– Hit “LIKE” for more MINECRAFT Factions! ———————————————————————————————- Community Discord : ———————————————————————————- FOLLOW MY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA! Livestream – Twitter – Read More

  • Deadly Showdown: War of Mobs in Minecraft 💥 #shorts

    Deadly Showdown: War of Mobs in Minecraft 💥 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Instanse Battle: The War of Mobs 😈 pt-03 #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Sajeed Starz on 2024-04-22 07:00:12. It has garnered 12057 views and 828 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Instanse Battle: The War of Mobs 😈 pt-03 #shorts #minecraft minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft challenge,minecraft mod,minecraft speedrun,minecraft but challenge,camman18 minecraft,minecraft manhunt,minecraft tips,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft tutorial,minecraft seed,minecraft 1.20,minecraft animation,minecraft memes,minecraft facts,minecraft funny,minecraft rarest,minecraft update,beating minecraft,minecraft survival,minecraft but you cant touch the color,minecraft mods,minecraft mobs,warden vs all mobs,minecraft mobs vs mobs,warden vs all minecraft mobs,minecraft mobs vs mutant mobs,all… Read More

  • Prosper SMP Vanilla 1.20.4 DiscordSRV Dynmap Voice Plugin Coreprotect Age 16+ Crossplay

    Welcome to our Minecraft Community! Are you tired of your SMPs dying off? Look no further! Our community has been thriving for years, centered around Minecraft and a Discord server where we play various games together. We welcome new members who are dedicated to building a friendly and mature community. Major build projects are always ongoing, and we have minimal rules – just don’t be a clown! Join our Discord server to become a part of our active and welcoming community: Join Our Discord Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - Hmm... Creeper, aw man!Well, I guess you could say this meme is really mining for those upvotes! Read More

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    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Mishaps at a Mate's Place In the world of Minecraft, where blocks are the key, Fangkuaixuan brings joy and laughter for you and me. Animations that are funny, with humor that’s bright, Bringing happiness and smiles, day and night. No pirated content, only originals here, With daily videos to bring you cheer. So subscribe and follow, don’t miss a beat, For Fangkuaixuan’s Minecraft world is oh so sweet. From classroom series to song adaptations galore, Each video brings something new to explore. So join in the fun, with laughter and glee, In the world of Minecraft, where you can be free. Read More

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    Renovating My Minecraft House with a New Member! Minecraft Episode 2: Upgrading the Home and Welcoming a New Member Building a Safe Shelter After surviving the first few days in the world of Minecraft, it’s time to focus on upgrading your shelter. By now, you should have a basic structure in place, but it’s essential to ensure that your house is secure and well-equipped. Make sure there are no holes in the walls or roof, and keep the interior well-lit to prevent hostile mobs from spawning inside. Consider keeping the ceiling low to prevent endermen from teleporting in. Essential Components Every house needs a main room with… Read More

  • Minecraft Madness: Building and Hanging Out with Luvstar! 🌟

    Minecraft Madness: Building and Hanging Out with Luvstar! 🌟Video Information This video, titled ‘Let’s Build and Hang Out in Minecraft :3 ♡ Live’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-10 01:38:31. It has garnered 1024 views and 117 likes. The duration of the video is 02:01:50 or 7310 seconds. Haii everyone! Welcome to my live stream! Let’s play some fairycore minecraft together! Leave a tip to show up on screen here: 🌈Become a Channel Member: ==================================== 👾My Website: 💜My Etsy Shop: 🎧Request an Art Commission: 🐈‍⬛My Art Channel: 📷 Contact me through email: [email protected] 🖤 For business inquiries, please use: [email protected] ==================================== 🍓RESOURCES… Read More

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    Minecraft Horrorcraft: RIPCLOUDYYYVideo Information This video, titled ‘Full Vid Is on My Channel #minecraft #scary #horrorcraft #cavedweller #creepy #fromthefog #modpack’, was uploaded by RIPCLOUDYYY on 2024-05-01 16:55:11. It has garnered 523 views and 17 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:25 or 25 seconds. Read More

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    Unleashing My True Power in Minecraft Odia - EP 55! 🎮 #clickbaitVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft in Odia | EPISODE 55 | odia gamer | I AM AX ODIA #odia #minecraft #odiagamer’, was uploaded by I AM AX ODIA on 2024-02-06 16:04:33. It has garnered 126 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 00:56:11 or 3371 seconds. Hello friends this is the 55 episode of #MINECRAFT which is completely in #odia language .Hope you guys like this .plzz share this video with your’s odia minecraft lover and don’t forget to subscribe my channel. Thank you all #minecraft #minecraftinodia #technogamerz #odiagamer #odisha #odishagamer #odia #minecraftinodia #odiagamersrockyarmy #odiagamer… Read More

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    <p>"Insane Survival Minecraft Duplication Glitch! <em>EASY</em>"</p>Video Information This video, titled ‘*NEW* Very Easy Any Stacked Item Duplication Glitch In Survival Minecraft! (SUPER OP)’, was uploaded by ItsMe James on 2024-03-29 18:02:03. It has garnered 23549 views and 830 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:20 or 620 seconds. #itsmejames #minecraft #yhyh IN Todays Video i show you this *NEW* Very Easy Any Item Duplication Glitch In Survival Minecraft! (SUPER OP) huge shout out to blackstar go sub to him Join this channel to get access to perks: Join The JamFam Discord! Read More

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    Melou's Crazy Speed - Unbelievable Footage!Video Information This video, titled ‘He’s so fast’, was uploaded by Melou on 2024-04-12 11:21:50. It has garnered 11377 views and 233 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Legit never seen someone run faster in Minecraft. So fast. Full video: ——— Catch me live on Twitch: Check out my socials & join the discord: ——— ‣ ABOUT ME Hi! I’m Melou and I’m a Minecraft streamer mostly focused on Hardcore Minecraft. Feel free to stop by in chat and say hi! ‣ ABOUT THIS SERIES In this series I show you how… Read More

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    Unbelievable New Trick Will Blow Your Mind #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘bing bing boo #viral #shortvideo’, was uploaded by MasterYT on 2024-05-05 02:39:58. It has garnered 692 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. bing bing boo #viral #shortvideo ignore tag minecraft,minecraft 1.14,minecraftbut,op minecraft,minecraft op,dream minecraft,minecraft pvp,minecraft uhc,minecraft but,minecraft update,cursed minecraft,tapple minecraft,insane minecraft,blessed minecraft,beating minecraft,minecraft uhc but,competitive minecraft,minecraft scenario,minecraft hardcore, minecraft challenge,minecraft minigames,dream minecraft youtube,minecraft but challenge, minecraft challenges,finale,minecraft ps4 bedrock edition,minecraft ps4 bedrock,minecraft,minecraft ps4,minecraft ps4 bedrock edition mods,minecraft ps4 update,bedrock ps4 minecraft,minecraft ps4 bedrock mods,minecraft ps4 bedrock leak,minecraft bedrock,minecraft playstation 4 bedrock,minecraft ps4 servers,minecraft ps4 realms,how to get… Read More

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  • CanvasMC | A 60 million block wide canvas that never resets, on which you can draw anything! Upon spawning in you are given several colours to chose from that you can draw pixel art and anything really else that you want to with, the canvas will never reset and has a world border at 30 million blocks out each way so there’s lots of space to draw and make your mark. Read More