CraftyMasterman Creates GD in MC! [EPIC STREAM]

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[Music] it’s a good [Music] thing [Music] [Applause] a [Music] w [Music] it’s a [Music] [Applause] good d [Applause] [Music] yeah [Music] oh dude I’m so underprepared I’m so underprepared I’m so underprepared I’m so underprepared I’m so underprepared my hair dude I’m trying to use my my headphones as a headband cuz I have this much hair in my face it’s all over my face and I’m using my headphones as a headband it’s crazy I’m so not set up though hold on hold on why are there math why is there math on this whiteboard why is there math bro why is there math let’s see headband oh my God it’s over I have too much hair I have too much hair no I’ve my hairline is fine I look so emo with like this strand of hair poking out oh my goodness oh my goodness okay okay for some reason there’s math on this whiteboard and I don’t know why I don’t know where it came from and I don’t know where it came from the member counter is all weird why does it say I have 13 members I don’t have 13 members I have like five or something like that anyways it’s Geometry Dash in Minecraft time lots of stuff has happened since the last time I streamed this build so yeah there’s commands now there’s exclamation mark gdmc that gives you a rundown there’s exclamation mark today describing what we do today we actually tested nightbot commands on the birthday stream which was still like two months ago oh my God okay uh uh oh sick $2 holy moly thank you for the $2 donation very cool Bill gamer H let’s go let’s go oh I can heart things I can heart guys if you want a heart from me if I can heart a super chat now wait what that’s crazy anyways uh speaking of members uh Jesus OBS is in my my face get out of here speaking of members they just got a one minute preview of the next video so listen if you want to see sneak peek of the next video I’m just saying I’m just saying you can look okay we’re we’re going to get to this eventually but listen one whole minute one whole minute of next video is out for members right now it’s crazy bro next video is going to be crazy and it’s it’s not this cuz this isn’t done yet not that many people know about it except for like the people I’ve yapped to the video about okay I promised Creo songs in the background let’s get some Creo in the background I have his entire discography so let’s like make this a little quieter and slap some Creo in the background CU why not let’s see see I chose Creo cuz Matt Matt bat wings made a what did he do he made a community post and he said that putting Creo and doing Redstone gives you superpowers so we’re going to test that theory and desktop audio doesn’t exist hold on there we go we got Creo in the background let’s go we’ve got every Creo song on shuffle I have to like check if I’m going to get like copyright claimed nuked I don’t think I will but you never know an ad that’s lost by Creo bit rate dead bro it’s just the blurry GD background unless you’re talking about this this will kill my bit rate absolutely okay it’s a little loud in my ears I love you Creo but you’re a little bit loud in my ears you’re not even that loud I think I’m just talking loud and I don’t know volume and Jesus Christ dude I’m such a bad streamer okay happy birthday crafty masterman dude it was my birthday like two months ago what are you talking about oh okay this song goes hard okay so what are we doing actually let’s do a catchup cuz most of you have never seen a gdmc stream actually I don’t know should I wait tell me when your guys are have no ad and I’ll start giving my recap without an ad even if you do Miss stuff you can just rewind on the YouTube stream because YouTube’s better than twitch that way uh okay so are we good is there no ad no ads no ads yes no I don’t know I’m starting to see more no ads than ads okay no ads so basically right you may be wondering oh my God crafty Master man is that a command block is that a is that a command is that no that’s the wrong thing is that a command block yes it is it it literally just gives you night vision that’s the only command block so far in this whole map so I have a room now there’s a room in here with these beautiful heads look at it it’s isn’t it beautiful and then this one up here it’s so beautiful like Geometry Dash it’s so awesome so you have a room you have my little armor stand Guy this is where eventually I’ll push a put a button there to link people to the video okay this part this part I’m super happy about uh actually I’ll show you after so this is going to be like non playing like this is going to be like the options menu so I kind of just made it a blank wall where I’ll put out the buttons this is going to activate stuff like that flickering white bar on the bottom that’s basically the vsync don’t ask how it works is vsync it’s just vsync okay just trust the process it is vsync so I’ll probably have a toggleable button there I’ll also have like maybe a toggleable button to toggle this menu on and off cuz right now uh if you play the level if you die or complete the level it just takes you back to the menu so I’ll probably have a toggle over here gets rid of the menu I’ll also probably have a toggle over here for no clip because there is a no clip it is no clippable I did add a no clip for like debugging purposes okay this part I’m so happy about okay so you may be wondering crafty masterman how do you control the the little guy uh okay what can I actually do here okay there’s so many things I need to show cuz most people have never been in this stream actually we can just do okay so if I go in here we have the map which is the screen on there you can see I don’t know why I’m pointing the geometry craft editor and we have two buttons this is the button system so this is the editor look at that very beautiful these are all the blocks that you could use may not be much but that’s that’s as much as I can do cuz I rather have rotatable spikes than more objects this is the screen beautiful and these are the buttons so the way this works is you put on one of the helmets doesn’t matter it can be either or and your input which is why there’s string here is you just hold right click or press right click look look at that it’s crazy okay why is my skull sensor not working though hello okay it is oh I remember why I okay so I can’t hear it I’ll explain that later but yeah this is the button system you basically use right click right click is your control oh who subscribed someone subscribed it’s Matthew thank you for subscribing there’s a built-in level editor yes I will show that off later but yeah this is actually really cool oh someone else just subscribed train lover 76 thank you for subscribing remember if you become a member you can see a sneak peek one whole minute of the new video okay so look the helmet changes color look at it it like flashes like it’s so cool and it doesn’t move your camera you don’t like jump or anything you can like focus on the game and the reason that this string is here is so you don’t just like spin the map around like that so you have to kind of aim like halfway like this but it works look at that it works okay so that’s how you play I’ll show I do have a level loaded in this but let’s show off the Redstone so far so yeah oh uh that’s for later you’ll see that later so this is the Redstone so far uh lots of insta wire that lots of in like a lot of in like a lot of insta wire like holy moly so much insta why is my preview delayed by so much okay so yeah it’s a bit it’s a bit chunky there’s bit a lot of stuff okay so where’s the editor was that the dash spider maybe maybe not okay so the editor is down here so there’s two editors in this you have the normal editor which is the orange bit so if you go here this is where you place your objects so here’s a spike and then this is all Air then here’s a half Spike another Spike more air then we have Spike Spike and then we have a block so basically how this works is we have okay it’s better if I show you over here basically how this works the level is N9 blocks tall and about 1,000 blocks long so you can make pretty long levels so every single so this that you’re seeing right here all of that every single LEC turn that you’re seeing in there that is for one like row not a whole level no that’s for one row row that’s for one row so now we have this giant orange thing just times nine so we have nine of these so that’s your editor and basically how you edit levels it’s actually pretty intuitive even though it looks terrifying yo Tobias welcome to the member what what large grassy lad dude why’ you pay for like the most overpriced one holy moly thank you for becoming the tier three member well you now get to get a sneak peek of the newest video so yeah you literally just put your blocks here you just like put a thing in the LEC turn flip it to what you want and yeah in fact let’s add an object actually just to show you how it works so let’s put like in between the first Spike and the second Spike let’s put let’s put a jump pad why not just like that just so we can add like one thing so there we go we’ve added a thing I already have a level preloaded so that’s the first editor that’s for like objects and stuff the second editor is for changing the background because yes you can change the background you can change the background color so the only so the reason why this pink one there’s only one pink one and not like nine like the other ones is cuz you don’t need one for every single row because it only goes like the length of the level so you only need like one set for this pink editor which basically controls when it changes the background color and when it ends the level those are the two things it controls this quality of the stream sucks right now bro I’m on my Mac on the other side and it works fine make one wool block a different color from the rest maybe maybe I will I will I can heart super chats now just saying if you want me to Heart your super chat I mean there there’s a bank angro slab that’s a weird block choice so yeah so there’s two things that go here it uses the same book cuz I didn’t bother making a different book cuz there’s no point so over here this signal strength of 15 or a block in this case is change the background and then if we go all the way over here this is end level singal strength one is to end the level is the level is the level editor and the level memory the same or do you edit and store your level separately uh this can only store like one level like this is like okay let me show you again how long you can store a level all of this bottom part can store a level that is about this long so I’m going to keep flying but yeah all of that stuff can store a level that is uh this long this entire blue bit which is still going and it’s still going and it’s still going and it’s still going and there we go that’s how long your level can be it can be that long so yes I can’t help but crafty looks like someone from Spain from with that mustache bro this head freaking headphone headband trick is like not working it looks like I’m simultaneously balding and I have a lot of hair it sucks oh well okay so yeah that’s how long your level can be listen we have to show it off though we have to show it off guys do we want to see it in action how do you plan on making gravity you’ll see after I show it in action do you guys want to see it in action so this is all with commands nuh-uh this is all with redstone and there’s no resource packs no mods technically I’m using mods to like help me build like world edit and stuff but yeah no mods required to use this no resource packs this is all vanilla this wall is vanilla no resource packs no nothing okay so let’s put on an an epic song cuz stereo Manus gets me copyright claimed all the time let’s do Creos sphere why not let’s make it a little louder okay here we go on the drop I’m going to do it on the drop is there a redstone accelerator mod yeah I don’t want to use the mods though this could theoretically be done in vanilla survival if you wanted to I’m just saying when this need a mod though because of the NPCs yes but it’s not necessary come on on the drop you know the good songs dude we’re playing all only Creo today only Creo today but yeah if you’re in multiplayer you could just have more players stand in those places okay come on on the drop I’m going to push the button on the drop it’s going to do a huge lag Spike but I’m building hype and suspense oh they call me the suspense Master okay here we [Applause] go oh Le Spike oh my God it’s so anticlimactic it’s crazy how anticlimactic it is wow but look look there’s the jump pad we just added oh my God oh my God I actually forget if I have no clip on or not okay I have no clip on so we can see the whole level woohooo look at it go oh my God it’s Geometry Dash in Minecraft wao wao and then and then and then oh the background changes and it’s the the the funny it’s the funny part it’s the funny part oh my God no way look at it go it’s beautiful it’s beautiful dude the song like ended at the perfect time how long you’ve been a redster for yes why is there a gray pixel there I have to fix that look at that level complete yippee level complete and now what’s happening is it is okay make this a little quieter so now what’s happening is it is resetting so it is spinning the whole background again and then once it’s finished resetting main menu will pop up eventually surely it just takes a while so now it’s resetting look at that Geometry Dash Minecraft awesome how we’ll jump that’s what we’re going to we’re not even going to do jumping we’re literally just going to try and get gravity to work okay and it should be done actually no it’s still flashing okay now it’s done so yeah that is what we have so far so that was with no clip on and this is the no clip lever no clip off um I’ll just basically show you what happens uh hold on I’m not going to run it again but let me just show you what happens when you have no clip off over here I need to figure out what that gray pixel is oh my God it’s bugging me okay so if you die you get this you die wow beautiful same thing it resets again does all that stuff and it also just stops the level like it doesn’t doesn’t run the whole level all the way through otherwise that would suck so it just instantly stops the level in its tracks resets does all that you really have a spider game how’d you make the screen okay so the screen let’s explain the screen because everyone’s going to be asking how the hell I made the screen Maps we’re using Maps Okay what is that gray pixel it’s actually but oh my God is it this piston no way it’s this piston is it that piston oh my God it is that piston bro what is this Creo song Holy Moly no way it’s actually that piston that sucks that sucks that sucks okay fine if it is that piston if it is that piston hold on I will explain how the map Works after I fix this cuz I’m annoyed I’m annoyed go uh uh that’s not going to work that’s not going to work what about there it’s there there there’s a great pixel there too no no okay fine fine fine up here surely can’t have a great pixel here there we go beautiful okay well that has to be a lamp now okay we’re we’re having some technical difficulties as I’m fixing this right now okay there we go uh oh red how is there a red pixel wait what oh wait no wait where’s the red pixel huh wait wait wait wait hold on hold on we’re tracking down this elusive pixel what oh it’s the sign it’s the sign are you kidding me the sign really really okay that’s okay there anyways the lamp is no no no okay lamps aren’t pixels okay so there’s a lot of things you people have to know about Maps uh and I think I have a better world to demonstrate this okay uh where is it uh where is it uh where is it this thing okay so how you may be wondering how does the screen work so this is a world just with a screen that I made uh for a different video but we’re not going to talk about that uh so if I yeah hold on let me just do that does that even do anything why did that not work how did this actually just not work hello use hanging sign nah wait what hello oh cuz I don’t have a map I’m so stupid okay so how does the map work how does the screen work so the screen uses a map so over here is a trans transparent map so there’s two blocks specifically that I use that are transparent for some reason those two blocks are glass glass is pretty obvious and Redstone lamps glass and Redstone lamps are transparent on a map so you may be wondering oh why the heck is it so gridlike and there’s nothing here so this map over here this is a one to2 map so that means every 2X two area people are getting ads don’t worry you can rewind that’s the beauty of YouTube so every 2x two area like that is one pixel on the map so the way it works is it will take the most like the what how do I say this the most popular whatever the most common block is in that 2×2 area so right now it’s red and right now it is still red and then as soon as it’s 50/50 then it does something different if it’s if there’s equal amounts of colors in the entire 2×2 pixel area what it will do is it will prioritize the top left pixel so where this lamp is and I just told you that a lamp is transparent on a map so the whole thing’s going to be transparent since the lamps are on the top left so then under this lamp we can basically put whatever block we want so if I go under this lamp and put a piece of red wool we get a red pixel look at that why not the Redstone above because I want the screen to look clean actually I’ll show you when I get back to the Geometry Dash in Minecraft world I’ll show you again why it’s all under but yeah uh what’s the texture pack uh right now I am using Redstone tweaks by rexone and that is the texture pack I’m using so yeah so basically any block that is under the lamp it will turn that color so basically all we do is that we just have a bunch of these piston slime thingies and they just push blocks they just push blocks under the lamps so I have this world to demonstrate that so if I go here what screen is this okay this is the gdmc menu uh and yeah there’s a bit of a radius but whatever so if I do this you know you can do solid colors and yeah I know you have to load everything but we’re not going to load everything for this demonstration just to show you what it can do and you can also do you know little drawings look at that little drawings very beautiful very nice and then you can also do oh my God more text subscribe guys you should subscribe I think you should you should do that so yeah you can do that and you know you can even remove layers as well so yeah now we have all the text all the drawings but we have no more white screen very nice but oh my God guess what because you can do whatever you want you can do a lot more complex things like this this is one that I made for fun so yeah you can literally do any anything the screen can show anything just as as long as you know what the pixel art is and then of course you know lastly the gdmc menu so that’s how the screen works and again the screen it’s it’s actually a lot easier than you think like you can literally see like each slice of the drawing if you like really pay attention like this is the Geometry Dash background you can kind of make it out with all the blue and now we’re like where the buttons are all that okay that’s how the screen works now someone asked earlier oh why do you have all the Redstone under the screen and not on Top This is why ready because because I want this pixel art cuz this is what it looks like on the top this entire pixel art is completely optional I just wanted to do it I just wanted it to look cool from the outside so literally it is still completely transparent but remember remember what we said earlier it only takes the top left like pixel so every single 2x two area I had to make sure that every each of the three blocks gave a different map color so then this one can just be whatever it needs to be will you upload the map and if so will you break it to stop people from stealing it no I probably won’t break it I don’t care I’m YouTuber who’s big enough oh shoot my carpet Bots are gone that’s annoying uh that’s fine that means I can oh yeah there’s there’s a keyboard by the way I don’t know if you guys noticed but the entire wall the entire wall is also maps and we also have a keyboard I don’t know how many you guys noticed that though okay let me turn this off there we go oh whatever it’s going to be all white for today’s stream what’s the green icon on the map so these green icons are item frames over here so okay there’s a bit of a bug there should only be one green icon to indicate that the map is in the item frame however uh Mojang is stupid and this is I’m not even joking one of the oldest bugs in the game that still hasn’t been fixed it’s been fixed and then broken fixed and broken like over and over again but basically if you put a map in an item frame it puts on the green marker like it’s supposed to but if you take it off it just stays there it just stays there it doesn’t go away and it sucks Bedrock has like nothing to do with Java Redstone yes that is true they’re very different does this work on Bedrock nope not at all not at all the fact that these instant wires exist it it’s not going to work on Bedrock just just for that alone how did you make the screen I just explained it you can rewinds like 10 minutes beauty of YouTube streaming YouTube streaming is awesome you can just rewind if you’ve missed anything okay it’s been 30 minutes so how are we going to do graphity so how are we going to do graphity orig Al I’m like huh what if I made a counter right so I kind of had like this little idea for a counter where each different signal strength would represent a different like position as you jump or fall that was my original idea and you know that’s kind of stupid that’s dumb so we’re not going to go with this instead what we have right now actually is oh I also have this so we have two game modes as well we’re doing Cube and we’re doing ship so right now Cube mode is selected but if I unselect that there’s not going to be anything and I can select the ship game mode and now we have the ship Sprite over here and I can control the position by activating these levers and I can move it up and down but yeah we don’t want to do levers we want to do it with redstone and we want the Cube game mode so where is my where is my Cube okay there we go there’s my Cube okay how many horizontal layers do you have it is nine it’s nine blocks nine Sprites tall yeah each like cuz every single thing is 6×6 so each Sprite is 6×6 and it’s like nine Sprites tall if that makes sense I don’t know how to that’s the best way I can explain it okay so this Cube guy basically what we have is this pink circuit over here basically what this pink circuit does is so this is a block right here you can kind of tell it’s a block it has like the white outline and the black underneath so when these blocks get pushed over torch is going to go there’s going to be the solid block on top of the torch and it’s going to go up here and also we have half slabs way down there so the only two blocks that the player can land on are are either slabs or full blocks so those are the only solid blocks in the game and unfortunately we only have top slabs cuz I’m not going to make bottom slabs cuz I literally have like no physical space for that so yeah we’ve already used all 15 signal strengths uh what was I going to say so right now my idea is cuz we need gravity to go both ways cuz we have the gravity portals uh no I don’t that’s not how we’re going to make physics this is how we’re going to make physics cuz it has to go both up and down so right now we have so yeah all these pink Parts basically just shut off these comparators whenever there’s a block or a slap AKA something that the player can land on and basically my idea was to have a shift register that can go both ways so it’s literally just something that can move a redstone signal from one place and then move it over like that and also just move it back so it can move it back and forth and that’s going to control where the player’s going to be and then these comparators is going to control if it’s going to go or not so if this is locked as you can see these comparators aren’t going to go on but if this is unlocked oh my God comparator goes so that is what I’m probably going to do that’s what I’m going to attempt to do uh whether we’ll do it on this stream I have no clue let’s be real I I don’t know uh yeah you’re so cool thank you for saying that I’m so cool okay so how uh that’s about all the exposition and explaining I can do now I have to actually figure out what the hell I’m going to do and how I’m going to do this use binary that’s not going to work okay so if I if I think out loud you know there’s this thing in programming called the rubber duck debugging method you 100 Chatters you are my 100 rubber ducks you’re going to help me debug this how you going to create the other game modes I’m not it’s just going to be Cube and ship those are the only two game modes I’m going to do uh uh you would be cooler if you change one wool block fine because you donated I will change one wool block this one right here in fact you know what let’s do this every time someone super chats I will change a single wo block to be a slightly different color and put your name on it there you go you know what even better I will change the block to the type of Super Chat it was so this was a $2 Super Chat and it was this color so now you are now in the build forever there we go there we go you have your own Block in the build who was the other guy that super chatted uh let me find that you know what we’ll do it for members as well why not let me do that that’d be fun uh who’s the other guy that super chatted I cannot see it uh let me end the poll so I oh I can’t see it anyone know the other guy who super chated I don’t know I I I do not know let’s do the member as well Tobias let’s add you as well you can be within the green wiring why not not you’ll be right here actually it literally cannot be that block that it cannot be that block uh let’s do it Moss let’s do Moss why not there we go members can be Moss uh Tobias there we go that’s your block that’s the block that you get thanks but it was like 3 USD yeah but the Super Chat color was blue so I’m just going to do whatever color it was there you go you two have blocks now congratulations can you customize your own icon technically you can you just have to do it manually so for example uh oh wait a minute wait why is there a pixel oh it’s the sign oh it’s the sign wait is it the sign wait whose sign is it is it this sign it is that sign okay we have to move this some somewhere else uh uh here okay we’re going to move Zach’s block over this way there we go can’t be messing with the screen either is it possible to access your streams when they end yes there is a live stream tab on YouTube and that’s where all the other gdmc streams are are you going to make this public of course I am of course I am okay so Jesus Christ we got so off topic let’s actually do some Redstone uh let me brain think right now so I need to make a shift register right now and it has to go from each blue thing but it also has to pass through these pink things uh okay so this pink yeah this pink thing represents this block so if this pink thing is on who just subscribed I don’t have OBS on I have to like wait for the stream delay random random Neer 7 thank you for subscribing okay dude this is I this is like my brain my brain it hurts okay uh just it’s not that hard just think in simple little little terms simple little terms okay uh yeah let’s start with oh my God you know what wait okay stop just stop I’m just moving I’m moving the the blue things I’m moving the blue things that’s all I’m doing uh this is going to be a really funky shift register um okay so first thing we might have to do is delay these actually uh cuz the way they are right now I think this Peres like a singal strength of one which is kind of stupid you ask me so let’s see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 yeah single Che the one yo Brer with the I don’t know what currency that is but it’s dark blue and I’ll even hard it why not look at you uh let’s oh my god oh people are donating now look at that people want to be in the build okay fine let’s put you two in the build you two were dark blue uh where we going to put you let’s put uh you know we’ll put it in the pink why not one here one here is that going to mess the sign up if I do that will it mess the S yeah okay it does God this is going to be so annoying this is going to be really annoying uh I just have to like choose these very wisely these blocks then there we go who is it Brer let’s do you proper and the other guy oh you’ve already skipped past potato XD po oh my God why is your name so hard to type why do you have to use zeros there we go XD look it you’re part of the build now and yeah there’s hair in my face oh my God I’m glad I can make these streams more annoying for you I’m glad you’re giving me money I’m not complaining hang signs under the block I could do that I will do that for the other ones that come up okay so I have to this hard hard okay you are looking handsome today okay that’s epic thank you for boosting my ego okay uh uh oh my God you know what I could do okay close your eyes we’re about to do some cursed red stone the most cursed Redstone you’ve ever seen well like this thing uses so many pistons anyway I don’t really care you’re not ready for this cursed Redstone I’m about to do okay uh okay will this work now I think it will yes yes yes look at that beautiful beautiful cursed Redstone it’s beautiful okay uh I need terra cotta now uh signal strength 15 look at that guys it’s signal strength 15 SL will stick to glass well now well we got terra cotta now beautiful actually did that need to be glass no it was purple glass blocks will move no they won’t what glass blocks the glass block is on the Piston not on the Slime it’s not going to move guys don’t you worry God but this is isn’t oh it’s so cursed it’s so unbelievably cursed Matt is rolling around right now being like Oh my God crafty what kind of logic Redstone is this this is like the most cursed Redstone ever are you going to make Minecraft and geometry dash in Minecraft at some point probably not cuz I don’t know the GD editor like at all there is someone who’s making a three-dimensional stuff though his name is like Nemo and actually if you know Geometry Dash stuff evw played his levels recently and then I dmed and I’m like dude evw played your your level and then he’s like oh my God he did so yeah he is pretty cool and he’s like I think from Australia from what I remember when I talked to him my name used to be Nemo oh that’s crazy are you going to make the upside down no no we’re not doing stupid Geometry Dash rules guys guys if you were here when we were demonstrating the actual screen moving you would know that it already moves very slowly it’s not going to be like super precise physics like come on okay wait I want to make my volume like there we go bit loud we’re not going to have freaking frame perfect physics like no that’s just not going to Happ happen it’s going to be janky as hell why are those comparators rotated sideways what do you mean like this cuz it’s going to be a two-way shift register one’s going to go that way one’s going to go that way so we have gravity going both ways you know I could probably world edit this and it would be way faster but this is like so tiny like such a tiny change that I’m not going to bother uh here we go boom boom boom boom boom dude I’m like scared it’s someone’s going to like super chat and I’m going to miss it okay boom and two I don’t know why no that one actually has to be there okay and boom uh and B and B and B okay last one boom boom boom boom boom boom boom actually wait am I in 1.20 no I can use hanging yeah I do have hanging signs yeah I do okay can I have a redstone block named after me no bro that cost money now apparently it cost money now if you super chat or become a member uh I will say becoming a member you do get more perks so if you want to donate oh dude Drift song goes hard why did you change this uh cuz I want the comparators to have signal strength 15 going into the side cuz that’ll be easier for other reasons what version are you using 1.20.1 and I have sodium and all my billion million mods okay [Music] so I need to brain for a second [Music] home how am I going to make I can’t just like make a normal shift register can I unless I can are there any like solid state shift registers that I can use instead of like the Piston one guys please any logic people in chat like Matt Nano please Nano Matt help me nano Matt help me okay please please don’t make me don’t make me make the the freaking piston based one cuz that’s the only one I know how to make can you turn up the Creo music a little bit fine I I get it you don’t want to listen to me you want to listen to Creo there you go Creo Can you estimate the oldest thing this thing works in uh probably 1.16 cuz we have Target blocks so there you go uh where’s one [Music] bro oh my God uh okay let’s go copy and then paste and then paste again wave couldn’t be that hard you just move up and down uh see if I added wave I genuinely think it would be like the same as like the ship so that’s why I’m not adding wave like okay functionally I’m pretty sure the ship in this game mode is going to act like you have but literally the two gays are going to be like Cube like as you expect it and then ship is just going to be Cube like the exact same as cube but you can jump midair you can also hold in this game so that’s basically the two game modes I’m going to do like I don’t want to do anything too fancy with like specific trajectories and all that cuz I don’t think I could OMG it’s oxidized song you mean drift by Creo the goat I love drift okay so how do I do this I think I need to like move that up here but hold on I’m thinking with my brain cuz this needs to yeah I think I need to move this honestly okay let’s move this then right uh okay if we did this boom see I don’t want to use the fact that redstone blocks can just subtract comparators like that because I have like a weird hunch that Mojang might decide to change that back again so I’m just to be safe and as future proof as possible I don’t want to do that uh one more okay okay so that is there and now I have to get a redstone signal to here uh uh you know what they left that feature in for years let’s use it why not I’m actually changing my mind like every 5 Seconds right here oh my God can I place the right blocks please there we go uh this is going to be so stupid let’s see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 oh this is the worst wiring ever uh o I have to count to 15 here one 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 God damn it oh do I really you can use the T flip flop to activate twice have you seen Seth blanks physics pack I have it’s crazy Bros back on YouTube okay guys what do we think of this [Laughter] what do we think of this what do we think of this uh is this a w Redstone wiring oh it’s so bad it’s so bad bro whenever I stream Redstone I actually get like 50% Dumber I swear oh it’s so janky it’s so janky anyways I’m going to shill again if you want to support me Super Chat member I can place a block you can become part of the build ain’t that crazy literally shaped like an L yep it really is isn’t it okay can I world edit this let’s see oh I definitely can okay let’s world edit then go I could probably stack it but I don’t want to risk breaking a different part of the red stone yo Jesus Christ I just got the alert in my ear with the Taco Bell bong thank you car block 67 for becoming a member I will place your block soon hold on let me just enjoy the video sneak peek as well and you also get oh by the way if you’re a member you should probably join the Discord server cuz you do get a private channel for members so yeah also join the Discord if you have an exclamation mark Discord you can join the Discord or join in the description how are you going to do holding okay let me pause this okay cuz I can’t listen to myself uh how many of the games two just ship and Cube so the way we’re doing holding again earlier I explained how uh the input works but we’re using two helmets and a skull sensor that’s calibrated to hear equipping armor so that lets you both right click like this or hold it so you can right click and hold look at that look at that okay so car blocks let me add your block somewhere Moss your block can be your block can be over here there you go we’ll use a hanging sign this time and we’ll make get blue why not car block 67 there you go that’s your block your block right there skull sensor has a lot of delay eh not really for what I need to do it it’s kind of perfect okay so how am I going to do this H thinking thinking thinking thinking um so now that everything’s like in line you’ll get used to the delay dude everything in the game is like already delayed like you saw how slow like I’m just saying you you think it’s slow but it really isn’t literally this is how fast it is I could make it fast F the thing is like I could make it faster like I could actually genuinely make it very fast how much is the stream going to last I don’t know we’ll see you like my fidget toys look I’m like actually like freaking look at this look at my fidget toys where’s my slug I have a slug as well look at my fidget toys look at them they’re beautiful my Majestic fidget toys wow I look like I’m balding holy guys I’m not balding I swear I’m not is this going to make me go bald using my headphone as a headband I don’t know I genuinely don’t know I look bald can I recommend a fidget toy are you a 50 dude I have more hold on I have so many more I have [Music] these look at that dude I got the craziest fidget toys look at me go they’re like long figures fidget toy stream I also have like a bunch of Rubik’s sches over there I showed them last stream I’m pretty sure okay let’s stop being cringe okay so brain work eventually you have the of a 9-year-old and hair of a I don’t oh my God hold on guys guys guys my hair my hair what do you mean haira I have such good hair oh my God hold on guys haa 50y old dude my hairline is amazing I’m looking at myself on my Mac right now what do you mean I got that widow’s peak look at dude what do you mean my hairline is crazy I have a crazy epic hairline I also have lots of hair that I need to cut soon I have so much hair do you speed Cube I don’t speed Cube look can I like make like a ponytail maybe look I I can make a freaking paintbrush bro my hair I have so much hair anyways you guys are wrong I don’t have the hair of a 50-year-old you have the hair of a 50-year-old hold on let’s see headband push all my hair back oh my God and some of it manages to peek out oh my God can I see the Rubik’s Cubes I will show you the Rubik’s Cubes my God guys we haven’t done anything this stream cuz you guys want to see all my dads on my desk 2x two 3×3 really bad 3×3 uh P minks 4×4 and I’m not a speed cuer I just randomly for Christmas everyone gave me a lot of Rubik’s Cubes even though I don’t know I just have a lot of Rubik’s cubes and I also have another 2x two I have a lot of Rubik’s cubes and I don’t speed Cube I can solve the 2 X2 3×3 and pyramix though I can’t solve the 4×4 yet fastest time on 3×3 probably like 50 seconds I’m not that fast 50 seconds is I think it’s like 50 or 52 how can you build that much uh world edit I beat him listen I just said I’m not a speed cuber 52 seconds is kind of mid 5×5 is easier than 4×4 I’ve heard of 4×4 it’s either like a 6×6 without certain pieces or a 5×5 without certain pieces I don’t remember how it works can you play something for me it’s on a server no but I can give you a a special block in the build if you superat that okay Creo Creo calm down I cannot hear myself think Creo like calm down okay I have no money well sucks to suck that’s mean that’s mean don’t say that crafty B bed have you played windcraft I have not I don’t really play on that many servers I’m not going to lie shoot man why can’t my brain right now why is it so hard to do redstone on stream like all the the easy stuff I did on stream I did spikes on stream and that worked flawlessly I promise you would like it yo if I become a member can I join your game uh it’s not on a server and I’m not going to set up a server but I will give you a block and you will get a and you will get a sneak peek of the next video there’s a whole minute a whole edited minute a whole edited minute if you want to give money okay you have Essentials I do I’m not going to invite you through Essentials though my God why can I actually like think with my brain this sucks I actually suck I’m going to leak it don’t leak it no don’t leak it please I just want nice member only videos don’t leak my video Don’t leak my video make them pay it’s going to come out anyway eventually when I’m done making the video dude my stream preview is so far behind what is going on here Jesus why not shift registers that’s what I’m doing it’s just my brain can’t like figure out exactly what I want to do right now uh of course not smile okay cuz right now if I use like the Piston one right the way it works is I shove blocks here it cuts this off and it also moves it to the next one I don’t necessarily want it to cut off cuz if it cuts off ah we’ve reached 1 hour though uh stop talking who cares I’m thinking out loud that’s why I care gp4 is a good replacement for fun nonfunctioning brain uh not for Redstone it’s not if You’ seen purple’s video on AI Redstone then yeah which by the way I I think his most view has like what 5 million views I want a video with a million views I don’t have a video with a million views yet meanwhile he has a video with 5 million I have one with 800k I don’t even have a million yet I want a million video oh the Big Potato why is there another dude named after a freaking Potato Man okay we’ll give you a block the Big Potato what do you think of GD 2.2 I I think it’s pretty neat we’ll put you right here why not uh yeah uh sign give you another block over here let’s see I don’t know if your name’s actually going to fit the big po po oh no the big po po there you go that’s your name on the hanging sign you should make your own AI for help with a redstone video that’s a million views easy nah AI is not that trendy anymore I think by purple’s like third AI video it’s like ooh yeah didn’t do as well as the other two I don’t think AI is coming back guys okay uh okay you know what let’s uh well figure one got on trending I don’t know what figure one is what are you talking about do you know purple IRL no but I’ve met him IRL he’s a thin looking man he’s a thin boy skinny little boy not little he’s taller than me I’ve met purple in real life I don’t know him IRL I mean I talk to him like all the time I seen him IRL [Music] uh okay so why can’t my brain like get my head wrapped around this it’s like frustrating me okay let’s just like start placing things when in doubt just start placing things start placing things uh yeah you know I just want I just want black Redstone there we go okay so let’s just just try to do it between two right now so let’s let’s do like two modules and just see what we can come up with with my cursed Redstone someone made a video of Parkour AI with command blocks I did I saw Kitty Kane’s video it was a very good [Music] video see here’s the thing here’s the thing you need to know about YouTubers right YouTubers have the the silly little privilege of whenever we see someone’s content we like we just instantly find their contact info and we just start chatting on Discord and it’s great and it’s awesome crafty watch one of my video no thank you I don’t know who you are crafty do you know what cfop is I know that CA fop’s a cubing algorithm I don’t know how to do it though okay so shift register has to cut off the thing is if it cuts off uh this is a bit tough okay has to be like a shift register that doesn’t like immediately kill itself like it only kills itself after it’s moved moved past oh look speak of the devil boy you on stream now look guys it’s the guy it’s the guy you were just talking about say something funny say something funny say something [Music] funny attach screenshots oh shoot I should probably be careful which screenshots I pick in case I leak a video oh oh no M Matt’s video already came out what screenshot should I send purple which screenshot should I send purple let’s send him let’s send him a screenshot am I leaking things I might be leaking things I actually don’t know there we [Music] go purple can tap that I don’t think I leaked anything uh okay I think I know how I can do this oh did the screen just flicker or did my eyes Go funny I I think oh there he is he says W guys what what do you want to say to purple what do you guys want to say to purple okay so the way this should work is [Music] oh how should this work we want a Mumbo diss track nah bro I already made the Mumbo rant I’m past the days of the Mumbo rant okay so order of events it has to what’s the meaning of this picture I don’t know purple it’s just funny crafty oh someone said someone said to chat that we’ll do that where [Music] the there we go I miss spell oh I can edit it no spelling mistakes I saw the stream okay okay hi purple hi purple okay uh purple if you’re on the stream if you’re a real one uh send a chat message right now send a chat message uh right now if you’re a real one uh purple if you’re if you’re a real human being oh my God he’s real God damn it he’s real send him a log 4J exploit I don’t know if that still works anymore maybe maybe it doesn’t I don’t know okay so order of events has to be it transfers the signal if the signal transfers shut off the previous thing that’s what I have to do repeater lock shift registers in that case don’t [Music] work I don’t know man I actually don’t know that many shift registers I’m not a logic redster guys I need some shift registers to steal to shove in my circuit I need some shift registers I need some shift registers logic doesn’t make sense what are you saying what is a shift register ask Matt bat listen man where’s mat bat wings where’s mat atat Wings right now where’s mapat Wing is Matt even online oh he’s idle cringe he’s probably editing or doing some nerdy video stuff actually I do know what he’s working on but I don’t want to leak it so he’s probably working on that let’s see someone just did exclamation mark gdmc surely the command works it works it works let’s go the commands work okay so would a repeater lock system work tell us crafty I’m not going to leak freaking Matt’s stuff Matt can leak his own stuff uh let’s do do some silly let’s do some silly Googling let’s do some silly Googling uh Minecraft shift register uh oh look it’s a mat bat wigs video guys should we watch a Matt bat wigs video dude sequential Redstone devices let’s let’s get some m F Wings video some logical Redstone reloaded oh my God guys maybe maybe Matt will will make me think of something that I haven’t thought of hi guys hi Matt hi mat bat wings back to logical Redstone reload we talked about latches and flip flops today we’re going to create some really cool sequential circuits I hope you let’s start with some terminology I said that all the circs in that episode were combinational the output of combinational circuit depends on only the input once you input something you automatically know what the output will be it’s predetermined by a truth table but the circuits we’ll see today not combinational instead they’re called sequential is also here did Matt send a message that I not see oh wait I just realized I could literally check if he’s on the stream hold on nope he’s not you guys are liars he’s not on stream he’s not on stream you Liars ban funding I could have the chat just be super chats oh that’s crazy I don’t know all everyone of the circuit itself for example this is the T flip FL from the previous which toggles whenever the button is pressed so the be when I press this button it depends right it depends on the state of the If the previous output was Zero the next one will be one and if it was one the next one will be zero therefore a t flip flop is a sequential circuit fact all lges and flip flops are sequential circuits for the same reasoning so for the rest of this episode let’s build up a tool box of some useful sequential devices latch or a dlat can be made with just a repeater lock and allows us to capture one bit of information but one bit is not very much so let’s stack eight repeater locks on top all sign together with a glass tower this is called a register specifically this is an 8bit register so it can store anyit okay I don’t need I I I don’t need counters and stuff I don’t need counters and stuff stop talking so fast I’m just speeding up the video oh is that is that the Seth bling design see that on the W blocks it’s actually by Seth Seth bling Seth bling mention oh oh hold on guys what’s this synchronous counter you as a r cter this question it would say well the one bit toggled which toggled the two which toggled the four and oh this is I don’t need an add I don’t need an Adder I don’t need an Adder I don’t coun load what is load whoa press the count button and it counts up just like before but now you can also load it with something else simply put the data you want to load here and press load and if you press the count button again it will just continue counting from whatever we loaded which is super cool and that’s about it for binary counters I don’t want a buy account oh shift register there we go there we go guys there we go guys map at Wings can you do 1.5 shift it this is an 8bit shift register that allows you to shift the data upwards when you press the shift button the data moves up by one to make this I register and plug every output up into the next highest input so by unlocking and relocking repeaters with the shift button the register gets loaded with the shifted up version of its own data and here’s a version that shifts down instead of up it looks almost exactly the same the data just moves down this time one of the reason shift Reg are so useful is because in binary shifting up multiplies by two and shifting down divides by two for example this is the number six now two version you can also use a horizontal design to shift data to the left or right this one here shft to the left and this one shifts data to the right the one problem with these designs which you might have already noticed is that there’s no load function and without a load function the only way to I lo in one bit at a time for example if I wanted to put a four into this my only option is to load a one from the bottom and shift it up twice so this next device is an upward shift register with a load function you can load data by oh there we go Jesus Christ parrot server shut down what are you talking about you can sh data up and down gravity gravity gravity gravity gravity gravity holy moly guys as well so you can literally put in any dat you want and immediately shift it up or down now it’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to have two sets of repeater locks to make this device I just chose to do that because it makes the wiring a little bit easier honestly you can just imagine them as one set of repeaters because they’re always kept the exact same but with that out of the way this device is not any more complicated than the previous two it’s really just another multiplexer this time it’s a three-way multiplexer between the upshifted data the downshift why is this so chunky bro what is this big Square looking thing where the freak is is what graffity what is graphity what are you saying what are you saying that is so fat I’m not using that and it’s also upwards whichever opt we choose out of these three buttons the corresponding data gets uncancelled and then captured by the repeater locks also by directional shift registers can be made horizontally too here’s a design that I made a long time ago using Pistons unfortunately oh it doesn’t have a load function but you can still shift left and shift right and the last shiting device I to show you is a bit of a special one if you take a sh register with a sing single bit in it and you plug the output all the way back into the input it becomes a ring counter the bit travels around and around I actually don’t know why they’re called ring counters I don’t want a ring but yeah these every once in a while and they can be you can also hook up an encoder to a ring counter and now you have a way to go through any sequence you want you can make it a binary counter or a fake prime number generator or even another ring counter it’s up to you next up this device allows you to keep a running total as you add binary numbers for example okay Matt you didn’t help you didn’t help map Wings I’m so sad I’m so sad now we got more viewers when B bat wings was on screen it’s fine let’s put more Creo music okay so a shift register a uh okay download his worlds no no no no no listen listen I don’t need what he showed why no flying machines dude the redstone’s already cursed as is do I really want a flying machine to be the gravity that would be so goofy why not oh my God that would be like really not that good yes you do oh no no oh no I don’t want to do that that sounds awful stop cuz now you’re making me genuinely think of that and that makes me sad that would be so funny though I that would be incredibly funny but I don’t want to do that like just imagine there’s just a flying machine that’s just the cube that would be awful that would be the worst thing that ever exist okay so uh someone mentioned the frame rate gravity is probably going to have its own frame rate independent of the scrolling display cuz sinking it is is going to be like a nightmare and cringe okay so I need to what do I need to do uh okay so I have let’s just like flick things okay there we go so I have my my guy what I need to do is wait wait a minute wait I really should stop copy pasting everything without like doing it first wait hold hold hold I thought my brain it it sparked for a moment hold uh okay little too low okay what if we take it under boom so then wait hold I’m cooking I’m cooking I’m cooking I’m cooking I’m cooking I’m cooking I’m cooking here so then so then so then so then so then so then so then I’m cooking so then right so this would be off so you want to transfer it it go boom it like transfers and then once it gets here it’ll reset this oh my God hold okay I know this makes absolutely no sense but listen this this makes sense to me and I’m the one doing the Redstone here so I know this this makes no sense listen it’s a good thing this is a awesome cool Eureka moment I know it’s like hard to tell but it is trust me trust me it is okay this is a w moment I think this means crafting Master bed will do something I think I think listen even to redstoners this would make absolutely no sense why I just made a freaking soy face at that okay uh so so so so so so so so so so so so okay let’s cook here so I need this to be on somehow uh we could use a torch sure I don’t really care how slow gravity is O cuz the clock itself is going to be pretty slow but I don’t want it that slow either okay torch awesome so I need to briefly unlock the torch and then take the next signal and put it back okay uh so we do this okay maybe I should put it on top I mean I have upward space uh okay up here should be okay cuz I still need a way to activate this which I can if I do a straight line okay I can do that so then this this have block up yes yes and that that’s not going to work I don’t know maybe uh I have not used that many observers maybe I should start using observers [Music] uh [Music] no how cursed would this be how cursed would this be if I put an observer here put this on like two ticks and then did something like this and then this that why does that make oh that’s why okay stupid uh silly me uh I really don’t want to repeat though I guess H delay it’s not that much delay calm down uh yeah that’s a signal strength of 15 as well so one two three five six okay um I’m trying to think if this is going to work how I want it to you are making it slow shush [Music] shush okay uh that’s one two three that’s one so do I have to make this no this would have to be faster so don’t touch that actually maybe this works I think like uh okay yeah cuz this torch is still on uh okay let’s just like figure it out like okay if the cube is here so the cube is oh there’s this big fat San line I forgot about that that’s fine I will just make everything Redstone lamps well not Redstone lamps that’s a little laggy but glass not glass uh okay yeah this like all this like all these to be glass what am I doing there we go why using glass crafty so then it can’t be seen on the map okay where is this it’s this I assume oh oh yeah it’s it’s oh it’s that okay so this has to be lamp this has to be oh that could be glass as well boom boom [Music] and boom solid block [Music] okay uh this is like really breaking my brain right now oh what where is their San what oh is it this where is that what what pixel is that oh is it this oh wait where’s the other one is it this is this no is it this one no this one no this one no where huh where’s that pixel actually where is that pixel is it this one no I’m actually confused this one oh it is that one okay so that does have to oh okay that has to be redstone lamp Yep this has to be glass okay I might as well make everything out of glass okay and nothing hey man just joined what are you doing right now it says on the top of the screen and you can just do exclamation mark gdmc to figure stuff out a mod for highlighting blocks in game when clicking the map would be nice use colored glass you can’t use colored glass if you use colored glass it actually shows up as a color so glass is the only one I can actually use in this case Okay so again let me just try this out so this does this our block guy is there right now our gravity is kind of inverted but when I click this uh like that that should move it up which it does okay so moved up so now if I have it here and I have this activated so there’s a block in the cube that makes no sense but now it shouldn’t move up yeah it just doesn’t move up anymore okay so we’re getting there but it’s like still a little bit wrong uh okay so cuz the thing is this block is like where the cube is so if this had a redstone block O ooh it’s a little skewed when you said gravity it’s like when you jump well I have to make up and down gravity first jump is as easy as you just make the shift register go a specific Direction but right now there is no Direction shoot okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay so we need to tear this down cuz there’s a few things I’ve realized one as of right now there’s no way to change the direction there’s only one thing which we can’t do we have to have these be independent of each other like this yeah uh I’mma take the stream down what are you talking about flying machine is a solution for everything no okay I shouldn’t really care that much about compactness since I have like a crap ton of space uh you told me to shoot what I don’t know what you’re saying bro okay so this should be our two directions now to be controlled with torches uh so now let me just put the Torches back up here okay so this can now we have actual Direction control so this one would be I guess up and this one would be down but we’re at the bottom so doesn’t really go anywhere so now what I have to do is I have to link oh my god oh I have to like skew this all diagonally okay shoot so wait I actually have to link this pink thing over here so this pink thing instead of going here this actually has to go here and the ENT entire thing has to be like skewed over skewed over by one okay that makes things a little more [Music] interesting huh cuz [Music] now cuz I have to think about the inverse as well oh Lord okay this is a bit more complicated than I thought sick uh okay so this actually we’ll figure out where that has to go later I did actually see that skewing video from standup Mass I even sent it to Matt bat wings in case he wants to use it for something I don’t know oh we have comparators here okay so I actually have to skew everything interesting interesting interesting that makes things a little bit uh not harder I just have to rewire things okay I’m glad we figured that out now on stream where everyone is still confused to what I just said but it’s fine doesn’t matter I know what I’m saying and I’m the one doing the red stone okay so we have to skew everything but it has to work both ways which is so annoying okay what okay whatever can you switch to a nice Forest Sky Box dude what are people saying I think people are just talking amongst themselves at this point I’m yapping [Music] uh oh my God this is a this is a little challenging now so that’s for going that way what about for going down if I want to go down then this then that would be aligned but if I want to go oh my God okay so it’s like both it’s actually just both [Music] oh okay okay this is actually like frying my brain bro this is like so confusing okay so my brain okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay I’m like slowly it’s it’s it’s winding okay it’s winding up in there I think if I Center these it’ll be a lot easier on my brain clarify the objective being solved now okay let me okay hold on hold on hold on 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 okay right now what I’m going to do is I’m going to Center all of these little comparator segments move uh two I don’t know is that centered one two four five 1 two 3 4 okay okay yeah so basically what I have to figure out is if you have a block let’s say on top of the player and under the player those have to activate two different sets of these little comparator things and what these comparator things do is they let the shift register they either let the signal pass through like one up or one down or they don’t so I have to figure out which one of these little pink things has to correspond to each one of these things which is confusing me right now because my brain’s breaking no wait one oh shoot one two three four uh did I mess this up on the last one one two three oops okay so 1 2 3 4 5 right now I’m just centering it 1 2 3 4 5 just for my own brain to comprehend a little better 1 two 3 4 oh my God and my nose is itchy for some reason okay boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom you know what I’ll make like a little diagram cuz I’m like confused myself I’m not going to lie okay and this you know what will also move it there’s no point but consistency okay let’s pull out the Whiteboard here let’s pull out the white board why not let’s pull out the white board for this one okay uh why do you have no particles I don’t know I probably disabled them uh there’s so much stuff I need to erce this [Music] okay eraser moment [Music] okay so let me take my headphones off no M no music for me but music for you people I just have to look at the monitors at this point okay let’s I’m going to use my brain I’m going to draw it out this is for both my sake and chat sake cuz I’m also confused here so this these are going to be our player colors these are this is our player okay uh shoot it doesn’t matter okay so if this is our play it’s why is it so blurry stop being blurry oh my God boom boom boom boom okay that’s so impossible to see oh my God boom boom boom okay let’s shade in the player shading in the player you can still barely see that oh my God okay love you in 240p am I in like that like bad right now like this is so hard to see on the stream okay we’re going to make where’s my black a black Sharpie not Sharpie this was a Sharpie that be a problem okay so let’s outline it in black as well we’re adding some outer glow guys okay so this is oh that’s so much better okay this is our player this is our player right now so can you do math with logical operators I think if I get it as like physical as possible whatever it’s fine I’ll just we’ll figure it out we’ll figure it out okay so now we have the block that can be under him and a block that can be on top of him we’ll just do it like this why not okay have two blocks oh my god dude this webcam sucks like actually sucks this sucks why am I so blurry like focus on me bro are you focused I what are you focusing on okay I think it’s better but okay so this is our our little block these are our GD blocks okay this is block number one that’s a horrible outline block number two okay uh so this is really breaking my brain right now uh this my this is my breaking my brain okay I’ll add like some more empty blocks like just to have like a grid system you know uh I’ll add like what are you doing this stream I just started watching do the command in the thing exclamation mark gdmc and it’s also at the top of the screen which you can’t really see actually cuz I’m on a whiteboard but whatever we make it five blocks tall so these top two things are empty just so you know okay so so what we have let’s like actually draw what the circuit we have is okay so we have we have the S circuit which selects where the player’s going to be so we’ll just like draw like a sign like scrible hopefully you can see this you can kind of see that barely I can see it but you guys can’t see that this sucks this sucks okay you can see that you can see that so this is the Canan circuit so every single one has a Canan circuit okay okay okay okay okay okie dokie okay we’re going to think out loud uh you can barely see that there we go okay so can equals when like when this sign is here player is here when this Canan is here player is here which it is right now so Canan is where the player is right now okay let’s let’s do that and then we have the little comparator things in between each thingy uh okay so now let’s just do like another scribble so there’s ones that are going to be in between oh my God that’s like oo in between this is the little comparator things we have okay in between in between in between see now I actually don’t know if you need two more like I don’t know if you need one on the bottom and one on the top I actually have no idea do you like say if the player is here no you actually don’t no you don’t need comparators okay you don’t need comparators stuff on the outside okay but it helps to write studo code that I mean that’s basically what I’m doing I’m just like catching out the circuits okay so now we have our third circuit our third circuit is the part which is kind of confusing me we’ll do it in oh I don’t know if orange is going to be too close or too light uh what color can I use that won’t be like too similar to everything else um will green be fine green is already kind of light uh red let’s let’s try red and if it’s too similar to the pink then we’ll erasee it okay oh Focus to all the color blind people I apologize this probably sucks to look at okay so as well as having a blue circuit which tells this the thing where to put the player every single column also has a thing that detects if there’s a block there so let’s see is that different enough on stream let me make that bigger let’s see that looks pretty different I think I’m blurry again come on focus on me whatever I’ll just keep drawing so everything has a red circuit as well epic this is this is this is redstone stream happening right now I’m it’s just completely silent for me and you guys are jamming to create this is so sad okay hello bro hello J2 we’ve gone to making Redstone in the physical world the viewers be dipping cuz we’re not doing Redstone anymore it’s fine okay so let’s let’s re let let me say this out loud again for my my brain my brain okay so every single so in our example we have a five block tall level so the blue circuit is telling the circuit where player should be so blue equals where player should be uh red equals where block should be like is there a block there and then these pink things are like the little comparator things we had earlier which decides if it should go between like two of the blue things I think J2 please help this man no let me let me physical the Redstone out okay let me physically red stone right now so okay if I have this is breaking my brain oh cuz this has to be like Universal I have to try and make it as universal as I can for both gravity types cuz like okay if you think about it in in your brain right now you have no idea if the gravity right now is inverted or not inverted so the same logic that makes it so you can’t jump into a block should be the same logic we can use for reverse gravity I think so I’m going to try and build the system around that where it’s like as symmetrical like as possible okay uh purple equals where block should be no purple what purple equals is it’s like a little gate system this like imagine this is like up and down arrows it just decides if the player should move up and down that’s why it’s kind of like in between the blue bits and not the red bits okay so right now we have a player in the middle and we have I’m you guys are my rubber ducks right now so right now we’re in the middle and we’re going to assume that gravity is going down so actually let me put an arrow gravity gravity is going down okay and then we’ll try it out with gravity going up okay so gravity is going down in this context so if there is so there’s a block here I’ll like put a check I don’t think you guys can see these check marks at this point but I put a check I’ll make it like a very scribbly looking check there yeah you can see that there’s a check right now we have a check here and we have a block on top of the play so let’s figure out the gravity thing before I figure out the player jumping into the block thing so if gravity’s going down then if there is a block here what Creo song is playing I just see the thing in the I’m like not listening to the Creo songs I don’t know if the I have no idea if the Creo songs are like changing the mood cuz right now I’m just me talking out loud to silence and it’s really weird okay so if there’s a block here that means uh what does that mean what does that mean guys what does that mean okay that means this purple thing right this purple thing this purple thing player will land yeah player will land on it ooh can you tell my brain is like not working I think okay so okay let me let me let me get some more arrows hold on hold on hold on maybe I cuz I’m pretty sure it has to activate more than one I think it definitely has to activate two of these purple circuits which is the part that’s a little confusing right now okay so making like a big fat Arrow it’s probably not going to look like an arrow on stream kind of looks like an arrow sure let’s make it like the triangle Arrow then sure that’s an arrow so I think it should act it should manipulate this purple thing and the other purple thing so right yeah it should yes yes yes yes yes yes [Music] yes okay so I think this should work I think this should work so if let’s like let’s do like every possible scenario here okay this is like every J2 the thing that made you gave up is this you know what maybe this will help you if you’re if you ever go back to making your this Arrow sucks but whatever it’s fine can I make this closer can I like make this closer whatever it’s fine this is close enough so if um okay so right now oh my God my brain is brain like brain farting okay so if player is here block is here it affects these two so that means it also means that if a player’s here on this bottom one as well it cannot travel up so it can’t travel up I mean it can still travel down cuz this is unblocked completely I think this makes sense I think this kind of makes sense maybe I think this might make sense so basically the block the red circuit the thing that detects if there’s a block there it has to go on one side and the other side has to go on both sides and block out both purple thingies this is the hardest thing to follow ever uh yeah that makes sense cuz if red thing goes here this gets blocked so so now blue can’t go down it doesn’t make sense okay I think I think I think I know I think I know how it works on I think I know how it works now so let me try to explain it as clear as possible which means if you Chatters know what’s happening that means I know what’s happening which means I can build it so basically is what we have right now gravity is going down indicated big Arrow gravity go down so player by default fall down ignore jumping right now gravity is going down and we’re ignoring this top block as well ignore that only pay attention to this one right now it’s just a guy on a platform gravity is going down so when you have block here it goes so oh my God shoot I’m like okay again the purple circuits are just circuits that are in between every block that either lets the player move between them or they don’t let the player move between them so imagine this is like the purple is like the action of moving in between blocks that’s what it is so if if block is here then it blocks any movement in between this block which is the platform and the block below and above it I think this makes sense does this make sense chat chat chat chat chat right this makes sense right no yes maybe I don’t know yes question mark makes enough sense this actually helped this genuine well it helped me at least question mark yes it makes sense smile okay not really it should only block going downwards no because it could also block going upwards because one gravity can be flipped and two it should stop you from like jumping into a block so it has to be like a ceiling as well so it does have to go both ways you know what I think this works cuz now it’s also Universal damn why do you look so handsome thank you for the compliment I guess sure y guys I think we got it I think we got it guys I think we got it I think we got it I think we got it well I got it at least it it it’s okay so this also means that that I can remove yeah I don’t need anything here and this Yep this one doesn’t even need to exist okay sick okay uh let me think with my brain real quick or just look at the drawing that I just brained all over okay boom boom okay okay okay okay okay okay okay so uh I I have to like remember that this is like here so okay so actually let me go to let me go to this one so this I have to imagine is aligned with this so it’s like here so this pink line has to go to this and this okay I think that makes sense you’re doing the white port thing for how long I can’t see 17 minutes listen back in Minecraft the viewers return I know I know but these things are important to like actually make sure I know what I’m doing okay listen if you guys have a whiteboard or if you have a notepad draw out your Redstone cuz I guess it helps I think it genuinely helps more than building a diagram in Minecraft okay so this has to go to both of them so let me just add some Pistons so it can go to both of them okay whiteboard was cool we love the Whiteboard we love whiteboarding here uh we’re just gonna add a repeater I really don’t can I fit an instant repeater I probably could let’s be real let’s be real I can fit an instant repeater here got to make things as fast as possible no delay no delay oh where’s my Creo song It’s My Creo song yes continue watching don’t stop my Creo song okay so this has to go it’s already here so that’s convenient for me so this has to be terra cotta over here uh this is a okay so that has to be glass boom boom actually that can just be that can just be a block uh yep and yep that works okay so that’s oh that’s some my God I’m actually so bad at Redstone man be up like this there we go okay so that’s one how’s progress going sacred I just spent like 20 minutes doing things on a white board and now I think I barely understand how gravity should work okay we we did whiteboard sacred we did some whiteboarding but I think we got it now I think I think I understand gravity see now the annoying part of making this is going to be making like like a pattern that can be like tesselated it easily why do I have my off hand what the heck when did my off hand happen is my inventory like full it is very full holy let me get these things out there we go boom boom boom boom definitely probably need a Target okay so now this has to go to this piston as well problem is I need to wait a minute not a problem not a problem not a problem I think I don’t know I’m yapping don’t worry the yapping will make sense eventually so then this can go here and yeah this has to be glass boom okay so this one is connected to the correct ones I’m pretty sure and and now this one can go here cuz that’s the only one needs to activate Okay this making sense we’re cooking we’re cooking we’re cooking we’re cooking we’re cooking listen guys if you were there for the diagram if you were there for the diagram real ones o real ones were there for the diagram okay so our first two are done let’s move on to the ne I’m like doing this very carefully one by one so oh wait this is like this just use a speed no I don’t want to use like counters cuz I think counters are just going to be like unnecessarily complicated for Gravity the simple this will be very good for the sideways house market I don’t know what the sideways house market is JT you got to get me on that okay we’re cooking we’re cooking we’re cooking we’re cooking okay we’re cooking so hard right now wait okay wait this is actually very easily like tilable tilable I think so yep there we go it goes to one side yep and it goes to the other side oh yippe how exciting how exciting other side okay oh my God it’s an easy pattern yay it’s an easy pattern oh right you guys made a wall printer I forgot yeah that that is quite something oh my God wait this works this is so perfect you guys are probably still confused but like it’s so easily what’s like the word tilable I guess tilable is the the word I don’t know tilable sure tilable okay uh Can I stack this yeah I don’t want to Stack it I don’t want to Stack it I’ll just keep copying manually cuz I’m still like not 100% sure if I’m doing this right but I think I’m like 99% I’m doing it right though okay let me go boom modular yeah but like I think tilable is a better word like I mean like the system is very easily you can put next to each other I I’m pretty sure that’s tilable in this context so yes I can tile it next to each other okay I can definitely stack this actually I think after this one I’ll try to stack it let’s try stacking it okay so might as well let’s let’s and then I have to check it manually just in case so from actually from back here yeah back here to down here should oh no yes let me stack it a few you know what let’s just let’s just we go okay okay uh did this get affected at all why is there a missing piece of redstone here what oh shoot oh shoot wait there’s a Target block there’s a stray Target block here there is a stray Target block here uh okay then uh hold on hold on hold on uh there just have to fix another thing think that yeah okay don’t forget to check map I will check the map oh look at that beautiful we’ll have to change all those okay so uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh let me check this side like the very last side yep that works cuz this doesn’t exist okay I think I think that is that part done so everything is connected to the right thing now I just actually have to make the shift register logic maybe actually have to fix all these ugly pixels uh are these like literally all of it’s literally all of them oh my goodness oh my goodness I have to like alternate now between glass uh dang it uh wow this actually works out perfectly boom boom boom boom boom boom this is an excellent Creo song listen oh TOMCO I just noticed that you’re in chat I don’t know if you’re still here but hi TOMCO hi TCO see I’m noticing the more the stream goes on the more people I know personally that are redstoners join the chat it’s like it’s like it swaps you know the general public is like what the hell is going on and then all the redstoners they come on to watch the stream it’s really funny okay dude we’re making progress oh my God we’re finally making progress this is so awesome we’re almost at 2 hours we’re almost at 2 hours okay oh purple are you winning I am winning purple I’m I’m doing I’m doing the Epic remember guys I’m going to shill again uh super chats uh you get your own block look at that you get your own Block members also get their own block and a sneak peek to the next video and uh join the Discord exclamation mark Discord I need to shill blah blah blah okay anyways so now this is all attached so now I actually have to make the shift register part which is going to be fun okay so right [Music] now brain braining brain braiding okay uh okay so first uh this let’s just actually do it one way first crafty can I have my own block no J2 you already have your own block if you remember way back in October where is it you’re right here cuz like you contributed something I forget what though you’re already there you’ll get your own block though if you pay your head’s already in the world did you find a f shift register in the end uh no purple but I solved my problem so uh we’re gaming and also the type of shift register I need for this is a little bit funky can you just randomly make a double piston extender I don’t know I don’t want to why did it pause my music again oh adrenaline no hypothermia holy moly dude we got the old Creo songs from 15 years ago any 15-year-old Creo fans any OG you helped with this I think you came up with the slider layout that we just never ended up using so oh well can I see your block okay fine I will go to your block I actually don’t remember where it is there we go there’s your block there’s your block on stream take your screenshot okay you can pause it anyway uh okay so it needs to do that and if it goes past then it removes it awesome okay we’ll do that so let me oh God this like all has to be Redstone lamps probably yeah oh boy it’s 2:30 a.m. here bro sleep what are you doing watching a crafty masterman stream okay there we go so then this will come back to the Piston like this which to be honest this Redstone doesn’t look too bad and there’s no pixels okay my God this song is ancient yes J2 it is 15 years old I have just Creo entire discography on a shuffle playlist [Music] so uh okay so yeah this should work because right if okay let’s like like think with our brains for a bit if there is a block well the other option is there a block in the player but that’s not possible so if there’s a block here it will activate this piston which will subtract which will cut off this signal so that means this can’t move up anymore okay so we’re doing good we’re doing good oh my God my back are you better when you do redstone with friends I don’t know I actually don’t know if I’ve done Redstone with friends that’s a great question I don’t know if I’ve done Redstone with friends uhuh and then if I want to go down oh boy I go here oh boy and I just do this oh my goodness and then oh my God is it symmetrical have we created a symmetrical circuit have we created a symmetrical circuit okay wait this might have to be one way yeah okay that has to be one way so I guess just a repeater going into it so there there symmetrical circuit symmetrical circuit purple I genuinely don’t remember the last time see I don’t remember the last time I did a redstone collab actually Wait no that’s wrong I actually don’t remember what was the last time I did a red stone collab I don’t know I know I did one with you purple when we made the stopwatch but I actually genuinely don’t know when the last how long will the stream be no clue till I get bored I guess hello I mean the same thing happen happens when you go editing in a VC no actual work happens you know what’s crazy I’ve actually been getting better at that but like that’s different as well because when you’re editing in a VC you’re talking with people that’s kind of like unrelated to the work but if you’re doing Redstone with someone you’re both doing the same thing so you get distracted way less when’s the next react video no clue when I decide that My Views are low and I want some money uh okay but this genuinely might be the circuit maybe that wasn’t too bad I think this is it I think this is it I think this is genuinely it okay hold on let’s copy this let’s copy this uh okay now the question is how are we going to do the Torches I guess like this might be better way than on top so it’s like on a different layer whoop why did oh right oh well the gravity worked guys gravity quite literally just did Gravity okay so let me do that and let me me me do this actually I don’t even need this anymore yeah we don’t need these anymore because of how this works I don’t think we do do we no we don’t cuz the data transfer is happening on the bottom not the top what’s people saying okay so now we could probably stack it actually actually oh well we can’t yeah we’ll just copy paste so we don’t break the people’s blocks okay so uh there’s my one boom and then boom okay uh slash slash copy and SL paste and we didn’t get rid of the guy’s thingy Jiggy so we’re good okay let’s just keep just keep going we might have a test soon so oh boy this is exciting I’m like this is quite exciting this is quite exciting we might actually have a gravity test soon now will this system uh work later on will it get completely scrapped maybe honestly maybe it’s not uh it’s not entirely impossible that everything in the Stream just gets completely scrapped uh let’s see just use falling gra gravel true I should just use falling gravel honestly okay so now what I have to do is is uh oh that’s going to you see that oh Le have to be targets oh my God okay let’s make these all Targets make these all target blocks dude Matt was right poo gives you superpowers when doing Redstone this is probably not at all how he would have done gravity but hey this is the crafty masterman way the Bas way and yeah that can go on top Okay so [Music] okay dokie one uh you know what let’s just make it glass bro like let’s just make everything glass purple purple if you’re still in chat I’ve like basically succumbs to the methods method of wiring but like it’s for a different reason listen the way methods if you know who methods is he’s a technical Minecrafter and he has a very cringe way of wiring that now purple has adopted which is basically you make every single wiring block a transparent block like glass he uses white glass and just whenever you need a solid block you use like quartz or concrete so one two three four 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 I’ve lost count Now 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 8 99 10 11 12 13 14 15 oh shoot oh that’s bad that’s bad that’s bad that’s bad that’s bad okay uh-oh okay we’re going to have to be a little bit careful with this pist in there and then here oh my God we got saved okay oh shoot no no we didn’t oh no uhoh can’t do insta wire here does it have to be insta wire though does it have to be insta wire in this case does it have to be instant I don’t know I don’t know but just in case I will make it install wire so which also means moving this whole line back moving this whole line back a block w w which also means the target blocks are useless am I going to get rid of them no I’m going to keep them I am keeping the target blocks cuz I am too lazy to remove them even though I could probably just do it in a very Swift replace command what are you building uh do exclamation mark gdmc and you will know what we’re building and it also says on the top of the screen what we’re building no OCD no listen are you ready for this amazing magic trick that I’m about to do what I’ve been planning this whole time this is like a plot twist are you ready I was doing a world edit selection the whole time boom boom boom bet you weren’t expecting that bet you weren’t expecting that uh is this aligned with oh it is already sick so oh my hair is in my face get out of my face I need to rehead band my headphones need to rehe headband oh my God there we go hair has been pushed back with the headphones dude I wonder if my hairline is going to go horrible because of this okay uh okay what is this what is this what is this what is this wiring what is this wiring what is this manual placing of blocks see J2 that’s why you got a color code you know what’s also crazy about methods methods thinks color coding is cringe and I’m like what oh my God methods doesn’t color code his wiring which is crazy like how do you not color code your wiring bro uh take an extended oh see J2 here’s the thing I colorcoded my wiring so I know what every does that is the beauty of color coding wiring I know what everything does I’m still trying to genuinely remember when the last time I did a redstone collab [Music] was uh um I mean I guess the combination lock on stream cuz sacred was also there sacred made horrible horrible things that day that was like a nightmare sacred if you’re still here I will never forgive you and I’m so glad I held the bouncy and that so many better combination locks were made cuz like holy sacred made a disgusting creature you also colorcoded oh well sucks to suck see listen my color coding works here see green is Cube pink is ship uh side gravity obviously cuz sign means gravity uh okay and this is done see is that instant that sure looks instant to me after my oh shoot I just realized a thing uh what’s the shortest pulse these zero tick repeaters can handle oh my god really that’s Oh shoot no way it has to be a four tick pulse no way it has to be a four tick pulse foric pulse okay well it looks like that is still instant okay Forte pulse it is then I mean it should be fine considering how the gravity system actually works I think no it l no it literally should be fine actually okay doesn’t actually matter what the delay is oh I missed I missed one oh no that one guy who said he had OCD I’m sorry I missed I missed a torch go go go go go okay so now I just need oh yep dot dot dot there we go let’s put a block in front cuz why not and let’s make a bunch of instant repeaters I want to see what the overall screen looks like uh you can rewind in the Stream but don’t worry gravity’s almost done when gravity’s done I’m going to end stream cuz I’ve been streaming for a hot minute I mean this is usually how long I stream anyway like that won’t work this will that I just broke so much Redstone right there boom boom and next one next one boom next one guys it’s almost happening it’s almost happening it’s almost happening it’s almost happening oh that was like perfect okay Vortex is scaring me it’s fine it’s fine I’ve taking that into account the Forex should not matter why don’t you have particles I I don’t know I probably turn them off and I don’t remember why okay which is up and which is down I should also probably label that uh this is up let me get a sign hanging sign even this is up and way over there is is is down down down my God down let’s see glow in sa boom Oh Boy okay so what we’re going to do is let’s put our player over here okay so there’s and I missed a Canan block where is there a can block where is there a Canan block is it lit is it this one oh no it’s the sign again oh my God okay okay okay fine fine fine Jesus yeah okay so we have our player [Music] uh and now what we’re going to try and do is we’re going to put a block test test test yeah I’m trying to figure out how to test this we’re going to put a block right uh okay here uh how do I okay can I extend this without triggering everything let’s try and man ually extend this okay what why is that not powering things oh oh wait oh that’s the wrong one that’s why I’m stupid okay uh let’s try powering it again so here and here stuff has happened okay so this is our block and is that the full block no there’s one more set oh my God Geometry Dash is that AC you AC you okay there’s our [Music] block uh you know okay I actually I kind of want to make it more that’s a little too cringe that’s a little boring if it’s like right there uh let’s make it further up let’s make it like up here uh where actually where uh up here why not boom boom boom boom boom boom so there’s a block up here so what we’re going to do is we’re going to manually spam up until it gets to the block and if it stops then we have gravity oh oh boy oh my God this could be it guys this could be it chat let’s see okay okay how do I let’s you know what no I want this to be big I want this to be big I want it to be big I want it to be big I want it to be big I want it to be big lever oh that’s so clean wait that’s actually so clean oh why did it go up twice that went up twice okay uh we I have to fix some timings it’s not going up though it’s not going up though it’s not going up though guys it’s not going up we win okay but that was a bit odd why did it like jump twice I think it is the four tick delay so let me cut this off let’s try and figure out why it did that so close it should die no no so why it move up that time one then the next [Music] time no what okay wait wait wait okay hold on hold on hold on okay okay let’s do this so right now it’s it’s here take step we’re just going to spam tick step a lot okay you know fine tick step like six bro okay okay oh is it too [Music] fast oh it’s too fast yep and it gets to the next one oh my God that’s like a tick too fast okay uh I think we’ll just oh okay maybe we shouldn’t have tick free oops nice one okay so all these repeaters we’ll set to two ticks instead boom boom boom boom boom boom boom but guys I think we’ve made gravity which I’m so excited about let’s go we made gravity with this really janky ship register but it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine okay so let’s try it again let’s put our player here there he is and we go boom he goes up they go boom he goes up oh we go boom he goes why is there a a random block there oh it’s cuz that’s getting moved that’s annoying oh well nothing we can do nothing we can do about that actually yep and doesn’t go up anymore doesn’t go up anymore Let’s test going down actually why not hitting the floor uh I mean it should work the exact same but let’s just check down he moves down he moves down he moves down let’s see if it like destroys itself doesn’t kill himself let’s go we have gravity gravity oh my God [Music] where’s my Applause [Applause] button gravity you make you make the cube crafty mashman colored let’s go guys we’ve added gravity let’s go now do I continue stream or do I end it to make player controls I don’t know I kind of want to make a little bit more I’m not going to lie I want to make a little bit more go to keep streaming let’s see so I have gravity basically like I can spam it up and down player controls player controls are right here right here okay so thing is I don’t how does the map keep updating if you hold it it keeps updating this this okay I have to figure out if the cool down of the skull sensor is like Enough by the way if you don’t know how the the system for the button works this is how it works oh there we go this is literally how it works let’s see that’s as fast as you can do it J2 do you like my my input system listen it’s exactly what I need it’s a single button input that you can also hold and it doesn’t move your screen or anything like come on that’s kind of Genius I think this might work I don’t know I think that’s a I think that’s slow enough that might be slow enough so that will [Music] Ooh AVU and I made a cool input that lets you click or hold what is it J2 please tell me what it is please what is it what is it what is it with a note block ooh yeah I don’t want that though like I thought of a note block like basically my idea was have a note block where the keyboard is yeah I don’t know if I want that though cuz I kind of like this it’s like seamless it’s like perfectly seamless I don’t I don’t I don’t know I actually don’t know Rose input system is impulses door button on hermitcraft observers cuz like the thing with a button is the thing thing with a note block is that you have to like look at it and you’d have to kind of like do that and I don’t want that like I want you to be able to like show head on J2 can you send me a screenshot like DM me a screenshot or something yeah the only reason I did this is that you can like literally look at it head on and still play the game Mouse is almost as big as a keyboard yeah yeah I know I know I know Minecraft I know I know I could make another map part of a mouse but am I going no okay so what I have to do now is I have to also add a gravity toggle left and right working no there’s no left and right in Geometry Dash we’re not making platformer mode okay let me bring this out to be like same level as this so cuz now what I need is a gravity toggle cuz right now I can’t just have the player control up cuz it depends like what gravity mode is selected how you fly through blocks oh I just have creative no clip on it’s a carpet mod thingy what’s your input though my input is two helmets hold on I can’t hear myself okay my input is two helmets right and I also colored them like a brighter green and a less bright green so if you right click it like like flashes which I really like and I think it looks sick like look at that it’s beautiful and then I have a calibrated skull sensor over here that is tuned to ship portal that is tuned to me equipping the armor so then I just have an output look at that that is my input you have no idea how the hell lever and observer maybe the thing is I want the input to be like seamless cuz like if I have a note block I could like replace this with a note block but then you’d also be looking down and you have to like stand back a little bit and it’s kind of like what’s the one piece of string in front of the monitor okay so G basically the string is because the input is me spamming the helmets like this uh this string is so you don’t rotate the map like that so you just kind of look in the middle and you just Spam that’s what the string is for that is what the string is for very janky very most obscure input method ever I know okay but J2 you’re a creative guy so you could probably and you know what G you are too you come up with wacky ideas so you also tell me if you have a better input idea than my button just put an invisible item frame on a barrier and have the skull detect the spinning the frame so then you wouldn’t need an item can you do that can you right click an empty item frame is that a thing you can do I don’t think that’s a thing you can do let’s see you can’t right click it I don’t I don’t think you can spamming right click it’s not doing anything with an invisible map on it ah I get it eh I don’t want to use barrier blocks either again I want this to be like theoretically buildable in survival as well so yeah let’s see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 oh well guess what G now that you joined we have finished making gravity we have player collisions now player can go up and down and hit blocks and not go through them so that’s what we just finished 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 uh 13 14 15 boom uh and then Observer actually wait I have a way better way of color coding this oh okay that was down right yeah that was down I could make this literally like orange or something theoretically this is theoretically you you could if you grinded enough you could build all of this in survival you could build all of this in survival I’m just saying you could I’m just saying you could what are you making now if you finish gravity right now I’m making a toggle for it so I’m just kind of color coding this I’m just going to color code it like gd’s gravity oops go always wanted to make a survival world with the goal of building and absurdly listen listen J2 if you’re a hardcore YouTuber I know that there’s going to be some hardcore YouTuber who’s going to take a light Matic of my builds and try to build it in survival without a clue as to how it works I’m just saying it will happen it will happen some random hardcore YouTuber will do that I’m just saying I’ve seen someone make a calculator in survival yeah that was Rec grap dude Rec grap is awesome I love Rec grap I love Rec grap too actual most goated YouTuber uh okay you know what I’ll do for now uh I will just connect this to one of the inputs just to see if it’s slow enough actually this will also show me how fast spamming is for a rocket one two three four five six seven8 9 10 11 oh boy 12 13 14 15 okay let’s just connect this to the gravity system so let’s have some jumping happen a daylight sensor oh my God listen I my input may have some weird aiming but you people are like suggesting some like perfect pixel alignment type aiming so like I don’t know I think my armor stand thing might stick around okay let’s just see if this works why not oh there’s a few stray blocks whatever it’s fine it’s fine I don’t care uh okay where’s my other button so okay let’s see if this works oh boy uh okay I need hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on this is going to be the first test of player controls look at that we’ve already got okay where’s my carpet bot spot where’s my carpet bot spot there we go I can remove that slash player Alex spawn go over here it’s the mini game guy it’s the mini game guy also G I noticed that you got like a significant boost in Subs I never I did not remember you having 400k Subs did a short go viral or something like what happened what happened you can make the item frame fixed and no no no no no that’s not survival oh no no no no let’s see okay here we go does it jump I’m just going to test once oh my God it jumps it jumps it jumps it jumps it jumps it jumps it jumps that’s so silly okay wait let me let me put him back to the bottom oh he jumps he jumps oh that’s so awesome that’s so awesome he actually it’s it’s a little bit delayed I will say let’s try holding now that’s not bad that’s not bad going up that’s actually not bad that’s not horrible okay [Music] so I’m trying to think in my brain what’s the input delay like I wasn’t watching why’ you spam it I just wanted to see what the fastest you can go up is okay there’s a bit of a problem though uh because in my okay how do I describe this cuz like in my I in my mind how I wanted the trajectory to be is that whenever you jumped you would go up two blocks and then gravity would take you down one at a time but I don’t know I I don’t know I don’t think we’ll get to like fine tuning what gravity should be in this stream we’ll probably do it next stream but yeah we technically have working gra well we have okay you know what we can do actually watch this watch this watch this we’ll make gravity we’ll make gravity well a very rudimentary version of gravity but we’ll make gravity uh this is going to be completely changed I just want to make this for the stream let’s just make a quick actual gravity mockup uh here we go do something like that do something like this and just make a big Redstone pluck okay uh oops okay this might be a little slow honestly uh how fast is this I think this might be too slow or maybe it isn’t I actually have no idea uh I have lost my map though uh okay how fast is [Applause] this okay it’s just like oh wait what what’s happening here why is it not going down oh oh are you kidding me oh it’s signal string that’s awesome bro oh my God fine fine fine I just wanted to add gravity for the stream just a rudimentary gravity system but no we can’t have nice things here look at it go it’s gravity we can make that faster let’s make that a little faster let’s see let’s see how that plays actually use real life oh my God why is my flying so B slow let’s see how fast is this if I spam oh shoot oh shoot oh we’re duplicated okay herb eventually it it goes back to one but oh my God bro okay so I think what needs to happen is that gravity when it activates that’s actually okay that’s not too hard to fix I just need to be like whenever gravity activates it temporarily disables jumping so you don’t duplicate like that that should be fine that should be not too bad like there we go we have jumping and we have gravity like look at that we have gravity that’s crazy let’s go I think yeah so we have to fix the duping oh oh I was like confused there we go I think that is going to be it for me for this stream we did it we did we we actually did it you could stick an armor stand on four layers of snow so the hitbox Peaks out of the keyboard then Place boots on the armor stand you have a small sticky outfit but it so like you actually type on the keyboard is that what you’re saying what are you saying G what are you saying G what is this input system of yours armor stand on four layers of snow you can actually do a carpet I’ve done something similar like this armor stand on a carpet and then I guess a slab I don’t I forget it has to be like a slab or not oh I got there we go I think I know what you’re saying let me actually try this though yeah cuz that has the HIIT box I’ll send you pick jumping should disable gravity yep actually you know what actually using the keyboard would be sick this actually could work though if I have boots this okay wait uh and you have like the same boots so in case you miss and then you just do this oh wait hold on oh wait how do you you can’t take the boots off though you can put them on but you can’t take them off wait can you what the heck oh that’s annoying different boots what do you mean different boots what do you mean by that see if you DMS me [Music] something oh my goodness J2 that is way too chunky of an input I just saw your message uh like swap between gold and diamond oh I get it so like literally my armor system already just with this okay I get it that would be cool if you could actually use the keyboard oh that’s sick but then here’s the thing right if you have boots like this and you like do this mess it up now now you have that problem see now I’m wondering if unless you have three different boots hold on let me try let me see if I can make this like idiot proof so you wear a third pair of boots so I’m wearing gold diamond and this so I could clack away at my keyboard and then and then if I oops I miss I miss it I miss it I can still yeah okay so it is idiot proof like I don’t know I don’t know it’s kind of like exactly the same mechanics wise of like my helmet but button thing so I don’t know I mean I like the idea I’ll keep it here just in case that input has so much swag it is quite literally a keyboard which is cool uh but the thing is like I guess that works uh add music so here’s the thing about music this thing this thing over here oh boy this thing uh it it caps out the Minecraft sound limit so I can’t even add like a resource pack with like music discs and songs cuz uh all of these dispensers that turn on the vsync uh just like completely like screw it up it just doesn’t work okay I do like that keyboard idea I might consider it hold on hold on hold on one more thing I want to check how do you Det detect I don’t no an observer can’t detect that for sure no is there a way to detect that that isn’t a skull sensor I don’t think there is I just no there’s not but I will consider that idea okay Frost Walker ooh that’s that’s it could be frost Walker boots but the thing is okay the thing is about Frost Walker boots is that it has a cool down it has like the breaking ice cool down so that might not yeah I that is a good idea though but it might not work fast enough also if you guys are wondering okay this is really funny I I want I want you guys to think okay I swear this will be the last thing before I go if you had to guess how much play time I have on this world how much do you think I have how much play time do you think I have on this world I started this world in like October so how much play time do you think I have 3D a lot no I want numbers give me numbers 100 hours 50 hours 20 hours 3 months 20 hours 50 hours 204 hours 10 days tops okay guys let’s go to statistics and we’ll go to time played across three months no way more than three months since October when I made this world I have three days 3.13 Days anyone want to do the math on how many uh hours that is guys that’s nothing 3 days is nothing it’s actually nothing it’s it’s it’s like genuinely nothing like guys I started this world in October in October and I’m only at 3 days 75 hours that’s crazy 75 hours okay yeah I’m G to end stream for real though for real I’m going to end stream I’m going to end stream where’s OBS and and the things and the things bye-bye I’m going to end stream thank you for joining join the Discord join the Discord in description if you haven’t already join the Discord uh if you’re a YouTuber you have more than 1,000 Subs you get YouTuber roll if you’re a member you got your own special Channel or whatever so join the Discord in the description become a member I don’t know Shilling everything cuz why not bye-bye bye-bye byebye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye

This video, titled ‘Making Geometry Dash In Minecraft [ !GDMC Stream 4 ]’, was uploaded by CraftyMasterman on 2024-03-17 22:00:19. It has garnered 8104 views and 311 likes. The duration of the video is 02:48:48 or 10128 seconds.


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    OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!Video Information off stream mining but somehow we found mire God it’s crazy right crazy let me post this in the the chat yeah I’m right now no one’s even in here yet yeah because you know like they don’t love us yeah I know here we go we are live we are hi Esther what’s up CPA SU jpa even though it’s Eclipse I just I always say it’s eclipser because there was a j even though the J was silent okay all right well oh [ __ ] we’re doing good I think are you doing good weasel… Read More

  • Terrifying Curse Unleashed in Minecraft

    Terrifying Curse Unleashed in MinecraftVideo Information oke yang jelas di video kali ini kita diteror dengan banyak sekali hal aneh ini sih hal aneh dan cukup menyeramkan sih kalau menurut gua ya tadi itu ada tulisan die Dan juga ada penampakannya guys ya dia itu menampakkan diri lagi dan di sini sekarang kita gak tahu kenapa gini ini gak tahu kenapa gini guys ini pusing tahu bikin pusing guys Wah gini gila sih Ya udah deh jadi kayaknya ini kita nunggu malam hari kali ya nunggu malam Soalnya kalau malam enggak bakalan gini sih feeling gua atau ini sebenarnya malam hari guys ia sih… Read More

  • “CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!” #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruths

    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

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  • Renaicraft

    RenaicraftOur server is about smp you can pvp there you can make money there and get the strongest and richest player. We have many fetueres. Read More

  • Hermit Ruins 1.21 whitelist 16+

    Hermit Ruins Community Welcome to Hermit Ruins, a thriving community welcoming new members. Join our vanilla server with friendly, mature individuals from around the world. Our server is freshly started with 5-10 players online at a time. Here are some key features: Friendly People: Kind, welcoming, and mature members create a relaxed environment for everyone. Vanilla Plus: Handpicked datapacks add quality of life changes without game-breaking plugins. Mature Community: Whitelisted for safety, minimum age requirement of 16. Redstone Ready: Running on 1.21 Fabric for optimal redstone contraptions. Easy Connectivity: 24/7 server with no mods required for joining. Fun: Community projects,… Read More

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