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[Music] [Music] CR [Music] back [Music] [Music] we f it the CR [Music] [Music] yeah e [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah the Cru [Music] [Music] all right right good evening quac Lings and all welcome back to the nanashi stream my name is Nashi your favorite quaca chef and we’re back for some more Minecraft today but first off how’s everyone doing today I hope you’re all doing well it is a oh shoot it’s Monday isn’t it it is the start of the week um a lovely Monday afternoon or evening or Tuesday morning depending on where you are hopefully you’re all doing great I’m doing fine myself the new schedule is kind of weird the Monday Saturday off is kind of a weird thing at the moment I’m just just have to get used to it did some knife sharpening for work tomorrow I’m excited everything sounds good so far though uh oh sea lanterns here hello to you as well hope you’re doing as well as well I am thank you for asking I’m going to start my full schedule tomorrow so that’s exciting I’m really excited to start it um I’m hopefully I’m going to have to retain a lot and learn a lot very quickly and be a an awesome asset and Chef for the restaurant I’m working in so here we go let’s go but yes how’s your day going SE Lantern I hope it’s going well as well I see you’re back for some more Minecraft I’m excited to see what we’ve got so speaking of today I think today’s goal for us is going to be to renovate the cafe a bit more since we have the furniture mod now maybe make a basement so we could store all the food in you know for cooking all that all that jazz and then um if time allows maybe we could even go pop by the uh the community a bit like sea lantern we could pop by your igloo again see how that’s going uh ult sun has been working on something out in the ocean and I’m excited to see what it is oh you know what that’d be really can you imagine like after all this time ult was working on I don’t know like a Gundam that comes out of the water it’s like it’s like the Yokohama Gundam it just Rises up from the ocean once you press a lever that’d be amazing I don’t know how long it would take to Redstone all that but that sounds like it’ be amazing that you know what that could maybe it could be another project too who knows I had some jokes going around recently around the service saying we should make a giant nanishi just in the Horizon somewhere that’d be kind of fun too who knows there’s a lot of projects we can do and part of the part of it involves the mods that we added like finding new animals as well we found a bear last uh stream and that was pretty neat but in any case there’s a lot of things happening today I can only stream for maybe three I’m going to say three and a half hours today because I need to sleep early for work tomorrow but I’m here we’re here we’re going to play and actually speaking of which so I technically still don’t know my full schedule this coming week and how it’s going to be because um according to my friend who is currently working there as well the hours are kind of shiftable so they he mentioned that I might be working 9 to 10 hour shifts but that might he never mentioned if that included the break that’s in between or like it just kind of adds up over time we’ll see um which is fine with me I don’t mind stuff it’s where I’m learning but that what that does mean for the streams though means that there might be a bit of a a delay in streams or if it becomes too late I might not be able to stream for certain days so we’re going it’s a it’s a learning process for now right we’re going to figure out when streams work uh how it works out for my own schedule for cooking and um go from there yeah but anyways I’m rambling let’s jump into the game screen while we talk anyways so you know we can actually play and enjoy I don’t think I saw a sea lantern in the server yet not yet okay well that’s fine so the next thing we have to do for a cafe I mentioned was probably a basement so we could store food and other like our other goodies you know that’s what was a nice thing as well our stove top isn’t looking that bad actually I’m kind of enjoying how it looks now um um I think we’re going to need a lot more barrels though we’re going to need a lot of barrels to be able to store all this food what else can we do okay well first let’s think of a layout so if anything the way to the basement and our storage will come through the kitchen I think here I might have to play around a new furniture before I decide on how it goes up but to make things simp Le originally I imagined like a staircase like maybe here going up which isn’t bad but the thing is I don’t even know if it’ll line up anymore because of the way we have the slabs up here so for now I think perhaps we’ll go ahead and make a ladder that goes up to a second floor that’s you know that’s that’s a whole another Pro a day of progress right we’re going to worry about that later but if anything the staircase will go up here for now or the ladder hi FUBU fub son someone named it son FUBU Chan FUBU son it’s the same it’s FUBU fubuki okay so oh man okay I’m going to have to move a lot of stuff to break those open um let’s make some chests another Furniture info book I think I had an extra of that didn’t I yeah three oh no two [Music] um let’s organize a bit here oh the Quil leg doesn’t want to Stack that’s fine arrows just in case uh more torches here that’s useful uh we have extra bow acia shelf I don’t think we’re going to be using anytime soon uh let’s leave the bones for AC’s garden over here that way they’ll be able to use it for bone meal or something I don’t think we have a need for it yet but if ever we could come back and get them so it’s not a bad thing that’s not a chest that’s a chest um I’ll leave an oak extra Oak fence too why not oh we knocked down our painting that’s right [Music] um let’s go ahead and add it back somewhere for nowy looking kind of nice maybe we should have made it some out of stone though the wood look is kind of nice too at the moment I for now we can keep it as is um let’s see oh we have extra leads here that’s cool [Music] the wasn’t I putting a bow in here am I crazy did I already drop it somewhere else I might have that’s fine um we have the quartz from our there’s some wool here too do I need extra wool yeah for our stove tops actually oh maybe not actually cuz we’re using gray carpet not white right okay we’ll leave it here for now that’s fine the quartz we’ll put here leave these here too for now okay that’s a bit more manageable as as far as getting things set up go I think what is this 3×4 12 slots for moving things around that’s okay oh you know what let’s make those chests too got to make an extra chest just to store things for the time being I think as we renovate into our [Music] basement so let’s put these here for now oh this is going to be a lot of moving okay that’s fine [Music] um there where a quick oh shift perfect okay that’s that works ah okay I learned a new shortcut today or maybe relearned it’s been a bit you can press shift to quickly add things over which is excellent okay so this Barrel we can move out of the way now and sea lanterns here hey yo wait a minute what is that missing okay well actually we don’t need that right it’s going to go it’s going to descend I think so um that’s fine for now what’s up sea lantern welcome back to the [Music] server okay this is going to take some time maybe a tiny bit but it’s not too bad take this one down now this is the worst one okay um I guess that works uh did I make another chest no I didn’t I’m I’m a fool I’m a damn fool [Music] um we’re going to have an excess of chests in a bit here but you know what that’s okay we kind of need to make them just so we can store everything for the time being so let’s just toss the kelp make these this here oh man there’s going to be a lot of moving but we need to we need to do it for our basement so you know what it’s okay for now it’s fine oh actually oh no one I’m silly we’re not filling that up right now I keep thinking we’re going to fill up the hole with like our Checker like situation here but I keep forgetting we’re actually making a basement right now so it’s okay uh okay the we have so much stuff I feel like this is very similar to me kind of in real life I I seem to keep a whole bunch of things from trips and places I’ve been and it just kind of Pils up it’d be like that though okay so great that’s moved we can actually make a basement now but now okay here’s the second question though cuz actually yeah is that going to work so the thing is we want to make a basement for this Cafe but the thing is also that we want to have some sort of presentable kitchen up here right so I can’t exactly what if I made it like here like going down this way like this cuz I don’t want it to stick out so much that let’s see if I go one one two I bump my head to this so it has to be from here I think let’s do this um let’s fill this back up yeah I think that’ll do right let’s try this did I bring or make a shovel I don’t have a shovel make things a little little easier won’t [Music] it huh excuse me is that a chest hold up oh yo what’s this what are these pris Marine also this was the the sea lamps we saw down below I think right or that’s what these are made of so that’s exciting yeah see there you go nice okay sweet I don’t know what this is though heart of the sea what is this for it looks kind of ominous looks like an eyeball well that’s an extra chest for our kitchen too so you know what that’s okay I’ll take it oh [ __ ] oh my God see Lantern hi hello I I found a chest I don’t know if you’re watching right now but I found a chest and um oh POG nice oh that’s clever we can use portraits to display food food oh you’re dude you’re your big brain oh yes okay it’s good yeah I saw it yeah dude what is this it’s harder to see do you know what it is I don’t know what this is this looks ominous as hell I probably shouldn’t be holding on to it but if you can tell me that’d be great while I start to expand into our basement here let’s see it’s to make a conduit ooh a conduit that sounds cool I have to check check that out later I okay so let’s see you can make an underwater base with it oh okay okay I like the sound of that we have look into that later okay I’m going to put this in the chest then just to keep you know actually I’m going to put it in the ND chest okay that’s a clever really clever idea though for the food we’re going to need to get some more portrait pictures for that then but noise oh nice Cape too ah C pancakes I forgot to switch it off no get out of here this is our town boy this is taking my uh my Bow’s um durability isn’t it I I should stop doing that hold up yeah maybe I could sleep uh sea lantern if you could sleep that’d be great too but let me see uh you know what we should make a guest house too so if people need to sleep they can just poop into it that’s a good idea too okay let me think here so we have a heart of the sea now that’s kind of interesting we have to look into that later thank you for sleeping I have to turn on the what is it half um half server sleep option again same with the fatig option actually can I do that from here probably not the immediate respawn do ccle is this where I would turn it on though I feel like this is a another sort of like option that I have to find through outside of the server or something I have to turn it on through like some sort of command line or something green animation yeah I’m going to have to find it later okay so let’s make a basement of some sort in fact actually I can put this into the chest here there we go okay help a little for now okay so basement um let’s clean this up make it nicer kind of stairs do we want we could make some wood stairs for that let’s see sounds nice let clear our inventory space a little I need to move this a bit more and this one’s actually in the way [Music] might not be deep enough though I see lanterns checking out FUBU Chan okay so let’s make this one more deep I think o hit Stone too okay that should pretty nice okay sweet so now we dig our basement this might take a while okay oh hello oh you going to come and help oh that’s nice of you thanks man all about those Renovations how’s your igloo doing I need to figure out what’s happening there too uh let’s see eventually we’re going to have to make this a bit nicer by putting Stone down or something I think but for now this should be okay I would not recognize it is it has it changed that much oh man you have to see about that then hey some iron this doing down here mind if I do uh let’s see yeah I think we could just keep this one as is here let me fill this up with stone and make it look a little nicer I’m going to have to do this all the way up though huh okay that’s fine I will we’ll figure that out later o look at him go you got the enchantments okay let’s dig up here you want to make it one block deeper uh that’s a good question actually should we what are we at right now we’re actually at one layer so the layer on top of us is actually under right underneath the the kitchen so [Music] maybe this will make yeah this would be up right up here that look nice yeah you know what let’s try and we could we could dig up one floor up and then we’ll see how that looks look at him goes like a chipmunk damn dude oh you know what actually this is kind of nice too cuz we can actually see where the the building ends kind of too so that’s going to be good let’s see so we just have to be a little careful here I think I don’t know where oh okay so this is I think it ends right here so let’s build this up with some rock let me see if there’s a I might have to smelt some Cobblestone later but at least that’s okay so that’s where we’re going to where our wall ends I think so let’s put that there jez I’ll fill that up I’ll fill that up later that’s fine we just kind of have to figure figure out where our our walls end here that a zombie uhoh you have neighbors oh noise thank you dang you’ve been working on your tools I see okay so that’s probably where it ends so let’s um right here I guess it’s right here okay so we’ll keep that in mine and this a little this side bro we’re getting our basement can you imagine if Renovations were this fast for like a restaurant or any sort of building which be nice I managed to get some really nice Villages POG I have to visit you sometime and check them out I still remember our lovely experience of running into the that one villager that I can’t actually breed it’s really awkward but you know what such is how it is sometimes um my shovel is dead so I’m going to use the pickaxe for these little I can help me with the pickax stuff you can help me with the dirt cuz you’re a lot faster with that I think oh [Music] gravel Flint okay hey Ender Chest nice okay I think we’re getting close to the dimensions of our building at least look at that actually it’s kind of nice with the ceiling of the the wooden floor so that’s not bad um oh we might have dug a bit much here okay I can feel this with stone though give me back a second seant and I’m going to actually wait I can just do it here can’t I I have a crafting table don’t I I do now I’ll just put it here same with these two furnaces I think I’ll put here just for now so we can uh make what we need to down here so two furnaces what was I make oh I need to smelt the cobblestone into a smooth Rock right so let’s see need oh thank you friend oh you know what let’s get some I’ll get uh to think if you want more seea Lantern I’m going to get some ketchup from the ketchup machine and fuel our um furnaces down [Music] there let’s see see Lantern have you found any pet that you’ve uh tamed yet it’s been pretty fun looking around and seeing the new animals so I hope you’re having fun of that too as you see them uh oh our buckets are in there aren’t they oh we could just take them can’t we put some dirt in here too I’m sure there is a use for people who who want the dirt so very convenient building block honestly okay uh that should do we’ll put some sand here too some people like sand for a glass right uh we need the Cobblestone actually so let’s take that I haven’t read the manual yet so I have no idea what to do what he needs to do okay cool um well for the there’s a bunch of major animals out there that are just um it depends on which animal you find I guess but uh for pets there’s only certain number of pets that you can get and you need some leather to make a collar but once you can once you give him the color it’ll um become your pet and you can actually use the uh what’s it called you can you can make treats too and the treats can give make them perform a trick I think was what they said and it gives you health as you uh are in their like AOE so it’s kind of neat there we go okay so we’re going to make some smooth Stone to kind of level this all out a bit I think uh there’s some golden pants here very cool all right that’s cool yeah dude it’s fun it’s really cool I definitely would recommend giving it a try if you get the chance um if you don’t have the book I think I put some extras in the community chest but I can always um pop it out again so don’t worry okay so let’s see also if you need some Stones I could get some real quick from my base oh no worries dude actually when we mine down here we just made a bunch of uh Cobblestone I just have to smelt it back into smooth Stone and we’re good but I appreciate the thought and you know what while it’s smelting it gives us something to do like kind of planning so to test the highway speed as well you can try it man feel free to go for it I I would love to hear how it goes okay so this wall I think ends right here right so we can actually let’s see or I can make some barrels into a wall this is exciting feels like uh getting a new floor and Animal Crossing or something you know yeah have so much more to work with suddenly uh didn’t I have some more torches I did there we go oh you can make a I think I told you about this one already seea Lantern too but you can make a walking stick now and that’s just like uh three sticks in one column and that improves your movement speed and your jump speed it’s really convenient so if you have the chance I’d recommend to make that too just for yourself that you walk around real good uh let’s see so let’s start with this one I’ve been holding one yeah yeah see it’s it’s nice right feels good [Music] um so this is technically the end of the building but oh I made it into Cobblestone again damn it um this is technically the end of the building but we could just wall it off one extra wide right so we just make it bit more spacious cuz why not right uh let’s see this is all Sandstone we’re going to have to fill that up with stone as well slowly going but it’s getting there o that one’s not that one’s going well okay so so you know what let’s start with the floor first so we just have something to look at okay so let’s fill this up okay the cafe basement is looking pretty nice so far it’s getting there um I guess if we’re going to follow suit with like this extra layer out [Music] we can break this apart too in fact actually let me get another shovel then shovel shovel there we go um we need to make a slot maybe I’ll just put this ooh spooky not the one I was expecting but you know what that’s okay it’s there for now we need a shovel there we go we’re going to make this one more out I think and we’ll just fill that with stone oh thank you appreciate that uh let me just toss thank you good sir let’s see okay so I’m going to make this one a one more wide and since we run into if we run into any stone that’s fine because that’s what we want it to be going to make the basement one more bit out oh the speed his speed is so fast I need to I really need to enchant my oopsies I need to enchant my um shovel too to make it real efficient here is just dirt right so it’s okay build that up here thank you C Lantern for your lovely contribution of stone what is it Endy chest now nice okay so that’s right then we want this to be up okay it’s getting there uh oh we still need to finish the floor on this side actually that’s a oh wait gave me quite a few Stacks though let’s go Okay so oh this one’s Stone isn’t it yeah it is okay so we just pickaxe for this wonder what these sandstones are used for probably just to make things look nice oh thank you SE Lantern uh let’s see uh this layer how did did we end up with one extra block on the construction I guess we did so it should be right here oh I made it a bit wide okay that’s fine we’ll fix this later I can fill the rest of this with dirt so it’s not really the worst thing cuz I have a cplus now nice nice nice nice nice nice okay uh uh let me also fill the ground here oh yeah this is a bit wide too so we just put this yeah there we go okay we’re just going to make it one off from the actual size of the restaurant there we go look at that okay our basement’s getting there it’s looking real nice so far nice job SE Lantern oh Joiner welcome back to the stream my dude how have you been everything going well I’m back as well Nashi I’m here sorry I was I’m I was kind of uh what do you call it you know when you really focus on a task that you’re working on that you’re excited about and you just kind of like what’s the word for it zoom in like Zone in you get into Zone I don’t think that was the word I was looking for but you know what that’s pretty much right I’m in the zone but yes how are you been have you been I hope everything’s been good for you it’s nice to see you again welcome back to the stream locked in that’s that’s kind of close it’s more like it’s not dialed in either it’s more like um when you’re so focused on something you kind of ignore the you accidentally ignore the other things that are happening around you oops that’s Cobblestone oh it’s fine oo okay sweet um yeah we could live have a little Cove here just for like extras I suppose right that’s not bad just a little extra space so let’s clean this up here I’m going to clean this a tiny bit oh oh is that our plants uh-oh uh okay hold up so then H oh no I missed okay that’s fine we have some cooking over there [Music] uh that will we see that up there let me see hold up one second I’ll be right back see Lantern if we break that there oh yeah it’s going to show us Stone down there too oh wait how did this happen uh let me fix [Music] this okay so I we can keep it as dirt I suppose well I or I’ll see what we do here he’s bit rotating that that other pie nice um right we have a basement though okay so we’re going to have to put I’m going to have to put some barrels in here and got to do things but okay let’s see join her says well my Xbox game pass ran out I got to eat pizza I mean pizza’s good that’s always a nice thing I’m glad you had your pizza at least and uh yeah sorry about your game pass if anything hopefully you get it started again you’ll have all your game your whole game collection again so don’t you worry Okay C Lantern thank you for the help let me see what we’re going to do here first though so for this it’s kind of a because underneath are the plants uh I guess we don’t really need this Cove I could fill that up too uh Lila’s here hey weila welcome back to the stream how are you doing everything going well hope your day is going good I hope the noodles yesterday were great in fact I don’t think I ever got to ask you which kind of noodles they were but I I’m going to have to assume they’re really yummy noodles wait did I just destroy the painting oh well actually that kind of makes sense doesn’t it acts to painting equals destroyed painting so um that’s a big oops but you know what that’s okay we’ll that’s okay so let’s fill this back up actually then in that [Music] case um we can make this a little nicer though of stone which I do have oh you know what this could be kind of neat actually you know what we could this could be a barrel our Barrel House of food that that’ be kind of nice uh fine Ramen okay good to hear I’m glad your Ramen and your uh dinner went well that’s great ramen’s delicious it’s some it’s one of the things I still kind of need to live learn how to make because making Dashi or the soup for ramen is exceptionally tricky it it’d be like that though okay so you know what we we I have I having a good feeling about this we can make that kind of like a quote unquote wine seller by putting like barrels there uh let’s [Music] see okay hold up let me think work we quick in here uh we need slabs um um oh wait we have the cutter here though can we do that we can um make normal slabs from this too I think right yeah Oak slab there you go let’s put the so much stuff suddenly here we go uh no my mom helps me to make it oh that’s cool okay very cool nice nice nice is it a recipe you found online oh you made a chest of stone thanks dude I appreciate that too okay so hold up we are cooking some barrels [Music] here okay so this should be yeah there like a extra big food storage and then we can put more things later okay let me let’s just make a bunch of those right now and then I can can go ahead and make like you can start moving down a bunch of the ingredients and stuff for the kitchen upstairs convenience is nice after all for uh Food Services oh my God you made so many nice job okay let’s see I need to get some wood I’ll be right back see I need to get some wood upstairs apparently you know bring this too also I’m getting hungry that yeah how’s your day been though lla Joiner you’re both doing good it is another relaxing day on quaka island so I hope everything is going well for you you too uh let’s see oh we have an exceptional amount of dirt now Ah that’s okay you know what someone’s going to need it I’m sure at some point what we do need though are slabs whatever happened to those trees I oh you know what there’s only one type of barrel I think right so if we just use Spruce it should be okay bunch of these the trap door with [Music] laabs the barrels let’s see two barrels we need more planks okay we need more planks there we go okay seea Lantern I’m coming back oh there you are hello thank you my good Chum let’s see L says I’m fine okay great I’m glad to hear it I hope your Monday went well or actually it might be Tuesday for you at the moment uh who’s this guy who do we have another buddy why does he sell oh he’s a he’s a pet he’s a pet vendor so if you have the emeralds for it you can trade for the pets and then you need you need the collar which is four uh Leather So if you have leather it’s four leather in a um and a diamond formation that makes a collar oh I want a T-Rex though hold up do we have emeralds for this do you have emeralds for this are you going to get a T-Rex I think you might need your collar still though oh there’s a snake over there too oh oh only one person can talk at a time this chameleon I look at Shiva too is that a Shiva it kind of looks like a Shiva I bought everything nice so for your pets you can you can equip accessories too so oh look at it let’s go okay so now you can if you want you can put that accessory on top of his head and it could be like your own special like yeah you can put a top hat if you want it’s up to you yeah buddy and he should follow you around and I think you could just set him to um you can set him to sit too like a normal pet so oh thank you oh Top Hat nice thank you I appreciate that I do want a top hat oh my God he’s wearing a suit let’s go are you going to give it to me okay thank you I appreciate it I will keep this uh let’s see by I have to throw something first uh what do we need we don’t need IR yeah so enjoy your new pet uh if you need to there’s a manual somewhere up here I’m sure so you can just so cute um the manual should teach you how to make treats too and then the treats if you feed it to them it’ll make an AOE heal around them so you can heal up too it’s pretty nice it’s so cute enjoy it enjoy enjoy okay hold on I’m going to go down there and add the barrels but we’ll we’ll coup over your cool pet T-Rex later scared me for a second though he said like who the hell is this I was like who do you mean did did someone join a server and didn’t know about okay so that’s our food stocks that’s going to look nice it’s like a it’s kind of even like a wine seller kind of nice okay so let’s fix this up a little a tiny bit so it just looks a little nicer oh that kind of looks a doesn’t it do we have planks yeah we can do planks for that let’s do that the T you brought him in the restaurant oh thank you for that oh shoot I put the wrong one there if you have one more uh you can slap it there so cute hi how’s it going I have to go but remember live laugh and have fun well thank you Joiner good words to live by uh you have a nice day I hope you have a lovely day and um I’ll hopefully see you around the stream more often soon because my schedule’s kind of stabilizing as well so just hoping we can hang out more as well but yes for the time being though please be safe eat healthy the usual Jazz and um I’ll talk to you sometime soon hopefully okay so okay great our basement for the kitchen is looking real nice this is going to be nice we can conveniently get things real quickly too for cooking up here it’ll be nice uh Kracken welcome to the stream hello my name is nanishi I’m a quaca chef and uh I like cooking up man it’s up man to you how’s your day going you’re doing good and Joiner says okay bye you have a good one Joiner do your best today you got this so let’s fix this real quick too I don’t think we need to make this [Music] to there we go that should look a little bit better oh oh thank you thank you C lanter you got the right wood for that did you appreciate that okay we can make this kind of like a workstation as well that’s not too bad once we figure out where we’re going to put what down here uh let’s see it’s 9:48 a.m. here what’s there oh so right now it’s uh 7:47 p.m. it is nearing the end of the day not too bad winding down you know the usual um let’s see kson says yeah it’s going pretty okay how about yourself well thank you for asking um I’m doing great myself um just kind of working on a little Minecraft Project here a little restaurant for to have you know host guests in um this is a server that we made order Community um it’s been pretty fun so far damn it’s almost 5:00 a.m. here oh dang you you you live been in the other side of the ocean or something straight up the other the next day then um well that put you you in 5:00 a.m. would that put you like Japan or or Hawaii even am I wrong I might be completely wrong I’m sorry I lost my train of thought that I’m I’m thinking I’m trying to think like which way do those time zones go uh oh Croatia close to Italy oh dang that’s awesome I know about Croatia I had a close friend in high school actually that um was from cro CA that’s awesome dang I haven’t dang I haven’t had anything about creatia in a while speaking of CTI now that we’re talking about it too is there any like Local Foods I should learn about in that is cro that I should maybe potentially cook on stream cuz if there is you should let me know cuz I definitely am okay with learning more recipes from the world you know so that’s kind of my shtick I like learning recipes all over the from all over the world though um I’m I’m if I had to say my primary like what is it my primary cooking that I do it’s mostly I think Asian Japanese I just have a fondness for that kind of cooking I suppose but let’s see what’s it s Sarma okay let me see sounds like schwarma that sounds good too actually I’m hungry let’s take a look here Sarma let’s see stuffed grape leaves or stuffed cabbage leaves interesting oh this looks good okay okay I see what you’re cooking there cracken that look this is looking real nice actually what what usually it looks like I’m looking at picture on Google it looks like there’s meat and like potentially some it look like some versions might have seafood in it what do you what do you usually put in your starma Kon it’s so good oo uh Lila says not Japan yeah I think I might have accidentally Mook the time zones there right now in Japan I think it’s actually more like early afternoon I think I think some of my friends would be working right now let me see the world clock Tokyo it is almost noon yeah so a bit into the morning there look at your Dino friend it’s so cute uh we usually make them for Christmas or Easter but you can eat them always Al it’s kind of like a seasonal view then or you can make them always like you said so I guess that’s no reason not to make it anytime let’s see it’s a Turkish food featuring tender cabbage leaf stuff with seasoned rice and three types of meat steamed over a bed of and it’s it Trails off there because it’s a a preview of a recipe laid on a bed of sauerkraut ooh okay okay okay that sounds pretty good I’m going to add this to my uh research list oh man that’s something noise oh an underground little garden wouldn’t be bad either actually here I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the space yet but it’s it’s at least we have the basement ready thank you C Lan for the help by the way appreciate it look at him of his cape what a hero um okay so Sarma interesting I don’t think yeah honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Sarma it sounds good it sounds really yummy like what kind of meats do you put in there I um if it’s it says three types of meat so I can only imagine it’s like your usual like I don’t know chicken beef pork or something okay we have an obscene amount of a rather obscene amount of uh stuff right now so let’s see we can organize a bit here let’s see or you can try to make bur which is more of a balcon free rather than creation let’s see Burak let’s look a look let’s see uh it could be really anything you want my Mount makes it so I’m not sure uh what she um oopsies that cuts off the chat there let me see it here uh I’m not sure what she really puts but every time it’s something else interesting okay very cool well if you ever find out do let me know I would love to learn what the mum makes cuz that’s us the best stuff right so just saying the made by parents usually the tastiest stuff okay so we should put some Stone back here for now uh I have a top hat oh my God I can’t wait to find a pet I can wait do I have a pet that can wear this isn’t a c Barrow pet too oh you are you wear this wait sea lantern check this out behind when you get the chances cabara oh my God so good uh let’s see visit Croatia and we’ll make it for you oh well you know what I got the invite now I guess so why not that’d be kind of cool look at a my hero uh capibara your Dino’s so cute though too what the heck a so Regal uh yeah you know actually funny thing ctia uh has been on my list of places I do want to travel one day especially since my my good friends were from there so hopefully one day that that could become a thing too let’s see um what where else have I wanted to go actually funny enough I’m I’m I guess relatively decently traveled like I’ve been to Italy I’ve Been to Spain mostly it’s been been because of like coincidental family things you know it’s pretty nice uh do you possibly have a Discord I could join I you know that’s actually something I’m working on at the moment I don’t actually have a Discord server for um the quaka squad yet but um a lot of people have actually shown interest in it recently and since that is the case I think I will go ahead and try to make a server for everyone to kind of chill in so um please be patient with me I appreciate your patience Kracken and I’ll see if I can get that going so you can join us for the time being though um for the channel we have an Instagram a Twitter and an a Tik Tok that’s not really used at the moment I got to add more stuff to that and uh of course the YouTube channel so if you want to follow along those uh Twitter is usually where I post when I will stream next um Tik Tok is kind of just random videos I like posting from uh my day to day and then Instagram is usually mostly the food that I make so if anything check it out let’s see um who’s waiting for Deadpool and Wolverine the new trailer here oh was it did it just come out like another new trailer I have to check that out later too that’ be fun I excited for that movie I I do like the bed the bed the bed poool yeah the Deadpool Series so Ry Ryan rold is kick like killing it as that rolls it’s like made for him it’s great uh yeah Discord is needed to talk to your subscribers it’s it seems to be the case you know I I never really thought about it because I thought I could just communicate through Instagram slash YouTube post slash Twitter but um I mean yeah there’s clearly an interest for it so I could definitely take a look into it uh I mean I if you want I can help you make one I’m a server maker admin with multiple 25k plus servers wow dang that’s awesome uh it’s okay though cracks and I appreciate the offer but you know what I’ve been actually working on it on the side here myself so um it kind of put it would kind of put the work that I put into the server already uh down the hole I suppose not not to say that you wouldn’t make it awesome but just like I’ve already worked on it so it’s going to slowly be there and you know what experience for me too so I appreciate it though if anything um once it’s released into the wild I will let you know or rather I guess I could put it post it on the channel and you can you all can join whenever uh let’s see yeah so it’s true though subscribers um well I guess I guess from you guys where you guys are telling me it seems that a lot of people like using using the uh uh using Discord to communicate at least between subscribers too especially I guess it would make sense especially now that we have a legit Minecraft world that it might make more sense to have a server for people to join into to right to communicate with each other so yeah we’ll get that going don’t worry it’s in it’s in the works because of the new schedule thing it’s been a bit of time to get that going so oh wait how am I going to sort this out have we have a bunch of storage now but we don’t have a a way to sort it really yet H okay we’ll figure that out let’s see ah fair enough love to hear it man uh make it in your image yeah I’m going to try to there’s a lot of things in the work for this channel um life 2D hopefully coming up one day rather than just the PNG um a lot more cooking videos and plans I have for streaming them put an item frame in front of it that’s a good idea oh that’s a really a good idea actually I don’t know if that’s a lot of slots though there’s a bunch of new seeds out there too for fruit well let’s let’s try to divide it for now I guess what do we Pi what do we need for picture frames I’m sure it’s like paper or something and some sticks uh let’s see so you daily cook food uh by yourself um so when I was in it which is my previous job um e yes and no I didn’t have enough time because everything is usually kind of running at a certain point for it and I kind of have to monitor everything always so I didn’t exactly have time to cook for myself as much as I would like um so now that the new job is here I might have a bit more time to be able to cook for myself which is nice and then of course hopefully have time to stream cooking for you guys to watch as well anything inter like for say for example the Sarma and the um burck oh by the way I checked out the burck um on Google as well this looks pretty good as well though I will say the S the S looks a bit more uh appealing to me at the moment work looks delicious too though so not a bad thing to keep in mind as well I promise to you guys Italian Seafoods St and if if you you know what I might as well say it’s been a while since we have talked about it but I want to do copino kind of like a tomato um Seafoods stew they have in uh Italy it seemed delicious seems very uh like War warming I guess body warming when uh it’s cold so I have to check it out let’s see uh you’re a good cook I’m feeling jealous but I will learn too hey if anything uh when you watch the channel or the lives I can teach you certain tricks and like things that I do you know to make it work out o look at that nicey Lantern uh so yeah like don’t don’t ever worry we we we’re all like I myself I’m always I consider myself a learner as well like I’m still learning so much about the cooking world even though I might have like say a little more experience than your average person in the cooking world but I’m still learning so we’re all learning together I that’s what I think and that’s kind of the fun in it too I think for this channel let’s see uh I went to Italy like two weeks ago oh POG let’s go where which part of Italy did you go to I’ve been there myself um it was a long time ago though so I I I’d have to say that my memory of it might not be as fresh as yours but it was still quite an experience I think we were in in Venice no yeah that’s right we went to Venice [Music] and I’m trying to remember am I am I just being wait hold up I’m just oh Florence went to Venice and Florence oh you know what no we actually now to think about it we also po by Rome just a tiny bit too that was really fun let’s see uh let’s see Verona Venice podova Morano and Bano ooh awesome places I actually pop by Bano too brano’s cool uh there’s this place was that b oh it was Bano no no I’m I’m thinking the same place uh barano was the place with all the um the pastel colored buildings next to the uh to the water right there was some really good Italian food there like well I mean of course but like they had um there was this one restaurant with pasta that I ate there oh it was so good I remember it to this day like we ordered some alang which is kind of like a clam white clam uh white wine um and parsley pasta it’s so good and I think we had carara bolog a bunch of different things too and they were all so good oh man I’m kind of I wouldn’t say salivating but getting hungry which is actually kind of funny cuz I have some food over here I should probably be eating at the same time uh yeah you know why they make the houses like that uh I’m sure they told me during the tour I just don’t exactly remember why though why don’t you tell us again oh this is completed food huh we could keep completed food up here uh let’s what else oh glass wait glass breaking was that sea lantern by accident it might it probably was sea lantern cooking something down there too oh you know what oh the top hat looks so much better on you you you keep that dude dinosaur is so cute I wonder if he attacks too as a thing I don’t know if he does um let me see the golden apples we can keep individually I think cuz that’s not really uh restaurant item that’s more like a what would you call it I guess a consumable item I see what you’re doing oh that’s cute you’re clever I get it oh it’s a it’s a bell it’s a bell for help that’s cute I like it oh dude you’re great dude so clever thanks you Lantern oh man we have a bell for calling the men like oh my God that’s so cool I love it okay anyways let’s see uh craon says well I think it’s because of the boat since it gets uh foggy there a lot I’m pretty sure it’s because of that the boats like they had to be able to see where the buildings are cuz it’s foggy that that that checks out i’ imagine that could be the case too let’s see how do we want to organize this so let’s put veggies down here how about that uh first off we actually we need to figure out how to make a portrait last I checked it was like paper and something else oh here we go paint no that’s painting item frame oh we just need some leather we have leather let’s go find out uh lla is giving the thumbs up so I assume that might be the reason for the pastel buildings let’s see can people join the uh MC server or is it private so actually right now it’s a uh wait did I change the link so there’s a um I I in in the uh oh my gosh I’m losing my train of thought sorry in the um description of the live there is a list of rules that I’ve posted um in addition to how to get the link uh if you give that a read and um assuming you read through it that’s kind of like your agreement of following the rules that I’ve posted did did my fairy just die oh no it’s over there scared me for a second um if you read through it uh you can the at the bottom there’s an like instructions of like how to get the link and then I’m assuming when you follow those instructions and ask um you’ve read the rules so please give him a read and once you give the instructions a uh read through um at the bottom there’s a another note of how to get the link and then of course you can join us if you like you seem friendly enough you seem chill so it’ be nice to have you on here too we’re currently playing on Realms so uh just so as I had up uh Snake Man welcome to the stream hello to you as well you’re new welcome I have noticed I don’t think I’ve seen you before welcome to the stream my name is Nishi I’m a quaca chef and uh I suppose you’re quackling now welcome to the quackling squad just playing some Minecraft today uh it’s okay man either way I think I’ll join the next time you’re streaming kind of need to go to school soon yeah ah I feel yeah don’t worry study well stay healthy and uh do your thing I hope uh your studies go well if you’re in high actually even in high school high school college it’s right around this time where it’s I think midterm time you so do your best you got this and um yeah we would love to have you on the server as well cracken if ever you’re interested so please give the rules it’s it’s going to be always there just give it uh the read through um I could I could shoot you over the link and then uh you join us have a pretty chill Community it’s mostly chill we just chill and have fun here so like a see Lantern doing his thing but yeah uh in any case have a good day at school do your best you got this um what was I doing okay so we need leather that’s what we need we need a leather for the uh the portraits right so oh we have some nice let’s put something back in here for now cuz we do have a an excess amount of things this is our monster bucket though there’s nothing really here that’s talk oh no we have slimes there we go uh let’s see yeah okay man have a great rest of the day of the night yeah you too do your best you got this I’ll see you hopefully sometime again on another chat on the stream let’s see adid welcome to the stream I think you’re new as well welcome welcome hi bro up what’s up to you too my name is Nishi I’m a quaca chef and uh we’re playing some Minecraft today we’re just kind of chilling and we have a a a what’s what do you call it a cafe we’re making a cafe right now and we’ve expanded the cafe into a basement and now we’re just kind of figuring out where to put things where and how to organize it really do you play Minecraft as well snake man I saw you also do you also play Minecraft if so uh what is your favorite thing about Minecraft do tell me cuz a lot of because actually you know funny enough I’m kind of um relatively new to Minecraft myself I’ve only started for maybe wow it’s only I think it’s only been maybe like a month or two at this point for me and it’s fun I love it so far uh let’s see let’s we can put these back we don’t need that much right now we don’t really need the stone do we need the stone I think it’s fine for now uh the leather we needed for the portraits so let’s do that real quick uh yeah I do and my favorite things are netherite and PVP ooh PVP is fun so I’ve actually funny enough I’ve been getting a the excuse me a few viewers coming in saying that they uh like they also like PVP I think one of them mentioned um dream recently and uh how he plays PVP so I was going to go check out their videos later and see how they play um I I’m mostly a chill streamer so I we we’re just here to build have fun uh maybe one day I could join a PVP server just to see how that is but I’m I’m mostly here to chill you know but I’m glad you like it and funny enough uh I haven’t made netherite gear yet before we we actually happened to find a template a few uh live streams ago and we haven’t been able to duplicate them yet but we are working on getting there though actually funny enough I migrated the server from a hosted server recently to Realms and that actually kind of screwed my inventory a bit so I had a template um but it disappeared inside of the nether chest as you can see it’s empty because of that and it happens you know it’s whatever um but luckily sea lantern happened to get a secondary template over there so we can we can still make them it’s just you know we only have one now uh bro is this a Bedrock server it is um I I just when I play when I started the game I only really knew about Bedrock so I just started playing on Bedrock I don’t really know anything about Java Minecraft and um I mean it’s it seems stable it seems fine for what I’m doing so not bad wait where’s your where’s your owner where’s he chilling here oh did are you sitting here oh that’s probably why um but yeah it’s it’s just a Bedrock server I don’t see any real oh okay there’s clearly a difference right just Java Bedrock Java is kind of more modable and dare I say sometimes more stable but you know for for what Bedrock is it’s pretty nice he scared me see Lantern um okay wait we’re here to make some item frames um we don’t have sticks we need more sticks uh we don’t have enough sticks that’s fine you know what let’s just start with the two that we can make first and then we’ll go from there how about that uh we don’t have enough sticks for that either okay great we need um we need more of those logs that’s probably why I had those in my inventory huh and I’m also running out of space okay um let’s see I play Java on my phone mCP is a little laggy yeah I get you uh Java you know I think it I mean actually not to think about it I think only for mobile it’s only Java right I don’t think you can play can you play Bedrock on your phone I’m not actually sure I never tried it myself I vaguely remember joining one of these servers in off my phone so I think it is possible to yeah you can okay so I okay great so I’m not incorrect here but damn it I Inception it didn’t I [Music] um we’ll take one of these this isn’t this isn’t exactly specific though is it cuz we’re going to be putting a bunch of veggies here now that’s that’s very that’s kind of Veggie like right we can assume veggies come from this corner and move up that way you know what actually maybe we could do that make it like fruit adjacent or like something like that right let me see here so this one could be the start of our fruit section berries of fruit that counts uh let’s see the Java Edition is not from Mojang but it is um but it is is real Java okay that makes that makes a lot of sense in oh no that’s what it was yeah so they’re like two separate kind of versions isn’t it I hope Mojang adds official Java version to the phone that’ be pretty nice who knows maybe one day I hear a lot of people are asking for it too so I would not be surprised if maybe they’re working on it or at least you could hope that they’re working on it you know I am playing before the Villager update I mean at what time villagers don’t even trade or Farm or walking or standing or even sleep oh wow you’re playing really far behind then aren’t you that’s okay though laa if it’s fun why not right okay wait so let me think here let’s think about our food groups we have veggies we have the berries which is fruit I is that really a fruit let’s go to let’s go to Aces Farm real quick Mama Aces farm and see what kind of things they have in we can start feeding things into there I think uh do we need more we need more sticks though uh planks uh-oh might have uh over done it there forther or our sticks though now I’ll have to do um um okay there we go we cleared a space for another set of paintings I suppose okay uh let’s see I played before the P Village and the pillage update ooh cool but I stopped playing uh it it’s it be like that L you should try try again there’s a lot more things in the world now when you get the chance if you get the chance it’ be nice to see you maybe pop on by here too if you’re interested let’s see I played mCP back then ah I see nice nice nice there is so I can’t so I started Minecraft up again is I guess the more accurate way of saying it um recently so like a bunch of this is all new to me like I I wouldn’t recognize this like well okay so some of this is brand brand new like we only put them add-ons in for like farming and ooh was that ice cream oh well thank you here some golden leggings I think he might have put that down there earlier yeah let’s eat some ice cream chill stick nice um what was I what was I talking about oh so like my when I’m starting out like it it was kind of more like maybe ooh when was that it was it was when the Xbox 360 version of um of Minecraft was around and that’s where I started I only got to play for maybe like not even a half a year like only a bit before I had to go back to studying so ever since then I started playing again here only recently like maybe like I said a month ago and it’s been fun it’s been great there’s a lot of new things that I’m not aware of and it’s uh it’s been a journey for sure and we’re making friends too does a lot of people here playing with us so it’s kind of neat and I love it wait didn’t we have two buckets of lava what happened uh-oh did I mess up something up there did I set our village on fire I really hope not let’s go find out that’s what our walking stick is for let’s see um I have a YouTube with 373 Subs oh cool POG you dropped one here oh that’s what it was thank you I appreciate it you’re the best SE Lantern okay let’s go back um that’s cool though I’m trying to get there myself so I hope uh I I appreciate the support and uh the likes as I get go through this journey you know um but I know about the Java Edition on phone when the 1.18 update came in in Java oh okay very cool uh let see lla here says when I I was 5th my father bought me a phone and that phone’s account already had a premium version of Minecraft and then I started playing ah okay very cool very cool yeah everyone has it’s been around like you know Minecraft it’s it’s been it’s been here for a while and it’s here to stay I’m sure and I’m you know honest honestly I saw the updates recently for like I think they were included like maces now and that sounds cool like I’m I’m glad they’re still updating the game is what I’m saying like there’s so much to see and do in this game already like I’m still surprised they’re even updating it uh let’s see I hope you get bigger in YouTube I hope so too I appreciate that though I’m going to do my best it seems I’m I’m here to mostly chill and have fun of every everybody you know so just hoping that continues and now I just completed 12 congrats very nice I hope it continues to work out then in that case uh wait these are I can change that around too that’s not what I want though I want to put the extra [Music] be glowberries are berries adjacent right and we have mushrooms uh fungi I think we’re going to start putting Meats up here and other up here maybe I don’t know we’ll see what are fungi they’re technically plants right we’ll put them here let’s see [Music] um let’s see and now I just completed 12 yeah we we talked about that noise congrats again what is your age oh um well I’m forever 18 don’t you know no no no um I’m not going to say what my uh exact age is but I will say I am mid2 let’s say that I’m at least mid 20s so I’m I’m an adult I’m I’ve got my some years on me oh seea Lantern dropping the the actually here actually fungi aren’t veggies they’re they’re their own class of like they they’re not veggies I I thinking about it now I don’t even know why I said that but I mean there’s not really a place we can put them that’s is and veggies though I mean they’re they’re their own class on their own right is what it actually is oh you know what we okay I’m I’m kind of starting to get an idea of how we’re going to divide this so let’s put fish here Meats there so let’s get some let’s get some of our outside Barrel stuff and put it in there so we have an idea right my age is 12 ooh a young that’s awesome though I’m glad you’re enjoying the uh the world as is right now and dang you’ve been playing on that for a while then for Minecraft too now I think about it now that you mentioned it uh hold up let me sorry I’m losing my train of thought here we need some fish uh that’s CL what this would look a little better for the yeah okay this will we can put this here for now was so much stuff oh my god um okay let’s go back here yeah being a kid’s not nice you have a whole world to explore still so take your um take your youth with you know Viger and fun have fun out there explore the world learn new things okay meat’s there that looks pretty nice so we can toss our okay we can toss the mutton there some pork chops here too uh we could put that lava bucket in here now we had some fish here I think right so we can put that there but did I forget to take it again oopsies okay well let’s see let’s put I don’t think we’re going to put torches here for now let’s put some lanterns up we can always change it up later too let’s see read chat please which chat the 12 oh sorry I’m in seventh class so I played Minecraft for six years I didn’t sorry I didn’t notice that earlier oh okay very cool 6 years dang a lot of Minecraft experience if I kept playing I might actually be somewhere similar to that too actually now I think about it we have coal I just get rid of that for now oh you know we can put it here in the upper furnaces good barbecue you need some coal after all okay so could have SW we picked up a sort of fish up here while we’re at it but I guess not let’s see I want to join your server can I join from my Android um I would I would assume so uh you would have to as long as you have access to bedrock on your phone I think it works um so if you’re interested there’s rules and uh stuff in the description of the video please read through them and then at the bottom there’s some instructions on how to get the link and as long as you follow that I can well number one I can assume you read the instructions cuz you got there and then you know I can send you links uh yeah but I’m a little good at in PvP oh for real nice like honestly so I’m pretty sure I turned PVP off here because again this is just more like a CO Co-op kind of thing you know it’s a co-op uh server and we’re just having fun here relaxing farming helping each other it’s nice but um that being said I have people here who do ask about uh pvping so not the worst thing we could definitely see about adding something like that too at some point oh you know what we have some stamina over here okay I will download it today nice and and roid this only pocket version so I think pocket version still allows you to join Realms I think I’d have to look up in Google if that’s the case so uh yeah we’ll see about that maybe Google it double check that as well uh let’s see yo do you think about collabs or something yeah of course if there’s people out there who want to collab with me especially vtubers I would absolutely love to collab at some point um actually today I think we’re expecting it’s not a really official collab but um we have a friend here from Indo called named felia she pops by the um the chat once in a while and she’s also a vtuber she’s going to pop in hopefully and play a little bit with us be kind of nice that kind of looks weird if they’re red up there so let’s change that to the white fish Maybe yeah looks that looks a little better let’s do that let’s put our fish in here sweet okay that is looking pretty nice it’s getting there uh let’s see uh just Java to yes Java 2 uh there’s Java and Android to okay I see uh so Java or pocket version which one do I try um try pocket version I think I don’t think the Java would work you know lla I might have to look this up on Google later but if I had to guess because um in PC there’s Java and Bedrock right and since Java is an option for you and we’re not using Java I think it for you it might be the pocket version then I don’t Know full form um that’s a good question bro I play the Java and I get 50 to 60 uh FPS oo noise uh I don’t think the pocket Works C Lantern says here since pocket is an older version of Bedrock oh is that right [Music] um IDK equals I don’t oh yeah I know I know I know IDK that means I don’t know did I just say IDK so my bad uh oh okay I got it okay so yes see if we can find the full version that isn’t Java I’m pretty sure Java isn’t the one you need for this cuz um let’s see no pocket is bedrock but in Android okay yeah so right so you the the problem is pocket is according to sea lantern might be an older version of Bedrock you can give it a try but also just oh oops that’s mine um see if there’s another version of pocket or like like a full version on your phone I again I’d have to look it up on Google later just be able to tell you but do some research check it out and hopefully we can get you in here as well uh what was it oh so let’s see we have meats some veggies uh we could put this here clear some [Music] space Oh this is this yeah that’s [Music] fine get him some more sticks make another painting there we go okay that’s that’s all bad looks pretty nice uh let’s see what C Lantern said here um multi-platforms are now United under Bedrock version okay I see that makes sense pocket has uh 1.2. 71 latest okay so I suppose it’s like cuz here here’s the thing we’re running off of Realm right so I don’t know if it actually gives you a Bedrock version for that it it probably does actually it’s probably the most updated one but I I assume you should be able to still join you would you I don’t know give it a try lla get it installed get it updated and we I’ll give you the link as soon as soon as you figure out like the instructions on my video and then we can go from there and we’ll see uh I guess you should make one with wood too [Music] um that could be a thing too I most So In This Server we have a bunch of like food mods like more um Farm stuff and like that kind of thing so we actually might be able to use all these slots with like we might be able to use all these slots using the new items so it should be okay what what we could keep in like we so in our server um I guess I I’ll call you Adia we have a community like chest area and that’s where we can kind of store like extra wood or whatnot to for people to use this is just mostly for the the sake of having a restaurant right so we’re going to need to think we let let’s go buy acis Farm again see what kind of veggies they have going actually there’s a lot of recipes because of that too like this Jam uh oh we need we need bottles for that oh great we can do that too there’s Sushi which is my jam I am a uh sushi chef after all uh you can call me AI for short okay perfect well it’s a pleasure to meet you again AI we need rice I don’t know if we’ve grown rice yet cuz I can find the kelp in the ocean but I don’t know if Ace was lucky enough to find rice as a crop yet let’s let’s like sneak by her chest maybe I think I’m the only Indian here that’s cool though being Indian is cool and you know I the feeling is kind of mutal sometimes too because uh I’m part Indonesian and that’s how kind of how I always feel too in where I am in America like oh I’m like kind of like one of the few Indonesians here that I know so feelings Mutual don’t worry you’re and everyone here has been chill so I mean like I don’t think you’re going to have any problems here thanks bro ah see pancake not not SE pancake sleep pancake get out of here I have to turn the setting off again actually okay hold up maybe I can did we get rice yet I don’t think we have rice yet okay that’s fine okay that’s fine we we’ll work on those veggies later but it’s fine uh let’s see lla you are Indo I am Indo and um yeah I love being Ino Ino being Ino is fun I can speak a little Indonesian oh I hit it nice I’m a little rusty honestly I don’t get to use it very often cuz I was born in the states so um I I’m more I’m more suited to English versus my Indo and my family actually only really uses Indo every so while not very often okay let’s go sleep for now uh my English is kind of bad you know that’s that’s okay don’t worry about it it’s you can speak well that’s kind of the the good s about the internet right now that I think about it you can kind of take your time to write your messages so take your as much time as you need to write messages it’s fine you practice your English here with me we’re I’m here practicing as much as I can too cuz um I learned Japanese Spanish uh Indonesian I’m trying to learn all three right and with the viewers here I get a practice with some of them we have like UK son from Japan so I can talk to him in Japanese um I don’t think we have a Spanish any Spanish viewers yet here but um I’m always looking to practice my Spanish too uh same thing with my Indonesian we have a few Indonesian viewers here so I can practice with them which is kind of neat uh let’s see I explored Delhi because of my father’s work oh that’s cool there’s a red Castle it’s called the Red Fort I think oh I see I don’t know that much sorry that’s okay don’t worry I got you I got you bro I learned a little bit of Japanese from dualingo hey yeah dualingo is not not a bad way to start you know from what I understand and given that I’ve learned Japanese so I learned Japanese from school there we had courses um they’re very very informative it was nice to learn from there but anyways um where was I going with this the Dual lingo is good if you want to practice your vocab is what I think um sometimes when it tries to teach you grammar forms it’s not always exactly the correct thing and speaking it sometimes they give you like sentences where it technically makes sense but it’s not really the way you’d say it in like um in regular conversation right it it sounds kind of off but that being said it’s a good way to learn start learning it in vocab right and like it’s kind of it’s like it’s good for I think the best thing for it is if you’re trying to learn some grammar and then like mostly vocab and trying to refresh your vocab that’s a good way to go about it I use it too I noticed there’s like um I think a do racki DOL not DOI High Valerian um Lang uh like from Game of Thrones available on Dual lingo 2 and I want to kind of give that a try too because it seems kind of neat so Sean hold on sorry sea lantern mentioned there is a pet owner here on our Sakura building for some reason oh look at them what is that a chameleon a chameleon and oh no that looks more like chameleon like what’s this then also are you okay is that a squirrel it’s a Ru oh my God it’s so cute okay hold up no actually no no no no no it’s just another chameleon I think it’s another chameleon that’s cute too though malam oh damn I don’t have any emeralds to trade to the uh villager yet though or I haven’t met any villagers to trade with yet so kind of a bummer oh there t Lantern doing his thing I’ll get you I’m sure he’ll back hey you know what he might be stuck here on this island now too so if anything we can come back and try to buy his wees later for pets uh what is NP now uh no problem and H They Told You So Perfect nice uh it’s 9:05 a.m. in here what’s the time there 10:36 a.m. nice actually you’re kind of close time zones then over there for you two uh right now for me it’s 8:37 p.m. so it’s getting a bit later in the night but oh jellyfish yo that’s so cool oh this the green jellyfish and the crab hello crab look at all the wildlife we have now I really like this mod you gu you see so many different animals too hello oh oh are you sure okay thanks man I appreciate it 64 how did you get this many emeralds okay well I appreciate that thank you so much the lantern see Lan is starting to be like it’s our sugar daddy he has all the emeralds he has he’s he’s been working on his uh currency I see yeah well that’s see you trade for a malamute I don’t just get everything I guess head flow hard bopper tortois uh we can drop the mush oh no that’s cooking material though we need that uh oh we don’t need the stone then come back Turtle no give me the turtle I don’t think we need okay sweet C that woo [Laughter] nice oh excuse me okay anyways uh I sleep at 9:00 p.m. around that nice very cool and when you wake up oh you guys having a conversation that’s nice yeah yeah do that that’s nice don’t mind me I don’t want to interrupt that’s nice I’m I’m glad to see that people are just having fun talking to each other on this chat though that’s that’s kind of my goal like I want people to be able to chat with each other have fun wow we’re actually straight up this is not this is going to be like a petting Cafe now at this point mute so cute okay now have a whole zoo golden tortoise whoa now you sit too uh let’s you look like you could use a head [Music] flower and you oh my God you’re a ninja turtle look at you I love this mod I might have to get the full mod for this I think this is the free one for the pets I think it’s a legit full mod at some point though we’ll have to take a look at that later oh wait sea lantern let me I do you want the emeralds back I I I feel bad that’s a lot of emeralds you should keep it if you need to uh I guess that’s a no okay well appreciate it thank you for the emeralds if we need to trade for the Trader anymore that’ll be very useful thank you um okay let’s see here well that’s nice yeah it is quite nice it’s nice to talk to uh new friends you know new people uh you like to play free fire because most of uh Asians play free fire is that a is that another game I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one actually I played FF but I don’t now oh I see I have Java Minecraft that’s why that makes sense uh what was I doing oh so we need to we have mushrooms that in somewhere in here that’s fine we can put this in the oh we need to clear this out too darn okay hold up well this could be our freezer I guess if anything where this go actually the chest up here could be a freezers too there’s so many choices I don’t know what to do okay hold on sunflower so good um what else let see it’s 911 a.m. now ooh are you going to go to sleep soon then we can put this here for now the storage for like things we don’t exactly need right at the moment but they’re building materials for down here oh we have some meat we can put that in there too we can maybe we can make a Walkin freezer or something oh that’s what that’s where we would put our fish though we already put some here okay we have to see oh Sonic Suns welcome back to the stream slam Alam it’s night in your region or it’s not right now it’s uh 8:42 p.m. so yeah malam Sal malam to you as well oh actually no actually wait no Indo it’s right now a.m. yes SL py py to you uh let’s see do you know about 9911 of course I do I live in America not not exactly the best of uh events I’ll tell you that but it is like that though sometimes I think we as Humanity have to do better to understand each other hopefully and hopefully we’ll get there one day but for now we’ll have mutual understanding through [Music] Minecraft let’s see I have three persons from India in my Instagram oo nice but they are nice and I like to have conversation in film nice well let’s see I mean um hold up sorry I just lost my train of thought here okay sorry anyways um I mean yeah now you have ai to talk to too right so that’s cool uh in Indo it’s buggy yeah I think it’s isn’t it like almost 11:00 a.m. oh well actually Indo is pretty big so I guess they could be different time zones but it’s around like 11:00 a.m. yeah I think in either case pugy to you as well or ma malam here how’s everything been I’m back my schedule has stabilized a little bit so I uh I’m going to be able to start streaming more consistently again which is kind of nice let’s see we have cooked a lot of cooked Foods here though not exactly you know actually that’s okay we can bring it I mean this is meant to be a restaurant right so we should be able to we should bring a lot of the food in here let’s see uh what’s py pagy in indones it’s an Indonesian word which is like morning and it’s very an Indonesian you can kind of just go for good morning you just go buggy like morning it’s nice sometimes I really like the Simplicity of Indonesian it’s really convenient at a lot of times see cooked pork chop that’s fish cook okay there we go uh let’s see cook the Cod okay this is getting good this is getting there I mean we need to kind of fill up more of our slots here for our restaurant but it’s getting there I want I want to make sushi at some point which that mod that we added will let us do going need some dried kelp and the some rice let’s see yes I do have Discord tell me your Discord name so I can talk to you oh you guys are getting along I’m glad quackling be friends with each other it’s a nice thing it’s nice for me to see too because that means I’m think I’m doing a good job as like a community manager if he can make friends in this community right so it’s good uh I live in the central time zone uh wita in uh cabus Island it’s 10:45 uh in wib the western region like Java and Boro oh okay I see and it’s 11:45 in here but the difference uh between my time and you I guess it’s 8 hours yeah that sounds about right yeah that’s cool though I mean I’m glad it it it works out just right you know that you can actually be able to pop in and uh watch so I’m glad uh let’s see we should cook this into actual dried kelp so we can make sushi at some point [Music] uh this kind of could the chests kind of work as refrigerator I kind of wish we make like different color chests so it can kind of look more like a refrigerator but is okay oh you know what we could use a table in the center here here yeah that that could be nice hold up how can we make a table it be like to stay in the steel table cuz that’s you know what we use in kitchens yeah I love making friends good I’m glad friends are good Discord I so I want to send you guys my Discord too but you know it’s a it’s a streaming YouTuber Discord so I can’t exactly send that but if I ever make that so people are asking again for like the quackling server if that ever happens then at the very least we can all communicate there so let me work on that that’s the time kind of incre I have a bit more time to do it now uh let’s see okay [Music] so oh that’s so weird actually now that I think about it okay so this morning when I I okay I wake up every s while when I sleep and this morning I kind did that again today or this morning that okay I’m I’m I’m rambling anyways um for some reason I had a dream about pointed dripstone and dripping water into something I don’t know what the context of it was but it was in my dream for some reason and I don’t know why doesn’t make any sense to me there’s no real context in the real world world where that might be a thing but you know dreams don’t always have to make sense I [Music] suppose oh wait we have the bottles to make jam actually that’s going going to be nice okay so let’s take [Music] some time to actually figure out what we want to [Music] do from here oh no the trader disappeared did he drop something or is that what I dropped earlier I think that’s what I dropped that’s fine okay uh I think we dropped oh we have the chill sticks actually let’s eat those o not bad as far as the uh Health the stamina increase goes nice okay um AEL Squad hello we don’t have a blue one yet hope we find one one day or we breed one maybe hi oh wait can I have a gift for you the accessories are so ridiculous but I love it so much it really adds flavor to the pets in this game did I show you guys some of you guys weren’t here yesterday when we started using this mod but we also have a uh a bear a pet bear there he is look at him he’s chilling his butt is kind of open right now cuz we sheared him for his fur but the thing is we also don’t have honey to recover the fur at the moment So eventually L yeah it is quite funny look we have a Cappy friend here oh no don’t fall in there that’s kind of my fault I might have booped you okay let’s see how ooh okay our aracia tree is growing but it’s kind of growing kind of weirdly but you know what it works catchup machine noise I have bear Gris as my friend POG bear Gris is awesome wonder what he’s up to these days he’s still around I think right he’s I’m pretty sure he was still around Am I Wrong oh wait we don’t need the extra leather anymore so we can put this back um we canot keep the emeralds for now because there might be a chance the trader will come up again and we can trade him the uh we could trade them more emeralds for more pets I guess for people who might want them in this world uh the books you know what let’s put them out in the community chests if people need them that’s probably a good idea right yeah it seems like today mostly it’s just mostly organizing our City to kind of work out again a bit more or just to be a bit more organized where actually now I think about it where did you get the ice cream cone you have to make that too probably from wheat or something um oh we were here to put the books in the community center I we’ll put it into the other’s chest how about that just in case someone needs it and then needs to reference it the really big one I think is kind of the spark pets in the info book though you know what let’s let’s put those actually out so people can reference them whenever there we go and there you go okay sweet the next thing we I kind of want to do and this is actually more of um Mama A’s idea I think we want to go ahead and make [Music] a what she called the free range area for like all the um animals that we find Capt [Music] capture what I’m thinking is actually we can make it kind of both right cuz there’s a bunch of aquatic animals like uh there’s like whales the Sharks there’s a bunch of different aquatic animals you can find in because of the mod or the add-on then we can house them here I guess and then we can have a whole like range here for um the regular animals that live on land something to think about not not our current project right now but could work on that later uh bear girlist Cooks me a lizard every day dang survival mode does it taste good you know I heard I heard I haven’t had it before but I heard lizards actually taste kind of like chicken which is kind of interesting to me uh what what is bear Gillis bear Gillis is a um survivalist he’s like a survival host and he teaches you ways to survive in the wild pretty [Music] neat that I is that another Cappy hold on do we have oh no we need to we need to get a lead real [Music] quick let’s see mjk yeah don’t worry I know uh don’t just don’t eat it that the lizard you mean I don’t know man someone told me lizard tastes like chicken I kind of want to try it now I’m sure someone in the world can make it for me or I can try making it myself I guess go I loved bear Grill when I was a kid yeah his his programs are fun to watch they’re really entertaining yeah let’s take this lead we saw a cppy bar in the wild over there let’s try to retrieve and save them cppy bars are our friends not food oh that’s a regular sea zombie I thought that was a new animal uh there you are come back I think we could feed these guys melons and they could breed you’re so cute I can’t even come on actually you kind of walk like the pet veriety can we colar you and then make you a full pet that’d be kind of cute too oh we have one in the what’s it called um we we actually technically have one in the cafe already but that’s fine we can have another uh I don’t eat lizards fair I don’t think many I don’t think most people do actually to be honest uh bro bear uh sorry bro bear Gillis ate one and he almost threw up oh no man I definitely heard you can eat it though I think it’s probably like some sort of special preparation you have to do for it though and and he he was probably doing it for survival right not exactly um not exactly in a place where you can prepare it properly before eating so I’m going to look that up again later I think you can actually eat them it’s just please but you just have to uh prepare it you know you know I’m starting to think we’re we have like a we’re going to have like a animal Cafe here wow we have so many animals uh n she is experienced cook he can eat anything I don’t know if I eat anything there’s things I won’t eat too I’m I’m a human being after all um oh I guess I’m a quaca being but I have preferences to you know funny enough for the longest time I really couldn’t uh get used to the the the taste of it actually the taste of onions was okay for me but it was the texture I think that was kind of weird for me eventually I I I started to get used to it though and anything no just kidding not anything I mean I have we eaten some weird things like um let me see what is one of the weird things I’ve eaten okay so you’ve probably heard of some of these before like the most common weird thing that people like to talk about for weird F I think is ballute which is like a egg that’s like fertilized and then there still it gets to the point where there’s like a chicken inside right I think is what it is and then um and then people eat it like half grown and it’s kind of gross that I haven’t eaten I don’t think I’ll ever eat that because that sounds absolutely terrifying to me but I have eaten caled blood and I think it was like conal chicken or like animal blood and that’s like some sort of delicacy in I think China or something and that was kind of uh to me so I don’t think I’ll uh be eating that again anytime soon if he can eat anything then humans too no I’m not going to eat humans humans are friends and part Human After All too you know so he’s not canival I guess I’m not a canival I don’t eat cockling or do I no I don’t need cockings you guys are my friends you know what yeah that’s the new lore now for the channel you guys are actually my emergency food when um when I go hungry I need to eat something right and that’s why we have a whole quackling Squad like traveling with me maybe one or two disappear and we’re like oh no where’d he go I must have wandered off [Music] somewhere I think that’s called cannibalism and it’s a crime not sure though might be wrong is that cannibalism no I don’t eat any I don’t eat qua Lings that’s not I’m not cannibalizing any of you oh actually I think you could fall down the stairs if we’re not careful let’s put you over here oh hey that works I forgot that’s actually just a fence okay that works um let’s see bro just think about eating pork ew the pig meat I think I don’t even think about eating a cow cows are like God for us Indians yeah that that I mean I mean that’s like it then different cultures things are less and more okay to eat right so sometimes you just have to also keep an open mind cuz some things that might sound weird to you might be okay for other people and that’s okay except maybe cannibalism cannibalism is kind of an iffy one isn’t it I’d say yo it’s bad what okay wait what now that I’m thinking about it though what would you say is the weirdest things that you guys have ever eaten like legitimately have eaten I know I’m JK I know I know don’t worry oh mushroom oh I need to eat some of my food actually because getting hungry okay I have to name all of you now we’re getting so many pets here you know what I might actually really look into upgrading that pet mod into the full version and not just the light version cuz it is pretty darn cute okay let’s explore a level let’s see what else is out there wonder if we run into an interesting pet if actually oh we have leads if we run into something interesting out there maybe we could lead it back to our uh Village let’s see I think mutton bani there was uh black mutton interesting oh it’s a fox hi Fox oh you know what let’s go let’s go to the frey yard or that’s why I keep calling it the frey yard but know it’s actually just the Tundras let’s make a little let’s try um sea Lantern’s little ice uh path and we’ll see how fast we can get there can we make a boat we should be able to oh I put the wood back didn’t I okay let’s look at it let’s see uh what is mutton bani it’s flavored rice with meat o that sounds good though I don’t think I’ve ever heard of mut bani or maybe it has a different name from where I am I’d have to look it up later big pieces of meat nice it does sound yummy though uh what was I doing oh we need to make a small ship and we’ll ride it across the ice Lake uh we need planks for that though don’t we I keep forgetting where some of there we go where like some of these things are inventoried in the recipes book there see Lantern hello going to borrow your uh ice path for a minute here my dude and we’re going to see what’s happening in your neck of the [Music] woods woo the speed the speed wow this is such an efficient way of travel though oh my god look how far we made it so quickly T lanterns Lighthouse Leo shed Community Center noise Leo shed what’s that I have to check it that out later uh you know what let’s just ah here we go we’ll stop here for now see what’s around here is that a guinea pig or is that an actual hamster or is that another Cappy they cute we have a surplus of C bars right now though so I think we’ll leave you into the wild to to live you don’t need to be part of her Cafe just yet wow nicely done though SE Lantern this is a really nice path uh you know what actually no let’s take the boat over to the other side and see what’s over there let’s see I recommend you trying butter chicken from India butter chicken I know of and I’ve only had the butter chicken here in the States and it’s uh pretty good over here I’d say I don’t know how it would taste over there but I’m kind of impressed with what they have over here ooh my goodness you have a legitimate Lighthouse you weren’t kidding about that let’s see look at that dang you’ve been working hard hello that is so cool well done my dude that’s awesome that must have taken a while oh you have a polar you have a polar bear friend nice I love your Lighthouse dude nicely done I got to I got to tell the other peeps about this later too ah look at that oh you should um before I forget whenever you made this put your um put your put the date on it too I want to know when you built it you know oh what the heck yeah so um if you if you uh remember when you built it sea lantern definitely put the date on your uh Lighthouse so that you know when you built it it’s really cool um let’s see I searched B and it’s interesting and also nice yeah Bion seems nice what’s whatever I had that’s Indian that’s really good recently I don’t know if it’s actually see the thing is I don’t know if it’s actually a legitimate like um Indian food but I’m a fan of tikka masala tikka masala is delicious and I’ve made that a few times myself too actually here in time for the ice cream gr stall grand opening oh let’s go I want ice cream wow we’re going to have a whole food food Capital here I like the sound of that actually that sounds kind of great let’s see ow stand over here this is so cute what the heck this is great dude SE lanter you building I love it that’s I like to see uh let’s see um you should make it at home I guess yeah lla I recommend you use IG instead of I guess you can do it either way if you feel more comfortable riding it one way or the other do your thing oh that’s a that’s a Iceland’s zombo let’s get him out here this is our friend’s house leave him alone does anyone else find it weird that you can’t use the slower Arrows with infinity which I guess would be kind of broken but you know one could wish ow what the heck spider get out of here also feel free to check the inside of the lighthouse okay I will hi Indy man let’s take a look what’s inside yes okay I’ll be back in 10 minutes okay I’ll see you in 10 minutes then lla bye for 10 minutes bye for 10 minutes as well okay so let’s see what you got in this Lighthouse wow dude you were really working on all this while I was um while I was gone and stuff huh that’s amazing dang you even have a little sink and everything what the heck I didn’t you make the towel I want to know about that too that’d be cool uh Let’s see we got a smoker cacti is that a cacti or maybe some bases dang I love your Lighthouse dude you have a legit setup here and I dang you even have a mannequin been building well done my dude uh you can only use normal arrows for Infinity yeah that’s that’s what I understand it as well so it’s unfortunate but it’s okay you know it would be kind of broken if you could do it keep using it this is oh dude this is so cool feels like a legitimate Lighthouse with like cool things oh my God this is so cool the lantern has been doing some good work we need to we need to catch up to him we need to start renovating our well actually we are we doing we’re doing the cafe thing I suppose aren’t we so got to keep working on that make a sea lantern proud here okay sweet uh let’s see oh see lanterns out here okay I’m going to go back to town for now but that this is awesome dude keep up the great work I I’m going to have to bring like Mama Ace and everyone over here later what’s this our boat oh pet pet Trader come here uh Bedrock is easier than Java cuz bedrock has continuous attacks but Java has timed attacks I’ve heard about that too oh hello well first off before I check out what that dog is yes thank you O Okay number two get rid of that don’t need none of that negativity hi buddy you’re cute have a collar for you if you want it woo new pet dog okay sweet um stay away for my pet dog he’s cute okay let’s see I mean this the the time the attacks make it kind of more interesting I suppose right which is fine uhoh Skelly so it’s just a matter of learning different things for how to play different things right so it’s okay don’t worry I think it’s cool the way it is oh we’re going to have to walk back because of you huh that’s fine come on come on buddy all right see Lantern I’m going to go back for now nicely done I will see you in a bit uh actually you know funny thing I only learned about leading boats recently because of uh you guys actually the quac Ling Squad again I’m I’m I’m I’m still practically brand new in this game so I’m learning a lot with you guys or well from you guys as well so I appreciate all the things you teach me huh you okay buddy I’m starting to think maybe I should have taken a boat you okay can you get in here you just going to warp huh okay that’s fine oh wait if he warps then I could have just maybe taken a boat then oh whatever it’s fine it is okay oh you know what I just noticed the though we are getting kind of close to the time for today or at least for today I have to sleep a bit earlier because of work so I think it’s okay I think we’ll play for another 20 minutes and I think that will be it for tonight’s uh Minecraft stream though actually wait you’re a doggle right do you like bones let me bones no oh okay you might must love something else then retreat’s good oopsies that one was a bit High also skellies hey there we go okay uh yeah PVP is slower in Java but the 1.8 version and the lower Java has continuous attacks oh I see and after at one point all versions have timed attacks interesting yeah I I’m sure it’ll be definitely some sort of like um it’ll be some sort of change for me like I’d have to get used to playing like that but that’s fine too if it ever happens oh wait there’s a peacock over there too wait where’d it go oh I guess it disappeared darn darn that’s okay well that’s fine next time they have the really a really annoying cry which is really funny because Mama Ace doesn’t like it but we could lead it to her farm and have her enjoy uhoh uh-oh it’s freezing no it must be because the village was getting closer and it all started rendering okay let’s start it up again I we still have 17 minutes we have time hold up uh let’s see your aim is Godly oh thank you I like using the bow a lot so I’m I’m used to using it and um having the infinite arrows kind of helps with practicing using it you know so I appreciate that it’s probably the time and like I don’t know what else I play I do play some Shooters on the side too so it kind of just uh happens I I happen to be okay at it you know no why did it crash it it does that so unfortunately I think it’s like a PC thing for me where for some reason it just decides to uh just not work with me like it’s I I don’t know if it’s just a PC thing in Bedrock or something else but what happens is I guess when you get to areas of with like a lot of the new blocks or like Parts it has to render it crashes so what I did was I I went ahead and lowered the rendering distance for myself and that has typically helped with the crashes um and it yeah like usually it used to crash like every so quickly like every few minutes but now it’s only crashing like if I start walking into a really builtup area like say for example um our uh our Cafe and everything like over here as long as we go into it slowly it usually just works just fine that’s why I think Java is better you know what Java probably is more stable um from what I hear it is actually usually a lot more stable than Bedrock but then like I I I learned everything through bedrock so it’s just what I’m used to you know what is that like jellyfish Maybe cute but yeah so I mean since I learned Bedrock it’s just what I’m used to that’s what I’m hosting so which is fine you know it’s not the worst thing come on friend time to introduce you to your other Pals in the the petting zoo the petting Cafe I might have to make like a second floor for all these pets maybe I don’t know what well we have to figure something out come on in come on don’t be shy are you being shy you’re being shy there you are woohoo new pet okay sweet oh my God we have so many new dogs and pets and oh my goodness they’re all so cute okay um yeah so it’s not like I can’t really say if I would like Java or not I I’ve seen footage and gameplay of it and that’s fine you know but I’m I’m just used to bedrock so it’s it’s what it is for the time being unless it’s like a really big need to go into Java for some reason I think this is how it’s going to be for a bit I should probably plug this up but I don’t have the right blocks for it soig that out later okay let’s let’s walk around a little let’s see if there’s anything else out here that we can bring back or like uhoh fell we could bring back or um at least witness ran into a snake previously actually we ran into a snake today too but I think those ones aren’t table sadly back in 9:45 okay uh actually um lla I think I’m going to finish the stream around 9:30 o Flamingo um so if uh if I’m not on by the time you get back I hope you have a lovely night and uh thank you for popping by as always and I I hope to see you again on the next stream if I don’t see you uh tonight yo yeah the flamingo is pretty awesome oh no I’m here oh okay sweet cool cool cool yeah so I think um I was I was saying it earlier you might have missed it but uh I’m going to probably finish in like 12 minutes at the half hour because I need to start getting ready to head to sleep and like get ready for tomorrow’s work so I don’t think I’m going to vit you know what I don’t think I’m going to visit a village anytime soon maybe we can finish up the night with like the iller Outpost it be kind of fun let’s see if we can find it again so that’s the witches hut think we have to go this way oh cow oh I just came back in 9.45 minutes oh you were being exact I see yeah well welcome back then very cool okay so this is the the little Outpost I made but I could have sworn the iller Outpost was towards snow oh wait is that it right over oh yeah it’s right over there it’s in the distance okay so let’s go that way I don’t think we’re going to visit any Villages anytime soon so we can just have that ow raid meter o look a cute white hedgehog look at you that’s not what we’re here for right now though so sorry we can’t take you back right now but okay let’s make our way to The Outpost uh I went to the supermarket and brought uh uh sorry bought makaka rice normal rice with just company name okay cool and chips and juice and I’m going to make some rice balls ooh Some onii those are yummy if you do feel free H wait not feel free post them I mean yeah I mean yes feel free to post uh pictures of them at some point I don’t I guess maybe on your insta I would love to see them rice balls sound tasty yeah they do sound tasty right now they’re good snack hey if you ever have had um rice ball yucky rice balls so like what you do is you pan fry them so that the outside is crispy but it’s the inside is still soft and it’s a little warm too yummy give it a try uh let’s see okay this is The Outpost was someone here I don’t remember a crafting table be here I don’t think we even get can get this close without triggering every everything that attack us has someone been here I think someone might have gone through here already it seems oh no I hear them never mind they’re somewhere [Music] here [Music] oh there we go oh I think we might have got oh you know what it is is I think we came in through the wrong side of the [Music] building or actually is it though it seems awfully quiet suddenly I thought usually I’d hear a lot more ill really angry illers trying to kill us [Music] but I think someone might have cleared this already which is cool if that’s the case [Music] I hear one but I don’t see it there you go goat horn what does this do Arrow some ingots nothing really up here though uh let’s [Music] see okay I’ll download this and we can play tomorrow oh so tomorrow I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to stream but um definitely download and have it ready for next time so we can all play that’ be [Music] nice right click with the goat horn see Lantern I can’t help but feel like you’re trying to troll me right now will it kill me I feel like it’s going to kill me you know what YOLO we’re finishing up for the night anyways we could just YOLO it why not but first let me clear whatever else is up here first yeah I don’t think there’s anything else up here okay [Music] yellow I can do that I can do that after trombone too but what did I just do did I just summon like the entirety of the iller Army to come attack me or something this is such a funny item though I I’m going to keep it it’s so funny uh you can right click and hold the goat uh the goat horn in your hand that’s awesome oh well I found another item I can annoy my friends with now perfect oh a peacock too and a mini boore is that a Rhino that’s a mini boore uh the peacock I think we might be able to bring back let’s see there’s the boar where did the peacock go there you are I hear you kind of sounds like seagulls or something oh there’s the illers I guess they respawned okay come on friend coming with me I okay now I just kind of have to remember which way it is to get back home I have a rough idea it should be okay let’s see I see you guys chatting in the thing I I think you guys are just having your own conversation so I’m not I’m I’m not going to read it out loud for now I think let me see um I think it’s this way hope it’s this way I guess we could bring back a hedgehog too why not okay XP too that’s nice I think I’m going the right way I really hope I am creeper trying to kill us too and one more CPP bar I guess this is just chilling here wait we lost our bird oh no how did it get stuck in there uh-oh no no you’re killing my c bar you you bastard okay hold on you guys okay can you get [Music] out it seems we have lost the friend already well damn that’s a sad stupid Skelly archers oh there you are oh no it’s drowning and the spider oh our Hedgehog that’s sad okay well we still have you Cappy at least we can maybe bring you back [Music] you being terrible don’t do [Music] that oh it’s finia welcome finia how’s your night going hi quaka dude I’m coet dude yes that is me how have you been pelia I’m sorry to say I have to sleep early today I was actually going to finish in a few minutes here but do you want to pop on and say hi real quick I I’ll say hi to you if you’re near the [Music] village also [Music] py oh my God what the Y coming in that unison don’t like that terrifying you caught a mass bro yeah Cappy yeah look at him he’s cute we’re bringing him back to the Village right now the the cafe is slowly becoming a petting Cafe it seems which I’m okay [Music] with it’s going to be a lot of animals in our Cafe at least until we find a place we could actually put them somewhere now I go sleep too no okay that makes that’s fine we’ll we’ll play sometime soon I’m sure I’m glad um thanks for reaching out and letting me know that it works though for you also because I want that I want to collab and play with you too so let’s play sometime oh our cactus farm is growing [Music] nice let’s see what are you eating to uh to uh oh my God what are you doing today eat tonight uh so tonight I where did our friend go uh-oh [Music] where did my caar go you go away um oh there you are how did you come here um so I ate some Pokey today and that was delicious I was I was actually some made from a restaurant that I used to go pretty often near my old workplace I was able to get some eat it it was yummy it’s delicious uh you saw the wooden sign behind the two foxos right right po oh wait no I haven’t let’s see it let’s go look right now okay Cappy friend you’re going to live here for now cuz we have too many people in the house or too many animals in the house be friends let’s see next to the two foxos there’s a sign me host here oh perfect okay good I’m glad Miho was here did he make a house or something yet or did he just put that there for now I’m so glad though we’re going to get we’re going to have you playing with us soon too oh look a sea lantern again I got a horn now too I’m excited I’m going to put this in the Ender Chest this is a valuable item to me um oh you know what uh see Lantern come here over villager did I summon those uh-oh don’t like that going to get rid of the one without the banner at least uh see Lantern when I was out there a Trader gave me or not traded me uh some treats so you can give that to your pet and I’ll give you like a healing field not yet Bedrock not fun well what do you mean not fun I’m here we can play together it’s fine we learn together well I started with bedrock so it’s just what I know you know so it’s okay but yes I really I’m really excited to play with you too so please come by on whenever you’d like or you could the server is always on too felia so if you ever want to come in and learn Bedrock or just to play around here feel free to log in anytime okay so let’s see okay so it is 130 so I think I’m going to go ahead and get us ready for sleep here so let chill so things that happened today we made a lovely expansion to our kitchen basement we have to kind of decorate it still to make it an actual proper like kitchen basement but we have a food bucket now we can put stuff in here it’s going to be nice uh Co Cosmic is back welcome back Cosmic hey I’m back how are you I’m doing wonderful thank you how about you are you doing great I hope everything’s going well for you as well uh sorry buddy you actually caught me right at the butt end of the stream I think we are about to finish up here tonight because I do need to sleep early and wake up early for uh work tomorrow but in any case um yeah we finished up a basement we thanks to sea lantern sea lantern has the enchanted Goods so this was pretty quick it was really nice um we expanded our petting Cafe a bit with a few more pets we got cat we have Cappy we have doggo doggo to with sunflower for head a Ninja Turtle cppy with a tall hat and fiki it’s going good it’s going pretty good I’m saying life here in quac land is been pretty nice so it’s going to keep expanding it is a pretty good place to finish up for today and um okay so um yeah so so I think we’re going to give it a call here watch your steps on the black tiles they may be swapped with pressure plates TNT’s courtesy of Me no don’t do it we work so hard on the cafe I’ll cry it was nice to meet you Nishi it was nice to meet you too aie I hope you have a wonderful day a wonderful week month everything really stay healthy um feel free to pop in anytime to chat with us it’s it’s nice having more people to chat with and to talk to so I hope you had a wonderful time here as well if you haven’t already don’t forget to sub like the usual Jazz for uh YouTube videos as it really helps the channel and um there’s also social media links on the page as well if you want to ever follow the Twitter to see when I’m going to stream next uh YouTube The Stream was very good oh thank you I I know you like you you mentioned you like PVP and this is I know completely different than what you’re used to but it’s just mostly relaxing and enjoying so building things together and hopefully maybe we can get you on here sometime as well if you’re interested so okay time to sleep yes vanilia time to sleep for both of us I suppose well actually no it’s pugy for you isn’t it so are are you sleeping kind of weirdly today is that what’s happening maybe but in any case everybody thank you so much for joining me for this lovely Monday afternoon SL evening SL Tuesday Morning um uh Minecraft so next time I’ll stream I think it will be later this week um tomorrow is the first day of my new full schedule so I’m going to have to get used to that we’ll see how I early I get back home to see if I can stream and uh yeah keep up with the news on Twitter I’ll try to uh post there more often and I I know you guys mentioned the uh quaca land Discord I’m going to I’m still working on that I’ll figure that out and if it does work out I’ll go ahead and post it on the uh YouTube page then you could all join it we could all chat together you know usual stuff D lanon says thank you for the stream thank you for joining me and helping me out with the cafe it’s always appreciated and I hope you had a fun time today too uh let’s see not me a well it’s okay don’t worry you’ll get your sleep soon I’m sure you forgot my working time switch to night shift oh is that what happened oh I didn’t know that or maybe we talked about it before and I forgot if I did sorry but um oh okay so you do sleep earlier then oh okay we’re going to have to figure out a time before we can play then we’ll figure it out though I’m sure uh felia says also looking forward to your next stream quaka dude I’m looking forward to your next stream honestly I want to see your live 2D model congrats big uh a big shout out to felia by the way she had uh her life 2D model revealed recently so if you guys are interested and like other um YouTubers like myself check out filia’s channel pretty awesome we’re on the same timeline now oo spooky oh ohline by oh yeah we’re gonna head out so um to I saying that’s so nice n’s atoto yes that’s correct I’m excited I don’t know if you know about it finia but now I’m working as a actual professional chef so I’m excited it’s going to be a thing you offia yay Nice N okay so with that thank you very much again everybody for joining me for the stream I will talk to you all hopefully later this week um tomorrow it’s very unlikely that I’m going to stream just cuz I’m getting to the schedule so as I get more used to it maybe Wednesday Thursday Friday we’ll see so actual Pro Chef that’s right it’s gonna be great I’m a little nervous to be honest but okay with that thank you everyone for joining me my name is nanishi your favorite quaf clocking out for the night oh oh wait I can make a pun of that never I could say quing out for the night okay I’m going to say that for next time though clocking out for the night good night night night [Music] oh oh [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] pap [Music] [Music] w [Music] la [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I [Music] [Music] w [Music] la [Music] I [Music] oh

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Hullo Quokkalings! The Quokkaling has been converted into a realm!! Let’s continue building this world together Quokkalings~ During these next few streams, I won’t be able to talk, but I can still host the server and chat~ Let’s just relax, build and mine together! To join, please read the rules below first:

Rules: 1. Please do your best not to destroy other people’s buildings! 2. If a building or box is a labeled for somebody, please do not steal from it, there are community chests for that! 3. Try to repair creeper holes / damage from creepers if unsuccessfully defused. 4. Be friendly and nice to your fellow Quokkalings! Please report any issues to me~ 5. No cheating! Let’s keep the world honest and discoverable! 6. Newer Quokkalings in chat will need a few streams viewed before being allowed entry!

If you understand the rules please DM me on X/Twitter or Youtube, and I’ll send the Minecraft info to you to join the world!

Currently the world has the following add-ons: Naturalist Farming Hiker’s Friend Another Furniture Poisonous Potato Spark Pets Lite

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    EPIC Minecraft Modded SMP: Steam Engines vs Dragons!Video Information This video, titled ‘Steam Engines, Dragons Battles, and Black Ice! (Minecraft Modded SMP: Fields of Fantasy EP. 10)’, was uploaded by Eunoia_Playz on 2024-07-14 19:00:32. It has garnered 467 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:47:42 or 2862 seconds. Once more, it’s good to see you all again. I genuinely apologize for the 15-ish minutes of straight explaining and catching up; I haven’t been able to record a proper episode for the series. Alas, DO NOT WORRY, this series isn’t going anywhere, and I have episodes that should be more consistent (for a while… Read More

  • Deadly Encounter: My Terrifying Encounter with Monsters

    Deadly Encounter: My Terrifying Encounter with MonstersVideo Information This video, titled ‘SCARY MONSTERS NE MILKE MAAR DIYA 😱’, was uploaded by MINE KRISH on 2024-02-23 08:35:04. It has garnered 2993 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:12:36 or 756 seconds. minecraft horror minecraft horror maps minecraft horror mods minecraft horror modpack minecraft horror games minecraft horror seeds minecraft horror maps 2 player minecraft horror texture pack minecraft horror shaders minecraft horror skins minecraft horror maps multiplayer minecraft horror maps 1.19 minecraft horror adventure maps minecraft horror adventure maps multiplayer minecraft horror addons minecraft horror art minecraft horror ambience mod minecraft horror apk… Read More

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    Goat Goes Crazy in Minecraft 🔥 #shizo #ytshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘🥵Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #ytshorts’, was uploaded by Goat PlaysZ on 2024-07-14 02:29:00. It has garnered 436 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:23 or 23 seconds. 🥵Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #ytshorts Hope you enjoyed the video so please like and subscribe🥰 If you enjoyed the video so please like Comment and Share ❤ —————————————————————————————————————————————————— Thanks for watching 📺 make sure enjoyed this video ————————————————————————— @technogamerz @Notgamerfleet @yesSmartyPie ————————————————————————— 👉DISCLAIMER- 💫All Bg Music Credits to Their Respective Owners 💫All Mods Credit to Their Respective Owners 💫All Video Clips Credit-Minecraft: 💥copyright Disclaimer under section… Read More

  • INSANE Redstone Tricks!! #viralshorts

    INSANE Redstone Tricks!! #viralshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Redstone logic #shorts #viralshorts’, was uploaded by 07_GAMING on 2024-05-28 12:02:05. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. subscribe #minecraft #viral #fast #senpaispider #thanks #nizgamer #pro #pvp #fizzy #psd1 #technogamerz #gamerfleet … Read More

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    Unbelievable Random Fov Challenge in Minecraft Bedwars!Video Information This video, titled ‘Random Fov Challenge! | Minecraft Bedwars’, was uploaded by Dirtrider79MC on 2024-07-09 02:09:51. It has garnered 54 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:47 or 887 seconds. Hey guys! This challenge was really fun and i think this was the longest ive ever edited a video XD .·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙click here*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ . ༓~texture pack(s) ~༓ pastelic v3 rose gold: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ pastelic v1 purple: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ ୨⎯ s o c i a l m e… Read More

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    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN GERMA! + URA DO KONCAVideo Information This video, titled ‘1€= +10 MIN, 6€= +1 URA DO KONCA EVENT! (FS22, GTA 5, ETS2, RL, MINECRAFT, VALORANT, CS:GO2) [SLO]#7’, was uploaded by GERMA on 2024-07-18 07:01:52. It has garnered 2683 views and 243 likes. The duration of the video is 11:50:58 or 42658 seconds. #paradajzuci #mislimnate #roadto20k #farmingsimulator22 #farming #farmingsimulator22mods #farmingsimulator22multiplyer #multiplayer ================================= ============================================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR AMAZING SUPPORT! PLEASE LIKE👍 AND THE BELL 🔔 ⬇️DON’T FORGET TO⬇️ ╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ================================================= =================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE DONATIONS, DONATIONS ARE NOT OBLIGATORY, THEY ARE VOLUNTARY, BUT ALL MONEY FROM DONATIONS GOES BACK TO YOUTUBE AND VIDEOS… Read More

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    Insane Island Showdown: 100 Players in Minecraft Hunger Games!Video Information This video, titled ‘100 Players Simulate an Island HUNGER GAMES in Minecraft…’, was uploaded by Knapp on 2024-04-26 16:00:07. It has garnered 276937 views and 6047 likes. The duration of the video is 00:58:45 or 3525 seconds. Today I Made 100 players simulate an ISLAND HUNGER GAMES, who will come out on top? only time will tell! EVENTS ► HOSTED BY ► ————————————————————- 🐤 Twitter ► 💬 My Personal Discord ► 🎬 Edited by ► @KnappYT Team mates ► @zeldub @Nakasleep @dobov2 @alpgg_ @yesluc ————————————————————- Massive thank you to Wepwawet Hosting for sponsoring me and my… Read More

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    DupeSte4lzsDupeste4lzs is not your ordnary avrage lifesteal dupe server. what if i told you that there were insane magical bosses you compete to defete and get the prizes that lay at the end. thats not the only twist my server has, it also has custom made items and custom enchants making the server very fun and competitive. there are also payouts every season making it worth playing$$ come join now!!! IP: Read More

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    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

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