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are the longest colorful tunnels in Minecraft subscribe to the channel if you want to save tvom baby I’m watching you hey guys you have a zombie with you today let’s look at some very interesting tunnels look they’re different sizes super long into the vastness and lots of cool characters the smallest red tunnel is with Jamon and me next up is the curly Talking Angela dimma is no STX Sonic Hadi wadii and the purple mint well let’s see who we pick let’s go to the yellow tunnel see dim die Mash let’s go guys I think I’m in for an interesting challenge it’s a maze oh there’s firemax oh look now let’s get closer look at the Fireballs he’s shooting at me drag that why are you fighting they’re fighting me all right then we’ll respond oh someone else is fighting John he’s over there at the end guys it’s an emergency ow going to him right away getting the witch Jen and she wants to beat me up get out of here John’s waiting for me what do we have here oh Fireball guys I can shoot fire now too look ha I’m a fire bender now now that’s really cool Jim I’m going to get you I got it I’ll be right there come on take that ouch I climbed on it where am I what’s going on let’s try to shoot cam you that’s enough Jem for me well get a fireball take that there you go all right he’s done we’re at a dead end we have to get to human fast and destroy him that and for you take that what you don’t think I’m going to make it guys he’s not answering me he’s hiding somewhere all right well let’s try to catch up to him now okay I’m one turn away from dinner hey hello hi oh you’re just like sticking it to me aren’t you that’s good I’ll just you let’s shoot oh I mean and that’s not fair it’s a fireball see you I’m Not Afraid there you go one punch guys fiery heat and real subject matter okay I want to jump over this thing we’re going to try to jump up here sometime and once you jump in you have to swim up to the top let’s go upstairs we’re surfacing I need to jump over there and then we hopefully won’t fall on Thorns all right everybody move in let’s get the pickaxe the fireball can wait he’s got the miners I don’t think there’s anyone here hello miners come with me come on you guys come on get out of here that’s it and I’ll go further into the portal let’s go oh what kind of magical place is this oh Angela hi there oh no oops I’m having trouble Zach I can’t choose what are you doing on a boat look at these weirdos they’re preventing me from swimming into my portal further down there oh they’re throwing garbage around clogging up the river yeah that’s bad Angela this is really bad let me help you try to stop it somehow come on let’s go I’ll swim with you I mean with me no no you’re going to break the boat you go to the islands oh well I’ll go on top then you’re going to take the boat aren’t you I mean I’m not going to that fool first okay we’re going to P now but oh you’re strong take that well there you go okay we’re going to have to do some digging hey Angela do you have a shovel or I’ll be digging for so long that shovel helped me yeah that’s great we’ve got to get it back before the current washes it away okay that’s great now I have to find a way out again okay I’m the Angela of this how do I get to the top okay shovel I’m wearing clothes here that’s it I’ll be right out here what are you you hanging out here fam come on come on and I fill in the water help me okay great I’ll clear the way now take the boat sail through again where here it oh that’s it there’s a SI over there and we’ll beat him here take that oh Greg Angela you have a shovel too uh let’s keep swimming it’s back again get out of here what are you littering here the terrain all right let’s move on to the next one beat them I’ll sword him now they’re filthy and they’re polluting the river how can you do that clogging up the really bad ones actually yes got to be among you must be some haters all right let’s keep Angela swimming just a little bit left look a couple of monsters T come on on you all right ouch he can still swim here well from here oh I fell again oh come on man we got to get out I’m here yay thanks you have to finish it come on you’re so strong that’s it there are no more of these hiders all right great bye Zach come on bye Angela we’ll move on too oh look there’s dim dimit up there hey dimma ouch what’s that who’s fighting me get the minions note to you you think you’re going to attack me again come here too here get Eagle Zim minion no minions for you hear me out what are you doing with them damn damic you don’t scatter with the trash around here either hear the Minions on you hear the Minions on you okay now we’re going to help you guys first we have to defeat all the Minions dim come down and stop no there’s lava now no that’s okay I’ll get you myself I was kidding I’ll be right up I’ll get you out of there we just have to beat the minions well they put giant speakers in here oh and it’s spinning so de you don’t have anything for me to get up up here oh woah wait a minute I found it oh there’s a ladder classy and the blocks are there this will definitely help me what are you doing in there what I’m going to help you now come on I’m we need to find more of that I’m going to climb up I needed a bucket of water to flood the whole thing see whoops that’s it water leave the water leave the water leave it do you want to jump in the water leave it come on everyone don’t clean up the water please don’t clean it up thank you what do you mean bye oh no came up with his Dema then I saved him he was purposely kept in a fiery fiery confinement this one and I saved him I thought it was dim dim I asked you I’ll find you okay guys John could have hidden probably in one of those garages and where come on let’s cover everything there’s a chest of h no diamonds are good but he’s not here so where are you nasty I’ll find you nasty oh there you are what is it hi he hid in his own water well what are you going to do to me and I’m going to destroy you you understand look I can spit water you want me to show you and I can do you like this what do you mean you did what look oh come on my oan I don’t have HP and definitely will put me off okay okay wait a minute he’s really spitting a lot in there so what’s in here lady about high hey dogs what if you need a weapon against Nessie yeah yeah what you got yes there are chests special water arrows cat and I develop them they’ll help you that’s great thank you very much okay bow arrows great but I get some other Guns by the way wow I’ve got lasers in here that’s cool okay let’s give it a shot hey come here I’ve got everything I’ve got Hearts left that’s enough okay all right guys let’s try to get in those water arrows should destroy him charging stop shooting nasty look I’ll turn myself into you okay I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming come on on get water arrows special ones yeah the arrows are unusual Guys these blue ones are special for carrying and we beat him oh by the way there’s a key let’s take it and walk carefully the dream catcher was running did you see it it’s faster take the key open it and let’s go a healthy father’s dream book I finally found Bigfoot Sonic a very quick dream book I know it’s very fast come on what is it what whoops it’s that emerald sword made of real emerald well yeah I didn’t have that nice what do you got here what do we do you have to run fast run fast let’s go come on Sonic follow me well I’ll just be a second and you knew that if I was really fast I’d beat you well that makes sense that’s what racing is all about because if you’re Foster you win then I let’s find out where that cloud is going did you run already yeah that’s it let’s go let’s speed it up what is this so me thing to interfere with us did you get there rattling yet yeah I’m already here for the hell of it no what’s going on no that’s sha no I’m not going in there what are you afraid of I mean what’s the big deal I don’t want to be with him I’m afraid of him are you afraid of him you’re the fastest man on the planet in the whole world so I’m a fast runner you know well we’re speedr running you might say come and beat him with me I got some cruel guns okay we need this thing spikes out of the way a lot what kind of tests I think we’re just running for Speed uhhuh okay it’s real what are you doing he put Amy Rose in jail how here Sonic did you know my girlfriend yeah Amy Rose is in jail the sleeper went fast what are you standing there for we have to save her come on let’s save the day Diane okay you have to take that there you go oh you your shadows I’m telling you it’s very strong yeah well you can’t beat him at all he’s too strong so I have an idea and we’ll switch them around who we’re going to rescue Amy Rose and put shadow in jail now he’s Behind Bars Sonic look don’t be afraid of it anymore oh I’ll get you real quick oops oh you’re running around of course I don’t have time to watch you yeah well I thought you were super meta fast and now Behind Bars oh why are you hitting me for the bars and Amy Rose is saved yeah well you’re a good zombie save I’m really fast huh well I’m happy for you all right save this oh look guys it’s the evil man oh hello hi hello hello my dear zombie yeah hello to you too oh there’s some speakers upstairs okay I’m going to get out of here you won’t find me I’m out of here you got it I don’t need you to look for me I’ve Enchanted the portal you can’t leave here not yet I mean conjured how’s that wao wait guys the Portal’s not working it’s throwing me off he looks really Bewitched how am I supposed to get out of here what to do these speakers can’t you at least win I’m going to destroy them now come hear the speaker so we have to get to it how do you get on you oh what’s going on here what kind of prison is this oh I finally came out of invisibility you’re in the woman and you’re mean too you’re mean all right you’re a dummy I’m kind what makes you think I’m evil okay I’m just this evil man who’s Enchanted the portal and won’t let me out of here he’s the one who put you in jail yeah he’s the one who put me in jail so I wouldn’t crack that portal I just started magic and practicing and I can just about unlock this portal but it’s locked me in I can’t get out of here wow you do magic and cool look let me let you out of here but you promised to be kind you are kind yes good good why do you keep saying I’m your own all right let’s get you in the out of here anyway there’s a key for the door hidden in the chest now I’m going to climb up there and destroy those speakers and save you okay where’s the uphill climb up here yeah I found the ladder oh that’s great now folks let’s BEP speakers on the speaker take that what you don’t think I can handle you well that’s good one down one to go and one to go so did you get out yet yeah while you were in there I decided to get out I’m looking for a key to get you out there was no key I just found a pickaxe but that doesn’t help us much well well yeah I could have gotten you out look what are you doing what kind of magic is that oops okay I’ve got it really look it helped the effects of all that purple stuff went away so is the portal working now sure and I can also teleport oops wow D cool that’s it the Portal’s opened let’s move on oh look one of these Kai toilets what funny little toilets attack him destroy him who’s talking come on come on attack oh there’s a huge hell King in here too that’s great hi aren’t you going to hit me great come on all my monsters attack uh attack so I’ll attack them myself I’m going to beat up all your little toilets okay give the small toilet toilets small toilets and get this out of them will’ll grow big real toilets giant scary toilets because this is the king of hell and we have to beat them all hey where else you got in there here you go you’re the last one aren’t you here’s another one that’s it I’ve beaten all of yours you got it oh you’re so annoying that’s it oh oh oh oh oh guys I shouldn’t have pissed off the king of hell do you see what he’s doing he’s pouring all the lava okay we got to get out of here here I found a potion once maybe we’ll throw a potion on him here take this oh it didn’t work he flooded the place let’s get out of here this place is flooded with lava we’ve got to get out of here like where where is he going so there is water here but this water is not going to help me or not guys what do we do okay wait I’ve got blocks I’ve even got a block monster I’ve got an idea we’ll make blocks get out of here try to get out oh hello hello you want me to flood the place no don’t let me out of here there was living on all sides so I’m swimming through it they’re not my problem I flew on my own bye what business of mine I’m not getting out of here I don’t even have a block my only tree burned down okay uh who we can climb this tree here let’s give it a try I don’t even know how to get out of here guys he flooded the whole ceiling in there but I don’t know he’s probably going to spill lava on top of me too well yeah there’s lava up there too and not yet you could turn that tree into planks who’s that tree with me but I only chose it’s not much use because there’s lava everywhere guys on all sides okay I don’t know how I’m going to get from here to here because I don’t even know where to go in the form you see this guys what’s lava toilet you’re happy huh I like how you can’t get out I trapped you oh look guys it must be that sorceress of that booman she gave me the creative that’s what’s going to help me now we’re going to get ourselves a bucket and that’s it you’re done with the toilet now I can get this all po up and out of here all right yeah I can see the portal that’s it yes they might take the creative away from me soon I got to get out of here fast oh thank you oops creativity has been taken away thank you you’ve really helped me what’s good out of here hi there a little what are you doing oh nothing’s wrong what are you so upset about what happened all my stuff was stolen by those thugs look I can go to inner chest and get my stuff I only have the potion of course you need why do I need those shameful selves I need my stuff okay sure all right I understand I’ll help you let’s give it a shot wao it’s a downhill slope what’s the big deal wow a secret secret room a pickaxe and I already had a pickaxe I don’t need one all right uh-huh now I’ll try I’ll help you so how do we get out of here so when did your say I stole your stuff is it these Bandit stole my stuff and no stuff guys I figured out who’s running all these gamesters oh look why are you shooting all right let’s keep moving let’s go we’re about to find all your stuff okay we’re going to have to climb over carefully I hope we succeed here let’s be careful with that ball don’t hit it too hard all right Chuckles okay great what about up wait wait I’m with you together I want to fight these thugs too come on share okay look there’s still a giant fluffy PMS left he’s such a belly button a big one would have to beat him for sure which he won’t give any of his stuff away for but huge fluffin to you take that so what’s in here oh they’re all your diamonds wow that’s gold finally oh it’s all oh wow I was going to give you some kind of potion yeah I realized you have a lot of really cool stuff well kudos to you for getting the job done that’s it uh yeah all right I’m kidding no gold I didn’t come here for gold I want to help everyone then go ahead go ahead go ahead here take your gold back I’m going to keep going don’t do it I still have a lot of interest in challenges ahead of me let’s go guys Sonic hi no not Hello he’s upset again and he’s crying and worrying about something today what’s your problem see my doggies here these underwater things have stolen my dogs and won’t let them go I can’t deal with them because I only know how to run fast well you’re super fast you can fly by and save a doggy in a hurry they don’t they’re there for you protecting you and the scissors probably want to cut his hair look come on they have very nice can’t be trimmed let’s go rescue them there’s another monster they probably wanted to put another dog in here oh I’m sitting on it look I’m going to beat him now oh that’s great okay we need to go upstairs let’s try to get in now come on you first okay I’m going to hop in after you now we’re going to beat them all and save your dogs you have two dogs don’t you like two okay great oh there’s more witches in there I’m going to beat you now all right oh my peach all right okay first do you safe we’ll have to save the other one we’re climbing up here now let’s beat this monster pachai come on you’re doing great and the other one was saved by Sony too and awesome thank you so much but I got to go and then we’ll just have to make it up as we go along don’t you know how to get through here by jumping on these things what’s in here jump look what I found here so what springboards take away the springboards well let me try it this way and jump in here and now this way oh right you could be funny that there are golden apples in the chest and the witch oh guys it’s all flooded in here loel where the hell did I end up Spider-Man hi hey zombie help me please let me out of here I got caught okay use the web grab that corner over there jump off uh-huh my spider web was stolen I can’t spider web now why did the Spider-Man have his wood stolen okay fine I’ll help I can’t fly here as I let go the block will break the lava is it around here somewhere there’s a trampoline in the trunk somewhere I see it on the left in the corner look let me see the lavender oh here we go I’ll be right there I just looked away lavender will help the spots I don’t know what won’t help you no don’t what I’m saving you for look over there look over there it’s got to be over there all right then let me try look I’m a superhero too the little bit I jumped over was cool okay and it’s the same here not going to help you jump back accelate almost jumped it’s okay to listen I’m basically a Spider-Man now I believe I have to the same way my countenance I don’t know but in that corner the very last one on the left sending some to the wrong place no well go to the left take a well look to the left okay last chest if there’s poop in there I’m you means you’re messing with me checks the chest all right this is something else what is it how do you use it let’s see what it is it might help you jump I’m afraid but let me at least put it at the bottom you jump on it okay we need to do some careful math yeah let me just put a few of these up right now you’ll just walk down them later okay come on jump oh you get away from there a little bit backed off all right Spider-Man you can save the world again and I told you there was a ceiling somewhere and you didn’t believe me it’s a cool thing okay I should probably move on you should go too all right I’m going to head that too ouch had you ugy he’s also in a helicopter spam please come back I need you I need superhero help look how do you a is here I’ll be right there oh finally come on we’re going to take him down we’re going to destroy him we’re going to save the world come on how do you ugy on you he’s so strong how very real he is he must be hard hard to hit maneuvering quickly from all directions woo oh that’s it he’s gone Spider-Man thank you very much everybody he’s off to save the world let’s get these guys moving oh it’s cold on here guys oh look my entire inventory is even Frozen all covered in snowflakes I’m going to freeze so what’s going on here oh I think it’s all about not getting caught there’s a camera overhead guys be careful okay look there’s actually a Mana camera watching me so what’s the trunk let’s take a look a sword it’ll help us let’s take a look see if we can sneak in further all right let’s go this way be careful not to get caught that’s the way it’s going to be I’ve been overlooked oh he saw me he summoned SB get out of here I don’t even have guns what do I have to fight him with boys one sword but a stone sword get it fast was he scared what okay look I have an idea by the way we can flip him off with more snowballs the main thing is not to get caught by the cameraman again Bedrock how am I supposed to get through it’s got everyone’s thigh slammed in here okay let’s just try jumping over like this oh that’s great okay there’s more portals here too might work these cameras they scare me and turn me into the silver one get out of here that’s Goldie yeah get snowballs he’s afraid dies he’s afraid of snowballs great that’s what’s going to help us I just thought I was freezing but this will save us you’re a cameraman stop ratting me out all right let’s try to move on I hope no one else Burns me it’s a neat little snake oh no I think I’ve been spotted he’s got me on camera don’t give it up no please don’t call him ouch sereno’s head I’ve been here a long time if anything no get out of here don’t white don’t well you get stitches get out of here oh no no why are you afraid of snow you’ll freeze that’s it you’re not getting me baby I won’t get in so there a chest of diamonds axe it might help us so let’s get some diamonds I can chop through it with an axe I’m going to take aim at you all right guys let’s get through the snow and shoot straight into it but for you get Serena’s head let’s break it down take that let me destroy Veil here all right guys in siring head is defeated as long as those cameramen they’re gone it’s all gone great Serena’s head won’t be back again oh there’s another camera let’s get out of here all right let’s hurry up and dig before he comes back what away quickly guys hello doctor or something oh hey I’m a fan what who are you vad that you’re a badass I’m your subscriber here’s a flower for you give me the diamond quick what shouldn’t Vlad be saying that guys what happened to him are you sick or something what’s wrong vad you’re kind give me the diamonds I don’t have diamonds I only have guns to defeat monsters well you did you also covered it with a great are you sick I think ah get out I said this doctor is here for a reason okay fine I’ll Diamond you all right well I’ll be there all right Chuckles come on come on I’m waiting guys we have to save this doctor perhaps he can CER Vlad for I think he’s just sick and Ed don’t peek all right then he’s trying to burn my plans guys the main thing is that V didn’t sleep now we will save this doctor the main thing is not to get lost in The Labyrinth so how to get to him ah everything’s on fire it’s hard to make up some kind of test the important thing is guys grain I got him hello doctor what are you doing here in the Maze hello at 400 he’s messing with me he got some evil disease and put me here to cure him but he doesn’t want to be cured anymore he liked being evil what guys we have to save him hey Vlad what are you doing why would you do that I’m looking for you wait shoot okay okay I’ll get you the diamonds I found them come on come on drive me I’ll be right back I’ll be right back with the diamonds doctor what did you find the tier for yes yes yes I did I’ll take it in the trunk all right got to get the Bowen Apple real quick vlood oh he’s already blown the whole thing up one of you done lad why would you do that guys and just so the story doesn’t seem give me the diamonds all right all right here you go here ouch yeah I’ve ruined the only medicine that can’t be saved Dr regular apples will help him I don’t know it’s a 50/50 chance no what if he’s not cured okay I found the diamonds I’ll show you over there in the M shaft on that side come on let’s go take a look come on you want to grab a bite to eat right here come on come on see the diamond mines guys I just haven’t found any so no diamonds found it no not a diamond what where are the diamonds hey are you going to give me that Apple today or not an apple to Apple she’ll help you oh why am I doing this what’s going on Vlad you’re back you’re all right you’re kind oh hey who are you I’m a Zombie I’m just going through a trial you know stuff like that I’d be a portal where’s glena where’s glent where is it where are my friends your friends I don’t even know uh listen oh where are we I don’t know these portals teleport to different places Vlad the important thing is we don’t get lost where are you go you’re kind now you’re all back to normal yeah it’s okay I got to go back and shoot some videos okay all right bye I’m very glad we healed you I get it we should tell the doctor gter your apples helped for good again all right oh cool good thing it helped I thought it wouldn’t work I was afraid okay thank you so much oh guys he destroyed there’s half the room along with all the tests the portal okay we’ll have to teleport to another portal let’s keep the boys moving woo oh guys look Baldi the teacher is he doing something to the moped uh I’m going to shoot you huh wait you’re here for the exam what an exam you’re a monster I have to fight you what a monster I’m taking exams if you’re here for an exam sit down I don’t have time to go any faster I have 10 more students in front of you you still have a car there doing mechanics wa wow 10 students L come on I don’t even have a license I’m like oh I’m going to have a license you’re here for your driver’s license I’m telling you the truth cool I can take the guys for a motorcycle ride later yeah let me try I’m going to turn around oh I’m just a little offended here I’m almost there stop what are you doing did I pass where are my rights minus 10 points for this reversal that’s it you haven’t passed you might say well we can try it again now I know how to look the flashlight I accidentally knocked down here I pass I haven’t figured out the speed yet calm down oh God no I got stuck in there s that’s it no moped I’m an accidented all of them and I’ll drive the car so fix the car this is your punishment these ones didn’t give up a penalty either go go go what’s the punishment yeah that’s it I’m even on trial what are the penalties what ordeal go on go on baly I’m still angry I shouldn’t have gone with you guys look they made these guys scks the car too look come here guys what come here learn here’s how to properly inject an obam AED gently like this that’s it there’s nothing dangerous about it I can’t do that I’ll never get a license okay you’re also turning the right way let me try that again guys okay we’ll take the tire off like this well I don’t want to guys you’re here for the vegetables how why did he plant them yeah sit tight you’ll be sitting for another 10 hours of punishment well you can try to pass it on then you’ll get a pass oh well I’m going to go try to pass it on uh Uncle baly can I try again what are you ready after trying one yes I stand corrected look or I’ll lock you up for 10 days 10 days you’re such an angry teacher the ruler is crooked yes all right we got to turn around learn it’s not going you broke it for me Luba sit down already all right come on oops neat I can’t do it Master baly well if you can’t handle it then you’ll fix the car what’s the problem all right well I’ll give it a shot I don’t know if I’m going to make it or not well so far I’m still a little touching but in principle I did not even hit one I even get a license I can handle it and I need to get there not yet and the chest I have to go this waych no you can’t go in there what’s in the trunk is this my reward for being right you’re not getting your license get out of here already all right well look I could even reverse on a motorcycle let’s make a neye turn here I made it oh that’s heavy and I turned into the baly wire no you haven’t passed your driver’s license but you better get out of here you can’t even be trusted to fix a car goodbye well at least I can get the guys out of here all right from those guys I hope you come out Baldi can you let them go please for my sake I mean I’m the one who’s still I’ll figure out the idea from here guys run away quickly run away they ran great and Baldi will leave you with nothing got it you can’t put them away as punishment all right get out of here shoo I see I was going to tell you about you all right get out of here you don’t need any rights with monsters go to your father usess you can’t even drive you’re not good for anything in this life get out of here before I kick your ass I’m about to take offense to baldi’s teacher all right let’s not go any further offive useless useless useless useless all right I know need any rights another monster no better than the other but where are you going wa how do you get in there a minion I’m going to get you all right you can’t get me you can’t get me Minion I’ll get you one you got it what the hell kind of kibble is going around here come come in come in I’ll pass and this is where it closed what the hell are you doing behind an iron door that’s gold come on open up guys I’ve locked up everywhere hey you Skippy head I’m not telling you anything Yum Yum Yum Yum sure if I start shooting that’s how it is I destroyed I got it I’ll get you so what I don’t give a about them I’m brick digging now jump in you got it he jumped from here and it’s closed again guys wait wait I noticed something look all the furnaces are right but this one’s facing the wrong way what’s in here wo that’s going to help me so how’s the minion what you don’t think I’m going to make it do you no we’re not going to make it look at that lever D nice minion oh and now you have moped lessons what other moped lessons I’ve had enough lessons for one day Balden made fun of me I’m not doing anything else for anyone The Gangs told me how useless you are your friends with monsters again I won’t listen to you take it away take that monster there you go closed again guys there’s always some kind of malfunction and I’m getting in and out of everything guys I’m locked out so how to get out of here guys what do we do wait how maybe I can jump from here and get somewhere I came up with an idea upstairs and let’s go hey come here come here come here fell there lever I accidentally opened the drawer I found the lever guys all right where is he all right I got it well I’m coming for you buddy I’m coming for you all right this way minion and he’s already here so I found something that’ll help us too okay we have to kill first great now we put the pressure plate here it takes one more to open those double doors figuring out how to get in here all right all right minion I destroyed you don’t worry I’ll get there I don’t think you should come in here shouldn’t you what how are you pumped up I’m going to take a video this guys how did he get so gigantic ah he can control lightning what is this my heart’s in some kind of hky I guess look this is going to help me so I threw this one away and I’m going to keep the hearts I’m going to beat you I’m going to destroy you you got it no you can’t win all right let’s take these hilks with us let’s get one gun out of the way I’m not comfortable all right sit here I’m going to shoot you now it’s blowing up in your guys easy but he breaks everything we’ll take a little kidnapping we’ll take another heart so great he’s going to waste all my hearts here take this so how do you get into it he’s very strong all right stand up here stand up to me where too are you trying to trap me I’m not going to listen to you don’t come near me faster faster all right let’s see what it is uh-huh it’s smoking ah what did you do minion that’s not funny there you go now I’m going to collect the last heart and become super stronger than you so three hearts superpowers get it Mo or get it no brades can stop me I will destroy you minion giant ouch here have a piss have a piss oh that’s it we defeated him he seems to have disappeared this is where his explosion left off it destroyed the place but the important thing is the portal survived and we can move on that’s it oh behind the bars faster and I’m going to keep running we came back guys this is what we got on the table I hope you enjoyed this video sure to put a like subscribe to my channel zbec was with you and see you soon bye-bye [Music] [Applause] everybody

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