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all right I’m live on all right hi chat what’s good I’ll just be a mod are you doing hand him no cuz last time I didn’t go very well I just fell off my mic and flipped are you doing hang cam no cuz last time it didn’t go oh let me un pause the stream and then do a face cam not until I’m like reasonably knowing I’m not going to do that bro I’m so good at my anchors do you see how good I am with my anchors no is say okay I need to see what become the richest no I mean i’ happily do it but I’m that’s not happening bro let me get the stream playlist that scar sent me he what did you say like become the richest yes the um uh what’s you got an iPhone 6 wa what what all right keep just need to unbind all that I think I have free I do not care how good this is where is it do I have free yeah all right what’s Up grandma shark s you an FFA today Grandma shark hates me Grand if your team 51 me I still won no that’s crazy bro wait who’s on this team a bunch of no names home base under yes yesterday right I was fighting a guy I was totally winning like my internet was lagging but I was still winning my FPS is dropping but I was still winning my brother was shouting and I was still winning and guess what killed me ghost no my monitor turned off bro did you get really angry yeah who wouldn’t bro like actually that’s Justified bro bro I logged out in a du when I won the DU and that’s how I died like actually could I have died in a stupider way bro you look like a cheese toaster you buy four skeley for one mil I’m good bro I don’t buy Skies skons what deal is that bro actually let message SC wait actually no no you don’t make any profit I need to get some Hoppers if you want to sell skeleton spawners you can go on The Shard Shop website it called wait what wait Char CH thing no fire I wish you could buy shards of money yeah what was I going to do a log 1K for stack of logs I just robbed some kid what the I’m the [Music] glch what’s it called um I should I get mod I don’t know bro um you what up R are I get mod you have mod bro are reflex yeah sure I trust reflex you I’m just going to keep you like this I can just Lo uh reflect like I completely trust reflexi he’s like a very trustable person a I’m going to put the light on this way all right bro up you good bro oh I I don’t know what happened to what’s your IGN it’s hiy um wait I should probably put put this on the stream shouldn’t know just to see what my IGN is all right wait let me let me do it let me do that um text um where is it why can I not change it right we properties I was going to change the donation board into my [Music] username wait what what’s the phont called again it’s called like I I need to check what the fall called oh yeah OCT Octopus Game come on let me change it okay what are you doing Octopus game okay there we go okay r h h i Dash Okay preview how’s that look where is it why is it what what yo what is that okay all right I’m just going to change it back to luckiest guy fck this guy okay [Music] why is it this pixelated does it look this bad on stream too wait is this pixelated yeah it is why is look this [ __ ] properties all right wait let me just remove it where is REM move there we go yes I’m sure why else look like it um text okay like font Lu luckiest guy and then text IGN Dash face all right now let’s see if I can change it to the what’s it called [ __ ] oh mean IIT it okay yeah I kind that was kind of good CH how’s that how’s that look BR please 50k and no sorry that good yes I good can I get 50K no I refuse to pay people for no reason at all like they just like yo can you pay me money that’s just going to be no I don’t know you cuz like you know me no but still you’re you’re under you’re not get anything no I’m I don’t I’m rizle okay bro bro can I join your team no sorry even like under shouldn’t even be here bro is this good yeah okay that’s decent trly place blocks here looks a bit bad all right okay bye all right bye that working yeah it’s working pretty well use to reflex it yeah I was going to put like really valuable stuff in chest and then yeah see like I I trust you like I’ve seen you on like so many people’s streams but like I’m going just do that just in case what’s good bro yeah actually my old base with all raes got rated damn bro I get something for E chest or some money um I I’ll see what I can give you okay so you got C pickle for enchanting table rating room pretty good you should give themg sets no not giving them 27 sets bro not does not like his viewers that’s okay all I need a sign can I can I get sign um Che all right CYO style um 7.5 out of 10 if it had more Farms it be goed w i oh you this there you go bro SW all right SL Home Place TP death uh the only reason I TP to him is cuz he’s he’s in like almost every single streamer stream and like everyone trusts him so no sorry I I’m I’m probably not going to TP to many people the stream but I I just know who he is so that’s why I tpd and your name is cpvp death bro I don’t know like if if I was like if this is like a stream where I wanted to like fight people I probably would DB to but like this is not really the plan of today’s stream I kind of just want to build farms today trying to get like a massive pumpkin farm done so no can you pay me please I don’t know bro I can help you build n I’m okay bro okay I I kind of just need to mine here for around 10 minutes but what do you think I should do chat cuz I I don’t want to just mine here for 10 minutes it’s like really boring for the stream what should I do will f for the rich yeah I know but like I don’t know what should I do while just mining here for 10 minutes also I’m 70 pyu that’s great y under what do you actually do how AFK mining what what do you think I should do right now um I’m just mining cobblestone is it like set to AFK or are you like holding I could just put like my earbuds on and I right click and then the AFK can I teach you something H uh there’s also a thing called click H screen while doing this just in case it doesn’t work tell tell me what to do so don’t do this on stream but hold down right click and then click F3 plus T so you know FN F3 yeah t and then while you’re in like reloading your texture pack like go and then it auto mines all right um thing is right I can’t really press F3 plus T at the same time oh wait I I can actually wait okay let me have my stream real quick um where is it game capture off all right so if I bind since I have um rebind all the keys on this version I can change F3 wait do you want to just like do stuff while I while I’m in it cuz I’m not doing anything right now no it’s all right where oh is it at the base yeah it’s just at like the our base where is it I’ll do I’ll do it uh actually where is it I’m trying to find F3 I so you can rebind F3 on this oh yeah there we go debug key let’s make it eight okay so if I do if I hold left click press 8+ [Music] T okay wait y hello yo what’s up y um hello can you hear me yeah I can hear you okay okay it worked it worked it worked I’m I’m AFK mining um like I’m lagging like crazy um I can’t really unhide my [Music] stream it’s a bit of a problem you can’t Tab out right um I’ll do it you want me to M cuz I’m editing yeah all right all right I gun uh it’s it’s literally just the base yeah I’ll come in a minute just launching wait when you did F3 plus T did you show your cords no you going to R it I’m not doing it again I like hid my stream while I did it so it’s fine actually me rebind that to F3 where is it umy three uh all rgp so I’m going to do is get my Bedrock account to sit at home there wa actually I might get my Bedrock account to yeah I’ll get my set home uh where is it it’s just at the base like above the thing just like AFK M like a fill double chest shut up no one cares oh okay yeah yeah I understand why I didn’t want to RK that why is it I’mma find an ocean and then like that [Music] okay there we go he’s Sur is an ocean not just a river right right M the riv use a mod called rebind all the keys to do it actually I don’t want to accidentally collect comma I’ll just do zero I don’t use it wait I need a block rotation texture pack I think I have one yeah block rotation okay I have the texture pack let me download different one just to be safe anti Block Rotation texture pack files oh that’s only 1.6 1.19 1 19.2 I know I’m going to put Minecraft up on my second monitor all right what was that um music Z this fine this will do hopefully this one works not stupid that’s going to be a problem I can’t do it cuz I’m still editing at the same time hello yeah what’s up I can’t do it cuz I’m editing and if I C out you know right so how how would I do that um I can’t the for now I’ll I’ll still later y give me a high three no sorry okay I just need to like dig up a little bit now okay well this is going to be extremely annoying to deal with I guess I could just build it like a bit over this way like if I build it over here a little bit oh my God I hate water caves bro like even if I’m not Crystal pvping I hate them of in the for I’m quick tip if you guys are like me and two broke for Spotify Premium if you just close it and open it again it’ll just skip the ad pretty nice means you don’t have to listen to a minute of [ __ ] yo hello what’s up I don’t know what just happened bro like again my my how much have left just pretty much like double of mind not too bad Miss keep rning winding road that to [Music] you I’ll do iqj uh I don’t really want to TP to people this stream like I’m just going to build a farm this stre that’s that’s literally the plan Ladi shut up under h y or something no he’s not [Music] here well that going to take forever yeah I’m also going to dig it down to bedrock and I’m going to build pumpkin farms on like every single layer up until here it’s going to make Bank though so it’s worth it I’m just going to like AFK my Bedrock account here like probably overnight too I like plug it on your and AFK I know like when I’m fighting or something I could just like be AFK in this all day almost unless I’m much gool so it’s going to be like really worth it to build where my Sher go s another res in Sher need fact check that um wait actually let me go that home here um servers server I’m joining on my phone just to set home here because I don’t have enough homes on my main so use my Bedrock instead of only having three homes I have sex all right chat on SL TPA it work I’m s oh right you I deleted fabric mistake bro D bro all right and then mobile and then sh slash set home home set okay I cannot see anything on mobile bro it’s like pitch black all right I’m going just have to there how do you have a mail um Farms selling gear just like General moneymaking methods can I you see with you on board uh no sorry I don’t I really know you so I I only like VC people watch trust cuz you can say some like bad stuff and like I can’t really do much about it if I if from VC um where’s my other Redstone Sher gun okay I have no clue where it went yeah I have no clue where that Sher is I’m trying to make a sugarcan farm W bro I’m trying to make a pumpkin farm wait is it with the sh with my Hoppers isn’t it yeah I lit don’t even have that wait SL home base yeah no I didn’t type slash TP a command is not all my days [Music] TP oh my and the time that I had to type that already like do SL TP a oh oh why is that a why oh my God I hate typing on phone so much cuz like the tiny ass board thing TP a I let me send it again just to make sure it actually works enter it worked let’s go bro um I don’t know how to make a good storage system I don’t know either normal 9711 what what you talking about bro by the way I’m your long last dad nah bro yo are you looking for a reliable no I am not looking for a reliable goodbye what in the why is there magma block oh there’s a water cave up there that’s f just a bit more I need to mine it and I can go get sand actually before I do that I need to do some general calculations quite simple calculations to be fair but still they need to be done I need I need to figure out how big the storage is how big the Farm’s going to be be so I’m building um 9×9 pumpkin farms right so I need to figure out how many of them I can build in this bace someone paid me $1 bro I’m rich yo what’s up you oh you already got a y’s up us WQ yo I got paid 69 bro I’m stacked oh my God son how you doing oh I’m good bro I’m good 10K thanks bro thanks that’s actually going to be helpful oh my you’re you’re joking right the last B I have to mind there’s a water cave like 50 cake DS bro W that will also be extremely useful in the making of the farm um for real wait is he a medeia yeah he oh he is wait how how how did you get media did you do like YouTube twitch Tik Tok like what’ you do to get it oh my God I hate water cave so much bro twitch all right wait how many viewers is it for twitch 25 oh Dam okay it’s the same on YouTube too I thought i” be less on Twitch because it’s harder to get viewers on Twitch guess not what what you doing um I’m building a massive pumpkin farm can I help you in myong what you’re your grandpa father all right gun powder 30k whatever bro it had to be done bro I had to do that all right now I need to go get some sand okay that’s almost broken I’m your grandpa all right RTP wait okay GP I need find some sand to mine Sher full okay and the worst biome possible everybody hates snow and ice biomes through everybody and swamps so why add them to a crystal PVP server how disgusting this terrain is bro like this Lo it there’s no basement in this one let me these you nah bro nah no no ubo from us WQ oh my God why is this biome so big give me some other biome bro like anything else how long left 27 okay February ended let’s go this is the complete opposite biome of what I need bro I need a desert I need to eat some KFC go all right bye bro okay could be worse could could be a lot worse okay this is good out I’ll do here see you gr son nobody cares you know the reason I’m streaming this right so I I was about to start building the farm and I realized right so I could build the farm on a make bang or I could stream build building the farm and then get viewers and make bank that’s pretty good you know so like I just decided to stream it cuz like I don’t really lose any FPS from streaming anyway so might as well just stream and I G no advantages from not streaming it anyway so I can just stream it if you get me a skeleton one I’ll give you a Sher of sand I’m good bro Sher of sand is like worth like 15K and a skeleton spawners towards 200k I saw that In Like A Shard shop thing Discord server so that’s where I get the info from from and somebody bought two off me for um 40K no 400k cuz like most of the time when I fight rich people I just get like out moneyed you know like their helmet will break and they’ll just buy one like bro you’re buying a helmet midf fight and they’ll just like spam by totem from the shop when they’re getting chained or something and like bro like most of the time when I fight people I just get like out moneyed you know so I need I need to get money bro uh do you need a village I’m okay bro can I get 200k no sorry what you sell no yo what’s up jash bro slers are the best me I don’t know bro they make like no money like the only spawners that are worth buying are skeleton spawners for bone meal to make um pickle Farms theart from that like it’s pretty bad go to my ah and buy it no I’m okay bro by my h no bro yeah you’re TB to me no I don’t really want to TP to people in the Stream the only Reas I TP to reflex these cuz like so many streamers know them and he’s like really trusted so that’s hey I’m King K I’m quitting by the way D bro wait why you quitting too much hate bro who’s hating on you man so you’re saying that you’re that is just not what I’m saying no one cares a lot of people bro people hate on me too I just ignore them cuz like if you’re going to hate on me why watch me you know you can think about you can think about me all you like but like I I don’t care what you think of me you can think my content is stupid you can think I’m stupid but like I don’t care cuz like realistically what can you do to me you know that’s the attitude to haters bro want to make base uh no sorry I’m I’m kind of trying to build like a massive pumpkin farm right now but like I’m going to make it private cuz like if there’s more than one person that can AFK the farm there’s always problems bro if I TP you then everyone else is going to be like bro why can’t I TP so like that’s why I’m not tping anyone if you want to make it with me you can set home ah it’s okay bro I’m I’m kind of building my own thing right now you know all right slash TPA so easy that’s my account by the way it’s like qu [Music] we need s for TNT TNT and TNT normally actually maybe also need better glass but apart from TNT and glass plus nothing really use the v+ method for sound what’s that I don’t know the v+ method bro I’m uninformed of it ah log T to me I’ll give you TNT n it’s all right bro I’m I’m good I don’t really want to take my viewer stuff you know it’s a bit cheap kind of just want to you know do it myself all right sand and [Music] compare okay this is a pretty bad idea actually wa yeah that’s really what this really wasn’t that smart was it actually let me just undo what I’ve done that was a bad idea you know I really thought that would work PR uh use TNT to my desert each TNT like 32 TNT a lot faster o okay I’ll use that for next time I need TNT which it’ll probably be quite soon okay I really thought I was going to get a bit more than that but guess not so it’s not bad but it could be better I thought it was going to be better all right if you need Des I got one n it’s all it’s all right bro I don’t need it please TV to me no sorry uh FFA n the stre just be building Farms that is the plan for today wait wrong block start like this block I think it’s two blocks away yeah you farm for dynamites yeah the boom you know I’m um blow this area up down to bedrock so kind of need quite a lot of it 1 two three four I got more rich in donut SMP W actually I think this is more than enough never know though Hest see if this is like my phone handle it yeah but can my phone handle it I’m meaning like can it charge as fast as it’s losing battery so I don’t lose battery you know you’re doing not inefficient how bro how could I do it more efficiently when you going to do face cam I don’t know not not anytime like too soon but I probably will do it some point cuz like if I do it the amount of bad pictures people are going to get at me is ridiculous y what’s up D head you wouldn’t let me show you like just explain it explain in words bro what farm are you doing I’m going to build a lot of um 9×9 pumpkin farms I know they’re really like not the best farm to build but you can like really mine LLY do it you know like you could just put your braid to sleep and just like build it that’s kind of what I’m going for it’s also a lot better to trade TNT for dynamites what the same thing bro T same thing tier um officially officially low tier 4 but I think I can get way better than that cuz like if I go on PR and like actually lock and I can [ __ ] on l 3 like easily bro they got a 3X 33 area in corner just just tell me what to do I’ll I’ll understand bro I’m not stupid going to USA soon W bro you get an easier tier list version to see the enchanting effect on gear uh 1.9.3 or below two three four bro I I wish you you is eest any bro have you guys seen uh this guy called it’s Blake 123 oh my God he’s so bad and he’s low tier three how bro how is people like jtic low tier three how pla Bow Low tier three like and is so much easier bro me and Dad’s laptop there to watch stream w Galler Ro is so boosted for real bro I saw his like stream yesterday bro this kid a not this kid is not good bro you is so hard though for real and all I is get boosted for real like I can name so many names that just should not be low to 3 or above like I’m thinking wait yo King default should not be tier one uh yo yo what’s up ccow should never have gotten tier one s King default bro like they’re not good it’s like can’t hit Crystal but low TI right for real no Dr I think Dr does deserve High 2 three I’m not like glazing up D or anything but like pretty he’s all right like he’s not he’s not low to a three level he’s like a bit he’s a bit better than that especially I don’t like I’d say he’s boosted that’s so bad I feel like donut should be high tier three but not tier two he’s he’s not a level bro yeah like he is not getting tier two until he gets like really used to his vins just cuz like bro have you seen how he’s playing bro he’s so ass like he keeps messing up with aners what if you’re interested no I’m not going to play I’m not fast nice default deserves the tier one I don’t know bro like I like defaults personality but I don’t think he’s like that crazy you know he should be tier two yeah tier two is like valid for him he’s like he’s he’s not like not tier two you know he’s not high tier three but like he’s not tier one shut up me no Spotify oh my you really don’t have room to talk to what are you no um little uh listen C literally just talking he’s never said that bro he’s so bad yeah I’m I’m just like saying my opinion on these people bro what the why can’t I buy [ __ ] A5 I think you don’t have enough money no I do bro what are you Lo your three now I probably could easily get it though like not easily but like I probably could get it I just can’t get in the queue for some reason do you guys know do you guys know V the um High tier two Yeah so basically right the score was 2-1 to him and the the only reason I died one time is cuz I was on 40 ping and ghosted which like fair enough I could have probably to faster and um the other reason I died was I got drained another a fair enough reason I guess a bit of a skill issue so like what version you playing right now he’s playing on 1.9.2 yeah so like I I also killed him once and it was even a dream bro I quick dropped them and then you shouldn’t really spread opinion people like fought a lot of these people that he’s talking about yeah like I I do I do fight like people and like I look at their gameplay and just like say what I think about them you know like I can have an opinion bro okay you know what this is probably not enough TNT Li does not deserve low tier 3 like absolutely not bro I can beat that guy easily bro have you SE this totem in bro cuz it’s like not not like good what version right now um 1.92 yeah you diamonds yeah they’re going to get Kaboom in a second wait why don’t you get them I don’t really want them all right I need more sand does my mic sound better like this no I can’t tell the difference yo what’s up auring smile a gun how much this [Music] gunpowder 40K all right fine I’ll buy that who’s who’s that Bedrock is that is that you yeah it’s mine oh Bedrock all SL RTP you want help no it’s all right I’m not tping anyone here bro every time I TP into this [ __ ] biome every single time bro this is just the worst biome in Minecraft there’s nothing good about it what ti are you he’s looted four but like I I don’t I don’t understand how lo why am I so quiet on your stream I don’t know so I was slain by a zombie on my badrock account all right oh yeah the event starting I’m high three nice all let’s go the event starting I wouldn’t talk during it because I don’t have any in p y hello yo what’s up I can’t hear mine okay that’s that’s all right I’ll just listen to you what event oh PVP Hub it’s too late now yeah so started just can’t really be bother playing one right now like ever since they added Pearl sounds and change like The Loot drop like make it make the loot run away from you C so wait I’m going check show CW I’m TR nice do you me have a desert or but wait actually I don’t know probably I’m probably going to get trapped cuz I have a lot of valuables on me I don’t really want to have to to see wise betrayed bro you chill with them for like a 30 seconds bro it’s not it’s not that deep that’s a good it’s not that deep bro bro I’m going to emote IRL bro actually let’s not say that in your stream I don’t care I wish you could buy like food and that and like maybe tot and yesterday doctor said there a villagers on crack cocaine I don’t think it matters that much do you suppos me to give you a desert soon um no it’s fine bro I’m going just like this not that bad to be fair I can just like find sand on like the side of water and the water doesn’t flow in cuz it’s like that like you’re so lucky you don’t have a Q bro like I would play it if I didn’t have a Q L doesn’t have a Q either I think you can buy Minecraft accounts that don’t have cues probably I don’t know what makes you not have a qu maybe like I don’t actually know you sure v+ isn’t like connected to five and there something makes me think that it is something made what makes you think that I have no idea how to make a team on be team create yo drop this don’t know smpp for least laggy server for real bro for most laggy that might be on the list bro I think tox is a bit more laggy though it’s hard to beat to this laggy shut up S if I no one cares no one will ever care just shut up what do what do you think is going to happen when they give you an ad you’re going like oo I kind of want that and then rush to somewhere in the USA and buy it no actually what what do you think is going to happen I do hand camera now probably not last time I did it it flipped and leaked my face but there’s only two people so it doesn’t really matter I deleted the stream there’s no need to check no don’t get got hopes up bro not forly bro for real oh wait I need to slash on my brother I swear to God if the home didn’t like set I did type better hopefully it did so [Music] how I di a zombie already I’m getting spawn killed by this zombie bro do you have a crazy Winden chair no all right I’m I’m going to copy TP accept I think I can do how you send the previous message I’m bed off settings okay wait how do I say previous message on bedrock like scamming allowed on v+ like let’s say I wased to buy something eight never ingots or something no but they’ll they’ll put you into a trade room and you can’t leave until you trade it and like if you log out then you die or something I think okay I need speed on typing bro I’m already dead I died in two seconds a shitty zombie bro they’re already another PP over there no settings I need to R brightness of mobile where is it video brightness 100% 100% all right I keep on drinking this dud to I’ve got full inventory in of to on game SL run run run run to R more [ __ ] on B+ nice BR everyone hates me now I keep on ring bro bro there’s two zombies this is so annoying bro like I can’t I can’t TPS out myself wait can I copy Yo’s up Cookie I’s try copy and paste wait can I no I can’t hi to one R BR I might just have to like try punch them to death or something I don’t know can you just put Lighting in doctor to go go go go run yeah I can give you some leggings on v+ I can’t log on when you when you can and R tomor bro like I I can’t do anything shitty zombies kill me right so pay so easy 10K wait when you going to buy um Legend rank someone hold this how long is that three four months I need some Obby I’m spamming the glow stone but obviously it doesn’t do anything cuz Bedrock is so ass wait what’s keep it CR okay that’s just horrible yo how much is the cupid CR bck is so hard to play bro no sorry you’re crazy for real pleas pleas pleas come on please please okay place it I died instantly these these zombies do like nine hearts of damage bro this this stream must be so boring cuz these zombies keep killing me and I can’t slash home I’m like two hits to these zombies for no reason go go go go go move move loading terrain is so long like all right that’s it I’m going on badrock on my PC M craft launcher I’m going on badrock on my PC scene two wait actually let’s not like anything sometimes in life there’s zombies killing me on my main account too like piss off rad shut up S if I had actually nobody cares Minecraft for Windows install oh I need to install it how long does that take hopefully not very long you’re going to have to sign in and everything then hopefully not what should I get on Crimson key wait let me see what should you get don’t get like oh probably boots cuz they have the most enchants on it and it like more enchants more expensive it is there Thorns th Thorns is good bro it pisses off the other player what it breaks faster not too much faster I you’re getting the boots it’s only for selling them anyway nice this is a massive fight since you can’t play that much I’m going to try get you geared before you like buy a legend drink all right all how long left what would you give me wait what do you have on v+ leggings boots four TOS eight anchors what would you give me for a chest plate no not on V plus like anything else like maybe donut or I don’t know what do you want how do you make the farm I’m waiting for my Bedrock to launch on my PC I know on donut I was thinking what’s the max amount of money You’ pay for that on v+ I don’t even care about V right now probably I’m just waiting for my Minecraft to install like the Bedrock on PC cuz like I can’t play on mobile bro there’s two zombies there that two shot me like and like by by the time I the loading terrain finishes I am already dead so like I can only really it on PC on the plus there so many people with three letter names yeah cuz like only good players play it h of course stray is down cuz why wouldn’t it be like the one time I want to play Down Can you guys hear this yeah yeah P up down too no it’s fine though what in the lagp for least luy server bro where are my texture packs hello I ghosted though don’t have all my all right I got new an with aners my crystals are fine now how do you make the farm um I can’t really explain it in like spe you know all right now I can share my full screen scene two and then all right hopefully I’m ready oh my all right let’s not leak anything holy [ __ ] shut up okay I’m taking my headphones off oh my God that’s loud game mode no open me menu no don’t load resource packs no no no no do not General wait audio music off Main 30 all right [Music] wait you’re on 320 uh Subs hell yeah bro let’s go I’m so close to 300 actually let me let me oh you can’t even see it anyway right I’ll good then smash home all right now I can batter the Zombies bro okay glowstone you’re really not helping much oh you guys can’t helpit me now that I’m on PC huh o yeah yeah that’s I thought okay I’m dead though there’s three okay okay I have I have a plan CH plan I need to go get sword I need stock up on wooden swords I make a [ __ ] ton of wooden swords eight all right SL spawn now I can put some wooden swords in my ender chest and I can slash back eight times and try kill them all right slash home bro the pl bro oh he has an iron axe that’s why I’m getting quick dropped okay that’s one dead another let’s go I killed them all all right let’s just Place some glow so they can’t spawn again I really had to go through all that hassle just to get rid of that zombie bro cuz of course it had to have like an iron axe bro with like sharpness five or something like what all right okay I’m setting um home there my um set home at the pill outpost on my bedrock actually what are my homes basement build sry actually no all right join PPS SMP join join please please please oh my God piss off phone what are you doing join server We Go slash TP set all right that did not take me 30 minutes to do no no all right can actually get to building not really I still have to blow it up well hopefully no zombies can’t spawn so I’d have to deal with that shut up out uh it’s beef I’m back on the stream W bro what’s good how was your day um not bad I’ve been getting spawn killed by zombies on Bedrock account but um apart from that I’m good yeah you’re just bad I guess zombie with an iron axe kept spawning and then I was on my Bedrock account and I couldn’t really TP cuz like I can’t really fight on mobile you know so like I had to get on my PC account like my PC on bedrock and then and kill them and then I can to finally TP CU I kep getting spawn killed by the zombie though two shot me I can’t see either cuz I was in Bedrock like I really want to do wait no way my helmet didn’t set wait can I help you finally got some uncommon stuff I love to help no sorry I’m I’m not going to TP anyone here because I’m like building a massive pumpkin [Music] farm best thing to sell what is it sea pickles yeah yeah C pickles are the best thing to sell but like you can’t really mindlessly build C pickle Farms you know but like you can really mindlessly build um pumpkin farms like you could just switch your brain off and build it it’s so easy and it’s like you don’t need anything to make the money you know so I don’t have to buy a lot of skeleton spawners what’s up dizy [Music] head streamer space well can I give like this so I would never G I’ve been watching your stream for a time haven’t G nothing um like I’m literally not even tping my close teammates here just cuz like it’s annoying to AFK when there’s a million people here must be hard get them diamonds bro no I don’t want diamonds can I keep get the diamonds no he my base no sorry I’m going just be building this room um Mr MC if you want um I can rate to your base n I’m just going to blow it up bro I won why would you say that I won actually no one wants me to come bro wait Mr MC do you want me to rate it I left Legacy D so bored D BR I was playing with murphin yeah I know murphin just tell me your I and I’ll take you I’m so D to beor right now do n set from that and some spawners nice wait BL how oh uh CH what what can I refer to him as just refer to me as I’m yeah his name is under underrated bro you under you doing anything you how you do anything um currently I’m literally just afking I’m pretty bored I’m not doing anything wait can you uh get cobblestone me yeah okay are you in the UK yep I don’t I don’t get why Donut’s hosting their servers in Germany Germany is not Central Europe it’s it’s one of the most no but it’s not like in the center of Europe is it so hosting your s you proxy there really doesn’t make too much sense I I don’t know geography too well but I’m pretty sure Germany is not in the center of Europe I’m for UK off W bro yeah no yeah yeah it’s not so like most of Europe will be on 40 ping or 50 ping it really makes zero sense to place your thing there I’m not saying they should be in like the UK or something that would be nice but like key key Bobs I I’ll happily help you if you want um my now he’ll G your base you’re so annoying I don’t do now’s not going to want to DB I don’t even have a base under it’s your unlucky date bro no no base to grief I’m 50 thing on you’re same bro like I keep ghosting and like having stupid lag spikes cuz like they decid to host their like thing so like I’m pretty sure east east of Europe I think Germany’s in could be wrong you a lemon lame I’m okay bro I’m I’m just going to yeah he’s going to grief your base can you actually shut I’m literally helping you out here so you carry on maintaining viewers Germany polar and Czech Republic I it all right yeah yeah lemon lime any East okay like I would be fine if the server assed in say France or something cuz I get I had like 30 ping on French servers but like straight and that’s like fine you know I’m I’m fine to 30 ping but like 40 ping is too laggy bro have a nice stream good luck Cy he said have a nice stream good luck attack you n bro I’m going to get attacked man thanks man you’re so helpful I want your bedroom window that’s crazy bro yo me and he are chill me and him are chilling bro at your bedroom R what yeah plan not know that is it background music for real um a guy called scar made it for me W [Music] playlist how much Cobblestone do you even need like double chest think about it a stack of observers is six stacks of cobblestone and I need to make maybe six or seven Stacks more of observers so quite a lot I’ll have your room D BR czy I’m not there I swear can I join God or do I have to be K cuz I cool um I I’ll show you who’s in the team right so there’s under Lan Lan’s main account and me like there’s like no one in the team just cuz like I let very little people to the base just to ensure that they get griefed as least as possible love you set for real for real thanks for yeah I think I have enough the Ana let’s go trust me then I don’t know bro I don’t know be fair s can just um invite him and don’t like let him to the base and yeah you can’t really do anything if you’re in the team cuz like I have I have R permissions off accidentally kill him no but like how would I accidentally kill him I don’t know you might not know all right I’m going blow blow it all up now I don’t really care if my Bedrock account dies it’s a big moment bro do place all your shoulders down and then do it yeah yeah that’s a good idea bro kind [Music] lie oh my God there’s so much water wait did the water stop the TNT from exploding though oh my did you just no I’m fine I didn’t pop all right area has been nuked hey y got 10 shards that was kind of cool oh I killed my bad rocket car yeah I know you got 10 shards I got kill credit I’m going start patching up the floor I’ve got a lot of Bedrock on me yeah let’s use that bro ped didn’t Pedro give it to you yeah Pedro the pony literally IRL friends W Pedro the pony I’m sorry Pedro all right invite me no I’m I’m not going to invite anyone to the team how am I supposed to patch this up oh don’t worry just click F3 yeah that that’ll automatically patch you up right yeah yeah I saw that know very cool YouTube video go on a website called what is my IP while throwing your screen oo stream content then you’ll be able to do a fan meter IRL asking them for to be honest if I if I like did leak my IRL base location who would come bro CER please no okay actually this water is not that bad previous I’ll get on since the C is doing something n it’s all right bro I need to I need to build farms right now previous DP to rled rled bro yeah I’ll just TP never mind this water is extremely annoying I don’t have a diamond K there we go water are gone you spare TNT oh Sor 30 spare TNT I don’t ask going to get you anywhere you need more TNT what think you need more TN yeah can’t lie that was a pretty good explosion to be fair that better than I thought I would BL up the other base you know oh yeah good idea good idea uh what is the most Watchers in the Stream oh 24 out of one time I was one away from getting media rank bro one viewer away from media rank one screenshot is all it takes wait I just realiz could I technically Forge a screenshot with the inspect hold on is onto something I’m not going to do it but like couldn’t you I feel like they’ll ask for some other statistic other than that I think surely right Photoshopped it like you can literally just photosop you can add to no you don’t need a photoshoper just click inspect and then boom you’re done yeah I know actually nobody cares shut up play this song what’s this oo is that all the water no there still one bit here God I hate water Minecraft Minecraft obviously D this the Africans like that bro that’s crazy n you can’t say that so Bor bro sameish I don’t like bored barded I’m just like this is not very fun you know or need to replace the floor with this let me up scream lagging bad wait how I’m refreshing it seems fine okay why is no name I’ll do uh previous I’ll do three more fights yeah hello yo what’s up all right down not going to lie them new B so good with them yet fair enough bro I’m I’m used to my totem bind not so much my anchor bind yet need enchanting vure hell I’m okay bro I why stash read the SP damn bro unlock it can you get on PVP real quick p real quick I kind of just want to like build this you know cuz like the sooner I get this done the sooner I’m making a lot of money you know when you said the inspect thing didn’t even work it works it doesn’t even work yeah it does it doesn’t let me do I tried it it’s live so it won’t work yeah I guess maybe it doesn’t I don’t know I’m sure there is some way to do it but like I wouldn’t do it anyway cuz like I feel like I could get media like legit not relatively easily but like it wouldn’t be extremely hard yeah like if I just get one crazy FFA I hate donut quitting you seem to always say that whenever I actually do it oh again no for for the 10th time bro not again like the the only reason I haven’t qu donut yet is cuz like it’s the only decent EU survival server like jackpot would be good if there wasn’t the shitty Pearl cool down bro like there’s like a 5sec pearl cool down and it’s so pay to win I killed the full n w someone take the lot that’s why all right no like that that’s not that bad that happens all the time bro I got like six kills a day everybody stole all the [ __ ] like the I got two leggings Two Boots one helmet no chest plates today and I killed six people like the only thing you’re guaranteed to get is the crystals cuz you’ll be the one you’ll be the first one in the loot you can get the crystals the gaps and the anchors every single time without failure for me anyway like Neds always just rat all of your [ __ ] that’s just like a part of playing survival like you’re never going to get the full set unless it’s like only you two but then again they’ll probably just run all right CH I’m going end stream in like a minute just cuz I need to go I need to go to the Chinese get the Chinese and then eat it and then they they’ll take in 30 minutes or 40 minutes so there’s no point in having the stream in a BRB screen for 40 minutes so after you end the stream can I talk with you sure you messed up what’ I do bro what is about to get grounded yo what’s up thunder no you came right about the stream bro yo Thunder can you tell your teammate cats is cool that I’m cycl sty probably not try to kill me like he’s been trying to kill me and like he he wouldn’t stop I haven’t I haven’t died to him yet he died to me twice actually but still you did um what should I do then do you do you want the stream to be on like a BRB screen for like ages it’s like I I don’t know what I should do he is mean all right sure I’m I’m going need to end R now I me on donut no I got to go bro

This video, titled ‘Donut SMP stream!’, was uploaded by Cyclostyle on 2024-03-02 16:42:36. It has garnered 183 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 02:02:47 or 7367 seconds.

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  • CloudySMP

    CloudySMPCloudySMP (1.18 – 1.20.4) Welcome to CloudySMP. We pride ourselves on being a fully customed server. We have a friendly community and friendly staff team to help provide you with the best support and experience you will ever get. Here at CloudySMP you can choose to either be a friendly player or go out into the world and hunt everyone until you become the last person standing. Read More

  • MossCraft! Semi-Vanilla SMP, whitelist, Cross-Play, 1.20.6, Bluemap, Pets

    Custom Minecraft World Features: – Nearly 100 New Biomes and 100+ Structures provided by Terralith, Incendium, NullScape and Structory. – World reset on May 5th, 2024. – In-game voice chat available (not required). – BlueMap Webmap. – Premium Pets, Ranks, and Particle Trails. – /sit and /lay commands available. – Cross-platform with Bedrock for playing with Console and Mobile Gamers. – Fast leaf decay, no need for leaf crushers in wood farms. – Grief Prevention with player action logging and rollback ability. – No chat reports, ensuring privacy and freedom from bans due to mass reporting. – Ability to put… Read More

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    100 ZOMBIES VS 3 NETHERIE GOLEMS: ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! When you realize the zombies are actually just trying to get the Netherite Golem to do their taxes for them in Minecraft. #taxseason #zombieaccountants Read More

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