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all right seems that we are back in today’s stream with little more Minecraft because I really enjoyed yesterday’s session where I play Minecraft for a bit was very relaxing while I was busy editing so I still have a couple of videos left to edit so I decided what I’m going to be doing today is yes I will just keep on with this trend of me just playing Minecraft uh hold up do I actually have custom structures enabled I don’t know actually uh let me just quickly check I’m pretty sure I did though uh did I pretty sure I did yeah okay there is the glitch uh do I have I have no idea uh did I do that I have no idea it doesn’t show me so I guess we’ll just have to figure it out on on our own so okay right hello gamus because I did change some of the structures because they had a bit of an issue yesterday especially with the boss fight so hello oh it’s you ow [ __ ] right that was that was rude oh God why are you after me stop what are you there’s something there it’s like a dinosaur egg oh oh [ __ ] oh oh oh yeah there’s a pink GL right uh well okay that is not good right we might actually reload this yes we will okay is this is this live like I know I started the stream Pretty randomly I don’t know if I can see it yes I can it’s just random okay so we I we have the pink glitch because unfortunately I forgot to check my settings we’ll see about that but yes so today I think what we’re going to be doing is we’re just going to have some fun relax a bit because I know I need to upload more videos I need to edit more videos and right now i’ if I stream more of like carnivals or anything like that you probably realize by now but like carnival videos it takes a while for them to come out so I need something in between to stream like it’s kind of ironic because usually you have like stream you make videos before your stream like what am I talking about so you make videos in between your streams but in my case I’m making streams in between between videos because my videos take a lot slightly longer to make an edit so hence why we are playing Minecraft today because yeah I I I really do like Minecraft but I feel like there’s something that like Minecraft is missing I’m not so sure what exactly but I feel like there’s like something something about the thrill of Minecraft I think like there’s something in Minecraft that lacks I I’m not so sure what it is what component it is but every time I I play Minecraft again it just feels like a dry cracker like it’s tasty but something something feels off I don’t know what what to put it as but I don’t know maybe it’s just because I’ve played the beginning game stages of Minecraft for so so long and might I would accidentally delete my world or it would get corrupted one way or the other so I just end up losing my world it’s kind of stuff like that that just makes me less want to play the game so is there any new like Jurassic world Evolution news or anything like that any anything online that we might take care of right let’s see oh yeah people did did talk about that which is like the new Megalodon oh I remember someone being upset because of the fact that uh I think it it had like spots or something apparently so yeah I think this was the one that people were complaining about because it had Bots it’s really weird honestly like is is it is it really the one thing you should be worried about of from Jurassic world of all things is with shocker spots or not kelp also yeah what’s the deal with kelp I don’t get it uh right Yu-Gi-Oh Master duel is releasing uh championships Yu-Gi-Oh Master duel has a championship that’s great oh yeah speak of the devil oh yeah my my my like uh My Little D video it it did it started doing really well so that’s good for that although I I feel like it’s attracting the wrong kind of audience I was originally planning on having more of a dinosaur centered audience but no there’s like regular people coming in I I I I guess that’s what you call a task failed successfully right so honestly also guys today um I’m lowkey I feel like okay so if you if anyone here can voice chat and can play Minecraft let me know I might try to invite you guys in a world because I I want to play Minecraft multiplayer like I really want to do play that but it’s really hard to find people to do that oh wow the Lost World PS1 game korus concept out looked like this isn’t this the one I fought on YouTube wasn’t this guy like gray yeah we we do not need to see your OC story buddy I’m a I’m completely like I’m just can be straightforward like no one really wants to hear your story okay I’m sorry if I sounded really really cruel and harsh there but like no like you you might put that on post it on a little blog or something like on a YouTube live comment section is not something you I want to see the comments on my latest video regarding this are overwhelmingly negative opposed to having Jurassic world Chaos Theory premiere on Roblox uh I don’t get this so how do you Premiere something on Roblox uh what does that mean like I’ve seen people say that is it is it just going to be like a giant public watch party is that just how it’s going to be right like H how does that even work how does something like premiere on Roblox because like if it is what I think it is and if it’s just like a giant watch party on Roblox I feel like we might like we might do that online on stream or something that that would be pretty cool although like I I I guess I’d have to like cover up the screen or something but I’d be able to like invite people over and have like a little watch along party together kind of thing now I think like it would feel very interesting I don’t know why people would have like negative reactions over that not because it’s like a Roblox thing or anything but like why like it Roblox isn’t like a Pay to Win sub description service or something I don’t get like hasn’t like I’m pretty sure like everyone has played Roblox at some point in their life so I don’t see what the big deal is because uh yeah PE today should be the day the new new next DLC gets revealed oh I think people have been saying that since like last month so uh yes hello froze boy hello everyone welcome to Minecraft I’m glad that you guys are all here to watch me play Minecraft like Minecraft is one of my relaxing go-to comfort games I suppose and I really want to beat the Ender Dragon at some point so yes guys I do have a new armor so one thing that I did change is some of the structures now I fixed their spawners because I think I took the structures from a different mod that just had to use custom like mobs get like I’m going to be honest like custom structure M makers why don’t don’t do custom mobs it’s annoying I want to have like just just use regular zombies or something because I need to remove mobs to make space for pictures and [ __ ] I don’t want to really want your custom like creeper or something covering that up but they had a new teaser video yesterday well if that’s the case I mean still good for them I guess honestly the moment they say they’re going to make a new Jurassic world like Jurassic world Evolution 3 game honestly I don’t even know what they were going to change I don’t feel like they’re going to change the issues that the base game had with the Dinosaurs not drinking eating sometimes I don’t think that issues ever going to get fixed we just talked about a few minutes ago uh about what about oh about like oh oh that’s the teaser video you’ve been talking about yeah like the Megalodon with the spots yeah I I think I one of my Twitter friends said that oh megalon should not have spots shouldn’t have it should have stripes or something I don’t know let’s let’s hope this this is fixed also this isn’t oh oh yeah bought oh yeah I can’t play multiplayer because this isn’t the definitely her will still trash in the future game is this Bedrock or Java take a wild guess of course it’s Bedrock I never play Java Java is [ __ ] if you’re playing any other dinosaur uh any other game mode on Minecraft then Java is to go to but if you want to play dinosaur Minecraft Bedrock is just the obvious winner here like it’s it’s not even close like there’s like one good Java mod that has like six dinosaurs and that’s it okay will I crash I’m I don’t think I’m going to crash like I’ve optimized my world like enough but like let’s like my hopes is that we don’t get any mods better in Bedrock yes obviously right you you can have six dinosaurs in Java or you can have 900 dinosaurs in Bedrock your choice 900 versus 6 I I think they outnumber that one to like 150 or so okay I don’t think it is glitched right okay hold up let me just quickly that okay do this or just just this is just my way of checking if there’s no pink glitches if there’s a pink glitch that these things usually turn pink though all right there we go okay so no pink clutch anymore okay I’m going to be honest I hate snowy Maps I think they’re the most annoying maps in in Minecraft very annoying especially with the new Power powdered snow really hard to move around I I think I I think I’m just going to die here I think yeah I’m pretty much stuck here so oh god oh yeah I’m dead I’m so toast yep I mean toast isn’t really the right word considering I’m freezing to death hey I hopefully someone can dig dig me up in the future well here we are back to where we spawned okay so yeah let’s try not dying I don’t even know if cut my custom structure spawn in this world but at this point I don’t care we see something we’ll that that’s a yes if it’s no well we know that there’s no hello panoplosaurus oh you destroyed some log for me thank you right ow that’s how you were pay me come on I just wanted some logs I didn’t expect you to actually start hitting me where are you these logs are mine give me those exactly you stay there stupid lizard right yeah MLG let’s go right I got me skills what is that there’s something in the water it’s a Poggle oh it’s like a spec Evo hamster right puggle puggle oh my God something else has swept up it wasn’t the puggle was the only wasn’t the only thing there is also a uh Spectra anator right give these berries good food Souls give me these berries oh oh [ __ ] not again not again oh my God I hate this snow oh hey I got some meat out of that you want some no okay don’t kill the last mammal in the future oh yeah I do remember that Pugo was apparently like supposed to be the LA very last mammal in the world right I mean that that’s that just gives me another reason to try and kill [Music] it oh my God stop for the love of God just just just just stop let me go is there no way to see what snow is powdered snow they look exactly the same oh hey you know what loo you have this you have this huge ass UI that tells me what block it is you can you just use that no layer so I’m assuming it’s safe oh God it’s sleeping Rex okay go take a big circle around that oh oh [ __ ] seriously seriously the one time I don’t look it’s powder snow right why are you a pro I’m not a pro hello star well okay the sarcosaurus is running along that probably means wherever he’s walking is probably safe to walk snow layer snow layer snow snow layer oh what was that I saw some powdered snow no I’m pretty sure I saw something like that ah there it is oh too late though little right ah [ __ ] right come on don’t be like this oh God stop stop stop no no no no no knock it [Music] off no can be used as a bad trap I mean that is true oh my God this thing is is even deeper oh my God I guess that’s why I found the six big animal meat must be some dinosaur that died in the snow and froze to death huh right use the leaves use the leaves little fol that powdered snow just a snow layer all right what is that like a small creature oh that’s a baby allosaur H I wonder if we can tame it I think we can right well here’s a little Cavern to get us started what is this bamboo raft so yeah here we have the advanced iron armor so yeah that’s something that we have all right how do I make a bowl no this is not how I make this no okay I guess it’s a different recipe then let’s grab this then it’s a Buckhead no it’s not a Buckhead I know that because I changed it oh yeah oh I need medium meat okay yes okay yeah there we go that that’s the recipe for all that stuff you I need a diff it’s the different type of meat that I need okay we’ll also have to make some furnaces and L uh you know what no no we don’t need to I there’s some coal down here oo animal AAR is uhuh found some steel okay that it’s going to be good enough for to make why does it look like a bucket because I didn’t bother changing the texture I mean to be fair in Minecraft if you make a cake you get the cherries on top right even even if there’s no chries in Minecraft like it’s just the same logic I I’m a modder not a mod Creator oh look at that it’s it’s a founding Titan oh my God how many of them were there I think I prevented like four Attack on Titan stories there oh giant Gees have giant GES have appeared ow what the hell what was that was that just did something bite me or there’s giant geese here have you ever thought about playing a zoo tycoon too oo I am interested but isn’t the game like 25 years old now I’ve seen people say have some like dinosaur mods on it as and stuff I I might be considering I might consider it to be honest but I’m I’m just worried that you guys might just lose interest I wonder if we can use these Junes I want I I I want to eat those they give some decent amount of feathers and I know bow and arrows is a pretty a pretty nice viable tactic in this game it’s it’s turning 20 years old yeah that that that that game is almost as old as me I’m I’m like 21 so I need seeds the need for seed going to be impossible with all the snow though oh never mind there we go that’s three seeds let’s get this coal more torches yeah I don’t think we’re going to be staying in this cave for too long so all right you are the sist you are these giant Gees that live with tiny elephants right it’s like the caic version of the hatic island oh time to make these geese extinct send the geese back to the czo oh my God no why hold up I think that Spears I’m stuck in that wall those are swans oh yeah that’s right you do have a you do actually have a point why why did I say geese they’re obviously swans Lea are you stupid I mean obviously yes considering that that the spear is like stuck in that cave wall may I may I please where where’d it go there it is oh just Dove right in that opens up my chance to kill okay I remember always remember playing zoo zoo tycoon a lot okay oh my God there’s so many animalic carus in it’s like the primordial soup so does the cave lead any deeper I don’t think so yeah this is just like a Kass all right let’s cook up these swans and let’s get going if I’m going to move I want to move while it’s still bright not that like mobs are going to spawn but I just prefer traveling in daylight no one likes to travel at night when it’s dark and dull dinosaurs spawn both day and during night regardless though yeah have you ever eaten Swan I don’t think anyone has eaten Swan what you think yeah you’re smart you’re a smart one aren’t you that’s why you get that’s why you get to stay alive you were slow standing there I would kill you and put you right up there all right let’s see could use some salt so are there normal Minecraft Mobs uh yes there are Minecraft mob all my all the vanilla Minecraft mobs are still in this game like I haven’t removed anything they can there is a chance that they can spawn it’s just at a very low chance because all the animal all the other dinosaurs are they’re also taking up the spawns I mean to be fair there isn’t really a lot that we need uh like there isn’t like a lot of stuff that is required for vanilla mobs like skeletons for bones like every dinosaur has bones so those Drop Bones I think the only reason that is kind of rare I get kind of I guess is like rotten flesh but like you don’t need rotten flesh for anything there oh the mega theum has destroyed more wood right that’s nice I don’t think I’ve punched a single tree in this game playr so far like I’m I’m just benefiting off the wildlife here who who who needs an axe if you have a mega theum by your side well not really by my side but doing [ __ ] oh protoc seros versus Velociraptor oh oh my God that guy’s sliding and oh oh he’s going after the arrow Titan right okay right you guys stay occupied please yeah go go after those Ed dark kids oh there is a sinos catops though I might try and get one of those oh yeah there’s also a golden spine over there yeah we’ll definitely need a mound let’s grab that sinos ceratops okay let’s see if we can get that guy what’s up with those huge Towers oh those are just obelisks they’re just there in the background they aren’t actual structures they’re just here for looks and navigation I guess right right I do find it silly that you can just tame dinosaurs with Le like leaves of all things like isn’t that like one of the most common blocks in this in this in this world it’s like picky giving a human a stick and suddenly becomes your friend you’ll need at least a bit more something a bit more shinier than that right okay anyway Spruce leaves he gucci gucci gucci oh I forgot you guys don’t like that right what do what do you guys like uh and there we go that’s that’s the wrong one does this work are you dinosaur survivors I don’t think so I think I removed all dinosaur Survivor stuff you’re P craft yeah it doesn’t work boo right we’ll need weed for that which we can’t get because there’s no bones yeah I did get rid of all the dinosaur survivors mobs because they were taking off too much textures and [ __ ] right I guess we just got to rush it right between the Spinosaurus and that Panther just going to make a run for it what are those things those are just grass oh [ __ ] oh come on seriously seriously right you guys fight each other fight each other God damn it aren’t you guys always supposed to be fighting each other Spinosaurus versus T-Rex what the hell are you guys doing going after me oh my God snow after snow after snow yeah exactly fight each other the one time this actually worked there’s a frozen Wasteland oo I wonder if it can tame you buddy like meat I can grow you but I can’t tame you how about this no you don’t like that nether of dinos yes the nether has dinosaurs of course it has dinosaurs oh my God ice spikes I don’t think I’ve ever been in an actual ice spikes biome in survival mode that’s pretty cool but also infuriating considering that there’s literally nothing here except for snow and ice all I see is shitty copper too so there’s a nanosaurus and two gigas the mops are here too right I guess we’ll just I guess we’ll go into the ice bikes biome we’ll have to see okay escape the ice at least I don’t think there’s any power at snow in here I think oh there’s a nether portal there’s an arch opter take those guys out oh my God there’s like three T-Rexes there what the hell is going on over there right yeah the end also has dinosaurs instead of Endermen we’ll have to fight hordes of dangerous dinosaurs before we fight the Ender Dragon we got loads of gold uh one flint and steel one golden charge I don’t know what that is used for I’m just going to keep walking towards the blue OB oh there’s the village oh sleeping Spinosaurus you know what it might it actually might have been a smart choice that we move during night some of the dinosaurs sleep in this mod right loo now if the camera would freaking work oh my there’s an aloe but how for how long have I been stuck in the stupid position a easy face just [ __ ] died right bionics [Music] indoraptor oh there’s some Al botaurus is in the village all right let’s claim this bed [Music] but even if we do die we don’t spawn all the way in the snow okay what is in there some a lot of bread that’s good might as well give you some stuff I I don’t need oh there’s some planes right there the eagloo you slept has a secret I don’t think so I think it’s the Villager cage that you mean but like this one doesn’t have it it’s it’s not this is a villager it’s a villager house it’s not actually the thing that you’re talking about I might as well take a bed yeah exactly exactly it’s supposed to be the lone eagloo not the Villager one I don’t know where the Alberta went oh there there he is you’re baby I think I can take you out ooh string the elb must have killed a cat nice random meat right goodbye snow I do want to see if there’s any extra loot in the village I suppose we’ll be taking the carrots haha villagers that’s what you get oh crap oh crap oh oh the bionics is not interested in me okay yeah those are megatherium humans I guess welcome to the plane okay I think what are you again bar Balia are you bar Balia yes there we go all right it and mount okay our first tamed animal is the bars bolia now if you would actually move you you are too thick to go into the forest oh there’s some ofab benas in there okay right I remember these guys being pretty slow though honestly not exactly the best animal for some reason Cy made these dinosaurs like really really slow are you guys again how many T-Rexes are there oh my God you please if you’re going to spawn dinos don’t spawn them right in front of my face is he after me nope not anymore oh yep we got some a patch of wild potatoes guarded by uh the thingy migy the hybrid quests so yes we do have wild structures that’s nice nice to see but okay we’re being chased by that thing right it it’s it’s like that really funny viral clip of that really slow police chase or both the police car and the the police car and the victim or the suspect I guess in this case are moving very slowly that quit uh the what was it what are you called again spear upter I think what was that what was that thing again I don’t even remember what those things were called but oh my God okay time to move time to move okay Abandon Ship bars Bal is useless oh oh hello pis why are you here not your house and see comi this is why you don’t have slow dinosaurs they’re just worthless it’s not like they can carry stuff either so really don’t know why you made that choice it’s off brand Rodan I need to grab my stuff though I’ll discard all the stuff that I know I won’t have enough space for those those Robo OB Raptors are pretty annoying they look pretty nice but oh there’s a giant cave up there we might go take a look there we might get some uh plated armor I don’t think I’ve seen those Corinthos do I don’t think I’ve seen those Doos either you sure you passed by this went this way I do remember seeing the brausur yeah there’s a patch of wild potatoes oh it’s a Croc I can grow you like bones no where did all my stuff go oh yeah I think I did I did cross over there right I went that way the presently enough the bar Balia hasn’t died I don’t know if it’s fighting something or oh there’s an oh there it is there’s there’s my culprit that guy technically did not kill me it’s just there’s boss bolia which is absolutely worthless I might as well just recycle him oh over up just fighting the concavenator right oh concavenator just took down the Obi right that that’s great uh Balia would you just be do something useful for once [ __ ] [ __ ] ah God damn it oh hello pakisaurus you know I feel like I might have a better chance if I tame you guys right I think you guys might be pretty fast is there any hay I don’t think these guys have any hay oh the Golem died free Steel yeah these guys don’t grow uh Wheats they grow potatoes and stuff yeah potatoes carrots no wheat God imagine having to live on a diet only consisting of carrots that’s just sad carrots and potatoes I think the reason compy made the dinosaurs really slow is because of the animation it looked weird but here’s the thing when you’re riding in dinosaur like no one’s going to actually bother looking at the leg I’m going to be completely honest here no one looks at the dinosaur’s legs when you’re riding on one if you’re first P POV you don’t get to see the dinosaurs move at all if you use uh back view you the legs aren’t really in the way either I’d rather have the dinosaurs be actually functional than having a nice acting dinosaur that’s just worthless do you even fight some stuff for me bars bolia can you fight can you do something here is conator fighting the spe upor or something oh he’s just guarding my kill look at that he doesn’t even care about the other Halls he’s just chilling in front of my body oh on the other hand we have uh what is it camarasaurus versus Triceratops that’s interesting let’s see who wins oh Triceratop wins damn okay concavenator come here bars Balia right do something are you going to do something yeah there we go go go fight fight fight let’s just have them keep fighting each other I don’t know okay something died I think it was the concave right uh I might try to tame that Packy if I get uh if I find wheat okay hopefully bars Balia took care of that uh dino this is why we need more gear the moment we get at least some basic PL GE we should be all right so yes as I said last uh as I said like last stream what I would be planning on is I would my plan was to buff iron armor to make it slightly more powerful but apparently oh no they’re they’re still fighting they’re still going at it I don’t know who’s going to win but I know that I’m going to get my stuff back one way or the other so ow okay you you attack me as well makes sense okay bar Bia do something you know it’s really infuriating how the dinosaur doesn’t attack me when I’m being attacked it’s only when I take damage when the dinoso realizes oh he’s in danger go buddy I think I got everything right into the cave oh oh there there it goes bar Balia di to con of anator at least his life wasn’t completely worthless I suppose all right hold up can I tame this Argentinosaurus you like you like plants you like leaves no oh there’s a battle tower we might try and beat that dungeon Tower okay we we we we’ll have to go in that cave or something and grab some steel though right where is the ending it literally just started you already looking for an ending oh kids these days days are so impatient all right so let’s get the reinforced armor helmet so essentially what this is the this is it is just essentially just it it costs as much as a steel helmet it gives more it has more defense for Less durability so yep if you’re wondering what how I balance the new uh steel gear it is essentially uh more defense for Less health so yeah default uh default steel is still still quite good oh it’s just underwater cave I’m not of fish okay that seems more promising what the hell is going there goes deeper and deeper but no steel oh shoot okay freaking gravel jump scare oh [ __ ] what was that oh it’s it’s a little nyctosaurus you want meat gu Gucci Gucci no he does not he’s not interested right oh [ __ ] I see Diamond you kidding me there’s Diamond down there uh oh there’s Steel oh my not bad pretty good right okay let’s smelt that up what egg did I I find it’s a pianosaurus egg are you good is that a good dinosaur should we tame the picon neosaurus recycle my shares but I’ll probably need them didn’t I have other met steel as well I’m pretty sure I didn’t I pick up more metal oh it’s the poor animal larus right there you go back in you in there you go can you get a team called the dinosaur crew again I’m not really that interested in making a team of dinosaurs let’s get rein oh yeah I I made my health with that right get boots so yeah it has like it’s slightly weaker than Diamond a full set of a reinforced Metal Gear hell is that oh there’s a raptor down there ah okay animal cars would you please stop beaching yourself right get down there stay in the primordial stop and evolve into something more useful the problem is that thing I have a bed right I’ll just turn this into my little habitat for now I’m trying to get those diamonds but there’s also a bionics down there I don’t think he’s interested in me though come on buddy little bit closer there we go yes gotcha oh I see a con Taurus down there I know that this barrier isn’t aggressive it sometimes turns aggressive but for now we’re safe okay there’s more steel let’s grab all the steel oh there’s a diamond here nice so that’s two diamonds that which means we can stand enchanting I think oh [ __ ] oh my God there’s two of you guys oh my God I I should have secured a way up I should have secured a way up oh my God no no no no no no no no no no come on come on oh sh how can these things bread how much iron I have 11 I think I can just gear up here not exactly the most ideal place that’ll have to do can I use my fire charge as fuel no right that in there and that we’ll cook up stuff this way oh wait oh hold up isn’t this oh wa these leaves oh there’s my base oh my God I just just happened to dig into the tunnel that just leads right up to my little base oh that’s niceo we’ll do that then no need to waste precious planks I want to get past this stage as soon as possible because honestly just caving for resources is just boring as hell uh okay let’s do that six that means I can get uh no not enough I need how much and one more right reinforc leggings like the gear is like slightly better can I sleep no not I’m not ready to sleep yet I wonder if we can make a campfire though that way we we can cook up all our meat we need three logs okay we don’t have logs down here okay don’t know where the Connors went well there’s the one Diamond no I don’t think you can use gold to mine d diamond I’m pretty sure you can I’m pretty sure well I have Fortune too so yeah I it doesn’t work will be awesome if it does because I I’ve got fortune on my golden pickaxe there they are I’ll have to fight you for the diamond get up here oh my God I hate this do that at least these guys have knock back so I can’t just knock him back I don’t know where the other one is wasn’t there like two of them there we go there goes one where is the other one where’s the other one oh [ __ ] there it is okay come on come come up just knock him back so it can’t reach me whose animal is that lisaa oh it’s an adult liso we had a baby last time lots of batri can I tame you here yes okay there we go row you you don’t like this you only you only take you only take BL meat okay what the hell is going on over there oh oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] follow me there’s another Kors what the hell is up with con TOS un cave there’s a random Bellon knite in there right let’s feed you L of an arrix come here have this let’s just mine away all the metal and I think we might look for a different cave now because instead of trying to get all our resources from one cave I think it is better if we just move around and just scrape away the stuff in the surface because the dark the darkness can be very alluring if we venture too deep in a cave will likely never make it out that that actually might lead to a cave collapse that was smart loo that was smart leave that part B oh yeah we’ll also need lapis if we if we want to do that the other Diamond Bar onx just here for the diamond leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone there’s another one is that another Diamond no it seems like this is like a circle it circles back around yeah because we’re so close to the surface I don’t think there’s going to be any uh I don’t think there’s going to be any valuables like up up probably going to be like below us right grab all the metal I think that’s going to be enough to make a a full set of gear and some left over for some bucket so let’s eat that get some sleep get some shut ey do we need gold I don’t think we need gold right okay what kind of for Unbreaking three fortune 2 efficiency three golden pickaxe be used for does anyone know what this pickaxe could possibly be used for if it was iron it would have been amazing but because it’s like gold not quite sure what to do with it right there we go full iron reinforced iron I might add so it’s like slightly better oh my God that’s op no it isn’t because it’s it’s it’s on a it’s on an iron pickaxe that’s why it’s not good we could make a lot more buckets with them but we’ll keep them as ingots we’ll see if we find uh if we find uh stuff we’ll grab it I can’t really make a lava cast thing like most Pro unlike most Pros in Minecraft so what I what I usually like to do is I’m going to make myself a diamond pickaxe then I’m just going to dig myself um I’m just going to have grab myself a bucket put lava in there dump it into water mine out the obsidian rinse and repeat like 10 times until I get the portal no no it doesn’t it’s not useful because I like gold doesn’t doesn’t yield any diamond or iron does it yield iron does gold yield iron guys I think it might actually it might we might test that out on the next cave grab our bed and let’s get on our way up we go back to the surface right don’t let the darkness get all Allure you to theep in Minecraft case it is really the abyss does stab back at you you don’t want that unless you’re like supernaturally good at back tracking which I’m pretty sure like 99% of you guys aren’t we might check out the battle tower now although I would prefer that with an adult lanat speak of which I don’t know where that guy is did he die did he get lost he gets if he got lost that that that’s it not going back for you oh no there he is okay I guess he heard that and he was like Oh wait [ __ ] he actually does not care about me yeah you’re just you’re just a pet I’m going to use you aren’t my companion it’s you’re more like my slave that does my bidding what I’m I’m just honest to my pets okay uh how does it feel to be outside buddy some oh there’s an austar Raptor if I have a glass bottle I can extract ostap extract from it which acts like water breathing potion it’s one of the few dinos that actually has I used besides just standing around and roaring and trying to kill me the hell let’s go check out the battle tower why are there so many Kors today huh did I do something that would upset the Conor’s population ow oh baby UT right but no thanks to the mama hey it’s it’s that thing it’s the it’s the it’s the the Skull Island stegosaur what the hell what the hell what vus right no stay away oh [ __ ] there’s more okay yes that fight fight the stegosaur the urosaurus I think right yeah that that guy’s fighting that guy so yep I’ll take this guy out yep get stuck in a cave and down you go oh [ __ ] I think he’s after me next right okay so let’s see what this Tower is [Applause] about where’s a door is there no door to this ow oh this thing still hurts like crap even with reinforce armor oh my God now there’s two of them there’s a dino kyus as well I think he won’t they won’t be able to get me between these trees oh [ __ ] I was mistaken ow oh I somehow didn’t die well I said that too early oh [ __ ] my bed is gone freaking hell oh no I shouldn’t have removed the bed oh no I’m all the way here no I don’t even know where I went I think I headed towards the blue up though but I didn’t start off at the blue up right I think I went this way first oh my God we might try and backtrack this but honestly it’s not looking good it is it is looking Grim my fellas we are looking it’s looking very Grim I think I can backtrack a bit you know I feel like no I feel like I can backtrack it’s it’s not that far away my memory isn’t that stupid right think I can backtrack that stupid snow isn’t going to get me first there got to be some powder careful be careful loo there’s the frozen ocean that we ran past there’s a Soo I tried to tame right go keep moving just keep moving I think we went up that way yep and the T-Rex and spinosaurs are still there oh there’s metal here how come I didn’t see [Music] that helloo move out I don’t think I went over there I think I just skimmed past the biome and then I think I I we went blew up right oh [ __ ] freaking Godzilla right yeah we went up that way I think right there’s that portal a baby trike which we can’t tame we don’t have the resource there’s the village and I think I just ran all the way there to Green OB that’s I need a bed okay I think the Alberto is attacking the pis Yep they’re attacking the pis inside that eago right okay we can sleep over here and this is where I kept dying over and over right because of the concavenator and I think if I kept running towards this plane I think we had the one uh that’s when we passed by the tower right I should have just placed a bed the moment I knew I was going to die there is that flying bastard there’s the tower well we actually made it almost we just have to stay alive the DLC trailer got released okay I’ll I’ll go check it out once I get my stuff back right I think this is where I died I died over at the trees right ow oh my god seriously seriously oh there there’s a dino there’s my stuff RAB it where’s my bed where’s my bed oh [ __ ] bed stay calm I know the dino car is he’s chill as long as I don’t like disturb him with noise those of an Atrix come here okay for oh okay there’s some creatures in the freshwater there right Dino ham we find a pool of lava that would be really nice let’s make make a quick box put in our valuables in there but why do I have a I just realized why why why do I where did I get a clock from where did this come from I don’t remember grabbing a clock oh I think it was in the portal right right let’s do this battle tower I don’t think I’ve ever I I don’t think I’ve ever done [Music] these I see there’s something in there oh [ __ ] are those Raptors I think those might be Raptors [Music] [Applause] the parasols are startled as well by something that’s side okay there is a door right plenty of string that is neat I don’t can’t I can’t turn them back into string though [Music] okay right there’s dinosaurs up there oh [ __ ] oh go inside oh my God there’s so much stuff in there there’s some tricera zombies and a bunch of raptors in there oh my God I think the Raptors just spawn there naturally oh look cows hey vanilla Minecraft Mobs I couldn’t go down there for some reason [Music] okay may I get my stuff back please oh my god oh oh he’s got my pick oh no here comes the second one why won’t you die give me my pick back what about you oh you got my metal pick that was my flint and steel right go back go back right I don’t know where my shield went where’s my spear [Music] okay oh no the TR has my spear right and he’s using a very Prof efficiently he’s even got a sword give me [Applause] [Music] that oh [ __ ] I’m stuck I’m stuck I’m stuck oh there there better be something good in that Tower holy crap busting my ass out here let’s do that Raptor stuck finish him [Music] [Music] off the hell I hear Bows Oh is there is there there’s more stuff up there I think there might be right a saddle some string one piece of wheat and a music disc oh uh I mean hey no no no I got I got my stuff back I got my stuff back right I put my majority of my stuff and all the diamonds in the box so I should be fine for now can make a redstone torch I think that might prevent spawners right [Music] oh oh my God oh my God oh my God there cobwebs the cobwebs yes they’re fighting each other good good good good good [ __ ] come on fight each other go go go oh my God the stupid cobweb get down there go go my inability to my inability to climb ladders down is is is what killed me like four times in a row is is it like you don’t I’m pretty sure you just hold down controlly and you go down the ladder right is that not the case oh well there goes my Lan attrix was killed by that Bron go down yeah I’m going just do this right yeah that see feel my pain of not being able to climb down a ladder oh my God right oh I got a aqua affinity helmet right [ __ ] I need I need a torch I need a torch go down go down stupid y I think I might need a torch let’s make a torch and let’s come back oh boy you think that I I I’ll have to do that on Hardcore at some point [Music] [Music] right a stupid trike trikes deal more damage because it’s like in heart mode which like it 99.9% of the time it does not affect my gaml but because it happens to be vanilla mob it does actually matter you know what I might as well make myself a pair of [Music] shars right right do that ah well we we did get rid of the uh we did get rid of the spawners [Music] light oh no there’s there’s more oh my god there they’re jumping down from the tower oh no that that guy’s going my string at least he’s being attacked by their Wildlife [Music] [Applause] here okay I don’t know where the skeleton went did he just kill himself sharpness three okay Enchanted Apple let’s don’t make the same mistake as last time there’s spiders up there oh God eat the apple oh it’s a baby trke right there we go right and just as we do in prehistoric planet we take care of the babies like this the all of the fittest baby all right two Diamond horse armor beautiful if there were actual horses I could use them on you know what let’s we might as well C if there’s another floor let’s play that as well while it’s still last seriously oh my God stop oh my God holy sh [ __ ] no way holy crap what the hell was that there’s like a million of them in there what are they doing are they like partying all night up there oh it’s a baby we might tame that hello maybe we can use that to tame the baby oh there’s more this one’s blue all right we got that but this baby I mean we did lose there we go right we did lose our L of anat so a chili babies might do the trick okay but the problem is like the third the third floor how the hell do I get do that like the fourth oh my God they’re waiting here they’re waiting for me I’m going to die on to yeah we we I think we’ll have to do it a different way okay what what we’ll do is we’ll I’ll I’ll try to access it from the outside I feel like that’s going to be like our best bet but the if the second floor gave us sharpness three I have a hunch that it might get us something even better is this no this goes higher right aha [Music] okay I see okay I see God out Pteranodon why is there a pan on here oh boy yep have them fight each other damn it there’s cave spiders up there oh my God even a golden apple couldn’t save us I do like how there’s a challenge I like the challenge I hate the cobwebs though they’re so annoying why are they so sticky okay come on come on just die oh my God oh my God the stupid all right you know [Music] [Music] what the hell is up with this there’s that oh I got a golden armor I’ll take that there we go right I got my spear back [Music] grab this is this is this a no there’s more there’s more right is this where I died or is that where I died right okay more gold I don’t need Aqua Affinity right now okay let’s eat some rotten flesh don’t worry guys it tastes just as good right oh yeah there they are right take down these rappers okay oh my God oh my God there’s still so many of them I think I I thought like I took down the majority outside no there is an entire party for the love of God [Music] chill of course I’m chill I’m [Music] just more surprise than rage don’t worry I I don’t rage on streams okay I’m not I’m not an animal you see okay I am a theasaurus and theasaurus are animals but so are humans okay right what I’m saying is that I’m I’m a very sophisticated dinosaur I’m a dinosaur of culture okay I don’t rage yeah I’m very behaved as you see okay there is a Pteranodon outside but will you take care of those creatures right in there for me build up with block I’m I’m trying to like that’s I I’ve been trying to do that but they shoot me down so feel like I’m like I oh I know what I should do I know what I should do they spawn because it’s bright it’s dark right so I got to make it so that yeah I I I I got to go build up I I I’ll probably I’ll try to get rid of the oh wait is that a golden apple take care of that Raptor oh my God he’s got friends oh okay I got an idea right it is night so let’s sleep got an idea once it becomes day I’m going to build up to the roof I’m just going to remove the roof so that way it’s going to prevent them from spawning and we can take them at one by one okay so I also going to react to the new Jurassic world Evolution 2 trailer which I will guys don’t worry once I’m once I plate this Tower right okay let’s do that let’s grab these Oak planks because we are on the last floor wait no is there is there another floor on top of that because that’s where I built up so I think there’s there’s going to be another floor [ __ ] what the hell oh concavenator I was so focused on the vanilla mobs that I completely forgot about the mod about the whole moded dinosaurs in my world I got to low that thing away I don’t know where my tools went did that dinosaur eat it no there there it is ow up up up up before the concavenator can get me what is that my stuff oh [ __ ] that is my stuff [Music] come here right meet spear oh maybe maybe not you guys maybe not you guys [ __ ] oh God right okay I got a bow of my own now I don’t know if Redstone torches actually do prevent light I think they increased it a bit but hello buddy oh I survived hell yeah right oh [ __ ] right you were there right I can take you on right bring it on I’m a professional dinosaur hunter in Minecraft okay got a critical hit in there why’ you think I made a spear instead of a sword because I can do this got that annoying sucker I got to keep building up I think for the last floor I don’t know what is in there but I think we’ll definitely get rid of the roof that way if they do shoot us down I don’t I think we’ll just get knocked upwards instead of on like underneath the tower do that look at how many times I’ve tried to do this Mankind and the indomitable Spirit what else can I say although I’m not even a human technically speaking I’m a dinosaur I’m a dinosur right dinosaur that hello beautiful are you a human are you a dinosaur that W Shadow is really big for a dinosaur for a for a spider or something like that oh hello yink woo Catch Me If You can oh [ __ ] that guy’s decked out in gold right I’m running low on spear dur durability I I have a bow right I bow a bow what the hell give me back my shears fight each other those cave spiders look really weird I think they might be glitched oh my God oh my God right let’s use the tower I’ll use the tower to to defeat the tower oh my God ah just my life just away shot in the head and falling off a tower just the way I like to die hold the I is is is that a freaking cerazinosaurus on the last stage of the tower are you kidding me at least I fell down and I died instead of dying up there oh what the hell oh sonorasaurus s onus Source jump scare turning night again yeah you know can I just have him fall down that’s one [Music] way I need more torches I need more torches at this point I’m pretty sure my stuff has despawned like the stuff that I didn’t grab at the start or I don’t know I feel like no the trikes might have picked it up and then they might have died so we still aren quite quite sure we’ll have to see for [Music] [Music] all right at this point I’m just going to make a like I’m just making a third stairway way this is going oh my God right honestly I feel like just just approach it from the inside hello sir what are you guys doing in this good very fine [Music] day okay for the love of God would you just climb up the freaking ladder get rid of this put lights put lights lights lights go go go go stupid stupid God I hate this so much go up oh my God what what is what is up there there’s a huge Loot Crate up there what the hell [Music] I can just get to that up there there’s like Guardian dinosaurs and [ __ ] too so oh okay I got I one of my pets grew up the chiller we might use that we we have a tactical dinosaur at our disadv uh at our deployment where where did the other one go didn’t we have two right go fch boy no guess I’ll have to take it out of myself would you mind do you mind where the hell are you go go oh yeah there they are right there’s the second one right okay Raptor a raptor B Ailor Squad I mean a chili Duo go stay hereit stay here right get that go up my shears I’m getting rid of every single goddamn cobweb that I’m seeing here [Music] okay just just climb up wh why stop jumping around right there we [Applause] go okay guys let’s see if there anything here there okay there is some bread Golden Apple we’ll use that it seems like okay everything died up there let’s see what this was about Unbreaking one of iron I don’t know where my Unbreaking three book went I guess it despawned I mean sharpness three uh I mean to be fair I don’t really use sharpness not as the biggest of a lot of people might make it seem now to be hello Dino kyus not a the a dino I think as long as I’m quiet I don’t think he he is going to annoy me nothing too crazy I mean the loot is pretty mediocre I’m going be honest I don’t know if this was worth it [Music] should have just turned around once after I got the sharpness book is there is there anything upstairs no it’s just full hard Cobblestone up there yep there’s nothing up there all of that for bread awesome you know this this is expensive bread okay was worth it it’s it’s luxury bread it’s it’s it’s melon flavored bread all right oh yeah we we we can use the saddles on our Raptors though that’s one of the few animals that we can use saddles for right all right there we go one boy oh it’s a baby trike can I tame you like a golden apple no it might like wheat though I I wasted all my weed and I didn’t even get the baby oh no there it is there’s a shot Bo book in the chest seems like I never picked that [Music] up okay [Music] oh my God why you guys here oh my God where did you guys all come from what the hell right Raptors right time for you guys to be used oh yeah there’s a random bear attack the bear get the bear what are you doing rapper oh my God you’re all so worthless I tame you to defend me and all you guys are doing is a either get stuck in a wall or picking fights with random creatures okay okay I I think you you should heal up okay there we go care of the bear oh okay baby trike get rid of those yep good job next one orange Raptor what are you doing the blue one is actually doing its job the orange one is just sitting there all right come on be useful [Music] we have one more piece of wheat oh [ __ ] zombies attack the [Music] [Applause] parasol oh no rap just fighting the okay never mind okay I thought it was attacking the parasol No it was not okay yep parasol wild parasol in the tower yes to take care of those I’ll help you [Music] go how the hell are you losing to a couple of zombies man oh my God might as well use them now get in there get them boys [Music] okay I’m I’m going be honest I don’t think the rappers can kill them anymore I think we cleared out the tower all right let’s go right sleeping in the rain okay let’s get our life back on track I think we’ve died like a billion times there next make bunch of [Music] Bas I’m just going to cook up all this meat hold up can I breed you guys right breed we’ll hatch this egg we’ll we’ll raise it up we’ll make an army of raptors that’s what we’ll do I became the aelor shepherd [Music] why are we here I think we’ve done everything here right got everything there is there to good I mean I suppose we might as well get the experience now oh name tags they might come in [Music] handy all experience baby unfortunately I cannot smelt Diamond horse armor into diamond nor can I equip my dinosaurs dynamond horse armor which I don’t know why why you can’t you you’d think that makes sense logically but no I get a mystical disc oh I got a projectile protecting clothing okay let’s make a complete bow with that might as well just do this I didn’t even realize that was an emerald block here I mean I I guess if you want emeralds I don’t think I have anything to mine that out with though okay not going to lie I feel like I’ve wasted more resources trying to get like stuff in from this Tower and actually the stuff that I like the stuff that I got from the tower wasn’t really worth it like the enchanted books I guess that’s something I I guess the the Ailers were definitely the biggest prize here in this case the prize really was the friends that we made along the way oh it’s an uara wait what like stuff you want some oh we tamed an U Jara oh wait technically speaking I mean you don’t have a name right we got an unnamed comic needed from Brazil right right boys come on all does the beo actually follow me though hey pal what you doing or did I not tame it did I just breed it I feel like that might be the case let’s check up on that baby nope still hasn’t hatched okay right we need more Steel oh it hatched hey buddy come here why you running I thought you guys were supposed to imprint or something there we go throw you can I breed you breed you guys again right I don’t know how to get rid of the nest though wasn’t there like a little crass okay it’s it’s water [Music] though oh there’s another baby did it already hatch no that’s the one that we Tamed we’ll need some form of cave or something there is a velocir over there let’s try taming that guy as well we have the resources so we might as well no wait do I not have any meat okay we we need meat right let’s try hunting that Dana kyus that killed me earlier time for Revenge go get that guy you kill me early that’s what you get you sit you sit yoink there we go got the Raptor there’s a cave up there but it’s goded by this car carodon thesaurus get that guy go get that car car God damn it okay veloc Raptor died okay the other Raptor died get our stuff [Music] back H the bow up damn it [ __ ] the B is not working there’s the car car oh that guy was stronger than I thought I think we still do have like two one baby I think we have still have a pair of dinos we can use right we did breede them before they died to tame that one that just hatched [Music] there we go right the second generation is here [Music] [Music] [Music] come on I’m putting a lot of resources into this there we go breed make an egg let’s taddle you up but thank God I didn’t grow that baby earlier I don’t know that actually might have helped it kill it earlier kill the car car faster I don’t know oh he’s still he’s just going for it right okay I’m just going to keep feeding you guys there we go yay Victory get dunked on car Cardon aaur oh my God right oh boy right so I think let’s go ahead and let’s watch the new uh dressable Evolution 2 trailer shall we how exhaust and worst of all my avatar was glitching and once again not a single soul told me I love you guys okay so let’s watch the new trailer all right see oh my God they they they did it they they actually did it holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] they actually added in mic microceratops okay I I didn’t actually see the trailer I just saw the image and I just saw someone post microceratus holy crap okay hold up hold up okay right so th this is the new trailer for the new Jurassic world Evolution okay very interesting guys right so uh let’s let’s watch this let’s see what what we have here [Music] all right so this is very interesting because it just seems like they just added in everything that the community has wanted so far it seems right let let’s see what else we have in the site right but right now what I can see is that they added in microceratus which is crazy because I I I I’ve seen so many people say that oh because we have Megalodon we aren’t going to add it like we we’re never going to have microceratus right no they actually didn’t they also have segisaurus like segisaurus of all things like I like what that is that is actually crazy because like like I think segisaurus microceratus Megalodon I think those three have been like the creatures that people really wanted like personally I’m not really a fan of Megalodon being there I feel like clad caki or like a mic sh would have fited better I don’t know why they did it with meglet on but like whatever I think honestly what front did is I think they’ve listen because i’ they’re like we all know that they’re going to make Jurassic world Evolution 3 and that has a lot of people like kind of complaining because oh yes uh they’re going to make a sequel and then we’ll have to buy the DLCs and all that [ __ ] all over again so I guess I don’t know maybe this is their way of calming us down I guess but they’re adding and they’ve been I think this is this this um I feel like this update and this DLC might be like the last couple things that we all wanted so I guess this is this is like front’s way of saying goodbye I’m I’m assuming so uh very very interesting so like what is this pack even going to get called what is this called it’s a park managers Collection Pack I don’t think not a single soul saw that coming right so we have a Megalodon a micro seratus which is crazy uh stegosaurus Thanatos draon okay uh very odd I don’t is thanatus dracon I don’t know like the way it’s sitting I feel like is this that way of saying the qula quattas is going to have a new animation not so sure uh little Ed T-Rex okay whatever right uh is that it uh kelp plans a three kelp PL decoration that’s all we get okay a new version of The Lagoon light okay and that’s it Lagoon light and uh Lagoon light and foilage for underwater is that is that it that is that’s it nothing more nothing less let’s see what what’s on the steam page Peggy 16 so what else is there uh nope that’s it it seems like that is it I don’t I feel like they might reveal more in the upcoming days but so far I feel like these four species are going to be new species added to the DLC I’m assuming okay theod okay beautiful uh let’s see theod good shout out to all my Theos friends out there uh yeah I feel like there there’s going to be a reason they added in Thanatos Dron right like it’s such a random species to add I I feel like this might be the one that changes the way quetzel and all these uh creatures look but at the same time the way the like the left one is posed I feel like it’s just I don’t know is this supposed to be the new animation for the quetzel like there’s going to be some extra like hidden stuff that they’re hiding around right no nothing else just this all right let’s see what what they’ve been talking about personally I couldn’t give two FS about Megalodon yep exactly I’m GNA be honest exactly I find it I find that there is there a saying that no hat to go up the r for you could be yeah like this this is what I’m seeing like this is what I’m this is this is exactly what my opinion is I hope the Newar could bring terce walking like there’s no reason they added in Thanatos Reon if they aren’t going to add in like the quel walk right Peggy 16 I I feel like that’s the case like there’s no way they just going to add in like Thanatos dracon and say oh that’s it right okay let’s let’s see more reactions what other reaction okay what what do other people say against that Frontier has now earned the trophy unpredictable unpredictability en hands yep I I must admit that is completely true uh they remember seaga beautiful so we have all of the original engines list din good for you on honestly I’m just glad that they add added in microser so now now I can stop people saying keep like now that I now the people that so now that the people who wished for microceratus can actually now shut the freak up now you you got your dinosaur right calm down son good for you good for you and good for me too because I’ll definitely buy the pack but honestly like my biggest issue is I I I think it’s just going to be something that will never get fixed in dras Ro Evolution 2 I feel like it’s something that’s likely going to get changed in evolution 3 but I really wish they changed it so that dinosaurs if you have a certain number of dinosaurs in the park the dinosaurs if if you can’t make it so that the dinosaurs can’t drink or eat at least make it so that they don’t starve to death or like dehydrate or something because that has been my biggest complaint they keep adding in more species but the base game the way the game is structured prevents you from adding add in that many species that it just the park just dies like animals keep dying of starvation like nothing gets done the animations just stop dinosaurs just stand still for no reason at all like stuff like that let’s they just change that see is aot larest known terorist from South America yeah I guess that’s it so uh that was uh my reaction to Jurassic world Evolution 2 park manager collection honestly like I’m not so justing in case you guys might have misunderstood me I’m not upset I’m not angry at anyone I know some people say oh loo you just keep complaining I’m just I’m just slightly disappointed because like none of the changes that I wanted in the game actually has been implemented because right now in Drass World Evolution you do the storyline you do the really you just keep doing the so my problem with drel evolution is that right now they’re just continuously adding in more and more and more dinosaurs but the base game does not not support that many dinosaurs the only things you can do with these dinosaurs is just make a creative mode park or um play the survival mode or the challenge mode with a very handful of species and half the time you won’t ever like get the bigger dinosaurs like I don’t know like indominous reck I mean I guess you do the indominous Rex in jurass Ro campaign but what I’m saying is that you don’t use the majority of the species for example like monosa when when where the hell do you use mon lophosaurus in the story mode you don’t that’s that’s just it you just don’t use the monolophosaurus you don’t use like Utah raptor you don’t use those but you always get to use freaking the sudo cop Dilophosaurus catosaurus they are every single time I open up a campaign you always start with these three just annoying it’s boring like you have so many species that you just can’t make use of half of them like 80% of this roster is just obsolete so that’s why like unless they change the way like the story mode the challenging mode the Challenger mode and at least like okay they you got to change the way the challenge mode is done or at least you can what you can do is that you can change uh the survival mode the F Five Star Park built mode so essentially a challenge mode with like it’s kind of like like the the mode that I’m talking about is like jpog like um the jpog mode where you just have dinosaurs uh well you just try to build a festar park with no story mode in between Ju Just You and Your Park and the problem with that mode is that I’ve realized is that there isn’t that much of a challenge in the early mid game the moment you somehow get rid of the uh you somehow bypass the first bankruptcy borders you can just keep getting more and more dinosaurs and you’ll never actually run out of like money like there’s no challenge because at least with JPG you had a challenge where you had uh you had like tornadoes which you could to wipe out a lot of your progress but with jurass World Evolution 2 there really isn’t that much of a threat when you’re building the park it’s more peaceful than you might think so like there isn’t like the the game itself lacks a lot of challenge except for challenge mode which limits a lot of the species so yeah pretty very that’s my biggest complaint and this this pack I I feel like it adds in absolutely nothing like yes you guys might say oh micro catus oh k amazing like good good for you I’m glad that you guys are enjoying that but unless they they change the way the game is actually like I feel like there’s got to be more to this than just building a park right like this species rooster might make might make more sense in a game like like Planet zoo or where creativity is actually affected a lot where you can actually put a lot of your creativity and building skills to use maybe like Prehistoric Kingdom maybe like something games like that but Dr World evolution is let’s be honest here it’s not a game where there’s that much when it comes to like building building stuff heck like a lot of the things that people do is just you just utilize a lot of the glitches like putting dinosaurs and AVS stuff like even small stuff like that you just have to abuse glitches in order to obtain and like the game you can’t like make the partk look nice like unless you you like unless you go absolutely ape [ __ ] on the uh customizations that where you just I guess where you just break the game like abuse hit boxes to prevent dinosaurs from escaping and stuff like that but then like the game still notifies you that the dinosaur is escaped which isn’t the case because it technically can’t attack the people like it’s it’s stuff like that you have to work around these technicalities in order to just just to make a part that is just looks decent enough and they just adding in more species it doesn’t it doesn’t fix anything that’s that’s just my take on it and I guess that’s why I just don’t like the new park uh new pack I guess but I’ll buy it I’ll probably enjoy it every for kind of how I enjoyed the hybrids pack I guess which technically speaking I I did buy the hybrids pack but same with the pack that came before and the pack that came before the park pack that came before that I just got the pack I just I guess I showcase some of the skins and that’s more that’s it because unless you build it a park in creative mode there isn’t really much you can do with these dinosaurs so which is a bit bit of a shame like at least with Ark for example Arc adds a new dinosaur you can go ahead tame it you can do a lot a lot of crazy [ __ ] with it but dresser Evolution yeah you get the new dinos and that’s it like watch them roam around I guess in the first week I guess people will upload YouTube compilations of the dinosaurs animations and that’s about it I I’m I’m going to be honest there isn’t really much else there like there isn’t really much there there isn’t much else after that so so y I guess it’s sure is another pack but I’m pretty much I’m going to assume a lot of people are going to be happy for it so yeah good for them right so we got that out of the way so I think that’s it going to be it for today humans dinosaurs so yep if you enjoy this video leave like don’t don’t for to subscribe and until next time May the Dr sprp with you uh bye-bye [Music] [Music]

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