Dominating Minecraft: Watermill & Custom Lake Build!

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hello hello hello how’s everyone doing guys may have been wondering where I was um I’m not going to lie I fell asleep that’s um you might be able to hear my voice a little little odd but um yeah I was I was asleep it’s unfortunate um but I’m here now I’m ready to go ready to get things started so how’s everyone doing doing first of all I’m kind of doing I’m a little out of it that’s all I’ll say I’m a little out of it but ready to have some fun um but yeah we got this little Watermill here what’s up rexie yeah I I don’t know I was just a little had a little too much going on today tried to tried to uh to sleep only like five hours last night and see if I could do a lot today and then I kind of just laid on the couch and I passed out that was that was the end of it for me but we’re back we’re back um and we got to get this thing finished because it’s got to go up in a video tomorrow so without further Ado let’s get started on this thing um so I got the Watermill here this is the structure we’re going to be using for the the Watermill and I want to decorate it and decorate the lake in this stream um well this this thing is going to be huge um as you can tell and then we’re also going to decorate the landscape with some trees I’ll probably put thinking about putting a tree here put a dock over here um have a little overhang here it’s going to look really nice and I’m excited for that so let’s see do I have warped I don’t have any warped wood over here I need some warped wood um I’m going to make an overhang over there with some blue like warped wood um it’s not going to be in there and then I I’ll just go mine some I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any and then um oh I got a lot of blocks on me let’s put these away and then I need some quartz for some slabs but I got plenty of that but yeah this is going to be chill stream not going to try and do too much we’ll come back though we’ll we’ll we’ll we’ll come back from this this little nap that kind of seemed to ruin things but it’s all good so is everyone having a good Friday I’m trying to trying to get things back on track but we’re just just making do you know can’t be perfect always so it’s all good but I didn’t want to just leave y’all hanging with no stream so we’ll probably be live for about a good hour and a half maybe two we’ll see all right oops oh jeez that skeleton’s going to get me maybe let’s go up here I have no clue where the blue warp force is but we’re going to find it it’s it’s probably somewhere over here oh jeez sir please leave me [Music] alone oh whoa who whoa that was that was very scary that was very close to me just popping right into the uh into the lava there I guess we can get some quartz while we’re at it whoa whoa this guy’s got a crazy bow there we go so tomorrow the episode will come out and I’m super excited for yall to see it I’m liking how it’s turning out it’s almost done just got to basically do this last part and add it to the video and then we’re good to go so I think it’s going to be one of my better videos you’re going to see um a lot of progress get done if you haven’t been following the streams and yeah it’ll just be a nice chill video for everyone to watch and then we’ll continue streaming uh my stream schedule’s probably going to be like Tuesdays and Fridays that’s kind of what I’ve been doing and I want to stick with that this guy is going to snipe me isn’t he no he’s not okay that’s good so if he did I would die um let’s see what’s going on over here there’s got to be something over here man I’m going run out of food we’re going to have to go back I didn’t think using warped wood would um be such a difficulty I didn’t realize I’d have to go travel the entire nether for it whoa whoa whoa oh jeez okay well come here Gast oh what no sir did he just stop shooting me what thank goodness man would not die do this have M on it yes all right want to repair this shovel too got to get some repairs so it doesn’t break you know oh that was stupid I thought I could jump over that thought I could jump over that um let’s see yeah we’re we’re not looking for quartz anymore I got plenty of quartz I didn’t realize I’ve been all the way over here we got Crimson wood need warped wood that’s what I need not crimson but I mean it’s close it’s close oh my goodness you’re not going to kill me sir that’s not what’s happened oh wait I think if I just bone meal this I think I actually get a tree out of it I may not even need to find the Warped Forest who knows um I guess we’ll just get a little bit of quartz here we’ll go back try and Bone me this thing if not we’ll come back go get the warp Forest but honestly I don’t really know how important this little overhang is as of right now um we can we can always get the blocks later so we’ll just chill for now or I could use warped wood or Mangrove but I would prefer to use warped wood to get that blue so that’s what I I I I think it’ll match the like fishing aesthetic that’s going to be kind of present next to that um and overall just match the aesthetic a little nicer no sir oh my gosh why did he scream like that that was insane my gosh that gas scared me that scream was so loud that was that was a very loud gas scream hey welcome in see we got two new viewers how’s everyone doing how’s everyone doing trying to get some warped wood but I couldn’t find the force luckily I got this mushroom so I’m pretty sure I can just bone meal it and then I have some Morp wood got to use it got to use a bunch of different blocks for this build and this is what what you go through to get those blocks uh I think I just go oh my gosh oh I wasn’t paying attention all right is this the way out I think it is hopefully it is uh yeah should be a little parkour jump there there we go and then I think this way yeah whoa sir I’m G need you to calm down you too sir hey hey oh my goodness all right just cross that real quick a little scary to cross that yeah I don’t know all right I need to fix that little staircase it’s a little too scary for me but it’s all right okay we can we we got it now we got it and it’s night time of course oops go to sleep okay do I have some bone meal in here oh I got some bone meal there we go any more no that’s great all good all good so what do you guys think of the Watermill I I I like it honestly it’s basically the copy of this just with a little jet out in front and then I added this um like Tower up top I really like it um but I’m wondering what you guys have to say about it cuz I I I I I planned this out in Creative so it’s a it’s got a little more thought into it so I just don’t know how I like it so close to this hill so I might like perform like another not like Cliff but um I might make this the hill steeper you know um just so you can see it a little better wait I can’t wait this isn’t the mushroom that I can shoot okay well that’s not good I thought I had I thought I had it but we’ll just use a temporary um wood for this oh thanks oh what’s up Zeta how you doing how you doing I appreciate it Rexy appreciate it I’m glad you like it I put a lot of time in it so hi you been Z how you been um let’s see for now I don’t want to use very Blossom wood but we’re going to use it um just as a little place holder for the Warped wood and who knows maybe I will like it more but I I do like the Warped wood a lot so that’s what I’m thinking I’m going to use all right let’s craft some slabs my God these blocks are very pink and then some quartz and now we’ll take this oops go here craft some slabs oh that’s good been chilling oh yeah school work you and me both man school work always get the best of you and then let’s just go like this right we can go like that and that there we go and just one more block Down Sweet there we go okay wait I think it’s only only meant to be three blocks down yeah this looks too large I think it’s just three there we go and then we’ll take some fences and some walls and we’ll make some post to help support the overhang um there we go and some walls let’s grab them out of here you get more walls if you do it that way which is nice sweet all right and then we’re going to add a little dock here per se um other just act is like a little I want to have like a little fishing dock over here so this is going to be like the little Fishers area that you can kind of chill at you know oh and I need to use some trap doors here put a all in there some trap doors we’re going to need more we’re going to need a lot of trap doors they just all go under here like that there we go sweet we’ll need more trap doors later but now think I got some campfires so what we’re going to do is put some trap doors there not slabs um and then we’ll also put some campfires think if I just go like that there we go and I have a texture pack on so you can actually see underneath it so that’s kind of cool um go add more trap doors and then I want to add a I think I need to actually add some slabs the bottom see we go we’ll try I think actually we’ll just have slabs and campfires Maybe not our trap doors are they we go like that and then we can have a trapo [Music] underneath like that and we’ll kind of just make it oops like I don’t know like a random texture per se actually I don’t I don’t like that there we go looking decent so far I don’t know how I feel about the trap doors maybe just slabs and logs for now and then we put trap doors underneath it I think that’ll work that that should work um we’ll just go like this and we’ll just put those under too and we got to extend it this way’ll probably put one there and we’ll probably put a slab under here here we go and then how should I do this like that and then we’ll add some supports to the bottom that’s not good don’t want it looking like that um I don’t want to do this should maybe I just go like that huh I don’t know how I want to do this actually I think what I’ll do instead of making it all random at first we’ll lay down a bunch of slabs here and then we’ll see how it goes from there I think that’ll be the best option just get the general shape down see how we want it to look oops and then we start randomizing things I think I’m actually I get rid of that there we go okay yeah let’s break that okay that’s that’s what I want it to look like that’s good and then probably put some fences like that sweet so I’ll remove one of these put a trapo down so now we can start the little texturing of this little platform here and just make it look a little nicer so campfire here H oh this one’s underwater on fire that doesn’t really make sense but okay um I guess what I’ll do h like this lower that one and then we’ll also just break the slab underneath the campfires which one which one is a campfire under over here this one okay and then go like that okay that doesn’t look too bad then we’ll go like that under here and we’ll take some more walls just plop them down under there okay that doesn’t that doesn’t look awful um I don’t know how I like that though maybe I go with another slab right there or trapo my bad it’s all right looks all right think I might just go like this connect these I thought those would connect that’s doesn’t look that good about to turn night time so go sleep real quick I’ll probably bring the bed down here and I’m going to need more food so hopefully there’s some food up here all right wait did I see food no I think it’s in one of these chests food food food any food any food any food um okay that works we can we can smell this up oops want that one got to get the XP on the shovel here all right and now we can put that in there okay and then we’ll kind of break this [Music] area oh that’s not what I wanted to do we’ll put come on there we go put some what’s it called Spruce slabs here kind of transition it into the dock um there we go like this we’ll have that there okay and we’ll kind of mix these up all right that looks pretty good looks pretty good to me um next thing uh let’s see let’s like that oops oh my goodness oh how’s this how’s this happening what is going on why is there why is there water streaming through like that that’s weird go like that sweet okay much better okay now what do I want to do about this side I think I can water log that yes I can oops okay and then we’ll water log that one and I need maybe just that to be a full block yeah that works okay not too bad go like that just make that all full blocks um honestly if we just fill this in with blocks should look decent oh it’s not what I meant to do oh we’re drowning we’re drowning we’re drowning okay I think I’m going to break these actually all right let’s see how this looks from over here that doesn’t actually look too bad yeah that looks pretty good okay and it’ll look better when we have like sea grass and stuff so we got this little dock sorted out and then we’ll we’ll get some warped wood in here um next I want to have some barrels and some extra details on it so I think make a barrel like this sweet we can make couple barrels I don’t know why I’m crafting them like this but I am oh that’s say make a chiseled bookshelf that’s cool so let’s see what else do I want I want some chests so we can just put a barrel there chest another barrel and like a chest facing this way all right that looks pretty good next I want to start building the dock actually do I want to build start building the dock you know I think I need to start detailing this building actually so start putting this stuff away keep that oh wait I do have more food sweet oh and a gas steer nice so we got that little area sorted out there now we got to get sorted on the detailing of this building so I want to grab some tough and just start texturizing the bottom part there um do I have any over here probably don’t honestly probably oh there’s a patrol we got flint and de shoot your buddy yeah yeah keep shooting them keep shooting them yeah I didn’t even have to kill him now I don’t got the the the effect oh see you rexi glad you could join in yeah hopefully next time too I don’t I don’t start so late so yeah but I’ll see you I’ll see you next time Rexy but do we yeah we got plenty of tough in here we’ll leave another stack in there so but yeah got to get started on this building here oh we got a banner I’ll just leave that on the ground so do I I want my door in the middle do I want it like over here I could have let’s think about this well I guess I don’t have to think about it we just want to have a door right now okay and we need a little extra Cobble so we’ll just have layer tough like this and honestly go like that all right not too bad not too bad I think actually up there and one more up there it’s pretty good pretty good I’ll work on this section just put a little piece of Cobble there all right sweet and actually we’ll put a tough block up there and one up here cool like that not too bad not too bad try and go a little quick with this oh this is going to be a little odd definitely have all the tough blocks beneath the water as it looks a little darker so you can kind of see that line and then it’ll creep up the top here and then this side we’ll also have the water wheel so that’ll be interesting I don’t know exactly how I want to do that yet I may look up a design um on how to do that because I don’t know much about building stuff like that so I might experiment a little bit but I’ll probably just find something online and yeah we’ll go from there oh I need to hit that button let’s bring this down here before I forget all right sweet all right let’s let’s just leave it there geez all right come back here and we’ll start throwing some tough down I guess I can build it from inside that’ll be a little easier okay that should be pretty good see how this looks okay yeah that looks pretty good and then we just got one last wall to do here and then actually it’s we have this section too never mind two more walls to do that should be good let’s do one more up there and then this is probably better if we look at it from out here very identical I don’t know if I like that actually it looks fine that way okay cool now that we got that done we can start on the windows up top and non bottom so I’ll probably have might have like a singular window there but do I want the the door right here or in the middle let’s [Music] think I don’t know I do not know well let’s just take some inspiration from my house my starter base we’ll just look at it kind of see what we like going on over here just take something from it I don’t think I I I think I only have one window on the first floor so maybe I I keep the windows to a limited amount on the first floor yeah I only have this window on the first floor and then it’s a lot more open up top so we got one two three we got three windows up top we got balconies and stuff um so I guess we should get started on probably just one or two windows on bottom and then like four five up top since this is a larger building and then oh we’ll probably have to build a little little Bridge across here all right so now question is do I want it here or in the middle um I think it’ll look best here so I’ll put that there go grab a door um there we go and then we’re going to need some oak wood make some trap doors there we go for our windows so like that for now that works and then I think we’ll just do a little window I guess we got to place them from the outside a window over here actually that doesn’t really make sense why would there be a window here um we can have one on this side I don’t think I want it too tall I think I’ll just go like this see how that looks from right here and we need to swap it as well not too bad looks all right and then maybe we’ll have a window like right here all right sweet and then we can have one little window right here sure we got to place it outside keep forgetting I I’ll have one right there actually I think I’m going to remove this one and just keep that one on the front and then we’ll place this one all right see yeah cuz there’s there’s not meant to be too many windows on this bottom level um just cuz it’s Stone it’d be harder to make a window in the first place but on the second floor it’s made out of wood so we can we can make Windows a little easier you know thinking about it like in real terms if you were to make this in the real world whoops there we go I’ll just make a temporary staircase for myself and we’ll put some scaff around here so it’s a little easier to walk around all right there we go and if I need to go out all right sweet easy as can be so let me think about this I’m probably going to have a balcony um on that side and over here because the water wheel will be about over here so obviously we don’t want a balcony on top of that that’s going to look really weird and we can also have this one as just a decorative one this one you’ll have a nice view so it’ll make sense but that one it’ll just be to add some visual appeal to the build so so we’ll take our door come out here and just pop it like that whoops not what I meant to do then pop our door right there sweet next we got to add some windows in I think I’ll add one up here there we go sweet and then guess I’ll add another one over here and then go right here and me think have one right here as well that’s how many windows we got one two three four cuz we can add I don’t think I need one on this face necessarily um actually maybe I do yeah then we can have like a sign hanging yeah we’ll have one on there we got one there see how this looks yeah we got one there one right there and then we’ll add another one to the back wall um how much Oak do I have nice um I’m kind of running out here actually need to go up here and grab some more there we go I can craft these up there we go sweet whoops that was almost almost wasted my my Oak we don’t got much here right now so got to use it resourcefully and put a whoops window up here bam there we go and one up here all right I think that’s our Windows sorted out now I think I’m going to work on the trap doors up there because those got to get sorted out as well and it’s almost night time here so we got to go to sleep oh I also need to use that and this thing is coming along nicely already um we’ll take these yes stripped oak wood and just replace these okay and that’s got nice exactly what we wanted and then put those away all right now we can take our dirt and we need to get our trap doors back we got to excuse me we got to come up here and add a little little overhang here so just like that wait makes it look a lot nicer just kind of adds that extra level of detail that we’re looking for and then we’ll do it on this side as well wait oops not what I meant to do probably going to have to double dirt this area just in case I like accidentally do something like that and then bam there’s like a giant cave Underneath It All right so the next thing we got to do is let me think I think we got to start building the balconies that’s that’s probably our next step so we’ll take some Spruce Wood we got stairs well we got plenty of spruce wood so get rid of these all right craft some more Spruce there we go and I’m almost out of trapo so we’ll craft some more I think we’ll work on this back one first and maybe I actually just scaffold out a little bit so we can see what we’re working with yeah going to scoot it over one like that [Music] and I think I actually go like this take that yeah yeah wait is it like that oh no no it’s like this yeah yeah that’s how okay how I got this fancy shape here and then we take I need a [Music] slab and to make some Spruce slabs and then put that there that like that there we go looks neat and then get rid of these dirt blocks and all right I really like how that turned out so we got to get some more Oak but we can get that later to make the balcony um railing but yeah that looks pretty good I don’t remember I did I use a uh what’s it called a trap door on my main base with that I’m not sure but we’ll keep it like that for now I think it looks pretty good and then we’ll work on this next one over here probably just do the same thing oh got this trapo here oh okay now I got to think about how I’m going to do this cuz I didn’t put one on a side like that um what I do for the back one the back one is much smaller okay yeah I think we can do something similar think if we just go place this there there and just take some slabs like [Music] that I don’t know how I like that I think actually what I might just do put slab there this like that and then come out like that and we just go little something like that let’s see um you know what that can work that can work how do it look if I just go like that um it doesn’t look bad like that you can keep it like that no I think I need to grab some Oak as we’re kind of in desperate need of it and my ax is pretty heavily repaired right now so might as well just do it before before I run out of durability um I don’t know if I like that second balcony actually I might might swap its location we’ll see though we’ll see um but yeah oh welcome in new viewer how’s it going how’s it going we’re just chilling here building uh building our our water mill and then we’re going to start doing some natural details to the lake shortly just got to finish up the Watermill first um yeah but we also need some some oak logs currently as it’s we’re kind of running low on them so yeah got do what you got to do how’s it going Mr C how’s it going and if you haven’t liked the stream I’d really appreciate it if you would it helps out the stream and how many more new viewers YouTube shows to the Stream So if you want to support me just make sure to leave a like definitely appreciate it um and it really helps out the stream but yeah we’re just chilling here trying to have some Chill Vibes uh cutting down trees building the water mill and finishing the lake um I’m not going to lie I got totally lost I’m going the exact opposite direction jeez that was weird I like got so turned around okay that’s looking pretty sweet from this angle see it popping over the little Tower all right now that we got some oak logs we can actually finish these balconies whoops put them in here be sure to not craft all our logs up and I guess we can just make all these trap doors cuz we’re going to need them we will definitely need them for more balconies and stuff so can’t have too many oh could have let this door despawn accidentally there we go don’t break these all right let’s see oh let’s put this back see how this looks that doesn’t doesn’t look too bad that honestly doesn’t look too bad I think I might switch the door to that that block not sure um and I want to see what this looks like as a slab oh I broke the door again I definitely like it better as a slab so I’ll keep it like that and then we got to put the door back I always I always break it whoops like that like this and like that let’s see now let’s do I like that more can’t tell I think I do or do we put the balcony over here that might be a better better call I think I might actually just put it on that side after all that work s right we get you know you look at it and if you don’t like it I I I firmly believe just you know move along from it because um you’re you’re not going to like I don’t know you’re it’s probably not going to grow on you if you didn’t like it from the start probably not going to grow on you can do something different there we go get rid of that and then wait all right I think I’ll just put it here and that way we can kind of have a a little fun design um oh I saw a little heart go by there that was cute in this in the the [Music] chat um we’ll go this I guess doesn’t look bad doesn’t look bad actually I say we go like this actually I don’t know I I think I like the other one I don’t like it that full block there or I like that no um oh another heart another heart they just keep coming uh actually I think I like um like a checkerboard like that that looks better looks best okay and then yeah we can just have a little door there yeah I think this is the better idea for a balcony gives us a little more interest over here and I’ll we’ll just put the door here sweet we go like that and FP up all our trap doors here sweet how’s that look that looks good that’s really good yeah we can just have have some extra stuff underneath it yeah I like that a a lot more than what I was looking at over here and you can still have a view from this side just a little more interest on this corner over here and then let’s see how this balcony looks oh I didn’t put the trap doors on I got to do that Contin a Sim what what does that mean I assume one of the words is continue but I’m not sure what the other word means you could help me out oh jeez I’m going to call you I’m G to call you G I don’t know how to pronounce that I don’t want to butcher it I don’t I don’t even really want to try CU I just know I’m going to get it wrong gaten ho is that is that how you say it I’ll just call you g I’ll just call you G oh we’re up to six likes Li thank you guys if you guys uh if you guys want to help me out I’d really appreciate um any any likes it just helps out with the YouTube algorithm and sends more people this stream so yeah but I really appreciate the six likes guys oo and that that balcony looks good that’s what we got on um the one on the house up front so yeah I really like that now I think I’m G to add what I have um on the other build is just like a little overhang um just just to like fill in this wall a little bit so yeah let’s see we’ll take some dirt uh I don’t have any stairs with me or I need um what’s it called fence posts oh seven likes thank you thank you really appreciate it we’re just chilling hanging out think if I go like that and then I do I do a slab actually slab slab and then like that all right oh shoot I I really need to go under here and double dirt it at one point so I don’t keep doing that all right not bad not bad is that how I have it on the other side I think it just might be four wide though that one just kind of looks a little odd [Music] mod um let’s see and we can keep it we can keep it yeah um next we got to add some shutters in so we’ll take some more Spruce put it in here and then we’ll make our trap doors we’ll use these as window shutters there we go that one’s open and then some of them we’ll just have them on the wall like this here we go we’ll do that for all the windows here I think this one will be look better closed and then this one obviously is going to have to be closed I want to I guess I’ll go like inside yeah and then this one be open there we go now I might actually reconsider that I don’t know how I’m liking that and then we’ll have this one closed s wait oh whoa whoa why is that so laggy all right so we’ll just remove this little overhang for now actually as it’s it really doesn’t serve a purpose it’s just to fill in like a blank spot but I don’t know I just don’t like how it looks we can probably just put like a plant box over here make it look a little nicer that [Music] way yeah we’ll just put a plant box there that’ll honestly look better all right now that we got all our Windows figured out the next step um let’s see what do I got over there oh yeah I have a trim around the top so we can go like that place nope wrong block like that and and then looks pretty good take a step back yeah I like that I like that the same thing over here just to frame it in there we go and then the back side is going to be the hardest because we got a pretty long long back over here like that and then we can take our Cobble and we’ll just make some scaff along here all right so this one can just be like that pretty good and this one I guess we can do the same thing but we’ll just go like that not bad not bad um or yeah that that should work let’s get rid of this scaffolding there we go got sleep got to sleep all right it’s looking really good so far I want to add a sign here and I think I’ll just add some plant boxes around add some little details but for the most part I’m going to say that’s where I end oh thank you I I’m glad you like the details cloudy um for the most part I think I’m going to end that for now and we can actually get started on detailing the lake so I’m going to just Place everything in here for now the next thing I want to do is actually start putting stuff in the lake so I’m going to grab some Stone from up here and I think I’m going to put a few rocks in the lake so we’ll take guess we’ll take some Cobblestone too add some extra detail and then oh do I have do I still have Vines could probably start growing some Vines just for some Mossy elements because the Moss really looks nice nice to water because there’s obviously going to be algae and stuff so let’s see let’s see they should there’s some Mossy Stone so the vine should be somewhere around here somewhere there we go Vines okay well we only have one Vine right now but they spread pretty fast so let’s make a little Vine wall um that they can just spread on on so I think I need see where are my logs let’s take some logs and put this in the middle there sweet um all right so we’ll go ahead take oh wait let’s go on the stone cutter some stairs there we go and then same thing all right cool so we’ll probably have guess we can have a rock over here I’m just go like that um how am I already drowning and oh my goodness I’m going to start drowning a lot if I don’t pay attention Okay oops not what I wanted to do doesn’t look too bad all right I like it now I do need to get some since all these are not Source blocks I do need to get um called a water bucket there we go actually don’t know if I just like maybe I just go like that might be best and just build it up over here that there we go like that and we’ll add actually this can be Stone all right I’m happy with that so now we just like that and then we got to make sure to grab a block whoops oh jeez all right we got to make sure to grab it from a block that has only one depth of water on it then oh shoot how did I mess that up how did I mess that up okay sorry about that um last block there we go all right yeah we just got a little rock in here I’ll probably add like one there and then probably another one down here oh yeah one closer to like here probably or actually no I’ll probably do it like right here it down here [Music] um yeah uh let me got reply to someone my bad guys all right sorry about that so we’ll add another one I would say about here this a small one get our Cobble out there we go it relatively [Music] small all right that should that should work just a small Little Rock don’t want anything too fancy and then we’ll add another one way down here um I would say like right here put it we got to get get our Cobble out bring it up like that I would say and we’ll extend it back this way okay okay okay jeez jeez I almost died there like half hearts plus half my hearts just a drowning oh my goodness keep almost dying was really annoying all right let’s see how this looks from a distance over here oh wa you can’t really tell because you get some water all these all these blocks are are making it look or not water log blocks are making them look kind of goofy and actually we we’ll go to sleep real quick and then we’ll finish up these water log blocks but I’m liking the rocks in here I might actually add another one over here just a small one again just to just to have a few oh and we got some Vines growing that’s good good to see grew horizontally let’s I guess we can just Branch out here wait all right yeah we’ll try and get some more vines on this let take that and we’ll water log all these blocks so we can actually see how this thing looks uh I was going to try and take a a water block from the bottom but I don’t know how smart that is I don’t want to mess up this Lake I think I just need to come in here with a bunch of kelp honestly that’ll help fix everything for the most part oh what did I just source wait what all right grab some more water okay it’s coming together it just looks weird with all the water log blocks wait I wonder if you can like Shear kelp so it stops growing that’ be kind of nice because I do want to have some extra like water life per se you know aquatic like grasses not just a bunch of sea grass so the kelp would make it look a little more diverse yeah that looks good that looks good I think I’m going to change that block though just make it something different I guess we’ll go well let’s go Stone this one’s a little heavy on the Cobble there we go sweet now we’ll add one over there and that should be all the rocks we’re going to add in here just to add a little bit of of something in the lake other than just grass and and kelp and whatnot uh I do want to get frogs too that those those will be cool um so we can just start Little Rock here that there actually why am I using slabs let me just use a full block guess we can go slap [Music] there lock down there and then we’ll go there slap not that good and then we can just replace this with Cobble oh hobble there we go and I guess one more Cobble slab wait and we got to uh we got to water log all these blocks too oh shoot there we go this one there we go should probably put a cobble stair there or let’s flip it this way you know what I think we should have some tunes on feel like I feel like that’s something I’ve been missing in my streams having some some music oh I don’t really I don’t like that it’s lined up with that I’m going to have to break this I’m going have to move it like here so it’s just not in line with that I just don’t like how it’s yeah I just don’t like that all right but let’s put some let’s put some some tombes on um here let’s see copyright free got make sure we have copyright free let’s see all right cool okay well we’ll make sure to grab this all right and then we’ll go to there got make sure we properly credit [Music] [Music] everyone all right there we go now we got some stream music let’s turn that down a little bit [Music] though all right cool got some tunes we can just chill out on let me grab the the chat back up here there we go sweet all right now we actually got to tear this rock down unfortunate and there’s going to be all my torches going away okay that looks good let’s come over here how do you guys like the music by the way if you guys not any I can skip songs I assume just kind of scrub forward um let’s just put it we have the dock yeah we can put like here keep it small where’s my stone slab there we go sweet glad you like the music just make it a little more chill and that way if I’m just like focusing We Just Vibe out to the music and replace this with hobble block all right all right let’s see not too bad not not too bad okay much better and then we can have our dock right here un uninterrupted oops not what I meant to do okay we got the rocks in now I think I’m actually going to go grab some kelp and I’m just going to place it all along the bottom of what’s it called the bed the seabed a crafting table we’ll make a boat so we’re a little quicker all right oh wait I just crafted a bow why did I why did it just immediately not decide to use it you know sometimes my brain doesn’t work right you know what it’s [Music] okay wait this isn’t wait is this not connected to the ocean I thought this was connected to the ocean oh my goodness I might have to make this connected to the ocean cuz I thought this the whole the oh my goodness cuz I want to make a a dock or like a port there and and yeah this isn’t connected to the ocean so like you’re just not going to go anywhere oh my goodness well that’s a project for another day now we’re in the ocean I got to find some kelp okay well I I guess I got to make a a a passageway through here that Lake somehow so now we got like we got a big lake or sorry we got a little Lake that streams into a bigger Lake and then that bigger Lake streams into an even bigger Lake and then that Lake will eventually stream into an ocean once I make it happen so peace it’s going to be interesting all right but we can I didn’t get my boat but we’ll just get rid of this kelp here and we can place it in the lake and hopefully get more um what’s it called uh water source [Music] blocks oh all right I’m trying not to actually break the bottom one now cuz I don’t want all this kelp to just disappear kind of look weird yeah we got to like fill our inventory with kelp I think I I think I’m going to just Place one on every single block that way we get Source blocks oh my goodness this is a lot of kelp should I should I turn the music up or should I just keep it at the volume it’s at I don’t want it to be too loud but if it’s not super loud for yall I can turn it up a little bit that way it’s a little more clear oh there’s my boow all right um we almost got all the kelp just grab a little bit more and it should H might actually need more I don’t know I don’t know how much help I want I’ll just get as much as I can I guess break some more you man satisfying to break this oh wait I guess I should just swim around in the boat okay sweet yeah I’ll just keep it as it is then I don’t want it to be too loud to the point where you can’t hear me but also want you all to be able to hear it how you doing Cloud cloudy you doing good on on this what is it Friday can’t even remember the day I’m having I’m having a good Friday here playing some Minecraft chilling all right oh jeezus skeleton just avoid him come on I can’t pick up the boat shoot get rid of the slab there we go got plenty of kelp now we can go back start placing the kelp and then o loaf of sourdough that sounds nice sourdough is sourdough is pretty good just a nice piece of sourdough some butter on it it’s great it’s amazing all right let’s swap these out get back to the [Music] lake mean this music is pretty good just chill exactly what I’m looking for oh this looks kind of weird I need to I need to eventually fix [Music] this get out of here sir okay look at that little parkour [Music] master why is this so lit up it because of the Torches inside does it like light up outside that’s kind of cool that must be the must be the case oh probably because of the trap doors that’s probably what it is all right so we just kind of place kelp on all the blocks we’ll go r by row I guess or like layer by layer per se wait can I do this in a boat sort of that’s I think it I think it’ll just be easier to not do it in a boat uh I really should get depth strider for this but I don’t really think it’s I think I can get it done before I I just get depth Strider so it is what it is but we’ll we’ll just kind of let all this grow that way we get Source blocks um and we don’t have to worry about like that water logging problem just in case we want to add anything else and I think it’s just better if it’s all Source blocks I don’t know why it would be better but I just I feel like it’s necessary I feel like I’m kind of like cheating per se if it’s if it’s not all Source blocks I should probably look up what was the best way I just kind of did it probably I think ice is the best actually you just get some ice that’s that’s probably the best way no whoa whoa guys decked out didn’t drop anything though jerk all righty and get all all these up to Source blocks and then they all just need to grow like one block so actually I should start on the bottom cuz those will need to grow the most we’ll do that in a second and then we’ll have to come back through and break all these but I think it’s worth it for the source box so I’ll just feel more complete we go okay so now we’ll start at the bottom here work our way up cuz they’re all going to need to grow for them to become Source boxs I don’t have enough kelp to to plant every single one to be a source block I guess when I come up I should just make one really tall just speed up the process oh okay kind of drowning a lot there not good there we go that’s what I wanted I guess we can put one there I already got some growing here that’s good most of those are actually already growing which is really good cuz we’re kind of running out a kelp pretty fast here I might actually need to go do another kelp [Music] Run come on we go yeah so mostly you should start to become Source blocks and I don’t even know if all the kelp needs to grow up but I’ll probably just let it all grow up and I will need to end the stream at 9:00 unfortunately as I’m going to go hang out with a friend so I’ll be having fun still but I don’t want to have to leave you guys but yeah unfortunately I did take a nap which kind of kind of messed things up and I’m sorry if you guys couldn’t watch or watch as much as you wanted because I was a little late that’s on me um kind of put a little too much pressure on myself today got a lot of stuff to do and then I set up the stream and then kind of messed myself up there so sorry for that bit off a little more than I could chew um yeah all right let’s see we got we don’t got much help left let’s cck that there we go all right we can just put a little more kelp around here and then we’ll probably have to get a little more kelp to start filling this in even more okay [Music] all righty all right well let’s do another kelp run and then that’ll probably take us to the end of the stream as it’ll probably be about 9:00 at that point I guess we should take a bed with us too so we don’t have to fight all those mobs and then we can get rid of these actually don’t need him right now sweet oops missed that jump there’s my boat I was like where did that [Music] go really is there not all right oh I didn’t want the gravel or the Flint so get out of my [Music] inventory [Music] is this did I harvest all that cup is already regrown oh no it’s was all over here okay yeah I I fell asleep um so yeah we’re back on but I am going to be ending here in about 10 minutes on unfortunately um got some other stuff planned um I just kind of bit off more than I could chew today and it just ended in me like falling asleep while I laid down on the couch so yeah it was kind of unfortunate uh I like laid down set an alarm and everything I didn’t even like I I was like I’m probably going to fall asleep so let me set an alarm and then bam I was was out for the count like I didn’t even remember my alarm um and then I woke up and I was like oh my goodness I missed the stream didn’t I and it was like 6:00 6:30 I was like yeah I definitely did so I’m super sorry about that I can’t promise it won’t happen again um but I kind of know where my limit is now um with like how much I can do like video wise and um like like um doing stuff in a single single day for YouTube so um yeah um really what we just been doing is doing some little details um uh I built my Watermill off camera but it’s a little more detailed now um and there probably won’t be an interior um for the video unfortunately I I want to get the video up tomorrow um so um we’re just trying to I’m trying to just you know get as much done as possible um so there’s like a lot to show in the video you know I don’t want it to be um like you know obviously we already have gotten a lot done but I want to show show it off a little more um so I would like to have some extra stuff and obviously I got to build some custom trees that’s always something you got to do always oh my goodness this it’s 3:00 a.m. for you I mean it is a weekend so it’s all right in my opinion but you got something to do you should probably go to bed probably should go to bed if you got something to do but if you don’t you know you can just chill out for a few more minutes just placeing kelp to get Source blocks in the lake um [Music] yeah all right got most of this kelp but I’d like to get as much as I can should be good yeah we got plenty of Kel now yeah we just we chilling um video will be up tomorrow and then stream on Tuesday Tuesday um the schedule’s going to be Tuesday Friday um oh jeez and next Friday I won’t be sleeping what’s up barbecue how’s it going how’s it going um unfortunate news the stream will be ending here very shortly like within the next 10 minutes um so yeah I’m sorry to sorry to say that um but the VOD will obviously be up you can watch that and then um we’ll have another stream on Tuesday and maybe I might stream on Sunday depending on oh shoot depending on how my day looks um because I I would I don’t want to promise anything um but um Sunday I would like to make make it up to y’all um by doing an extra stream I’m just getting some extra extra content out there um and actually showing up so um yeah unfortunately I did just just pass out oh got a creeper and a spider here let’s let’s take him out oh oh my goodness oh oh oh oh oh back up back up there we go Jesus Christ that was scary very scary um but yeah yeah so we got the lake here um we’re filling in with kelp to get all the source blocks currently um I’m just going to utilize all the kelp I got here and then we’re going to um pop by or it’s the end the stream what what was I saying um but yeah definitely next stream we’re going to have to do even more detail work on this um cuz I was planning on doing like a 4our stream and then obviously the nap got the best of me um so we’ll try and and get some extra work done and then um let’s get rid of this all right and then the streams from now on should kind of have like exclusive content um because most of the stuff is going to be shown in the videos but now that we’ll start having multiple projects like the castle um we’ll have like the lake and and other extra areas um we can start just building like you know cool little side builds in the streams and they’ll just they’ll be shown in the videos obviously but you’ll get a more behind the scenes view of it as most of the stuff we’ve been streaming is actually going to end up in the videos here um because I’ll have more time to work on like side projects for the stream um yeah tomorrow is not the next stream tomorrow um I’ve got I’ve got something going on um yeah ooh what’s what’s tadc what’s what is that and why are you obsessed with it I’m just I’m a little curious but yeah um this past two weeks I just had my plate really full I think I like stressed myself out a bit too much and I like needed to nap um so you know it’s all right it’s all right we’ll we’ll we’ll we’ll get things back on board um but I didn’t want to just not stream and leave y’all hanging um that I would have felt really bad about that but hopefully we hopefully I can make it up to y’all by streaming on Sunday and getting um some extra progress done and just you know extra behind the scenes stuff um so yeah and then I can get your your thoughts on the video um that that’ll be posted on Saturday so there will be content tomorrow will be content hopefully on Sunday um oh no are you obsessed with Bluey barbecue I mean blue blue is a good show it’s okay to be oh hello sir it’s okay to be obsessed with blue blue is a great show hey you know what I’m obsessed with blue it’s a great show I agree with that sentiment Barbecue Blue is a great show oh pH all right oh my alarm’s going off that scared the crap out of me you could never do something like this I mean I never really felt like I could either and then um I don’t know just the YouTube channel makes it more fun showing people the progress we make on the world um so I definitely think that’s a big motivator for me um but also oh jeez I need to I need to chill out I’m going to like drown um but also just watching a lot of videos I’m like man I really want to do something like like that um so I’m just taking in inspiration from like other YouTubers and other creators and and just you know a little extra motivated I don’t know something something clicked to me and I’m like all a sudden I’m like I need to I need to really make make something cool out of this um I’m just having a lot of fun so yeah but it’s definitely definitely is tedious all right je what’s up Las how’s it going how’s it going we’re actually going to be ending the stream pretty soon um so I’m sorry sorry that you just joined in so late um but yeah we’re going to be ending the stream once I run out of kelp here oh hey yeah building something with other people too that that’s oh jeez that also is like motivating and then everything kind of goes by twice as fast because you have two people that can build um the custom trees I make um I I should make a video on them but basically I I kind of have like a little formula at this point I I take four logs up basically for the smaller ones maybe a little higher um for the bigger ones and then I make a like three branches from the top of the the main log this the stem of the trunk and then I add a little extra fences on those and then I I place leaves but I try and leave air gaps um between most of the leaves and and just space them out a little bit so it’s a little Airy cuz trees aren’t just packed full of leaves so I think that’s the biggest problem most people have is you have to leave like air gaps in between all the leaves um or most of the leaves um to make it look a little more realistic cuz like Minecraft trees there it’s just a slab of leaves um so yeah that and that that it look I mean it looks good on the normal trees but um if you want to make custom trees it it looks better um have those air blocks in there hey Hobbit Hole houses are nice I like Hobbit Hole houses they you you get some good vibes from them oh and there goes all our kelp so that’s going to do it for the stream um let’s see let’s let’s let’s get this in the background there we go I hope yall enjoyed I’m sorry I fell asleep and just kind of left y hanging um so I’m going to try and do my best to get a stream on Sunday and I’ll schedule that and actually show up um if I decide that I’m able to do it if not I’ll see y’all on Tuesday and we’ll have a video coming out tomorrow um so I hope you guys en enjoyed the stream and I’ll see you guys next time

This video, titled ‘Finishing the WATERMILL and CUSTOM LAKE in Minecraft! | Livestream’, was uploaded by Brendominus Rex on 2024-03-02 03:10:43. It has garnered 122 views and 12 likes. The duration of the video is 02:02:09 or 7329 seconds.

Today I am going to finish up my current Minecraft project where I built a custom lake and watermill!

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    Goat Goes Crazy in Minecraft 🔥 #shizo #ytshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘🥵Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #ytshorts’, was uploaded by Goat PlaysZ on 2024-07-14 02:29:00. It has garnered 436 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:23 or 23 seconds. 🥵Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #ytshorts Hope you enjoyed the video so please like and subscribe🥰 If you enjoyed the video so please like Comment and Share ❤ —————————————————————————————————————————————————— Thanks for watching 📺 make sure enjoyed this video ————————————————————————— @technogamerz @Notgamerfleet @yesSmartyPie ————————————————————————— 👉DISCLAIMER- 💫All Bg Music Credits to Their Respective Owners 💫All Mods Credit to Their Respective Owners 💫All Video Clips Credit-Minecraft: 💥copyright Disclaimer under section… Read More

  • INSANE Redstone Tricks!! #viralshorts

    INSANE Redstone Tricks!! #viralshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Redstone logic #shorts #viralshorts’, was uploaded by 07_GAMING on 2024-05-28 12:02:05. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. subscribe #minecraft #viral #fast #senpaispider #thanks #nizgamer #pro #pvp #fizzy #psd1 #technogamerz #gamerfleet … Read More

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    Unbelievable Random Fov Challenge in Minecraft Bedwars!Video Information This video, titled ‘Random Fov Challenge! | Minecraft Bedwars’, was uploaded by Dirtrider79MC on 2024-07-09 02:09:51. It has garnered 54 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:47 or 887 seconds. Hey guys! This challenge was really fun and i think this was the longest ive ever edited a video XD .·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙click here*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ . ༓~texture pack(s) ~༓ pastelic v3 rose gold: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ pastelic v1 purple: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ ୨⎯ s o c i a l m e… Read More

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    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN GERMA! + URA DO KONCAVideo Information This video, titled ‘1€= +10 MIN, 6€= +1 URA DO KONCA EVENT! (FS22, GTA 5, ETS2, RL, MINECRAFT, VALORANT, CS:GO2) [SLO]#7’, was uploaded by GERMA on 2024-07-18 07:01:52. It has garnered 2683 views and 243 likes. The duration of the video is 11:50:58 or 42658 seconds. #paradajzuci #mislimnate #roadto20k #farmingsimulator22 #farming #farmingsimulator22mods #farmingsimulator22multiplyer #multiplayer ================================= ============================================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR AMAZING SUPPORT! PLEASE LIKE👍 AND THE BELL 🔔 ⬇️DON’T FORGET TO⬇️ ╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ================================================= =================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE DONATIONS, DONATIONS ARE NOT OBLIGATORY, THEY ARE VOLUNTARY, BUT ALL MONEY FROM DONATIONS GOES BACK TO YOUTUBE AND VIDEOS… Read More

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    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

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