EnderGaming dominates The Hive with insane BedWars skills!

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all right guys I’m live we’re doing something new today hold up oh am I live I’m live okay there we go we’re doing something new today we are doing bedw War grinding now and I also have a new mouse so it’s kind of all right let’s see how let’s see how good I am with this new mouse I’ll get into in just a second hold up let me make sure my audio is good though hello hold on all right my audio is good scamer what’s up bro welcome to the stream are you going to be able to join today or no also I do have a sub count but uh I should move it love man sup guys I got a new mouse too so that’s nice all right hold up let me move this thing right there how’s that do you guys see that is that good sleeps bro what’s up okay so I got a new mouse today I got a new mouse so uh this is oh scavenger’s here scavenger here all right let me all right remember I’m just grinding so there I just invited everybody bunch of random people okay uh yeah all right but wait to start 8:30 yeah 8 8:30 bedw Wars okay I want to make sure though C banjo gets in cuz he’s been waiting K banjo are you in are you in or no oh he’s not in okay hold up sleeps are not on right now okay let me know sleeps from last stream bro what he said when I had to go is crazy sleeps I want to talk about that what was that scavenger hello again oh who’s this Trenton bro what up okay I’ll invite you remember we’re just grinding bedwars guys oh party full hold up just got to wait sleeps uh yeah that’s crazy why would you say that bro hello I don’t I don’t know you do I no I don’t know you who’s this I don’t know you either wello I just got okay a bunch of people hold on old banjo there we go there we go okay see you tomorrow Axel what’s up bro I will see you tomorrow okay um yeah let’s go squads grinding okay so I hope this mouse is like good and I don’t like I’m not used to it okay I’m used to a smaller Mouse I drink too much ingry juice bro yeah sleeps I want to talk about like what did you just just say yesterday when I left what was that you said okay you said by bade like what what mouse I got a steel series um rival three that’s what it’s called Trenton what’s up bro scam jerk all right guys let’s win this come on just one more come on there we go let’s get over to Diamonds guys ah the mouse is like hold up there we go can I like change this the mouse sensitivity this no I don’t know what that is red blue what’s up bro how’s it going I just got a new mouse so I’m trying to like how do I make it faster like you know look how it’s like slow kind of it might be a setting like on computer but I don’t know okay we need more we need more wool guys nice I’m try I’m also by oh really what mouse are you getting there we go let’s go you like my new updates thanks bro yeah um I got I finally bro I finally got sub count I’ve been struggling to figure out how to do that but I got it now okay glorious Ender what’s a good Mouse person I prefer a butt oh okay well I don’t know so I asked the are you kidding he did not okay bro we’re grinding bedw Wars but our thing is already destroyed don’t you okay he’s coming over here guys I already messed up is on YouTube what do you mean is what on YouTube no get out of here oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot are you kidding I’m so bad at this game it’s the mouse I tell you I died Caleb Mars which one who are you again which one is it Majestic Nimrod right or is it someone else yeah I’m trying to like member count what do you mean member you mean subscriber count bro this mouse okay I got to get used to this bro ah it’s like different bloody A7 drag clicks over over 80 okay wow that’s crazy red blue oh okay yeah it’s on YouTube you know when you go into your like analytics and it like shows your sub count that’s where it’s from yeah okay I got a like bro can you invite me next round sure 11 man we’re just waiting for cold bjo and yeah every sub I get um yeah we’re doing custom server so hopefully I get subs otherwise we’re not doing custom servers it’s not going to be good we’re just waiting for cold banjo now come on bro bro okay there we go red blue did you repost that video yet sub to Ender yes scamer yes did you repost that video and mouse is very expensive but I don’t like these Logitech okay so yeah it was $30 so it wasn’t not terrible I mean can I drag click with this thing hold up I guess maybe not really no I can’t really drag cck a how do you drag click bro do you do you have to like click yourself or can you just like drag and it clicks cuz I heard that you can drag click with this mouse but it’s not really wor I should go take a path okay okay 6 minutes Rush blue where’s blue oh okay over here oh they’re coming over too oh SHO this guy has full iron drag your finger yeah I am see it’s only clicking once maybe you can’t it’s too smooth for that also there’s like this button up here which I’m placing my bets on Blue winning oh wow holy cow what what did I do what did I do okay uh I press this button uh can I like oh hold up wait what did I just do I can change my sensitivity okay hold up oh wow I’m okay see there we I can like change my sensitivity quenty what’s up bro wait what mouse I get I got a steel series rival 3 that’s what it’s called I think I can like change my Sensitivity I want mine to stay yeah stay about there yeah that’s good I’m level 14 you are not there’s no way how are you level four I am I just like leave this why I’m grinding okay what what does this button do it’s really nothing like I can’t really but could I I wonder nice to have a red dragon oh really I’ve never enter your sensitivity is High I mean okay is this High I mean like I feel like it is kind of high I got a new mouse and it like changed my stuff it’s so weird all right okay hold up what can I change my thing to attack destroy um hold on second uh hold on emote I can make emoting better probably your mouse DPI yeah I don’t know I could change that to this what what is this Bon six look I can like now quick like emote see look at this I’m like running I missed oh wait hold up what about music Ender still figuring that out oh like for stream yeah I never bothered to get that see look at that I can just okay maybe I should put that back to be though I’m going get confused if I mess too much stuff up um okay this right here B yep that’s [Music] good this go flash what’s up bro welcome to the stream I got the gry and floss scamed that’s cool yeah you can play music on bre oh just figured out how to do that bro scavenger Co banjo I mean do something please bro I this why I’m not doing parties much because like it’s kind of bro I have to wait for cold B face reveal no scamer you know I’m not doing face reveal I should have done that for April Fools and be like Get Wrecked cuz it’s you know but I decided not to do uh April Fool’s thing I don’t know why I just decided not to can we start yet I’m waiting for C banjo C banjo can I start okay hold start without you old banjo yeah I’m waiting for cold banjo so uh where is he if he says no I’m probably going to start without him anyways no offense but like I’m sorry where where is he okay he doesn’t even okay bro wow it didn’t even wait hold nope he’s not even saying anything goodbye I’m sorry cold banjo all right we’re starting um yeah everybody join in quick oh full full people you’ll check check out my channel and now what you made that much in the past 20 what how okay how bro what well I guess that makes sense CU of how many okay yeah that 80k view video like that’s crazy but like what what happened to banjo I kind of just left with hard to snipe squads LOL oh I could do something else then after I’ll just disband party and just you know want cat icy bridge now bro chill crazy look at that woo icy Bridge you know it’s so good okay just think part of it has 92 oh wow okay it went up I did not realize that bro I’m so good at Icey briding you know look at this masterpiece what’s up bro oh now you’re just like mocking me okay I can ice on swi oh yeah yeah I can also barely yeah yeah I see okay I see Bri is kind of what did I say what did I say bro I give up I’m not actually good and I have a new skin of choice uhoh I’m scared to see what it is okay if I can win like PvP with this mouse I’m going to be happy that’s all I want to do like please it’s kind of big though my mouse is like smaller than my hand like I could like put it in my palm and like oh bro you’re placing too much get out of here oh hello what’s up wait for it hold up come on what are you going to do a how did you get your name idea Ender uh I’m going to be complet completely honest with you guys uh I have no idea yeah I know no wait hold up hold up hold up Get Wrecked oh my goodness bro crazy oh shoot I’m going to die anyways holy cow you saved me I’m running around their base how many level 50s have you guys seen wait is there level 50 now on uh on bedwars oh so is there level 50 there’s no way cuz they just came out who left like the stuff on the floor Guys box in our treasure don’t just leave it on the ground I have friends that are Level 50 someone of you bro okay I’ve not played The Hive it’s been one day since I last played The Hive how have I not heard of this one day they’re already coming out with like level 50 bro let’s go okay no oh shoot I better at PVP no now it’s a 3v one there okay forgot I was mod here yeah I made you mod because you were like no the six YouTubers ah the six YouTubers I watch I’m moderator for them and I said I was not going to like I wasn’t going to what did I say like let that Trend go like I’m not going to stop that Trend so I made you moderator what’s up bro you can’t do anything you’re bad oh oh shoot shh I’m not here I’m not here guys this is I cannot play today I cannot play like at all my joystick bro oh psych can’t do anything I hate this game so much okay well I’m disbanding party and I’m going to solos there we go are the Asian server no Asia what no I’m in North America guys get in quick scavengers in oh wow shoot okay probably shouldn’t do that probably shouldn’t do that I’m going to do squads because uh yeah everybody join quick before every you know it fills up with people scamer quenty see them I’m just going to play like normal and read everybody’s chat you know is that kak reborn oh what bro I see yeah I just I just know you know you can’t get in around without me noticing unless like you don’t say anything all right I’m going to win this marshmallow who’s that over there Mr okay also okay red blue are you still here red blue you here huh all right I’ll take that there we go let’s go remember guys if I get a subscriber we’re doing a custom server uh kind of I see Bridge oh I’m I cannot there we go see good all right d here we go let’s go I got to upgrade my thing quick no bro you did not there we go give me some oh shoot bro n get over here get over here stop I hate you so much that’s so frustrating oh shoot it’s quenty oh oh no [Music] nope okay I think he knows though he doesn’t know Hy bro you can talk about this right chill all right shh not here yes yes no get out of here I don’t like you hold on Trenton what I like how you have sub thingy B Yeah by sub count what did I just do oh my goodness bro no crazy I don’t know what I just did there no bro that messed me up nope please no ah see I can’t do this guys I’m no good should I switch over to my old mouse or what hey at least I took out quenty he’s still in I think I’m just going to start a new game without should I do that no wait bro queny is crazy okay so we need stream sniping do I just I might just play normal guys you guys can join if you want so yeah that’s what I’m going to do so everybody better join quick oh is this working I don’t think this is working lava man went offline oh they’re scammed her at least all right let’s win who is this who is this I can’t see your name NOP okay scamer Pro don’t you make a party please ah okay you know what Hub okay Avery doors bro it’s Avery doors Avery doors Avery doors bro that’s crazy Avery doors look at me look at me um hello yeah anyways um yeah add me as a friend real quick AME W add me as a friend and I’ll invite you Avery doors is here that’s crazy there’s Trent to yeah all right you know what my my thing wasn’t work my thing’s not working so I’m just going to do what I normally do now lav man we go every door’s voice is very unique yeah I know but you know what it’s not terrible like I think it is all right who else quenty I know quenty might want to Jo who else have I not invited Trenton there we go give me YouTube R did you just ask me to gift you YouTube rank bro just he just asked me to gift him YouTube rank I used to watch Avery really oh that’s cool oh I got two invites what okay I got you bro that’s crazy ay doors just going to yeah okay um friends who else invited me I don’t even know who this person is but I okay I’ll invite all right sleeps is back welcome back from your bath or whatever you said you were doing um who else wants to join there’s zom brro let me there we go oh I got a sub guys I got a sub we do we do custom server now we do custom server got a sub all right we’re doing bro we’re doing Tree Shop who’s this oh what oh yo what I don’t even know you what C leave why why do you want him to leave also what holy cow holy cow what is going on uh wait why is my oh shoot bro what what’s going on I’m like lagging do you guys see this enter this man is K rebone cannot be trust okay guys what is going on with my chat okay go to HUB oh shoot everything’s frozen should I leave bro I’m leaving it happened to me really okay I’m going to leave all right hold one second guys that was weird okay let’s see let’s see if it the hive okay bro ping 208 do SL toggles no no I don’t think that it was glitchy like once someone gifted me a member on a actually bro that’s CRA I got gifted oh wow okay that’s it see my commands won’t work either who is this D dusk wait hold up I don’t even know this guy wait he’s not even my friend okay um disable it should stop right oh no what is going on somebody turn off chat I can’t like okay mute all chat bro what I don’t wait hold up was that guy’s name dust coder wait I don’t even have him as a friend I don’t have this guy as a friend do I am I getting hacked bro I’m I’m getting hacked there’s no way dust coder I don’t he’s not even my friend how is he doing that guys I’m so confused I’m so conf he’s not my friend how’s it I don’t know he’s not even my friend gaming J bro he’s not my friend I don’t okay okay okay hold on okay this is off so okay it’s off okay so if I turn back chat it won’t do it right it’s a hack yeah I know what a YouTuber PVP bro and to remember you can type sm1 yeah I know but you have to type in their name how is he spamming okay there we go I can see now I can see now all right let me invite okay invite let’s see quenty who else heck borne who can’t be trusted apparently let’s see Caleb join his CS oh I should actually hold up okay all right who are you who who who are you hi hi oh what wait is it just like I can’t oh my goodness guys what is this who are you okay I joined I joined check gamer score how do I do that uh oh oh what wait what guys guys what just happened oh shoot oh shoot oh what did I do guys I’m so confused shoot I shouldn’t have done that I have to close it all right bro bro hacking me or something oh oh uh the crazy things that happened yeah ignore that okay uh uh it’s one of those hackers I know that what just happened how did he how did I instantly die uh okay well I got three Subs so we’re doing three custom servers now holy cow I’m a okay let’s just that did not happen just report him I should hacker reborn is a weird person okay all right I’m back now if I get okay I don’t have any invite invite okay all right that’s good let me invite everybody now here we go I can’t invite everybody so whoever wants to join just join officy raid no way office SE raid holy cow no way wait actually he oh yeah I bro that’s crazy okay what holy cow there’s no way what that’s crazy thank you officy or okay right who officy bro doesn’t know who officy is that’s crazy holy cow okay well I was just doing custom server anyways oh my goodness I’m not going to have enough custom servers to make for the subscribers guys okay hi offy I’m Trenton mein wait canot it’s only available in customs I know that like like like yes Matt thank you so much off SE or cave that’s crazy okay everyone lik stream okay I got to create custom server there we go are you live I am live all right let me invite everybody and I’ll get a code up for everybody scam Ender Q make cs’s if you run yeah yeah I’m making custom servers you and then you can yeah yeah thanks bro is officy back yet no he’s still in prison he’s still in prison there we go all right Ender is cooked bro I’m going to get destroyed in this game well the office SE bro that’s crazy off bro did you guys know this is the second time he has raided me actually this is the second time he’s raided me that’s crazy okay fake officy is wild yeah he’s still in sent it to you before post what do you mean yo I made a new video oh okay okay now I’m wipe this whole Lobby clean bro you probably are not going to lie all right everybody join up the man the myth Legend officy has arrived pastel okay bro let’s go oh ca is here sirta what oh yeah that’s right the helper that joined last time you’re level 1002 that’s C all right wait please sure sure bro that’s crazy pastel k bro that’s crazy y’ll the helpers back it is Crafty all right we’re sing for people let me real quick I know you guys can’t see code yet but let me put it free shop there we go everybody join up cave if cave joins in here though cave what’s your username hold up cave has to be in here right no okay I don’t know Serta oh yeah there’s Serta full it’s full I don’t know it it’s not full oh what who said it back to eight hi helper I need YouTube rank El bro Trenton’s asking for YouTube you can’t get gifted YouTube rank but yeah I want YouTube rank all right we’re just waiting for people up who’s this quenty kids so guys there’s mob Destroyer what K pastel yes caps and I’m not joining CA in the whole okay Hep oh hold up in here be crazy all right we’re starting a second there we go I got a friend invite let’s go there we go all right helpers helping Ender gaming you’ll see what I mean I might join later oh okay okay did he not hack on you he did bro I was invited spamed by somebody I have no idea custom servers and then he killed me instantly and made me have to log out of Minecraft it was so it was messed up that’s you know crazy okay we’re going to start start should we start guys Adrien sup then you will most likely get not get the rank if you oh yeah me Treasures here no did he not do anything else besides that this go flat I don’t know yet actually give me something start all right we’re starting hold up is everybody in can I have moderator uh maybe maybe not sure I try not to give everybody just moderator all right we’re starting guys here we go go I don’t know who I got on my team so like okay I got Kaleb oh okay these gu all right treasur is here too what is that skin bro okay well let’s see let’s see who wins this actually it’s so funny though because I was actually thinking of like getting the guys who watch my stream to raid off sea or cave when like I was done but apparently I get raided by cave instead you have to have you have to be a cool boy like me sleeps all right let’s go how many people oh someone’s treasure was destroyed already all right I’m ready me also I got a new mouse today guys so don’t judge me if I like get destroyed by people I literally opened it up before stream and started using it so I’m not the best you know there we go is that crafty okay I don’t know who you are so you’re you’re going to die oh shoot it’s 2v one out let’s get him yes you’re trapped can’t do anything bro you’re stuck get out of here GG Ender I’m not kidding right as C leaves I’m joining CS I’m too oh okay well search is crazy get out of here bro come on just kind of feel bad not going lie I what do you do here you’re kind of stuck you’re chat I kind of feel bad for this guys ah okay sorry it’s the game though all right we’re winning we’re winning gray over here let’s get him I’m so [Music] laggy wait hold up you bully me can I have mod because of that oh that’s you you know what listen I’ll give you moderator only if you don’t like do anything bad okay don’t like randomly don’t randomly like hold up don’t randomly do anything bad there we go all right where’s that what was that okay yellow head it over here oh there goes yellow no it’s k bro but you have so many teammates what I only have like three or four oh what I’m lagging quenty no quenty is really good oh there goes my treasure too guys I please clutch what okay well I died so give me Mo it’s quizy bro I can’t give everybody moderator okay I cannot I can’t believe I just died like that though too I had no chance it like my bed my treasure bro I just said bed I’m okay Matt don’t randomly time out people yeah yeah thank you thank you give mod and but oh you I think you are though actually um did you die Ender gaming I did die because I’m bad yes because I’m bad except I am using a different Mouse so okay hold up I should probably give you I could have give you mod yeah I might leave me in a second wait party oh maybe that’s why we’re on a team because we were in a party darn it okay well next game out here let me disband party okay look what I sent you in stream’s over okay okay let me make sure everybody’s friends Le I can’t see anybody’s chat unless they’re my friend here we go Adrien over here you I bullied you mob Destroyer I bullied you Ender trust me don’t even bite that c why why sleeps what do you have a why bro red celling who’s up okay who’s still here okay no kak oh treasure treasure is here okay treasure could carry I want a man hunt so I got to friend a YouTuber oh wow that’s cool from four to one treasure look out behind you I know it’s like ghosting kind of but like look out this apparently bad person is coming after you Kaka I don’t I I really don’t know all right so how many custom servers do I have to do let’s see I have to do like five all right yeah I have to do five five custom servers guys all right where is quenty is quenty is crazy orange is that Kaka yeah Pro oh no all right I can’t wait eight CS no no no not eight not eight cuz when I wait oh oh yeah you’re right I have to do seven more but I can’t do seven more okay sleeps will you make uh will you make custom server for me guy see as Mega as we could no way no way quenty dies that’s oh wow oh no I think oh he’s dead oh kak is crazy are you ending soon yo Ender nice e clipped what’s up bro I am kind I am ending in like 20 okay all right I’mma make next CS I make sense yeah make next CS because I have to actually go in like 20 all right who what CS do you guys want to do oh I got another sub so I have to do another okay I can’t do this guys in 25 minutes what’s a custom server that’s fast we can do Survival Games actually bedw Wars bro I I got three different options guys all right uh do you want survival games but like the loot you can get is really good waiting for like answers you know I don’t care okay you know what we’re doing survival games I’m scared of kaka now after seen after seeing how you took on quenty that’s not going to be it’s not going to be good there we go everybody join up I’ll get the code up there too and if you haven’t friended me friend me let me make sure it’s okay what map I always like Mobius okay loot settings is that scavenger right here what’s Su scavenger there’s lava man all right let me get invite me to friends I don’t know what your name is if you make a stream first person to get gets mod I would win 100% you would going to Ender’s house what do you mean going to Ender’s house all right I’m ready Caleb what’s up bro I don’t okay guys this is crazy I don’t know this guy and he like randomly code I got the code up there underaged what do you mean KAC is underaged yeah I might as well there we go look please check last okay thank you please invite me to friends I don’t know your name okay me see F go down here oh I got two okay um what is it Mt here we go is that is that it I can see he’s on laptop yeah see that’s not your name kako what you do bro what did he do are we going to start a second mob Destroyer oh there we go that’s you right I think that’s you oh I just got okay I just got another friend request there we go who’s this why are you shaking your okay 10 CS bro I can’t do that in under like 12 minutes all right we’re going to start guys everybody’s in right why are you see ah yes see this guy’s a smart guy see who is it red wide gamer yes you’re you’re good yes what are we doing we’re oh sleeps what Su bro sup I’m a mod yes you are I can see Ender is in a house bro I’m not in a you’re just sub oh thanks you’re not in all right get in guys hello disc what’s up bro welcome back to another stream I don’t it’s been Ender give me moderator bro I can’t give a bunch of moderators okay what’s up bro Corvette Williams welcome to the stream guys I can’t give a bunch to moderators I can’t it’s going to be way too chaotic I don’t like moderator it’s for muting people and stuff like that so don’t like do anything gritty floss yeah floss all right everybody in ready ready yes yeah see look this guy is like treasure yo can I un something no this no that’s not how it works Ender do oh bro we’re all grying everybody just gritty follow me Ender I can’t right now we’re going to start okay and there we go okay well bro there’s another lava skin lava man are you in here yeah you are there’s another one 11 CS I don’t love lav man’s keeping track you can trust me I’m a good person oh okay good I mean officy made you moderator than I’m guessing he you know he trusts you so I should trust you too except can I trust off’s judgment H I’m still waiting for like offy to get back like get back from jail all right let’s go oh my goodness there’s everybody’s here so bro smack you once quizzy here get over here stop running stop running stop running why are you okay yeah I’ll take it oh wow okay that’s good I subbed Corb thank you bro okay now I got to do 12 12 custom servers quiz he bro let’s go I’m sorry but like that’s crazy okay campfire let’s go all right now I got two of these so I should probably like eat that there right get down here quick am I hitting that bro come on there we go now nobody okay nobody’s here bro what is with all the diamond helmets okay I mean I I’ll take [Music] one okay um bro I’m going just do another one right here oh airspace what I’m like throwing it but like look at this okay anyways over here there we go all right let’s get this guys 17 like bro yeah I did get raided guess what I got raided by officy again second time except it was cave it wasn’t officy it was like cave because you streaming for him so that’s crazy there we go all right I’m ready no way I know wait scavenger did you did you did you die I’m guessing you died because of the spamming that’s what he does every time 13 C I know bro I got to do 13 custom servers and I don’t have any time hold on maybe after this I’m going to go go see if I can stream a little longer by the way I might change my profile picture okay yeah whatever I mean it’s not up to me so whatever you feel is best I like the one you have now except the background could like you could do some better with the background like maybe half blue half red but I don’t know nobody’s up there okay bro where is everybody oh wow there are people over here oh I see okay who’s this they’re about to be dead get over here Sub Sub sub scavenger yes sub get over here yes come on stop running stop running running love M why do you keep going on and offline yes get in the water so it messes you up okay yes get him bro he stuck Shoot actually I should shoot oh shoot oh thanks for the Boost actually yes there we go oh it’s quenty of course quenty chill bro chill I can’t take you you know that I’m getting hacked what do you mean oh he’s getting hacked oh no oh shoot uhoh what happened what’s your favorite song bro what happened quenty did you get hacked like me okay um red blue are you still here I tabbed out oh are you still here um red blue I got to tell him bro I keep with AFK and disconnect oh that’s weird Okay so somebody completely random that I didn’t know and they weren’t my friend on the Hy okay they were spamming invites of custom servers all in here like I could not get a break and then I joined and the guy just looks at me and starts nodding and stuff and he he starts the game I die instantly instant like I don’t even get a chance and I have to close out Minecraft to fix it he does it to everybody red blue did you get any of that okay people over here who’s that what’s up okay okay I cannot remember guys I’m bad at PVP so like stop get out of here bro if I win this I’m going to be so surprised holy cow okay I’m doing good yes you got yourself stuck in a cob bro let’s go actually crazy well Ender gaming it happened to me really why is it 14 custom servers bro holy cow I need some help guys does anybody have like treasure I saw that that’s weird okay scamer might be able to make custom for me okay but first I have to get this game moving so other people can join all right somebody’s over here I’m going go over here I’m about to re-upload oh okay all right all right they’re over here wait what oh they’re up there bro I was so confused I was like where is this person all right you’re pretty nice Ender thank you bro thank you oh Death Match oh okay who’s all in here this this could be bad depends who’s in oh no bro it’s Kaka I’m not oh what’s up bro I’mma bully you again I’m sorry I’m sorry bro I had to you to you too let’s go I’m sorry guys I hold on sleeps no no what’s going on okay see how it is oh no oh no shoot okay well stop bullying M bro I’m sorry 15 are you kidding stop bullying us bro guys is crazy I did that twice to mob Destroyer too that’s crazy okay next custom server is that treasure up there bro it’s treasure I see you bro we’re doing another free shot because like it’s free shop sup treasure I’m getting hacked wait you’re getting hacked too dust coder yeah bro what why are we all getting hacked this guy knows like what is going on okay treasure War solos canot connect to what I know it’s available in custom server that’s what I’m trying to do he do they’re stream sniping grobo what do you mean dust coder is a d you not going to lie dust coder is is terrible oh there’s Jude all right I’m trying to like okay mob Destroyer was getting hacked stop M bro we’re DUS you’re leaving yeah that’s not good I probably from now on just like put Max players up 30 there we go all right I’ll get the code up in a second waiting forever oh ad dog’s on I’m getting hacked no yeah do SL grobo Ender please help me how can I help you by the way it’s not just him the Hecker person all of us like wait what oh what it won’t let me even go in Che wait Ender I’m getting on all right yeah I’m waiting for you a dog okay there we go all right I’ll need you guys whoever gives me something I’ll give bro spare us yeah spare us bro thank you or whatever you playing wait just turn off your PC yeah two days ago a person hacked on the hive wearing a purple skin wait was that guy wearing a Pur I think that guy was wearing a purple skin oh okay I don’t what’s the point in that too there’s red blue I hear do not download things you don’t know yes good advice red blue I spelled that wrong adive sleeps is so mean why gble I timed you out for a okay oh okay who’s deleting all these I guess that is kind of hate but like you know I can’t join scavenger treasure okay who is who’s retracting these messages Darkness huh what’s up bro all right I’m going wait for everybody to get in Groo is a very toxic child cat half yo what’s up bro you’re getting hacked no scavenger not you too cat mod for K Che of Cs uh maybe some other time I’m not going to give a bunch of people moderator because I’ve got hacked yeah I know okay yeah it’s by the way it’s more than one person doing it oh yeah yep that that happened I got invited twice by like two different people they’re both like wait red blue don’t joke about what joke about what bro the hacks oh what was his name do you guys remember what his name exactly was sleeps I’m timing out oh okay wait sleeps is timing me out all accounts please unmod him please okay okay okay you know what sleeps remove as moderator sleeps I I think that was probably you so after stream had to had to what he’s hating on sleeps for no reason but I don’t even know what to believe anymore all right I’m not going to give anybody else moderator unless I absolutely trust them from now want officy s okay here we go I was hacked yeah I don’t I don’t know what is going on how 16 CS bro I don’t know what how am I supposed to do this but we’re starting who’ I get I got crafty oh no I can’t bully you darn it darn it that makes me sad like actually well that’s too bad hey dog kept saying bad things just trying to chat even if I didn’t say anything yeah okay sleeps if if anybody says something bad I’ll give sleeps back I kind of trust sleeps but I’m not sure cuz I know I know um your message got retracted even though you didn’t say anything bad so maybe that was sleep I’m not sure all right let’s go I got enough um yeah again guys just like I just got a new mouse okay I’m not going to be the best so it say bad sleeps get what sorry I had to do it for help scamer are you still getting are you still getting uh hacked red blue you do oh red blue Ender what Su coold banjo all right I see that treasure over there it looks pretty good no it looks a lot better with like these boom boxes you know and I’m now going to leave oh my goodness I was ready no way I did it yes wait is he dead oh shoot he’s he’s not dead can I tell you something sure C banjo I’m getting hacked by two people I know okay what is going on with that actually The Hive needs to do the hive needs to do something about oh there goes scavenger darn it what’s up bro it’s crafty okay yikes all right I think I’m good for now oh there goes my treasure okay I was not here oh shoot [Music] shoot am I supposed to do okay how did I just die Target detected what okay who’s doing the k okay what are you doing actually I Ah that’s crazy okay let’s see bro my voice just then crazy okay scavengers back on bro is getting hacked like me that’s crazy what is happening wait it’s happening again okay Mt or mob Destroyer go/ toggles okay and press this receive custom server disable that so you don’t get hacked you can’t do anything okay he okay Matt do this so if you’re in here press this and press this and press mute all chat and then when you have it muted then do slash toggles and then once you’re done doing SL toggles unmute it and it it works do that defected is hacking bro hacking in game who who’s hacking who I called it from the start is it defected no way defected okay let’s see let’s see his movement okay bro spr bro sprinting with the bow okay oh I I just saw that what oh my goodness bro okay I’m I’m reporting like told you he is hacking yeah thanks guys um movement confirm there we go he bro he’s going to get banned everybody everybody report everyone report everyone report wait did he fall oh no there’s crafty struggling bro just gave up wait can I kick slash KCK all right that’s a thing I can’t I can’t I don’t I don’t think I can kick him hey dog he’s spamming inviting me oh no why are we all getting hacked Nate on bro what’s up okay um a dog do SL do this real quick go into chat like that and press mute chat and then do slash toggles and then un you know I don’t know why we’re having a problem like that these guys I’m being SP yeah okay that’s so weird why are we all struggling like to play because there are hackers everywhere Ender SL SL controls ooh oh yo goodbye let go of that no I’m getting hacked bro okay everybody needs to turn off like cat or something we cannot do this like this is terrible I’m logging off by all right see red blue why all caps why all caps all right who’s all in crafty oh what I thought you died bro I can’t move my so it’s not letting me oh no that was the same guy CS spam I know okay I’m so confused with today guys and I love how like oh yeah I get raided by off SE or cave um and then there’s these hackers that like you know are destroying us um turn off CS invites and join by code because then you guys won’t be able to join my custom server wait Ender Game I remember their name it was a Vine actually what I been getting warnings of hacks today oh really okay yeah that’s so weird Darkness it’s fine this kid comes in here and tell telling Ender what’s do doing this and that’s bro just wait till tomorrow invite me I will I will scavenger all right I’ll be right back guys I’m going to go AFK real quick okay so don’t go anywhere okay hold up for all right I’m back and I see like defected inviting me to party after I just kicked you bro why are you doing that okay well I have time for one more custom server guys so uh what what custom server do you guys want let me know real quick that’s the hacker wait where’s the hacker oh what’s up cold banjo hold on wait no no that’s not the that’s weird wait who where’s the oh no it’s the oh defect Ed both of them wait bro okay um not even defected am I even wait is that the other hacker yeah it is but like okay I’ll report that what’s your name I won’t do it to you what Luna what what what Luna bro 17 what’s happening bro we’re getting hacked like crazy that’s what’s happening all right I’m going do another custom server I can do one more guys um let’s see what what should we do what do you mean hack though like people keep joining hacking on us and like under guess what 18 I know I’ll have to do some other stream okay guys I’ll probably stream next like probably like I don’t know I don’t even know whenever I your choice Sumo please I can’t Caleb I’m sorry I cannot do Sumo I can’t do Sumo I feel like mod abusing what do you mean defected bro defected is so annoying bro we should do like just build how many players can join just build hold on max players 30 okay we’re doing just build okay here we go everybody join up we’re doing just build yeah I know all right code here we go here’s the code bro crafty doesn’t like just build I’m just run around q no bro okay Darkness Ender Game go watch FC stream there was one hacker oh okay that’s so weird do you hate just build yeah I do I do but I want to see what people make why are you in my face theme bro what theme should we do okay there’s got to be something good right let me go to the m actually hold up custom theme choose theme Ender bro there we go bro hacks I know and give me sleeps mod give sleeps why okay you know what maybe okay who is getting rid of darkness’ messages I can’t join lava man why can’t you join I said anyone want time out oh and dark says yes no don’t don’t do that I’mma take out I’m going to take your moderator away if you do that end gaming there was a hacker offy stream go watch it please I will I will later okay I’m just waiting for people to join up real quick are you and look at my latest message oh probably in game Ander I got kicked from The Hive from dust coder because he crashed my game spamming I know bro it’s so annoying I assume it oh okay Luna don’t just like give people timeout if they ask or anything just don’t everybody in is everybody in scamer keeps saying Help scamer what’s wrong bro actually what’s wrong okay guys we got we need two more subscribers till I get 1.5k we need it guys come on two more I’m going go okay here we go don’t do anything bad sleeps okay there we go I put you back as moderator all right ready all right we’re starting now okay we already know what it is so like Ender yay k k okay all right you know what I give permission to the moderator to put that guy in timeout the guy who just said k a ton bro we one actually if you subbed then don’t don’t put him on mod okay don’t put him on timeout if he subbed I’mma like do this it’s going to be crazy hold on I need like black there we go um there we go yeah all right a dog message retracted okay who is doing that sleeps you added me oh hi Ender green blob what’s up bro guys one more sub please come on we’re so close all right I think we all already know what I’m making Darkness I sub Luna subbed wait you weren’t subbed before what do you mean I thought you were subbed that’s sad the game never started wait what do you mean were you not in cuz I invited you oh there goes there’s scavenger wait hold up there say you were timed out Ander the guy who retracted is traded it what calculate the mass of the Sun bro what oh yeah solar eclipse today I decided you know what who needs sight anyway sight is overrated so I decided to stare up at it and I think that’s why I’m not good at PVP today you know dness got timed out for no reason okay I’m I’m going get rid of everybody’s moderator if I if it becomes a problem except uh a c a few certain people because I trust I trust a few people I trust red blue when someone rects a message the person who sent it does it themselves oh well also like it also gets removed though right or am I just dumb and I didn’t know that all right M mine’s going to get like everybody’s going to love it g is still SP that’s so frustrating I want this guy to go y bro we got 1.5 bro let’s go actually thank you guys so much holy cow oh 1.5 and another one let’s go finally my game crashed oh that’s not good it was probably the hackers not going to lie wait oh I am doing this right okay there we go there we go two minutes left I got this oh we’re in North America but after this is the last game I can do so you know make sure you subbed and I’ll stream uh I’ll stream later not not today or tomorrow but you know like eventually all right so I need see see 1 two three four five 6 7 eight 1 two 3 4 5 six seven eight nine okay so one over here there we go W red blue oh okay cool yeah I know 1.5 okay who unsubbed who unsubbed you probably knew but I’m axo yeah yeah I kind of figed that Andrew I’mma I’m going go enjoy your stream okay that’s good that’s good now I got one minute bro okay how’s this go it’s so like I got to hurry guys can’t wait to see what you guys actually build this could turn out really bad or it could turn out good but who knows all right it’s done let’s go all right Trenton can’t wait to see what you built all right I think this okay that’s not bad I guess it’s not terrible I was trying to read chat too make no sense who’s ER I don’t know Avery Avery hold up what what okay so it okay deleted message what do you mean no bro end your stream yeah I’ll watch your vid red blue mod Luna lol bye forever bye I guess BR andur that’s great oh okay who did that who did that unmod Luna why I’m F YouTube there we go Avery I did mod Avery wait did Luna get rid of the message Luna timed Avery out Luna you did not wait oh Luna you I’mma ban you from my server I’m going to ban you from my server or stream whatever same thing I will ban you if you actually did that I did I unmodded Luna bye forever okay I got to be careful who I give moderator to how long does that go till okay who did the C banjo stop it no we’re okay Ender only you can invite untime her out how do I do that okay um 10 seconds confirm there we go there we go Avery sorry about this actually bruty welome okay goat love it love it yeah yeah I did timer out for 10 seconds Luna I’mma B you Avery I can talk yes bro I got to be care oh my goodness yo that’s crazy I’m a I’m a great yeah yeah okay of the smile Avery’s okay that I gave Avery moderator too so let’s go you have 4,000 sub bro I wish every we love you yeah okay what is this uh I’ll give it a good I’ll give it a good okay good for effort you know you know every choose someone to be moderator [Music] what all right Ender bro yeah look how cute it is bro he’s so cute I’m loving this bro cold banjo love it bro red blue is most famous here bro come on W Avery Quinn all right what what’s this um okay all right I’ll give it a good for effort or yeah good for effort yeah there we go all right guys let’s see oh a dog made this okay I already came over bro who won bro I won one yo I feel like that’s rigged I feel like that’s rigged no way both these guys join stream like every time that’s crazy bro okay I feel like that’s three people don’t think Ender is go o wait I saw someone put love for M I’m so I got 27 bro oh well guys that’s it for stream that’s it just Jo wait hold up five years five years years you play treasure okay wow just join I know I will stream uh I’ll stream in like a few days I don’t I’m not sure but that’s it that’s it for today guys thank you all for joining holy cow raid someone I’m going see who all I don’t know if anybody’s uh streaming right now actually oh nobody’s streaming right now I don’t think no one’s streaming of hi YouTuber no one no one’s streaming that I’m subscribed to at least I don’t know remember my vid yeah yeah yeah red blue okay have mod treasure I’m trying not to mod not trying to mod a bunch oh wow not trying to mod a bunch of people because of what just happened Luna is a by big what what okay why do I keep getting really creepy really really creepy like comments like that okay guys chill all right guys thank you all for joining I will see you guys in a few days okay I’ll be working on a video for Friday or something all right see who is this Co banjo all right see you Al I got to work on like how to okay who did that Quinn who just you deleted message wait did message deleted by scavenger okay oh I think that was like by big dead that’s creepy okay anyways

This video, titled ‘The HIVE, LIVE, but I GRIND BedWars! (1 SUB = 1 CS)’, was uploaded by EnderGaming on 2024-04-09 14:18:36. It has garnered 180 views and 25 likes. The duration of the video is 01:22:30 or 4950 seconds.

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    JOIN MY MINECRAFT SERVER NOW!!!Video Information This video, titled ‘【Minecraft】I Joined A Server, Let’s Attempt to Socialize’, was uploaded by Chris Talus Ch. on 2024-07-05 21:45:04. It has garnered 36 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:30:54 or 12654 seconds. friends doko? — Background Music: Sparkle City by Xotikó tou Dásous (https://twitter.com/homodio_VT) — Meet Chris Talus, The VTubing Carbuncle Prince of the Crystal Kingdom! 💎My Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrinceTalus ✨Join the Crystal Kingdom: https://discord.gg/NwxJMJFsse 💎Live: #CTalusLIVE ✨Art: #CreaTalus 💎Clips: #ClipTalus ✨Memes: #JesTalus 💎Model: https://twitter.com/L0NQQ — Rubylight Socials: https://twitter.com/RubylightVT https://discord.gg/2bHeQ2JwKv — STREAM RULES: This stream is 13+ because YouTube is, I also just… Read More

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    Luvstar's magical fairycore build in Minecraft ✨Video Information This video, titled ‘A Chill Building Day ♡ Fairycore Minecraft Let’s Play ✩⋆ Ep 36 ✮⊹♡’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-05 17:00:13. It has garnered 2339 views and 177 likes. The duration of the video is 01:04:26 or 3866 seconds. 🌈Become a Channel Member for exclusive posts, early access videos, BTS, exclusive videos, discounts on stickers, and more: https://www.youtube.com/@luvstarkei/join Hey everyone my name is Luvstar! Welcome to my fairycore-themed relaxing modded let’s play! This series will include episodes of me living as a mage elf and exploring and transforming a beautiful fantasy minecraft world. I chose the… Read More

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  • CloudySMP

    CloudySMPCloudySMP (1.18 – 1.20.4) Welcome to CloudySMP. We pride ourselves on being a fully customed server. We have a friendly community and friendly staff team to help provide you with the best support and experience you will ever get. Here at CloudySMP you can choose to either be a friendly player or go out into the world and hunt everyone until you become the last person standing. Play.CloudySMP.com Read More

  • MossCraft! Semi-Vanilla SMP, whitelist, Cross-Play, 1.20.6, Bluemap, Pets

    Custom Minecraft World Features: – Nearly 100 New Biomes and 100+ Structures provided by Terralith, Incendium, NullScape and Structory. – World reset on May 5th, 2024. – In-game voice chat available (not required). – BlueMap Webmap. – Premium Pets, Ranks, and Particle Trails. – /sit and /lay commands available. – Cross-platform with Bedrock for playing with Console and Mobile Gamers. – Fast leaf decay, no need for leaf crushers in wood farms. – Grief Prevention with player action logging and rollback ability. – No chat reports, ensuring privacy and freedom from bans due to mass reporting. – Ability to put… Read More

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    100 ZOMBIES VS 3 NETHERIE GOLEMS: ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! When you realize the zombies are actually just trying to get the Netherite Golem to do their taxes for them in Minecraft. #taxseason #zombieaccountants Read More

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    🏠 Minecraft Madness: Drawing Houses in Willow Woods - ART STREAM #26Video Information This video, titled ‘lets draw minecraft houses again! – ART STREAM #26 (5/22/24)’, was uploaded by Willow Woods on 2024-06-12 19:00:18. It has garnered 480 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 03:32:56 or 12776 seconds. during this stream, i drew another minecraft house for practice! STREAMS (7 PM EST, TUES, WED AND THURS): https://www.twitch.tv/fourleafisland ART TUMBLR: https://fourleafisland.tumblr.com/ ART TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fourleafisland ART INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fourleafisland/ ART BSKY: https://bsky.app/profile/fourleafisland.bsky.social SHOP/OTHER LINKS: https://fourleafisland.carrd.co/ WEBCOMIC: https://www.webtoons.com/en/canvas/laikas-comet/list?title_no=857623 Read More

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