Endless Minecraft Streaming Until Victory

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okay oh wait okay we’re live let’s get the music going let’s get the music going let’s get the Good Vibes flowing and we’re going to be speed running Minecraft today uh I’ve gotten better at speedr running I’ll say it I’m kind of the goat now uh but my issue is I’m still bad I’m not the best in the world had what is up had okay we’ll do speed run I hardly know her that’s not I can spell hardly either okay we are speed running today we are speedr running today um we need every single person to be spamming the likes damn really early today true sleep deprived I got things to do tonight am I right I’m actually going to have a good night tonight I think it’s a chill fun night what’s up user yeah if you guys want the Minecraft cape on the on your on your account go to the Tik Tok type Minecraft in the chat wait a few minutes I think the 30 minutes or whatever it is you should be able to uh you should get the the Minecraft okay okay things okay twice we need everyone to spam the likes I did not so while this is loading while this is loading here’s what I’m going to do while this is loading I am going to double check to see how many likes were sent on the Instagram last night cuz we’re doing a like last one night we did a like war between Instagram or not Instagram between Tik Tok and YouTube and I think Tik Tok might have pulled it off let’s see how many likes that were sent last night I’m my nerd Emoji that’s okay I can be the nerd emoji wait what the heck wait what’s the back oh what’s that what the he uh what the shake no but if you want your Minecraft Cape spam the likes well actually don’t need the likes for the Minecraft Cape just type Minecraft in chat once wait a little while you should be getting your mcraft Cape let me know if I helped you out in the chat what is up 10 Salon what’s up Mr fancy what’s up fley what’s up Sophia scientist welcome back how you been I I just I get good energy from You Scientist thank you for being here again you like my videos thank you J boso what the hey bro we already have 500 likes on the T on the in on the Tik Tok are we going to get 500 likes on the uh on the YouTube I don’t even know okay last thing I’m checking reactions on this video and I’m seeing how many who won last night bro Tik Tok won last night Tik Tok won the like war look look look look ready so Tik Tok sent 990,000 reactions YouTube only sent 66,000 reactions so it looks like Tik Tok beat out YouTube is that going to happen today who knows who’s who’s determined to win who’s determined to win the like War who’s going to send more likes Tik Tok or YouTube today let me know okay let’s start the speedrun though let’s start the speedrun just give me like two more minutes or one more minute and I’m starting it okay ready three two also wait let’s make a goal the goal is 23,25 subscribers today oh baby Tony shout out baby Tony for the follow I’m G shout out every single person who gives me the follow but yeah if you want the Minecraft Cape step one drop the follow step two type Minecraft in the chat step three uh wait a few minutes and then you’ll get your cape okay ready three two actually I’m F5 ready 3 two 1 go okay uh why is it why is there black bars on this nerd Emoji I did not think it had black bars on the back but that’s okay I’m feeling good energy from over here if I have to restart this run what I’m going to do is I’m going switch my I’m going switch my uh character model David thank you for the follow shout out David there’s a little heart for you but who’s going to send more Hearts dude I can’t believe honestly I literally was like it’s going to be really close Tik Tok sent 90 and then YouTube sent 66,000 you guys lost by 20,000 which is still pretty close if we think about it but maybe today YouTube will win who knows I’m watching whoa look at this generation that looks awesome oh planes biome I’m going over there lava pool lava pool lava pool lava pool uh what are these coordinates 119 122 84 syrup Tite says 119 122 narrator narrate system narrator off narrator narrator narrator narrator off oh my gosh dude I was like what is that wait what is all that lava doing there what the hell oh my God Tik Tok has sent about 600 likes dude Tik Tok is so like Tik Tok we got so many like heart spammers on Tik Tok we love the heart spammers on Tik Tok who’s spamming likes in the chat let me know I’m going try and shout you out what Sigma okay gr you got to lock in lock in I just took a screenshot the screenshot was locked in but how’s everyone’s day today add the Jenny mod oh actually the Jenny mod is already actually installed so you’re good you’ll see Jenny soon so like appear from behind a tree or something this is real I didn’t make that up on Mom good jump good jump good jump there’s going to be a village I can sense it I can smell it left or right I’m smelling left is that an ice spikes biome in the distance it is dude that’s sick look at that do you see that yo Judy gun what’s up you spamming the likes welcome back Judy gun thank you for being here again how’s your day we’re at 1.2k likes on the Tik Tok now dude you guys are falling behind Tik Tok the heart spammers they go crazy on there I heard not even I heard I see Yo Judy gun thank you for the [Music] chilies it looks like I’m going to have to restart the run very soon unless I find a village like right now there’s so many pumpkins I can tell I’m I’m like hovering around a village I just uh can’t exactly equate the equator to this if that makes sense yo Mr fancy thank you so much for the heart puff thank you so much on lunch break about over oh what do you do for work yeah what do you do for work that’s awesome do work full-time part-time cont contracted also we’re going to restart the Run Bad Seed Bad Seed big sleeper off seed create new world oh wait we’re going to restart we’re going to restart really quick and uh you guys want to see all the Skins I have all the Skins I have those are the only skins you’ll ever need in Minecraft okay this is the best one by the way this is the best skin of all time rate my skin out of 10 yo little Twiggy thank you for the follow dink thank you so much ordering specialist for four restaurants home office job full-time wait what that is awesome that’s super cool oh Mr Fancy’s here to claim the uh claim the cape no that’s awesome dude again so you like work remotely is that you mean by home job home office job that’s a flex kind of actually how do you claim okay so here’s how you claim the cape number one drop a follow number two type Minecraft into the chat number three um wait a little while and you should get a notification okay um if that was helpful let me know in the chat but there you go totally not Cade at all there you go that’s how you got it okay ready Speed Run no sleeper a builds yeah what uh we’ll do builds the last build or the generation of that last world is just terrible okay ready your Skin’s a N9 out of 10 easy 10 out of 10 Thank You Scientist you’re a Dad wait is that real Joker that’s awesome looks like I’m going to be turning around off rip okay are you ready guys we’re going to start the speedrun in who’s going to stay for the whole speedrun let me know if you’re going to try and stay for the whole Speed Run cuz I here what I’m be doing I’ll be speedr running the whole no no no don’t say that okay ready three two oh maybe not maybe not actually wait wait jungle Savannah oh Savannah is probably useful as well okay right if the planes Runs Out remind me Savannah’s right at the top ready three 2 1 go oh wait I didn’t type I didn’t type okay okay it’s going to lag for the first like 1 minute because the generation is still going crazy okay Savannah’s where we’re going like I said if the planes cuts off remember Savannah goes left okay Savannah goes left the Savannah’s not as good as the as the planes in my opinion but it’s still good what’s up you’re going to be here Sophia Vera you will Vera are you have you been here before nugget VR you’re new welcome how you doing chat just got so much better what do you mean by that Mr fancy dude if I could find a way to stream on Twitch as well I would do that I would love to have all three chats and just be like dtin dink dink do we have any mods in chat do we have any uh little wrenches in chat let me know if we have any mods in chat I just want to know if they’re here armadillo I’ve never armed my Dow before that’s that sounds like a this is a terrible seed this might be the worst seed I’ve ever seen in my entire life how do I spawn in a Plains next to a Savannah and they both cut off after like 10 steps oh we’re at 2.5k likes on the Tik Tok I’m telling you guys Tik Tok hard spammers go crazy who’s going to win please hit a piece of wood no I don’t think I will put it on your own business do you stand on business cuz I think I’d be standing on business like 24 seven once I run out of hunger I’m literally restarting this world there’s a jungle I’m just going to restart now I’m already on low hunger restart restart restart bad run bad run let’s just title it please show me the village it’s a good movie who’s seen that movie before need some background music there is background music this is kind of quiet here let me turn it up is that a good is that a good uh volume for the background music is it too loud too quiet let me know also if you are new here here is how you claim your Minecraft Tik Tok oh I didn’t wait sorry I just realized 3 two one uh what is this generation this feels promising okay ready three two one if you are new here here how you claim the tiktock cape so number one drop a follow after you drop a follow what you’re going to want to do is step two step two is to type Minecraft in the chat after you drop Minecraft in the chat so type out Minecraft send it after you type Minecraft in the chat after a little while you should be receiving a notification with a code that you can put into the Minecraft launcher to get your cape let me know if that was helpful at all Judy thank you for sharing the live shout out Judy shout out oh wait no I saw oh shout out unnamed person for sharing the live shout out senior yeah dude if you guys want to help your friends out if you guys want to if you guys want to help your friends out just send this Tik Tok live to them and be like bro if you watch this for a little while you get a free Tik Tok cape on Minecraft that will actually help you guys make more friends I’m not going to lie if I had friends who played Minecraft actually my friends do play Minecraft maybe I’ll send them uh this live I will actually share this live with them right now actually cuz that cuz I’ll probably just send it to them be like yo what’s up if you guys want a free Cape here you go and they’ll be like oh my gosh thank you that’ll be awesome oh what the hell oh my God what’s up Gracie gra you say grace or Gracie all right can I also tell you to get the creeper Cape again wait yeah yeah yeah I actually I think I watched a video on it today on how to get that Cape bad generation bad generation bad generation [Music] crazy early stream saphorix I know and we do got oh we do got some uh we do got some wrenches in chat we got had and we got saphorix what’s up guys how you doing lunar what is up dude scientist I’m really liking I really think you like you’re going to be a very welcome person in this community it’s going to be awesome um and if you want to be part of my community there is a link in my uh about section on YouTube that will take you straight to my Discord if you join my Discord first off it lets you know when I go live it lets you know when I post shorts and it also uh um allows you an opportunity to talk to me in a voice chat um I join that sometimes and also people just hang out there and have fun so any of that seemed interesting to you there’s a friend group definitely forming on the Discord it’s awesome if that any of that seems interesting to you uh just let me know let D look bad generation what is this that looks like a planes biome okay we’ll go over there I I there’s only one heart left or one bar left of hunger just don’t lose any hearts oh it’s over it’s over it’s just too slow this one want this be called Vil we be looking for that Vil am I right you’re not getting any anything so off rip number one what you got to do is you got to follow number two you have to um type Minecraft in the chat and then after a little while you should get a the cape let me know if that was helpful ninja kid let me know if that was helpful dude we already have 4K likes on the Tik Tok I’m searching for a kitten in my house currently wait that’s awesome I have a cat you you know that already but I love my cat my cat is maybe like the cutest thing of all time yes I chose the right direction oh wait sorry sorry oh I just I just clicked print screen on accident whoopsies sorry guys who has any pets let me know if you guys have any pets in the chat do you guys have any pets I have a little cat and and she’s the cutest thing of all time oh it’s my favorite song lock in my favorite song in all of undertale dang I did not choose the right direction yo thank you we call you kid what’s up kid thank you for the follow kid sounds so all not the follow the donation thank you for the donation here’s a big heart for the donation dude you got four dogs one cat and a fish that’s awesome Sophia what are their names King Kota is that your dog or is that one of your animals this seeds just just no I like how I got the food and I like how I got so we have food okay just just uh keep searching where do I check if you got it it should just give you a notification someone let me know if that’s real or not I actually have not received my Tik Tok Cape yet but I will be doing that because it looks so sick the Tik Tok Cape is actually the best out of all the Three Capes you can get also that’s a little hack you can see underwater right there you see that so if you’re ever needing to like look underwater for a cave system or a ship or something just put it at the perfect level to where you can see under it without it going dark like that or not too high so it’s not all white or all blue it’s right in the middle so you get the perfect oh there it was also we did so many um music reviews last night on Tik Tok it was awesome I listen to like eight to 10 songs on Tik Tok it was so fun I don’t need any of this I just need a planes biome or Savannah [Music] [Music] [Music] what is this generation why is there like a bunch of different like Sandy Hills inside of this like hilly tundra biome this looks so sick what this looks like the wall in Avatar last air bender you guys know what I’m talking about like the the wall that they have to cross it’s in season 1 I think four minutes into the Run already and there’s nothing it was a good R I’m restarting the round I don’t care about the the carrots all I need to do is find a village if I can find a village in the first 5 minutes I’ll not restart the Run not five minutes but the first whenever I run out of hunger V V2 final boom H does not look like a great spawn but that’s okay let’s that all the chunks load while we sit here and while we sit here let me explain how you guys can get the Tik Tok Cape so first thing you need to do is follow so once you drop a follow uh it’ll start keeping track of your time type in the chat type Minecraft once you type Minecraft in the chat uh It’ll like I said keep check at the time after you watch for a certain amount of time it will uh send you a notification with um the code you should use to put in your Minecraft so let me know if that helped you out at all in the chat and if you guys want to help your friends definitely share the live okay ready 3 two 1 go if I want an island I’ll just reset now I know people like being on islands for like typical speedruns but I’m not a typical speed run yeah dude early stream today I want to see I want to see uh how how the early stream affects the oh not that there we go affects like what people come in the chat se foric you got a date tonight dang okay buddy or like you’re going to be with your lady okay have fun buddy let me know how it goes lava pool village Village village Village oh my gosh oh my gosh perfect perfect perfect perfect this is the run this is the Run oh my gosh guys guys guys who’s going to stay for the rest of this run no more resets no more resets that’s the lava pool look and I walk I walk 30 steps this way Village ready tin there you are I saw the tippity top of the of a of a plank perfect and it looks like a big Village as well please say there’s a lot of hay oh I’m seeing some hay I’m like hey ha hello that song’s good I wish I could just listen to all copyrighted music on stream I think that’d be so fun with you guys tan thank you for sharing the life thank you for helping out your buddy or your friend or maybe your enemy maybe you helped out your enemy you’re like man go get this tiktok cape but I do hate you baby get off the bed I don’t care about you lock you in you and timeout oh did he escape oh D I’m putting you in timeout later wait I don’t see as much hay as I thought I did no no no no no no no no I don’t see any hay the only hay I see is right in here I’m be like hey h hello dude that’s literally wait six that’s six pieces of bread right there if that’s all I get I’m going to I’m going to rage no but who’s going to be here in this run is going to be a good run I think unless I don’t get any hay that’s the only reason I need that’s quite literally the only reason I need a a village is because I just need more hay you know what be free I’ll allow you guys to I might need you food later actually I’m already out of food you see how fast that [Music] was great I have nine bread right now bro please you’re actually trolling yeah has anyone gotten the code in chat that’s something I I definitely 100% think people are getting codes I just don’t think no I know for sure people are cuz last night they were like I got the code thank you so much black cat oh so cute if you guys don’t know I have a black cat and she is the cutest thing of all time there’s big guy I will have I will be having to to do something to that big guy later but there’s no hey it looks like are you serious right now get off the bed you in timeout see I put the oh wait no not you don’t get another bed kid you’re locked in you ain’t never getting a timeout wait what the what the hell what did he learn how to open doors no bed for you little baby but where is oh guys I think I have to find another Village also who watched my most recent short who’s watched my most recent short let me know if you’ve seen it what’s your favorite part about it do you guys think I actually have a question you guys do you guys think my shorts are getting better I believe my shorts are getting better and better not like every single upload they’re like better and better but it’s like I’m learning so much more that I’m starting to implement into all my shorts and that alone is making them better does that make sense like not every short could be a 10 out of like it could be the BET like better than the last cuz then there’s plateaus and stuff like that but like as long as overall Vibes are getting like like if you’re you know editing better more creative shots you did scientist and bobinson Shout Out scientist and bobinson for watching uh for watching my short where’s theota it should just send it to you at some point Jeff what the hell yes yeah yeah yes okay I scrolled all the way down before you played Minecraft dang scientist I told told you I had good energy from you this is a lot of animals here but not enough food I wish piglins would or hoglins would trade no piglins would trade for food like any sort of food even like a carrot like I will take that trade all day and speedr running that would help so much dude guys I think I have to leave and leave this Village [Music] I don’t think it’s profitable enough for me to be here also I was going to say these seeds are not I’m just break all these seeds why not I was going to say I swear I saw potato seeds and carrot seeds there we are dang I literally it’s so sad I can know what like crops they are before they’re even grown this little stubble of green I know what it looks [Music] like I think they give raw pork chops they unfortunately do not hoglins do but like piglin trading with gold does not do that cuz I’m always gay every speedrun CU I never have enough food I always like have no food in the Nether and I always like die because of it so food like I honestly I don’t need iron I don’t I I’ll mine for iron I don’t care about that I just need to get a village so I can get as much wheat as possible to get as much food as possible that’s the only thing of importance in this entire run before the Nether and currently what it’s looking like is that might have to reset if I don’t find a planes biome before eating all my food it looks like it might have to be a reset what’s up everyone new what’s up everyone new in chat what’s up up if you guys want to know how to claim your free Tik Tok Cape here’s what you do number one you got to follow step one number two after following you got to type in the chat and just type Minecraft then number three wait a little while and you should get a code to put into your Minecraft launcher and let me know if that was helpful at all if that was helpful and I helped you get your free Tik Tok Cape let me know in any way you can um just type in the chat and say that helped thank you or if you want to just send some likes or if you want to if you are feel so inclined uh Rose or whatever you’d like to do that would be much appreciated also I never killed big guy this is fine okay I have a genius idea this isn’t it this is it though what’s myed uh speedrun time uh scientist my best time is about two hours it’s about 2 hours so not that good actually while I’m here I might as well just chill on music true some meme guy true M’s 20 to 30 dang you’re going blind how why you want me to say hi Stella there you go you subbed thank you Brad yeah who’s new in the chat let me know if you’re new in the chat so I can uh shout you [Music] out dude that’s a cool ocean monument and there’s like an amethyst right next to it that’s super [Music] cool this sounds very this song sounds very Animal Crossing esque if that makes sense you’re no G Sophia true well I was true you want a tournament today Tournament of what you’re done with school now that’s awesome Chris what is up hi baby happy 15 years of Minecraft true hi baby [Music] dude I’m hungry too I love eating today was a little bit of rice yeah what was the last thing you guys ate what was the last thing you guys ate the last thing I ate was some rice um what i e yesterday oh my gosh all I ate yesterday was I think it was just a slice of pizza from Costco all day and some rice today that’s crazy dude imagine I did a big circle and I was back at the first Village that would have been crazy you’re eating barbecue chicken o scientist and sounds so good chicken wait no wait wait wait pause why did you wait no no no no no no had no we don’t we don’t untime him out untime him out that was a bad call had he was explaining he was explaining to me he had chicken barbecue chicken and his first comment was something about something completely different it was about his eyesight I un time you out scientist oh finally another Village just poping in peace out midnight Moscow thanks for stopping by and saying hi since yesterday dang Dalton yeah right before stream I had like a little bit of rice and I was like m yummmy oo this song’s good finally yes dude some some food dude my Minecraft character is going to be eaten better than me I’m not going to lie what’s up little baby also we are doing a a like war between Tik Tok and YouTube who can send more likes during the entire live stream I did it last night I had fun doing it but we found out literally today that um guess we won the like war from yesterday guys it was Tik Tok Tik Tok won the like War yesterday they sent about 990,000 hearts and YouTube sent about 70,000 Hearts but who’s going to win today who knows Java’s just so much more fluid than Bedrock but bck is so hard thank you there should be if there’s not more food than that in this Village I might have to find a third one because even that amount of food is not a lot the baby just shut the door on me that is some sick generation dude most times in speedruns I actually don’t ever even come back for the for the beds oh there’s more food okay perfect because by the time I get through the Nether and trade with all my piglins to get pearls I definitely have enough obsidian to get to just make another portal and so I just leave are these all these no they’re not oh and there’s more hay right there perfect okay this is enough this is enough for the run this is enough for the Run perfect after this we’ll be going to the nether is it smarter to try and look for a new lava pit or go back to the first one I found the first one I found is about 3,000 blocks away so probably not okay let’s grab this bed and then food to the top and then we’re out of here also if you are new here and you want the Tik Tok Cape here’s how you do it step one follow after you follow go to step two step two step two um type Minecraft in the chat then after you do both of those Steps step three is to just wait a few minutes a little while and then you will get a notification with the code to get the cape let me know if that was helpful I should probably be able to find a ruined portal or a lava lava pool sometime soon also do lava pools exist in real life oh there we go I told you we were going to find one soon imagine if I turned around and had to walk 3,000 blocks away to find the old one did I kill big guy yes I did okay this will be our base of operations so first off off RIP just get all the beds in here um just keep all the food actually in your inventory because you’re actually good enough nowadays to where you won’t die in the nether everything else is pretty useful water bucket I need a flint and steel as well there we go let’s craft a let’s get some Stone so I can craft some Stone pickaxes in the nether yeah you saw that some M guy there was so many pigs dude is there water anywhere close let’s grab a little bit more more wood for [Music] sure let me note down these coordinates real quick though it is 2573 88 11 108 I feel like I’m standing right above a for a stronghold for some reason and it’s got a weird oh there I thought that was water in the distance just any water anywhere Grant emeralds how do I find emeralds in more lava what little milk bucket take a little sip all does anyone in the chat drink milk I I will say I’m an avid milk Drinker I like drinking I I haven’t done it in a long time I don’t really have milk um but when I do I definitely do drink it it’s just so good why can I not find water why is water the hardest thing to find there’s be water right there I can tell okay like I said there’s water right there I’ve gotten so much better at speedrunning this Run’s not too fast but it’s not too slow it’s not my best not my worst like back in the day it would take me like three hours to get into The Nether nowadays it’s like 30 minutes yeah my first speedrun guys think about this was 7 hours like 8 hours almost it’s sat down and streamed for 8 hours straight and played Minecraft and it was so bad but now I’m get it done like 2 hours bro you’re so good thank you so much precious what’s up piaia what’s up Amber what’s up Jill what’s up Katherine what’s up Nash what’s up everyone how you doing corx what’s up how you doing you put an auto clicker on the like button guys we’re at 6K likes on the Tik Tok who’s going to win the like War Tik Tok or YouTube I really thought YouTube was going to win yesterday but Tik Tok pulled through this game’s beautiful okay that’s everything we’re going to build it right here I think that’s the thing I need to make like I don’t need to make it but it does definitely help me can’t I just do this nice dang that does a lot more damage than I thought it would let me sleep really quick let me place on one of those beds and sleep I don’t want to do this during the night messing with lava and mobs at the same time is a little little scary what’s up bro what’s up Cobra man also if you’re new here drop a sub and let me know in the chat to say hi I’m new and I just subscribed we are so close to 23,000 subscribers and also let me know down in the chat let me know if you’re going to be here in a future stream like tomorrow or the next day or just whenever you’re going to be here because guess what guys I go live every single day for 4 hours a day so it’s not like you subscribe and you’ll never see me again you I’ll be in your feeds you know we’ll be having fun every day it’s ain’t a one time thing plus also I post shorts every Monday Wednesday Friday so like that’s also another thing you’re going to be seeing of mine you’re getting so much free content from me it’s going to be awesome just blow up I don’t even care I do believe I need to go up one more that was kind of a throw I won’t lie ready just a little more did I build that wrong oh my gosh I totally built that wrong it still works though right oh I built it four tall why is it so tall who made me do that who Enchanted me in chat to do that good video thank you so much join is that everything I need okay let’s go one small step for man one giant leap for mankind here’s my coordinates 326 57 149 okay watch this one shot one kill call me Widowmaker ready why do you sometimes guess just like don’t get mad at you I was going to try and deflect it right back at him is that a Oh I thought that was a warped Forest turns out it was just thought it was just soulfire wait I have w i lit had gold already h H guys what do I do also if you are new in the Tik Tok chat here’s the three things you need to do to claim the Tik Tok Cape step one drop a follow after you drop a follow do step two which is type Minecraft in the chat after you do both those steps do uh step three which is just wait a little while you should be receiving a notification to receive receive your free Cape after that okay you’re gone you’re gone bye bye you’re new in the live welcome MD what’s up call him MB the way he shooting threes for like KD from never mind never mind never mind mind mind okay I’m on the hunt for a nether fortress now and a um warped Forest I might not need the Warped Forest if my luck is good enough with the piglins but it never is so that ain’t [Music] happening also shout out scientist and bobinson for being here for this long he’s been here for about like uh almost an hour now thank you so much thank you for the rose L Pekka thank you so much wait is that a PE that’s a mini pekka from Clash bro I’m not going to lie I’m a little addicted to Clash of Clans I am a town hall 16 I am not rushed I have been playing for like years are you impressed I’m going to say yes how can you not be impressed with the with Statistics like that El Pekka thank you for the rose again shout out El Pekka I’m going try and Shout out and give you little mini hearts for every single donation to anyone from anyone keep up the great work thank you so much class of clans is good I love Clash of Clans scientist should I pull up my my base real quick I’ll pull it up real quick and show it to you guys on stream do a base review base review on stream I’m just going to open it up real quick okay oh I almost killed myself there on accident I only have stack of food guys I usually use a bit more food than that but I’m going to try and limit the usage of food right now with oh this is what I needed this is what I needed thank you thank you thank you you guys right here is there a way I can kill the baby without making mad at me I can both the baby I remember that now get in the pit get in the pit I have so much gold I have so much gold look wait no get out get out get out okay nice if I get one Pearl trade I’ll be happy yo my Ricochet Cannon just upgraded nice now thing’s maxed that’s good fire charge don’t really need that let’s range my inventory no spamming no spamming in chat you’re a cool guy thank you so much Luca you’re cool too I guess not I guess I know I can just assume look at this look at my base think it’s kind of hard to see but I am a town hall 16 and it is like not maxed but I was a maxed Town Hall 15 before upgrading I think everything was maxed maybe except for the walls but also I did take a shower right before stream so that’s why my hair was a little cursed but now it’s starting to take shape it’s looking good now right the base though right the base you can’t see it like at all but right the base you can see my town hall for I know that my Eagle artillery is kind of noticeable you can see a few legs for storages for sure oh I need that I need fire potion so bad okay arrange your inventory what do you not need two dirt I can get rid of another quart get rid of it pickaxe gone Soul Sand gone gravel gone any pearls oh I got four pearls oh wait God trade let’s go guys guys guys the luck the luck the luck the luck we can do this we can do this string I will need string actually for the bow do not do not let me forget to craft the bow before I get to the end okay Fortress here we come also if you are new to the Tik Tock live here’s how you claim your free Tik Tok Cape number one drop a follow after dropping a follow do step two which is type Minecraft in the chat after you complete step two which is just typing Minecraft in the chat wait a few minutes and you should be receiving your free Tik Tok Cape cosmetic and also send some likes on the Tik Tok Tik Tok is that uh so we’re trying to do oh I’m at three hearts I’m at three hearts I’m at three hearts I’m at three hearts just run there’s so much this place is plentiful of gold you need to come back here but just run from that freak oh warp Forest oh I don’t need to trade I don’t need a trade anymore do I have my boat I got my boat back didn’t I I swore I got it back now honestly I don’t need trades anymore I just need trades for maybe fire potions cuz with fires potions you can definitely do a lot of of good that helps with the fighting blazes guys guys this is the run it’s blurry but I’m going to say 10 out of 10 Okay Sophia it’s really good cuz it pulls so around my town hall there’s like two uh spell towers that have poison on them so it’s like if you use the the the super Archer blimp it’s actually less useful though there um and then it has like a lot of my main uh defenses like spread across the entire thing so it’s like oh shoot craft another pickaxe so another pickaxe for sure oh actually I make I’ll make an iron one why not then craft another bow and then break this Oh I thought that was a fortress okay it’s a Bastion I do not need to be messing around with any of that bastions are not worth it especially when I’m in a warped Forest like this I probably should learn how to loot bastions though at some point not tonight though okay so I’m going have warped forest and I haven’t seen one Enderman oh there we go put that man in a boat give him a quick Swift talking to and you give me my Pearl yes please a five already holy the speed and succession whoa say Psy thank you so much for the heart or for the yeah for the heart me thank you so much there’s a heart right back shout out psyche for that do I risk it n yo where all the Enderman at yo where they at yeah oh there’s one wait what I SAR I just saw one maybe he teleported okay I hear him oh there he is there he must have just walked like right over here yo Psy for the Four Roses thank you so much shout out psych for the donation okay wait you little guy get in the boat at six pearls guys at six pearls make that seven bro we are on our way okay oh Enderman two Enderman let’s go wait why did he just walk right in the boat as well I mean I’ll take it but isn’t even going for him y these Pearl drops are so lucky I’m at eight I’m at eight pearls dude if I can get my pearls and blaze rods before an hour I will like or find a Fortress for an hour I will literally be so elated guys this is the sub 2our run I’m telling you I’m getting sub two hours on this run who believes I’m going to get sub two hours you watch your vids thank you so much arice yeah dude who thinks this the sub 2-hour run remember I thought I was going to get the sub 2our run and then I got gate kept by one string for like an hour straight and I looked for a spider and cobwebs for like 3 hours and I ran through dark caves and ran on the surface during night time and I did all the things and I looked for the library that was the worst that might be the worst moment of all actually no not might that is my old streams back in the day on Twitch when I was doing Pogo stuck that was pretty bad but um for sure since I started doing Minecraft that’s been the worst moment on stream was that unlucky how took me like an hour and a half to get one string it would have been faster for me to build an entire string duper with the two string I had in my inventory then hunt for for one spider okay I’m going to continue to travel deep into this warped forest and the reason is is because uh oh maybe I continue to trade as well to get more obsidian to make a portal yeah I don’t know if it’s faster to go back to my home portal or just trade to get to get obsidian I’m so glad I didn’t hit him before getting in that boat no pearl that’s okay we’ve had good enough luck already where’s the boat did I not pick it up oh it’s right there why it sneeze oh goodness okay we’re back we’re locked and cocked um like a like a gun not the other way around but um if you’re new to the Tik Tok here’s how you get the Tik Tok Cape if you guys are wondering how to get it number one drop a follow um after you drop a follow you want to go into the chat and type Minecraft in the chat after a few minutes you should be receiving your Tik Tok Cape it’s in a notification and uh you can use that on any platform for you would like let me know if that was helpful also two Enderman perfect it’s the best when they’re like right next to each other can they get this oh three let’s go I love how Ender’s hit boxes are so big I can put down a boat next to them and they’ll still get in the boat it’s it’s not like hard to get him in like any other entity okay nine pearls I want to be safe and go for like 16 I know that’s kind of weird and not speedrun esque but bless you thank you Luca my do I say Mal or makes or what oh I saw two Enderman wait what I swear I just saw two Enderman can I hear them have a feeling there’s going to be a fortress right here there is not oh there’s an Enderman thank you it’s like put it down and they’re in the boat instantly well not that time I pushed it too far away okay pick a Direction go in that direction you keep kind of running in circles a bit Grant you got this it’s a good run got a good time got a good uh got a good start for sure just um continue to play it safe continue to uh do big things just look for the Fortress if you can find the Fortress after that I think you’ve actually won the game like really like this might be an hour and a half if I find a fortress fast enough this could be hour and a half I’ve gotten so fast at speedr running I’ve went from s hours to like an hour and a half like in three like days of speedr running and now I’m going to go 6 months without getting under an hour and a half it’s going to be crazy it’s crazy how that works this is a really interesting generation of like a warped Forest Minecraft’s generation is beautiful I would love to see the code one day of how all of their generation works because I don’t know if you guys know this but back in the day I used to be I thought I was going to be a computer programmer for um I went to college for computer program in and I really I I think code is really interesting to read um and have someone walk you through it cuz if you just read it you’re like what this this doesn’t mean anything but if you’re like Okay so this whole chunk right here is relates to this it pulls to this um it SLS the Bastion again let’s go this way I want to cross this way and then walk also Tik Tok said about 7K likes 7K likes yo L Pekka thank you so much for the GG thank you so much two Enderman in sight oh that could have been bad I was actually really I thought I was like 100% safe but that was really close to dying actually three like four Enderman are right here perfect perfect is that the same wait there’s two bastions like right next to each other wait what if that wasn’t a Bastion that was a nether fortress and I just walked away from it no that was a fortress or that was that was not a fortress I’m like 90% certain of it I got to stop double click right click when I’m placing boats cuz I accidentally get in the boat and then I die like every time because of that okay 12 four more pearls four more pearls yo Tech thank you for the GG shout out Tech in the chat a little heart for you right there think yeah shout out Tech in the chat H I hear so many Endermen I know there’s one up in the tree line somewhere where you at is that another or is that a basal biome oh my gosh that’s Bastion over there Bastion right there Bastion right there as well wait wait wait there’s three bastions right in this vicinity look so look Bastion Bastion what is this it feels like I’m playing OverWatch again at beginning of OverWatch 2 there’s bastions left and right and if I go back through here there should be a Bastion right oh my hair is like an interesting curl today interesting it’s like the flip up instead of like the back it’ll transform to back soon don’t worry easy is how it looks okay ready then where’s this Bastion is there no Bastion over here is that just being dumb no there’s a Bas like right over here I think I don’t know don’t really matter to me as long as I get my Fortress three Enderman down there I got eyes on the Bogies eyes on the Bogies go go go take him out one by one I see five I see five Enderman holy there’s so many Enderman right here box them in box them in that’s one on where’s the next one sir next one’s right here got eyes got eyes that’s two here’s the third keep them coming keep them coming can this Pigman not actually get in the boat thank you no it’s fine this is fine that almost killed me if you switched places and I accidentally hit him I was going to cry 14 there’s more this way sir more this way eyes ahead behind behind behind you thought you could hide from us bro can you stop following this Enderman I know for a fact like the game is like is is programmed for for certain mobs to follow other mobs cuz the fall like the like the Enderman is definitely like the farmable mob that everyone wants and so I promise you the coding is like if you’re within 30 blocks of an Enderman walk towards the boat you know what I’m saying like that look at that why are they following like that okay it’s gone it’s gone he’s escaped he hurt himself to escape genius I should have just looked him in the eyes and uh in the boat in the I can tra two in one tra oh if I was genius I could have gotten both 3 two one tra oh wait 3 two one that’s it that’s it three two one tra there we go I’m at 16 okay what am I doing okay we’re at 16 music’s too loud there we go okay now just time for for the nether fortress if we can find nether fortress within the next 8 minutes I will actually go crazy um I don’t think here’s what I’m going to do you guys might not think this is smart but I honestly I think I’m stuck in like a triangle Loop of like all of these Bastion so I’m just going to I’m just going to remove myself for this entire situation we on the hunt why is this guy going crazy should be good should be good we got this guys we got this oh where 7.5k likes now in the chat on Tik Tok is is uh is YouTube going to win I might be able to check during the live how many likes and reactions there are but I’m not sure okay Soul Sand that’s bad that’s okay just be on the hunt for a fortress wait that’s my oh I found my portal guys I found I went right back to my portal on accident I wasn’t even trying to do that that’s actually really good though can nether forg just spawn no they they can they can I know that for sure now is when you use gravel the only time you can use gravel to like effectively move is in Soul Sand valleys okay I was going to try and boat clutch but that’s okay cuz gravel will always fall correct so wait do endem spawn in Soul Sand valleys cuz if so H this looks like a dead end H this looks like a dead end s’s down here but just check it out cuz why not yeah dude hearts and saturation are so much faster in Java that’s fine cuz like every time I’m like low hearts this Kade no don’t put l I was drinking my potion there was one more tick and I got the potion done I would have been fine don’t say l f oh that’s so sad it’s the worst way to die dude mad cuz bad okay Justin I don’t need that why did that happen to me that should never have happened ever I lost everything 16 pearls all of my iron oh dude wait that sound effect means wait what’s that sound effect oh the follower goal are you restarting well I’ll just respawn just means I have to get all that stuff again I almost stopped and was like H cuz I hit my portal and I was like you know what I could put down like all my pearls and all my stuff but what if I get really far and I have to um and I can never make it back to that portal so you can know I’ll just keep my inventory I won’t die of course I had to fall into the tiniest of cracks a one block crack dude that’s so bad you subscribed thank you so much John don’t give up thank you LCA okay we’re back we’re back I will actually clean this up for the blocks I did the exact same thing to get blocks genius I know a mastermind some would say bait the creeper to blow up blocks and kill this and kill the Zombies ready look genius I know one more creeper to blow up one more Stone and I will not need to make a wooden pickaxe come on please please where the creepers at where the creepers at oh I lost all my food oh what do I do without food what do I do without food guys H what do I do right here creepers if you are new to the chat let me know if you are new and I’ll try to I’ll try to read it and Shout you guys out look ready right here that’s f Perfect Dude how did I know the song was starting before it started I like started singing it before the song even started like predict to the Future let’s sleep now I’m out of food I mean I could just get like all of these like sheep and cows and stuff but like yeah I probably have to do that that sucks though I’m surprised I didn’t light on fire actually oh hi baby you want see my cat I’ll s my cat after that death why not ready here she is look how cute she is look how cute she is what’s up the Joker syrup isn’t she so cute cut your least favorite thing you’re that’s the worst take I’ve ever heard she’s pulling my mic closer to me hi baby tin dude her eyes are so complex they’re so cool look at her the baby true okay so cute true Timothy true also if you are new here in the Tik Tok here is how you claim your Tik Tok cape for free so number one drop a follow after you follow you’re going to want to type in the chat and type Minecraft and then send it or just say something like Minecraft is cool M I want the Minecraft Cape Minecraft is an awesome game or just say Minecraft uh and then after that you uh you have to wait a few minutes and then you should be getting into notification that your cape is available to claim Minecraft is cool you’re so right monkey thank you for listening to what I’m saying instead of just uh typing Minecraft cuz all I see in the chat is Minecraft is awesome true monkey yeah all I see is just the same word over and over in chat so it’s nice to see some variety from you okay here’s what I’mma do here’s what I’mma do I already have a straight path to the I’m going to go into The Nether and not sacrifice my life but just run as far as I can and hopefully not die but if I do die it’s fine I’m going to go try and find a fortress cuz if I find a fortress I know exactly where the war Forest is so I can just get the Fortress done and dusted and then uh go to the forest after instead of going to the forest doing that for like an hour and then having to search for a fortress and then I die while looking for the Fortress I can either die looking now before I lose all my stuff does that make sense every other pets no just syrup she’s the cutest also why did I make this so tall I was going to say I was like man I thought I built that frame like much better okay so look there’s the line that goes straight to the warp Forest okay so Grant you got to play safe you got to play safe you’re not going into there you will be going into here the issue is you don’t have any gold on right now so you got to go mine for some go mine for some uh gold okay so it is Minecraft is like this you die once and then you die 100 times cuz you just give up you just don’t care anymore oh what was that let see how much stuff is still down there try to play too quick why was there just a random hole that went didn’t know oh I hate Minecraft generation I know I just said it was beautiful like 10 minutes ago but it’s so nasty it’s not even worth I’m just going to die down there I’m just doesn’t even matter cuz I need more items anyway all my items burn in that lava down there so I got to do the exact same thing I just did and now I have no more food again hate Minecraft I’m telling you you get gay kep my food every single time okay you’re getting timed out for 30 minutes for that one is your first stream but you love it shout out the dog god for saying that not going so good no not really Emma okay I was trying to tell her not to do that for like 5 minutes now and then she kept doing it and then I moved for like a frame and then she ran away she only does those things just so I will give her attention it’s crazy so I’m talking about my cat it’s like oh I know I know Grant really doesn’t like this so I’m just going to do it so he tells me to stop doing it and then I’ll just pretend like I was never doing it in the first place it’s like why why do that literally I give her my all of my attention all day every day that’s literally all I [Music] do you got caught baby you got caught lock her up in a prison you got caught that still looks cursed but that’s okay sorry I had to move a lot of stuff today cuz I had to do a cleaning check so I cleaned up my entire room but that just kind of we just passed 10,000 likes on Tik Tok that’s crazy I’m telling you the Tik Tok knows how to spam Hearts I’ll say it what’s her breed no idea black cat bro that’s so sad also if you’re new here say hi I’m new and I just subscribed how did we pass 23,000 we are literally 34 subscribers away from 30 23,000 subscribers remember when I was like man it’s so weird saying 10,000 subscribers cuz I always say 1 2 3 4 5 69 and then I had to go to 10 I was like Wow 10,000 never said that before and now I’m like 23 I lit hit 10,000 subscribers like a month ago thank you about that guys [Music] this song is also very good you’re new and subscribed thank you so much burning memory it’s an interesting name yeah like little damage like that I can’t take in the nether okay well I’m going guys that was so sad this was the sub 2hour run if I just didn’t die too just I Lally was like this could be an hour and a half yeah that’s not possible anymore actually looks like some of my items are actually down there perfect oh that’s actually some of my items actually survived that’s not bad I got some more food I got some leather back that’s good I need to get gold I need to get nether gold so bad craft it get some boots on so these piglins will stop fighting me got time you out again don’t spam this looks way more promising for a fortress just get some gold and then you can do whatever you’d like just going to find an okay am out of gold is that a fortress just get get me like any gold please I just need 36 I believe right yeah 36 gold nuggets there’s got to be a fortress around here I can smell it call me a blood hound I need one more piece of [Music] gold a fortress oh I I could told you I was smelling it the little baby’s going to kill me the big guy’s going to kill me too that’s perfect that’s perfect okay we’re good just come on quick quick quick quick quick all you need is boots and then you’re good do I do it safe or risky H let’s WR down these coordinates first off 250 62 118 this is going to be risky guys almost zero armor [Music] okay let’s do this let’s go indoors indoors is always better outdoor spawners is always so hard okay it’s a dead end I get some loot here too I get some loot loot here wether skeletons are my number one Ops though they are the bane of my existence neither of those are good maybe let’s give me some like iron and stuff if I can get a if I can get a shield if I can get a shield it’s worth it you’re cooked I’m not cooked burning memory I got this if I can get one iron I’m I’m actually I’m actually set for life also I’m so thirsty not the one person is giving me a water reminder I’ll stream I am not cooked you are cooked oh no don’t chase me don’t chase me gave him the little Loop give him a little loop-de-loop right there go down okay so the loop loop might okay there we go come chase me I went to every biome now that’s awesome I don’t know how he hit me there but he did that’s super Fair yo where the chest that okay I see a chest right through there is that better or worse a little [Music] better I got iron oh we did it guys we lit did it cuz look now I just go wait that is not the right recipe and we are set now for life okay that ends you’re not cooked you got this thank you the dog god I will take any gold if I can find it in chests but I’m also looking for a spawner there’s a spawner it’s not fully indoors but it’s not Outdoors either so it’s not too bad to work with okay that’s three just play it safe Grant you have minimal food yes but perfect yo thank you for the rose endless SE oh my gosh there’s three remember when like four spawned on me that one time guys that should not have hit me it’s okay though just play it safe get your hearts up okay you good I was shielding last bit of food last bit of food I just need three more three more rods so this could be it oh are you serious are you serious Shield was up and I pressed escape this game sucks so bad it’s so bad dude that was my last per I literally thought I killed him too I told if I had shoe if I had food that would never have happened or been a problem I tell you I get gay capped by food every single run dude everyone I really was like I don’t want to break that tree down because of Aesthetics I literally forgot a speed I’m never coming back to this world ever again now I got to do everything from step one again dude this actually sucks oh look isn’t this crazy what do you guys think I’m going to make oh a pickaxe what are you going to get with that pickaxe oh wait that’s crazy what are you going to make with this it’s like dude it’s if that one death didn’t happen this run would have I probably would be near the end now cuz I actually was going to go into that warped Forest I literally was like I was going to turn around and go to that warp Forest instead of going to this little Sand Valley again sub 2 hours is dead I wonder what I’m going to do now with these tools this was the Run dude this is the run an hour and a half was possible too for [Music] that’s a dog uh-oh I thought that was a sheep that’s what I thought that was cuz I saw sheep on the Hill from far away okay that’s enough food [Music] [Music] okay let’s find out what those coordinates were 250 6218 250 negative or 250 62 netive 118 [Music] 250 you subs thank you creeper Pro okay now we have all the pieces to the puzzle though we know where the Fortress Is we know where the Warped Forest is we just need to get both of those things if I just stopped at my chest and put put the stuff in my chest this I mean honestly probably I don’t know Butterfly Effect means probably I would have never gone back to that chest but this would have happened that’s all I know boat craft a boat Grant boats the most useful thing in the nether sword sword bow bow I can run past him sword I can run past him sword bow I have five minutes to find these items five minutes I have to remember the path I took don’t turn right off rip go one past and then turn right then you went through the thing turned left I think I remember my pathway there ready let’s see if my memories big brain or not I looped through I either went left here or left here I think it was here then I went chest chest through top I believe and then at the end of this hallway I feel like that’s where it is not this hallway with the next one maybe no it’s around here somewhere though the timer’s on though I got five minutes to find it did I go oh I went past maybe wait let’s check this chest that’s it that’s this this is it this is it ready wait what it’s a dead end how’s this not it okay go I don’t have time to eat I really honestly don’t have time to eat so I must have gone through gone here gone here gone here do I go straight then there it is there it is found it found it come on please say it’s not despawned please say it’s not despawned yes just get your stuff and run just get your stuff and run it’s everything go put on your armor this that that a is out get one more you have you have food heal up heal up get your hunger to full and then go back in we are back on track we are back on track JY I dare you bye I’m out of here that is nine rods okay good I’m out of here here 23k thank you guys so much who is my 23,000 subscriber let me know down in the chat who was that thank you guys so much thank you guys so much and for 23k I’m going to teach you guys how to get a free Cosmetic in Minecraft does that seem interesting to anyone does let me know here’s how you get it so join the Tik Tock live I’m doing or if you’re already there here’s how you get the cape uh First Step what you got to do is you got to follow after after you follow then you have to go into the chat and type Minecraft after you follow and then type Minecraft into the chat you got to wait a few minutes and then after that the game will give you uh it will give you a notification with a code and then that’s how you get the free Minecraft cosmetic Cape let me know if that helps you guys out but thank you guys so much for 23,000 subscribers 23,000 I guys that’s that’s like I can’t like comprehend that if you think about it 23,000 that’s not a number like let’s look up this population of smallest countries Vatican City has 764 people wait let’s see uh it looks like 10 smallest countries in the world guys we literally have more than the 10 smallest countries in the world Max is 23,000 we have more we have more subscribers than than 13 countries technically that’s crazy dude thank you guys so much okay the run is back on track the run is back on track now it’s probably going to be about like a 210 maybe 230 Speed Run that’s my best guess there’s my portal let’s go into that that is a okay we do only have three pieces of food though it’s okay let’s get him to 50K true of Onish 50k guys 50k before my birthday would be crazy rods let’s put backup armor backup swords why not backup axes backup tools backup [Music] wood why not two iron what can I do with two iron nothing super important but maybe I keep it here just for a shield just in case I die okay [Music] okay there we go I had a sneaking suspicion I was like huh if I break in a straight line I’m going to find something in good I found you got to get out of here hit him hit him hit him that’s it that’s it there we go bye-bye see you next Lobby guest who saw that that was crazy okay let’s put these coordinates up in the chat okay 285 41 255 Bridge let’s put this little guy in a boat one we’re 116th the way there guys how are you standing on the boat but not getting in it what stop running stop running if you won’t stop running I’ll just there we go got to play this as safe as possible I can’t take like any hits dude the amount of food I have I cannot take any hits that’s two pearls two pearls right here third fourth maybe how do the end whatever okay that’s one hit that’s the only hit I can take that is quite literally the only hit I can take if I take one more hit I die I just don’t have any sources of food in the nether okay stop running I swear stop running you’re so cringe you are so cringe he’s mad at me I’m at one heart and I have angry Enderman behind me nice try bucko I outplayed you here nice try bucko one heart I can’t even take fall damage anymore I wasn’t even looking him in the eyes he was his back was to me and I wasn’t even like I think I was I swear I was looking like at his chest Maybe no I died why did I do that why did I do that who knows actually I’d rather die there actually probably good thing that I died there I have my Hunger back at least like honestly that death probably the best thing cuz I know where all my items are and I have my Hunger all the way back up and my hearts all the way back up yeah that was actually a good play that was a calculated death that’s not copium and it respawned uh all the Enderman over here there’s like five Enderman over here it redid All the [Music] spawns I climbed up here and then I jumped down right here see I knew exactly where my stuff was calculated death not a copium I swear if you will not get into my boats I will just I’ll just do this it’s better don’t teleport you freak [Music] there we go thank you if you do not comply I will just trap you another way it’s not that hard it’s not like the only way I can kill you is with uh right here ready that’s not what I wanted to have happen but that’s okay right ready I got I got to be quick I got to be quick if I want all of them ready zombie pigman walks in front of these Enderman I’m dead my axe broke whatever pick axe I guess I have three crafting tables so I guess I can just I almost that zombie pigman I can dude stop walking in I I’m telling you I’m telling you zombie pigman code is like oh if this guy’s farming just walk right in front of all his swings I terrified of missing can now you get in the boat stop body blocking me dude they’re pushing me out I hate zombie [Music] pigman I I say 100% true on like on like I will bet my whole life that there’s something in the code that says zombie pigman walks towards towards player fighting Enderman or something or like towards boat towards like anytime like anything is like oh they’re like abusing this system just have the zombie pig walk right in front of them and there’s got to be in the code if a player has a boat out in his hand the Enderman walks away from him for sure cuz like look at this what do I do here okay at seven we just need a few more a few more guys and then we’re good there we go bagged fast enough they cannot Escape that’s eight we just need literally just double it double it and give it to the next person I predict that Ender’s movement nice try bucko tried to cheat the system but I just Che you that’s eight still okay never mind thought it was going to be nine but apparently [Music] not okay where the Enderman at [Music] oh look you’re going to walk right in front of the the Enderman aren’t you oh look now you’re going to walk right in front of the Ender aren’t you oh crazy isn’t it crazy that I can predict all the movement of every mob in this game cuz it’s not so stupid I have faith in my abilities okay we’re good see I was trying to not I was trying to clip on top of that block but that’s okay I am out of food though I might do another calculated death I might do another calculated death just don’t do it to a pigman that’s the only thing you can’t do Grant don’t do it near a ledge either do I have gravel fall damage just makes your blocks or your items spread way too far apart unless you do it like in a hole I guess yeah we’ll do that actually this will also reset the Enderman spawns whatever fine one more jump I think should do it no way it’s two more right oh there’s an Enderman right there though he might jump down actually up top if he’s smart enough I’ll let him have the kill that’s fine he’s smart enough that’s why I wanted to die anyway [Music] so not bad do I play VR at all um not really I don’t have a VR headset I do but it’s not like a good one I haven’t set it up that much but um I got like one of like the I think it was like the Oculus goes or something like that I don’t even know what it’s called but my little brother plays VR a ton both my little brothers play VR a ton and they love it and I feel like VR was something I totally would have 100% gotten into a billion percent more if I was had access to it when I was a kid nowadays I just like eh like I can just play on my computer and just like just do whatever but like I don’t really need VR controlled death telling you guys it’s a new genius strategy and now look the Ender’s trapped pearls okay we’re at nine I just need a few more pearls guys and then we’re going to the end and we’re fighting the Dragon you’re a freak you’re a bigger freak get off the stop running from me get in the boat please the Enderman were so much more Cooperative last time I wonder if it’s like if it’s if your game is like if you’re in the end fighting Enderman before an hour they’re more cor Cooperative but then after that they’re always more like cynical not cynical but like he’s going to get in the boat good 10 just literally six more guys six more I didn’t even see this guy over here I just assumed that there was going to be an Enderman over here five more dude who’s going to stay until I beat the Ender Dragon don’t forget to get the bow I will not forget good reminder good reminder I have a little gold on me so I might trade uh with piglins to try and get that bow or at least a few string so I’m not like looking for the library and the the stronghold or like looking for spiders I think that might be a good play good reminder is there any Enderman up top oh there’s an Enderman nice how is I not hitting him is this head not in his hit box or something okay four more four more two end perfect please don’t hit me okay I was scared I was in range three more I’m out of hunger now think I’m going to bite the bullet I think I’m going to bite the bullet there’s three right here one Pearl just two more pearls please please please please please please okay that’s two please drop a pearl if you drop a pearl my my Pearl Hunt is done I get to go fight the Ender Dragon no one more pearl one more Pearl there he is you can get away no don’t walk last one yep okay there we go I think I’m going to do another calculated death another calculated death maybe I do one after I get back yeah we’ll do when we get back you think I need an iron axe when like what what do you mean by that don’t spam don’t spam the dog God don’t don’t entice people to spam I got to time you out for one minute just cuz you entice people to spam we do not approve any spam in chat okay I do need a bow I do need a bow okay I change your name back can change your name again a Ry welcome back though okay let’s just drop everything right here first of all sleep good job you’re doing great thank you so much Maverick also you’re playing at the same time that’s fun [Music] you ready for this oh no I’m going to die what happened okay we’re good imine a creeper blew up my bed like that same frame I died so I was like thousands of blocks away that would have been so sad I probably would have quit after that one okay so what do I need I have X is what’s like important I know I need string for a bow I know I need bows so bad a lot of this stuff is just trash I will keep the arrows oh I need to go trade cuz I I need arrows I need to go trade I need to go trade okay I need to go get more golden trade okay put just the the most important things back in okay guys’s go trade now I realized the reason I need a bow is cuz I need arrows and I don’t have arrows cuz I need to get them from from Trading as well okay I’m glad I remembered that now and not during the ender dragon fight but again I still have zero food what is up with the food I hate not having food Ding A speedrun it’s probably my least like it’s probably the feeling I hate the most in my entire life oh that’s gone let put the shot some gold up there it looks like just get as many gold bars as you can for so Twisted forests like these are not good for gold but like there’s not much of the do I have my boat still okay perfect there’s not much oh there there’s some gold right there genius I did that on purpose to kill the piglin I know I’m brilliant looks like there’s some gold there there okay I remember there’s a land full of gold I don’t know where it was though there was so much gold that’s risky just uh play safe just grab another R this should be fine honestly just die just die it’s faster to die it’s faster to die I didn’t even have that much gold either and I was like out of hunger as well so just better to die it’s better to die I do need more wood though and some more Stone it’s okay it’s better to die also if you’re new here on the Tik Tok I’m going try and help you out and get you this cape as fast as possible okay here’s what you need to do to get this cape right step one uh drop a uh after you do step one do step two which is type Minecraft in the chat uh and then after step two what you’re going to want to do is your step three is to stay in the Stream for a few minutes after you do that it will uh help you get the the cape so like I said step one follow step two type Minecraft step three wait a few minutes you will get a you’ll get a code thank you for the rose and see thank you for the Roses three more roses NYC thank you so much there’s just goal is just so hard to come by and my see thank you so much for the rose again dink there you go that’s where I died right there try to play fast and I bit the bullet for it I died that was my own fault and I get it all I need is arrows and string guys I am I’m literally wasting time to mine gold trade to piglins just so I can get some arrows there’s probably less risk you to to boat off the original spot than than building out NYC thank you so much for the follow as well shout out NYC everyone say WNYC in the chat I hear bubbling lava so I got to be careful look at you go I really want to make a summer playlist I don’t I’m not really a playlist guy but I really want this a summer playlist that I just put all like just really like fun upbe energetic songs I can play like roll down the windowes Vibes you know it’s like roll down the window uh maybe like sunglasses on sunny outside blasting uh is that another that’s a different warped Forest that’s crazy this was a really lucky seed I just need to go through all mine playlist and just find all my favorite summer songs and just put them in [Music] there unless that’s the same Forest which it might be actually no it’s not it’s not no it might be I I really can’t tell Al the best song in all of undertale wait both headphones in we’re going to turn it up just a little bit as well NYC they with the finger heart and the chili shout out NYC this was the land of plentiful gold that’s the same word Forest then okay hey get off me nice try I’m on one heart why am I running when I can just beat him there we go let’s hope this is enough guys let’s hope this is enough [Music] [Music] that’s a good song just play it safe Grant just play it safe you’re doing safe right now you’re doing good I said I’m playing safe when I’m at one heart in the nether I don’t think I consider that playing safe but that’s okay okay just a little bit more gold and then we’re going to the end dragon fight yo Lloyd thank you for the nine GG’s thank you so much and thank you for the chili NYC thank you so much guys shout out both of you guys right now thank you so much for those gifts those mean the world to me thank you are you serious are you serious yo Lloyd thank you for the 11 G GG’s dink thank you so much are you serious guys it’s the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen I fell down a two block drop and I died if I lose my stuff it’s I’m actually going to be really upset and I have to actually like Dodge and avoid piglins as well these freaks just hit me I don’t care just jump over him oh why you he predicted my movement dude that guy is crazy okay nice try not today okay you said died in like a hole that’s not bad gosh I’m really starting to get annoyed by this speed run if I didn’t have that first death this I would be done I would be done I could have completed almost a second speedrun by now probably okay that’s just hard cap but I would have been done like hour and a half Max for the first run it’s the worst when you die because it’s like I know for a fact if I didn’t die like this would have been over by now so like why am I even playing and then he just don’t care I’m out of food I’m out of everything I have no material so it’s like why even try like I can’t put all my full potential in cuz like it doesn’t matter okay I got 26 gold I’m going to go trade that I’m not going to use a single piglin though I might want to use two actually let use one why not just take the time sfe like it’s not going to trying to find two might be a time loss honestly you’re just look Grant you’re looking for three string and some arrows well there’s two more piglins but it’s whatever how is it doing that bad it’s a good video oh my goodness I don’t get it no leather please okay I see everything I don’t need actually I’ll take some obsidian I’ll take some obsidian yeah good I probably have enough now though right yeah for sure I have enough six actually H give me some [Music] more yeah so I’ve gotten pretty much nothing good from this guy okay no more obsidian please arrows arrows and string thank you arrows 10 it’s 10 [Music] enough please stop giving me gravel and and nether brick oh my goodness oh stop with the gravel all I get is leather gravel and nether brick thank you 18 18 arrows I don’t think that’s going to be enough for the fight I don’t need that I don’t need that but I’ll keep it why not just in case I need to like I fall in lava or something don’t need that [Music] [Music] so bad I’m not skilled enough with the arrows to do it an 18 let’s just do it I don’t care I know how I could do it theoretically pretty easily it’s not worth to get more gold and fright and bl it’s not worth it if I was smart I would have dropped off those two arrows as well at the Top If I see skeletons I’m going to kill them on the way as well I could just go to that Forest but or not the forest is soul stand but like I said not worth it I’m actually going to start getting really upset if my Hunger keeps making me walk nothing’s more infuriating than walking in a speedrun or ever in Minecraft the walking speed is so slow okay I did not do that I was dumb okay well that’s fine don’t need leather don’t need this is fine these are all just building blocks I guess that I could theoretically [Music] use okay everything let’s go we’re on our way F3 it’s pointing in Direction z44 got to remember that 144 I’m going try and kill as much if I see any animals I’m killing them on the way as well [Music] can the stone ax One Tap cows it can okay we’re going to use the stone axe okay get r e e e e you will burning memory sleep deprived Kyle name’s Hazel welcome you will stay Sky God wait that’s completely different angle wait wait that’s good that’s good that’s good that means we’re close we are really close guys [Music] [Music] [Music] where’s my cat at [Music] oh she’s in the window more food can you not crit a like a pig or something oh okay what’s that sound effect I only hear that sound effect when I hit pigs it’s really weird okay I’m probably going to go another 100 blocks on a thrown eye once I hit this hill yeah yeah this hill this [Music] hill uh what is that 157 okay we’re pretty close actually 163 okay there we go you still have B clutch that was crazy [Music] string I need string I need string I never got string okay what are some ways to get string guys breaking cobwebs killing spiders what else what else you been since the nether thank you man Maverick bro it’s for real cooking thank you bkr ninja also if you are new in the Tik Tok chat here’s how you get the cape I’ll do it really quick I’ll speed around number one uh drop a follow number two type Minecraft in the chat number three uh wait a few minutes and you will get the code to redeem your cape Bluey Clips I love Bluey blue is really good guys if you haven’t seen Bluey it’s so good it’s going to point the other direction oh what honestly I should probably just leave that eye because it’s actually not that important to me but it’s okay let’s take it no eye left behind other than that one eye that somehow randomly disappeared I don’t know where that thing went I watched the VOD back I went it was it literally disappeared in thin air why is my game lagging okay we’re good e e e yeah it’s like literally right here I try to catch it on the way down it’s okay watch I’m going to go right here and it’s going to go the other direction ready promise you yep right here perfect this should be it this should be it do I have a water bucket no I lost that when I fell in lava remember like an hour and a half ago this was the run too dude this was the Run there we go find the library find the library off rip Grant this is a really interesting structure or these chests might have some stuff right these chests have string or bows in them Library found it oh I should have kept one of those swords actually I’m not going in I’m not going in don’t worry guys wait no I literally misclicked wait wait they’re in the wall they’re in the wall they’re in the wall they’re in the wall they’re in the wall what was that no way dude if I can’t find him I’m actually I’m just going to go game mode creative and just and just put him in because that was actually like the worst misclick of all time do do I ever stay in walls or no are they gone are they gone I’m just going to in game mode I don’t care I’ll cheat I’ll actually cheat and just go to the end cuz that was actually the worst misclick of all time I I I don’t care that one was actually just like that one’s just like o like that one’s not like oh that was so bad like no it’s cheating it’s like oh that’s just unfortunate do they break in walls can they be here at all or no okay let’s just um is it okay how do I do this efficiently is there a way to do this efficiently go to the surface they’re at the top of like the entire map are you serious I’ll check if it’s there cool if it’s not I’m cheating cuz that one’s just like H that’s kind of that’s just kind of lame it’s not like a oh you died haha it’s like this is kind of lame like that was not even like an enjoyable death that was just like or an enjoyable throw it’s like oh that’s just [Music] well and the worst part is I’m in the chunk so I have a 5 minute timer to come get this [Music] dude that was the worst I don’t know how that happened I didn’t know that was possible I was like I’ll just go pretty quick and I’ll just click really fast didn’t even know it was possible if you right click on one with already and iron it will drop it [Music] okay there they are thank you for everyone in chat who told me that was possible thank you that was so stupid also lit I’ve been here for 2 and a half hours no 3 hours of streaming and I’ve drinken this much water [Music] total okay okay thank you for chat for the help now don’t misclick oh I misclicked wow watch it watch it put me in the lava I would cry if it puts me in the lava okay good wait why am I doing that I just need to craft one thing and I know it’s going to sound stupid it’s like why you even crafting this you’ll see okay it’s all I need 18 arrows let’s put that in there let’s grab about this let’s put that there any of like the backup stuff that I probably like I don’t need right now but I will might need later I’m just going to put in this chest okay H I don’t know how I’m going to do this it’s going to be an interesting fight guys it’s going to be interesting fight I’ll say it dude who’s going to be here when I beat the dragon who’s going to be here let me know down in chat if you if you’re here for when I beat the dragon okay so that means I have to line up arrows like perfectly before I shoot them because I cannot miss okay I lost one on that I lost one that’s okay like I just can’t like I can’t lose more than like theoretically if I only miss one on every wait so 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I can miss wait 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 10 there’s 10 I can miss a few I can miss one on each theoretically okay that’s good like about one on each okay and now with these ones I missed just go up here okay I have 10 arrows left 10 arrows left and not that many actually not that many crystals left that’s okay that’s why you bring the backup stuff okay get in there Grant what are you waiting for this is a bad run bad not a bad run just like a run you know what I’m saying it’s like a so much just dumb doodoo stuff happened during this run it’s like if I had a water bucket that wouldn’t have happened if I had anything else that would have happened if I like you know if I just didn’t die that first death this run would have been over like an hour ago it’s my bow up top dude of course they put like the thing I actually needed most on top the most important item I needed is not on the ground who would have guessed there it is don’t care about your Purge okay that one’s done done done so looks one two three there’s only three left okay three left three left okay I can do this three left watch this watch this ready genius play [Music] like I have like no food as well six arrows left okay stop doing that you [ __ ] I hate I hate I hate if I didn’t have the one death I would have a water bucket i’ have all these things have arrows and have I would never need to be bridging up like this when I beat this Dragon dude I’m going to rub it in his smug ass face he’s going to be so pissed off this guy thinks he’s doing something he this guy thinks he’s like doing something but this guy’s literally not doing anything this guy’s like oh my I got another kill on the guy who has no food no no house no home no nothing it’s like okay cool I don’t care I was going to try and abuse this glitch as least as little as possible but I don’t care anymore with how dumb the dragons being I don’t care anymore don’t spam king of rizz you know this you’ve been here before 10 minutes cuz you’re someone I know and you’ve been here before when I’ve said that a 100 times okay ready so grab the wait where’s the obsidian where’s where’s the obsidian if I lost the obsidian I’m going to be so pissed off it was the one thing I needed are you serious right now I lost the obsidian that is so cool oh let’s go found it nice try game not happening today though okay ready okay I can’t build down here at all apparently okay ready one two you go one build up like this don’t perge don’t Purge it’s what I don’t want you to I said don’t Purge oh this guy a freak okay I need to work on that setup he’s going to come right for me see watch are you just not going to move are you just cool now fly away I’m so surprised he did not do that sooner uh can I reach from back here I can so that means I want to put a block here and here’s how I’m going to do it okay perfect line up the rest of the beds actually eat some food while I wait for him to perch I think this is it there might be one or two more deaths but this is it this is Lally it guys I’m beating the End Dragon right now yo Dam D Reed thank you so much for the subscription how come it didn’t give me the notification Damian Reed thank you so much you are literally the best everyone say w Damian read also welcome back why did it not give me why did it not give me the the notific oh of course of course when I was tabbed out so that’s a death just take the death Grant just take the death this Dragon thinks he’s so cool it’s like bro you need to chill you ain’t nothing I honestly don’t even need to put on this armor but that’s okay can you deflect that okay this is what I need wait for him to perch or [Music] her or them who knows I did not look you in the eyes I did not look look you in the eyes you just just kill me just just kill me actually just kill me just faster to kill me Lally just kill me I don’t care I did not look you in the eyes I swear though it is quite literally just faster to die but look he’s going to perch right now he’s going to perch right now and I’m not ready watch ready oh there’s the perch I I heard the perch noise yep yep the one time when I’m not ready he’s going to purge that’s so cool that was a ton of damage well I’m just going to die again I guess very cool it’s like why is it when every like every it’s morphy’s law everything that can go wrong does go wrong it’s like oh I I don’t look at en in the eyes but they still get aggroed oh I die oh the dragon’s going to PCH right when I die oh right when I’m shouting someone out the dragon’s going to PCH right one it’s like literally every single time I don’t think one good thing has gone on during this stream other than the nether when I first got to the nether when I found the warp forest and the nether fortress pretty quickly cuz the first Village I went to had no food and I had to go to a second village and it took me like 10 minutes to get there okay I will not stop looking at this Dragon until he perches perch swear perch I swear perch that’s a a perch that’s a perch I’m going to die I need to figure out a way so I don’t die I don’t know how to do that correctly I I I don’t know how to actually do that correctly to where I don’t take damage I know you can do it but I just don’t know how I’ve done it once before do I have another obsidian if I do I think I know how to do it did I burn my axe okay now I still have my axe [Music] perfect so close guys it’s a perch of course When I’m Not Looking when I’m not ready when I’m still trying to rearrange my inventory oh Half a Heart Holy I’m a goat I’m a goat I’m a go I’m a go I’m a go dude holy that was actually insane I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that one Al I have three arrows that was a wasted one that was a hit dude W in the chat for that spam likes for that one too okay that misses and just wait until you get everything lined up oh wait he’s right there line it up three two that’s good I will die here but that’s okay I don’t know how to do that I’m blocking my feet so the explosion shouldn’t hit it I don’t know how it’s hitting me you sub Derek thank you yeah if you’re new here drop a sub drop a sub this is the worst dragon fight of all time usually I can be the do want know why it’s cuz I don’t have any water buckets No it’s h it’s keep play I don’t have any if I didn’t if I had all the stuff I was talking about this dragon fight would be 4 minutes long I would have shot all the crystals and just beat the dragon like in four minutes but of course I had to do this goofy a sleeper a whatever the hell this is lineup what is this what the hell oh my God three parts this should be it hopefully this purch please I’m not looking in the eyes you are my biggest op you are my biggest op do you know that do you know you were the thing that actually is ruining this right now it’s a perch I just dropped my axe of course I had to dropped my axe just get under just get under is he mad at me oh my this is not it one more perch to there one more perch and we should be good I’m just going to just I’m just going to die right now just kill me just kill me don’t kill me you kill me you kill me now I don’t want to be there at a heart and a half I don’t want to be kill me bro I’m looking eyes this look at me I don’t care kill me kill me kill me good the one time I wanted her to kill me he literally was not agging to me you got this thank you Joshua everyone say thank you Joshua in the chat I needed that I needed that [Music] did it holy that’s what that’s where I needed to stand okay goodness I could have beat this Dragon 20 minutes ago if I learned that oh my gosh time Joshua you were the one you did it if I didn’t get your your say to say oh you did it let’s go like you can do this you can do this I probably would not have done that dude we need everyone to do that H Josh Big W true we did it guys we did it subscribe subscribe okay now I’m going to go to my Desert Oasis world my desert OAS dude if you want to see if you guys want to see my best build of all time look at my Desert Oasis world look at this ready dang uh it’s [Music] three okay ready now the timer is just for how long the stream has been going [Music] yeah everyone say w Damian in the chat Damen Reed for for the subscribing on Tik Tok that means a [Music] lot for [Music] [Music] [Music] okay ready this is my Desert Oasis look at this ready wish it wasn’t raining look how cool that looks okay do this electri course let’s do this electri course impressive thank you Derek OMG you got nice building skills thank you Joshua I want to incorporate more block types yeah I definitely will be I’ll definitely be adding more like detailing and stuff like that but that’s just more of the outline but here’s our elyra course well I hit a random wall there what was that I was going to get under that block but like the lag stopped me that was weird what the lag I actually went through who saw that I never know where the electric horse goes after this I know this it goes into another cave it’s like a really small cave that you like can’t find it’s like this one maybe no but then you’re supposed to end out over here somewhere and then there’s this hole but I can’t find out where the cave ends either it’s like what is it this one might be this one I found it on accident the other day and here’s my friends build here’s his factory look at this let’s give you a nice little aerial view of it ready okay what do I do for the last 45 minutes what do I do for the last 45 minutes let me go read all the things on my I have a little list somewhere of things I need to do on this realm let me just open that up also if you are wanting the Tik Tok Cape here are the three steps you need to do to uh to get the Tik Tok Cape number one uh follow after you follow do step two step two Minecraft is fire true solar rack uh after uh you follow then you have to type Minecraft in the chat type Minecraft in the chat then after you type Minecraft in the chat the third thing you need to do is uh wait a few minutes and then they should pass they should give you a little code actually I know what I’m doing I’m going to go work on the Aesthetics of the the Villager Trader the villager trading Hall no I know what I actually need to do I need to actually get all my God equipment back that’s what I’ll do for the next 40 minutes let’s get the god equipment Back start with the god pickaxe start with the god pickaxe first oh my electric is almost broken okay before that just go to the XP farm do I have a boat on me I do I am so glad I saw that because if I didn’t see that I would have no elytra and I’d have to go build blocks in the end to find an elytra yeah it’s only Tik Tok no spamming aov what the they add a third stop on here now oh that’s kind of cursed that’s a new stop wow okay just got to remember that look at that that is so sick to see let’s just chat let’s just chat while we get to level something let’s do something else let’s see if I can so Minecraft s [Music] [Music] let’s watch this video stop the music pause the music we’ll be watching for the next five minutes probably this top 300 funniest clips in Minecraft okay [Music] ready that’ll do whoa leave a like And subscribe in the next 5 seconds or I’ll cover your bed with yogurt he’s Som hitting [Music] himself FAL punch I all to hop into it yo watch don’t clip that don’t don’t you arachnophobia portrayed by Minecraft SP what is this do we get the first explosion of the night okay I I bed in on something I was not supposed to walk in on F what is going on what is going on what that big brains new new video video sucks let’s do let do Minecraft you laugh you lose what in the world I don’t want to watch Tommy or or George not found do this ew that what are you guys up to dream hurry I’m messing it up oh here he [Laughter] is all what is wrong with you you you got to laugh I’m literally going to have to put an entire black box over that what is this well we’re going back I guess explosion of the night I put Sam in the game Sam I’m so sorry ready ready for the clip [Music] that was sick actually that was sick actually what the what is this possible I’ve never seen someone spawn inside of a cave dude it because I I spawned on this dirt how was that a funny moment how is that a funny moment oh my God oh my God that was sick what is that I’m 14 minutes I had I I had the world record I have I have enough we would have had enough there’s no way I had the world record time that’s actually that’s actually atrocious that’s really sad oh no I’m out of here I’m crazy nice good good jump you’re insane oh my God got to reset make sure the Farm’s actually working byee what the what the what the f dude what the rage quitter do something helpful and migrate us to the middle of the map oh what the [ __ ] no no no I’m done I’m done I’m done what the he stop this way dude what is happening there I’m sorry what excuse me nope nope nope look at that look [Laughter] at what how did not say that oh God holy crap what the crap this is the smallest Soul Sand Valley ever wait this little patch is its own biome wait what this is right here this little thing right here is considered a Sal sand B watch this I’m going to trap you yep you’re a little tree boy now should I try a Neo jump should I try the Neo jump oh oh I got him what is this video this is a very confusing world what is that I got to stop watching this feeling about this let’s get out of there that was that was atrocious guys holy what was that I I I legitimately think I lost brain cells doing that okay sound back on let’s leave I have my lro right okay good dude what was that what were we watching there that was that was Ohio brain R Tik Tok What was that was so bad that was some skibby Ohio that was so bad agree yeah that was so bad brain rout true can we get tutorial for that farm perhaps I don’t really make tutorials on my YouTube channel Minecraft farms uh Channel I should make that they be getting a little too n now okay go in here grab three Diamonds the music the music’s so loud builds are insane thank you Joshua look at my friend’s build look at this I’ll show you really quick this is probably one of my favorite builds in the entire the entire world this one he made an ice palace like an ice castle it’s so sick like look at that that’s so sick okay let’s grab all the emeralds and books I [Music] need 30 minutes left of stream guys 30 minutes left okay a man my back also if you guys are wanting the uh the Minecraft cape on Tik Tok uh here’s what you got to do oh goodness I love be hopping here’s what we got to do number one follow number two after you follow you have to type Minecraft and put it in the chat then after that number three what you got to do you got to put um why did I get these villagers why would I need why did I need Fisher in this bad string wait whoa this is like the craziest wait why have I not been utilizing this look at this look at this ready you see it was 20 string for one emerald look how much string I have ready these are all full as well why have I not been utilizing that for this tra like reset that second dude this is so useful I might die just don’t do that again yeah how come I’ve never done this before Unbreaking Unbreaking which should I check this one Unbreaking again I just want a God I just want a god um a god fishing rod that I can just buy is that so much to ask for it’s not that hard get totems oh I do need totems actually lure not bad yeah that’s that’s insanely good holy that’s insanely good now you want to build op Farms like me oh actually youn guy I will hop in the realm I will hop in the realm right now actually yeah that’s a good that’s a good call for okay give me one second I want to show you guys my cat real quick D she’s so sleepy look at this [Music] how sleepy she is ready I’m going give her some massages look ready what’s wrong okay I’ll put her back down I’m not joining the Discord I’m not joining with someone on stream it’s too unpredictable how do I join a realm servers no oh I made that really small oopsies okay real invites uh which one is it P Penguins or inkling boy which one are you ucn guy inkling okay cool how do I join wait what what is this you were invited there we go it’s right there okay well what is this vertical a looking uh timer that was so funny actually okay resource packs okay we’ll do this for the rest of the stream oh where do I go whoa we [Music] in yo I see a village I’m going to go towards that Village how do I see a player list dude can we sleep through this night please bck just feels so much more like ah I’m home you know it’s like a ah I can lay back and chill what’s up turbo okay where do I going cling imagine he’s like oh all the beds are gone who took all the you never take all the beds from the closest Village you know that that’s the sanctuary for the first if you ever die and you have nowhere to go say there we go Joshua thank you for the follow cords are 138 15 so I just go this direction pretty much what’s up turbo how you doing looking like the villain of what’s it called what am I thinking of looking like the villain of wreck Ralph yeah we call him turbo oh who whoa whoa whoa what is up what is up I can’t you turned PVP off D I was going to try and PVP you what’s up let say show me around show me around whoa someone’s online what is this that boy’s a miner breaking through and Fortune threey 4 that is clean yeah show me around show me uh show me what you got cooking oh what is this little thing down here this little cave system what is this what is this I’m just looking oh you got the got the villagers let’s see how efficient are these I need to build one of these this is good that I’m looking at someone on Bedrock who has these Farms because now I know I can build these on on bedrock myself dang okay you got your money up you got so much food I will take a stack of potatoes thank you let me help myself this is like when your friend like this is like when your friend comes over and he keeps like going to The Pantry you’re like bro why you going in the pantry you know what I’m saying wait why can’t I eat when my Hunger is full wait what is this on can my Hunger not go down oh they have a resource pack so healing is much faster whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa how do you do this how do you do this we need this bad on our server bro bro we need this stat don’t dig in there what yeah dude if I didn’t if I had not joined this uh your real I would not have known this was a thing are we going to the nether now y why does my Hunger not go down why why have food Farms your hunger can’t even go down what’s happening had uh I’m in uh I’m in uh ucn guys’s World his realm oh this looks kind of cool I like this little circular device your new project what just this whole entire like nether Hub that’s sick dude this is sick wait hold B emote how do I emote my friends can all emote but I can’t do it it’s not food it’s fuel what what is what do you mean it’s not food it’s fuel okay we got looks like we got a a skeleton or maybe no a skeleton uh a spider spawner up there we got o we got Nether Warts for something what is this why do we have a what is this furnace system it looks like it’s just like a an ultimate smelting system the kelp oh I’m not asking about the kelp I’m asking about I’m asking about like potatoes and and like watermelon why why can I why do I have this stuff when I don’t need it I will be taking all of this actually IM I stole all this and left that’ be the meanest thing I could ever do left is like two oh never mind he has a lot of dried clo in here dude now that the kelp thing is now I know the kelp thing’s a thing dude the berry bushes are not even like useful at all oh hi baby she just made a massive jump I’m proud of you good job she’s made a massive jump she usually goes up into the window sill and then jumps on the bed but she made it all the way from the floor good job she looks so curious right now I can just tell by her stance she’s like so curious wait do you want to look at her do you guys want to see her wait give me one second give me one second you see iy look at her ready look how cute she is oh I think she’s making she’s making biscuits do you see her making biscuits guys can I zoom in enhance [Music] enhance wait ah no the angle of everything is off wait how do I do this how did I get that okay there we go going to have to like move my monitor wait give me one second give me one second I have to light it and stuff give me one sec ready dtin and then we go tilt look at how cute she is on my bed do you see her making her a little biscuits she’s working going to 9 to five up there right now okay back to this sorry guys this camera is going to be so unaligned and everything give me one second just set up this camera let me give me one second give me one second it’s going to be so misaligned that was kind of worth it though that was kind of cute to show see her up oh wait with this angle you can still kind of see her but there we go wasn’t that cute wasn’t that really cute no llamas and that’s not the reason why I’ve already timed out the new account whoa wait what in the world what is happening what is this oh it’s my controller my controller like give me one second my controller like plugged in I have a controller for when I play rocket League I don’t know how do I get rid of this dude I don’t know where the I don’t know which plug it is okay I just unplugged it let’s go okay also llamas just because people come to you with concerns there’s reason why those they aren’t happening like does that make sense like if I if I like let’s say someone friends me and I decline it and they come to you being like tell Grant to friend me that doesn’t mean you have to pass the message along wait what’s the point of eating I don’t need to eat oh wait we have unlimited wait you can’t what’s the point of getting food then in this world like I would say at least 50% of the time when you come to me with things I’m like I’ve already dealt with this situation it doesn’t need to be brought up anymore got you twin good response cobblestone generator okay is there a way I can get like a stone like a whole Stone generator thing I definitely can cuz I want to make a massive castle of stone might be typing the eyes are so green that’s kind of cool why can’t I hit you also wait we should just be closed we should close out of the pause pause pause I’m going close out of this realm there’s a 29 second delay on YouTube dang are you counting word for word dink what am I watching a Skelly Farm oh get him get him get him oh oh I’m better got them right where I want them put your hands up stick them yeah I kind of got I already got dude I’m kind of rich in the server already so melon some potatoes some kelp cooked chicken bow I’m kind of rich I would say come on the second he drops watch this second he drops I’m going to absolutely dominate him ready ready ready I hear I hear him falling falling ready that looks cool like go go got him go go next next next next next like an assembly line I kill him they drop an arrow I kill him they drop an arrow I kill them they drop an arrow next order up sorry this kind of fun dud I was trying to hit I try to hit youn guy there wait you Guy picked up the arrow did he see the arrow now that’s a lot of arrows I will say that that’s a lot of arrows nor go in there okay let’s go back up dude that is so many I like how this whole server is lit up so I don’t have to like cry that I don’t have full Bride on I’m is baby she looks so cute she looks like a little Sphinx I swear Happy Birthday bacon man Roblox gaming want to mine quartz no is there more stuff you can show me I like this little tree should we play hide-and-seek should we play hideand-seek should we play hide and seek honestly yeah dude look how many eggs I just got take that and that sure I want to hide I have to do it in this face but you cannot cheat with YouTube we’re going to play hide-and seek this is awesome okay wait where are all the places I can hide I had to tr for Fortress that’s crazy okay guys let’s find a good spot to hide let’s find a good spot to hide what do I do where do I hide guys where do I hide wait now my Hunger is going away wait what why was my Hunger not going away earlier I think you can stack eating CU like Food Works we could also eat like a thousand potatoes and you don’t have to eat for like a week you know what I’m saying like in real life he’s looking down that’s awesome okay where do I hide guys where do I hide okay T okay I’m hiding I’m hiding if he’s if he cheats you know what it’s okay but here’s the thing like it’s not it’s not ruining my fun I’m s having a good time okay I see you he’s going down the cave I think he’s going down to the cave oh what a silly what a silly silly person I need to eat I need to eat can I spam eating what’s up Brandon welcome back oh it’s not even taking away my potatoes though wait it this doesn’t make sense okay no one tell no one tell no one tell no one tell guys we’re playing hideand-seek right now oh they’re com back out watch watch ready they have no idea this is part of the base right like I’m on the base and it looks like they added this tree after the fact so it’s like is this cheating guys let me know how will you know if I make a a video uh subscribe subscribe and turn on uh Bell notifications so hit the little bell and that will let you know when I post videos or go live and all the time don’t see me don’t see me uhoh uhoh uhoh this is not good wait I can I might be able to pull off a sneaky maneuver though I might be able to pull off a sneaky maneuver he watch ready [Music] ready oh oh oh oh I a sneaky maneuver though they’re coming up they’re coming up watch ready watch oh I don’t think it’s coming up yet I’m able to do this I’m actually oh wait my lighting is way off oh they’re coming up they’re coming up they found me they found me no way they didn’t find me oh my goodness if you want to find me you’re going to have to climb the tree they building up oh no they’re not dude that was crazy sneaking move long time no see whoa Lords Orga welcome oh wait uh oh uhoh uhoh okay this is good this is good oh I just saw I just saw them oh my gosh should I peek out should I peek out really quick oh they saw me they just saw me uh oh uhoh uhoh watch climb the tree I dare you I dare you to climb the tree watch The Genius that play has has got more up his sleeve than you would imagine he didn’t touch me he didn’t touch me go go go no oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s so scary oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh watch ready ready blend oh wait wait wait pretend to be a villager pretend to be a villager pretend to be a villager H I don’t think he sees me ready oh my go I got jump scared that was fun dude GG dude that was so funny dude I didn’t think you I didn’t think you’d see me I was I was cosplaying a villager dude that was so fun actually wow dude that was so fun that was so accurate huh wait huh isn’t that pretty good isn’t that pretty good um okay I think El me to follow me but I do have to end stream like right now yeah saw that there’s so many eggs dude you got eggs on eggs on eggs on eggs on eggs what is this oh we got some sugar cane some leather why is the leather in there h okay this is a cool world I do have to end the stream though this was sick well I guess that’s it thank you for showing me around smile this is cool I like this little thing I wish I found another like really cool hiding spot I wish there was like an intricate corner I could have perfect timing ow should I die dude it’s only impossible to die it’s so hard to die and I have no armor it’s l impossible to die and I have no armor what is that okay I’m out of here think okay nice yeah like I said I’m going to end the stream right now I have to get off um before I leave though if you guys want the Tik Tok Cape all you have to do step one follow um after you follow then do step two step two is um to type Minecraft in the chat uh and then step three after you type Minecraft in the chat wait a few minutes and then you should be getting the cape so like I said step one follow step two type Minecraft step three wait a few minutes but yeah I’m ending the stream good stream bro that was to AF thank you aov I had a good time too it’s peaceful that makes sense I was going to say I was like huh okay that makes a lot of sense shma uh yeah I’m GNA end the stream I’ll see G thank you so much for the follow shout out juu for the follow on Tik Tok um yeah I’ll see you guys later I’ll see you tomorrow I stream for 4 hours every day so if you guys are interested in that just let me know oh let me know and I can uh let me know if you’re going to be here tomorrow because I definitely remember you a lot better uh and if you guys are interested in um uh in good Minecraft content go watch my shorts my shorts are good I like them uh go watch the last six I don’t care how many just watch as many as you want to watch um and yeah you do the chamble welcome fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows I am ending stream though but if you want to dude we are four subscribers from hitting 23,100 let’s do it four subscribers Let’s Do It um see you all later goodbye Carla goodbye Sean goodbye Pink Fluffy Unicorns um yeah I guess I’ll just end the stream maybe we won’t get that tonight maybe I’ll just get it but like I said um go watch the shorts go watch go comment and I’m going to at probably at midnight tonight so in 2 hours I’m going to Heart all my favorite comments on all of my shorts so if you go comment on a few of my shorts good comments that are actually like funny and of value I will heart them if I think they’re the if I think they’re my favorite right um so yeah I will see you tomorrow join the Discord if you want to um be part of the community and know when I go live and if you’re subscribed maybe consider hitting the Bell icon um that would also be good and uh like I said join the Discord to part of the friend group that’s in the Discord be part of um let you know when I go live let you know when I do shorts let you know pretty much everything but yeah I do have to get off I will see you guys later goodbye I will see you tomorrow I’m excited to see a lot of you back tomorrow can’t talk to you in the future but bye guys it was fun playing uh especially youn guy it was fun playing on your world that that hide-and-seek was awesome

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Today I will be playing Minecraft and Making The Biggest Build EVER!

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    Welcome to Storytime SMP! The Storytime SMP is a Survival Multiplayer Server where players create their own character, telling their own story. Create nations, engage in diplomacy, have epic battles, and more! Each season lasts about 2 months. Unique Storytelling Events, special items, and more add to the unique story of each season. Players face boss battles, with only one life per event. Items of Power grant special abilities, but can be stolen by other players. Item of Power Items of Power grant abilities like speed and strength. Players must keep them in their inventory, as others can hunt them… Read More

  • Slkiny Middle School

    Slkiny Middle SchoolWelcome to SMP SlinkEach update my friends like to get together and play. The more the merrier, come join us!Group of Goofy goobers gettin tricky and tinkin in those trials. Don’t be cringe. Have Fun in new update! Read More

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    Crafty Kolor: Minecraft's Globasa Adventure In Minecraft, colors are a delight, From white to pink, each one shines bright. Snow is white, like a winter’s tale, Gray like coal, a darkened veil. Brown, the earthy hue of dirt, Red for fire, a color alert. Orange for carrots, pumpkins too, Yellow like gold, a vibrant view. Green for grass, the world’s embrace, Blue for water, a calming space. Purple, rare and truly grand, Pink, a color soft and grand. So remember these hues, each name, In Minecraft, they’re part of the game. Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more, In the world of colors, let… Read More

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    Minecraft: Fishing Rod vs Brain Cells [🔥😂] When you realize that in Minecraft, a fishing rod can somehow defy all logic and pull you towards a fish underwater faster than you can swim. Minecraft logic: 1, Real logic: 0. Read More

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    Ultimate Minecraft PE Replay Mod! The Exciting World of Minecraft Replay Mod for PE Are you a Minecraft Pocket Edition player looking to enhance your gameplay experience? Look no further than the Minecraft Replay Mod for PE! This mod brings a whole new level of excitement and creativity to your Minecraft adventures. Let’s dive into the world of this amazing mod and discover all it has to offer. What is the Minecraft Replay Mod for PE? The Minecraft Replay Mod for PE is a fantastic tool that allows players to record, replay, and share their gameplay experiences. Whether you want to capture epic battles,… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Challenge: Completing Every Achievement in Real Life with Slizo JizoVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Tried Completing Every Minecraft Achievements In Real Life’, was uploaded by Slizo Jizo on 2024-05-12 00:08:04. It has garnered 669 views and 42 likes. The duration of the video is 00:24:30 or 1470 seconds. Today, I find out how many Minecraft Achievement I can complete in real life. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Social Media ➜ Subscribe To My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6QYp44z61gYtNzfl0cD1CA ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Send all business inquiries to ★ [email protected] Read More

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    Greg56 Plays Minecraft Minigames LIVE!Video Information This video, titled ‘Streaming Minecraft Java Minigames LIVE with Viewers!’, was uploaded by Greg56 on 2024-06-12 00:18:58. It has garnered 72 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 02:10:24 or 7824 seconds. What’s going on everyone, today we’re streaming some more Minecraft! We’re streaming some Hypixel minigames, so if you want to hop on in, then let me know and we’ll get right on it! Donation Link: https://streamlabs.com/gamermaster56/tip Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greg56_yt/ Discord: https://discord.gg/fusSmE8EUn Person who made my character art in thumbnail: https://x.com/mikorwhatever Person who made my overlay: @BlasianGamer Notice: 1:23:26 – 1:24:53 of the vod is… Read More

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  • SkillsGrind

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