EPIC $1000 You Laugh, You Lose Challenge ft. Philza

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That’s right you laugh you lose is finally back and we have a great first guest bills of Minecraft now if you’re not familiar with my previous you laugh you lose series then you should check it all out here to get a gist of how the series goes because this time it’s back

With a Twist we now each have our own individual life whoever loses all their lives first loses the chance to win all the money that’s has been collected over the course of the stream and trust me with the hype for this series it’s a pretty big prize pool but I’m not going

To spoil who won all I’m going to do is ask you to subscribe because this series is now weekly that’s right I will be doing this with a brand new guest every single week so if you do enjoy then subscribe and of course more importantly if you want to get involved and submit

Your videos to see if you can make me or my guest laugh then get to my twitch this Saturday 20th at 8:00 p.m. GMT to watch you laugh you lose with my next mystery guest and hey if you miss that one then might as well follow the twitch

Anyway because as I said this is weekly Saturdays same time every time so anyway with all that being said I hope you enjoy this stream please everybody put your hands together I want some clapping emotes in the chat put your hands together for the first guest on yulu’s

Battle the internet’s father my close friend Phils are Minecraft Phils are Minecraft oh [ __ ] all right you’re on you’re on yeah it’s abrupt Phil you’re in here we’re in oh God how you feeling Phil how are you feeling giggly uh going to lose you feel giggly I’m always giggly I know you’re a

Giggly guy but Phil I you know I kind of did tell you a weak we’d be doing this and I also did tell you did not prep yeah I but Phil I told you there was money on the line there’s money you could win money I still didn’t prep not

Even for money Phil not even for the current prize pool of I’m going to try going try one pound so far could be one Phil oh one of these wait that’s a Euro mind no never mind no it doesn’t count yeah one pound so far

One pound so far now I kind of forgot I did say i’ get this made and then I uh my it spped my mind I won’t lie I was supposed to uh get a thing made that counted the um a wonderful the prize pool as it went up I did forget to do

This this will be ready for episode two I’ve had a very busy week nice I what I’ll do is instead just just say what it is at the end I I’ll just do it I’ll just say it at the end whoever wins I’ll tell you how much it was Phil do you

Mind fly look look look it’s all tollen up all right as the come in they go added to the pot you see here’s three quid three quid Phil and this ising my day yeah now it’s a four quid prize Pool Four quid Phil that could buy like three

Mars Bars that exactly exactly not even four anymore that’s the markup now like 125 for a [ __ ] marsar right guys look let’s go dude look I’m just going to go into the other room really briefly Phil if you could just look after the chat for just 30

Seconds to minute I just I just need you I just I just need to I need to kick this off right he’s going to he’s going to get changed he’s going to get changed to something he’s got so he’s going to wear something hey chat I’m staring at you

Right now staring staring at you don’t be self-conscious don’t be self-conscious of what you type in chat I’m watching and I’m a moderator don’t be self don’t don’t n mm be normal be normal whatever that means I’m here back welcome back who Among Us Now who among great okay the first donation was

About Among Us um it’s fine it’s fine whatever exactly yeah I feel look we’re calling back to a series I in 2021 I feel like the jokes are coming back anyway this is obviously F this is a big this a big moment right I’ve not done this series since 2022 you’re our first

Guest I want to make sure that we we’re kicking off this off right you know so I is the media show about to start playing who Among Us no we’re not ready yet we’re not ready yet we’re not ready yet come on now David Mitchell Jesus

Christ hold on got we jumped the gun all right we’ll play that afterwards so on point with the Dono they did say Among Us by the way yeah I think he did say I won’t be able to stay for long but I couldn’t not join

To urge you all to for free on the day of the biggest twitch event since 20121 I’ll unfortunately no video for because I simply am not funny I’ll be getting into that but before I do now it’s a big occasion and I like to celebrate big occasions Phil so I’ve got you a

Gift oh yeah I’ve got you a gift hold on I’m just uh I’ve got you a gift let me just sorry there we are okay Phil to celebrate you being our first guest a toast to Phil’s of Minecraft no shot Phil this is for you

Now I don’t know if you know Phil but my New Year’s resolution was to quit drinking this year oh well you’ve just [ __ ] it no no this is for you this is yours I can’t drink it from here I’ve pulled that out for you okay uh and this

Is a real test of my sort of willingness to commit to this oh I got to not touch that for the whole stream oh all right we sat there on the desk right and I’m if I if I start losing it’s going to be tempting but no no yeah no no

All right it appears we do have uh some stuff in the queue we do have some videos in the queue the mods are approving them I think it is we we go are we live as is it like soon as the video plays it’s like if you laugh

That’s it oh yeah once the video Start Phil once you laugh that’s it so if you need to get a laugh out I’d do it now I’m already giggly I’m going to die all right here we go Phil there’s like 20 why do you have that as a an alert

Anyone above 10 anyone above 10 quid screams at me like that and I always forget why did you tell them why it happens they’re going to keep doing it now uh look look look you asked me a question I didn’t think Phil I didn’t [ __ ] think look okay I mean also1

Also means you get more seconds you know the more money the more seconds you get the video so yeah it probably will happen a couple more times um hey but subs subs you get it at half off they get two seconds per 10p instead of a second yeah yeah Phil yeah discounted

Rates for Subs so consider so what you’re seeing is you should subscribe and then donate and use your Prime and then if you use a prime especially you just get half off for free it’s great I’m a businessman what can I say either way I’m sorry yeah get those out as well

I might mistake one as I laugh and freak out you don’t want me freaking out Phil the chat will keep us in line it’s fine all right chat better Keepers in [ __ ] line all right yeah they they’ll call that out they’re watching us like Hawks okay well in which case

Should we get on with it let’s begin Phil this is the first time I’ve not had to do this in a while EP thank you for the five gifted let’s get going I did almost quiver at the slight among his noise wasn’t even it just

Played a bit of oh this is a you clip oh it’s just me this is just a classic she doesn’t play The Craft she doesn’t get the sh I don’t I mean Fair no fair enough pH I just didn’t think I’d ever hear you

Say it I knew it was your belief I just didn’t know you’d ever verbalize it on stream it was 2020 chat was a little bit more chaotic back then try to relax your anus 10 months he cheeky appropriate response I would also appropriate response pretty appropriate face pretty

Appropriate face to to uh to pull to uh being take a seat so we can do a group read Jen you do the Hors classic classic oh you know this you’re at an advantage I’ve seen this already I think she lost she lost take our lives okay everybody has to read it

Once seeing it in words is so surreal um okay oh there we go it’s back welcome back actually everything froze for me so I I got like a good 5 Seconds of Silence toose myself wor nothing’s happened yet the title oh I forgot the title um oh uh the title y go

Ahead the what who the [ __ ] the big swell by by slle Jack brace yourself okay I’m braced I’m braced Phil cuz nothing’s happening so far remember the title of the book oh yeah the big swell the big swell sure actually hole is really massive and yawning it begins the penis SM

Hard getting the story lies down pause the penis didn’t play the whole thing know who knows who knows the penis fine thank the 10 gifted Subs by the way the whole thing was just building to that point so oh no oh no who’s doing that to the young gentleman this young gentleman’s

Receiving magic or or some SP that’s that’s causing issues Jack I keep freezing I keep freezing I’ve noticed that Phil why is that happening I don’t know what’s wrong I keep getting like 5 to 10 seconds of Freedom H what’s happening now did they know that this was recording I think he does

I think he does he had an idea he’s had an idea oh and and he was he lost a life yeah yeah go young man him hitting his head at the end was pretty good that was pretty good now that that was not expected that was not expected from me to

Sne or I will smoke in a baby baby’s face would make the baby look cool that’s all I’m saying if smoking is so bad then why does it look so cool huh this is not explain that one to me oh Max GG’s has been on the Vape

We’ve lost him to the the Lost Mary triple mango triple Mango’s taken Max ggs from us oh we’ve all seen that makes me almost gag every time like empathy gag it’s like empathy hits I’m like he trusted his friend not to do that and then yeah that’s what really

That’s what upsets me the most I actually have an advantage here cuz it showed up in my recommended earlier and I watched it so I’m I’m what is what is happening in their room I I this part wait is it on fire the Dem car

Just explod oh my I did not watch this much hold on wait Phil a lot is happening wait okay welcome everybody Welcome Tommy in it Raiders there’s a [ __ ] load of you holy mother of God we just watched we just watched someone’s room explo I think someone’s room just set on

Fire and the look let me let me explain what’s going on here in 2020 let me get some music gone for this there needs to be some music for this hold on hey whoa whoa whoa hey calm it down sorry sorry everybody look in 2022 and

2021 you probably know that I did a series where I did uh if such and such and I laugh the stream ends classic classic wasn’t stolen from stolen from Wilbur it was original because I had guests either way I stopped about 2 years ago and I finally decided that you

Know what 2024 it’s a big year it’s a new year it’s a year of the jet manifold Renaissance that’s what we’re calling it by the way we’re calling it The Jack manifold Renaissance the Jack manifold Renaissance that we’re calling it the manifold Renaissance yeah what do you

Think of that what do you think of the manifold Renaissance oh it’s powerful it seems like you really are struggling with its power it’s very powerful y so the game’s already by The Game’s already started we can’t laugh anymore so um let me explain what’s going on basically you guys can

Donate to us using X Point donate in the chat videos that are funny if we laugh we lose a life whoever loses all their Liv first is locked out and the winner wins every single penny that has been donated to the stream so get on YouTube find something funny donate it in it

Costs mere pennies to send in videos so far have four whole pound no I think it’s more now Phil I just I lost count it it’s in the 20s maybe 30s could be nearing 100 yeah no we could be winning 100 quid here so please guys I mean we’re only 20

Minutes in but by the end you know we got hours to go maybe potentially depending on how much we laugh it could go up more so please send in your videos donate in the chat we’re going to carry on with this the music’s paused videos are resuming Phil no more [ __ ]

Laughing ready I’m ready I didn’t I didn’t laugh by oh you say that with some confidence Phil I do like that video a lot I’ve seen it really good the Eagles seen it the wig oh the wig oh the wig is foul that is foul that’s terrible

Oh the shame the shame you must feel it’s such a violent die in the dark thank you to the viewers for staying around I thought this would be done oh my God oh my God Phil let me explain this real quick before we move on to the next video in

The last you left you lose right that was donated every stream but it was always just a thank you to the viewers and and that was the only bit I’m like I don’t get it I don’t get there’s no joke it’s just thank you to the viewers for

Staying around every time and it did it every time and it’s been two whole [ __ ] years right and someone is still sending it every stream and I don’t get it the classic do you get it Phil no why it’s like it’s from that era of YouTube where everyone was like trying to be

Really funny but not many people were ooh the smos shade shade at smos wow wow filser does not [ __ ] with smos what about ever since Anthony and Ian came back how about that sorry I’m trying to get Clips here Phil we’ll carry on oh yeah no that was

I’m proud of myself it was a good one why did it why did it look like Thomas the Tank Engine with no engine oh yeah like he he crawled out of that that train creep I’ll be right back that was confusing there two of you no what I bu

I don’t know how to breath I don’t know how to breathe I don’t know how to swim or no what do I do what do I do what do I do they didn’t he didn’t train us for this he didn’t train us for this okay okay I think I think we take

Our flags we give them to Blue we surrender are tared to now these These are actually just I figured people would Target me but I guess people want me to get paid which hey I love money I love money can I’ve ever really stressed how much

Loves money I Love Money Hamp oh I feel like I’ve seen the hampter too many times I’m sorry guys it ain’t going to work Bas oh were you Ballas you were weren’t you I was I am as well you know oh he’s froze again he keeps freezing freezy

Up you’re back why am I freezing you’re back wait you know I’m honorary Ballers you know I got made honorary ballers in purgatory too do you know that yeah selit made me do the ritual he’s gone again he’s [ __ ] gone where does he go where does he go at

Times like these what is happening where does he go I keep freezing and disappear where is he going who’s taking filza why I don’t think it’s me is it is it me or you well my stream isn’t lagging so I I mean I like the qu the

Quality of the Discord call has gone down dramatically hold on let me see if I can like yeah give it a look Phil research got but yeah I was made to do a ritual fill and I had to go like I had to go I think it was something along the lines

Of uh bullas bullas buers bers buers buers buers I stood in a fire um it was it was yeah it was an interesting time and I got but I got a red gas mask so oh so you actually you did get you did get in like yeah I mean I

Wouldn’t just lie about it I’m B roas Man Okay okay right okay that’s what many people don’t know about me it only it only counts if you br in by a member of Bas I was bought in by I bought in by sber and and and beira

There we go all right yeah you’re honorary you’re honorary Ballas [ __ ] yes lots of people want to be Bolas but they don’t really know what Bolas means oh I know Phil I know much about Bolas pain all right okay I think it’s fine now I think it’s fine yeah

Anyway okay guys uh these eggs have given us a lot of trouble in the past uh this is this is to be fake anything off this guy or can we turn to be fake I think Leroy needs something like admitted they were like yes so we sort

Of set this up he devout shoulders doesn’t isn’t palad this is such a classic though it is also again a frustrating classic where this was donated every stream last time but not donated the mods add it for free manually using their privileges and they just insist on doing this to me every

Time it’s like a 40 I’m going to skip it in a minute but I’ll let the will to kind of scatter oh it’s way too long but I’m waiting for the moment we need the moment my shouts done uh I’ll need Anthony to come in and drop his shout

Too uh so we can keep him scattered not to fight too many um I like more when I didn’t didn’t know it was interv yeah no it was great when it wasn’t set up now it’s just mid so can of course get him down fast because we’re bringing all

These guys I mean Jesus they yap yap yap bro was speaking the toughest Japanese what do you think of du can you give me a number crunch real quick uh yeah give me a sec I’m coming up with 3233 repeating just say the line if Will

Was here he’d be saying about how this is accurate and let do this lero dragons oh my God he just ran in sa great perfect moment we got it we skipped it now it’s done it’s done thanks mods never made me laugh nevern feels harsh feels harsh yeah she she

Fully died as well yeah that she yeah o you know o horrible loud funny loudy it did sued my expectations though I can’t lie it did almost work no I’ve seen recommend to me on Tik Tok a bunch is the guy that has like cameras just everywhere in his oh

He’s cool yeah I like I like the one that’s outside that’s the best one that is a red skipping rope oh that’s it okay that’s the whole video that was the whole video amazing it’s a red skipping rope chat be funny man I I I kind of like the red skipping

Rope I kind of like when jokes have set up and no payoff I have snorted a two tastes full of coke and I’m starting to feel the effects I didn’t really hop on the whole pomy train I don’t know about you but I don’t really thanks Maro for the prime

No idea what that is yeah yeah me neither thank you for the 25 months [ __ ] hell two years last time you were here was probably the uh you know what I think they just didn’t want to throw a pineapple and just dangled it fair enough I quite liked

It I thought this was that Donnie who was like 16 it’s not he’s not missing anything oh yeah doesn’t he look like 30 is it just me he’s gone from being being oh this guy really likes dots okay it’s never mind7 Paul where has this that was quite

The 180 yeah that guy is this kid in the Cas thanks thanks man appreciate it hope your video was worth it oh didn’t even spin the H didn’t even [ __ ] spin they sent the end of the video they sent the end of the video great life could be a dream and so could

Your banking experience introducing the all new Sky Bank where Financial Freedom takes FL FL say goodbye to interest rates tying you down at Sky Bank we believe in setting you free just like the feeling of soaring through the clouds thanks the killer um imagine doing your final farewell from YouTube after nearly 15

Years and someone turns it into a Jesus Christ you almost got me resident sleeper yeah it’s A but you wish you were him right now Phil huh had that freedom had that sort of Freedom that was a close one that that the end really came out and close one oh classic but it’s not even the full video video is too much to be fair it is it’s a lot it’s a slow burner I really really like Justin critzas he’s made so many

Good videos the one with the music is the best one H I really like your wife turned into a frog my Bo right with the homemade soup you know what’s crazy though he probably can’t even taste the rap poison I guess he figured out there was rat poison he heard him they’ve been

Teaching him English and right all behind our BS you are what am I say it to my face say it to my face gay and lonely you’re a Minecraft egg we all got issues issues issu i i t maybe uh it is what it is his sexuality not mine we got to sit

On the sir toilet oh my godos here we go how’s it feel no what did Alexa do on the toilet what the fck I froze sometimes I just you’re not laughing dude what like get that po top 3,000 hey what wait hold on I did not hear what

Bill said Bill Bill sounded so crushed he was just so he sounded like he was deep underwater yeah like tiny bill in a can please give me a whole tray of peas thank you I think Phil froze I’m I’m going to argue Phil has Froze that he’s really thinking about that tray of

Peas he’s really froze dude dude the the lag the lag the lag on that video almost got me cuz it froze for me so they just went please give me PE that’s good that’s good you see from my perspective you just you just really contemplatively just went I’m getting

I’m getting like actually tripped up by the lag now it’s it’s it’s going to catch me and I’m going to have to honor it I’m going to have to come back from the lag and tell you I look I respect that you will it almost got me I

Appreciate that Izzy thank you for the tier one that was it was a good video as well you missed out it was good how they not laughed I would be out by now chat I’m not going to I I don’t mean to say it you got to be funnier than that I

Need some real gems in here I need some real real gems like that Sandler movie cat farts two times get you what what do you mean you’re going to get it get her sass is it moving like that that’s a peculiar was the second what was the second was that that

The video was titled cat farts two times and here I am watching a video of a cat fting once feeling ripped off classic oh just in case you didn’t see it the first Time sometimes car horns are scary it’s meant to get you out the road wel family who’s the glob are drinking cup of no big sister is not nice oh is from space mommy is a glob she’s a GL feed Mommy and we give Mommy gas daddy gets

The gas from The Car Store with his mouth I make sure no police guys mommy is growing daddy say we have to move underground so nobody can see momby but he said did he [ __ ] the SL [ __ ] the glob he [ __ ] it no more Xbox because Joe

Bid can’t see the intern that’s okay Biden why is Biden going for the glob dies we went to the car store right away I asked Daddy what was my first word he said it was mommy I love my family mommy is huge now Mommy got real big and Joe Biden’s

Trying to stop that that’s Biden’s America for you you know in Trump’s America Green Globs like that could live free roam the streets in Trump’s America Phil but in Biden’s America no no no no no it’s okay we will have the Revenge man we have the Revenge the ad

For feeling [ __ ] about that dude like we’re just [ __ ] around dude if you touch foolish you touch myself so What I [ __ ] love I [ __ ] love I’m in English it’s my I I love these L that was powerful that is powerful such a good it’sall quote that’s that is that is excellent that really is that was close that was close I’m getting I’m getting actually attacked by chat right now like they’re

Doing the ones that will make me laugh it’s just it’s it’s just a waffle it look look I it’s it’s all right it’s all right it’s an all right waffle waffle as far as waffles go really you know thanks for the Don com through keep oh in the midst of chaos

Opportunity all Warfare is based that’s more of my proudest memes Phil I was the one who pointed that out I’m sure I think I did that I think I did it’s my proudest moment he he has risen he has risen wait wait oh I can’t get to it no wait hold on

Phil here Mario he has risen your is truly Princess Toad store Peach that’s pretty powerful video sorry let me do back up my shirt some of these videos like I just think like someone had to sit down edit and then upload that that’s pretty good it’s almost it’s almost as good as young

Shev on the MP4 so have to sit down edit that and upload it probably took him 2 hours this I like this video this has got great Vibes thus far I’m just waiting for run I really like that video is titled life too that’s a real good analogy it’s

How it goes you just stroll and next thing boom death hits You that was frozen that was frozen I’m back oh I froze at the best time you chose the best moment to freeze man because I almost oh he’s gone I almost lost it I almost lost it I’m going to be honest I I that’s too yeah I froze right

On that video that video always gets me Jack your face Jack turned into a frog look it was really funny man it almost got me I inflated I I was keeping the laugh in my cheeks they were in there you know that’s what I keep him some viewers may find the following video

Disturbing viewer discretion is advised that was disturbing dead people running running he’s running dead people shouldn’t jog stay in the ground dangerous give me a whole tray ofal of what no no no my eyes I was waiting for the peas again yeah it was a I was begging it

Wasn’t going to lag that was not the tray of peas Phil that was not a tray of peas that was a try of uh ooh that was the closest one yet that almost came out mhm mhm I that nearly I heard that you didn’t hear nothing right

No you guys didn’t hear nothing right you didn’t hear nothing I’m I’m seeing the odd laugh in chat was that we are we counting me doing the the are we is that are we I mean we last time we did go off of anything audible counts are we counting

It I’ll be shiv look I don’t know I feel like I feel like it was just what you got one guide and like every everyone’s like no I’m seeing a lot of Nos and [ __ ] all right we’ll carry on going but chat bear in mind we’re nearly 40 minutes in

Without a laugh you can be a little bit stricter with us I’m I’ll allow that no no that’s not I’m trying to close it I can’t I’m try I’m trying I’m try I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying his mate’s really scared oh it’s a door I didn’t even

Like was like a top down view or something I was like what I just really find it funny how scared his mate is CL say that what did you just say she says she’s watching us I’m not watching anybody you’re not a sh well yeah but I could be

When your guide comes back online he is going to tell you that he was unsuccessful that you must restart the system manually he will then tell you was funny when you have that one friend that gets like really really scared at games I don’t know if he’s going to do

It again though you follow his instructions it was really funny when he was screaming Clos it cuz he sounded like in genuine Terror but no more terror so it’s not funny anymore random blue Cy bar I than you the prime for you English oh it’s the guy that we just saw from the darts tactic oh finish I guess he’s saying 180 in different languages I really in Spanish I was I was frozen but it’s fine yeah well he’s just he’s just screaming him a different languages I wasn’t

Laughing it’s it’s not funny it’s just a guy only funny when he went when I didn’t know what he was doing he went English that almost got me in Chinese bab in Filipino it is quite impressive he knows them all to be there though he has to he’s he’s probably like one of

The best if like there’s videos about him like that you know I mean yeah why is everyone saying laugh when was the laugh did you see [Applause] it did you see it on the left side of the door frame barely visible on camera a white translucent slowly creeps into frame

Damn damn did I laugh people are saying I laughed at my own joke did did I really I have been known to do that I think I’ve lost a couple you do you do you do make yourself giggle sometimes yeah I I’ve been known to lose a couple of lives to laughing at

Myself I saw it in the chat you know what fine we’ve had a couple of questionable ones I’ll I’ll take did you get one guide again no no no no no no no no you’re getting one guide again look everyone’s like no no you didn’t no no no

No all righty all righty I don’t know why I became Matthew MCC hey there but we’ll carry on all right all right all right all right all right all right as come as come as Come I’d imagine Kurt would be the kind of guy to love those types of videos about himself like yeah if you still here you bu you listening now get this that’s that’s when the subcommittee had to reallocate the me when the jump in the Cadillac at it hits cheeseburg cheese cheese cheese Cheeseburger he’s going to throw up I like how big his eyes whereas he went to bite it went out he wasn’t going to bite it he was going to throw up that’s that’s the oh that throw up face yeah yeah it’s the when the cat smells something and wants to

Throw what is this just a silent what happening it’s just like a silent manscape an ad it’s just an ad but it’s silent and look I’m going support of the law m 4.0 they keep my nuts smooth but where’s the where’s the money for the ads what we just yeah I just got

Just had an ad play on my on my actively ignore man everyone ignore it if you hear someone about be like a dumbass now we’re not going to get SP by everil curtain wire you know something very thin but strong that you can grip with marigolds um have you got any

Hammers that would smash bone yeah over there in the tools department spot on do you do poison uh no sir just holidays this is a a travel agent sir Oh Jesus it was just a travel agents is that James which which go feel feel and you know what you know what the most [ __ ] up part of this holy sh K fell a little bit in I wasn’t really following the conversation to that point

I’m not going to lie to you but at the same time it felt it felt a leap no top 10 iconic moments from go to the we cave oh my God blunt smoking oh my God have a good night Queen have a good night I hope you you will have a great

Night dula and I hope I will find who knows the full video of that is way better okay I trust you I trust you I trust you hope I will find friends where did I come from where I go where the [ __ ] did the video go I really didn’t like that yeah yeah

Markiplier bombed is exactly what I’d call that fil actually well done that sucked I hope I can help oh the classic necromancy may be legal in Cil but few will openly admit to practicing it now that the major Guild has banned it farewell I froze again but I’ve seen

This video Milli seen would they wouldn’t it’s not it’s not going to get me he’s dead he is afterwards is somebody goes like Oh my God he’s dead and launches them into the roof oh it does cg5 he’s not wait never mind this isn’t his version I’m a Liar what’s that guy’s name again some in Russian it’s some Russian [ __ ] thank you for the sub go by the way some Russian [ __ ] someone type in chat I’ll remember it I can’t think right now it’s not Smurf cat I’m coming out here flexing a little bit letting you know

How seriously I’m thinking this challenge so allow me to slip into something a little bit more comfortable the big dildo in the back that’s one of my favorite pictures of me ever holding that big dildo powerful yeah both times I’ve seen Charlie I’ve had to have a picture with the big dildo

Don’t do this prob some good [ __ ] in there take care G shout out gek shout out gek I I hope you’re having fun watching this video back G how embarrassing one time I sent my MC right I’ll explain that one I wasn’t expecting that so no it’s fine though I just really wasn’t

Expecting it so one time we played MCC and I went to send the VOD intro that I sent to my vod’s channel manager to I’m not going to question that right now to gek my uh my my channel uh no not gag not gag gek my my gek is a a friend

Of mine she runs my V channel uh and I sent her that video I usually send her that video of me doing all the thumbnail faces and I accidentally sent it to the uh the MCC group chat and James marot within sec I I deleted it like a minute

Later but James already downloaded it and tweeted it in the time it took me to realize I’d sent it to the wrong place which I thought was really evil I think I think are we do we know the same GE uh probably geek is like a longtime friend

Of mine but you probably met her now yeah I’m pretty certain I’ve met her if it’s the same one if it’s the same GE I don’t know many people called GE it’s not a real name it’s just a name you wi gave her insist on calling her despite

The fact she hates it I 100% she’s great she’s great GE is great she funny not g chat Jesus Christ that’s how I feel that’s how I feel every say g g Cham Cham world what America is a nation that can be defined in a single word I was going to

Foot him foot oh sleepy Joe that’s bur’s America man that’s bur’s America still better than Trump somehow all right I’m going to go check on my eggs I’m going to see if they’re check on your eggs man yeah two I’ll catch you guys in the bed check on your life man touch [Laughter]

Grass he [ __ ] got you too it was like perfect with me teleporting away someone put jug big in chat instead of Joe Biden I like that 4:30 in the morning the Tik Tock AI sound now let you know it’s bedtime right the [ __ ] is that gentleman he’s

He’s grown he came out grown Phil what was he holding a toothbrush I think starting this day what when the b rolls a Nat 20 the b roll a Nat 20 man I don’t know what to say monkey SC monkey spins scream spins and disappears well they nailed it you know

What I’m going to say it Phil they nailed it they nailed the description per perfect title really smash that ja pick a color I can D my hair it’s all right and then they died or sound from CSG go that’s the joke CSG go frog on shroom you should get off that frog

Really tired oh I get yeah that deep sleep one of them ones yeah me me me dead to day sleep lightly I I can drive a train if you want is this clips of me chat I what where are the manifold I’m funny and and me on the on the train

Drags oh my goodness if only if only a hero could save us here here it comes if only a hero could save us I didn’t even see it I didn’t even I didn’t say [ __ ] I didn’t get hit by watch Toby really carefully here

Ready py got hit by a train I’m going to suggest yeah I I couldn’t see it so therefore I was immune I wish I was immune to things I couldn’t see any questions before I go on from here great I really understood that well great was was a really good

Response I almost lost at the it’s good to have it’s good to you know have the diversity in schools and allow like green alens I don’t need a gift at all your presence your your your your comedy shut the [ __ ] up what you want my

Bro what do you want my py fro tell me I have everything you need do you need fruits I have fruits do you need netherite I have netherite do you need dark metal I have dark metal I about this guy what do you want no it’s fine I don’t I don’t need

Anything it’s all good you you are the gift you are the gift at all feel feel I have something for you yeah what does he have a gun A gun what the yeah [Laughter] right I respect a guy that can do that find those things when you need them the goat the goat

Indeed excuse Me I feel like that wasn’t the audio no I’m yeah I’m going to suggest that wasn’t in the anime probably probably I don’t know everything about Anime yes no yes one wh I’m my I think my did my eyes do that think they roll back it’s all right first get a jar the frost oh don’t know why I found him actually saying Frost M really funny Patrick that was a frost M I know

I don’t believe in violence I don’t believe in violence that that that feels like a real step up from what the Muppets usually get up to wait Kermit kill the man we got to get average Harry on this one he’ll tell us why hey Bobby play

That one about fall down the stairs sure thing Johnny I love it I love as movie fifth one Phil there were like 11 in the end I know I’m shocked it was an early version like an early one most people just reference the newer ones I love [Applause] movie Egypt Salvador [Applause] Finland sound like the [ __ ] Eagle a one of those ones she must have been thinking about how she was going to scream France for so long oh she got her head yeah I could wear my Lou we were but even with nothing but I made you

Look that hurt me a lot actually I really didn’t quite enjoy that video for some reason I hope I hope people can just I hope people are all right with the fact I hope I’m going to what I’m [ __ ] sing oh I’ve healed I’ve healed I’ve healed I’ve healed that was difficult

I’m going to is great I L her my Hard he’s getting close to dude guys it’s almost been an hour not a single toilet at Chicago airport you wave your hand in front of the sensor you wait for the Fresh Circle to come around and now you’re ready to use it let me test it out right here I’m going

To wave my hand and now you can see that indicator thing going all the way around and now I’m ready to take a huge [ __ ] hey I got a little kid here with me it’s a weird thing to announce in a bathroom I had a very similar experience not in a bathroom

Who whoa who Phils hang on hang on settle down what do you mean you had a similar experience was on a sorry shoot we were we were like filming the hot dog van uh video and Tom and Charlie were just in the distance in a kids playgrounds just

Screaming [ __ ] [ __ ] and [ __ ] at each other whilst also trying to impale each other on a giant like metal pole and there’s just this guy with his kid just sat there and he just eventually just pipes up and goes heyy got a kid over here and I’m just like sorry sir sorry

And then Tom just continues to keep swearing I’m just oh the he was going to he wanted to beat us up that’s arsh that’s rough that is rough I just realiz sorry extras sorry on no no I just noticed the video is called how to kiss a fish oh yeah no I well

I I I always say knowledge is power hey everybody today we’re going to be showing you how to kiss a fish just do it a little kiss but make sure you get to know each other first the fish wants to be kissed by thee then once you have

Turned to Friendship why on Earth has he done that why is why is he wording it that way do you think you’d ever kiss a fish hey is it cheating on your wife if you kiss a fish Phil depends like on the mouth or like What on earth does that mean

What do you mean it depends on the mouth like forehead kiss like oh sorry oh you sorry sorry I thought you meant like it depends on the mouth like the characteristics of the mouth I the fish has a [ __ ] mouth then n it’s not really a big deal but if it has beautiful

Succulent lips then yeah maybe I thought that’s what you were getting at sorry I I I I understood now I I I’ve pieced it all together sorry Phil yeah no that makes sense yeah if you kiss it on the on the mouth if you like put a little

Bit of tongue in there then that’s definitely probably cheating but if you just talking about tongue I don’t know we we are we’re get we’re getting find the limit the LI okay okay I see how we playing the game I see how we’re playing the game all right Li the intimation

Between the videos is when we try to make each other laugh now I see all right here we go okay hey Mater it’s to finally be back in Radiator Springs I want you what car is my favorite movie growing up that’s real it’s really put a twist PST on things I wasn’t

Expecting Phil is not allowed to kiss the fish Lola from Shar tail completely reasonable Christian I don’t think I’ve seen that is such a reasonable thing is that the one with like which is the one with Will Smith that’s the one that’s the one yeah you’re not allowed to fish kiss the

Girlfish that’s what PHS that’s what your wife says in chap like that’s not even uh Lola shark let me just show the chap awesome thanks I know I get I get making that I I completely May understand specifying hold on two seconds Phil’s going to disappear for a

Second but it’s all for a good right I just need to this is what Christ is talking about guys that just just so everyone’s aware that’s what Phil is not allowed to kiss so um so specific I I love how she was so specific of which

Fish I’m not allowed to kiss I get I feel like if look I’m just saying I feel like if you were to ask me off the top of my head hey if you could kiss any fish which fish would it be I feel I’m going to I’m going to Hazard 75% of

People are saying that fish and I’m saying the the remaining 25 are saying that one with the scarf from Finding Nemo that’s what I that’s my guess that’s my guess 75 Lola sharktail 25 the scarfish from from Finding Nemo those are the only sexy fish anyway let’s

Continue the only sexy fish you just said that sentence Phil there’s billions of fish and the fact that I only think two are sexy is probably good I think people maybe think there’s more and they’re sick in the head for that no he’s right exactly people now well you

Froze bacon bacon bacon it’s been the whole stream with you it’s been the whole stream I just I wish I had bacon so I could do that bacon bacon bacon butter butter face is that but Jesus that’s so much this is American oh yeah yeah it’s America that’s why a huge

Ass tub of butter like yeahp of [ __ ] you can get CL from face where you going such a big amount of oh man butter face the sound was very delayed that butter traveled faster than the speed of sound for sure I’m skipping it I’m going to skip

I’m going I don’t have it in me I don’t have please do please do take that money please well skip it if you don’t know that it’s getting skipped beans if you laughed I’m sorry to inform you but your humor is dead like mine help oh I really hated that I

Really really didn’t like the like the intermission for someone to tell me at the end it’s like if you laughed you’re kind of silly like me hello my son welcome to Heaven what they cut off part of the caption but it says I put on trumpets so

He thought he was in heaven oh my oh this I like this guy this gentleman how long is this video I don’t know but I want to know what Wizardry really took hold of him here some Evil wizard has clearly cast a spell upon him just having fun with webcam filters

And didn’t know that this was going to get uploaded somewhere she like oh I’m just going to play around with these [Laughter] Fells yeah it’s so dry like it’s a dry I just really like that it’s clearly like just him [ __ ] around and then he probably got older this is funny yeah

Yeah it hits his head hits his head a little bit I love how he like role plays though like he commits like he was like in there he really it’s beautiful oh yeah billys Billy rubs you like that [ __ ] yeah you do he nodded bro that oh my God

There’s been two animals that spoke English in this video so far that is incredible good video good video we have not it’s been over an hour chat not a laugh come on now Chad just own right now I guess huh [Applause] Purp There’s a lot going on Here that really that was tough for you huh that was really tough that was a big one chat immediately after I called you out immediately hit me with a funny video like I thought doggy said stuff like woof woof or bow wow but this doggy keeps saying I’m not a dog my name’s

Greg and I’m seeing your mom what this is just like when the monkey in the chair what this is like a schlat h choke this is just like when the monkey in the chair dead yeah silence get up I get up classic that’s me when I wake up in the

Morning I I just read one of the titles of one of the videos in the queue and oh God he’s going to hit him right in the bollocks a wizard no he’s a wizard or something that that was as I becomes a condom what why am I a

Condom yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no no no [ __ ] [ __ ] they just replaced a Family Guy joke with K’s face literally like the laziest thing but yeah is what it is man we should be safe here goofy poor judgment poor he had some

Goofy judgment oh [ __ ] oh wait no no no no no no no no no no no no no I did like a fake laugh to like no I you know what I did I did a fake laugh to like be like my joke was funny and then remembered the whole point of the

[ __ ] game great excellent just hour it just took an hour took an hour and all made me laugh was me just doing fine it’s not I’m not losing I’m taking my money Phil a little bit it’s like you know when you rub something really really hard and it feels good but but

But it builds up a charge I was laughing so hard and had to kept muting myself so you keep rubbing you keep rubbing it back and forth back and forth up and down and and and you know eventually something’s got to blow something’s got to give and I don’t know who’s going to

Give first me or quacky who’s going to be the one to to to bust you know edging I didn’t realize they did a goon sesh I wish I was invited hey want to see an impression of my dad sure comedy what did you say before comedy

Phil that was that’s the clip what did you name what were the words exactly you said before comedy Phil so laugh I don’t know Phil I I I seem to remember you saying the words and I’ll type them I was doing the all right if you want to take that it’s well

I mean I was just I’ve seen that clip so many times I saw it like a month yeah that was just when I did the little you know that was just me doing a fake laugh you were doing a joke and laughing at your own joke laugh at my own joke pH I

Did a laugh to stress how unfunny my joke had been Chad does that count they’re saying no but that’s just cuz they want to give you money Phil that’s just cuz they want to take my hard-earned money and give it to you if it makes you feel bad Jack yeah

Take take that life off it’s all good all right fine I’m I’ll stick with chat but my little sister’s here with me and here come here come here so say hi alah say hi here say well you can say hi to her hi hi hi oh my

God that almost got me she lifted her by her head Brian that was a powerful back to back that was a powerful back to back I’ve seen that but I’ve seen the funnier version with someone recording it on their phone and like the little kid thinks it’s blue

And she sits down and watches Bri Get sounds all right who sent home stuck it’s the one the J manifold one too with the eyes oh um Kai is a big Humper he’s over simulated um literally humping everyone um and a lot of the dogs did not like he couldn’t face the reality man look how

Disappointed the shame he felt the shame you are keeping them in Phil hey you’re doing well man you’re doing well I might be down but I’m taking I’m I’m not losing this what he’s gay I didn’t know he was gay in the year of 20 24 I didn’t know

He was gay that clip is still so [Laughter] powerful I’ve watched so many videos of that silly oh it’s a crow yeah of course H H you so smart yeah it’s going let’s call our friends no Bye-bye that’s powerful how how how do you do how does that get discovered that’s what I want to know who had the time to play around with that thing to figure out all the combinations of [Applause] swears me when I start a new night on FNAF hello hello

Hello you guys want know a cool fact yeah yeah Japan is right that way if we swim all night we’ll be able to get a Japan I love anime no I’ve heard that about Charlie I’ve heard that about him it’s been in it’s in the texts that one of me eating the

Watermelon oh yeah he kissed on the mouth s out of 10 six six the kiss was it six was quite quite like aggressive do you think it would be better if you kiss the sexy fish Lola from shock tail hey hey you don’t hey it’s funny cuz he thinks he’s dying

But to us it’s just a funny prank yeah that’s nasty to us it’s a funny prank we’re doing a little tickle but he thinks he’s dying oh it’s you I’m shocked be me pants that with a raccoon on my head sorry I forgot to specify it wasn’t just me R corles

Are is soft and YouTube poops in the year of 2024 I I’m going to say it I don’t think we should leave YouTube poops behind I love them I’m going to say it they’re here the ster Flash in 2024 I like web blash yeah I like that a lot too but

Like why do you suppose I just gooned in your cave I don’t were you rizing or were you gooning rizing or gooning see no I want you to stop snork jumping off the south side of the cliff oh dear I never thought he was the type

You was that a M’s meme did someone make a M’s mem theyy big on the M though he was a great leader his hands bore the blood of thousands of children Slay Slay oh my God the cooking process was mean to him that did catch me off guard that

One is that is it just not going to is this it we just stuck on yipp there okay it’s moving again odd human thank you for the prime Half Price Half Price donations for you now more videoes four months crocheting a turtle [Laughter] where did he

Go I don’t know where you went that’s crazy I didn’t know you could do that you were shot when the guy disappeared earlier and you can do that yeah yeah it just happens you’ll be gone he wasn’t wrong they were gone they were they disappeared they were completely gone

Longest recorded sentence was give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you it’s a great sentence that’s also the longest sentence I’ve ever heard JL say so hot dog water go GL what are these old ass clips egg why is your laughs at

Egg it’s great fair enough well I’m very excited for the next video what you that was F eight and that was better than wib was but did the cat want a kiss little kiss toats this a little Eep guy was it oh he is a Do what this guy kicked himself in where is not a cat that’s not a Cat the end screen was the funniest part you basically make a triangle just like that that’s just a that that’s just a rectangle that’s those full sided triangles they’re tricky man it’s easy to mistake Him relaxing cute most normal Dark Souls meme probably probably very accurate to be fair guys keep the videos flowing peep what’s going on here um You’ve Got a Friend in Me just a straight joke from Family Guy no like not even an edit just someone took a joke from Family Guy and sent it in no that’s your weakness the cats it’s the edits is weak for the [ __ ] man it’s the it’s the hot shadow shadow you’re an [ __ ] man

You are what you eat Sonic what the what the hell man oh my God why did you do that and how they have that soft spot just yeah well that’s the thing isin it that’s the thing is that why you have did they have a cat you that consider

Horse they are a wonder the flanks of pure muscle the mischievous twinkle in the eyes right the melodious yes horses are beautiful and i’ say so Majestic did you know horses love to eat apples but occasionally crave other sustenance BN did you know you can tell a horse’s age from its teeth I’m

Three did you know horses have four legs when we’re looking I really thought his [ __ ] was going to come out because of their famously large [ __ ] I’m really pushing for that fils laugh man I’m sorry no I’m going keep pushing it oh I’ve seen that oh he did laugh when did he laugh

Everyone’s calling out Phils a laugh I I don’t even remember if laugh really to say their final good this Fallen Louisville police officer DD Mega Doo she died she called DD Mega doodoo on the new job imagine dying being called DD me mega dudo what do you think about

Californiafor you like it yeah do you like it you taking a Sho what you doing there a powerful stancy was pulling there it was oh my oh whoa yeah don’t mess don’t mess with ir Golems I guess amazing edit like two seconds please okay when I’m negative when I’m negative I’m too

Negative when I’m positive I’m too positive okay I’m going to [ __ ] myself okay let’s go okay okay let’s do it he’s made that mistake I think three times that I’ve seene today what trying to say something and just alluded to wanking to bite my lip that was wow would you rather have

Unlimited bacon but no more games or Games Unlimited games and no games Phil it it kills me it kills me every time like my soul dies I’ve heard it so much this is a nice photograph is this elegant lady a member of your family no she killed my mother’s

Dog why do you have a framed image of her that’s what spite oh schlatt’s here welcome schlatt schlatt that joke like literally kills my soul when I hear it now it’s just lost all funny I loved it and now I hate it oh it’s a cat video you definitely can’t close your

Eyes and cover your ears Phil no my ears are still here I’m just gripping my head M Phil Phil Phil Phil chat know my weakness now it’s a problem it’s just a matter of time it’s I’m going to say this to you we’re getting a little break here we’ve been going through the videos fast than the mods can approve and we’ve got some [ __ ] that needs to be approved

Yet we’re getting we’re getting a little break while the mods approve the next round of videos I think the break is over never mind oh yeah I’m a liar well bring in the cats people I want to keep my money was like going to catch me R you have what dying feels like

Probably yeah I wish not to G to death’s Embrace just just dude man boy lazy wizard what lazy Wizards or just Dylan all right I’m excited about this oh this is probably going to be good seen it I hate paricle for making that popular man he just made it popular

He just laughed at it a bunch and then oh was it was it him or two one the other 149 I’ve got 50p [ __ ] you bastard Charisma Charisma startat Nat I’ve got 50p it was paricle the funny cat yeah it was Jesus Christ it’s an animal makes

Sense that’s the size of his head that is a big burger for that guy but you know fair enough power to him for eating the burger you see nipple me thirsty it’s not even like the cats it’s just the the edit style perhaps we should take a break I could really use a

Nap I will love you and pet you and call you your do we have this One see now now chat you’ve got you’ve gotone too insane with it now it’s just not a Sandwich this is a Halo themed one this is targeted now you realize this Jack they’ve targeted this towards me specifically it’s all Halo themed cand every single edit in there was like that to be honest I really was struggling to understand what qu was going On see I like I like that edit but it’s like it’s it’s it’s uh oh what what do they word it it’s tensioners trying to walk down the stairs that’s good loud funny loud I quite like that I did quite like that loud is sometimes Funny I say commands the horses he did Drake I feel like Drake has command over little Woodland creatures he’s so cute he’s a very sweet creature is he also think he’s dying no he just got scared oh okay that’s good at least cuz he got picked up

Long that freak out I don’t like spiders and [ __ ] I did not really he’s grabbing food that fell on the floor I love the tuba it’s one of my favorite instrum listen to this dropped the mic in there and it looked really intentional even it didn’t even

Look like he did he did it by accident he fully just put it in oh he’s holding oh that’s a bit [ __ ] I’m very disappointed oh [ __ ] no that was a really British video oh was hold on Sho oh oh [ __ ] h h poop poop the answer is

Poop boy uh what is what is what is [ __ ] sake this is this is very targeted to You and the Jackal is deep I don’t even I’ve never heard that in my life oh it’s like a thirst trap thing right come over here and kiss me on my hot mouth I’m feeling romantical I was good the call back to the kissing again the call back kissing that was the

Worst week of my life but oh it felt so good in the moment what re R what the [ __ ] is r doesn’t even froze he just locked in what the fu trying read what is that it’s him again my Friend oh he’s running streamlabs obs oh Freddy the monk there it is yes yes yes yes yes yes get it yes where’s my gone [ __ ] man someone did the right thing sending that back in oh I got giddy I got giddy [ __ ] yes thank you I don’t know who did that

Oh The Passion of The Craft god well someone’s been watching The Matrix again oh my God this Tears In Your Eyes yeah just like bro you look high hit a blinker he looks High can’t you hear them mother the bells they’re ringing finally the Harvest can

Commence oh evil evil Max I I watch I watched that like with Tom when it came out and I absolutely lost it it’s a good video it is very it’s so good in the midst of chaos we’ve seen this there is also it’s a classic it’s a classic all Warfare is

Based all Warfare is based it is good it is good I’m I mean maybe this is my bias here But see that yeah classic H it is a classic though guys we’re now 30 in still haven’t lost a lot of lives we need more donations coming through we need more videos [Applause] Forever [Applause] Haus load sent me a message first year I live in smic Birmingham if you want the [ __ ] BW come down has for G I’ll come out M and I’ll break your [ __ ] legs you little prick love that most normal Birmingham resident he was rediscovered recently on

YouTube and he’s a video where he’s like I live in a [ __ ] I would be yeah you probably shouldn’t punch almost D in the dick probably unless they’re really bad oh holy Mo I love a holy moly I like I like I like that a lot I like that clip a

Lot Freddy Faz or or or or or or I really want to see have you seen those videos recently where we like at least they weren’t Freddy Fazbear cuz if they were Freddy Faz versus the man Phil Jameson philosophy 101 18th of February 2022 midterm 1 everyone knows Mario is

Cool as [ __ ] horrible opening but who knows what he is thinking who knows why he crushes Turtles who does know me when trying to make school will link up with gaming oh I I wrote some [ __ ] essays about undertale man dear diary today I learned my first curse word [ __ ] Dory diori dear

Diary [ __ ] dear dear I just learned the FW this [ __ ] I really like that they only right in their diary about when they learn swears and nothing more that’s the only big thing you got going on as a kid deor oh ah yes TF2 sfm oh why where’s the music do have

Music he’s he’s been heal Max oh he look at the bgov God it was sad when they died is there’s no music is that it he’s just uh yeah this this is fine freebie we get we get through it fair enough he looks maxed bye-bye that’s me when I finally break

My M streak semi son off the M warts it’s it’s a [ __ ] book fire though it’s fire fire is useless well I mean no no no it’s listen to me the fire protection is really good if you go to the nether which will be opening in like

A couple of weeks or a month maybe right is useless it’s useless it’s useless I don’t give a [ __ ] about fire I am the fire I am the fire know I’m the on fire all right well in room m m I know that one I remember a little

Bit from doing French in school and it’s n of the stuff they taught us it’s just the the stuff I Google translated devil M hug just not want to be in there you left the door open oh pet was that Q-tip they just zoomed in

On a thing I don’t know what the thing was what’s this know pom I don’t know you have to teach him to say p on P oh yeah p on P oh yeah pom knows something teach him you don’t want to okay the first SW she she learned in here just talking about

Teaching swear wordss you just teaching your egg swear words is this where wait what’s the swear I’m just trying to learn it’s not like language I’m used to it you have to learn that to say oh I know that one I know that one from a

Meme the is even it’s like even more harsh than shut the [ __ ] up say it again okay I don’t want to say it anymore just get right in my face and go say again apparently these are too specific guys we got you got to like give like

Funny random funny to Jack or something specific to Jack make Jack laugh or make F laugh I mean I really like money oh what what what’s happening I can’t even read it I I I don’t know what was happening quite that was that

It oh no no okay we got we got we got some more [ __ ] coming through we got some [ __ ] coming through what’s this A Dr what was that noise watch The Blob coming up in a moment careful careful and then you should be close to the exit I think was

That Pacman no stop that imagine hearing that just Pacman noise then just a goggling scream what what the [ __ ] is happening what what I’m still yet to play this game but all I’ve seen is oh we should play it it’s real good you the what oh my God there’s so many that

That was intense small small approval break Phil and you know what in that time no cuz it’s they’re going to start I was going to go get some more water but just pause it until I can’t pause it until I start playing again that’s the problem it’s a weird system

Oh there we go Oppenheimer great Phil entertain now now now he come stick with them tell them good things chat you got you dude You’ you’ve got to step it up man you you’ve got to get Jack out you I I I need this I need this me this is my stream

Now I need this listen I know I know you think you’re funny with the cat videos all right you hit you hit maximum level you you hit that it was too high max level it was too crazy and too specific has to be a bit I’m back back yeah yeah

Yeah you’re back yep what were you do you giving them strats nah trying get them to help you win cuz that wouldn’t that wouldn’t be fair Phil cuz I haven’t had any alone time death the destroyer of world I heard Robert J J Robert upen Homer is

It Robert J J Robert I forget point is he he loved a little bit of a oh my sense now ai moment no you better hurry up Jimbo he’s coming straight for us now why did you have to steal that Dino egg I was hungry you could have had McDonald

I can’t feel my face no he couldn’t feel his face Phil come on now there’s a difference I can’t feel my face Markiplier bomb I don’t like that this has became a new thing that wasn’t that wasn’t a thing on the last series I don’t like

That one so loud it’s so loud that scared the life out me I was about to hit hello everybody my name is welcom wel who’s coming huh if you’re coming right now let me see it let me see it show me huh he he who is coming

Coming I stay awake not sleeping because I’m thinking about this I’m thinking about this okay so the first night is never usually that bad in any of the games so I’ll play through hello hi He who is coming is powerful that’s all I can really say to that one oh it’ses into us to die by your s such a Heavenly way to die a t I’m glad you know the words though oh that’s what gacha is I’ve always wondered what that

Was stop Rous let’s just get going Rous excuse me what he was hitting a blinker I wish I knew what that meant that was a bop it was fun though yeah had a nice little Melody catchy well oh we’re waiting on the next approval okay okay we’ve got a moment

We’ve got a moment thank God thank God keep them flowing in the meantime chat we still got two lives each which means right now if the stream ends we’re going to have to split the money oh the last thing I want to do is split

The money I want a Victor and I want it to be me ideally realistically I mean let’s be honest no one wants to split anything that’s boring what a boring end it’s like the end of The Hunger Games when they both won and they didn’t you know

You know I hope they killed themselves like the way it was going to go and then they went no no we won’t eat the berries we’ll both win what a [ __ ] [ __ ] ending first night is never usually that bad in any of the games so I’ll play through hello everybody my name is

Mar I really find fiber optic cable core interesting hello everybody my name is what are these edits welcome What was that the hello everybody my name is mar mar Kitty what are you doing down here did I not see you before you’re so Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese hello everybody my name is Mark who’s coming huh if you’re coming right now let me see it let me see it

Show me huh he he who is coming who’s coming hello everybody my name is marbl you better get out here you better come out here come where I am Mar what was wrong with showing the same drawing this one fan out where his face is a bit long and it’s like slightly angled just to make him look a little that’s the original image I’m going to say I’ll see you down kid thanks for the

Fun adventure oh and I’m sorry if you fell in love with me they always do my name is mar break me off a piece of that k k k k k hello everybody my name hello everybody my name is milk applier welcome back to milk milk milky milky

Freddy’s buddies of course my Lord our first big booty baddy is the muffin [Applause] man all right we need to get a grip as a society mate cuz that that’s dire we need to get a grip okay son make sure to sleep in bed Ohio R dad you’re so silly son good

Night kid let me check if he’s sleeping I knew it go to sleep kid wait what what’s wrong dad what the heck that’s it I’m taking your phone you’re so Ohio what does that even mean son you need to stop doing this but the skd sigma is Ohio I can’t take this anymore

Kid I think it’s time to bring you somewhere welcome to your new home oh oh hell no h l humor man hey man what you’re not on the brain rot Tik Tok you don’t love a bit Phil you know you know what I don’t know fil he loves a bit of Tik

Tok every day I open my phone I have eight new Tik toks from filza it’s true you you love you you you had all of the necessary research to take me down today because I send you so many I should have sent to be fair I should have shown the chat I didn’t

Think to do that I have an idea I mean just get Tik toks in here guys I’ll tell you that FS it constantly it’s like a constant flow this guy’s streaming or he’s watching Tik Tok that’s all I can tell that’s what I can tell spending time with his wife

Watching Tik Tok sometimes at the same time get down Zar get down looks like he’s seen God yeah they they freak out oh night time night vision well Kristen confirmed Kristen says you also just spend all your time watching Tik Tok fake game about to go to sleep it’s Tik Tock

Time Simpson glitched me just send a bunch you you do what whoa what’s the meme what’s the meme it’s just loud and a bit odd is this just La botomy core what is happening well well I can’t say I really know sure oh dear I mean I don’t really know what they

Expected to be honest yeah just made no sense that should have they deserved it who’s coming huh if you’re coming right now let me see it let me see it show me huh he he who is coming you better get out here you better come out here come where I

Am Market PL the not the cap cut at the end it was the cap cut that got you really you seen the cap cut edit almost have to keep it in ooh I slam my penis in the car door you slam your penis in the car Door that happened to you shut the car door you swing the wrong way shaft flies out oh bad timing that imply that you were pantsless outside of your house next to your car in the garage where the car is Bikini Bottom area ravage the bottom you don’t even own a car I did

Once and he gave it away and I flammed my penis in it the sound is awful oh oh yeah those are the Tasmanian Devil’s [ __ ] in the basement what don’t judge me for this God Phil oh Phil this is insane casually making people [ __ ] Jesus thank you Mikey Mike this is my new Flo by Shir and I’m going to show you how it works first you put it on here lock okay oh no Bobby or whoever that was I mean I don’t know if that was Bobby per se or

Or maybe self aware and wanted to end it why did you add such a horrible narrative to it a straight for the Flames Jack i i s I did watch what you watched but I I just didn’t give it Consciousness in my mind really Phil I think we’ve been given a small

Approval break never mind no they’re beginning again it’s never long it’s never long there’s no there’s no there’s no Escape There’s No Escape there’s always videos there’s always videos to watch something’s going to crack us is it just Frozen just sound Fro like [ __ ] like Mickey Mouse like accidentally hammering his [Applause] thumb wow wow again I just have to ask I just have to ask why bevil’s car I’m I’m going to be all up in in those feet oh I’m going just be sucking on each one of those tootsies you can’t hide them from me no

No no you think you can but you cannot oh no there’s no hiding those sweet succulent tootsies from me no that’s be weird that’s so YouTubers need to be studied like in 10 to 15 years we need to have like a study out of like look at

This I found a gummy elephant look at Him yeah that was weird you’re right that was weird anyway oh oh oh are we waiting on no there’s a q what where’s the next one what’s happening brief brief what’s happening right now brief something should be playing brief Hiatus from the funnies yeah that thing Markiplier said was weird

Huh that was odd I really God yeah I couldn’t stand that you seeing this film I am mhm I have the cancer this is no good so what I will do is cook the Mets and sell the Mets for my family with my friend Jessica Jess welcome

Jessica hey yo Mr White it’s me Jessie pink y it’s true it’s him I’m so [ __ ] good at this I can do any impression wter I’m very angry with you what the [ __ ] I don’t know I’m Hank Trader are you selling any drugs if you are I think you should maybe stop walk

[ __ ] why you little mate I [ __ ] love donuts mate and beer [ __ ] I like going to the [ __ ] bar with me mates [ __ ] Lenny and you need to stop drinking beef all the time actually it’s wrong to and and and don’t strangle your son actually cuz

That’s wrong that is very wrong what I would do is actually just send him to his room maybe or or treat them nicer like you do the other children maybe like pigy I’m crying you should mag Next where is my big you got can you do how are we I’m tble I need toet no he didn’t get to fil or his wife cuz this is Fela this is me fil I don’t that’s mad that has layers that has layers does she ever sneeze just Edge the

Sneeze the whole time [ __ ] sake man sneeze doesn’t sneeze never sneezes God look how much he struggles with this it’s to lock in so hard oh it’s so narrow that’s like the best if you want to get Phil I figured it out man coming huh if you’re coming right

Now let me see it let me see it show me like I I start tearing up it’s that that’s how like tough it is that was so good come out here come where I am there’s some big videos coming through man but to be fair the longer ones are working it

Feels feels like a slow burner as the fills away something that builds something that builds so he just has to bust that’s what we got to do we got to make FS a bust nope all right well it was worth a try SE the seahorses going crazy that

Was a jellyfish that was very solidly a jellyfish the the image is so small it looked like a seahorse stretched out PR of kingles I bought a PR a pran of kingles falls asleep the shame in his eyes I thought the jellyfish was come Jesus Christ what wrong why you

Burning what burning roof burning what the [ __ ] I had a nightmare that my house burned down like that oh yeah I put a solder iron back and it just did it wrong and everything burned stress my manager Paul was there and I went Paul Paul you got to help me

I did this like ages ago wow this is a trailer for a heal 2 montage wait you made a trailer for your Montage that was pretty common back then Yeah big on the sniper rifle with all filter oh yeah oh de I edited this on my friend’s PC cuz my PC was so bad it couldn’t handle It Jesus this Quick’s good though that was pretty good that was Good mad you’re actually pretty good at that thanks M I went to tournaments and everything really did you win them uh came second and a lot of them oh no excuse me Gordon B boy do you smell what I smell hello what is that stench you have any idea what’s Ah hell

Hello Gordon Freeman it’s good to see you no oh I love half sound effect wouldn’t you like to get one of these blood samples under a what a peculiar get back are you 100% sure that theory of yours is correct no I believe this will make for a notable paper don’t

You do you know who ate all the donuts all right I am rather looking forward to this analysis how interesting just look at that shouldn’t we try to capture a specimen you can’t be serious hello greater Donuts this should help no please No the no was was was a fine addition but but didn’t cut it someone laugh I’m hoping we do too but you know we keep we’re strong three different times in the last [ __ ] three years three it’s a similar edit to Mar player there germa I love Germa rang godamn rang these are so weird you’re the impost The Imposter you 2024 Phil 2024 2024 the year of Our Lord 2024 stop Mar bombing us it’s too much it’s too much Mar please where come from where go where the [ __ ] did the video

Go chat we need more we need more we need more [Applause] funny that’s not good if you were in a tank and a hamster and a hamster did that you’d be upset I’m looking for oh Oh if I was a tank I’d be upset what the Riz guy or oh the yeah sorry of course FS a laugh are you saying there was one or you just asking him to you just being polite they asking me to they want me to they just want me to laugh

I so do I want this nightmare to be over chat you’re in control here you just got to get funny find them open Tik to be fair I wish we could have Tik Tok submitted I feel like Tik toks would would do it we could open up a form then we wouldn’t be

Increasing our prize pool all right you know we we don’t want that do we yeah we don’t want that no all right 25 more this is what I’m going to say 25 more minutes all right of doing this and then if you do not make either of us lose uh we’ll swap over

I’ll start a Tik Tok for and we’ll uh we’ll start on Tik toks oh man yeah yeah yeah I’m getting into it yeah oh yeah I’m getting into it hold on oh we still we’re waiting on approvals right now let me open the form let me do the backup

Form this is going to be something this is going to be a new staple of the uh the challenge I didn’t realize it’d be so strengthyou were one of the most easy to laugh guests we had Spiderman has been legalized but you’re the one getting smoked

Gabby hey that was a a Twist I did not expect I didn’t think he would kill Him be better if it was real I you know what I’ll be honest it’s not I distracted myself making the form it was a great strategy really okay it wasn’t it wasn’t that funny okay good good thank God I didn’t miss out on anything hilarious hang

Onato all right I mean yeah I love streaming peripherals as much as the next guy Phil oh yeah oh yeah we’re bringing out the dad jokes now Phil yep we’re going to get that laugh one way or another no not going to get you all right well is what it

Is I think we’re still waiting on approve we are we’re wait we’re waiting on approval it’s all right chat it’s all right chat it’s coming it’s coming all right trying my best I can I’m I’m running low on stamina here like I’m going to crack I can feel that you’re

Going to crack Phil I can feel it but look I I also can feel that I will slowly I’m slowly getting to the point where I feel like I’m going to start laughing at stupid [ __ ] I mean your audience know you better than better than anyone when it

Comes to making you laugh at stuff I do feel like I’m I’m a pretty easy uh laugher too when it comes to the right stuff like I’m I’m pretty Hardy when it comes to the series but at the same time you can get me there’s a way of doing it

You just haven’t cracked it yet chat you haven’t cracked it some of you have got close the one laugh I did was at myself so that is your clue no it’s not it’s not videos of me that won’t do it it’s okay M I went real red then I got

Real red that got that got the VIN that got like the I hit the acting man I hit the acting trying to get that Oscar that twitch um the stream rewards are coming up best actor you know I’m getting it you almost purple hey man purple guy Five Nights at

Freddy’s anyway um few more videos few more videos hey guys we still got 10 no 20 minutes 20 minutes until I open the Tik toks so get those get those [ __ ] videos in before then because hey all the while now you’re increasing the money one of us is going to walk away with

I would 100% use the Wii Phone I love when VR headsets do that to people yeah pushes their eyebrows down they look all sad happened to me the other day it’s great it’s like a really old clip of me with the same face I’m just not eating I’m just like looking at chat and doing this like all miserable

It’s like like not even like that it’s like it’s like yeah like this do I ever look can I look sad is that a thing I have the capability of oh that’s kind of it I don’t really I don’t know if I know I can look sad

Phil I’ve seen you look sad before good good I’m glad oh there it is that’s dis that’s dismay oh what on Earth is he preparing for excuse Me wait for It that boy is an automobile Transformers yeah I don’t think that was Transformers I’m going to be honest cuz going to put that out there that was not Optimus Prime bro that was not Optimus Prime that was suboptimal lame bro oh didn’t even get didn’t do it

Tried so close tried suboptimal lame bro really tried face it’s when he just gets like stretched think 100 bits have you seen the FNAF no I’ve not seen the FNAF movie I I keep forgetting I’ve still got the care package they sent me as well somewhere

In my house they sent you a care package and you’ve not seen the movie yet they invited me to the premere but I was busy and I just haven’t got a chance to get manifold I was in Vegas Oh okay that’s a decent excuse oh speaking Ofd does that happen in the movie cuz it’s so sign me up sign me up to that movie I want in I want in to Freddy Fazbear you know Phil you know you may think you may think um hold On you may think that Freddy Fazbear is all cool but here’s what you don’t know Phil Freddy Five Bears he actually is evil you see there was this purple guy his name was William Aton and he killed five kids and then he put them inside the Freddy Five bears and he

Go and there’s Chica and Bonnie and golden Freddy fa Fazbear and Foxy and and the puppet that’s the law and yep and and and they and and guess what he did Phil he stuffed them inside the suits and the and The Souls of the kids made them evil and they and they and

They kill PE and and it’s called Remnant and it goes into the suits and it makes them kill people and the purple something some the kid the dead kids are in the suits and then something goes into the suits along with the dead kids and that makes them evil yeah cuz that

Now they want to get revenge on the purple guy and he’s purple by the way but they’re kids yeah but they were killed so they have Revenge well they they wouldn’t even care for Revenge they’re kids they would just be like oh my God I’m in a suit no they they they

They’re not like infants they you know they you you you’ve seen a pissed off 10-year-old before Phil oh no they’re terrible you seen a 10-year-old if I was a 10-year-old in a suit like that my first thought would not be to kill people yeah no to be fair in 2024

Probably be to like nip down the corner shop as lost man for a vape 10-year-olds love getting on the Lost Mary Phil that’s what they do you see Freddy Fazbear at the corner shop like can iy L Mary please that probably be the way it

Went to be honest if I me if I’m being real if I kept it real yeah jackpack truly theorizing I mean hey that’s if it was set in the UK and America they probably um who knows who knows what they get up to really some some cursed law oh

I absorbed it went in went in the shock waves who would win that or nulear B baby I don’t know coughing baby probably you think I don’t know why you think that Phil think of the sheer power nuclear bomb would just deflect from a cough mhm do you see

Oppenheimer yeah just one big cough put put me in front of a bomb with with a sick and [Applause] I’ll Dr SW Dr SW we’re getting Delirious we’re getting impr that’s my impression of uh opener field do you like that m we’re it’s it’s been how long it’s been

Nearly it’s been 2 hours and 15 minutes we’re getting stupid and Delirious now now we’re having fun you know oh no hi this is chy wo creator of the room let me introduce you to the new Joker classic it still almost gets me every time almost every time that will work

The hard cut to just him screaming yeah he’s not even laughing I think that’s what it I think it’s cuz it’s supposed to be a laugh and it is just a scream no you you idiot just walk through just walk just just walk through that’s Jambo doesn’t understand it’s Jambo from from J

Schlat jumbo from J J schlat this little guy Jimbo from jam schlat oh he’s still here he’s still in chat hey schlatt how many drinks are you deep now schlatt how like what are we talking what what why why why have you said that I know he’s drinking how do you know he’s

Drinking didn’t give birth to Freddy Fazbear because if you give birth to Freddy Five Bears he comes out and he says or or or or or or or or he said 10 he said 10 straight neat what were you on the Benedict te schlatt you still drinking the Benedict Te wow I am I think you probably know where I got that Freddy Five Bears joke from now what is I can’t even read it he got mad at an employee and tried throwing the C and this is how it ended how do you fail so

Hard yeah he’s to what that’s like Gmod physics I just want to He hear it I would say yep someone just put chug schlat chug Rocky numbers 10 benedic tees bottles N I bought me yesterday Phil oh it’s pretty mid right no I quite enjoyed it I liked the me what me sort of M Christ yeah you liked it I did I had a little

Taste yeah technically technically goes against the whole sober thing I was doing but I also was like well am I going to try me again right so so I had a little sip but that was I only had a sip that don’t count FL invited me to drink with them

In Texas will you protect me with your many guns schlap wait why can’t I come drink in Texas I mean I don’t I don’t got a drink I’m like going to be in Texas in in march/april Tommy init annoying at first Tommy in it.com tour

In chat it’s true you are I’m going to be there what I can’t go you invited me on your stream before on my stream yes you can have one fill I’ll give you for the plane ride home too I don’t know if that’s going to work out schlack he just ignor

I don’t know if if if carrying a a rifle on a plane back to the UK is going to go down well but we’ll see give you a little snubnose little snubnosed pistol maybe Jack your resolution I can go drink non-alcohol drinks with him and he

Can get drunk and I just laugh I just laugh as he gets funnier cuz we all know alcohol makes everyone funnier if you ever want to be funnier you should drink lots that’s a my that’s my he’s joking he’s joking fine if you get really really drunk especially if you

Get blackout drunk that’s really when you’re the funniest he’s lying that’s not what happens that’s just what I’ve heard though from people don’t listen to your streamer people said to me Jack you know when you’re blackout drunk and like and you feel real bad the next day that’s when you’re at your

Prime you should get on stream make content the things you say are appropriate and well thought out that’s what they say to me are you sure you didn’t drink any of that wine no no look it’s still here full oh wow flat it’s still bubbling a little

Bit I saw one bubble yep still the odd 102 still the odd 102 where are the media shares they are currently being approved do not worry they’re still we we’re waiting on them with his friends bunny the bunny Chica the kitchen Foxy the Fox pirate and yellow Freddy keep moving your head

Off the screen Jack sorry sorry sorry sorry I’m not making a noise I promise just doing a big grin I have to lean away yellow Freddy I like yellow Freddy the best I’d probably say why you just keep putting let’s go in in chat schlat go go go go go what

What is that fox pirate raw yeah yeah that’s the one you know him he goes he’s the only one that has a different song All the Rest go but uh but uh but yeah yellow Freddy goes oh no I mean uh Fox pirate he

Goes probably if I was to if I was to try and do an impression of it can’t say it’s great but you know I tried my best do the Tik Tok hey we still on 9 Minutes yet I’m obsessed with it I Can’t Get Enough back with another mil help [Applause] help help

Me help Phil can you hit a good um help me uh but straight face like help not on the I would have to it would have to be in the moment outside hello Internet and welcome to Game Theory the show that got five nights at Freddy is completely

Right um maybe not foxy is a mil don’t joke they’re gone forever now don’t joke ever about Matt pet ever now cuz they’re gone forever now theories oh thank you Freddy you saved the town from that evil prabs anus that was a good one that was

Powerful your weakness I see I I like Freddy Five bears and uh chica of the kitchen you know it’s just not that name is it CH the kitchen bunny bunny Bon um foxy pirate raw I like those ones oh a they’re pending they’re pending the media is pending I thought

We were about to get a new one it’s all pending my mods have slowed down I have to cut their pay down from a healthy Z to they don’t get PA yeah I was about to say I bet they don’t get PE yeah cut it down from a healthy zero

To probably let them pay me for the privilege of moderating the privilege to have that sort of power you know really I mean their privilege not me you know pay them in buttons no no do the shipping cost it’s expensive very expensive anyway F there one fart away from laughing

Oh wait he’s me he holy [ __ ] he’s Meing Holy What are these edits man are you just looking up Mee is are you looking at face maxing right now Phil no you get envious of to it I’m responding to someone where are you flaring your nose it helps me Mew helps me Mew hard five minutes till the Tik toks

Begin chat get those funny videos in here I’m Sorry it’s powerful that was powerful byebye what the heck is going on on You never found these funny what heck is going oh no sound awesome yeah I can’t say I’ve ever really enjoyed skib toilet more like the memes that have came out of it being so bad but popular I feel like that’s been quite funny but I can’t say I’ve ever watched skib toilet

Yeah W the m just ch o sorry manifold music really controls me you forget yourself I did [ __ ] you [ __ ] you [ __ ] you I I just I’m just never ready for it why are the mods doing this where to go where the [ __ ] did the video go yeah a good

Point take their money don’t let them no I’m whatever there’s the bomb I just hate that we we keep getting bombed you know I started this this whole stream in malar the last thing I wanted to get was bombed you know what since we’ve got an

Empty Q right now I think we’re going to do it let’s move on to the Tik toks F oh this is going to be dangerous this is going this is the T this is where it gets this is where it gets oh and now we just got two more videos come through

All right we’ll do the last two videos and then we’ll we’re closing it now if you send anything from now all right someone just sent one if you send anything from now then we’re not going to play it and you’re going to waste your money so don’t send anything more cuz we’re going

To move on to the Tik toks after these next three videos we were going to do it immediately but then you know it well it all went a bit tits up you ick Americans say that tits up no sorry guys that means when something goes wrong when things go bad

I’m going to be honest I I accidentally punched myself in the bollock right before that started so I wasn’t able to enjoy it that much a yeah I’m going to put a form in chat now by the way chat this is where you send the Tik toks get

Them sent now whilst we’re still watching the last few so the mods have time to start those approved uh getting those approved sorry and the form for the mods is in the Discord I always wanted to have a doggy but doggy my mom got me is really weird like thought

Doggy said woof woof or bow wow but this doggy keeps saying I’m not a dog my name’s Greg and I’m seeing your mom what this is is just like when I just really like that it sounds like the setup to a Family Guy cutaway gang this is just like that time hey Mis

Michael here your submarine is very safe yes or is it that was Michael remember the day that Michael just embraced the memes and got scary yeah he was all serious for years and he was all like educational then he got serious and got scary that was a crazy moment in YouTube history I

Thinked it he got more unhinged on purpose yeah he did it he turned it up a notch he did he did Jack is the mogger it’s all right no I do to be fair no I do thank you what does what does that mean it

Means I I MOG people Phil I MOG people it’s still pictures together and every and everyone goes He mogged them you know and still clear on the meaning but okay yeah hey chat agree though right stop edging I it’s just brain rot in the chat just complete brain rot just just just face

Max Ed Edge maxing brain rot and I love it sent the Tik Tok thank you wait the mods just moved on to the Tik Tok already maybe they have the it doesn’t I don’t know if anyone’s proving uh the the other all right if they moved on we should move on

Too Shi is over here I can’t believe we’ve gone this long you know uh your one despite the fact that you laughed quite quickly to begin with right at the end you like hardened up and it was one of the longer ones we ever did in the first

Series yeah the fills that you laugh you lose is a lengthy one is what we learned though this is longer it was about 2 hours and a half last time so we have currently superseded it yeah yep yep we’re doing well Phil hold on let me um I’ve gotten stronger

You have got you definitely have you definitely have I’ve noticed that immediately I’ve realized I have to like tune out but there’s some videos that I can’t tune out like there’s some that just absolutely kill me and that like monkey one where he like Falls over and

Like eats the mic just okay let me get this on the screen it’s too powerful me get this one on the screen hold on all right you all going to see this and it’s going to be slightly awkward this is something I didn’t know we were going to

Have to do so apologies for the slight awkward setup for this as we uh we sort of we we set this one up kind of just hoping all the Tik toks are in the same format otherwise we’re going to be screwed they probably are they probably are vertical vertical format usually

Vertical they usually are am and then we want cool all right we’re going G mode it’s ready it’s ready it’s time for Tik toks the chat didn’t actually have to look at it that was great I actually managed to set it up off camera how [ __ ] good am I Studio

Mode Studio mode indeed I didn’t think it did that but it did all right guys what what did SL just put me what who wants me who wants to get banned chat what the [ __ ] is schlat talking about whatever let’s just go he’s having fun hey man get this fake

Ass Pinocchio out of here next come on [ __ ] come on [ __ ] I promise I’m going watch my ass give me one more chance please no [ __ ] you stay right now shut the [ __ ] up [ __ ] all right [ __ ] what the [ __ ] you working with man I got a

Stanking ass donkey that [ __ ] talk oh [ __ ] you going to have to prove that me I can look say something to him say something look at him say something you make me look crazy right now look I can talk [ __ ] look at me ho I can talk look

At me what [ __ ] you must take on Boo Boo the food I’m cut your you get home I’m taking my stink ass with them he get talk I told you [ __ ] talk get his ass that’s roughly how it was I I did watch that’s pretty much how it went

That’s pretty much how it went oh you seen this guy this wasn’t even submitted but it’s here you end him you and yourself you son of a [ __ ] give me back my son keep your mouth shut whilst I speak to your dad 1 minute and 29 seconds long you

Seen this guy Phil no he just like makes these like role play scenarios and just Subs on Tik Tok daily every day he does one daily almost it’s like every other day at least do you have any idea the CRA I can put on you look at your wife

Look at her face is in a shed like it’s cold where he is for that CP boy is it dark where you’re calling from you got the shade stwn can’t of like celerate like this is like some really like you better get used to that you better get used specific content because

I it’s really odd man in this dedicate my life to Shing you down it’s doing numbers look at the look at the you’re dealing with give me the money don’t you understand English you useless piece of crap no money none if I don’t get the

Cash in 1 hour this kid is dead if I don’t get my son back and I mean real soon you better kill yourself because by the time I catch up with you I’m going to take my godamn time by the time we’re finish you’re going to wish you weren’t born I don’t

Think know how you understand me go to hell I’ll end him right now you end him you end yourself you son of a [ __ ] give me back my son he didn’t cry too much in that one actually like it was less crying I was more Angry real real realistically that

Is a dumbass attempt to get get someone back from a oh yeah no he’s killing the sun son’s dead son’s dead man like what are you doing all right hello kitten oh can we verify that is that the world’s biggest fart ever really I want to move on to a

New what was that the media share stopped what was that me and my boy Ed all right bye oh [ __ ] hell oh I got genuinely terrified by ad Sharon that time CU he’s back he was back I just forgot he was there and he’s

Like he was he was live sized so it like I thought it was a real man that’s good oh I could relate to this video so much the amount of times I’ve seen this when I was growing up that one’s rough that almost bothers me more that is rough that is rough thank

Have you have you heard the Rocks been getting into some hot water again why cuz he’s just he is just right remember right remember how ages ago he like replied underneath Tom’s tweet Dr tequila yeah Shilling is like is tequila well he’s he’s doing something similar but it’s just really

Dumb he’s react he right star from again I’m trying not to laugh it’s really funny and stupid he is like doing these Tik toks of him trying in and out for the first time and he’s done this three times he keeps doing it and he thinks nobody notices and it’s been like years

Of him doing this Jack and the latest one he can’t do he can’t eat the In-N-Out for the first time again without having some of his tequila he he can’t stop himself it’s a paid promotion F in and out and he he just inserts his tequila into it they did they definitely didn’t

Approve it but it’s the rock so they they had to say yes it’s the rock what are they going to do I really like just the trying trying in and out for the first time and it’s just literally you can look it up it’s amazing he’s he’s

Like what’s up guys trying out in and out for the first timeit uh had I’ve only went through the drivethru I never gotten it before uh oh it’s just like articles it’s such a weird thing to lie about I think this so weird oh oh wait hold on didn’t quite that’s the one

That’s the one approximately 11:00 p.m. it is cheat meal Sunday for all of us around the world certainly for me here and the reason why this is history in the making is because this is the very first time that I have ever tried it’s not the In-N-Out Burger it’s not fries

Or anything from In-N-Out for that matter now I picked up see we could see the old Instagram reals if you try few times for some buddies of mine I’ve never tried it so this is a first uh you tried it and he’s got two bottles of his

Teila yeah and he does a taste test he tastes he’s like I don’t know which one’s going to pair well let’s try them both out cheese of course we got fries here doesn’t even they don’t have it in this video they don’t have the whole

Thing dude [ __ ] me me man the the the Instagram reals are still up you can go see him trying it for the first time like three times peculiar interesting individual it’s such a weird thing such a weird thing to lie about I don’t understand is a weird

Wow I mean this cardio was going to be crazy yeah that’s rough to do though that that takes some Fitness Dedication that is uh wowe [Applause] oh excuse you oh no he looks sad back up Cur man yeah it [Laughter] died I reckon the fellow would win though that was such a genuine like Wiz yeah you know what Phil I’ve got a suggestion I have a suggestion before we move on to the next one yeah I don’t know how long it will take us both to lose two lives and part me

Suggests that we go into sudden death you [ __ ] oh yeah Phil a okay hold on wait I put on the song sudden death from Clash of Clans but it really isn’t this isn’t quite the vibe I was looking for this isn’t quite it sorry I was looking for like a

Good there it is that’s more like it Phil it’s time for sudden death let me tag you off those lives all right Phil we got take to now and the next person to laugh loses this competition oh yeah all the money Phil it all goes on the next last my God

We’re on Hardcore Mode no m one thing could just like crack me man I’m yep y but hey same for me Phil same for me probably myself so I got to be careful now no more jokes for me in case I laugh at how funny I am he

Mate yeah we booked the table for two at 7:00 uh under Barney excellent we just here we herey really nice you got here mate we might have one of those fish tains for our Lounge yeah mate where drinks oh they’re in the drinks men drinks on it

Right in front of me didn’t see that did I I don’t see a lot these days uh drinks drinks drinks what to drink what you got on top say no more mate say no more P of Stella please mate in R and but you better bring out the bottle

Mate you know what I mean what you’re going through a bottle faster than it’s really good every British person knows at least two people like this you at least I love well done excuse me if I like my meat cooked do I look like a vempire to you she thinks I

Am one don’t mention that please mate if any of touches my plate I’ll send it right back I’ll send it back I mean it sounds good mate just be staking chips no veg at all please what is this sauce is that French H sounds like sick don’t worry mate yeah wish sh

Please better drink my P thanks very much mate look at that we should send photos to people this here we go dude professional yapper I love it I really do all right I’ve been dying to see you mhm the slow look nobody loves me seemed really seemed uncalled

For once a witch in a spooky house the witch was mean she never shares a thing sharing is caring the house was haunted very haunted a person named Tommy went in the house and saw a real baseball in there when he got the ball everything was baseball supplies coming

Mad when he got out he forgot the ball he went decid to get it a huge ball came down the stairs Tommy ran as fast as he could chapter two there was a pool for skeletons only yeah they can’t [ __ ] P people shake and her broom got dust that broom always

Gets dust every single hour a week and the skeleton sleep in the pool every midnight they have an alarm clock they wake up in in morning at 5:00 a.m. in the evening the Brom and witch go to bed the room goes to bed the witch wakes up at 3:00 a.m. the

Room wakes up at 2 A.M a sign said Beware [ __ ] huge be they wanted to write like a massive beware sign but it couldn’t cuz they realized it was too big too big I you know I have a book like that I still have it in my [ __ ] bedroom I I wrote

A book of the whole Phantom Menace but I’d only ever played the Lego game so like it’s like a really Abridged it’s like an Abridged version of an Abridged version written by a four-year-old it’s really good and it’s really misspelled too that’s pretty Funny almost got you that almost got you hey Phil you want to hear you want to hear you want to hear my Stewie Brian M mm worth a try mm wait oh wa wait pause I ain’t pausing what what is happening okay you can skip this whatever it’s not even that good

You all ready for another daily sound effect here we go another box we enjoyed what was that I had to pinch my [ __ ] nose that was so hard that was the hardest one today there is nothing funnier to me than someone doing something embarrassing that they genuinely believe

Is not yeah that will never be beaten basically thing I like about Wellies is that you put your foot in them in puddle and they stay dry but they feel wet you want to come out of the puddle as soon as you’re in the puddle cuz that’s the best feeling okay

Now now the longer you’re in the puddle the longer that it’s going to be a better feeling when you come out of the puddle cuz the long wait yeah right now my feet feel they are soaked but I trust my Wellies I know they’re not I but they

Feel this is the best part about being in a puddle and it’s happening to me now so you just move about oh I love the feeling of it against my Willies and that’s why we do it so then you come out of come out of the puddle and now

Anybody that you see from now they don’t know that you’ve just been in the puddle for the last few minutes so you just got act casual act normal but really you normal you’ve got really wet feet but they’re bone dry weest feeling that’s why we do what we

Do see you all in the morning I like that guy a lot his name’s Jam slag and Elanor is a big fan of him he just gets really high and does stuff I was about to ask is he just High really high uhuh [ __ ] sake this isn’t making me laugh it’s

Just making me cringe thank you so that made me cringe so bad I really really didn’t like that hold on let you got to stop you got to stop dipping out of the mic mic range dude you are sorry no I wouldn’t have laughed at that that was just pure

Cringe I had to cover my eyes that was just uncomfortable oh sorry oh it’s him again yeah seconds this time yeah I I moved the rhing let me show you Again sorry I know I had an advantage there cuz I already I liked that this morning so uh for me there glad I didn’t send it you no no No wiy that was cool it’s going to happen Phil do you like my shots I do oh my God I was I was about to ask where did you get them that’s so nice just the skin of a dead animal I killed the cow why was there like Auto Tune on the

Y it’s going to happen Phil oh okay move the man I wish I had that confidence when I was what the hell I wish I had the confidence now [Applause] oh he’s in the stula and everything holy [ __ ] that that kid must have awesome parents oh yeah like they were just like

Yeah do whatever who cares what what people say matter he’s hitting that [ __ ] Phil don’t even think about people in the audience it’s just you said it was like fingers like yeah fingers boom so someone is out here finger tapping people people I don’t get finger the double Vine boom kobby Got Fingered

Man and not and I had nothing to do with It cuz like the jam is being pumped I like that a lot actually a good one I’m not going lie that actually that was genuinely all right chat did you get it it is you’re is that from today that’s from to that’s from today it’s all oh my God it’s all over

The cette the cassette is dripping made this is dripping you made me laugh how star people off for wil content right now they love that guy they I hear they love that guy yeah he’s pretty likable pretty likeable he’s right guy I think he’s a swell guy swelling enough pretty

Cool guy pretty cool guy well who knows what this Tik Tok is going to be it’s just nothing is it going to work this time oh well guess we’re not watching that one oh okay what the [ __ ] is toss F what the [ __ ] was that they had to have known they had to

Know I don’t know but I respect it heavily that’s all I care about do you think men deserve rights Bing you heard him Bing [ __ ] your life Bing Bong oh I didn’t do it right schlatt taught me a thing yesterday I did not do it right [ __ ] that was embarrassing just

Move on I can’t I can’t type cuz I just got these done and they’re really hard to use but look at my cat hell yeah I I one more let’s keep going oh Jesus Christ my God y oh that’s dire man I’ve been there but it’s dire oh oh [ __ ] Motorola booting

Sound that that’s really rough that was sick I’m not even going to lie to you Phil that was Sick oh you thought about thinking is I think what happened Phil you ever think about thinking sometimes what the hell are those players yeah they are yeah oh that’s so sick I think they might probably maybe not players actually that probably give you Mega emotion I’m at the airport I’m

So excited first trip to LA see people here are so nice oh yeah that’s that’s why tuo can’t go to airports no more yep that’s why he’s on the list he is on a list they know he’s coming and they escort him through the the terminal they do

On oh my God God oh my God oh oh my God I’m struggling this is this is I’m going top a blood vessel I’m going to pop a blood vessel what little he [ __ ] with little man he he likes good deals at great prices really excited about getting that botle What U is

Green those were red yeah I guess it’s like a different if you’re happy and you know say okay you’re happy and you know say okay if you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it if you’re happy say Okay me and elen’s one of our cats went

Into heat and then it started talking real English words I think he froze actually oh my God he froze Big Time whoa whoa who you robot robot robot Jack manifold robot can you hear me jack manifold I’m a robot i ph I can hear you but it

Almost made me laugh I’m not going to lie okay why it do that out of nowhere it’s still it’s still partially happening you were like it’s still doing it yep no yep we’re on the same page Phil you you were 32 bit for a little

Bit bun did we restart the call no no no I think it’s fine now I think it just fixed oh it’s smoothing it’s smooth it’s it’s smoothing it fixed itself as you said it that was wild that was Odd all right he’s just being washed he’s a he’s a shark he belongs in water just having a little wash nothing wrong with that at all got to squash that wow you could really use a massage you look very tense but so do I he was Minecraft I hear you’re familiar the 10

Likes it’s a really sad song who was it in chat it’s one of you who was it uh camelin was live I was live so I can’t read this is ring by May ravishing Ro is it frozen for you yes but I think that’s I think that was the

Joke what happened play it again I I I think this is ring by melline ravishing Rose ravishing Rose man that’s what it does to you that’s what it does to somebody ravishing Rose the sound effect or something falling in the background children have been ruined ruined by the

Interet excuse me I didn’t mean to it was just a little bitt baby Oh I thought i” get him I saw it in his face it’s going to happen man who’s coming huh another Mar if you’re coming right now let me see it let me see it

Show me huh he he who is coming who’s coming hello everybody my name is marbl mar you better get out here you better come out here come where I am Mar rabbit F 39 shout out rabbit F 39 we’ve seen so many no shot we at the three- hour mark oh my

God we are we are I don’t like the Dance come on do the chaa shorty Spanish she like to call me Papa true fact everything I do they call it flocker all they do is copy me I call them Walker she keep Brian I don’t know let me ask the people

All in favor of democracy say I I pardon I I don’t quite know what that happened Phil what just happened do you have a girl I don’t see a ring on your finger well that’s interesting have you ever thought of dating a Singer what is happening what is what is happening now what is what is going on hey Phil you know what I’ve said this many time but even at my lowest I’m still a Family Guy how about we play with your Pooky bear huh I love him Adam Driver is a baby

Baby driver baby driver finish he finish no poy oh heyy bookie has returned I feel such Elation and where’ he go no Christ is done you killed him you [ __ ] and once more he has returned it’s just a game sweetie sorry again y’all first time flying you know

How it is stop looking at us what what is he doing is he pooping I don’t like that he’s staring at Me I’m done he pooped he pooped he pooped in his pants pooped on a plane know I used to I used to Almost got you wow Phil did you see what he did yeah he punched the face punched him in the head his initial Instinct was to punch him in the head that that has really I had to really think about that as to not laugh and I won see

British people keep on commenting on my videos asking me why do Americans keep on making fun of us so I’m going to answer that first certain Imager comes to mind when an American thinks of a British person something like this maybe him something of the sorts and this number two Americans think it’s

Absolutely bizarre that British people call this a meal apparently this is called a chip buddy and it’s just fried potatoes sandwich bread budy need I say more number four why is the British royal family still a thing after the queen croaked like who is this dude he’s a demon number five

Briason they have to put down the black black puffer everyone in England is puffer throw it in the bin it’s rubbish number six if British people want Americans to stop making fun of them they must address the chav situation to be completely honest I don’t even know

If these people actually exist but if they do I am very concerned in summary this is just the tip of the iceberg why Americans think British people are hilarious I’d love to give you guys more reasons but this video is getting too long so follow me least we can go to

Ms and not get [Applause] shot sorry I just had to tell him what four feel Sorry oh sorry just sorry I really I don’t know what came over me I just couldn’t is it from a clip like someone like literally shout what’s your favorite kind of play D G that sounds delicious hi I’m a that sounds I figured what that one was I didn’t know the first One I can figure what band is I don’t have to know [ __ ] yes oh yes and this is why you should never laugh for the British some [ __ ] British Tunes with you [ __ ] seagull some garage again very classical but not quite what we’re after Really that’s the [ __ ] theme to angry sounded like [ __ ] [ __ ] Matt Barry Oh that was close Phil I could see you I could see you nearly breaking at that what oh whoa he went back quick those drones got some acceleration bro the G’s that he took on why is he

Sound the legs are going to snap the legs are going to snap there’s no way that oh my God he he survived all right okay really thought we were going to witness death could see it wobble allak he iner AER I thought I thought his name was

Skipper to be fair I might be wrong there I love you kitten but your mind is so fragile you need to drift out Arkansas boy to Define your reality don’t you do you reckon that’s what he did to Marilyn Monroe re that’s how he he on Gaz the lion

Roar don’t put back to the island in chat oh I’m moving on life what am I stupid no God damn it [ __ ] [ __ ] just want a picture fair enough I I love the Boomers can’t use technology videos so much this is James [Applause] Mar it’s quite good it’s quite good I quite like that why do they hate Us hello who’s Whistling he’s always watching Phil you can never Escape him once you invite him into your life he’s there actually terrifying how can can I get a large Dr Pepper that’s good harmless pranks I like them I got these rings from Sheen right look like eyes because Jimmy Neutron

But now I can’t stop messing with them I gave it lipstick what do I name her I need to give her a name that was quite good actually I really wasn’t expecting that to be quite quite as funny as it was it’s going to happen this just the same video

Machine on a railway picking up Stones down came an engine and broke Mickey’s bones Mickey that’s not fair I think that’s reasonable I honestly think that’s probably reasonable if I got hit by a train I I’m screaming of Similar can I have one damn oh holy [Laughter] [ __ ] I have a baby that close to a golf drop that seems wrong what the heck oh my god oh theid are He latched onto his dad’s leg I hate escalator too to be fair I’m still scared of him to this day oh No Phil that is rough that you almost laugh at that though to be fair that was really rough dude it’s I I and I’m going to say it man that was a sign of age that was rough it’s those those videos i’ I’ve sent you like three similar to that

Recently that’s why that’s why I went oh no Phil loves a dank Phil loves a dank meme Phil loves a dank meme I almost laughed at that message I like almost began laughing as I said it and went stop yourself now I have to like dial it

In I had to dial it in more of those chats chat there’s more rules a chat will get me because I’ll forget that it’s also part of the rules and I’ll go to read it and I have to lock in I I was reading that Ma I went Phil I had to

Pause like I was like that was almost dire come on Blow I have to get dinner started Bluey edit would he’s 30 bro what do you think we are five it’s the same [ __ ] video the same video just spring out that’s all right that was unexpected

That was not what I thought it would be this is 100% your look Connie Baby it’s something that’ll make your parents laugh at like dinner that’s how I’ll be walking around Phil have you seen every SE in the pants I got Jason that kid almost got absolutely annihilated did you see that SEC milliseconds away from getting bogged right on the top of the head that would

Have been so [ __ ] funny oh what’s the [ __ ] are you me give me out my phone me give it back right now what you come back here now who are you looking at you huh was you want to get started or something no huh [ __ ] off what are you trying come

Here then why are you running away huh Don’t Run Away don’t run do we get my boys in me BR huh why you CH so wait sounds like Danny G God imagine seeing this on the street Oh Thomas Tomo oh my God Tomo all right in a bit pal safe

Sorry I didn’t watch the whole video when I liked it I’ve realized what the [ __ ] is that what what on Earth what had an outro bro it was time to Reflect yeah all right that was this is tough man this is getting tough this is getting really tough this is [ __ ] me up I’m losing like hours of my Life go it Is did it [ __ ] break I I I I don’t know it’s going to be okay Phil that’s just a blank screen Alexa how high can a cat jump the average healthy cat can jump six times their length which is around 8T High fantastic and you can’t jump eight

[ __ ] inches get over the gate dog you’re a cat remarkable absolutely astounding you are undoubtedly the dumbest [ __ ] cat I’ve ever had in my exist you jump you climb you’re designed to do that and you crawl under the [ __ ] gate you’re not going to fit under there you’re the size of a

[ __ ] pumpkin just hop just jump the fence just jump the fence Lyra you better learn you better learn there you go look at that now the puppy stay over there and you [ __ ] yourself over here here you go baby would you like a snack there you go I know you want one you

[ __ ] parir shaped you need to chill on the snack damn bro what youan [ __ ] mean damn you fed the [ __ ] Cat I’ve been there man I’ve been there I have been there can’t laugh at that I can’t laugh I feel empathy what the [ __ ] excuse me I was really I thought the cat was going to get up and the ball would be gone and I was going to be

Like and and then you know and then you know what happened Phil do I security camera went a bit wrong I think don’t speak the language but if I was to guess oh it’s you oh I thought I’d got it then I thought I’d got a fill laugh I thought

It was going to bag one I really thought it was going to b a fill closeup it’s the closeup dude you’re like right There that’s good no it’s good that that is good that is good classic there’s too much context needed to get this yeah I’m [ __ ] AI cover of the 2010 [ __ ] Roblox cheeseburger sound effect what a mad okay fair enough just ruined this whole meal

What oh he’s in The Jig the dance of the Irish oh ly he saw a spectre or maybe a spirit and he felt the need to get a groove on sorry my 32th Irish he sounds like Daniel Lawson at short but whatever um but now I’m forever short thanks all

People in the [ __ ] space station that can hear us oh my God you got real lighters lighs oh real lighters Wows no iPhone he’s anti iPhone I think he was a surprise yeah I would be in this day and age to be fair like everyone just uses their phone [Applause]

Flashlight this is killing me dude okay you like songs gig what’s your favorite song okay this is intense that was l oh you love that first I heard you laugh you [ __ ] did gag laugh they can laugh they have voices gag is Charlie oh Charlie was like role playing as an egg and

Just that’s how I got that one out didn’t laugh just H it hello lone lovers I have great news to share there’s a huge M stash located in oh no the government took my M hearted lens before you C anymore all right Phil you know what mulch maxing I don’t I don’t even

Know what the mulch is I can’t even bring it Phil look the [ __ ] was already I think the longest youa L we ever did season two people came back stronger well we came back stronger I think maybe the chat came back weaker but look it’s fine I know they’ll prepare for week two

With our special guest that I will announce at the end of the stream but I’m going to I’m going to ramp it up I’m going to make this [ __ ] you the hardest it’s going to be [ __ ] you Phil [ __ ] off we can no longer smile dude I know but Phil we need a

Winner I’m locking in I’m going to hit this I’m just hitting in the craziest me let’s go I’m I’m immediately out like I’m I’m going to be immediately I I smile I’ve never done don’t smile before Phil so you are we’re in the same boat don’t worry holy [ __ ] man all

Right really wanted I might CH my mind I can’t find nice really Charming looking fell oh the smolder why do you look like this cuz I’m d d d you look very handsome today thanks feed him to the Lions don’t you think great video of germa excellent I’m not

Even letting my tone go up I’m going flat I’m flat bu no weave from the gas station bro damn Daniel damn gay to kiss a girl I mean you’re literally kissing some who likes dick fellas um is it gay to drink water I mean the male body is literally 70% water you’re literally deep throating another man yeah but has that water come from another man fellas that’s the

Important question is it gay to look in the mirror I mean you’re literally checking out a man’s body but fellas it’s fine is it gay to make money I mean you literally I got sick of It my name on the TR fair enough I think those were kitchen tongs don’t even know what that is why are you trying to eat it don’t put jack doing his hair in Chat wow that’s rough that is rough I’m going to ex I’m I’m going to pop a blood vessel this is [ __ ] kill me dude you’re going to blow mm mm- mm-m about to not like that if you live in or in 10 Downing Street you’re going to want to hear

This no all right pH you’re doing well you’re doing well you found the good lip pierce the purse even not Pierce piercings are different things enemies are respawning soly what’s going to come out of That I don’t know who that is oh my God oh my God that’s not what I was going to expect that is not what I was expecting neither did I when he said yipp that shocked me jayen animations but but if Jaden animations was a song oh you can’t be autistic because

You are in fact m M that was close Phil that was close I can see it in your your face I’ve switched off nothing’s Breaking Me Now Phil might as well give [Applause] up Phil nothing’s getting me now this is [ __ ] you you’re not never see a

[ __ ] order order y mean off the X Bey order the [ __ ] off jig I love Baltimore I love you Baltimore that was Victorian secret I think I think they maybe got there’s maybe a linguistic error there hello everybody my name is welcome welcome Kitty what are you doing out

Here did I not see you before you’re so welcome Portuguese was that The Bite of 87 87 87 87 who’s coming huh if you’re coming right now let me see it let me see it show me coming oh the glass is a touch is a nice

Touch oh Phil you are you are getting close there mate you that is a close what what was it glass of come glass of [ __ ] roll really got you glass of sticky [ __ ] sticky warm Cup I just had to mute myself myself I almost laughed but then I I locked in and did the mute Myself oh that is a hair do M does this ever end there’s so many of These like I can’t believe it I can’t believe it come on why was there like 40 picturs cat with fnny hair [ __ ] yes cat with funny hair I was like surely ends surely ends on this next one but no oh my God Phil Phil you know what that means Phil I walk home I’m already home but I leave here today [ __ ] God after the longest you lose ever three and a half

Hours with the cash how much cash did I win hold on let me let me work out the total Jesus let me work out the total Phil that was soan he did have funny hair I I didn’t even have to say that he looked like a

[ __ ] and balls in one of them I thought he looks like a [ __ ] and balls in that but I thought no I won’t be cruel I won’t be cruel then I think what got I think what got in my head the most was that it I was like surely the next pH it

Ends nope surely the next one nope and it just kep happen Phil you know how much you’ve lost out on oh f missed out on just shy of £1,000 that’s how much you lost through laughing at a cat with a silly hair I’ll take it 1,000 [ __ ] man I couldn’t it was killing

Me dude chat thank you for targeting filza I would have genuinely hated to part with my grand so far chat you Havey lose battles off to a great start because I remain under defeated Phil any final world words [ __ ] so glad it’s over actually I’m glad I cracked it that Phil I’m glad

It’s over too just kept going it was so tough towards the end but we were the smile man you you [ __ ] me up by saying I couldn’t smile you know how [ __ ] puckered my lips and cheeks were I remember once for just the side of my

Mouth go and I just just a tiny little increase and I went oh I had to like it was it’s hard it is hard

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    Ultimate Guide: Hosting a 24/7 Minecraft Server Minecraft 0.14.3/0.15.10: Creating Your Own Server 24/7 Welcome to the world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds and adventures await at every turn. In this version of Minecraft (0.14.3/0.15.10), players have the opportunity to create their own server 24/7, allowing for continuous gameplay and interaction with friends and fellow gamers. Setting Up Your Server To create your own server in Minecraft 0.14.3/0.15.10, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, ensure you have the necessary hardware and a stable internet connection. Next, download the server software from the official Minecraft website. Once downloaded, configure the server settings… Read More

  • Craftsman vs. Lokicraft: Battle of the Minecraft Clones!

    Craftsman vs. Lokicraft: Battle of the Minecraft Clones! Minecraft Game Comparison: Craftsman vs. Lokicraft Introduction In the vast world of Minecraft-inspired games, Craftsman and Lokicraft stand out as popular choices among players. While both games share similarities with Minecraft, they offer unique features and gameplay experiences that set them apart. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to determine which game reigns supreme. User Interface When it comes to the user interface, Craftsman greets players with a blue-themed GUI set against a jungle background. In contrast, Lokicraft opts for a dark-themed interface with a striking headline. While Craftsman’s default skin resembles Minecraft’s Alex with minor alterations, Lokicraft offers… Read More

  • David vs Goliath Showdown on Xealo’s Channel

    David vs Goliath Showdown on Xealo's Channel The Epic Battle of David vs. Goliath in Minecraft In the world of Minecraft, players often find themselves facing daunting challenges and epic battles. One such legendary showdown is the story of David vs. Goliath, a tale of courage, faith, and triumph against all odds. The Biblical Inspiration The narrative of David vs. Goliath is based on the biblical account found in 1 Samuel 17:43-47. In this story, a young shepherd named David bravely confronts the giant warrior Goliath, armed with nothing but a sling and a stone. Despite being vastly outnumbered and outmatched, David’s unwavering faith in God… Read More

  • From Villagers to Rabbits: A Minecraft Mind Shift

    From Villagers to Rabbits: A Minecraft Mind Shift In the world of Minecraft, where rabbits roam free, I used to think villagers were dumb, but then I did see. These bunnies with their hops, so quick and sly, They make me laugh and wonder why. They may be small, but they’ve got some tricks, Jumping around with their cute little kicks. So next time you see one, give them a chance, They’ll hop into your heart with their joyful dance. And remember, in this world of blocks and pixels, Even the smallest creatures can bring big smiles. Read More

  • McMemezzs: No Bus Today

    McMemezzs: No Bus Today Minecraft Animation: There’s No Bus Today Imagine the chaos that ensues in the Minecraft world when the bus doesn’t show up! 🚌 In this short animation, players are left stranded, facing the challenge of navigating their blocky universe without their usual mode of transportation. Exploring the Minecraft Animation The animation captures the frustration and humor of the situation as characters express their disbelief and dismay at the missing bus. The use of expressive gestures and facial animations adds a comedic touch to the storyline, making it a delightful watch for Minecraft fans. Featured Mods and Packs The animation creators… Read More

  • Trapped in a Bottle During a Tsunami – Minecraft Movie

    Trapped in a Bottle During a Tsunami - Minecraft Movie Minecraft Movie: Trapped in a Bottle Amidst a Tsunami Imagine a world where a peaceful village is suddenly threatened by a looming tsunami. The residents have vanished, leaving only two brave souls, Rania and Gigi, to face the impending disaster. What will they do to survive? The Calm Before the Storm As the sirens blare, signaling the approaching tsunami, Rania and Gigi must find a way to escape. With the village deserted, they seek refuge in the highest point, hoping to evade the wrath of the oncoming wave. A Desperate Escape Plan With time running out, Gigi suggests using… Read More

  • Insane PRO GAMER beats Minecraft with epic remix music!

    Insane PRO GAMER beats Minecraft with epic remix music!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft logo in Minecraft #music #remix’, was uploaded by PRO GAMER 7773__ on 2024-02-17 07:23:04. It has garnered 2473 views and 73 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:20 or 20 seconds. #minecraft #memes #meme #dankmemes #minecraftmemes #fortnite #funny #gaming #gamer #funnymemes #memesdaily #minecraftbuilds #lol #dank #youtube #edgymemes #anime #offensivememes #ps #tiktok #xbox #roblox #minecraftpe #minecraftbuild #edgy #minecraftpc #twitch #pewdiepie #lmao #minecrafters #dankmeme #follow #game#technogamer #technogamerz #gta #technoflip #googleads #teachnicalguruji #techburner #techbar #google #googletricks #googlebabagaming #googleplay #googlegoogle #googlemeet #googleaccount #googlepixel#caroftheday #freefireindia #freefire #bgmi #bgmindia #bestproducts #bestmobile #gaming #bestmobileshop #mobilenews #mbtech #technology #instagramtricks #instatips #technofacts… Read More

  • Wildin Online

    Wildin OnlineStep into the world of Mc.Wildin.Online, our Minecraft server is straight gas! Our small close group of friends have put their blood, sweat and tears into spawning the soon to be best GAMING experience any gamer alive has ever witnessed and put their hands upon. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a noob, our server is all about having a good time with friends. We’ve packed it with a plethora of cool minigames, including Skywars, KitPvP, UHC, Spleef, Parkour and Survival for the littiest of times. At Mc.Wildin.Online, the good times will always be there 24/7 365 days of the… Read More

  • Prison SMP 1.20.X: Classic hybrid, Java & Bedrock

    Welcome crafters! We are seeking mature, non-toxic players to join our unique SMP server with a twist of the classic prison gamemode. Starting from rank A, work your way up to Z by mining blocks and selling them at the shop. Each rank comes with perks and commands to aid you in SMP. The server launched on January 12, 2024, so it’s still fresh with monthly resetting resource worlds. Features: A-Z Ranks Land Claiming Resource Worlds (monthly resets) PyroFishing (130+ custom fish) Daily quests QOL features Casino Chat Games Join us online at prisonsmp.net with Bedrock port 19132 and visit… Read More

  • Ventura

    VenturaVentura is a vibrant and dynamic community-driven server, built by passionate Minecraft developers who aim to create an environment of creativity, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. With a dedicated team of moderators, regular updates, and a variety of game modes, there’s always something new to discover. Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - What level of curse is your username?“I guess you could say this meme is ‘mining’ for likes with that high score!” Read More

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    Cluckin' Chaos: Minecraft Chickens Take the Lead I appreciate the support, it means a lot, Creating content that hits the spot. Minecraft news with a twist, all in rhyme, Crafting stories that stand the test of time. From chickens to updates, we cover it all, In every video, we stand tall. So hit that like, subscribe, and share, For more content that shows we care. Thanks for watching, until next time, Keep gaming, keep rhyming, it’s all sublime. Read More

  • Blowin’ up the block like it’s hot 🔥

    Blowin' up the block like it's hot 🔥 When you accidentally blow up your entire Minecraft house with TNT and all you can do is sit back and watch the chaos unfold like 🤯💣🤯 #minecraft #tnt #memes #tnttroll #minecraftmemes #explodingtnt #gaming #memecraft #mem #meme Read More

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    Zoro x Luck Transform in Minecraft Reverse DropVideo Information This video, titled ‘”🖤⬜❤️🔵🟡 METAMORPHOSIS | Minecraft Reverse Drop 🔄💧”‘, was uploaded by zoro X luck on 2024-01-15 10:06:00. It has garnered 9 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. “🖤⬜❤️🔵🟡 METAMORPHOSIS | Minecraft Reverse Drop 🔄💧” Dive into the realm of transformation with our METAMORPHOSIS Minecraft reverse drop. 🌌 Watch as the colors blend and reshape, creating a mesmerizing visual journey that transcends the ordinary. Prepare to be enchanted by the magical dance of pixels in reverse! 🎮 Minecraft Reverse Drop | METAMORPHOSIS Edition | 🔄 Unleash the Pixel Alchemy… Read More

  • Patrick encounters a magical robot

    Patrick encounters a magical robotVideo Information This video, titled ‘Patrick Ketemu Robot Ajaib #shorts’, was uploaded by Patrick Man ID on 2024-01-14 12:08:04. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. minecraft, minecraft pe, animasi minecraft lucu, cursed minecraft, minecraft scp, minecraft map, map minecraft, meme minecraft, … Read More

  • Unleash Chaos: Nexo Carnage PvP Montage | POV of Ultimate Destruction

    Unleash Chaos: Nexo Carnage PvP Montage | POV of Ultimate DestructionVideo Information This video, titled ‘CarnagePvP Montage | 👑pov you run carnage 👑’, was uploaded by Nexo on 2024-01-28 01:48:35. It has garnered 316 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:21 or 141 seconds. I dont own any of this music #minecraft #pvp #montage like + comment + subscribe #pvp #minecraft #minecadia #montage TAGS//IGNORE #invaded #invadedlands #kitpvp #bestww #best #lunar #mmc #practice #1 #lunarnetwork InvadedLands KitPvP MunchyMC MCCentral Jerry and Harry Snapcraft BectoPvP Lunar Client LunarClient Lunar Network MMC Minemen Club #minecadia stimpypvp,stimpaypvp,stimpy,stimp,stimpy pvp tutorial,stimpy vlog,stimpay,1v1 with stimpy,pvp,pvplounge,painfulpvp,skywars tips,minecraft pvp,painfulpvp vlog,tips,alting,hypixel,faction,practice,cheating,java edition,hypixel tayber,tips and tricks,bedrock edition,hypixel… Read More

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    🔥😱 Ultimate Minecraft Trap Guide - You've NEVER Seen Anything Like This! #shortsVideo Information Dearly beloved For Your Entertainment it’s my pleasure to introduce to you hell’s latest arrival the Equal Opportunity killer alisto hello it’s nice to meet you can you tell me where I am I don’t know how I got here but I I think I’m starting to understand I don’t belong among the Angels and maybe that’s just fine with me the things I did up there were high school but now I’m going for my degree hey sorry but you just got in my way I promise honey I can feel your pain and maybe I enjoy… Read More

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    Ultimate Minecraft Parkour with Mind-Blowing Pixel Art!Video Information This video, titled ‘Satisfying Minecraft Profile Pixel Art ( PPL Request YT ) Part 3,624’, was uploaded by Relaxing Minecraft Parkour on 2024-01-13 11:38:32. It has garnered 105 views and 20 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:01 or 61 seconds. Satisfying Minecraft Profile Pixel Art ( PPL Request YT ) Part 3,624 #minecraftpe #algorithm #artist you can get your short request video and post on your youtube channel mentioned me. if you also want to make your profile, just comment and then like the video. Please be patient if it takes a long time but I… Read More

  • 🔥INSANE🔥 BAGGAS – One Block Survival LIVE

    🔥INSANE🔥 BAGGAS - One Block Survival LIVEVideo Information Yo halo halo halo kawan-kawan apa kabar kalian pada sore hari ini apa kabar kalian pada sore hari ini pada sore hari ini [Musik] yo y yo apa kabar teman-teman semuanya apa Kalian sehat alhamdulillah aku Alhamdulillah sehat kita Semoga sehat selalu ya amin J semuanya Hari ini kita bermain Minecraft Survival tapi apa ada satu block yang bisa regenerate terus dan namanya one block Welcome to the my video My apa namanya [Musik] my my live stream ya y d dulu semuanya bisa semuanya hal halo halo kita bakal mulai [Musik] waktunyao semuanya Hari ini kita ditamani… Read More

  • Kishiko-sama’s Love War: Chocolate Rush Madness!

    Kishiko-sama's Love War: Chocolate Rush Madness!Video Information Go hello hello here we are yeah oh my gosh I gotta I gotta post the thing and then I’m going to copy it and put it for the high Tor to see and the circle even though they already know what this Banner looks like yeah so happy early Valentine’s Day Everybody Happy Valentine’s Day hello Cynthia oh hi Cynthia Cynthia’s first let’s go um because we’re busy tomorrow and because I don’t usually stream uh on Wednesdays anyway I was like I really I we tried to get the whole gang together but um there was… Read More

  • S4brr Returns with Insane Minecraft PvP Moments!

    S4brr Returns with Insane Minecraft PvP Moments!Video Information Dey All [Applause] For tripping bro you tripping Spe [Applause] give Give Sonic My M yeah put black I yeah I Got my b g I’m To Got haters [ __ ] with them you Myp Baby like a got no Feeling neckace in the the I can’t f with nobody take I can’t I I got in my said I be some she got me mad I put CL man and I blood For D Uh B boom boom b boom B O She I This video, titled ‘Im back | Minecraft pvp | funny and epic moments in… Read More

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    Ultimate Enderman Farm Tutorial by MyBros || Insane ClickbaitVideo Information [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] yeah This video, titled ‘I made the biggest Enderman farm || Easy turtorial’, was uploaded by MyBros Play on 2024-02-19 13:00:07. It has garnered 6 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:01 or 61 seconds. 🔥 Embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey with us in our latest video! 🌋 Join My Bros Play as we dive deep into the mysterious and perilous Nether Realm in search of hidden treasures, rare resources, and thrilling encounters! 🌐 In this episode, we explore the uncharted territories of the Nether, overcoming treacherous terrain, battling… Read More

  • Roosles Epic Minecraft Server

    Roosles Epic Minecraft ServerBETA BETA BETA Hello, my name is Roosle, I am currently developing a minecraft server for my viewers and likewise, I am proud to announce that the server is to the point where I feel an open beta is needed! This server is ANTI P2W and has ZERO PAY TO WIN ASPECTS, all purchases are cosmetic only, including the keys. This server has been in the works for a long, long time and I am very grateful to be able to even do it. The server claim based survival, and weekly events will be held for CASH AND PRIZES. (some… Read More

  • Wholesome SMP – Semi-Vanilla SMP with Whitelist, Builds, Events – 1.20.4

    Interested must join -> Discord server: Click Here to Join Wholesome SMP – A Community-Driven Server Join our HermitCraft-style, Java 1.20.4+ community where your voice matters. Our tightly-knit, diverse community makes Minecraft as fun as possible. Participate in player-initiated events, minigames, and community projects. Season 5 is now live! Key Features Playerbase-initiated events and games every weekend Large scale builds entirely built by the community Create your own groups and contribute to creating a story for the server Community-driven economy (trust-based system) Mods Coreprotect – protects you from griefers Proximity Voice Chat – talk to players around you Squaremap -… Read More


    I guess you could say this meme is really pixel-perfect with that 8×8 texture pack! Read More

  • Realm Rave: My Minecraft Tour de Force

    Realm Rave: My Minecraft Tour de Force In the realm of Minecraft, a tour we take, Exploring the lands, every structure we make. From Castle Collards to Cherry Blossom Mountain, Each place we visit, a true gaming fountain. A farm with animals, a wheat field walled, A waterfall cascades, a path forestalled. Inside the castle, a community resource hub, Storage and furnaces, a place to grub. Down by the river, a boat house stands, A failed jump attempt, in the water lands. A ranger shack, a midpoint for the night, A hitching post outside, a traveler’s delight. Up the hill, a farmer’s house we find, Barrels… Read More

  • Evoker? More like HOTvoker! 🔥

    Evoker? More like HOTvoker! 🔥 “When you accidentally summon a demon instead of a cute little animal in Minecraft and suddenly regret your life choices #oops #shouldhavereadthemanual” Read More

  • Struggling with Multi-Player Minecraft in C++

    Struggling with Multi-Player Minecraft in C++ Making Multi-Player Minecraft in C++ Creating a multi-player Minecraft clone in C++ is no easy feat, as highlighted in a recent video discussing the challenges faced by the creator. While the project has seen significant progress with features like terrain generation and shaders, the addition of multi-player functionality brings a whole new level of complexity. Technical Challenges of Multi-Player Implementation Adding multi-player functionality to a single-player game requires careful consideration of server-client interactions. In the case of Minecraft, where actions need to be validated by the server before being executed, the process becomes even more intricate. The video delves… Read More

  • Unbelievable Sensitivity Training in Team Oz Live

    Unbelievable Sensitivity Training in Team Oz LiveVideo Information Yes let’s go live hello everyone welcome to another Minecraft live stream welcome to another Minecraft live stream [ __ ] hell you any idea how much it pains my soul to say that um which is why it’s going to be a short one today because I promised my girlfriend that I would get 10,000 Words written um on why uh anti-Semitism is bad by the time she gets home just kidding um I’m going to do some writing today but yeah I’m going to get a quick live stream in there just for people who want to uh… Read More

  • Real Life Minecraft Mobs 2

    Real Life Minecraft Mobs 2Video Information Seen it count money in my dream yeah open it up oh oh open it up criss cross jump with a bell in the TR sh in the sh in the Criss crossum with a bell in the trunk M MI This video, titled ‘😨Minecraft Mobs In Real Life || Part 2 || #shorts #viral #minecraft’, was uploaded by Blue Lord Gaming on 2024-01-11 05:58:04. It has garnered 9 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. 😨Minecraft Mobs In Real Life || Part 2 || #shorts #viral #minecraft minecraft mobs in real… Read More


    SKIKEN - TRAPPED 20 PLAYERS IN MINECRAFT BLOCK!Video Information Aujourd’hui je me suis enfermé avec 20 joueurs dans un seul bloc sur Minecraft et pour agrandir notre zone on va devoir compléter des advancements vous savez c’est les messages en vert qui apparaissent dans le chat quand vous êtes en multijoueur à chaque fois qu’on débloquera un nouveau progrès la bordure Va s’agrandir d’un bloc supplémentaire et vous verrez qu’à la fin c’est vraiment devenu le bordel d’ailleurs tout ça ça s’est passé en direct sur twitch avec tous les abonnés alors si tu veux toi aussi participer au prochain concept va me suivre là-bas je te… Read More

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    "INSANE 1.20 Minecraft PE BAMBOO 2.0 Seed" 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft pe 1.20 crazy seed 😱’, was uploaded by BAMBOO 2.O on 2023-12-06 10:31:06. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More


    JOIN THE CRAZIEST FACTIONS SERVER IN MINECRAFT!😱Video Information En el día de hoy estaríamos aquí en el servidor de lux factions el cual es un servidor Survival factions para Minecraft bedrock y celular por lo que se van a poder unir con este IP que tienen aquí mismo en pantalla y ahora sí empecemos con el video tenemos en la Parte de los kits de Rango usuario el kit minero y el kit pvp que esto Les recomiendo demasiado que los reclamen cuando ustedes vayan entrando al servidor porque como pueden ver el kit minero pues ya nos daría un pico de hierro filo tres aparte… Read More

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    Unleash the Evil in Minecraft with Mephisto!! #KSMPVideo Information Me small bre me and let me the lungs inside you and the black and make my way into your mind just know what you Every Time we start locking [Música] los the of [Música] the [Música] the [Música] Let the darkness take [Música] contr the [Música] me SM Breath me in and let me Go S to your heart to find you open up your eyes Till blinded by the li so you can see [Música] you Alô [Música] chat e agora chat Cadê o drop Olha o drop vamos [Música] embora [Música] estão empolgados PR mais… Read More