EPIC 3 Man Job with Friends – You WON’T Believe What Happens!

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He you’re watching FRS with Matt I’m in the building we got froggy in the building mufford in the building Spaceman is in the building and my friends friends friends you are in for a treat once I get my once I get my Xbox controller let’s go okay where were we we’re right

Here uhoh whoa why is it backwards whoa what what what wait what dude I have no idea what’s going on how did this happen why is it stuck backwards what wait wait what this is the dumbest challenge I have no idea why it’s backwards what the whoa what on

Earth y’all during our date she called me babe let’s go froggy got called babe what is this nonsense I have never seen I’ve never seen that happen before why is it backwards I mean I could try to do the race should I let’s see I I could maybe

Do this oh I’m doing it I’m doing it I’m looking at the mini map but all right no no no no no what okay friends this this is a great lesson I need to turn the music down you are getting a first class lesson in the complications of going

Live friends I have been playing that game since I was nine I swear I’ve never seen it’d be stuck where you’re stuck looking backwards I’ve never seen that in my entire life so I’m assuming I’m assuming if I just restart the game it shouldn’t do that again cuz that is not

Normal oh my goodness okay yes so now uh oh I think I forgot to switch OBS let me switch OBS that is so funny though I swear I have no idea how that happened all right come on come on come on I’m having to like press all these buttons where’s

OBS there it is okay look get that camera let’s see that’s a good angle it’s good enough all right let’s go it better not do that again if it does that again well I’m going to have to question reality I mean why why would that even

Be a feature I don’t think it’s a okay good I think that was a glitch there’s no way that would be like an actual part of the game where you’re stuck backwards oh shoot oh no that guy took the shortcut and I didn’t well oh there we go let’s go whoa

What that’s not fair did that spaceship just bump me oh okay oh you want some of this huh eat my slime turle let’s go I’m not worried about that I’m not worried about that all right let’s go go oh yeah I’m not do whoa I’m not doing good this

Time what are they yelling at each other oh man that was racist there we go lap two out of three this is a big course this is a big course all right here comes the shortcut cut let’s go now we’re talking oh no what

No all right I’m not too far away if I could just get a Blue Turtle shell this will be a game changer what did that guy just say to me what did that guy just say to me o that’s not good I need to pay more attention to the mini

Map those guys must have better turning than me all right here comes the shortcut nailed it let’s go okay okay wait what that wasn’t a shortcut how did they pass me it’s SAA it’s SAA where is first place okay that’s not cool that is not

Cool dude I’m not even going to rank in this one if I don’t rank then I don’t get to go to the next one well I don’t not I’m not going to the next one until I get first place we’re going to have to do this one

All over oh my gosh what am I in fourth ridiculous it’s a terrible lap record we have to do that again now who won toy damper his name is toy how did that guy win no we’re doing that again wait let me go back to the shop let’s see if I

Let’s see if I’m missing some upgrades or something wait why oh yeah they they do upgrades like when you’re trying to pick the level uh bipar okay let’s see what the chat’s saying and we have another date on Saturday let’s go froggy in the building uh okay muffer also what’s up

Froggy also some kid at school body shamed me he B not be doing that I’m sorry to hear that hey don’t let some random kid get you down that’s right muffer froggy Vibes but I love her and she makes my mind happy hopefully you’re not talking

About the kid that was body shaming you sorry she’s the only one I’ve talked about yet LOL I’m in love right now I’m in love em she talking to me Matt I’m jealous I’m single and lonely there we go all right nothing but a good encouraging word from a YouTuber what is

This I can Excel faster you want that one I guess whatever I need obi-1 Kenobi to show up so he can like do some Jedi oh hey Jedi tricks don’t work on that guy all right here we go I’m going to start this one off a little better now

I’m not convinced that’s a shortcut I am absolutely not convinced that that’s a shortcut let’s see if I pass that guy this time whoa whoa did you see that thing falling okay so I don’t think that’s a shortcut I think that’s the same distance you don’t get like an advantage

Going that way out of the way slime ball oh shoot oh no no no no no all right see I have to break or else I’ll smash into the wall those guys must have way better turning than me oh let’s go can you hear me having a

Break what am I in how am I still in third all right we’ll try I’m going to try taking the shortcut what choco POI can you guys imagine whoever had to record the voice acting for this game they’re like what is what language is this no no no you’re not speaking an

Actual language you’re just you’re just going to yell out funny choa you see what I we just want you to yell out funny things that are like not any language at all CH like he could be saying the most derogatory thing right now that could be a whole YouTube video

Just trying to translate what people are saying in pod racing he’s like your mom’s a slave Anakin it’s like bro that’s not funny that’s really not funny am I I’m in first let’s go okay I really need to pay attention here there’s that one spot where I’m

Always blowing up it’s right here I got to pay attention got to pay attention let’s go okay I I’m about to blow up I cannot afford to smash into the wall even a single other time I got to stay in first stay in first oh no no no no no oh wait they’re

Way behind me we’re good we’re good I don’t have to worry oh bro let’s go I won I won let’s go Starburst in the building that’s okay if you’re late I’m just glad you’re here friends at 7:30 we are doing a Minecraft speed run it’s going to be

Awesome I’m gonna be playing with muffer and playing with goex real Matt real sorry Matt oh yeah cuz I said I’m lonely yeah let’s go it’s going to be me wouldn’t you guys like to see more pod racing in the new Star Wars movies like why did they have pod racing once

And never do it again I don’t know about you guys but that oh shoot that was always my favorite part that’s one of the best parts about Star Wars overall is the pod racing bro look at this yeah Anakin literally just died I want you guys to put in the chat

What do you think they’re saying to Anakin cuz keep in mind the aliens in Star Wars are super racist especially against humans all here we go here we go here we go who is that who is that I need faster cooling I’m going to blast through this guy let’s go

How do I repair repair come on come on come on I’m repairing I’m repairing oh I repaired see I have to I have to I just repaired everything there’s no repair button on my Xbox controller so I have to take my hand off the joystick and quit steering

And so I can hold down the R button on my keyboard oh my goodness all right all right all right there’s so much sass in the way the aliens talk to you old like what are they saying what could they possibly be saying that’s like that good of a dis

Like I’m about to kill you oh okay now I’m in sixth place are you serious I need a blue turtle shell I need a blue turtle shell ASAP I need a golden mushroom and a blue turtle shell or this thing is over and I need it in that order

Oh man oh what no no he passed me like last second oh my goodness oh do tell froggy yeah you got to scroll up and read BB BRB I need to reset my fine she needs to reset her fine I didn’t even get in a high enough

Place to be able to go to the next race that’s That’s embarassing not find a better deal anywhere I think huh yeah cuz there’s nowhere else to go what is this turning oh shoot bro look at how much better my turning just got that’s going to make a huge

Difference what time is it 7 all right we have 15 more minutes until me muffer and goex are going to get out of my way are going to do a Minecraft speed run whoa okay now my turning is so much better that it’s like I just went from

Like having like a terrible car to like a car that has Auto steering I guess some of my viewers haven’t started driving yet so you don’t know what I’m talking about let’s just put it this way my turning is very sensitive now so it’s going to take

Me some time to get used to but that means I can turn it full blast oh shoot shoot shoot shoot I ran into him Anakin goes hey hey that’s not fair I’m holding down repair with my one finger and my thumb using my joystick I’m all repaired we’re good

Okay why are my Turbo boosters not engaging oh my gosh I didn’t know I didn’t see that coming I need my Turbo boosters fully throttled what did that guy just say don’t okay I am really not doing good what are they saying what how did that happen are you kidding

Me and the other guy didn’t even blow up are you serious what is it second lap you think I still have time to come first no cuz I think first place is way ahead of second this game is a lot like Mario Kart where like second place gets stuck

Fighting third place and fourth place but first place just gets like way way way way ahead that’s why I’m going to need a few Blue Turtle Shells whoa whoa whoa how did they all just pass me what are those guys are like The Three Stooges they’re always

Together fire cow fire cow in the building let’s go fire cow has some very interesting shorts one of them in particular really weirded me out let’s go oh wait I have to repair repair repair repair what I was holding repair I can’t steer 10th place I did even worse than

The first time I tried that what up fire cow in the building let’s go okay I’m going to do that one one more more time and then like pull Minecraft up all right let’s see I can do this let’s go turbo thrust turbo thrust turbo thrusters engaged it’s like having a golden

Mushroom all right that’s a tight turn right there that turn all oh I always lose control right after that turn cuz it’s it’s so tight and then they have a really tight turn going the other way woo there it is there it is I’m grinding I’m grinding see if I can just

Stay in first place this time this will be a totally different race it’ll be way easier let’s go why am I doing so good this time woo W oh let’s go oh whoa did I not I thought I had more time okay I’m holding repair come

On Anakin fix it fix it come on Darth Vader I think I fixed it let’s go it’s working that’s a quote out of the movie I don’t know if you guys remember in the movie when he’s like it’s working it’s working cuz he just did like the most the

Literal most impossible repair of in all of pod racing history where his his his pod whatever you call it super engines completely disconnected and then he somehow like fixes his entire pod in the middle of the race and he’s like it’s working it’s working oh now I can just do a suicide

Right oh no it’s oh it’s only second lap I always like to do a suicide on the third lap where I just I win while in the middle of blowing myself up let’s go all right we’re looking good this time just ignore those last two races those don’t count here comes a really

Tight turn boom boom see I got that turn down that’s one of the turns where I always was blowing up every single lap and I don’t think I’ve blown up once from that turn this time oh shoot second place is right behind me look at the mini map oh the pressure’s on

Dude look second place is right there here we go I’m going to try to Suicide my way to the Finish suicide my way to the Finish come on come on come on oh won one let’s Go literally that is the perfect warmup what up fire cow dude that’s my new thing whenever fire cow shows up it’s time to Moo yes that was the perfect warmup for playing some Minecraft on hardcore mode with my homeboys mufford in the building gopex in 9 minutes gopex will be in the

Building I just realized we have nine minutes muff you ready to get uh you ready to get uh Minecraft started I’ll just get the world set up and just goof around until the other two guys show up wait what is this I got two invites what is this what what on

Earth what are they showing me what is that not cool not cool okay let’s see if this is working two things are we using base mode Mario Kart mods for this speedrun and also how to play this game how much is it and where to

Buy oh pod you want to buy pod pod racing dude it’s 10 bucks on Steam bro that’s an OG game that came out when I was like six years old or seven years old yes just use all of the same Mario Kart level blah blah blah whatever use all of the

Um and and and and uh just so you guys know know this there’s a few pod racing games the others suck is it online multiplayer dude I bet you there’s an online multiplayer version but that game came out back when online multiplayer wasn’t even a thing

There’s no such thing as online M multi I’m not trying to give you a hard time muffer I love you you but uh that’s just what’s so funny about how Time Has Changed video gaming used to do some video gaming used to be something you did alone in your room or when friends

Came over there was no such thing as this this uh I guess we’ll do normal mode because there’s three of us well no I want to do easy because I want to beat the entire game I want to make sure we beat it so we’re doing uh the name of this world

Subscribe to to muffer dude if that game is online though we’ve got to do it would be fun to One V one yes dude there’s there’s got to be a way to One V one and something else funny about that game buffer it used to be when Star Wars was

At like its peak when you went into an arcade they had that game in an arcade and it would be two-player and sometimes four player you know like where they have you in the whole cockpit and everything and you’d be like it was so awesome so that even back

In the day they had multiplayer oh fire cow would watch that dude if fire cow would watch it then we better do it all right so um game let’s see I’m going to get the game rules started boom keep inventory okay so this is a speedrun I’m just getting started a

Little bit early might as well bro come here come here come here where do you think you’re going huh oh look at all those sheep all right you know what I’m going to make an axe oh that would be fun as heck to play at Dave and Busters yeah dve and Busters

Is the kind of place they they had that game oh the camera’s a little off there we go bro we we do need to figure out that I know I know there’s there’s going to be a way to have played that play that game multiplayer it’s too legendary and just

So you know I will say I already said this I’m going to say it again the other pod gate racing games compared to that one suck the pod racing game that I was just playing has all of the right sound effects the right effects the right turbo boosting it’s everything’s right

The other ones are aimed more towards little kids that so the the game I was just playing is like trying to be true true to the story of um how pod racing would actually be the other pod racing games that came out were more like cartoonish trying to be what they

Thought would be like the video game version of pod racing which just ended up being these little cartoonish BS like not not real pod racing uhuh uhuh bro let’s go um fire cow I have no idea what that is but I’m interested in what it is you don’t know what pod racing

Is it’s from Star Wars episode one dude fire cow do we need to watch do we need to watch episode one on this live stream or something and also muffer just let me know when you’re ready for an invite what’s the name of the game

Again okay let me let me show you let me let me pull it up on my steam hang on hang on I got you I got you Library it’s star it’s called Star Wars Episode One racer you’re right that’s the name it has a very long name

Star Wars Episode One racer came out in what 1999 I think is 1999 yeah all right back to Minecraft so yeah I want a pickaxe obviously that’s pretty much it that’s pretty much all I need right it’s $3 getting it now wait what when I bought it it was $10 what dude

Lucky oh no my dad is a big Star Wars fan so I had to watch a few movies I was talking about the Dave and Busters place oh girl dve and Busters is the modern arcade dve and Busters basically arcade games for adults n the whole place will

Be filled with kids if you go but it’s uh oh wait I do need a sword so I can kill those sheep my bad um DAV Busters is so cool I love that muffers muffer knows what that is I had never heard of DAV Busters okay it’s it’s basically

Teenager Chuck and Cheese it’s Chuck and cheese for teenagers but it’s actually cool to go to and I if if you’re in your 20s adults will go there cuz they have a bar so they get drunk and they play Arcade games while they’re drunk which I

Don’t I don’t drink anymore but at one point in time that was the cool thing to do you go to dve and Busters just get lit get turn and then you go drive pod racers I remember well I don’t I didn’t I didn’t I wasn’t at Dave and Busters cuz when

Star Wars episode one pod racing was in the arcades I don’t remember what it was like okay for example when we my family went to Four Seasons in Hawaii they had an a free arcade where every game is free and I remember playing Star Wars pod racing there and

You had like your own pod then they also had Mario Kart and you got to sit in a Mario Kart which made no difference to the game playay but it was Mario Kart and you’re like sitting in one of those little classic looking Mario Karts okay

Well you’re kind of right it’s just a grownup arcade bro they just loaded us up with food yeah muffer I bought that game not long ago and it was it was $10 and on the Nintendo switch store it was also $10 so you got it for three buddy that’s good

Deal Boom Boom come here come here bacon come here bacon what do you call bacon oh I got dad jokes bro you guys I got dad jokes ready to go are you ready for some dad jokes can I get all the dads in the building okay what do you call a magic

Dog a labra dab a a labracadabrador that’s what is a labracadabrador that’s so good I love that I love that oh this is one of the best this is one of the best jokes of all time are you ready for this are you ready okay okay um wait wait wait wait wait what

Did hard to say this without laughing what did one hat say to the other you wait here I’ll go on a head why is that so funny that’s so good you wait here I’ll go on a head oh my gosh why can’t you hear a paroda go to

The bathroom oh no a ter I I literally messed up the whole joke why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom because the p is silent because pterodactyl when you spell it it starts with a p and so oh dude we’re right next to a village muffer muff yes muff’s

Booting up right now let’s go and Friends friend dude look at this muffer are you seeing this look at this we have a hole right here and we have a village right there and there’s a cat I see a cat I’ve got to go befriend the cat

First I’m GNA go get some salmon and then I’m G to befriend this cat they literally gave me the best possible thing for a speedrun just so you friends friends friends know what I’m saying say s where’s but they didn’t give us any salmon now I’ll give them that that’s a challenge

This song is so good I think I see some fish I see some fish lurking about all dad jokes are bad LOL what do you call a woman a woman with one leg elen shout out to elen from New Zealand we got elen from New Zealand in the

Building sorry about that elen joke okay I am going to catch this cat I am going to C I’ve never caught a cat I’ve gotten close to catching a cat but I’ve never caught a cat all right cool cool cool where did that little cat go just so your friends

Know if you want to catch a cat in Minecraft you just need a raw salmon or a raw Cod I just got some raw salmon goex is ready in the building I’m inviting both of my boys in the building muffer you get an invite it’s goex you get an invite let’s

Go oh wait I gotta get my boys on Discord I gotta get I got to get my boys on Discord hang on a second I call the orange bed just so they know I got the orange bed with bread and other stuff that I’m not going

To get instead yeah I’m rapping on my live stream this is a freestyle not for you it’s for me cuz I love hanging out with you it’s for both of us you see okay now I’ll stop rapping in case I just have to say one more thing you guys

Are not crappy you are amazing and I love you so much can you please play with me okay oh there’s the cat okay now I got wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait okay I gotta I got to get the boys on Discord so I can go get that

Cat boys boys boys I’m coming up I’m get you on Discord hang on we need um we need a new chat with muffer we need a we need a muffer goex okay create dm with me muffer gopex get on the call all right I’m calling

Them right now and I’m going to go find that cat where I just heard it okay so where’s my salmon what’s up okay what up mufford in the building yo hey yo is it too early to send you an invite is it too early to send you an

Invite to Minecraft oh no I’m already in I’m already in oh whoops okay so I’m currently loading up what up goex in the building friends I know we’re doing a speed run but this is really important that I catch this Kitty first who I just I keep hearing it meow

Also um they literally started me off in the best position possible we’re right next to a village and close to the Village are like two gigantic holes that we can go climb in and they have lava here oh my goodness this is literally the most OP starting point I have ever

Seen so how like are we trying to actually full on speedrun speedrun this or are we just yeah at aish SP like I don’t I just want to beat the game tonight so let’s see it’s 7:30 I was planning on going live until 1030 or 10 so I’m not being serious about

Catching the cat it I’m trying to catch the cat before you guys are ready to whatever are you are you all in this red village where I am uh I’m right next I’m still loading up okay uh oh I’m just stealing all the bread now I can’t find the

Cat it’s about night time muffer it’s just you and me right let’s both go to bed yeah if are you near bed uh no but I could get one I’m right next to the Village hold up all right okay I’m on all right uh let let

My and I go to bed first and get the next day started and then I’ll invite you okay and then I’ll give up chasing the cat okay time to invite gopex inviting you right now oh there a SI cat over here what what oh dude don’t oh don’t get me

Too excited what do you okay I’ve got I’ve got I’ve got I have raw salmon I see you I see you I see you I’ve got raw salmon in my hand where’s the it’s is it you’re still following it where is it I hear it look

There’s one right there in the water you see it down there okay that’s a simy cat or you can have the black cat with the orange eyes over there come on well this one’s real close to me I’m just going to wait I’ve got the fish everyone say a

Prayer does the cat is the cat going to be able to get out of the water oh you’re the best muff you see what muffer just did come here kitty the better the better Nether Mod he’s in the city oh no I smacked it you you got to right click and not left

Click okay he wasn’t he’s he’s going up the waterfall this is the funniest cat I’ve ever seen look at this cat now he’s going he’s no he’s stuck no kitty kitty no oh gosh muff Don’t Drown yourself this is Kitty Rescue Squad no no he’s dying no he’s dead he

Died this is really we need got we need to have a funeral here it’s fine it’s fine have you seen my video where I threw a funeral you have to sneak up oh no not this one too what is this the most cursed live stream ever no why are all the cats

Dying come on muffer you can save him okay no now he’s scared of us okay okay just just chase him that way chase him that way and I right well he’s he has to be looking at me he has to be like do it giving me the eye gaze

Cuz when I right click near him you should if you click on him you should be able to get him like you don’t I don’t think he has to look look at you uh I think enough well you okay you’ve played this way longer than me but I’m actually

Working on a cat video for Minecraft and I have had the hardest time catching these cats I mean they will be staring at me from like two blocks away and it doesn’t let me right click them and I I I looked up the whole guide and everything on like how to catch a

Cat all right come on come on I’m going to uh okay I got to crouch oh there’s another cat bro we got Kitty this is kitty land come here kitty kitty no why do they keep going in the water why are these cats like determined to kill

Themselves okay come here I’m going to come here no no no no no no no no no no I have I have fresh salmon I’ve got hot fresh salmon where you going okay we should probably get going on like actually trying to beat this I’m being a hypocrite but like yo sup Anders

Stormwind all right all right oh we got bird in the building I’m trying to mods back up put the better Nether and better end mod back in okay where’s my cat where did my cat go oh I hear it all right so I’m allowed to keep going

For this cat because we’re waiting for gopex and then once goex gets here come on Kitty dude I love how many torches there are oh I see it oh the other oh the other villager’s going for it huh now come here kitty come here kitty where’ the kitty go oh no no no

Kitty kitty kitty where’d it go kitty you got to be sneaky okay it’s the meow is getting quieter and quieter um so all their houses are made out of wood so I gotta all right I’ll give up on the cat for now let’s get some stone or

Whatever all I’m loading back up all right bro this this this Village is cursed like literally all of the Cats keep killing themselves and they they purposely go in the water and just drown they would literally rather die than be my cat okay now I get the message loud and

Clear can you send me an invite yeah here it comes I’ll also put the link to my stream in your stream oh yeah I got to do that in the I got to pin that see goex muffer you’re still here right yeah yeah okay cool all right goex I’m putting uh where’s the

Chat here’s goex stream he’s what am I gonna say go I’m gonna say goex is also streaming if you want to all right wait did that not replace pin message okay boys boys boys you’re ready for a speedrun now you two are the boss so Muer for just for the live stream

Sake i i as much as we can I want us to stay together just because it’s more fun because then if you’re talk if you’re talking about like whoa A Creeper’s coming and oh it just blew me up but like I’m not there to like witness it

Then no one on the live stream can see it then it’s not as fun I find you I still over here the village all right yeah that’s all good if if you hear a cat meowing you can just follow that sound y what’s up melon

King Jr in the building melon King Jr in the building let’s go um can you send me an invite again yeah I got you here it comes here it comes Isco PS actually did did you pick up that scen no that one cat the what the string from that one

Cat guys sweet them on no I don’t I don’t think I picked up a string of any kind all right goex come find the village where’s the village oh I found it you did okay oh I see you the cat is heading your way do you hear the you hear the meowing you

Just passed me all right come on kid I’m almost to this cat oh my goodness I don’t even see you either you went the right way though just the I saw you going a certain way and but I passed you I’m out I’m in the direction where

You came from because the cat wherever you spawned this cat this cat has been literally going right Starburst all right so muffer I don’t know if my guys in here all right all right I give up on the cat let’s let’s do this speedrun my bad guys I’m I’m

Distracted muff you’re the boss I’m the boss uh oh yeah you’re the boss okay I found a so we just need to get some iron I did you see this hole over here uh where there’s a hole is that a hole a hole oh yeah uh we are in the

Mountain let’s find goex and then we’ll get in this hole um turn around or over here you you found him there he is go P go PS all right dude that’s a sick Cape you’re wearing did you design it what Cape you’re wearing a cape oh oh

Mine oh it’s a um it’s the essentials it’s a chairry blossom got five VI in the Stream let’s go make sure to drop a like on the stream yeah so goex is going live and I’m also going live dude there was another hole did you see the other hole

That this hole Yeah Yeah Yeah you found it this one or wait is this the one there’s another hole around here that’s in the ground it’s it was like a it was way better than that hole that was a holy hole that was uh was it the one over here by

The I think it was closer to the Village like yeah what did you say goex like the first one the the end wins oh the end oh here it is I found it I found it you see this one yeah yeah yeah jackpot baby and you want a

Torch it’s a water cave so go up to ah so don’t do this cave oh we can it’s just a little bit more tedious like whenever you get like whenever you don’t have really that much air left you just place a door inide of the door because

The door blocks of water it’s weird and you mind if we not do that that’s about to say cuz I’m just cuz all right boys it’s about to be evening let’s all go to bed I guess or unless we find a hole to get to really quick dude there’s going

To be another hole around here found a hole aave like a tiny entrance I think I know no for it yeah it looks like it might be a hole but it’s not yeah there’s nothing here all right let’s go to bed real fast like I get

Wood but you can’t my wood tools I put on a you can’t use it like we’re doing separate the first the game wins no no no no this is this is friends with Matt has never beaten the game yeah we’re all we’re all on a team together I’d like us

To the whole time doing what thought we were doing it separate the whole time no no no I want us to stick together what this one doesn’t even have a bed sorry guys I went into a house that doesn’t have a bed okay uh you guys took all the good good

Houses my let’s see I’m that’s cool what that that one doesn’t have a bed either all right I found a bed I found a bed there we go yeah there’s like no bed in sight pod RAC oh you just got pod racers let’s go I love how you liked that game the

Second you saw it it seems fun like I’m G have I don’t know I’ve always kind of been like a fan of Star Wars but I never been like really deeply invested into it but just racing games like that just look really fun big Mario Kart and such

Yeah it’s it’s fun because it’s so high speed and I really like that you get to build your pod oh so it’s daytime whoops okay like I love the mini map even though it’s only just a couple do lines like it’s it’s a OG game all right boys let’s

Go find a hole what do you say uh yeah we can or we can dig straight down find a bunch of stone uh I know is that a hole Straight Ahead where you’re heading we already check that hole I I looked at it there’s nothing here it’s a little Cliff side

All right we could go into this Forest I know there’s some up here actually what is this all we found what what is this no just goes up just goes up mhm all right all right right I’m uh okay you you is that one right there

Did you find one no I see the stone it loops around and it just stops all right all right further in oh I found like a bunch Mel King Jr wants you to check your chat um melan King Jr I don’t want to be annoying but can I play Hey I got boys

Boys I found a big hole a Whopper I found a big one um how do I do do you see the pump yeah do you see the pumpkin patch did you find it found I found one too talk I found a big hole how how big

Is yours cuz my hole is Big my hole is like you could fit a dragon in there I mean you could fall down quite far um mine do you see it on the live stream look at the can you see my live stream I’m looking at it right now on

The live stream one second let me zoom in andols where are you if you say yours is better then we can do yours uh does your go down any mine yeah oh you’re that’s a good point I didn’t look I see oh I’m so oh

Bro it’s huge though I don’t know if it goes down but it’s it’s huge oh I found it I think is it under water no is yours better dude if yours is better let’s just go to yours yeah I was going to um make a water bucket real quick so I can

Get down there guys I’m gonna let melon King Jr join us but he’s not allowed on the Discord I’m giving him a timeout because he plays all the weird sounds and interrupts us but he can join us he can he can come okay I’ll just leave it at that

Melan King junr we love you so in my next in my next Vlog I’m doing I do show clips from when we’re playing lethal company M and it’s just hilarious Mt because you’re like okay now don’t look at this guy in the eyes and then like we walk

Down the hole and you’re like no no no now whatever you do just make sure you do not look him in the eyes I’m like okay I don’t know you’re talking about and then we get into a room and you’re like okay I think he’s following us just

Don’t look him in the eyes and I’m like oh my gosh he’s killing me I’m look at the eyes wait were were you the one that actually was looking at him that got you yeah I didn’t think okay boys boys we got to meet up boys where are you guys

At yeah um okay so I I just got a uh bucket here I’m com coming to you who are you guys just go straight into Oak Forest like I see okay the green the green forest yeah yeah I’m going to go to the green forest and up the hill kind

Of oh there we go all right there go uh goex you are still at the Village what up smokey animations in the building friends I’m sorry I’m not reading the chat as much today where’s melan King Jr you need an invite I don’t know if he needs an

Invite um hey goex go back to the Village or like head back the way but head to your left a little bit there like more up the mountain I’m just I’m just up here by that Forest question then put it into my chat okay go yeah answer the question from my

Chat oh wait is this the I think I’ve is the the hole you found right outside of the Oak Forest I found you no the one I found it’s like a I I couldn’t really see far into it because it’s only like two blocks that are exposed

To like two block opening but it like it falls down I bet I think I found the hole you’re talking about oh wait wait there you are hey have you seen this hole over here did you see this hole uh this one it it stops right there

Okay all right all right show me your hole muffer not in a weird way sorry okay I need water um in real life no like like in game I need to go just get a water bucket but yeah here’s the entrance to it it here careful

Okay oh no wait a minute wait a minute I had keep inventory on when you guys wait whoa whoa whoa no it didn’t work I did game how Okay uh how do I make you the how do I make you the operator muff uh just oh I didn’t I didn’t do the word

True all right how do I do it for everybody slash game rule keep inventory keep inventory true it makes it for everyone all right cool that’s all that matters all right well I’ll grab your stuff but I don’t know if you’ll know how to find your way back uh yeah I I

I’ll know the way back but please grab my stuff because I don’t I’m just I really don’t need y’all to give me anything but like a pickaxe and a sword all right uh oh I was going the exact opposite way but I see now where the oak

Forest is got a I can give you stone pickaxe sweet did one of you leave your crafting table behind and you left a nice wooden yeah and you left me a wooden pickaxe so I’m grabbing both of those yeah okay doesn’t matter I made a new

One oh I need to grab a torch I do not like going anywhere without a torch I don’t know if you guys remember that from my other stream I need grab it you got my torches right cuz like I have phobia yeah I have

I have nine good that’s how many I had I have an a phobia you can keep those I got more now I’m almost back having a phobia of the dark in this game what is it called what’s the phobia where you’re scared of the dark no

Idea come on um oh that means I don’t have any of my food either whatever I got you you got me oh thank goodness okay um I’m coming to you I’m almost to the Oak Forest we need to grab some beds and put them near okay I’ll go back and get a

Bed since I’m close I can go get three beds also if you looted all my stuff dude you should have need a bed muff you should have a ton of wool if you looted my stuff oh yeah I do here I’m right here next to you I can just give you

Your stuff bag oh you are you can keep the Torches if you want cuz I got a bunch more torches I’m just going to you know just take well you do you boo all right um now we’re gonna steal some beds dude straight up Gangster what’s Su animations times are getting tough what

A Spaceman we got Smokey animations in the building let’s go Smokey animations can can your live stream hear me and muffer yeah all right cool Smokey animation in the building uh so I’m making a video where I say I’m I’m working on two different videos right now one of them is a thank

You video for not all of my subscribers only oh I found an empty bucket it’s not for all of my subscribers it’s only for my favorite subscribers and I’ve listed 23 people which is muffer and gopex obviously and I talk about and I talk about you guys

And then also what I’m sorry I just crafted another crafting table after just okay I’m sorry continue continue you goof and then I’m I got another video coming well oh yeah wait in the thank you video I talk about everybody like fire cow Smoky animations bird so that

One no probably not because I have work tomorrow and I’m like a third of the way done so I doubt I’ll be finished by tomorrow also that that high school video that was awesome by the way oh thanks the the one where the girl took

My seat well uh oh wait was there mult or the you’re talking about the one where they get to the kids get to play in in schol like the one about the test and such and like the quizzes and whatever oh the music video yeah oh I

Forgot I uploaded that oh thank you that was awesome I was not expecting that it was cool all right if before the what I’m talking to Smokey okay yeah Smokey’s got good stuff he he he does some VR stuff he does some I got a bed you want to instead of sleeping should

We just head to the hole yeah yeah yeah uh go packs you’re just up the hill uh we’re kind of down towards the village we’ll head up to you then go there so I’m a little insecure about how long it’s been since I uploaded like a really high quality

Video uh so and I’ve got I’m working on two this is the thing I’m working on two like high effort videos right now MH but I was I was working on one and it’s like really long it’s really good video but it’s like turning out to be really long

So it’s like you know what I’m going to make a shorter one that I can that’s like a lot of editing that I can come out with faster but then that would was like really good and it just keeps getting longer and longer and longer and that’s

My thank you video cuz my thank you video is not just of me giving a thank you speech like I vlogged I went to Target and goofed around I went to Office Depot and goofed around uh for my thank you video and so now I’m like dang it so I’m I’m

Uploading uh I’m uploading I’m going to upload some of my old videos that I made while I was in high school like here and there to I guess let people know I’m still youtubing hardcore oh creeper where where oh no no no no no no no no that was a close

One set your matter multiple houses here oh we’re setting our beds here well if you want to oh I’m way down too late all all right um I’m gonna set my house down in here you back in the village no no we went to the cave I can come back and come get

You might you know yeah I still look where the cave is can we just give him our coordinates instead they can yeah get get the coordinates cuz we’re we we’re right by the entrance we fell like way down all right I’ll I’ll look up the coordinates there go oh you already did

It did you already do the coordinates mhm oh yeah he did okay yeah I’m just going to put my bed like there all right that’s my respawn Point bro we are going full-blown Indiana Jones where’s my torch I better not have thrown that out of my hand there you go you can take

Five hey hey why is my torch not lit do you see this your your torch isn’t light either do you do you have sh shaders enabled like do you have shaders on yeah wait I mean I can double check just for the heck of it but yeah I’ve got

Shaders how do you how do you look again you got a didn’t have shaders on uh video settings I wonder yeah video settings shaders they are disabled how did you know that why would I have disabled them I guess I don’t know I disabled them because I was lagging

That’s right oh no oh my gosh I just great I just hit save and quit I’m so sorry I I hit save and quit oh my goodness thank you video yes Starburst and Starburst I talk about you in the thank you video as well I give a special shout

Out and my thank you video I give a special shout out to each and every one of my amazing subscribers it’s mainly focusing on the people there’s there’s about 10 people that have like stayed with me since the beginning of this Channel and then there’s about 10 people that are

You did well I I’ll invite you right now there there’s about 10 people who have discovered me recently that are like here every day y yall back you good mhm yeah man all right there’s a zombie down there that would just love to eat our brains that’s so interesting that the

You need shaders for the torch to work yeah that’s I don’t know it’s just not a Bas mechanic because it can be a little computer Nice kill I don’t need rotten flesh so where did you already get him where is he no he’s right down there on

The other side oh he’s on the other side oh he going down oh there there’s a water oh he just nailed me I saw it coming I saw it coming right right for me oh no I hit you can we accidentally damage each other in this uh yeah okay

My bad each other oh I got what do you find a bunch of iron no come down here and look I got to I got to heal okay I’m coming what is it is it a bunch of diamonds uh no but it’s just a really

Big open cave oh so cool I don’t know if you can see how dark your thing is hold up make my thing darker real quick hold up this is so cool oh not fer oh creeper he’s going to blow lighting jokes on him very dark

Um I mean this is so cave is oh there’s skeleton oh dude I hate I hate how good their aim is like they don’t miss I just died cuz the whoa what I just spawned way back oh is your bed OB truck D I guess but

Again hey are you hey I’m at the Village I’m at the village where are you I can just walk you there are you at the Village I’m on top of the hill I’m coming I’ll be there in like two seconds where’s the uh wait am I going the wrong

Way again no I’m going the right way I think I see you up there oh you see me uh kind of just start jumping it okay you’re overlooking the village yeah yeah okay I’m coming do you see me I’ve got a torch I see you all right let’s

Go hey by the way friends friends friends in the chat I don’t know if you noticed but I switched my camera angles what do you guys think of the new camera angle pretty cool right I bet it looks like I’m looking directly into the camera while I play video games right

Does it you want to know why it’s cuz my camera is literally in front of my TV and I show that in one of my one of my new Vlogs I show how I got my new camera set up like staring into your soul as you just play Minecraft it’s kind of fun

Though because like have you ever streamed muffer where you show your face and and play video games at the same time a while ago like it was on a account that I don’t have anymore did you remember I lost you again I lost lost you I don’t know where

You are I’m in the same spot uh here you’re right here hold up oh there you are hey I I well I found muffer I didn’t hey turn around oh oh I see you muffer up there but I I can’t find a way to get up there let me

See uh you just have to come back this way over oh I found you I found you I I found a way up did you find goex to oh let’s go all the boys are here finally oh skeleton I want his bow and arrow I want his

Bow kind of rare for to drop a bow are bows hard to are bows hard to build hard to build no make one you just have to like kill a spider that’s it or okay yeah sticks and sticks and string uh boys I think I might have lost

You oh go oh I found two skeletons though I can’t take on two skeletons at the same time oh there’s there’s like three bad guys oh no you spawn in the cave this time no I spawned even farther away I have a bed though ready to set for when I do get

There go down here I found the area but I didn’t notice that I G like this flowing water oh shoot dude I’m getting I’m getting shot at by skeletons again I’m just going to dodge them all though I’m oh man another skeleton this is not good dude they they’re I hate how they

Just they they they they have perfect aim like they could I just wish their aim was like I wish they had like a little less of perfect aim just a little like it feels like no matter how good you are you it’s like nearly impossible to dodge them to dodge their arrows

Yeah there he is I oh muff you’re the best friend ever you guys see that muff just comes back cuz he knows I’m going to struggle for hours trying to find the hole and we’ll never actually finish this live stream we’ll never finish this game if I don’t get some help newb

Here so mu how was your day I saw you playing fortnite earlier uh yeah uh I mean it was well okay we it’s just coool really I mean I don’t really what else it’s just no another day at schol another day another dollar oh what my bed hey maybe

We respawned at the same bed which bed did you take uh I had the orange one a bro you had the red one but there was some uh dirt above the bed I broke it just in case you can only sleep during Thunder it’s not saying that my respawn

Point is set so I’m just going to set another bed okay respawn Point set let’s go so this orange bed is mine goex you can have the red one you get the red one goex point set okay sweet now you you have to sleep next to muff iron

Somewhere muffer snores so good luck sleeping next to him what the heck I don’t okay just kidding is not SN all right dude let’s go I’m I’m loving this cave this is so much better than the cave I found a spider yeah it’s a lot better than the

One you found in the other stream that’s right that’s what I’m trying to say tiny like claustrophobic or like oh my gosh what’ you find iron no oh yeah but come down lower like um where did you go lower uh just follow the water it goes down a

Little bit more whoa okay okay I I I think I see what you’re saying wow I think I see you I’m not good at this whole like jumping out of the waterfall and then back in like this are it’s just huge down here oh this is so beautiful this is

This is by far the coolest cave I’ve ever found in Minecraft oh I’ve got a furnace let’s go iron I got some spider web I’m about to make a bow I can make a bow yes you guys we can make the little quick um how many how many arrows do I I

Only have four arrows though thank you sir you got whoa where’s the skeleton where is he where is he where is he I don’t I hear him I don’t see him there he is oh let’s go I love the uh skeleton sound effects you know what I mean like when

When you smack them doesn’t it feel good or it sounds just who so it goes even lower did you see this yeah what should we go uh get some protection first I’ll make a shield for both of us I I found gold no this is uh this is iron yeah I

Found deep slate iron gosh zombie trying to spell some iron all right I want the iron six iron perfect you do oh I gotta catch up jeez I got to catch up fast you guys are going to beat me oh we both got that achievement all right all

Right um we’re doing keep inventories Oh shoot no don’t tell me I just found the bottom of this hole and it doesn’t go anywhere and now I’m going to have to build my way up but like I don’t know if I have enough no all right I think I know what I’m

Going to do goes on even further G I’m stuck in a hole all right where’s that stupid chicken eat this please don’t get me sick please don’t get oh I’m sick from the chicken all right that’s GNA kill me it’s game over oh wait got to get my

Torch quick quick quick quick quick how did I how did I get rid of my torch again that didn’t kill me oh my goodness this is It’s I’m having the hardest time killing myself cuz I’m stuck in this hole are you trying to kill yourself yes cuz I’m stuck in this like really

Deep hole it’s so annoying here we go there yes I killed myself okay thank goodness yo Starburst you are my friend Matt I just watched you play that’s sweet man Starburst that’s so kind want to down here but I no CL I’m going to survive this oh creeper creeper I need a water

Bucket uh fire cow and Starburst I give you guys both very special shouts shout outs uh oh there’s a shiny Enderman got Starburst in the building let’s go you’re also getting a shot on a map’s video which might come tomorrow or the next day it’s probably the next

Day why is there a shield found an entrance to get down here waterfall all right should be the diamond level yeah down to Diamond level oh shoot on half I’m like heart and a half I’m checking my cords dude I’m just oh Muer’s here to save me oh my

Goodness oh let’s go I didn’t die um I’ll should I be using a shield I kind of like the torch you found diamond no I need Diamonds oh you get the sword to go PEX he doesn’t have one already I want oh I need the all thanks for loading the forge up

Where’s my iron where’s my iron I know I got iron can’t see make torches you can barely see anything in here oh there’s my iron find stuff I have torches all right oop my torch doesn’t light the areir yet you have the shaders on I do but my

Shader pack doesn’t light the area up bro my my torches are lit one pun intended I’m not sure uh he has complimentary imagine I mean you could change how dark and light the caves are in the settings of the really cuz I want to make it a lot

Brighter all right uh okay so you press Escape go to options after I kill this zombie yeah all right okay so Escape go to options video settings all right Shader packs all right and then click on the complimentary imagine okay go yellow and then click Shader pack settings Okay click

Lighting okay and then where it says cave lighting where it has default and like a plus icon just drag it to the right okay I better do this quick okay I put it on very oh spider spider spider no no no no no no no no what did it

Freeze what’s going on it might take a second oh the spider’s going to kill me I’m probably dead oh no oh what oh you again I was I was freaking out I was freaking out because the spider was killing me I was trying to like get out of the menu and instead

Of hitting back to game I hit Sav and quit again oh my goodness I’m sorry guys oh no how do I make it brighter um uh what are you what shaders are you using or are you using shaders one BSL um I don’t I don’t know what the customization settings for BSL are

Like but I mean you could see or do you have uh are you using Iris as your yeah okay you should just just try to actually go to the Shader pack and go to the Shader pack settings like within the actual Shader packs page try to go to the settings see if

There’s any lighting settings Cape lighting uhoh uhoh okay this oh I found some iron let’s go invite me a chance oh oh my bad I totally forgot good there we go all right um I found some iron I’ve got to reset my bed I don’t

Know why I’m an idiot and I decided to move my bed and then I’m immediately surrounded by en by spider I respawned couldn’t move for a second got killed by a spider oh there’s D okay what what’ you find there’s uh like two creepers and three skeletons Oh I thought you found

Diamonds I I found a diamond but that’s oh no skeleton shooting me where is this where’s this guy coming from D bro okay creeper come on creeper come on come on blow up I dare you I dare you to blow up okay I need to make my own furnace

Gopex I filled up your furnace with iron how much okay like maybe only nine iron I think it’s like eight or nine uh I’ve got like 23 oh my gosh what there’s a huge Lava Lake down here bro I I don’t know where which direction y’all are went in but I found

Aan I found a gigantic part of the cave like a oh shoot I need to go find that area oh man I’m in a I’m in like a transing diamonds or a lava cave there is I feel like it well you know I think there might be I might have found a lava

Cave well if you want to come down here without mining straight into it you were directly above it go right now oh I want to find you guys like far down I I just went down all right I guess we’re just going to

Have to be split up for a bit I guess oh well oh uh I think I found it yeah you’re you’re like in you’re above it in the middle like you’re directly above it in the middle SP I’m uh where I am I don’t know

If you guys are headed in the same area dude I I kept going down and now I’m in this area that is just gigantic in every direction this no I don’t see any lava but this place is just huge I want that iron over there yeah

You want some of this huh huh you want some of this oh shoot I’m going to die okay we got a creeper coming Zombie Chicken down here Zombie Chicken jockey okay where’s your furnace go oh dang it I can’t go to your furnace wait which level was your furnace on the

First level where the beds are or down a level baby zombies so annoying I think I I see muffer or someone I see someone down there zie no that’s muffer then I’m coming to muffer you I get down here no that’s that’s not you that’s not you it was a

Bad guy it was a bad it’s a white bad guy who’s like white and black no he’s not a bad guy a a mob from a distance he’s white and black but up close he’s just dark green he’s like white and dark green he’s like a he’s a zombie that’s

Wearing clothes oh it’s just a zombie villager okay oh no not a baby zombie dude they they’re so annoying he’s about going hit me off the edge and he’s dropping carrots oh my gosh flipp and flip I should not hard to hit I am

So mad that I moved my bed because now I can’t find the the furnace you made so I’m going to have to make a new furnace flip and flip what do I need to make a furnace just Stone uh yeah eight stone okay thank you whatever I’m just G to

Start my whole own little Camp starting a new camp over here wherever I am I do not need bones so okay now I got to make a furnace wasn’t nothing up here oh this lava cave goes down far it’s like negative 53 oh I’m I don’t have that much coal

But I can’t I’ve got it a little bits to get this started so I need to go find coal there’s like coal diamonds down here it’s down a lot further to go are we wanting to go with like the diamond pickaxe and obsidian route or do y’ all

Just want to go straight for the portal there’s a down here we can mine oh I think I found y’all’s lava oh shoot skeleton you found it well I found a lava waterfall but it doesn’t go anywhere never mind okay I need to kill this skeleton cuz I really need that

Coal hey we’re on easy mode so I bet if us three could take out the dragon together right mhm I put it on easy mode because I I just want to like beat the game you know what I mean yeah like I’m that’s my big number one concern it’s

8:22 I’m gonna stay live as long as it takes but I know you guys have school tomorrow it’s Friday oh I I I don’t I disappointment so I’m just staying home for the day oh that’s jackpot you just you get to play video games all day oh yeah you’re

Not getting a surgery are you what kind of Deno man no I’m just getting some invisible line um or getting my invisible line is that like braces but they’re invisible kind of yeah I mean it’s braces but it it’s it works the same as braces but it’s just like a little

Plastic it’s like plastic stuff you put over your teeth and you have to have it on for like what this same amount of time for braces but I mean it’s it’s it’s just like imagine BL braces but you can’t see them it’s just clear it’s like clear

Plastic like hard plastic oh dude that sounds amazing compared to my experience with braces yeah I didn’t really want to go for the braces rout just because I’d rather not have I don’t know I just yeah my teeth are stained there’s a there’s a gross stain on my teeth uh because as a

Kid I had braces and I didn’t brush them enough well it’s not so it’s not a stain it’s this weird white mark because the rest of my tooth is like not it’s not that yellow or anything but it’s like there’s like a white Mark where it’s my tooth is

Perfectly cleaned cuz the braces was covering it up that time and then there’s like a gross everything else is gross yeah you get you get what I’m saying there’s an awkward spot on my tooth that’s like once I’ve pointed out to you you’ll never not see it again if

We’re hanging out in person is it only like on one tooth or is it like most of them it’s just one tooth just one tooth it’s just one tooth so I guess like no at least at least it’s not multiple if anything oh great now I can’t find my

Little camps oh there it is there it is I found my campsite let’s go you have a furnace you can place down I’ve already got a furnace yeah you you could make furnace with to grab my furnace from from higher up I kind of doubt that you’re find two Cobblestone I feel like

I’m in a just completely different part part of the cave is than y’all yeah you you you could make like anything that requires just normal Cobblestone with deep slate or Cobble deep slate like it’s not restricted just to Cobblestone I found like a really cool

Place just never mind I think I want to find y’all I’m getting lonely down here uh keep your cords if you have to well I am I got my furnace burning and I’m waiting on like a ton of iron so I can finally build some armor uh

Oh nothing down here so find a flint somewhere a flint I we could just use lava don’t have to use Flint I’ll go ahead and this okay where is this zombie I know he’s coming for me I just don’t know from where all right we’re good we’re

Good dude I cannot wait to play lethal company again going be fun the game just has like a very unique personality and it reminds me I don’t remember what the name of the game is but in VR chat I had just gotten into playing this game that is super similar

To lethal company but like way like lethal company has a lot more going on oh wait I need an iron pickaxe okay got my iron pickaxe iron boots let’s go where’s the legs oh there it is I got iron legs let’s Go what else oh iron sword iron sword let’s go how much iron do I have come on let’s go I want Iron everything I need an iron hat okay I just need a few more iron oh look at that boom iron hat where are You what were we talking about uh I have no clue yeah I don’t know either I guess I could just make this little p or B oh you got to be kidding okay all right so that’s going to give me like five more broken food honestly can I just like hold

Up all right I guess well I could go try to find y oh s are cords yeah will you send me your cords cuz I’m getting lonely my friend f is almost done oh my furnace is done now so all right there we go thank you

Oh wait I don’t need to do that okay so you sent me the cords see 12 54 259 so I turn on my cords 12 wait 12 negative 54 wait so how am I so oh wow I’m like really far from y’all it seems yeah you we we we all we both went

In the exact opposite way downwards wise you can go the other direction than what y’all went and it just goes on forever that way too oh whoa that’s a big drop all right so how did you get down down there how did you guys get down there oh

There’s the waterfall down there oh great all the en got like no have to walk like a slug ah it’s a creeper it’s a creeper okay where’s that waterfall there it is let’s go out of my way oh no no no no okay keep heading towards the boys you still near the

Beds um long story short I don’t know how to answer that I’m coming towards you well did you guys go through a small hole at one point um did you go cuz I I got distracted just now by going through like a really small hole and this just keeps going and I think

I’m going to check it out just in case there’s diamonds or something that yeah I found like a really small hole and I am just going to go exploring I’m a lot closer to y’all now this lava thing’s not going to work I got some gravel yeah I was TR and grav myself

Those right oh okay that was fast probess saveing quit again me what y’all are still in the game right was that just me that got disconnected oh you did yeah I didn’t I didn’t do anything you invited me back oh I didn’t no I didn’t actually I closed again or

Kicked out yeah that was a glitch I didn’t actually invite you gopex and I realized this it kicks you out randomly just a glitch and then it automatically invites you back in but it doesn’t matter if you accept it it’s going to kick you out anyway oh boys I found a

Diamond let’s go it’s just one no it’s two let’s go okay what do I get rid of um all right I got a flint you could uh I guess we could go try and get uh Mr mat well I’m in a weird random little

Hole wait what did I just get D is it ever like you mine one diamond and then two actually drop out of one block is that possible uh it’s possible with for looting even though that is nope no idea it’s an enchantment I think the little hole I discovered has just

Ended it led me to a diamond and then that’s kind of it well I want to find more diamonds so what what are y all up to now I’m just making a little base down underground somewhere yeah at our nether portal a NE you’re making a nether portal

Already we already built one we just got to light it bro how do okay now I got to get to y’all yeah I’m trying get back I’m I’m not really GNA lie it until you get here because I don’t want to do everything without y’all

Um okay and where will you send me your coordinates oh great the little hole I found is like giving me kind of a hard time getting up oh there we go well I’m finding my way up and out okay um your coordinates you gave me are 11 54 to

60 11 I’m at -78 and you’re at 11 too far heading that way well I found kind of just a another random little hole you didn’t ever go through some like little hole at one point oh dang it that’s the same stupid hole I fell in the [ __ ] freaking last time

Oh my goodness I I am tempted to just kill myself right now so that I can get back to my bed yeah I’m going to kill myself the best I can because once I get back to my bed it’s going to be oh dang it there’s like there’s like

Not a way to kill yourself down here um let’s see see this is why I wanted to stick together so bad even though I went off on my own so shame on me but this is why I wanted to stick together I do not know how to play this game yes you’re a

Noob and I’m having I’m not even able to kill myself oh my goodness all right how much area do you need for a tree to grow do you know goex what like how much area you need for a tree to grow for a tree to grow I’m not sure if you need certain

Amount of area for it well G be like any amount I’m GNA look it up dude is there mu is there any way you’d be willing to kill yourself so that we can meet uh yeah I can I’m near the y’all’s beds all right uh uh uh

Lava oh thank you muffer I was I’m never going to find you otherwise all good okay whoa I can see a hole that leads up to the surface all right so I down there follow me I hey I didn’t cuss I held back you found me already yeah oh there you are

Okay cool I didn’t cuss I held back oh I guess I should use the shield now that I’m using shaders to are we are we going down this way yeah remember span uh you know let’s just try away if it doesn’t lead us there we’ll

Just mine to it all right oh I remember this whoa yeah oh there’s a wait oh that’s not a diamond it’s a Walmart diamond wait whoa did you just go down yeah whoa okay I’m coming I’m coming yeah I would have never found this I know I think I feel

Like you know what let’s just hey Spaceman what do you Spaceman what do you mean you like the last stream you’re saying you like that one better all right what part about what what part about it do you think was better like what did the game if so that

Yeah are you talking about when I tried to uh speedrun all on my own and it was just terrible there a skeleton where’s he coming from oh nice uh here we go oh that’s another one of spaceman’s jokes I bet because this is the most lit

Live they looking for so long is that your chest our little area oh sweet this is a nice little set in the building Smokey animations total stud in the building ladies and gentlemen watch your hold your hats and horses oh you got the whole setup down here this is

Legit yeah I like how you even decorated the with torches goex are you having a hard time finding this yeah one by one I accidentally fell into the lava cave just took a bunch of fall damage and died oh so you’ve at least found the lava

Cave uh if you’re at the lava cave I could go there and just meet you did you already I’m looking for diamonds in the meantime did you already go up this waterfall area uh oh no a baby zombie oh oh wait did you take your bed in

There no I didn’t say do that oh I didn’t I didn’t no I don’t have a bed there um you might want to set your bed in this little area right out yeah right outside of the Nether um let me see if I have at the

Portal I have a bunch of of wool and I got a bunch of wool and a bunch of wood so that’s all you need right for a bed uh yeah three wool and three wood all right I got that I can make us all beds

In fact you fall lava I didn’t fall in lava fell off a CLI do you guys need beds cuz I can make I got beds on beds on beds I still got my orange bed I’m good oh I just wanted to get rid of all this wool to be honest

All right I might just make the beds anyway okay white wait what why won’t it let me make a white bed look at Bed wait what I have white wool and I have wood I have Oak planks that’s cool right Oak planks yeah yeah that’s fun

It’s not letting me make a bed oh cuz I’m I’m not at a freaking thing whatever this thing is called of course oh thank goodness now I can make a bed all right I’m gonna sleep next to muffer but like one block away though like come on let’s be real yeah

Because he will you snore dude I’m just kidding what the I I want to go throw my random crap into the lava now so I don’t I mean you at this point you might as well just leave random crap in your thing cuz like in the nether you get so

Much random crap you know what I mean yeah is that just me just get all this stuff you don’t need I got bone meal I got I have doors I don’t know why I have doors honestly what’s up I wonder if I have time to go up to the surface and get

Some wood before what do you need Oak planks I got wood well just wood in general that’s why I’ve made this little tree in here try to grow it wait a tree yeah I made a little room try to grow a tree down here whoa well how much what do you need wood

For how much wood do you need uh I don’t really need any wood at the moment I was just trying to get some in preparation in case here I’m giving you half of my wood is that good that helps a little bit you can keep it it’s fine I mean I

If when I once I get this I’m going I’ll get a little bit oh thank goodness dude I really wasn’t in the mood to share my wood I was just being nice you’re all good man just kidding I don’t know what I’m going to use it for I found a

Dungeon what could I I got to power one bu absolute garbage whoa I can make a diamond sword let’s go hey what what do you what armor loses Health the fastest like your hat your chest your you mean like the durability yeah yeah which one has a

Small gold no uh I’m sorry I mean head chest legs or feet oh cuz I have cuz I I have enough to make one more IR piece of armor and I just want to make like should I make another second hat so when my hat runs out I got a hat

Boots I want to say because I mean boots are four and dude I I accidentally clicked on hat and then like there wasn’t a way I don’t think there was a way if there is a way to back out of it oh I could do hats and Boots all right

Cool I got a extra pair of hat and extra pair of boots oh look at this you jealous jealous don’t PvP with me I got a St sword what the heck I should probably give you this this zombie spawner that’s a dungeon if you don’t know Smokey

Animations oh it’s a XP farm sharing is carrying except for Matt he ain’t sharing that wood that’s that’s where fire C said fire count what is your profile picture cuz I know noticed you changed it recently and it’s like now a little anime girl and I want to know

What that is from where did you find that little anime girl um why is my camera not Center so I guess we’re just in decoration mode that’s cool I’m going to decorate too I got some torches yeah got Mar in the building let’s go oh Marshall Smith is in the building let’s

Go Mar Marshall Smith you don’t remember me but you’ve also never met me and I’m live with goex what the heck get a lot of these two streamers streamers in the building whoa this tree where’s that Waterfall oh here we go I’m GNA go going at this point wait

Oh I don’t even know if I find the area should we just oh we can’t kill our now cuz we reset our spawn points muff should we travel back unless actually hear me out what if for say right here uh yeah 19 2 can I

Just okay I have an idea me out I what if we dig this here I put a water bucket there what about I just teleported oh I was I was yeah that’s a lot easier yeah you walk in cires I was gonna I was gonna um kill

Myself and dig straight down right here so have portal a big okay you know what fine fine you know what fine let me what the heck all right um so we’re going in need to smell some gold if the piglins oh yeah uh so you went in

Or hey do you guys know this reference what is it wait what does he scream what does he scream uh what do he scream dang it what does the guy Scream Leroy Jin do you know what that’s from I don’t know what it’s from but I know YouTube I

Know what it is is it’s from World of Warcraft they’re all in a raid together and the the guys you’d have to play World of War well you don’t really have to play World of Warcraft to get it but they’re in this raid it’s a 40 Man raid okay so oh

Go the it’s so loud in here the nether oh I forgot we have these mods where it just completely overhauls the nether oh this might have been why I turned my shaders off it’s cuz I was glitching as could be in here a bed yeah I can make one is far away from

Here I’m I’m coming back buddy you could just sleep in one of those wait we can share beds might be using it you can Leroy daggets what’s that from um wait why is it not taking me back now I’m just tripping like oh here we go I’m coming back

Opex the leloy Jenkins story let me just just tell this story real fast just in case cuz you guys need to hear this in World of Warcraft they had 40 Man raids that means you would have to literally get imagine this friends imagine getting 40 strangers on the internet to work

Together you know how difficult that is old person game yes okay but to C like oh this portal is so loud I am bugging yeah I’m bugging out like crazy I’m going to have to turn the shaders off hold up let me get out of this nether like there’s so much stuff in

Here yeah gopex I’m building you your own bed like way over here just so you know but it’s going to be like away from where M Fort and I are sleeping because I know you fart a lot in your sleep yeah you don’t get to sleep next to the cool

Kids you got you got to go sit at the weird kid table but friends you see how like we’re having we’re not really having problems playing together and it’s just three of us but like we have problems like meeting up we have like little issues here and there you know

What I mean imagine having to organize 40 people to get ready for a boss fight okay but it’s not just a boss fight it’s like a boss who’s you have to first kill like 20 I’m I’m lagging so bad it’s like a my gold long story short they finally

Get all 40 people ready to go they’re like about to go in but this guy Le I don’t know Leroy Jenkins I don’t know why he’s gold smel he screams his own name for some reason which is part of the funny thing and he just runs and gets all the bad guys to

Come kill everybody when they’re not ready yet because they hadn’t like turned on all their Buffs and enchantments and then everybody dies and it’s all because of Leroy Jenkins oh dude I got to turn my shaders off and then probably re yeah I I think you got your shaders

On uh I did but I turned them off when I went to the ne because just how much stuff was in there yeah I I think we have to actually reset it I think I have to turn them off and then do I do we I mean I’m lagging so

Bad that that the do you want to get do you want to get rid of the Nether and End mod yeah I do so we just exit out of this if you don’t add it back before you go back to your Mario Mario Kart World all those like weird mushroom things

Would be gone and such I don’t care okay all yeah that’s okay uh uh you leave the game well I guess I am now so yeah I got kicked well I I’m not gonna delete those I’m just going to move them to a different folder yeah you dude you got kicked I

Hadn’t even exited out of the game yet I was just sitting there waiting for all of my lag to catch up so I’m going to go to that folder just delete or not delete I’m just going to going to move those to a different folder the

Mods are you guys doing the same thing uh yeah I already disabled mine what are we playing in are we playing in 1194 or 120.1 120.1 oh yeah and I named it Fab let’s go okay go to the folder D I’m honestly excited to try out this pod racing game

Oh I’m so excited for you let see multiplayer real quick or online at least yo uh is it’s we get rid of better Nether and better end is that it yeah I’ll just move those to my desktop for now and now I have to start to get rid

Of them yeah I just exited I so I just moved them out of my folder now I’ve exited out of Minecraft in general the launcher and now I’m re bringing it up fire cow what’s Leroy dag open the launcher back up yeah getting launcher back up me too ditto kiddo loading

Loading loading you know how it is wait there’s no way whoa the oh my goodness oh my gosh the live stream is a legit four minutes lagged maybe five minutes um what is up Jonah we got Jonah in the building let’s go Jonah Jonah Jonah Jonah’s in the ark Jonah’s Arc let’s

Go okay single player subscribe to muffer that’s the name of the world Starburst in the building with the cat face oh I forgot I still need to work on my Mario Kart track and by the way I’m glad you brought that up because I want to race

On yours um I’m glad you brought that up because the last thing we need to film on my track is you me and gopex racing like three laps is it finished oh yeah oh yeah I finished it I done I did all the lights it’s totally 100%

Done so I don’t know it depends how fast we oh I got to yeah uh you need an invite my bad do both of y’all need invites yeah I’m just sitting here waiting for you guys to log in and then I realized that’s not how it works see

Back when I played World of Warcraft you didn’t have to summon your well you could summon your friends actually and that was a great feature they added so never mind um my I want to make a short video just of us racing each other and I would like you to actually

Record your screen so that when I film us racing I can’t join I have the BC lib mod put that one back in yeah I only the better Nether Mod I only moved two mods out of the folder that’s all I did yeah I only dis three put that one back in

Goix what a noob goix let me invite again what the heck man you ready yeah gopix is the one that had to literally get all of the mods for me and give me a 30 minute tutorial can you send me another invite yeah we just both went into The Nether and wait whoa

What is L of the stuff gone missing oh it’s not working I got to restart wait I went into The Nether and it just took me to a regular world that’s weird or maybe it’s just not regular maybe it’s just I’m not used to having those

Mods oh okay so yeah so it just got rid of every single modded Block in here and so it’s going to look weird for these first few uh chunks we generated but the further we go out the more like it’ll go back it’ll normal it’ll get okay cool

Yeah so you’ll see like there’s a whole bunch of stuff missing like there’s oh oh God over God no it’s the nether like we’re in a little U ass Soul Sand um cave thing okay I do another invite okay um dude that lava was a pain

Like I’m you there’s what can you do you just sit there jump in water or you just sit there waiting for it to stop you can’t jump in water in the nether like there’s water evaporates immediately here like even if you TR to place it down it just immediately just disappears

Can you find diamonds here no you can’t find any Overworld or except for like gold that’s it did did they create the nether like when they created the original game uh no it was well ooh I don’t I don’t think so because when they first came out with the game or sorry

They when they first came out with the nether there was it was like a I think the Nether Reactor you had to build like certain structure and like a single trunk from the so garbage quot unquote nether would um like appear and it would just be a single chunk out

Of everything oh this looks interesting did you go did you go up like above basic okay that that’s the only way to go what are the okay that’s just lava wait so then where do you go me and gopex we went up you go up and over to

The side oh there he is got a little hole there did you dig all of this yeah oh why’ you hit him um oh so this is what the nether Norm looks like uh hey watch out boys these trees are diamond sword coming through diamond sword I’ll take care of

This oh not except for the [ __ ] you guys can have oh what yeah I killed the [ __ ] uh it killed me right yeah it was it wasn’t too badly behind for me strange all right so oh there’s goex what are you doing down here oh I died oh you also

Died G this we need to carve out better stairs oh my goodness why can’t I jump into this all right all right I’ve got to go find some piglins get some gold why is there a zombie here alone a a regular zombie yeah regular zombie here all right this is looking

Interesting oh there’s just casually couple normal zombies so oh so are we just GNA work our way down okay that’s what I was about to ask yeah let walk down the trees you know what a piglin is yeah to tra with them for Eyes of Ender when you have all gold on oh

Here’s one all right oh yeah so Starburst and fire cow what do you think of my new camera angle I know I asked oh I know I asked that earlier but I wasn’t paying attention to the chat so now I’m paying attention to the chat 7 minutes of silence in the

Building 7even men let’s go we are speed running my chat is very lagged so I’m curious how long it’s going to take you to hear me saying all of that as I typed it also seven men I like it a lot oh yes thank you Starburst

I’m so glad I like it too uh there’s a creeper in here seven men I’m playing with two Pros oh whoa I’m not a pro seven minutes of silence I’m praying with I’m play don’t listen to him he is totally a pro I’m playing with two Pros

Right here oh let’s go oh Blaze see he even knows all the terminology I don’t know all this terminology it’s been playing for too long man yeah um and I’m a Noob and they’re teaching me how to beat the game so we are playing with one cheat on called keep inventory I don’t

Know if you ever heard of it dang all right okay Blaze Rod in the building I’m going to heal before I head that way I got to heal just heard you okay so so it’s whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa spider spider spider what the heck come

On get get the freaking heck away from me where did he go where’d he go oh now I got my diamond sword out now you run away huh huh huh diamond sword how do you like that seven minutes of silence what was I saying okay so you just heard Okay cool

So seven minutes of silence I really want to show you our my uh our our Mario Kart track that me muffer and gopex made we spent like what do you what do you guys think we SP a speed run no time yeah okay okay speedrun and then we’re

Going to speedrun the Mario Kart track how many perak Santiago per Santiago in the building let’s go Santiago in the building let’s go um guys area in the Fortress I don’t know why there’s a zombie in the nether there shouldn’t be a zombie in the Nether um friends we built a super

Awesome Mario Kart track oh I think I I found blazes I’m out ofner wait let me finish my sentence friends we built a super awesome Mario Kart track the whole thing and we have Mario Karts and we can drift and it’s just like Mario Kart and hopefully tonight after we beat the game

We can show you the track we made because it’s really amazing okay there that’s all I wanted to say now I found two blazes I’m trying to lead them down the hallway they’re so much easier to kill when you’re in a hall like a you know what I

Mean come on come down the hallway come down come down the hallway he’s throwing stuff at me come come here come here come here come here come on diamond sword whoa there’s like seven of them there’s like seven or eight of them I’m not even kidding oh they killed me

Oh dude I found like six or seven of them oh there’s so many piglins down here to trade with if you don’t believe me just look at the stream in 30 seconds or so and you will see that I really found like six or seven of them is that normal update

Wait is that is that normal finding six or seven of them I have no clue cuz you guys aren’t freaking out like I thought you would probably three spawn in or something okay well look at my live look at my live stream if you if you even

Care and you will see I found like six or seven of them at once yeah I’m getting chased by a bunch of zombies piglins seven minutes of silence I love the shaders just heard you wait are my shaders back on oh sweet okay so once I

Cool gravel eat eyes of inner you Muppet I’m wait are you fighting a zombie I think I found yeah I found one of you oh no long fall where where are you I are you dead already did they kill you don’t kill them don’t kill them one of them

One of them alive I’m going to go back and K two of them I know no I’m I’m running away you wait are we running away or not you kidding me I want this garbage I want black black stone I have 10 blaz BLS we should have enough uh powder and

I was I was I was going to brag about how I know where to find them all oh boy I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead oh I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead so but that’s okay though because we can come back if you you’ve got enough blaze rods

What else do we need uh just the ender pearls so we need gold I’ve got nine gold I have a gold nug um should I go back I’m going to go back up in the regular world and try to find gold because I feel like I passed a lot

Of gold on the way down here I just didn’t know it was that important right should I there also is gold in the nether there is oh if there’s gold in the nether I want to come find y’all oh but I got to there’s a there’s a zombie in

Our crap there’s a bunch of bad guys in our living area I have to kill them I’m so confused why there’s just normal mobs here in the in or in the nether sorry wait now I’m lost in here but I did find some gold oh shoot I got myself in a pickle

Uh let’s see all right so where was that gold I found it’s over lava how do you get gold if it’s hanging over lava you could build under it and try to catch it well Falls little risky though all right I did Soul Sand now how am I soon

I need to I can bring you food I’m I’m actually right by the beds do you want me to go in the chest and get you some of that delicious grub you’ve been saving H you don’t really have any food in here one of you left three diamonds in here oh it’s probably

Muffer muffer you’re not going to make like a diamond sword or something no I don’t need it so can I you’re saying I can take your diamonds yeah go ahead oh are you sure you don’t want a diamond sword oh it’s good it’s good it’s

Good sorry oh my gosh hey goex I’m going to make you a diamond sword or you should make a diamond sword yeah I desperately need one yeah yeah yeah yeah so left and right um it’s look at the look at the big chest it’s got all the sticks you

Need right over here it’s got the sticks it’s got the diamonds did you just die muffer uh no but I am coming back though okay good times good times let’s see I guess I could cook some meat if you cook rotten flesh does it do anything oh dude

I’ve got a ton of food I should definitely be cooking all this raw meat what have I been thinking I haven’t been thinking and I got raw pork chop boys I’m filling the furnace with food let’s go feel afraid to come over here and get yourself a steak which one is this that

Beef no don’t where did all my beef go I know I got beef oh without Fire Res this potion from from the piggins oh you’re putting all your crap there you’re supposed to throw it in the lava that way it burns see cuz now muffer just picked it up on

Accident thr in the chest all right see this rotten flesh I’m I’m going to show these boys how a noob gets down when you have something you don’t need you find a pool of lava and you throw it in there also lazy the sizzling sound is what it’s all about bro all

Right I guess I can let this cook well if I let can I leave stuff in the furnace to cook and then go into The Nether is it going to keep cooking or is it just not going to do anything I me it should but I’m going throw the piglins

Five gold pretty much robbed all my gold had 17 gold before do are gold nuggets worth anything what about the little gold nuggets they Dro gold nuggets I mean you could turn those into ingots but they don’t do anything as nuggets okay I only have one what is

What is what wait why do you look so weird are you oh you’re looking up what the heck it looks like you lost your head you look decapitated whoa who whoa what how did you do that what oh I I bought the emote today we got Lin

Crystal let’s go dude wait so look when I look up don’t I look decapitated I’m me I I could like see your neck it looks weird oh come on I totally look decapitated yeah so the tree is taking a while have we named the tree yet uh no

No I want to call him L Barky Lil Barky L Barky what am I what am I even doing okay um I actually am going or is it time to go back into the nether boys yeah who built the Lava Beds also go say Kaden Reeves Thomas reell and Lan Christy in the

Building um wait you got to do one one at a time Kaden Reeves llan Christie and the other guy in the building sorry about the other guy oh okay hey for the chat pillings want normal I want McDonald’s now dang it friends have you tried McDonald’s um version of the Chick-fil-A

Sandwich oh uh like spicy chicken what do you mean I like I’m like I’m the 2012 Minecraft player I guess but I’m a Minecraft iPad player from possibly 2012 someone’s telling you that about yourself right now yeah whenever I jumped down accidentally oh okay wait let me explain

The nether right now I really need to explain this McDonald’s chicken sandwich wait so what wait time out actually what what what should I be doing I should be looking for gold I’m in the nether okay okay so again friends this is important McDonald’s McDonald’s one of these

Piglins probably go go put yourself on put yourself on mute okay so uh the McDonald’s came out wait wait time out time out first of all you guys all have been to Chick-fil-A correct like I don’t know where you okay oh good good good cuz they’re not in every state okay so

You know how Chick-fil-A comes comes in that nice little bag you get when you get a chicken sandwich it comes like a little bag has like the like the soil inside so it just stays warm so forget about McDonald’s old chicken sandwich because that’s not what I’m talking

About McDonald’s came out with a Chick-fil-A style chicken sandwich and it comes in the exact same foil bag except it’s McDonald’s instead of chickfila and it’s and it’s and they but then they put their uh I think they put their Big Mac sauce on it oh

Oh it’s so good I’m not going to lie friends it definitely gives Chick-fil-A run for his money I know that’s like that’s probably a sin to say you know what I mean that’s probably a sin to say that McDonald’s could even compare at all to Chick-fil-A but their chicken

Sandwich their new chicken sandwich really does have why are you attacking me you Muppet anyway yeah that that is the end of my story so I’m curious if anyone else has tried that chicken sandwich I have not is it like a still a thing or is it a limited time that is a

Great question if I I I haven’t seen that before I never knew they did that before so it might be don’t know I’m Googling it I’m Googling it McDonald’s I know I had their it wasn’t it wasn’t that bad PS no muff I know what sandwich you’re talking

About that’s is not the one I’m talking about at all the one okay no no no because the one you’re talking about the the cut of the chicken is like in A Perfect Circle or Square the one I’m talking about no like the one I had it

It wasn’t in like any perfect cut or anything it was literally just a bit of chicken like you would like like an actual just piece of chicken of like really noral yeah um actually okay no wait I’m looking I did have the one you’re talking about I

Remember I okay so I have what you I did hold on you you had the foil bag yeah you had the foil bag and everything okay spy the longer gopex plays the less gold he has my cringy brother’s slapping me your cringy brother shout out what’s his name

Again Mason yo can I talk to Mason he calls me all the time I want to talk to this kid he his brother always steals gop’s phone and then calls me ni i s in Discord what I’m talking oh now he leaves see he gets all he’s like nervous

Now cuz I actually want to talk to him got scared of M oh no no no no no no I can’t get out of the lava how wait how do you have how do you have no more gold if we’re playing with keep inventory just ran

Out by trading yeah oh okay yeah I mean that a get has it’s like a really small chance for you to even get pearls and it’s like only a couple at a time there we go all right awesome look come back real quick you talking to me yeah yeah uh oh oh there’s

A oh yeah there we go nice I’m going to block this off too yeah now if you ever die and you’re just bed actually I’m going to put that there back bed isn’t here you go straight up above and I have a big tunnel that just drops down into

Here if you want to oh so that’s why you were decapitated yeah I was trying to get the coordinates and like exactly where it is that’s so cool uh oh that’s goex he’s talking to Mason he’s finally muted though but he can hear us he wants to ask if you want

To watch Despicable Me 4 he’s being heck yeah tell I said that a cringy I want to see that movie dude goex lives in his brother bro he lives in a mansion we should all go to Go’s house what do you have like indoor theater or something probably no

No you don’t too broke all what uh what’s the game plan boys it’s it’s it’s 9:15 we haven’t won yet I I have the blaze rods we just need the ender pearls okay so I’m all right so does the nether have more gold than the normal R away

After realizing his friend was in the chat does uh does the nether have more gold than the normal world or should I go looking for gold in the normal World um depends I mean I’m not exactly sure which one’s better but I’m not you get like going on a

Little Adventure in the normal you get a lot of gold what where like you get lots of little amounts in the nether like you get like like 40 to 60 nuggets at a time in the nether cuz wait is that cuz you’re killing people no it’s well just when

You mine the the gold like the nether gold yeah like it only drops nuggets it doesn’t actually Drop Like TS or anything but the in the regular World it doesn’t drop nuggets right no it drops uh raw raw gold and you smelt that in get like there’s somewhere here

Too I dude that’s funny cuz this whole time I’ve playing i’ I’ve passed by a lot of gold but I thought it was worthless nice nice find there itless armor was good for trading with the piglins is that gold up ahead you’re going for that one did you see it do you

Know what I’m talking about oh you didn’t see it only I saw it right here behind you you missed it oh dibs what iron yeah nice okay there I W I thought I was smarter than you for a split second but friends friends friends you’re never going to outsmart muffer when it comes

To Minecraft now you could probably beat him in pod racing cuz he’s brand new to pod racing oh okay I see how it is whoa it bro you just brought down a whole waterful to tra you there yeah you see how it is now just because I got Racing

For the first time does not mean you can clown on me for it and you haven’t even opened it yet he hasn’t even open I got I just downloaded Noob okay thomas1 Dono let’s go you got a $1 donation yes bro tell that guy to come

To my stream hey look at look at gex’s pinned comment no no I just Kidd oh no no no I just Kidd no no no let’s just be thankful that he gave you a dollar I’m I’m sorry that’s aad bad joke no dude the fact that you gave goex a dollar is

Huge I’ve only had friends oh then yeah give me a dollar Mason annoys me all the time he calls me on gex’s phone I found gold but it’s way high up so I’m gonna go get it I found a single Diamond that’s awesome um you know I’ve only gotten two

Donations one is from bird and then one is from uh believe it or not not melon King Jr in the building gave me 10 bucks hey man wait and then ago but mu a while ago I got like A5 donation muff actually gave me the best donation anyone could muff gave me a

Video game now so you you could give me $10 but muffer gave me a video game that’s going to be hours and hours worth of content which is so if I value it really that’s about $500 M you gave not not 500 muff gave me I’m going to tell everybody you gave me

I’ I’ve bought that game for like nine friends including myself I would be so rich if that was $500 worth holy this bro this is why you’re poor is cuz you keep buying oh I just found one thing of gold and now it’s Fallen I think I saw some

Other gold why is All the Gold in the ceiling in this in this one did you notice that am I the only one that’s noticed that we might just be a little too low course I burn once again I keep finding it’s possible that we’re too low

I mean I don’t know if it cuts off at a certain distance use x-ray no great idea no a dude we’re noobs we’re not that big of noobs come on to be honest I don’t know what X-ray is I just know that the last time someone brought that up everybody said

No no no noobs only noobs it’s a resource pack that turns every single block but ores invisible and so you can just look through walls and see where all the ores are yeah I don’t use single player was fun to cheat on servers with it nah it nah that just shows you can’t

Really actually dedicate your time to just go mining have you seen that Meme ain’t nobody got time for that ain’t nobody got found you know what that’s from right yeah i’ I’ve seen it’s awesome all right cool oh bro I just found like five gold how much

Do was it no that’s from a that a news station was interviewing a black lady about uh getting yeah but but didn’t turn didn’t it turn into a Vine like a really big popular vine yeah it it turned into a music video it turned into a Vine it turned it turned into

Everything how much gold do we need cuz I I want to give you guys my gold uh I mean the more like the better I mean it we don’t really need a specific amount it’s just it just depends on our luck I guess I don’t know this oh creeper wait

What who is killing me oh my gosh what are you freaking kidding me right now you you’ve got to be flipping kidding me this stupid spider what the flip and then I was flipping flippers I was um I was mining this Cobblestone but if if a spider’s attacking me okay pretend pretend I’m

Halfway mined through a cobblestone and then a spider attacks me does it restart my mining of the Cobblestone cuz I think it does uh it shouldn’t unless you drag your cursor off that block well I’m pretty sure it hits you if it hits you like you’re going to have

A little knock back upwards like like you’re going to jump up a little bit every time you get hit and so you probably just drag your um your actual crossair off the block and it that does cancel it maybe yeah maybe the goes in front of you block on oh no

No no no no no no no no no no no no no I just how did you drown so far down in the caves there’s like no water down here if you look at the live stream okay I was in a waterfall swimming up and then I had to

Mine up and then it just brings a lava waterfall down on me complicated story and then as I was trying to get out of it I accidentally the game yeah maybe I did maybe I didn’t where’s my gold oh wait a minute oh thank goodness for a moment I thought that never mind

Just so everything’s good everything’s cool I have four diamonds now McDonald’s chicken sandwich random hear you outo all right bro I’m just gon to dig random holes around where we live just to be like what if I find gold that’s what the that’s what the original Gold Miners did dude you just

Dig you just hope you find gold you didn’t have x-ray then D you can’t just look through theall goex goex you didn’t have private servers either they didn’t have uh I don’t know I don’t know I’m going to that yeah I’ve got four I’m going to go gamble some

More um I got eight I got eight of them in the furnace right yeah in the furnace right now I took it you have 42 gold no I took four from your furnace oh just now well take them all the other the the other two are basically done in like two

Seconds how do I kill myself um you could watch the Barbie movie that I just did you did you see the Barbie movie no but I saw alimer I was about to say I did not watch the Barbie movie so I can’t judge it but I saw Oppenheimer what did you think dude

I for the first time I I liked it it was it’s it’s a really slow movie and like I haven’t really seen a slow that at least that slow as a okay I haven’t seen that slow of a movie before so the first time like I

Mean I still thought it was cool and like it looked like freaking sick and just how it was made was pretty cool cuz it didn’t really use CGI like CGI really at all like the actual bomb part was that was real it’s pretty cool um but I

Mean I it was cool the second time I saw it I fell asleep and of course that was with my friends that’s was kind of fun but uh I don’t know I it was pretty cool pretty interesting bro I just found six diamonds here just right here I just

Found them if if you don’t believe me you can go to the live stream six diamonds but I was listening to your story I don’t what is there a bad guy here oh you got diamonds in your ass yeah we got diamonds diamonds on diamonds on diamonds let’s go bro I’m

About to go make some Diamond gear okay X I need to put these in the furnace I have 40 diamonds you I thought you didn’t put diamonds in the furnace not sorry not 40 diamonds 40 gold talking crazy there goix take him you’re our Gambler goex totally oh I see it he’s

Addicted to gambling but yeah young wait what am I doing oh I’m making actually first just making this little base down here I it’s really just wanting dude y’all we need to start like a survival world that we just play every so often on streams or something yeah

Well okay uh I’ve been poor the entire time you’ve known me but now I have two jobs and I’m not going to be poor anymore and I want to pay for my own server that like you guys can be a part of and I that’s when I’m going to buy

Nitro and boost my well I’m also still waiting to get my account back I’m not boosting that we might have to start a whole new whoa the tree just grew it grew it just blew up right in front of my eyes dude it just went from baby to

Man man tree why is my diamond axe not working like a diamond axe why is it am I hold diamond axe for you yeah you’re holding a diamond axe can you try to mine that tree I want to see how fast it is for you yeah

Okay uh excuse me it’s slow yeah it’s slow for it’s slow you wasted your money I don’t even want this you can have itam x man what the heck I don’t even want it it is as fast as doing it with the a fist that is boring what what okay

Whatever how many of these do you need oh I need one more Diamond so I can make a diamond chest PL I got to go find one more diamond oh I got you what oh thank you you’re the best yeah so anyway um here’s the deal

Because I’m the owner wait what I have seven oh you need eight for a chest you don’t you’re the best you’re the best oh you know what I actually need a few more diamonds just kidding I I was hovering over them I was I was ready to throw them at you no no

No um thank you for the diamond why zombies in the nether they shouldn’t be here what was that why is there a thunderstorm down here it’s above you just hearing it down here bam double storage you know what I’m putting all the ore up top um fancy like that we fancy huh oh

You you know that song oh you fancy huh oh you fancy huh nails done hair done everything big nails done hair done everything big oh you fancy huh what artist does that I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song but I it’s a Drake song but Drake’s oh but Drake’s not the one

Doing that part of the song that’s the chorus done by some other artist no one knows sorry wait what am I doing again I forgot now looking for gold yeah okay so Oppenheimer I was in the mood to watch a slow movie which never happens but I guess getting

Older uh and I I really liked it a lot yeah that’s cool partially cuz the actor it’s it’s a lot of it’s because the actors were just so amazing like you know what I mean like the which actors people like Despicable Me perfect example they have Steve Carell of course that movie’s lit

Of course the next whenever there’s a llan Christie oh llan Christie in the building luy like Drake oh so does did he know that song did he know that song nails done hair done everything big it’s not really one I jump down there I’m pretty much dead did uh

So time to just dig in another random Direction I guess so you’re just like designing this place okay I’m going to um uhoh uhoh uhoh I might have just flooded us how do we block the water block the water from the tree you have to grab it

Again oh that’s good it’s good what do you mean you grab it again you’re about to do it oh oh back at Hur right I’ll go find a different place to dig a random hole I feel like I’m more likely to find diamonds in the randomness of the underground you know what I

Mean yeah I mean I feel like I guess what I’m trying to say is I feel like it’s more likely to find gold than that’s partially visible but they hide diamonds in the like they hide diamonds in places where you’re just like digging yourself in a hole if that

Makes I don’t know if that makes sense I mean St is always nice all right we got 40 more gold I guess I’ll gble with 40 more gold how did you find 40 gold oh no it was the one I smelted earlier it’s all the one I mining session I have

XR we have to make some gold armor these piglins keep on killing me I have no armor on uh I armor they won’t kill me there’s a helmet in here that has five different abilities helmet I put the helmet on okay I know we talked for so long I’m so happy froggy so

Froggy was on the phone with her girlfriend let’s go Froggy’s in the building she got a brand new date she got a brand new boo do you guys have boo nicknames for each other hey bae or let me guess I’m GNA guess she calls you froggy Licious like

Fergalicious do you even know who Fergie is you guys know who Fergy is Froggy bous okay frog do you know who Fergie is uh she’s the hot girl from black ey peas and she had a song back in the day where she’s like I’m Fergalicious and it was like real

Scandalous it was like super cheesy cuz her name is Fergie and she had a song that’s like I’m Fergy Licious but it was also a hit so there’s that I I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before but that’s interesting um what if I make like a okay I am going to

Play the shortest clip of it I just want to hear cuz I don’t want to get demon ized so I’m just going to put wait a minute is this stream even monetized I I think I hit monetization um I want to see if I can find the smallest bit of that

Song wait what am I doing oh I’m going to check if this thing is monetized yes okay Fergie Licious oh yeah if you look at the live stream you can can see she is pretty darn goodlooking this is the girl from black ey peas back when she had a solo career

And let me see okay oh there it is there it is you’ve never heard this Song def C I can’t play the whole song I Wish I Could oh dang bro you haven’t heard this Song that’s a great song just so everyone knows I hope I don’t get demonetized for that you think just oh look at this you’re really going all out with this decorating I love it yeah know I’ve I’ve never heard of that before do you think they’re gonna

Demone what about the girls in the chat come on girls I know you I know you support my home girl Fergie um you guys have got got to have heard that anyway froggy that’s where I came up with the nickname for you fgy froggy Licious froggy Licious de Frogg elicious

De Frogg elicious definicious make the boys go crazy okay what can I do what can I do let’s see um um let’s see let’s see let’s see wait hang on hang on oh you’ll see you’ll understand in a minute why I did that all right oh you weirdo let’s

Go doing damage woo oh bro we should make a Mario Kart track down here not right now not right now oh man I’m stuck in between these walls immedately get the oh oh no no no no oh wait that’s right I have I turned creative mode on

So it doesn’t matter what the heck okay I’m turning it off I’m turning it off I’m just bored goex how much on a scale of 1 to 10 how much longer do you think it’ll take for you to get the thing I have no clue okay well you take your

Time buddy because I just came up with an idea to have a lot of fun and I am going to do it build a Mario Kart track down in the cave uh heck yes bro this is so cool driving down here where where uh muffer muffer you got to

See this where you did all the obsidian on the lava it’s the perfect Mario Kart track oh are you over here are you seeing this hold the problem is we would we would have to design like a huge lava cave and then you see what I’m saying all right

Can we just can we just use creative mode and like give ourselves the ender pearls I really just want to go fight the Ender Dragon I’ve never fought him before uh F you we can that’s you want to cheat well yeah we’ve been cheating this whole time with keep

Inventory but that’s like Ultra Cheating well friends I don’t think anyone I don’t think anyone’s going to care we are we got a car in here I’m just going to here you can drive it around yeah you should drive go dude dude take it up that staircase and go over the obsidian and then you’ll see

How cool it is um let me see oh gosh oh gosh G me a bunch of garbage hey you can head back buddy because I’m just gonna use cheats to get end how many Ender Pearls do we need uh 12 well may a little bit more 16 for good measure

Oh the max you can hold is 16 yeah oh okay part of this part of the reason I’m doing this is because I really just want to kill the Ender Dragon I’ve never I’ve never even like legitimately tried to kill the End Dragon one t one time goex took me to

The end and we were supposed to kill the End Dragon but all we ended up doing was just like goofing around oh no someone’s leaving froggy froggy Hey look it’s it’s just a race car bed let’s go it’s a race car bed like for a little kid for like where the

Little kid sleeps my Lightning McQueen race car bed oh Lightning McQueen let’s go all right I need to turn I need to turn uh hey question do we need to go to the surface uh yeah all right I’m going to go to the surface and teleport you guys

There got no end Got No Eyes of Ender muffer how long did it take you to build this hole does it go all the way to the surface I there creepers down here whoa all right um now I’m going to teleport you guys to me can I teleport two of you to me at once uh yeah

Yes you can do the at and it’s like at it’s something with for players um am I teleporting over here not even spawning up my bed I teleported to goex instead of teleporting oh man now I got to go back to wait where’s where’s the whole where are we gopex

Where did you take me where is this place the car get the way I move the car myed not working for some reason no it’s because I parked a car respawned and so it kind of just like I guess pushed you somewhere that you aren’t really meant

To be go and then now I now I’m where goex is oh you know what I’m going to teleport myself to you buddy are you still in our house yeah okay okay stay there then I’m it’s a house and now I’m going to fly up the hole which looks freaking

Awesome it feels so good to fly up this hole I don’t know why okay and then I’m going to teleport youall to the surface and then we’re going to turn off cheats actually first we’re gonna fill up with gold apples and beef and everyone gets diamond armor and diamond

Swords and netherite and then we’re gonna oh it’s so I love coming back to the surface but for real though for so long this time oh yeah move car do you know what makes me sad though what is how little like okay there is so much going on on

The surface but you barely spend any time there you know what I mean not really well I know you you play the game where you realize that you spend a lot of time surface wait what are you saying you almost never go into mines after you

Play like at okay the start it’s all about just getting prepared and that’s like getting diamonds getting netherite all that stuff but oh here oh oh well how did you teleport me no you you threw ender pearl oh that’s so cool the the cart interesting wait oh we could just

Drive there go oh wait wait where did I give us I brought three cars out right where are you guys oh there you are I got a car all right let’s get uh I’m gonna build two more cars and then let’s all drive there hey so can I see the

Inter PE so we could start yeah yeah yeah yeah I got uh I got an extra gopex do you want some I have six I have 16 of Ender I got him that way all right let’s go boys what is this Mad Max you think we’re going to have to

Cross the ocean oh water time make a boat submarine you can submarine this let do it submarine never mind submarine how do I get up how do I get up oh oh you can drift down here how do you get up where are you getting up I’m going to start Drowning oh I’m drowning my car down here did you die mu did you die no no no I got it I got it okay I found your car don’t worry I can just make you another car that’s not in the water yeah we got to keep going to this

Jungle got Hill out of the water I’ll hey don’t worry boys I got three new cars waiting for us and I have a little surprise for you wait just wait just wait don’t do anything yet I have a surprise for you where’s uh wait where’s my what

Color car do you usually use you use the gold one the blue one oh you oh man goex uses the yellow yeah my surprise was going to yeah goex likes yellow how are you doing that just drifting I’m just holding in the circle though teleport

Me oh yeah let’s go let’s go oh my bad sorry dude we’re having ton oh you hit me we’re having tons of fun goix without you but uh I guess you can join us now oh mobs just spawn oh let’s run them over let’s try running them

Over I want that submarine fire cow go more into the jungle as well so I guess we just this way oh gosh oh whoa did you whoa what just happened it just got so bright all of the sudden oh I made it daytime whoa it just did it just did

That fire cow you need to wait fire you got to download we got to get you these mods so you can come play with us whoa whoa whoa so where did you guys go oh into the jungle um oh gosh so what what do you throw dude there is

Some huge holes in this jungle my goodness what do you throw to like it leads you to a what what is the you throw an eye Ender or you throw an Ender eye what is it the ey Eye of Ender I have an ender pearl oh I need

End Eye of Ender got blown up by a creeper eye of there it is you’re have to tort me back yeah I I will I’m about to just wanted to create a bunch of Eyes of Ender I am just driving through the river teleport it scopic to friends with

Mats here you want uh well yeah you can have those I’m GNA use these still got to keep going holy so what are we what are we using these to find car uh we have to find the car yeah here I’m gonna give you the fastest car known to

Man um sorry pumpkin one hey friends we were having a conversation earlier I want to know what you guys were gonna say um yo I just stole that pumpkin core um I was complaining about how most of the game takes place underground and then you guys were patting me on the

Back saying don’t worry buddy it doesn’t take place all the way Underground like what do you do now uh normally like normally this would be like the first maybe hour or two a playing of just beating the game at first this is a mangrove swamp what the

Heck okay sorry and uh normally people get like elytras and such and then they fully start going with survival worlds like I don’t know technically for a lot of bigger servers like people normally just get this out of the way like almost instantly I’m still kind of confused

Like nor guess normally people don’t go on big big mining sessions at the start to get diamonds they just go some people just go from Iron straight to the end or straight to the Nether and then from there like people or a lot of people don’t normally go for these really big

Mining fips at the start that makes sense and you played breath of of the wild right my car is stuck I never have no don’t tell me it’s in the middle of the ocean how far are you are you already through the jungle yeah I went through a jungle and a a

Swamp like I I just going in the way I’m using Eyes of Ender and I just now got to the swamp oh wait I just see I saw you on the my mini map fire can teleport me to you yeah but I’m way up in the sky so oh

Dang it I should have told you that I should have just teleported you um goix one sec I’m getting to somewhere where land is uh just one second this is taking forever oh my gosh um uh oh now now I’m getting attacked hang

On I need one about oh oh oh oh oh oh all right all right now yeah I killed him all right here we go goodix oh take it you didn’t die wait did you die yeah I fell down okay okay I’ll teleport you for real let’s see where do you want to be

Teleported to I’m going to teleport you where the Lion King takes Place uh guess what I’m going to do gopex this time I’m going to literally copy teleport gopex to Matt that way if you die again I can just hit paste and it won’t take so long how does that sound okay I ofender where are you

Going this way oh man he’s it might be in the middle of the I’m G to drop one on you I’m back yes he’s back gopex do you need me to make you one because I’m GNA drop it on the ocean how does that sound there it goes oh no

Here oh I just it’s it’s under I didn’t realize by it’s over here I didn’t realize by dropping it it was gonna here I got you it’s uh your favorite color all right muffer I’m just going to teleport you us to oh okay here’s one

Second I’m some wood so I can get a boat oh I can just make you a boat oh okay can I can I just make you a boat all right sweet because I I have the perfect boat for you dude this one just matches your cape it matches your pink and purple

Broop say well that’s what fire cow said I was just quoting her oh so so if you think it’s a weird thing to say it’s it’s it’s fire cow’s fault what the heck fire cow um well where are you going we go well I’m I’m following the thingy dang

It you’re making me jealous now I want a boat Al no pretty pink boats look at those hopefully you know what deep yeah uh it’s it’s way deep down there yeah how do I give us all water breathing uh you could just effect give oh actually it’s right

Here oh is it under the ocean the stronghold yeah yeah effect give to all of us at e uh yeah where are the cords of it I’m going to wait and then water breathing water breath breathing gopex remember I told you I copied and pasted teleporting you to me

So we can do that like in two seconds all right go down is it down here where do you see the Fortress you have to bind to it you have to keep going down do should I actually get out a pickaxe or does it matter because it’s

Sand should I should I get a shovel or a pickaxe pickaxe because you’re going to be mining through Stone too oh yeah I see it wait who where’s your hole oh I covered it up what why so I could breathe oh I got it I gave you I gave you unlimited water

Breathing wait I hear one of you hear someone breaking a door down no not necessarily wait Proby somebody else oh there we go oh I’m just going to teleport myself to muffer so yeah oh sorry I’m thinking I got yeah true look fire cow this one’s just for you I’m going to

Reenact a famous scene called bullet oh on the portal pretend you didn’t see that so is this like a huge Fortress or like what’s going on here uh yeah you have to you just do like the The Matrix thing okay what I don’t I don’t know what

You’re talking about dude I don’t know what you’re talking about that was random I looked over and I just see you like doing doing the like I looks like the what like a you know what an End Portal looks like yeah no I’m at eight right now oh I’m teleporting myself to

You I’ll just teleport myself to mu and I’ll know in two seconds bam okay cool oh whoa that’s it you like jump yeah all I have to do is hit paste oh no I’m not lined up with my camera all right well all right well uh I don’t y’all

Just what do we do just put the Eyes in just lost some pots nope that’s end Pearl nope that’s oh you broke it like the game’s over yeah you got did I pick it up you can middle you can middle click it you can middle click to there you go

And just place it back okay I was facing the wrong way break that you got to stand looking this way there you go and now place it with right click not left click the Eye of Ender or ender pearl the eye the eyes whoa

Okay we need we need a bed oh okay a bed I I’m I’m still out here I’ll make us a bed we need a uh fire cow now now we’re in The Matrix fire cow now we are in the matx need to get a bed set yeah I’ll teleport

You realiz yeah we need a can you teleport across Dimensions yeah I can because gopex has teleported me to the end multiple times oh now I’m stuck in here only like one time like only like one time well oh yeah the other time was the nether

Because I didn’t back then I didn’t know the difference we uh he just he goes oh I’m GNA I’m GNA help you learn if you just kill this guy it’s the warden we going in boys oh you’re not in survival is going to punch you in what

The heck okay I’ll was go back to survival now game mode survival I got to I get to watch a good show it’s like the the world’s slowest speed run but yet here we are yeah and we have sheets bro this is speed whoa this is so

Cool hey did we forgot what what’s going on who’s who’s who’s what’s going on let’s go piix what is it I don’t know breath if you go out there you’ll die okay well TR to leave here keep on keep on damaging me pushing me back in here gota wait for this to

Disappear so what do we do first we climb the tower and got crystals build up yeah put up to the crystals using just any blocks you can and you have to break them but be careful they do explode so we got to be cautious with

That or we can get bows and arrows and just shoot them down you want um do you want me to are you saying to oh no the Ender Dragon he killed me yeah I’m definitely going to summon some bows maybe even some trid maybe even some fire arrows um

Fire cow says wo you y’all got this oh there’s goex that’s goex just K himself just got exploded can I have a water bucket yeah I’m just I’m getting rid of everything real fast Oh no I got rid of the food all right uh down a water bucket

Coming up here you go go PEX oh shoot he want me did he just throw no he didn’t what are the best arrows uh I mean you can normal arrows I mean I know there’s fing but I don’t know what that does against the Ender Dragon I

Don’t know if that actually harms them or that just heals them and do I have to hold the arrow in off hand uh no you can just keep your in inventory have it in the inventory really yeah interesting okay is there a way to like quickly pick

Up 64 arrows rather than having to click 64 times you shi click are you serious goex goex are you listening this remember when we were playing with the goex when we were playing with the machine guns and we had to click 64 times to get the stupid bullets

We could have just hit shift click do you know what I’m talking about with the machine the AK-47s we could have just hit shift click muffer we’re playing with machine guns and you actually have to hold the you have to hold the ammo in your offhand and you it’s a machine gun so

You just blow through the ammo like crazy and we were actually dumb enough to sit there and click 64 times over and over and over oh gosh oh I flying around with the boat what you didn’t see nothing oh my bad my bad sorry I’m de I didn’t see anything

Okay all right I’m gonna try to do it without cheating let’s see if I can um game mode um survival all right here we go guys I’m in survival wait why would I get in survival when I’m way up here so the Ender Dragon’s like not that hard to kill no not at

All oh I’m it’s still a cool thing to do though don’t get me wrong oh yeah I’ve never done it still like to do it it’s just I don’t know could definitely use some like difficulty or something oh that was a that was a freaky water clutch this I

Want o which one is left there it goes there goes muffer no no no oh I’m going oh there’s waterfall Falls I didn’t realize there was waterfalls you could go up oh I them you can place water and then and does he rebuild the little things that are caged uh

No so fire cow says oh we got hey boy heyo boy there go there all broken new viewer poison two three arrows and then Turtle Master 2 they slow down the dragon and deal a lot of damage all right we got to fight them now oh man I just died they’re gonna

Have fire cow they’re gonna have the dragon killed before I even get there are all the crystals taking out yeah yeah okay we got hey heyo boy in the building let’s go hey boy oh my God God what what happened dead fell G this water is slowing me

Down does it make a special noise when you attack the Ender Dragon yeah careful don’t let I I get the go kind of dude fire cow knows this game really well you remember when I asked what’s the strongest Arrow well fire cow was like poison three arrows and then Turtle Master 2

They slow down the dragon and deal a lot of damage she knows her stuff why is he flying so high now is he going to come back down yeah I’ll eventually come back down yeah that’s whenever you want to attack him whenever he comes back

Down and you said we have to kill all of the Endermen no no no no just kidding if you don’t look at them if you want to you can that just keep respawning though oh come on it’s 10:04 and I still haven’t caught a

Kitty oh I got him I shot I shot him while he was like kind of high not like he’s like medium high ow not like why are my arrows my he’s burning my arrows okay so when whenever the dragon like pches downwards like that like into

This middle area you want to go behind it like away from where his head is fac and go down underneath and then you could like hit it with the sword from in there okay oh bro I’m nailing them with this bow I don’t know if you can hear all can

You hear the sounds when I hit him en is so annoying got slaughtered once again muff are you going to have time to play a little lethal company tonight can I don’t really yes let’s go oh it’s so low ow no no no no no no not

Muffer oh the dragon the dragon hit or oh first you got that oh come on last shot let’s oh no now I got to go to the I got to go to the back go hit it Diamond Sword for n let’s go oh it’s beautiful it’s

Beautiful oh and muffer is here to enjoy it where’s goex there he is we did it boys so what do we do with that thing oh that’s a dragon what do you do with it use that as a lamp shade you can respawn the dragon I

Broke it I think it’s gone oh it’s over here it is oh I smacked it look you get one of the Torches from the middle yeah go underneath and you just putor down and you drop and he’s gonna he’s going to be born no no you can pick it up there you

Go oh pick that a full inventory so now we got to catch a kitty I’m I’m just kidding I think I need a break from Minecraft bro let’s do lethal company go you have lethal company uh I don’t think he has lethal company goex you got 10 bucks you can buy this

Game uh I think it’s worth it I think it’s worth It what are you building I don’t know I’m curious if I could build like a little Enderman Farm thing like look there’s some guys get the mad like fall they just do they and they die maybe if they push each other in here what’s making them be a magnet to

Get in there well I they’re mad at me and I’m under this whole thing they can’t get oh actually you have any uh can you like SL give me trap or something wait sorry I got to get out of here get give you what tra

Door give you what sorry I can’t hear a trap door a trap door oh okay I gotta I got to get out of here though real fast or okay let me see uh let me just game mode um operator I’m just going to give you operator how do I give you

Operator wait wait a minute it just gave me melon King Jr as an option is he in here what if he’s been in here this whole time he’s in here this whole time playing solo he’s been like listening us trying to find us this entire time a Mel King junr get nice

Starburst okay bro can we uh can we go to lethal company yes yes we did it team oh also not cheating yeah we still okay I wonder if I should play racer like in the morning rer yeah did we find out if it’s multiplayer apparently it is but it’s

Only like local like land there’s got to be a way to hack it so yeah there is stuff that you can do to make it where like your computer thinks that you are doing a land and it still registers other other computer but you’d have to like exchange like IP addresses for

That um okay I bet you there’s a way to do it without having to exchange yeah like I just found this guy’s YouTube Channel where it’s just play games oh but they’re playing together in the same room never mind never mind uh all right let’s do some lethal company you can

Toodles around on Pod racer tomorrow Mata looks like that whole thing killed your energy what killed my energy my energy is bigger and more alive than ever because I’m getting stoked to play lethal company so I’m gonna pull it up or do you want to invite me or no that

Didn’t work let me invite you this time are you on Steam uh I’m getting on in a second it’s booting up now fire cow have you ever played Lethal company have you played Lethal company fire cow or and did you see me playing it the other night you’re gonna go all

Right go P thanks for being here thanks for being a part of the stream congrats on the $1 hey you got a donation that’s $1 more than me and muffer got so if you want to split it 30 33 cents 33 cents you I can send you a bill oh fire

Cow never I don’t think fire cow’s ever seen it oh you are in for a treat um wait are am I inviting you are you invited oh my bad I pressed on it but I didn’t fully hit play so I thought it was going to PO pop

Up oh fire cat and fire cat you’re in Australia right so like I’m just concerned like do you have school coming up in a few minutes or like what or like wait I’m pretty sure fire cow’s the one in Australia I’m like 90 90% sure also uh I’m playing

Online and now do we turn off Discord uh yeah we could turn off or just like mute or something friends only confirm I just be able to join from your Steam for while and once I join I’m g go run and get something to drink real quick that’s cool

Um well welcome to your first day on the job this is your very own autopilot ship where you will eat and sleep for the duration of your contract make yourself at home to complete the onboarding process you will want to check the instruction manual and sign into your ship’s computer terminal

We trust you will be a great asset to the company great great asset to the ass to the like okay so uh do oh there you are you’re in yeah I’m in uh muted in Discord and but I am I am G to go run get something to drink real

Quick yeah I am too a minute I’ll I’ll be right back also fire cow please don’t go anywhere you have to see this fire cow fire cow fire cow fire cow where do I begin you have been here the entire stream you have seen yes yes playing Minecraft was somewhat entertaining but fire

Kyle the entertainment has just begun because I just discovered this game the other night muffer wanted me to play this game so bad he actually bought me this game just so we could play it together everything from the graphics to the sound effects this game is very

Special it’s very unique um it’s a horror game but none of it’s that scary it’s like it’s not a horror movie horror game it’s um it’s a horror game but like like I don’t like horror movies for example and this game is not scary at

All my my I would put it this way I’d let my NE little nephews play who are nine and 10 years old but it is scary that doesn’t mean it’s not scary it’s part of the Ambiance is scary the well you’re just GNA have to wait and

See so there’s me trying to sell you on this game now I will let the game speak for itself and also I just like in Minecraft I have no idea what’s going on other than actually I’ll tell you okay so we work for a company that’s why the game’s called lethal company

Basically it’s in the future obviously and they’re sending us to planets where old factories have blown up or have gone out of business or whatever but there’s still like usable materials there so they’re sending us to these planets where the factories are long done being used so you know there’s no one there

Just like moss growing around algae and monsters and our job is to like sneak through and try to pick up stuff and take it back to the ship and then you get all the stuff you can and then you go to a new moon and anyway it’s just a

Blast sounds good I’m okay with these games you you have to play Baby in yellow one day oh is baby and yellow kind of a horrorishalloween all right I’m back all right sweet um oh I forgot to turn off my Discord I’ll do that real

Fast I’m just gonna end end the call all so you can still hear me uh yeah so we’re we’re using the game’s voice chat now uh yeah yeah all right all right and that’s the other thing fire cow that I like is that um when you

Go into like a big cave your voice chat starts to Echo and you can dance oh yeah go mufford go mufford go muffer go go go oh he’s breaking it down he’s breaking it down he bringing it down all right all right you see this I’m doing the I’m cranking the car I’m

Cranking the car I’m doing the uh the sprinkler sprinkler the sprinkler let’s go oh no the sprinkler no no it’s the uh the wild hose the hose is out of control and spraying water everywhere it’s the wild okay okay let’s do this let’s get we’re GNA get fired they’re

Goingon to fire us muffer they’re going to fire us we better do this okay okay okay we have we got we got to meet the qu we got we got to meet the all right come on [Laughter] okay uh so fire Cal just so you know you

Can press the number two and your character points and for some reason it’s just so funny to be like hey you yeah I’m talking it’s like really sassy CU you put your hand on your hip and then and your wrist look broken too it’s just so funny and then you can break into

Dance go girl go girl it’s your birthday hey okay I’m buzzing it down buzzing it down it down get it okay all right all right let’s get focus focus focus my my jaw is hurting from smiling so hard it’s awesome that’s how you know that’s how

You know it’s awesome yes I I’ve been I’ve been waiting to play this game hey so listen to this fire cow is also pretending to be sick so that she can take off tomorrow in school which it for her is today in Australia I just kidding I know I know you’re not pretending

Yeah I got I got my actual excuse yeah she just said she’s sick today so it’s 2 pm there it’s the middle of the day there dang and she’s hanging out here with us in America that’s awesome what what are is that the only emojis is point and dance uh yes but

There is mods you there is mods for this game too oh of course there is you can add a butt ton more and yes oh do they have mods to like make it even scarier yes dude absolutely oh sweet oh see we’re we’re we haven’t even left the spaceship yet

And we’re already having so much fun you know what I’m saying what are we waiting what are we waiting on you you have to pull the lever oh I do yeah as the Game host when you first get in like the actual host of it has to to Stars so this whole

Time H sorry dude I’m just having so much fun I love this game let’s go all right hey and also yeah you jump out oh no you didn’t um I bought some flashlights we’ll wait for this little thing to come down how do you have money uh you start out with like

$60 how did you buy flashlights uh in the terminal you could type in store and like a whole list of like stuff that you could buy comes up oh cool did you are you waiting on me to do something oh no I was waiting on this

Drop pod to come down oh with our flashlights yeah it’s like a really big it’s like a mini ship and it comes down there it is it’s oh it’s like Hunger Games it’s like hugger games the rich people are sending us over here come get yours that is the

Creepiest music what is it e to pick it up yeah why are they playing the worst music possible like the best man that reminds me of the random crap melon King Jr would play Oh Part of Me loves that kid and then part of me feels like I’m that kid’s

Older brother you know what I mean like do you have a little brother uh I am the younger brother I also am the younger brother so I’m just assuming what my brother must feel about me when I get when I get little brothery no but I I like that guy he’s

Like my NE I I can’t believe my nephew’s 10 years old and he’s so innocent and like friendly and and then and then you you talk to me why is it not going up the little ladder how do you go up that’s what I’m pressing oh oh there we

Go yeah B Jor is nice but that kid is crazy he knows about inappropriate stuff yeah he knows his things he done his research should I press this button uhoh what uhoh what whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what are we talking about whoa freaky right here what care oh it’s

Going to shoot no no no no no remember you can press it to run you can what shift to run oh shift wait so it to what are you doing in the building yo let’s go Liberty’s daddy in the building we’re playing a horror game but don’t worry it’s really not that

Scary it’s PG rated uh but it is it is scary it’s spooky but uh Liberty’s Daddy I want you to know I’m working on a nice long video right now outside of my live streams the video oh look what I found the video is a thank you video it’s a

Thank you video for all of my favorite subscribers Liberty’s Daddy I give you a special shout out you’ve been around for a long time and I appreciate that you uh come to my channel for entertainment Liberties daddy how long have you been coming to my channel hasn’t it it’s been like six months

Right it’s been like six months right or or even longer have you been here since the beginning since my since okay I’m not finding any any good stuff in here oh that was kind of scary I just I come around the corner I just see this guy staring at

Me I don’t want to go too far without I have you experien wait muffer muffer wait wait wait wait oh oh wait whoa what what that yeah what is that what is [Applause] that who who please don’t he’s coming up here is he coming where is he did you guys see

That where is he oh see that’s scary see that’s like that’s like oh see I’m not playing I’m not messing around with that thing did you guys see that this so freaky yeah where are you you’re alive I’m alive where are you oh crap oh crap

Oh crap oh crap oh crap what what what he’s coming oh you scared the crap out of me I I thought you went on Discord I thought you died and you went on Discord to talk to me no remember you left the call oh my God I heard

Running Oh God okay sometimes it’s you can get scared but it’s more funny it’s honestly way more funny than actually being full uhoh she coming yeah we we both heard that hold up that is so scary it’s like a demonic looking that was that was in the building oh my

Goodness whoa whoa whoa whoa what what how do you how do you crouch how do you crouch oh control remember shift to Sprint okay I need to reset these key bindings when when we’re in the spaceship again is there a way to reset the key bindings uh oh wait did it oh yeah

I’m see friends only you can hear me my friend can’t hear me right now cuz once you die [Laughter] on okay see he doesn’t doesn’t even know if I’m still alive I could be in the building right now and be going muffer muffer where are you he wouldn’t even

Know I guess he would hear me but uh once you die you can’t communicate anymore which is one of the funny parts of the game it’s oh man so good this game is classic this seriously is terrifying and we are out of here oh we

Made it dude I want to reat that he still can’t hear me he still can’t hear me when am I going to come back alive funny okay I think I’m about to come back alive we didn’t even get any Trash oh dude you so Liberty’s D can you hear

Me am I back am I back yeah I can hear you now so another person was watching the stream and saw the pod racers game and got the game did oh did you just buy it or play it before so um uh you know what I recognized I

Didn’t realize it at first when I was playing the game the other night but then I was editing a video earlier and I’m going to put some of my stream from when I was doing pod racing and I’m putting it in my video and I realized

Like whoa this is a really cool game to stream because you’re like going at such high speeds and stuff you know what I mean it’s like yeah it’s like constant action it’s cool it just looks so cool but when I was playing it I thought oh

People aren’t going to like this it’s a racing game it’s not like Mario Kart with Blue Turtle Shells are we waiting on something oh oh should we go to another Moon should we stay at this Moon uh yeah let’s go to another one cuz this one’s

Flooded so I hit I’ll you I’ll you do it wa let me let me see if I can do this so I go there I go Moon you’re typ in moons oh moons s so Assurance let’s go to vow because I haven’t been to vow so how do I now how

Do I pick vow I forgot I just go to okay go to moons moons and then you just type in either C or confirm nice let’s go okay so Liberty’s Daddy has played the game before they didn’t just buy it but uh but Liberty daddy you’re saying when you saw me play it

You just had to go play it again because that’s how it is with video games also I I really want to rewatch that just in your of view I was crying the more you play this game especially with like people that actually like like to record their point

Of views the more you want to actually see what like what what they went like what what went down yes dude bro okay so awesome man um if you’re interested in this um when we play games together if you could just record your screen like I I know I know you don’t necessarily

Record yourself but if you could just record your screen that way you can send it to me so I can cut in videos like especially when we do our Mario Kart race I want you and goex to be recording everything so you can send it to me and

Then we could I’m G to make a video of us racing each other and it’s like all intense from everyone’s different point of view do you have do you know any way that we could like I could give you those recordings like because they’re going to be pretty big if we have like

Different sessions like maybe like a gigabyte or too big yeah I make you an editor on my YouTube channel which gives you the ability to upload videos to to my YouTube channel you upload it privately and then I download it how does how does that sound that’s what gopex and I

Do yeah yeah we could do that it’s it’s perfect I I never I never thought of that before yeah and then you just delete the video once I’ve downloaded it or I am yeah okay yeah oh am I supposed to press e are we wait oh oh yeah I if you

If you’re ready sure well hey yeah do you need to go somewhere for fast what going give you that flashlight oh why you don’t need it oh no I go with dark okay but what what were we saying what were you saying though uh Hey part of

Our tradition is you hang out in the ship for a little bit and just cool down and talk you know what I mean relax this it’s a high tension G is that a pumpkin look at this pumpkin bro my nephew Liam would love this game he is obsessed with

Pumpkins uh where did you go right here oh there you are way oh there I like this so there’s sometimes oh bees go around them and we never get like weapons uh we can we could buy shovels I know there’s like oh oh shovel that’s

Going to do a lot of damage did you did you not see that monster chasing us in the last one he you oh cool but yeah there’s oh that’s there’s like shovels there different signs like there’s stop sign and there’s a yield sign I know there’s um I know

There’s an actual shotgun but that’s like later in the game you have to actually kill something to retrieve it from it there’s that I know there’s like a zap gun that’s kind of like imagine Ghostbusters how there’s like a beam of like um like energy or like electricity

Coming out of this gun you have to like move your screen like depend on it to like keep it in place it’s a weird thing but it’s cool it it’s it’s it’s awesome I really don’t want to whoa did he just go inside where’d he go oh he

Did oh I I really don’t want to play this game unless I’m playing with you so that we can record every the whole time oh do you want me to start recording now like would you want me to do that yeah if you want to I’m I’m going to step outside

And why does he have to go outside for that oh cuz there’s monsters inside that’s why you have to step outside it’s possible I mean normally doesn’t happen immediately like they normally take a little bit to spawn or like start spawning in but I just just being safe cool and while he’s doing

That ladies and gentlemen I’m going to show you a cool feature on YouTube I’m going to make muffer an editor on my YouTube channel which means he’ll have access to post as me or upload videos or if there’s someone being real nasty in the live chat you’ll have the ability to

Completely block them off the channel where do I go settings you have a I’ll give you a lot of permissions let’s the invite um oh I have to do your YouTube email what’s the email you used for YouTube email uh me look real quick he do you not want me to show it

On the live stream because I am showing everyone my screen right now I can turn that off my old it’s my old playst account whatever what is it oh you’re still looking it up I’m putting in DM I don’t okay don’t show it I won’t show it I mean I don’t

If you show it but just don’t judge it’s old okay it’s old it’s old that one mu’s so cheesy muff’s a Cheesy guy I thought I thought I was so smart for them but I immediately got crowned for it it was it was awful all right mother you are an editor

You want me to read you your um what you can do now you can you can view everything you can go live please don’t but you could you could though you can create and edit you can create and edit content you can uh block people P from the chat you

Can add or edit subtitles you can view everything I can See including let me pin this so I can get to it that I don’t think that did it hold up quick access that’s I need to go to 30 do do do you guys do this verify thing where it makes you pull up Gmail and select a random

Number uh I have tofa for a lot of my stuff yeah I have tofa also I’ve gotten hacked so many times on every absolutely everything I’ve used okay so it should do you use mp44 is a fin type for video oh yeah that’s what I use yeah all right

I I’m going to go fill up my cup of water real fast all right I love it how it’s already casually like mid almost late day and we we just step foot in facility immediately back out going to step in there and immediately get our next snaps s sorry

Dude I just stepped I just stepped away to get water so I didn’t hear anything you just said oh I was I was just mentioning how we’ve just been standing out here for like the whole time we’re going to go back in and immediately just get killed all right

Come on oh boy let’s do this okay wait a second wait a second what here’s a new one you want to always look at it always always always look why it does it move when you don’t look look at it what wait so oh God oh God no Way oh my gosh just for the heck of it I looked away for a second right at me I took critical damage though oh dude it had me jammed I thought you I thought you were going to die I was just going to yeah we would we’re we’re we’re in TR

Hey my flashlight is not working I ran out of battery oh so how do I throw it you’re gonna keep it keep it keep hey so just so everyone knows who’s watching this live stream yeah part of part of the game is uh it’s recording my microphone phone so the monsters can

Actually hear us talking right mother yeah yes and also uh if you hear the big if you hear the lot of footsteps if they get like really fast like faster than normal book it just don’t even don’t even think about it just run okay because the ship because sometimes there’s there’s

Like a monster that looks like kind of like a dinosaur that’ll be walking around here oh this is a new one you haven’t seen before Oh what is it a monster no what what see you’ll see oh no what are you talk where you going you’ll see what is

It you’ll see uhoh we just got to get back to the ship it’ll literally hear us Whispering wait we can’t we can’t go back to the ship we haven’t even gotten anything yet we can’t go back empty-handed we we have another day it’s fine it’s fine have another day what why

Are we running from that factory if if you want to go deal with that coil head you can I’m not gonna okay okay now we’re right here it’s fine oh what is it yeah big thums yeah I kind of want to see it but oh see it nah I’ll try to

Live hey where is it at where homie at oh there he is I see him we’re safe now right so we can I see him over heon he can’t kill us while we’re in the ship uh well he can get on the ship he can I

Don’t see him he can’t get in the ship he could he get like on the railing he he can kill us W Who whoo whoo whoa whoa whoa oh there he is that’s a big one R has to run in where’s the door what I didn’t know where the door was oh

Look his hand was in [Laughter] there man I oh Lord I couldn’t profitable we didn’t make nothing we didn’t make nothing we didn’t make nothing in fact we lost $ I couldn’t find the door what’s our what’s our quota our quota um hey don’t tell them what

Happens if we don’t meet the quota cuz I think that’s one of the funniest parts all right well that’s the quter we have to get 130 we have zero at the moment and we have one day to get that so if you come over here you can

Scan what we have we have 120 at the moment cuz um we hit good on that first day and so we just need 10 more correction you did good on that first day how do you how do you drop stuff uh G look your key binds now if you need to

Okay thank you uh settings no no let’s just play I’ll do that off when we’re not recording yeah okay I because I got it for now control shift you what you need to know is control shift G and one other button right uh controls to crouch shift to run uh G is

Drop e and then e okay e q doesn’t do anything uh no see I want to make I want to make Q my uh sprinting button that’s what I do in Minecraft too no yeah well that’s cool we can watch as it oops all right come on where’ he go

You guys see him I don’t see him oh there he is all right yeah let’s go to the main entrance this time cuz last time we went to the fire exit over in the same place uh kind of not really wait so when that that monster

That killed me with the one that you do want to look at if he’s blocking the door are we just done for like there’s just no way you mean like the coil head one yeah yeah yeah um okay so the way that you could do it you could actually look at him

While getting going through the door you just have to get here hold I’ll show you when this door up here why is he still going to be here oh no well he has a chance of spawning in but it’s very low like okay so for say he’s like right

Here in front of the door you could like if you’re looking at him from here and and he’s like right there we’ll say for where if you’re for say you’re the thing like I could look at here look this side like I still see you but I could still

Reach the door just from my like periphal and you can just barely into door into the door I know it’s a weird thing yeah okay I’m going see how long he lasts is that oh my goodness well we already make Quil we to take this back and got it wait we have the

Coil whoa where did muffer go this is scary where I heard muffer a second ago oh my goodness okay okay I want to go my own way this time I want to lead this time let me lead I want to pick up something all right yeah I got three things already so go

Ahead you got what three things already here okay so yeah I’m going to teach you another thing do you see this like the the smoke the fog stuff yeah yeah don’t don’t worry about that you want to go to where you see the particles are coming

Out from and there’s a little bow you want to look at that and press e to P wait will you will you move I I see it pop up and then it goes away so quickly you have to like you can oh there we go I got it I got it okay there

I I guess I was moving my mouse too fast here sorry I hope let you I was just going my own way where’d you go did we come from here I went oh yeah did we come from that wait we didn’t yeah yeah we did oh

Boy this a oh oh thank goodness is there yeah it’s just it’s just a dead end okay lead the way okay if you insist boss wait I thought we came from that way did we not come from this we came we came from the little doorway oh oh what is that that’s what

Is that that’s turn so we can’t we can’t go that way at all I’m want to run I thought I could get around the corner fast enough oh see he’s you guys see how he’s carrying my body he’s saving me muff’s my hero unfortunately he’s not going to

Make make us any money for carrying me back but I do think this is one of the most adorable parts of the game look how spammy it is that plenty wow he’s carrying a lot of stuff doesn’t muffer know I’m like pretty fat right now well that’s real

Life my goodness the clown horn is weird hey look see his thing says boss so he’s the boss he’s the boss right he’s the boss there I am just dead in the background just laying there dead yay hey thanks for carrying me back okay so what would happen

Uhoh and is oh yeah so don’t don’t be don’t this fine it’s fine your scrap metal and other Goods you have two days left to meet the profit quarter you can use the terminal to root the autopilot to the company building yeah okay as it said we have to

Go sell all of the this stuff to the company building which that that is 260 that’s actually really good so in the terminal uh go back to the moons part and then you want to go to company or yeah it should say just Company the company building so yeah just company

You can just put in company okay and then conf and that’s that yeah that’s all and then we just oh so did we survive like we made enough money yeah we got it and I didn’t even get a single thing way to go mu you

Did yeah uh I don’t know if oh yeah dance party yeah baby yeah baby let’s go we made the quot wo we’re going to be millionaires I wonder can we sell just these three things I I wonder if we can keep those okay but yeah well actually no we can sell them

All but yeah um so you want to grab like all the stuff you want to sell and just come bring it over here and just throw it all into this little corner oh uh how do I switch items scroll it but it I’m scroll oh I’m so stupid

Okay there we go there we go and then I just want to point something out this has a lot of people oh oh sorry I was replying to fire cow wait so what’s happening right now what’s all the goo and ooze whoa okay I have to reply to fire cow

Real fast yourest work isn’t valuable to the company wait did they say our work is not valuable to the company no it says our work is valuable the company but you want to see something freaky oh one second what is that it’s it’s also that look hold up hold up whoa who

What did you guys see that I kind of want to press it look at the blood um [ __ ] wait did it say muffer started the ship W okay back to the ship back to the ship now I think I have to what do I have to do start the ship

This should save him he should come back now I think and away we go I should probably stay inside muffer oh man I was going to back up but it had no indication that it was already mad oh we got a casualty bro minus 20% of our profit what the heck

Why’ you die dude what the why we lose $50 what the heck why’ you do that okay you know I’ll let you do it but okay thank you thank you go to the terminal and type in store store mhm and you should FL like a huge list of stuff

And and say yeah yeah so we have enough money for the pro flashlights which are like the yellow ones and so you could type in just Pro and then put two for how much you want just with no spaces no with the space confirm now where do they pop out and so

Next time like wherever you land next we will uh oh the thing comes down oh that’s right that’s right and we can actually get some more stuff store well what the stuff is there There’s oh you know what one thing I’m not goingon to lie I am getting ready to go to bed soon or like I’m getting close is is there a way we can save game and then come back to this yeah yeah automattic whenever you go to orbit like

Whenever you take off it automatically saves and you you have to save profile so you could resume it whenever like this is saved like everything we have right now is saved oh sweet so actually let’s call it a stream I am pretty I’m pretty tired now okay that’s fine bro

This was a blast thank you so much yeah uh so yeah I don’t know what it looks like on your end did you already get the email I sent you whoa what what how did you do that right here little Clothing Rack I just bought a green suit oh let’s

Go s or you sent me an email was it about the channel thing yeah yeah yeah I don’t know what it looks like on your end because I’ve never been one of those so sweet um I don’t know what else to say this was a great live stream fire cow thank

You so much for tuning in all this time you’re the number one Stunna out of everybody number one Stunna fire cow fir cow wants to see the end of this defined end of this does that does that mean is there an end to this game nope not at all it goes on

Forever oh cuz it’s literally just a challenge to see how far you can get without getting fir oh it’s like Call of Duty zombies or whatever okay well I I got to go to bed I’m sorry I’m having a hard time not ya so I could just quit game and we’re

Good it’s saved yeah everything’s saved all right God bless you m mu I mean and I’m quinting I’m ending the stream uh God bless you and I’ll see you whenever I see you all right all right bye all right fire cow yeah fire cow tough news fire cow there is no end of

The game you heard muffer we are just going to go on and on forever but guess what that means it means the live streams will continue there will be more live streams forever and ever as muffer and I try to prove to the world that

Maybe the game does have an end and that just no one else has found it yet or we will die trying okay um farow again thanks for tuning in all this time you’re the number one Stunna muffer if you are listening to this how many people do we have watching four people

What so there’s other people watching

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Gopex is also livestreaming this, click here to see his point of view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxXzP9s5LQo Minecraft speedrun featuring Gopex and Mafurt (two youtube stars)

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An introduction to a blocky sandbox game. Minecraft is a game made up of blocks, creatures, and community. You can survive the night or build a work of art – the choice is all yours. But if the thought of exploring a vast new world all on your own feels overwhelming, then fear not! Let’s explore what Minecraft is all about!

Minecraft has no set goal and can be played however you’d like! This is why it’s sometimes called a “sandbox game” – there are lots of things for you to do, and lots of ways that you can play. If you like being creative, then you can use the blocks to build things from your imagination. If you’re feeling brave, you can explore the world and face daring challenges. Blocks can be broken, crafted, placed to reshape the landscape, or used to build fantastical creations.
Creatures can be battled or befriended, depending on how you play. The world of Minecraft allows for epic adventures, quiet meditations, and everything in between. You can even share your creations with other players, or play in community worlds!

Minecraft but I survive in PARKOUR CIVILIZATION the entire movie of my journey in parkour civilization where the only way to survive is to parkour
Minecraft but it’s SUPER SLOW the story about Minecraft if it was super SLOW enjoy! Minecraft but I buy a DOORBELL CAMERA the hilarious story of what happens when I get a doorbell camera for my house. The Story of Minecraft Build Battle the story how how build battle was created Minecraft if players NEVER did ANYTHING RIGHT

the story of a Minecraft world where players could never do anything right Minecraft if there were NO RULES the story about a Minecraft world where rules didn’t exist Minecraft but it’s SUPER FAST the story of a Minecraft world where everything is insanely fast Minecraft but players NEVER make MISTAKES the story about a Minecraft world where players have to never make mistakes Minecraft but you can ONLY GO UP Minecraft if buried treasure could ACTUALLY be found the story of a world where buried treasure could actually be found.. What happens INSIDE an enchanting table the story of what goes on inside a Minecraft enchanting table What happens INSIDE a furnace the story of what goes on inside a Minecraft furnace: In addition to these game modes, there’s also unique content created by the Minecraft community in the form of hand-crafted worlds, mini-games, mash-up packs, adventure maps, and much more. This content can be found in Bedrock Edition at Minecraft Marketplace or via the subscription service Realms Plus, as well as Java Realms (Java Edition

Having a SUPERHERO FAMILY in Minecraft! Aaron: Jason Bravura Ein: Chris Escalante Kim: Corinne Sudberg Pierce: Shado_Temple NOT an official Minecraft Product. Not approved by or associated with Mojang or Microsoft. Being super isn’t just for the big-time heroes! Who’s Your MOMMY in Minecraft These Babies are nothing but trouble! When the boys won’t let Aphmau play, she has no choice but to make a offer! Aphmau Became A DEMON in Minecraft! SSundee is ANIME in Minecraft We play an anime mod in Minecraft Becoming The Most Overpowered Anime Character in Roblox We play a Anime Hero Battles in Roblox Friends in the Video @Zud @BiffleWiffle @sigils @PatP_

Video Editor Russell Discord: /ssundee Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun Subscribe Download the album! /Levelup-i Roblox Hero Battles Thanks for watching! We play Weird Strict Dad from Roblox in Modded Among Us I Found Minecraft’s Most Scary Seeds (Real?) Thank you, Jellie for being you and bringing so much joy to me and the world. You will always be in my heart and the Queen of Minecraft. I appreciate you all and the support you have shown me and my family with the passing of Jellie. Minecraft, But Your Color = Your Money Minecraft, But Your Color = Your Money SUBSCRIBE to join the Cyborg Army MY CHANNELS @Bionic Reacts @Bonc @Danny Bionic Friends in video @Ligeriscool @SkiddziePlays @QuiffYT @Kiply Izzy channel coming soon

Minecraft’s Secret Rooms Mojang Are Hiding I Found Hidden Illegal Rooms in Minecraft Hermitcraft season 9 episode 51! We are back on Hermitcraft for an expansion of Scarland with a mega landscape to build out the Adventureland area of the Scarland. We will build a massive jungle-inspired land around the volcano! Also, we go on a legendary run through Decked Out and into level 4 – the Burning Dark! I hope you like the new Scarland build and the wild Decked Outrun with Tango to the Burning Dark! See you in the next episode of Hermitcraft! Minecraft’s Most FUNNY Shorts Of All Time!

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    Realm Rave: My Minecraft Tour de Force In the realm of Minecraft, a tour we take, Exploring the lands, every structure we make. From Castle Collards to Cherry Blossom Mountain, Each place we visit, a true gaming fountain. A farm with animals, a wheat field walled, A waterfall cascades, a path forestalled. Inside the castle, a community resource hub, Storage and furnaces, a place to grub. Down by the river, a boat house stands, A failed jump attempt, in the water lands. A ranger shack, a midpoint for the night, A hitching post outside, a traveler’s delight. Up the hill, a farmer’s house we find, Barrels… Read More

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    Ram Lalla's Pran Pratishtha: BW GamingYT's Minecraft Adventure In the land of Minecraft, a temple so grand, Ram Lalla’s Pran Pratishttha, in my hand. With a click and a tap, the deity appears, In my virtual world, banishing fears. From Haryana, India, I bring you this tale, Of devotion and faith, in a digital scale. Stay tuned for more, in the next episode, For now, peace out, on this rhyming road. Read More

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    Ultimate Enderman Farm Tutorial by MyBros || Insane ClickbaitVideo Information [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] yeah This video, titled ‘I made the biggest Enderman farm || Easy turtorial’, was uploaded by MyBros Play on 2024-02-19 13:00:07. It has garnered 6 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:01 or 61 seconds. 🔥 Embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey with us in our latest video! 🌋 Join My Bros Play as we dive deep into the mysterious and perilous Nether Realm in search of hidden treasures, rare resources, and thrilling encounters! 🌐 In this episode, we explore the uncharted territories of the Nether, overcoming treacherous terrain, battling… Read More

  • Roosles Epic Minecraft Server

    Roosles Epic Minecraft ServerBETA BETA BETA Hello, my name is Roosle, I am currently developing a minecraft server for my viewers and likewise, I am proud to announce that the server is to the point where I feel an open beta is needed! This server is ANTI P2W and has ZERO PAY TO WIN ASPECTS, all purchases are cosmetic only, including the keys. This server has been in the works for a long, long time and I am very grateful to be able to even do it. The server claim based survival, and weekly events will be held for CASH AND PRIZES. (some… Read More

  • Wholesome SMP – Semi-Vanilla SMP with Whitelist, Builds, Events – 1.20.4

    Interested must join -> Discord server: Click Here to Join Wholesome SMP – A Community-Driven Server Join our HermitCraft-style, Java 1.20.4+ community where your voice matters. Our tightly-knit, diverse community makes Minecraft as fun as possible. Participate in player-initiated events, minigames, and community projects. Season 5 is now live! Key Features Playerbase-initiated events and games every weekend Large scale builds entirely built by the community Create your own groups and contribute to creating a story for the server Community-driven economy (trust-based system) Mods Coreprotect – protects you from griefers Proximity Voice Chat – talk to players around you Squaremap -… Read More