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e e e wow w [Music] wow wow [Music] wow [Music] wow wow [Music] wow [Music] wow e e e e e e [Music] oh my God wait hello everyone hello hello hello hello hello hello everyone I’m so sorry wait wait wait wait I’m just posting something on Tik Tok to notify everyone that I’m live and also sure everyone um go what you need to do wait wait wait let me post this on Tik Tok hold on okay hi everyone oh my God I can’t believe y’all breaked me oh God oh my God as I swear you all really meant it like as soon as I as soon as I got here as soon as I go live you guys decided to just [ __ ] break me hi everyone welcome to the stream and I know I’m not yet moving guys I am aware that I am mooving okay now I’m moving wow I now finally have eyes I now have legs I now have everything hello everyone welcome to the stream hello hello there we go I’m alive yes I am alive is my mic good hi G I’m so glad you’re here hello hello hi hi Gucci everything yeah that’s good hello everyone hello I’m GL to have you guys all here hello hello hello hello everyone um have a good time by everyone and have a good time I know guys I miss you guys already I honestly miss you guys already it’s literally just been one day it’s literally just been one day chat it’s literally just one day and you know it’s literally just been one day and um you guys already are so enthusiastic so like I’m so glad you guys are enthusiastic hi everyone welcome to the stream I hope you guys are doing well and yeah thank you for using that command gab so basically I just wanted to discuss this before I ask you guys how you guys are today I’m pretty sure you guys are doing good so in order of Pride mod because today is June it’s pride month I want to take this moment to uh make sure that uh we also must not forget our brothers and sisters in our beloveds in countries that are in turmoil Palestine Sudan Congo and more so I wanted to give this to them too not just the people who are not suffering we must not just celebrate the good but we must also help we must also use this month and basically every month to help everyone that are in countries of thmo and so I decided to hold this charity project stream week so that um we can be able to use I can be we can be able to use our power and use our platforms and stuff to help others you know which is going to be a very cool thing and I hope you guys will participate in it and you know help at least a little if you’re you don’t have any money do not worry spreading the word and just being hype in the chat is all good and enough I’m just going to drink water thank you wait so yeah um basically so basically that um so basically I I wanted to um introduce to you guys new commands guys I want to introduce you guys to new commands I want to show you guys the new command so if you guys want to be educated and know where to donate as well aside from this um aside from this charity project because it’s very important for us to do that aside from that we also have resources so the resources are for you know for you to educate yourself um educate others spread even the master document so that everyone will be able to know where to donate where to learn about everything going on and more thank you for the wonderful emojis very amazing guys I love all of you for just showing your support really really really appreciate it Happy Pride everyone happy Pride but also let us also use this time to help others yeah so that’s why I H this project thingy wait I need to get my other pillow guys how are you guys doing though I hope you guys are doing good thank you guys for being here in this charity project I appreciate all of you good okay besties wait what do you mean that’s a that’s a random statement though I hope you guys are doing good I hope you guys are doing nice for PE four people welcome in and welcome all um for the first day I’m going to be streaming every day for a week guys I’m going to be streaming every day for a week just so that we can be able to um you know get our resources and we’ll also to have time while we’re streaming so that people will be able to come here and donate if they can hello dark angel thank you so much for the daily sticker I’m so glad you’re here how are you hope you’re doing well dear my friend randomly said my voice is hot listen that’s just a random thing to say like people will be saying oh my God your your voice is actually hot and then it’s actually being said out of nowhere and you were like oh my God thank you really appreciate it you know what I mean okay so basically um there’s the there is the um link down there the pride for everyone charity project and basically the the charity goes to a Jo goes to a um goes to a com goes to a organization called um children in Conflict which helps countries in thermoil such as Palestine Sudan cono and more and I hope you guys will be will be able to do our part you know uh even though I have I have quite a small following right now I hope that we can be able to donate at least a little bit it will be amazing if we could reach $50 our stretch goal is$ 100 you know yes yes she said my voice sounds deep oh my goodness that is um I mean that’s totally understandable I mean it’s a it’s like a little little bit of a shock like oh my God like she on that streaming guide bro yes I am mot motmot yes yes I am on that streaming grind I’ve been on my streaming grind ever since and I’m so happy to be on that streaming grind I definitely felt for peaceful in a way and you know I have a lot of things cooking I literally have a lot of things cooking um I already shared this in the sab’s announcement server but I gave them a little snippet of what’s to come I give them a little snippet a day early on what’s to come and I do want to share a little bit with you guys would you want that and let me read that first I’m I’m good just on a trip wanted to get my daily got to go by thank you dark angel for coming even just a little bit as long as you come here in any time you want please take care and I wish you the very best take care of wherever you’re going yes yes yes yes yes yes exactly from The River To The Sea Palestine will be free yes yes yes yes yes very true and the other countries in thermoil right now and in humanitarian crisises I really hope that we really hope that they get their freedom too I do agree thank you for the pet Archangel again thank you for the pet and yes I do agree gay [ __ ] yes yes you’re spinning you’re spinning it’s very important for us to PE for us who have the money who have the privilege of even us being able to use the internet properly right now to use our platform to use this this opportunity to help others what’s up hi hi hi hi Jericho welcome to the stream um we’re just chilling we just literally started streaming which is very cool actually we just started stream actually we just started stream we just started stream which is nice which is amazing which is really cool and all and I love that for us and I love that for us um let’s see and we love that for us and uh we’re just GNA we’re just talking about the charity stream project this week so like I’ll be streaming every day I will be streaming every day for that for us to accumulate funds and you know use the platform to help others which is very cool I declared what yeah charity is going to be a charity stream week this week so that’s why there’s a the little thingy above so that the first seeds will go to a organization that helps people in turmoil yes yes yes I declared war against the Chinese people in the Russ at Le in the rust as someone who’s half Chinese I kind of I laughed at that cuz I just know rust has like the craziest [ __ ] ever like rust the game itself all right the game itself it has like the craziest stuff on there yep yep greet each other chat I encourage you guys to read each other and say what’s up wish you guys how are you guys doing hope you guys are doing good today hope you guys are just chilling you know just chilling together is really great and I have a lot of stuff cooking guys I have a lot of stuff prepared so I want to share you guys the schedule once again so that you guys will be updated on what we have planned for the week CH so here’s the schedule chat here’s the schedule before I share more of the spoilers that I have been cooking for the future events I want to share you guys my schedule for this week here you go Cy to say Hol live in the r was wild yeah she was Wilding she was Wilding chat and yeah so I want to share you guys this is the schedule so this is what we have planned for the week for the stream week um so every day I’ll be streaming every day just to um get to accumulate funds and also spread awareness in a way that you know we are doing a charity stream and we are using our platform to also help other people you know spreading the word so Monday I took a rest obviously I took a rest to prepare for the following week where I will stream every day so today so today we are going to play Minecraft time we’re going to play Minecraft with froggy chair my one of my favorite people ever um my new one my new found friends they’re very cool go check them out by the way they are in the pin as well um because they we are collabing with them and they’re very excited for this collab because they told me we should collab and I’m like okay I’m very excited too because they’re very cool let me read your chats too my friends are a part of a charity I don’t know what it’s called but they give food for free sponsored by the church day at then oh that’s a really fan that’s a really cool church that’s a really cool church that’s a really cool Church um that’s a really cool church and I appreciate them for feeding the people who need it yes yes yes go show support show go support them too go support them too I fall I stood in line with the people who receives food I mean they did give food for everyone so I mean as long it’s not against the rules you know like they did say it’s food for everyone so that’s fair so Tuesday we’re going to play which is today today is Tuesday we’re going to be playing Minecraft with froggy chair uh they’re streaming also their pu right now on Twitch They Don’t Really stream on Twitch because they’re more of a YouTube person but still go show them the love go show them the love that they that they deserve all right go show them the love that they deserve they need Improvement in the kitchen so I joined the kitchen crew oh my goodness that’s all right that’s all right let me see yeah yeah at least you joined something that’s for good you know that’s the most important thing you join the cause that is really good so then Wednesday okay on Wednesday chat which is tomorrow tomorrow we will be playing Paper Mario again are we even surprised that we are playing Paper Mario no we are not surprised so we are playing Paper Mar Mario the Thousand Year Door tomorrow and we are going to go for the mile we’re going to go for 6 hours guys we’re going to go for 6 hours again because I love Paper Mario and I am addicted I am addicted Chad I’m addicted which is very cool okay Thursday um I originally wanted this to be a drunk um DVD collab which is but I couldn’t find people I couldn’t find enough people to get drunk with me so we’re just going to do probably a truth or D um truth or um dead by dead by daylight Cola basically if you lose you have to spend the wheel of some sorts I think so I think we’ll do that we will still plan on it uh we’ll see Friday it’s my first time playing OverWatch guys I’m going to play OverWatch for the first time in a while because I did play once or twice back then but never played again so I’m really nervous because I never fully tried um OverWatch completely I mean I did try a few times but not a lot so it’s like I’m starting all over again because it’s been a long while since I last played yeah help she struggling with Minecraft I am rooting for my collab mate my collab mates got this I believe in them I believe in them Saturday chat Saturday um we are going to be doing a diamond painting handcom so I will be finishing a diamond painting so I will do a handcom stream wow handcom stream from the maybe oh my God you scared the [ __ ] out of me thank you for the door knock oh my God I thought someone actually knock on the door KN I’m not going to lie I thought someone actually I thought actually I thought actually someone was asking me for the door I had to look back yes handcam no it’s not handcom it’s handcam get your [ __ ] right gab get your [ __ ] right it’s hand cam not handcom you know hand cam yeah I’m going to do a hand cam stream where I will be brain rotting about Hau and I will uh experience also my hot takes if you if people also want to give me their hot takes I wouldn’t mind at all so so it’s all an open table it’s a court it’s a maybe court on a Saturday all right we’re going to spill our highq opinions while I do my hand well while I do an know Diamond painting if you guys know what Diamond painting is and on Sunday I’ll be doing just a short co-working stream um please disregard the continuing coffee talk one please disregard that it’s just me doing a co-working stream because on the 24th I will be playing uh Goose goose dock at 700 a.m. so basically I’ll be streaming co-working stream for 3 hours and then I’m going to be playing Goose goose dock with my P on really really early so that’s 12 let’s say I finish at 12 so 1 2 3 4 5 so 7 hours later when I literally wake up I am going to play um I am going to go with a lack of sleep Gober I’m going to be playing Goose goose dock I’m going to be streaming at 7 a.m. oh God but what if I still want to call you gay B what if I call what if I still want to call you gay B it’s a cute name bro it’s a cute name I mean I call you iky but like gay bage is gay bage it just hits It’s it it just um it just you know gives so much wonder and it’s just a really silly name so please please and yeah so so on Sunday after the short co-working stream I’m going to be playing gogus dock as a collab with friends and I think that’s going to be the last stream for um the that’s going to be the last stream for um the charity stream week um GG dock so be excited be very hype um it’s 7:00 a.m. I’m going to update you guys further and further and further as the time goes on because hell yeah we ball all right chat another announcement um there is a I so I have these so as we wake up let’s let’s W up Chad let’s Rec up you’re going to call baby girl now baby Grill no not the chat baby grilling each other and also Kuro kidsu thank you so oh my God holy [ __ ] a 10 week 10 stream streak that is crazy that is crazy like a 10 stream streak you are one dedicated [ __ ] and I love you for that her chat on stream is messed up for real help her girly yes sir I know I know we are a little messed up we’re a little silly but that’s okay chat but also I want you guys to have this uh reward thingy so here are the rewards once we reach a certain goal so for example if we reach $10 pushups $10 I will do 10 push-ups live if I’ll do if we have a $20 goal that is reach we’re going to do anime op karaoke in the future and so on and so forth so basically here are the rewards hey yo 10 week I didn’t know myself oh God I’m so sorry I just looks the same okay week and stream wordwise they look the same word week they look the same please understand please be silly with me please be silly with me Chad please please please please please please please please please please please please please please be silly with me today please be silly with me Chad okay so basically what I’m going to do everyone is that I’m going to be doing a lot of this stuff and basically I have a lot of incentives for depending on the amount you donate CH so depending on the amount you donate if you donated a minimum of like $1 let’s say it’s $1 to4 you know if it’s $1 to4 you will have your name in my very secret notebook it’s not the Deb note do not worry it’s not the Deb note all right you’ll just have your little name in my very precious notebook where I will write the name of each donate of of the donators who donated $1 to $4 and don’t worry you guys get to pick a colar I have a very special Pen in Hand and I will not put your name in the Deb note uh for the minimum of $5 to $9 you guys will have a sticky note on me on your model on your girl you’ll have a sticky Mo model sticky note on me and you guys get to pick what words do you want to put on me as long as it is safe for work as long as it is followed by the rules all right as long as it follows the rules and it is not you know it is not disrespectful rude or anything you know they’re not racist sexist and all of that [ __ ] all right besties and then for if you donated $10 and above I will personally give you a a doodle from Ms paint from Ms paint I’ll give you personally a doodle which is cool which is amazing and I’m very very excited to um do that I’m so excited to bring out the um you know Ms paint skills that I have you’re going to want to know my my uh my uh skills in um you want to know my skills how much skills I have in um Ms paint in Ms paint I have a lot of skills in Ms paint just kidding I’m just coping and oh yeah um our top five donators our top five donators who will donate they will personally have an A a hand Rhythm note from me so I will you know give them a message saying thank you all of that and it’s going to be handwritten by me so I will literally write it on my own like literally written written written chat I will literally write it I’ll literally write the um wait okay it’s open so yeah uh wait I need to tell them that I’m live live live okay okay I think this is good no yeah yeah yeah so basically chat um back to what I was saying wait oh [ __ ] I got to go pee go piss go piss girl go piss girl go piss girl go piss girl froggy kind of lagging oh man wait yeah thank you so much for telling me Raman I’m trying to set things up please forgive me please forgive me all right oh [ __ ] they stopped oh my God I’m ner oh God don’t tell me it’s lagging don’t tell me it’s lagging again oh no yeah I think I might not be able to do the server thingy I might not be able to do the server thingy cuz um I might not do the server thingy okay I’m going to tell um I’m going to tell uh um I’m going to tell who’s this a froggy that I cannot open the server I cannot okay I cannot open the Ser I cannot open the server because my PC will explode my PC will go boom boom now how do we do a survival mode together yep Gossip Girl go piss girl go Gossip Girl oh God go Gossip Girl he okay so for today chat um as I said we are going to do a charity Minecraft stream we’re going to do a collab Minecraft stream with froggy chair just some simple silly um survival game together we all because they wanted me to stream with them and I also wanted to stream Minecraft in a while so why not also by the way just want to share this I want to share this with you guys chat I wanted to share this with you guys I already shared this in the saie server actually I already shared these in the saie server so I want you guys to um I want you guys to know this too guys if you guys are here please tell me so that I could share to you guys a little sneak peek what I’m cooking for my 1.5 my 1.5 uh model reveal because I’m going to be having a new model soon chat as I said I’m going to be having a new model soon I’m going to be having a new model soon and I’m very excited to have a new model and because I’m very excited to have a new model I am cooking a lot of things and one of them is this thing and I wanted to share with you guys hold on is it is it here is it here wait wait okay I sh this is the 14 okay I have a 14 second snippet that I am willing to share sh to you guys are you guys ready you guys ready you guys ready for this you guys ready yep yep I’m going to have a new model pretty soon I’m going to be having a new model pretty soon and I’m very excited um it’s still in the works chat it’s still in the works it’s still in the works um it’s a 1.5 model um it still has some of the same elements that I have now but you know new model is a new model and I have a lot of stuff cooking and I want to share you guys please don’t sh please ready ready okay what’s this please don’t share my 15-hour Minecraft record please no don’t worry I won’t share it guys I won’t share it all right um oh God not [ __ ] two minute ads um so um you guys are you still you still here chat you still here even though there’s ads you still here even there’s ad chat wait let me get the two minutes rolling first and then I’m going to share you to you guys I will be sharing to you guys what I have planned um what I have planned for my um 1.5 it’s basically going to be and I’m going to be basically I think I I literally wanted to share this much later but I’m so impatient because it’s so good Chad it’s so good I’m so impatient in sharing these Chad I’m literally so impatient I’m literally so impatient because it’s just really good and I’m very hyped to share to share this and you know you know how I feel when I get excited I just like [ __ ] easily I’m like that like whenever ever I get really excited on [ __ ] I will just leak I will just leak everything like I’ll just I’ll just leak everything the [ __ ] I wanted because I got really I get really really excited on things CH I get really hype I get just I just really get really excited on things and you know how I feel when I get really excited on things oh yeah I have kept the building the game play let’s go we cheered we love that we cheered we love that weay and wait wa [Music] wait who’s that wait who’s that wait ah battle pants hello thank you for the daily sticker battle pants hi hi hi like literally I have the urge to just leak Everything Chad I have the I have the urge to absolutely leak everything and just share to you guys what the [ __ ] I’m cooking the gastritis has come back to attack me and I want to vomit no oh no I don’t want to vomit no don’t get that check if you need bestie get that checked if you need please get that check get it checked if you need cuz I if you vomit L you know that’s worrying how are you battle pan though I hope you’re doing good I hope you’re doing good so here’s the thing chat okay okay I think it’s I think the ads are already done so here it is chat are you guys ready guys ready okay I’m going to be sharing the 14 second snippet it’s literally just 14 seconds that I shared in the uh subes um in the saes uh server like I shared it to the Discord server where all the people who subscribe to my twitch channel are in Hogs get won breasty get won zesty bre got antibiotics from the last checkup and this is exhausting my my physical and mental pain I we will we’re sending you Hogs I hope you get better soon friend I really hope you get better [Music] soon okay I hope though that this snippet will cheer you up a little bit guys are you guys ready for the snippet by the way um because I have I will have a new bgm guys I will have a new bgm whenever basically a new background music when I’m going to be doing my starting soon screen screen in the future you guys will be able to see the hear the full thing in my 1.5 debut the one who just have Subs just get it early you know you guys ready guys ready okay I think many of us besties are ready so let’s go okay I’m going to share it to you guys okay guys say here wait okay okay let’s go back to that let’s go back to that okay I’m going to be quiet okay ready one two three [Music] go yeah that’s pretty much it that’s literally the 14c snippet so far that I can share to you guys what do you guys think that’s the 14 second snipp that’s the 14c snippet that I shared to the subbies for now for now guys for now and um I’m very excited once it’s all done and I get to share to you guys on the 1.5 D I literally want to share it so bad it’s so good like literally after this part [ __ ] gets real guys [ __ ] gets real [ __ ] gets real um after those 14 seconds the music goes hard guys how hard quite hard yeah quite hard W you guys are going to cat Jam like every time I okay the goal for this bgm is that I want you guys to enter the when I go live and you guys hear the music you guys will spam all those cat Jam emotes you know cat Jam emotes cat Jam emotes you guys going to dance on the chat you know like you will spam all those Jam emotes when when like when I start the stream so I hope that you guys will catch them when 1.5 debut comes comes along yeah that’s it you’re doing amazing there it is woohoo I thank you guys though I appreciate you guys loving the song Thank you the snippet so far yeah it just goes hard it just goes hard after I want to share you guys a fun fact that is that is my song of the day but you guys won’t get it that’s my song of the day but you guys won’t get it because it’s a customized um commissioned piece [Music] [Laughter] okay so yeah basically okay thank you guys for jamming yeah that’s it so so okay yeah yeah thank you guys for jamming yeah yeah you guys are excited you guys seem very excited and I’m very excited to to let it all out I just want I just want to show you guys the whole thing right now to be honest but I said I must hold it in I must prepare for my one .5 it must be it must be presented in my 1.5 no don’t die don’t scare me like that iy no don’t say that’s your last goodbye oh thank you for the brick stop that stop that stop saying that your last goodbye and you throw me a brick no don’t do that don’t don’t say that you’re going to die you’re going to live you’re going to live bro you’re goingon to live I swear to God you’re going to live if you’re not going to live I will make you live please live don’t don’t vomit and die you have to vomit and live you know because sometimes vomit is like a spilling out of the bad Vibe the bad ju guu so speeding out the bad juju is good you know speding out the bad luck and everything it’s good but just don’t die you have to stay alive without the bad stuff you know what I mean what do you mean okay by I’m I’m going to go before I vomit on my bed yeah yeah yeah yeah vomit somewhere safe making sure the bed doesn’t stink sure sure oh shoot oh [ __ ] I almost good luck good luck gab Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck don’t die on me yeah okay guys so thank you guys so much once again for just being hype with me here and I hope um you guys will be able to you know help as well spread the word about this charity stream week that we’re having and also the um commands that are very important The Pride donate and the resources because I want us to you know as a community I want us to be a wonderful Community where we help others you know because I think a community is something to be very proud of especially one of the things that I think a community can be proud of themselves if they can Flex it like hey we as a community helped other people so I think that’s going to be a very useful thing you know if you die who will clip doing a fit reveal who will clip me doing a fit reveal what is that really your motivation I mean no one I mean no one yet has really redeemed me doing a fif reveal on on stream yet so I mean yeah no one really no one has redeemed that yet because I how many points is that um my the points for the fif fit reveal is a literal 10,000 points so like if one of you get 10,000 points I’m refunding that [ __ ] immediately if one of you guys if one of you guys get 10,000 points and immediately redeem the feat reveal I will refund that [ __ ] and say I would no I’m not doing it at L what do you mean yet don’t [ __ ] tell me you’re going to plan on doing it no friend no no why is my chat against me guys wh why does my I mean I did set myself up to beefer I have the fit redeem uh I literally have the fit redeem uh fit redeem uh command I mean not command um Channel redeem I mean I have it so that’s on me I blame myself I blame myself for this [ __ ] but yeah I’ll be do doing some really cool stuff I’ll be doing some cool ass stuff um if we manage to reach some goals in our charity stream week I really hope so because I will be sad if we don’t to be honest but you know but you know the fact that we still use our platform to spread the word in a way I think that’s the most satisfying thing to me and I managed to do it with my community you know and I managed to grow and fost our community that you know is for Humanity so that’s very cool I will a whole ass celebration nor friend oh my God imagine that is a big celebration oh my God May did the fit reveal this is a community wor celebrating but yeah to the to my to my beloveds um okay so what I’m going to say is that um thank you guys so much for coming to the Stream I really hope that once we collab with froggy froggy is going to say hi they’re also streaming by the way go check out their pu if you want to check out both our PS it’s right here and there so please go show them your love everyone I’m going to shout out froggy it’s froggy 15 isy froggy chair 15 yep the froggy chair of Animal Crossing is here yes sir froggy streaming go go support them besties go support them they’re also streaming I’m also streaming we’re both streaming and and yeah we’re going to have lots of fun I’m very excited to play with them guys I’m very excited to play with them and I’m very excited to just you know stream and have fun and get some good goods and you know we’re just going to um have a platform where everyone could educate themselves with the commands on the top left with the chat and then also use their opportunity to donate you know I’m very excited I really hope that we’ll be able to get some um you know get some people to learn too it’s a really fun thing really wait I go say hi to froggy too yeah go say hi to froggy as well I’m going to um mute unmute myself now and say hi to them oh she’s making an aternal server thank you so much for you know telling me ramun I am waiting I we are literally chatting on the Discord right now do you want let me tell them do you want to chat on unmute okay I’m going to ask them if they want to chat un mute now yeah thank you guys so much I’m very excited to play [Music] Minecraft the last time because the last time that I played Minecraft with the PNG casters what happened is that one of us were the ones who opened one of us is uh one of us open the server in their um in their uh in their device so yeah in their device and yeah okay I think we can I think we can unmute now okay knocking on Froggy’s door wait I’m going to knock on Froggy’s door I’m going to knock on Froggy’s door besy sweet hello [Music] froggy knock the door knock knock knock knock knock knock hello hi oh my gosh I’m lagging so bad my oh God okay I don’t know who can make the server I think if if we don’t really have a I’m making the server right now I’m just know okay I just hope it works me too if this doesn’t work we’re just we’re just gonna go to a uh we’re just going to go to a uh server to um we’re just going to go to a Minecraft server by random I guess yeah yeah yeah that’s that’s true also by the way guys can you guys here froggy this is Froggy by the way say hi to froggy chat this is Froggy CH hello chat hi frogy I can’t see your chat so I hope they’re saying hi to me this is very cool yeah they they literally came to your stream to say hi to you too oh really that’s so cool oh my god let’s go let’s go let’s oh God they they are saying that they’re watching both streams yay hey yo that’s so cool oh my God oh my God [Music] my I’m so excited wait me too okay wait I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m you are you are you are I’m setting up the server thing to crack so yeah okay okay take your time take your time take your time take your time chat is getting chat is getting used to it because they’re getting over stimulated you want me to put the subway server get even more over simulated let’s go guys the super the the subway server Clips the subway Ser oh my gosh okay I want to put that in wait wait let me put that in cuz you know what why not okay also I got the server I got the server now okay okay okay okay okay wait let me send it to you wait wait wait wait I want to do it I want to do it I want to do it okay hello chat hello chat hello chat hello chat hello chat oh my gosh I’m gonna feed I’m GNA feed the chat the the lonely Chatters with their own Subway servers so that they can pay attention okay okay okay okay okay I think we can switch to Minecraft now hello you Minecraft is good just tell send me the server link bestie it’s already on Discord okay Slay Slay [Music] Slay okay I’m GNA turn it on okay okay good luck good luck to your PC my friend yeah good luck to my uh um yeah yeah my P GNA okay anyway wait wait wait wait wait where is the um where is the media Source um Subway Surfers good thing my laptop it’s a laptop actually yeah it’s not heating up surprisingly yeah hey enjoy Subway Surfers guys enjoy the subway surfers hey hey hey let’s go enj a Subway Surfers you feeling over stimulated yet My Stream I literally have the servers right now you guys like it hope you guys love the [Music] subway oh my gosh is my stream okay Chad is my stream okay yeah yeah is your stream okay is my stream okay since many of you guys are stream sniping and wa are I scam okay yeah our scream’s okay this is the best I of my [Music] life thank you for the [Music] follow the way that I’m paying attention Okay I’m going to do this from now okay okay more more collabs with frogy chair let’s go yeah oh my go thank you for the follow wait it’s still starting it’s it’s going to take forever but let’s go we’re at least we’re talking to our chat yeah and how are you chat how are you chat the subway Sur I actually thought the Subways meta won’t actually work it actually did okay I’m just testing the twitch alert thank you for the follow again on let’s go it’s on wait why is it not oh my God okay breasty oh that’s why okay wait wait wait by wait oh wait sorry I forgot techn I forgot to change the [Music] version what what what what what version did you put the latest oh my God it’s 12.6 it’s 12.6 yeah yeah yeah I remember enjoy Minecraft build enjoy Minecraft build enjoy guys yes okay now from now on guys because of thank you for the for um Coming to the maybe research from now on I’m going to be using the subway surface meta yeah the subway surface is Top Tire whatever yeah it’s so good guys don’t okay wait uh Ser options and I’m going to change the server um version okay okay and it should it it should work it should work because this what me and my friends use so okay okay okay have you ever used aernos yeah I have used AOS a lot yeah it’s actually good but sometimes it’s [ __ ] but today I hope it will perform well for us if not I can we can just play MCC Island yeah yeah yeah or Hy pixel or Hy pixel yeah okay I’m going to start it again okay send your prayers chat send your prayers send your prayers chat whoever’s a Witch and Wizard here please manifest it use all your candles and crystals guys come on use all your prayers use all your spiritual healings uh yeah everything use everything in your disposal chat use everything chat come on please if they Buddhist or Jewish you use a religious text that they that they embody themselves with or anything yeah yeah because I know all religions have a religious text that they embody themselves with so yeah use any religious text we need all the religious text we need right now yes everyone give us a May is the mayor on chat let’s go May is the mayor mayor all right I’mma join I’m join did you pay 9k for your vtuber model or did I pirate um I did not pirate um it is a gift to me by my friend yeah damn it’s a gift to me because they wanted to embra they wanted to make their portfolio they wanted to make their portfolio so that’s so lucky if you also also mine I just wanted from a give away like slay oh my God like they just said send over your design all right let’s go yeah also that’s how I got my that’s actually how I got my new model as well like I wanted from a giveaway it’s in the works right now oh that’s so cool let’s go so basically I spend nothing for a model basically one is a give the other is one from giveaway that’s so good chat that’s that’s great chat that’s good it’s laggy it’s laggy bestie it’s laggy it’s still starting oh my gosh wait which one is lagging the server I could it’s not even on yet is it not on yet is it wait is it on wait chat can see my screen I don’t know it’s not even on yet was it it’s apparently starting wait it’s on there we go yeah it’s on now okay praying Chad praying I can connect pray Chad pray what does this mean what does this mean okay okay okay okay I disconnected well [ __ ] well [ __ ] guys this is this is going bad already but I hope you guys still donate for the charity cuz this is a big thing a big thing guys yes sir yes sir okay I cannot connect I’m C I wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I think I’m joining already wait you wait okay you are wait wait wait starter joining World transferring to new server I’m still transferring apparently I’m still transfer oh my god it works it works though it Works low for me but it’s oh my God I’m in and why am I a different skin guys you won’t be able to see my really good skin this is very so this is so sad I cannot move to the new server what the fork what the fork what the fork the guys what is happening Chad oh why is my my screen like [Music] this wait let me let me let me that’s why why is there Subway Sir first there because chat wanted to be over simulated and also number two because they they want Subway Surfers on the TV and if and since it’s Father’s Day will belated Father’s Day I only do what good Dads do give the children what they want give the children what they want let’s go I’m still transferring okay I disconnected first if we if we literally have no other up wait are you in the server right now yes I am in the server also my little brother’s trying to talk to me right now hold on all right hi chat so hello I’m going to be hello so I’m going to be talking while uh froggy is talking to the younger sibling hello everyone hello um okay okay they disappeared okay good I distracted them enough even for just 10 seconds is this I’m gonna disconnect let’s just go to Hypixel oh my gosh okay we give we gave up we gave up survival no more guys is this the Frog SMP no it’s not the Frog smpp best it’s not the Frog smpp unfortunately it’s not the Frog PR PR PR yeah who would like that not like I am playing woa and Minecraft at the same time right oh my gosh that’s onome okay my Hypixel is not working for some reason oh my gosh now we got to we got to pray we got to pray we we now got to pray for our dear friend froggy to get in I’ll be waiting at the lobby I’m just going to change the uh I’m going to change the I’m GNA change the title of my stream I’m gonna change the silly High pixeling guys pray for me why doesn’t it work it’s says fa to authenticate your connection what does this mean Chad Chad please help send help send help Chad please tell me why it does not work tell me why a nothing but a heart tell me why a nothing but a mistake mistake I want it that way that way is it because I’m modded I’m literally modded too actually okay I’m literally modded I actually have I actually use a f client and stuff this is not working options video settings I kind of wanted to put Shader packs Shader pack what is happening wait I need to search this up guys I’m so sorry for the delay of this the stream oh my God I literally wanted it to go well since it’s my f first time and also my first time collabing and my first time streaming on Twitch yeah don’t worry about it take it easy things will be bad too but that is okay someone is sending a prayer amen thank you for sending your prayers in chatk I totally understand what that means thank you guys is it that’s actually a Bop though not gonna lie yeah actually it is a b yeah I forgot my my head is not working right now what was I supposed to search High pixel all right there Hypixel um wait let me see what the error is your lord and save kka them be them th be thck and the buba be big let thy Holy One make the stream go well and Cofe plenty amen yes please please please let the boas help let the the summoning of the bubas work in our favor amen please connection since I went to Hypixel too so this will be very interesting oh my gosh is it because I’m connected to my phone data cuz we’re actually Brown out oh my gosh so basically y are you there yeah I alive I’m still alive I’m just I’m just reading yeah oh my gosh thought my an know stream restarted again your stream restarted again no no no no I thought let me see what this means I hope it’s nothing bad oh my God okay so it says okay oh wait wait wait wait what does it say bestie I think I just need to restart I don’t know restart the what my Minecraft you can close your Minecraft you can close your Minecraft then you can on it again yeah oh my gosh chat this is terrible I mean in Minecraft there will always be scuff because Minecraft is so hard to is so hard to like um activate to be fair so I don’t really mind yeah also I know um is it optify or no I think I have off Define on yeah I have off Define on okay I have a I have a I have a [Music] um I have a I have a um texture pack on and the shaders my in your PC take that I don’t know I’m just silly but unfortunately it cannot take a server and me streaming because apparently it’s too much oh no but at least May you’re still a mayor I’m still the mayor of the community community BPS BPS okay let me try to uh okay I’m not good at dead Wars though I’m not good at skywar either I never really played them I only played them like once all right I’m going to play some arcade games okay I’m going to play to arcade games and then just tell me when you’re already in the lobby and I’ll see you just in the lobby yes please and I hope my Minecraft Works PR chat May flexing her PC for 10 minutes just kidding well I to be fair I have been playing Minecraft for years and like my this is the this is the account I’ve been having since like 2015 kind of thing and I just the funny thing is the by the time I am not using TL launcher anymore that’s the time where like I I was not playing Minecraft much this is embarrassing it’s not working it is not chat chat chat tell us tell us what we should do what’s going to work guys please do you have the pirated version of the Bedrock wait what pirated yes do you have the pirated version of Bedrock Minecraft I do not [ __ ] unfortunately I do not it’s okay it’s okay should I try making another at server you could what could we do cuz this is already failing badly because of froggy chair it’s okay we all have our moments everybody has those days as Hannah Montana said everybody has those days I why why does my why does one of my one why does one of them say I hate getting arrested what did you guys do oh no what did you guys do I swear what did you guys do what did you guys do what did you guys do what did you guys do what you guys do I want I want I want answers don’t worry um don’t worry I’ll protect you guys in court I’m just kidding I won’t maybe how about we go to the latest version let’s see what happens latest version okay bestie yeah wait there is the latest version already yeah 1.21 just without a six okay bestie wait let’s go besy let’s go breasty breasty wait breasty I mean what what bestie what what what what nothing much just ARS son nothing much does there are two types of people nothing much does arson and I stole 5K from a rich guy cuz he’s cute wow something I would never do I mean I mean I mean I mean I mean I mean I mean what if I mean I mean what’s totally fair but like but like is there a reason for you to still okay I mean you said it’s cute I mean all right yeah I mean okay this will probably work this might probably work what Caron is fun not fun if like you get arrested for eventually our son is fun only if it’s your ex’s house actually yeah true I agree with that we should that actually I agree with that yeah right like if it’s your ex them bro yeah actually yeah AG all right I’m joining Hypixel I’m joining the Hypixel [Music] guys you can watch you can look at the screen of me first before you look at mine cuz I am struggling in the other side okay okay I will I will wait in the other side for now I’m going to be playing hole in the wall hole in the wall hole in the wall hole in the wall hole in the wall hole in the balls hole in the what the balls the balls the balls why is my chat just saying oh yeah I almost burned down my old school ones did you like I don’t know created some crazy ass experiment and suddenly set it all on fire did you like did you like cook something really bad in home home education and suddenly set it all on fire damn because the only that’s the only probable cause of how oh my gosh where is my server that I made oh it’s here try joining with the latest version I hope this works atos [Music] yes okay it’s connecting all right it is connecting chat I it’s transferring CH oh my gosh World chat it’s loading the rain chat holy [ __ ] chat holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] chat holy [ __ ] why are we our SK our SK are terrible side anyways kind oh my gosh we’re actually here but my skin is not my skin your skin is not your skin that’s yeah but let’s let’s still let’s still let’s still um have fun yeah that’s that’s great chat okay where are you okay I fell I fell I fell that’s that’s what happens every time I I join a world I die well thanks for the free log thanks for the free log oh shoot I need to check my stream chat oh okay the chat has a story so yeah in chemistry class I forgot to turn the gas cylinder and the room was full of gasoline if the janitor wasn’t sure I am pretty sure the class would have gone home what have you done what’s happening they almost burned the school because they forgot to turn off the gas cylinder that sucks Chad that sucks that sucks anyways just kidding my my stream okay okay I’m just getting wood now okay getting wood too I have an Axe and okay I I think six is enough can I use your question I have a question is your like Minecraft server like um is it is it is your Minecraft server like Bedrock or something no it’s Java I wonder why can’t we we can’t see our skins yeah I guess cuz different I have no idea actually wait um um why did I make this I forgot what wait where’s crafting table what oh oh I took it I took it here take it okay use the craf T sorry yipp let’s go let’s go yipp yipp yipp I have to use this oh no I was about to craft a trapo chat what server um it’s a private server by me and froggy only yeah that’s cool chat yeah I would a free week holiday because of suspensions oh my gosh real where is that real you w that what free same but why does everyone have such crazy ass stories in the home economics room I go guys I almost fell guys I almost fell wow my gosh I almost fell as well oh my gosh careful you might fall oh my God chicken careful you might fall chat wait I need to get I need to kill some animals first I need to kill animals first for the food and stuff chicken give me my chicken I’m going I’m going to get there’s a lot of sheep here so that we can be able to make craft bed to sleep let’s go I cosplay I I used to cosplay cosplay actually I used to cosplay actually and then I no longer and then I no longer cosplay because I don’t have enough funds anymore and it’s I just outgrew my love for cosplay but I think my favorite cosplay that I ever did despite it being a short time is me cosplaying lady Manan from Demon Slayer that oh my God this this Ravine is so annoying why am I using a pickaxe it was home [Music] it was home I actually cosplay and I and I still do but the thing is I’m broke so I haven’t costed in so long yeah it’s so expensive the costumes are so expensive and for what reason actually yeah so sometimes I look at secondhand ones which are more more on cheaper yeah they’re they’re more cheaper than choppy or Lazada yeah and also way more legit too you are reassured that like okay there we are really going to get our costume rather than not get her yeah oh [ __ ] I think I forgot to switch to the category to Minecraft oops sorry about oh wait oh [ __ ] I forgot to change the category to Minecraft sorry I’m stupid it’s okay I didn’t as SW and I’m too lazy to do it that’s fair that’s fair that’s all right right let me see yeah they can they they where are you I am I am somewhere in the middle of the trees we don’t have home economics here yeah some some schools have them some don’t oh you cosplay that one guy from two guns from Soul Eater that’s uh that the kid right that the kid oh [ __ ] it’s oh [ __ ] it’s Sunset oh God we’re cooked we where are you we’re CED where are you where are you okay okay I okay where are you okay uh let’s go back to Spa I’m I’m I’m here okay I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you okay we need to build a house somewhere uh [ __ ] we’re cook uh I think we can uh do not live underground what uh should we live in the walls yeah yeah yeah we can live on the walls there’s a good there’s a good place there is a good place down there right there right there right there there’s a good place right here we just unfortunately don’t have coal right now so but I do we can make us a bed we can make us we can make us a bed hold on how how much W do you have though I have four oh [ __ ] I only have enough for one bed oh this is not good I just only have one for bed I just only have one no okay wait let’s both press it so we can just in case we die wait don’t go we can’t we can’t there so we can respawn Point set there we go okay respawn okay in case we die got it okay um we need a chest just in case I’m going to make one sure sure I’ll just uh I’ll just Hunt For Stuff okay I’m making a chest chat mine’s at night I’m making a chest sh a zombie never mind I’ll just go back home that’s so okay I made us a chest so okay I hear a zombie what the hell someone my chat suggest someone can leave while the other oh [ __ ] I oh God I fell into the [ __ ] Ravine oh [ __ ] oh no oh no I fell I fell into that hole I’m just going to get this okay let’s hope no no mobs spawn in this area oh my gosh okay don’t worry I am alive there’s a way out yay you are alive and well and healthy healthy you are alive well and healthy that’s the most important thing and return When day apparently return wed day okay wait let me check my chat because my chat is not chatting right now what is happening oh my gosh thank you so much thank you so much for following yippe yippe oh my God I got followers let’s go thank you guys so much yipp slay guys Slay Slay moment oh my God I’m okay I almost fell from too much excitement be careful you might fall C hello welcome to chat how are you most of most of your Chatters are my Chatters like you know hi everyone how are you doing and return When day yipp yeah yeah yeah I’m trying to find a way to uh okay a chat recommends one of us leaves and the other sleep so that it will be day okay uh do you want to do that or do you want to be a card and do that or do you want to be brave through the night your choice voice I I’ll I’ll do it I’ll do it I’ll sleep I’ll sleep sleep goodbye mayor goodbye I’ll be back my mayor has went to a different country to a different city good what about you I’m doing amazing I’m doing amazing I’m doing amazing oh you ate Palestinian food what did you eat okay you can join now you can join now you can join now I always wanted to try Palestinian C oh [ __ ] there’s a zombie I always want to try Palestinian cine I just don’t know where to start I mean there is there is one near my city I think there’s it’s called Gaza kitchen and I’m trying I I just wanted to find the time to like actually do it oh [ __ ] there’s a there’s skeleton be careful oh [ __ ] work I killed that [ __ ] yeah let’s go oh there’s a brown sheep but it’s I don’t know if I if I get one brown wool and two white wool I don’t think that would make a bed would that work though I don’t know I don’t actually know hi Tamara hello hello how are you I hope you’re doing well I hope you’re doing well too thank you guys who follow Tamar they’re very cool they’re an amazing friend of mine amazing streamer friend they’re very cool hell yeah hell yeah oh boy uh hell yeah thank you so much for being here yeah that won’t work it worked now it worked now actually it’s now day it’s now daytime yeah thank you thank you to whoever suggested that we are now alive healthy well and happy happy I just needed two more wool to be honest I just needed two more wool oh wait wait here here here the light gray W also by the way chat to just to um just just to get things out of the way okay now we can make a we can now make now we can make a lot of uh we can make another bed let’s make a furnace we don’t have a furnace wait I we don’t have wool we don’t have wool oh it must be the same colored wool okay we’re we’re not doing yeah that’s the oh my God I found coal yeah yippee oh my gosh I found coal I found Co this is so great this is so great this is so great this is amazing guys this is wonderful oh my gosh this is so wonderful also also also someone in chat that shared that they having Palestinian cine can I can I have one I wanted to have one that’s that sounds so yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy delicios so yummy yummy oh my gosh there’s like so much coal this is heaven this is heaven on Earth we on Minecraft aen [Music] amen I’m sorry if I’m not reading the chat I’m so busy right now I’m so sorry me too me too I but I will be trying my best 07 yeah same same same I’ll be trying my best I’ll be pausing the game and going back because it’s not um who’s gun Canon wait hold on hold on hold on hold on hold hold done yes sir wait I needed to get wait no way my cousin’s actually saying please check smaller 782 please he wants me to check what please check what my cousin wants me to check his Gams but I’m streaming wait should I okay I’ll I’ll check it for a bit sure sure sure you can check it that’s all right yeah yeah oh my gosh okay I’m going to try to find the okay chat I’m back we’ll come back welcome back chat welcome back okay where are you I am I am uh getting wool okay I am wool and pig okay I’m making a furnace right now and I’m going to put the 22 pieces of coal oh my gosh wait so the house you have right now is that the new location of our house which one the one that you’re digging right now uh or are we still going to go back to that hole little holy hole Yeah we can we can actually design it and stuff which is cool yeah wait where where are we the same hole but where is it that one hole that we stayed yes I do not know oh I’m I’m crafting my eating I mean what I’m eating C CRA your eating yes I’m eating crafting I you’re crafting you’re crafting your some you’re crafting your H stomach yeah totally yeah genius genius yes genius genius oh my gosh finally something is cooking wait what is cooking nothing is cooking there’s only just coal okay uh okay I don’t know where is my mayor I am looking for the wool if there’s none I’ll go back to you I know where you are anyway so fine fine it’s fine do I can’t see chat why oh there are dogs here dogs dogs dogs got the dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs wait I have bones oh bones cool nice yeah you can them but I can’t find I might I I’m gonna kill that oh my gosh how many viewers do I got a I got three okay I’m going to cook this raw for chop for you okay never mind I couldn’t I could didn’t find any sheep oh no I have to go back but I’m very I’m quite far I think oh no oh no oh no that’s not good chat what do you think oh my gosh I love collecting flowers in my flowers cool flowers are cool okay okay okay okay I think I found enough okay I found the wool I found wool I found wool yeah let’s go we can now sleep we can both now sleep in peace yes okay I’m going to we can now both sleep in peace which is very nice yep I hope I know where I am the only problem is now I have to go back to you which is uh I’m kind of lost me too wait I found you never mind I think I found you I think no no no no no I’m I’m still Far Far Away still on the way though I know my directions as long as I can see I can see oh there you are I found you I found you I found it I found it I found our base oh okay found our little basei yipp hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi okay I’m going to make a sword because I don’t have one there we go I got to I got a cook okay give me give me pork chop I need the pork chop I’m hungry I hungry that was for you anyway I’m hungry for hunting thank you I’m going to craft our uh beds together craft the bed oh my God okay I think I think we can get the bed from that hole and just move there the one where you’re crafting right now our little hole okay okay I’m just going to get our St so okay okay I’m going to get more wood for the house nice nice goodbye little little hole oh no So the plan tomorrow for highq get cancelled oh man the all the movies moving oh man what happened CH oh it’s my chat what happened oh man oh man back man oh okay I okay I’m okay I’m gonna type it kill your mayor no I don’t want to kill my mayor wait is somebody trying to F to file an assassination case against me I don’t know oh someone said kill your mayor do it if I can you can someone literally just said that what is happening chat oh no it’s 11:30 I think my oh okay I thought my Wi-Fi was deading deading wow May are you still there yeah I’m still here I’m still here okay sorry I talk too much okay okay okay okay I’m getting more wood okay do you have the wool for the bed do you have the wool for the bed do you have the wo for theed oh [ __ ] I already made our bed I already made our bed sorry sorry sorry sry to me here here here here we can craft our beds together yay we just need torch sleep yeah I got sand that makes torches right yeah we can make torches torches you can make torches you can make torches yay let’s go t Tor just Tores oops wrong one there we go now we’re making oh no we’re not making torches we’re making glass anyways I forgot how to make torches actually what that coal and then coal and stick yeah that’s coal and stick yeah coal and stick okay thank you thank you thank you oh yeah I forgot to put I forgot to extend our room and put our chest together where are we like this yeah I don’t know I’m still going to make the um the Windows though the glass cuz I need it okay okay I’m going to make some torches how much do we need wait where are the Torches hold on a minute oh wait because I was I don’t have enough sticks hold on I if you need more sticks I have three of them three oh oh okay okay okay I got four torches for now nice noise I think we can live down here we can just we can just an know uh design it and stuff design our underground house our underground base Little John we should expand this with galvanized square steel in the oh my God not that again anyway the brain the galvaniz square steel and the we can borrow some screws from your from his on your aunt that’s soome guys that’s that’s guys uh that’s so that’s so ski I hate it it’s that’s oity toilet Sigma oh high R can you be my Sigma what Sig I want to die why did I do why do why do I do myself like this why do I do why wa why do we do ourselves like this oh my gosh ano Mo canal and ano Mo now your canal and airon personality is mixing mixing is making mixing mixing it’s making mixing mixing it’s mixing mixing the mixing you know the mixing is to mixing that the mixing is mixing the mixing The Mixing Bowl quick quick balls quick I don’t know I’m GNA press my bed so yeah there we go it’s still daytime okay I’m going to get some uh I’m going to get some I’m get some wood okay okay I love I thank you guys for finding us funny I really appreciate that I don’t even know do I one of us said I love that it’s so funny for some reason thank you for appreciating us and our silly humor even the first time humor is so broken but we love you guys yes sir I love mace mace Comm Community I don’t know how to say commity commity I love I love your commity me I love you it’s very very friendly yeah they’re very silly they’re my zesty Brees as they want soome that’s soam that’s soome that’s soome guys everyone in the chat May is the mayor oh my gosh what am I even doing in this more coal oh you found more coal let’s go yes more more coal more Co oh my God you can make that’s a big W in chat yes Big W everyone put a Big W in chat let go for for good luck and peace in life and long life and good health good grades and good health good grades um let’s see I don’t okay um I’m thinking what this could be I have an idea oops I’m using the wrong one apparently apparently um apparently their humor died because I was yapping so much that their humor died oh [Music] no so like I don’t know man we just laugh at everything yeah that is beautiful that is so beautiful yes um yes so beautiful art chat art I don’t know what else to do with this um torch I guess I’m going to make more torch uh I don’t know where to put this uh this one’s just going to be here for temporary I guess yes because I’m going to do something with the outside I don’t know though I don’t know I don’t know what we’re going to do with the outside oopsie okay okay I will make us a door I open the door I close the door the door uh um okay I open the door I close the door I slam why is there too much doors M Miss may may maybe H Call Me Maybe I don’t know am I already made that joke one too many times too so don’t worry okay this is not suppos to be it’s not yet Christmas but it’s not yet Christmas yeah it’s not yeah yeah what it’s not yet Christmas but it’s not yet it’s not oh what what the [ __ ] it’s not yet Christmas but they wish all um PE peek and rat boo Warriors Merry Christmas wow same that is so poetic guys so poetic guys wait we just had the same thing Ser oh my God what does Co taste like I haven’t had covid have you had Co yes oh my gosh what does not okay okay to be honest guys it does not taste like a thing because first of all when you have Co guys you can’t taste anything so it’s hell dude like okay let me tell you guys a Story Once Upon a Time me and my mom were picking up my brother from school I guess and or his gf’s house I don’t remember and then after that we passed by 71 to buy red velvet cookies yes okay this is how we found out me and my mom had Co I bought it we went in the car we both finished the whole cookie because we did we didn’t find it any tasteful or you know we could just taste it sweet but we couldn’t flavor it I don’t know how to say it you couldn’t taste flavor yeah we couldn’t taste it so we found out like the morning that oh wait why didn’t we taste it oh because we have Co we even got ourselves we had ourselves tested and yep we did have Co it is confirmation it was confirmation 07 oh my gosh that’s so cool at Le at least at least you can now say I am a covid survivor and you live I keep saying that I you know what every time when Co was still a big thing I I used to say yeah I used to say that okay guys when I get Co and I survive it I’m going to put in my bio covid Survivor at least you survived Co that’s the most important at least oh my gosh real real this just even look good I don’t think it looks good from the inside but yeah let’s let’s let’s let’s what we can let’s do what we can actually have an idea I’m going to keep what you guys think of the bed the bed I yeah is it bed or good oops I accidentally pressed chat all right never mind there I’m going I open the door I close the door the door why does may keep doing this I open the door I close the door guys by the way um if you don’t know guys I think may already knows that I’m a musician yeah yes please um stream my songs it’s froggy chair not it don’t add its it’s just froggy chair on Spotify or anywhere any music platform yeah stream their songs yeah for real it’s it’s it’s kind of cringe but you know I’m I haven’t posted a really new song yet so get ready cuz I’m posting an EP soon y oh my God an EP yes oh my God yay so excited for you for real okay I don’t have enough excited for e is going to be really big also what are your thoughts on chat saying that the co survivors are all NPCs therefore you’re an NPC apparently skill issue I’m an NPC isue you had covid ratio oh my God okay fine I’m an NPC so so um that’s my secret guys I’m an NPC I’m an NPC guys I’m made by AI you heard the chat I’m an NPC I’m made by AI n joking guys I’m joking don’t don’t everyone do not accept generated AI art I really hate it I’m sure all of you guys Doo we all hate it Chad we all hate it we all hate we all hate tomato Tomatoes Tomatoes boo lame boo oh my gosh Tomatoes Tomatoes I love tomatoes and burgers though and sandwiches not going to lie pizza is pizza also has really good tomatoes oh yeah true true pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza okay what am I doing right now okay like I don’t know I heard that like meta is trying to like U make like when artists upload their [ __ ] on AI or or on um on Instagram and Facebook they like use it to train for AI yes yes yeah that that’s actually true but every artist now not every but you know what I mean like a lot of artists are now transferring to the application called Cara yeah I heard of Cara yeah yeah I have it but I don’t think I’ll be transferring there fully yet until I figure out like I don’t know but Instagram is where I grew my art so I’ll probably stay there on Instagram yeah because it’s so hard as well to start over to be fair yeah yeah I don’t know yeah that’s actually true what should we make this room though storage I guess storage yeah yeah I I’ll I’ll get more wood yeah yeah get more wood I need to cook stuff actually I need to cook stuff because I’m hungry y’s I’m hungry H in real life as yay me hungy me me yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy oh my is going insane with just one person what are they doing what are they saying he’s saying he he wants to join the server it’s not a public server unfortunately yeah we’re sorry man it’s not public but probably we’ll think about it like in future episodes with Nate and forgi may should whatever episode na episode 69 hey yo nice it’s the nice number guys so that 69 yeah because they’re hugging they’re hugging yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and hugging is friendship yeah and uh or it could be upside down pregnant people 69ine right I don’t know they look pregnant or something I don’t know doesn’t that look like like I don’t know that that’s actually a good maternity shoot [ __ ] God [ __ ] damn it like like like if you have a best friend who’s also pregnant you can do the 69ine thing no no no no no not what uh the the position not the actual doing come on man are you there yeah I’m there I’m there I’m there um chat is now asking what the [ __ ] are you saying I’m no no no no oh my God we are listening if we can hear you out brother I’m sorry I didn’t mean it will the the chat is the council uh council do we forgive froggy for their crimes or no please please councel please councel please please please I hope you know what I mean though I get it but will the council get it the council has the final say not the mayor just guys come on let the mayor let the mayor come on man that’s why guys be careful what you say on stream oh my God I found coal oh my God I found some salmon coold cold C it’s on water it’s in water it’s in the water water the water the water the water I’m so I’m so bad at explaining stuff it turned out so wrong I’m so sorry Chad no head pts no Paro cheers no no head no a don’t no head I get some salmon yay salmon CH chat chat did you hear hear what may said no I’m reading the chat the chat literally says three three years no head no headbuts no parole that’s what the chat literally says don’t blame me blame chat okay okay okay okay okay I’m just reading it out loud okay I blame chat then hello chat welcome to my chat Channel welcome to my my my humor is so broken I make up stuff in my head that it’s not even real don’t worry all we are all living under brain rot now I feel so embarrassed I embarrassed myself in front of your viewers no don’t worry they love it they love it they love it don’t worry Chad do you love it do you love it chat do you love it chat they have to REM unfort the council decided remove your peanuts I okay all right all right I’ll remove my pean peanuts wait where where is my peanuts hold on is it in your fridge yeah it’s in my fridge hold on let me bring it out I’m kidding guys okay we’re back to normal and I’m going in and out of the house cuz I got nothing to do okay let’s see let’s see oh wait I need food wait I already have food here I I’m going to get a salmon GRE Digest chat no croissant for six years how does it feel to have no croissant for six years um it feels normal cuz I don’t eat croissants sorry but I have tasted croissants I have tasted croissants yeah okay I don’t know wait where is oh there it is they already have a bad view on me I’m sure of that I’m so sorry guys n they love it don’t worry I hope so cuz I got really bad humor don’t worry you all have bad humor we’re all living in brain mod anyway so don’t worry about it don’t worry all right all right all right oh my gosh I hate this twitch UI like I mean when you go first into when you die first into twitch they become uh they become it becomes the for you the for you page first kind of thing like in Tik Tok my thoughts on it really is like um I think in a part of it I tried it and for Discovery I think it’s pretty good Discovery wise so that like people who you don’t follow but has like maybe similar Vibes to you in like the first thing you that’s the first thing you’re going to see I think yeah and it’s going to be really helpful for like Discovery in case is like if you’re a small Channel and you’ll be able to like you know you’ll be able to have a uh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I don’t know what I’m cooking but yeah I’m checking my chat hold on guys my chat is not chatting wait wait wait I found a lot of coal I found a lot of coal how many viewers do I have right now oh three hello yay can thank you for my three viewers you guys are great I would like to thank the economy the economy the uh yeah somebody said in chat I know froggy chair’s real name no docking besties no docking bestie no docking guys cuz if you dock docking is bad yeah it’s a crime under the law under the law of fork and me yes they’re not they’re not forky chair forky chair they’re no longer froggy you’re now frog you’re now you’re now uh you’re no longer froggy chair you’re no forky chair because you you said Fork you said Fork not frog I said Fork go go wait did you see fork you said for I heard Fork sorry okay guys I I’m expecting memes now I’m expecting froggy chair memes instead of like froggy chair you’re going to put a my whatever on Fork on a fork oh my gosh I’m put their model on a fork do it now Grand forky shair spread it to the internet uh spread it to the interwebs uh yeah spread it to the interweb um make forky chair forky chair Trend worldwide Fork world domination Fork World okay we got raw salmon I got some wait I need to climb out out I need to climb out of this this Pond cuz I will die I literally have two hearts cuz I keep on [Music] drowning you keep on drowning this needs more chest okay I’m going back home I’m coming yay coming I’m coming home I’m coming home with the milk hey yo it’s my dad Minecraft Dad Minecraft Dad chat what the [ __ ] yeah yeah Dad’s home with the milk in Minecraft in Minecraft guys don’t think it differently guys okay hi hi child here’s your uh food I have some Po and I got Ro salmon thank you I’m crafting a chest Dad wait wait you’re still my mayor I’ll call you my mayor instead mayor wait the mayor is my dad what oh no the uh the plot gets thicker oh my God we’re twins we’re twins guys actually real actually real we’re twins twins where have you been [Music] no nobody I don’t know the nobody knows me like you no I know nobody Lov me I don’t know the lyrics that’s what I hear nobody loves me I’m so sorry the heart heartbreak heartbreak version yeah oh my gosh imagine somebody actually makes that froggy chair next next song He next song cover leaked whe leak you heard leak you heard it here first did you say wheat leak or meat leak l e k e d my bad my bad are you thinking what are you thinking no don’t tell me you’re thinking about that thing no no no no why would I I I just heard Le meat or what was the other word I forgot leak meat uh yeah that’s that’s what you said I said three things but eh okay I keep forgetting what I’m going to do because I’m lost when I’m talking what the heck what are your thoughts to say okay chat said I like the sixth grade energy coming from this stream oh my gosh that’s that’s great that’s actually that’s actually a good compliment cuz to be honest if you get if you say that you know 12 grade or something I don’t know it feels like we’re old and we’re not funny enough so good thing we’re we got the sixth grader yeah and um we’re still we’re still funny you broke the chest I was it block it blocked way it blocked the way don’t worry it’s better there it’s it blocked the way it blocked the way yeah we’re all just we’re all secretly just um we’re we’re just we’re we’re secretly just uh third graders to be honest yeah I got a mind and soul of a third grader to be honest guys and I know I know you all can see that we can relate it feels like all of us have two brain cells running fighting for the fourth runner up yeah we all share the brain cell what was I G to make oh my God the oh yeah ch how many brain CS have we lost today um H let me count I can can you you can don’t tell me you can only count to four one that’s all I can count one you can only count to one you can only count only count to one heyo you can only count to one [Music] count our brain cells are dead you can only count to one you can only count you can only count to one how the [ __ ] do you even count one one um 1 3 4 8 9 10 wow oh you can count up to 10 count up to 10 by skipping numbers guys SL cheats we now invented the um uh what what is the original number what oh oh my gosh I’m going to make a I’m going to make a uh mine I’m going to make like a mine way thingy I want it m way tell me why a nothing but a a what is one so one is a number what is a number a number is something you use you count uh yeah [Music] yeah yeah somebody ask in ch what the sigma is doxing what the what the sigma oh my gosh what the sigma is doxing guys okay guys people in chat elaborate what is doxing in your words how do you explain doxing to a gen Alpha how to explain doxing to aen Alpha third grader sixth grader in the world he six grade lit what what what what he’s literally sixth grade I think no [ __ ] way Yes actually he’s already turning seventh grade I think oh my gosh High School na High School na High School just be careful when you go to my chat because my chat is only 16 plus yes don’t go yeah just for the safety of others and your safety yeah yeah because I do get very uh yeah don’t worry me too I just don’t know why I just don’t know okay let’s oh no I made a hole okay let’s cover that up wait I have so much coal yay we have manyi storage chest now let’s go I have so much coal oh my gosh how much okay so chat this is the this is chat’s explanation uh you re their baby grown and leak their skib that’s what duing is actually all right Chad how do we rate the explanation Chad okay chat let’s go chat omim chat omim chat okay found some iron iron oh my God iron let’s go let’s go out of no out of everywhere iron will be down here oh my gosh we got we found a good spot then yes we got we found a good spot brain rot out of 100 thank you Chad for loving us to our brain rot and Beyond to our brain rot and Beyond I I don’t know what the chat um thinks of me but I am scared right now I’m scared this is my first time being so out in this world it’s your first time out of the womb and you had to explore the the world yes I I was stuck in the womb for so long now I’m out and exploring different different streams stuff you know oh my God I didn’t know you are a dad I didn’t know you a dad too me yeah they said CTI said uh froggy is my dad lioo oh s oh my gosh yes I’m I’m I am her I’m her her dad congratulations on being a dad how does it feel to be a dad it feels it feels amazing as long as you have good children you have good children sand is a good child don’t worry she’s cool she’s cool she’s Co she’s noise noise when when cool children yes [Music] whoaa pickax no I have don’t worry I have many more I literally crafted another one for going down so I have you have to I have two pickaxes that are about to die oh that’s even worse this is a yeah wait what if I found a cave what if I found a cave in here cuz I feel like I’m going to find a cave one way or another here oh my gosh imagine we can actually go mining there but the thing is mobs no don’t worry they don’t really like because of how the stairs are structured in here like how we craft the uh Mining and stuff it’s not going to like um yeah oh my God I think I think we found it I think we found it I literally there’s water in here oh my gosh bro found a a watery cave guys I found it it’s underneath underneath the Christmas tree underneath Christmas tree yes [Music] Chad okay did you find it did you find it yep yep yep I found it oh my gosh oh my gosh I heard you singing oh it’s a ravine I think it’s a ravine is it a RAV yeah I think oh no oh no will we know our way back that’s the question don’t worry there’s still there’s it’s water guys yeah it’s water but we we know our way back stay tuned for the next episode not drinking okay we found I found some iron here cool you found iron there wait where are you anyway I am below do you think below do you think the nether update is better than the cave update I haven’t uh I’m not really I’m not really sure I feel like I enjoy both really I don’t really play Minecraft that much unless it’s with friends so I cannot really say a specific answer so depends on the person but I think both are really cool y one shot says cave better what is your thoughts on it though I don’t really mind yeah yeah you since you played Minecraft more often than I do H cave it’s fine I mean I’m not really updated much on the updates I just play we just play yeah I just play and I be like okay this is Minecraft okay okay this a new update all right okay Minecraft yeah oh [ __ ] [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] there’s a witch oh my God there’s a witch oh my God there’s a witch what the [ __ ] wait wait I’m coming to save your life wait I’m still up up above wait where are you where in the world are you I am here I’m going to never mind I I think I’m gonna die guys chat I think I’m goingon to die chat chat I’m I think I’m GNA die chat chat chat I’m going to lose a heart I’m goodbye goodbye don’t no no you live you live you I I live with half a heart let’s go the mayor has lived I live with half a heart oh my gosh that’s so oh my gosh like I I am literally slowly losing my health and then I was I’m just sitting there waiting for my death to arrive I because I already accepted my de and then boom I I couldn’t I couldn’t believe I’m still alive like holy [ __ ] like no way oh my gosh holy holy okay we got tree iron okay good that’s good I think I need to get more food hold on guys coming home with the milk again okay I I’ll go do the same but I’m going to put stuff in the chest first cuz I don’t want to bring everything I did the cruel I did the cruel Goodbye World bit Yeah and then survived I’m just that powerful I am the main character guys may is the main character she’s she’s the main character character the main character literally I hate how many puns I could make with my own name that’s right that’s so amazing I hate you that’s amazing what you think please rate your puns out of 10 rate rate my puns out of 10 guys it’s so amazing to have me around me because she is my my mayor that’s so great oh no I left my oh my gosh I I literally left my sword back there okay hey yo a bush for oh my gosh a behive I’m not going to destroy that or else I’m going to get attacked by bees the bees wait yes what what will happen if you killed the turtels will we save the turtels I don’t know wait what CES uh let’s see chat what do you think CH what you think I want to see what happens if wait I want to okay I’m going to kill the one and I’m going to make I’m going to decide if one should live oh [ __ ] wait why doesn’t this die I’m getting I’m getting I’m getting stuff I don’t know where I am now did I even get anything oh I didn’t get [ __ ] sorry yeah yeah we’re not killing the turtles sorry sorry Turtles I failed you tles no one’s going to get the turtles wait um I need my torch torch torch oh no guys by the way me and may just met today not really like met met like started talking to each other wec just today we’re already but yeah to I think like it’s like a week ago yeah I think it’s a week ago yeah like we were follow each other on Tik Tok for a long time now yeah and then I I would I didn’t follow you on other social media until today and then yeah we just decided yeah yeah oh yeah we won’t get anything that’s very sad okay so now okay so Minecraft is literally teaching us save the turtles because you won’t get any if you kill them yeah um guys what do you think may just kill the turtle what are your reactions what are your inputs what are your um feedbacks on me killing a turtle guys is this please don’t conceal please don’t conceal me um I wasn’t in my best mental state okay I’m getting more wood because we might need it for sticks also I got sugar canes bro is a straw throw more plastic straw not the strw guys save the turtles I’m a change SH now I’m a changed change her changed person yeah May is a changed person even though it’s the first time we’ve ever talked like this a yeah do you guys want more forgy for Fork I mean forky Fork chair and may or may content guys let me let us know so you can continue this yeah and you can stream on your YouTube too yeah cuz I mainly stream on YouTube but I’m probably going to stream now on Twitch since it’s kind of more easier to I don’t know I need to try YouTube again though I’m not sure because I mean you’re more used to YouTube yeah mainly because my my viewers told like I did a poll on whether I should stream on Twitch or YouTube they all said YouTube so I’m guessing because it’s more what what should I call it um more compact I mean no uh more accessible there yeah many people use YouTube more than twitch so that’s very understandable on their part yeah yeah yeah I found you oh my God there’s you right there yeah yeah yeah I I just I just returned my stuff cuz I’m very hungry I needed food also yes yes yes yes apparently they want more me and forgy forgy forg content do you have fortnite y i I’m planning to get well actually I do have fortnite but I need to fix something so I can get it to work okay but yes when when I I’ll let you know if I get fortnite so we can get fortnite oh my gosh yes frog frog oh my gosh name name the episodes fortnite fornite fornite forg and me forg forg Yes actually yeah the unfortunate though the cons of YouTube when it comes to live stream it’s hard to find find live streams to work on YouTube like theability is not that easy compared to Twitch like it’s still optimized for videos over YouTube I mean twitch is um twitch’s discoverability on Twitch is more optimized for live streams over YouTube the UI M I’m lost I mean there are a bush There’s A B no no no there are flowers but I don’t know where to go I forgot where I came from if there is no one the behive don’t one with the Beehive if you found a beehive it means you are almost to the area you’re coming home to okay I found you I found you I found you I found you friend I found you I found you you are here I am here yay yay froggy friend friend FR froggy friend yay I found my bunny friend yay I found my forgy friend yay boonie friend yipp it’s getting dark oh no and I need to eat food I can’t Sprint I’ll give you food I’ll give you wait wait how do I give you yes please wait do I have no I don’t have okay wait how do I give food wait Q how do how do you uh wait Q oh it’s Q There we go I forgot how to play Minecraft Bro streamed Minecraft a few days ago and forgot how to play it that’s so that’s so yeah I just forgot I admit I just forgot damn I was like that also okay raw salmon I might need that I have a date with my husband tomorrow wait husband who mxb he doesn’t stream but yeah actually I’m not I’m not literally married guys I just call him my husband Oh I thought you’re actually going to marry you’re actually married I’m like oh what damn congratulations but I’m not actually M I’m still I’m still a youngster I’m not a minor but I’m still a youngster yeah I’m going oh my gosh I can’t believe I actually said I’m not a miner oh my gosh I was a minor last year you know that Meme that like 17 year olds when before they reach 18 17 year olds after they reach 18 no miners allowed yes oh my gosh yes yes no miners D and D do not interact the you’ve been just you are just 17 yesterday what do you mean do not interact you’re literally one of us yesterday and then what do you mean do not interact oops oh my go that’s where I found the witch be careful okay are you coming down yet yeah I’m here I’m just scared of the witch the Witch is a [ __ ] don’t mind them they are a [ __ ] okay I think I see it do we see it no okay they disappeared good they disappeared or maybe they have the the potion thing are you serious there’s nothing in here oh I look the last time I saw there is wait a minute what’s up there is something up there but I can’t get up because I can’t see oh no we need torches what do you have torches the the first the first thing I thought when I thought when I left minor Hood was I can get arrested I can now drink legally in most countries same same same same oh my gosh oh my gosh should we just go back up because oh I forgot how to learn Chinese I unfortunately guys I only know the basics even though I’m half Chinese very embarrassing I know oh that’s fine though yeah I only know the basic ones like the one like how do I introduce myself how old I am uh where do I live I’m not going to dox myself I mean I do I mean I know how to say Philippines Philippine in Chinese duing oh my gosh what if what if what if May May the mayor teaches for Teacher how to speak Chinese I only know the basic ones unfortunately I only know how to like say the name uh how old am I where do you study um how I only I only ler know the basic of the basics it’s fine teach me teach me the how I can say my name um when I ask you what’s your name I also know how to say hello um yeah yeah I’m going to right yeah niow is hello kind of that like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah um well was your CTI yeah that one that one CTI yeah yeah you’re learning dualingo is going to kill you go du lingo is going to kill you engl CH Chinese or vanish as that’s Spanish or vanish uh Chinese or uh yeah Spanish or Chinese or vanish vanish I I am lying when I said the first thing I did when I turned 18 was drink beer yeah that’s mostly people’s common like like answer like what’s the first thing you did when you were 18 wait what’s the first thing you did when you were 18 H I had the friend group thing yeah I kind of like drank but not like too much cuz I’m not really I’m still moderated of course cuz yeah I just turned 18 that time but that was that was January guys my birthday is on January yeah okay uh what else can we [Music] do oh my gosh oh oh someone’s a genius in chat Chinese or broken broken broken I am broken he’s I can say the first 10 numbers in Chinese yeah I can say I can say numbers in Chinese too I can say um some words in another dialect there’s another because there’s so there are dialects in Chinese one of them is called fuken what’s fuken fukan is a dialect it’s a dialect it’s a dialect F Chinese or this Nik oh my gosh that’s funny crazy that’s crazy that’s crazy I’m going to try to dig dig but yeah I can I can I can for example I’m going to explain to you guys the fukan so like fukan is like a dialect and I can say it like uh it it and it’s not oh it’s not each um it the it it’s just ungrad in our brain [Music] yeah um hen I I think um hwen is I think I don’t think hen is exactly from vondo I think I’m not um let me Google actually because like um because I remember the only the reason yeah because the the re the I remember that the reason where like um we learned fukan is because it was in it was like required in our Chinese class to speak huken I know a lot of schools have like what is that called like the other version of Chinese uh Mandarin Mandarin usually yeah Mandarin yeah yeah that’s the common that’s the common uh that’s the common L that’s the common dialect that uh people usually use oh yeah yeah that’s cool ented iron pick wow congratulations may yeah yeah I got an iron pickax okay let me do the same oh he’s oh Philippine hokan also known it was know it was also known in Philippine English Philippino and other Philippine languages known as fukan or fukan or fukan across the country derived from the Chinese castal romanization of the Ning Court dialect Mandarin Reading of the fujian province oh that’s cool that’s cool that’s cool that’s cool I just Googled that unfortunately I’m not smart it was obvious you Googled it cuz you were reading okay um let me okay let me read that um I know this is the to sure to Sure uh I know it’s like Tai or something that one is like Tai or something I’m not sure how to pron I I’m not sure how to read the third word though I’m not sure to read the third word yes you’re very smart I unfortunately don’t it’s the cha oh it’s cha yeah oh yeah it is cha I I keep on confusing it with chai CH is a cha is a yeah ch ch oh my God guys I found diamond hey yo me we found diamonds breastes I got [Music] tree yeah y let’s oh yeah may I still have my first P pickaxe and axe with me yippee I made an iron pickaxe yay yay I found good thing you got the iron pickaxe so you can M the Diamond dead yeah I have to go back I have to go back yeah it’s going to be okay okay it’s going to be a man it’s going to be a man creeper a man so we back in the back in that mine okay we got an extra room here I don’t know how to make it until okay we have lapis lazuli right wait I’ll make a sign that says wait H this one wait what what is the use for lapis lazuli though what’s the use usually I think it’s for enchantments if I’m correct yeah enchantments oo I need enchantment yeah oh I see poers poggers poggers orange yes oh enchant okay thank you friends for educating me yeah thank you yes very nice a the only one watching me is my cousin that’s so sweet shout out to FR Froggy’s cousin yeah shout out to you guy guy say guys you red citizen Shout shout out to you shout out to you okay I don’t know what to make this random thing into this this room we have a storage Dr I I guess if we have like enough to make an enchantment table we could add it here yeah how do you make an enchantment table I know you need paper and then door and then I have the I have Diamond okay wait let me check there should be a chant oh why is it all caps wait wait where can I find it Well I uh hold on when I search table it only shows up the crafting table I forgot how it’s done Chad how do you craft the enchantment table again yeah how do you craft it that help I forgot oh my gosh I haven’t played Minecraft properly in this this long same like I only play it casually like we usually just you know go in the beginning Park and stuff yeah me I just build how do okay how do from another fortunate yeah I wish we could have you know y some of my diamonds I have 40 block and 32 two diamond and one book and four obsidian in your server but I don’t know if you can do server to server trade that would be good though if we can do server to server trade like Animal Crossing yeah that would be really cool yes yeah yeah what do we do now um I am just going to pee actually okay I’m just going to pee um froggy please entertain chat and the chat please entertain be entertained by for I can’t see your CH I can see your chat wait let me visit your T I just got a PE okay wait don’t wait okay wait let me go to um okay guys this is my first time using twitch as a streaming platform I’ll have to search up May’s channel to be able to do this hold on let me restart my twitch guys hold on okay let me go to me let me go to Ma I know so that I can see your guys’s okay hi guys hi hi chat hi chat hi chat hi Chad okay thank you oh my gosh hi Kuro Kuro K and S oh my gosh you’re here oh my gosh Santi oh my gosh oh my gosh you’re here Pala okay uh how are you guys doing how’s chat doing how’s chat doing good that’s great that’s great that’s great nice on centi all right uh everyone should be sleeping now I guess that’s why the views are kind of lower now may is just on the bed oh my gosh all right just being I forgot all right um so I’m not good at entertaining oh G you’re also Minecrafting that’s great you should Minecraft with us someday after the stream maybe I don’t know but I have to sleep after the stream cuz I got a date tomorrow oh my gosh everybody wish me luck because he’s um he’s going to be going to um where I live and then to the mall and where I live and then where and he’s going to my house oh my gosh like Bros it’s not his first time going here but I just hope that things go well and I don’t embarrass myself yeah I I I don’t want to embarrass myself so I’m kind of needing wishing of lo oh my bad good um good don’t worry don’t worry we can play some other time we can play some other time you don’t need to play right now cuz You’ played 15 hours on Minecraft oh my gosh did you even take breaks dude did you take breaks or oh my gosh I swear if you didn’t take any breaks that’s that’s oh my gosh I could never do that actually I can’t I can’t again if I did take breaks I don’t know H oh um oh my gosh I realized there’s a subway surface at the side oh my gosh I realized just now I don’t know why all right G that’s good that’s good that’s good that’s good oh that was you that was you on Discord don’t who said I have to go to the gym yeah okay I know you know I know you know I know you know I know who you are now the guy who said who is going to the gym in in me server right yeah so [Music] H May is literally [ __ ] right now I don’t know if it’s a p or [ __ ] at this point may may is probably just peeing loads and loads I don’t know yes Kudo I recognized you because you are cool oh my gosh what’s pting oh what wait what is pitting pitting pitting pitting or pissing what oh my God what is this bro got Channel points that’s cool good job me good job may may got so much oh no May everyone on chat please pray for me give me a May the mayor in chat come on guys give me May the mayor in chat for give me may as the mayor come on chat give me me the mayor in chat so we can help May fight for her life in the toilet on the toilet not in the toilet what the heck a Sim let’s go May is the mayor let’s go chat me I am I am I’m very concerned now how are you doing on the toilet what happened to you on the toilet oh my gosh yes wait what which one has an emoji May or like May on the toilet or oh my gosh yes I can actually draw that I can I can draw that I can draw that I’ll make that an emote okay M’s coming back I think maybe the toilet oh my gosh okay I’m actually going to do the mayor emote and the spray emote the toilet spray remote I’ll do it like tomorrow after the date cuz oh my gosh I’m so tempted to make me into a toilet spray no no no no no no no fighting a toilet sprayer there we go okay okay okay we’re gonna have a two-minute break on ma ma thingy ma stream actually I don’t know I never had experience with that actually why did I hear myself why did I hear myself why did I hear myself what the heck I heard myself hello hello I’m back hello hello oh my gosh may may oh my gosh may I won the battle I won the battle chat I won the battle yes may is the May my toilet has nothing on me let’s go [ __ ] the toilet no no no no no I meant [ __ ] off toilet that’s what I mean I mean the toilet he has a hole and um wait is there a zombie outside oh my gosh fight me also yes yes um if you if you’re going to make me an emot please do send me thank you actually um actually I do have a plan for that for uh uh I’m going I’m going wait wait I’m going to DM you something um okay okay okay okay M’s GNA DM me something keep it a secret okay keep it a secret it’s for it’s for it’s for something very important okay okay also guys um an what is the word again um confidential yeah okay also guys I forgot what I was going to say well oh yeah I make commissions only 200 pesos for to emotes H yeah somebody commissioned me 18 emotes oh my gosh so I’m still on uh two out of 18 damn you got this do do a making my commiss do a um stream where you’re just drawing your commissions it will be such a fun oh my go I should I should I should I should [Music] yeah pleas sure when there is a hole there is a goal check your Discord check your Discord I sent you a message oh my gosh okay okay okay bet bet bet bet that is so real okay guys guess what may is so cool oh my gosh guys that’s so cool guys may said something so disgusting it is so beautiful so disgusting that it’s beautiful I don’t know I have to I I I have to make it so confidential very it is very confidential it’s so gross that it’s confidential yeah you wouldn’t even want to be curious about it okay let’s reveal it let’s reveal it she she pooped that’s it I mean yeah she I pooped and [ __ ] I sharded she sharded on the toilet and F it yeah and I won and I wanton the battle oh I want to do an emote of of me what do you funny for once I’ve always been funny just kid no no I want to make an emote of of me doing two middle fingers to a [Laughter] toilet oh my gosh yes we could talk about it yeah we could talk about it oh my gosh yes we should plan more emotes what else a four a froggy chair Fork I don’t know you could I know a froggy chair holding a fork it’s like you know that nice meme of the dock just like that oh yeah yeah yeah I could do that but it’s your it’s the froggy chair and the fork and a fork yes or my model with the fork yeah yeah yeah yeah and then okay Chad give us more ideas we’re just steamrolling uh ideas right now guys what do you mean funny for once I’ve always been funny I made you guys laugh more than once why is my chat now fighting me oh my gosh okay okay okay more wood because wood is Life Wood Wood we need wood in life wood wood wood so we can make sticks and houses yeah sticks and houses that’s good oh my gosh where is me going oh okay I just found cool bro found cool I have the normal texture pack what the heck tomato yeah I did I get it though um ik is really funny but like slandering your screamer like that that is very prohibited under the Community Law according to the community constitution of I don’t know whatever the [ __ ] year we made it it’s for it’s prohibited to slander your streamer and say that the mayor is not funny that is amazing guys that’s so amazing M is so amazing thank you you’re welcome I truly hate it here guys oh my gosh wait do I have bones yes I have I only have two is that enough though I think I don’t know just just just spray it’s justay yeah but where is it oh no it left oh no where did it go oh no the dog left oh wait it went over there went over there I remember having a dog and made it sit and then when I went back to my house it didn’t I’m going to now I love you all good night STI thanks for being here well really appreciate your presence on the stream love you love you CTI good night STI we love you happy Pride too happy Pride happy Pride paltin for everyone yay thanks for joining STI thanks everyone yeah you’re a paid actor um how much did I pay you again um about the gcash how much did I pay you again you only PA me one PES oh no I’m lost oh no guys we’re losing it chat chat we’re losing it we’re losing it chat I’ve been talking now I’m lost I don’t know where I am I was just oh my God there’s a creeper oh man so we’re back in the mines but there we’re not in the mines we’re back in the ground we’re back in the ground guys can I actually my go we’re back in the ground yeah I think I’m actually lost and I got no food oh wait I have to whale she wh [ __ ] that’s [ __ ] oh my gosh oh man it’s just a normal boring cave what the heck I found the cave thingy but I’m very far away a spawner dude it’s called a spawner oh okay I think I’m GNA die ch um nice number nice number nice number okay they better die yep I’m gonna die Chad oh my gosh wait wait wait wait don’t don’t don’t don’t froggy don’t tell me you’re going to die froggy froggy no I’m not going to die I live I live I live I live you live yay I lived because I dug I Dig Dug I dug and now I’m alive but I’m still lost wait did you say you dug down no no no no like sideways so that I can get out it’s like oh my gosh but I’m like lost I don’t know where I am and I got lost yeah I don’t know where come on look what I found oh my gosh look what I found I found a what do you call this this nether portal that’s broken wait wait let me see what’s in the chest oh yeah oh my gosh iron nugget we could use that to make um May if you start a view viewer server I will speed getting diamond yeah go for it Go For It Go For It Go for it I will be roooting for you I will be rooting for you cuz I I want to check it out I want to check I want I will open one pretty soon though I will open a viewer server person if I have the money to because I know [ __ ] is not easy to manage wait a damn minute [ __ ] is not easy to manage chat [ __ ] is not easy to manage a server is not easy to manage and you know hold properly IR that 24 hours open so one must pay for it so yeah eventually in the future if we get to more followers more community members all that stuff yes m turnos one turnos one unfortunately closes though yeah hello hello can you hear me hello are you can you hear me can you hear me okay okay I just muted for a while because uh chat is talking oh my oh my God it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay I didn’t even know there I didn’t even know there was a zombie behind me but I lost everything it’s okay at least we still have iron at home we still have iron at home if you but if you wait wait did you wait do you wait where is it though where is it I didn’t I didn’t have iron don’t worry I only I me where where are your stuff so we could get it it’s very far I don’t even know it’s it it’s near uh what do you call that nether portal that that no not damage uh it’s like a nether portal that’s broken oh you one of those yeah and then I was trying to mine for for uh for stone to to make a furnace so I can make the an into a oh wait no a crafting table so that I can make the iron ingots into wait the iron nuggets into iron ingots but I died because the zombie was behind me unfortunately apparently that scream that you did I think I think that scream or something reminded them of Five Nights at Freddy’s oh my gosh five oh my gosh should be should I be a chica voice actor I mean I used to be a voice actor for a YouTube series but I don’t want to get reminded of it anyways [Music] um oh my gosh gold mot bro oh yeah that’s what me got never mind I thought I found it home I’m coming I’m coming home oh I think I found it I think I found the portal you’re talking about wait did you find it can you find my stuff somewhere I’ll try my best oh I’ll try my best is there like a fire charge inside and a dirt yes yes oh that this is the one that I found okay don’t worry I got this I’m going to get your stuff okay okay I think I found your stuff hold on oh yeah I found it here’s the here I found the stuff try to teleport actually try to teleport to me because I am very heavy-handed do you oh no wait wait should I give you op yeah I’ll give you op so that you can an know no you can be op because you’re the only of the server you can TP yourself to me TP oh no I think I know the way home I think yeah I think I know the way home anyways I can’t be because how do you make it like when commands can be used you have to make yourself the operator I am the oper wait um yeah okay wait wait wait wait I can do it I can do it I have to go to turn off yeah yeah turn make yourself the operator bestie make myself the operator [Music] yes oh my gosh okay players then how do we go back home do you know the way yeah I know the way back I know the way back I somehow I I still I still remember yeah I know the way back because as soon as I saw your stuff I’m like okay I think I know the way back home I’m just going to wait here for you okay I’ll just add myself as an it’s just straight straight all the way straight anyway so yeah t to my mayor there we go yes this one this one get your stuff here okay oh my gosh oops the only thing valuable to be honest is the wood and the iron pickaxe okay let’s go back home for now and get our I’m going to I’m going to get the obsidian so we can make a nether portal okay may I have accidentally triggered a Zombie Pigman apocalypse oh no wait do you have an no what what breaks obsidian right diamonds yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah what breaks obsidian diamonds yes yes yes can you uh mine all these I wait um my diamonds it at home okay we we can just go back another time and I don’t know if it’s enough for wait I don’t know if it’s enough for pickaxe though that’s oh okay let me H we should leave a mark so we know I’m going to put a a dirt Tower okay e e e e e tell me well [ __ ] are we cooked Chad oh [ __ ] there’s a Pillager I think we’re cooked there’s we’re cooked we no please don’t kill me I only have three hearts I think I’m going to die in between in between our journey back home please we just have to wait we have to survive till sunrise yeah oh no we’re lost we lost we lost them okay we’re almost at Sunrise don’t worry we’re almost there I think okay I hope so I really hope so this n what we are lost Chad oh no oh my gosh we are lost chat we are so lost chat we are lost what is happening chat guys D wait oh my gosh no please not the skeleton I’m out of food and I cannot run I’m going to die I wait wait wait wait I’ll try to kill kill it with my pickaxe hold on help wait yeah I’ll help you guys I’m going to die oh I am literally surviving on one part that is crazy Oh no I got no oh wait I do I only have two oh no it’s not even cooked say mine’s not even cooked too okay it’s sunr nice okay we can explore again we survived another day yeah also I didn’t find I didn’t see any sand biomes before so I guess we’re super far away yeah we are so far [Music] away like usually we are like leaving within trees mhm and we are usually like we usually survive with like water and stuff yeah okay where you at now going look an end East where’s the East I’m not good at directions like the East West uh Northeast Northwest North East West oh there I see you I’m just jumping around oh [ __ ] there’s a got to be careful or else I will die and explode and not live oh no we’re going to die wait wait no don’t manifest it okay okay wait wait I think I think I think copium copium oh my gosh we have found it did you no oh no oh no copium ending we have found it non copium ending we haven’t found it oh no that’s bad guys okay I think we’re at the B area I think we’re almost there we I saw I saw the B wait let me T it to you let me T it to you I think I think I said I think cuz I’m not completely sure either oh my God okay I think we’re literally in the wrong area because I found another Diamond I found another wait isn’t this the previous area it’s the same thing oh oh this was the previous area we found each other on oh we just did we just went in circles oh no I can’t run chat I’m going to die chat okay I’m one heart three hunger that’s great wait do you need food yeah yes here get some food here you can take this yay I think we went that way H where where where there okay okay like we could do that yeah we let’s try there wait let me eat first cuz I’m okay literally one heart okay eat first chat watch me eat mukbang mukbang Minecraft mukbang mukbang ASMR mukbang is some more Minecraft eating raw meat what real eating what raw meat yum me hey yo now where is this place chat are we near chat I don’t know yet are we there yet where is m m don’t worry I lived bro lived okay let’s go where do we go BR live oh my gosh copium cop I’m just behind you I hope this is the right place I feel like this is the right place but it’s not I don’t know is this I don’t know I think it’s okay dogs I think we’re on the right direction cuz on our way there we found dogs yes maybe there we go yeah and there sugar cane so we might be in the oh my gosh yes this is the right place yeah yeah because of this yeah yeah yeah yeah this the right place yeah oh my gosh an Ender don’t look at it oh my God don’t worry I have wait I know you can like put like a pumpkin the pumpkin Jackal Lantern thingy on your head or something oh yeah but you need to an know carve it yeah congratulations yeah congratulations in the Wither Skeleton skull I am like 300 days in and I finally got one w at least you got something this W wither skeletons are not easy at [Music] all I think we are cooked again can we just go to creative and fly I don’t even know I think we’re near cuz I found the red flowers wait long let’s split and try to find it if we find it then we find it yes I hope this is it but I cannot find it but I can find it you can do this chat we’re going to go home eventually yes finding Homer finding home a new finding home a finding Nemo new installation the the sequel oh my God sequel of the sequel just Finding Nemo because yeah I I’m not updated with Emos Emos um Nemos I mean Nemos [ __ ] Emos I met Nemos oh my gosh I’m dumb yeah um where am I I found the horsey so we might been somewhere yeah you might be but I’m I’m stuck somewhere I don’t know where I am the achievement was literally spooky scary skeleton that shivers down your spine oh my gosh where is the chat come on chat we are this chat you got this we got this chat pray for us chat a pray for us yes I don’t know where I am I’m going to keep looking we’re going to keep looking okay okay if we give up you you can just fly there’s always a fly option a fly option oh my go did I find it chat no but I found I found nothing anyways uh yeah do you want me to write the sermon again yes please manifest your best sprayer so that we can find home find home pleas finding home finding home I think I think I think just I think bro thinks that thinking is thinking bro is thinking on the thinkers thinking sing you stinking bro is stinking and sleepy yes me too we just need to get to home we just need to get home just that just that and we’re good to go oh my gosh where is it where is it come on come on chat please we got go home home for at least the diamonds are at home yeah I wish we were at home at the diamonds right now yeah but no oh no I’m starting to run out of food I’m back at the pumpkin patches my God what am I doing oh Lord oh no oh no or I’m lost we’re [Music] lost we are losing it hard we are losing it we’re just trying to find home trying to find home oh my gosh I found the red flowers but where is our home bro why is this so hard oh no don’t tell me I’m back at the pumpkin patches again it’s always the [ __ ] pumpkin patches I don’t know why building oh no it’s getting night time again oh no I think we should do we fly do we fly above the sky wait I don’t know I’m three on hunger and three hearts I think I’m going to die because there’s a creeper oh wait never mind I thought that was a creeper oh no oh no it’s going to turn darker and darker oh no chat we going to live CH are we going chat do we do you think we’re going to find home or not wait wait wait wait wait wait I think I found it I think I found the area I think I found the area suddenly wait because I found our previous home oh my gosh oh my gosh is there hope the bushes is there hope is there hope is there hope I found home wait wait wait let me T it I found our home I was just I was just spinning out of nowhere wait wait wait don’t wait wait oh my God y oh my God oh my gosh Creeper Creeper after a million years oh my gosh finally we found home y okay finally finally finally finally finally finally may use F3 and F F3 and F2 all the um the the uh coordinates n we’re C we’re we’re we’re Brave [ __ ] we just we just eyeball it I managed listen it’s so funny and how I found this I was just like walking around like literally walking around and suddenly I saw our um and then and then suddenly I saw our um how do I word this I suddenly I suddenly saw our the hole that we used to live in and then I was like oh [ __ ] and I was like oh [ __ ] this is literally oh [ __ ] this is um this is literally like oh [ __ ] this is where literally we can this is literally um where we came from where we came from and then I just go straight and boom home boom home yay home home yippi I got bone too really yay I got a chest I don’t know from where I think it was from the from the ender portal ender portal nether portal ender portal noise storage Storage [Music] storage how how how many more minutes you can um you know how many more minutes are you good for I don’t know I actually need to sleep already I could go for around 30 more minutes I suppose okay 30 more minutes yeah yay 30 more minutes y okay yeah yeah okay b a bed we don’t need another bed yeah I’ll just make a bold for no reason Boat Boat bo bo boat Bo boat [Music] Bo okay what do we put in this [Music] area oh my God [Music] this we’re riding a boat It’s s stone yay I’m taking this Bo Goodbye Oh no goodbye goodbye goodbye may you have a blessed day me yeah wait let’s go wait I cannot go never mind how do you left M again sh okay okay that new song reminded me of the Angry Bird team wait it is familiar to The Angry Bird team I forgot what t i s I forget what T I sang is it I think it’s the FNAF song I think it’s a FNAF song I sang It’s not angry Bir Birds Angry Birds where did that come from I don’t know my chat said chat chat how dare N I don’t know I don’t know I I don’t actually know what we’re talking about so shame same I don’t even I don’t even know what we’re doing me too I’m just walking around this is what happens when you need to sleep but you cannot sleep yeah yes because you got to entertain your your what do you call your followers I don’t know what to call them what do you call them the belov call them my beloved SL zesty Brey hi nice seeing you here hello Dia I miss you go wait there’s a there’s a creeper there’s a creeper there’s a creeper where wait where where where where here here don’t worry I shoot them away from my area okay good I move explosion I moved them far away okay it’s also good because as soon as we see the hole we’re like okay I think we found we found our we finally found our home home yeah just stay there for I’m going to hunt for food okay all right oh why did I even let myself fall I’m like two and a half hearts why oh no I need food no there there’s lots of food in the um there’s lots of food in the there’s lots of food in the um chest we are the zested breast piece yeah you are my breast you are fresh zesty and besties I think you’re hungry no I just ate a lot damn I’m actually not hungry also but for some reason it’s telling me froggy just eat no I don’t want to eat no I win not iWin moment no iwi’s not proud I’m proud I’m proud for you are strong for you are strong oh my gosh Green Run D you know K yes but I haven’t an know like it’s an anime right right right right yeah it’s a reference to Jutsu kaisen but the bomi kaen happens when it’s like you know you know a bridge a bridge versions of jiujitsu kaisen and like whenever jiujitsu kaisen manga is on break and that’s that the fans are bored they decided to do lobotomy kaen it’s very absurd it’s hard yeah that reminds me that reminds me of the something like that but in Attack on Titan oh uh I forgot what it’s called the their own version of it yeah I’m going I’m going to put um logs so that I would know where we are this time okay [Music] H oh so I think so I think we are in the right area after all when we got to the pumpkin patches I think yes but we just went to the wrong area yeah should I put a tall random Tower so so we can see it or something I don’t know okay I think I might actually fall yep it’s okay I spawned I I I did it outside our house that’s fine I don’t know why why I thought of that but yeah that’s fine see my all my stuff are here and I’m done I heard you y me yeah i y y yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum I got one obsidian nice wait where how where wait a minute I got iron nuggets as well wait wait wait wait I think I can get the be oh [ __ ] the bee oh [ __ ] let me guess you destroyed the Beehive I angered the bees oh no don’t worry guys let me let me try let me try if I die here yes okay I got more iron and then I don’t even know what I’m doing hello hello huri welcome to the Stream wait hi Yuri welcome how’s how are you hi Yuri Yuri yui hi Yuri I oh [ __ ] I keep on spelling your name wrong I’m so stupid hello welcome to the you doing welcome to the stream how are you doing this is I know this is the third time like every time you came I keep on spelling your name wrong I’m so stupid and silly but hello welcome how are you doing yes yes Kuro you heard me yaan I am very EP but I have to keep pushing I have to keep pushing because keep pushing I have to keep pushing I’m okay I want to try something but like I’m nervous if I could achieve this like if someone if um I don’t know like okay I’m not going to sleep until someone donates but it’s all right if no one donates either but yeah I don’t know I just want to challenge oh okay okay we’re both not going to sleep unless someone don’t need let’s go yeah let’s go let’s go if not that’s okay too I’m just [ __ ] around Chad yeah yeah can’t sleep so I can watch for a while hello Yuri I hope this gets you to sleep or not yes we we hope that you enjoy this peaceful stream very peaceful very very peaceful this is the most peaceful stream ever actually very peaceful very peaceful oh my gosh I come home with the milk oh my gosh hello welcome back also I miss going to school for some reason because it’s so boring at home not talk to nothing to talk to no one to talk to yeah peaceful I doubt it we doubt it either a while ago it was great a while ago it was crazy it was crazy a while ago now it’s just more it’s more quiet it’s more peaceful now because we we you know we now we now found our home because a while ago we were just trying to find our home and then and and then froggy died and then I died again and then oh my gosh real what is girly doing now I am EP to I am spreading the EP EP to society the ESS to society well I am I’m spreading the Sleepy the Sleep the Sleepy uh sleepy sleepy sleepy cuz I’m sleepy sleepy slip the Sleepy slip yes sleppy slip the Sleepy slip now that you said it I kind of miss my school as well I kind of do myself because I get to touch grass but like but like not really as well it’s yeah the only thing I’m excited about when going back to school is seeing my friend friends but the school [ __ ] like the subjects in general like nah we’re bro is Sleepy bro is sleepy I Z Sleep can barely move bro zoned out zoned out br I forgot what to I don’t know I don’t know anong has a yo-yo that person named anong we’re just jumping around o 12 cooked Salon that’s cool yeahi [Music] yippi yii yi yay yay so many so many thoughts to make oh my gosh I don’t know what to do next because uh I think we have to like make NE stuff yeah we should do that in the next next thing episode yeah we’re just going to chat here how am I going yes yeah we’re going to chat here we’re just going to chat here in Minecraft because we’re getting sleepy n to be honest yeah do you you do you just want to talk to on Discord for now before we end stream sure sure sure sure okay we’re going to go on just chatting now and so far this is is the progress we made from our base very nice thank you for froggy for having such amazing design taste they’re doing good yes yes very I forgot what it’s called okay yeah then we go in we have the amazing bed double double bed made by me not me me we have the D with shelves with shelves I sorry and then this is our little kitchen makeshift kitchen and then this is our storage Storage storage and then our M shaft that’s our M shaft M shaft and a random boat just in case we go adventuring the next episode episode and then yay a random room we have no idea what to do for yeah I think it’s for the enchantment table once we get it oh yeah yeah the enchantment table yeah yeah soon oh yeah May Sunday I slept on your co-working stream and I woke up to the Russian dude playing cood and being angry I’m sorry i w i sorry you woke up to that but it it’s so funny though is it that confident they’re like sh and then good morning good morning what the [ __ ] oh yeah this morning oh my gosh morning Pala my God I’m stretching right now I was already tired from a while ago because a while ago I I went to the mall to see the highq popup store I was tired for going around I met a friend and then we ate and then I went home and then I streamed oh my gosh you you deserve you deserve I don’t know more emotes more emotes yes soon soon soon so I I will send you the reference sheet once you know you know is done yes yes yes of course of course yeah furnace crafting bedside home yes that’s is this is the typical this is the typical Minecraft setup the chest beside it the crafting table the furnace besided this is literally this the Minecraft based starter setup starter setup the m Minecraft base starting setup okay yeah we’re just walking around to be honest we’re just walking around I don’t know doing yeah oh [ __ ] I I I how do people even play 10 hour Minecraft how do you how do you do how do you get occupied how do you get so occupied like this is the same person apparently that did 23 hours of Minecraft you it was not me oh oh it was it was Kur Kuro come on man teach us how please how do you give us the energy give us the energy please Minecraft beginner give us the energy Minecraft beginner pack I think I have I’ll switch this to just chatting because we’re just chatting to be honest right now we’re just chatting and walking around on Minecraft cuz we’re sleepy and we’re just you know we just want to talk and then there is the and then there is the Subway Surfers on the side I hope you guys are invested yes what do you mean 20 what do you mean 23 only like 23 is out of 24 hours it’s almost a day yeah I need to really get a better webcam it was was it yeah one day you’ll get a better webcam bestie you is that for tracking for tracking no actually it’s just my laptop webcam oh okay okay yeah cuz I can’t afford one yet yeah that’s fair it was 20 it was 25 m f the last time I remembered was okay I was shocked when you said 25 recently it was more of a recent thing that it’s 20 that is 25 yes okay I think I can exit Minecraft and we’ll just chat on the Discord and just you know talk about life um which probably never end yeah I’m going to disconnect yeah and then we’re going to go to the main menu and talk instead yes talking time so uh yeah may I had a combination total of 29 hours how do you not sleep first of all 29 hours of streaming Minecraft not streaming they said playing playing Minecraft and it took me two hours three days to do how do you guys live go how do you live how do you guys live what the heck how do you live how do you live I just I just I just realized that I forgot to change the title of the the streams instead of it should it it’s still silly Hypixel time even though we’re literally not playing Hypixel right now I forgot to change the title I’m stupid but anyways it’s right [Music] ye oh my God I saw kuros build I think you are in the server as well uh froggy this build is [ __ ] crazy oh my God Puro how do you have the patience andil the detail here is crazy bro let me check this card oh my gosh right bro the detail boo bro the detail is detailing bro where oh game play it’s in the game three days three days for this I I what that’s dedication true dedication bestie that’s true dedication hey oh my gosh that’s insane very insane indeed very very insane yes sir yes sir yes indeed yes nod nod nod nods nod ND nod nod yeah [Music] M are you doing fine Mr Crabs are you doing fine are you doing fine Mr CRS or no Mr Crab Mr Krabs oh no I had to do I had to do mat and [ __ ] yeah I I I can literally see the mat the matting the matting in here the mat and hello assertive Mist welcome to the stream glad to see you here I’m I’m so happy to see you here aot how are you doing dude I hope you’re doing good we’re literally just talking right now because we’re going to end the stream pretty soon I’m very sleepy I’m very we’re very sleepy we’re very sleepy it’s like very late in our time zone we’re just talking really we’re just talking we’re just yeah yeah Ye Ye I don’t know mm oh yeah I had to do how are you doing though dude I hope you’re doing good yeah I have to do the tough H yeah yes you and the chat that’s funny yeah it’s obvious we’re so out ofit yeah we’re like what’s happening what’s happening dude dedication what’s happening dude what’s happening what’s happening what’s happening okay uh let me just uh go to my ey but I want to I want to watch my Koshi hold on wait is he still alive nice he’s still alive okay yes I am I am still alive oh my God my favorite YouTuber is still alive that is crazy oh my gosh my favorite YouTuber I’m collabing with them right now that is crazy that’s crazy that’s crazy that’s while did you guys know that um we’re I don’t even know what the [ __ ] we’re doing right now this would have taken this would have taken less time if that [ __ ] creeper did then boom on half of my resource oh no it’s always the creeper go it’s always the creeper and then it destroys your resource and you have to start all over Gathering them yeah okay what now so I don’t I don’t even know I’m running out of topics um H H Mimi um pot um potatoes yes potatoes yeah nice potatoes yes yeah so good do and potatoes what is your favorite kind of potato oh my God potato does it does it kill you if you eat buttery acid chat has a question does it kill you if you eat if you eat batter is acid I mean I haven’t tried it yet so I’m still alive I’m still alive cousin by the way because someone asked me does it kill you if you eat battery acid I mean battery and acid is a bad idea it’s poisonous that’s the guy who said what the sigma is doxing what the sigma is doxing that’s the dude gone Cannon yes I think I think that should be CLI because that’s a that’s [ __ ] genius like how would you say um you got you how do you explain doxing to uh J Alpha J Alpha [ __ ] G yeah froggy scroll a little bit above and you will see how long I had to travel yes yes just yes let me see let me see wait hold on hold on I am lost okay there [Music] no you have to PL that [ __ ] up too what oh my God crazy no way bro actually did mathematics for the freaking build right my my husband does that too oh my God oh my thank you for the hyd hi Lyra oh my God hi Lyra welcome welcome to the stream how are you doing welcome to the stream Welcome to My Stream guys Welcome to My Stream and also froggy chair I love froggy chair guys I love froggy chair hi froggy chair how are you doing hi dude hi great how are you doing I hope you’re doing good I hope you’re doing great I’m doing great I’m doing great how about you me I am doing amazing just very sleepy but like I mean it’s just the start as well of the charity stream week so you know we’re starting slow we’re starting slow besties we’re starting slow so yeah just to remind you guys this is day one of the charity stream week so you could use the commands above Pride exclam exclamation mark Pride exclamation mark pry donate for you want to donate and resources so you know we can learn yes yes tell the chat what’s this Amma tell the chat EMB shopping list this shopping list oh my gosh wait what does it mean wait I cannot I don’t understand mxv is my husband oh my boyfriend oh okay okay I’m getting the froggy lore froggy don’t don’t and no the froggy lore the froggy lore oh my gosh the froggy chair lore the froggy no do do you want to get cat ears I don’t think he wants to get cat ears and you stop do you want to get cat ear no not me mxb is ano my boyfriend oh okay get him cat ears then yeah I’m gonna get him cat ears I’m gonna get him cat ears yeah yeah get him get him those cat ears I may or may not have accidentally turned off my Wi-Fi on accident oh no oh no C ears are cute yes they’re very cute I do agree like I don’t know I have I have ear myself I I have one yeah to but it’s kind of broken so I need to fix it um yeah one day you’ll be able to get it too one day yes yes oh I know who want pump this because we were in a separate VC C oh and like different people so one of them is called W oh one of them is named W yeah stop it no doxing please no rising and leaking to Baby gr or something whatever the [ __ ] you guys say I am uh 76 years old um what do you guys say um how do I say stop doing your in your um in your gen Alpha language uh no leaking this um the sigma of no reason leaking I was trying to charge my phone and I unplugged the router oh yeah yeah yeah that’s understandable because sometimes I do have that experience too because the the charger of the phone is very similar to the router um router thingy and then when the router came and then when the router was removed when the router was removed um yeah and then I just realized oh [ __ ] I turned off my Wi-Fi that’s funny I hope you guys keep on brain rotting though because I will make you guys brain rot brain Rod world domination I know guys oh yeah May has a wig no h wait did I wait no I did not no I that is a false accusation this is real hair this is real hair this is real hair attached with my hair chocolate noodles no they’re a they’re a bowl of chocolate fluff wall of chocolate cotton candy yeah yeah yeah that’s good that’s good that’s good [Music] [Applause] that y yay if someone says one more brain rot word I’m saying froggy chers in real life name oh no oh no please do not what is okay oh my gosh wait wait wait wait someone is calling wait hold on okay calling oh my gosh okay chat what’s up chat chat is it chat enough or chat is it chat not wait no I don’t know what I’m saying oh my gosh thank you Lyra thank you Lyra thank you Lyra thanks for the follow thank you for the follow Lyra that’s very cool I’m gonna follow you back wait okay I’m back I’m back I’m so sorry I’m back I just got food oh my gosh what kind of food it’s a french fries I mean not French fries it’s like bread it’s bread May getting a call from her mom to shut the [ __ ] up it’s the middle of the night what’s funny is that they were outside they were outside they just went home and they just got me funny that’s funny but they do tell me why the [ __ ] are you still noisy it’s 4:00 a.m. that one time when I did an endurance stream the one time when I do and when I do an endurance stream and we played um Paper Mario for 6 hours and then my mom was like my mom was like why is you still up it’s 4:00 a.m. do you dare do you dare gun Cannon to say the no no word no no no no no no the no no words the No No Square no no no no square no no the No No Square yummy num n i eaty very yummy very very yum yum is doing is doing really weird eyes right now I don’t know why mukbang ASMR we want come mukbang CH hello hello everyone today we’re going to try some mukbang yes mukbang mukbang eating a frog with a fork yeah I have some breath I’m going to eat it what’s my favorite food um my favorite food personally well um I have a lot of favorite food no yeah my favorite food is pizza and fries and um gun Canon that is it I’m Banning you in chat I don’t like pineapple and pizza haters I’m just kidding my favorite food is H I hate pineapple and pizza haters there’s no room for pineapple and pizza haters in my chat I’m just kidding I love you I’m just being silly I just wanted to make a bit okay so my favorite food is pastias I really love pastias pastillas are so good for real P cry so so good yes P Pride let’s go woohoo even my mom those eyes are drooping yeah if you need to sleep just tell me so we can end I we’re just driving here I think I need to I think I need to sleep my eyes are like closing yeah yeah go to sleep now go to sleep I’m going to end as well actually thank you for today thank you for today actually oh you like panit Canton yummy I love sweet and Sweet and S sweet and spicy panit Canton that’s my favorite oh my go that is superior that is superior yes okay one last chat one last chat before you leave yeah yeah yeah okay so yes we love pizza too yes what’s the SK what the skib what the skib what the SK oh yeah me did I tell the time I ate baby you want ate you want now the baby powder the what they ate the baby powder how do you live oh my gosho how do you live how do you live Kuro Kuro you have very very weird unique special energy inside of you it’s it’s wow you can play 23 hours of Minecraft and that’s 25 actually oh my gosh that’s a long time what the heck or 29 I lived but I exchanged my bra power I mean you w but at what cost sleep is important get a good rest yes we will get good rest too eventually yeah yeah I over underestimated it’s 29 I stole someone’s Hot Wheels yeah to be fair Hot Wheels is pretty um it’s pretty uncommon like back in the day it’s very demanded it’s very demanded yeah but yeah uh um my eyes are in pain so if since our our eyes are in pain we’re just going to have a sleepover together chat we’re going to have a sleep over let’s just let’s just I don’t know let’s just not end stream and then just sleep sit in silence and then wait for the next day imagine we still need to make vs with this stream so that’s cool yeah I I’m just I’m just you do it I’m just going to upload it on my YouTube don’t worry I’m just going to upload it on my YouTube no don’t upload it because the part where I talked about the 69ine just yeah just it’s your fault for saying they look pregnant I know I didn’t mean it that way could you just vot the most funny and cool Parts is that okay all right I okay okay I can clip I can clip some I can clip some okay okay is your background your grandma’s basement I unfortunately my grandma died so no unfortunately my grandma died so no I just recently anyway they’re in heaven now so it’s good oh yeah now I think of it I would be [ __ ] something happened to me don’t worry about it guys don’t worry about it I sorry to for yeah don’t worry about it I’m sorry for trauma dumping in chat I just had to get it out there that but yeah my grandma died yeah anyways and she lived a happy life so anyways yeah like yeah yeah don’t worry about it um yeah but yeah um thank you froggy thank you froggy for the stream today really appreciate you thank you thank you for being here hey guys go follow Froggy by the way they’re very awesome they mostly go they mostly um wait they mostly stream on YouTube but go follow them on Twitch anyway because they have uh they have they have the YouTube links there you know yeah yay yeah go show love to froggy guys froggy is very awesome do you guys know froggy is awesome yes I thank you again froggy for coming to the Stream may we have more collabs just tell me if you want more Minecraft collabs or something okay and then I will be there yeah yeah yeah yeah thank you episode two yeah we’ll be continuing episode two and yeah we’ll be cooking a lot yeah and for the meantime guys I’m going to make May and Fork forky chair emotes yeah thank you byebye bye guys bye thank you for froggy say bye to froggy y’all bye guys bye I will read your chats after we say bye to froggy bye oh my gosh yay yay all right bestie so thank you guys for all the amazing experiences let me read your chats again cuz you guys have chatted a lot I was I was talking about baby powder yeah like imagine if you didn’t have it you like like imagine if you like um if you like if it like happened to you where like choked on the baby powder you will die yeah I’m punching as gen Z kid I’m sorry I’m a gen Z kid would you punch me would you punch me it’s more is it more of gen Alpha because the skib the the skid the sigma kind of you know commonly used it’s gen Alpha not gen Z genzi is more of here come that boy oh [ __ ] what up kind of moments or like I don’t know like uh exploding te T andt brain Rod kind of those things yeah have a good night have a good night too guys have a good night too guys thank you guys for coming to the stream you guys are amazing what the skib by the way let me the server in Minecraft it’s a it’s a private server for me and uh and and froggy only unfortunately so so yeah yeah jenzy was like the um jenzy for me the brain rod for jenzy is like um I don’t know like I don’t know how do I word this you know that’s there’s a lot of there’s a lot there’s a here come that boy oh [ __ ] what up um the MLG memes all of those stuff so yeah I’m going to be ending stream as well because I’m going to be ending stream as well cuz not not not going to lie I’m very sleepy y like the ones on Vine like every single Vine every single Vine is mostly brain rot so yeah don’t eat oh no not the [ __ ] acid battery not the acid battery bro no not the acid battery oh [ __ ] oh my God froggy you little [ __ ] you’re here too hello no I mean if you’re alive while eating acid battery then good for you then Om Nom Nom Om Nom Nom Om Nom Nom chat Om Nom Nom so yeah thank you guys for coming um we’re just being silly here um I’m a little sleep silly um I I will proceed to die now and die in bed um sleeping I’m going to have the best [ __ ] sleep of my life I’m transparent now because the battery acid made you feel Immortal you will sleep forever after eating yeah I’m going to have the [ __ ] best sleep of my life guys like after me eating this midnight snack I’m going to be having the best ever sleep nap yeah kind of yeah thank you guys once again for coming to the stream thank you guys for being silly with me yeah so long oh so long London by Tay I haven’t I haven’t really listen to Taylor’s swi in Long really I’m I mean like don’t get me wrong I love some of her music but her music is just not for me mostly so yeah but I do love some of her songs I’m just not the biggest fan So yeah thank you for the stream zesty breasty thank you so much for being here K kids I really appreciate all of you for coming to the stream thank you guys for you know coming to the first charity stream weekday um you know we may have zero donations for by now but eventually we will grow a little bit slowly but surely and thank you guys for coming I really appreciate you guys we will continue to stream every day until Monday to you know a lot as much as we can to once again um achieve our goals I want to recap our goals I want to recap our goals here are the goals uh where is the where the [ __ ] are the goals yeah yummy yummy thank you guys thank you guys thank you thank you for being here since the start the middle or the end you guys are cool regardless yes get your zesty sauce guys so here are the goals if you want me to do crazy [ __ ] so so $10 if you reach $10 on donations basically um here’s the here’s how you can donate here’s the link for the donation T here’s the link you can click the link below and then that’s where you can donate which is very cool and awesome and very POG yes sir and then um so basically if we achieve a $10 goal we’ll be able to do I will do 10 poops live $20 I will do a uh anime op karoke so I will do a karaoke where I sing anime openings $30 I’ll I’ll I will do the I will return The Fall Guys with viewers I’ll do that I’ll play with you guys $40 I will I will crack an egg on my head and the and the highest goal so far unless we get to the stretch goal $50 we will do a ma dress face cam so I will do a stream where I will have a ma dress on and probably cat ears too so yeah I hope you guys will be excited for that um so yeah and then the stretch goals 60 70 80 90 100 um if we get to 100 I’ll do my first ever cover I’m not good at singing but I will do a cover just for you guys I don’t know what song but you know what if if we reach it I will do it would it be funny if we reach it immediately but I mean yeah not full guys stumble guys yeah I don’t know what stumble guys are I have to check that out actually and thank you guys for coming to the stream um feel free to educate yourselves as well about the countries in turmoil you can check it out the the charties you can donate to aside from this one and um yeah it’s the Gen Alpha version of Fall Guy H interesting I’m going to check that out but fall guys is still Superior Guys Fall Guys is still Superior personally So yeah thank you guys for the stream everyone I’m going to find someone really cool to rate today um before we end the stream because I am getting sleepy not going to lie not going to lie to you guys I’m feeling sleepy so let’s find who is active right now [Music] actually [ __ ] [ __ ] wh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] wh [ __ ] okay okay okay we’re gonna okay uh let’s see [ __ ] [ __ ] wh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] wh [ __ ] wow ah thank you so much for the door knock thank you thank you Ray is streaming yeah I saw that Ray is streaming yeah we should go say hi to Ray um they’re playing valoran and I wanted to rate them okay I wanted to raid them yeah yeah unfortunately EA is [ __ ] I mean because of EA they keep Ru they because of EA like so many games have been canceled because of EA I’m still not over Al Asylum guys I’m still not over Al Alice Asylum but yeah we’re going to raid ra tessu let’s start the raid guys but yeah it’s a very bad company so that’s why I pirate I pirated s don’t tell them or else they will ban my channel but yeah um let’s raid them here’s the raid message guys here’s the raid message let’s go say hi to um Ray tessu they’re very cool they do such cool art they are such a fun person I’m so happy to be their friend too and their you know their beloved person um follow my Twitter I mostly I’m active there I announce stuff join the Discord um what else yeah follow my Tik Tok for [ __ ] post and all of my socials and once again the raid message copy The Raid message besties copy The Raid message let’s say hi to raid t today can you play the other version of little company what’s the other version of little company what’s the other version what’s the other version I’m going to check it out though what’s the other version the one where you record oh content warning I’ll I’m I need I don’t have um I will check that out I will check that out yeah it’s going to be played in the future yeah but thank you guys so much for coming for today’s stream guys I hope you guys enjoyed the time here I am going to sleep now so I’m really sorry if I get really tired so yeah I’ll see you guys tomorrow we’re going to be playing Paper Mario um the Thousand Year Door and bye everyone love you MW mwah mwah mwah for

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    CHAOS Anarchy Server Review!! #Minecraft #GamingVideo Information [음악] [음악] l [음악] [음악] C [음악] [음악] [음악] k h [음악] [음악] [음악] k k [음악] p [음악] [음악] [음악] k l [음악] This video, titled ‘RTS ANARCHY- Console/Java Server Review!!!! #gaming #java #minecraft #factions (Xbox,Ps5-Java)’, was uploaded by RTS productions on 2024-07-12 15:09:19. It has garnered 50 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:37 or 277 seconds. We are back to bring you a Review Video about A Server we have been working on for the past year! We a small community already active they yearn for new players to challenge them!… Read More

  • Platinumari’s EPIC 2023 New Years Minecraft Fireworks!

    Platinumari's EPIC 2023 New Years Minecraft Fireworks!Video Information This video, titled ‘New Year: 2023 Minecraft Fireworks Display’, was uploaded by Platinumari on 2023-12-30 08:00:23. It has garnered 35 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:13 or 433 seconds. Have a good year everyone, from our crew! Credits: Hope to Return by Verbovets | https://lesfm.net/ Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/ Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Fly Away When The Fog Settled Down by Spheriá | https://soundcloud.com/spheriamusic Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/ Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Evening Improvisation (with Ethera) by Spheriá | https://soundcloud.com/spheriamusic Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/ Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0… Read More

  • HACKERS ONLY Server in Minecraft – Sneaking in with RaHul!

    HACKERS ONLY Server in Minecraft - Sneaking in with RaHul!Video Information तो ये हूं मैं और आज मैं यहां पे जॉइन करने वाला हूं एक हैकर्स ओनली सर्वर लेकिन यार तुम लोग सोच रहे होंगे कि मैं ऐसा क्यों कर रहा हूं क्योंकि मुझे यहां पे बदला लेना है अपने दो दोस्तों से डैश और से क्योंकि हम लोग जहां पे खेलते थे इन लोग ने वहां पे मेरे पेट को मार के भाग गए और इन लोग ने जॉइन कर लिया ये वाला सर्वर और इस वाले सर्वर में मुझे यहां पे सामना करना पड़ेगा बहुत सारे हैकर्स का जो कि मुझे कभी भी आसमान में फेंक सकते… Read More

  • Insane New Minecraft Cryptids in Gartic Phone Challenge!

    Insane New Minecraft Cryptids in Gartic Phone Challenge!Video Information boo messing with you I’m already messing with you oh sorry to give you a fright oh no I like how on Discord it cut off so I only heard yeah which I mean that probably scared me more tried to give you a little spook welcome boa hello welcome Duncan hello welcome Dy hey guys welcome ran hello hello and there was another member of our team but I seem to have forgotten him hello my goodness he was he was he was gotten by a Cryptid today’s theme is uh creepy Cryptids like mysterious Monsters Legends… Read More


    INSANE PROGRESS! MINECOLONIES 1.20 GAMEPLAY DAY 2Video Information cómo andan amigos todo bien Bienvenidos a mycon oficial día dos es una escalera hacia donde vive el chavón no Ah no tiene un piso arriba decorativo acá tiene más decoraciones y la entrada Parece que son estas dos esta la entrada parece Ah al lado de la escalera Qué dice vas a tener que picar una banda de diorita no voy a poner un esclavo que ha una mina y yo voy a jugar el cont Warning mientras el chavón pica ese va a ser el trato no Padilla A ver quiero dejar unos bloques bastante a… Read More

  • Wudo – INSANE NOOB vs PRO THEME PARK Challenge!

    Wudo - INSANE NOOB vs PRO THEME PARK Challenge!Video Information mutant zombies destroyed this playground and now these kids have nowhere to play if we don’t build something fast they’re going to burn in this fire Woodle what if we build a theme park guys the kids will love my roller coaster but it’s made of dirt monco and it’s super tiny come on axie let’s build a real roller coaster so we can save these kids it’s going to be so much better than what builds in his newbie theme park no way I’m going to start building mine right now all right axie the first part… Read More

  • “EPIC Showdown: Herobrine VS Entity 303 + Crazy Bado Badi Song 🤯🔥” #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmg

    "EPIC Showdown: Herobrine VS Entity 303 + Crazy Bado Badi Song 🤯🔥" #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmgVideo Information This video, titled ‘Herobrine VS Entity 303 And Bado badi song 🤣🤣 #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmg’, was uploaded by NK GAMING MG on 2024-05-23 07:26:04. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Herobrine VS Entity 303 And Bado badi song #NKGaming #nkgamingamg #minecraft #shorts 🖐️.. tag ignore. Read More

  • ☕ Java Survival – Semi-Vanilla – SMP – 1.20.4

    Java Survival SMP Server Java Survival is a multiplayer server that offers a pure vanilla Minecraft experience with a community of players. Moderators and admins play alongside everyone else without using commands for personal gain. No RTP! Unique custom plugins for survival gameplay without common plugins like Essentials or GriefPrevention. Server Details: Address: mc.javasurvival.com Discord: https://discord.gg/JcsnFKNkQa Community Values: Provide a long-lasting survival Minecraft experience. Community-driven server where players have a voice. Server Rules: No offensive language. Avoid controversial topics. No hacking, cheating, or exploits. Respect other players’ property and space. Be respectful, kind, and avoid advertising. Read More

  • Lilwilly Junior High School

    Lilwilly Junior High SchoolTHIS IS NORMAL MINECRAFT SMP, JUST WITH SOME PLUGINS!VERSION: 1.21**RULES**- No Griefing in Spawn- No Killing In Spawn- No Stealing In Spawn- ONLY STEALING IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE OF SPAWN*( Spawn Is basically the peace land ) ***PLUGINS**- Found it- Tpa- BetterHomes- Custom Enchants- Custom Food- SuperHarvestJOIN MY DISCORD TO GET WHITELISTED. { https://discord.gg/X5GwFSVK } is the discord link. Hope to see you in the server! Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Minecraft movie shenanigans 💀

    Minecraft Memes - Minecraft movie shenanigans 💀Looks like the real blockbuster here is the behind-the-scenes bloopers reel! Read More

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    Crafting Joy: Minecraft's Happy Planet Adventure In the world of Minecraft, Happy Planet shines bright, With animations funny, bringing joy and delight. Fangkuaixuan’s channel, a child-friendly sight, Bringing laughter and happiness, each day and each night. From classrooms to songs, all crafted with care, Each video a gem, beyond compare. Avoiding pirated content, this channel is rare, So subscribe and enjoy, without a single care. With rhymes and emojis, the news is told, In Minecraft’s world, where adventures unfold. From funny animations to stories bold, Fangkuaixuan’s channel, a treasure to hold. So leap into the verse, with rhymes that ignite, Crafting Minecraft news, each update… Read More

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    Finding that 🔥 Wi-Fi boosted armor in Minecraft When you’re more concerned about your Wi-Fi signal strength in Minecraft than actually fighting off creepers and zombies. Priorities, am I right? #minecraftproblems #firstworldminecraftissues Read More

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    Dreamy Miners: Minecraft Animation The Quest for Miners in Minecraft Imagine delving deep into the pixelated world of Minecraft, eagerly searching for valuable diamonds in the dark recesses of a cave. Now, picture stumbling upon a humorous twist – instead of diamonds, you find yourself on a quest for miners! This unexpected turn of events adds a delightful element of surprise to your virtual adventure. Exploring the Depths As you navigate through the intricate tunnels and caverns of Minecraft, the thrill of discovery propels you forward. The dimly lit passageways hold the promise of hidden treasures, whether they be precious ores or unexpected… Read More

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    100 Days in Elden Ring Minecraft Hardcore I Survived 100 Days in Elden Ring in Minecraft Hardcore Surviving the Elden Ring Modpack Imagine facing off against Elden Ring bosses like Malenia Blade of Miquella and Starscourse Radahn in Minecraft. The challenge is real as you strive to collect all Great Runes and become the Elden Lord. Upgrading weapons and building a base to withstand player invasions adds to the excitement. Challenges and Adventures The journey begins with a precarious encounter with an Elden Ring boss in a village. Crafting weapons like an iron spear and shield becomes essential for survival. Exploring dungeons, battling zombies, and acquiring… Read More

  • OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!

    OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!Video Information off stream mining but somehow we found mire God it’s crazy right crazy let me post this in the the chat yeah I’m right now no one’s even in here yet yeah because you know like they don’t love us yeah I know here we go we are live we are hi Esther what’s up CPA SU jpa even though it’s Eclipse I just I always say it’s eclipser because there was a j even though the J was silent okay all right well oh [ __ ] we’re doing good I think are you doing good weasel… Read More

  • Terrifying Curse Unleashed in Minecraft

    Terrifying Curse Unleashed in MinecraftVideo Information oke yang jelas di video kali ini kita diteror dengan banyak sekali hal aneh ini sih hal aneh dan cukup menyeramkan sih kalau menurut gua ya tadi itu ada tulisan die Dan juga ada penampakannya guys ya dia itu menampakkan diri lagi dan di sini sekarang kita gak tahu kenapa gini ini gak tahu kenapa gini guys ini pusing tahu bikin pusing guys Wah gini gila sih Ya udah deh jadi kayaknya ini kita nunggu malam hari kali ya nunggu malam Soalnya kalau malam enggak bakalan gini sih feeling gua atau ini sebenarnya malam hari guys ia sih… Read More

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    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

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    Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps - Can You Escape?Video Information somewhere in the universe somewhere someone’s got it worse wish that made it easier wish [Music] I feel the hurt the world smallest violence really needs an audience I’ll blow up into smiies and spew my tiny Symphony all up have to cut me off we down a city street while trying to put my mind it is like finishing the [Music] smelling this feels like a necessity so this could be the maybe just better me now with [Music] This video, titled ‘Can You Outsmart These Minecraft Traps?’, was uploaded by Minecraft Junction on 2024-06-22 20:21:59. It… Read More

  • EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PRO

    EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PROVideo Information guys today we’re going to be having a noob verse Pro Build Challenge in Minecraft and guess what we’re going to be building is it going to be unicorn tacos no no no unicorns ice truck no tacos and no ice cream truck it’s going to be a water slide I love water slides Daddy the reason you don’t like water slides cuz every time you go on them you break them it was two times okay I got stuck in the tube uh you just Scar the water slides cuz they remind you of showers which you… Read More

  • Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkish

    Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkishVideo Information Ar gadar Selamlar Bugün sizlerle birlikte Minecraft’ta başlayacağız Minecraft’ı çok bilmiyorum ama başlayacağız Bonus sandık aldım Bu arada kendime bir çık daha kolay olmasını istiyorum çünkü zorlanmak o kadar çok istemiyorum onun için Bonus sandık aldım daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanala abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın meşaleyi ikinci elimize alalım ilerleyelim daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanalıma abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın Aa karpuz var karpuz alabilirim bak karpuzları alabiliriz Karpuzlar işimize yarayabilir Bence güzel bir yer bulalım buraya bir ev falan yapalım size şahane bir ev yapacağım izleyin bir ses duydum ana papağan var… Read More

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  • Renaicraft

    RenaicraftOur server is about smp you can pvp there you can make money there and get the strongest and richest player. We have many fetueres. renaicraft.eu Read More

  • Hermit Ruins 1.21 whitelist 16+

    Hermit Ruins Community Welcome to Hermit Ruins, a thriving community welcoming new members. Join our vanilla server with friendly, mature individuals from around the world. Our server is freshly started with 5-10 players online at a time. Here are some key features: Friendly People: Kind, welcoming, and mature members create a relaxed environment for everyone. Vanilla Plus: Handpicked datapacks add quality of life changes without game-breaking plugins. Mature Community: Whitelisted for safety, minimum age requirement of 16. Redstone Ready: Running on 1.21 Fabric for optimal redstone contraptions. Easy Connectivity: 24/7 server with no mods required for joining. Fun: Community projects,… Read More

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