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what’s up everybody Welcome to the stream welcome back welcome back oh need a SL kit okay ultimate mystery book see what we got here Swift snake all right Mother Goose plushy welcome welcome um hopefully everything is running okay tonight yall remember last time my stream kept going down so if it goes down again then we’ll be only on Twitch so as of right now though I think everything’s good what’s up asgarian what’s up bacon put my mother goose down it looks like the berries are ready to get strawed oh go in a hole let’s see there’s a lot of update stuff let me brighten it up a little bit I don’t know what all this oh got the trophy huh okay honey bottle lizard tail nice so how did the uh the turny go me hop up here did he one’s flown down under the wall somewhere that what’s going on here there you are little fell out of here there you go there you go okay we were here to help all right right there out of the way all right so we did a lot of the map stuff the other day um there are some update stuff we’ll check back let me hop in with slack and see what he’s up to4 Manny one nice good I’m glad they won that’s awesome yeah I couldn’t get on early enough so I told you before just find somebody the mighty side and Speedy fell huh that’s awesome socer buddies all right let’s go grab all this stuff I don’t think we’re going to have time to loot and Scoot let me the actual [ __ ] is up what up brother I’m doing good how are you good you sound uh louder do I yeah maybe it’s just me oh never mind no you’re good it was just me I was like he sounds loud as [ __ ] but it was I mean I just no it was my computer turned up louder say I like upped my volume in my sound system just a little bit today oh no no it wasn’t it wasn’t you it was me do you know the um the block dimensions of a beon beacon uh I mean it can be like 9 by9 is the largest yeah that’s what okay that’s what I want to make sure okay yeah what you up to just building a bacon I’m building a bacon I might do some interior work um design speaking of which the thing you missed um totally up to you there’s a elytra removal initiative um where tomorrow people can trade elytras in for um Cosmetics that they wanted to why would they do that to remove the elyas no I will have I just thought you might want to you know try that sounds like the worst Eda ever I’d rather have elytra than anything else in the game yeah thought you might not be a fan of it so I I sacrificed two of my elytra to the fire and then the server announces that I’m just like no piss oh piss out of my ass piss out of my entire ass what that’s no good for you yeah hopefully I get compensated I mean why did you sacrific them um because I didn’t want to use elytras anymore oh I would have took them off your hands you need to but I’ll get to I get to trade them for you them away for uh well well I threw them away before they told me that oh well I know but I was saying that would have took them before you threw them away no oh this dude this D4 guy he wins one Cocker ball tournament and he thinks he doesn’t have to replace any of the seeds in the chest I got to go spend all my money on seeds this guy aren’t you b top no I’m like second or third and also also half of it deforce because I sold all of ours while he so exactly I ow him like 4 something thousand this my B I have only 147,000 nice guess I better start harvesting these strawberries they’re not going to harvest themselves I think a good Bon color is red Bon B I haven’t seen a gay strawberry in a minute oh I could put mending on a hoe and put get telepathy on it as well I could do that so again what’s their point of getting rid of the elytus they want to get rid of just to keep Pace with the server kind of makes the server too fast pacing I mean they’re putting all these extra places to loot how the hell are we supposed to get to all of them I know you’re right I that’s that’s my thing intention was to kind of keep it um elytra free I don’t think they were meant to be dropped by the the hoglands in a special nether area in the first place so I like if that if that I mean more to you if you want to play the way you want to play I’m just like if that was the way the server was intended to be played that’s that’s how I want to play it yeah but no nothing wrong with anybody who wants to keep their El for sure but a cool thing to do if like they want to yeah I just feel like I’m not on enough to be grindy so I would rather like when I want to go loot find stuff I’d rather fly around and find stuff what the hell they changed the way the seeds look uh just for the strawberries I want to say yeah they’re like uh Brown now look at that I already have enough block I guess so you can tell the stages better I don’t know you would think D4 wouldn’t miss all these spots if you could see seeds better cost to me money you know this guy one Cocker ball tournament you know one Cocker ball tournament it gets to his [ __ ] head that was your day oh you know same old same old couldn’t agree more new challenges same annoying people I have to work for it’s just fantastic keep getting proved time and time again and how stupid people are it’s great never cease to amaze us dude I just I like love making just very thorough guides I make a very thorough guide on one drive bro like just the epitome of just chill like you want to share documents on one drive here you [ __ ] go and then it’s like a guy like are like he has the directions it’s like I’m going to need you to walk me through it and you help me out on this I’m not really sure what you’re talking you know I’m basically reading out what the guide says like I I just want I’m basically just reading it to you at this point so basically I had to take my time and show this guy exactly what I put into words on a [ __ ] word document it’s it’s just it’s just crazy yeah really is literally right click literally add the email send it they open it up and add it as a shortcut in their file explorer it’s not that hard really do be hard sometimes wow beon D4 knows that I’m taking this round the seeds out of his cut I want just keep throwing around 10K to fill out all seeds this gu [ __ ] this [ __ ] guy all right everything seems to be going fine what’s up Jeff what’s up fat Richie um everything seems to be going fine as far as the stream goes so hopefully we can keep it going be right back yeah you’re good all right we’re going to buy some seeds fellas boom we need wish you could put in a number what is our number five something WR down somewhere 573 is the magic number we’re almost there perfect all right got everything good good uh what’s this yeah don’t need that oh new shop here got here oh that’s the experienced guy never mind I thought that was a different shop what does this guy do you can still purchase him guess they’re just leaving it up for now till they switch it out I thought they had some new a stuff coming through man I can’t type oh man typing hose here we go all right back here let’s go ahead and everything seeded up let me just reiterate to you guys the if I won one soccer ball tournament Cocker ball tournament sorry Mis pronunciation bran slip oh what the hell up with these I don’t know what’s going on I like it oh if it’s watered it does that that’s cool but you know spots you missed oh okay never mind I digress that was wrong maybe this one’s not watered I don’t know okay I don’t know what that was then it was a cool idea all right cool on that one go on that one go up top we get everything watered think we just had a few uh somewhere around here a couple I thought maybe I was wrong there’s one there man this D4 guy is he trying to rush and get these things planted or something pass his bedtime old man use Louise am I right dehydration no breathing I think we got most of these all good to go PL out all those right let’s go check these yeah I’ll be damned if I’m giving up some elas got me messed up best card in the game th for strawberries in there and then we shall water D I also hate these three four five six need two more they’re not doing right there we go okay let’s go going dead all right get on those fill these in there there ni all right bottom should be all done head up top get our water on uh Halloween hypothetical is there a way reach the bunny that doesn’t mess up his bunny gel yes so apparently there’s bunnies that you can um catch now we’ll have to check all that out when we go out exploring here shortly right everybody is water except for over there water right we’re good on all that CLE out our inventory a little bit put up some of the other stuff from our kit just the Rando stuff your crew steal bunny from Spawn and put it in their base doesn’t sound like my crew there there I need these breed horses let’s go check on our horses all about our horses I’m excited about that care about the this crap uh we did catch some uh butterflies last time too I don’t know if you can do anything with those but we did let’s come right over here are they all falling in the hole good grief horses yeah you’re Glue Factory not that fast good jumper all okay um oh look you two are the smarter horses very nice oo an 1107 and another tall jumper so uh you know it is what it is these guys all right so we do need to start building our St area totally not a bunny in sweeties hey I’m not associated I’m not going to check it out can’t believe they all follow down the hole yeah he’s ahead of me by 3,000 oh my God we do need to go sell 10K worth of strawberries if we even have that much get any more all right let’s see how much we get from this home sale all right let’s go here and let’s go to What’s in my bag um okay so we have 180 okay so that’s only like th000 this all right so I mean selling all this is going to be pretty much what I have to let me uh we’re still like 2,000 short of him I think maybe I don’t know let’s see oh look at that three th or like 3,000 short oh we had to replenish our money right so remember I owe 463 three to D4 and remind me to put up my elytras when I get off um because D4 was asking about them so all right let’s go um home sloppy 924 thank you so much who this D4 guy I’m talking about I’m not really sure speaking of bunnies ni noce anyway hope everybody had a good Monday man I stayed up too late over the weekend like when we were building stuff we do now have our D20 figurine um I don’t know exactly what we’re going to do with him but it is the rarest RAR thing in the game [Music] um yeah so the all right time to figure out what I want to build want to do quartz I want me look at something real quick he let people build just wood I don’t really want wood this up real quick let’s see if we can’t build this five five this live let’s see if we can’t see what this will look like uh so we’re going to do some wood I what wood I could use birch logs and strip them because we have a bunch of it what color or what do I want to do the rest of it in is the question let me go look in here see what building blocks we have plenty of terracotta if there’s a terracotta color that I might want to go with I got in there the other thing is now the oh sorry now the mythical blocks and stuff are supposed to be craftable so I just got to figure out what colors I want to go with my sub alert was muted no did I call out sloppy or did y not hear that um if it was yours then maybe refresh not sure I thought we heard uh K sloppy what’s up big Alaskan sorry if there was any problem there I don’t see any other subs popping up for me let’s see y didn’t hear the Audio I heard the audio that’s why I’m wondering let me here I do a test set tell me if y’all hear this are you all able to hear that nope huh wonder why it’s not coming through to you huh that’s strange usually all that stuff has nothing to do with me so let me uh alert box let me check my alert box stuff real quick box [Music] advanced okay y let me know if you can hear this now did that help anything H well I don’t know what else it could be because it shows alert box okay let me try this I never change this how about that one that time it work that time up huh but y’all can see it on the screen right where it popped up like the test ones all right let me see what’s up with that we go into alert box browser settings uh the properties of it I mean I don’t know I’ll try this I I haven’t changed anything on my that’s awesome I was going to tell him that we heard him heard you bu this is a test now you hear it okay I don’t know what was different uh let me put it back to where I had it and see Monitor and output all right let’s try one more time was it super loud or how was the that’s awesome I was going to tell him that we heard him heard you bud okay this is a test yall can still hear it now wonder what happened like I didn’t change anything everything sound good now all right cool I think everything’s good now all right so I really want to use like some bone block maybe some calite no calite and Bone block are not the same whites [Music] um don’t like the diorite either that’s a little loud okay it just shows it as like full thing so that’s why I asked uh there okay here we go awesome I just going to tell him that we heard him heard you sound better this is a test let’s see some Sal maybe I don’t know let’s see what we can use for a roof though what’s up Iron Wolf okay yeah I don’t know why that changed but you guys know me always something messed up on my stuff that’s why you guys pay top dollar for this entertainment all right so there’s let me get into the mythical block so they have these different kind of shingle looking things um there’s also like a like the mud brick stair like a little bit darker ones tech support yeah I feel like the guy that Slack’s talking about okay we did get a bunch of sunflowers and it’s because I want to make a sunflower like field I don’t know exactly where I want to do it though cuz I want to make sure they’re facing our area and I think they all faced East so maybe I do all this area over here as a sunflower field maybe like level this off and sunflower it since Shadows just got a hole over there I don’t know that’s kind of an idea uh or we can build it out over here behind this stuff more scraw bar no gay scraw beers uh but we could do it like this little area here right here across from the horse sanctuary I’m thinking I’ll start building the thing somewhere around in here let me get some uh blocks to starty laying this thing out at least get an idea of what we’re looking for yeah let’s just go get a bunch of spruce Spruce Almighty should have enough diamonds I can repair my there we go repair my axe real quick you just put them on there no got to keep my Timber up what I’m done here there all right let’s go Timber away oh that’s a Among Us guy I’m sorry I’m over the amongus stuff like I don’t get the hype behind it the game’s been dead for like 4 years I don’t understand right let me go to XP Home XP too damn aect for people I know they just fly around these Skies like they own the place yeah I can’t believe this it doesn’t block your view does it I’m about to chop it down I’m just getting some wood okay the hell what do you mean what the hell sucks this uh Timber thing on my axe I thought it chopped down the hole tree it just does like portion of it did you shift no I just regular clicked I thought it it should it should get all the it only went like halfway up the tree right I’ll I’ll build up and try shifting should we should we get speed or haste and I don’t know what do you want yeah if I shift it only does one at a time if I is there like a Timber two no or is it just cuz it’s a big ass tree just one timber works on my axe kind of Axe is it it’s a diamond Timber axe yeah only did part of it for me too wow I wonder if it’s just cuz it’s they update Timber got I need to see this we’ve been nerfed I need to figure this out for myself oh did they I forgot rocket boots don’t work in the RSW oh did you fall to your death no I landed water somehow Miracle a miracle miracle it was a goddamn Miracle he saved the world it does that for two by twos yeah I think it’s because two by two is that what it is if I solo bone them then I’ll if it is a single pooted tree it should be the whole thing no matter how big it is makes no sense but sure yes sir that’s how it is that’s how we roll that’s how we roll I think I’m just going to 4×4 and go up on the top and just hammer down I think that’s still going to get me more than doing one trade at time I’m not trying to pod soil this whole area why the [ __ ] did I waste bending on this [ __ ] the [ __ ] did we get ice cream I Wast bending on a crossbow and this thing sucks got a crossbow must get all the ladies God damn yeah that’s still way faster to just do a a two by two and just get on the top and just hammer down down yeah that makes [Music] sense what’s your next project I don’t know definitely not going to try one tonight going to try to get some enchants I’ll think of which one I I have to do the the interior of my thing so interior maybe that’ll be next interior inter don’t think there’s enough time in the server to make something crazy new yep I agree I’m going to build a stable for some horses dude you should build um um either like a casino or like a yeah they already started a casino yeah damn yeah but like you said by the time they get it done server will be over that’s what that uh giant white square is supposed to be that’s like just north of our wall over there that’s Trevor Oh I thought that was where they’re building the casino oh that’s Trevor just making a giant [ __ ] thing out of quartz nice look like he needs more quartz yeah I’ll get whatever baseball needs baseball gets you know where they’re supposed to be building a casino then I thought this where said they were building it or maybe they were going to build it there before Trevor started building the giant Square I don’t know who knows who do I know I’m not supposed to know won’t even let me drive they they post the schedule sh all right so what we we we week four five we started there so one two three four yeah we’re still in week four enchantments weapon and Elite Bowes Bowes next week was planned to be community events and projects release new crops and fish and then week six Pick Up Sticks yeah yeah so the service went to end kind of towards mid April I would think fin event server wide boss event or challenge I feel like if people are still playing it they may extend it out a little bit but who knows so I think that was kind of like a tentative like who knows yeah cuz I don’t think they know like how long it’ll go since their other only one was the uh Cobble M stuff and that kind of got [ __ ] by updates true I mean they got a preview for the Cobble mons um at the end of this yeah yeah buddy buddy pal wait if I pull a rocket to shoot a rocket that’s off hand oh I see I do have to make the rocket into something don’t I you can do whatever you want to do you can grow up and be president of the elytra oh I totally forgot I can I can use the the rocket in my off hand I think that’s the best part about it yeah I’m good I’m I’m ready to go does it still work in my op oh it does oh I’m going to be so lethal now I’m B ready I’m batt ready oh my God I’m so [ __ ] cool telling you that for years what what I can’t believe this a oh piss out me en ties at that you little [ __ ] oh away um shells let me look at the Terracotta colors we could do like some light gray terra cotta May a little white terra cotta gray terra cotta let’s just go to some strawberries we got to go deposit what up King let’s put these in here then get stuff we can just for I don’t need those but those there so I make a bunch of bone block um what other things could be could go along with bone block for building act mud maybe even some brick in there oh maybe I do a brick I think I mostly do spruce may want some I don’t know I don’t know exactly what I want I’m going to have to do some more research and see what I want but think it’s going to come along great hey everything popped get everything watered here in a second put all this up that can go back in there go with bone block quartz is kind of close but it’s uh light gr would be know what I’m looking at light gray right there where’s I just there me put these two together gray light gray okay let’s see what we get light gray terra cotta I’m off to Terra cot light gray let’s see how that looks with B Block and we can also probably find some different uh seems really there we go it seems really white but and let’s go to the one here real quick blocks are over here let’s see what kind of stuff yall got what you got what you got want anything prismarine mossi R it’s not awful let’s see what we have Mossy was let’s go here uh di right not loving it I see Cobble yeah I think I’m just going to do let me see what the white ter I know the white terra cotta looks kind of pink but to see if there’s something else are the different marbles like a brown marble want something that’s like a light Tanish color I think roof tiles regular terra cotta in different forms white terra cotta me try we just going to buy some random stuff that we might kind of like okay that’s all you got your time not ju sir okay here’s the kind of stuff we’re looking for some dried dirt mud I kind of want to do like the mud brick stairs um two kind of bluish try to BOS like Baymax Castle blocks Castle floor wall the Sunburst Sand’s not too bad un Burt sand one of those one of those again we’re just trying to find some stuff that we might like ruins okay let’s get a dry dirt while we’re here get everything watered before the next day so we can pop the crops all right let’s see oh one that shadow coming from is that from Speedy’s house I guess so okay we had those two already we’ve got a few more blocks try out if we like any of these tell you some of these the white terracotta is just looking a [Music] little pinkish I think um I’m kind of really liking that but let’s see how it looks with the actual bone block thinking I might just sprinkle some of these in I need like a white brick I really need let’s check out all the brick choices here but I don’t want like a quartz white I want like a I don’t want a grayish like I want it to be like a brownish tint Sunny St Sandstone might be better yeah we might to go Sunny Sandstone let’s go buy some of that real quick always like mess up when I’m typing spawn instead of spawner this guy [ __ ] on the craft thank you smiling Friends season 2 what is that missing out on something a couple of these different ones back and see what we got here any stone pretty much any of this could go in our build right if we use the um Sunny Sandstone as our kind of our base around the building polish Sandstone here and there mostly bone blocks but throw in some Sunny bricks I like that I like that okay let’s go we can figure out with that don’t schmelt anything into glass so we got plenty of bone that should not be a problem me all these ones that I didn’t like just go in there and then let’s go grab that’s some serious dedication thanks man I I did that myself I made the ho into NE ho oh my God these hoes is out of controls these hoes ain’t loyal not now I have a um telepathy hose so all my crops just go straight to my inventory and they don’t it doesn’t get any sort of wear and tear the wear and The Tear oh my god it works just like a chair oh my God this guy’s just hoing up a stone forget about the custom hose this is it right here I might hit a few seeds along the way but you know I should be growing them simultaneously growing them then you ain’t showing them I always say exactly exactly that bones were thought they was was a 3 by3 for bone blocks how do you make bone blocks I messing up here I don’t think you do you not make bone blocks I thought you could with bones well that sucks I was going to use a bunch of those bones to make some bone blocks and I just got to go oh it’s boner meal got to eat a whole meal of these boners you know what I’m saying and then here comes the the low latency it’s bone meal it’s bone meal three hours later oh I just caught up in stream oh it’s bone mail oh bone mail by the way idiots yeah [ __ ] idiot how can he not know it’s bone me I was pretty sure there was a way to do it but I just can’t remember what it was I’m so bad at crafting stuff like I been playing this game for like 12 years and I don’t even know how to craft basic stuff half the time I can’t believe this I thought you were a pro semipro head best I’m going pro in something other than Minecraft you heard it here first folks you heard it here first D2 will never play Minecraft again no get my can the meal out of these things bone meal ended his Minecraft career that’s such a trag I was raised on the bone Mill I was raised by the bone Mill cultivated by it before I saw the sunlight it was blinding okay hopefully that’s enough B boner blocks [Music] I wish I had elytra to fly over to people need borrow M no I vow not to use them I will learn to walk on my own two feet like some kind of primitive animal what I was even doing that’s my number one battle is remembering what I’m doing half today all right let’s see I have some chests around here somewhere I think they’re in the books should really get more organized books chest of course going to take a chest over there to put all our building stuff [Music] in all right cool so this is going to be the front of our build here um and it’s going to be something similar to this oh whatever you guys get the idea that’ll be a corner there opening here going to outline uh wor about that later the opening back here which maybe it will maybe it won’t I I know probably not I may have a gate here on the back well I mean I guess they can still get out in this area yeah can yeah I think that’d be fine all right cool and this part’s all going to be kind of a g in kind of part so see he likes it he likes it good on that so this is going to be the main area of the barn um probably have like a a loft up at the top and then over here we’re going to have just kind of like a fencon area where they can like I can walk them in and out or put them in little um stable kind of things all my wood right so let’s bring a that’s awesome I just going to tell him that we heard him heard you bud uh L thanks so much for the sub appreciate that we are going to build our chest right here in that chest we’re going to put bone block for sure um I’m going to probably switch out a lot of these when I go through I never textured the that and I kind of feel bad about it like I want it kind of textured and what I mean by textured is see how speedies see how there’s different blocks within there and there’s just different colors mixed together give it kind of a texture instead of just like one solid I mean here we did like the dark there and there’s the stairs to kind of give depth but you can see like over here where it’s just like all bright orange all the way through or like all solid white so I kind of want to texture it up and that’s why I was looking at those different blocks earlier but I do feel like we can have some free Roman horses thanks to our um areas here uh D4 is going to have to find a new pit area for his Turtles but other than that I think we’ll be fine um okay so next thing that I want to do is let go home one over here we need to get in here gu I did I guess I did all right so we’re going to have to get all that and all that and then we’re going to have to go buy a bunch of it probably go water my crops real quick me set home five over here real quick and then we’ll water all these because we need them all to Pop Lock and Drop all this in there that in there that in there that in there get our buckets all right let’s go to all right it’s watering time no way I didn’t get all this hopefully we can get everything watered in time oh man got 1 hour in game time uh new sub over on the YouTube thank you so much all right cool done downstairs let’s go upstairs get them out of my hand can’t right now time is flying I don’t think I’m going to get them all done no oh they still went okay I think they were watered from the previous day so that’s good okay thank God all right now let’s go water these and then we’ll be hey we got some that popped over here I guess I did water them like I was supposed to and let to re plant all of these no okay strawberries again huh let’s grab some seeds I know I’m about to starve to death but it’s mely a minor problem all right these are one day away all those are one day away these getting one day away couple days away on these all these are ready to [Music] [Applause] go I need to get my kit for today as well there’s a cool down on the kits grab some of these okay so remember I told you guys about uh my predicament for uh what the wife’s want to do um I think she’s leaning towards doing a cruise I don’t know when we’re doing it but I think she’s leaning towards doing a cruise um because she came home yesterday and was like Hey I bought some uh swimsuits that were on sale for when we go on the cruise I was like we haven’t even planned a cruise and she was like well so I’m guessing she’s she’s in on it I think she’s good to go on the cruise idea so I hope she doesn’t get sick the whole time I I don’t know I think she’s want to do like the Christmas time one um I don’t know typical exactly all right so put that in there cuz why not and I do need some scaffolding this other crap I don’t need but that’s fine all right so we’re going to set a home over there be home five go let’s go home create five go all right Slack’s full muted or I would talk to him but um so this is going to be our area for them to roam around and then we’ll have their beautiful home here so I need was it the Sun St the Sandstone that I liked I think that was there the brick I mean Sunny Sandstone bricks yeah and sunny Sandstone let’s get a stack of that and two stacks of that so let’s go actually typ didn’t spawn this time all right and come right in here to this fella here hello I would like your Sandstone please Sunny Sandstone which ones did I want bricks I know I needed let’s just go 200 of them and then just the sunny Sandstone I’m going to go with o less go with half a stack of those perfect okay ni doing business with you fella all right home five there we go all right turn this off so we can see all right so I need a new pickaxe at thought did I find one the other day can’t remember if I found one on our Excursion the other day no I think I found everything but that kind like full diamond armor but no no pickaxe I got some pickaxes there okay okay right we okay keeps getting brighter all right we’re going to take some of these scatter them around the basus really want this to be more so all right okay so we’re going go with this the side that I want to I guess it doesn’t matter there I’m just and fill those Ino have an opening there it’s not great but it’s mostly going to be covered up so I’m not that worried about it just trying to see if the colors look okay together talking about over there yeah underneath me no it’s down below me okay well sorry F I help you um all right so gra this bone block here that’s all I wanted to use that one for so we’re going to have we’re going to do the walls up three four five six okay let’s do six six Roper here mendings in the EC GG little guy okay we’re going to go up six high on all these um let’s put bone block there so it’s going to go up six so [Music] one no from the base so be one two three four five [Laughter] six I’m just going to go ahead and bring these across I don’t know how I’m going to do this transition so might as well just have a wall here to go get some more bones May Stacks again all the boners I got let’s go back down xp2 hello here up another three y rolling D rude indeed seriously I used all those already right what we need whatever I just got need Lord figure out eventually Co let’s see if that does anything for us get on up there somehow oh perfect just the right [Laughter] amount got that all finished to go around light this part up down here light them up a little bit you made your way out little pill K he doesn’t know how to light anything up you know light all this up just we have to deal with Kenny’s problems here are those Kenny’s problems whizzing by my head right now ridiculous you know I don’t know what D4 is doing with this place but over here F that’s good enough good enough for now should probably eat something so as you can see horse is escaping how did he get up there the hell all right horse buddy how do you get over there able to jump up on a okay uh Wild Horse aren’t you hell how’d you get over here they can jump up on a on a log a log but a if there’s one on the other side of it they can jump up on it you too buddy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah dude what the hell you break the mechanics talk backwards how are they able to go over these now is this something that got patched can’t bone a horse for yourself all right um they’re able to get up on the one high blocks but I’m not worried about that just like these parts are here like they can climb up on some reason I don’t know why it lets them do that but they can’t knock that one off for right now till we get it built up and we’ll go ahead actually let’s just get all of our wood we’ll just build that up let me bers in here for now I don’t need that yet we [Music] will texture stuff but for now let’s go ahead grab some wood one there all right going back up top here it is a kids game after all okay strong point there extra parts here oh man there way up SL coming in with the raid welcome everybody coming in from slack hey two good I just got slacked yes you’re like I’m about to be [ __ ] but I didn’t unfortunately I got slacked instead all right so we got if you’re just joining us oh I’m about to die from Fall damage but that’s even though we have scaffolding it is what it is so me let my self heal up and we’re going to go around and cut in some different spots on this give ourselves um a little bit of texture our bricks incoming slacked all right so all right so on this we’re going to probably go around and I’m strip some of the wood give it a little bit different look like that around here’s see what all right looks okay it’ll look better once we get everything going with some stuff around it again welcome everybody coming in from slack um appreciate you guys coming over we’re working on building a um stable for our oras is what we’re currently working on welcome everybody come in over for that just [Music] a oops hit the wrong buttons move this over real quick sorry I’m trying to get all my stuff together anybody over on the YouTube If You’re Here on YouTube give me a holla holla I appreciate it very much okay I don’t know what this thing’s doing okay sorry having some technical difficulties get all my stuff together here all right sorry moving some stuff around uh we did have famous came in with the super chat over on YouTube so I just havn’t seen anybody in the actual chat maybe I’m missing it don’t know um yeah we did have some problems the other day with our stuff they here for the chat the chatt anator yeah that’s that’s the other thing there’s a lot of people here for the um already here on that so I understand if you if you choose to watch it elsewhere but you know I’d love to have you here with me if you could be all right everything set up all right we’re going to hit a quick ad break real fast and then we’ll be manage bounties all right let me get y’all switched over and transition okay we’re going to be watching the official trailer for Civil War uh we’re going to get that going here in just a second let me out of that into this all right here we go all right we’re going to watch this together here we go stes seceded the United States Army ramps up activi the White House issued warnings to the Western forces as well as the Florida Alliance the president assures the uprising will be dealt with swiftly let me know if you want to try anything on I gu aware there’s like a pretty huge civil war going on all across America we just try to stay out with what we see on the news seems like it’s for the [Music] best citizens of America the so-called Western forces of Texas and California have suff hear defeat I can’t hear his voice without thinking of parks and wreck but all right here we go the hands of the United States military Mr President do you regret the use of air strikes against American [Music] citizens we’re moving to DC today we need to go down there they shoot journalist on side in the capital every Instinct in me says this is death what every time I survived a war zone I thought I was sending a warning home don’t do that but here we are there’s some kind of misunderstanding here what we American okay okay what kind of American are you you don’t know the Western forces will reach the White House on July 4th oh my god get in the mo you’re going to hang back I’m not hanging back one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all go go go go [Music] go God Bless America wow all right I’m going to stop it right there uh yeah it looks it looks really good uh it is again action-packed movie uh Direct Alex Garland he is also known for 28 Days Later and um a few other that’s the main one that I notice of the ones that that stand out and you can tell because this is kind of like a dystopian World kind of in the future kind of like 28 Days Later or uh The Last of Us those kind of things um again starring people like kir and duns um from Spider-Man bringing on all that kind of stuff um some of these names I like the people in the movie I’ve seen and I’m like oh I know that guy um like Stephen mckenley Henderson the guy from Dune um because I just watched part of Dune I haven’t watched um because the new ones come out or whatever and I never watched the first one so I start watching some of that but he’s in there from Dune part one um uh Wagner MOA from narcos is in there as well and then of course uh Ron Swanson is the president so you got to watch it just for that uh immersive experimental actionpack uh will be available in iMac April 12th uh you can see it on the biggest screen possible and um you know again I know people are going to say stuff political I’m not a political person but I mean this just I just like the setting I mean it I just think it’s cool like I don’t I’m not political in E either way so I’m not promoting it on um any type of one way or the other but I do think this is going to be a good a good movie definitely go check out again April 12th is where it’ll be uh starting in IMAX and I’m sure it’s in all other theaters as well so definitely go check out Civil War um wherever you watch your your movies at but I think it I think it looks good and uh let me rewind some I watch some of this first part again again it is a24 of America the so-called Western forces of Texas and California so the Western forces of Texas and California have suffered a very great def first of all so like the pandemic stuff there couldn’t have been two different places than California and Texas right like everybody was leaving California to go to Texas it was not as strict there you know on the mask laws all that kind of stuff so that’s kind of that’s kind of funny that those two teamed up at the hands of the United States military okay oh we had a picture of a map there you can’t really see it when you pause it let see if catch it again have suffered a very great defeat at the hands of the United St show like Texas and California all right yeah but here’s here’s some of the other films that he did um besides 28 Days Later Annihilation and ex machina Machina I don’t know exactly what that um yeah that does look uh it looks good I think it’s going to be a good good movie but yeah you guys can go check that out uh again April 12th check it out and we’ll get back to our Minecraft but thank you guys for that Machina okay X Machina I feel like I’ve seen it before I feel like I’ve seen the the name of it before but I don’t know I didn’t know what it was but anyway all right let’s get back to some Minecraft we’ll uh we’ll split you guys back over to there and where’s my button at transition what my transition buttons get all this stuff off my screen go hit the on the wrong button there we go right cool all right so let me go back into my settings I get everything back together so I I had that to uh I was going to run that ad the other day and then my freaking PC was all messed up so ran it today but uh slack again coming in with the raid and find anything else here yeah I’m not seeing anything on like my chat stuff’s not working on YouTube but hopefully the stream is not really sure not sure if it’s working on YouTube or though I somebody did give a donation over there the other day so maybe yeah gota get I mean I got to get a little bit here and there you know what I mean I try not to do too many of them but I try to throw one in when it’s something that I think looks cool all right let me set up my [Music] stream and go to Minecraft and what is this day 20 30 50 what day am on day 25 I think yeah sorry I’m reset my update all right should be good updated there 24 funnier or 25 funnier than why is my thing not loading in oh there it goes okay we are back hopefully we don’t die of anything 20 minutes till the the stuff goes down all right so on this I just want to go around and all right this stuff I’m not not going to worry about this wall right now cuz all right cool almost there C out all the extra what are all these in here oh it said 10 seconds I thought it said cleared okay like we don’t have unlimited bone bone blocks all right so we’re going to throw these in let’s see how this looks yeah there’s going to be another layer of stuff on the outside but this looks okay right look pretty good to you guys oops wall for right now I even add more in than what I got let be a good start I was going to say how did I already get those there but I’m an idiot that’s how uh if you’re just joining us we I had to find a block that kind of went with bone so I pick back up appreciate that all right step back and admire our area looking good so far of course we’re in night time so that’s not the best of look but the wrong button that but there we go we may end up throwing either a little bit more or a few different blocks or something like that into it I don’t know yeah I’ve never watched SpongeBob either so all my stuff that I know about SpongeBob is Speedy inside I’m with you on that one was just a little uh pass my time D4 is all about the pillars but take those down for right now right all right this is the outside that here now let’s bring uh we still got logs Let’s uh connect these for now these rocket boots scaffold save my rocket boots for now because it sounds like people are trying to do away with fly materials preserve what we can you know we’re flying people come on man we’ll come through and strip some of the wood out too and I really want to see that that that movie now Civil War look good all right excuse me horsecock on the horse [ __ ] let’s just yeah I uh I don’t know I continued to watch like um Simpsons and things like that even though I was older but I don’t know I mean I guess Family Guy like I haven’t I don’t watch Family Guy anymore but like when I was in college and stuff I watched Family Guy some of those shows but I don’t know all right so we got that connected I don’t know the way around Let’s uh gather all these all that on the front there we go around and yeah what I thought you see I really run out of wood one block short we have to go get some more CU I need some stirs but for now I got to do a better job of good enough I guess my inventor out loot I’ll go help the looters corly where’s your hole Oher iser jez okay wow there’s so many people on yeah there’s actually a lot of people on for this time of night those are good I don’t know uh if there’s anything super good in them now so get him oh no uh-oh Spruce needs the [Applause] spruce hey are all the um all the like organization mods out of date now or their new versions it seems like it mine don’t work yeah mine still work but I had to like reinstall Minecraft and everything yeah well which one did you guys use are you guys using probably there I don’t remember to be honest down oh no knows much here got a few diamonds nice not bad sorry about all the spider my bad that’s okay oh I got Diamond too not a very good one there’s something missing cuz I don’t see anything good all of them oh yeah TNT hell yeah make out of there yeah I haven’t watched Simpsons in a while so I’m sure it’s not as good as it used to be but we do get this Spore thing cuz I like these and I think go right above this thing four blossoms do they need to be on a certain block is it just cuz it’s not on a full block yes it’s not on full block okay so let’s get a slab now it will shower down on the magnificence that is Deluxe 4 greatest Cocker ball player of all time think we replaced our diamonds that we needed for that put that oh do that yes nothing there need probably get another fishing pole reps in there lucky gy 1% gem perfect those can go in there some more wood I’m going to need a lot of wood here pretty soon um put that wood up for now I need that for fences and such uh don’t need that stuff in there or that stuff in there or that stuff or that stuff that stuff or that stuff or that stuff in there those might not be bad that stuff and that stuff don’t in there three there there there all these D can go in there that stuff go there let me check my kit I get this one yet yeah there we go got 10 Easter eggs the wrong one fertilize us team me PL [ __ ] in there [Music] that stuff got in there but it did this up and about have to go fish that in there this rubber ducky down eggs I don’t know what to do with those I but I do know okay decent enough fishing rod something I used at most of my torches but let’s go go hello he just appeared out of nowhere from inside SAR got this another sharpness five from inside sarin well probably the call is coming from inside the SAR it’s magical penguin penguin penguin W it’s so sad that we still can’t get on the boat yet gosh I know the boats aren’t out that’s the whole thing I wanted what the heck I want boats boats and birds boats and birds boats boats boats boats boat and hoes boots and cats got it let’s go no I didn’t notice congrats right in front of me H that’s so sad that’s so sad Easter egg oh I fell again holy I guess I’ll SP on them holy crap carp holy carp normal fishing is worthwhile right now yeah it’s not great candy bar candy bars candy bars it was right there don’t care about F I had it in my hand hooked me thing hookers that one’s I think so oh no maybe someone got course the one that spawn wait just like dis right in front of you to nice I’m singing anything else it over I think it’s over definitely six more times that’d be so cool again man I want the r it was in front of your face I know it was but it went under the water and I can’t catch the ones that go under the water stop 20 good who are you even maybe we’ll do it again I didn’t even do anything I don’t recognize this man before me now you can catch stuff I can’t see anything I finally got her oh [ __ ] she wasn’t crouched I got some normal fish next time Chumps all right let’s go throw this on something see what it looks like home sale I always type home sale you get it though all right see what we got here excuse me turn all right I would like to see what’s your penguin WAP will do for a sword oh it’s got a penguin on the sword that’s kind of cool it’ll do for a pickaxe same pain fishing pole oh my God he’s humping the [ __ ] out of that pole you go uh what else you do anything on elra no axe cool looking ax uh let’s see [Music] remove and I’m going to go back to this so far is my favorite wrap on that let’s see what it looks like on pants Oh has to be Diamond I guess it’s all strip down what the penguin wrap doesn’t go on any fire wrap wraps only for tools like me hey that sucks want to dress like a penguin I do need to start getting my I’ve got this one pretty much done I just need to start making some other better stuff it doesn’t go on the helmet yeah everything should be good like it should be working but it’s not it does look kind of cool on the I like The Sword and the fishing rod so if I ever get a good sword I’ll probably put on there I put on there just so you can see it there we go penguin buddy kind of blocks your entire view though can’t really see anything out of the right side of your face hole he has the Penguin on his helmet oh what happened to your skin oh no slash message um a poop so I to sell it on eBay now yeah I’m sure it is I’ll uh I’ll check with them tomorrow I’m not that worried about it right now I’m going get back to building uh it does look kind of cool like on the sword though yeah I got the Penguin on my sword that one’s kind of cool uh the fishing pole looks kind of cool too have a little pingy on your fishing pole I like it on those two but yeah I don’t know why it’s not working on the armor I’ll I’ll check with Pokey I’m sure it’s an easy fix like you said or may just be I relog or something I don’t know maybe we’ll see all right let’s go and take it off there for now uh we probably need to go check on crop stuff but for right now put this in the EC other the wraps going to collect wraps I guess I don’t know I have bone Mill in there don’t need that have some extra pants in case I go to the nether we don’t need that either but just tools and weapons look like a turn yeah uh so you can catch those there the other ones are other looting spots in there for now there we all right so back to our build over here it looks good with those bricks in there I mean we’re going to go through and do a bunch of other stuff to it so need to first start out with crafting table over here and grab stairs and all that kind of stuff that I need right now gra that grab some of those I don’t know exactly how many I need but start here that and we’ll start here we go the other side so I need some blocks some stairs all that kind of stuff okay so it looks like on this wall it’s going to be a solid wall let’s go ahead and detail this out a little bit yeah let’s grab some more if I have any more on me I do nuts there go there all right so let’s make some um need a few of these and I’m going to need all right let’s see how far this gets us I need some regulars I need some those and I need some of those it mind think I have any more of those let’s go yeah here middle coming along all right here that to me all those up there all right across that I think Let’s uh one two yeah a post up through there let’s go and just finish this off and then if we need to go to walkway through we can I need to go get some more wood don’t I home three here we go I would CH take the spruce almighties and hopefully we got enough way to land here some more SPO beautiful look at that big girthy girl there all right here we go going down for real all right um so there’s some left so that’s not my best strategy that I’ve ever done prepar this real quick break my yeah I didn’t the idea of it was good but by itself lucky for me I’m a scaffolder thank you Baker didn’t even see what happened but glad you took care of it sounds like a [ __ ] loser not even the kind we like right probably was some time out they’ll think about what they’ve done all right that should clear us out there yeah just usual your usual wasting of space all cool all right good all right let’s go five there we go drop off all this bone stuff and thr that in there just in case I got to build some more throw that in for right now and then I’m going to go water some stuff go make sure everything’s watered before next rotation doesn’t look like it is it looks like something that already popped so let’s dang it put one back there don’t know water these because roll up top oh my God so many strawberries get it in this rotation should been paying attention water these just so it easier through and plant and just plant them and forget them those are all good those are all good good good that needs it think after to all these water and planted I think we’re going to be at a good stopping point for the night all right good on that if you guys are not already subscribed please consider subscribing helps me out so much my sub Count’s about to drop really drastically it’s going to be disheartening but part of it you know you have somebody get 500 Subs it’s just uh part of it all those planted to the up top might get it all done who knows people believe in me not one of them but somebody some [Applause] one two three four five six perfect we’re all good to go [Applause] come on not getting any all right we getting done here again this is the last thing we’re doing tonight we’re going to start back on our um stable area we’ll start back on that tomorrow get on a little bit earlier so we can get some more done and really get oh that was close let’s M right through those all right everything done can’t believe there’s no gay [Applause] strawberries [Applause] all right good one there two three four five six seven six is 13 so we have 13 left over those over there looking good all right cool throw those in and then we need to go keep Three Stacks sell those home am I Bell top now oh it’s not updated that’s unfortunate yeah I’m all top now boys not for long I’m about to buy some more seeds but 73 go there and we’ll see which of these Pop I don’t know if any of these are going to pop but if do we’ll replace them before we head out for the night not a fan of strawberries huh huh probably my favorite fruit Berry whatever you want call it water go I’m going to wait for one more pop by time we walk over here it should be water again there we go water these all right check I don’t have any that have popped think I’ll one more away away few popped over here and that might be it so let’s grab a few up up on in there all get on those everybody’s watered plenty of seeds in here for the four and couple berries to throw in the did I go put those oh yeah a good okay anything else I need okay good go there put the elytras up for D4 before I forget yeah I got the money but like 400 and something of it 4 80,000 I don’t whatever it is that I need extra I have my helmet there we go uh put those those back in there and chest plate there go I think we’re good for the night we didn’t get everything done that we wanted to do but we got some stuff done um I get my SL kit okay yeah okay I just making sure I got both my kits so uh we fixed E4 said one of these got away but it was just stuck down underneath so I got him going on that oh that’s my new guys he’s a new guy okay so he said one of them did get away but I don’t know where he would have got away to unless we lost him on the server restart no there’s still two in there okay we got both of them then all right cool I told him the other two were there um else I didn’t ask him if he like the floor I’m still not 100% sold on the floor but you guys said you liked it so that’s awesome I was going to tell him that we heard thank you so much grad key 750 just 50 away from our goal of 800 all right that’s going to do it for me did get a wrap um we didn’t win any [ __ ] Cocker tournament trophy but D4 in you got the lizard tail game ball there I don’t what the honey bottle was for maybe it’s like a gatorade bottle but we do have this but which is the D20 beautiful wonderful I hate that it’s my um hate that it’s my Pokemon skin that I had though but other than that all right well I think we’re good for the night we’ll be back tomorrow in a good stream all sick ah sorry sorry you sick all right so uh we’ll work on fixing that up tomorrow getting it built up the um area for the horses and what we’re going to be working on next so guys stay tuned for that and hopefully everything worked uh definitely go check out Civil War and theaters coming out in April 12th and uh yeah check out the gfy podcast get yourself some merch Che me out on X or you can uh use my whatnot link for free $10 any of those things but for me I’m off for the night so you guys have a great one see you guys back at it again tomorrow see if anybody is on any beats or d1’s on I’ll send you guys the D1 all right guys have a great night enjoy the rest of your night later Beach

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    Pablo Martinez's Epic Minecraft Noteblocks Touhou Cover!Video Information This video, titled ‘Touhou Magical Astronomy: Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy but with MINECRAFT NOTEBLOCKS!!’, was uploaded by Pablo Martinez on 2024-06-05 16:21:17. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:30 or 270 seconds. This song is from the Magical Astronomy album. I made it in the Minecraft Note Block Studio app. I give credit to the creator of the video game and the songs. I hope you enjoy it! This song is from Magical Astronomy CD. I made it in the Minecraft Note Block Studio app. I give credit to… Read More

  • Surviving 100 Days of Attack on THE KNOCKER – Minecraft

    Surviving 100 Days of Attack on THE KNOCKER - MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘How Mikey and JJ Survive 100 Days Of Attack on THE KNOCKER ? – Minecraft (Maizen)’, was uploaded by JJ MAIZEN & Mikey on 2024-04-11 18:15:00. It has garnered 9217 views and 57 likes. The duration of the video is 01:00:59 or 3659 seconds. How Mikey and JJ Survive 100 Days Of Attack on THE KNOCKER ? – Minecraft (Maizen) This is not an official Maizen channel, we make fan videos with Mikey and JJ. Our channel is exclusively for fans of Maizen. We’re not trying to impersonate his personality, we just want to add… Read More

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    Insane Pro Gamer Crushes Hardcore Minecraft Challenge! #MinecraftLiveVideo Information This video, titled ‘”Ultimate Minecraft Adventure: Surviving the Hardcore Challenge! #MinecraftLive”‘, was uploaded by Bad Ultimate Gamer on 2024-06-02 19:44:37. It has garnered 128 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 01:17:46 or 4666 seconds. “Ultimate Minecraft Adventure: Surviving the Hardcore Challenge! #MinecraftLive” SMP LINK 👍🏻:- Successgamer3380.aternos.me Discord link :- https://discord.gg/cgTFxuyN :-https://discord.gg/2FJxcCCv :-Successgamer3380#8983 INSTAGRAM LINK https://instagram.com/success_gamer_m?igshid=MzNlNGNkZWQ4Mg== RELATED TAGS :- ________________ #viral #viralshorts #minecraft #minecraftpe #technogamerz #techno #tranding #video #ytviral #android #minecraftshorts #chapati #hindustangamerloggy #chapatihindustanigamer #minecraftvideos #part1 #minecraftsurvival #survival #ezio18rip #ajjubhai #live #liveinsaan #oneblock #oneblocksurvival #mining #oneday #100daysinminecraft #1000subscriber #subscribers #sub #subscribe #subscribetomychannel ________________ About :… Read More

  • 🔥 INCREDIBLE Minecraft mobs gameplay #Shorts 🌙

    🔥 INCREDIBLE Minecraft mobs gameplay #Shorts 🌙Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft mobs 🔥 #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by FakeMoon Gaming on 2024-05-29 15:07:09. It has garnered 447 views and 16 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. minecraft,minecraft puzzle map,minecraft challenge,minecraft puzzles,funny minecraft video,minecraft bedrock,minecraft impossible puzzle,beating minecraft,minecraft gameplay,minecraft survival,can i solve this minecraft puzzle in 24 hours?,solving impossible minecraft puzzles,minecraft hindi,minecraft server,minecraft but,minecraft redstone,minecraft house,minecraft hindi gaming,minecraft hardcore,minecraft minigame,minecraft gameplay in hindi puzzle,jigsaw puzzle,puzzles,jigsaw puzzle time lapse,karen puzzles,jigsaw puzzle tips,puzzle games,jigsaw puzzle vlog,biggest puzzle,puzzle time lapse,jigsaw puzzles,puzzles for kids,puzzle box,biggest puzzle ever,giant puzzle,animal puzzle,puzzle for kids,hardest puzzle,video puzzle,9000 piece puzzle,jigsaw… Read More

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    SHOCKING: Unplanned Minecraft Livestream Chat with LuvstarVideo Information This video, titled ‘A Spontaneous Stream, Let’s Chat :3 ♡ Minecraft Livestream’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-20 15:44:21. It has garnered 949 views and 94 likes. The duration of the video is 00:42:51 or 2571 seconds. Haii everyone! Welcome to my live stream! Let’s play some fairycore minecraft together! Leave a tip to show up on screen here: https://streamlabs.com/luvstarkei/tip 🌈Become a Channel Member: https://www.youtube.com/@luvstarkei/join ==================================== 👾My Website: https://luvstarkei.com 💜My Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LuvstarKei 🎧Request an Art Commission: https://luvstarkei.com/commissions/ 🐈‍⬛My Art Channel: youtube.com/@luvstarkei2 📷 Contact me through email: [email protected] 🖤 For business inquiries, please use: [email protected] ==================================== 🍓RESOURCES USED:… Read More

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  • WhaleBoxx

    WhaleBoxxWelcome to WhaleBoxx. We are currently a vanilla survival and boxpvp server. We only just released so come and join us today! whaleboxx.minehut.gg Read More

  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server – Vanilla, SMP, Snapshots, 1.21-pre1, 1.21 Experiments, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Discord

    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Features Experiment with new features such as crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the bogged, the mace, 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and more! Community Join a friendly community with multiple towns and a diamond-based trading economy. Explore the End every month, participate in enhanced dragon fights, and never worry about resets… Read More

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    Sanna races Cutie in EPIC 20 Min Minecraft Build!Video Information This video, titled ’20 Minute Minecraft Build Challenge With Cutie!’, was uploaded by iamSanna on 2024-02-18 14:00:41. It has garnered 57549 views and 1395 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:56 or 1076 seconds. 🦄 BECOME A MEMBER WITH SPECIAL PERKS: https://t.co/ckFG6LkOvY 🦄 🦄 Enter my Star code ⭐️iamsanna⭐️ when you buy Robux at https://t.co/uVuYnoKTb6 🦄 (When you use my code Roblox gives me a small percentage of your purchase! Thank you for the support!) ❤️MERCH: https://iamsannashop.com/ 💜INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/iamsanna ❤️TWITTER: www.twitter.com/iamsannay 🦄Moody Unicorn Twin🦄 https://www.youtube.com/c/MoodyUnicornTwinRoblox 🌸Silly🌸 https://www.youtube.com/c/SillyRoblox 🌈Sunny Unicorn Twin🌈 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQQQj8s6dwTVMbOtH68iO-A 🐰Cutie🐰 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAy3SbSn9988JS8KCQreF9A 💙ALL GIVEAWAYS WILL BE… Read More

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  • Frendz SMP

    Frendz SMPHello guys , Welcome to the server of Frendz SMP , this is the server owned by Dynamo100 & Dynami_Wizard . This server is totally survival , here u can build your awesome and large builds with ur creative ideas and do much more fun with ur frnds. From the community of Dynamo Clan u all will be provided with a discord server where u can directly interact with our moderator and if u face any kind of problems u can personally email to our community and we will solve your problems soon as much as possible.There is a YOU… Read More

  • –> CoconutCraft SMP: Hermitcraft-like, Dynmap, Voice Chat. BRAND NEW!

    Welcome to CoconutCraft! If you’re looking for a fun and welcoming SMP, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re into redstone, technical builds, or majestic creations, CoconutCraft has something for everyone. Inspired by hermitcraft, our community is strong and vibrant. Features: Shops and a diamond-based economy No land claim, trust-based server CoreProtect for grief prevention Plugins for quality of life changes Join our whitelisted server and apply through our Discord. We have proximity chat and data packs to enhance the vanilla experience. No pay-to-win features here! Join our Discord to apply: Discord Read More

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