EPIC FINALE! How Far Can We Go? – Tango’s DECKED OUT 2

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hello Wolf Den my name is f telda and welcome to what is going to be our final episode on Decked Out we’ve had a good run but there is no denying the fact that the dungeons of deep Frost Citadel have proved to be a tremendous challenge for me and we just talking about level one and two we didn’t yet get to see the third level out of four which was a small goal I had kept in the back of my mind but I can guarantee you that in this final episode we will enter the domain of the wardens whatever it takes and faulty has been so kind as to prepare a surprise tool that will help us later and which should hopefully make us getting to level three become a reality even if it takes me multiple attempts and even if we only end up Surviving for a few seconds but before we get to that point here are the plans for this final episode first we will use our own deck which we worked hard on and as usual do a medium run followed by a hard run and after that we’re flicking the switch to the point where our Compass will guaranteed be pointing towards the deepest depths of the dungeon and we’ll try and go as far as we can go with the most overpowered deck we could come up with trust me after these last 14 episodes it’s clear that I’m in need of such a power power boost but without any further Ado let’s get the show on the road with our first medium Run Dungeon Hit Me With Your Best shots oh you would think that this little Minecart ride would get easier the more you do it but seriously the constant The Dread of what’s about to happen it’s it’s just overwhelming there’s no stopping it no matter what either way onwards we go and the dungeon graes us with a level one artifact I for sure do not mind that cuz really I’m going to need the warming up if we are about to try and head off towards a deep Frost areas of the Citadel H it will it will be fine it won’t be fine if I instantly trigger a bloody shrier all right ravager ravager ravager where did you go I Loot and Scoot I like the loot and Scoot I don’t see the ra I see you hello even though coins aren’t that important technically in this final episode I’m still going to play like I normally would so H yeah coins will be mine and for sure keys will be mine why do I keep forgetting about that shrier being right over there Frost Focus Frost Focus is fine not exactly necessary but I will take it I am getting a ton of coins here I also see that and I will take it thank you very much however where are the ravages I am for sure in need of my Frost berries while I’m at it but it is right now way too silent in regards to the ravages okay wow uh the dungeon is going a little bit mad in regards to frost Embers right now I’m not complaining I don’t mind but nonetheless uh I was kind of expecting something to be up here I thought I heard several clicks going on there’s nothing in here I should definitely be paying attention as to where the hell I’m supposed to go cuz right now I’m just on a loot run which I really shouldn’t be doing we’re still oh supposed to go on okay uh Loot and sco for a level one run that is a very very decent amount of loots okay I I will take that thank you um I’m probably going to have to be in the Crypt I do hear a ravager right around the corner uh we’ll leave him where he is right now we don’t need that none of our concern so you my friend wherever the hell you are it will be fine yeah okay he was right over there that’s fine then where is number two number two is probably inside of the CPS down below that’s fine that’s fine I know what I’m doing I really know what I’m doing oh my God the Cs are really doing well for me today so many bloody ambers uh you’re locked off already yikes okay uh haard for sure is not enough our favor oh where the hell is this ravager in this area cuz right now there’s only one way out of this and I don’t have a way back um where are you where are you you’re not here then where the hell are you and seriously so many frost Embers really I’m not complaining I’m so not complaining I do like more treasure where where are you are you’re all of course you are of course you are why wouldn’t you be all the way over there and of course I triggered two bloody shers H it’s fine it’s fine I know what I’m doing we can easily get him out of that room that shouldn’t prove to be too much of an issue I think I do like that especially cuz the Clank block was getting lower uh my friend I need to be where you are where did you sneak off to friend yeah there you are see you swall me before I even properly spalled you that’s how terrifying you technically are that’s how terrifying you are that’s how terrifying you are you will never not be terrifying you also will never not stop being stupid at times sir please come over here hi sir sir I need to kindly ask you to step forward that’s it thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you o berries I will take those and I will leave you be where the hell you are okay do not move forward do not move forward that is fine totally fine we have got this one in the pocket uh I am kind of tempted to maybe go to the one to shoot but uh Tru be told maybe I should be happy with 24 Frost emess I probably should be happy with 26 Frost Embers and a lot of coins yeah this is going well this is going really well uh however am I going to be risky right now we’re going through here hter uh this is risky this is risky this is stupid I’m not I’m not I’m not if that door closes and I do not know where the other ravager is I am in pain and I would rather not be in pain when we have something good going on I mean last time we tried to get the death Loop well they spelled our demise pretty quickly afterwards so this will be fine our rure is still gone I think I will just claim this as my victory while I can maybe get a few more treasure cards out there H I so wish I had bounding strides right now that 2 minutes of jump boost an absolute glorious amount anyway uh I think we should try and move on go back down see where our second Rafer is in the lower area yeah we’re just running we’re just running we’re just running it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine nothing to worry about you’re not chasing us no good good good good good good stay where the hell you are I’ll very much appreciate that I will take another coin thank you and let’s see where would it be either the rager is in that other area as well or he’s down here in the crypts I kind of prefer right now that he would be in the other area because if we face him right here yeah that would be nasty I won’t say no to more Embers although of course I don’t know what the limit is in regards to the amount of Embers and treasure that can drop on the first floor again I did increase that limit in the past but I do not know what the limit is set at right now so yeah we can’t stay here for too long cuz at some point nothing will drop anymore know your mine there’s no ravager that is so going to mean that you’re both here right yeah you’re there oh I don’t take that I will definitely take that which means hello one two plus if I can hit it there we go a key thank you okay once we return to the mall when we return to the mall not if we return to the mall at this point cuz I’m I’m making silly [Music] mistakes I’m kind of wondering can I actually go back up can I go back up and try and get Sprint to the whole jump pad situation because our friend over here is still blocking the way I yeah you know what no unless I can do that I can do that I can do that and I will do that for sure hello bounding stri you’re the best card ever and likewise right now at least the heartbe is decently quiet but I should now get that ravager out of there again I’m playing this way too risky right now I shouldn’t do that I shouldn’t do that we have got a whole lot of frost ambers with us right now can I make use of my Sprint get your attention that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it come on all the way all the way all the way all the way just the way do we like it I love this room this room will forever be one of the better ones okay you know no you are chasing me okay you know what we’re leaving we’re just leaving we are so just leaving we’re not caring about your shananigans going on uh we should be fine we should be fine if that was just a warden sh win okay we are doing good on the whole jump speed or movement speed situation we’re not doing good on the fact that I do not know where the ravager here was uh my friend my friend was that you it might have been him might have been him uh oh God okay okay okay we are definitely [Music] in need of getting you out of there getting you out of here getting you out of here that’s fine all the way all the way all the way we’re leaving cuz there’s too many passagers locked off right here right now if we stay any longer we’re going to find ourselves dead did one of the I was about to say did one of the berries just burn thank God the fires do not actually Burns oh my God why is my Clank is so high so many things were blocked off yeah I uh I am just going to claim my victory while we’re at it that’s fine I was tempted to do the water shoot but after all of that yeah no I’ll take this death Loop in you go ah that went really well thank you dungeon you gave me your best shot with was a softball which was exactly what I was hoping for oh dear oh dear but that was just the warming up for now afterwards going to Hard [Music] Mode which honestly knowing that we will go to level two it remains terrifying anyway 26 Ambush 26 27 that’s both way too high more on the left more on the left one on the left please just one really really dungeon really is that how you want to play this there’s no way we will ever get 48 Frost Embers right here right now even if I throw everything I have inside of the Mars M well that’s fine and that sadly only means that the only thing we can get is one single Moment of clarity which means we would have two in total cuz I left one of them out of my deck for this run which hopefully should help me in the future but for now Mr M sure I don’t need to do this but you have been kind to me in the past and I definitely feel like I should give you a gift and also just cuz I’m curious how much stuff you would actually give me for this so what’s it going to be four four surely one come on come on now you want to really only one oh that’s what I thought two can you do two more please no just okay one more are you really only going to give me two is that all really ah you stingy nuggets well that’s fine we didn’t need them anyway I don’t way yeah thank God for the darkness I by the way do not fully know how well level three is going to look like on recording once we eventually do get there but I’ll try and maybe light things up a little bit so that it becomes a little bit more viewable either way 1 2 3 4 5 6 going in One Moment of clarity for our next hard run and meanwhile yeah we will have a lovely amount of crowns and you know what because we have the emers for it anyway sure I’ll buy my first Victory to not like that we need it for our play style because we don’t play this with other people where this the fact that these Victory TOS would be in play as well for the actual Hermits who went through all of their faces and whatnot ah it’s just mental absolutely mental big respect for them absolutely but for us right now that means onwards we go in the hopes that we can maybe visit the victory chamber once more no defin definitely not well then I’ll take that I’ll take the extra water we have got One Moment of clarity four crowns uh yeah that makes sense and there’s my victory toe that’s what I was waiting for all right uh did we have any crowns remaining we had a few crowns remaining which means we will be able to get one more card and since this is going to be my final normal run with this deck yeah I for sure want to give myself a little bit of a power boost and likewise you Victory to something to keep in mind so let’s see uh seven crowns in total we could we could get a random key that could maybe help or a pork chop power could work out in my favor but first we are going to have to gamble five going in it will be fine give me something good green card don’t give me something that I already have which is a high chance as we know yeah that’s something we already have unfortunately just a sneak which means ah you’re trash the dungeon is ready for its next victim that’s very fine I’m not fully ready yet as usual I want to let the the ravages roam a bit two moments of clarity going in and we’re taking in one random key it’s the final crown that we can theoretically spend so let it be a level one or a level two key please a level one key I will take or technically this is a level two key you you know what I mean c of Carnage this will hopefully make our next attempt a bit more successful as we don’t have to look around for a bloody key all right time for our pen ultimate run going hard mode and hopefully with a bit of luck our key will help us out I will sacrifice my spare sneak card to the dungeon Gods please let us run the be success don’t make me fail I really hope this is going to go well but I fear for the worst hard mode let’s do this the fact that we have got our case of carness key in hand will help out for sure but it still means that we will need to do a little bit of snooping about the place in order to get some food cuz without Food level two is just a nogo so no clue how far the ravages wandered I hope not too far so that I know where the hell they still are but uh with these beasts honestly you never know so where did you go I’m sorry okay well that’s bad oh my why oh my God D do you want to have me dead cuz you’re killing me right here you are killing me so badly there’s no way in except past you right here right now which means uh not a fan not a fan what way what way are you going come on do you see me do you see me come on oh this way that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it and then we need uh I’ll take that coin cuz I’m greedy as always uh he needs to get out of there he desperately needs to get out of there which is exactly what I’m going to do you my friends down here can I get [Music] you can I get you down here come on all the way oh this is risky this is risky this is risky this might get me killed we know where our second ravager is this is bad oh and of course you’re going to give me a key right here well that’s not helping dungeon that is not helping at all don’t tell me that this door is also closed okay that’s still open that’s still open that’s good I’ll take that that I’ll take that it’s fine we are on level two so never Minds okay the dungeon for sure wants me dead the dungeon for sure wants me dead oh how the hell am I going to get out of this mess if so much stuff is already locked off how even okay oh I’ll take that I’ll take that I’ll take that and I just L scoot through here ah this is a bad start for sure uh last time there was no one here I will go and pay a quick visit to downstairs get a few of those berries hopefully that should does be fine hopefully I this should do be fine we’ll Stack Up on the Clank Block in the meantime there’s a lot of keys well you are definitely not going easy on me in regards to Hazard but you are going easy on me on keys I guess that’s what happens after you throwing a curve all my way last time it makes sense but I don’t like it h okay okay how are we don’t to deal with this we can get a few more berries upstairs which is absolutely fine but I don’t like where this is going how is there so much Hazard already blocked off getting out of this place is going to be equally as difficult right now as level two will be which is saying a lot okay our rfer was last time in the round room there’s no treasure here this is still open I’ll take that however I still don’t like the sound of any of this okay this is fine this is fine 11 10 berries I kind of would like to get the one in the retunda room as well but I’ve Got a Feeling our rfer might be in there Frost focus and yeah you know what I’ll I’ll just take 10 I’ll just take 10 we have got a decent amount of Clank block he’s not hiding around any Corners here no all right just slow and steady make our way to level two it is lava side which could be spider path I am definitely keeping spider path in mind oh to be fair with a hard run it might also be a littleit further ahead it’s right here um where is that where is that is that that’s the middle of lava if it’s the middle of lava zone I’m not going to be happy H but seriously it could be anywhere it really could be anywhere which means oh okay that’s bad that’s Moment of clarity well My Moment of clarity right now is the fact that this side is bad news because there’s a ravager right in front of it [Music] um how am I going to deal with this how am I going to deal with this I am wasting run energy right now okay uh can I just move a little bit slower it’s fine it’s fine we have the time we have got the Clank block oh where is this one where is this one where is this one it might scoot be spider path it might be about you’re still open you’re still open um oh this is going to be spider path isn’t it it’s going to be in the worst possible [Music] spot right this is so going to be in the worst possible spot ah it is it isn’t it’s in that it is in that very nasty spot for sure or could it be oh Hi friend Hi friend I did not see you I did not see you um excuse me passing through just passing through just passing through don’t mind me do not mind me do not mind me do not mind me I am triggering so many shers it is right over here oh my God God why did you have to be here why did you have to be here it is right here right it is so going to be here uh slow and steady slow and steady slow and steady come on turn around turn around turn around turn around yep you buger you buer okay um I think I saw a ravager on the spider path so we can’t take that that means uh where where do we go where do we go where do we go we could lava lava side was inaccessible laite was inaccessible we have a raure all the way to our right right now who most likely followed us which means I can only go through those areas through Willie’s area um that is fine Hunter I think unless okay that’s bad I don’t know where Willie is but nope found Willie found Willie please please please please please this is fine this is fine this is fine oh thank God for bounding strides thank God for bounding strides meanwhile the ravager here most likely followed us I think I hope I hope he followed us I hope he followed us that’s bounding stri over oh my God okay how are we going to do this how are we going to do this we don’t know where the ra here is it might still be around where I need to be oh God oh God oh God oh God where did he go he’s right over [Music] there that’s fine that’s totally fine totally fine totally fine we’re making it out we make we’ll making it out hello my friends oh my God I am going to be amazed if we can get out of here still alive in one piece because of how level one is dealing with me right now okay we’re still fine heartbeat is okay we know that our ravager is most likely in the retunda room Lun Sprint is actually really helping me okay uh this is fine this is fine we just sneak past everything we need to find a need to find a way out need to find a way out just just leave we don’t care about any further treasure right here right now I just want to survive this I just want to survive this Hunter I just want to survive this okay uh if I could take the sneaky exit but I want to do this as legitly as possible which means hello my friend goodbye my friend I don’t know where you are but I am leaving this place I have made up for last time failing on the spider path that bounding strides what a card what a card what a life safer I can’t believe we actually did that uh I also don’t know if we ever read the night time but y it’s nightly well and good dear oh dear I am surprised we made that that was hectic but I’m happy with myself yeah my heart is Raising for sure God but that means the dungeon is being extremely unkind to us today you’re also going to be unkind in regards to giving me cards that I don’t need come on go to the left to the left that’s it nice very nice and one more yeah we go sure these are right now useless to us because we won’t be using our deck for the next run but we could have gotten the second wind a b sense is just not good I mean extra Clank and then the next three cards play will cause all ravages to Glow that’s it’s not really helpful and this one over here Adrenaline Rush would have been out of our way but still pretty good I’d say and H I can’t really remember how many second wins we had I think we only had one so yeah in this case I would have gone for another second wi uh and okay with a bit of luck we eat our last Berry it will be fine we don’t have enough coins for another Crown unfortunately which is fine would we have gotten another Ember from this uh you go in you go in you go in you go in it’s fine totally fine all we need is one Ember one Ember For a Moment of clarity just for the sake of having it or maybe a victory toone how many do we need we need five in total that’s two I’m happy with two any more two more would be great no that’s kind of what I thought ah it’s fine totally fine all right well just because I can I would have spent this as a result on another Moment of clarity so there we go sticks go in we don’t have any further coins it’s all fine which means for most likely the final time let’s see if we can make it to the room of Victory most likely not most likely not our friend is always on his a game ah well I’ll take my second wind I’ll take my box of goodies there we go second wind goes in oh we only played One Moment of clarity can I have my other Moment of clarity please I mean I I don’t need it but when I maybe want to play in the future on my own off camera and whatnot I’ll at least have that thank you very much which means it’s time to let the dungeon prepare and it’s time for us to prep prepare for well it’s going to be our demise break glass in case of lack of skill for sure faulty for sure I would like to have one of your mystery boxes the box of cheats in this thing we have put together a deck that is focused around possibly just surviving not going after Frost Embers or anything like that it has an unrealistic amount of cards that you would never use normally uh for starters I’ll go over most of these because I’m assuming that most of you do not know anything about these cards so um let’s do it like this we’ll start with the front uh silent Runner permanent cards every 15 seconds that run speed is active 50% chance to block one Clank very useful can only have one this is active right from the GetGo and seeing how there are a few cards in the deck that actually make use of run speed hopefully silent Runner will thus help out secondly fuzzy bunny slippers also permanent cards each staircase you unlock blocks for Clank but if you get an artifact you cannot get run speed that’s sad which kind of means it count as the silent runner in the end but we’re probably not even going to get an artifact here so fuzzy bunny slippers stair is one going towards level two the second stair is going towards level three at least if we make it to level three which we will we will block eight Clank which means fuzzy bunny slippers very good the suitup card again a permanent card only one available this one dungeon is ready for its next victim I know dungeon I know but I’m not ready this card grants Diamond chests and legs and each triak it triggers has a 25% chance to add one additional CL so that’s bad we will be making a whole lot of noise I have buffed this card quite a bit behind the scenes by actually reinstating an effected hat all the way at the very start of deck out on the hermitcraft server it would also Grant you access to a resistance effect meaning you would be able to take a whole of more damage and seriously this mug this mug needs that extra defense if we want to make it then we have also got our tactical approach which we could get right here in the shop block five Clank get five treasure right from the GetGo at the start but it’s an ethereal so only one of those we have got our pork chop power for two cooked pork chops right at the dungeon entrance for a little bit of food hopefully that will help us out we have got a total of five moments of clarity so in the rare case if you would ever save up as many as that you would spend it all on a run like this hopefully that to will help keep us safe we have got Eerie silence you block eight Clank and you block two Hazard but you skip your next card draw that card doesn’t return to your deck and whatnot it’s just gone and you’ll never know what it is which kind of sucks but two of those not the full three hopefully will keep me safe for long enough to the point where the dungeon doesn’t kill me we have got Brilliance the most expensive card in this entire game the next two non ethereal cards played return to the deck which is absolutely brilliant I love this idea and we have got dungeon repairs each card of these and we have three they block seven Hazard which apparently I need if the dungeon is being so sassy as it is but we do get one extra Clank but the Clank will most likely be blocked by a lot of those other cards so definitely will take that and then of course we have got our three evasions in this case for block and Clank each for hazard block for tread lightly lud good because we need our treasure and the Run speed of course synergizes very well from before the most amazing card ever bounding strides three of those with the hazard block as well just going to be amazing we have got three Quick Step block two ha uh no not Hazard block two Clank and 15 seconds of run speed again very useful but the next non ethereal card you played is returned to your deck same as Brilliance but one time deal only only but holding so much potential then we have got Nimble dooing only blocking one Clank and plus two treasure but until Clank increases each Clank blocked gives plus two treasure so if we have a lot of Clank block saved up and we will sneak around an awful lot this will give me an awful lot of treasure this the general idea and then we’ve got of course our Sprints and our second wins because that run speed is what we will need need to get to level three and this 40 cars in total this will be our deck and I have got spares in case I do mess up thank you vaulty very much appreciate now all I need to do is mentally prepare maybe let the ravages roam just a little bit extra behind the scenes it will be fine this is it time for the final run time for deep Frost time for our demise time to keep our fingers crossed in the hopes that we all make it as far as possible as we try to go as deep as we can go and with this final run let me one final time also show my appreciation for the sound design of this Decked Out by itself is amazing but the sounds are just the cherry on top the perfect cherry on top I mean just this [Music] noise it just bloody well fills me with Dread hi away time to get ready um food first everything will be fine ah I’m afraid I’m 100% not going to survive this but I will try to get as far as possible level three has to be reached no matter what only then is this a ground success so until then let’s hope for the bloody best and maybe one time the warden oh as if it is meant to be I did not mess around behind the scenes to increase this hi I’m Cleo and it’s Cleo blessed by The Ward and blessed by Cleo I will take it which means uh how did uh this go again that’s how it was uh there we go uh you in the off hand level four artifact oh dear all right Clank block instantly very high treasure very high so with a lot of luck we will be able to get the keys that we require very soon and in the meantime lightly while we still have got time I will try and get as many barriers as possible dread lightly is very handy for the extra Hazard block you’re there you’re not supposed to be there where’s our friend oh we shouldn’t be caring about coins but I do care about the fact that you are in one of the worst spots imaginable cuz if you are all the way over there then where Moment of clarity where’s your friends okay he didn’t see me that’s good I think we’re fine I think they’re both in that area oh very bad news I thought for a moment that that little pillar over there was a ravager oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear we’ve done this so many times this should be easy for us at this point in time dungs I will take that definitely liking the hazard block keeping all passages open I do need a key and you are there okay that’s not fine um we need more treasure some treasure did drop which means downstairs with some luck please let there be a key or maybe let give us the Bounty strides card and we can instantly get a free key Nimble looting uh Nimble looting was the anti Clank block one or the one that would give us treasure for every Clank blocked I think I can’t remember most of these cards I haven’t even used I’ve only seen them used by Ether and Pearl and some of the other Hermits H it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine not fine not fine not fine Moment of clarity I do like the moments of Cl it for sure um okay how are we going to do this we know that both ravages one is right over there one is in the P side uh we’re just going to have to go up we’re just going to have to go up hope for the best hope that we get a treasure key drop up there cuz how else am I going to make it through here keys will be our main obstacle right here right now sure I might have all of these amazing cards but if I don’t have the keys required to progress yeah we are still completely doomed we don’t require the Embers theoretically I’m still going to grab them if I see them okay ravager where are you here and please more treasure we definitely need more treasure much more I’ll take that yes thank you but that treasure was downstairs okay that’s not fine uh where is our rager here I think he’s in the main room I think he’s in the main room unless I somehow completely missed him but right now that seems unlikely uh the crown is nice but not what we’re after right here right now okay that’s fine I’m going to have to check downstairs I’m going to have to check downstairs I think there were a whole lot of things and we need to have a way out of here okay come on slow and steady slow and steady it will be fine totally fine as long as we keep our Clank block up ah come on dungeon give me a key somewhere I don’t see any I don’t see any Keys here I don’t see any treasure okay that’s bad news really bad news um I swear if this is going to have to take me multiple runs how are we going to get a key the other area is completely locked off we have ra just I need to be in the CP I need to be in the C here pressure please please okay uh it’s just Ember it’s fine we need keys we need keys desperately where are we going to get keys from one of these little spots upstairs they have to please apply come on come on come on oh I see our raer nice SP of the rer would you wandering back into that room oh okay that’s good that’s good that’s good let all the treasure ding let all the treasure Ding and give me that treasure show me a key show me a key please somewhere a key not a coin a key different C different K it will be fine ah this is why the dungeon can be very unkind at times I’ll take that yeah I’ll take that I’ll take that I’ll take that I’ll take that for sure that’s my key that’s my key and of course two berries yep very much appreciated very out much appreciated that’s it that’s it all right we have a way to level two that’s one part of the puzzle now done we have got a fair amount of berries which I’m happy with but now I do got to hurry up and seeing how we have the Clank block yeah I’m going to make a little bit of noise but to be fair our armor could also be causing too much extra Clank in the long run so maybe this is not the smartest maybe it’s not the smartest but we need to lure our rager out of this room Assuming he’s still inside of here where did she go where did you go second win there you are okay you need to leave you need to leave now this way this way good sir all this way all this way all this way all this way yeah that’s it that’s it come on don’t oh come on how many times have you stopped right there really why don’t you work with me why won you work with me all right quick step means the next card will be reshu into the deck I think come on that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it all the way all the way all the way all the way and then with our key in hand we’re leaving we’re leaving and it will be fine it will be fine it will be fine so fine key goes in and second wind that is second wind being reshuffled nice okay we’re going La side cuz now we no longer have bounding strikes um then lava side may still be the better choice because we can get a quick way across as long as there are no ravages here I think we’re good I think we’re good I think we’re good yeah as long as there are no raes here we have a quick way to towards the end Second Wind of mushroom site and with all the speed boosts we have got a whole lot more speed you are below me you are below me you are below me you will not bite me okay we still need treasure we definitely need a key uh we are not dropping any treasure right here right now so I problematic and I do not know where Willie is I do not know if it’s night time but I will take this moment where are the [Music] ravages they’re not here okay no ravages here that’s good I think I hope we have got a little bit of time to let the loot accumulate but we do need that key and are they really both at the start oh God okay uh we need treasure we need treasure and the treasure at this rate is dropping in all the right places I hope all we need is one key one key to level three that’s all we need while no refer it’s going to mess us up I do like those things but I don’t know where they appear I do not know where all the treasure droppers here are I see a key I see a key we have got a way to level three and that is perfect that saves me from the drip leave parkour although I am making an awful lot of noise okay this is fine we go down here I do not know where Willie is but we have got a little bit of Defense oh found Willie found Willie and that’s actually perfect cuz if we go right over here yep I okay we don’t go right over here we just continue right here right here right here to the side to the side du and weave that and weave oh it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine he’s not going to get us this time it’s not going to get us this time not today Willie not today we’re going to level three I have only seen the Hermits go through this and of of course I have played behind the scenes in regards to just flying around and making sure that everything was okay that nothing got stuck like one of the wardens actually got stuck before I even started recording the first episode but here we are the realm of the wardens as long as we’re sneaking we should be fine but we need to go all the way to level four there are pressure plates all over the place and every pressure plate will make a a little of noise will quite possibly cause a warden to hear us um okay this was going all the way down this place is three different layers we just need to look around for a key we are looking for a blue key while we completely avoid these pressure plates it’s fine it’s fine I don’t know where the hell they are okay that’s my speed boost gone and I do hit him there are three wardens in this place that’s not me that’s not for me I have barely made any noise you are not chasing after me but that does not make me happy in regards to where you are because of that and they are beginning starts trying to smell us uh blue Key Blue Key Blue key we need more treasure this is okay that means the warden is nearby but it might be all the way beneath us and the longer we are in their reach uh the more trouble we are in okay okay okay Moment of clarity Moment of clarity is good there more Hazard block more Clank block we are really out on the Clank block okay this is fine this is fine this is fine that’s just normal Ember no not what we’re after God the darkness is horrible the darkness is horrible I most likely have increased the brightness for this area that was me making noise I will have increased the brightness in the post editing it might still be a little bit difficult to see but it’s the best I can do okay we don’t need you there are no pressure plates over here but there’s also no treasure oh God come on we need treasure we need a blue key need a blue key if I can make it toward level four I will definitely try and make it towards level four where are our treasure cards please tell me that they didn’t all play Sprint Sprint IS F fine but not helping me right here not helping me right here um I I don’t know even where the hell I’m going right now uh I’ve got a feeling they are extremely close okay I can’t I can’t go over this I can’t go over this where the hell do I need to go where am I hi my friend hi my friend oh oh I made noise I made noise I made noise I made noise I stood on the pressure plate uh we need to leave we need to leave I’m making more noise This Is Not Great this is not great please tell me a key somewhere oh I can hear them wandering around silence that’s not exactly what I want right now Erie silence cuz that means no further treasure everything has dropped already right here right now we are so dependent on finding a key oh come on come on where are we going to find a blue key and of course I did that right on top of the shrier again cuz why not okay I don’t see treasure I’m not seeing any treasure pressure plates oh that’s bad that’s bad that’s bad that’s bad is that for me that might be for me that might be for me that might be for me that might be for me yep yep that’s definitely for me that’s definitely for me we’re leaving we’re leaving we’re leaving at least temporarily okay okay we’re going to wait here just a little bit I think uh what were the mechanics apparently they lose your scent after a certain amount of time and then you can try again I think that is how it worked and right up here near the exit is where that threshold sort of is so as long as we stay up here for just a little bit restore a little bit of Health I think you can normally without resistance and armor survive one attack barely I don’t think one of those blasts from a distance is enough to take you down however it still means we are not out of trouble oh I just need more treasure to be dropping on this level I we might be good but he might have chased me no no no no no no no no okay he definitely didn’t lose our sent just yet he definitely is still upset with us okay uh that’s not fine that is definitely not fine I am just going to have to be patient well and so we wait really oh I like the Brilliance I definitely like the Brilliance but I don’t like the fact that the is still very upset with us just got to be quiet got to be sneaky you’ll forget about this soon enough right right but that means the next card will be played twice we are so running out of cards I want to I want to try and make it to level four oh really why did why does the bloody stumble get reshel H it’s just like with pearl she also had stumbles being reshuffled into her dick H but we have another card coming up and meanwhile uh okay A little of time has passed are you still upset with us really two stumbles being reshuffled oh that is is just mean okay a lot of treasure has had the chance to be dropped Lev of treasure also quite possibly is despawning I see a key I see a key I see a key okay that’s very good very good very good at need okay this is fine this is fine all we need to do right now is make our way towards the end of this bridge towards the end of this bridge without Warden spotting us smelling us chasing us oh we are so going to be making an awful lot of noise oh God I don’t like the darkness really don’t like the darkness why were wardens ever added to the game these things are ter terrifying okay forward we go slow and steady do not step on any pressure plates okay once we open this thing we will be making noise a TNT is going to be dispensed from here okay okay okay okay drop it drop it drop it drop it drop it that’s fine down we go down we go down we go okay we’re in level four we’re in level four we’re alive we’re fine uh how long am I going to survive this hell I see a Wen right over there we need to be all the way in that direction okay this is fine totally fine I need to eat Quick Step I like Quick Step but I don’t know where the hell I’m trying to go um through here I think oh that’s going to make noise um I don’t know if I trust myself enough with parkouring my way across okay this is fine this is fine this is fine tread lightly oh this is way too many pressure plates and all that to try and stop the Hermits from doing this no that’s not fine that’s not fine that’s not fine okay uh this is okay this is okay they are smelling me I like that I like the jump boost oh I really really do oh oh I really do not know where the hell I’m going okay I can’t go through that can I find my way through here that was not for me that was not for [Music] me we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine we’re not fine we’re probably fine oh that’s not for me right no okay we are we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine I can’t see a think get out of my side bats go away uh it’s over here it’s over here it’s over here where are you going where are you going oh that is a lava trap activating that’s you active oh dear okay where is this going that’s not fine oh is it it’s on the other side it’s on the other side here can I make that yes I can it is right here right here we have got the slap 50 bloody Frost Embers okay uh find our way out I do not know where to go I do not know where the exit is right here right now we have come so far uh we can’t climb on top of that we can’t go through this this is all bad news can I find my way on top of the walls somehow the war is to my left uh this is just not great that is bount stries running out we are hello my friends we are so dead very much dead very much dead ohoh very much dead very much dead very much dead indeed oh I’m triggering everything oh that’s not where I want to be you know what making use of every single little tipet of healing that I got I think you’re supposed to be safe here I think you’re supposed to be safe here and our pork chops will actually keep me alive but I am very far from home I am extremely far from home hi it’s fine it’s fine I am hoping really hoping that this still is abounding strides in our deck one of those last three cards I’m assuming not I’m assuming they just stumbles at this point in time if they are stumbles well we’re dead or are we dead Sprint yeah we are pretty much dead we are definitely pretty much dead we’re so dead we are so dead well if this is it then it was a very good run oh dear oh could I I could climb this Tower and get across maybe or is the tower not accessible from this side the tower is not accessible from this side of course it’s not yeah we are doomed we are doomed and with one final card if that is not bounding strides of course it’s a stumble of course it’s a stumble unless unless ah our only way across is over this parkour right now going back I think and he is still chasing me ah no this is it this is it this is it this is where my knowledge of this area completely fails is there really no way across is it only lava I didn’t see this wrong right yeah this is completely locked off well in that case let’s try and meet with our Warden friends face our demise cuz we will have to go over this parkour of lava which by in of itself is already difficult enough but yeah we are so doomed all right well if we are to Die thanks to Lava oh wow how am I hi friends hi friends how you doing how are you doing this is fine not fine not fine not fine not fine at all not fine at all you know what we’re running we’re running I don’t even know where we’re running we’re running somewhere we’re running somewhere we’re running in panic you know what this is fine this is fine I don’t know where I’m going I do not know where I’m going we might be going right back to where we started okay okay okay okay um how do I leave this place again there’s supposed to be some kind of fine somewhere that will lead us up oh yeah we are making way too much noise way too much noise for sure it’s fine it’s not fine it’s we found we found the fine we found the fine okay this is this is fine this is fine come on up up up up up up up up up up up up up we’re going back to level two no level three it’s level three it’s level three with very angry wardens well hello my friend are you after me you’re after me right or were you after were you after a slime please tell me you were after a slime we’re still alive how are we still alive I mean the waters are running around like mad but we’re alive okay it’s fine it’s fine H is still strong uh don’t step on that don’t step on that come on slow and steady slow and steady slow and steady wins the race slow and steady wins the race slow and steady wins the race slow and steady wi no slow and steady does not win the race that’s hazardous That was supposed to be my ticket out of here oh how how do I get out of here how do I get out of here how do I get out of here there’s supposed to be a staircase somewhere this is a dead ends this is a dead ends oh we are dead yep oh hello my friend hello my friend hello another friend nope nope nope well that was all three surrounded God if it was going to end anyway it makes sense that it was going to be my pancakes oh but what a way to go we made it to level three found a key towards the deepest depths of the dungeon somehow managed to even find artifact and we managed to find a way back up to level three by the skin of our teeth I had expected us to die very soon upon entering the domain of the war so this this is beyond what I could have hoped for and with that amazing run having concluded we have also come to the end of this adventure I’d once again like to thank Tango and the rest of the Hermits for anyone involved D in the creation of deck outout and all the subsequent hermitcraft videos and streams related to it this has been an amazing experience to follow and now play through myself and I hope that all of you who have been watching have also enjoyed my pleora of attempts to survive the dungeon and if you have tried to conquer the dungeon yourself I hope that your attempts went even better than mine but with that I’m signing off for ever lost in the depths of deep Frost Citadel thank you all very much for watching have a very nice day and as always remember have fun

This video, titled ‘AS FAR AS WE CAN GO… || DECKED OUT Let’s Play Part 15 [END] || Tango’s DECKED OUT 2 in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Voltorn Elda on 2024-04-15 18:00:27. It has garnered 88 views and 8 likes. The duration of the video is 01:12:01 or 4321 seconds.

Decked Out ep 15 is here! This is the gameplay of our Decked Out Let’s Play Part 15, and likewise the final episode of our Decked Out adventure. With 3 final runs, we try our best to go as far and as deep into the Deepfrost Citadel dungeon as we can go… which also means that for the first time we’ll meet with the terrifying Wardens roaming both level 3 and… How far can we make it before we meet our inevitable doom? It’s time to end things with our longest Decked Out episode yet. Enjoy! ^w^ A final big THANK YOU to @TangoTekLP and all others involved in creating Decked Out, and all the wonderful videos and streams that came of it. 💚

(In order to make the exploration of Tango’s Decked Out-game run a bit faster/smoother for this Let’s Play, some minor alterations have been made by myself, which ‘will’ end up making things easier for me. I won’t claim that these changes are balanced, but as someone who’s not that great at Minecraft… every little bit will be required to try and help me survive. ^w^)

If you want to check out the world-download for Season 9 of the Hermitcraft server (on which Tango build his ‘Decked Out 2’ game, then the following Reddit-thread contains the information you’re looking for: ► https://www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/comments/18pqrhl/hermitcraft_season_9_world_download_instructions/

#DeckedOut #hermitcraft #hermitcraftdeckedout

►ABOUT THE CHANNEL: Welcome to the Wolfden! My name is Voltorn Elda and if you’re looking for a serious Let’s Player who pays attention to the lore, world and story of a game, and who loves to be immersed into the games he plays, then you’ve come to the right place. With multiple uploads per week at 8pm CET, you’ll always be able to find something to enjoy. And if currently active Let’s Plays aren’t to your liking? Well, I’ve been making Let’s Plays for a while now, so do check out my previously played blind playthroughs. ^w^ There’s no ‘fake and over the top’ reactions with me, but just pure and honest reactions and gameplay.

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► ARTWORK CREDITS The artwork for Volty (the little saberwolf), which is used during outro’s and in thumbnails, has been created by the talented Yookie: https://twitter.com/Yookies_art Volty’s original design/fur-pattern is designed by me personally, and can’t be used for ‘re-selling purposes’.

The Minecraft Skin for Volty, which is used in this Let’s Play, has been created by ArchieinSpace: https://twitter.com/ArchieInSpace

►MUSIC CREDITS Flying High by Vindsvept Link: https://vindsvept.bandcamp.com/track/flying-high License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Alterations to the song have been made to shorten it’s length for the outro.

Shattered Sun by Vindsvept Link: https://vindsvept.bandcamp.com/track/shattered-sun License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

At the Edge of the World by Vindsvept Link: https://vindsvept.bandcamp.com/track/at-the-edge-of-the-world License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

——————————————————— If any music has been added during editing, and I’ve somehow forgotten to credit them in this video description, the music is by one of these amazing artists. Please check them out:

Adrian Von Ziegler: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdrianvonZiegler – Link to statement in regards to music usage– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiwuQ6UHMQg

Windswept: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vindsvept – CC 4.0 license of Vindsvept, found in his video descriptions– https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ (As the outro of my videos I’ve used the song ‘Flying High’, and slightly adapted it to better fit the time slot)

Kevin Macleod: https://www.youtube.com/user/kmmusic/videos – Link to statement regarding use of the music on youtube– http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/youtubeFAQ.html

Do note that none of these artists have ‘endorsed’ me or the ‘use’ of my created content, by allowing people to use their music while crediting them.

~Voltorn Elda

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    INSANE! Building Epic City in Minecraft Live!Video Information This video, titled ‘BUILDING A CITY IN MINECRAFT|SCS| Minecraft | Chill Stream’, was uploaded by Mr.5k on 2024-04-01 23:31:32. It has garnered 1021 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 03:38:43 or 13123 seconds. Donation and Merch Link https://streamlabs.com/mr5klive/home Make Sure You Follow All Of My Socials My Discord : https://discord.gg/p82djvY2qT My TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@mr.5kyt?lang=en My Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/mr5kliveyt Read More

  • Insane Chicken VR Prank Gone Wrong in Minecraft!

    Insane Chicken VR Prank Gone Wrong in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘#minecraft #oculus #memes #vr #funny #oculus2 #comedy #pasta #oculusquest2 #melon’, was uploaded by Chicken vr on 2024-03-22 20:19:35. It has garnered 14 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:02 or 2 seconds. Read More

  • Can My Internet Survive the NEW Minecraft Update?!

    Can My Internet Survive the NEW Minecraft Update?!Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing The NEW Minecraft Update If My Internet Connection Holds Up!’, was uploaded by JacobGgamer on 2024-04-03 04:04:44. It has garnered 33 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 01:17:09 or 4629 seconds. TODAY! We play The Poisonous Potato Update! Read More

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    EPIC Minecraft Gaming Remix - Surath GamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘#minecraft #gaming #music #instrumental #remix #ringtone #song #shorts #shortvideo @SurathGamerz’, was uploaded by Surath Gamerz on 2024-05-21 14:31:41. It has garnered 6 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. Read More

  • WhaleBoxx

    WhaleBoxxWelcome to WhaleBoxx. We are currently a vanilla survival and boxpvp server. We only just released so come and join us today! whaleboxx.minehut.gg Read More

  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server – Vanilla, SMP, Snapshots, 1.21-pre1, 1.21 Experiments, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Discord

    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Features Experiment with new features such as crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the bogged, the mace, 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and more! Community Join a friendly community with multiple towns and a diamond-based trading economy. Explore the End every month, participate in enhanced dragon fights, and never worry about resets… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Minecraft haters always be hatin’

    Looks like the critics of Minecraft are mining for compliments with that high score! Read More

  • Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Animated Show Unveiled

    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Animated Show Unveiled In the world of Minecraft, a new tale is told, An animated series, with adventures bold. Netflix has announced, a show to excite, Bringing blocky worlds to life, shining bright. The teaser trailer, a glimpse of what’s in store, Creativity and adventure, like never before. Minecraft fans, get ready to explore, In this animated series, we’ll all adore. Stay tuned for updates, as the story unfolds, In the world of Minecraft, where creativity molds. Excitement is high, in the gaming community, For this new series, full of opportunity. So grab your pickaxe, and your diamond sword, For in Minecraft’s… Read More

  • Ohio’s Nether Portals: A Hot Mess! 🔥

    Ohio's Nether Portals: A Hot Mess! 🔥 POV: Ordinary Ohio nether portals at different ages in Minecraft be like going from a toddler trying to figure out how to walk to a teenager trying to navigate their first awkward dance. Just a whole lot of confusion and chaos. #OhioProblems #MinecraftStruggles 😂🕳️🔥 Read More

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    Minecraft 1.21: Fingees Strikes Again The Exciting Possibilities of Minecraft 1.21 With the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update on the horizon, players are buzzing with anticipation for new features and enhancements. One dedicated Minecraft modder has taken it upon themselves to create a unique mod for this upcoming version, promising an exciting twist to the beloved game. A Glimpse into the Mod The mod, created for both Minecraft Forge and Minecraft Fabric, introduces a range of new elements that are sure to shake up the gameplay experience. From innovative mechanics to quirky additions, this mod is set to offer players a fresh perspective on the… Read More

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    Minecraft Glitch: SHOCKING SMP discovery! Episode 14Video Information This video, titled ‘「MINECRAFT: PALLID SMP」| ’Roads and Roads!’ | Episode 14’, was uploaded by Glitch Entertainment on 2024-06-11 21:21:12. It has garnered 51 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 02:05:13 or 7513 seconds. Thanks for watching this video! To keep updated with future uploads please consider hitting the subscribe button! ================================================ ↳Socials: ▶ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/v7enHd3rvm ▶ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/glitchentertainmentlive ▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/glitchentmt_max ▶ Twitter (X): https://twitter.com/glitchentmt ▶ Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@glitchentmax ================================================ ↳Channel Information: Welcome to the Glitch Entertainment YouTube channel! We are on the road to 15K Subscribers! Our content as of now consists… Read More

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    Sanna races Cutie in EPIC 20 Min Minecraft Build!Video Information This video, titled ’20 Minute Minecraft Build Challenge With Cutie!’, was uploaded by iamSanna on 2024-02-18 14:00:41. It has garnered 57549 views and 1395 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:56 or 1076 seconds. 🦄 BECOME A MEMBER WITH SPECIAL PERKS: https://t.co/ckFG6LkOvY 🦄 🦄 Enter my Star code ⭐️iamsanna⭐️ when you buy Robux at https://t.co/uVuYnoKTb6 🦄 (When you use my code Roblox gives me a small percentage of your purchase! Thank you for the support!) ❤️MERCH: https://iamsannashop.com/ 💜INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/iamsanna ❤️TWITTER: www.twitter.com/iamsannay 🦄Moody Unicorn Twin🦄 https://www.youtube.com/c/MoodyUnicornTwinRoblox 🌸Silly🌸 https://www.youtube.com/c/SillyRoblox 🌈Sunny Unicorn Twin🌈 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQQQj8s6dwTVMbOtH68iO-A 🐰Cutie🐰 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAy3SbSn9988JS8KCQreF9A 💙ALL GIVEAWAYS WILL BE… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Edit: Null vs Entity 303! Who will win?Video Information This video, titled ‘collab with @kenzi24434 ( null vs entity 303) (herobine vs luis) #editing #subscribe #minecraft’, was uploaded by Ari_edit on 2024-06-11 07:23:10. It has garnered 133 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:29 or 29 seconds. animation by @ShadowCreeperAnimations and @sashamtanimations3761 edit by @kenzi24434 and me @Ari_edit678 edit by me #shadowcreeper #mr_shadow #edit #capcut #shorts #minecraftshorts #subscribe #like #comment #sashaMT #song #editing #minecraft #effects #animation #plslikesubscribe #editing #subscribe #smooth #cool #minecraftanimation #battle #enjoy #shakes #shakeeffect #youtuber #shortvideo #edits #effect #comment Read More

  • Frendz SMP

    Frendz SMPHello guys , Welcome to the server of Frendz SMP , this is the server owned by Dynamo100 & Dynami_Wizard . This server is totally survival , here u can build your awesome and large builds with ur creative ideas and do much more fun with ur frnds. From the community of Dynamo Clan u all will be provided with a discord server where u can directly interact with our moderator and if u face any kind of problems u can personally email to our community and we will solve your problems soon as much as possible.There is a YOU… Read More

  • –> CoconutCraft SMP: Hermitcraft-like, Dynmap, Voice Chat. BRAND NEW!

    Welcome to CoconutCraft! If you’re looking for a fun and welcoming SMP, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re into redstone, technical builds, or majestic creations, CoconutCraft has something for everyone. Inspired by hermitcraft, our community is strong and vibrant. Features: Shops and a diamond-based economy No land claim, trust-based server CoreProtect for grief prevention Plugins for quality of life changes Join our whitelisted server and apply through our Discord. We have proximity chat and data packs to enhance the vanilla experience. No pay-to-win features here! Join our Discord to apply: Discord Read More

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