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[Music] on oh [Music] I [Music] hello hello hello hello everyone welcome back to the channel welcome to a brand new stream where I just took a bunch of damage cuz I flew into a tree but anyway folks welcome back to the stream OMG you’re alive I’m alive thank gosh it’s been forever it has been forever I’m seeing a lot of emojis in the chat I got to click my button we’re only like 2 seconds in but I got I got to click my button how you guys doing yeah I’m sorry it’s it’s been a couple of days um not going to lie after like streaming every single night for like the last week and a half not going to lie I was kind of absolutely drained so I couldn’t I couldn’t I was just way too tired I had to take a couple days but we’re back back in business Callum Stanley welcome to the Stream my goat I don’t have a button for goat but uh uh what button what button um we’ll do that one why not why not yes anyway welcome back um now during my couple of days I’ve actually discovered that the base design that I was thinking of a couple days ago isn’t what I want to do so we’ve got the one Tower here and then I probably going to build another really big long Tower up there um but bad has been busy over here making I mean it looks kind of like a windmill kind of structure from what I can see so far um and it looks like it’s for the villagers and things so I’m not quite sure what what what this is but um hold on ah so these guys can just walk out here oh it’s for farmers and things oh look at this this is fun I only just actually explored this I got some hay bales and things Ender Turtle hello welcome back to the stream of course P kit and welcome back and burger potato welcome back shall you start now oh I think I think it’s only right Burger potato I think it is only right let the cheeses commence now I I’m sorry I still haven’t made a cheese button I’ve got really no excuse I took two days off I think I think it was two days I can’t remember um but today I just spent during that countdown a little bit of time um getting ourselves some more oak logs so that you guys don’t have to sit there and watch that cuz that’s painful I know um so let’s finish this roof off and the cheeses have begun let’s go let’s make a few oh H so hm how is this chicken in here how so how did you get here oh oopsies yeah I really wasn’t actually planning on streaming today I just thought literally like 10 minutes ago I was like hey I should stream so here we are I thought why not now also um skeleton horse Burger potato still had a chance to do that cuz I’ve not actually really be on here been on here since um since when I streamed last but we’ve we’ve had to come up with a new system for the animals and donating cuz some of these animals take way too long to get so I’ll show you that in a little bit especially cuz I’ve had people message me and say that that they are going to donate and um choose some really difficult animals so I mean we were talking about this last week but I’ve had to I’ve had to otherwise we’ll be here for like the next 16 years trying to get like a blue a Lal but don’t worry Burger potato we’re still getting your skeleton horse because that was that was a done deal before I changed it um right so Timothy still alive which is absolutely amazing Timothy the absolute goat or sheep but oh well um oh that was was not a good idea was it well I think we should probably just fly straight up here cuz we can fly now let’s go let’s uh get to work I missed that totally oh screwing up already I’m a bit Rusty I’ve not played in a few days oh wow I didn’t not I didn’t mean to make three stacks of those but oh well it’s fine what have we’ve been up to then everyone well what have we’ve been up to over the last two days oh I also got myself a new nice axe I actually only got Unbreaking three on the enchanting table but it gave me sharpness four and sharpness four and efficiency Force which is kind of cool you find so many skeleton horses don’t know how you not found one yet yeah that’s the thing I used to find so many but it feels like as soon as you start looking for them they just don’t show up but when you’re not looking for them they’re just everywhere hold on something about this roof isn’t quite right right I don’t think doesn’t look quite right oh there we go that’s better oh oh it’s raining is it a thunderstorm though School you’ve been up to school oh I feel you I feel you um okay actually place these all wrong so my bad this roof is so nearly finished now we’ve got to finish this one and then the next one will literally Take 5 minutes because it’s a tiny roof and of course netherite armor let’s go haven’t got a netherite uh helmet yet though I don’t actually know where my helmet’s gone um oh we’ll figure that out another time shall we School everyone’s been up to school makes sense I think we’ve probably lost a few people as well um in these week streams because they’ve got school as well okay it might be a thunderstorm I’m going to head over to the spawn chunks just to see cuz apparently it’s better there or something I don’t know skeleton horses are you here anywhere Callum um if you build the small roofs into the main tower that could look kind of cool yeah yeah it would yeah I think that’s kind of a little bit I I did some testing earlier in the creative world again I forgot to screenshot it to put it on here but we’ll see okay I really kind of need a skeleton horse now it’s getting a bit it’s getting a bit bad now any mob that isn’t a skeleton horse is dying so it’s not my problem of course bad’s not here again because uh America time you know met metoi is how you say that jeez I’m not quite sure you started a series uh yeah burger potato’s explaining here what’s going on so Burger potato is listing every single cheese in the world oh my gosh all right so You’ started a series where you name all of the cheeses and a description of what it is whoa that’s crazy and for those in the live chat wondering BG potato is listing every cheese in the world um I think it’s about 1,100 something now I need my skeleton horses dude but it doesn’t look like there’s any here let’s do a quick there’s a skeleton that’s not a horse though H interesting where’s home this way mayor vintage SCA damn fancy oh make it up a that’ll do better than nothing I suppose oh that’s a weird one me meu is that you I don’t know midnight blue okay and then stairs oh why can I not do that there we go so much easier in creative mode oh but yeah last time we went to the um bastions in the nether which was kind of crazy actually nearly died on several occasions but oh well we just we we got our nether right we got out of there we’re safe no problem at all no like that there we go oh no falling off again crazy gosh who who knew not playing in two days can make me this bad I’m literally falling and jumping everywhere it’s all over the place how’s it Friday again tomorrow that’s what I want to know this week has gone Mega quick honestly yeah and also I wasn’t streaming because I had um I’ve edited two podcasts this week oh so that’s kind of why just been taking a bit of bit of time to do that that was actually kind of pretty perfect landed right in the bed um right need more dirt that’s what we need this week has gone quick yeah it’s gone too quick actually it’s gone way too quick I mean wait we fought the Ender Dragon literally on Sunday and it’s nearly Friday already what crazy I mean I have a driving lesson every week and it seems like they just literally happen too quickly oh no I tried to jump but it didn’t jump and then I crash into my own Tower 2 weeks off for the Easter yes excited about that last day for two weeks tomorrow it’s a business lesson so kind of boring but oh well I’m not quite sure how that works in the in the states or in any other country but uh yeah that’s going to be nice that’s going to be nice having two weeks off I’ll be streaming like every day or may maybe I’ll just focus on a video because we want to get another video out I want to get 100K views this month that’s my goal I think we’ve got about 30k left but I think it’s possible yeah business business assessment test I don’t know whatever you want to call it tomorrow that’s not going to be fun at all oh yeah I should probably actually revise for that it’s fine never mind we’re good we’re good you don’t you don’t have two weeks off yeah yeah bad was saying that that he doesn’t have two weeks off either this actually does look really cool now this area from up here especially the farm once that’s all finished but it is getting a bit laggy having all of these chunks loaded things you’re going to try and upload every day or every other day cool I remember when I tried doing that like four or five years ago I could never do daily uploads never it would just not work I have a feeling this cheese thing that work potato is doing is literally one of the things that will probably go viral PPL you might be able to stream every day then nice nice have I breed the chickens no not in a while I’m kind of just surviving off of golden carrots now because we’ve got the farm and the gold Farm over there but there still I think bads bads make use mainly using all of the chickens from it okay we need tiny oh this is just about going to be enough I mean we do need to do that roof but it’s fine there we go one more up here so nearly done okay there we go and now we want that’s not a crafting table want a crafting table we want some slabs pop that there pop that there oh we got another weird name MIT the over or something like that okay there’s the roof want to build another one now and this needs to do in as well but I really don’t want to do that tonight let’s breed the chickens shall we uh we don’t oh yeah bad’s got all of the seeds isn’t he because of the farm yeah maybe I’ll just use these two then just because I know bad wants to grow the farm all the way so don’t really want to mess with that it looks like a wizard tower yeah that was kind of the aim like a Harry Potter kind of vibe and then once we’ve got this one here and then maybe like a really tall tower I want to put the enchanting table in a really tall tower so we can just fly in and just like have a little look at the bookshelves and things all right next step on the agenda is to get rid of all of this dirt cuz there’s loads of dirt just everywhere especially inside as well let’s just go down our really really long staircase real quick oh my voice is already dying let go in 18 minutes yeah look at all that dirt up there how are we even going to get rid of that probably with more dirt actually okay we will just do some scaffolding kind of thing like this I think can I reach that I just about can right in the center that should do the trick whoa knew that was going to happen ow just fell down the whole stairs you should see the bu your build world it’s it’s very random but got a build world and there’s some weird stuff in there I think there’s a pixel out of his face actually his Minecraft face there we go now we go up a bit I don’t actually really have a build world I’ve got a world that I built like a rocket and an Airport runway in but that was like 3 years ago that’s crazy it was when my PC my old PC broke um overheated actually so I played on the Xbox and made that world that’s crazy it’s so long ago time goes way too quickly right now feel like the older you get the fast the time goes nice right bit more okay that should be the last piece I think it looks like the last piece there we go now we just got to pick up all this dirt we should really get scaffolding actually we could go to the Jungle if we want we could try and find a jungle today I want all of this dirt back every single piece but yeah that roof does look pretty cool from the inside actually that should be every piece oh there’s just some random bits down here two and a bit saacks not too bad okay just it seems like crafting tables just managed to just duplicate themselves everywhere so crazy oh look at the rabbit all of the rabbits that got killed because they couldn’t be normal did I ever name my horse I actually didn’t name my horse I kind of forgot what should we name the horse oh wait the horse is down there I keep forgetting the horse is down there uh yep it’s here what should we name you horse should just name the horse cheese but that kind of feels a bit weird any suggestions for the horse name let me know oh yeah fun fact I was uh sat down to record something the other day and this microphone cable is a problem with all of these mics um it’s just the way that it’s designed the cable just kind of pulls a lot of the time even though there’s plenty of slack there it just pull like the cable pulls and um I always have to kind of take it out bend the cable back a bit like the the USB mini USB thing to make it work and the the other day that whole piece of metal that the US the micro USB is on that just it just came off in my hand so I just shoved it back on and it worked so okay so that’s fun I love Minecraft sunsets they’re nice George you were thinking that’s about you should name the horse either cheese or sprinkles I think cheese is a really good name because obviously the whole cheese thing look at this window bad says he doesn’t like the window and it isn’t the nicest looking window but when the sun shines through like that it’s really cool I feel like cheese cheese could be the horse or the horse could be cheese this staircase is too crazy now look you could just like I wonder what it looks like now with the roof on actually cuz we’ not actually seen it with a full roof on there have we whoa crazy I feel like the the horse should be named cheese so let’s do that after we sleep uh sleep I think I only just sleep I swear okay cheese I feel like we have to have it yellow because that kind of is just how it works right Minecraft color codes if I can find them I should just bookmark this this tab I literally use it pretty much every single time I play this game cheese cheese the horse it only feels right though doesn’t it buddy after like 3 weeks welcome cheese dude I just gave you a name tag you walk away from me oh this guy looks like cheese as well actually maybe maybe they’re like cheese friends now or something this whole cheese thing’s weird I don’t know how it actually happened but are you happy with your name set you better be I put my Blood Sweat and Tears into getting that name tag I think I can’t actually remember well we have one more piece of nether right armor that we need to get still um I think have we got oh we need one more piece of ancient debris I feel like we could do something with the armor trims right let’s have a look let’s go get all of our armor trims out of here what would look best with netherite armor maybe like green like Emerald we’ll just grab everything actually um we’ll grab some diamonds some lapis can you use diamonds I haven’t actually really experimented much with this I’m not going to lie um we can do copper as well actually on there can’t we I’m just grabbing everything just so we can see what it it looks like right smithing table you bet um yeah you bet me I couldn’t name all the cheeses and you took it as something to do yeah I actually cannot believe you’ve you’ve done that to be totally honest with you ooh no I don’t like blue don’t really like the copper either Red’s okay but I feel like it’s got to be Diamond because that’s just kind of like I mean blue right everything is blue on this channel that’s actually not too bad but the diamond just looks so cool doesn’t it let’s try all of the different types ooh I don’t know which one’s the coolest now I like that one let’s try it on different piece of armor you can do with quartz and and netherite ooh quartz that would be fun just grab some of that how about quarts then okay that’s white interesting I think I’m just going to go that’s kind of really similar to iron actually isn’t it yeah I’m going to probably go with diamond it’s the most expensive but it looks the nicest I think don’t think that one one that one’s pretty cool let’s try this ooh that’s quite nice actually that’s also quite nice I like I like this um which one oh gosh they’re all the same I like that one on the on the leing I might do that it’s shame we can’t like preview all of the pieces of armor in here together um which one would look nicest here then I’m tell I I kind of do like that one amethyst yeah I totally forgot about that let’s grab some I mean and we’ve done the chest plate now but yeah that looks kind of cool doesn’t it might stick with blue for now though just the diamond I I think that one’s probably going to be quite a nice one cuz then it’s kind of like oh dare me let’s get rid of The Shield that’s quite nice I mean you can’t actually see the leggings that well because underneath the chest plate but that’s quite nice especially when we’ve got like the elyon or something yeah I like that I don’t really know whether the boots are worth doing to be honest because they’re just a bit boring oh you can duplicate it yeah I saw something about actually let’s get rid of all of this stuff that we don’t need now going keep the diamonds uh put the quartz back in here put the amethyst back in here put the gold back in here so much different stuff so many different chests but yeah I like this this is good um let’s actually just check the boo out real quick may as well whilst we’re here the boo are kind of just a bit boring though aren’t they really let me sure we can put that one on there yeah that’s okay doesn’t look too bad right I like it it’s good it’s good for now now we’re all nice and shiny and Rich yeah y right well I think it’s Oh I thought I just saw a creeper I’m not going to lie I’m seeing things I’m definitely seeing things well I think it’s time we work on the roof for this Tower uh it needs do oh it needs doing so let’s use our really super duper quick axe to go and get some wood nice Crown yeah I have my little Crown it’s actually for the piglins but I can’t remember where I put my where I put my normal helmet so we’re just going to we’re going to use that for now yeah I look super duper fancy look at me it kind of matches my skin too super shiny and Rich yay God I love that did I just what just happened I just bounced off of the tree and took damage interesting yeah look how fastest axess we can just get like unlimited pieces of wood now I got really lucky with this ax though didn’t I going to go to the toilet okay Burger potato yeah that’s actually a thing that I’ve just thinking about now you’ve been going for like the last three streams and you’ve not left for once to like go to the toilet or anything damn crazy the commitment oh this is one of those trees okay how if I leave it here floating technically it’s better for the environment so you can’t judge me but I’m not going to because it’s Minecraft and people get annoyed when trees float including me so there’s just so many random bits of Oak log everywhere up further I’m like building a tree inside this tree now just to get the other bits of tree how is it so fast efficiency 4 oh okay there we go oh hello Pig you didn’t see anything nothing just see the nether portal over there I probably could have build a little bit further away so that it’s not in distance from like everywhere it’s right at the base though you can’t really see it unless I turn my render distance all the way up oh you’re joking um yeah well I’m going to leave that one got to help the planet you know got to help the planet imagine if we had this axe the last couple of days we would like finished all the roofs like now it would be done right and before I leave are we 110% sure there is no skeleton horse here because I would love a skeleton horse right now I don’t believe there is a skeleton horse but look at all these saplings it’s a bit crazy hike out oh some random food on the floor wonder how that got there why if I got a l a bucket in my inventory that doesn’t seem safe at all I think it’s from the ne we okay that’ll do just dive bomb into the tower right okay then make some more stairs make some more stairs that’ll do um now I found an issue with this because it’s not actually symmetrical um which isn’t a good thing at all so we’re going to have to go and grab our blocks again and fix that oh we did it again how how do I just keep doing this I do not understand um what did I come down here for C actually just had a I literally cannot remember blocks that’s the one ah you see I’m so not awake um I feel like there’s something we’re missing yeah regular stone bricks that’s the one ow I keep bouncing off the walls it’s like the wolves have got Thorns uh so this one right yeah just do some random blocks really doesn’t matter on this one to be honest just make sure we’re mixing it up as much much as we can wow this goes really really high up okay that should be a bit more symmetrical now I believe so this should be one two across now but it’s definitely not one two across is it oh right okay um it’s going to be a bit difficult to fix this side because obviously this is the tower like the main tower so that wouldn’t really work that well so we’d probably have to change eh we’d probably have to change this side which I don’t really want to do but it might be necessary okay don’t fall down there okay back to placing these things again I thought we I thought we were done with this but the benefit is we’re going to get a few extra blocks back from the outside it so we are going to have to do this on all of the sides I believe it’s looking good thank you very much it’s actually not too bad now to be honest the roof is better now the roof is more pointy it doesn’t look as bad as it did it definitely didn’t look right that’s for sure but it’s it’s good now it’s good right right I want all of these blocks real quick how is my inventory full oh how am I flying why am I still fly I don’t want to fly this much dude go back we just fly right in here we right I didn’t actually pick up any of the blocks did I oh well what music do I listen to um I don’t really have a specific preference in music I have phases where I go through music like listen to lots of music like right now I’m barely listening to Spotify to all but like a couple of months ago I was listening to it like every single night it’s kind of just whatever po whatever’s popular and whatever’s got a good T tune tune I’m starting to speak like an American it’s not good it’s really not good bad is having a bad influence on me which um to be honest we should have seen that coming it’s cluing the name right right um what is this okay oh no there we go we’ll just do this that’ll do oh there’s still a hole in the bottom lovely of course there is tell yeah we can just do this or or something like that um should probably sleep I bet you guys can’t really see much right now apologies I will sleep in a minute and it will be all good again copyright for your music slams sometimes though honestly uh this one this one this one we should get a beacon soon once we’ve fought the Wither obviously we were going to try and fight every boss in one stream I actually saw a video a couple probably like yesterday or something of uh Rec RP I think it was him and brothers and cousins and friends and things beat all of the bosses in just like one night that was kind of weird cuz we were talking about doing that um but we might try and do that in one stream I don’t know how long it’s going to take though that’s the thing and because of time zones it just isn’t that great cuz bad’s going to have to get up super early or it’s not super early it’s probably like 8:00 a.m. which for him is super early I don’t blame him though your legs are killing my arms killing actually it’s probably cuz I spend too much time holding this mouse but it’s fine it’s fine just need to like stretch my arm and things right uh not that one I get confused there’s too many different places in this place now there’s too many different places in this place wow okay that’s great English right don’t know why I did that cuz I actually need to go all the way back down again right this one this one this one couple of these couple of these couple of these I want to get some more of those in there we go I have a resource pack that makes the moon like like a a circle well it’s a square but more more like less 2D that that that’s what I’m trying to say I think I should pop that on here which should add some like mods and things to this that’ll be quite kind of fun I got a plane mod as well actually for Bedrock that’ be pretty cool to have right so that should be Tower fixed now it should be good for a roof okay let’s sleep first since we’re not going to get up there anyway oh I should have looked where I’m going more often um feel like some of these chests may need to be moved soon we need a chest room of some sort which could actually be this tower that I’m building now that could work but it may be a bit annoying to walk halfway across this massive place just to put stuff in chests so might have to rethink it oh what the heck is going on here it looks like this just needs to be a bit more like this yeah there we go that’ll do that looks symmetrical to me I think oh yeah I need to stop flying into things it’s not it’s not it’s not great it’s really not great right so add one onto here just going to destroy a bit of this roof just so we can work this out cuz it’s complicated otherwise there we go cool so that’s that um now we just kind of need to build a roof that’s that part right okay I’m going to dump all of these blocks off because they are filling up my treat and it’s not good oh oh my you serious right just download of this stuff off don’t need that need all of the oak stuff not the totem there we go perfect right let’s fly back actually let’s go outside that’ll probably be a bit quicker there we go only got one piece of dirt really okay fine I’m just going to use another one I tell ever since they added this crawling feature I’ve just been getting stuck in all sorts of weird places in the game yay what I put stained glass in the tower in there I think I would like to put stained glass actually somewhere in here we should do that that’ll be pretty fun I think right so the tower roof goes a bit like this yeah that that that’s not good nor that that not oh dear there is going to be a little bit of an issue with some of this I believe but it’s it’s fine it’s fine I am not trying to figure that out right now T gaming welcome back to the stream welcome back I mean welcome to the stream I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before hope you having having a great day you keep getting ads ppla that is that is the unfortunate thing especially now ad blockers are gone I’ve been getting away with it for the last few months with the ad blocker still on but it finally started getting rid of it for me now I do understand it though obviously craters need to make money and things but at the end of the day it is just a move to make YouTube Rich oh God now we’re putting our ages in chat hey I would recommend not doing that oh God yeah I have to be the responsible person I have to I have to say that otherwise yeah that’s not going to go well right this is actually a nice Tower as well cuz it’s slightly different now I’ve had to reshape it all love from bangler Dash thank you thank you thanks for tuning in how did that place there thank you at least it’s not your dress that’s a good point don’t do that either please okay and then needs to be another one up [Music] here should have got some more dirt but oh well it’s fine can’t do much about that now it’s actually quite nice building to be honest I never really do much building how to buy Minecraft um minecraft.net I think I think that’s the website I don’t really know right I might just go down here and get all of those oak blocks there we go don’t mind me just destroying dirt with an axe no biggie right um I’m also going to fix this because for some reason there’s just a massive I don’t I don’t know why this is here I I might have just done that but oh well okay cool let’s head back up here looking good so far actually looking really good oh that’s that’s weird I’m also kind of stuck in a really weird world that’s weird stairs are really weird stair physics in this game oh no um how many we only have six left there we go let’s make a bunch more that should be enough actually now I do think that would look really cool if it’s a windmill down there that would look epic I’ve never really built on this scale either the biggest I built was a treehouse which was like way way way smaller than this I’ve not been on that world in ages actually that was like one of the only worlds that I actually spent lots of time on as well everything I’m saying like in these streams is just like the script of my my new video that’s going to come out hopefully soon I’m finding a lot of stuff that I’m saying is making a lot of sense in context to that video you’ll find out soon though okay so close with this with this roof honestly damn Burger potatoes taking a while hope he’s okay can we play together soon if I can find some time yeah it’s a bit crazy at the minute but I’m sure I’m sure soon he’s gone yeah burger potato is is gone he went to the toilet but he never came back I think the toilet might have like swallowed him up or something look we’re on this final layer now he fell down the toilet okay so clo oh come on I really don’t want to jump down here okay fine okay get rid of that slab pop a slab here pop a block here finally a slab just there that ladies and gentlemen is the roof of the small Tower finished or the medium Tower actually look at that that looks epic it looks so cool look at look at the castle well the castle tower it’s not exactly a castle yet look as we fly off into the sunset as well it’s crazy look at that perfect now we just need to do this weird annoying bottom bit that no one likes and also let’s just let’s just have a look how bad has used loads of hay bales over here to for this look how much food worth of hay bals it’s just for this makes sense so it’s easy to break oh the Sheep are no longer St Patrick’s sheep we’ll have to start oh that they are actually we’ll have to make some Easter sheep hold on what is that you guys good down [Music] there I kind of want to break this and see what happens don’t let the intrusive thoughts win but yeah no this is looking really good now happy with it oh you’re joking I just spilt water all down me that’s not good oh well it’s fine I just oh my gosh okay let me clean this up oops right now we just need all of our blocks again uh one two three 4 five there we go perfect what’s under the glass um under the glass is let’s actually before I show you on the glass I kind of just want to where’s my crack stone bricks there okay I want to find where my where my helmet’s gone cuz it disappeared um is it in here oh God it isn’t oh no where’s where’s my helmet gone it’s not that so this one it’s that one there we go got it it’s fine oh repair the electr in a minute under the glass we were going to build a commentary room for like random conversations like cheese and things under here um we haven’t got around to it yet but it’s just yeah that that that’s just agendas and things it’s not in use at the minute it’s just a room for when we need it bad did actually die in in here right I’m going to go and repair this elytra real quick which may deafen you but turn your volume down whoop okay let the piglin killing commence when I can get up the ladder so what I’m just going to go down here a little bit so it’s not as loud look how much golden things there is in here got a whole massive chest for all this stuff it’s finally the tower’s actually getting to a point where it’s nearly done which is cool now and then we can build a little village kind of thing and then hopefully we’ll be ready for the announcement maybe possibly okay let’s see if this just does it all in one oh there we go done let’s go that really didn’t take long at all did it that was like a minute tops look at the base it looks cooler from this angle not going to lie um from this angle there we go right need some dirt as well so I can build some temporary scaffolding cuz we still don’t have real scaffolding might be an issue but it’s fine it’s fine no problem no problem no I need it in my inventory there we go this this door still annoys me to this to this day it still annoys me um bit further up I might just n I’m not quite sure how I should build this platform to make it most efficient okay first of all we’ll just start by outlining all of this just to make sure that none of the wood is visible just with our random blocks just a bit like this and then we’ll come kind of come down maybe one more or should we do two we we should do two down here shouldn’t we that might be a bit better I think um bit of this perfect and then we can kind of mix it up a little bit here and then bring it down a bit more I don’t really about wasting some of the blocks here to be honest it’s not too big of a deal be right back us no problem Ender Turtle I’ll see you in a minute okay I know I said didn’t care about the blocks but I kind of do especially these ones that don’t really get shown but we can actually even make a little basement room to the towels actually cuz we’ve got a big space down here if we use it right now just destroy a bunch of these going have to squeeze past here and then we go down a bit and do the same thing again until it’s done should be good enough I think just keep building it down and down and down until we get to the bottom that seems to be the best way to go I think need to go a little bit higher up there we go that Enderman why is there an Enderman spawn in here strange oh wow we’re actually getting pretty close to this now I didn’t realize I kind of cped up quite quickly actually I’m wondering whether we may need to extend some of these bits as well have a look from over here yeah yeah that’s not nice to look at just keep building that’s the one oh my gosh I’m going to have to build up again aren’t I it’s just not going to be not it’s not going to work just flying into it like that there we go yeah I don’t like some of these bits to be honest they’re a bit too kind of like short I think so just kind of add to the massive blocks yeah this bit up here is really blocky which I am not a very big fan of not going to lie just extend it just keep extending it some more I think until it looks right eight likes on the stream even though we’ve lit L just been building this this Tower the whole time uh let’s bring back out the shovel I think that’s good now eh n it’s good we just need to do it a bit more now oh no might have to bring back out the old ladders you know but for now it should be okay nine likes actually I lied on a stream where we’ve just been placing blocks but I suppose that is literally what Minecraft is so okay now what we need to do is kind of start bringing it in a bit more rather than just kind of building out and down or in and down should I say right bring out the shovel cuz mining it with my pickaxe is not fun so close I know so so close so close until it’s finished we’re getting there we’re really getting there so yeah as I say just bring it in a bit more now kind of more this way rather than outwards at all so not really much there but kind of more over this way might need to some extend some of these possibly can’t quite reach that yeah come on just want to reach the blocks that’s all um some more of here too Nao I want to I want to say but I’m not quite sure if that’s um if that’s right please correct me if I’m wrong welcome to the stream hope you’re doing great today we’re just finishing off a tower which is so so so nearly done just want a few more I think down here you like my life thank you very much appreciate that um will this need I think that’s missing some to be honest it looks like it’s missing some which normally means it probably is missing something there we go um bring a few more down here I think just a bit like this um might need to go a bit further down too now actually oh of course can’t reach your power di just today I’m sorry to hear that my condolences right there we should be about oh and he just jumped off look at all that dirt down there uh it looks a little bit not even something along those lines I’ve Happ with their anxiety P that’s great to here whoa sorry that probably wasn’t great yeah that’s greata glad I glad I could help I’m underrated dang thank you appreciate that I got buttons too I’m fancy I’m just going to build another one here look just all of these dirt pillars is so so cool uh yeah I’m not happy with this part I don’t think let’s just take a fly and have a little look H that didn’t look too good yeah no I don’t know what the heck’s going on with that it kind of does make it look a bit more natural though right the more I look at it the more I’m actually kind of digging it um I think we could oh yeah there we go could possibly just extend this bit a bit more further down there we go just so it’s not as kind of like that something like this maybe but yeah know I think that made it look a little bit what’s the word rustic maybe oh let’s sleep and then let’s have a little look at it but by the looks of it’s looking pretty good so far you’re back Ender Turtle welcome back to the stream to be honest that light manag to stay on Blue for an hour before it changed color that’s a record it normally changes color in like the first 5 minutes when I just scream or something how does that look then I think looks pretty good you know there’s a little bit Ah there a little bit that I might want to fix let me know what we think about that though if there’s anything you think could be a little bit different obviously we’ll only get a proper good look at it when all of this dirt’s gone let’s get rid of all the dirt shall we let’s just get rid of all the dirt so we can have a proper good look that’s good awesome awesome let’s just pick all of this stuff up looking good thank you there we go looks pretty good feels like there’s something not quite right about it though maybe around this side there just eh I don’t know it looks like something’s not quite right I just can’t pinpoint it it’s this bit right there so it’s this block right here so I’m going to look right up at it looks like something to do with this part then so let’s extend some of this down extend some of this down oh oh ow that should be better now yeah I like that I think I’m happy with it just about think I’m happy with it could do something there too the thing is the more I look at this the more I’m just going to find to pick at it and then I feel like we could just kind of leave it now and it would look good A bit more natural maybe something I’m just going to keep literally doing this until it’s absolutely perfect and there’s nothing else I can find that’s wrong about it your computer blue screened oh God is that what the cheese has done to you I’m sorry yeah it feels like maybe this bit is a little bit just flat as well almost let’s try that okay I think that’s good I think that’s looking all good now there pick up all the dirt let’s get our sword back just in case we need it I hear a Wandering Trader somewhere oh it’s down there I thought he might have spawned inside the base then for a second okay I like it he got cheesed yeah I like that that looks good that’s what we got so far though looking nice it looks definitely more natural than the other one which I like well I think there’s only one more Tower to do which will really not take that long cuz I just want it to be like a really small Tower probably like four blocks wide or or something something like that but that’s looking pretty good the last Tower I want to add is just a little one that’s a little bit higher up that just goes quite High up as well into the clouds I’m not quite sure how many blocks we have left though o I think this might actually just about be enough blocks add windows to the front yeah I will add Windows turns out YouTube and Discord doesn’t work together that’s weird ooh okay now it’s got a roof on this is going to be an absolute mob spawner Let’s uh let’s grab some torches let’s also put all my valuable armor trims away that’s not a sensible thing torches do we have any torches anywhere doesn’t look like it no okay let’s make some then 64 oh perfect stack nice uh do that just going to start up a short stream actually whilst we’re here may as well won’t be two seconds he have an emoji watch you wait there we go perfect all done but dang hello welcome to the Stream hope you’re having a great day today oh dear my computer is not playing right now there we go cool welcome back to the stream you think that people want to see some farming I did show some some uh your your lovely Farm earlier I just want to add some torches to a tower first then we can do that cuz at the minute one of our Towers is practically a mob spawner which we’re going to have to be very careful about going up here okay no mobs that’s uh well don’t speak too soon there could be a creeper waiting for me up the top cool that’s good and especially cuz they’re like SL stairs as well it’s nice and light up there PP my likes my building better dang oh gosh right the way down the tower hey bad I’ll show you the outside of the basee as well if we can find a way out where is a way out here’s a way out okay this is the base so far it looks pretty good actually now and of course your lovely Farm bad is this supposed to be is this going to be like a windmill cuz I think it would look really cool as a windmill I’m guessing that’s probably what you’ve done for it what you’ve planned for it but looks very good creeper boy 2217 welcome to the live stream hope you’re having a great day today if you’re interested we’re streaming in a long form format as well on on the channel page if you want to watch on there oh and the cheese has started once again on the long forone chat you love Minecraft good stuff my basic school thank you thank you one more Tower to add though on this side just up here um probably there Unholy welcome to the stream hope you also are having a great day wh there we go ow I think this is probably a pretty good place oh um might have to be a bit higher up then um for now we’ll just do some alite nice base thank you thank you oh this is getting pretty pretty closer it should do it should do nice perfect for this Tower we just want to kind of do a really really small Tower um really really thin Tower a thin and a long Tower I think so let’s grab some wood which I don’t have on me there we go slap as well perfect art crafter looks so good thank you oh okay this wasn’t me this was bad who for context is the other person who plays on it how about get netherite I’ve got a little bit of netherite um except the helmet the only the the only piece I don’t have in netherite is the helmet um just cuz I need another armor trim piece but for now we’ve got three out of four pieces netherite and none of our tools yet but we’ll get onto that okay now let’s fly up the stairs whilst hitting our head multiple times okay really really simple Tower here now where’s the slabs they just disappeared okay actually I don’t think they went to my inventry that’s probably what happened thank you for subscribing creeper boy and art crafter welcome to um well the viewers are calling themselves chassis I think I think that’s what we’re calling ourselves now I don’t really know to be honest um o what is going on there okay this is not right let’s fix this uh is this jav or Bedrock this is currently bedrock um now this needs destroying Ash plays welcome to the stream I see confetti in the chat which I have a button for where’s my crown oh I had to take my crown off Burger potato what do I play on I play on PC and for those in the short chat we’re streaming in long form as well where we have a viewer Burger potato who is currently listing every single cheese in the world and there’s a there’s over 2,000 of them finally found a Minecraft streamer I know that short spe can be a nightmare I wouldn’t know I don’t actually watch short oh loads of emojis I’ve got I’ve got all of them I’ve got all of the the emojis that you can have got that one too I have a donation one yet but we’ve not been able to use it people sto donating as soon as I made the the nice fancy button so oh well it’s fine it’s there uh my inventory is too full okay there we go perfect okay that’s not what I wanted to do um here and then don’t quite know how I might just use this is a ladder Tower rather than anything fancy um let’s do that oh the dub step music’s kicked in you know it gets like an an hour and a half into the stream and the dubstep music just starts playing blasting oh dear it’s all good fun not my personal favorite but it’s nice it’s good what are the rules for donating good point the rules for donating is uh oh sorry that’s that’s the wrong button so we’ve changed the mobs um I’ll pop that back up on screen for the long form chat um basically 0 to $10 you’ve got all of the kind of easy mobs to get and then a couple more harder mobs in the next $10 to $20 20 to $50 you’ve got mobs like the sniffer mushroom skeleton horse the slightly more red one uh rare ones and then for $500 plus is the blue Axel lle cuz I am not getting a blue Axel lle so I made it really high so no one would donate it which isn’t really how it works normally you want people to donate but not that one please if you do I’m going be so mad not not going to light you’re going to miss when you name all the cheeses we’ll have to do something else we’ll have to do some other other naming challenge brose grinding thank you thank you um I’m not quite sure why this looks so weird to be honest might just do it here and then have like two bubble elevators one here and possibly one here I think so if we can kind of just encase this just like it would be a water elevator bubble elevator name all the dogs that could be cool tell you what Alexa every time I go downstairs in the morning Alex is like hey here’s the breed of the dog for the day and I’m like cool I didn’t ask but thanks cool right so if we just kind of expand this out a bit more just kind of thinking for the actual tower now uh might be slightly difficult actually you’ll name all of the meat in the world damn yeah cool um probably come in a bit now actually uh maybe we’ll design the tower Tower first and then the staircase around it that probably will work a bit better actually whoa that’s again the base we’ve got so far thank you for subscribing sh sh Squad I I think that’s how it’s said cool and um if you have subscribed and have not shouted you out it’s because I don’t I only get a notification for public subscribers so if you have your subscriptions private that’s probably why do I have a mine um not really a mine specifically for mining just kind of random caves to be honest we could actually just kind of do a kind of something a bit like this just diagonal you subscribed now thank you creeper boy appreciate it it seems like whenever we go live on the shorts feed the dubstep music just plays on the playlist it is generally because I normally go live about an hour in on the shorts got to go chassis hope see you soon thank you ppla for tuning in and na NAB nabul I can’t say the cheeses the cheese is get me every time it’s the 1200th cheese only 800 more to go should take a couple more streams it’s your boy Ken hello welcome to the stream hope you’re having an amazing day today uh a couple more of these we need the crack stone bricks and smooth Stone something like this so it just kind of comes up a bit that works I think and then we could do something where it kind of just Curves in a bit more hello what’s this about um so I’m on my my Minecraft world here it’s a round that I have with another person which will be opening up to viewers hopefully in the next couple of weeks this is the tower we’ve built so far over the last 3 weeks or so and we’re currently building a fourth no third third and final side Tower but our enchanting table we’ve got some lovely Stables here that my friend built on here and a lovely big old farming area right down here scer can you play with me um we’ll be revealing how viewers can get involved with the realm in the next few weeks that’s part of a a big announcement we’ve got going on um not quite sure how I want to build this out maybe two like this and then coming in a bit more something like that is that good that looks pretty decent that looks really good yeah I like it now we just need to build this up do I have a public server not currently no we’re we’re too poor for that there we go I do like this we’re going to have two bubble elevators here I do like that for now I think that’s good um fact I think we could probably get away with going out another one possibly couldn’t we um maybe if we do one two and then start coming in one two and then start coming in you subscribed it’s your boy Kean you sub what did I just say subscribed subscribed thank you very much appreciate it um one two one two got more would you need Realms to join um you wouldn’t have to have a subscription because the realm owner covers that just a Minecraft account how’s that oh I don’t like how it’s three here that’s not nice um how about this I kind of liked it how was better before to be honest we can we can just go with it and then see how it looks creeper boy you’re out thank you for subscribing thanks for tuning and see you soon good luck on the house thank you it’s actually nice that I accidentally mess this this bit up here with the stone cuz now it looks a bit more natural but yeah know this base has been in the works for like 3 weeks it’s actually nice to see it kind of really taking shape now I think it’s actually going to be done by the end of the stream you’re watch my videos thank you very much appreciate it the new one’s definitely the best one Burger potatoes naming every cheese that’s correct that’s the last of the letter NES as well yeah and that’s what’s going on in the long form chat by the way Burger potato is naming every single type of cheese ever because I dared him to as a joke and he took it very much seriously is it a private world it is currently yeah and we’ll just keep going up with this and then what we can do is kind of oh what’s going on here that’s not even at all don’t think it’s what the something’s going on here oh no so glad we got these elyra honestly oh my go okay I’m going to go on the roof and do it this way it’s bit better so goes one two and then he’s got another one two like this oh no stop doing that didn’t even know what these names existed you thought you’re naming animals at first maybe that’s the next one every species of animal ever that’s going to take probably multiple lifetimes thank you for the 10 likes on the long form chat appreciate it tsunami plays welcome to the stream hope you’re having a great day today Tower’s nearly finished now we’re just working on this last one here there we go pop so it goes one two one two and then we need to bring it in a bit more so something like something like this one two one two maybe like that or yeah that looks okay one two one two yeah that kind of works does it work maybe I don’t really know oh we’ve still done it wrong over here look one two three oh dear what is going on this is confusing me this is really confusing me you have a world with floating island Castle looks very similar nice you subbed on your old account thank you as boy it’s your boy ke I’m just going to destroy this and start it start this bit again cuz it’s just confusing my brain it’s conf fuzzing me it’s only you watching yeah it looks like it on the shorts live stream feel free to join the long one though where there’s quite a few more people thank you for subscribing uh pretty thank you appreciate it as many as 7.77 million animal species on Earth I feel like Burger potato is going to do that oh so close damn right so it goes like this one two one two okay this is a blank canvas now old bord cheese wow damn old doa’s Road cheese who knew these things existed honestly so we could go one two out like this one two is that correct yep then we could do let’s just we kind of just need to build a circle shape now don’t we really so that’s kind of our Circle kind of shape there if this is just one quarter then we go out one two one two one two um one two this is turning into a lot a way bigger Tower than I wanted it to so let’s just rip all of this out let’s do half of that it’s all about TR and error really isn’t it do you play Java and Bedrock or only Bedrock I occasionally play Java mainly for videos and things um yeah I’m not massively into Java not going to lie but I do want to get more into Java it’s fun I think yeah if we do it like that it might not work though will it give it a go did I kill the war or the Wither we’ve not killed either of those bosses yet we have been in contact with the warden multiple times which was not fun not fun at all yeah no I don’t quite know what’s actually going on here to be honest ah okay that it’s a bit on the small side isn’t it really feel like if we go three instead that could work one two three do I have other base no this is it this is the the base this is just the only base we have on here one two three this seems even bigger than the other one we had okay this is getting not fun this base it’s weird it’s really strange we still need it to kind of be small because it’s supposed to be a small Tower maybe I’m overthinking it probably am um let’s try the idea with the stairs again that looks like a relatively decent way to do it one two three one one two 3 one another one there cuz then it kind of yeah it turns into a circle shape I like that that’s good that’s really good um M I’m not going to get rid of too many of those cuz we’ll have to probably fix that in a bit anyway we just need to kind of use some dirt that’s good um so we’re going in theory it should be like this and then like this and then like that and that’s kind of our Circle Tower shape so we need the roof to come out it’s actually really fun building this it’s a challenge I’ve not really done much building before I see some emojis in the short form chat I don’t have those ones but I’ve got this one um so this is kind of just there for now welcome to the stream is this Bedrock or Java this is currently Bedrock I have to think about that why’ I have to think about that um might try going one block up on this first and then we can start going in just going to use this as blocks for now oh I do that way too often it’s not good let’s have a little fly with the sunset in the back look at that that’s going to look really cool when this when this Tower’s done go um get rid of all of these temporar temporarily placed blocks what there we go perfect I think that’s going to be good obviously we want this roof to be expanded out a bit more as well um what one are we missing smooth Stone you play on Bedrock to but you might switch to Java for hardcore yeah and fun fact hardcore mode is coming to bedrock Edition later this year um hopefully providing MOJ can get it right which I’m 99.9% sure they are going to smash it out of the park okay what music is this doesn’t sound copyright free it is do I play The Hive um very rarely very very rarely I used to play it a lot with my cousin back in 2020 so what how has this bit gone so wrong okay no it’s not gone wrong it’s fine I’m overthinking it again okay and then we’ve got just a tower shape to build up here we just want to connect the roof up and things um probably [Music] something what we could I want the roof to kind of be there maybe I think do I do I ever play Hypixel um I played it once I think with with a YouTube friend that I’m not really in contact with anymore did you know the XP bar is one pixel off from the hot bar okay that’s that’s never going to escape my memory um that annoys me now have to fix that sure there’s like some sort of resource pack is fixing that yeah this is good I like it let’s sleep so we can actually see whoa just to be annoying Burger potato well you succeeded is it actually oh God it is isn’t it on the left that annoys me as well because when I was doing this earlier lining the pixels up I had to count each pixel cuz Photoshop was being annoying bye it’s your boy Kean thanks for tuning in thanks for subscribing I’ll see you soon this is the wrong Tower we’ve got too many Towers now and I’m getting confused but that’s good though that we have too many towers that I’m confused we can block this up now that’s not being used it might be eventually but not for now cool and then this is just going to have two bubble elevators that goes up to however high up we need it I want to go at least above this this um Tower the main tower hold on we’re missing this no we’re not we’re missing smooth Stone oh just did that again I do that way too often okay the music’s getting a bit too much so I’m just going to skip a bunch until we get to other songs that’s better and then Java the cross has one pixel too far to the left as well God and they say bedrocks bad okay we’re still on the super annoying dubstep crazy music I’m just going to skip to the playlist that there we go we good cool music’s back on welcome everyone who has just joined this is our Minecraft base so far we’re building third and final tower on this base which looks pretty cool so far I’m not going to lie oh no I missed of course I missed how long have I been playing Minecraft um I used to play oh gosh I used to play when I was really young probably like 20 14 15 16 maybe um I hadn’t played since then um until lockdown my cousin my cousin asked if I wanted to play Minecraft so I said yep started on my tablet moved to the Xbox then got a PC in November 2020 and the rest is history so essentially I always say this if it wasn’t for my cousin asking me to play in Minecraft I probably wouldn’t be making I I wouldn’t be sat here right now really I don’t know what I’d be doing running out and aight there we go nearly there nearly there and then on this one we could do like a really really pointy Tower that could be cool oh oh dear that’s not good we have many crack stone bricks left let’s try and minimize the amount that we’re using he says just placing another one you can also get the drowning bubbles in a door oh yeah that’s uh I do I do like that about Java I wish we had that Bedrock I feel like they could have just easily mixed the features from both into one and it would have kind of made a bit more sense like horses and boats so many Java players wanted that as well but no they just ripped that away from us yeah that isn’t right is it oh my word what the how if we managed to do a whole row wrong that’s crazy one two three one two just trying to keep to the same kind of thing here yeah I can’t believe I managed to do that we started off right it’s just that this bit here must have tripped me up somewhere oh no on the screen oh interesting kind of wish we could build on a nether roof but that’s only going to ever be on Java yeah I wish that too to be honest I wonder if we got any more crack stone bricks I might go have a look we do not that’s not good uh yeah we don’t oh well you have to make use uh make do with what we’ve got I suppose oh come on please please no no no I don’t want to waste another rock get there we go perfect gosh I have much smooth Stone left either we’re running out of everything right now other than add a I got a bunch of that the other day we are so nearly close soly done though with uh getting this Tower up to the top and then the base will be done finished Pacific Rock on the cheesee count Counting trying to phase out the kind of other blocks and just kind of go into the mainly kind of and theight stone bricks stuff cuz that’s all we’ve got left I want to get okay that’s officially above I think we go to here this point and then that’s good we have any Mossy left either oh wow okay might be a bit more difficult but it’s fine we’ll phas that out there and then we’ll start phasing out the stone bricks too oh wait yeah we’ve still got some crack stone bricks left haven’t we we could put some just up here because the roof’s kind of like caving in on the tower that make sense maybe possibly okay let’s see how that looks I think that’s good I’m happy with that we obviously need to oh we yeah we need more blocks for the bottom don’t we really I don’t have any of those Mossy stone bricks left do we have any oh wait we’ve got some Moss here mixed with some smooth stone that we don’t have oh okay H that’s yeah we don’t have any smooth Stone do we no okay we’ll start smelting some but yeah know I’m happy with this so far it’s looking pretty nice and I’m also running out fireworks and how that happened yeah once this is Tower’s done it’s going to be perfect but I don’t have any blocks right now to do it but yeah literally it looks so good oh this looks like nice as well perfect perfect well I think we’ll probably start wrapping up in a minute you know whoop ow yeah we don’t have any stone bricks or anything do we no my elytra is also really really low on durability ouch let’s get to the top of the tower oh just about there we go perfect well folks I think that’ll do yeah it’s just you watching Burger potato so I think that’ll do for today’s stream look at the tower look at the Castle place it’s looking cool and the windmill down there as well but folks I think that’s going to be all today thank you all for tuning in thanks for supporting the channel as always um I will see you possibly tomorrow if not Saturday for the next stream thanks for tuning in I’ll see you soon goodbye for [Music] now oh

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    MY DRAGON DESTROYED MY HOUSE IN MINECRAFT Exploring the World of Minecraft Welcome to a channel dedicated to the incredible world of Minecraft! In this video, we will delve into all the exciting aspects of this sandbox game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Introduction: If you are a fan of building, exploration, survival, and adventure, Minecraft is the perfect game for you. With charming pixelated graphics and endless gameplay, you can create your own virtual world and embark on epic journeys. Main Features: Build Your Dream Home: From a small cabin to a grand castle, unleash your creativity in designing your… Read More

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    Discover the Unique Births on Minewind Minecraft Server Welcome to NewsMinecraft.com, where we bring you the latest and most exciting updates from the world of Minecraft! Today, we want to talk to you about the fascinating world of Minecraft servers, and why you should consider joining the Minewind server. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore a world where every baby’s birth is unique and different? While the video we shared today may not be directly related to Minewind, it does spark the imagination and creativity that Minecraft is known for. Minewind server offers a one-of-a-kind experience for players looking to immerse themselves… Read More

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    The Ultimate Color Showdown The World of Minecraft: A Colorful Adventure Embark on a vibrant journey through the pixelated landscapes of Minecraft, where every block tells a story and every color sparks creativity. Exploring the Rainbow Palette In Minecraft, colors play a crucial role in shaping the world around you. From the lush green of grassy plains to the fiery red of molten lava, each hue adds depth and character to the game’s immersive environments. Building with Style Builders and architects in Minecraft use colors to create stunning structures that stand out in the blocky landscape. Whether crafting a cozy cottage or a… Read More

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    Speedrun Shuffle: Minecraft's Quickstep Hustle In Minecraft, time is of the essence, Efficiency is key, it’s the game’s very presence. From mining to building, every move must be swift, To survive and thrive, you must make a shift. Speedrunning through biomes, with precision and grace, Navigating obstacles, at a breakneck pace. Each block placed with purpose, each tool in hand, In this world of blocks, you must take a stand. So leap into the verse, with rhymes that ignite, Crafting Minecraft news, with all of your might. Keep the crowd engaged, with stories that sing, In every pulsing line, let the truth take wing. Read More

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    Katie's Wild Minecraft Adventure: Part 29 Exploring Hardcore Minecraft – World 1 [Part 29] Introduction In the latest installment of Hardcore Minecraft – World 1, viewers were treated to an exciting adventure filled with challenges and triumphs. As the player navigated through the virtual world, they encountered new obstacles and discovered hidden treasures along the way. Unveiling New Territories One of the highlights of this episode was the exploration of uncharted territories. The player ventured into dark caves, lush forests, and treacherous mountains, uncovering rare resources and encountering dangerous mobs. Each new area brought fresh excitement and opportunities for the player to test their skills…. Read More

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    100 Days Surviving Mushroom Island in Minecraft Surviving 100 Days on a Mushroom Island in Minecraft Hardcore Are you ready for an epic survival adventure in Minecraft? Join the journey as our protagonist challenges the elements and builds the most amazing mushroom base on an island in the middle of the ocean. From finding the perfect terrain to facing unexpected dangers, this journey has it all! Get ready for excitement, laughter, and the most creative building strategies. Don’t miss a single moment of this hardcore adventure in Minecraft and find out if our protagonist has what it takes to survive 100 days in this unique environment…. Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: Creeper’s Hot Date

    Minecraft Meme: Creeper's Hot Date “Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNTsion!” Read More

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    Minecraft Madness: Building and Hanging Out with Luvstar! 🌟Video Information This video, titled ‘Let’s Build and Hang Out in Minecraft :3 ♡ Live’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-10 01:38:31. It has garnered 1024 views and 117 likes. The duration of the video is 02:01:50 or 7310 seconds. Haii everyone! Welcome to my live stream! Let’s play some fairycore minecraft together! Leave a tip to show up on screen here: https://streamlabs.com/luvstarkei/tip 🌈Become a Channel Member: https://www.youtube.com/@luvstarkei/join ==================================== 👾My Website: https://luvstarkei.com 💜My Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LuvstarKei 🎧Request an Art Commission: https://luvstarkei.com/commissions/ 🐈‍⬛My Art Channel: youtube.com/@luvstarkei2 📷 Contact me through email: [email protected] 🖤 For business inquiries, please use: [email protected] ==================================== 🍓RESOURCES… Read More

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    <p>"Insane Survival Minecraft Duplication Glitch! <em>EASY</em>"</p>Video Information This video, titled ‘*NEW* Very Easy Any Stacked Item Duplication Glitch In Survival Minecraft! (SUPER OP)’, was uploaded by ItsMe James on 2024-03-29 18:02:03. It has garnered 23549 views and 830 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:20 or 620 seconds. #itsmejames #minecraft #yhyh IN Todays Video i show you this *NEW* Very Easy Any Item Duplication Glitch In Survival Minecraft! (SUPER OP) huge shout out to blackstar go sub to him https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNbVxwdcOjR_3xIake-gH7Q Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW4kZA2qMcxEGAfG9Cxey3g/join Join The JamFam Discord! https://discord.gg/nA9MxPnRRD Read More

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    Unbelievable New Trick Will Blow Your Mind #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘bing bing boo #viral #shortvideo’, was uploaded by MasterYT on 2024-05-05 02:39:58. It has garnered 692 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. bing bing boo #viral #shortvideo ignore tag minecraft,minecraft 1.14,minecraftbut,op minecraft,minecraft op,dream minecraft,minecraft pvp,minecraft uhc,minecraft but,minecraft update,cursed minecraft,tapple minecraft,insane minecraft,blessed minecraft,beating minecraft,minecraft uhc but,competitive minecraft,minecraft scenario,minecraft hardcore, minecraft challenge,minecraft minigames,dream minecraft youtube,minecraft but challenge, minecraft challenges,finale,minecraft ps4 bedrock edition,minecraft ps4 bedrock,minecraft,minecraft ps4,minecraft ps4 bedrock edition mods,minecraft ps4 update,bedrock ps4 minecraft,minecraft ps4 bedrock mods,minecraft ps4 bedrock leak,minecraft bedrock,minecraft playstation 4 bedrock,minecraft ps4 servers,minecraft ps4 realms,how to get… Read More

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  • CanvasMC

    CanvasMCCanvasMC.net | A 60 million block wide canvas that never resets, on which you can draw anything! Upon spawning in you are given several colours to chose from that you can draw pixel art and anything really else that you want to with, the canvas will never reset and has a world border at 30 million blocks out each way so there’s lots of space to draw and make your mark. CanvasMC.net Read More

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    Enter a New Universe on Era's Edge! Minecraft Reimagined: Step Into Another Universe on Era’s Edge! Temporal Reconnaissance Unit: Safeguarding Timelines Lieutenant Corstrom, also known as ‘Time Bandit,’ is a key figure in the Temporal Reconnaissance Unit operating from Era’s Edge. This unit falls under the Eras Oversight Council: Tempus Imperium, tasked with maintaining balance across timelines and protecting humanity’s collective memory. As Lieutenant Corstrom stands by for duty, the world of Minecraft takes on a whole new dimension. Exploring the Multiverse in Minecraft In this reimagined version of Minecraft, players delve into a universe where time and space intertwine. The concept of different timelines and… Read More

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    Dr. Swablu LIVE: Transforming Villager Area NOW! 😱🔥 #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘🔴LIVE🔴 – Working on the villager area! Come hang out! #minecraft #minecraftsmp #furry’, was uploaded by Dr. Swablu on 2024-05-20 23:23:51. It has garnered 95 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 06:19:40 or 22780 seconds. ➤ Donations: https://streamlabs.com/drswablu ➤Twitter: https://twitter.com/drswablu​​​​​ ➤Photography: https://www.instagram.com/JamesPepperPhotography ➤Discord: https://discord.gg/PcgHNtdQyy ➤TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@drswablu ➤Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drswablu ➤Switch FC: 5504-4495-3413 Rules 1. This is a PG-13 live stream with no cussing!! (damn can be allowed on rare circumstances). 2. Don’t be toxic! I try to make a friendly area for all of us to hang out in. 3a. Don’t Squid… Read More

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    Minecraft World Revamped: 5-Year Build Update!Video Information This video, titled ‘Inayos Ko Ang BUILD Sa 5 YEAR OLD Minecraft World Ko!’, was uploaded by BeeBuYog on 2024-02-16 08:46:50. It has garnered 98046 views and 3041 likes. The duration of the video is 00:13:29 or 809 seconds. #Minecraft #BeeBuYog #kadacraft I Fixed The BUILD On My 5 YEAR OLD Minecraft World! https://www.roblox.com/groups/9744348/Barya-Gang#!/store https://billing.apexminecrafthosting.com/aff.php?aff=8664 For Chinese Business: [email protected] ================================= ►Watch , Like , Comment , and Subscribe to be updated on new vids! Thank you! ================================= ►Social Media https://www.facebook.com/BeeBuYogYT ================================= ►Contact me here Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeeBuYogYT ================================================== ================ Filipino | Tagalog | Filipino | Philippines | Pinoy Gaming… Read More

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    INSANE strategy for INSTANT Bedwars victory!Video Information This video, titled ‘Easiest Way To Win Bedwars!’, was uploaded by Good Gamers on 2024-03-21 03:45:01. It has garnered 27 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Join our discord server with the link below! https://discord.gg/KJNvsYgvpT #minecraft #gaming #minecrafthypixel #minecraftshorts #javaedition #minecraftjava #minecraftskywars #skywars #hypixel#bedrockedition #hypixel #godbridge #hypixelskyblock #subscribe #sumo #shorts #minecraftmemes #motivational #gameplay Bedwars, Bedwars Tournament, Tournament, Tourney, Good Gamers, Isaac, Taisaku, Win, Winning, How To Win, How To Win In Bedwars, YouTubers, YouTube, How To, How to Gain, Subscribers, Growing Channel, Hive, Mineplex, Stars, Skywars, Rocket League, Fornite, Grand… Read More

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    வசந்த் gaming - Epic Minecraft co-op! 😍Video Information This video, titled ‘New beginning 😍|Minecraft co-op part – 1 gameplay|On vtg!’, was uploaded by vasanth தமிழ் gaming on 2024-03-18 11:00:45. It has garnered 126149 views and 9095 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:35 or 935 seconds. Millions of crafters have smashed billions of blocks! Now you can join the fun! Minecraft is a game made from blocks that you can transform into whatever you can imagine. Play in Creative mode with unlimited resources, or hunt for tools to fend off danger in Survival mode. With seamless cross-platform play on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition you can adventure… Read More

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    INSANE Minecraft Solo Leveling Mod VOD! 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Solo Leveling Mod VOD #8’, was uploaded by GingyVODs on 2024-05-14 19:00:00. It has garnered 73 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 04:25:20 or 15920 seconds. Main Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/Thetruegingershadow Discord – https://discord.gg/KfWmyVB Twitter – https://twitter.com/TheGingershadow ————————————————————————— Channel Avatar and Banner are made by Charwiewie check out their stuff! Charwiewie – https://twitter.com/charwiewie —————————————————————————- Read More


    INSANE PARKOUR CHALLENGE IN MINECRAFT 🤯🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘PARKOUR CHALLENGE | MINECRAFT #funny #trending #minecraft #livestream #viral’, was uploaded by RIZVI GAMING on 2024-01-11 06:12:34. It has garnered 133 views and 12 likes. The duration of the video is 03:08:53 or 11333 seconds. HELLO GUYS! welcome to the live stream Share and Support plzz Subscribe Subscribe: https://youtube.com/@mr_rizvigaming Discord :https:https://discord.gg/v5ttvvvxR4 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rahil.rizvi.566?mibextid=ZbWKwL Instagram: https://instagram.com/mr_rahilrizvi?utm_source=qr&igshid=MzNlNGNkZWQ4Mg%3D%3D #gaming #trending #youtube #youtubegaming #youtube #gaming #youtuber #youtubechannel #gamer #youtubers #ps #twitch #youtubegamer #gamingcommunity #youtubevideo #youtubevideos #sub #playstation #pcgaming #videogames #youtubecommunity #youtubegamingchannel #games #youtubelife #twitchstreamer #xbox #youtubegamers #subscribe #gameplay #game #instagaming #gamers #gamingchannel #maze #viral #trending Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Server Hacks for Custom Armor & Tools | ItemsAdder PluginVideo Information This video, titled ‘| 👉 | How To Add Custom Armor & Tools in Minecraft Server | How To Use ItemsAdder Plugin’, was uploaded by ShayanGamerz on 2024-04-27 11:41:28. It has garnered 99 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 00:21:16 or 1276 seconds. ˜”°•✩•°”˜ ⋙━━━━━[ 𝕋𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 ]━━━━━⋘ ˜”°•✩•°”˜ | 👉 | How To Add Custom Armor & Tools in Minecraft Server | How To Use ItemsAdder Plugin ˜”°•✩•°”˜ ⋙━━━━━[ 𝙻𝙸𝙽𝙺 ]━━━━━⋘ ˜”°•✩•°”˜ | 👉 | ᴘʀᴏᴛᴏᴄᴏ ʟɪʙ: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/protocollib.1997/ | 👉 | ɪᴛᴇᴍ ᴀᴅᴅᴇʀ: https://www.spigotunlocked.com/resources/✨itemsadder⭐custom-items-armors-hud-gui-mobs-emoji-blocks-wings-hats-liquids.129/ | 👉 | ʟᴏɴᴇ ʟɪᴘѕ: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lonelibs.75974/ | 👉 | Generate… Read More

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    Ultimate Gamer Showdown: Minecraft vs Real Life 2023-2050Video Information This video, titled ‘minecraft vs reality 2023 vs 2050 #shorts #short #minecraft @#technogamerz #gta5’, was uploaded by ALPHA NIGHT GAMER on 2024-01-13 03:00:44. It has garnered 4859 views and 73 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:10 or 10 seconds. minecraft vs reality 2023 vs 2050 #shorts #short #minecraft @#technogamerz #gta5 #gtav #gta4 #trending #technogamerz #viral #shorts #trending #freefire #freefireshorts #gta6 freefire video on this channel top 5 content daily 1,2 video please support ad don’t forget like share subscribe and comment please support– song jalaby baby artist–Jason derulo song -https://youtu.be/IFtwhMK64H8 tags Minecraft minecraft Minecraft build hack… Read More

  • Connected Construction – Semi Vanilla

    Connected Construction Server Welcome to Connected Construction, a 1.20.4 server with Experimental Features enabled. The rules are simple: No hacked clients All building connections and construction must continue from an existing part of the structure. Can be in any direction on any axis You can explore the world and place blocks, but all building, including farms, must be part of the communal building End is disabled World border is 3k x 3k centered on 0 0 (1,500 in all cardinal directions) To join: Discord link Read More