EPIC Live Minecraft Bedwars Challenge!

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Oh N hello everybody my name is Junior and we are live playing Hypixel bedwars on my days nka what is that skin oh my God that is amazing that looks awesome hope everybody’s doing good what’s up ad what’s up Annabella what’s up danac what’s up mango what’s up bazim

What’s up lion hope everybody doing good if there’s anybody else here hello to you too we got Jacob here as well oh my God we got everyone here awesome right let’s let’s invite everybody let’s get everybody in nice we got a full party now already to start it straight away that’s

Awesome I’m doing good I’m doing good thank you everybody I hope you’re all doing the same as well hit Level 50 yday mango yo that’s awesome congratulations nice you just got to win like two seconds ago sweet very nice your Internet sucks today d one of those days I mean it’s not a

Surprise being in the UK it sucks every day but uh I hope you’ve all seen my new video where we played bedar where I couldn’t even use a sword it’s uh it’s one to definitely go watch as it’s super fun I know there’s uh something we

Managed to pull off on there which is insane but uh yeah it’s for you to find out by watching the video obviously you can do it now or after the stream yo what’s up Z how you doing y I won’t be able just join all right nice good luck with

That yeah temp I’m going to need that skin that looks amazing is there a little face under it look like there’s a tiny face right let’s start uh right in in a que cuz I know a couple people want to join now so what we on grave ship okay you’re Shrek I guess

That go to name MC and copy skin all right okay cool I’ll uh I’ll do that thank you sorry I Mr next time when you do hard videos Ask sub I can help you all right awesome thank you you watch the video is cool oh nice

Thank you yo what’s up it’s laa how you doing right let me start typing in the uh the Kill right we got Annabella Anabella hold on I can’t spell so give me a sec and Bell one nice does anybody else that wants to join if you do let me know I’ll add you to the K forgot to fix my controls this one and this one this one is

Full so we should be back to normal nice I to do earlier for the video oh my days might as well get armor while we shouldn’t be camping for as long as I was but oh well here we are now damn two beds gone Blues who got

Blues bed hold on let me look let me see this where did it go Jacob got it nice that’s awesome and I just saw lad as I dived off no mango we haven’t been live we don’t stream on the weekend so you don’t have to worry about missing out on

Streams you want to join lxa okay cool I like the C oh what do we Need we go this way what was that can I break that apparently not right is it literally red is the last team with a bad sounds good to me ow breaking my ankles ow quick r b oh my God if we win this first game now that would be beautiful absolutely

Magnificent where they two they’ll never see it coming nice now he’s got to kill yellow wow wow you can start W chest for the Minecraft chest variant uh there m oranic you can actually get 1.5 bit yo that’s awesome nice congratulations on oh you got an as I that’s a terrible

Time what’s my name on Twitch my name on Twitch is my name is Junior 13 so if you haven’t follow me on Twitch definitely do that if everybody that’s watching on Twitch hasn’t subscrib what the hasn’t subscribed to me on YouTube definitely do that

Too wait you master W typ on my man you can win a 4V one a 4 V one do you know how many people that is that’s not one person that’s not two people it’s not even three people four people that is insane welcome back Lon I’m afraid you

Have to suffer the ad Tough Time come on we got this where is team yellow there’s one there where’s the other one then there’s got to be another one hiding somewhere where is he do you think he’s hidden under the map or something there’s always one like somewhere down here maybe no

Where is this dude where is he at oh yellow where could he have gone H this is something I’m genuinely confused about where is he read message on Luna chat nice you was a r hi can you join of course I can add to the kill where

To where on Earth I’ve never been so lost in my life just running around like a headless chicken what on Earth is going on well yeah what what you have 10 other the base down you just need to make it more war like you need a war

All fair enough I mean it’s so sometimes it’s good to take a break from one thing and focus on Victory let’s go nice I can’t believe we just won our first game that is sweet can’t go wrong with that yeah like I saying sometimes it is nice like when

You work on a project with multiple aspects so you can take a break from one and go to the other one yo not 256 uh bit thanks so much for the follow welcome to the channel R so I’m just typing in Run’s name on my C nice

Right the little face that just stares at me every time look look at this little dude you spent a whole day redownloading Unreal Engine to give you something else to do it took you all day how I don’t remember it I I did try Unreal Engine once but I don’t there’s

No way talk all day that’s unbelievable right yeah there’s currently as of right now two people in the K but we’re only on our second game as the stream literally just started so you guys got to wait a little bit F off no way how 23 GB started at you know 11:00 a.m.

Was going to what it took you that long all my days I feel sorry for your internet that is horrendous I don’t know if it’s the PC or if it’s the the uh the internet that does that though is it cuz like I downloaded two games the other

Day they were both like 20 gig minimum in like less than an hour why they got so many Fireballs yeah bro just propelled himself backwards I mean it makes life easier for me let’s get some armor and pop them back in there Welsh internet you to C it a

Bit all right I mean I wouldn’t blame entirely on Welsh internet if my w internet is fine or great what’s up Axel yeah it’s a full P right now but there’s a kill if you want me to to it where we going Blue’s wiped so that’s that’s a good thing oh green I

See trees are green par Co is cool get away man oh what they keep appearing no not fair your Internet sucks your PC’s 2K oh wow yeah definitely an internet issue there’s got to be way to upgrade or something though surely right let’s get the usual I think that’s all we

Need I don’t think we need to go too fancy with it might as well go get diamonds actually I’ll be the diamond collector how about that the odds were that I was going to fall into that one block G that’s always my luck on bedwars all you think it’s the rof you

Want to try and get get a new one fair enough P Again uh you know how much if at all it will help that’s the case it would be terrible to say like I don’t get how it works like which ones to go which one’s not to get how is it going to improve it by how much cuz you don’t want to spend

Like 60 quid and it only goes up like two megabytes do you get what I mean like that would be just useless let’s go by the way I just saw Jacob get a green bed and S got a yellow bed that’s close get over here where’s he over where’s he

Gone he has so much uh work at school today damn what did you have to Do the 2 gbes yeah that’s a that’s a handy amount that won’t be too bad we’re going to get backto back wins isn’t that nice isn’t it lovely what do we need a fireball and one of them and I’ll do the job sorry what did I just read you have to fry an

Octopus what I didn’t know that existed Fri fried sorry what fried octopus oh my you know you learn something new every day what on Earth you could say it tastes better than than fried chicken I don’t know I have never had the opportunity to just try fried

Octopus that’s quite where is Yellow by the way oh no oh I not no what where where am I going uh been recommended to make a back PO for the crafter block that’s coming so how would that work I mean I’m looking forward to the

Crafter block I’m not too red St but I’m still interested in it but I have no clue how it works I know where yellow is by the way I just he him building around the back just watch I knew that was going to happen let’s go that’s how you do it that’s how

You win back to back victories GG there’s the best crisp ever is crispy what if does it taste like though I don’t know most of the code is a 1.2 any version so control c control+ v all right man code is just so confusing like the only code I understand is like

Spreadsheets that’s all I’ve been taught for like the last two years like mainly like database spreadsheet stuff but I don’t know if that’s anything like game coding is it you got two win streak nice mango same over here all right see in a bit right then I was having a drink then

While uh doing that otherwise I would have been running around uh but also people uh want you to make a ladder variant I mean that’s not bad to be honest I mean that’s a pretty good idea to make the ladders cuz I mean you could do that

Then with the crafting tables and like stuff like that as well on there it all like connect oh nice Jacob I mean you don’t have to worry about tools technically just the crafting recipes it’d be same as like how chests are now would there oh what why do you

Have a golden apple like at the start of a game it tastes like chicken but a little bit easier to chew and is a nice crisp H that’s that does sound very nice to we right I’ll defend I need gold oh thank you thank you T go oh that’s Lads awesome lovely

Nice let’s cover this up just like that beautiful let’s buy some more blocks and a sword and let’s get some more uh what Mouse uh am I using I’m using the razor death harder uh V2 hypers speed it’s a very very nice Mouse it’s not like Pro like the the main ones

For bedwars it’s it’s just a good Mouse overall which was uh my intentions of the use like I know some people buy like Mouse like mice specifically for bedwars or like gaming and then some people just buy like good mice just to use for everything and that’s what I bought mine

For but there are the mice that that I’d like to try where am I going with this red what are you doing oh yeah I’m not on Red’s team you to make a pumpkin pie wow like Minecraft yeah that’ be a class video that would building uh or cooking

Minecraft uh like recipes or cooking Minecraft food like in in real life it was easy for the first time oh wow is it cuz it was similar in like the way you had to make it or was it something that’s just very easy to pick up I couldn’t click that chest then that

Was do my item uh you can see why more don’t want to chest or crafting tables for each W type cuz otherwise people won’t it for other things when you get too much It Go like oh I see what you mean so like one thing would turn into two things two

Things turn into four four into eight eight into 16 I see what you mean like they want this and then but for this you wanton that as well and then for that you need this as well is that what you’re trying to like say oh my God the

Lag then that was insane that was Hypixel that was even Me why do I keep over buying wall you like that Mouse yeah it’s a good Mouse I definitely recommend it to anyone like uh you made the video on your main Channel but it’s probably because it’s got like seven views nothing wrong with that probably sorry I read the word

Proba I try to say that nothing wrong with seven VI everybody just start somewhere by by yellow how you done that where’s whose base is this why did I think there was soone Oh my days silly me man what was I reading when you resetting the party uh well this is only

Game number three so like probably like two more games we’ll start subbing people in so like Axel Annabelle and R can all get subed in at the same time hello let’s go that’s how you do it that was very clutch didn’t think I was going to pull that off but that’s how yellow’s

Gone there’s no one here they’re all dead I was like wait there’s oh okay have emeralds by the way thank you um that’ll do yep oh Jacob already got a bed we oh and a victory just like that let’s go that’s three wins back to back all

Right what did uh actually I’ll say then are you going to make a part two on the best 16 packs cuz I didn’t I didn’t see the pack I recommend in the video um so what’s super cool about that video is that we can do that like 10 times cuz as

Long as you guys keep recommending packs whether it’s 32 uh X whether it’s 16 x whether there’s like I don’t know the numbers keep going up but uh we could do loads of them well like probably the next next one I do will be a different like pixel one so like we’ve done

16 we could do 16 again but like I’d like to do the other ones first so that we can come back around to that you get what I mean so we go all the way up to like 512 I’d appreciate the rank how nice I recommend is to make uh

YouTube videos when you stream I mean that would be good uh the only thing with that is like going through going back through a 2hour stream and trying to cut the parts in that I need like if if I had somebody that could do that for me that I’m like the

Worked for me in a sense it’ be a lot easier we’re not at the stage yet but we’re going to work our way up but right now um I mainly just make videos on the weekend and throughout the week but usually throughout the week is like normal

Content like I started plan like I finished planning today for Friday’s video and then uh and then yeah I’ll be recording the hardcore video throughout the week and it’ll be out for Friday and then the bedwars video on Monday those get planned throughout the weekend and made and ready for

Monday thank you by the way Jacob for just decimating blue really is like great oops what do you mean oops you Thief what what what do you mean in Green Oh What a clutch oh rude and that do we have a bad defense yes a lot of

Wall green are good uhoh don’t say that that makes me nervous I don’t need to know we park yo what’s up Ashton how you doing Ro’s gone so that’s one last thing to worry about where am I going par nice oh no everyone’s saying green good that’s that’s that’s a worrying

Statement stop saying that you’re making me nervous doing good awesome where they to they got pretty normal bad defense it’s what they can do PVP and Milling in my face wise aha no how did you just ping me he’s got a knock back stick that’s how who got

What a where did Jacob go uhoh right let’s get um you press Escape oh wow there we go finally armor go this way this time and sharpness would be a good idea I think should I do that should I get sharpness while everybody else does all the hard hard

Work probably in this soon who them or us oh or them now already done it they’ve already yep lovely you have a $5 Mouse you bought a GameStop I mean if it gets the job done does the does the price Mark really matter I mean as long as you get good

Use out of isn’t it oh no bro how do they reach so far like they do reach like miles away and they toxic it’s really good quality oh nice I mean you can’t complain for the price then uh when you all to play so never do anything um we’ll give it till uh

Monday oh no uhoh oh no it’s an obliteration they’ve ruined the streak the streak is over I think they were cheating I’m not going to lie there were some dodgy plays they were doing where they could reach further than I could drop kick a sword into somebody And win streak Indeed yesterday you bought a switch game for n bucks oh nice which one did he Go yo what’s up chaos Angel how you doing you prer crayon or chaos D I got to work on that I can’t type and talk why can’t I do that uh doing good nice and you don’t REM mind okay cool good to know like I said Ashton uh next week Uh it’s like a game where you drive the bicycle and it has a story mode and open world right what’s it called ow I just broke my ankles what’s up corruption sorry it’s Prime sub end of the month everyone skined bam indeed it is that time of the month where uh Everybody where am I going why did I just throw myself off the edge let’s go to yellow’s B doesn’t seem like they got a whole lot going on except for I think they’re going to throw a fireball in my face I’m aidance was that an egg green what are you doing get over

Here what the get over here stop running where are you going how did he know to just instant like Zoom around in my face oh no and they took our bed it’s all downhill from here green bed’s gone oh that’s good we’re up again you nearly Go reverse reverse I

Forgot to up the price oh no that’s not a good thing oh no there’s too many sweats we’re encountering now it didn’t pop up no nothing’s pop up corruption nothing’s on my activity feed nothing happened mean two of them me two of them no no no

No you did it 100 hours on Game Maker what is game maker what do we do now I’m very worried almost scared for my life run away yellow run away stay away why is it that dude’s lagging it’s not even me cuz like everyone else is normal and then there’s that

Dude we need three emeralds well you can get them you twitch subbed all right thank you so much I mean that’s so strange though I don’t know what’s happened there why it that’s not appeared but I uh thank you honestly what’s on Earth twitch why have you not

Twitch come on man do you not do alerts anymore oh no oh no it’s just me is it me you’re looking For bro said my ears stop bro rude oh ah I’m dead it’s called the sender there like comic Graphics all right well uh I might have to look into that well cool we’re dead uh game maker is self-explanatory at app to make games yeah but I mean like is it like

Scratch is it those kind type of games or is it like proper like Unreal Engine games yo what’s up L how you doing green ow whoa that that Wither’s cooking up a storm what is he doing why is there so many particles am I doing this right no what

About now I think I’m doing it right now surprised cuz your little BR has more subs than you damn not a little bro that is good good to know land glad you’re doing good by the way L I have a question for you as you are a YouTube channel with over 100,000

Subscribers actually you’ve got nearly 500,000 of them how oh not so how do you have a play button I was curious as do they send them to shorts channels get away actually get over here I want to kill you oh no ah you right in front of me I couldn’t see what’s going

On oh no get away oh know so why do we keep dying what’s going on it seems like our three- win streak was some sort of luck that has officially died uh yeah but you didn’t get one cuz you old shorts as in wait so you two w lay you

Is that you saying cuz your old shorts didn’t comply with the uh uh the uh what am I saying the TOs uh you think the best game console is the Xbox series s nah n PS5 is the Best what the no oh I’m dead oh wow that’s mad so will you ever be able to get one then on that channel or is it just like dead now or do you get to re playay at some Point why I keep picking up mysterious bits of iron where’s that from yeah PS4 is the best we oh get out of my face wait the where did you come from Green’s doing my edit I don’t think we’re going to beat Green wait what they have reach oh no that isn’t

Good br I hit the dude with two hearts twice and nothing happened why are you not dead what oh there we go the series X is bigger than T the mini fridge one yeah I mean everybody calls their fridge there’s no way they can get past that there is no way going

Around anything ofart from it being a fridge to the fact to the point that they started like selling fridges that look like a I mean I love my PS5 it’s super good like I can play all the games oh at like good quality and everything and also it

Doesn’t sound like a jet engine when I turn it on unlike my PS4 used to oh lovely that’s nice oh my God where did you come from how did he reach me from the other side of the room he hit me across the room and was still hit me over

There right then now that everybody’s sagged me for every single game to get subbed in after this one we sub the people in cool right can I not leave there we go all right first one Annabella one there you go we got Run 10 Pro there we go we got it’s

A but wrong the I it’s a z it’s LX yo what’s up gar how doing uh switch can play some really high quality games I mean yes and no like you see what they did to uh Mortal Kombat the quality it was a bit bad right then SAA and uh Tempa and uh

Jacob thank you for playing I’ll be uh sing you out for now but if there’s room back later I can invite you back in a bit but uh thank you for playing 1 2 3 4 there we go now the next person we going to add axol uh axol is in the

Que and they’ll be in the next rotation in about five or six games if anybody else wants to be added to the next uh like wave of players let me Know yeah it can handle the games but it decreases the quality insanely low you going to buy reverse no don’t do it wait you s what is this map I have never us this in my life what this is crazy I’ve seen this map before yeah I just didn’t recognize the

Name it’s sa for the highest tier of membership for my channel the the waste money one that is crazy 40 days gar wow oh oh aim aim how could you all right let me get the timer on right let me flip the mouse let me re

Let me right timer starts now you can you can put a timer on alongside with me if in case you don’t believe that I’m like doing this or what oh mango you oh this is horrible for 10 minutes 10 minutes oh my days I got play with my mouse backwards for

10 minutes this is this is getting easier and harder because you guys keep doing it to me so much but it’s still painful every time I’ll go get him oh I’ve missed it what am I doing wait oh there we go nice when I get this sprinted it gets a little easier but

Then I have to like oh that’s the least I could do really oh that’s awesome it’s good to know that uh I’m able to make you laugh that’s always the goal and thank you for watching by the way oh come on oh there we go all yeah they they

Don’t call me Steven cigal for no reason people walk past me and just die in The Vi oh I’ve been hdden but 20 minutes what oh there’s the chest nice let’s let’s let’s grab this PO it there grab some of this Grandpa are you calling me are you

Saying I’m moving like an old person you better not be I’m trying my best I can’t do anything oh nice lxer I clicking it oh let’s get armor just to be more safe nice oh my mouse there we go right oh there we go cool I’m getting used to it now grandma

What where am I going oh no yeah let’s go kill yellow how about that get over here par ooh my movement we’re only 2 minutes in we got eight more minutes of this pain and suffering go go go oh let’s get the blocks out no I’ve

Gone the wrong way I’ve gone oh I’m going to break my wrist now doing this oh did you see that oh get out the way get out the way oh I’m going to kill you no the bed’s gone it’s a tragedy no right let’s pause the timer let stop the 2 minutes

50 right then now we’re going to do some spectating while the uh the timer is paused let spectate Annabella you got this nice get y bed go on oh unlucky all down to Rune now you remember I used to cringe in front of the camera when you had seven

Years those were the when you had sorry why found the silly things in the way when you had s with the days man man I used to do like bottle flip videos cringe Noob even another so mean we’re all dead okay let’s go to the next

Game did I do it there we go nice we’re on kuball again nice oh wait not again this is a different map now I’ll carry I’ll resume the timer as soon as we go into the game again you’re horrible for double claiming it as well I’m going to double

The price by the way it’s going up to 5K you’re all taking advantage of it I just stopped doing the stretch one cuz you all just spammed like 35 stretches so now I’m doubling the price reverse reverse as well right let’s carry on our timer now and I’m doubling the price of loose

Glasses I will double the time as well but I’m doubling the price just as well oh right this is horrible 1 hour no not one hour of reverse reverse then I’ll break my wrist if I do that you weren wearing your headphones the whole time damn that’s that’s that’s not a good

Idea you need you need to you this is helpful like playing Siege which is not as serious to be honest uh indeed I am L yeah we uh we managed to surpass the that Milestone uh actually at the start of this month like right at the start there some people are

That bed that’s not good there be gone oh no bed’s G on oh it’s the sweat with the Luna plus we going to get a kill we got a kill with reverse reverse that is how you do it oh we going for armor as well I probably should have bought that first

Nice you not wearing any headphones I mean fair enough some people I love I love your wearing your phones I’m not a headphones person I wore headphones for years and I don’t want to that dent to get any worse on my skull so I kind of stop doing it

Uh catch that ha two kills skill come on turn around and bridge bridge Junior Bridge like like a like a pro do remember when everyone used to say like a boss I’m in the v and I’m dead like a boss lovely right who is alive uh we’ve

Got I can’t see I don’t recognize anyone’s skin there we go run nice Annabella is dead uhoh thank you L yeah our next Milestone now is like 3K Subs which I think we can smash in the next like month or two uhoh we’re all dead Dam right let’s pause the timer it’s hit the 5 minute Mark so the first one’s done it’s on 5 minutes and 33

Seconds what the where’ the room go he just left you think it’s skill I think was skill new bridge how dare you right let’s invite axol if I can figure out the controls hold on I got this I can do it wait where did a go oh they left they’ve gone

Off well who else do we invite then as we have an open space now first the claimer get an invite I suppose yeah we’ve got so many wins recently and and levels this is crazy right who online behind me oh the gritty this is Peak content this is as

Good as as it’s going to get and to take the L this this is exactly where you guys sign up for am I right the gritty and I can’t deal with this anymore I’m going turning away let’s invite Sena noise and then we’ll resume the timer as soon as we’re in the game of archway Ah this is horrendous bro is that Bugs Bunny with an Infinity Gauntlet what am I looking at right then the timer will resume for 4 and a half more minutes and then it’s all done oh I’ve going the wrong way it messes you up cuz it even makes you walk

The wrong way with with your keyboard as well even though you know where you’re going the mouse is just it doesn’t make sense hi your name is new oh fny do ashy oh I hit my mic I’m sorry right do we wait for gold or do we just like just go for

It Grandpa go I’m trying trying my best this is not easy you did this to me you put me in this predicament I kind of put myself in this as well but it doesn’t matter do I think I don’t think I could beat anybody standing still doing nothing with

This I would end up hurting myself more than hurting the opponent if I Tred dueling anyone ah come on there we go right let’s do some running across a bridge we’re also about to hit the S minute Mark of the 10 minutes of Cruelty for those that want to laugh at

My pain and suffering we go on you got this Annabella kill him am I going the right way no oh I can’t click y yo what’s up Dum dog how you doing sub exactly everybody should sub can I break in oh oh no I’m I’m too slow this

Is so painful I’m I’m getting cramps in my wrist trying to do this honestly right I challenge anybody pick up your mouse right turn it around so that it’s facing you rather than the way you’re supposed to face and try playing a game of bedwars I dare you like I am this is

Mentally frustrating bad and good well hopefully more good than bad and I hope everything’s all right go go go see I can do the running B I can do no don’t run that way why did he do that that was so childish that was so rude unbelievable let’s upgrade our stuff Again there we go nice nice we got armor we do that’s a good thing right a 8 minutes 30 super close now to Freedom you kind of got diabetes kind wait what’s the is it kind of or you do yo Jacob thank you for the follow by the way oh no there’s a v there oh no all yeah we also stream on Twitch we do the double the whole and

Soon we’ll be doing Tik Tok as well so as soon as everybody follows me on Tik Tok we’ll be streaming on there as well at the same time we need like a th000 twitch Tik Tok followers we’re at 600 nearly so I reg we could do it you have oh I’m sorry to

Hear that dumb dog I hope it’s uh not too uh not too bad you are in good health what is my Tik Tok honestly I have no idea I think if you just search my name as Junior maybe my name is Junior 13 you should definitely find it and if you do click

Follow it’s not my name is Grandpa just cuz I’m moving slow right now how dare you there’s like why don’t I read messages sorry there a you know what sure no that’s so rude oh that is mean he just wasted so much ion 10 minutes is up freedom is upon us

There we go now I’m going to carry everyone to the win as you can obviously tell based off of my skill like the who wouldn’t want to get carried by this Beast of a player I’m built to obliterate we go go go yo what’s up uh un ish welcome to the

Stream how you doing can you join uh I can I to the qfs all right it’ll be a couple games before I invite you but uh I hope you don’t mind waiting a little bit you use it cotton yes uh is is Dam okay thank you for letting me know get

Over here got an iron sword and I have lot of fall damage hold on let me I’ll pull up my Tik Tok real quick just so I can tell you guys what it is exactly L wait a minute I’m trying to do some why is it not come on tell me my Tik Tok there we go my name is Junior 13 that is my Tik Tok just had to make sure who’s there who no no is green really how rude how rude of

Green actually for hold on I just realized something for those of you on Twitch that want to watch my that want to check out my Tik Tok all you got to do is put an exclamation mark Tik Tok and it’ll give you a link to go straight there what’s up B Massachusetts Hy

Hopefully we get hype from winning this game if we could clutch it up that would be beautiful come on let’s max out everything give me the Fireballs give me some of them and let’s rock and roll very nice ow don’t kill me again I kill you otherwise stop trying to murder your teamate

Who we going after green I suppose they they’ve put a b a pretty big Target on their back or do we go and kill yellow oh never mind LAX is done it for us Annabella is dead uhoh that ain’t good what why are you being annoying ASA this is how you get

Kicked I’ll giveing you a warning now where do we go oh I got pins and needs where do we go though who do we actually what is our main goal right now is it to kill green is it to survive yo what’s up random guy how you

Doing uh like y was dead but some guy out class had diabetes and there symptoms of didn’t tell I probably won’t be as Oh my days I’m so sorry to hear that damn dog that is um yeah you’re very lucky but I hope everything’s all right

Now I you do go by the way random guy good to know that oh yeah damn dog I wish you well what do I need what do we purchased everything I think ah why is he going for me why did you all just watch him kill

Me I was busy trying to survive then and you all did nothing you all ran away and just watched me die cuz he targeted I was targeted them thank you random guy we’re hoping to hit 3K in like a month or two so thank you so

Much he just wanted a selfie are you sure or did he just want to take my face off and collect it I don’t know you got a bit personal with the sword all right no problem R guy I’ll see you later thanks for stopping by uh the doctor told you if you didn’t

Cover in that day I had to go to in you would have had to uh sorry if you didn’t cover that day you had to go to intensive care Oh my days what are the uh the symptoms if you don’t mind me asking what were the uh the recognized

Symptoms by the the guy in your class why is blue and green not taking each other out by the way that doesn’t make sense Got a bit of lag ooh um drink a lot of water like a Lara right d bro what is Green’s mission to like take us out so rude right then are we going to get a s AXA clutch I feel we can feel very sleepy like very drained

And like right you have a bridge egg that’s nice that’s good stuff oh somebody’s already going for the push it is sea never mind turn back uhoh there’s someone on the other side of the bridge as a rent as what what the temp as the rental car roll to stop on

The dark road if increase by what is that you hate this chick chicken who’s the chicken oh Bobby Bobby’s the one that killed me you need to decimate Bobby Bobby’s going to get removed from the game you need to murder Bobby as soon as possible Bobby is an enemy of everybody including

Myself # 2024 Bobby out all my days LAX is gone how bam all understand you now what do you mean you just a random sent did you just click the middle of Auto just fill like when you typing is that what you’ve just done so you still had five I can’t even

Say you said you had five Hearts Oh my days silly what are you doing what what is this plan blue is way easier to get but I mean you want to get rid of the most annoying team first and you the ones that camp you and just like spam like fireballs and

Stuff all my days there it’s Bobby Bob’s do my heading all right thank you so much for playing laxa I’m sorry the Bobby bullied you but we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again right let’s invite I think it was um is uh now you have to get four injections a day to

Survive but now you feel very good again that is four wow I’m sorry that you have to go through that every day now that’s very brave and uh oh that is wilda I’ll um I’ll add you back to the K us all right wait sorry what was that then

I can’t spell there we go almost sniped how dare you by the way F Bobby Bobby how could you do this we got Tempa and then we have uh I life there we go Jacob there was I watch my nine extension clips while you play what is extension

Clips yeah we’re going to watch out for Bobby now Bobby is a Public Enemy Public Enemy Number One in Bobby extend is block clutch all right nice uh one for every meal and one night before oh wow I just said before I don’t know Bobby is

Target indeed I’ll see you later by the way lxa thank you for playing we’re on this map again as well I just noticed that where it go where it should I’m go no no in the middle of a game oh what two blocks if there was a third block I

Would have survived that would have been beautiful you know what else is beautiful if you become a twitch subscriber or a YouTube member right now on YouTube for the low price of £2 or on Twitch for the low price of £5 or $5 or if you have an Amazon Prime account

Connected to your Twitch account and you get a free twitch sub with low benefits that’s very very good and fun where’ blue go bro just clutched insane you rejoining okay cool wait a minute you got the same skin as me I just noticed oh cool you have type one so it’s type one

Like I don’t understand what the different types are from obviously I know that they go up to like a different numbers obviously that’s how times go oh wait no where did Anabella go bro blue they got to chill man oh rude keep taking me out oh

No you got to go all right no problem thank you for letting me know I’ll uh see you in a bit thank you for uh for playing and enjoy your food no they’re taking a bed they’re taking our bed they’re taking a bed they’re taking a bed oh the bed’s gone it’s a

Sham what on Earth what no way I don’t believe it how did they do that uh type one you just have it type two you eat too much sugar there type one just like in your your jeans just like yeah so like I I hope you don’t

Mind me asking is it like anyone else in your family that’s had it and that’s how it’s on to you or just one of those things you just just pick up the weirdest way of saying it you just do get it right now we got Spot and The Temper and then uh we’ll

Do uh Jacob with a couple games On all right okay cool well not cool but you know what I mean like I didn’t know that oh that’s silly little face it’s so goofy it’s so goofy what do you mean can I do something this game I’ve been Contributing this a joke it better be a joke yeah job are you asking about the um the Slumber Hotel Quest okay yeah I’ve um I’ve fully completed Slumber hotel and uh yeah I’ve been to the office and I’ve met the uh the the the main guy do want me to

Spoil it or like Oh my days I’m dead oh you’ve already done you completed Slumber Hotel who killed us then by the way green how rude trading tickets for like half an hour with who oh was it the blacksmith did you do the same method as

Me I mean that’s what I did I mean I was like I’m not playing games for this I might as well just get this done in like 20 minutes of just spamming the blacksmith no how did you do it at the arcade or you just gambling away

All right yeah I didn’t I didn’t think of that I wasn’t very smart with it I just like decided to uh just trade I had like 20,000 iron so like and like the blacksmith gave you 50 tickets per 20 it was just easier to just Spam the iron

For half an hour until I had like 40K tickets I mean you got your quests quick like done so surprisingly quick Jacob to be fair from when you asked me about it when I remember you asking me about it like oh no that actually makes it easier go on swim swim

Swim swim like a fish where’ they go how do you end up down there should I just leave this here to not to annoy people uh Jay do you know how I can replace the figurine in Lumber Hotel uh yes I do know you got to go to the

Figurine dude and ask him kindly going to say Mr figurine man I want to uh swap S uh yes you you got bad lag okay damn I think that’s just lag pixel I don’t think that’s your internet although it could be I don’t know what’s

Up triy how you doing did I miss you of course I I miss everybody hope you’re doing well uh you you can still eat everything you want you can’t drink stuff with sugar fair enough I mean I don’t think anybody should to be honest but I mean I I I still do but

Obviously you can’t what do I do I have yellow running at me like a bro he’s level 300 that is just horrific what in the lag can we go on a different server I’m afraid not sorry we only play on Hypixel as is a Hypixel bedwar stream I’m sorry that you’re experiencing

Lag almost level 1,839 no M man I don’t like M man I don’t like the other server we played a bunch of them like a couple of weeks ago when Hypixel broke and I didn’t enjoy any of them I can’t lie like I didn’t have nearly anywhere near as much fun as

I do on this I’m just addicted to bed rolls on Hypixel I can’t lie this is getting bad now I’m enjoying this too much right uh let’s just go let’s keep going lag pixel exactly that’s the the reason it’s called like pixel let’s run over here uh there’s at least one good thing

In diabetes and what is that one good thing you can skip line in the theme park no way is that really a part of it wow I didn’t know that how does I don’t even know how that’s like is that any type of diabetes or like just certain Ones parkour this isn’t parkour I’m bridging oh and we’re being out bridged ha Noob oh never mind I’m dead uh cuz long standing can be bad for your blood sugar all right so do you still have to measure like every day or every couple hours uh your blood

Sugar bye-bye oh oh no I jumped in and I hit my mic oops what am I doing just chaos just absolutely just angry like I’m just built like the Hulk definitely not lying get away oh bro did the combo uh sorry stream lag what did you

Say uh I can’t remember now what did I say I know I asked the question I don’t remember what I said soor hold on let me think I think I said something um about I don’t remember the exact word now I think it was like does every type

Um like do you have to like does every type of Diabetes have to measure their blood sugar every couple hours or is it like couple days or once a day or like is that every type of diabetes does that can’t believe I’m Dead damn sea you need level 12 how on Earth have you down there where they go where they go there you are timecraft The Last One Alive send your day to yell yes you have 2747 with a small uh on your arm all right parkour uh you can’t help you’re freezing

Damn uh that’s fake Junior oh days yeah if you don’t mind me asking uh where are you from what this uh possibly causing you so much lag I’m from Wales by the way dream Gro the United Kingdom whale yeah the years are different if you see mine are big Your Australian oh nice right I don’t know how this I guess it makes sense how that could be affecting your ping well I mean I’m like I think it’s it’s American servers which isn’t like ideal for someone like yourself being like from that different side of the

World compared to me being like close but not too close oh my God I B G oh and I regret my decisions I’m not going over there we what the go go go you got V uh VPN what’s your VPN set to Canadian VPN yeah it should be a bit better then

But I don’t know how well Canadians uh like Wi-Fi is I’d love to go Canada one day that’s on my list of places to go Canada Canada right two down two left of our team uhoh wow this place comes with fre emeralds get away why you got an iron sword bro that’s so

Mean no no H oh no way I can’t believe it where do I even go where is safe for me right now I have no home how sad is that oh cool come on we can clutch this I’m definitely positive that we can clutch this of

Course oh don’t want to buy that there we go here rid all this get that who buy a fireball how about that I like the sounds of that very nice pop our portions yeah there is the guy there no I’m dead oh I’m so dead bro

I am dead how did he reach that far when I jumped into the ride there ain’t no way Archway again Antarctica I don’t believe you sea I don’t believe it right in another game we’ll invite Jacob I we play one more game and then uh we’ll do the invite

Then oh okay I’m assuming you lag well we might have to do it now if uh Isham can’t keep playing we’ll have to sub in someone else which will be Jacob right until you can sort out your internet uh umam uh we sub Temporary bro said I am Ronaldo I am for you say you from Ronaldo what on Earth does I am from Ronaldo even mean ow everybody says they’re from Ronaldo nobody asks how is Ronaldo you know what I mean which server do you get on uh the Hypixel one right so I just done

Um that’s probably annoying I’ll still doing that Par 360 ow my ankles are broken oh which which country um I don’t know maybe try like America that’s not a country that’s it is bro I don’t know I don’t know geography Americans ruin geography they made it all Confusing nice Jacob warming the server with destruction either pick like an American kind like American place or just pick the UK is there an Australian server I don’t I don’t know I could not tell you sorry I have no idea ow am I from Messi I am not what do you

Mean are you from Messy what you keep asking who what oh let’s go that is how it’s done that is how you do it that is how you you win the game you Captivate on important moments yes right and our bed’s gone thanks to Blue it’s all gone

Downhill the moment is no longer captivated it is dead no all damage killed me I want to su su no I wanted as in so not so uhoh the odds have just gone and then a 180 the the odds have done a 180 that’s how I feel right

Now you don’t know what to do I don’t know how to help you sorry what do you we say I am from Messy what do you want me to say I am from Messi in Messi my go I just said it what do you mean I not say it again There we go go on Jacob you got this go on is a 2V1 V one Jacob with the clutch with the clutch Jacob with let’s go now let’s see how theka does have taken on green on their own go green oh you both got VI let’s go please the clutch is unreal come

On come on go on get them get them bro how many Jes in your name and that’s a victory thank you very much that was our like our fifth win today or something oh my days we’ve won so much on the cast dream grow uhoh bro villager put

Some clothes on nobody wants to see that you are violating my eyes I’m going to turn away welcome back Annabella why does Jacob have the little face underneath as well it’s just a theme that everyone’s going with now there’s no way everyone’s got tiny faces

Under their skins am I can’t see I still can’t see I don’t think so I bet you better not have one as well if I see a tiny Steve under your chin boom in let’s let’s support Jacob’s Rush real quick somebody cover the bed please oh I nearly didn’t make that

Then go on go on let’s go that’s how you do the bad break there we go take out the among us there we go nice h I got two on a bed that’s all that’s all that we are happy to take and now we can chill out for 2

Minutes we can kill green oh never mind I take back what I said we cannot chill for 2 minutes and I’ve killed most of green by them just killing themselves apparently how do I I can’t reach there we go that’ll do what what are you doing

Red no n no no no no no no no no no Bye-bye hey hey hey Goodbye what’s yellow doing why won’t they fight red do something please don’t be so boring thank you what no can you join later I don’t think um I can I to the C but there’s a like a 50/50 chance to be able to join I don’t think I’ll be uh

Inviting anyone else tonight sorry cuz we’re only going to probably go for like another 15 20 minutes but um feel free to stick around and if somebody else does leave the party in the next 15 20 minutes I can I do St away yeah thank you yellow you going to leave after

After this game s all right thank you then I guess yes Anabella you did not fix it uh-oh okay green he will be stacked okie dokie we got armor as well so I could be stacked I be big strong man you distracting Reds they all watched you and yellow broke genius big

Brain where did my block go how did my block Disappear by the way my block just disappeared then placed it and then it didn’t it just it just went it gone let’s go kill green before they cause any problems ow I know he’s kicking about somewhere ow where to oh there he is

Nice he’s got an iron sword and a bunch of combos but I’m stuck on a tree I got caught on that which saved my life and I obliterated nice H is it just Hypixel is playing up for you it might be the same issue that I had before where like sometimes just my

Hypixel breaks nothing else just Hypixel like I’ve had it happen twice now on stream and it’s the most annoying weird strange for great thing in the world oh no this is regretful mhm come on we got to get yellow’s bed oh that was some class parkour what the what in the lag was

That they’re all coming this way that is negative feedback oh come on let’s go let’s get a final there we go one final that’s all I take thank you Jacob thank you very much that was super helpful an iron sword let me treat myself to an iron sword ooh let’s see

Who’s that down there that one of the yellow players one of the enemies thank you for playing where’s the last one in the void and a victory one more time yeah it’s just High pixel that is super weird then I mean I know I think I know the

Problem it’s um you might just have to wait like a day or two and then it’ll be back to nor normal tomorrow or the next day thank you for playing Z I’ll see you later all let’s invite Anna Bella one there we Go how many wins we got on how many games have you played we’ve got like five wins and you’ve played like eight games Jacob carries us as you can tell thank thank you Job um I’m afraid uh we’re not going to be doing any more invites tonight now I think that was the last but uh feel free to stick around and watch as uh that would be very helpful right let’s go for The Rush go go go oh no I need jumped in the v

Then what what is your problem come on Ro you in his fist wrong thing and that is how it’s done thank you bye-bye No a man at least we got the bed that’s all that matters that was very sweaty by the way that was so sweaty man it was a little harsh but the game’s the Game two times for 3 seconds wow there’s no bad how you got iron armor why is everyone but me got iron armor that’s not fair where’s the gold there’s the gold you are gold always believe in yourself cool what the that weird how is the two people where is

There’s a green player hiding somewhere there got to be ah danger oh there’s killer chickens I’ve got a plan I don’t have a plan I do have a plan green killed themselves isn’t that wonderful another Victory I got to sneeze hold on I got to Move there we go I’m back oh my days there some diamonds six do I have real mechanics on I do good stuff technically if you threw a diamond it would just crack wouldn’t it but I mean it’s it’s a little little bit realistic it’s not all the way

Realistic it’s half and half we also need one Diamond until we get sharp which is very nice unless we already have like any Frees I I know there’s one more over here there yep there it is oh let’s go TKA very nice hello Mr team upgrade there you go give me

Sharpness Give me fuel give me fire give me that which I desire aha it Rhymes I just blocked myself who’s now we kill blue and then we take red high to the Caribbean 24 any freebies over here already maybe how many we got not enough not good useless to me

Away we go oh look at that speed man don’t call me Lightning McQueen for no reason cuz I’m in the vi go on wait are they just going to Camp their base I hope not that’s a bit sad actually it’s very sad I have an idea though I’m a man with

A plan going to grab these going grab some emeralds and infiltrate that is the perfect amount of emeralds how did they know three is what I need do you mind oh let’s go Jacob very nice very very nice let’s buy this let’s buy that let’s buy ourselves let’s treat

Ourselves to a victory sword a diamond Victory sword where we get our sixth win this is so many wins so many wins win after win that took us 5 minutes to win that entire game GG let go and for those of you that are twitch subs and YouTube members you

Can use the GG ort that we now have this one which is super cool what do you think wait what map we on I right this one Invasion or something oh Horizon there was no idea right then I said Invasion completely nowhere near right Um oh right how is the what what is going on what is happening what is that defense that’s a Tragedy Right let’s go this way and there’s a v DN bro I am cursed with the void I blame Swagger forever for put me the void thought somebody else went there cool thank you who do we go for we go for green who’s fireballing they buy Fireballs at the

Start of the game that is a bit sad that is I think I called someone up for that earlier it’s just it doesn’t make sense does it go on Arabella a so close man oh what One Tap lit one bopped me straight into the wide blue bed gun thank you red who’s

This what do you want you mind phing through my blocks what the I thought it was an enemy then this is a silly trophy did they die they did oh cool this dude again BR he didn’t even buy anything he just comes straight to kill that is a bit over dedicated sad oh

Let’s go J getting red bed nice I’m going to get fireball any now and another one that Fades through your blocks why is that a glitch like fix your game that shouldn’t be happening to Anyone dude You again Spider-Man whatever you are where did the green go we need sharp I think I don’t even have armor what what am I doing hello mango welcome back come on be be eight there we go eight good stuff six emeralds chill out D six wow what the flo yo bro what’s your

OBS settings I don’t remember off the top of my head and I can’t check while I’m streaming sorry I mean mine are probably very different to everyone else is because I got a different uh it depends on like what what PC you guys on come on let’s take out Green’s bed we

Got to get a bed at some oh what wait when oh do you mind do you mind I’m dying every two seconds man oh my nothing uh for streaming could you make a video on please you got a 4060 as well oh nice yeah I can’t tell you exactly

What I got like what my SS are I probably won’t do a video on it but I could tell you on Discord if you want like after this after the stream I can let you know no way there’s no way that just happened right in his

Face what a bad brick bro how did they this what he was stood right there I I felt like I couldn’t talk then otherwise they Jo me thank you for distracting them Jacob yeah Flo if you can uh let me know your at on Discord so I can I can DM you my

Settings where am I looking at oh D in The Who killing blue and red to perfect him fair enough you’re not wrong blue blue blue I’ve come to kill you why why why are you running hello goodbye it’s time to die you’re sleeping in bedwars

What how how did you do what what did you do did you get killed oh another the bow bro I just saw an arrow go past my screen I’m not even kidding I definitely just saw an arrow without a without doing there an arrow going across my screen

Then I was zooming across how how what with all these Fireballs do you mind red there’s just no need is it now let’s just chill for a sec let’s just stop and breathe and say no to Fireballs Bye-bye thank you po get one of these get two of these great perfect Y what a r so hiding I’m doing good by the way thank you thank you for asking not the arrows I do the parkour haha I jumped over it you Noob get ready to run are you ready to

Rumble bye-bye blue do you mind with the arrow shots yo what’s up gaming monkey how you doing par ow stop hit stop why doing good as well awesome good to know oh door red is do my heading well this so annoying bro they just spamming the B like I might buy one

Of them and just annoy them with it at all how much is this annoying bow two emeralds we have two there lucky for me so I’m going to just ping everyone with these now I’m becoming the worst player in existence Su me I do what needs to be Done polarons have you sent if you just send me like a message on that account so I know exactly which one it is On Yo Shadow what’s up how you doing thank you gaming monkey thank you a lot thank you so much oh the wrong button ow that hit me in the face I’m missing all my shots he’s collecting the arrows that’s even worse ow my face please tell me I keep

The bow please tell me I keep the bow I’m Afra we’re not inviting anyone else today sorry as this is probably going to be the last game of the night as we’ve been live for a couple hours and uh yeah you have seven emeralds Oh my days you don’t keep the

Bow hi Hypixel why would you do this it’s so mean and red is just so annoying Ro camping there with fireballs and a rapid bow how how much worse it doesn’t get worse than that does it look you can’t hit any of his Shots let’s go this Way right this so annoying I know they literally the worst where am I am I there yet oh yeah that do they collected diamonds in a while apparently not can’t go wrong with that Red’s gone thank you Tempa finally and there a victory that’s like the eight one now right then

All right no problem R so thanks so much St by I hope to see you tomorrow’s stream have a good night he was so bad oh no we’re not going another one thank you for playing oh that’s not how you that SP bro right then guys if you did enjoy the

Stream don’t forget to like And subscribe or drop a follow if you’re on Twitch watching right now check out all links in the description or in my info section become a YouTube member now or a twitch sub as that would help the channel a lot and definitely check out

My newest YouTube video cuz it’s definitely a really good one and um flopped I’ll send you um I’ll send you the uh OBS settings now and I thank you so much for watching everybody and I have a good night and a great day but good night good night Annabella good

Night aim good night Jacob good night anybody else that’s here I’ll see you all later peace

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    Insane! Minecraft Sells $41 Mods? Click to See Me Buy Them!Video Information Hello I’m exat and the Minecraft Marketplace lets you buy add-ons now and the most expensive is also the very best reviewed this is the naturalist add-on and although these animals look great I’m not sure that I’d pay $8 for something that you can get on Java for Free literally the exact same pack but I think a lot more people might be tempted by paying $2 for some Elemental crops for example or $5 to get dragons in your world the full version that is and also I wonder why this pack is reviewed 3.1 Stars… Read More

  • Hurry, Join Mr. DarkSky’s SMP Now!

    Hurry, Join Mr. DarkSky's SMP Now!Video Information We felt the world go up in Place and now we’re nothing but a Memory so now I long for yesterday I never thought I miss the Forever Together Forever together through the night through the night This video, titled ‘Applications Open! – Hackening SMP (Minecraft)’, was uploaded by Mr. DarkSky on 2024-01-09 09:15:31. It has garnered 57 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:55 or 55 seconds. Hello, lads and ladies! I’m opening a brand new smp. Behold, Bloodshed SMP! If any of you wants to join, please make a 1-2 minute(s) video… Read More

  • Unbelievable Transformation: Monster to Mermaid in Minecraft!

    Unbelievable Transformation: Monster to Mermaid in Minecraft!Video Information And greetings everyone welcome welcome welcome um yeah I just noticed that raw gold sticking out there but that’s where the lava was and um so that’s why that that is there there used to be Lava there welcome everybody I am monster to mermaid and this is Minecraft with the Mind colonies mod which I love everything about it let’s um the challenges the fun the freedom all of it I love it all um we are in Pino you are not only not late you are the first Mr villager you are the first to be… Read More

  • Meet my dream girl in the streets #viral

    Meet my dream girl in the streets #viralVideo Information ने ना वो क्रेडिट कार्ड का बिल तीन महीने से भरा नहीं है एक हफ्ते से मेरे मांग में सिंदूर नहीं भरा है तुमहे बिल की पड़ी है समझ नहीं आ रहा कौन भरेगा देखि आप बुरा ना माने तो मैं आपकी मांग भर देता हूं मांग भरने के लिए तो पूरा मोहल्ला पड़ा है बिल कौन भरेगा टेंशन मत लीजिए मैं एडजस्ट करवा दूंगा वो आर यू सीरियस अरे बाय द वे व्ट्स योर नेम टाइगर टाइगर पांडे टाइगर पांडे नाम से ही लगता है तो पर्सनालिटी होग आप लंबे बाल टॉल डॉर्क हैंडसम होलस जीवस उसी… Read More

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    Unbelievable Minecraft Skills! Watch Now 🚀 #MinecrafterMasterVideo Information This video, titled ‘#minecraft || thanks for watching 👍 @MinecrafterMaster2006’, was uploaded by MinecrafterMaster on 2024-02-16 13:00:29. It has garnered 369 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft house, minecraft civilization, minecraft song, minecraft jj and mikey, minecraft videos, minecraft movie, minecraft live, minecraft aphmau, minecraft animation, minecraft asmr, minecraft armor trims, minecraft ambience, minecraft automatic farm, minecraft arg, minecraft aphmau and aaron, minecraft armadillo, minecraft animation movie, a minecraft song, a minecraft house, a minecraft parody, a minecraft movie, a… Read More

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    FREE MINECRAFT GIVEAWAY!!! Playing on Hylex - Clash CrazyVideo Information Hoje estamos ao vivo aí novamente na parada salve galerinha do canal como é que vocês estão E aí galera tudo bem amor amor fala um oi pra Live Oi então é isso tropinha do canal canal canal adversamente adversamente como é que vocês estão galerinha do birul Lades galinhas do bires amor eu vou te mandar o link para você dar like tá é essal claro caro Você tem uma Zaga S você Bora que Bora família tô abrindo aqui o m [Música] [Música] [Música] cfts [Música] [Música] eu Bora lá abr Live zona top de linas… Read More

  • GenEmpire

    GenEmpireGenEmpire is a unique Minecraft Server with a range of cool features: • Generators gamemode • 32 Generators • Custom Farming, Fishing and Mining • A Free Rank • Seasonal Payouts • Non P2W • Leaderboards genempire.minehut.gg Read More

  • BadWolfMC Network 18+ Greylist Crossplay 1.20.4 SMP SkyBlock Magic Minigames Prison Creative Vaults

    IP: PLAY.BADWOLFMC.COM Experience BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server – a drama-free and inclusive community for adults! Join one of the best online communities where members forge friendships and share their Minecraft passion! Highlights Our network features 4 servers with 8 different game modes including Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, AcidIsland, OneBlock, Prison, Magic, & lots of minigames! Fight challenging dragons and encounter custom mobs! We’re greylisted! Guests can explore and build permissions granted after application approval. Connect via integrated Discord server. Enjoy Java-Bedrock Crossplay from any device. Mission Be an oasis away from drama and screaming children, where creativity thrives. Always enhance… Read More

  • Ascension Survival [1.20] [Land Claim] [Econ]

    Ascension Survival [1.20] [Land Claim] [Econ]Love playing survival and hate those pesky griefers? Come play here. We have a number of features that make our server fun. There is land claiming to prevent your things from being destroyed. If it happens anyway, we can roll it back anyway. We also have Keep Inventory enabled, so it’s all round pretty chill :)Plugins:EssentialsGriefPreventionmcMMOCoreProtectChestShop Read More

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    Minecraft Meme: Hotter than a lava bath! “Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNT-sion!” Read More

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    JOIN NOW! FREE Minecraft SMP JAVA&PEVideo Information मा आ गया हेलो भैया हेलो जावा ब्रो वेलकम टू द स्ट्रीम हेलो नम भाई हेलो नम भा अरे अरे सुमित कैसा है बढ़िया कैसे क्या हो गया एग्जाम है ना खत्म नहीं हु तेरा अभी भी तेरा अभी भी एग्जाम खत्म नहीं हुआ एक पे हु ब नाम च य जावा नहीं है यह अलग बंदा है य जावा नहीं है अपना जावा नहीं है सब्सक्राइबर है भाई मैं भी सोचा क्या बोल र नहीं [संगीत] [संगीत] इतना चल यह भी हो गया मेरा काम गाली मत दो यार मैंने कहा कौन सी गाली दे दी भाई… Read More

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    Minecraft Trail Ruin: SHOCKING REACTION!Video Information Oh my gosh look what I found what what is that this is a trail Ru yeah what’s it do it it it’s got so much sussy gravel oh wait that means oh my God we can get so much sticks let’s go oh my god let’s go This video, titled ‘How Mojang Thought We Would React To Trail Ruin In Minecraft’, was uploaded by Slyp on 2024-02-17 15:00:39. It has garnered 1000 views and 18 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. #minecraft #minecraftmemes #gaming #girl #vs #boy #funny #meme #shorts Read More

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    Welcome to Blithe SMP! Blithe SMP is an active and engaging whitelisted community running on Minecraft 1.20.4. We are recruiting new members to join our community of over 250 whitelisted players. With regular server games, events, and a powerful server with 256GB RAM, we provide a lag-free experience. Optional mod packs enhance gameplay, while our Creative and Last Life servers offer additional play options. Apply to join our whitelist on our discord server here! Server Rules: 16+ server No Greifing No Hacking / Xray No Hate speech For full rules, visit our website. Feel free to reach out with any… Read More

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    Dead Already?! Minecraft Mayhem In the world of Minecraft, a tale was spun, By LowL1feBoy, under the bright sun. Gathering materials, facing mobs with might, But alas, he fell in the dark of night. Respawning with nothing, a fresh start anew, Gathering wood, with a sword to pursue. Exploring caves, finding ores so rare, But falling to mobs, in a moment of despair. Yet rising again, with courage and might, Facing the night, in the morning light. Building a home, with doors to secure, A new adventure, with challenges to endure. So join LowL1feBoy, in his Minecraft quest, Crafting and mining, giving his… Read More


    MINECRAFT MEMES 64: HOTTER THAN A LAVA BUCKET #shorts #memes Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNTsion! #minecraftmemes #boom Read More

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