EPIC Minecraft Cottage Witch Mod – Episode 6

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hey Minecrafters welcome back to the channel or to the channel if you’re new here and to episode 6 in our Cottage witch mod pack series I was a busy B between episodes and I’m going to show you everything at the start of the video so grab a drink grab a snack whatever it is that you get for while you watch videos and let’s get on with the fun all righty so we have some comments to go over because of course you guys are leaving so many amazing things and tips and tricks and all kinds of stuff on my videos and I appreciate you to the moon and back so let’s go over some of these and I will talk about what I was up to between episodes so Chile says um I love watching you for the moments like these I can’t with the way you just snatched up Mr Goblin Trader so I think they were referring to like when I turned around it was like yoink listen he’s got to be he’s got to come with me because I can’t trade with him at that exact moment right so yeah I gota got to bring him with me which by the way we still have to trade with him so thank you for the reminder but I’m glad you’re enjoying the series I appreciate you master Grim says I think if you get dragonfly wings you can tame the adorable jumping ERS thank you so much Grim I had no idea how to tame them so we’re going to actually kind of Tinker around with that and see if we can get one of those little guys tamed I’m not sure if I’m going to do it today but I will mess around with it between episodes and then I’ll show you guys if if it does work um I didn’t have time to do that because I was working on what I’m going to show you today so um thank you again Grim I appreciate you and Joshua says answer to the water problem there at the end most mods measure one bucket most mods measure one bucket in a th000 mli buckets in other words without pipes or ATT Tech mods you can’t work in half buckets uh units with buckets and need to dump off any off any lots of non 1,000 divisible amounts of lava water or blood hope that helps that does help sorry if I apparently I can’t read um but yeah so that does help a lot thank you I was a little bit confused I’m like wait wait this doesn’t make any sense but I I guess when you explain it like that that made total sense but I appreciate the comment as as always and uh you guys are awesome thank you for all of the wonderful words you always leave me and all the tips and all that stuff so I’m just going to clear this so I can get my my list uh updated here there we go so okay finally she did the thing she did the thing she did the thing let’s go downstairs this is the tier two that we put down so you guys are going to notice okay by the way I’ll explain the chests in a second because I can’t get rid of this blue it’s the diamond ones I I can’t as much as I would love to turn this purple to match the rest of the the the castle I can’t uh so we’re just going to have to deal with the blue for now until I can make these nether right but I have moved everything but I have also renovated so uh blue Mage who is the creator of this uh prefab they’re in my Discord very lovely human and they they know I was going to I was going to renovate I’m still not done renovating but they knew what was coming I also had to add in a mod called Architects palette which adds this Twisted wood and this Onyx uh block here along with the other Onyx variables or variations or whatever um so yeah I added that to be able to do all of this but yeah so I just basically exchanged all of the woods and everything and took out the uh mossy cobblestone and stuff and added this purple wood here I changed all the woods that were up here for the Twisted wood and for the Onyx which is really easy to make I’m going to show you guys how to make this stuff it’s actually pretty cool too um so yeah so that’s just been put all through here I also like using the Onyx bricks for certain things I’m not quite done kind of splashing those around but those yeah those are definitely going going to be used quite a bit because they’re one of my favorite bricks in all of moded Minecraft so uh yeah so this is our storage room I’ve got all of our little our our chest upgraded to the diamond chests and I I dyed them black now I’m debating if I want to do them a different color but unfortunately you can’t dye them when they’re already down so we might have to stick with black um unfortunately the little blue Corners are not something you can change because it just tells you what the chest is so uh we’re going to have to deal with the blue so I tried to like put down some Skyris craf tables to kind of counteract the blue but I don’t I don’t know man I don’t it’s hard to work with blue okay but uh let’s go upstairs and I oh gosh I’m so sorry my throat today goodness gracious so we’re going to go up here I’m going to show you guys so I did figure out I changed out some of the texture packs so now we’ve got the the puffy smoke again and I changed out the brick um The Brick uh the fences that’s the word fences and and slabs and stuff and I I used the the black onyx bricks for that so and I I had to use one of the really cool super tall Twisted wood doors cuz these are just super super cool I love these um and of course I changed out the front all this I changed all of the bookshelves to ebony book bookwood oh my God ebony bookshelves unfortunately my bookshelf variation from vanilla tweaks doesn’t do anything for these so they just look like this but that’s fine I might do a different one if it has like different colors cuz the red and the blue is kind of throwing me off but there is a little bit of purple in there so I don’t know I may do different bookshelves I am going to be doing a little more tweaking like I’m probably going to change these out here these little stairs I’m probably going to change those out for the um the black onyx brick and stuff like that but like I said I’m not done renovating it and I changed all of the lanterns to the uh Cobble deep slate lanterns the white ones so yeah that’s pretty much this floor that’s all done and yeah my my voice may be a little crack Acky today sorry uh so I I did everything up here all of this has changed out all of this stuff with all of the the Onyx and all the stuff up there yes it took me a long time I probably did this for about four and a half hours maybe five in survival mode so yeah uh and I I did a little bit of tweaking up here so I’m going to go into fly mode hold on so I did a little bit of tweaking up here so before blue had had like different um uh trap doors and stuff so I just threw trap doors over top of the the shroom lights like that up there and all that and I kind of just kept it like this and I changed out a lot of the woods and all that stuff for all the purple and the some of the the the Onyx bricks and stuff like that so yeah this is this one Tower changed I put some of the infused fabric carpet around this I’m going to show you guys how to make this carpet it’s really really easy you just have to make a bunch of the infused Fabric and turn it into a block and then you can get the or into a block wait was it the block that did that hold on before I give you the wrong information I’m pretty sure that’s what I had to do though infused fabric block no yeah I had to make the infused fabric then I had to surround it with wool that’s what I had to do okay yes I I swear um my brain is working today I promise sort of maybe kind of any who uh so yeah should we did this Tower as well and then over here we did all this and then this room over here and this is all changed I’m just like waiting to find something I missed and then we go up here and then this room has been done too and I changed this all around and changed all these and I was a busy bee and then we Sorry talking like that then up here we did all this and this oh I don’t know what I’m going to do with this room yet but I changed all that out up there as well and yeah it’s it’s just all been changed and we’re going to go into oh actually let’s sleep real quick so I can show you the the outside I still don’t know what don’t know what words I still don’t know why blue has this like random outside door to nothing here but they’re little secret Secrets I guess oh look at that with the rainbow oh that’s so pretty oh I love that oh I love that okay I’m take a screen oh that’s so pretty I love that okay so yes the outside has been done as well so I changed out a lot of things out here I changed out all of the stairs here for the Onyx brick did all that stuff did all that changed up the the roofs a little bit so I added a little bit of the the black onx brick in here as well and changed it out for the Twisted wood this I kept the same cuz I kind of like that contrast and yeah that’s pretty much what I spent 4 hours doing just going around changing things out making it look pretty I mean it was pretty before but in Pretty in the sense of now it matches me I might do a little there may be a little too many bricks so I I don’t know I might do something a little different over there but again I’m still tinkering with it but yeah I said I would show you guys when I did the Renault I did the Renault welcome to a more witchy version of the castle but yeah a big shout out to Blue Mage cuz they are incredible they these builds are gorgeous um but yeah that that has been done I am going to show you guys how to do the uh Twisted wood conversion and the Onyx conversion so I don’t know if I have any items left I’m going to have to double check let’s go downstairs guess I can turn fly off now so let’s go down here uh we’re going to grab need to grab some granite and then we need to grab some saplings things and I’m going to show you guys just how this is done go like this and then we’re going to go back over to our old place cuz that’s where I have the portal for now if I can remember where the heck I put my waist down there it is uh so I think I named it what did I name it cows Turtles there’s our buddy he’s still here I need to know how to get dragonfly wings because I need you guys are going to hear me stop to drink water it is very hot right now um I need to learn how to get dragonfly wings cuz oh my gosh he’s so cute look at him you oh you’re so cute look at your little face oh the babies okay so let’s go and actually maybe do you guys ever get that thing where like you’re talking to something that’s like really cute or you like you really adore and then like you get little tears in your eyes or is that just me am I just am I am I broken don’t answer that question okay so anyways um so here you go you you get your little nether portal here yeah and then you go y yeah and you Chuck them through and then you go to the other side I have blocked off the other side CU I don’t want to get booped on the Snoop and then Tada you’ll have a twisted sa well however many Twisted saplings of what you threw it could be any saplings by the way it doesn’t have to be Oak but Onyx has to be Granite so there you go that’s how you make it easy peasy limit squeezy and they’re gorgeous and the purple and the black combo is just chef’s kiss and and there’s all kinds of other really cool Architects pallets uh blocks you got uh now if anybody plays Vault Hunters you guys will be very familiar with this mod so it’s where you’re recognizing it from if you play it but um yeah there’s all kinds there’s these or bricks I love the coal or bricks they are so gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous uh and yeah so this is all of them there’s the Abeline by the way which is also very very very very pretty um I forget how you make this oh yeah right it’s obsidian and uh prismarine so many gorgeous blocks just it’s it’s gorgeous I can’t I don’t think I added anything else I don’t think I added anything [Music] else o moonshell is really pretty too oh gosh I’m going in the rabbit hole I’m diving back into the rabbit hole okay okay enough enough enough brain okay we are home now so I want to eat the jelly because I forgot to eat the jelly last episode and somebody says something interesting happens okay hold on let’s get a let’s get a view of me whoa whoa shut up hold on whoa what oh I didn’t realize my skin had armbands on the top I’ve had the skin forever and I had no idea I had armb bands oh my God look at me I have eaten the jelly does it does it hurt am I going to die oh no how long does it last for wait oh my God that’s so I’m a rainbow look at me oh my God I love this I I don’t know how to do any other emotes I’m just going to wave oh oh I think it broke my arm okay well I guess we’re we’re we’re going to be we can’t see it when we’re in first person but oh that’s so cool please is this going to kill me I’m I’m nervous I’m just going to Keel over anyways okay I guess we’re a rainbow that’s really cool that’s so cool I love that you guys just knew you knew just you knew to bug me to eat that cuz you just oh you just knew oh my God look at me I’m so pretty I mean I was pretty before my skin I mean but uh yeah now now I match the rainbow vertices rainbow Linker what is that oh whoa rainbow eucalyptus Bridges oh I forgot there’s rainbow eucalyptus in this okay anyways I’m getting I’m getting way distracted uh so let’s just close that close that okay so we’re going to start doing hexter Ride Like I said we were going to do the last episode episode I need to go get some more or tortoises I actually said that oh my God I can’t believe I said that I need to make the uh XP upgrades for my backpacks for uh holding the tanks and all that holding the tanks for the tanks to hold the experience and stuff um let me see what else is on my list today oh oh yeah by the way you guys when I when you move your mouse this is this is not a glitch in the audio this is just what happens when you move your mouse away from the pack um okay so let’s make a broom so we’re going to have to grab some of the hexar plant oh my oh God my DPI I had to turn my DPI up to play raft oh my God okay uh so we need I think it’s yellow Dock and Mangrove and stuff or not Mangrove uh Mand Drake let me just double check I haven’t made in one of these brooms in a minute let’s see so we’re going to do the I think the mahogany broom is the best one oh be dubs I need to show you guys and I have always been obsessed with how this looks it’s like they the little uh table that you put your book on uh well I’m obsessed with the whole setup and how the book sounds when you open it and stuff so we have to make the book as well and I do apologize if you guys hear and I know I I know I say you guys are going to hear sounds that you don’t hear but trust me when I say one of these times you will hear it so I just have to let you know that in case you hear anything this is what it is they’re doing construction again so that’s what it is if you do hear it I could hear it drilling above me but thankfully it’s it’s a little quiet okay so let’s see I want to make the book is that not something you can make or does it something oh there’s broom stands wait I don’t remember seeing um I need to make the oh no normally like they just give you the book and then you can just like put it on a stand but I oh here it is the Book of Shadows okay so I need black dye animal fat sage seeds so sage seeds oh I have one animal fat I hope I’m not going to need another one um I guess I’ll have to go and Boop some animals a book and then it said leather right and then I also need to do um I need to make the what shoos it the table for it I’m going to do Willow obviously cuz Willow is the prettiest wood to me um where’s the willow alter table thing of my Bobs oh Willow Willow Willow Willow a willow uh am I blind yes it’s right here the willow alter there she be so we need to grab some Willow Wood I think I’ve put all of the stuff there there we go am I just rainbow forever I’m not complaining oh right there’s no crafting table on a stick in this I forgot we go Willow alter bab Boop and then we will go and make the book upstairs in the witchy room there we go so oh I think I’m going to need a bucket oh crap we’re definitely going to have to set up some storage because I have to keep going up and down it’s driving me nuts uh let’s grab a bucket there we go back up to the witchy room put that in there and then it was oh oh wait oh I’m so dumb why did I think this was going to be in The Cauldron it literally is just the uh it just how it looks in the thing oh my God brain please wait Book of Shadows crafting but it doesn’t tell you where to wait what do I just have to do this oh God now I have to do this by memory right so this oh God this this this this this and then this oh there we go okay that was confusing as heck um I’m actually going to bring a crafting table upstairs um do I have any more skyus wo I do yes right there there we go we’ll go up to the witchy room oh I probably should have grabbed all the stuff that I need but uh that’s fine [Music] oh I’m going to see that from downstairs whatever I’ll deal with it later so we’ll put you over here and then if you want o it’s black oh it depends on what color you ooh I didn’t know that so if you want the book to turn this way like when it opens okay oh oh God I keep forgetting so oh it’s so cool I love this but if you sorry if you want it to lay this way when it when it closes there’s a trick okay no it has to be the other way turn there we go okay so anyways you guys hear hear that sound oh that’s so pleasant and it follows you and oh my God it’s so cute I love this so much H wish I could dye the wood black but that’s fine so yeah this will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the mod um so if you right click right clicking is how you’re going to do it so there’s like the Hammers and stuff so we want to make I believe it’s the mahogany broom that’s the toughest one the fastest of the three brooms the mahogany broom as an item also has fire resistance so it cannot be lost in lava or burned to fire although it can break when flying the broom into fire unless the broom has nether tip attachment okay so we’re going to make the mahogany broom we also need to make a drying rack for the broom tips and stuff like that as well so we’re going to just do this and I’m going to show you guys how to do this oh my I love this mod I love it so much so we need to make a wet broom brush and then we’re going to dry it you can also enchant it with Unbreaking and stuff like that so we’re definitely going to be trying to do that but we only have 10 levels right now so um hopefully we’ll find a moth at some point or some sort of a flying Mount because I don’t have the levels to be enchanting everything right now I it’s so funny I’ve had this Minecraft skin forever and I did not realize I had a band on the top of my arms I knew I had the bottom ones but I had no idea I think I might go inad and change those to like something else like a different color cuz this skin was a skin I found online but I completely like remodeled it to suit me obviously with the hair color and everything like that cuz the hair color is based off of my real life hair back when it faded but um I didn’t do much to change the shirt so I didn’t even realize there was the bands there which looks really really cool I can’t remember where I found the skin but very cute very cute still need some adjustments but very cute any uh brain please Moon dust brush Swift fight Swift flight could be problematic for Server performance please fly considerably oh I love that how do you make that though Moon dust ooh oh and it has to be during the moon oh so how can you tell the moon phases I’m assuming there’d be an item to tell moon phases that’s pretty cool man reading in the in the Book of Shadows a bit too hard got the eyes of Grandpa they could be used like a spy glass or worn on your head and toggled with but I don’t have it bound to zoom in [Laughter] slightly okay let’s go get some mahogany wood okay let me I’m getting I’m getting super uh super distracted okay so to make the mahogany broom we need blood so we actually have to get the blood first so I’m actually going to have to empty this out stick the water in here or just going to have to dump the rest of that uh we’re going to have to go and grab ourselves a Sigil in some bottles so let’s grab you and then we’re going to grab I mean I guess I could have a hexar box up there and kind of put stuff in there but I’m going to have to do that and kind of arrange how I want to have that um because I’m not going to do that right now since I have other stuff we need to do but I do need the drying rack I know that oh that’s witch hazel I want a willow drying rack okay can I make a willow drying rack uh let’s do this drying rack Willow drying rack oh I need a willow button no I need two Willow buttons and then I need some sticks okay there we go Willow drying rack B bam and then I need to get some Hy get some bottles get some wheat and get some mandre root I don’t know if we have mandre root do we do we do we do we do we do we do do we do we um no but we have the mandre plants which means I can bone meal that okay that’s fine um and then I need the mahogany which I swore I have grabbed yes there we go and then I need wood sweet there we go and then I need the manand Drinker which is fine and then bottles of blood so I need bottles and then I need some bones for bone meal there we go um let’s just do this here do this this there we go put you there Mand Drake rooot that’s good that’s what we needed okay and then I need a netherite oh right right I forgot we need netherite ingots okay so let’s go to the Nether and go find some black stone because I am big derp and completely forgot that one crucial part was a good thing I have another portal now so let’s go let’s go I have a um a mega torch over here so now the problem is it looks like we’re over a bunch of lava yep we certainly are oh dear uh do I have cages on me in case I find anything uh let’s let’s block that off oh God I got too close to my mic so there’s a lot of black stone underneath the uh the ground so instead of going to try to find some elsewhere we’re just going to do this so you can either obviously find um you know like ancient debris and stuff like normal or you can do it by finding Blackstone and using your lucky Rock because remember we have our super juicy lucky Rock now which I’m super excited about we got that in the last episode so just going to find a place to go down further cuz Blackstone will usually be further down underground I hear you stinky bye how did I kill you so fast okay well whatever not so tough huh I’m going to regret saying that oh my God we literally like and I I want to stay around this area because uh our Mega torches here oh God uh this is all lava oh I see kind of like over here I can go down a bit further let’s go over this way slightly further can I go down further here yeah okay ever so slightly maybe not man I just want some Blackstone please I’m on a mission there we go Dash better okay so this is ancient debris is level and then we’ll do large tunnel is that Blackstone yeah let’s go baby okay so we should theoretically get some oh get some uh unless they’ve changed it I don’t know if they’ve changed changed it they may have changed it but before you could use your lucky rock on Blackstone and you could get uh netherite scraps I’m hoping they didn’t change it cuz it’s a really good way to get it and I love that idea but I haven’t gotten any yet and the downside is oh there we go there’s netherite scrap okay so we need one piece of netherite oh okay all right so it does still work I guess I could do shapeless still only one piece that’s fine some more lucky Rock let’s go grab some of the the quartz ooh hello will take you thank you very much more black stone oh God that was dangerous okay we got two this mirror is that making a interesting kind of almost buzzing sound oh God oh God that’s a lot of lava okay so still two that’s fine sounds like it’s making like an interesting sound and I don’t know if that’s just my earballs playing games on me but oh that got close more Blackstone please what’s this rough quartz uh yes please look at all this tasty quartz oh buddy and we’re going to need all of it cuz refined storage likes its quartz give me give me give me give me give me give me give me thank you thank you thank you oh look at all this black stone oh yeah oh we got seven pieces but I’m not not leaving yet cuz I want all this quartz [Applause] give me give me giveme give me give me a allall I think oh NOP nope spoke too soon do I have it all now okay I think we’re good now so let’s head home let’s turn this tastiness into an ingot and then I do need to make upgrades for these chests as well that and the nuggies right here there we go uh ingots B bam you there and then we will make you into a thing B bam B bam B bam okay so now let’s grab out our our witchy goodness boom boom boom boom [Music] boom I think what else was it oh yeah we need bottles grab two bottles there we go and then we need to go and jump in our cauldron there we go there we go dump the rest B bam if you guys are wondering how you get blood that is how you get [Music] blood go like that and go like that and then we go like that and then we go like that and then we go like a so and I think it’s woer right yes it’s woer aoop aoop there we go B bam so it comes with a broom head on it but I’d like to make a second one oh so I need mug wart Mandrake uh mug wart and mandre okay let’s go downstairs we also need to get some more water uh let’s fill this up outside I have to remember my keybinds for the for the broom because oh my gosh oh there’s a skeleton horse uhoh uh uh are you just on your own or are you going to do a thing I’m just going to move my headset yep and there it is I don’t want to hurt the hsees no I’m sorry horsey your head’s in the [Music] way how dare you hurt the hores okay now we have three skeleton horses okay you guys can hang out here oh oo I got two Horseshoe boosters from that nice so we’ll let them hang out actually maybe I should cage them just two of them though we don’t need three just in case I spawn and then it said we needed Mand Drake right and mug wart is that what it was Mandrake and oh mug wart and yellow dog uh mug wart Bush oh did we not get a mantre oh yes yes we did Creo literally uh wait but no hold on yellow do and mug wart yellow do yeah there we go and then the other one was mandri Roots yes okay we have those good good good good good good good good good and four wheat okay we have those let’s go AB bam bam bam oh my gosh I keep forgetting to do that I will never get sick of that sound uh I think I need to remove the sigil though although I don’t really know if that matters but don’t want to risk it oh oops no I have to grow these oh crap hold on eventually I’ll have this all set up in like a little area but I did not have time to do all of that so do a bunch of you oh what’s this Undead Soul oh I think you needed to craft one of the eyes I almost spaced and uh used all of that oopsy doopsy put you there and then we’ll go up to the witchy room and go here and then go B bam and then go Boop and then Boop and then we’ll stick up our drying rack there and then we will dry you there I don’t think you have to wait till it’s dry to enchant it but I just I’d like to have them dry so now oops let’s go downstairs and see if we have enough levels to enchant at least the one in this broom now it said uh if you want to have it so it doesn’t get destroyed or whatever or it doesn’t get broken in the in lava you can do a netherite head right oh no I did not mean to do that oh please to go back to the start and then it’s a netherite tip right uh let’s see NOP all done it’s here somewhere broom netherite tip oh we need two netherite ingots and four three netherite ingots and four scrap [Music] ooh um and we need solonite okay we don’t have any of that that’s fine so for now we just do it with without it so let me see if I remember okay so left control is Dismount okay space is up what’s oh crap what’s down uh I might have to change down to hold on I might have to change my down button hold on room descend there we go so down up down up ouch Dismount okay A little charm that you guys can make too you can add like little things on the front of the broom it’s really cute but we’re not going to spend time doing that right now because we have some stuff to go do put all the stuff in here uh put the accessories and I’d like to go looting because I want to find some tarot cards that’s going to be I think a focus of today is getting some of the tarot cards and stuff because that’s a yeah very important so uh I really do not remember where anything is in this this house well I guess technically it’s a house in this area uh so you here you here you here oh gosh I need to empty all this stuff hold on books do I have any emeralds to trade with our little stinkies I do I haven’t converted them yet though so wait where’s wait did I not get Unbreaking I did get Unbreaking where’s our Unbreaking guy wait did they when I moved them did they Chang their trades even though they were all locked in cuz where’s our Unbreaking oh there he is oh my gosh I named you why are you not named oh excuse me what I’m so confused I thought I named him I guess I didn’t name him oh whatever anyways okay we’ll do that oh that’s right you can’t stack oh that’s right I forgot you can’t stack uh enchants in this oh man my brain my brain today oh go brain today is doing the thing put you here put you here and then we will enchant you we’ll stick you in our bag so we have an extra uh I guess now I can oh going to put our our witchy gear I need to move this thing oh my God there we go oh my God I’m a Rainbow Witch I’m assuming it like stops if you log out or something that that would only make sense anyways I’m going to empty all this stuff out and I’ll bring you guys back all right time to go on an adventure I’m excited we haven’t done any looting in this in this pack in a minute so oh gosh we have all this stuff to turn in oh I forgot to show you guys how to do the furniture station because that’s how I got these necr Lord carpets so this is this furniture St station here from fantasy Furniture so you just make it with um I’ll show you second you make it with a craft in table and leather in a smithing table and you get this and then you use clay balls Cobblestone and Oak planks and you stick them in here and you can make all these really cool things which are really really cool I’m not sure if the uh glitch is happening in cuz you can dye these Royal uh pieces here I’m not sure if the glitch is happening in this pack where if you try to die something it crashes I haven’t tested it cuz I really don’t want to tempt fate while I’m recording so um but that may have only just been something when I tried to add it to all the mons n so who knows anyhoo so that is how we have those carpets uh so storage what are we looking at here the storage controller okay how was I I must have been tinkering around with the storage oh I I know what I was doing okay I was tinkering around with the storage controller right right right right right okay I was trying to see if I could connect them to these chests but I cannot so uh so Globe trotting which of the Hidden Leaf Village is over 9,000 o ooh armor okay we’re going to take a look at that in a second just going to do this whoa oky do oh we can choose uh I think we have all of this so I’ll just do the belladon plant cuz it’s one of my favorites that’s what I like to put on the little charm oh gosh we’re uh we’re encumbered here not not encumbered but you guys know what I mean oh we got a broom chain o o oh we can stick the belladon of flowers on the Broom chain so we go like this and then we you go like this and that’s how you put it on then you can put it on your broom oh I’m so glad they gave me that so I can show you guys give me a sec just to empty this out and I’ll show you what I was talking about want to look at the the robes as well my gosh I just finished emptying everything and it’s like here’s some [Music] more oh look at the little heads oh I didn’t even notice those on were there that’s so cute uh so diamonds uh put you here put you oh that’s literally not where that goes that goes here and this goes here and then this goes up here okay so going to show you guys this adorableness so you go like this you go like this and you can stick this here and then on the front you can add satchels as well for storage it’s going to go up just a little bit so yeah you can see it just hanging off and you can put anything oh I forgot that the broom has little things that come off the back oh my God I love this but yeah you can see like the little charm in the front it’s so cute I love it I I love this mod it’s just so adorable it is the cutest grab that give me my broom all right we are now officially witchy we’ve got our broom we got our outfit we’re glowing rainbow pretty much fitting for me the Rainbow Witch let’s go okay um yeah now we can go exploring so let’s see what’s around this area I don’t I don’t really think we’ve explored this area too too too much see if we can find any goodies around here I have lots of food on me right I do I do I do let me just put some chapstick on cuz I love how it trade just not on the on the map it just uh doesn’t quite blend as much but that’s fine the purple and black was a necessity for me it just it had to be done I had to do the thing uh so let’s take a look oh yeah we really haven’t explor oh there’s a witch a witch area over here let’s go over there so we’re facing East okay let’s hop on our broom and up we go I just have to remember to not hit Dismount when going down although if you do hit Dismount for whatever reason you will stand on your broom so don’t move just uh reclick your broom what’s this are you a baddy yep you’re a baddy house I don’t want to loot you right now I want to go to the witch place I’m on a mission oh yeah I forgot to try on the gear whoopsie wait thought it was over here oh no I’m going the wrong way it’s this way there it is the Nature’s witch coven and I think that is one of the houses that I was talking about the last time with the animals oh maybe no it’s not maybe I could be wrong is this one we’ve already been to I don’t know is it no it is not cuz I would have ltered this give me that Green carpet ooh look at all the plants I’m just smack can stuff with my broom cuz there’s reasons just looks funny oh man so many things all the things all the stuff lot a really good place to get moss ooh take all the flower pots though need those for my botney pots take all those take all those wait do I not have a maget on oh have I not even made a magnet yet I haven’t even made a magnet yet I have to remind myself to do that I also need to remind myself to go and get some more uh netherite so we can make the oh my gosh can you now it will get destroyed if we fly through Lava which I mean I’m not planning on flying through Lava in the nether so uh we should just be pretty care careful going in there anyways because um yeah so let’s try on that gear cuz I completely spaced so I guess I have to do it in here so just take this off oh look that’s adorable that’s actually really cute I do really like that but it’s definitely not my my witchy gear wait why is it oh interesting okay any hoole I’m going to grab a snack and I’ll be right back all right almost started with my AC on I had to let the AC run for a little bit because good gravy it is a hot one make sure you guys are hydrating pasture check all that jazz I know some of you are sitting all shrimp over right now cuz I do it all the time too without realizing oh there’s a whole more carpets now I couldn’t figure out how to make the purple carpet I don’t know if that’s even like is that a pattern that’s oops is that a pattern that’s blocked let me see maybe I’m just uh yeah cuz you have to make the pink infused fabric block but there’s no recipe for it like there was in the other one do and I I tried adding like uh stuff to it to make it so maybe that’s another thing that’s blocked I don’t know I’ll have to dig a little deeper into that to see but we can at least at least just steal the green ones from here and a little bit of green and all these flower pots because they are going to be very very helpful when we have our botney pots going all right we got all kinds of goodies uh thank you uh thank you uh we went there we went there there’s one over here oh I think we actually have to go around to go to that one that’s fine I love the sound of walking on mud bricks ooh all the goodies oh man so many witchy things look at all pigo ni see you pig adorbs oh leather give me all the leather thank you such a good place to find leather love it uh so now we need to go over to that side after we grab these plants grab some flowers too why not why not why not why not they’re not going to be using them anymore so we might as well use them boing boing boing boing oh man I miss these booties on the little slime booties uh did we go to that one yeah that was the one that we went to already right yeah how do I get over there okay I guess I’ll just go down and then up again and grab these oh thank you perfect tons of leather beautiful I mean tons 20 but whatever so let’s go and check out that house that we saw which was where was that it was down here somewhere somewhere there it is let’s go check that out see what’s uh what’s up in there I know there’s a bunch of stinkies in there am I going the right way this way a bunch of stinkies were spawning we’re going to go in the front door we’re not going to get fancy with it oh hello oh it sounded like that it was behind me oh my God there’s so many trees in the way hi why does that are my headphones on backwards take all the flower pots I can ooh goodies I’m going to loot after I get the spawners know there’s going to be oh jeez I knew it get out of here stinky I grab you oh I hear stink you what wait oh there you are where did you spawn from ooh oh oh from over there oh wait where is your freaking spawner ah hidden [Music] sneaky I heard a skeleton though yeah ooh yeah where the freak did you come from Hello care about that don’t care about these don’t care about that don’t care about that okay don’t care about that don’t care about that there is a farmhouse that I want to find that I mentioned in a previous episode they always have some good loot there ooh those are enchanted books oh okay oh do I have my sleeping bag on me uhoh oh yes it is right here it’s going to be sleepy time in a second oh ooh more goodies um I don’t really need more sacks I’ve got tons a warped trip should we read the book let’s read the book journal day 173 I went on my journey to another world to obtain the beautiful warped stem for my roof I was met by the formidable straddler who who lobbed very painful strad Poes at me I’m very lucky I made it at alive oh interesting uh oh meat I will take oh and apples thank you I just put my pickaxe in there by accident whoopsy Dipsy okay oh some more goodies I will take all these spoter webs thank you is it sleepy time oh it is sleepy time I think it’s like 6:35 or something in this game so used to in all the mods it being 1027 or whatever it is all the fires and stuff we don’t need any of that I think there was a bunch of chests in here right yeah or barrels I mean ooh I want to see if the um Whatchamacallit the uh bizaar is in this it’s it’s in the it’s in the structure Compass menu so the bizaar is like a a desert kind of like villager area that has a ton of stuff and I’m I’m pretty sure it’s in this let’s double check let’s check our structure Compass check our structure Compass yeah here we go uh oh there is one I unless I’m thinking of a different mod I could be thinking ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow stop it nope I’m definitely not thinking of a different mod so this place is freaking cool man look at it it’s huge you can get villagers here all kinds of looting and scooting oh we’re going to spend some time looting this bad boy we need all the goodies baby oh the little squeak and there’s loot all on the outside too so we’re going to spend some time looting this today but oh my gosh got some llamas llama llama dingdong got some Stone lamps down there like I mean you could take the lamps if you really wanted to oh my God so many llamas I’m actually going to put this away we’re definitely going to need our bag space for this because good grief So Many Items oh my gosh I love this little hot tub there llamas are living the life the Llama hot tub oh I just put my thing in there again whoopsie oh another one of the storage crates nice nice nice grab some of that thank you thank you thank you so we’ve ltered that side and yeah so oh my like look at all this stuff this place is so cool looking too like the roof is really pretty should I take the villagers I mean I kind of don’t want these guys cuz even if I do breed them where I am they’re not going to have this outfit now my favorite villager outfit is the jungle villagers oh you guys see that black of emerald up there oh there’s black of emerald there [Music] too now if we find any of the Jungle villagers I definitely did I not pick that up did it fall wait where did it go where’ the block of emerald go hello where’d it go oh there it is went out the other side okay let’s go check the other ones oh yeah they’re on every side baby I will take all those thank you a gib a Gib sorry dudes I need it more than you do thanks for the emeralds much appreci oh there we go emeralds thank you much appreciate oh look at all this stuff I don’t even know where to start it’s overwhelming okay so we did the Llama area but a kind of want to take now what’s the fodder what’s fodder huh I guess nothing oh those are flax Bales the llama’s in his little hot tub a that’s so cute I don’t know I can’t believe I’m saying this but the ACAA fences actually look nice with that Texture Pack huh all right let’s loot this side oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness look at this is what I was talking about with that you’re going to need some Bag space to be here cuz yeah it’s insane it is insane in the membrane look at all the loot look at all this is a good place to find at the start of your gameplay too this is so look at look at these just the colors the colors I love it I love everything about it now I know why uh integrated Dungeons and structures is such a popular mod they just the builds the builds are gorgeous I knew I forgot something over here gorgeous gorgeous darling gorgeous I don’t need these seed sacks care about those so cool we’ll take that though thank you take the Rope thank you for all the stuff dude appreciate you much appreciated hi grab the glow Berry stuff oh look at this cute little area over here oh that’s how they get up to their thing okay take that I just I don’t need any more sacks we’ve got so many of them like an insane amount all right the site has been looted I’m actually going to Mark and technically I can see it but I’m still going to mark them so now let’s go oh yeah there’s a waste my gosh I’m like getting way too close to my mic cuz I’m fidgeting around forgot that there’s a way Stone in here oh hey dude good way to catch mobs just uh stick them there bag of rice thank you thank you much appreciate much appreciate I will take all the goodies thank you thank you thank you we’ll take all of goodies grab all these flower pots it stops me from having to make them when I want to make my botney pots thank you sir thank you sir Noe dude’s just sitting there like oh I guess I’m just going to watch this happen nothing I can do about it oh gosh our bags are already full crazy crazy space give me give me give me thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you I will take the cooking pot thank you oh I did not mean to do that all of that and then put you in here there we go that side is Liv been looter oo I like I like how the the leaves and stuff look with the uh the texture pack in there that looks really nice very very cute all right on to these dudes Hello friends may I have some of your items please thank you was really excited to I mean I’m excited to record most of the time but I was really excited to record today because of all the work I did on that the house cuz I know I’ve been babbling about it for a bit and I know sometimes I have the the habit of not doing things too close to when I said I was going to do them and then I end up doing it way later so I was like you know what no I’m I’m going to actually do the house and so I sat down and I was like listen you got to get this done so just do it and I did it and I’m happy I did it because it looks gorgeous and I’m not even close to being done renovating it but plus I know that blue has been waiting to see like what people I should say they I’m not sure of their gender but um they did mention in my Discord that they do like to see what people do with the the prefabs and like how they kind of renovate it to their own liking so you guys play this pack or if you play a a mod pack with uh prefab in it just uh know that the creator of those prefabs may just be lurking around to see what you do cuz they they love seeing people’s creations with their creations and they’re lovely Bean too so very very sweet that that take that we go and we’ll grab all those put those away put you here cuz I don’t care about that and I think we are done ltering this one I’d like to kind of do like a little trip around to the integrated structures integrated um Dungeons and structures buildings but I mean I’m not going to not going to um words apparently I’m not going to what what am I trying to say here like hunt them down like we we’ll go on a little travel we’re definitely going to have to empty the bags I cannot wait to get refined storage going oh yeah I forgot to do the outside literally said for you guys to do the outside and I’m not doing the outside uh we’ll take a look at that oh my God it’s getting dark quick it’s a really cool little landscape area around it too and there’s a village over there and oh my gosh all the goodies so yeah there’s chests and stuff out here oh music disc K cadum now here’s the thing with music discs in uh moded in modded Minecraft you never know if something’s going to be copyrighted so unfortunately I’m not going to play it because it’s different if it’s on stream because on stream um it’s a little bit easier for me to mute things and stuff like that because like a lot of the times you know we’re just babbling away things but when it’s a an episode like a series episode I don’t like to mute audio if I can avoid it so uh yeah that’s why you guys will never really hear me play anything that I’m not sure about because I don’t want to lose you know 4 minutes of uh an episode for you guys to just be like why is it muted like why is there just silence all of a sudden so but I definitely will give it a listen and let you know if it’s any good or if you guys play this obviously you can listen to it as well grabbing all of these things here I want all of these lily pads and stuff um so there was also uh people were asking about like any builds I’ve done in the past I think the only one I can really reference that was I completed was in episode 11 of better Minecraft my better Minecraft series I did this like mystical kind of like um cuz there’s a better end and better nether in that I did this like mystical kind of like Pond over top of my storage so if you guys are ever curious about like what I what style I like to build in when I do build the rare time I build uh go check that out episode 11 better Minecraft you guys can see my little my little creation there um I don’t know what inspired me I don’t remember where that I did it one of those those hyperfocus days where I woke up and I wish I had those more I really wish that I had those hyper focuses more where cuz I have so many things in my head that I want to build I have all these GL ious ideas and things that I want to do and then when it comes down to actually executing it it’s like I lose that hyperfocus and then I just get distracted with exploring and adventuring which again is great like that’s great for Minecraft but you know sometimes I get disappointed in myself because I want to do things and my brain just doesn’t let me do them so if you guys are ever curious about the kind of mystical stuff I like to build with when I have those kinds of blocks and stuff like that that is what I like to do um but there are definitely other ideas I have and I’m definitely going to be I’m I’m more and more I’m you know pushing myself to build and and get out of that that bubble but it’s a process and I plan oh my God I keep jumping and I plan on doing content for a very very very very very very very long time so we got all kinds of time for me to push myself out of that bubble because to remember like I mean I’ve only been uploading to YouTube since well the start of 2023 um end of 2022 so I’m been doing it too long we will get there let’s just grab all of these goodies plus I’ve just been enjoying gooing about with screaming and you know just making random videos and I’m not really random obviously I have like a schedule and I have you know things that I plan out for my videos but I mean random in the sense of like I allow myself a little bit of Randomness when it comes to my my series like obviously I have a list and things that I like to try to follow as kind of like a little bit of guidance that is a big fish but you know you know what I’m trying to say I give myself a little leeway so we should be almost done grabbing all of these goodies I think I missed a chest over here there we go another [Music] disc thank you thank you I’m sorry I’m destroying your beautiful Pond you could replant I just want all these things please they’re very very pretty I might do like an homage to my better Minecraft series since that was my very first Like official series on my channel that’s still up so I might do a little homage to that with some of the gorgeous blocks that are in this pack because uh biomes you go is in this and they have a lot of very very beautiful blocks they don’t have my you know better end blocks with like you know the umbrella membranes and stuff like that but I can I can still make it work I can use glass and stuff like that instead do a little homage to it cuz we have so many gorgeous pesque um items and blocks in this like all the lily pads and things like that so many things all the things I was like I don’t know how long this series is going to go for I don’t know how long I’m going to but like honestly this Series has been getting so much love that we’ll just go as long as we need to you know until the next one happens and then we’ll go and go to that one like obviously my all the mods is pretty much the only series that I’ve done where I have I have a goal for the amount of episodes which is 100 minimum um but yeah this one I’m just we’re winging it we’re going to we’re going to play as long as we need to and do as much as we that’s the joy of a Sandbox game you know you could make it as short as you want want to you can make it as long as you want to it it just doesn’t matter this is a bit broken up okay o doy art Cho thank you very much for all the loots I appreciate you guys you’re the best thank you thank you thank you thank you uh we get that box already all right let’s go to the Village sayar o ooh ooh ooh um ooh ooh actually I’m going to do a thing because I’m going to want to no tool what do you mean no tool [Music] huh I thought it was pickaxes for this could be wrong oh man I I am absolutely going to press the wrong button I know I am but like just to show you guys if you Dismount just click your broom again like a so don’t panic don’t jump off your broom just breathe and Rec click your broom cuz trust me take it from somebody who has panicked and lost their broom by Falling and the broom doesn’t make it all the way down and then she dies and she can’t find her broom again take it from me it is definitely something that you don’t want to panic I and I can guarantee you there will be many of times in this series that I fall off my broom like on a day where I completely forget to press the wrong button because now I have it bound to my mouse where the the button closest to my my palm is now my descend key and then my Dismount is my Crouch key and my Crouch is on my mouse so and that’s right next to the descend key which is probably playing with fire but you know what I like to live Danger iously sometimes why not and I’m also the queen of flying my broom into things where I smack my head off of stuff that’s probably going to happen a bunch grab some more of these lanterns cuz I’m sure I’m going to need them for something and I don’t want to have to go to deal with the the big Guardian boys until I absolutely have to what’s our broom thing at ah we’re good thankfully it doesn’t go down that fast oh yep see told you oh it’s cuz it drifts and I never really know where I’m stopping oh gosh told you that would happen okay I think that’s plenty of prismarine we don’t need any more than that that is a lot okay so let’s head over to Z Village which was over here oh what’s this whoa that’s a freaking snake that’s a cobra whoa oh there’s a bunch of snakes around it oh is this like the the horse one where there’s horses around it ooh and there’s a oh God I’m going to get yeah yeah yeah I know you’re angry very cool I don’t know what mod adds that actually it has to be like an integrated Dungeons and structur yep that integrated Dungeons and structures thing ooh ooh ooh ooh o I see goodies let me off my thr can I grab this oh okay so if you break it with silk touch you get the items and the pot so if you break it without silk touch you do not get the pot very cool makes sense um do I want the W oh that snake just ominously looking over the oh that looks really cool I freaking love this I love this mod pack there’s just so much to Adventure with and I adventure with and I just I really hope that they don’t reduce the amount of structures I really hope so because like and I I’ve mentioned this before nothing you know irks me more than when you know you start out a series and you’re like oh there’s so many structures and I’m loving this and the Deb is like oh and then like Nerfs the structure amount and it’s just like why I’m looking at you Luna pixel it hurts my heart why you do this to us oh look at this okay there’s stuff [Applause] there can I get in here yes o I see goodies I’m just going to steal the doors so I know what ones I’ve looted go ah I could get up there I’m going to be sneaky just coming from the top oh hello I am here oh my God look at all the loot because of our thing oh my God I love this I love this so much loot all the Looting and scooting let’s freaking go baby oh that’s the one we were just in go here oh my God we’re getting a lot of cacti that’s for sure oh this is the one with the lapis on the floor lapis laai is it laeli or lazuli probably laai right that sounds more fancy oh give me all this give me all the food give me give me all the food I need all the food I’m running out of food give me the [Music] food take all of these I think we already have some but uh never hurts to get some more cuz we are going to have to set up a kitchen for sure put you there put you there thank you thank you thank you for all the goodies I appreciate you guys do you have anything around the back of the building no cuz I think it was in the building Cool Beans Co beans cool beans thank you very much much appreciated I will take all the food I will take this too thank you I will grab that I’m not going to unplant oops I’m not going to unplant your crops I just got to take the ones that were growing you can keep your your other stuff s s and well technically they’re they right because they don’t really have genders oh that looks so cool in the distance there take that going of feel bad for villagers you know like they they do all this work and then these adventurers come in and just take all their goodies I mean they can it’s not like I’m massacring them or anything so they can they can repopulate and regrow things thank you sir or I’m just going to keep saying sir it sounds weird oh my God sounds weird if you’re like thank you them thank you pors there there we go thank you person there we go that works okay so that is done so let’s hop on our Brom I’m trying to avoid going home and emptying anything uh as much as possible actually I think what I I’m still rainbow I’m still a freaking rainbow I’ve been a rainbow this entire episode this is amazing um I kind of want to go and make a snack upgrade for this backpack and make oh my God you are so freaking cute and go make another their uh backpack cuz we are literally going to need we’re going to need it like we’re definitely going to need it so let’s do this this and then this this and then I’m not going to do netherite obviously because I definitely do not have I don’t actually you know what I don’t even think I think I have enough [Music] um [Music] maybe I don’t think I do I don’t I don’t think I do I don’t think I do however we can go quickly go we can go grab some emeralds real fast emeralds diamonds we have enough for the iron we have enough for the gold uh and we have almost enough for the diamond so let’s head down into the mines really quickly there’s a new mines here as well so we can go down here and do something fresh and grab some dondes oh my God look at all like the sparkly glowy goobers just popping in popping in and out of the map if I could word that would be swell kind of can’t do my job if I can’t word ooh I got lots of goodies in this one well aren’t you a present little surprise Pleasant little surprise okay um so I’m just going to go uhop thank you thank you good sir appreciate you appreciate you appreciate you I don’t care about jungle saplings B bam and then now we’re going to make use of our lovely perfect use of our lovely digging gloves digging claws I should say oh my go oh my God oh my God look at all the Diamonds oh my God I’m so glad we came down here oh my God look at all this tasty diamonds so tasty confirmed I do have a mega torch here okay oh my God look at all these goodies look at all these goodies oh yeah more diamonds let’s go all the XP all the goodies oh my God look at that look at all the tasty Diamonds oh my God I’m getting distracted I’m getting distracted we’ll just do like a square here getting distracted man getting so distracted all the goodies all the goodies all right we’ll just clear this out see if we can get a little bit more diamonds and then we will go upstairs and and get her done go do some more exploring oh yeah look at all the tastiness oh I’m so happy so many goodies love it I do love that instab gravel thing that they have in this a little loud but still very good any more in here any more in here nope okay I think we’re good all right let’s head home go get our diamond is done and stuff I’m going to stick this here you you you you you keep you going to put you guys here cuz we have the highest accessory already I really really really want to find cards that’s like the goal if I could try to at least find one before the end of the episode that would be lovly I am doing a stream today too so I got to go and get a thumbnail and stuff done for that uh more raft with the goobers oh gosh that [Music] there that there um oh you know what I didn’t put down yet I didn’t put down uh I guess I could just use this cuz I kind of already have this all set up for you over here I didn’t really check all of these okay so let’s see so coal will go in there that’s not a blast furnace that is so boop boop boop and then the coal will go there do we have any coal uh no but we can grab some let’s grab some coal cool there we go let that cook while we do our thing oh it’s just nice to like have all of this set up now so much stuff oh actually what am I doing need to condense these little doohickeys right here do I have any in here I do perfect enough for one more beautiful [Music] [Music] gorgeous darling gorgeous okay um yeah yeah so we’re going to we’re just going to make one for this and and then I’ll make a um another backpack I think if I have enough of the other ones oh my gosh my hands are so hot right now like oh it is just so stinking hot in here yes I complain about the heat I hate heat uh so do I have a chest by chance somewhere do I have a chest I do I M CH thank you we that grab you and we got a bunch of leather right here thank you and then we’ll go like this and then we’ll go a back a pack there we go you thank you bam bam I do need to dye my backpacks too as well I think cuz uh yeah you you you you you you [Music] this it’s unlocked already yeah oop okay that should be plenty do I want to make another one I kind of do but that one’s not going to have a stack upgrade this other one will though which is fine I can go and mine for some more materials and stuff for the other one you there B bam that’s fine uh let’s go grab these goodies over here uh thank you thank you thank you kindly oh I need some iron I am one short for the iron put these in here as well can you do an iron for me thank [Music] you or two irons I mean beautiful daring thank you and then we will do you thank you you you B bam B bam B bam B bam there we go we go and there we go and then we’re going to dye them three backpacks that’s plenty for all of our looing needs Doon days there we go yeah we’re definitely not going to have enough um I do need to grab these uh bowls though because we’re going to put down the dishes that we got okay let me just move these oh before I forget to dye them let’s dye them so we’re going to do some black we’ll do a purple uh you can be purple you can be black and then I’ll do a gray or a white actually and then a gray uh so you can be white and then I’ll do a gray cuz the gray will match my outfit actually technically the black will match my outfit but it’s too late now cuz now if I add more dyes to it it’s going to uh oh that’s actually not bad okay although you can’t see my backpack anyways so there we go that goes there that goes there and yes the dyes have their own why is the bread in here the dyes have their own uh um thing because D are going to be pretty prevalent so they’re going to need their own space Oh yeah it looks so much better okay so Foods platter platter platter platter platter platter platter uh do we have another platter we might those are the ones that we’re already eating uh I don’t think so no okay so just put these down and then we’ll go thank you very much we’ll stick all you guys in here oh running out of space for the foods feel like I’m missing something in this H okay that’s fine anyways let’s go back out on our adventure we got our Diamond backpacks good good good good good this is the one with the items in it right yes um but oh boy um maybe what I should do uh is just empty out into like a chest here and then I can just empty them after my episodes are over that way we can just empty out our space and our bags and stuff it’s going to be a little cluster but that’s fine I did this in my uh my Medieval Minecraft series oops it just made it easier for me to manage my organization and stuff like that oh that’s right but these aren’t going to have stacks quickly put those in there cuz I know where those go so grab a whole bunch of these goodies I think I may need some more chests though I love that the potion stack you have no idea this makes me so incredibly happy so thank you KATU and emu for adding that because nothing drives me more crazy in a mod pack with potions when they don’t freaking stack uh we’re going to need more chests I’m going to I think after stream I’m going to have to come and empty although I think uh I’m not sure the next episode might be it depends on how this one does cuz I’m noticing that the cottage witch episodes are killing it right now so um I don’t know it depends on what you guys want to see I kind I go by my analytics so if you guys are ever wondering why I like do like a cottage Witch episode one after the other and then like go in and do like an all the mods one I just I’m just watching my analytics and I’m paying attention to what you guys are enjoying the most so you can always let me know in the comments what you want to see the most or let me know in Discord but yeah for the most part that is what I pay attention to you’re ever wondering the why the randomness for all the stuff that I do that is why uh that that that okay all right let’s go and continue our our adventure oh my gosh my eye is itchy oh actually you know what it is sleepy time anytime I hear this song in the pack it makes me think like happy birthday is going to start playing and I don’t know why it just that’s just what it sounds like okay let’s RTP and see what we can find oh we can find water that’s what we can find oh oh game not happy game not happy game there we go oh I see a vager already nice nice nice nice nice ooh almost aluminium alium Fields so I’ve been told that biomes you go has this uh new like variation or version that they’re doing is like what was it biomes we’ve gone or something somebody in my Discord the lovely L has been keeping me updated and keeping all of us updated on it they got some really cool looking biomes coming in that let me tell you some of the there’s some rainbows and oh you know I’m a happy girl oh it’s going to look so good you know me and my rainbows it’s funny too because I literally only wear black IRL like sometimes I wear other colors but I’m I wear black like that’s that’s my my color scheme but uh Rainbows are just everything to me rainbows and purple but uh it’s all people always get so confused when they’re like wait I thought like you know you know you you have like that Gothic witchy style I do but you know I do really enjoy rainbows and and purple I just I don’t know it’s like splashes of color like oh like look just they did the resource pack that adds the rainbow quartz like look at how pretty that is like please actually I can technically steal the quartz from here CU there’s like just actual blocks of quartz like right here I’m going to be bad I’m sorry it’s rainbow I need it I need it in my life I’m sorry I’m breaking your house but it’s Rainbow Oh I should probably not do that until I’ve been upstairs oh wait I also just realized that I’m still on the wrong setting on my Tim mine oh and there’s been some people asking about Tim mine so the the way I’m able to do this is I’m pressing my tied key the graveyard key above my tab so this is how you do this and if you guys want to change the actual shape of the blocks if you hit that key hit shift and then you can scroll with your mouse wheel that’s how I’m changing the shape of it I think you could probably rebind it somewhere but that’s just what uh my muscle memory is used to so I leave it on default I’m just trying to steal all this quartz because it’s going to save my butt from having to go to the nether as much as possible I’m sorry sir I have destroyed your house that is a an oopsy doopsy on my part but not really because I did it on purpose oh hi ooh oh there’s another one the bison’s like look over here oh my God there’s more of them bison’s like look more quartz here you want to steal this one too take this one the quartz is fueling my rainbow love the quartz the Bison the Bison is is fueling my rainbow love don’t blame me blame the Bison it showed me there was more and there’s a beautify thing right here that has all the Beau oh actually no never mind this is the never mind the beautify ones will be in that too hi don’t look at me like that but I will still you to thank you go here oh sir you walked in front of me oh my God my DPI please I’m not going to steal any more of the quartz I’m wasting precious looting time you guys know you have a bison infestation I’m just kind of Raman free booping the snoots oh oops my silky went into my backpack unacceptable ooh actually this is white terra cotta yoink I need this this I mean technically I could have just gone to like a painted Badlands or something but I me I’m here so ooh another villager trading hat tasty tasty in case we lose ours oh man there’s a beautify you could always tell because there’s like 20 million flowers everywhere like literally look at all these tulips ooh there’s another building over there oh goodies all the goodies I’ll take all of this uh thank you sir I’m going to take your table take those thank you thank you I’m going to take all of these I’m going to take your lights I’m sorry I know I’m just like just desecrating this place but all these hanging things you guys oh the trellises are gorgeous I kind of wish there was more flowers you could add to the trellis like it would work with modded flowers and stuff cuz there’s only like um a certain amount of flowers you can add to them and they’re all vanilla the pots I think are a little different I’m not 100% store though but the uh the trellises you really wish you could add other different types of flowers because like you know there’s many colors of flowers I don’t want to be stuck using just you know certain ones oh my my gosh they are picking up steam with that construction right now good gravy my filters are going to be putting in work today okay let’s go check out what that uh thing is over there I know I’m missing some places to loot I know it drives people crazy but we’re pretty much just getting all the same stuff which we have plenty of already so uh where was that thing over here oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God is that the is that the bee house oh my God it’s the bee house oh it’s the beeh house oh my gosh the bee house so the Farmhouse and the bee house are two of my favorite houses in the mod that adds this I think I can’t remember which one it is but gorgeous gorgeous it’s so pretty um lots of flowers though we’re going to take all of those it’s a good place to come and get bees if you need bees lots and lots of bees I’m sorry I’m stealing all your flowers but you got tons inside of there I’m not going to go in there because that’s just all bees in there I don’t think I have a wayist stone right now to put oh I do you know what let’s just put this down and Mark it with bees if we need bees for anything we could just come here ooh Soul Sand bees oh what a great place to find at the end of the episode I love this this is this was the perfect find oh and there’s a witchy oh my God this please KATU and emu please please please please please please please please please please please please do not reduce the amount of structures this is the perfect amount especially for those of us that are like just in love with looting and in love with adventuring please don’t ever reduce them I beg of you goodness my throat’s already going too that’s how you know that’s how you know it’s almost time to end the to end the episode my throat just had enough all right so loot all the stuff on the outside there’s lots I’m not going to oh yeah there’s honey I forgot about that a lot of Honey blocks all the goodies all the honeycomb all the stuff there’s lots of stuff inside the house we’re going to go in there in just a sec lot of villagers hi hi hi hi hi how you doing hi you’re going to come uh back with me and meet your new friends oh but a gorgeous build though like genuinely like look at this oh it’s just so pretty I’m not going to break any of the glow sacks or anything like that we’re not hurting for them but I will loot timbercross brace I will take this actually though sorry cauldrons oh The Cauldron textures are just it the texture pack really makes them look a lot more kitcheny and I love that it really helps with all the builds and stuff like that why is there an ant chamber in here do you guys know you have an ant infestation are you aware of this you have a literal ant colony in your house I hope you know that did you just step on the turtle eggs that were sir I wanted those got some create goodies in here actually I don’t want that why does the chain look like that do you know that you just massacred turtle babies are you proud of yourself are you are you proud of yourself sir those are just innocent little babies little turtle babies did nothing to you oh I got some soap I don’t care about that stuff I will take that though thank you oh my God the goodies the goodies the loot all the loot what’s this display link the doors any more chests don’t think so nope nope Okie doie art the chokey well we we left a thing with the bees Hello friends I guess I could technically silk touch these actually if you guys want to go inside your nest it is nighttime do I have silk touch on my thing no but I have silk touch on you you know what let’s just steal the bees that way we can beloate them oh oh I thought there were flowers in here did I accidentally steal all of them all right yep everybody come in everybody come in come on in are you uh just going to chill over there you going to come with your friends come on go home is it cuz there’s no space okay well you can stay here then bye all right we got some bees nice I think I left nest out here somewhere for them maybe uh let’s do a sleep we’ll do one more little adventure and then it’ll be time for me to go cuz I have to get ready for L look at him over there hanging out with his little BB’s oh cute little beans oh my God look at all the quartz tasty o I see your way Stone let’s go grab Z Way Stone and then we will RTP one more time uh is there anything else oh there’s a witchy the witchy thing over there but I’m not I don’t really need anything else from the witchy things I want to go do one of the other houses get more looten and Scoot cuz I really want some tarot cards I don’t know if there’s like a thing where the tarot cards spawn more in a certain place if anybody knows let me know uh because I know like say with like the cork um HS and stuff they spawn better in like the um ancient cities and in um in um like the Overworld and nights uh gateways and stuff like that so I’m not sure if it’s the same thing for tarot cards so if you guys know if you made it this far in the video let me know oh silk cocoons oh that’s right they have the silk cocoons in this I remember when I first played this pack I was like wondering what these little things on the ground were and I was afraid to break them cuz I wasn’t sure if uh it was going to be anything like really bad but no they they just give you goodies okay so what’s this over here oh goodness spoter okay uh I don’t care about that what’s this over here oh hello oh this is one of the um oh the red horn Guild right another jumping spider hello I need to figure out how to get dragon flies for you oh my God you’re so cute though actually you know what I have now that I I’ve seen two of you actually actually actually I am going to put you in a cage and I’m going to go grab your buddy before he despawns so let me just put Way Stone here real quick before I forget to do this let’s go grab your buddy is he still here please still be here please still be here please still be here please no is he not oh wait wait I see his name okay now we’ve got our jumping spoter okay good all right let’s see oh yeah and so if you guys see like these big uh overweight uh fruits and stuff you can chop them and get more of the fruits they’re usually in like the the normal forests and plains and stuff like that you can get I think potatoes as well and things like that let me see what is it called the overweight see what ones we can get with it yeah oh gosh you can get so many of them beetroot carrots potato cocoa potato or potato Nether wart poisonous potato Apple golden golden apple ooh luck so yeah you break them down in a in a cutting board yeah look at this you could do the block of gold and turn it into an overweight Golden Apple block but yeah oh you get 10 peeled overweight cocoa block interesting that’s actually a really cool little [Music] mechanic let’s just uh explore this little place here where’s the front door hello sir you have your front door very well hidden did I pass it already probably cuz there’s trees in my way I cannot see a dang thing hello there’s the door oh you guys were stuck inside cuz it was uh it was blocked you’re [Music] welcome o yeah this building is really cool ooh hello oh I have a I have a book I have a story let’s see Journal day 14 last week I arrived at the wondrous red horn Guild I was running from a Pillager Patrol and the adventurers here took me in as one of their own they may be hard on me but uh they may be hard on me and each other but now they’re family so this is number 14 the other one was like one something so I’m guessing there’s like an actual like order like a chronological order you’re supposed to find them how is that even possible though like how would you know which ones you need to find first like that’s wild I mean obviously there’s a mechanic to it and and you know it’s planned that way but oh my gosh you would really really need to um yeah you would really really need to know things about that am I going to get the there it is you spin me right round baby one of my favorite achievements in this uh in modded that song gets stuck in my head every time yeah you would really need to know your stuff like okay you have to go here first and here first and here first and here first I mean I’m all for story lines and stuff don’t get me wrong and I think that’s great oh there’s a bee in here why do you have a bee in a cage I mean technically I have bees in Bee houses but still I will take your bee in a cage and I will bring him home and he can hang out with his friends his new friends can’t just leave him sitting there like a trophy rude I guess it makes sense after what was said in that that little book you guys are a bunch of jerks take all these flower pots oh man I’m not going to have to make any flower pots for our botney pots oh good God and up we go ooh is there any goodies in there no just just a tease okay that’s cool that’s cool that’s cool anything in here oh I don’t need that oh man that was fun I I get so lost in this cuz this is all I want to do I just want to loot and adventure and oh my gosh but H we got to go we got to wait till next time all right everyone thank you so much for watching I am still glowing rainbow and I love this but we’re going to see how long it lasts for so if you enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like on And subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in the next one goodbye

This video, titled ‘Minecraft Cottage Witch Modpack – Episode 6 (The Rainbows and Bees!)’, was uploaded by Creothina on 2024-06-22 11:00:48. It has garnered 1497 views and 102 likes. The duration of the video is 01:53:43 or 6823 seconds.

Hey everyone! When someone told me to eat the rainbow jelly I didn’t think that THIS would happen….I feel so colourful. I also show off the renovations I did to the house so let me know what you think!

If you enjoyed the video be sure to leave a “like” on it/subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next one.

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    DupeSte4lzsDupeste4lzs is not your ordnary avrage lifesteal dupe server. what if i told you that there were insane magical bosses you compete to defete and get the prizes that lay at the end. thats not the only twist my server has, it also has custom made items and custom enchants making the server very fun and competitive. there are also payouts every season making it worth playing$$ come join now!!! IP: Dupeste4lzs.minehut.gg Read More

  • Stinky SMP Modded Java 1.20.1 Origins No Resets.

    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Timey-wimey Minecraft Madness”

    Looks like this meme can handle the pressure of time travel and still score a solid 39! Read More

  • Mine Stan’s Dear Steve: A Rhyme Parody

    Mine Stan's Dear Steve: A Rhyme Parody Dear Steve, I’m just a Creeper, misunderstood, Watching you build, wishing I could. Longing for a chance to be more than a blast, To show you my heart, not just shadows that pass. I see you mine, craft, and build with such grace, While I lurk in the dark, with a frown on my face. But deep down inside, I’m a fan of your art, Hoping one day, you’ll see me as smart. I write you these letters, pouring out my soul, Hoping you’ll notice, and make me whole. I want to be more than just a monster in… Read More

  • Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob!

    Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob! Level 999 Creeper: “I’ve been training for years, I’m basically a Creeper ninja.” Level 3 Creeper: “I may be low level, but I’ve got heart…and a short fuse.” Level 999 Creeper: “Well, this is awkward. I guess I’ll just explode now.” Level 3 Creeper: “Looks like I leveled up…literally.” #minecraft #meme #memes Read More

  • Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft

    Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft Exploring Minecraft Building Ideas Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, offers endless possibilities for creativity and construction. From simple houses to intricate castles, players can let their imagination run wild in this virtual world. One popular building idea that players often explore is creating unique beds, such as the red bed. Building a Red Bed in Minecraft To build a red bed in Minecraft, players will need three blocks of wool and three wooden planks. The wool can be dyed red using red dye, which can be obtained from red flowers like poppies. Once the materials are gathered,… Read More

  • Orange City Minecraft Tour

    Orange City Minecraft Tour Exploring the Orange Production District in Minecraft Embark on a virtual tour of the Orange Production District created in Minecraft’s creative mode! This world tour showcases the intricate details of the district, from the exterior to the interior, with the use of cross-sectional drawings. Let’s dive into the highlights of this Minecraft creation! Mini Showcase and Interior Details The tour kicks off with a mini showcase, offering a glimpse of the intricate designs within the Orange Production District. Detailed cross-sectional drawings provide a closer look at the interior architecture, highlighting the creativity and attention to detail put into each… Read More

  • INSANE: Surviving 1,000 Days in Minecraft – Shuckle Shack

    INSANE: Surviving 1,000 Days in Minecraft - Shuckle ShackVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 1,000 Days in Survival Minecraft [FULL MOVIE]’, was uploaded by Shuckle Shack on 2024-06-04 13:19:11. It has garnered 13195 views and 562 likes. The duration of the video is 02:18:29 or 8309 seconds. I Survived 1000 Days in Minecraft 1.20! [FULL MINECRAFT MOVIE] If you haven’t, check out another of one my videos here: https://youtu.be/Dbdn6BSaSYQ?si=qTP1OtHCWKeHLGZS This Minecraft series was inspired by people like GoodTimesWithScar, BdoubleO100, Fwhip, Grian, MogSwamp, and more. In this let’s play series I spent hundreds of hours building a massive castle with a villager trading hall, a medieval town with… Read More

  • From Human to Caine’s Sister in Minecraft!

    From Human to Caine's Sister in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘From HUMAN to CAINE’s SISTER in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by PrincessHana on 2024-01-28 23:00:26. It has garnered 1087285 views and 12246 likes. The duration of the video is 00:21:01 or 1261 seconds. 🌼 Subscribe to the channel my daisies!! 🌼 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Dx5CzIpfctGNYsn2rVwXw?sub_confirmation=1 What’s up my doki doki daisies!? I’m Princess Hana and welcome to my video! Today, PrincessHana finds Caine’s magic cane, and accidentally turns herself into his sister! As she transforms, she becomes more and more like a girl Caine. Will she ever turn back to normal? Watch until the end to find out! ADC… Read More

  • “Unbelievable MC RTX 4090 in Realistic Nabi Gaming! 😲🔥” #minecraftmods

    "Unbelievable MC RTX 4090 in Realistic Nabi Gaming! 😲🔥" #minecraftmodsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Realistic MC RTX 4090 😍😍🤤 #minecraft #minecraftmods’, was uploaded by Nabi Gaming on 2024-04-19 19:24:26. It has garnered 18 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:23 or 23 seconds. MINECRAFT WITH ULTRA REALISTIC GRAPHICS Minecraft REAListic Graphics Minecraft REAL LIFE Extreme Graphics Minecraft in hardcore Incredible Minecraft Graphics Ultra REALISTIC MINECRAFT How to Build a Snowy Cottage How to Build a Starter House Minecraft Minecraft Blacksmith house Minecraft Snowy Cabin MINECRAFT WINTER CABIN MINECRAFT WINTER HOUSE Realistic MC RTX 4090 Minecraft best shaders Minecraft Shader Comparison Minecraft Ray Tracing Minecraft REAL… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Hacks You Have to See!

    Insane Minecraft Hacks You Have to See!Video Information This video, titled ‘”Unbelievable Minecraft Hacks You Need to Try!”Mughal Gamerz’, was uploaded by Mughal Gamerz on 2024-07-15 07:48:04. It has garnered 84 views and 22 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. #MughalGamerz #MughalGamerzYoutube #MughalGamerzYTChannel Here’s a suggested description for a Minecraft Shorts video designed to go viral on YouTube: — 🔥 Welcome to my Minecraft Shorts! 🔥 In this video, we dive into [brief summary of content, e.g., epic builds, crazy hacks, or insane moments]! Watch as I [specific highlight, e.g., create a massive castle in under a minute, showcase unbelievable redstone… Read More

  • Insane Gold Farm Build in Hardcore Minecraft 1.20

    Insane Gold Farm Build in Hardcore Minecraft 1.20Video Information This video, titled ‘I BUILD MOST EFFICIENT GOLD FARM IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT 1.20’, was uploaded by CherryON on 2024-01-12 11:36:43. It has garnered 10189 views and 238 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. #cherryongaming #minecraft #minecraft100days #minecraftshorts #minecrafthardmode #minecraftpe #minecraftmemes \ FIND ME ON // 📧BUSINESS QUERIES MAIL : [email protected] 🟣INSTAGRAM ► @aa.k.a.s.hh https://www.instagram.com/aa.k.a.s.hh 🟣DISCORD ► @CherryON Gaming https://discord.gg/dSuuqpNnF9 …………………………………………………. \ EPIC VIDEOS LINKS // ENDER DRAGON ► https://youtu.be/lcXYUIWlIPw?si=y3yq61tbCex7eENX WARDEN ► https://youtu.be/sNWyRAfTQCQ?si=QFTRbe6xVLFt9kbl PARK THEMED BASE ► https://youtu.be/dVVgf0UpXPg?si=eNAF6CBX2FK03x4n (Unique Design!) HARDCORE STARTING ► https://youtu.be/uHQPipz6UbY?si=GCM_g2ygt1NJ6gvR (FULL of Fun) Iron Farm ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCZ-fc4e27E (Unique Design!) ……………………………………………………. Read More

  • Talking Doge beefs with Minecraft egg on cliff!

    Talking Doge beefs with Minecraft egg on cliff!Video Information This video, titled ‘Beefing with my minecraft egg but she can talk ew’, was uploaded by Doge cliff vods on 2024-06-11 06:21:20. It has garnered 5710 views and 286 likes. The duration of the video is 02:18:36 or 8316 seconds. Follow Tubbo on: TWITTER – https://twitter.com/TubboLive INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/tubbolive/ DISCORD – https://discord.com/invite/tubbo TWITCH – https://www.twitch.tv/tubbo Read More

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    UNBELIEVABLE! INSANE Minecraft Kingdoms Episode 1 ft. thijsSVGVideo Information This video, titled ‘Kingdoms Minecraft #1 (ft.thijsSVG)’, was uploaded by DynoGG25 on 2024-03-16 16:02:13. It has garnered 49 views and 8 likes. The duration of the video is 05:01:48 or 18108 seconds. Read More

  • Insane Reaction: First Time Playing Hardcore Minecraft! 😱

    Insane Reaction: First Time Playing Hardcore Minecraft! 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘PLAYING HARDCORE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – Minecraft Live 🔴shorts stream’, was uploaded by Chazyyyboi on 2024-06-07 20:54:22. It has garnered 1272 views and 18 likes. The duration of the video is 02:00:13 or 7213 seconds. Watch the Longform stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8nnFkCWNo8 ⭐Become a channel member to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/c/Chazyyyboi/join 💲All donors get a mob in the Realm! Mob prices: https://bit.ly/mobprices 🙏Special thanks to @imbadatvideogames9770 and @MrSamisue27 ==================================================================================================== 🔴This stream has an estimated length of 2 hours 🙂 🎚️Music used (credit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks3DUf4Emog ==================================================================================================== Like my videos? Feel free to support me and… Read More

  • INSANE XD HUMOR: Spongebob Terror Shorts

    INSANE XD HUMOR: Spongebob Terror ShortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘xd #humor #terror #shorts #bobesponja’, was uploaded by Force on 2024-07-06 05:24:16. It has garnered 13198 views and 198 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well 😀 #roblox #humor #minecraft #spongebob #terror Read More

  • mcfox

    mcfox狐狸伺服 | mcfox.xyz | 1.20.x | 友善生存 伺服器IP: Java: mcfox.xyz(1.20.x) PE: mcfox.xyz Port: 19132 (最新版) Open the Minecraft launcher, next click the “Play” button, then select “Multiplayer” from the main menu. Click the “Add Server” button to open the server information form then copy & paste the IP Address mcfox.xyz in the “Server Address” box then press click on “Done” button. Once the connection to the server is verified by Mojang session servers and is available, the connection icon will turn green and you can click on the “Join Server” button to play on 狐狸伺服|mcfox.xyz. mcfox.xyz Read More

  • DysonSphere Modded

    The Dyson Sphere Modpack Created by SphereMC Enjoy a blend of mods including Create & Addons, Mekanism, Gregtech+Space Addon, new building materials, decor, Valkyrien Skies, Eureka ships, and airships! Server Whitelist-only server with a fantastic community and engaging modded experience using our blend of mods. Simple and quick whitelist process! Updated modpack ⭐ What Sets This Modpack Apart? Introducing The Dyson Sphere modpack. Built on Minecraft 1.20.1, inspired by ‘All the Mods 9’, trimmed for gameplay and performance optimization. Ideal for adventurers and tech enthusiasts with modded biomes, magic, technology like Create and its addons, Clockwork: Create x Valkyrien Skies…. Read More

  • Mystic_Isles

    Mystic_IslesWelcome to Mystic Isles! We are currently only a Factions server, we WILL be adding more game modes in the future. ACTIVE: FactionsComing Soon: SkyblockComing Soon: SurvivalComing Soon: PrisonVersions: 1.10-1.21 Read More

  • Planting Doubt: Minecraft’s Wayward Route

    Planting Doubt: Minecraft's Wayward Route In the world of Minecraft, plants take a twist, Carnivorous species, they can’t resist. But wait, is this right, or is it all wrong? Let’s dive in deep, and sing a new song. Check out Carnivorous Plants Sydney, they know the deal, With online stores and facts that are real. Happy Growing, they say with a smile, Join the community, stay for a while. The FlyTrap Garden, Calafornia_Carnivores too, Carnivorous Corner, Predatory Plants, all in view. Succulent FlyTraps, Josh’s Carnivorous Plants, Subscribe to them all, take a chance. Got questions about plants that eat meat? Join the Q&A, it’s… Read More