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Goen life just like daom bada bang by the power of the inter tits what excuse me what what do you mean by that what does he even mean okay I’m going head over to your oh wait no I got to get to level 30 get to level 30 Wy Betty this guy this goober I need some seeds seeds how did you die again I forgot when did you die I died a bunch of times all right nether I got surrounded by Pigman and like lost so I lost all my [ __ ] that’s most like recent like big death you know got all what did you lose in that uh a bunch of like random blocks um that like were unique I guess and uh a full set of diamond tools oh with my silk touch efficiency 4 so that was you know got to love that okay well should be able to get to to level 30 maybe we can get up level 31 here probably just level 30 I don’t enough seeds let’s just start murdering I’m going start murdering oh yeah yep cook chicken so we get a cook chicken that’s how I get it all hello Flora Cru Flora for Del Cru appreciate popping up what I don’t know I was trying to say the name I couldn’t say it this guy up I just couldn’t I don’t know what you doing I’m just chilling Chief and CH and chillaxing good old [ __ ] Saturday night you know me Nick what are you doing sneezing made my chest vibrate I was mid drinking too I was trying to I ask you a question just throw out all these eggs [ __ ] these eggs I figured out that you can just do the the blue flames you just throw your stuff into them and as soon as they touch the blue flame they just disappear oh that’s pretty cool yeah koi fish koish that’s kind of [ __ ] koi fish so wait wait we’re going to go mining right go on a mining es yeah do you have enough diamonds there to make your pickax right you don’t I got diamonds I just don’t have a level gotcha gotcha I should know I was talking to someone like that um okay well I think we’re ready to roll here to go on to over there do we oh big thing big thing that we’re missing and we’re not going to have it yet H torches I’mma pre-make sticks I’mma pre-make sticks here just so I have a [ __ ] ton of sticks but torches is a big one we’re not going to have any do you have any torches yeah how many do you have um 29 okay so we’re just going to try to get decent amount of coal there and then we can make some just not a lot well cuz it’s not a lot that that it’s it’s not a lot at all and then we’re [ __ ] and then and then we’re just sitting down there and then we’re too far down we’re too low of a level and then there’s no coal that’s spawning like the last time I literally came back with no coal but 64 diamonds makes no it makes no sense it’s like okay hello from Brazil how you doing that’s awesome appreciate popping in bro baked yeah I’m chilling I just got back from a smoke sesh you know just did a smoke sesh and now now we’re chilling us yeah bro you playing with somebody yeah we’re playing with Nick Nick’s on the server at the top MC nicken Chris is also on the server he’s playing another game he’s actually playing uh Dragon’s Dogma too Dogma Dogma okay let me get some building blocks here I made a [ __ ] ton of sticks think we’re good on sticks um what else do we need what else do we need what else do we need do we need any what should I bring should I bring something with me I feel like I should bring well we’re going to hope that you get a good pick right yeah I’m hoping uh I’mma bring this other should I bring my silk touch just in case um nah I’ll just use whatever pick you get from the okay okay let me just get some building blocks here little quick like dirt or something d a quick building block d d SC got that got sticks looking good uh where are they we’re going to be heading over to Nick’s place right now this is just my place right now my little tone B you know oh excuse me the B got to actually get my boat and then we’re going to head over there cuz we got to do some Mo I got to get some coal I got to get more iron I got to get I mean I’ll take some more diamonds I’ll never not take more diamonds yeah I only have 16 left now that is crazy and he has what do you even have diamond armor yeah I do have okay that’s good at least I thought like you lost everything you back down to iron no that would be crazy cuz you gave me like a stack yesterday F stage survival Minecraft after getting that many diamonds I just I should have probably slept but you know it’s fine yeah I was thinking that no no it’s fine I’ll just head over they forgetting them that that build blocks that you probably did no I don’t think so I think I have anything Noah how we doing have you got any donations yet donations no we’re not even affiliated with uh YouTubey part of the YouTube program we just work with companies and [ __ ] you know you that’s why there’s not like a donation bu donation I think I was one of the uh top donors uh yeah yeah you Na and Landon oh Landon would always [ __ ] kill it was yeah to I have I have no money like I said you just popping in supporting the channel uh time is [ __ ] valuable these days so popping in chilling with us that’s pretty much donating your time bo b b I have no money for my home I have no body pleas just leave my boat there leave my bow out there my boat ski there ski I have nobody for my home that’s a creeper we’re going up this way [ __ ] man I really don’t want to meet my [Music] dad un understandable oh I don’t like your door system why I don’t know I just don’t like it it’s tone proof yeah I don’t like it I’m going to take this diamond hose while I’m at it oh where’s this where’s your diamond or where’s your pick at do you have a pre-made pick Diamond uh no three oh wait one two three well you’re only going to have 13 left now so well I’ll make a second one just in case uh just in case it won’t even matter actually yeah it don’t matter have lapis oh do you have lapis on you I get I take I get no I don’t even get no l what you looking at what you looking at man what you looking at he swung first he swung first you swung first you saw crazy okay back away you give bad luck over here oh okay wait a second if it’s better than mine I’m taking it what that’s crazy ah well [ __ ] damn no I’ll take it efficiency for that’s Gess it’s not terrible the efficiency isn’t bad but that’s all I could get oh that’s good level 28 I also brought a uh Unbreaking three just in case that one was [ __ ] so diamond pig be using this one now too okay what’s this supposed to be is this going to be like a I was thinking like a rocket Landing Pad which would which would be way cooler than whatever you’re thinking about so I’m thinking Rocky Landing I’m going to have the big old rocket no no no look no no no no look at my imagination no no no look at my imagination uh rocket right in the center right in the center right there all the way up I’m thinking like at least stack and a half up to the top you know a big ass rocket what’s a zombie looking at I was just looked at the zombie no I’m C rocket sh why not why not gotcha got him got him got him what the [ __ ] was that please tell me that wasn’t a creeper what nothing exploded oh okay good I’m fighting a zombie he’s just fight he’s just trying to he’s punching me I’m just letting him in pting him with the chicken dead I almost was dead really how far is the drop over here look at it bro I didn’t even I went down to three that is crazy it looks like it’s not that far down if you’re looking from this way you’re like you’re just chilling you like it doesn’t look like that far down the circle’s pretty big bro uh what is it supposed to be what the [ __ ] is this I’m going to connect this right to to right here yeah and then this is going to be just a [ __ ] giant Glass Tower what is there going to be a top to it what the [ __ ] I didn’t get that far just goes straight up there’s no so you’re just going to like like a SP what is it going to be water what no it’s just going to be a giant Tower with your stuff in it I don’t I don’t know yet it’s crazy you’re spending this much time you put the it’s just a tower so you just imagine a tower going straight up and then just yeah glass that’s glass all on this Stone right here on this Stone glass all the way all right no no I got that but then is it for storage what it is it what is it your house it’s G be like a it’s gonna be like a mega bease I guess uhhuh just see through all levels but yeah but that but then that but that’s going to be like the center of it you know and then I build around you know yeah I think uh I think a I think a Starship or like a spaceship would be pretty dope get the house look how look how many look how much Stone I still have bro yeah I need to take at least three more what are these hey don’t take it off just have a full inventory Stone I got I got I got a whole large chest full when I had my that’s fine I’ll give you some okay do you got those torches though give me like half torches I have torches I have 16 17 you said you said you had 28 where you been putting them then I had to put them under that Circle oh cuz you hollowed it out cuz you’re cheap you’re cheap that’s like cheap no no no I want to put the bottom that’s why no that’s cheap construction work right there is OSHA approved on this one let me check the diameters let me see we got a I don’t know it’s a one two one2 one2 block ratio right now so I’m just saying I think I think I think I no no I think no no no I think OA regular regulations is a 32 32 32 32 and yours is a one 12 one2 one2 so I mean I’m in I’m in the UK so oh we don’t want to I mean we don’t want stuff to happen like that submarine stuff so I mean just make we’re On LAN I’m just making sure with the pressure and [ __ ] you know I had two torches in God damn I my bad yeah I really don’t have any coal I that’s what we are going to go get is cool I think that cuz I got 43 sticks so oh wait let me put my laps back 43 yeah yeah know I made stacks of I have two stacks and 20 damn yeah yeah I’ll mess around but I do hit you a few times oh wait you should go back in the I’ll be going that way oh I have I have one on do you want to explore the one on my Island cuz I I know there’s one on myland is cuz there’s probably new I haven’t explored any I mean we could that would probably be better just get a boat you got a boat got a boat got a boat got a boat oh wait don’t you run oh yeah well I’ll meet you there no I got a boat over there no well because we’re GNA have to use a boat eventually loser you absolute I think I might go get a glass of milk andos too though so on get to your base and go get the milk yeah and I’ll show you where the mining’s at the mo system can’t leave my boat stranded got to get my boat back there this my boat man they should make boat you should be able to customize boat that be kind of kind of cool it be different kind of boats just a big ass boat you can control it with like two people do Minecraft updates with tone just got the diamond on just diamond out I’ll have to say my favorite part about this game is throwing people off Ledges to kill them dragon’s DOA too I see you on your boat look to your right what’s up M how you doing dog no way let’s see let’s see who’s getting there for no I have to get around this whole thing you can just cut right through it like I’m still going left like I have to go left for a bit I see like the little boo Little Blue Boo thing then it least ice I’m at the parkour what no I’m just kidding the hell are you getting there already to start a raid that’s not good I was raining well all these Villages are about to die then happens unless you want to complete the raid we haven’t done that yet yeah we haven’t done that yet let’s do it up [ __ ] him I see him over here [ __ ] oh they do like no damage they’re lucky it’s raining out oh wait never mind they do they do some damage here just doing the axe man wow they did some damage just going to make sure you eat didn’t do any damage well I didn’t eat so I didn’t have any regen that whole time I just getting [ __ ] ding ding ding ding ding I feel like they’re just targeted at me where where’s the oh they’re on top of the hill over here behind us hit him with the old wait around the corner Strat make them shoot each other oh Jesus how did you hit me that oh I don’t have any regen oh my God that dude does some damage that do some some damage that axe is crazy how many rounds is it I think it’s five holy [ __ ] I think I wish I had some bow or some arrows right now got to be [ __ ] ripping them oh I want that horn I call dibs on that horn did you get it where is it I heard it over here I heard it in front of us over here like over here back where we just fought the other people yeah over here I see him just re oh oh the axe gu stuck in the water no way I just killed them nice oh there’s a witch [ __ ] I got two of them I’m going take out the witch oh no there’s one of those [ __ ] oh my God I’m I got you run away run away run away yeah yeah I got to run too he’s coming watch out my God he’s outside my house watch out watch out watch out yeah yeah yeah he is the witches too we got to take that that witch somehow I’m go for the witch I hit him once into the water hit him again oh hit the witch again let’s go for this guy got him watch out behind you one shot in this I didn’t even know the witch was so L I’m going underwater oh he got me come on oh oh [ __ ] I gotta run away it’s like one more hit I think eat how stren oh there we go beautiful I think there’s another way no way right I still have poison how long is it 13 more seconds so I’m on half a heart right now oh it’s back where we just fought them all again it’s that same start spot I go to get at least some regen here there we go I’m starting to regen regen too bad the iron go doesn’t do [ __ ] honestly that right wait even when they shoot it I wonder if they shoot it like if you stand behind it and they just get shot when they just do anything watch out witch again witch again wi again behind you they eat too watch out I killed it nice I’m going for this one I got eat holy the axe one’s crazy yeah I’m going to need your help on this guy nice yep oh my God I almost just died right there oh it’s like one more chop from dying oh one more yeah I got to regen a little bit let me just regen I should have done a golden apple or something for this thing just tank another one now we got the witch up there oh if I had a bow this would be cakeone the witch nice what we got left it’s probably right over here I think two of those those freaking like wall Rhino things come out what this next one it should be the last we yeah cuz now we’re going to have to deal with Mobs with it yeah they’re over there yep I want the [ __ ] horn so bad yeah we’re just going to oh we can actually use the mobs to our advantage wait wait wait bring over the creepers oh my I just used the creeper hit himly if it wasn’t raining this fire would be great on them right now but it’s [ __ ] raining of course oh I just killed a villager I’m bring him inside here oh one shot I’m one shot oh my I’m literally one shot so am I oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God so am I so am I so am I I got the axe guy on me yeah me too oh and the skeletons this is crazy [ __ ] up oh no I brought to iron gos oh [ __ ] I have five freaking Outpost banners or something I got a saddle nice I’m just hitting them farther away holy there’s so many skeletons and [ __ ] trying to fight these guys too this is [ __ ] oh my I thinkk we got it no there’s still one more axe guy there’s still one more axe guy I see him running over here he’s in the pond where at where you at oh right there yep there’s another one there’s another one there’s another yeah he’s in the water right now watch out watch out run run run run run oh oh my God oh my God the ly I’m out heart and a half I think the last dude’s over here or wait where’s the is there one more yeah one More’s over here come on there’s so many skeletons around it I’m just trying to get this [ __ ] he’s running he’s running got him let’s go I got five of the banners sweet can I take uh can I use one of those get one of those I didn’t get any is this guy wait I your fireworks where’s the fireworks oh yeah I think it’s just cuz we got Victory hero of the village I think we have better deals to now really something oh I killed the villager oh great so I don’t know did you get the horn from it no I didn’t bro I didn’t see I didn’t get anything good I got a saddle that was it bro s on some weird [ __ ] like well there’s a bed over here at my house so we can just [ __ ] sleep and then you can go get your uh cookies and your cookies and milk here oh facts yeah I forgot all about my cookies and milk huge do a little mining pooping my pants Mak want to dance pooping my pants ow and I is you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year uh do you have any hole no that’s what I’m saying we got to go get some Co come on stop going through the chest and just [ __ ] go to bed here I have a lot in my inventory that’s the thing yeah I don’t have any chests chest room yeah I’m just dumping [ __ ] this guy right make it look like your place over there I got seven emeralds on me I’ll be back but go to bed that’s what I said get over here oh this guy just go to bed this [ __ ] guy this [ __ ] guy what do you think I’m GNA do with this thing this guy this guy [ __ ] this dude go get your cookies and freaking milk here cie come died during that that’s crazy was not worth it for this [ __ ] Banner the great chest of chests how my chickens looking got to thin the herd here n we good I think we good I think we good I think we good and I said hey [Music] hey those rip I don’t know just saying man [ __ ] it’s one thing they fall all the way down to the floor before they start excuse me going back up oh something like that something like that and that that I got another saddle out of it wow w wow wow try to use axe for more damage they have the same damage attack attack it’s just different attack speed n and nine what chopping but this one also has the sharpness three on it with knockback fire aspect looting looting tooting would you just push some off the cliff yeah dude I’m just running up and launching them does the combat feel nice yeah so my group right now I’m a warrior so it’s like sword and shield and [ __ ] got another Warrior I have an Archer and I have a mage it’s kind of nice cuz the Mage just every once in a while makes your weapons on fire yeah [ __ ] light people up it’s lit but the Archer is [ __ ] nasty sometimes I’ll throw something there’ll be no ledge they’ll just shoot the M air I’m just like it’s lit it’s okay so it feels good bad mid decent it’s pretty good it’s pretty good okay Nick’s back with his milk and his [Music] Oreos like I feel like the warrior class is kind of like it’s going to be tough to play as cuz you got to be right up their [ __ ] and it’s not really like a good Dodge but at the same time I get executions 360 meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow Oreos of milk just hit de yep yep y especially you got all your Min and [ __ ] ready here buddy what your [ __ ] to go mining here yeah what about it you ready to go mine it I okay well you guys just got to make a boat there’s a little bow up little boat boat got a bow boat actually I got yeah I got one right here okay ready to roll yep wait why you checking the chest afterwards there’s fun stuff in it oh storm where your junk in my chest that is crazy precisely the wording oh I need to get more carrots katos yeah I’m not big carrot guy this I can there’s cooked chicken in there stacks of cooked chicken no okay well we we just going to this little part right here what what where are you at huh where did you go right right behind you where it’s just the end of the farm this goofy goober man just right over to this part uh we needed a boat for this yeah crazy this is our boating Adventure right there wasn’t it pretty spectacular I’m surp oh cuz I haven’t been on this chunk of land so all these saplings that I placed over here it’s not within the chunk um um whoa whoa whoa calm down here buddy it gets for Rizzle um so we just go down this way and then over here I got to some here oh wait hold on I don’t have what that I didn’t have any sound oh okay got you there you go got to go this way this way this way this way this way this way this a and this is the m shaft right down here so this goes open to a I haven’t really done much exploring You Know M shaft right here Boom Bada Bing and I haven’t really done yeah barely I’ve just thrown torches down and kept running oh the fire aspect um oh coal right here oh this is a open Cavern open Cavern here I just don’t got any torches so let me just get torches right off the bat here mine that mine that why do this drop so far Jesus oh it’s just a pit full of [ __ ] zombies oh what’s down here spider what’s up spider come on yeah that’s right what’ you get blue [ __ ] blue lapis La poopy yes the be poopy lapis laop now which one is it Fortune this one feels good to have efficiency 4 again I need that coal man I’m a coal miner tonight coal miner okay I just made some torches I made two stacks a torches so I don’t know where you went to but let me get over to you give you a stack of torch oh there’s more iron or coal right here oh I found coal too I can make torches well I get the fortune okay Fortune Fortune Fortune so I can get the that goooo and I already made a stack of oh well I have like three stacks of torches so where’ you go to did you go down uh kind kind of I don’t even know where the [ __ ] I want to be honest with you oh it’s right um but I think it’s dead end wherever I I’m just getting some iron looking iron wait I go down the Deep slate a little bit wow it’s a decent amount of iron here oh opens up to a new little Cavern right here what do we got what do we got what do we got oh goes down more coal down there okay oh you’re down far then you’re a deep slate yeah it’s just a deadend there’s a lot of rails too I you said you was that you just exploding something oh I see your name tag oh you’re actually here let me build let me dig over to you wait stay there stay there oh that’s fine say l I’ll eat some more go I put them on a fork and then I freaking just put the fork in my milk yeah yeah you got to do it with the fork [ __ ] so gas hello I found a good coal deposit when I was mining through there too oh yeah yeah there was actually a decent amount cuz there’s coal over there too right over where underwear got them hilarious you’re so funny thank you I appreciate that okay this guy this goofy Luber yeah right now I got a stack and 12 on me stack and 12 on me okay that’s crazy um yeah that’s right where’s the coal up oh okay here here’s a stack of that have a stack of 48 torches perfect so ready to roll on torches I just need to get a little bit more coal I’m going to go on this side this connects to another mine over here oh she stuck yeah this is a dead end one now is it yeah that other way is a dead end this way is I don’t know where I came from this side I think it came from this way oh no not this way cuz I would have Min this coal some good cry back to level 31 probably can do a pickaxe enchant want to get back too I hear mobs right above me really really yeah interesting so loud I see deep sleep right here okay here we go get some coal here get some of that get some coal Coal on the Deep it looks weird oh a little different yeah definitely SP me yeah it does looks weird that’s a creeper how you doing creeper how you doing I got knock back in fire aspect yeah that’s right you don’t even want to do anything with this yeah oh I heard that there’s another one they do no damage on the explosion so good old diamond armor there must be coming from somewhere no it’s just a dead end over here they were just bunched up for no reason nothing oh no what I thought I was killing that skeleton with a freaking sword and I was hitting it with lapis nothing just getting nailed now that’s comedy hey you right on the other side of the wall yeah there’s like a little bit of a cave here what goes up there oh it’s just a way down I’m hoping this cave has something like my cave does where it’s just [ __ ] huge just opens up oh there’s water right here what the [ __ ] oh wait wait right under me right under me oh Jesus I didn’t think it was a drop like that but I think it just closed right back off unless it goes farther oh wait oh looks like it’s already been M wait what oh wait I think I’ve been in this yeah yeah yeah this is [ __ ] yeah this way is not the way it is not the way what’s down there did you already check down there yeah take that iron take that iron oh iron iron iron iron iron IR I didn’t check over here oh wait there’s torch right there I didn’t check over here mate oh that’s a Skelly I took care of that thing you already checked down there down the waterfall you already checked yeah I’m going back up this is [ __ ] empty oh this brings you right to the Serv right to the service where’s your boats right on this side side the mountain to the left to the left now Ki now kick now KCK now walk it by yourself now walk it by yourself to the right to the right to the right to the right to the left to the left to the left to the left I think we’re going to have better luck at uh at my cave man we’ve already gotten a lot of the diamonds there I know but there’s so much more takes for there so big okay let me just do a Depot run here all my iron and [ __ ] I need another Oreo b b just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming where’s my or ches put that in there I can actually start cooking these up now half in there half in there take out the chicken put in take out the ch take chicken half in there half in there and there oh have in there there we go so we s that um torches probably make some more torches [Music] Torinos you’re you’re setting Tor yeah you’re setting torches right yeah okay sweet keep my above uh I’m going bring actually a new pick I want to upgrade a pick I enchant a pickaxe what level are you at just about to hit 25 got you 25 oh you should have hit the chickens while you were here oh I’m so oh using the the good guy yeah got the fishing spot I got to make another chest here cuz is just it’s getting a little out outlandish you and your giant G Sky toilet rib what wa what you saying what you saying man Jesus put those in there that there that there that in there that in there that there that in there that that that that that we keep that that that that oh change a book oh come on my first one ever on the series so come on bro what is it best respiration to bane of after pods four a little different a little different it’s [ __ ] ass it’s a little different a little different hey wait wait here wa wait let me try to see if I can get something with the Lu of C2 one watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this right here watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this watch just watch this you don’t know the strategy on this one oh maybe not Maybe not maybe not Maybe not maybe not see you only get PO for fish you’re that kind of type see right there look at that you got what level are you now 54 okay what how did you get yours so quickly I don’t even have a leg I know that’s crazy what do you mean that’s that’s my fishing rod I got 10 insects [ __ ] god this guy like sack this guy takes the best fishing rod and like yeah because I’m good [ __ ] this dude this dude this goober well I’m ready to go back to your uh your place here let me enjoy a couple more okay like taking the boat over you’re not just sitting there enjoying the overs did I just get a bowl yeah nice Bowl what does respiration do I don’t know no clue and know it has something to do bre enchantment book come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on sharpness three multi-shot what the [ __ ] multi-shot oh that’s for the crossbow not that good then mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid Oreos are so [ __ ] good they are pretty good how are we getting this [ __ ] at the same time um cuz you’re throwing it at the same time I’m throwing it and we’re both throwing it together y watch this puffer fish twinning who’s going to get it who’s going to get it who’s going to get it who’s going to get it got it crazy it was a good spot man I just had to come through a little snag right here watch this let going get two in a row I just watch just be for you crap yeah it’s fine as mine’s better placement placement key placement key it’s like putting and golf man placement key come on come on come on it’s me it’s me that’s me I’ll give it one more and then head over to your place I got upgrade a pickaxe yeah I got kill all your chickens what the breed them first go through the you got to get the wheat breed them and then kill them jeez this guy just thinks he runs the joint I do run the joint what are you talking about oh okay well that’s true that’s true eh boom [Music] maybe if I just throw it at you first you’re the lucky charm pull you into the water then throw it in and watch this let you drown nick uh you should probably start moving Nick Nick are you here no I’m just [ __ ] with you I was I was going to see if you’re going to like tweak so freaking out no I was going to say uh well he’s going to lose all his XP zo yeah what do I got to do for these freaking chickens just Smash down all the wheat you just take them all down smash you don’t have to pick through just smash them [Applause] all okay or pick through just repl it’s a careful selection process okay all right whatever you want whatever you want is there a spot over here where there’s a is there so yeah soil spot soil spot found one bro you’re literally a soybean okay buddy all right you absolutely wetel pretzel looking muff right you are literally muff cabbage now that is accurate dude I literally have to get up at like 6:30 tomorrow bro what freak oh zo M then the extra seeds just m them all got stay what’ you just throw out over five seeds what what about the five seeds man that’s four more chickens or two more chickens but oh what do I do with all these eggs just throw them just we stop holding the seeds and then get out of here just throw them into the fire like I said you can just stand next to the fire no throw them into the fire so they’re not an item cuz they just sit here floating around go next to the fire you’ll pick them up no no you’re not just sitting over here throwing all the eggs out throw them next to the fire doing you’re doing oh really well well well throw them in the fire next time here buddy make it just filling up my chest with a bunch of [ __ ] throwing random stuff in here now you throwing your blocks and [ __ ] are you close to level 30 I’m 27 I’m not too shabby are you close to level like 28 or is it half R out of seeds yeah they well yeah you’re not going to get enough levels from that so just leave them just throw the just throw them at thing stand next to this throw everything up any of the Torches there how me okay that’s what I’m trying not to do is have just a random spawns of chickens cuz then it’s just makes it lag this guy do I go over to your place and start just [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] up no what do you mean this guy throwing chickens everywhere throwing [ __ ] in the water this dude’s [ __ ] my [ __ ] up I don’t know what you’re talking about this goober okay well take a Bo head over to here place I got my food on me you want sleepers oh it’s oh it’s wait can we ride in the same boat I don’t think oh maybe we can I don’t know I’m trying to No I’m trying to use this fishing rod real quick it’s [ __ ] prime time to fish one second one second here a little Prime Time fish time thunder storm oh you took that good one of course I got all of the what are you talking about I leave them in the chest so you can use them doesn’t mean I’m going to give you the good one you should this guy this Gober so you just did you get something yeah what’ you get a red salmon I think oh yep raw salmon come on fishing yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy nice and raw what oh another one what the hell I think it’s because you don’t know about the secret hidden golden spot the secret hidden golden spot have you heard about it no secret hidden golden spot secret hidden golden spot it’s whatever A lot of people don’t know about it but it’s proven that’s it hasn’t proven anything but it’s just proven right here super golden spot fish look at that Banger go catch him I was over here I couldn’t have done that that wasn’t me you [ __ ] the fact that it just hooks just hooks your mouth and like pulls them towards you it’s so playing mouse and keyboard with one hand and I’m trying to [ __ ] eat Oreos got you my bad he has to get himself set back up he’s not even you look like you’re using trackpad you just took my fish oh I [ __ ] Switched Off [ __ ] that you took my fish man I want my fish back I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back fish take this thank [Laughter] you nothing well [ __ ] I have to look up a little bit just got a a little bit of look up get your fishing rod out of my face dog or what um this guy this guy Nick what have I said in the fish are going in the chest I you literally see the chest full of the fish just put them back into the water just put them into the chest just throw them in the chest so there’s not floating cuz they go right to the top of the thing they don’t just stay at the bottom I don’t think there’s many other better things than 1% milk this guy what’s up wasn’t even me that’s it because you were complaining about all this [ __ ] all these shitty items being all over your Island guess what I’m going to die just so all my items are all over here let finally get some extra XP yeah yeah let it happen stay down there stay down there stay down there no stay down 360 gotcha got to run away wait wait make sure you throw the fishing fishing rod back let’s head over to your place fishing rod back in there get this this that that this oh jeez yeah the the elevator shoots you straight up [ __ ] RKO okay every ready to head over head over head over yeah that’s what I’m doing are you just leaving your boat just stationed over here okay yeah who needs a boat I little got you well you probably would have if I uh didn’t make a parkour pathway like a boss but you know it’s whatever what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean what do you no no no no no no no no what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean okay but what do you mean by what do you what wait what do you mean bro yeah exactly what are you talking about some good old b y I said hey I be gone today but I’ll be back along the way see everywhere I go the more I see the less I know but I know one thing that love you hey I love you hey I love you I love you no no all right okay tough crowd tough crowd tough crowd tough crowd man see everywhere I go the more I see the less I know but I know Ving that I like you hey I like you I like you I like you I like it and I want it now we can do this easy way or the hard way okay now that’s not what I was saying but what were you saying where you at at your basement the M oh you in the mine no oh where’s your lapis la Sly pad’s great as [ __ ] bro oh I have all my lapis on no I see it up top there took a few took a few here I’m using a upgrade another pickaxe here see if we can get a bit of pick of course why is it been raining so much I like you look like that crazy okay well I hope I get a great pickaxe I’m sure you won’t efficiency 4 and breaking three well it’s better just extra pick I guess little extra prick you know oh if you didn’t have ladders that would have been hilarious that would so funny run in just hit you once you just fall all the way down the bottom um yeah I think I’m Gucci I think I’m ready to roll here are you ready to roll are you ready to roll Kevin why you look like that why is your beak like that man what that beak do though that’s crazy bro there so so many people are weird man dude just commented edging edging to this right now that’s [ __ ] wild be little weird I see no harm no F yeah it’s it is wild though if you if I hit you at the perfect spot you might fall the way down see if I can hit you at the perfect spot I don’t think so buddy you don’t think so yeah no [ __ ] I thought there was no I think you just wait no no let’s try it again let’s try it again oh no no no you’re taking damage no you’re doing pretty good yeah yeah know how much food you get on you what I only have 41 carrots no I have 40 after your [ __ ] ass I got enough food for myself dog I don’t know if I bring for others but I don’t know I’ve offered you so many stacks of chicken you’re like I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it oh it’s literally cold right here bro yeah yeah cuz we never came up we never really did coal mining when we were over here we were like oh let’s just keep on rolling and we just kept running for diamonds yeah this is a cave well at least we torched everything up last time mostly so everything at the bottom is pretty much torched up well where do we want to start just kind of where we were I haven’t explored this left area yet oh I just fell to one heart I might die here oh [ __ ] okay well yeah I’m not going to make that jump again I’m not going to try that you got regen right you’re good um yeah okay I’m down at the bottom floor here I’m with you I’m with you yeah we explored over here went there last time but we might have missed [ __ ] too cuz we ran out of torches thanks for the sub well I had torches you didn’t though this guy get all this iron what do you think I’m doing right now calm down buddy I got a lot cooking at my base anyways how about you get a good enchant on your pick and then we wouldn’t have to worry about this no oh do yeah that’s right that’s right it’s not my fault you cheat in the game it’s not my M you cheat in the game it’s your fault right there that’s your fault right there that creeper died because of you do you feel how do you feel how do you feel how do you feel for how do you feel about that feel great okay tell us how you really feel Express to us oh I’m getting this Redstone [Music] XP almost back to level 30 I’ll be able to enchant another pick pickaxe well you’re really running ahead aren’t you yeah just [Music] exploring I’m going to be going to bed soon so I’m trying to get in as much as I can when did you say you get enough shortly shortly gotta boy freaking dummy tired Andy I got to get up dummy early tomorrow a lot of dummies right there yeah you telling me man lots and lots of dummies diamonds one last diamond girl oo so many right here too so what I’m Diamond about it’s Diamond it’s Diamond it’s one last diamond diamond I was trying to I was trying to sing it see my song My One Last Diamond song there diamonds on the ceiling over here no I was singing I was I was I wasn’t paying attention to that I was looking at my diamond song I was trying to wow that’s just that’s just dumb I was going to try to punch you off that too One Last Lonely Diamond okay decent decent what we got gold up there we got what do we got over here okay over here prob stay I’ll probably stay stay down here till I hit Level 30 and then uh go do an enchantment and then I’m going to bed enchantment enchantment table enchantment see what’s up here wow okay You’ already explored that part though where is there oh there’s a skeleton with a full gold armor I was like what the hell is that oh there’s a l a lush cave thingy oh it is yeah yeah oh yeah that was the sphere that I saw last time oh I saw another one actually I think too yeah I found another one of those too holy push cave oh there diamonds right here just brighten this up real quick M through this [Music] hey little guy there Diamond trigger okay okay give me a second man just call me little wait wait wait hold up hold up that is crazy what you just call me little guy speaking facts get all these blocks what are these blocks what’s the white block cow site did you get these diamonds yet no I didn’t pick up yet I’m just picking up these random blocks right now honest with you there’s two things of diamonds here perfect we get just didn’t even see them it’s not that I went for this I haven’t gone over there yet just I was trying to get the blocks where the at where the two where the two things at one’s right here gotcha more over [Music] here that was a scattered tour oh hit me again every time you hit me last one last Diamond dick kid go get this iron W here kind want to go down here where we at wait this bottom floor we’ve already been at the bottom floor this very bottom I don’t think so bro yeah there’s torches true but I don’t remember being I think this is where I explored right well [ __ ] I need I have a water tower I have water bucket wait you go down here no no I’m over here I’m right behind you right where you just were at the sphere oh why there’s more to there well no I just I don’t think this was well explored down there cuz I didn’t have much torches so I couldn’t look look around that much so I don’t even it might be mad [ __ ] yeah it’s a lot of [ __ ] I’m just going to light up the place just so I can see well fire is going to work down here 100% so so they light me on fire but I have fire protection beautiful could have Miss some more Diamond do or something I see some lapis lapis La boopy yummy yummy yummy lapis La poopy see like nothing over here over there nothing there nothing here about over here boink boink so freaking windy outside so very wind so much wind very much tunnel wood tunnel are these guys Redstone right there oh there’s a lot of skeletons down here holy [ __ ] there’s like no torches down here so if you find a spawn make sure you Mar the cords well I’m just trying to torch up the place right now there so many skeletons where where’d you go to I don’t even know bro I’m deep though I’m deep deep deep where the [ __ ] you in the same Cavern that I was in I don’t even know oh I see your yeah yeah yeah yeah below you yeah I was going across this way I’m exploring this way see if we can find some more diamond oh diamonds beautiful beautiful beautiful there’s [ __ ] oh more diamonds two spots of diamonds there’s just a lot of mobs here let’s go for it almost level 30 oh another skeleton right there and back do some damage to him do a little Trail in here it’s like Call of Duty [Music] zombies those it’s just the zombies there we go all right I’m start making my way back up yeah I found these next two things of uh dios I have to M them that me those that me those diamonds here I don’t think so I don’t think so I don’t think so let’s go this way see like many torches are over here oh jeez okay oh my goodness just fell in a [ __ ] hole right next to a creeper did you almost die I almost literally fell in the most random hole and it I just happened to land right butt next to a [ __ ] cre but to but yeah bro like butt to butt I mean like I’m like oh I knew he was going to do that that [ __ ] skeleton [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] skeleton guy okay how do I get out of here I know I’m just trying to get up as much as I can without having to dig straight up oh that’s what I’m trying to do too too but definitely easier said than done here there’s so many layers jump around this way oh skeleton there more iron no dios no not dles how much coal did you get um none damn yeah cuz we just dropped right down to the low level so I got iron but when I went to uh the mine near are like my house I got some more coal there cool level trying to figure out how we get in oh actually Oh Oh I thought I found my way out oh snap okay must be nice yeah it is pretty nice I mean no one that’ll be able to survive unlike you so it’s like it’s pretty good you know thanck you who almost dead almost day dear I see Co up top there but nothing down nothing down that jump it hop it scoop it poop it yeah yeah did you find your way out Nick I don’t know I’m diing straight up oh the old dig straight up stra you know or you could just you know remember your way out can’t go around just diging straight up that’s true well I mean it’s also false at the same time but I do like the Strat cuz you hit a you hit a lava patch and you’re [ __ ] if you’re not doing a two like a two buildup two blocks cuz that’s definitely St well 100% Cho rep yeah I’m taking Cho right now actually oh I mean I wish I had some nicoe have you played days gone it’s a good game I have not wasn’t that a PS uh PlayStation game I think I don’t know maybe possibly Maybe not maybe possibly not possibly maybe what’s that supposed to mean I think it was a PlayStation game that’s that’s what I said this zombie is going to make me level 30 there we go where you go so we got a total of 33 diamonds I have to make a diamond pick that’s taking out of both of our funds right now now but it is what it is so we’re down to 30 30 split evenly is obviously 10 each so obviously 10 each so I’ll give myself because I had the forge H we’ll give you we’ll give it 15 15 should we split it even I mean this dude goes through diamonds like [ __ ] no other yeah here’s your [ __ ] 15 diamonds you fatty thanks Jimmy he’s just going to go through it and lose it probably yeah I was trying to get you teleported away I was going to get you teleported away oh hey thanks for the sub hit that sub button join the community do an upgade I’ll let you go first because I know you’re eager oh yeah I’m eager to get Absolut [ __ ] I know you’re eager I’ve got a bunch of [ __ ] nothing either but I’ve also got some good stuff let’s see what you got let’s see what you got man what you get what you get efficiency [Music] three but maybe it’ll be stacked maybe it’ll be stacked not stacked he just leaves the game oh my God the first thing mine says is Unbreaking three so that’s not good that’s not that good let’s see it’s literally just Unbreaking three I got efficiency three Unbreaking three mine’s just Unbreaking three so it’s better than what I got it’s crazy actually crazy yeah it’s kind of wild but I will talk to you I boy bring all my [ __ ] back to my to my place here how much is it to repair this let see how many levels oh Nick’s got an anvil here so let’s see the levels to repair what’s the repair levels on the Anvil um boo with an Unbreaking oh what the [ __ ] what do I want to disenchant I would want to disenchant the [ __ ] am I doing what if I throw it with an Unbreaking is it the same thing with a just a normal dck test out the theory here make another one what it cost two wait could you add but then that what offici but you can’t add this to this oh okay now okay so it would cost ay doie yeah I probably want to do that Unbreaking um [Music] think I might just do a diamond pick but then the Unbreaking would be nice I have two Unbreaking three picks that’s crazy might as well use them breaking three okay that’s was kind that all that [ __ ] now run down levels at least we got a good pick now Unbreaking three fortune 2 efficiency 4 it’s pretty good we have a good pick and we got a good sword other than that not the best chance who is still oh [ __ ] you’re still here what’s up you both still here I’m I’m chilling I’m just doing a live stream right now you know we’re live playing some Minecraft I just got back I don’t know why I had the sudden urge to cook I made a a the rest of my little B pasta up did all the dishes came back gotta yeah it was good though I made like a little creamy garlic uh pasta I think sounds good sounds good yeah it was good good soup good soup just want a little mining Excursion here got some good [ __ ] all right where is Cino man was I asking about this [ __ ] yeah where the [ __ ] is cacino cacino get out of my on PC for 10 bucks oh snap 10 bucks that’s not too shabby days gone have you played days gone I have not no I haven’t played it either that’s not too bad though 10 Bean [Music] or oh crack the back Jesus head back to the old humble ab store all my [ __ ] going do a little fishing little bit of Fish Little Fish fishy fishy a little bit of fishing fishing is the mission is the mission when we fishing good to throw with the soap touch efficiency then I just need the efficiency 3 would be good on the book on the ax here that’ be good be whipping oh yeah I wanted to see if I can do the bow bow with where is [Music] it curse of Vanishing I’ll throw both in there get the iron get the iron get the iron put some more iron in there oh more iron in there Bo so now we got some iron stocked up I’m actually going to make an anvil right here I’m going to Anvil up I just need to make block of iron block of iron block of iron block of iron think there just ingots how does it work here [ __ ] how does I search up anvil oh three iron blocks in that okay gotch you made an extra iron block uh where should we put her Anvil cuz I want to see if you can do a a B throw this in there add this to it but then it has curse of Vanishing no [ __ ] [ __ ] um How much would it be to add efficiency three three levels that’s not too bad we do that um we got any other books we can use protection sharpness looting where have looting can we do silk [Music] touch okay okay all right put in here iron iron iron still have a dcount left sweet got these new blocks in here too why is there so many eggs put that in there [ __ ] eggs got too many damn eggs too many of these damn eggs here okay now we got these stacked up oh this one’s just a good extra it’s just Unbreaking silk touch get the extra diamond pick in here put that in there looking decent looking decent let see how those blocks look can we make slabs no what can you do with the block can you only place it can make stairs no okay [Music] um well that could be a cool replacement actually hold up wait a second like how makes different noises boom boom boom so can make a [Music] music I like that I like it I like okay the purple and the [Music] gold maybe that’s what we should do [Music] purple now that would look wild but would be kind of cool be kind of cool how much more purple [ __ ] do we got where is it where up put [ __ ] put over to the top I was like what the hell I knew I had another stack I kind of like it with that if we did that instead think can keep the grass don’t keep the grass what are we thinking purple might look dope though I’m thinking we take out the wood ones and purples jumping across it purple the purple lily pads now I think I like it without this let’s go stay like that have you ever finished Minecraft oh yeah so many times almost every year we hop on as a crew and just complete Minecraft in like two three weeks just [ __ ] run through it we’re just playing a server just building [ __ ] you know good old building build build building that would actually look pretty cool that’s what I was missing do that to these oh we have all look in this same yeah beautiful Beauty Beauties bey bey bey I kind of want that quz to go over there so probably won’t be this put these [Music] back those blocks yeah I’m going to need some more quartz quartz need some quartz quartz blocks put these back in there that that that got the Fortune One on US Gucci throw this pick back in there actually kind of want to use that do I got gravel gravel do I got gravel and gravel okay seven we got one got two got three I another way to get a flint like that foret to put both of them down all these ones should be in a pain both can to be Flint same time calling it jeez might my fist there we go where is my sticks sticks sticks sticks some arrows that’s good good good good good good good get some building blocks okay let’s head to the [ __ ] good old nether said no one oh let me take some gold do I got gold boots perfect probably should just make some more gold boots here gold booties CU it’s rled oh oh I see I see I know you can make a little block for this game oh that should be full gotcha mending protection we’ll take this cuz I don’t have any enchant on the Diamond Helmet so throw diamond helmet on okay okay let’s go go into The Nether I got to get Quartz get my level up get some blocks see what I can get here actually need more more of this [ __ ] yeah stuff I need the soil now I have this the new new sh destroys Jesus we definitely going to have enough of this oh we collect all all that that’s good cuz I want to use like the for some fire [ __ ] actually collect layer because when you light it on fire it’s the blue light oh will forever stand the soil I guess the so same thing let’s go this way this way last time we went to the left I’m thinking we go to the right I hear a gas [Music] already go for quartz try not get shot off by a [Music] skeleton jump a little bit of a drop here not too bad just lower ourselves down decent patch here that’s my fortune right yeah sweet sweet sweet sweet this thing rips through the other stuff be XP and some good old oh got some gold over there good up there let’s go back this way okay let’s get out there let’s go to the right oh there’s more [ __ ] up there there do the right do the right kill the Skeletron now I’m not as worried I got full diamond gear now [ __ ] ready rule no need to fear when the diamond gear is here right get some building blocks real quick here little bit of that a little bit of this a little bit of that okay haven’t been up here yet bone blocks we don’t really need them but we’ll take them one Skeletron here he just going to burn glow stone not a big glowstone guy anymore ever since they added that new stuff that [ __ ] looks so much better Bam Bam give me those quarts give me those quarts oh that’s a little bit of a fall there just a we bit of a fall just remember that we Bend this way let’s mark our spot with a quick want to build up here going to throw a torch on the top of it build out to the side we’re just going to make a te and the way back home and point right to it there we go need some more quartz quartz quartz quartz quartz quartz lot of Pigman over here not really looking for gold so I don’t care for it glow stone might as well take it while I’m here oh it goes down it’s going down for real Chris how’s the old Dragon’s Dogma it’s pretty solid pretty solid game yeah I start throwing my teammates at this [ __ ] thing pretty good strategy they just like hang on to them stab would you say worth the 70 pause pause pause okay it’s trying to come for me what the [ __ ] go in the trees be a tree guy here collect those lights I like these lights oh no okay [ __ ] there an ax to it I C this it’s not like anything that cuts it faster boom boom boom more glow stone more lights what is that was is that over here already maybe I was over whoa whoa whoa oh whoa why is he chasing jeez go for some more of these just a few more I got to remember my way back so it’s my only thing remember the way back can I make this jump nope okay oh [ __ ] I need some food too oh oh excuse me excuse me excuse me don’t mind me man oh [ __ ] where did I go oh [ __ ] not where it meant to be I the force get [ __ ] ginormous now oh this connects way back to the oh I see I see I see I see gotcha go this way this way this way this way it’s over here Cliff opens up okay [ __ ] that [ __ ] that [ __ ] I’m out going back here heading back head on back I find some Nether wart there’s no Nether wart here Nether wart fight a few skeletons he’s going to die another Skeletron Sky attack oh got a burn what’s your favorite game to play right now I don’t really have one I’ve been looking for games that’s why we’re back on Minecraft there’s no bangers that really you know catch my eye but I did pick up just uh Star Wars Jedi fall in order so that seems pretty pretty decent I have to still get into it but you know was pretty decent got de amount of blocks at that make some into stairs half of them [Music] into slabs what the hell qu bricks looks Fancy Fancy Fancy and I don’t know about that I just want to do honestly just another 48 of those Beauty now I can finish up doing this thing where’s my oh I have it on me where’s my shears I need my shears put my shoes in here I have to just make some new ones show I don’t see them make some new ones here she check on the iron oh we don’t have enough room for it we’re going to do that that [Music] iron iron [Music] back I kind of like rocking with a gold helmet I like it funny looking got eight of these Soul Sand s soil we got a [ __ ] ton Beauties beautiful beautiful just going to use up a decent amount H with some quartz beautiful that’s looking way better brightens it up I’m probably going to do that on the inside here too actually maybe I’ll just do might honestly just do grass on the inside keep it red put the Torches down torch torch torch oh I got to sleep oh [ __ ] sleep sleep sleep Tre the classic always are a Vibe I like some of the new games out today yeah some I mean it depends it depends can I get a Tor tone a tour uh yeah give me a second actually be working on a a little pot here how are these there we go okay parkour our way out here that is a good distance so that’s that’s pretty much the tone place over there the tone Zone you know middle of uh middle of the ocean we also got Nick on the server and Chris on the server as well too but we got the not they’re not on right now but we also got the tree right here here this say TX Betty White got to love that got to love that you know that little tree so this little tree here got the nether part my nether portal parkour over it you know nether portal got my house pretty cool you got a little parkour over here got the chicken coop Chicken Coop the co the co the co you got a little farm over there you got a little farm parkour around little farm uh you got the fishing spot that’s we got all the fishing going on here fishing spot got this one’s really good or no where is it luck of the C3 mending now we can actually combine some of them to luck C3 with I don’t know they all got mending on them so it’s pretty good pretty decent pretty decent see that’s that there’s the house got the house got yeah yeah it’s pretty cool pretty cool you got elevators going up down we got an elevator let just go over here shoot you right up to the top floor now you’re top flooring it now you got the other elevator shoot you right back down you know pretty cool pretty cool pretty basic pretty basic stuff know rest in peace Betty y yep good old Betty White man good old Betty White man I’m going use these to go down um kind of want to outline the outside of this I think that look dope something like that um we’re going to say two blocks two Block in between I forgot [ __ ] so I have to do it like right here right there do it like that and like that that’ll be all fire sweet so we have those lining up the side of them very nice got to get hell divers and defend democracy I’ve already had it I had it when it first dropped it’s pretty fun pretty fun pretty fun pretty fun pretty fun um where we putting this next one over here go this way yeah some like this like this something like this some like [Music] this should we good oh not like that not like that something like that pretty sweet pretty sweet probably do another one like right here probably like right around here that that that that Gucci me these blocks okay looking good so that’s pretty much how it’s going to be like down the whole thing just have these on the outside with the Parkour in the center guess you could parkour open but they’re not going to go anywhere uh let’s go one two three over like that this this this this okay this one uh it could be a little bit that’s fun I should be a little further out boom boom boom boom I’m floating floating okay looking good looking good looking good I only have enough for like one more that’s the plan though do something like that just cuz the bottom of that thing took so much [ __ ] quartz but it looks nice I do like it I do like it I like it a lot let’s to craft some more do I have more Quartz in here quartz quartz quartz two quarts in there oh that takes me enough to make another block so then I can make it two more six more of those beautiful we’ll be able to make a few more cuz that’ll looks sick once it’s done just have a whole line of them coming down look at DOA look at DOA look do there boom boom boom and should boom um this one some right around here right something like this one that with a that with a this and this and that and that and this and this and this and that oh beautiful okay I haven’t even noticed these have all been I’ve just been I even noticed these were all on the same line I’ve just been randomly doing it too are these ones no okay yeah those ones weren’t supposed to be in a straight line okay what happens happens happens save one more one way or the other I’m going to I’m going to get get get you one or the other how many blocks there sitting on top right now right there those grass blocks so much easier to build with them okay we don’t have enough for another one nope almost enough so put it in like right right here do this half looks like it oh and especially at night time too looks pretty sweet look at that that looks dope there’s a skeleton shooting at me he missed too Dodge oh you saw that Dodge 360 SC oh he dropped a bow anything good I was looking at that that was my bow I was like oh [ __ ] dropped something good one one way or [Music] another I mean it did a decent amount not too shabby just need some more blocks almost made it there almost made it there I do like it I do like it fires look dope I like with that purple too looking nice do I like the grass I think I like the grass the grass way may should do a thing of fire around the chickens the ring of fire kind of want to do that now where’s the little space I can build um bring a fire around this thing would be funny let’s do a small one that’s not too bad oh I’ve used it too much the Ring of Fire the Ring of Fire one second I got I got to get another piece oh actually I might not have any Flint I just used up my other Flint to make all the [ __ ] I have any gravel do i f F no gravel no nothing it’s crazy no gravel or anything right here gravel let’s go I thought I’d be excited about grav but just see one piece just need one piece okay this need one piece there we go two pieces beautiful flint and steel excuse you Deon [Music] jeez got to get over my Ring of Fire the Ring of Fire the great Ring of Fire that’s just stupid it’s just dumb but it is funny at the same time funny dumb should probably put something around it oh what about this stuff this might look nice how’s it places a block oh it kind of looks decent I don’t think you can craft with it though right have a crafting table over here crafting table no you can’t even craft with it nothing you can do with it fences nothing okay even putting the Block in there just for looks just for looks well let me get this and this also like I look bad look nice ow nice around the old edges here [ __ ] there we go oh that looks pretty dope little [ __ ] fire burning pit fire bur on the D Floor fire burning should put I feel like I should put something in the middle um I think I know what I should do here think I know what I should do here where is it right here where this I think I’ll have enough fire burning I’ll be a center too right beautiful okay put dirt down I guess we can how many from the center one two three three from the center yeah I think that’ll be good honestly just good old Tas sign how do it look for the tone spot put that right there this right there on this side ow oh I don’t want to build with that that right there this right there okay let’s see how this looks from a distance I don’t even know if it’s going to look good yeah I don’t know about that I don’t know about that maybe it’s cuz we just need feel like one more at the bottom I don’t have CS for that might have to go into the old nether real quick here first quartz I find just got to go for for super Earth [ __ ] super Earth man that would suck falling down that won’t be fun that is for sure any quartz any quartz any quartz quartz quartz up oh skeleton quartz quartz quartz okay up top there there over here how’s this spot that’s not too bad to get to any building blocks this thing going to start shooting at me I got arrows prepped and ready just because you shoot [ __ ] shooting at me really okay well no come back over here come on do it again oh that’s right run away you [ __ ] if he knocks me off now be a little bit of salt yes Gucci how much is that five [Music] blocks I’m going to need some more here don’t mind me don’t on me I can get to that patch whoa whoa whoa sh God damn okay come on come on come on let’s fight up oh you die so quickly why you die so quickly one shot dooky head ass dokey head but okay want some more quartz here quartz quartz quartz quartz quartz nothing’s close over here that’s for sure just got an enchanted bow picked up a bow but not an enchanted one so I see a decent patch up there yeah let’s go for it decent patch up here a oh there’s more there is more give me that give me that yes sir so what I’m talking about boot almost just jumped off right there that would have sucked probably would have died probably would have died I can rip down this though watch this beautiful go this way go over here there there there oh it’s a skeleton what you want willstein how many did I come out with 15 blocks that’s pretty good yeah I like the tea but I just have to fix it a little bit here maybe at the top or maybe just at the bottom I don’t know I’m going figure this out I’m going to figure this out right now let’s make four more of those stairs I think that’ll be good we can turn that into quartz slabs that’ll be Gucci see I can do this here I’m thinking just if I put something right at the bottom I’m thinking that way see if that helped it out let see it’s just uh just I don’t know you know it’s just uh I done that let’s put something at the top top centor we should just be flat on the top May some that okay that could be somewhere that could be something that could be something yeah I don’t know about this one oh make sure didn’t burn Jesus it doesn’t look too shabby honestly it’s just the way doubt how am I going to be able to do that um it just doesn’t work catch that feel that’s the best way to do it I may just no stairs oh no I lost him oh I lost that one too son of a [ __ ] happens happens when you’re working around this um let’s see how it looks I mean I want it to be like blocks and [ __ ] but doesn’t look bad doesn’t look insanely good but it is what it is we’ll work with it we’ll work with her got to put another one here sh I’ll probably do a little bit further out another one or two go this way d d it D it and dang it okay get that sccci got to put one this oh maybe actually Mo over here I have to fix this one afterwards once we get enough looking good looking good the tone on over here I’m liking it I’m liking it I’m liking it there’s so many chickens probably breed them all I’m going to make a chest room too God damn two more chests and M these two oh I guess that works uh blocks in here random [ __ ] in here make some glowstone could I put glow stone around the nether the Nether Nether put this in the water you see you from up there yeah L it up in the underwater around this thing looks nice looks noise looks noise throw that right there this part up yeah I like it I like it I like it pretty bright here thinking right in the dead center I have a shovel too I don’t know I’m doing that but little bit brighter take that out Beauties you can jump from this one started skipping around the parkour oh my gosh look how many mobs over here one second let’s do some destruction fo oh there a skeleton give me the XP XP you drop anything just arrows arrows arrows arrows that looks dope that looks dope for me actually I like that that looks sick do a ring of fire in the top of my house eventually the Ring of Fire t spot I could probably make another one I just can’t do it the outline do another one on the opposite side just across from it yeah I could probably do that probably I could probably do that that be the entrance oh KP gaming how we doing Chris crispy how we doing uh what do we uh what are we thinking for a blanket challenge here let’s see you guys choose down in chat we got either blue we got red blue or red which one we thinking let me know let me know just doing some Minecraft episode five here got some good [ __ ] did more mining did a little bit building now too you know you’ll do some fishing I’ll take a blinket challenge this needs to be brighter in here I just got some new glow stuff it will work out perfect in here where is it right here just needs to be brighter it’s like getting dark on the sudden where should be right there another one in this corner right here make sure she’s bright enough in here yeah break that one happens I’ll get some more from this thing helps me helps me [Music] out I don’t know if I like that oh broke the wrong block I think three is good three of them seems fair seems fair feel like I got to put more on top of that and then set it on fire you know no one else okay okay okay tough CR you’re dead oh this guy this [Music] guy take all righty boys I think pop off here all Gucci yall have a good night you too have a good night be hopping off in a minute as well yeah maybe 2 230 I don’t know we’ll see Okie doie just chill playing some good old craft yeah Minecraft Christmas time I did so much in the Vegas I’m almost level 30 now little bit of that add another layer up here like that bushy it up a little bit more Beauties seem pretty good seems like it’s pretty good pretty good in the hood kind of would do a floating Ring of Fire would be kind of cool around this building kind of dope let’s see if I can do that one two three one two one two one one two one two um what do we got here what do we got what do we got what do we got that I got the I put the other the blocks back oh [ __ ] I to get those other blocks make that bigger okay here boom boom I’m going get up there get up here get up here I’m thinking one more out makebe one more wider yeah I’m thinking that I’m tining that take out this inside oh too many beautiful like that little bit of this and that action boop boop boop boop okay like that part up that part up that part up okay take these blocks take that away okay take this way I can put I can actually just do another layer down on the bottom part now that I’m thinking about it what about what about take these Corners off take this come on come on come on there we go take these off collect all these collect all this collect all this this this this this this that and the third okay now what I’m thinking what I’m thinking I missing here missing there we go I’m thinking going this now I don’t know if this will look good but I think it kind of looks dope and I like it I like it I like it I don’t really know what it is but I like it it’s a circle circle of Minecraft it’s been confirmed probably look cool at night we got blue let’s do blue choose to that uh plan to do a late night smoke session after Minecraft I probably am yeah probably do one Cho to that blue let’s do it up trying to blinker this sour apple ice probably won’t get it though you know you should play the beta version beta version of what Minecraft here we go cheers God Dam feel like it add a few purple in there too where’s your purple right there that little purple in there I feel like I gota give me like a brain freeze Jesus maybe to maybe the insides looks kind of cool should we do a full inside one no I Feel Like It just fits that yeah how do we like it do we like it with it or without it let’s see ah with it seems Seems decent yeah seems fine I don’t like how you can just see this thing I don’t care that it’s underneath but wow this takes forever to mine underneath water holy [ __ ] okay let me out I’m just going to throw it underneath like this can actually go something like that just so it’s on the actual so it’s not doing that I’m might have to break that one break it from here it does take forever holy [ __ ] just so we don’t see them you know I guess I can still see that one I guess just from the angles you’re going to have to be able to see it at least this one’s hidden better a little bit better little bit better here not crazy with it looks better oh with the purple purple got the tone sign over there too um what else do we need here what else do we need here I’m feeling like feel like that’s pretty good it’s going to be night time here soon so we get to see what this looks like at night got that sunset going in um yeah I’ll see where I have to put some lights down I have to throw in some lighting maybe throwing some lights down uh maybe under this thing light it up a little bit this one back here bit lit up a little bit more thr one right there more light underneath that is there any underneath this thing there isn’t I guess those are underneath it yeah I like the Flames the flames on top I like that I like the tea too tea is looking nice okay let’s see how this is looking from a distance here I’m going throw down some more light it’s just randomly right here I’m going put it in the ground though so she lit up you don’t see it um gocci see how this is looking looking cooking oh that looks dope I’m going to do another one of those te’s over there and there’s going to be a big te on top of my my base that’d be a great idea big te on top of the base two little small T’s each side Big T on top right down the center I’m liking it I’m liking it I’m liking it okay parkour parkour par parkour parkour parkour parkour parkour okay we [ __ ] Gucci there Gucci there let’s get some wheat going throw that out that out mow down all [Applause] this it’s an older version of Minecraft oh like the beta version of minecra inecraft yeah I would rather just play this a new updated one old school is nice the combat’s nice if you’re playing like servers and [ __ ] like 1.8 uh what could I will say to to that guy’s credit the [ __ ] the old school Minecraft was just a different vibe too entirely well not like I mean I guess but it’s just old school old school anything before like 1.8 it’s just different combat yeah different combat the game had like a different vibe to it though I like like the kind of I almost kind of Miss like the fog like the old school like kind of uh just like nostalgic look to it like you look back at like those older versions of Minecraft like the uh like when the Xbox 360 first came out right it’s just it’s completely different well it’s the same base game it’s just different updates you got all like the same beast at home you Minecraft does hit a little different I do like new Minecraft as well a lot of the stuff new Minecraft has not it’s not a like a huge change up from Old School to new school it’s just different endings well it’s just different endings and it’s different it’s also it’s um it’s just a bit more like complex of the game now which isn’t a bad thing it’s a good thing I would say oh yeah way better with the different biomes and [ __ ] different an like the game’s definitely improved at time there’s no doubt about that I will say I do like going back to old versions of Minecraft occasionally just for the uh P of Mantis eggs okay got a whole bunch of Mantis eggs all right I just keep planning new [ __ ] in this game right here in New Vegas like I’m honestly shocked I’m still playing this game and I’m finding whole quest lines I didn’t know about crazy chicken look at all these chickens time to murder [Applause] room perfect level 30 beautiful now I can upgrade something else I’ll probably do another uh I should do a pickaxe I’m thinking another pickaxe D dude this game just rips this game was [ __ ] so ahead of its time just rip sir I have enough to make an enchantment table at my please first level all right now I can return to this red Lucy [ __ ] that’ be like the next upgrade enchantment table spot that would be nice yeah let me bring this pck that I have pre-made pick bring some lapis I’ll [ __ ] walk there it’s only 12200 ft go enchant a pickaxe pickaxe pickaxe pickaxe I don’t have ban tomorrow honestly I’ll stay on three B more Vegas yeah no what not tomorrow here I’m gonna go get a drink gotcha I love it on the Xbox 360 play version not too long ago it’s like our childhood you go back to it just have to delete the tutorial update gotcha yeah I like this new biome stuff and the caves are way better than old school and the fact that it doesn’t go down to zero it keeps going I like that I like that okay you can go into the negatives mining we’re going to go upgrade our [ __ ] here we’re going to do another we already have a good pickaxe we have a silk touch and a fortune but I’m going to go diamond pickaxe upgrade that see what we can get yeah how’s our base look over that looks dope the kingdom over here I like it I like it I like the tone signs too te’s we get two of those rolling big one on top of the base too this is going to be the tone Islands the tone Island you make cool builds new version make houses look very realistic yeah you can do a lot of cool stuff especially with the campfires too you can make the campfire [ __ ] look dope know what I love tell what up Sal or water I am not agree with that you do you not a fter guy nope it does not deserve the slander it gets I am not a bubbly water guy I don’t know so water I feel like for me it helps with my digestion what the uh the Fizz helps with breaking [ __ ] down the fizzy fizz fizz I know there’s a nether portal over here it’s like an obsidian thing I’ll mine out this obsidian crash New Vegas has been crashing a lot today wonder if it’s just like maybe I should close Steam and OA GX Oprah GX he was doing this last time I had Opera open I think I took all these already there’s two obsidian left up top how many do you need to make a enchantment table I think you need four don’t you or is it two you got two you got multi monitors right yeah I got two monitors you’re streaming though right yeah okay weird I was going to say I’m streaming to Vegas if you wanted to pull that up on a monitor but no worries no I got chat on one side and then Minecraft on the other side here I’m looking at to do enchantment table enchantment table enchant is it in M the [ __ ] dude that just scarred me I’m not even joking this woman goes I hear an old lady voice going to eat the next rat I [ __ ] see and I’m like H this game is priceless I don’t know what I need for that oh [ __ ] people out here eating rats and [ __ ] eat a rat it’s the Rat Pack The Rat Pack snack that smiles back Rat Pack let’s go and chant the old ting tang he’s already got the level 30 set up so Batman he’s not too far away for me so it works out it works out here diving down dipping up dip dive Dodge dip Dodge diving Dodge dip Dodge diving dipping dodging dip dive Dodge Dodge dipping hopefully we get a good enchant on this pickaxe I’m hoping one thing I do like about the new uh what is it the new Minecraft compared to the old one is that the the level difference the fact that when you en you enchant something it doesn’t just take away those 30 levels you have to redo it it just does three levels and you can keep on doing it so I do like that chicken I that sounds interesting chick what the [ __ ] chicken with a check mark 1.48 million subscribers holy crap chicken how you doing man what are you doing popping in here I appreciate popping in we’re just playing a little bit of Minecraft Minecraft here dude has 1.4 million Subs it’s crazy can I come on I’ve gotten so many Unbreaking things so many Unbreaking I saw the check mark next to the name and I was like what the hell because you don’t see that always pop in so I mean appreciate you popping in make sure you guys staying hydrated out there hydration is key okay Unbreaking Fortune diamond pick I don’t want to do that right now because if I get that [ __ ] one efficiency to see if I just get an Unbreaking pick again I’m going to be salty H do I just go for it do I just go for it Devin count me down here I’mma press on it five four three two SK do one come on please don’t just be Unbreaking please don’t just be Unbreaking efficiency 4 Unbreaking three it’s not crazy my pick’s better but it’s cuz has that fortune I was looking for another Fortune pick crazy crazy crazy okay well understandable understandable for yeah I can’t do anything does he have any other obsidian that’s my question I extra obsidian in here Oh I thought that was obsidian I was like no way it’s Black Stone no I don’t think he’s got any other obsidian in here obsidian obsidian obsidian what is a Shard do I don’t even know what the what do you craft a Shard what do is four shards just one of the wait a second there four of them just oh okay gotcha I know what they are I was wondering what they were here put that back in there oh I could actually borrow some of these cords sorry Nick sure unique some of that some of those okay back to our place here next’s in the middle of building this tunnel looks pretty good looks pretty good honestly I said he should make a spaceship going right here little spaceship Landing little spaceship pad you know but on your cannibal [Music] boom boom boom head back to our base maybe do a little bit of fishing I got some more quarts though so maybe I can finish the Flames back to our base here I can’t believe a Minecraft P one of the [ __ ] let’s see his channel here what’s his Channel about four weeks ago Minecraft’s two billion doll mistake dud has half a million views on it crazy crazy crazy [ __ ] nuts back [Music] over now we have another pickaxe with just different [ __ ] on it at least has efficiency and [ __ ] actually this might be a good one to uh go with my silk touch I don’t know what was on my silk touch one so maybe I can combine those have a good silk touch [Music] pick head back over Mr over over hey I said Mr [Music] bombastic how I know you were going there Mr over over hey I said a Mr Boom bastic he just start going in I said I Mr boomas stick the back in the barnyard one was [ __ ] awesome oh [ __ ] homie’s falling down falling down oh [ __ ] I broke my damn leg what are you doing out here breaking legs man I’m being you should be breaking hearts all right I need need to no you don’t what are you about to say no you don’t it’s she not it’s just not what it is over here a it ain’t what it is Chief it’s what it isn’t it ain’t what it knows what it is cuz it ain’t what it doesn’t yeah yeah yeah yeah what that what that girl said what she said you know a little uh little like this little like this little like this this oh [ __ ] burp oh it’s raining out perfect time to go fishing you get better luck when it’s raining oh miss Place Miss Place what’s up dolphin what’s up dolphin Oh dolphin stuck in a hole got to cover dolphin up stuck in ho okay how many more need here I think one more maybe right in this area y y y y so like right around here wow look at that one more perfectly that’s what I like to see oh we probably need one more it’s all good at least most of them oh Dolphins help you got swim around way [Music] quicker [ __ ] Speedy Dolphins help dolphin’s grease put the up obsidian back in the chest obsidian that that that that looking good looking good looking good that’s looking pretty sweet that’s looking pretty sweet let’s take a look at it now that it’s pretty much finished on the walkway part here the parkour way it’s pretty easy parkour but it’s supposed to be I’m not trying to make it a super challenge oh I like that I like that okay okay okay got some Flames going on flames and flames and Flames flames and Flames okay let’s get this good old fishing rod out luck of the C3 where is it where is it here it is I’m going to check to see if that pickaxe I can combine together here like good pick silk touch efficiency and Unbreaking so if I combine that with silk touch efficiency Unbreaking efficiency for un breing oh okay never mind it’s already and mind just to rename it to an extra e at the end uh we can we do this one diamond sword name Tone only cost one level okay so let should I name it swiper swiper L fox Swiper swiper stick swiper stick swipe your stick such a waste of a level not doing it I’m going to do it eventually but something that oh I can redo the fishing rod luck of the sea one CU I know I’m not going to be switching that up I can name that luck of the sea so what should I name it lucky lucky Luc Luc how do you spell lucilia lucil lucil lucky lucky L lucky lucky Lucky Lure it’s the Lucky Lure Lucky Lure I like it worth the name I also have a name tag too I could have just used my name tag I forgot about my name tag oh one second forgot I have name tag I don’t know if that’s only for I think it’s only for the animals though I still have to see if I can get an egg over here not one chicken not one chicken thing we got a shi EG there we go get a chicken in there then we’re going to name it where’s my name tags right here oh wait don’t I have to have to name it in here right make make ni and chicken want to make chick MC Nick and chicken right there that’s funny funny time funny time funny time funny time funny time funny time going try to uh see if we can catch something here jjan jjan and J e you know trying to pull some good [ __ ] from this just getting fish here just getting fish while fishing I’m not looking for fish I’m looking for books books and stuff books and such oh holy [ __ ] if you eat cave fungus in this mod it looks like you’re tripping on [ __ ] shrooms that’s hilarious shroomies yeah there’s there’s shrooms in this mod that’s why I was [ __ ] tripping I’m eating those dude oh hell yeah dude I’m on them [ __ ] Broward County Tic Tacs I’m on them Georgetown jonos this guyy dude it literally looks like a on shrooms this is like actually kind of accurate what the [ __ ] shrooms in a video game yeah who would have thought who would have th it who would have th it oh a mod community in New Vegas nonetheless I mean this is like come on give me some lucky give me some lucky lucky luck lucky luck puffer fish something with much fish in here puff fish open up the chest PL my AK that I found earlier in the game is just so [ __ ] good I get that that’s stupid that was dumb I don’t know if I’d like the maybe we just leave it open roof on fish I need something better than a fish here something better than a fish just a little something something here here’s something something come on that’s not what I’m looking for put that in there come on need to at least get a something good here fishing oh crack the back crack the neck crack the back crack it crack it lack it poka dot it country I’ll give it three more shots here three more shots got nothing I’m getting just [ __ ] more [ __ ] fish more [ __ ] fish hey [Music] dum wow got rotten flesh great great great great great great great great great great great great great great [Music] great sh got nothing I just want something one thing a book [ __ ] anything anything you want to give me even piece of leather take a piece of leather give me something different besides a fish and rotten flesh and more fish come on come on I got luck of this C3 on this thing give me something good give me something good I could probably throw lure on this thing too or the other fishing rods might be it might be worth it let’s see what do we got in here lure two mending okay look the C3 l two this going cost 12 levels but it’s going to be lure as well it is as it is that bending yeah let’s do that cost us some levels there but you know it is what it is it’s why you get the levels to use the levels now it should be a little bit faster lure two now this thing’s stacked mending look at the C3 lure two now thing stack up here wow that was quick that was like instantly as soon as I threw that one down it was like [ __ ] instant oh now this thing’s ripping with lure on it jeez XP is just coming right back too cuz you get the every time you pick up a fish get a decent amount of XP that gives you a decent amount XP too jeez oh I was trying to [ __ ] itch my neck I wasn’t expecting it to come that quickly the fish the fish man come on I’m picking up stuff way quicker now I have more of a chance of getting a better thing keep on getting the same [ __ ] but so much quicker now probably like three times as quick beats the ice better beat the ice oh come on fishing rod lucky the see two fishing rod I think we already have these are two luck of SE to Unbreaking [Music] mending there still this in there at least we got a fishing rod though fishing Road combine it with other ones a i sto rain stopped raining they say when it’s raining in Minecraft you have better luck fishing I don’t know how that is for catching random [ __ ] but you know I don’t know was it it kind of seems like it was quicker in the rain I’m going count next oh that that one was pretty quick let’s see one Mississippi two Mississippi 3 Mississippi four Mississippi five Mississippi 6 Mississippi 7 Mississippi 8 Mississippi 9 Mississippi 10 Mississippi 11 Mississippi 12 Missi probably 13 okay now let’s see this one one two three so this one’s 3 seconds so you go from like 12 to 3 seconds it’s like a 10c difference and this one’s coming in quick too found like the prime spot sneezing over here like damn God damn [Music] give me something good give me something good give me something give me something give me something good it’s not what I was thinking something different something different here n something different than that little bit of different than that little different than that day but I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year where’s my phone at here okay not too shabby wish you were Mar mer Christmas and a happy New Year we’ll get one more one more one more fish here level us up to 16 we go let me keep the fishing rod in the chest here Beauties beauties multishot shap bring those back put our fish in there a trash bag too um throw these in here it’s a silk touch throw that in there throw that in there so now we have what four Diamond five Diamond picks here Unbreaking efficiency Unbreaking efficiency Unbreaking yeah tags rest of it junk junk junk junk in the trunk trunk trunk junk junk trunk trunk junk I think with insects can you just do something with the maybe it’s like oh it’s the glow-in-the darkk ones the glow ones yeah that would be it I got the bow on me oh I can put this back put a book in there oak leaves Building Supplies keep that on me keep that on me keep that on me um that torches rest of this shit’s kind of garbage garbage garbage that in there that in there toss that in there toss that out that out that out that out I like it it’s pretty it’s lit up over here I like that I like it I like it how’s the farm doing uh not the best get a little bit more wheat now little more wheat breed some good old [Music] chickens definitely got a few chickens that’s for sure LEL loing me up [Applause] okay we [Applause] go this is pretty good get I’ll do a little more till I get to 19 there we go sweet some room for some eggs bunch of feathers bring the feathers back sorry me Sor chicken we have so many eggs there’s so many eggs in here too Jesus mcnick and chicken that’s funny that is funny Let me throw out these eggs here too many eggs don’t put your all your eggs in one basket for fether fether Fe feather oh we don’t need that that trash [Music] um I guess we can cook this food oh no it’s not waste of coal on it [ __ ] it throw it in there [ __ ] it throw it in there have anything else toty SMY oh I already had four oh I have four obsidian how do you make a you have a book in here too book what else need diamonds need four diamonds I forgot enchantment table there we go oh [ __ ] well I got enchantment table where would I put it though where would I put put enchantments I feel like oh I sleep got to go to bed SC feel like I got to put it down somewhere that it will have enough [Music] room so let me just build it out of this right now enchantment spot probably thinking thinking kind of like right in the center of this part yeah look off this block yeah yeah yeah you know what I’m talking about D yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah see someone understands godam someone’s getting this seems pretty good pretty pretty uh spherical I think about have enough this three probably two three so there’s a center right yeah that would makes sense Leaf blocks are good just placeholder hold the place until I get the actual block oh we have to wait till all those float up Ah that’s good get the blocks get the blocks get the blocks okay yeah cuz if we did something that’s like right out there probably do like one parkour spot right to there nice Circle or something I like that one two three start in here Bey so now if we get Center Spot we should be right here right center Center beautiful beautiful beautiful actually should have just kept the circle right [Music] there we thinking like that yeah we’ll go one off of [Music] it I think I still have some of those blocks left right hopefully [Music] yes maybe I’ll put a lily pad right there a little quick parkour quick parkour Hardcore Parkour cuz I do have some LLY pads around you it’s just oh actually I’ve never found a [ __ ] swamp yet all these lily pads are just been from me fishing so let uh yeah be a little quick spot to get around herez you could also just go like this jump on this one you also just yeah go from this one to this one different ways around there we go like around that way I’m going to do some kpo on top of that [Music] carpo beautiful I’ll light it up especially an enchantment spot I kind of want this to look dop do we have any quartz left [ __ ] got two quartz left that’s [Music] great oh blocks of what the [ __ ] oh wait no we have oh for some reason I was think that was different um we could just use W for that maybe just straight up Stone can I could go over there silk touch some Stone right below [Music] us just stone look [Music] here oh [ __ ] s for I know Nick has a [ __ ] ton of this but how do I get down here okay I was like hold up Place back that throw this back see if I can craft this cuz this probably won’t look terrible put some like that that I think it look nice I kind of like the yeah I need a little bit brighter though how do you do the might have to throw into the grindstone I make the stone on second here how do you make the [ __ ] Stone thingy oh [ __ ] use Cobble for it no and you just do this to make stone yeah so do I still got bone blocks bone blocks nice bone block bone block more black is the best best we can do there oh that one crime kind of cool to implement maybe be like this one looks pretty cool okay what are we thinking blocks of quartz thinking this one this one this one this one then we can go that oh bang bang bang bang I’m liking it I’m liking it oh this thing takes forever to holy [ __ ] give me that back okay I like it I like it I like it kind of like that square cuz that’s really where it’s going to be mostly I could always make more bone blocks I think I that many BS where it a whole block oh I can’t did it take bone meal to make them oh it is oh I think Bobo’s itching at the door one second yeah one second I got to bring out Buble I am jaxi jello jello yell well how do you do I do pretty good well how do you do I got [ __ ] here go here go here go here go here go Pi up Pi up Pi up it’s [ __ ] freezing outside so [ __ ] cold I do bed I do believe yeah I was going to say I do bleed I was like what what’s going on over there I’m just [ __ ] tired man I’m I’m be I’m [ __ ] ready to go to bed I understand and really really ready to keep playing New Vegas as well kind a lot of fun I don’t know why the desert Rangers were here but they were in this little G in this little cave waiting for me and they wanted to to blow my head off and I was like uh no you’re like no did not uh that was not what I consented to here will I have enough for this I think I will love perfect amount more bones bones bones bones didn’t I have bon right here beautiful this will be perfect perfector perfector Beauty I don’t have the bookcase around it I look nice I like that I like that I like that I like that I like that it’s got the lights on it too sweet Che out this one do really change it up much oh maybe because it blocks the whole thing it still count as light I wonder yeah it’s way brighter so I’m going have to so does matter if this is underneath there throw the correct block it’s right there from underneath glowing then we need something like floating light should be one I feel like it should be that Higher One something like that I like it I like it I like it I just got to make [ __ ] need a [ __ ] ton of leather [ __ ] tone of leather Mr leather leather not have that much Lether I think it’s cuz I gave Nick all the leather happens I’m digging it I’m digging I’m digging it looking good do we have any of the trap doors here four of them perfect exactly what I needed I guess you could cover the bottom too B any wood in here four more do beautiful one more on the top okay box off light I so we’re going to keep it for right now seems Seems decent get through the little pads she can always jump in from right here actually right here oh right here oh okay right there take off that little shortcut throw it over here want to do honestly the two two lily pads good right there I’m thinking oh if you could make that jump no way I thinking just make it three I feel like that’s too easy was going to use them right here blinkers N I feel like just in this area would be perfect that leaf [ __ ] is annoying I need to bring it up like one more level I should have brought it up one more next time I’ll have to do that needs to go up like one more level honestly I might just take it take it off what do I have shoes on me it break they broke let’s see something can take out too confined you know have that all open here looks nice it looks way better open my shoes is just too low it’s like one thing too low let’s take off all this one low Lev SC sco pick them all up there we go is that all of them beautiful okay let’s build up here got to pee this out a little bit son of a [ __ ] something like that El over here something right here a little some right there flop it out around the edges you know what I’m saying oh yeah well as long as Deon knows what I’m saying then I’m be honest I have no [ __ ] clue I so tired I didn’t say anything oh my God I don’t know damn [ __ ] all right I’m taking a [ __ ] dab dude that’s the put you right to bed yeah it it’s like 311 so I’m like contemplating finishing up this Quest or just saving it well actually I could go I could go here Brotherhood has a safe house I here that I can access and I also have my objective out here think I might just take it all down that I kind of like it kind of like it take all the wheat seeds [Applause] coolit Co whip Cool Whip Co item I bang bang bang yeah let’s go Le all these chickens cuz look at all these chickens look at all these chickens look at all those chicken look at all those chickens decent decent amount decent amount you ready to MK them tomorrow m m yeah you’re watching oh no no I’m talking about my chicken Burks oh damn I was literally I was literally merking a dude in New Vegas you were uh you were talking about merking no yeah I was working these freaking freers chickens little chick cho cho cho little chos you know toss out these eggs here ow so much uh bone blocks would actually be cool outline around the top that’ be dope got enough though yeah my chests have just gone to [ __ ] here but happens happens happens that be a reorganization for another day okay each episode I go over what we’ve done on the episode so this one we did pretty much all the fire that you see right here we added the tea right there add that little floating fire thing finished off the courts around the nether portal we went mining with Nick we got a bunch of coal and [ __ ] actually speaking of that probably have some [ __ ] cooked up anything chicken chicken good old chicken but yeah oh is there IR in there oh there all right okay but we finished that we finished this uh we made this little Island right here for fishing island so we got all our fishing stuff all our fishing [ __ ] in there we got what else did we do we made this island did that we got the enchantment table over here started at least I got to get all the books around it and [ __ ] but let’s a start to it um yeah that fire thing I really like that fire thing it looks nice I might take out this this leaves thing and do like two of those CU that would be kind of dope or do like one of them one above them or something like that I don’t know be kind of cool um what else we get done what else we get done here pretty much just Mining and [ __ ] we got some upgrades on the better tools we put Unbreaking on this one so it’s efficiency four Unbreak or Fortune 2 Unbreaking three on the pick sword we got the knockback two fire aspect two sharpness three looting three axe we did the Unbreaking three fortune three efficiency three we got that put back my Silk Touch Too silk touch d we still got 40 diamonds in there so that’s looking nice I’ve tried to upgrade a bunch of uh Unbreaking three is like the most common I’ve gotten that on all three of these ones at least two of them have efficiency so that’s pretty good cooked chicken for days I might just have a full chest just full of cooked chicken take that out cook chicken take that out cooked chicken take that out cook chicken I forgot we had a flower pot don’t we flowers we have B flower right there that got to grab different flowers I forgot about that I think you can put a sunflower in there still got two more Bells too let me throw the bells somewhere throw the bill somewhere here [Music] um ding ding it’s probably going to change but we’ll have it sitting there for can we put it on top of this oh that would be good maybe that’s what we should do at the bottom part put the Bell underneath it there you go get a good enchantment you got to ring it flower pot put a flower pot somewhere put it right here put a little flower pot Little Flower Pot I wonder if you can actually put it in can you put it on top of this while that’s in it no flower pot there is a flower I got [Music] roses I should should have had him to the bottom over here with a little Rose should just be all roses it’s just all roses TX Betty White I have a whole tree with a sign on the front of it that’s just says TX Betty White the yellow one might be better it kind of sucks oh maybe not maybe a flower PT right in this dead center of this one a yellow flower too yeah yeah Golden Flower the Golden Flower the Golden Flower torches in the invent throw out [ __ ] I don’t need beetroot seeds this don’t need a bow gucci gucci gucci Farm Lane it’s coming together here little by little start adding some new [ __ ] and you’re like oh snap this thing’s looking nice this thing’s looking noisy okay beautiful de you still here I am yeah oh snap I’m to up yeah I I got uh I just got to the Brotherhood Safe House in here this is [ __ ] awesome dude holy [ __ ] so much power armor so much weapons ammo [ __ ] everything so much wow so much wow indeed my other power armor bring over here and actually build a suit play a little bit of Star Wars Jedi Fallen order and I’m going to smoke a bowl here oh yeah I haven’t gotten too far into it I’ve just gotten to like that first part where you get to like the wastelands part just getting done with like the tutorial yeah that think it’s fun it’s hard but it’s worth your time good game good game very fun lot whoo no it is pretty good though visuals are really I mean for [ __ ] how much I paid for it was $4.99 for the deluxe edition I mean [ __ ] I can’t can’t complain about this can’t be a complainer here that’s the Vault Seer mentioned whoever I’m supposed to find must be waiting there whoever I’m supposed to find must be waiting there reach the Vault okay okay Zoom rotate oh you can use four rotations rotation of the map unexplored unexplored okay that’s pretty cool where we going any ideas got to get across this Gap somehow this way got to get across this Gap somehow jump for it oh I guess I do not just jump for it okay wait a second [Music] here oh I jump on him oh I see how’d you know that would work oh [ __ ] wait you didn’t meditation spell rest oh you can run around that spot go that way this way I hear you but there’s something over here I want to explore yeah I want to explore this way a little side quest [Music] oh what the hell oh how the am I supposed to turn off power first feel like I got to turn off power first what’s down here let’s not let me go this way oh okay secet spooky [Music] cut down all these that thing looks like it smells worse than GRE does thanks for the oh oh my oh I’m dead hey appreciate you hitting that sub button me tell you you can gain since your last skill point lost XP okay gotcha gotcha [Music] gotcha got my power armor now dude that’s not opening careful over there that doesn’t look safe just like back at the scrapyard hold on I’m coming help you out got him got him turn this thing off feel like I got to turn this off here oh I can slow it down I remember pretty brave you okay wait I can help you with that will you let me oh okay how about my little Droid just got a little hurt pink is busted but this should help you get moving for [Music] now okay try that the vault yeah that’s where I was headed too okay well first we got to figure out a way out of this place the VA customized lightsaber hold up wait a second a red premium content got the deluxe edition so you know me oh that looks dope oh I like that I like that oh that looks dope now looks like it’s like a gold one uh be that’s a little small for me don’t worry I’ll find my own way out tight fit but this should work oh right here just blinking examine what am I examining I’m examining I’m examining those Vines look like they lead somewhere oh oh it’s the vines okay I was like wait a second what am I looking at which way am I going oh oh wow oh guess you can’t get over there okay hop over there okay oh [ __ ] yeah I’m all right heal healing stem you’re full of surprises that’s better thanks little Droid there you go a little healing St okay let’s try this again oh okay here hop on board hop on board so how’d you get here don’t remember I’ve never known a forgetful Droid can’t argue with that so we can get back up oh ‘s a hollow map okay hey a chest think the Jedi would mind if we grab supplies yeah chest give me some loot here what do we find no emitter we here this goes up goes down that’s where we need to go I can feel it look at that big dude over there what the [ __ ] look at that thing thing is nuts any [ __ ] here any loot give me a loot okay SC huh you mapped everywhere we’ve been locked and available oh okay let you know I can’t make it over there we got to find another way go this way oh demolish him little chest down here where you going get something was in there no material nice job you can scan the dead people oh dead [ __ ] too that’s pretty cool oh CL hit it with a little meditation cool ass game man definitely a cool ass game this tool was used by someone eager to reach the Vault someone eager to reach the vault any back spots right here nothing okay I’m might to this guy now just dropped down just hit him whoa oh get out of [Music] here oh we have to fight this big guy to work oh [ __ ] oh my Jesus oh throw it oh oh oh [ __ ] oh no no no get me out of there run run run run St oh where’d he go to oh my no this is not how I want to go out no no no ST he’s so weak did you just die no way he died what here we go how do we do this can we climb this oh no son of a [ __ ] um that’s not good [Music] okay need to get to that elevator how do we get to that elevator this way this way [Music] up oh it doesn’t change that all right here there we go rest jeez yeah [Music] rest got to fight these little [ __ ] down here oh almost didn’t catch that one how we get up there oh good job you supposed to go we got to get down here there go there we go it sounds like there’s a uh there’s a boss over here see something in there oh this where I can learn how to do the wall I was wondering what I was going about try again it’s difficult Master yes the path is difficult it may seem impossible but with persistence and the force as your ally you will overcome any obstacle you will Master any path now do what you must to reach me go run and jump towards rigged walls to roll okay faster more intensive now reach my position oh snap I did it persistence and the force is my Ally just remembering old tricks that animation pack is sick dude what oh my God think you can show me that shortcut again stream still yeah yeah I’m playing the Star Wars Jedi fall in order yep yep yep yep yep you Jedi fall fall or yeah it’s pretty good oh it’s a great game great great game it makes like the wall running and [ __ ] with it I like that wa now I’ll be able to get up here oh second oh double wall run get an echo whoever owned this bag brought it from corant they were frustrated with the Jedi Council what’s up there can’t get up there break things I got the uh the ranger sequia pistol which is like a really fancy western revolver I’m walking around with it right now dude and it is uh the animations on this thing are sick like the H holstering animation your guy like picks it up and like does like like little [ __ ] spins with it and everything around his fingers oh [ __ ] completely flop that completely flop that oh no the big guy’s going to be here too [Music] yep climb away [Music] from don’t mind me big gay oh yeah shortcut unlocked Where Do We Go From Here take you to the safe house for best friend’s [Music] house new part over there hav’t been over there we got to go this way what’s underneath here that’s a really big bug oh Jesus oh stim now blocked blocked slice them in half got a scan oh double swiping swiping no swiping someone made Camp here they were excited to discover a giant creature that lives close by a bog they called it oh oh how we get across that what the oh that big guy right there is see him how do we get to the top of this may this way this way get off of me toss me a St B1 way too close oh go can you slice this yeah sorry about your scop link standing up to that b rat pretty great scope link must be [Music] repaired that one brings us up to the top one over there is that what it does what do we have to do here scope must be repaired to operat this device okay so maybe not this one yet hoop it on this [Music] thing is it the main one what we got over here this one to that one to this one to that one are we trying to get back to the top up here up on this top part what’s back here oh nothing there’s wall Running Oh there’s wall running wait a second hold up a second Ry there that’s we’re trying to get it oh it’s on ah he’s winning we’re not finished yet okay okay he probably would have won probably this game just looks Beauties meditate Nick smokes how we doing my dude we’re just playing this for a little bit probably like another 10 minutes then set up a smoke sachche do a little 4:20 a.m. sesh de you’re still in here I am yeah I’m surprised you’re still up I am too normally want to do my late night chill SES or anything playing games there’s normally no one up yeah I’m just playing New Vegas really I just was in the mood stay up I got nothing going on tomorrow it’s going to be a late night for me one of the rare ones but I like staying up late yeah I like late night than early morning I like early morning but late night is so nice yeah hell yeah I was wondering when you’re doing a smoke SES yeah we’re just playing this we were just playing Minecraft for a bit and then we just switched over like 30 probably 20 minutes ago CU I I like the Star Wars game I’m Big Star Wars nerd honestly one of my top movies is Space Balls which is just a [ __ ] parody of Star Wars it’s just like the fun funny ass [ __ ] I love that and this is a this was a $4 or $4.99 game $4 game pretty much and this is the graphics in it’s [ __ ] [Music] Beauties and the transitions like the cut scenes and [ __ ] like look at that transition from that to that aming it’s crazy there was no loading screen no nothing I’m going to have to fight a boss here I’m calling up it’s not going to be fun there’s a respawn point right outside too so search The Vault you all right Bey well done whoever you are you have passed the test I left behind and gained access to the Vault and this recording won of many encrypted log stored in the Droid I am Master Eno Cordova I may not know your name but I know your purpose the fate of the Jedi Order lies in your hands or lies in my hands man these guys place this vault is a sacred temple built by a vanished civilization known as the zepo meditating here I was granted a premonition through the force a vision of do do I have placed inside this Vault a Jedi holocron containing a list of the names and locations of young Force sensitives throughout the Galaxy ahead you will find the inner Chamber Of The Vault but also another test I can only trust this hologram to someone who has followed my path and understands seek out the hidden tombs of the three sages and learn to perceive the mysteries of the Force as the Zeo once did in this Droid you will find everything you need I forgot can’t you change saber colors you can I changed mine cuz I bought the deluxe edition so I have some extra stuff too mine’s like gold find peace in the eye of the storm good luck Jedi and it changed my whole entire lightsaber I just unlocked a few new ones but May the force be with you I guess you were the someone I was supposed to meet oh crack the back just sits in the water you know I’ve been alone for a while now without any purpose just hiding there’s no way to live offer a Jedi or a Droid maybe sir was right maybe we’re done hiding hey you want to meet some uh friends of mine this is still like only the tutorial [ __ ] too which is kind of crazy just unlocked a a my goal is to get back to the ship is that what it is where anything else here like hidden [ __ ] no hidden stuff okay look at like look at this transition okay so we’re like we’re we’re in this area this area right here and go into this hole watch this you even you saw the transition a little bit but that’s pretty [ __ ] smooth think I found what you wanted me to see sounds like you did slide down this thing oh that’s pretty cool SC oh big gu eating mushrooms in this game is actually really [ __ ] trippy oh okay oh holy [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] toss it here go for a jumping one oh [ __ ] oh my oh come on come on one more there we go starting off as a [ __ ] young Jedi you don’t you don’t know much uh tricks here help me BD appreciate it I’m guessing you unlock more uh ways to move your sword eventually here your lightsaber a little crate right here what is [Music] this can I get back up here I can okay let’s check this [Music] out abandoned Workshop see what’s down here door is locked from the other side gotcha gota okay little extra thing here another one oh see what this is just getting ready for a smoke session packed a bowl up I’m ready there go had some yeah once I’m getting done with this Mission we’re going to go smoke strange I’ll probably be getting off around them for such a peaceful culture to have any sort of fascination with a place so dark I’m almost done wrapping up this quest in New Vegas and I think once I do that be really surprised if this doesn’t wrap it up brand new door should be a lot quicker than the I don’t even have to Res oh I can actually upgrade wait let me upgrade yeah let me upgrade let me upgrade let me upgrade forgot about my skill points no I didn’t mean to rest oh [ __ ] all the things respond happens Tre so now I’m going to look at this maximum force is increased okay so better Force so you get better life right there Dash forward and attack his target jump in while dashing to flip over the target instead oh I like the health but I need better yeah we’re going to go with this one so I can like Dash forward oh that looks pretty cool too it’s like the big attack B one of the attacks here I’ve already gone that way I’ve gone that way I think I just run back right yeah okay go in this jump to this turn the corner on this jump across get up here beautiful beautiful beautiful any the chests or crates or anything crate chest chest CRS does that thing have like a little bit of a can I get around this I don’t know if I can jump that I don’t think I can jump that I jump on this one to a wall run is probably do a little save area all right I think I’m going to go to bed all good I’ll talk to you tomorrow have a good night my dude is there you too I’m back at my base now I am back at the ship scan got to scan scan something I’ll check it out oh a tunnel maybe these guys what’s on this side holy oh you passed the test so you knew about bd1 come on board we’ll talk inside oh 81 this is gree hey Gree what is that get off my sofa get get off my sofa go get out of there get out that is bd1 he’s with us I don’t care who he’s with do you have any idea how hard it is to get oil State out of P Meat fabric not really oh I hope you found something better out there than this Droid oh calm down greez he did tell us Cal The Vault was built by an ancient civilization called the Zeo a Jedi named Eno Cordova hid something inside of it what did he hide inside a hologram from the archives it contains a list of four sensitive children the next generation of Jedi I knew it oh Cordova you old fool you knew him yes a long time ago I was his Apprentice Cordova was a loner that little Droid and I are probably the only ones that know about Bano hold on wait a minute wait a minute AAL what a holocron holon it stores information but only accessible to Jedi hang on I think I have one around here it’s like a square black what is that thing use the force looks like something in Skyrim or something like that this is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen with that list of four sensitives we could rebuild the Jedi Order and defeat the Empire okay no problem let’s get it except the holocron is hidden deep inside the Vault and to get it we have to follow Cordova’s path he mentioned something about the planet damir and zepo home world all right well where are we going I’m just asking cuz I was thinking of maybe making some food look before we do anything I need to know something making some food how come you’re no longer a Jedi that’s true she said she’s no longer I had an experience that changed my perspective so I cut myself off from the force but you still want to rebuild the order I believe that rebuilding the order is the best chance we have against the empire what do you believe I believe I can’t keep hiding from the Empire so I don’t really have a choice Cal as long as you’re alive you will always have a choice are you with us we’re in we’re in I’m in take a to that it’s your choice like look how the transition like I just did that whole thing that sequence but then I can still walk outside and it be beautiful it’s not like it just holds me back of like just being in the ship like I could just walk outside and walk back inside look at the transit it’s just so nice this game is optimized so well for $4 one of the top games I’ve bought so far back for blood was good too there’s different now I can choose if I wanted to travel to that one this is where the main mission is but I could go to this one if I wanted to okay let’s travel this planet see what the planet is and then we’re going to get off here must be hard watching all your friends get gunned down I don’t know how it is Trav either I haven’t watched it yet let’s see what it sh takes you out no that’s pretty cool it was difficult but you must cope not forget we must remember the mistakes of the past and change things going forward to make sure they never happen in that’s pretty cool sounds like you’re not too sure everything is going to work out I’m not that’s pretty cool is important whether it’s a course of action or an idea we all have to be ready to change there’s so much detail in it too like look how much detail is in just this area I can sit in the cockpit area no way it like barely any cut scenes like when it does do a cut scene like this it just might not be the best time very very smooth something strange those winds are interfering with our Cals hey Cordova mentioned something about peace in the eye of the storm I can just make out a settlement in the middle of then we have to get there copy that oh it’s a winter biome oh [Music] [ __ ] purple bumbs ain’t going to kill you kid unless the wind picks up can you tell that bucket of BS to keep his opinion to himself I’m sure everything’s under control it’s under control it’s just a little tricky jeez okay hold on hold on hold on I can’t even see anything Perfect Landing Perfect Landing crazy money baby but I’m still getting a lot of interference on the comms it’s going to take me a minute to get them back up I’ll search for signs of Cordova in the meantime good I’ll be in touch once I crack this once I crack the code Cal over here you did good work on Bano Yeah the more information We Gather on Cordova and the Zeo the closer we’ll get to stopping the Empire okay I’ve heard of ancient cultures but don’t know much about them I only knew that Cordova was obsessed with the Zeo believing their teachings to be important mhm I too was intrigued by the mysteries of our galaxy you better get moving ‘s a lot to learn here good luck okay seems pretty bare to me right now no one’s no one’s even coming over to say hi or nothing just want to see if who I’m fighting here what kind of fight am I in for hey bd1 what we get anything good anything good give me a new cosmetic something we can use oh a new Poncho locked so wait a second oh can’t get up there scan what is he scanning oh storage crate I’ve seen some other ones that okay I think that’s was just a little extra spot I see something I’m going to f wa I want to try out this new skill move what they’re pulling apart a thing they’re pulling apart a Droid right now watch out BD don’t look [Music] friendly oh oh oh Jesus okay SC scan that there new creature right there don’t fall behind bea1 let’s get to our first checkpoint and then getting off here first checkpoint a probably going to be after we defeat one of these [ __ ] oh my oh my oh split it in half we just split that thing in half there’s two sides to him there’s two sides to him that is crazy wow wow I do like the combat Cal can you hear me the Empire they found zepo if they were following the Mantis we would have been swarmed already could they be looking for the tombs let’s hope not just got our comms working I’ll try the same work around to crack into theirs oh okay oh there’s some oh there’s some actual droids now I haven’t fought any droids yet oh they actually look dope help he just healed we’re doomed On Target I hear you this is so Sicky get around him just deflect it any I like that I like that where’s the droids Z I do like that day what’s back here oh we relocated the did you see movement I’m after him just can’t hit him come on watch this deflection watch this watch this watch this watch this I’m going piece this guy up here I know you’re up there hurting Jedi that is sick help me BD got an intruder I won’t let you kill me oh I was trying to trying to hit him with it that’s so cool you can just deflect their bullets you just cut him in half enemy watch this watch this deflection dead Trooper last range Trooper keep on him reflection I can’t catch him watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this all right wait solid hit he just jumps and swipes oh this [ __ ] funny I like the combat scan that scan that s Echo scan where are you taking us the Empire’s forced the villagers from their homes frighten refugees shipped off to work camps or worse I don’t know how we get across that I’m just looking for a safe spot I don’t see a safe spot oh [ __ ] maybe we go back how do we get back over there hey did you see that oh don’t don’t shoot me get up there watch this come on come on get him need back to kill you jeez okay did I even get my loot I don’t even think I was able to get my loot oh all right then did you find something bd1 Guardian new outfit oh what’s in here it’s like a little hidden spot meditate perfect this is our checkpoint that we wanted uh we’re going to rest right here I’m going to use the skill tree as well I got an skill tree upgrade so no combat would be dope attacking after a quick evade allows call to quickly perform a kick attack attacking out of a Sprint allows cow to perform a special lightsaber attack oh I like attacking after a Dodge because I’ll be dodging a lot so let’s see what this looks like oh like a kickback oh okay I like how you can upgrade it and like it’s depending on your skill tree how you want to set your person up it’s [ __ ] dope okay let’s just see what this is about cuz we just got a checkpoint so we’re probably going to die here I don’t doubt it cuz every time there’s a checkpoint normally means it’s uh wait is that it am I back am I already done on this side on this on this place wait a second here got a little loot box over here I think I might already be done in this spot hey now what’s that big one let’s see what are you doing good work oh we did it we did it I hope you’re not hurt what the talk to this person I can see you two have been through a lot it’s not easy no it’s not but I think of those who believed in me at one point stop if I give up on myself then I give up on them stop talking I’m sure you have a few of those Prof uh friend I’m braa he sacrificed himself so I could live I need a second Anda what’s this thing what you’ve never seen a terrarium before terrarium don’t they usually have plants in them well I’ve been a bit busy hauling you around the Galaxy but you know you could pay me back with some seeds I thought you hated nature when it’s out there you bet you but when it’s behind a comfortably thick wall of Emar glass okay that’s cool so we can like collect that [ __ ] find any that’s kind of cool you able to collect it I’m just looking through those look dope oh this is the customizations I was wondering where it was 420 time yes sir 4:20 a.m. let’s customize our thing and let’s get off here so the one I’m using right now is the gold it’s an oh it’s called orange premium content but you have blue green and then the Orange is the ones I have so far those are the two I unlocked I just unlocked this one actually oh I’m going do that unlock any a switch nope oh unlocked one of these kind of looks like it’s busted at the end I kind of like that but new material too no no new material kind like the gold look I like that I like it I like it be a gold lightsaber medit meditating is just uh pretty much saving it so me rest save it here perfect okay I’m going to end this one off appreciate you guys popping in chilling Chief and choing chillaxing with us on a good old oh at the [ __ ] Shivers right now on the good old Saturday night smoke sesh I’m going to go uh take a piss set up the next live stream and I’ll catch you guys pretty

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