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yo yo yo what is going on guys it is your boy Beetle bring you guys another video here on Minecraft Factions and today what we are doing is that I am back on the cosmic PVP and I’m playing some faction or not Cosmic but I’m on a cosmic test server because my Cosmic test is opening up soon guys as you know on April 20th come and check it out if you guys want to and yeah um I have so much trash I’m not allowed to drop stuff at spawn will then I only have some right halfes I I don’t know what’s up with right but Al they have a right haves on here I guess to start off this episode I will open up this cabin loot box I want to throw all these U pots away too let me there we go all all right yes so I am looking for a new place to start a base but let’s open up this cabin loot box and see what we got oh 50 million cleanse Scrolls o a pretty good multi Crystal some black Scrolls and then item item skin the 50 million let’s go I’ll throw the spawners in there I have like DEC on a villager now that’s what’s up we are making our way up in the world boys we’re making our way up also it’s all bright it’s like early in the morning that’s why I’m all white because of the glare from my window I’m sorry I’m sorry if I’m scaring you guys I guess while I look for a place to make a base I will open up those 11 do we get Ina I don’t even know if that’s how you pronounce it but I just I guess they’re all rare I got these from my grind boxes cuz before I got raided I did have a decent grinder set up and stuff but nope I didn’t even get one that’s crazy see I almost have a stack of them I do not see it dang we didn’t even get it again it’s crazy at least we have a lot of weapons now to battle with like you get a lot of crates on here 12 there we go all right I will build my base in this thing this is where I shall build my new factions base all right guys I think I found a good spot to rebuild right now this is all I have to build but I do have some money so and there’s a SL shop so we have options I guess I’m going to build like an actual base kind of not like an actual actual base but like you get what I mean wait do I have a chunk buster I think I do per yes F claim okay I might have to cut the video all right guys see what that does oh there it is just come what uh that’s some trash bro this game is some trash coin flips are in one man’s favor every single damn time makes me cry I think that sand is going to fall somewhere around here there we go almost done with this B I lost all of my money that I won from my loot boxes to my flips pain7 million now it’s it’s all good I ain’t no I’ll make that money back somehow oh yeah I should do is this idea I’m this yeah now put my maybe perhaps I should a this perhaps there’s some type of J I can use for this cuz this is taking obsidian vertical up let me get one of those horizontal to damn look at this it’s just so easy with gem buckets to make a base by yourself on factions I’m I’m going to do a more prompt tutorial probably on my server once it’s open cuz wow I’m scared I could probably set up a decent villager grinder too if I wanted this Cosmic test series was only supposed to be a small one but since I now have a decent base why not making sure there’s no holes anywhere let me go to the sh and need some water but let me go to J real quick see there’s there vertical down that’ll be good for right here yeah look at that beautiful I don’t even have to do nothing to make my walls I could just keep on adding walls too if I wanted just wall wall wall just to be safe we go now no one is going to raid me ever again right secure now should go that like this there we go ain’t she beautiful all right guys that has been Beetle making my own personal base on factions hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did hit that like button and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace [Music] out

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