EPIC Sonic Speed Simulator Livestream: Metal Sonic Returns!

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e e all right we should be good we go little intro sequence for you guys I’m going to put on ESP silver and then we’ll we will get on with the update hello everyone what is good you remember me of course I remember you I remember pretty much everyone that comes here I have very good memory again hello to everyone we’re going to be recording this experience how do I get in uh sh how I get in uh all you have to do wait I to make sure so now this everything’s on screen okay so all you have to do just look up testing servers on Sonic Speed simulator and then I’ll get in it’s very simple The Heist o okay there’s a lot of stuff we got to do okay I’m I’m starting to kind of feel pumped also hopefully this event fast it’s not that hard okay so also they they uh changed the spin wheel which is very interesting now I like it way more I want holiday big so bad I’m at school right now I’m on I’m on my break nice good for you okay uh I’m going to start it I’m going to start the recording I’m like over here or someone just going to so yeah go to streamlabs hit record guys I’m going to be doing the intro for the video you guys have to give me a minute ready 3 2 1 what is going on guys welcome back to our video and today’s video we’re going to be checking out the brand new diamond tur damn it okay wait I spelled it wrong I sorry I spelled it wrong sorry I said it wrong what is going on guys welcome back to the video and today’s video we’re going to be checking out the limited time Diamond terminal event inside a Sonic Speed simulator so let’s get right into it how are you I’m very pretty good Landon how are you so I’m just going to keep doing the video guys in 20 minutes I’m going to leave uh school yet okay s all right guys so we are at the diamond terminal event and let’s hop the portal and let’s see where it takes us well damn it’s kind of obvious okay wait all right guys so I’m about to hop in the portal but the very first Quest is to earn grind rail points so that’s pretty easy so let’s get right to it all right there’ll be some easy stuff I’m not going to lie with you guys hopefully I might I don’t no fortnite is probably do but I’m trying to do the Duos cash cup at like 8 but I don’t have to be it on time all right guys I’m going to continue with the video so give minut [Music] it wait I actually guys I’m to go like this all right guys bro can you move yeah yeah can you maybe okay D like he bruh blood cannot move it’s okay it’s okay um will you will you stream update tomorrow yes I will um okay so let me do this again let me do this again all right guys so I’m here the diamond terminal and as you can see Crow Metal Sonic is his full power so yeah let’s get on with the first Quest let’s do this hello everyone hello hello my people okay grind rail points it’s going to be really easy where’s the infinite spot at Diamond terminal guys anyone know where it is it’s like a top level right let me go guys if you hear the background music it’s I think it’s at a fair fair volume I think I go up here dude I need to get to the swash where is that oh yeah Venta what am I doing I am not right there I need to get a Venta there we go my teacher uh wants to say hi to you uh what’s good teacher I hope you’re having an amazing day keep teaching it’s at spawn oh just fly up okay I got one return to HUB okay thank you thank you very much for telling me where it is at please dude a man okay all right now we just got to do this we got to play the fun game guys very fun game of flying in circles for hours should I get the hoverboard on hold up like just I make sure I’m recording right okay yes I am yeah we’re about we’re going to cook on this event we’ll do it fast as well okay this not to bore you guys let’s get some trades you want to trade okay never mind trade request like everyone also I hav thinking about this I don’t if you guys want to do it I might come up with like a robloxer and like a TCH pin I might do it like three Roo whatever like very cheap if you guys want to get it Go doggy from piggy the go I can’t trade anyone for some reason okay uh I have to go see in 15 minutes all right uh hello charm me uh creativ uh can you shout out my friend sorry El question uh I’ll do this since I don’t know who he is uh charm me tell him to come into the stream and to ask for a shout out and then I I’ll screenshot I’ll give him a shout out next stream cuz I just don’t know you know uh who he is I need to see on my live stream chat that’s why I will though if he joins the stream I like your voice dude thank you very much you know some people think I sound like a kid but not too too too far off they say like a five which you know definitely not five all right we are cooking sup uh tails the best Fox dude this guy’s not sub to you thank you guys listen to him everyone subscribe listen to the brosi all right we’re cooking not going to lie spamming shift oh yeah don’t like 13 in fortnite 14 thank you uh let’s keep going I sub as well thank you very much this updated is a w h I think it’s all right cuz like it just reskins actually want to hop off the hoverboard I’m should have go normal I’m should like this all right this update is not the funnest right now what are the next Quest I think I actually H my mic so next Quest finish time trials okay I a billion years old good for you okay so finish time trials uh collect uncut gems find a purified pearls oh my gosh and Hit Switches okay switches ain’t that bad this sounds very long though as it says is mid for updates now like they’re not that bad like they’re not that bad right now I’ll request SpongeBob hello uh two tail Studios hello we only get reskins yeah well like the last non rekin we got was like a month ago right it was g roll hello Lego um this event is plain yes it is Landon it’s very plain there’s nothing like like I feel bad for you guys might be kind of boring just spin around circles here is there anything I knew to the shop no I mean as of as of two weeks yeah yeah claim that let’s see my skins hold up like they’re kind of Mt I’m going to be honest like I got no I I got nothing that’s really that good y I’m cooking I’m cooking on this event like halfway almost the Skins we got are R runs I mean l i can’t tell it’s okay I know they’re all R runs I just I just don’t like this I I kind of want more original cuz I the first Quest whatever it gives you Rouge wait no it doesn’t it gives you a pink bat Trail but it just it gives you Rouge what the hell wow just like Mega major clickbait sorry major clickbait what the heck you seeing this major clickbait right here oh my gosh uh it’s a glitch yeah I know major clickbait guys I’m telling you major clickbait I’m did it oh I am uh it’s just my brother are you in my game right now I don’t see see you oh wait that’s your YouTube name nice again if you guys want to add me join my game my username is right there just add me and tell me your username I have to collect 10,000 of the gems 10,000 oh my God this world is cool I agree yo nice player what 10,000 I’ll play SS oh my gosh that is little too much oh my gosh oh my [Music] gosh yeah update’s crazy grinding I know what time is it okay I’m doing that bad for time right because then then after this do time trials collect uh can use your chat okay I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean I’m cool I know you are Exotics exotic blue Android I know you are cool want to add me yeah yeah add me back though um nice player oh wait sorry L update yeah it kind of is an L update to be honest to be honest with you guys like it is kind of an L update I got I have too many friends hold up I got too many hold up guys hold up hold up I’m not reading chat for a second I’m going to unfriend you whoever you are you’re are getting unfriended unfortunately very sorry about that going to keep going back yeah okay now I think I’m officially I do it too all back got to go work out go do it dude and speaking of um you know doing stuff I got to record this real quick when it’s done new legendary spinter Stu I know that’s definitely going to be a myth all right wait all right guys I’m almost done the grind R Points and just like this we have finished the grind rail points uh and the next Quest is is to finish three time trials and that’s really easy so I’ll see you when I’m done all right like that back in chat which one should we do I’d say let’s just do all them let’s do all them get someting stuff going on go green I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these time trials not even like SSS 1.0 it’s actually kind of fun I’m going be honest and I’m getting these gems really fast as well this is this actually not that bad oh no I’m flying I got internet connection that was a really easy first one hold up I turn on notifications on so I know good job everyone turn notification Bell I agree that that that is a fire idea okay second time trial all right this a smooth ceiling right now smooth smooth smooth all right y we’re actually not doing that bad oh I ran into the [Music] crate H up here yeah we’re doing good okay yeah honestly these ones are I think this ones more fun other than like green hails and stuff cuz I don’t know I think there’s more stuff to do other than the Green Hill like what like Green Hill I mean like time trials the time trials in Green Hill are kind of bland like they’re all right here I kind of like them better like you know right now I kind of maybe go in circles which is kind of cool SEC Eggman and gold Sonic statue in DT what is DT I uh I don’t short for for world I’m assume I I live or Al like 20 seconds from my or I live like from my uh school I go super fast that’s why people call me Sonic in my school all right good for you people also call me Sonic in my school to be [Music] honest all right oh okay and I ran into a wall this one does not have a good start unfortunately go over here hold up now we’re cooking we are cooking in the kitchen guys hold up I’m not I I’m not even looking okay never mind ran into a wall no we’re not cooking anymore all right keep boosting yeah we got this we’re like right there let go through here yeah okay here here oh go up here here okay oh oh my God no I fell dude dud you got to be kidding me okay well guys we’re not why dude oh my God I kind of want to reset dude I hate this one my favorite skin is gr Sonic I respect that that’s a that’s a really good skin to be honest that is a really good skin dude look why is there like a random tiny pillar of the wall I’m never doing this time trial ever again why am I going that way I’m never doing this time trial ever again I can’t believe this [Music] game oh my God go over here this way and I’m done I go okay never doing that one again oh yeah and all right guys just like that I have finished the time trial so next up we have to collect 10,000 uncut gems and I already have 1,500 so I’ll see you when I’m done that all right now we play easy game I’m the coolest yes sir that’s what I’m talking about yes there’re nice players in the game W’s yeah we’re we’re doing pretty good right now hold up wait let me just unlock uh golden Omega again I’m so sorry for your loss [Music] bro I got to go up here I join you yeah go ahead come in nice a nice player I already know you’re in here I’m kind of speed running through this event it’s not even seven at least for [Music] me G oh my God I hope God bless you thank you I hope he does it to you as well I hope he blesses you as well uh golden Sonic statue is still okay perfect I’m going use that as a myth thank you uh darku I’m using that as myth like don’t get wrong I like this update in general I just don’t like the skins that are in this update cuz like it’s literally they didn’t even add a Rouge back it’s literally like it’s clickbait didn’t even add Rouge back it’s literally just Crow Metal Sonic like that’s a m I’m going to be honest so I and why is this limited time as well like they kind of you know kind of I would rather them put this in in permanently and what Happ with to Pumpkin Hill like that level was really good or that world Zone whatever you want to call it that was really good I don’t know what they did to that yeah I’m also speedrun through this I’m be honest very very quickly my brother is so mad because you un front of him oh I did okay just tell me your username and know I I’m back guys again if I unfriend you that’s because again like I just like how do I put this it’s like what I think what most YouTubers do y you could show me something after I’m done talking um like they just un friend random people cuz like you need to make group for other people and my friend is full so if I need to make room I’m just going to UNR random people uh but if you want to get add back I add you back my Internet [Music] RIP am I almost done it’s not showing anymore oh my God 2,000 I’m basically just like running around why is there no auto run I wish there was auto run for this such a [Music] relief [Music] uh y I’m absolutely buing [Music] it my brother’s I’m not talking I’m so sorry sorry something was happening oh so I have seasonal allergies oh they’re so annoying uh my brother said uh you don’t have to add him back he just said uh a great day and he said uh you are so cool thank you now I want to add him back I feel bad now damn it tell me your username on M tell me it’s user [Music] this event is so easy I T it’s like easy but tedious you know what I’m [Music] saying like running through everything hey um uh meet uh meet me at spawn please dude I’m doing the event right now I don’t know oh my gosh thankfully I have this event uh never mind you have him added oh I do okay now I’m cooking hold up y what’s good yakob hello [Music] yakob all right right dude we’re cooking I’m telling you can I show you something cool soon after the event yeah sure you can most definitely oh hit the wall all right yeah what do you guys think this update I think it’s probably like it’s all right it’s whatever not the best thing in the world neither is it the worst the last update was pretty bad like obviously gry song returning was cool but you know pretty B uh when did this map return yeah just [Music] [Music] today hey if you can meet me anywhere or if you can’t don’t bother H when the event’s done I will I I just want to grind through this can we be friend uh yeah tell me your Roblox username I’ll add you I got you got to keep going this event is trash we run to China they are pretty trash very they’re pretty [Music] bad okay got to over here [Music] dude I’m I’m Speed Run I’m not good to do this event metal Silver is trash yeah I [Music] know um 3,000 okay I’m almost there so close to 5,000 like that’s that’s is it’s not that bad is not a bad game good and trash yeah I agree I agree with that one actually okay I’m at 4,000 guys does anyone know where the switches are that I’m going to have to kit or something or like the pearls I don’t really know where those are I’m kind of [Music] confused got to go down drop down got to get these only the righted servings are good h no I I was ask only think that’s good about the game yeah find pearls and Hit Switches like I don’t know where they are has anyone seen a switch even just won maybe like they spawn in after I’m done yeah I’m not going to do this I know yakob I know I know you’re not you have to finish the other uh tasks to get them oh okay okay oh yeah actually that does make [Music] sense all right going to go up [Music] here nothing up here dropping down dude I’m kind of cooking right now I’m getting so much stuff if gamef uh has made two a rerun it’s possible cuz they are making something big yeah that is true but they did bring back the old map I don’t know yeah you’re probably right hopefully they oh yeah Shadows motorcycle going to probably to come next update so yeah that’s probably what they’re working on that is pretty big no new Mount so yeah okay maybe like a new race track or something oh wait that’s why radical High that’s why uh radical highway is going to be coming oh R the bat uh not being a reskin is so disappointing I know I don’t know why she’s not coming back they literally click baited click baited # put uh skins uh that wasn’t in the game before I know that’s what they’re doing oh that’s what they’re not doing I I uh I want to see some like unique skins like everyone apparently has Rouge yeah I know I know what you [Music] mean should have Green Hill for pearls oh Green Hill has pearls okay I will or check actually okay we’ll see she use the vent click on trail I know I know I know look it’s a trail these Little Liars speaking of trails I don’t have my trail on I’ll equip it all right we’re uh put more Eggman now I know I I feel like this game doesn’t really have a lot of Eggman and therefore doesn’t really not have a lot of story line which I I wish I kind of wish I did I think that would be really cool iction yeah yeah hi yob I’m watching this at school yes sir no not that the other Trail oh this Trail oh wait wait what the hell what see you unlock Rouge up here I’m confused that okay that’s cool I guess I mean I don’t know yeah it’s okay if you don’t know I’ll go look anyways we’re cooking I hit the half limit try not half limit I hit halfway through now I’m like locked in like I know what I’m doing right now got to get all these I it’s kind of like the route just like keep going in circles cuz like they’ll all respawn eventually like can go up here maybe no I think you turn back around right oh yeah oh maybe not yeah just drip down here got these basically just keep going in circles that’s a strat what what nice player why you saying that hey can you tell can you tell me to uh Sonic spe your lore and story yeah I might do actually a video to see the lore of Sonic spe I know I might I’m rejoining my camera glitches it’s pretty simple yeah know I think the whole thing is kind of like you know SSS one nothing really happened and then they all got tpd to this world and then after that Eggman Shenanigans pretty much right well I guess in ss1 you have the chemical plant kind of Arc like that was there I don’t know story’s kind of complex kind of confusing I think I don’t think there’s really no like definitive story line in my opinion all right we’re we’re actually not doing that bad right now I think I I want keep saying this to like every stream but like we’re going significantly like fast like got to get all these like I’m cooking got to go down here okay telling you guys I am cooking right now know the story is just Eggman yeah okay I guess I just count of the story yeah I guess you’re right hi NX hi dark ninja thank you you’re very welcome yakob right here there’s still some more got to get all these got to get those got to get [Music] these dude absolutely cooking telling you there is no pearls in Green Hill okay thank you for letting me know yeah I’m trying to finish this as fast as I can I’m like speed running speed running shorts let him cook that’s what I’m saying let let me cook heal play uh sorry chemical plan is the goat like me I agree hel plan is the goat the Sonic up stream was disappointing oh why what happened what happened in the Sonic up stream I tuned for like a minute just want to see if the testing serers Dro which they were and then I started streaming that’s why I was a little late to the party today what are you playing play on oh I’m playing on computer on PC that’s why it’s running really [Music] smooth I keep going uh bro my best uh my yeah w w what supposed to mean uh bro uh my best friend okay um he’s just bored of Sonic yeah I know I think the issue with Sonic Hub is that live with him right now keyboard mouse over controller yeah I kind of agree with that to be honest I think with Sonic up now I think he just tired of doing it since he’s been doing it for so long obviously me I’m not tired but he is I think that’s why he’s dying like not I going say his Channel’s dying like he’s not dying but like he’s kind of dying down from Sonic right now like obviously you know he still likes it and everything but like he’s not like I want to make a video every single day like I don’t think he has that much passion anymore can I have a shout out yeah I got you hold up guys I’m me screenshot this okay screenshoted it that’s good I no what are you uh playing on for testing oh I’m playing on testing right now cuz I just uh just keep it on [Music] tting yeah I’m speed running got to go jump down get all this telling you the cook is unreal Sonic should quit YT or YouTube and get a full-time job can I add you on Discord yeah just uh go to my profile click add I’ll add you sometime sometime probably this week I don’t like son C to quit YouTube I just think if he not passionate about Sonic anymore well I’m sure he still is right but if he get birs out I think you should make a second Channel like Sonic Hub is the goat and NX Son thank you yeah I think you should like the like the Mario Hub channel I think he should start you know posting other stuff on his other channels to you know burn out his burnout I’m Sonic and then when he’s like a month later maybe it comes back know what I’m [Music] saying um hey what’s your favorite video game movies that are not son okay I’m going to assume you’re saying games that are not Sonic uh multiverses came back I might make a sonic video on multiverses you’ll see what that’s about I I like that it’s honestly really fun fortnite is another one I still play fortnite I really like it I know you might think I’m weird but I might do the solo cash cup even though so definitely not going to win I still want to try uh what else un like smash BR is good but that has Sonic in it uh I enjoy Mario Odyssey as well that’s a really good game Sonic Club should I least take two months break yeah like if he wants to sure like if he if he needs it yeah go [Music] ahead oh my gosh I’m like speed running chat you guys do not understand Zoom bucking [Music] it oh my God I got so much right there hey like I’m I’m going to be done this event so fast probably like an hour and I’m going to stream going down the spiral I am cook king I am the king of cooking look go fast I’m going Zoom I hate the pearls oh don’t tell me it’s really annoying please don’t that’s that oh that’s going to oh that’s a little that’s a real Stinger a please don’t tell me it’s going to be really annoying all right it’s going to be really unfortunate I’m kind of cooking hold up again close my trades hold up yeah I have X1 you are one of the best YouTubers ever better than M I don’t know better than Mr Beast but thank you uh but can you actually cook food andone uh okay what food are we talking about and I don’t like I yeah I could pour a bowl of cereal like I could do stuff but I can’t like do like amazing stuff like I can make myself breakfast I can make myself a pretty good breakfast I can do that I think I’ve done it once before I believe I play Super Smash Bros ultimate uh the best game uh no I think Super Smash BR is probably the best game on switch I want to make a video on it just playing it and like cooking people online with Sonic the only issue with that is that I’m not good well I’m not that bad like at multiverses I cook with Shaggy me and Shaggy are like homies like we like cobber I really hope movie Sonic will come into multiverses yeah s Yak up with the Emojis W’s with the Emojis all right I’m almost done right there so close almost at the last th000 go this way any was uh oh there a new Pokemon game coming out I completely forgot I did not know I’m I I used play Pokemon I’m excited I play uh with Sonic Smash yeah it’s for me it’s either Sonic Donkey Kong or King Koo it’s crazy all those characters I just named are humanoid like animals which kind of crazy but I I uh well is dony K technically isn’t but I know I’m very EXC I I’m very excited like when I play with those characters uh do the fish go I don’t know what what is the fish I’m cooking never mind I’m actually not uh there’s something here never mind [Music] Hing oh my God and I get the one to the top I’m a genius okay there’s like 900 more to go uh Sonic uh take this egg all right we are doing good tell I’m Trust oh ran to the wall never mind we’re not doing good this way onward onward we go oh no we got to go up here I used to main Sonic in SSS but uh metal King is just more to play as oh met Knight met metal King yeah metan Knight I I can see off like if he’s fun or not like I can actually see that like I I think he’s a cool character in The the Kirby verse I’ll call it that and I still don’t know how Sonic wasn’t able to outrun gim pretty sure that’s his name like I think that’s a little cap I think uh Kirby was a little bit of that favoritism in there special favoritism sprinkled all the way in there but okay [Music] you’re the best thank you I appreciate it hey I was uh on a school trip today cool good for you what was uh where uh where was it at like a zoo or something almost there all right you’re not uh where you are in Game why cuz stream uh there’s called something called stream delay it happens to most streamers I think I can’t really fix it so it’s just the way it is my brother I think movie Shadow is coming in Sonic’s spe yeah I will he will definitely he much money they’ll make when he comes like it’ll be crazy not money but like yeah G is premium players when they play the end I’m going to be finished I go up here I’ll the Dodge hold up never mind hello damn it the uh SK are kind of ugly they’re not that bad like they’re all right they’re not the worst not the best can you uh go to me cuz I will okay I can right now I’m so close come [Music] on no I need one more PCH all right wait I need one more all right guys just like that we have completed the third Quest and let’s go to the next one find uh purified pearls and we have to find 30 so uh I’ll see you when I’m done what 30 wait okay this might not be that bad hold up I got scared oh my God I got scared for a second maybe this actually won’t be that bad hold up can I get it hey please don’t tell me this is like to take like Thousand [Music] Years any underwater they only hit 30 that’s another one I wish they hit more like more than 30 I think they did though right like that’s what they normally do okay I got to get out found two down there look on lock in mode 1 billion W yes [Music] sure uh can you go the fish please not right now I can’t perfect another one right here hold on guys I uh I’m cooking wait there’s something there must be summon here yeah I do it I FM you are a winner in W thank you I’m catnap oh okay cool yeah that’s the guy in my game yep where are okay wait right here hold on chat 10 out of 30 change that to 11 out of [Music] 30 guys if you have to let me know some location so I might honestly need some might start need oh I’m at the fish tank oh hi bro got his sh in a pigle a pickle my gosh like all the way in there wait is that one inside the fish tank no it isn’t but they could be on walls as well oh my gosh hey halfway there halfway there there I’m going to make sure there’s like absolutely none in this [Music] room we’re cooking you got this thank you another one wait right there that’s 16 16 on the board there’s one over here trying to hide from me you’re not that guy how you are not that [Music] guy wait is that a Pearl oh yes it is boo yeah you get a Big W hogers thank you W’s hold up everyone’s doing this while I’m getting my Pearl I’m getting my ender pearls this place is like massive yeah like there’s one up here yeah this going be like a place look most of them hold up okay I don’t mind this Quest if I keep finding them quickly cuz like I like like scavenger hunts that where like you find stuff quickly like that’s good like I literally just found another one and this one right here for some reason I jumped over it right [Music] here uh and I actually your ultimate W thank you I appreciate that that means the world to me okay I’m going back back up all right guys we are cooking I know I keep saying it but like okay I don’t think there’s really any more in here never mind I lied to myself I am a filthy liar I’m back what did I miss I’m doing the pearls right now I have 22 [Music] I’m literally like scanning for them checking underwater again never mind everyone dude everyone uh where are they oh yeah like now this is what I don’t like now I’m like where are they I can’t find them Chad I might need help I kind of almost died today how that is the most interesting thing I’ve ever heard someone say today sack it’s me Tails from the Y hide and seek last stream I’m back okay hello [Music] dude yeah I actually need to lock in like where are these pearls I’m actually about to search something nook and cranny bingo I think they would hide two sorry I think they would hide three cuz there was one right there no okay you could have oh my God try Okay none right there um there are four or five pearls underwat there are okay well hold them go back for them I don’t really see any more over here okay I’m going to go back for those pearls I only got I only got two underwater uh check the chat I did I just did oh my gosh I don’t see any might be like another little place but I don’t see any I could just be blind but I don’t see any oh never mind right here that’s one 25 out of 30 yeah I did a full lap okay I was missing one right here this little rascal 26 come on a trip almost got me the what happened oh my gosh uh is this a testing yeah it’s testing did I miss a pearl or am I just am I streaming I think I’m just streaming hold up there might be one up here knew it literally called it there’s two okay all I need is two [Music] more no no no no no I want to see okay I don’t think there’s one up there oh my God where where are they two maybe it’s three yeah it might be three underwater I’m happy because May 30 was the last day of school good for you very lucky come on all I need literally just D two pearls I’m going back to switch every nook and cranny I don’t think there would be any more in here there’s already like so [Music] much [Music] no no thanks you’re welcome okay now because there’s one up there like oh my God I’m missing two that’s one no no no come here okay I just need one more I I think there’s still more of in here there must be like one more I’m telling you I swear there’s like there’s like 10 in here you so good um me sad because I don’t CU I can’t do it you can’t do it okay all right guys so I have just found the very last pearl of my live stream chat so let’s unlock it so let’s get it and let’s see what happens all right guys so I’m just going to go up to it and I have got it so we are going to go over here and the last mission is to hit 30 switches and we get Rouge the Bat so let’s go ahead and do it 30 that’s one what your favorite character that’s says probably Super Sonic Classic Sonic or gr Sonic another light or another switch any underwater W’s yes sir W’s yes sir W’s that’s another one another one that’s four oh my God that’s five give me no missed it five six yeah okay that’s a lot that was a lot in there that’s another one wait hop hops wait they calling Michael Jordan for a reason hold up okay going go up here that’s 10 10 and a 30 I’m telling you flame and Yan we’re [Music] cooking what up there I almost missed it I cannot hit this for my life hold up you’re the best uh times two thank you it says you’re offline that’s weird have to like refresh the page or something like you go like right through it um my favorite aoic speed simulator skin is super sonic yeah that makes sense might as well to be honest like if I had to pick probably Super Sonic just cuz he could fly and is the fastest not even that he also just looks really cool okay that’s 12 okay I already went this room that’s another one another one another [Music] one okay hop up come on on dude I can hit this hold up back it up all they say back it up buttercup Bop another one right there hold up one of them’s in there oh yeah I forgot how you got in there you got to go up okay one my favorite skin is Rockstar Sonic yeah he’s also really cool I almost missed it so that is you want to say it’s actually really hard but like it’s kind of like confusing um the game is great and still good yeah I agree can I not I can I still not fly yeah I can’t okay I’m going to I just the hard way hold up [Music] bnk got me that 22 make this 23 and next one are you going to make a part uh part part five of what’s wrong song yeah I will eventually maybe in like a couple months we’ll see no maybe not even a couple months maybe like I don’t know in a maybe like one month give it a month let’s see uh can can you uh chat in the chat no cuz I’m doing the event which I’m almost done the event and after I’m done this I’m probably going to record I’m not going to record sorry Hop Off stream and I’m going to do something else gosh darn where is this stuff I think I’m missing two right no [Music] four yeah whoever this guy is good thinking maybe it’s up here should have been in that room gosh darn it wait hold up in here yes these spots are like Beauty oh my God there’s so many in here it’s like a gold mine no I missed it gosh darn it one two that’s the last one all right guys I got to go see you see you later all right I’m going to record the video part now all right guys I have just spawned the very last switch so let’s go ahead and hit it all right guys let’s go up to it and bnk all right uh and we have hit it so let’s go check out um the rehash of crow Metal Sonic and rou the [Music] bat going go here and settings and go like this all right guys so all right all right guys so first up is Rouge the Bat and let’s just scroll down a little bit oh here she is it’s a quipper all right guys so here’s what she looks like I think everyone really knows though it looks like very very good skin nice idle animations nice heels to be honest again like a probably 9 out of 10 skin I really like Rouge and next up is Chrome Metal Sonic let’s equip him here he is the skin that everyone wants I think he has actually a new Idol that looks cool I’ll give you a shout out David the Hedgehog all right yeah so let’s look at him real quick like this is actually a really really good skin I’d say like it’s not like the worst neither is the best I would say like a Sol like five out of 10 it’s not the worst well if you guys enjoy the video make sure to leave a like subscribe cation Bell let me know if you like Rouge or Crow Metal Sonic better shout out to these people on the screen and I’ll be seeing you guys in the next one peace thanks for watching all right now I’m done with the video I got to say goodbye to the stream actually I got to screenshot David hold [Music] up okay guys well if you guys enjoyed the stream obviously s make sure to leave a like on it subscribe turn on the notification Bell and if you give me just a momento 1 minute go check out my last week’s mythbuster I’ll put a link to it right here a really good video to be honest and I guess that’s it so I’ll be seeing you guys in the next one peace thanks for watch

N8FX11 on 2024-06-01 11:36:43. It has garnered 917 views and 29 likes. The duration of the video is 01:00:49 or 3649 seconds.

ROBLOX USER: N8B1977 Minecraft User: N8FX11

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