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I’m chosen architect and this is the stone opis mod pack so today is the big day the day that we take on the Wither but it’s probably going to be a little bit less dramatic than that as we’re going to cheese this bad boy and yes I know you’re saying but chosen why would you want to cheese this thing just try and find it on your own and to that I will say why do things harder when you can do things smarter the truth is I’m just really scared of the Wither and I don’t want to die no in all seriousness this is going to be a pretty simple task however we do have to make it to the roof of this world and it kind of only works because of the way this roof is actually designed so let’s first start by just getting to the roof so if we set this to a Escape tunnel uh we can make this quite easy I just need to excavate this this and this and we now should have roughly an easy path all the way up to to the roof oh yeah and we’re definitely going to hit a cave or two but that’s fine you can just light up the area and also grab any glow lkan that you may actually find in here because glow Lan has a beautiful use it can be converted into glowberries and glowberries are definitely useful by the way we should be able to just oneshot this skeleton yeah this sword’s insane hey look there’s some glow lien glowberries by the way in immersive engineering can be put in a garden clo and you can turn that into ethanol which is going to be a way to technically get biodiesel which can generate about 4,000 RF per tick or power per tick so now once I get all the way up here notice how the Bedrock ceiling is sort of staggered and this is going to be important to actually setting up the Wither up here and taking it out so I recommend clearing out an area and looking for something very specific so if you’re familiar to actually taking on the Wither utilizing the nether roof you’re going to be pretty familiar with with how this functions as well so we are looking for a very specific kind of pocket and now this right here is roughly what I’m looking for so I basically just need a 3X3 of Bedrock that appears to be too deep and so this right here should work and so what I want to do is I want to get the Wither in this spot right here and so I need to be basically spawn the wither within this two block Gap um and so we have plenty of space I think yeah I should be able to to get I think the skulls yeah I can place everything right here and the Wither should spawn right into this block and the Wither should be able to get its big old head stuck up into the ceiling now the way that I want to set this up is I want to make sure that this has a TW block Gap so I went ahead and got my resources set up and the spawn platform is going to be the obsidian right here so underneath is going to be the base of the platform and then we’re going to lay out the look of the Wither so just like this laying on its side and that’s important because we’re about to build this thing and we are going to need this to work um so it has to be two blocks just like that and if I go ahead and build up I need to get myself a little bit of a platform to sort of stand on so that way I can also try to take out the Wither to make this go faster cuz I think it will take damage on its own this is a tried andrue method that’s been used for a very long time so we place down our soul sand and hopefully nothing fails on us I mean if anything we do have some pretty decent gear but all right here we go 3 2 1 summon this bad boy and let’s hope he gets his head stuck up here and it should work just like it would underneath the end portal now this is going to still blast and it’s going to take damage so I need to be prepared for that and there we go oh God yeah it’s it’s loud but we should be able to Chomp away there we go and this is perfect and it is now gone and flopping around but there we go we have now taken on the Wither and we can just continue to spawn them here over and over again for as many nether stars as we need so now that we have ourselves a Nether Star this opens up a new chapter called star power and you can see we’re working our way through this bad boy and this right here so we get it from killing the Wither but we need to turn this into nether star fragments so fragments of the star and we get four extra and it looks like oh yes we are getting into flux networks with this oh that is so nice that we can use this for flux networks and it does seem like we might be end up might be killing a few more of these now you don’t have to kill it on the roof you can kill it by hand and if you absolutely want to you can kill it up on the roof or you can also make yourself a mob uh Crusher and a mob Crusher with a range upgrade would also take this guy out however you would probably want to make like an obsidian box because it does seem like the uh the Wither proof blocks they have removed them uh from this um so that is something to consider I honestly have no idea why the dark glass has been removed from the industrial forgoing mod in this pack but I digress and right now we’re going to be making oursel some fragments so we get to break our nether star down into some bits and pieces and uh like I said this leads us into a a supreme machine frame which this typically interesting this typically requires ether gas which you would get from trapping wither farts I know it it’s just as weird sounding as it actually is but the quest apparently leads us into using purified water instead which is what we’ve been using for our cves by the way and these are just basically the advanced machines which are already kind of a pain enough to get and then putting all of this together so these aren’t actually that that bad and of course none of this will be super bad once we get our applied energistics system fully up and operational with autocrafting now the ultimate goal of today is to hopefully enter into the colored caves because there is a portal here and as soon as we make this machine frame it looks like we can make the colored portal which which just relies on some colored Stone in this Frame so this will be a new place that we get access to and I’m pretty excited about that now there is a fluid laser here which talks about getting ether gas from the Wither which is those the fart collections that I was talking about earlier and then we also gain access to farming Souls from the warden and this one is very special this allows you to tick accelerate things which is insanely powerful and I wonder how expensive is it’s not too bad to make the soul pipes and I wonder how bad the connectors are yeah that’s not bad at all and the block itself just requires an advanced frame so in reality all of these things are pretty straightforward you will however need to be able to power stasis chamber uh for both uh farming The Ether gas and also over here farming the warden actually you need two for the warden if I remember correctly now taking a look at flux dust woo that’s a that’s a stout recipe right there very very uh very very expensive recipe but um I mean this is a way to technically have wireless charging and it also allows us to get power from this Dimension over into our void Dimension or any other dimension basically unlocking the ability for us to increase our infrastructure in those Dimensions so I’ve been pushing and I think I have everything ready to go I made two more of these Advanced machine frames these are these are just still so expensive just because of these gear boxes alone uh but we should now be able to craft this so I’m going to go ahead and place the items required in here for this next particular craft and then I need that purified water so the purified water comes from the purifying Mulch and if we remember correctly it’s just made with the the regular mulch so we’re going to need two mulches and then we’re going to need our purifying salt mulch uh and then a bucket so we just need to grab a bucket and I should be able to hand place that fluid in so I’ll just right click this grab the fluid and now we have that and we can place that in and that is what we need now right now I have my pink slime back here I’m going to go ahead and place that back I just need to make another tank and then I can have a place to put this purified water in and there we go so we now have the the Supreme machine frame typically this recipe by the way would require ether gas but they have changed it in this which is kind of nice and that is going to allow me to make my way into a new dimension so now without further Ado cuz I don’t want to wait I want to get into this submission as soon as possible let’s see what this place has to offer this is the colored caves so it says create the colored caves portal in which we have done says enter the colored caves um using the colored caves portal you have uh so have you unlocked all of the colors yet I think we have unlocked all of the colors at least we should have I mean at least I hope we have um and can I just place this like so I can oh I’m kind of I’m kind of curious okay I guess we just we just right click on it ooh as it slowly generates in this place is epic okay my new home this should be my new home this is way better than what I was just in this this place is fantastic it’s slowly but surely generating but look at all of this Stone and all of the different trees and everything now besides all of the cool colors and stuff that’s in here what exactly is this Dimension used for oh that’s right I think we can use this Dimension to harvest different materials wait wait wait these are ores colored core ores is this talk about this in the next chapter the blank color cores dropped okay dropped from color core ore found mostly at the bottom of the colored caves you can uh this is can also be mined using the ore laser oh interesting so we have fortune on this by the way Fortune one don’t know if that matters but there we go we now have ourselves some blank colored cores this allows us to make a few different things dark color core and then there’s also the bright colored cores those are used to make rainbow cores when they’re combined together and a rainbow core allows us to make rainbow bricks oh yes oh and we can get a time in the bottle now wait oh it’s still unfamiliar though maybe we unlock it whenever we finally get our cores that’s pretty cool and then we also with these cores can produce up to 2,000 inside of a stone opis generator these ores are all over the place place here but I tell you what it does feel kind of nice finally having something to sort of mine like this that’s just not a stone wall so yeah I managed to find quite a bit of these blank colored cores and from the looks of it they’re going to be incredibly important so I’ll be 100% needing to come back to this place to set up another drill just like the one that we set up in our void Dimension so I guess without further Ado we should be able to teleport back to our dingy Brown and and stone colored base yeah I mean it’s a lot less pretty here but this is where our main infrastructure is at so at least we have that going for us now some other things we’re going to need are some of these colors so I guess in this Dimension two it’ also be a good idea to harvest a bunch of these different color types that way we have a ton of different colors for our different kind of cores now it does appear like this is also where our laser drill will come into play because the laser drill is going to be uh required in order to get a ton of these different uh random uh colors so like the rainbow lens right so these color cores that we’re going to need to craft all of these materials do come from the colored caves so you do get all the stone and you also get these cores on top of it so it looks like there’s going to be a lot of Automation in that regard down the road but I guess what I could do for right now is I can just go ahead and grab a bunch of different colored materials and I should be able to place them inside of this crate here so um that way I can just pick them up and carry them as we move along so I’ve gotten gray there’s another kind of gray there’s some brown some white some purple some orange I mean there’s a little bit of everything all over the place and so definitely worth grabbing as much of this as I can and there we go so after a bit of searching and a bit of figuring this out bam I now have uh basically a stack of all the colors now I got a couple of extra colors that are just laying out here but in this container is at least one of all of the types which should now allow me to make the bright colored core and the dark colored core so at least having an understanding that I’m going to need both of these helps me understand like what I need to prep for in the future so combining these two together makes a rainbow color core okay and I wonder if these I have like any special ability on their own like just right clicking these NOP doesn’t do anything on its own probably just used exclusively for crafting but it does let us make a time in the bottle which feels kind of weird at this point like making this thing this far in cuz I’m already setting it like almost 3 days worth of play time in this world so making a time in the bottle at this point feels kind of odd but I guess we can do it might as well do it cuz at this point it is fairly cheap to make it does require two of these rainbow cores but these things as well are are very very cheap so let’s grab that we’ll craft this together and then a time in the bottle perfect so we have ourselves a time in the bottle which is kind of nice do we get anything for this oh it’d be nice if we just got rewarded a time in the bottle with like a certain amount of time in it or like infinite time that’d be kind of cool all right but we can also make rainbow bricks which I am very tempted in changing my SE back here to the rainbow bricks because I think that would be kind of nice little uh addition you know what I’m definitely going to do that and you know what that looks kind of interesting like just kind of glowing in the background I really really do like that actually I’m a little IND different on it I don’t know I I like it but at the same time I’m like I really like that stationary gold but I mean when it’s in a certain color cycle it looks fantastic now another thing we can do is to these into our Crusher and apparently our Crusher will crush this down into rainbow D which which is interesting in itself another rainbowed item so this rainbow die is used to one make rainbow lenses but it’s also used for another thing right ah yes it is used for hostile neural networks whenever we get to that point even though we don’t know what this item is it is definitely the prediction material that goes into your hostile neural network machines so it’s yet again something that is 100% going to need to be automated now that other section mentions us placing this or at least 10 of these um these rainbow color cores placing at least 10 of them into our system now the reason I’m doing 10 is because of the way that this caps in one bucket so it is most effective for me to put 10 of them in here now with our particular setup it should result in 10 of them going in and 40 pretty much coming out just like our Diamond here so if I put these in here these are going to get processed into a interesting kind of of raw meat slurry that is a part of what I’m assuming is oh yeah that’s right this dust gets turned into the extended crafting materials it’s still unfamiliar to us but this is the black Iron um you can see right here black Iron dust so this is a black Iron Ingot ah but we’re going to unlock that very soon as soon as this gets done with all of its processing and so just like all of our other materials going into our seves and all of that fun stuff we are going to just basically Al have to wait on this to process and just like that our black Iron dust is done ooh look at that okay so perfect so we’ve just got that unlocked and now we just have to turn it into an Ingot which now we can see and with a little bit of straining there we go we now have a few of those ingots and that should be almost this entire chapter done however we do have to make a basic uh or rainbow lens not a basic lens we do have to make a basic version of the lens and then we can apply this rainow to it and so last but not least we should be able to now take one of these lenses and craft it together and get ourself a rainbow lens and that will be the color caves chapter complete now of course we still have our other chapters to definitely complete and well the star power one is definitely one that is going to be a work in progress as making these machines I think we’ll be better suited once we have applied energistics automation fully up and running and so that is something that that I definitely want to get started on working on and I think that’s going to have to happen in the next episode definitely going to be building up on our applied energistics automation infrastructure it’s going to have to happen and I think next episode is going to be the one where it happens in now in the mean time what I should do before we wrap up today’s episode is get iron fully automated I think iron fully automated is going to be a rather simple task since we already have all of the resources to do that we just have to automate this engineer’s workbench to do it now the base of this automated workbench is going to look like this and the next layer is going to have some belts a few more of the light engineering blocks and then we’re going to have a couple slabs on the front as soon as this is all done we should be able to use the hammer on this block and this makes a really cool looking multi block you can see right here the belt is going to line into here it’s going to do the AutoCraft and out it should go so I believe our input is this right here so we have a couple of different input slots and that is what’s going to hopefully allow these ingredients to be put together and I’m guessing on the engineer’s blueprint do I just put the blueprint in ah and then we select what we want to craft so I think we’re going to need two of these if I remember correctly cuz we’re going to need to produce this lapis alloy and then we’re also going to need to be able to produce the iron perfect so after crafting another one I can go ahead and place this blueprint in so this one is going to be specifically crafting the lapis alloy and then this should receive the other ingredients that will allow it to make the uh the iron so now to be able to automate This Here Comes our routing nodes and so I’m going to put some input routing nodes to send this into the network and I’m basically to use this now I went ahead and set up some other Garden closes that are producing lapis and Redstone in our main system that is connected to our drawer Network so I want to use these while they’re here so I don’t really have to move them around and so I should be able to just pipe them over using our blood magic uh node system so let’s go ahead and set this one I’m going to say hey make sure we send lapis and then in this filter I’m going to say hey let’s go ahead and send Redstone and just like all of our other systems so long as we put this in and we don’t have anything else connected to this it should be able to work um I am however going to need let’s see to grab my blood magic wand and I’m going to have to link these together so I’m going to link those together and then I’m going to link them to the main node so this is connected to the main node which does drag all the way through my base and I can even access it over here now for my output routing node that is going to get placed on the input side of this workbench so this is the input side and I need to define a filter that is going to have charcoal in that filter and I think what I want to do um so if I if we grab charcoal I think what I want to do is I want to change this up now I think I can have multiple things connected to one output um so I I basically have charcoal that’s going to be sent to different locations so I should be able to say hey only send one here hey on Redstone only send one in at a time and then hey only send one lapis at a time so that is basically what is going to happen in this particular machine so with that filter in and then once I have it connected in that should start sending those ingredients that are needed to craft this into the crafter now this is where I need to actually take the item that this generates and I probably want to Route it into this workbench here um so utilizing some belts I should be able to do that so let’s go ahead and basically set up our belts in a way like this and just make sure that these are rotated in the correct direction so that should send to this belt this belt then needs to pipe into the workbench and then for this we get to have a little bit of fun we are going to specify on these two drawers that we only want to pull out void ingots out of these compacting drawers and I’m actually going to use two separate nodes just like so and I want to make sure that these are connected to the bottom which they are and so I should able to put the filters in here and that should allow us for with these input nodes should allow us to pull out these void ingots and then last but not least right over here we need to connect ourself an output node and then we need need to set up a filter that is going to be void ingots and then we also need charcoal because we’re already going to be receiving that lapis and then this output should have the should end up with the items we need whenever we get this all linked in now just when you thought we were almost done there is still another step because we have to send this over to then be processed in our CVS and so to get that final step done I’m going to go ahead and right here should be where it auto outputs into an inventory and so uh I just basically need a input node and on this input node we need a filter and that filter is going to be set to our void iron ingots which are going to be contained inside here so with those void iron ingots set in that filter we need to add void iron ingots to our other filter that then gets sent over into this setup right here so uh right into this particular filter we just need to add these ingots and with that all connected to the network it should know once we have everything linked so now once we get the power connected oo I’m super excited because this should have our iron automated I should have done this a while ago but of course I procrastinate just like everyone else um and this is now I think yeah all we have to do is link it together right so let’s make sure this can be connected here and then we need to connect this one here and I think those are all the nodes they just need to connect over here and with that this should hopefully work now the only thing that I don’t know is if these will send directly into this it should but we may actually need to send it in with an inventory in belts okay so it is working after doing a little bit of testing I kind of messed up on my configuration on the output I just had to make sure these were all set to only one at a time oh and also this has already got my belt spinning the wrong way I need to turn my belt this way there we go and then that should be correct and so that should sit there that’s waiting oh and this has backed up with charcoal so this is a little bit of a problem so I guess I forgot to basically say hey only make sure there’s ever one at any given moment inside of this inventory and so I’ve got to pull all of this charcoal out oh goodness that’s a lot yes but that should now be functioning a lot better you definitely want to make sure you have the limited limited uh items going in there for example the regulation of the items I mean eventually the system will catch up with itself and so it won’t be as big of a deal I really won’t have to worry about the lapis alloy because it will probably end up being a bottleneck anyways for the whole iron system I tell you what it is pretty cool watching this whole thing kind of work you have this which does like an assembly process and then this comes down and does a press process I really love these machines they’re so cool but now one other task we just need to check and make sure that our iron has made it over here and has it I believe it is it does look like this is increasing it just went down now but if we see another one go in we definitely know it’s working so there we go we now have iron automated see now that wasn’t too bad was it well if that fried your brain the next episode is definitely going to fry your brain even more because like I said we’re going to dive into applied energistics automation which is going to help us a ton with fluid crafting especially when it comes to Industrial foregoing crafting so if you are looking forward to that be sure to click that subscribe button if you haven’t already and well give this video a huge thumbs up as I would really appreciate that and it definitely helps out the channel quite a bit and with that being said it’s now time to thank the amazing supporter of today’s episode and that huge thanks is going to go out to Katon thank you so much by the way for your amazing support thank you for choosing to support me over on Discord and that is one of the best ways to honestly support so thank you so so very much for that guys be sure to check out the Discord link down the description below or you can go to discord.gg chosenarchitect and join the amazing crew today be sure to check out my twitch if you haven’t already as well give me a follow if I’m not currently live because I do live stream roughly 3 to 4 days a week so definitely check me live there we have a lot of fun on that channel so with that being said I’ll see you in the next one and is all always thanks for watching bye [Music]

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    Nethria.Pro AND FactionsThe Nethria server is located in Germany, making it more accessible for all of Europe. It operates as a Factions server, running on an older version, 1.8.8, to evoke a classic, old-school ambiance. Additional details about the server will soon be accessible through its website. In the meantime, you are welcome to join and explore the server! Read More

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    Minecraft: Endless Night, Hard Mode Delight In the world of Minecraft, where challenges abound, Our hero takes on hard mode, with infinite night around. Facing off against monsters, in a battle of might, Crafting, building, surviving, in the darkness of night. Epic fights against creatures, like Martha and Kuki, Sightings of the unknown, mysterious and spooky. Love arrows flying, food to sustain, A magical well, where dreams may reign. But beware the dangers, lurking in the dark, Our hero must be clever, to leave their mark. With humor and skill, they navigate the land, In Minecraft, they thrive, with a controller in hand. So join… Read More

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    Minecraft Hack: Troll Face Edition 🔥😂 #shorts When you try to hack in Minecraft but all you end up doing is trolling yourself with that troll face meme. Guess the real hack was on you! #fail #minecrafthacks #trolled Read More

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    Join Minewind Minecraft Server for an Epic Lifesteal Adventure! Welcome to Newsminecraft.com, where we bring you the latest updates and trends in the Minecraft community. Today, we stumbled upon a fascinating YouTube video titled “My Application For {CHORSMP} Lifesteal SMP.” While the video itself may not be directly related to Minewind server, it got us thinking – what makes a Minecraft server truly stand out and attract players from all over the world? One server that has been making waves in the Minecraft community is Minewind. With its unique gameplay features, intense PvP action, and thriving community, Minewind offers an experience like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned… Read More

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    Experience Mind-Blowing Minecraft Madness with SasuVideo Information This video, titled ‘Live Minecraft’, was uploaded by Sasu on 2024-04-23 05:55:08. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

  • HexPeace Notch vs Herobrine: Epic Minecraft Battle

    HexPeace Notch vs Herobrine: Epic Minecraft BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Notch vs Herobrine – Minecraft Fight Animation #animation #minecraft #herobrine #shorts’, was uploaded by HexPeace on 2024-02-16 18:13:05. It has garnered 229 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:48 or 48 seconds. minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft mod,shorts minecraft,minecraft speedrun,minecraft challenge,minecraft facts,minecraft seed,camman18 minecraft,minecraft but challenge,minecraft update,minecraft 1.20,minecraft how to,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft rarest,minecraft but you cant touch the color,minecraft manhunt,minecraft tips,minecraft animation,minecraft funny,minecraft fun facts,minecraft survival minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,shorts,minecraft but,minecraft animation,minecraft memes,minecraft tiktok,minecraft mod,minecraft challenge,minecraft speedrun,minecraft funny,funny minecraft shorts,minecraft short,minecraft meme shorts,minecraft facts,minecraft meme,youtube shorts,camman18 shorts,minecraft speedrunner,minecraft manhunt,minecraft seed,camman18 minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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    UNBELIEVABLE! ONE BLOCK END PORTAL REVEALED! 💥Video Information This video, titled ‘MENGUNGKAP MISTERI END PORTAL DI ONE BLOCK – MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION – LIVE’, was uploaded by JeeeInHere on 2024-07-11 19:32:30. It has garnered 265 views and 23 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:56 or 7196 seconds. TODAY WE WILL FIND THE MYSTERY OF END PORTAL IN ONE BLOCK DOES END PORTAL EXIST??? DONATIONS TO FEED THE WOLVES STARTING FROM 1K 🙂 : https://sociabuzz.com/jeeeinhere tiktok : https://www.tiktok.com/@jeeinhere1?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc discord #Minecraft #MinecraftOneBlock #Minecrfatjava #MCPE #Windahbasudara #shaders #RTX #MinecraftSurvival #windahbasudara #Minecraft #MCPE #Minecraft1.20 ElestialHD ElestialHD Minecraft #akuzeru #mediashareon #live #minecraf tag: LIVE MINECRAFT LIVE MINECRAFT SURVIVAL WINDAH… Read More

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  • FTB NeoTech Modded – Brand New Server

    Welcome to our Modded Minecraft Server! We have a friendly community, no banned items, no tp cooldowns, and ranks available! What to expect in this modpack: Advanced Technology: Utilize cutting-edge tech mods for powerful tools and machinery. Automation: Automate resource processing and base operations for maximum efficiency. Innovative Building: Create complex structures and systems with a variety of advanced building options. Resource Management: Efficiently manage resources with enhanced storage and processing solutions. Diverse Mod Integration: Enjoy a seamless blend of technology-focused mods for a rich gameplay experience. Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/gGuvPnPedy Connect to our server at: Download the modpack… Read More

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