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sausage gracias thank you welcome welcome good day good evening magy with a with another gift a beautiful gift 51 you broke the 50 streak now it’s 51 thank you so much you can even to night links too zero L yes Regular Music let’s go to regular music why am I in this very atmospheric like the world is ending kind of songs let me hold on I paused this let’s go to normal fun time music oh like this this fun music fun hanging out music in a in a world with friends yes a Hy train level three wait what happened hold on what just happened something happened five gift Subs anonymous anonymous you know what your name I’m going to give you your name your name is not Anonymous your name is Ricardo thank you so much Ricardo for your five beautiful gift Subs who got it Crystal Scully Tiz rocking and Cur or Lee with an underscore oh that’s so nice thank you so much thank you Anonymous your name is now Ricardo muchas gracias you know what thank you you’re the and Cat pay number one with a with a subscription subscribe with tier one thank you very much that’s a level three hyp train oh that person just got doxed yes I knew it was Ricardo all along we love Ricardo here in this house we love them so nice what’s up hi I’m going to say hi to everybody say hi in the chat I will say hi right now before we jump in and and do non Lori stuff totally not dangerous things either we’re going to be very very safe today maybe um hi of course magy Mary P P I saw another pics but not the other pics another pics sord of sunshine Mark J Maria kelper is here of course oh you’re the best I love watching you too I love watching cat is watching me cat p is watching me I’m I’m shy please thank you uh hi I miss a random human also with six months oh the six-month group is coming out yes Sylvie hi uh gilded one of my favorite people in the world radio another one of my favorite people all the whole entire universe Heda Eda hello luck is here Smurf hello Hunter that’s my friend do not hyp I knew it was coming I knew it Wasing I was say Do not increase the high train and and I knew it was coming I knew it was coming Hunter stop don’t I knew was I saw your name I was like here comes Hunter now here comes Hunter now thank you so much 20 20 give sub that’s level 16 H train I don’t know what happened I can’t even read the screen anymore oh we’re going to hear D for 20 times thank you so much let’s see who got it who got it let’s see uh uh Black Knight got it uh dianaa it’s like diarrhea but with Diana I’m sorry I just called your name diary um uh Rohan got it Marcos got it don’t cuss got it okay Narnia I love that movie got it Tech Kitty got it mob mob elot bot I don’t I can’t pronounce no the thing is going to go no no no no no a whole bunch of times this is Zelda sound uh Gamora one of my favorite you know Gamora is the best uh B Simpson okay I I can’t even pronounce that one it says the Thea I think I just Thea whatever zombie Nikki Kate to up to PE this person name is up to PE I love that name you you have to get up to PE if not you piss in your pants uh so Cozy’s also here belu Luna and Cole got it I had to I had to pause chat I had to go all the way up around and around I don’t know what anybody said I had to pause it uh Pearl believes your stor is amaz yes I was at Pearl stream and I told her it’s really really good so technically I’m like 95% is good but then there’s a couple things like hidden in you know we’ll make sure today is perfect so then when she comes in if she if she’s not sleeping right now she comes in and sees it then she’ll be like wow that looks was cool that she he’s he did not lie to me so I’m going to do my best uh I think I did pretty good basically you what you see Hunter thank you so much thank you you’re the best Hunter’s a legend hunter gets a v you know what how do I VIP badge someone of course hunter gets a VIP hold on how does wait I lost Hunter’s face I lost Hunter’s face I lost Hunter’s F Hunter you’re gone talk again talk again I can’t go up in chat Hunter talk again there it is Hunter talk don’t stop talking now stop talking now stop talk no something happened oh no I almost timed out I almost timed out Hunter by mistake how do I do it it says I can block you I don’t know how to VI VIP badge I don’t know how to do it somebody want to magy do it I don’t know how to do it streamer settings I have no idea I have no idea I’m going to break something oh my God I almost clicked on run a one minute ad break I don’t want to run a one minute ad break you know what I I don’t I’m going to break it remind me later SL VIP easy VIP I think I did it Hunter Hunter hold on 20 26 is that how it works Bing I did it whoever did the SL VIP is a legend lemon you’re you’re my favorite lemon are are you eating a dinner you said you were going to go eat some dinner go eat some dinner you better be bringing it for everybody though I did it of VIP of course 100 of VIP forever and ever do VIP I did it I am so smart you have a VIP trophy next to you there it is forever and ever in my heart hunter gets VIP forever Hunter you’ve given a million Subs in this in in in throughout your lifetime you deserve VIP for the rest of your life for the rest of your entire existence it is l l okay technically is a stream lore before we get into Minecraft SOS with friends on a regular server without any lore there is definitely no U mysterious Vault that appeared out of nowhere out of thin air giving us us challenges giving us fake coins to keep our friends alive and there’s definitely no possession of animals and mobs and um Graves and you it’s it’s just it’s just a regular server um yes so what this is what we’re going to do today number one we’re getting on the server that is number one number one let me get a good position let me get make sure I’m safe oh my God the sounds are loud okay hold on let me turn down my chicken sounds cuz I brought them up hold on you can’t see this yet there’s actually you know what there’s no spoilers today there’s no spoilers today I haven’t done really much uh in as far as buildings so I can definitely look all over the farm area friendly creatures go away friendly creatures go away let me get into a nice POS oh God let me get let me get to a nice position a nice POS is it almost like time hold on it’s almost like you can’t I was going to do something nice forget it I’m just going to go in the game no let me sleep first and then you can see what’s happening let me sleep first and you can see what happen oh wait hold on 2K more sub 2K more sub from an anonymous again Anonymous you’re the best that is Puro and Rico 90 got it that is amazing thank you so much thank you bless you you know what you’re not rard like let’s pretend you’re another anonymous person your Anonymous person name now is going to be different your Anonymous person name is broom Hilda there it is thank you broom Hilda I will forever be in your debt we did a level seven hype train to start the the the day oh this is great oh hold on I’m gonna I’m going to bring you guys in right now I’m going to bring you guys in right now I’m going to bring you guys in right now I’m going to bring you guys in right now I’m going to bring you guys in right now I always like starting off the the gaming session by um looking at the Obelisk looking at the Obelisk and and and and praising it for no re I just want to praise it because it’s a very special thing let’s do one two three streaming transition everybody can you please right now in front of the Obelisk just go oh oh yeah give it up give it up oh obelis Obelisk thank you so much thank you so much thank you Obelisk keep blessing us keep blessing us so we never die in this world keep blessing us no low no role playing just just it’s it’s a blessing it’s a blessing we’re going to bless the Obelisk look bless the Obelisk oh beautiful Obelisk beautiful beautiful Obelisk there’s no l here but we’re going back here hi it’s very dark with shaders let’s go back hi welcome to my home welcome to my Kasa buenos Diaz let’s hang out oh look at that look at that look at that look at that ceremonial the ceremonial welcoming to the stream here it comes pause music pause music the ceremonial welcome to a mythical J saua stream on the Minecraft SOS [Music] server thank you for coming thank you for being here let’s get to work today oh no I detached my face let’s just let’s just stand here for a few moments let’s just stand here for a few moments chitchatting a little bit while while we look at each other thank you everybody more music Sorry more music I’m very prepared oh my God what was that thing what’s that noise hold on there beautiful songs wait the thing went GL GL GL GL GL it’s still GL GL GL GL what what why is it s whatever hi refund the sub no it’s too late it’s too late now there is no coming back from this once you did it you you’re stuck with me now thank you so much D that’s what happens when you sub for every sub we get I smack the salmon how about that if you if you sub again I’mma smack the salmon again that and that’s not lore that’s just life that’s what’s going to happen salmon noise for every sub we get how many Subs have we gotten so far how many how many have we gotten so hold on let me prepare 57 that was way way too let’s not quit promoe we have oh my God how many Subs are so was 20 let me count 20 plus magy with five five more which oh my God hold on that’s going to be a lot of Sam and slapping you guys are doing it to yourselves magy got it that’s five love love got it Sam got it gifter got it million got it and Madame Ola got it so that’s five plus oh my God Anonymous again Anonymous is doing it again an this is probably the third different Anon I’m going to pretend you’re a different name this Anonymous name is [Music] um sea sea thank you so much you’re the best and thank you for giving it to Uma girl so 20 from Hunter five from magath there was a couple more before let’s just say a good solid a good solid a good solid for 45 there it goes I keep doxing that poor person I’m so sorry 45 let’s count music off that’s 45 Sam slabs okay 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 6 77 892 1 2 4 5 6 79 13 1 2 3 3 3 4 35 36 37 3839 40 41 42 43 44 45 and now sub to Mumbo with five more and now with sub to Mumbo though because sub Mumbo is precious to me I’m going to do it very slowly and with feeling each slap of the salmon will be with feeling thank you sub too so much got Sky Cruiser got it Jonah got it shirro got it Haka and Lear got okay now this is for subo nice soft [Music] salmon slaps one two sorry three I can’t have my giggle when it’s so slow like that it’s weird is that four four five perfect s Bumble gets two five precious slaps of the salmon all the other ones were just very violent oh mey stop that’s five 1 2 3 4 5 okay I’m counting this what’s going to be I’m going to do it differently this time uh mercuro got it confuses got it socks Miss fanasy and V Ender B that’s a beautiful name mag is doing it now for magy this is how I’m going to do it we have to get this has to be a little more special oh look at this lovely chap oi um lovely man I’m G to I’m going to confront him for why why he put me in that um that tier he put me in I’m very upset you know I didn’t put those salms in his basement even though that’s something I would have done but now now it’s too late I can’t do it now mag’s going to get it different magath is going to get it different you’re going to get a spin and a slap for each ready one I got to two all right here we go three okay four okay and then this was going to be special I’m going to spin I’m going to spin back the other way I’m going to go out the door I’m going to come back in and I’m going to slap it as I walk away like a driveby slapping I got a little dizzy from that a little bit too yeah there you go thank you so much magy you got you got a in in in andout driveby uh uh which is great there you go thank you so much for all the loveliness but you know what you’re just doing it to yourselves if if you this is the thing if you’re going to sub you’re going to get a Samus lap okay and that’s just that’s just the rules now that’s the rules from this beautiful server which is just a server with friends and no lore so that’s what’s going to happen that’s what’s going to happen okay thank you so much the the salmon slapping of your life oh baby look at this okay Pearl Pearl wanted to know how organized uh my my chests are and she actually thought that I’m putting random stuff in barrels and I have not I have not I I I am very organized esto ma ma ma nether stuff Ma look at this this this is you know fine stuff look bam look at that you see that organized color quar ated in a way you know the the the Shades of Gray to Darkness right there see pretty much right right look over here look Bush a little bit of bush potion brewing for that I have cake now yummy delicious food all organized all organized look I’m also going down this Direction with red stone red stone you see that you see that mhm you want to see more come with me oh how beautiful before we see more let me look show you here look look look uh-huh you see that you see that see and she didn’t believe me she didn’t believe me look how aesthetic oh my God can we take a moment give me a second let me just stand right here let me just stand right here let me just stand right here sh sh sh let me just stand right here let just stand right here real fast oh yes look at this shaders oh Shader tour look at this oh the hog oink oink baby look how pretty look Shader tour I got to clear all these all these things right here in the bottom look at this look at this how beautiful oh look how pretty this is farm this a sausage Farm cor exactly sort of sunshine nose let’s go this way come with me come with me look at this side this this direction is also pretty this direction is right here is one of my favorites right right there but it doesn’t have the the hog and Jim’s big thick girthy Tower but it has this it has this it has the Obelisk it has MOG swamp right it has this whole area look at that isn’t that pretty the thing is still going no isn’t that pretty let’s take shaders off I don’t want to blind people with beauty you know sometimes it’s just too beautiful sometimes it’s you know you can get maybe you can get cursed by it oh it’s bone Daddy hi uh it’s bone daddy that’s what I call him that’s Owen uh he loves the bone man he loves it he has so many bones in his house what were we going to do today oh let’s go let me show you what we are planning to do today I have lots of goals oh my God the thing is still making noise it’s fine it’s just it’s all the stuff his bone daddy that he’s another Daddy just different kind it’s we have so many different types of daddies uh it’s just that’s just one of many in the server uh but listen this is what I’m planning to do today let’s let’s do a checklist I have a piece of paper listen I have a piece of paper right I have a piece of listen piece of paper and there you like that it’s ASMR moment listen oh my God it’s still going ASMR moment listen I have piece of paper and this is my tasks for today task number one task number one right task number one we’re going to do this we’re going to grab some dirt oh sorry we’re going to grab some dirt the coarse dirt variety right we’re going to grab a little bit of the rooted dirt variety right there all right okay we’re going to grab a little bit of moss I need more Moss than this that’s good enough for now we’re going to grab some bone a little bit of bone action right and we’re going to we’re going to come with me you’re going to come with me you’re going to come ah ah he’s coming to kill me hello I are you coming to kill me by the way I’m live as well I’m live as well um I I genuinely was about to sneak in and then you just came out the front oh God yeah I’m a little I’m on edge okay I I fought a a couple bad guys recently yeah who’s the bad guys uh wardens ah right I’m a little on edge yes I’m a little scared so sausage uh you’re like um kind of kind of far down my tier list I know why in the sense of getting my coin cuz what you keep doing to me that’s not me that is you you could have come to ask me instead of putting me on that tear list at the bottom you could have come to ask me first did you do this and I would have been truthful and said no it’s not me dude it is you love salmon I do it but I’ll slap it in front of you so you can see me slap it I’m not going to hide slap I’m not going to do a sneaky slap wait you saiding it’s not you then it is not me fix that tear list now wait who is it then what do you mean I don’t know somebody’s trying to somebody’s trying to make it seem like it’s me but it’s not me you promise I swear on anything in this world I swear on these lilacs that you’ve given me right here look at this chest this is my valuables chest the lilacs are in the center dude why are you rich what in the holy moly yeah I also wanted to deflex my riches as well but yeah the lilacs are in the center the lilacs are right there with my other riches okay right maybe it’s flip then right right I take it what is this pickaxe here yeah oh it’s my first pickaxe in the world it’s very sentimental I know I’m a wholesome Guy what’s this oh that’s for Redstone it’s my Redstone box ah I’m organizing I’m running out of space over here so I’m going through the barrels look at this organization look at this you are an organized man aren’t you I know I am you know and also you know what I am I’m a good person and I will never hide a slap of a salmon if we’re going to slap salmon we’re going to slap it in the open like this all right all right I’ll I’ll uh I’ll I’ll fix the TA list thank you I’ll do a little bit more questioning around um and I’ll I’ll take this from you it’s okay I have another one no wait how have you got two oh archaeology archaeology got me two wait you got what wait wait wait a second what yeah if you make a pot like this if you find pottery shirs and you make a whole thing with oh Jesus you know what this could be illegal but just to show you how much I care about you I’m going to go ahead and give you these right and I want you to make make a pot right here in uh in this crafting bench wait how do I do it wait um top left right and bottom leave the middle open top left right bottom like a little like a little plus sign but with the middle oh like a little plus yes I got a pot did I look on the floor I got another coin yep oh my gosh guys I just got a Bonus coin you better change that tier list now dude you’re going near the top yes wo you’re going near the top dude there you go you wait wait let me put your pot back yeah yes oh yeah there you go dude I got two coins I can die get let let me go kill myself and then you Rive me you me don’t do it oh no please no don’t die don’t die right I’m I’m by the way I’m here to use your enchantment table real quick all right oh yeah go ahead go ahead enjoy yourself there’s a bunch of lapis as well on the little Barrel here on the left oh thank you yes enjoy look this efficiency have you any uh Unbreaking or not oh no I un breaking books Unbreaking book let me see I got a bunch of random ones uh I don’t even to be honest I have no idea what I have um no that’s protection this one is knockback this one is fire protection fire protection three I don’t need that Infinity o I have a silk touch but you can’t have that that’s mine okay I have P of arthopods 2 okay I have um respiration three knockback 2 nope I have blast protection two bane of aopa and power four and last but not least I’m right behind you dude I was looking around I thought you were here take it wait is that Unbreaking 3 yep best day of my life put me on top of that Liz right I’m going to go change it right now okay you better and I’m going to go check on it later right now yep uh which way oh this way this way yeah you got to make a pass byebye oh yes that’s what happens I’m going to go right next to Joel I have to there’s no way me and Joel on the top tier this if I am anywhere below that I’m going to Riot I’m going to Riot clip all of that clip it clip everything clip it clip it clip it clip it right now kissing the homies that’s what we do oh wait I missed a thing did I miss a subscription Abby Abby thank you so much that is with with twitch Prime Amazon twitch Prime did you guys know that you can sub to me for free with Amazon Prime there could be something right there at the bottom and you don’t even know about it and and you can sub to me for free right now and you know what you can you get a salmon slapping I almost forgot let me go smack that salmon real fast any anybody who subs today it’s a one time deal I’mma slap the saling for you yes here it comes here it comes and I’m going to do it special this one this slapping this Sam I’m going to run at it and I’mma tackle it and when I get there I’m going to smack it here it comes clip it ready one two three oh no that’s two more two more Abby Abby two more oh my God Abby did two more that’s three salmon slappin oh here it comes I’m going to have to run and and tackle it here it comes Abby this is all for you this is all for you ready s if I sub you better say my name when you do it of course I do I say I say everyone’s name ready ready one 2 three I’m going run at it one 2 three I gave you an extra one it’s an extra one by accident thank you so much there you go you got a salmon smack I should keep that salmon on me I should keep that salmon on me in case it it happens again and we’re away from home oh I snapped it by mistake that was an accident that was this is going to be a special one because this specific person has a beautiful name it has two of my favorite things moons and kittens so Moon kitten you’re going to be what breaks ground on one on the project I’m doing today right here I am about to do a path from my base all the way to the Obelisk the lovely ominis Obelisk over there that has no lore connotations whatsoever and here we go Boop there you go Moon kitten is my favorite there you go you know what I’ll give you two more just in case okay that’s it stop stop that’s what we’re doing today number number one plan of the day is something very very simple we’re not going to be doing anything too adventurous we’re not going to get into trouble not going to die there’s no dying in this I’m going to do a simple little curved path of course it’s curved and it’s going to look nice it’s going to look nice it’s a beautiful curve and I’m going to do let’s see how we want to curve this let’s lift our bodies out like if we just died and it’s our soul going up into into the heavens so I’m going to do da da like that I see Mina I see and then curve back and then this way and then poep po like that oh it’s it’s hole daddy that’s Pixar’s that’s his catchphrase he’s building a big old hole that hole is gigantic hi you know that hole so big I’ve been into that hole and let me tell you pix’s hole is enormous man I don’t know how he’s doing it without uh whatever that’s called what’s that called a beacon I don’t know how he’s doing without a beacon but he’s doing that whole manually without the uh the powers of of fast d beautiful beautiful hole that guy has Man pics yeah what it’s a giant hole that’s what he’s making how do how else do I pronounce it how else do I say it how else do I say it you know what’s the right way to say pictur is has a big hole like how do I you can’t head in hands that that’s an actual correct term you know how would you how would you say it how would you say it then how would you say it then I’m curving this real nice how would you say it go chat how would you say it how would you say say how would you say it besides saying pixus has a giant hole huh he’s digging a big hole well yeah you can say it like that too but it’s his hole he owns it he that is his base so technically it is his hole yep his gaping well that’s that’s just too much the word gaping is just is is way is it’s way too much though see I draw the line there’s lines drawn you know I’m choking on myself it’s you know I would just say it’s a hole it’s a b it’s a big hole all right so then we’re going to go connect our path let’s just open this up a little bit let’s open this up I me get rid of all this I’m going to make it look nice for now we’re doing the simple little curve with the oh my God my shovel might die my shovel might die but it’s okay we’re just going to do like this so many regrets what do you regret there’s no regretting anything on in this stream there’s no regretting nothing on this stream so this is a beautiful curve let’s let’s let’s stretch it out a little bit and then we’ll look up and then we’ll see if it’s good enough and we’re going to make it very simple because we have a lovely little humble nice modest Farm it is not anything out of this world it’s not too big not too crazy it’s just a simple modest Farm um which we don’t have a name for the farm itself but technically I think when me and MOG were hanging out he did say sausage Valley so the whole area I’m thinking it’s called sausage Valley but the farm it needs a name what should we call our farm the actual Farm itself the whole area is called sausage Valley but the farm needs an actual cool name like if we’re a legit farm that sells produce to the masses we need a really cool farm but let’s see hold on Farm name give me a farm name right now let’s see how do this that’s some good curvature I need to stretch it out a little more on this side but that’s some good natural curve right there that’s pretty I don’t want to make it too big either but we’ll see fate Farms listen Hunter you can’t just come around here with a VIP badge and give the best name right off the bat without even flinching okay that is just I think that that’s it I think that’s it all right everyone can shut their mouths be quiet nobody else give any more suggestions that is it fate Farms my god I didn’t even have to wait five minutes I didn’t even have to wait five minutes for people just to stay the most obscurely random ugly names and now we did it that’s it we we’re done that’s it fate Farms it is let’s put a sign let’s put a sign oh and we will be putting a sign over there showing what who who lives down this direction which is almost half the server so I don’t know if I’m going to do that um half the server’s on this side the other half’s on the other side technically what side is this the north oh we are in the north side so on the North side is me MOG uh uh big man Jim all these big hog Shelby shovel um Lizzy Joel um Joey and I think that’s it and then everyone else is on the south everyone else on the south and PX is kind of in the middle kind of because he’s like right there Owen is kind of at spawn so he’s kind of central oh I think Owen and PX are kind of centralized and everyone’s in the South so we got the South against the against the north yes so technically you know if there was any kind of you know like oh I was like why is there a s in there like royalty technically there would be like a king of the north you know the King of the North around here but there’s no kings and queens or anything this is not an Empire or anything but and there’s no lore but you know the north has always been a good place I think it’s always been a peaceful peaceful Nation kind of thing so I’m glad we’re in the north that’s a good spot to be in winter is coming that’s right there’s no lore here though exactly okay step number one has been initiated and that is this what I what I just did and now step number two we’re going to come with a little bit of M a little bit of from the Moss F fanfic writers write that down yes you know what you guys can do whatever you want I’m just not going to because I I will not you go ahead whose birthday is it hold on who birthday good evening everyone thank you for for the birthday birthday stream oh happy birthday Fant thank you know thank you for being here on your birthday uh it’s very nice that you’re hanging out with us on on a beautiful blessed day uh which is the date of your birth oh wait a real lemon a real lemon Su here it comes I’m going to slap this salmon in honor of real lemon and I’m G turn my music off for this one I’m going to turn the music off so it’s very loud lemon the real one not the fake one we have uh in the chat who’s been here for generations and it’s one of our lovely mods not that lemon this is the real one this is the real one this is the one above the the other one so this is it okay here it comes I’m going to do a special slapping of the salmon this one is going to be like a sneaky one right a sneaky one right I’m going to go like this oh I forgot I have Swift sneak and don’t ask how I got that um I will show you on the next episode how I got Swift sneak here it comes the real lemon all lemons are created equal no you’re the real one you’re going to do I’m going to do it like this no I I didn’t like that one hold on I’m going to do I’m going to skip over it like if I’m doing a long jump at the Olympics there you go oh and Kim with a tier one got it okay here it comes one more oh thank you this is never going to stop okay now the way I’m going to do this one I’m going to I’m going to run at it I’m going to I’m going to bow it and then I’m and then I’m going smack it oh I didn’t I didn’t do it correctly I didn’t do it correctly I had to Bow first and then hold on here it comes here it comes I missed sorry I want to bow it got it perfect you’re welcome back to music oh it’s perfect I love slapping that salmon so much it makes me feel good there you go it feels nice hello I’m new here oh hello new here hi creative grimlin hi welcome welcome everyone say hi to creative Gremlin their first time ever here and hopefully never their last especially after we smack that Sal so many times that they’re going to be like I’m out of here uh can’t believe I just walked into this and then you’re going to leave but don’t leave us don’t leave us hi welcome and we’re going to do path Hey listen I know this is a very relaxing part of the stream a lot of people do like relaxing chill Vibe streams and this is what we’re here and known for we’re very relaxed and very very chill um it’s like a rainy rainy day you have a little hot cocoa you’re sitting W with your with your onesie on while you while while you’re looking out the window and it’s pitter patter rain coming down uh and you know just chilling you know relaxing that that’s what we’re known for and that’s what we’re doing now but in a little bit I am planning on going very far north very far that way because there’s something that we don’t have and that is Cactus and I would like to find the desert also I would like to find a Mesa also I would like to find a mangrove and I think they’re all in the north they’re all in the north and what I want to do instead of walking uh my pant self back I’m not going to do that I’m going to I’m going to go in the nether like a big boy that I am a big big strong Brave boy I’m going to go in the Nether and I’m going to make nether portals and then everyone can use it and I’ll be the savior of the server I will save people from having to walk real far or or Doom them because they have to then go into The Nether uh and it’s not safe in there to so either way either one or the other will happen uh but but we’re going to do that later and that might be a little scary that might be a little scary so we’ll do that later okay but we relaxing here very chill very chill strm I was try to no stream on Sunday oh I was going to do it on Sunday I swear to you I was going to I was going to stream on Sunday but then you know what happened I got lazy and I and I started and I started to record stuff and and and imagine if I didn’t you know because I had so many great things happened to me while I was recording on Sunday so many great moments um that you know wouldn’t have happened um if I were to have stream so I will show you what those are um uh the next episode which I have no idea when it’s coming out cuz I got a lot to do I got there’s no scream uh video schedule it just happens it comes out when it comes out it just comes out what does you’re wait you don’t know what a onesie is onesies are great onesies are like a big giant um it’s almost like you’re wearing a big bath robe it’s it’s so good don’t check my message don’t read oh no wait what is the Rarity of of the sausage today mythical uh wait legendary mythical or rare oh it’s it’s Harley ever rare it’s always it’s always uh well done um but today it is actually you know it’s I’m feeling I’m feeling a light between a mythical and a legendary I’m like right in between but also a little bit Godly in a way because I’m very Unstoppable I have not even I haven’t even been close to death on this server not even close not even close I saw a warden face to face face to face me and the warden face to face and nothing happened nothing nothing at all yep nothing I I I don’t think I’m ever going to perish and and you know what I don’t even have any besides these two but I don’t have a um a full Enchanted gear I don’t have full Enchanted gear no I go into caves I battle things and then things run away from me because they’re scared you know it’s I don’t think I’m ever going to die I don’t I don’t think I’m ever going to need any of these fake coins I don’t think I’m ever going to need it yep never never going to die pix or my God can’t believe the man the legend survival Di and all perished day one MOG swamp you know I understand because M swamp doesn’t even know what what what it is to to play in a in a world where there’s uh more than uh one block elevation uh you know that I understand pix of dead me you know I haven’t even I haven’t even smell death yet haven’t even smelled it I don’t even know what it smells like I don’t even have no idea no idea this is a moment before disaster Sylvie no no I will never there’s no disaster F that’s going to happen with me I’m going to be good you’ll see you’ll see never perish at all now it’s time for step number three let’s put in the course dirt all the way down this path I might throw in a couple trees but I kind of like the open feel before we had too many trees too many trees way too many trees and people would have gotten lost in the in the forest almost like if you know like there’s no lore but you know it’s it’s almost like another Forest that I’ve heard of in the past that people just get lost in and then never to be seen uh uh from again but not in this server because there’s no lore here this just a regular Minecraft forest regular Minecraft forest yes you’re tempting fate I will not be tempting fate fate tempts temp it’s not tempting anybody um and then now is time for our favorite segment placing down course dirt there’s no lore here zero lore just a beautiful obelisk [Music] but I’m sorry I didn’t stream on on uh on on the weekend I really wanted I really really wanted to um Oli streamed Eloise streamed I was bouncing around in their stream for a little bit messing around uh but yeah I’m going to stream next weekend I know a lot of people are are always available more on the weekends than they are during the weekday so I’m going to pick one of the week day week weekends weekends and then I’m going stream on one of those this weekend probably maybe you know Sundays are probably better Saturday I’m always doing something I’m always doing something on Saturday but Sunday is an easier day maybe early maybe like a 10:00 a.m. like a 10: a.m. eastern standard time stream something like that something like that that’ll be a good a good time I like early stream because then I can do a bunch of stuff in the afternoon yep that’s right yep he’s l l bating no I am not no I am not L there’s no you know what that is I don’t I don’t appreciate that term I do not L bait you know I just exist you know if me existing is is a big bait you know then I’m the I’m not going to say it I was about to say I’m not doing any of that I’m not doing any of that what is this why did this there’s no baiting on this side of town oops there’s no baiting oh hola hola oh a new sub has entered the chat hold on I must a new hold on I must do it live and let rain thank you so much that is what a great day gift and the sub which means I am running down this path and I will be doing the slapping of your life it’s happening oh I also have to dig some more here it comes here it comes here it [Music] comes sh sh sh sh sh everybody in chat just type sh have everyone silence everyone be be quiet it has to be really loud this time sh yeah here it comes just make sure no one’s watching because they’re gonna they’re going to want to come over here slap my salmon okay here we go this is for Live and Let rain here we go thank you oh it’s perfect oh I love a good slapping oh that’s great we have slapped that hammer really a lot today and you know I’m impressed and I’m happy about it thank you so much for everyone who’s subing all you know we did a beautiful hype train and everything it’s so nice and then you know what I wouldn’t have it any other way that’s going to be our wait what happened that something’s blocking me what is there’s like an invisible barrier there yes claps in the chat claps in the chat for the salmon clap claps in the chat for the what’s that noise I keep hearing stuff that’s weird I keep hearing weird weird sounds clap clap clap that’s right I should get a salmon soup you know I don’t want to go full salmon then everyone’s going to you know everyone’s going to be like oh man this guy a little fishy man he’s a little fishy man then he’s going to put gills on me and stuff you know I just want to I just you know I just I just I just like the noise you know I don’t like the fish I like the sushi I like the sushi I just like the noise I just like noise I don’t want gills I already was Aqua sausage once in another round in another server and you know it only lasted about 2 weeks but you know rest in peace that version very fishy man it smells real bad it smell like nasty old dried salmon old kelp that’s nasty it reminds me I think I might eat sushi today oh do a little sushi but how think of the fan artist I okay how about I’ll ask I’ll ask Ma I’ll ask masy and see if maybe we can come up with a variant costume not costume outfit like regular outfit I’m not going to and I’m sorry for saying the word variant now people are going to be like excuse me no I’m going to see if I can get another outfit that has like a s maybe a salmon theme maybe a salmon theme I’m not going to go full uh Gil merman okay or a siren in the water no because then there’s no lore here is this going to be a man with um maybe I put like a salmon tie or I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see but not a full s I’m not going to go full you never go full salmon especially on a server with no lore you don’t go full salmon you don’t do it you don’t do it because then people be like I thought that was no l why you why you an actual Salon why you swimming in the ocean like a and like a fish and going no I’m not going to go that far we’re not going to take it all the way we’re just going to go we going to go halfway match Pearl she’s she has been a salmon on her yes isn’t beef doesn’t beef have like a salmon outfit as well right now he has like a salmon Mafia uh suit right now or something I think I saw it that’s nice maybe something like that but I’m not going to be in the mafia I’m not I’m I’m not I’m not a mobster I’m just a regular boy I’m a farmer boy who’s helping his friends survive in a world that is very very cold and Unforgiven and they could be perished um in MO mere moments big Sammy yeah yeah yeah and skid too yeah I’m not going to do Sammy Mafia I’m not going to copy I’m going to do something we’ll do something else but we’ll let that happen later we’ll let that happen gradually we’ll let that just happen okay if when it happen happen if it doesn’t we’ll see you know it’s fine um this is a very beautiful path I’m going I think I’m going to do some rocks now this looks good right let’s let’s take a little look that’s a nice what oh that’s a little too thin that’s a little too thin let’s make some rocks too I’m going to do a little Rock action let’s let’s do a Little Rock action wait this I need to thicken this up thicken it up and Boop okay let’s get a couple little Boulders and I think we should be good and then we’ll go into the most dangerous Adventure yet it’s not going to be that dangerous it’s going to be all right it’s going to be fine let’s do a little more of this little more of that little more of this a little more of that little more of this I love I love the detailing look at this I love a little bit of bone meal bone meal is my friend bone meal your paths see this ugly but you do this is beautiful hello S I know uh wait I’ve been missing in my life s strip that’s right you’ve been missing it but now you’re here but now you’re here thank you for coming thank you for being oh a salmon cult Hunter is coming in here with not one but two Amazing Ideas first the Fate farm and then now a cult I think we could do a cult of salmon that’s cool yes that pretty nice a cult huh I could build another church I could build a church where would be a good spot for a church of salmon that does cult activities H let’s see maybe deep within the mountains maybe deep in the mountain hold on maybe we go cuz I have my mind entrance here maybe we go a little lower the a little path that goes in right there and then in the mouth and a big giant like big Salmon Head with his mouth open okay now we’re we’re just workshopping it we’re workshopping it but something like that could be pretty cool and then we have a giant salmon in the middle oh that greets people oh that’ll be kind of cool okay okay you know we’ll figure it out we’ll figure it out wraps oh thank you for the The Raid you love lovely oh thank you thank you welcome come on in thank you so much you made it right on time we’re planning on doing a cult soon that’s a good idea that’s a let’s put it let’s put for now we’ll just we’ll Workshop it a little more but it’ll we’ll we’ll get to it soon RS we’re making a Cults I miss Cults Cults are so fun you know what it’s a it’s it’s a good time it’s a good time it’s not going to be a violent cult or anything it’s just you know it’s just to help people get through the rough times of maybe potentially losing all their friends uh here to death you know and it’s just like a coping mechanism or something it’s going to be fine okay so what are we doing next what are we doing I forgot root dirt root dirt root dirt time I forgot root dirt yes C the lamb win I should I should one of these days I still haven’t played it I’ve seen people play but I haven’t played it myself I think I like it I think it’ll be fun Cults are fun but fun Cults like Cults that you’re going to be like oh that’s a cool cute little thing uh but nothing nothing too serious you know nothing too serious threw a little bit of of rooted dirt a fun nice cult you know there nothing wrong with a good fun cult I’ve seen a couple of my day you know on other other other server Ser exactly I almost said the wrong the wrong one but I said the right one and I corrected myself you no remember jerem ISM good cult good cult remember the Church of the blood ships you know good cult good cult but the thing is this is this is a a regular Minecraft server with friends it’s not going to be any lore it’s just going to be like a cult for fun a cult that knows um knows the boundar you know how how far we can go um yeah maybe we’ll figure it out we’ll figure it out blood sheep mention yeah listen it we can acknowledge other servers other other times it’s not lore because technically we’re just talking about uh another Minecraft SNP that I was a part of you know and cool stuff happen I can mention all those things I just can’t say oh I I’m not gonna stop I’m just I’m I’m just placing Minecraft blocks down I’m just play some Minecraft blocks now I can’t say I can’t say anything about about anything I’m just in the background Fox what’s up we’re going to make a cult soon but yeah uh but also yeah I’m building a little path a little path now connecting our beautiful area to spawn and then after that uh who knows maybe um olly would do a pig uh Trail or something from his place uh to my place or or Jimmy does uh a mini girthy Towers from his base to mine but look at this it’s a beautiful little path oh I’m going to do rocks I’m going to do rocks let’s do some rocks let’s go get a little bit of Mossy uh Cobble Stone a little regular Stone some walls and and Arya made it right on time as I was passing the salmon as I was passing the salmon Arya thank you for subscribing you made it right on time for those that are just coming into the stream and whenever anybody subscribes I will be slapping the salmon I have slapped the salmon so far today about 76 times because of the lovely generosity of gift subs and stuff so now ARA made it right on time and now I will do the ceremonial slapping of the salmon pause music thank you all right you made it right out time here it comes one two three I love it it’s one of the best sounds of the world I don’t even know oh so good welcome welcome everybody Welcome oh did I pick that up yes I did yes I did oh and the and and and the the Lilac oh we got to for my lilac bro which which beautiful gym beautiful delightful gym came by earlier and uh he actually uh moved me up all the way all the way up to the teer list he was mistaken thinking it was me that put all those Salmons on his base because I would never do that I will slap the salmon in Jimmy’s face I would literally look him dead in the eye and slap that salmon right in front of him I would not be I’m not going to hide salmon I’m not going to hide salmon under his base I’m going to literally look at him eye to eye I’m going to gaze into his beautiful eyes and I’m going to slap that s in front of him I will not do it hiding so that was not me and my tier list went all the way skyrocketed all the way up where Joel’s is me and Joel on the very tip of the top two two bad boys one bad sausage all living in harmony together it’s great times it’s great times it’s Freya Hi H come okay let’s put stuff away let’s put stuff away let’s put stuff away I’m going to put I’m I’m going to need this okay look and if you listen if Pearl walks in right now she could see I was not lying when I told her when she was streaming that I have the most organized um storage in the history of Minecraft this is all organized every single thing look at this would you see that please if you see her again if you see her again you tell her that you witnessed it you saw it firsthand you know I wasn’t lying I wasn’t lying and I can go to every barrel all over this whole place and it is all completely empty unless there’s a purpose for it of course you know cuz I put stuff where there’s purposes of things you know you could tell you could tell her when you see her she didn’t believe me she say never you never going to change Dummy Man and I was like no pearl don’t scream at me lovely male lady please don’t do it don’t do it and then you know and then she was like oh I’m sorry and then I was like well you just watch I’m going to send you video and and and photographic evidence of what I did now what was I doing now oh I need Mossy Cobble I need I need we’re going to make mossy cble and regular that regular this I’m going to put a couple of these bad boys I don’t want to put too many toughs because I need this for the next big build that I’m building I’m going to be building with some tough it’s going to be very nice it’s going be very cool um wait let’s do this I don’t want the whole thing let’s do half yes solidarity gaming where’s he been he was here he was here and then he’s gone we do that we do that and we do a little bit of Rock action come with me on this journey and then after this we’re doing dangerous thing what is happening oh he’s getting told off he’s getting told off I don’t know what’s happen oh they’re fighting the boys of the log Lads are fighting poor poor poor men oh it’s so so so messed up my son just heard your voice and is wanting to wake up yes arise child it is time you have been awoken please um the the Rocks aren’t going to it’s not going to be that big just a couple simple little little uh little little ones oh I forgot we need Lantern we need Lantern and make some walls I’m going to make some walls so I can put the lantern so it’s not so dark on the path because the last thing I want to do is have people walk down to my house from the Obelisk which is right down there and then get hurt or get get blown up by a creeper or something let’s let’s grab let’s grab some Lantern um lanterns live here and I will go like this come with me S do a double Boop ah bubble boop boop she got double Boop she was actually she actually in a little little tiny chair right behind me bubba got double pooped got her she’s very upset she was was dead sleep she she will be having her revenge later on I didn’t make the walls do I have I have this she did she’s very upset she was snoring and I have awoken the the queen she will not forgive me for this it’s okay we’ll be fine we’ll be she’s very up sorry girl you rest now sorry about that where’s my Lantern where’s my Lantern okay wall light beautiful another bit of Rock action right here we don’t want to put too many just just sprinkled just a little sprinkling and then all of them are going to have a wall and a lantern and then maybe a couple trees maybe we’ll see we’ll see what happens there’s one over there I’m going to put one on this side now right here a lovely spot for a nice little rock right there bum a little baby one a little baby rock right there little tiny let’s put another one in the back little tiny baby rock and then another one over here get out of here a bush let’s make this one a little bit taller and a little bit longer here one in the back and another lights oh this is such a nice path this such a nice path RX RX with a with a with a tum mon with a two where’s my salmon now this one’s going to be a special one this salmon slapping is going to be on top of an aelia bush like if it’s an actual tree the tree of salmon here it comes actually I should go kill a bunch of Salmons and put them down this road it’ll be called salmon lane or something H well we’ll work on that but here we go for Ricks you get an extra one just because you get two more I say say I’m spoiling people I hit another one by mistake because I slapped it I hit another one by mistake CU I slapped it oh so so good so good oh have you seen my pickaxe name isn’t it nice watch this yep no lore too confirmed it’s a very nice name it’s a very creative name I just want to put it out there there is no lore attached to that pickaxe it does have curs of Vanishing but that doesn’t mean anything it would you know if I die it goes away maybe we don’t know we’ll test it when we die but guess what we’re never going to die because we are invincible in a way it’s it’s a rare thing that a a Minecraft player becomes this invincible and is Unstoppable uh in this um in in a server because you know people have died you know but I am just special I am just special like that Boop I need to move this to the side look at this beautiful little tiny Boulder there it is I think maybe one more on that edge and we’re done it smells fishy what smells like fish a salmon emo oh baby write that down that could be a thing that could be a thing that could be something that we can bring back uh for for future Generations it’s fine yeah it’s fine you know what I’m glad it’s the salmon and not the Cod because who likes that kind of fish too I’m glad it was the appropriate fish when we we decided to to test the waters you know literally to test the waters of this yes um oh and pix it a beautiful portal look at that I will be going there later I have plans for a very specific portal on my side it’s going to be very very specific it’s going to be very very cool it’s going to take inspiration from the Obelisk too it’s going to be very nice um and then one tiny one right there that’s a little a little baby of a of a rock like that and then maybe another boop boop there and another another another wait hold on oh no another pop and pop okay now we’re done now we’re done very safe very lovely very beautiful little spot yeah oh Fox thank you for passing by you Legend I will see you soon now we’re done this is it the path is finished this is I’m not going to do anything else I’m not going to put any trees either no I want to leave it open because maybe people want to build along this path you know I’m going to leave it open I’m not going to be taking over this area this is just uh for the whole Community to use this area I’m not going to expand this base all the way that way that would be insane I would never do such a thing that’s way too much way too much space I will be doing one day though a nice little Pond here but today I don’t feel like getting wet no I want to go on a journey with uh my friend over here uh actually you know I might not take my friend d uh um dashy because I might be going over water and dashy can’t go over water um I might no I’m not going to bring Dash because I feel uh uh that dashy might get lost and we’ll never see dashy again but we’ll maybe find like an Expendable horse an Expendable one one uh in the wilderness that we can use and and discard later because we don’t care about them because they’re not our family um that I think that’ll be fine let’s put away stuff because I’m very organized very organized person let’s do that that what what is happening in chat is everyone just flirting today are they flirting again um this goes here mossi goes here oh and since we are going into The Nether remind me do not let me get this I need to make a potion of fire prote because I uh do not want to perish in the nether when we’re there and I have the ability to do it now I have the the the the technology is there for us oh and another thing we might do a little bit of fishing later a little bit of tiny little baby fishing later if you know if all goes well I need some more food though I need some more food um what’s a good F I did I have cook D what I want some good food I want some good food to eat because I’m going on a journey I’m going on a very lovely Journey where you going I’m going to find a a Mesa all right that you found yeah but I’m going find it again and a desert I’m going to put Nether Portals there yeah and then we can get there quicker from now on yeah yeah because you be re exactly yeah because you went all the way over there and you didn’t you know you didn’t bring me back anything I didn’t but you know why cuz we didn’t have the nether at that point you are also correct you’re you’re also correct I was about to yell at you but I noticed they were just open thank you I’m about to kill one of your cows how dare you just just one just a little bit off the top not that one that was my friend I can’t get the leather just one more one to go no I got it I got it it’s fine it’s good okay it’s good it’s good I got it let me just I CRA my uh I need to craft my Lea booties because I owered powdered snow oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah make those those are very important well you can either do that or you can just not go in the snow look at me look at me fashion let see no no no ugly ugly Dy him Dy him something nice Dy him something nice put color fash all right yeah hey hey I’ll from to you I’m going to close my eyes you give him the surprise color oh I got it I let me find dy I have no dye hold on I need a Dy you get some dye oh not yet not yet not yet oh you know what I’mma get you the nicest booties you’ve ever seen something that a that a valley girl would appreciate yes yes put that on Queen slay oh slay baby oh where’s my [Music] stanle show me your Stanley collection girl oh baby Stanley’s at home right I yes I have them all the time can you get to sleep pleas oh someone else is sorry I gave you my seed give me a second um has uh Ollie or PX like popped over or anything no no they haven’t popped here all day I miss my voice I’m so I’m so confused Ollie normally pops over but he’s he’s a man of mystery I haven’t seen him today I think he’s deep down in his hole he has a hole as well what is he doing I think he’s just wait he has a hole in the in the hog oh well under his hog there’s a hole down there what yeah yeah he probably doesn’t want you to see it because there’s spoilers down there but me and him are me and him are like this we’re tight you know yeah oh yeah you guys are real tight yep is he is he holding secrets from me he’s holding secrets from you the the you know being one of the log Bros and everything the he’s keeping so many things from you I’m trying to get b-roll of you logging oh he want he wants you to log yeah yeah he’s following you he’s following you right now his spirit is above us of me yeah I’m trying to get be of me what y right I got to go log then dude yeah don’t get too ready I look good he’s been following you I knew it what a stalker what a stalker wow all he is a stalker wa what that’s messed up that’s so messed up all right let’s put these beautiful aliums away what were we doing again oh we’re making potion what a stalker my god um what a okay we’re making potion now we’re makeing potion now because we will be going into The Nether we will be connecting portals and such it’s going to be a good lovely time so let’s do this first I’m a professional potion maker too so we need uh Redstone to make it longer and we’re make a potion we’re doing we’re doing the glug lug lugs no it’s going to be good time good time good time um here it is sh sh sh look look look oh I love that and now the magma excuse me cows and sheep shut up shut up shut up we’re going to hear the glug glug again sh here it comes ready five 4 3 shut up over there two sh one oh so good and last but not least the red stone okay sh sh sh sh sh sh very ASMR moment right here this ASMR moment this ASMR Minecraft coming there’s no lore no l shut up shut up shut up sh sh be quiet here comes the anticipation shut up over there in the back sh I love that that is so good let’s grab all of our love there it is advancement do I get a fake coin do I get a fake coin for this do I get a fake coin one fake coin for brewering one fake coin okay we didn’t get a fake coin back to music back to music no fake coin for that I was anticipating maybe a potential fake coin okay so we got this let’s get all of our gear ready now we’re going to be opening uh oh what it’s a packed house today it’s a packed house today look at this uh okay now we’re going into The Nether so we’re going to be taking all this obsidian I collected obsidian like a crazy boy the other day so we’re going to be taking all of that oh no this song I remember that song very well so we’re taking this we have obsidian we need hold on we need where is it a flint and steel a flint and steel a flint and steel we also need to um have gold on us um uh just going to do I’m going to do helmet I’m going to do helmet I’m going to do helmet and we we’re good we’re good here it is bam oh and another thing come with me oh I almost fell now I have 37 levels right now 37 and I have no en chance for this no one en chance for this and since we’re going into The Nether it’s going to be very dangerous I want to be fully protected right now we don’t even have a really good one for this we only have mening Unbreaking swifting but we don’t have any protection and it’s only protection three so let me let let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s make this nice all right oh I need I need thing I need a thing let’s see we’re going to test all these out wait and I know I checked this with JY but let me see hold on and we need that there what do we have here again is there any extra protection that I can switch it up to add blast oh no I don’t want to blast twoo I want to blast like four what is this protection Three G what was this is there any protect any higher protection fire protect wait I can actually combine that I can actually combine this with this and we got a four okay we can do that we can do that hold on silk touch oh I need that for later um B of Al I’m going to just throw that away I just gonna throw that away and then last one was F Okay no Okay we’re fine we’ll add that but let’s come over here we’re doing a little bit of oh Angie’s here Angie’s here hold on Angie oh no not in my head don’t go in my head here it comes I should mute my mic because everyone’s hearing me Angie you have made it right on time you made it right on time whenever anybody Subs I will be smacking this salmon in your honor with the music off one salmon slap incoming two three you’re welcome thank you for the sub that was the most precious slap oh I got you an extra one I got you an extra one you’re welcome that was the most the the most relaxing slap that I’ve ever done on a salmon thank you so much you are the best you are the preciousness of the world let me that’s I’m not putting that one oh no he’s back in my head no okay so we’re doing this and that’s protection are you for real blast in my head blast protection for my face should I do that should I do Blast for my face you know I’m just going to do it because it could have other cool things attached to it right that’s a good you know let’s let’s do it aquafinity 2 oh that’s a good one okay we got aquafin that is worth it okay let’s do this this ew get out of here I don’t want no SM okay what we got oh god let’s just do it a double blast with thorns oh I don’t think I want Thorns I don’t think I want Thorns I’m going to be working a lot with villagers and they’re going to be touching me all the villagers are going to be touching me and then they’re going to get hurt they’re going to get thorned up I I I don’t want this I don’t want this I even though it’s nice I don’t want it I’m going to be doing a lot of villager stuff a lot trust me I’m doing I’m I’m making babies right now over there I’m making a lot of babies and then I’m going to be doing other villager stuff and the Thorns will hurt them um yeah let me reroll that let me roll that unfortunate unfortunate um let’s take it out yeah I will they will be getting thorned up all night uh and I don’t want to do it okay hold on Bam Bam multishot really no um go back in fire protection I wanted regular protection but you can never have too much fire protection especially as we going into The Nether and then I have fire protection here uh with feather falling whatever good enough for now we only have 29 levels it doesn’t even matter anymore um okay that’s fine and then I’m going to make it even more fire protection when I do this um hold on let’s go um uh bam wait should I enchant this I don’t really need to but we’re going in the ne anyways let’s just let’s do a pro projectile I wish I had projectile instead of all that all that fire but I think that’s fine the gold helmet got a little something we’re going in the nether it’s perfect for the nether it’s perfect um but hold on let me go over here let’s do this let’s take that guy off let’s do uh this then this and now fire protection four I need to go ask MOG for a bunch of mending books because I’m not going to be going fishing for him I already did the fishing one time and I put it on this beautiful guy right here but you know we’re not we’re not mending the rest crazy we’ll spend that long looking for men mending when you I got it so quick um now we’re going to go like this obsidian is here we could do a little bit of fishing along the way I got my fake coin in case somebody’s perishing next to me I need a little bit more food because our journey is going to be long we’re going to be going on a long journey um and let’s take um I’m just going to take a bunch of cooked Cod we eat the Cod we eat the Cod okay that’s it I think we’re good right my brush in case of any archaeology my brush is gone oh don’t don’t look at that uh my brush is gone my brush is gone my brush has been robbed my brush has been robbed I’ve been robbed I’ve been robbed I’ve been robbed somebody stole my brush who wanted to be a better archaeologist than me so my brush is gone my brush is gone feather I’m making another BR I’m making three brushes today I think Eloise stole my brush I’m calling it now wait how do I make a brush again how do I make a brush again is it a stick is it a stick it’s stick right it’s stick there it is I’m making I’m making two of them I’m making two of them in case we find a lot of cool stuff along the way it broke didn’t no no I didn’t AR I didn’t archaeolog it up that that much did I oh yes I did yes I did because I was I was yes I did I broke it sorry Eloise sorry is she on oh no if if you’re watching Eloise please forgive me you did not break it I I i’ i’ I’ve wronged you um it I broke it because I was such a good archaeologist that I just went overboard with my profession that’s what I did I went too hard in it um and that’s what happened that’s actually what happened um okay we’re gone I’m going to get extra torch I’m going to take some sticks because you never know I’m taking my salmon in case we need to slap it in the wilderness and I think now with the food the fake coin water let’s get a boat you know uh let me get um I want to get a raft boat because they are better than regular boat they are better than regular boat wrot I did forget yes you know it was a very traumatic experience doing all that archaeology it was so much I uncovered so many different archaeological things it was crazy uh okay and I think now we can be on our way on a journey oh and in case we see a Expendable horse not my boy or dashy but another horse in the wilderness I’ll take one of these in case and if we do need to lead up an Expendable horse um where is it oh I think it was in the same place I will lead them up with this oh my God my inventory is already completely filled up and then offense oh my God completely filled up inventory and we haven’t even left yet um okay I think we’re good now sleep oh Jesus my God so many people on the server do I have to do everything I’m not beat ups I have been I’m the beat ups of the server now I save every single second my inventory so bad okay all right um fake coin food let’s just we don’t need all that food let’s take some food away we need all this food I take that okay this is a good inventory obsidian for nether portal we can light them up this is our horse section this is our archaeology section this is our life and death section extra sticks for more Tores in case we need we don’t need Lantern we don’t need Lantern um uh we need the salmon because you know we have to um and we’re good good okay let’s go no land perfect thank you s my favorite we’re on our way off into the Wilderness off for adventure okay now I have the cords I have the cords so uh remember this in chat we’re going to be stopping by what look at my face we’re going to be stopping by first in our journey today we’re going to be stopping by a a mangrove swamp right Mangrove swamp first and the mangrove swamp is at at 245 and 18800 you are in charge of me and it’s time to go time for adventure oh wait oh wait oh no we must stop and admire the salmon because ghaul just subscribe with twitch Prime twitch Prime gets five slaps because it’s a very special thing so if you have twitch Prime getting [ __ ] excuse me uh let me know if you need a fake coin for this um [Music] okay yep jog is five slaps I’m putting back the nice peaceful music this is my traveling music onward round one done oh round one H wait round are we going um I think they’re doing two rounds so they got two beacons each I guess that’s cool oh I’m going to you know what I want to go hunt some more wither skeletons oh I want my I want a beacon too all right let’s go oh that’s cool oh on our way you know what guys you know what guys I can do it too uh back to music um it’s not low it’s just it’s just it’s just it’s just a sound let’s pass by Jimmy it’s on the way so we can see if our our thing is up our our our um our tier list has changed and I’m going to take him a few lilacs too if he if he did change it I’m I’m going give him some lilac Joker oh Joker thank you so much for tier one you getting a salmon slap as well a salmon slap for the ages ready thank you so much what a great day this is I’ve slapped this salmon so many times today my my forearms hurting from hitting it so hard um let’s go to Jimmy am I going the right way I’m going back home I’m going back home I gu so turned around here there’s so many bushes and trees so many there it is I was still going the wrong way we’re never getting to that Mangrove we will we will I promise people just need to stop subscribing don’t you subscribe anymore it’s gonna stop me in my tracks every time with a salmon slap don’t do it look at this guy round three they’re going again they’re going again oh because pix’s hole is so big they’re going to need more beacons to cover the whole area of that giant big giant hole that’s probably what’s happening let’s go pass by by by the the girthy tower oh jeez Jesus I can do it too oh wrong button wrong button no wrong button sorry that’s the one I can do it too I can do it too I don’t need to fight a wi to do it too I can do it too I can make noise too I can make noise too that’s not l sound magath no don’t kelper don’t put the lore don’t put the the lore emote please no put no in front of it put no in front of the lore put no and then put it put no and then lore where’s the tier list where’s the tier list cute he put me at two he put me at two I’m not number one yet I’m not up there with y’all I’m with Ollie Joel’s on the top still why is this song playing you know what I’m not sad I’m not sad no no no it’s fine it’s fine I have to earn I have to earn the top spot but you know what I did earn to get out of this one not getting in it I didn’t get that was I was I was here I was here don’t f it w in the chats I was here I was here and now I went up one two three ranks right to the top you’re getting my coin yes I’m fine W’s in the chat I’m not heartbroken I will go up there with Joel me Joel and Jimmy are going to make a a a beautiful a beautiful team up there on the tip of the top and you know what I’m going to bring all you up with me me all Joel and Jim are going to be right at the tipit top at the end right at the tipit top right at the top yes and just as a celebration of this day I will put lilacs everywhere on both sides perfect this makes me happy woohoo let’s go get that Mangrove oh there’s a hole there oh I know where this path goes to I know where this path goes to hold on what’s the number again two wait is it negative or positive hold on positive 245 positive 245 18800 18800 positive 245 negative wait 1800 hold on am I going the right way notive ,00 there and positive so it’s it’s this way it’s this way I got to follow the path to Joels come with me come with me I’m going to leave Joel a gift as well beautiful beautiful Joel beautiful handsome man beautiful tall tall beautiful beautiful man with a lovely head of hair big bushy beard you just want to you just want to just want to to tickle it you just want to tickle his beard you know I have a beard Joel has a beard and we can tickle each other’s beards together one day again we did when we were in in in Flip’s wedding we we we tickled beards we did oh this spoilers sorry no spoilers I’m going to ring his Bell I’m going to tell him how I love his Cottage core Vibes spoilers oh I’m going to tickle his beard again one day one day I will let me do um I need a sign I want a sign oh look at that man go uh [Music] sign I love your sexy Cottage i’ snug wait snuggle in here in um I I’d snuggle in I’d snuggle here sausage XOXO perfect there you go I love your sexy Cottage I’d snuggle here I I don’t have any more much more space uh oh yes I do there we go yeah that’s a good one and then he could just see that hopefully he doesn’t break it before he turns around and sees the other one I can’t look I got I got to look down I got to look down his spoilers perfect perfect beautiful Cottage oh I can’t get out I can’t get out yes I could onward there’s spoilers there don’t look what a beautiful man you can write on the back yeah that’s new that’s for the latest update we can write on back of signs and you can edit signs as well what a lovely day Mojang is always hard at work and they’re the best I love them all so much uh 1,800 positive two hold on two this way we’re going good this way onward we’re going on a journey together mythical beans that’s a good that’s a good Duo name right there both very lovely food products both very edible you know um let’s go off this way I think we got to go into the water we got to go into the water I’m going to not die of fall damage as well and let’s eat a little bit of salon on the way actually is this where the Woodland Mansion is I heard there was a woodland Manion close by it’s uh it’s fine where’s my okay here we go mythical Bean sounds much better than the smallest sausage yes that one sounds very bad and you know what it is not representative of us in in in our truest form you know um what a lovely song somebody better sleep seriously there’s all these people on the server is everybody in the nether or underground you know am I going to be the I am I am now I am now beos I okay I guess it’s me I guess it’s me it had we had to have one one of one of us I guess it’s me I guess it’s me I guess it’s me I guess it’s me I got this don’t worry everybody I will be your sleeper um I think we got to cross this way onward I am I am This Server speed UPS equally is tall because beat ups is very tall and very handsome we’re both very tall handsome men um so you know I’m I’m glad I am the server’s beat ups you know I’m glad oh there’s bad guy in in the in the brush let’s just go real fast let’s go right past this thing right past and the other side let’s get out of here I think there’s water right there oh somebody’s been here somebody’s been been here somebody’s been here oh this is a very beautiful song to do some traveling it feels like I’m in a in in a Lord of the Rings movie I’m very good at running as well oh okay I see I see a little bit of wait oh my God I thought I saw some I thought I saw somebody just looking at me I’m getting scared and paranoid now there’s nobody out here but you never know there was nobody out when I was doing my archaeology stuff and then Lizzy just showed up out of nowhere so anybody could be anywhere at any time this way AB abelino hi buenos Diaz herob Herobrine does not exist he was taken out of the game years ago wait I don’t think do I have do I have this tree in my house do I own this tree I thought I did but I don’t think I put him that I’m going grab one I don’t I don’t remember do I have do I have um this guy wait let’s check cord I have made much mistake it’s more this way um hold on I made mistake I made it’s this way I have been going wrong why have none of you told me I have been going wrong sylv’s in charge let me just grab one of these I don’t know if I have this or not I don’t think I have a c actually I’ll grab one I’ll grab one so hard to reach I need a sapling let me get two saplings please two minimum two sapling do I have I’m to I’m good that’s it I’m good wait I’ve gone very wrong so we have to go to 18 but then positive 245 we’ve gone too far positive we just let’s just go a little more this way okay this way now we’re good now we’re fine now we’re fine I was going wrong the whole time do I have to cross where the scary people were do I have to cross scary scary men let’s go this way make sure there’s no holes too we do not want to fall in the Ravine tonight we’re very very powerful the only thing that can probably kill us is fall damage you know what I I was very paranoid when I was building that big tree uh because I could have perished from that tree that tree was very very tall I could have died a very horrible death and I was scared a couple times I had to use water buckets um to get down oh I do need some sand but it’s just a beach I I’ll go to we’ll find a desert we’ll be fine you believe in me oh thank you so much thank you so much a Furby thank you so much I believe in you as well look at this weird little mountain thing okay are we going good now I need to curve a little more this way but we’re going good we need to go to 18 oh that’s an aelia right there is this big hole hold on I’m curious to see it I’m not going to fall in I just want to see what’s what it looks like it looks like a big giant hole looks like a px size hole that’s pretty big that’s a pretty big hole not as big as pix’s hole but that’s a decent size hole don’t die I’m a try I don’t even have invent I have an okay amount of inventory I oh if we do find a desert I I don’t know if it’s the same one that that Lizzy found but maybe there’s some archa archaeological possibilities around there maybe maybe maybe you know Lizzie is the best archaeologist I’m the second best right now Eloise is third best at most you know can’t be as overpowered as us uh but you know we’ll see if there’s any any moments that we can do some archaeology I do need to find some armor trm so if we find also um some uh shipwrecks I would love a little bit of um of what are those things called um armor trim I I am dying of hunger I will I need to find some armor trims I want to see if I can get every single armor Trim in the game that would be very nice that would be very nice I would love that especially for the build that I’m playing on that I’m planning on next I’m going to I really want to have a lot of different armors available for people oh we found ocean we found ocean we didn’t we found River we found River I can swim this I don’t need oh hello salmon I do not need any heads at this moment the coastal yes what’s the other one there there’s two there’s like three armor trims in the water right the coastal is is one of my favorites I that’s what I used in the the hardcore world the F the the first one I ever found but there’s like two of them right or three I think there was three okay how are we now how are we we’re almost at the 18 I felt like there was a hole but there wasn’t and then I got to curve that way I’m just going to go to the end of this and then I’ll curve left I’ll give it a nice curve at the end of this oh that’s a big thing 18 go a little more oh that’s more there’s so much jungle around here all Hill salmon yes praise them I might do a cult for exons later but not not yet not now we’ll let that gradually swell up until it that’s the mangrove I don’t need to go where I’m going this is part of another spot for where the mangrove is we did it I guess see it from here yes okay in the mangrove I’m going to get a little bit of mud just a tiny little bit of mud if that’s okay and um and just mud I’m going to get a little bit of mud just a tiny bit H somebody’s been here who took all this mud who took all this mud who did it who came here before me and took mud that feels like somebody took mud there unless that’s natural I’m going to take a little mud and then let’s let’s actually cheaty cam it let’s stand over here though I’m a cheaty cam it because it’s not lore how big is it oh my good oh my good God it’s humongous oh that’s a good spot to get but I want to see where to put the um the nether portal I’m thinking we put the nether portal in this area here so it’ll be just you’re coming out and boom you go into the mangr instead of putting it in in the heavy brush of the mangrove um right next to that Lava Lake let’s go there let’s go where am I where am I in compared to that thing Co and Tide there it is that’s the ones that hopefully we find those I think there’s water very close here though okay okay I’m going to place the nether portal right over here yep right here good spot all right let’s put it it’s not going to be too big I’m not going to go too crazy we’re not designing this is another we’re just going to place it down what was that it’s a froggy it’s a froggy boy S I am 8 19,000 BL walks away on a journey um I shall return soon though Oli maybe let’s do a decent size a decent size not too big oh my God it’s my Disney princess song I love it there we go I shall review upon my return here we go oh yes okay coordinates done Oli is not getting my review Kirby squishy wait you’re a Disney princess no no I’m not a Disney princess but if I were to be one this will be the song I [Music] play [Music] sorry I couldn’t do it very cinematically good enough there you go lower the Disney princess music down okay now oh wait I forgot that another time hold on hold on hold on K Kirby Kirby I saw it I saw it thank you so much for subscribing you are a legend and I will smack the salmon in your honor you get three smacks that’s it three minimum and I put it away oh great oh I that was my mistake I spped it my I spped my mistake my first saer stream oh welcome Ginger welcome welcome welcome to my your first ever stream this is this is my first one ever too I’m just so good at it hold on um I want one stack I don’t want a jungle sapl I want one stack one stack of sticks I think I might get rid of you I want one stack of of mud just a one baby stack one only and then we’ll be on our way we’ll be on our way we have I’m going to check also the Nether and make sure it is nice and clean um so I’m getting wet now no moisture today no stop um oh whatever let’s get wet who cares um I will check and make sure it’s good and then we’ll be on our way to the Mesa we’re finding a Mesa as well a bad land sorry I don’t you can’t call it Mesa anymore don’t I we’ll find that and we’ll put another portal to that as well we’ll put I’m So yeah moisture moisture is horrible right now I do not want to get to the moisture um is this how many is that I want two stack now uh change my mind I don’t want one stack I want two stack I don’t want these oh actually I should I should oh well we can always come back here later um I don’t want to F my inventory too much nobody Sleeps on This Server this server Minecraft server with friends and no lore no one sleeps here it’s almost like if if they were again sleeping for some you know mythological reason but they’re not because there’s no lore here they’re just lazy that’s why they all lazy people is someone sleep oh good someone slept forgive me I did not mean to say that um my inventory is filled up already um my inventory is filled up already okay we’ll do four stack we’ll do four for no I don’t I can’t fit anymore oh no I can get rid of that hold on I can do one more hold on we’ll do that that that obsidian you stay here I don’t think I don’t want this one that’s that’s it three stack three stack for now I’ll come back it’s going to be easier to come back all right we’re done with this one now write this down get ready write this down wait Karen’s asking something Karen hello sausage say anyone ever asked you what your favorite sausage in real life is yes yes but I’m not afraid to say it there’s many sausages out there many different types of meat that you can swallow and put in your mouth and chew up and but my favorite absolutely all-time favorite is El choriso a Spanish choriso delicious spicy uh scrumptious it has this good texture when you bite it it squishes a little bit but it’s so nice and Meaty at the same time I love M chiso if if I have to do a number two if I have to do a number two Italian sausage still a little spicy not as much but has good girth to it has a good thickness to it and then after that whatever everything else is the same those are my top two you’re welcome now write this down hold on write this down write this down we need to go now to to positive 1700 and get this negative 2,800 so so so so follow me on this journey we’re going for I could go in the nether though I could go through the nether if somebody does quick math but you know what no it’s the journey that we’re doing is not the destination right it’s the J what I already forgot the chords 17 and -28 17 positive and negative – 28 negative hold on I forgot got already I have bad memory 1700 1700 17 1700 this way and no this way we’re going down deep this direction we’re going down deep this direction right yes okay remember you guys are in charge of you you guys are my map we just need to walk over this nasty old swampy area which would actually be a little cooler to hang out in if they added fireflies I’m just going to say that I’m just going to say it out loud if Minecraft Mojang added a couple little bit of firefly action the atmosphere for this would be very very beautiful for right now it’s nice it’s nice but it could be better it could be better but you know what they they’re not adding fireflies they are adding a variant of a skeleton which you know what it’s fine this place needs a little bit of of atmosphere with something different but you know what just put throw the Firefly flies in there so you know while you adding the bogg bog man thing that shoots poison arrow why don’t you add a firefly you know why you just one or two little little clusters of firefly you know maybe maybe you know a couple just sprinkled around is that too much to ask no am I still going the right way but if anything we’ll do a petition we’ll do a petition and we’ll ask for fire fir flies now that the bog is coming if you wonder if the bogs going to shoot arrows faster on the water imagine that’ be kind of cool that would be kind of cool actually I would I you know I don’t mind I want to see a bog that it sounds like a fun a fun thing I can’t I need what what will you feed these men to to breathe them again what do you feed these beautiful little Froggies again I forgot what it was is it slime we need slime for them right ah I will be back for you my friends I will love a froggy U sanctuary in in my house sorry I said that word you know it’s a that word is very triggering uh but a a sanctuary nonetheless a Froggies is coming one day maybe even a sniffer one uh whatever I I’m so wet again he said the word sorry sorry I apologize but you know what it’s a good word it’s a good word and and you know whatever I have to use it sometime I am so nasty wet it’s gross Are we almost there I am um almost at 1 I’m setting up portals for nether travel I drown time drown time I shall bring I got Owen I got bone dad bone dad is getting all the the the cactus he wants I’mma get it from when I come back remind me though remind me though remind me I will forget remind me when we get home that you know if I’m alive which I will be of course um to to to get own extra Cactus oh my God can I please get out of this thing already oh my God every time I hear the song it reminds me I’m in like a wild west something I’m in I’m in tumbletown again I’m sorry I didn’t say that how far do I need to go oh my good God I need to go through all this still we’re going to be here all day sorry no lore no lore I’m just aware of other servers I’ve been in is not lore is not oh this this Pacific sausage in Cannon has uh knowledge of previous uh places throughout the Minecraft Multiverse no it’s just I remember I played in the in in the server I played on the server and and Jimmy was on there and he was wearing a a woody cosplay outfit you know that’s all it is that’s all there is to it you don’t need to read into it you don’t need to read it it’s not lore or anything that’s a nasty word it’s a bad word on here don’t you say it um I’m never going to leave this it’s almost if like I’m stuck in a in a mangrove swamp and I can never get out um not another reference just you know in general not another reference to that that server to that specific server a swamp where a witch would live yeah witches do live in swamps actually we made it out of life we made it out alive Jal you going back to work oh thank you for hanging out with us have a beautiful time at work make sure you don’t cry yourself to sleep it will you will get out of there soon don’t worry it will be finished as soon as you you look at the clock next time you’re done you’re done for the day TOS get glimpses of PES at peace no no no no no no no no no glimpses no glimpses I’m not looking through another you know to to the to the mirror of another multiv I’m just a man I’m just a man hanging out talking about old YouTube serieses that I have done yes the L word oh desert desert is it wait is this desert or or something weird well there is Cactus here is this I think there might be a bigger one than this though I think there might be a bigger one than this hold on do I need Lily pet no I don’t I think there’s a bigger one than this let’s take a look uh there is Cactus though there is Cactus I don’t think this is the main one though there is Cactus let’s grab Cactus for Owen and for myself I might make a little baby Cactus forarm because green is very nice bunnies oh I love you so much man I had had to murder a couple of them in Minecraft Bingo but in this place SMP with friends I do not murder bunnies I love them so much not connected to any past um things or nothing I just like bunnies bunnies are nice and fluffy and cute um shut up don’t say it don’t say his name don’t you invoke his name you said Eddie didn’t you how dare you how dare you oh is that a collapsible sand trap I want to collapse oh no this could be my death this could be death hold on I will cheaty cam this yep that’s a desert that’s a a desert let’s O Let’s see if we find a village here I think there might be two Villages here I think Lizzie went to one I think there was another one as well maybe we can get a second C uh uh little camo boy a little camo boy we can take it back um but if I do take it back I’m going to have I have to take it back through the nether which is a little dangerous oh my God this is real death here this might be death if I fall from here I just remind me not to hit any of this sand I would love to bring a camel back that looks weird it looks like there a little Spire or something oh oh no are are these are any of these death traps okay no I don’t think so let’s look around let’s look a little a little closer for that Village maybe I put the I’ll put the the I’ll put the the portal at the Village if I find it there it is yes that’s cute let’s go to that let’s go God slowly slowly I’m too excited I will fall off a cliff here scary cave let’s go right there look how cute ah I’m fine I must eat look at this place it’s a really nice desert all right let’s go let’s go we did it GG me right now thank you I’m going to put the portal right there look at that villagers hanging out right there let’s sleep because nobody else sleeps here only me only me only me I am the sleeper I am the sleeper I got it don’t worry guys don’t worry everyone else on the server I got this more Cactus GG’s thank you I’m going to put the portal right here I’m going to put a portal right here kitty cat I don’t have non-cooked fish Kitty I’m so sorry I’m going to put the portal right here this is not obsidian um 1 2 3 4 5 I I don’t do cheat portals I’m I like everything very pretty so I’m going to do a nice thick big portal here and Boop perfect cord down let’s see if you see any camels let’s see see any little baby camel please hello villager I am your friend don’t worry I will not rob you too badly just just a little bit if there’s something worth so hello hi Cy oh the two greatest archaeologists of the server have the camels baby me and Lizzy let’s go come here cutie I you don’t need to be my friend can can I can you stand up for me can you stand up for me can you send up for me so I can get on oh you want me to get on now okay I’ll get on I’ll get on I’ll get on okay go ahead go ahead screenshot screenshot moment screenshot moment boop boop boop screenshot with shaders oh no it’s too dark I don’t like it screenshot moment okay can you get up can you get up it’s time oh oh yeah camel is one per Village so that means Lizzy did not come to this Village he went to another Village that is cool we got lucky we got lucky little boo boost little boost let’s go oh this is amazing oh you know what this is my first time riding a camel in regular survival I’ve written them when I did those creative builds like uh what to build in Minecraft 1.20 I’ve never found one in regular survival this is my first regular legit camo that I found in Minecraft in survival and this is the best day of my life and it was here it was here can you name it do oh Dy the thing is um I already named I already named my um my Axel Dy everybody told me to name the Axel dy I got 45 comments the the ael’s doy right now already but we can come up with a cool name for this guy we can come up with a cool name for this yeah everybody called it do I was like okay fine we uh I think some hold on I actually saw a comment that wanted to name the um that wanted to name the Axel this and and I loved it but I couldn’t name it hold let me see if I can find it hold on I found it I found it okay no I know what listen I got the name I got the name I got the name okay ready let’s see if you guys can guess it let’s see if you guys can guess it all right ready this is the name let me even lower the music this is a very epic moment if you can guess this name okay so you know how my outfit is inspired by Miles Morales right so let’s take it off again you can see it inspired by Miles moras right miles Mor right here okay see see it’s inspired by it’s not I’m not a I’m not Multiverse jumper or nothing it’s just because I like the outfit okay so no not Gwen not Gwen not GW I’m saving for something else qu I’m saying for something else but who and it it it makes sense so out of all the characters in the last spiderverse movie which one resembles SOS the most out of it actually the name is very is similar to to the dot dot dashes the SOS thing the morse code there’s one name if you get it not the spot no not spot no no no there’s it spot would be cool because it’s a DOT technically but no an actual full name there’s a full name of a person who technically in almost like okay who uses Morse code right military really mostly when they’re in battle and whenever you go on on the radio you you can say a word and that word is someone’s name I’ll give you a hint it’s Someone’s Child get it say it say it no not Roger who’s Someone’s Child that has a name and it’s perfect for mors code Hunter got it again Hunter with two three for three made day Mayday it’s perfect that’s what the the pilots would say mayday mayday Roger we’re coming in there’s people there there’s there’s Bogies on our six Mayday SOS help us that’s the name of the camo the Cam’s called Mayday now I was going to use it for something and I I this the Cam’s perfect so Mayday see Mayday SOS is perfect that’s the perfect name and it’s perfect for my miles outfit so that’s it this is MayDay the cam now the thing that’s going to be very sad is if I cannot save this camel through the nether then Mayday is dead so let’s hope let’s hope they don’t perish um because we have to go in the nether now with Mayday so now that you love Mayday and you think Mayday is the sweetest Mayday might die in the nether now so let’s go and may for short technically yeah because May a May whatever right um let’s take a nice screenshot of me and the camel because this could be the first and last time you say Mayday uh not being angsty or anything anything but you know we do have to go in the nether I’m not going to go out on foot 18,000 blocks um let’s take a picture this could be the first and last time you see Mayday sorry Mayday I will do my best to help you survive this let’s do right there a nice little moment no angess we will make it through the nether with Mayday perfect screenshot moment all right now how much Cactus do I have 10 Mayday wait for me here I’ll be right back you’re so cute so imagine if Mayday dies in the nether please no please no look how pretty me and Mayday best friends hold on best friends oh my God that’s so precious take the stupid Shield off oh no hold on zoom in oh that’s my friend no don’t get up don’t get up you’re too tall now Mayday Way Too Tall besties forever M’s gonna live forever okay we’re we’re ready let me take a quick peek Mayday hold on hold on just in case I don’t want to lose you right now stay right there I’ll be right back if you had a a family here say goodbye give me a second take a little more Cactus um hold on cheaty cam time I’m curious how is there anything else out here that we could do archaeology in hold on maybe we could do a little archaeology maybe we could do a little archaeology I’ll be right back M I don’t want to you get hurt I’m going to I’ll be right back let’s do a quick little look let’s do a quick little look you got to mag magy thank you so much I’ll see you soon I’ll see you soon thank you for being here can you breed camels yes all I have to do is bring my camel to Liz’s camel and then have them do the baby do the baby and then we can make more camo I think right they eat cactus I believe too all right I’m leaving me there for a second because I want to see maybe there’s an archaeological thing that we could do before we leave at least you know right there there’s where the nether portal is and we’ll come right back and I won’t get lost I took a screenshot let’s take another one just in case okay come with me we take a little little bit of a trip just over here maybe there’s something we could dig up maybe there’s a well or something nice oh I’ll get more Cactus too and I’ll get a little bit of sand too I think I have a good amount of sand though I’m fine with sand what is that oh Lush cave down below all right maybe there’s a well maybe there’s a some a temple maybe there’s a nice little Temple around here was way off course this desert was huge though it’s 2: a.m. Jesus e what are you even doing you better stay up for another 2 hours wait how long have we been streaming I’m curious how long are we at now it’s only been two hours that’s fine we’re doing another hour minimum another hour minimum so you’re not sleeping anytime soon no sleep for you um okay let’s see is there any oh my God imagine if I fall in a big pit in a big giant pit oh wait Oh I thought it was something there he is never sleeping ever again um another Lush cave no no whs or anything okay oh yeah bunny hi you’re cute oh and maybe does this open up into an ocean I can still try to see if I could get um that’s what I was looking for too I almost forgot Mayday totally took me out I’m going to put another portal over here for the bad lands oh wait do I have enough of course I have enough I bought a stupid amount of obsidian one more portal here oh this is awesome and the ruined one too let’s see if there’s anything fun in this hopefully maybe a golden apple a nice little Golden Apple there’s no armor trims in Ruins right I think this should be good we got to get the best of the best things here seriously seriously seriously what evil person did this can’t believe that F in the chat I want this so I can get the advancement very nice I will bury this beautiful soul here um uh I’ll bury this beautiful soul perished oops um sorry I need something um I waste my occas on this why not rest in peace I did need some of this sand though get out um I really don’t want this uh I don’t want this why do I still have that sapling give me some of this I will love a little bit of red sand a little bit just a stack will be fine for now I will come back here I need a stack of this is a good good yummy block oh that’s it I’ll leave that one to to despawn okay let’s put the portal up there now up there hold on this way come with me how long will be live for probably another hour probably another hour we usually go live if it’s just like a bingo stream mine Bingo we do like two hours there if it’s a SOS stream we can go minimum three maximum a whole 24-hour stream or something you never know no definitely not I would I’m not that dumb I’ll do like um the max we’ve gone was almost six that last time we’re almost at a six hour boy um yeah that we’re not yeah not we’re not doing six today three minimum Four Tops Four Tops never 24 hours never my I will just pass out I will never play Minecraft again okay how big is this oh my god oh baby baby baby that’s a good chunk that’s a good chunk you don’t need more than that I’m going to place this one right here in the sand and then you look that way and this will be a safe place right here all right that and that 1 2 3 4 and uh five and then we go up perfect I’m such a good server server mate I’m doing all this for my friends Boop there it is and then another cord right there oh baby okay uh do I need any terra cotta while I’m here I could get a stack of just regular terracotta just so I can have it let’s just get a stack because we’re here of regular J one month subathon non-stop there zero chance in this world never again thank you so much for the portals there it yeah you see I am I am a man of the people I do things uh a selfless acts of kindness for my friends and for me too because I don’t want I’m I’m lazy and I don’t want to have to come over here all the time all the way you know I can go through the the Nether and doing pretty much for myself but that’s fine I have a perfect time zone for yes this is a for this time I I think it’s good almost for everybody except for Australians F in the chat for Pearl cuz they’re dead sleep right now but for everyone else in the world uh you know it’s not that bad it’s not that it’s not it’s a good middle middle ground time time period you know it’s a good good good spot and e e is not that bad it’s only 2 in the morning 2 in the morning is not that bad 2: in the morning is not that bad in Australia it’s like 5:00 a.m. that’s worse right it’s like 5:00 a.m. what time is it in Australia that’s worse that’s worse 2: am is not bad 2 a is not that bad maybe 3:00 a. that’s bad but 2 am. man I’ve stayed up for till 2: a.m. sometimes just watching movies and stuff isn’t that that bad it’s not too crazy is there a big ocean here I would love a big ocean so I can maybe potentially get something some more trims is there no ocean here chitty cam assemble oh that looks like it’s going to something let’s go that way let’s go that way I still when I get home um there’s a couple little things we could do still uh but you know this is the main thing we’re just connecting all the all the portals I was thinking about doing some Nether um hunting for the the two other uh nether woods but yeah I’m going save that I’mma save that I got a big old nether portal idea that I want to do and I want to I want to save that adventure for when I build that thing it’s going to be a big big boy portal it’s going to it’s it’s no lore attached to it but it’s going to be it’s one it’s going to it’s going to you know it’s giving me I got the inspiration off the the the Obelisk you know for my portal it’s going to be very cool it’s going to be very nice Minecraft Java Edition uncore loves my stream thank you I love your product I love Java Edition so nicely it’s it’s a very cool design it it’s it’s very big though and it’s very tall uh it’s going to cast Shadows where I place it um but you know hopefully it’s not too too big you know it’s it’s you’re probably G to see from far away we’ll see it it might I might have to shrink it a little bit it’s a big big boy um where am I I thought there were ocean here this is a big river is this ocean does that go to Ocean let’s check this way oh my God I almost fell looking at chat I almost fell in a hole looking at chat oh God see this is why I hardly ever play hardcore things hores I can’t take you I already have my Mayday this is why I hardly ever play hardcore stuff on stream because I get really distracted I am so lucky that I haven’t fallen in a big deep darkle um this whole time on SOS cuz I would definitely walk into it looking in at chat and just walking straight oh here we go here we go here we go okay okay then let’s um let’s see if maybe there’s a little a little shipwreck out here that and that’ll make my day do a little archaeology here is there anything do you oh no not going to that um let’s just go this way we don’t have a lot of space in our inventory for lots of stuff um I don’t know maybe maybe we could try a sniffer or something I would love a sniffer but I you know what I’m not going to suffer through sniffer Gathering because I remember what happened last time oh no things coming for me I remember last time I tried to get a sniffer on stream but armor trims yes armor trims will be very nice I can add it to my next build that’s coming and it’s going to have armor stuff inside I’m not going to say no more no spoilers I haven’t built it yet but it’s okay is there anything out here if you guys see a sun ship scream at me scream at me I will stop exactly where you tell me um let’s look around wait I need pirate music sorry I need pirate themed music this is this is the moment where is it where is it I still have that playlist yes it’s time y matey I am not a pirate I am just playing Pirate music there is no uh factions in this area there is no factions there is no ice walls or nothing there is just ocean and there is sunken ship I found it the second I put the pirate music I automatically get a sunken ship I think somebody’s been here there’s kelp here there’s there’s no lore there’s no lore stop no lore I’m going to convert these guys into uh into something can I place that sideways here no okay I need to make doors just in case doors thank you I breathe I breathe there’s no lore here I am just a man pretending to to to to do pirate like actions as I dive deep down into a sunkin ship looking for buried treasure y baby baby baby GG in the chat this instant we did it already I am so lucky I’m one of the most luckiest people on This Server I can’t I can’t be any more lucky than that that is pure luck right there pure luck that’s it I can’t believe this y y in the chat y Yar me Yar me that’s it we’re leaving that’s awesome woohoo the greatest pirate that ever lived the oh bubble Boop bubbles got her sweet girl okay I am I already got turned around where did I come from did I come from that way did I come from oh God I’m lost we’ll figure it out we have the coordinates we can come back later let’s look for another ship another ship or a ruin we did it yeah it’s probably not sand in the air it’s just like a a glitch I have this Bobby mod on so we get lots and lots of render distance but sometimes things glitch out oh the next song is probably the best song now the next song is probably the best one is there anything there oh no no I want the the good one where’s the good one yep we’re putting this loud excuse me I every time I put my favorite Pirate Song we get all of this amazingness happened to us first the Shipwreck now that is an above ground ruin oh yes y Yar me right now oh my God this is so lucky we could is there sussy sand on this there’s sussy sand above ground there’s no there’s no bad guys anywhere they’re down there though they’re down there oh yes get out of here thing wow there’s a chance for sniffer here hold on well technically it’s a savannah but in here is it lukew it’s lukewarm yep yep there’s a chance for a sniffer okay listen stop if we get a sniffer here um I’m just going to go home I’m just going to go home I’m going to call it a day oh perfect pirate music for this okay let’s go let’s go let’s go please oh my God hold on hold on if I brush this and there’s a sniffer in my first brush and there’s a sunky ship over there I’m officially the luckiest man on Earth luckiest man on Earth you made it the sauce Bacon Nation you’re the best listen you made it you made it right on time I’m going to get a sniffer right here on the first one oh my God I thought it was it cuz it was green oh my God I thought it was it cuz it was green okay we’re going to go two two for two for two oh come on okay okay okay okay okay please please oh okay I’ll take a pot I take a pot I take a pot we’re such a good archaeologist we’re such a good archeologist that’s crazy okay I’m going to break everything with my hands no shovel no shovel oh we’re pirating now baby me oh this is great oh let’s let’s be very careful though we’re going to be very care more careful than we were last time what’s this you look what is happening right now all this luck all this luck this inventory is stupid but the luck is here get out no you’re not coming up here uglies nobody Sleeps in the server nobody nobody get out of here ironx nobody Sleeps here I’m going to put the song on repeat until we find our sniffer I’m going to put the song on repeat what is this inventory I think I’m going to leave the gold nugget I think I think I’m going to leave the gold nugget I do need the ACAA sapling though okay let’s keep going let’s keep going oh so good okay calm and gentle that’s how we do it calm and gentle is there any Trident boys there I really don’t want to go down there though um that’s very scary down there but I’m up here in the safe place oh my God this is too loud though rewind rewind for luck anymore I don’t think there’s any more here though rewind for luck we’re doing it a little more anything under here I don’t think so oh my god do I have to go down there I think I might have to go down there um anything else here on the coastline no I have to go down there um I really don’t want to um there’s so many though maybe we go to a more peaceful area this one looks very a lot more dangerous than that one over there looks a lot lot nicer um do you guys see any sussy sand off the side here no I don’t see oh there’s a chest right there H if we do we got to be very careful let’s grab some doors okay um I don’t need the sand go away um I need the rest all right let’s let’s go to a nicer area oh so many um any sussess right there sussess I don’t actually see any right there okay we’re going to go over here more this way all right right here might be a thing try it man I don’t see try it men oh no no no no stop oh there’s a man right there there’s a man right there hold on hello I don’t have enchantments on my sword yet I don’t have enchantments on my sword yet Too Many Men hold on anything good get out oh no this is way too dangerous I don’t want to do this now I don’t want to do this now I really need enchantments on the sword if I’m going to be battling bad guys like this okay go away oh you scared sorry headphone warning headphone warnings I’m telling you right now too many men Too Many Men no no no I’m not I’m not ready for this I’m going to check I’m going to go for Treasure I’ll come back to this I’m not ready for that yet no I’m not I’m not I’m not ready headphone warning though I’ll come back I’ll come back let’s look for Treasure first um let’s take a break let’s do a treasure break let’s do a treasure break first let’s do a treasure break okay we’ll come back this uh North North West Northwest treasure break Northwest this this segment is brought to you by me looking for treasure treasure break treasure break welome back treasure break Northwest now west west this way yes treasure break treasure we’ll come back to that soon very soon not now lower music this more relaxing not that one no no no no fine that one treasure break we’re going east now East oh sorry East sorry east east where are we now East okay east Southeast I think we’re coming up to it right over here Southeast a little closer a little closer a little closer right oh here it is that way treasure break treasure break oh my God it’s like right next to the Shipwreck too it’s going to be under the ship who would plant a a buried treasure under a shipwreck it’s literally under the Shipwreck that is so weird what are you serious hold on it’s get off me get off me it’s under the Shipwreck these are the worst Pirates these are the the worst Pirates of all time what it is really underneath hold on it’s off hand is is it am I too far I think it’s like right oh it’s right next to it oh it’s like right here isn’t it hello there it is got it the worst Pirates oh baby my inventory though man um water Brea ooh oh we might be able to use the water breathing oh baby baby baby okay um this is this is fate right this is the the game trying to tell me here’s some water breathing go get that sniffer egg okay the inventory is dumb I’m going to have to leave something behind I’m going to leave you know what I’m going to leave behind an extra brush for whatever traveler comes down here and needs um to use it okay I’m never getting rid of that Salmon Head um what am I getting rid of I need all of this I need everything here I guess that um I’m I would love the TNT as well but I don’t really need it um uh oh we don’t need this anymore and then if I find a sniff rig I can’t even grab it um hold on diamond let’s do this diamond back I really I don’t really need these emeralds trust me um I have a very big Emerald Supply coming up very soon I should do a chest boat right I should do a chest boat but the thing is I can’t really use the chest boat because wherever we go next I need to go into The Nether right and I I can’t take my chest boat with me so it won’t make any sense because right after we’re done here we need we need to carry all our stuff and leave greetings from the Netherlands oh thank you NE Netherlands thank you for being here Netherland friend yeah so we can’t really chest boo it we can’t really chest boat it cuz where we’re going we can’t use it um I don’t need any iron okay I think we’re good I just have space for a sniffer egg really that’s all I have space for one sniffer egg that’s it it all right let’s go we can try it 12 points to the Netherlands give them give give him the points and I do need the the the helmet too all right let’s go I’m going to try my luck taking this potion and going down there and seeing what I could do with all the bad guys next to me um I might have to pillar block like myself off and if I do it I’ll just do it with the the Terra Cotta if anything we don’t really need it can come back for it all right we’re ready get rid of the sapling I need the saplings though I don’t have aaca at home I don’t have AA at home I just found a savannah so I don’t have an AA at home so I do need the aasia unfortunately so I can have aasia into my block pallet H okay here we go we’re going in let’s let’s oh we’ll have extra space after we take this let’s get closer oh beautiful fish let’s get closer and then we’re going in that goes away let’s go in let’s sus this out real quick we don’t need doors anymore Susy gravel time oh I I don’t this going to take up my inventory we if there’s any Trident boys we’re leaving if there’s any Trident boys we run oh my God so many why are they so fast there’s way too many thank God there’s no Trident boy though let’s go around let’s go around let’s go all the way over here they can’t swim that fast I’m going to go this way and down please no no no please please stupid bug okay Susy sand time Susy sand what’s in there I don’t care suy sand oh no I’m only going to go if I see a sniffer I’m going to keep brushing till I see the the cuteness of it and then and then I’m going to keep going I don’t care about anything else right now snier nope keep going I’m on only here for the very important sniffer I don’t care about nothing else check check check check check check check check around check around check around no beautiful pirate music in the background the things are coming after me they’re coming I hear them no um I don’t see any more sussy stuff what’s in here that’s probably the same one sussy gravel no where’s the where of the same man I’m going to have to dig stuff up lag oh my God if lag kills me we already saw these right yeah we already did these that’s lag right that’s lag that’s very bad lag oh my God I was brushing stuff and nothing was coming out anything over here anything over here anything over here H there’s one sniffer yes yes give here give me give me we’re g woo GG oh my God that wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be I’ve had worse remember that last other stream we did it took three hours we headphone warning headphone warning I’m leaving I’m leaving I’m leaving insane that is crazy okay we’re leaving bye bye bye I don’t care about anything else oh my God oh my God oh nobody Sleeps oh thank you oh my God we did it we did it I am the best archaeologist you’ve ever seen on par with Lizzy though Lizzy still Li Lizzy still great she’s done everything I’ve done I’m only following her very illustrious footsteps of camels and sniffers oh baby oh that’s cool I have a bunch of bubbles coming out of me bubbles that’s it okay where do I go oh my God is does anybody remember the cords to where I have to go and find Mayday and go into The Nether oh my God I I go into The Nether and die now after all this I think I went to that thing already did I go to this already you know what I’m just leave that I’mma leave that if somebody wants this this thing I’m going to leave it for them I’m not going to grab it we’re leaving we’re gone we did it Moon kitten you missed it look look at my inventory look at my inventory I have a beautiful sniffer egg in my possession we got it it’s a beautiful day such a beautiful day am I going the right way I don’t know if I’m going the right way anymore oh my God let me hold on let me go to my screenshots let me go to my screenshots let me go to my screenshot hold on hold on hold on I need to exactly where we left behind uh that thing um boom screenshots screenshots where is my lovely is it right there okay I got it I got it got it okay so remind me we have to go to 1250 and – 2725 I went so far I’m going the wrong way hold on 1250 I went that far 1250 and negative 2725 we’re going on the right path all right remember those chords 1250 – 2725 oh I got my beautiful egg oh man I got to do something special I got to do something special for the egg I’ll figure something out maybe we’ll build like um like a little like a little Nest like a like a like a little little sniffer nesting grounds something cool I don’t know where though I’ll design something and I’ll figure it out I can put it for the next episode I can do for the next episode I I’ll do something nice a little side side quest for our baby sniffer oh baby oh so good I can’t believe it oh there’s the there’s the place okay we have to go this way a little bit more more what was the number again 1250 – 27 25 1250 oh we’re going good I just follow this Coastline Oh I thought I was going to take longer than that oh no go around this thing is this the closest one I don’t there might be some o that thing cuz I wouldn’t mind getting some prismarine or something um nah I think there might be a closer one up where where by where flip is this is a little bit too far oh claps in the chat that’s right pris Marine yeah good song Good song Classic I don’t want to sing it CU then I’ll get copywritten Lizzy will come down here and she’ll copyright strike me real good all right I think I cut left here now oh look at that little guy swimming look at that little guy swimming oh fresh animations is so nice look at that little guy swimming oh I don’t even think I can take this boat with me I’m going to have to abandon my boat I’m going to abandon it right here thank you boat you did me so well today on this fine day oh I got my beautiful sniffer egg let’s go I can walk the rest of the way we have to take the nether back anyway so it’s fine 07s to the boat let the boat know how much you you mean to them the boat the boat has been through so much with us we found sniffers with it we we we did other stuff we found Coast armor trims with that boat oh beautiful boat I’ll never forget them never as long as I live that’s the other portal okay if I keep going that line I will find my friend Mayday again left a memorial yes if somebody hopefully maybe one day we’ll run into them again if not maybe somebody else runs into them and and they can be of assistance to the next person uh that’s in that area all right no more pirate music no more pirate music we have graduated from Pirates to now back to regular fun times and then I’ll put very disturbing scary music when we get into The Nether uh that we could be fearful for our lives and the live of our friend uh Mayday we’re fine eat I’m fine still One More Bar Let It Go Down One More Bar and then I’ll eat I’ll eat before the third one I’ll eat before the third one we need to go deeper oh baby this man’s going deep okay now we eat oh I’m going to let Owen know uh he’s probably in the nether right now I’m going to let him know where I come out of uh in the uh in the desert we have to go this way now right I think we have to go this way now we cross here and then we cross this direction we pass that ruin nether portal and we’re almost back don’t forget Owen cat yep I’m going to let him know I’m going to let him know we just need to get back this way hopefully it I’m going the right way I closed the coordinates again but I you guys wrote it down so I’m going definitely remember it’s Sam slapping time oh baby it’s time it’s time sorry for all those who coming in right now wondering what’s going on every time somebody Subs I slap the Salina and I slab it real hard and I pops the music you thought it was over didn’t you everybody you thought it was done but no Serena blueberry for 17 whole months you know what usually if somebody subs today I do one slap but since s since Serena is subbing for 17 whole months I’m going to have to stap this Salon 17 times and I’mma slap it very very slowly hold on I need a good angle one 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 one more Serena thank you this is for you 17 perfect oh I got an extra one an extra one for good luck thank you so much 17 hom that’s a long time you know that is actually if I if my math is correct that’s over a year and and seven and and five months very nice thank you so much you’re on on our way to the second year we we’re barreling through to the second year it is a very moist sound it is it is one of the moist sounds in Minecraft some say am I going the right way what the quarts again what are the cords again I could I can math that’s a good Ma I did the perfect math what are you talking about now where what’s the chords what’s the chords Sylvie help me 1250 and 2725 1250 and 20 27 I was going the wrong way 2725 1250 2725 in this exact angle over that guy thank you s you you are my you are my compass I will be lost without you this is this is scary in this area I have a feeling that one of these Sands are going to just collapse and fall we’re going to be dead uh but you know as long as we don’t touch the sand uh we should be fine I’m going to get a little more Cactus for Owen a little more Cactus I will make cactus farm next time very soon cactus farm will be will come up don’t idea where I’m going to put it maybe in the farming area what’s this no much gracias no much graas am I going the right way still probably I’m just going to keep going this direction we’ll get there eventually silie with C with compass L there is no Compass lore here there is no Compass lore just a lovely human sharing U their their love for um location of finding it’s like a it’s like a GPS Sy is GPS I never really looked into this place actually hold on I never really looked here we’re on our way out now I never really checked this area maybe there is actually good stuff ow hello villagers I have come back Victorious and much rich the riches are pouring out of me literally hello oh that oh hello hello you’re welcome that guy was that guy was suffering nobody wanted to help I should take ha Bells but I have no inventory even if I find something I can’t take anything back oh I want I’m not okay I’m fine I I don’t know why I’m looking we’re leaving we’re leaving here we come here it comes we’re going to go right now with our beautiful camel that I can’t can’t I I need oh my lead my lead would be lost um we don’t need doors we don’t need doors let’s actually do some aesthetic choices here and do Boop there we used the doors and then they’re gone now and now I can use uh the lead okay I can’t take the fence post though so either way um okay now if this is too dangerous I will find another way but I must look first um actually let’s go in here first and take a quick look let’s have our bottles on us right now let’s take a peek no no wait for me wait for me wait for me no no no no no no wait for me let me look make sure it’s safe and then you’ll come with me all right we’re very far away now I think the cords are just z0 so hopefully oh [Music] no no absolutely not absolutely not there is no way I’m taking Mayday through this let’s take a peek oh no this it could have been worse than this but this is pretty bad um okay um this is actually the worst case in yeah yeah um unless hold on hold on maybe I make sure it’s uh nice first and figure out how to get there okay hold on let’s get the cords for this this is so bad this is so bad this is so bad um let’s get cords to this okay um I never got the chords for the inside of the other one um can we see it from here detach retina cam oh that’s cool okay wait where’s the other one can we see it it should be close by it should be close by oh wait we never went in it right oh I messed up if we don’t go in it it won’t be it won’t be it won’t come out oh no oh no I should have got in it the the the the the Mesa one the Mesa one I he need to go in it to to to create it ah messed up okay I’ll go there later we’ll do it later but for now at least we have this one uh let me let I’ll let people know later okay and then if we go to 0 it’s fine we we’ll go back later let’s go to let let me just find how to get home and let me put torches along the way so if we go to 0 Which Way 0 0 this way and is it this way no it’s this way and that way oh God okay let’s just let’s just see what we see let’s see what we see first and then I’ll come back for Mayday so if we go this way we’ll go up here this is actually not that bad if we go this way it’s kind of safe let me move this over it’s kind of safe right right okay this is very dangerous oh Lord oh god oh no um Piller block time this is okay it’s time for scary music right let’s do scary music for the atmosphere ah yes this is my scary music okay cuz I’m I’m really scared right now and you should be too drink fire yeah I have it don’t worry I have it on me if I need to I just don’t want to waste it I just don’t want to waste it cuz we don’t have a lot of magma Crim ooh okay scary music seriously I okay we’re fine we come this way that’s the that’s the the place we’ve been to we’ve been to that guy so if we come this way this is good this is fine I actually do need to kill some of these guys hold on I wish I had looting I think flip has a looting villager I can go ahead and see if I can get looting on this sword but right now the sword is very bad oh I should put my Gold On why are you coming at me like that don’t do it let me put some gold on I wish the trim counted but it does not all right pray your hands in the chat to make sure I live through this pray your hands Zara welcome welcome um these you’re too close to them do I have the cream I have not gotten a single cream from this give me thy cream oh it’s on here ow tiny thing I need to make more fire resistant potion is that one out of all that murder okay bye all right come with me we’re going this way this should be the path it should be the path we’re in a Soul Sand Valley for spawn so this could be it actually this might not be as bad as I thought it was if we if we find this right over this little Ridge here nope the Skeleton Man um retina Detachment where is it right where I don’t see it this is our place though I think it’s over here yeah it’s all the way over here oh God okay okay let me let me sip a little bit of coffee for Lu one more oh this is my superow like in real life not in there’s no lore here oh sip it sip it there’s a bad bad man up there I I should get a skeleton skull somebody’s definitely been there okay um so the problem is I think I need to go all the way around this but it’s being guarded by evil people um okay no uh we’ll go around this direction maybe um where I’m I’m scared I’m scared hold on um I can’t use what wait what was that my pillow blocks that I was using oh I have the cream now okay I got to get rid of the cream I need pillar block more I need pillar blocks more than than cream sorry cream I need this is why am I using Soul Sand hold on I need pillar block because we’re going to have to go around this I’m going to have to go around this somehow and I do need some of this why you got to do scary things I’m so sorry I’m putting you through this this is very scary right now I need to eat okay if there’s blazes I will drink my potion I will drink my potion but let’s see I have to go up and around this oh not today no oh Blaze hello no Blaze now oh I can get returned to Sender I can get returned to Sender I’ve been wanting to get that flip stole it from me flip stole it from me oh there’s Blaze over there too oh no um I don’t want to do this anymore I want to go home home um let me look again I have to go badman above me stop it it’s a bad man above me hold on um I need oh inventory ah stupid idiots hold on I need I need to organize are you for real right now are you serious right now I need to organize this I have fire resistance anyways oh it got worse it got worse okay headphone warning yes it got worse there’s many men there all right um zigzag imagine if I get ahead from this a boow head no okay okay I’m going to up this okay headphone warning headphone warning headphone warning this will be the way I’ll be coming once I’m able to with my beautiful camel uhhuh o let’s make the path I’m not going to worry about returning to Sender right now I’m fine let’s make the path which way is it it’s oh my God I have to go this way I have to pass through all of this okay we’re fine okay we’re fine raino thank you for raiding hello how are you welcome this I’m in a scary situation right now I have to get back home and I don’t know how I’m going to do this I’m very scared but I’m going to be fine I’m going to be fine there’s no way I’m bringing my beautiful camo in here all oh okay okay all right it’s pucker up time I’m going to destroy these two oh and where I’m going to take it I’m going to drink it sorry I’m drinking it I have I have many more of those I have to drink it okay that was enough no more I have to drink it oh I don’t have looting right now so I’m just going to do this well I didn’t have looting last time and I got a head oh that guy fell hello you must be stopped okay very dangerous remember this is a hardcore like server this could be the end of me I could never return from this maybe it’s is death and and I’m gone forever I’m gone for good uh but it’s fine I won’t I won’t be because I’m very overpowered I’m so strong I’m so strong okay if I do come with my beautiful cam it’ll be this way and then down this oh my God God stop shut up already is there a way they can get up here too many shut up Blaze already is there anything down there is that a head is that a head is that is that a head or coal that’s coal could you shut up already are you stop moving stop moving so I can hit you thank you there’s a man in the open oh there’s a very bad man in the open okay I’m going down I’m going down I’m going down just stupid coal stop bye decent size hole okay we’re fine I’m going to continue what is that noise I heard Pig I heard Pig we go this way I heard Pig I knew it get out of here oinker C cute little Pumba you’re dead three shot it took a three shotter okay let’s look here is this good spot no I’m just going to go around this way this should be the way home I think let’s create P Return to Sender Return to Sender Return to Sender do it I hate this why can’t I hit what I can never do this it’s either lag the Ping something why oh my God I’m dying I’m dying stop oh my God I’m going to I swear to God go go go ah excuse me that’s how I’m going to do it that’s the only way I’m going to do it oh I’m never going to get it I’m never going to get I’m never going to get return to center it’s never going to happen it’s fine I’m never going to get return I hate this P pigs and and flip are probably laughing at me [Music] now hold on where is it where is it oh my God is it there no I got to go all the way here there okay hold on if I go let’s be smart here is that that it I’m just going to go up and right I’m going to go up and right yes I am smart I am smart I am going to do this I am going to do this up and right easy easy up and right we’re doing it hold on let’s look make sure we don’t hit our heads when we come back with our beautiful camel right here going to go up and to the right and if there’s lava we have fire resistance so we’re fine up let’s go straight let’s make sure we look down as well we look down there’s no holes we look down very relaxing very slowly we’re going to go up this thing and we’ll be just fine we’ll be just fine is it where am I where am I where is it is that it hold on where hold on so I go straight almost there okay straight sh very relaxing very atmospheric yes pure atmosphere just with this music is not going it’s not scary at all not scary at all we go like that okay and then look up and then to the right almost there see this is how we become the safest okay this should be it look that way oh we overshot it right here oh a little more right there there a little more let’s be precise precise right here perfect now we dig up oh thank you for believing in me thank you so much I couldn’t do this without you guys at least here watching me making sure that I’m safe this is a very scary Mo moment I have not died yet and I do not want to die yet something if I want to if I die I want to die something doing something heroic something cool not going into The Nether and and uh putting blocks on the floor and then going up uh you know I want to do something like very cool like a I’m running into a burning building saving my friends from danger or something crazy like that um not this this will be very embarrassing and sad yeah like saving a kitty from a tree exactly something like that that’s more heroic than just you know just burning alive in the nether anybody can burn alive in the Nether um How far am I am I good almost let’s look up I am not centered but you know what I wasn’t meant to be I tried to be but I Didn’t Do It um are we good almost there almost there almost there almost there almost there this is almost a perfect stairwell oh we’re in we are we good yes now where’s my shovel we’re almost there and now I need to go back and get my friend wait how do we get in here you know what I’m just going to break in there we go this is where we come down from and let’s make sure we hit our uh we don’t hit our head so I’m going to do this going to do this we’re not going to get hit our head we’re not going to die from this imagine dying from this once we did all this effort and then we perish uh by suffocating uh which be very very messed up people will laugh at me for years to come and let’s go up to just in case and let’s hold shift with our Swift sneak that we have just to be sure we don’t fall in a hole and our pickaxe it’s good okay we got to check our pickaxe too okay break all this oh we’re good no hitting our head no if I hit my head on this it’ll it’ll be very very bad okay I think I think we did it okay perfect path to go perfect path to come down this way we could make it even safer in a way but let’s see what we could do right now okay so this will be the path we follow the torch follow the torch and the fire the fire and the Torches we follow this let’s just let’s just make sure we know exactly what we’re doing with this mission right we come this way we come this way bad men bad men time no did I one-hot you silly thing is is there a head there no there’s a man here though oh no ah how I ran out of juice no no no not right now not right now no not right now not right now oh Owen it went great it went great Owen it went fantastically um uhhuh what are the chords to the thing too let me I can tell Owen those Cactus there’s a portal at um 171 46 oh I’m safe behind this this this bone right here -3 28 okay okay we will save our cute friend Mayday now um okay let’s go oh stop shooting at me stupid idiot um where did that I will get Return to Sender one day but not today not yet maybe later I’m bringing my beautiful little camel friend through the nether right now we have to go this way oh to torch I’m going to shoot this guy off he’s dead you’re dead too o okay oh still more bad guys here oh don’t move please okay we’re doing good now we just follow the torch line from there oh to here shut up actually no it’s easier just this way all right let’s go get our friend we’re doing it we’ll be fine we’ll be just fine go this way this way do a nice little path right there all right camera friend’s cominging all right that’s a good path good decent path I might have to get a little bit better paage um where where we left them over here there’s I hear bad guys under me um get out Mayday is coming everybody it’s fine it’s it’s going to be safe I’m going to be sure it’s safe I’m going to make sure nothing comes out of here oh oh oh oh no that thing just fell down that’s a scary thing that’s a scary thing I saw him um hi oh my God so many all right let me see if I can get another skull we’re here already oh my God so scared if something comes behind me I’m dead one more one more this is a good luck sword oh come on so many wither skeletons here stop you walk so funny um I just take a shot I’ll take a shot we go take a shot oh you’re dead that’s cool okay now we do need to make a path here there’s a bad man above me I know it and then this goes up like that with our friend okay we’re leaving oh wait oh no no no guys this scary skull behind you what skull behind me where did I leave one I cannot believe I got this it too unbelievable to believe are you for real how how I still have no enchant on this this is so this so stupid I okay and it was like hard to believe that it actually was there F thank you so much I didn’t even I I how huh I’m just too good I’m just too good you know and there’s no Ling behind there’s no Ling behind it it’s just me being good it’s just me being good good it’s just me being good me being good at this game where is the way down okay we’re going to get a a little a little a little cute Mayday down this is a good path right it’s good path for for for a um for a cute little uh little thing a little little camel it’s a cool camo paath okay we’re good yes so good not L I’m just naturally good at the video game called oops Minecraft that’s what I’m good at all right let’s we need to we need to prove this a little more though because I don’t want this camel to to die a beautiful little cute camel we found the the second one officially on the server okay how are we going to get this up all right this is this way we got to go over there this is this is a very bad path this very bad path it’s very bad this a very bad path hold on oh my God this is scary okay I think this is good now I think this should be fine this should be fine it’s a nice angle to it there’s no big holes anywhere we go like this and then that’s it this is good angle good angle good angle okay now we’re ready that’s it oh no we have to do this too right yep we should do this as well oh my God yeah this is bad this is bad um this is bad all right all right this is better okay I think now we’re good okay we need to make this safe now right oh God we’re not done yet we’re not done yet we’re not done hold on we need to make sure because we got to send our friend Mayday over oh God help me we have to send them first and then we have to go right behind so we have to be sure that they’re locked in a box so let’s make a box let’s make a box and we’ll trap him in there oh my God this is this is stressful oh my God if my camel dies from this I’m so sad I’ll be so sad okay we got to cover this up let’s do this we’ll do that oh I’ll make this higher let’s make this higher just in case it’s a two w I might have to make the portal bigger too just to be 100% safe that’s way too small of a portal that’s too small of a portal right let’s just make it a little bigger um and then we’ll cover this part up I just make it a three I make it a three I’ll make it a three uh yeah yeah we have the ability to we have this and this okay let’s break it I’m going to make it a little bigger just in case we’re being extra cautious cuz I don’t want this beautiful little camel that we just found uh to die they’re very rare there’s only one per desert village Lizzy got one I got one and that’s it I don’t even know when the next desert village is going to be okay a little bit bigger this is way bigger just to be safe I would even do taller just in to be double safe yep I’m going to go taller just to be even more safe we’re the safest boys here safe boy that’s my other um uh name being extra careful yeah I got I’ll lead them in I’ll e them in I won’t mount them you can’t Mount uh they won’t come through if it’s mounted right oh my God my fire resistance potions done too I have one more I have one more I brought three to be safe and that’ll be the end of our nether adventure for today because there’s no way I’m going back and doing more um we’ll keep this on us we need space for the lead though um we’ll get rid of one Blackstone one Blackstone uh all right I think we’re good let’s go let’s light this up and go get our friend oh my God this is stressful okay hello friend oh you ready we’re going to take a very dangerous Journey but trust me I will be there right next to you I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you if anything bad happens to you I swear I will murder everything in this in the in our path um you might catch on fire oh my God is there any gunpowder did I pick up any gunpowder may maybe if I make this Splash and then we’re both fire resed oh no I don’t is there maybe a cave I can find a creeper oh if there’s a cave with a creeper I’ll would be great I don’t um is there a cave with a creeper maybe maybe I can make this oh I don’t have a there’s no brewing stand here anyways there’s no brewing stand anyways yeah I thought maybe there was a Brom stand in here in the in the village but I didn’t there wasn’t any there wasn’t any it’s fine it’s fine we got this it’s fine yeah they don’t have a brewing stand here okay my friend this is going to be fine we got this let’s go everybody fingers crossed fingers crossed type type hearts in the chat for luck we’re bringing Mayday in they’re in let me make sure oh the lead go go go I got the lead I’m going to ride them once we’re in okay um so far so good let’s make sure there’s no Lava here okay no Lava here okay we’re going together we’re going to I think it’s better if we go together um hello oh my God this is very dangerous if anything we do a leap over something okay we’re going in we got we got this we got this the path has been laid out we know exactly where we need to go we just need to I let me take this oh my God should I ride them or should I lead them do you guys know should I ride them or lead them ride or lead ride ride okay we have more control over it right you just have to make sure that the blaze don’t start shooting me I’ll be fine but uh M will be messed up I have gold on me we’re good ride it okay you just got to follow the path follow the lights oh this is too scary all right we got this we got this we got sh shh get out of here p no oh one heart of damage two hearts of damage why no no mini oh my God three hearts of damage I walked through a fire I didn’t even know this stupid fire okay it’s okay it’s only two hearts oh sh sh sh sh what’s that noise C boy thank you for rating you’re the best um how do I heal mday is it Cactus is it Cactus yes it’s Cactus oh perfect okay oh that’s Owen’s Cactus oh no Owen don’t understand am I going to have to joust things oh they’re they’re gone I’m going to have to joust things I just noticed okay we’re fine I’m a good jouster I’ve done it many many times oh my God go slow I just make sure we don’t do that weird leap randomly by accident we’re going around slow we’re halfway there almost we’re a quarter we’re not even half we’re quarter way a quarter way oh my God no fire there’s so much fire over there the blue flame no wither skeletons please oh no ah I did a leap I needed to do it to be safe oh no I’m going to have to joust again this is dangerous no it’s so hard to hit from a c no it was an accident it was an accident it’s oh oh my God I wasted all the all all all the cactus I got to save I have to save two cactuses oh my God I have to save two cactuses if any that come back again oh my God this is high enough oh my God get out this doesn’t look safe enough for me this feels unsafe even though I did it okay yeah this I need to go higher okay we’re almost there oh my God we’re almost there we’re in the clear now basically there’s nothing Jesus okay I lead you now I lead you now I lead you now this I thought I was tall enough oh my God okay I thought I was tall enough um no I’m scared that you’re going to come out of this hold on okay come on I lead now I lead now I lead now I lead now is so slow okay I just lead from here and then I and then I ride and then we ride okay I’m going to hit my head on this okay what’s happening oh my God I felt like I was levitating okay oh please okay we did it we’re doing it it’s a it’s a very laggy boy um I didn’t know I was going to be this tall this is like way taller than I thought I should have gone out like seven blocks okay all right no falling anywhere crazy this is the most stressful I’ve ever been okay we’re here we’re here we’re here we’re here we’re here we’re here one more a couple more steps we’re in there’s a very dangerous portal though it’s a very dangerous portal no in in in yes please please don’t be suffocating on the other side this is pix’s place no no did he go back no no no no I should have checked first I checked everything else first but I didn’t check this first I should have checked it first before I went oh no is this not the it’s that spot that was the portal it came so [Music] far’s dead now all that for nothing this was the bort or not that one I should have checked it was my fault I was so careful the whole time but I didn’t check the last second no there’s no more there’s no more camels in that area we’re done Vine at least I didn’t die that’s true let me give Owen I’ll leave Owen uh I leave in the cactus my beautiful camel died it’s stupid suffocated and Pixis is Portal rip rest in peace in the chat rest in peace Mayday in the chat let me leave this for Owen oh he has dead people underneath here um I’ll leave it right here do I have any I have red sand oh no I’ll leave him to yeah at least we have a sniffer that’s right you know what you know what in honor of our lost camel Mayday the sniffer will be Mayday Jr that’s it in honor of the camel the beautiful camel tragically lost her life in in the ne technically in the Overworld in pix’s Portal Mayday Junior will rise again later on soon I’ll build a nice little place for him poor mayday mayday made 5 seconds in the Overworld before being suffocated oh look we built this beautiful path earlier for those who are coming in now the sniffer will be The Reincarnation yes the soul of there’s no lore here there’s no lore here by the way the aster Aster next to it no lore here but the resurrected Spirit of camel Mayday will inhabit this sniffer egg upon their uh their birth it’s fine it’s going to be fine not lore just you know just for fun just for funsies it’s for funsies oh it’s such a sad day you don’t want to know what I’ve been through dashy you don’t want to know it’s some crazy stuff you would have met a beautiful camel but not it’s not not on on this day let’s leave let’s leave our our salmon on the ground it’s okay we have made a junior here it’s fine we have mday Junior now it’s okay it’s fine there’s no l here though flip Bandit do but F there’s no L I didn’t mean Lord there’s no l [Laughter] I’m gone it’s I didn’t mean it as lore I didn’t mean it as lore no I didn’t mean it I didn’t mean I’m screenshotting this for memory I’m screenshotting this we had a good run though we had a good run and and we ended it perfect we ended it perfectly being banned from the server and now and now my villain Arc will [Music] begin I will hack my way into this server the death of my camel it’s not the end I will return soon and I will hack in this will not stop me this will not stop me you think this is going to stop [Music] me I will take all your fate C coins your fake coins will not save you ever again I will I will I will hack in the main frame and I will steal all your fake coins and no one will able to sa be able to save you again this isn’t the last of me I will use the loss of Mayday and the Banning of myself to this you will see what happens the next next on the next stream goodbye everybody going to go get a coffee or something

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In today’s Minecraft SOS Live Stream VOD we’re making a path from our base to spawn, exploring the whole server to far-off biomes and making nether portals to connect them. We also find an amazing camel called Mayday!

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    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft 100 Days of Gaming Glory Welcome to the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Building, exploring, surviving, all in the game’s domains. Join me on this journey, as we embark on 100 days, Each video packed with excitement, in so many ways. Subscribe to my channel, hit the bell to stay in the loop, Together we’ll discover, build, and conquer, in one fell swoop. Let’s dive into the blocky world, where adventures never end, With Boom_CRAFT as your guide, your Minecraft experience will ascend. So come along, join the fun, let’s make memories together, In the world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no tether…. Read More

  • Elemental Power Play: Stresmen & Odo Test Minecraft Magic

    Elemental Power Play: Stresmen & Odo Test Minecraft Magic In the world of Minecraft, Stresmen and Odo, Testing elemental powers, putting on a show. Animations so funny, for Indonesian kids, Bringing joy and laughter, in every grid. From Bang Channel, the original source, Kulpi Semungku’s animation, a creative force. Characters like Stresmen and Odo Kentang, Brought to life by Haikal Hibatulloh’s hand. Explore the world, in this amazing creation, Each frame a new adventure, a unique sensation. Support Kulpi Semungku, with a like and a share, For more unforgettable moments, beyond compare. Funny animations, in the Indonesian style, Minecraft facts and fun, to make you smile. Stresmen and… Read More

  • Join Minewind: Experience Epic Battles like Lilyvill War ⚔️

    Join Minewind: Experience Epic Battles like Lilyvill War ⚔️ Welcome to Newsminecraft.com! If you’re a fan of epic Minecraft battles like the Lilyvill War featured in the OcToGamerz trailer, then you’ll love the action-packed gameplay on Minewind server. Join a vibrant community of gamers and experience thrilling PvP battles, exciting events, and endless adventures. Immerse yourself in a world where alliances are forged, enemies are vanquished, and legends are made. With a dedicated IP address of YT.MINEWIND.NET, you can easily connect to the Minewind server and start your journey towards becoming a true Minecraft champion. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a new challenge or a beginner… Read More

  • Jesse’s Curse: Minecraft Hero Drops a Swear

    Jesse's Curse: Minecraft Hero Drops a Swear In the world of Minecraft, Jesse is the name, A hero of legend, known for their fame. But beware, for in Story Mode, things can get wild, Even Jesse’s language can get a bit riled. But fear not, it’s just Patton Oswald’s voice, Bringing Jesse to life, giving us a choice. To explore and create in this blocky land, With adventures and challenges, all unplanned. So remember, when playing Minecraft Story Mode, It’s all in good fun, no need to explode. Just enjoy the game, let your imagination soar, And remember, Jesse’s language is just a bit more. Read More

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    Speedrun Seeds: Minecraft 1.21 Java Exploring the Top 5 Speedrunning Seeds for Minecraft Java 1.21 Embark on an exciting journey through the top 5 best speedrunning seeds for Minecraft Java 1.21! These seeds are a game-changer for any speedrunner looking to enhance their gameplay experience. Packed with villages, blacksmiths, portals, and more, these seeds offer a plethora of opportunities to expedite your progress in the game. Seed 5: 281474984710659 Seed 5 presents a unique landscape with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Navigate through the terrain strategically to uncover valuable resources that will aid you in your speedrunning endeavors. Seed 4: 5000087 Seed 4… Read More

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    Mastering Bedwars in MCPE: No Commentary The Exciting World of Bedwars in Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) Welcome, fellow gamers! In this video, we delve into the thrilling realm of Bedwars in Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) without commentary. Witness the intense action and clever strategies as players aim to destroy their opponents’ beds while defending their own. Engaging in Epic Battles Watch as players engage in epic battles against each other in the quest for victory. Learn some tricks to secure a win in Bedwars and experience the excitement of the chase throughout the game. Key Highlights: Intense bed destruction gameplay Clever strategies and tactics Exciting… Read More

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    Block Bustin' 1000 Days: Minecraft Survival Showdown! In the world of Minecraft, where blocks reign supreme, I embark on a challenge, a survival dream. 1000 days in a limited space, With creativity and wisdom, I must embrace. Building shelters, growing food, fighting monsters with might, Discovering hidden treasures, in the day and the night. The challenge is tough, full of surprises galore, But with your support, I’ll conquer and soar. Join me on this journey, witness the thrill, As I navigate through this limited land, with skill. Like, subscribe, and hit the bell with glee, Let’s create miracles together, in Minecraft, you and me. Read More

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    Expanding Mega Ice Farm in Hardcore Minecraft Minecraft Hardcore: Expanding the Mega Ice Farm Overview In the latest episode of Minecraft Hardcore Season 7, Doc Brennan embarks on expanding his Mega Ice Farm. This ambitious project aims to maximize ice production for various in-game uses. With meticulous planning and strategic building, Doc Brennan dives into the world of Minecraft to enhance his gameplay experience. Expanding the Ice Farm Doc Brennan meticulously lays out the blueprint for expanding his Mega Ice Farm. By increasing the size of the farm, he aims to boost his ice production significantly. This expansion involves careful placement of ice blocks, water sources,… Read More

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    Blasted Basement Expansion in Minecraft Hardcore! Minecraft Hardcore Season 7 Episode 38: Epic Basement Expansion Using TNT! On March 7th, 2022, viewers tuned in to watch an exciting episode of Hardcore Minecraft Season 7, where the player embarked on an epic basement expansion using TNT. The streamer, known as Doc Brennan, showcased their skills and creativity in this thrilling gameplay session. Basement Expansion with a Bang The highlight of this episode was the basement expansion project undertaken by Doc Brennan. Using TNT as a strategic tool, the player demolished existing structures to make way for a larger, more elaborate basement. The controlled explosions not only… Read More

  • The Spider’s Den

    The Spider's Den| Welcome to The Spider’s Den – do mind the cobwebs everywhere. |We are a safe space to hang out and play 1.20.1 (java) Minecraft – including LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, etc.! However, you must be 16 or older to join. This server is focused on exploration and making sure that dull moments are hard to find with mods such as:- Create (and many of it’s addons)- Origins (which you can suggest!)- Ender’s Cataclysm- Ice and Fire- And more!And don’t worry, if fighting isn’t your style there are plenty of cooking and decoration mods to decorate whatever kind of building you desire… Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - "Crafting Empire: Domain Domination"Why did the creeper enter the domain expansion world? Because he heard it was a blast! Read More

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    Slime Time: Armor Grime in Minecraft Prime In the desert of Minecraft, a crash has occurred, Surviving on sand, with challenges absurd. Follow the quests, stay cool in the heat, Beware of the night, where dangers will meet. First challenge is water, to beat the heat’s wrath, Second challenge is food, to avoid hunger’s path. Hardcore map, but with a graveyard mod, So you won’t lose progress, just keep on trod. Stay strong, my friends, as you navigate this land, With each new challenge, you’ll make a stand. Forever Stranded, a mod-pack so grand, In the world of Minecraft, where survival is planned. Read More

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    Minecraft Meme: Hotter than a Blaze! “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? Because she couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” Read More

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    Ultimate Guide: Downloading Hardcore Mod in Minecraft PE Minecraft Hardcore Mod: A Challenging Adventure For Minecraft enthusiasts looking to up the ante and test their survival skills, the Hardcore Mod offers a thrilling challenge. This mod introduces a new level of difficulty to the game, pushing players to their limits as they navigate a harsher, more unforgiving world. What is the Hardcore Mod? The Hardcore Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is designed to provide a more intense and demanding gameplay experience. In this mode, players face permanent death – once they die, the world is deleted, adding a sense of urgency and tension to every decision… Read More

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    Java's Juiciest Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Minecraft 1.21 Update – Top 5 Seeds (Java) Exploring the Best Seeds in Minecraft Minecraft players are always on the lookout for exciting new seeds to explore, and the latest 1.21 update has brought some fantastic options to the table. From ancient cities to trial chambers, these seeds offer a wide range of biomes and structures to discover. Let’s dive into the top 5 seeds that are currently making waves in the Minecraft community. 1. Coral Cove – Seed number: 2090070116 If you’re looking for a seed that offers a variety of interesting locations, Coral Cove is the perfect… Read More

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    DRAMATIC TWIST: Neavy Ch. ネビ Ditches Plan for Minecraft [SHORTS]Video Information This video, titled ‘change of plans I wanna play minecraft [SHORTS]【Streamed on Twitch】’, was uploaded by Neavy Ch. ネビ on 2024-07-11 20:00:12. It has garnered 1001 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 02:54:37 or 10477 seconds. Rules for Chat: 1. This chat is inclusive so any form of hate will be dealt with accordingly. 2. Be positive! Don’t be weird! 3. Have fun! Enjoy the Stream! Don’t need to chat you could also Lurk! Credits: Stinger: twitch.tv/spvwvky youtube.com/c/spvwvky ko-fi.com/spvwvky Logo: MikaLogoStudio (Etsy) Art&Rigging: https://twitter.com/sen7yu Other Credits: Spill the tea SUB EMOTE – Nikamii (Etsy)… Read More

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    Ultimate Minecraft Prank: Explosive House DestructionVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft: Blowing Up My Friend’s House 💀🔥 | #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Thunder Gaming on 2024-06-11 13:05:00. It has garnered 9140 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:34 or 34 seconds. Minecraft: Blowing Up My Friend’s House 💀🔥 | #shorts #minecraft #minecraftpe minecraft, j and mikey, maizen, mikey andj, ij and mikey minecraft, minecraftj and mikey, maizen minecraft, j and mikey roblox, siren head, shorts, minecraft ghost, roblox, mikey and j minecraft, sonic, choo choo charles, maizen roblox, sakura, granny, herobrine, jj mikey, chainsaw man, minecraft shorts, minecraft minecraft, choo-choo-charles, jj… Read More

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    Ultimate Showdown: 100 Husk Zombie vs 10 Iron Golem! 🎮 #Games #MinecraftBattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘100 HUSK ZOMBIE VS 10 IRON GOLEM IN MINECRAFT #minecraft #minecraftbuilding #game #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by Game Educator on 2024-07-10 20:45:52. It has garnered 178 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:22 or 22 seconds. Hello everyone To buy our Udemy Minecraft A-Z Guide click the link below! https://www.udemy.com/course/minecraft-complete-guide-a-z-how-to-play-minecraft/?referralCode=87851456BB35DFDD5575 Tags: #minecraft #fyp #minecraftbuilding #minecraftmemes #viral #minecrafttutorial #gaming #foryou #minecraftpe #minecrafter #minecraft #memes #meme #dankmemes #minecraftmemes #fortnite #funny #gaming #gamer #funnymemes #memesdaily #minecraftbuilds #lol #dank #youtube #edgymemes #anime #offensivememes #ps #tiktok #xbox #roblox #minecraftpe #minecraftbuild #edgy #minecraftpc #twitch #pewdiepie #lmao #minecrafters Read More

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    Intense Minecraft Rescue: Villager & Dog SavedVideo Information This video, titled ‘Heart-Pounding Minecraft Survival Rescue: Saving Villager and Dog’, was uploaded by Mr.GengarPlay on 2024-01-15 18:30:16. It has garnered 13146 views and 495 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:34 or 34 seconds. Welcome to our gaming YouTube channel, where epic adventures and thrilling gameplay await! Join us as we dive into the captivating world of gaming, exploring a wide range of genres and platforms. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just starting your gaming journey, our channel is the ultimate destination for all things gaming. From exhilarating action games to immersive RPGs, we have… Read More

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    Zxron_ goes INSANE in PvP! 🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘My Eyes 💫 | Minecraft CPVP Edit’, was uploaded by Zxron_ on 2024-05-23 17:40:07. It has garnered 19 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:25 or 25 seconds. First video! Any thoughts? 🤔 Drop a comment… Song: My Eyes – Travis Scott Credit for audio: @drakeneditz DISCLAIMER: I don’t own this song in this video, All credits goes to the rightful owner. Server: Universalmc.fun Instagram: @Zx_ron Discord: Styson_op Tags: Im a Minecraft PVPer and use Lunar Client cause you can Boost your FPS with Lunar Client. i know how to butterfly… Read More

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    Lucasd10's Insane Bedwars Grind LIVE! Subscribe now!Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴GRIDNING MINECRAFT HYPIXEL BEDWARS & CHATTING W VIEWERS LIVE! (pls subscribe!)🔴’, was uploaded by Lucasd10 on 2024-05-30 05:18:36. It has garnered 2477 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 02:26:24 or 8784 seconds. 🔴Today I Am Playing Minecraft LIVE. Don’t Forget To Like, Comment, Subscribe, And Turn On Post Notifications To Never Miss A Livestream Or Upload!🔴 ────────────────────────────────── 🤑DONATE TO ME HERE💲➔ https://streamlabs.com/lucasd10 Feel Free to Donate, It Is Optional But It Can Help Me In Many Ways. I Can Buy New Gaming/Streaming Equipment, Things In Games, And It Gives Me A… Read More


    JOIN MY MINECRAFT SERVER NOW!!!Video Information This video, titled ‘【Minecraft】I Joined A Server, Let’s Attempt to Socialize’, was uploaded by Chris Talus Ch. on 2024-07-05 21:45:04. It has garnered 36 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:30:54 or 12654 seconds. friends doko? — Background Music: Sparkle City by Xotikó tou Dásous (https://twitter.com/homodio_VT) — Meet Chris Talus, The VTubing Carbuncle Prince of the Crystal Kingdom! 💎My Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrinceTalus ✨Join the Crystal Kingdom: https://discord.gg/NwxJMJFsse 💎Live: #CTalusLIVE ✨Art: #CreaTalus 💎Clips: #ClipTalus ✨Memes: #JesTalus 💎Model: https://twitter.com/L0NQQ — Rubylight Socials: https://twitter.com/RubylightVT https://discord.gg/2bHeQ2JwKv — STREAM RULES: This stream is 13+ because YouTube is, I also just… Read More

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    Sophie's Insane Disney Cover Takes Over Music WorldVideo Information This video, titled ‘#disney #cover #music #singing #nflopaa #song #funnymemes #roblox #minecraft #nflopa’, was uploaded by Sophie on 2024-07-21 20:42:14. It has garnered 1586 views and 143 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. Read More

  • CloudySMP

    CloudySMPCloudySMP (1.18 – 1.20.4) Welcome to CloudySMP. We pride ourselves on being a fully customed server. We have a friendly community and friendly staff team to help provide you with the best support and experience you will ever get. Here at CloudySMP you can choose to either be a friendly player or go out into the world and hunt everyone until you become the last person standing. Play.CloudySMP.com Read More

  • MossCraft! Semi-Vanilla SMP, whitelist, Cross-Play, 1.20.6, Bluemap, Pets

    Custom Minecraft World Features: – Nearly 100 New Biomes and 100+ Structures provided by Terralith, Incendium, NullScape and Structory. – World reset on May 5th, 2024. – In-game voice chat available (not required). – BlueMap Webmap. – Premium Pets, Ranks, and Particle Trails. – /sit and /lay commands available. – Cross-platform with Bedrock for playing with Console and Mobile Gamers. – Fast leaf decay, no need for leaf crushers in wood farms. – Grief Prevention with player action logging and rollback ability. – No chat reports, ensuring privacy and freedom from bans due to mass reporting. – Ability to put… Read More

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    Well, at least all those hours spent in your survival world have given you some meme-worthy content! Maybe it’s time for a break and some fresh air outside of Minecraft? Read More

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    Survived 100 Days: Desert-Only Minecraft Adventure! In the desert world, I took my stand, Surviving 100 days, with shovel in hand. Building my shelter, under the hot sun, Mining for diamonds, oh what fun! Facing creepers and zombies, with skill and might, Crafting new tools, in the dead of night. Exploring the desert, for treasures untold, In this harsh world, my story unfolds. So if you enjoyed this epic tale, Leave a comment, like, and set sail. For more adventures in Minecraft land, Stay tuned, for I have more plans! Read More


    100 ZOMBIES VS 3 NETHERIE GOLEMS: ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! When you realize the zombies are actually just trying to get the Netherite Golem to do their taxes for them in Minecraft. #taxseason #zombieaccountants Read More

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    🏠 Minecraft Madness: Drawing Houses in Willow Woods - ART STREAM #26Video Information This video, titled ‘lets draw minecraft houses again! – ART STREAM #26 (5/22/24)’, was uploaded by Willow Woods on 2024-06-12 19:00:18. It has garnered 480 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 03:32:56 or 12776 seconds. during this stream, i drew another minecraft house for practice! STREAMS (7 PM EST, TUES, WED AND THURS): https://www.twitch.tv/fourleafisland ART TUMBLR: https://fourleafisland.tumblr.com/ ART TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fourleafisland ART INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fourleafisland/ ART BSKY: https://bsky.app/profile/fourleafisland.bsky.social SHOP/OTHER LINKS: https://fourleafisland.carrd.co/ WEBCOMIC: https://www.webtoons.com/en/canvas/laikas-comet/list?title_no=857623 Read More

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  • 🔥 EPIC 100 Days of Survival in Minecraft 1.19.2! 😱💥 #FrodlerDefense

    🔥 EPIC 100 Days of Survival in Minecraft 1.19.2! 😱💥 #FrodlerDefenseVideo Information This video, titled ‘Стрим 1.19.2 Minecraft 100дней выживания’, was uploaded by Frodler on 2024-06-06 15:53:03. It has garnered 60 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 02:06:31 or 7591 seconds. Welcome to the stream! Our discord: https://discord.gg/zrpQ6QJyVq for a new chair: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/frodler теги: minecraft, funny, minecraft challenge, minecraft mod, minecraft but, challenge, secret, tutorial, minecraft manhunt, prank, minecraft bedrock edition, minecraft phone, hidden, troll, camman18, eyestream, eystreem, eystream, so i triggered my minecraft live stream, mine craft, minecraft but challenge, camman18 shorts, minecraft trolling, minecraft funny, roleplay, minecraft survival, camman18 minecraft, minecraft speedrun, gaming, minecraft… Read More

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