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this is Dylan MC and he’s been accused of stealing millions of views from other popular content creators he’s a Spanish Minecraft Youtuber and has pled innocent to the plethora of allegations against him today I’ll be investigating the situation and I’ll let you decide if Dylan MC is innocent or has just been lying and profiting off of the backs of other creators to start off the video I’ll be reading an introduction written by Dylan MC himself I’m going to explain a little bit how I started on YouTube first of all my English is really bad I’m Spanish so I started to upload videos 3 years ago and basically started taking ideas from Minecraft reddit and other places like that I also uploaded Minecraft prison videos at that time no one else was uploading prison videos in Spanish so I think that I’m first Spanish Creator to upload Minecraft prisons I’ve just been uploading YouTube videos and Tik toks since now that you have the context let’s get into the drama on September 16th 2023 a popular YouTuber named Benders MC creates a video titled exposing my impostor again in the video he talks about two YouTubers that have been ripping off his content one of them was named Reger tread and the other named Dylan MC at this point Dylan MC had been copying videos for a while but this was the first time attention had been brought to him and I guess it didn’t sit well with him as only a few days later he unlisted a lot of the videos that he copied from Bender MC but it turns out he didn’t get the message because a few months later another shorts YouTuber named Viv realized that his videos were getting ripped off by the same guy well I’ll let you see for yourself I don’t even need to say anything this is the Wither storm boss the most insane boss fight in all of Minecraft it starts off as a pretty little mob but sucks up the world and grows and grows and grows until it’s this big and I’m going to as you can see viv’s video was in fact posted before Dylan’s video now to give Dylan some credit his copies aren’t as bad as divvy’s the copycat who I talked about in the last video but the part that makes him different from divy is his claim to innocence what DED next shocked a lot of people to understand you’ll need to see viv’s video calling out Dylan here it is did you know I have a Spanish YouTube channel I didn’t know that either actually because I don’t own the channel someone let me know that the Spanish YouTuber copies all of my videos exactly down to what I say in the video I made this he makes that I made this he makes that I made this he makes that I made this he makes that actually in his last 10 videos eight of them are direct copies of mine I’m not salty about this by the way I just think it’s pretty funny but it does kind of suck cuz he is is bigger than me and he reposts the videos on Tik Tok where he gets way more views than I do the funniest one of these to me is a video I made talking about this feature I just learned after making 350 videos about Minecraft and of course he made that video too but what was weird was that in my video I learned the feature from a long form video I linked to the short and oh look he has a long video linked too and yes this long video is a copy of my long video as well so this makes me wonder will he copy this video well I guess he took that challenge personally because he literally reposted his exposed video in Spanish but replaced him with Viv and he made it look like Viv was copying him despite this probably being a joke he also could have intended to mislead the portion of his audience that doesn’t speak English however he doesn’t stop responding after the parody video he proceeds to privately message Viv and says yo chill it’s just for Content well I could understand that statement if he wasn’t monetized but he’s actively making profit off of trans translating someone else’s content which isn’t okay he’s not even sharing the revenue with the original Creator but it got even worse for Dylan when another content creator G found out he was being plagiarized and let’s say he took the more passive aggressive route and it’s pure gold as it turns out my videos are being stolen Dylan MC is a dude with 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and his entire Channel consists of stolen stuff videos from me videos from camon 18 vivly Bender MC and probably a bunch of other Schmucks as well here is my video and his video side by side as you can see it’s the same video but in Spanish I even translated the video back to English and found out he’s literally using the same script I wrote over the last year he has copied 10 of my videos shot for shot and word for word amounting over 1.7 million views but you know what it’s no bother I don’t mind Dylan or should I call you Juan it’s fine you keep doing what you’re doing doing even if it’s liking some really suspicious stuff on your personal Twitter of course my DMs are always open especially if you want to talk about the artistic merits of content creation oh my God he couldn’t even get the Redstone for the golf right that is so simple anyways Dylan didn’t take too kindly to this response and although G only revealed his first name Dylan decided to take this a step further and photoshopped the screenshot of ger blackmailing him into deleting the copied videos or else he would leak Dylan’s personal info this was done with the intent to make G look bad and draw attention away from him listen I tried to give Dylan the benefit of the doubt but it doesn’t seem to be going well for him and of course G made a response to his response video and it was even better than the last one oh yeah he made a response Dylan MC the guy who’s been stealing my and a bunch of other people’s videos released his own response video decrying how evil I am for daring to show him as the fraud he is in fact he included a fake screenshot in in his video which is supposed to be me blackmailing him into deleting videos or else I would expose his personal information look ju we already know you want to be someone’s toilet slave it doesn’t get much worse than that and you can tell it’s a fake screenshot because why would I need to Blackmail you into removing videos especially when my copy strikes do that for me but Dylan did in fact DM me 700 times with nine Miss calls I was spending New Years with my family while Dylan was sending me death threats and seeing in my de M but I did ask Dylan the ultimate question would you rather have unlimited bacon but no games or unlimited games but no games he said no games This Is War thanks Dylan as G mentioned he took action unlike many other YouTubers and filed copyright claims against Dylan great job for taking action and standing up for yourself G what I’ve mentioned so far is all public information but now it’s time to get into the new stuff I tried to reach out to Dylan for an interview but he declined which I understand but he did send me some relevant information and his defense this is what he said one Creator whose name is Dylan started to copy all of my videos he’s an English YouTuber but I never exposed him and he’s probably copied 30 videos on my channel and much more on Tik Tok so I know how getting copied feels like I know that copying the entire video is crazy and I don’t do that I just record my own video and just only take the idea and I’m not saying like the entire idea no I just give context if one guy uploads about the new Minecraft snapshot I can’t upload that video from the new snapshot I can’t show the snapshot because one English Creator uploaded it first now this is a reasonable claim on the surface but let’s do some further digging I’m going to pull up a transcript from a video from one of Dylan’s videos and compare it to one of viv’s videos as you can see they’re almost the same which disputes the argument that he only takes the idea he also claims names that an English shorts YouTuber and Tik tocker who also goes by the name Dylan used to copy his content 2 years ago but he didn’t provide any evidence so it’s hard to say if that’s true or false in either way it doesn’t really matter because that isn’t an excuse for ripping off other people’s content there’s another part of this case that interested me though in Bender MC’s video on Dylan he claims that Dylan copied his videos exactly but replaced the Bender MC IP with his own IP infection. fun so I decided to do some investigation into the server and what I found was interesting to say the least I went into the infection. fund Discord server only to find that Dylan MC wasn’t even in it what shocked me even more is when I joined Dylan MC’s server only to find that he was actively promoting infection. fun in the announcements Channel something wasn’t right until I noticed that in a lot of his videos advertising the server he sometimes featured a player named Dr Mt zero who happened to be an admin in the infection server I search searched through the messages in the server which included Dylan MC in them and I found someone asking if infection was Dylan’s server but the response stated that it wasn’t and Dylan was only a partner hired to promote the server this information directly contrasts with his claim that it was his server in all the videos promoting it Dyan MC built his brand off of others videos and eventually got sponsored by infection to promote their server Dylan found Bender MC’s videos and realized that infection was just a copy of Bender’s MC and decided to rip off the videos to promote a server he doesn’t own so he can get money from the short and the sponsorship with little effort I got to give it to him that’s smart but what’s even worse is the server he’s promoting is blatantly pay to win and he’s claiming it’s his own and many children trust YouTubers on first glance so they will join the server instead of using responsible monetization the server employed crate keys and gambling he used this exact same tactic to promote a few other pay to win servers as well anyways after doing all this investigation he just admitted it in the message he sent me by saying that he doesn’t own the server so this is confirmed the point of this video isn’t to call Dylan evil I don’t know who he is in real life I don’t know if he’s struggling or if any other things are happening in his life however I don’t think content thieving and pay to win sponsors are the way to go all right now for the last part of the video I’m going to summarize the 1 and 1/ half hour conversation between Dylan and Viv regarding the stolen content so you don’t have to go to watch it essentially Viv receives a message from Dylan MC asking if he wants to collaborate he was obviously confused because this was the same guy who was copying his videos so he confronts Dylan about it Dylan then proceeds to site my video on divy another content thief and says that this isn’t what he’s doing viiv says that Dylan is copying his videos and that just because one person does it it doesn’t mean it’s okay then Dylan says that vividly copies other people’s videos as well and send some random video as proof in reality the video was not copied the topics were just the same and they were different videos Dylan then claims that since he made videos in Spanish they didn’t affect Viv and he should just leave him alone Dylan again says it’s just for Content dude and says they should collab again Viv is obviously upset by this and tells Dylan that he could easily create a Spanish Channel and get the revenue he’s owed instead of Dylan ripping off his content in Spanish Dylan MC then tries to make Viv look Evil by saying don’t you want to bring the English and Spanish communities together Viv says he doesn’t really care which is fair and then threatens Dylan with a copyright strike which Dylan essentially ignores saying that it wouldn’t work Viv asks for around $500 which is much less than he’s owed but Dylan still sees this as a joke and doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously they then hop on a call and I’m only going to mention the stuff that they didn’t talk about through text Vivy describes the work that it takes to make a short and Dylan says that he also puts in a lot of work and it takes him over 6 hours to create a video Viv calls his bluff Dylan is adamant that he doesn’t copy people’s videos and only takes inspiration however that’s false vivly tries his best to show him that he directly copies videos with no luck he also clarifies that Dylan’s long- firm videos are okay just the short firm videos are copied Dylan claims he changes videos before uploading on his channel therefore he doesn’t have to give credit but in reality the only thing he’s changing is the language Dylan then admits to copying videos from cameon 18 after much conversation he claims uploading exact copies of the videos in Spanish doesn’t violate fair use and he might actually be right here because he’s recreating the video scene by scene not just reposting the video but it doesn’t make what he’s doing any less scummy Viv isn’t very happy because Dylan is a much bigger Creator than him and is stealing his Revenue without any recognition vivly tells him to just stop copying people or give credit but Dylan says that giving credit will hurt his views after much persuasion Dylan finally agrees to credit Viv and the call ends however if you look at any of his recent shorts you can see that he never did this another thing I’d like to mention from the call is that at the very end Dylan claims he owns three servers but vivly asks if he meant that he was sponsored by the servers and Dylan says yes I confirm that this isn’t a language barrier because in his shorts the direct Spanish to English translation is my server so he’s definitely lying about that to get more money from sponsorships anyways again please do not harass Dylan that’s not the point of this the best way you can do to help out the creators in this video is to subscribe to them and tell your friends to subscribe to them and stop watching Dylan’s content well thanks for watching and see you next [Music] time [Music] a

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  • Praklon MC – Ultimate Shader for MCPE 1.20.51+

    Praklon MC - Ultimate Shader for MCPE 1.20.51+Video Information This video, titled ‘Best shader for Minecraft pe 1.20.51+ MCPE SHADER cinematic review’, was uploaded by Praklon MC on 2024-03-05 21:55:39. It has garnered 111 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:25 or 85 seconds. Best Shader for Minecraft pe 1.20.51+ MCPE cinematic review link in pin comment 📌 ignore:- minecraft, minecraft hunger games, minecraft survival island, minecraft mods, minecraft song, minecraft style, minecraft xbox 360, minecraft parody, minecraft herobrine, skydoesminecraft, minecraft songs, captainsparklez, minecraft yogscast, yogscast minecraft, yogscast, minecraft skydoesminecraft, sky does minecraft, gangnam style, tobuscus minecraft, minecraft trolling, pewdiepie, smosh, tobygames minecraft,… Read More

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