Exposed: PrestonPlayz’s SHOCKING Minecraft Betrayal

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today we are busting 100 Minecraft Miss starting with armadillos are afraid of spiders in daytime come on dude these guys are straight out of Texas no way they’re afraid of a spider although if I saw a spider as big as the ones in Minecraft I might be a little scared so he should go inside of his shell come here buddy dude I don’t think this guy’s afraid this is a true Texan right here dog it looks like to me the spiders are afraid of the armadillo but I just want to let me let me be let me let me just see real quick okay now you’re afraid relax wait so if I draw aggro out of cure yeah yeah come here yeah yeah come this way come this way this is the only way to test it armadillo do so wait yeah he runs away wait that’s crazy so I can literally just punch all these spiders come over here uh okay so if he’s inside of a shell look at that dude yo this guy’s a freaking chat wait does it work with I also want to know does it work with the cave spiders cuz these guys dude that means you can keep an armadillo with you when you’re going for the cave spiders cuz these guys are way no no no so I noticed if he’s in his shell the spiders aren’t afraid of him but it’s when he’s out of his shell wait it only works on regular spiders no it works on cave spiders too yeah back it up Johnny and this is why armadillos are the best sorry camels I got a new favorite you cannot water bucket clutch on a decorated pot all right come on come on spaming it this time I don’t know I think it’s going in the is it in the pot which one is it I think it’s this one right ah it is wait but what if I hold shift I feel like if I if I sneak maybe it won’t put the water bucket inside of the decorated pot honestly come on no it goes inside the pot like no you cannot water bucket clutch with these wind charges affect falling drip Stone so we have a villager down here and if this doesn’t work that means he’s going to die to the dripstone so I hope for his sake this myth is true now let me just make sure I can time this correctly okay I’m ready server drop the drip Stone don’t worry that was just a test that that was a fake villager obviously I’m the hero they don’t deserve I’m the hero he doesn’t deserve [Applause] That’s So based that and watch this watch this look at thisam okay well I took fall damage there I wasn’t supposed to you’re welcome using oxidized copper bulbs you can create a secret portal and I don’t even know what an oxidized copper bulb is where is the oxid oh that’s that’s that’s it right there oh they have two versions in case you’re curious waxed and not waxed uh I’m thinking the not waxed version so I don’t know if I’m just going to build this like a regular portal I mean this would be a sick Dimension dude like this is where you would get infinite damond if this thing worked oh please come on come on come on come on 3 2 one why it always be like that with the portals huh Mojang when are we going to get a new portal breezes will instantly fight blazes because they don’t like each other okay I’m going to go into survival mode please shoot each other please don’t shoot me please no don’t shoot me shoot shoot him they’re both attacking y y’all both bullies so you can’t get suspicious sand right now unless you go into creative mode but if you put the copb down beneath it like this let it fall down we should get the suspicious sand block please we just have to wait forever oh likeit that’s crazy didn’t make a sound wait that’s so sick dude and you can get a suspicious sand block this is the only way you can get it moang please don’t patch this then my myth will be fake if you’re holding a mace you don’t take fall damage I don’t know if I believe this one to be completely honest with you but I hope it works we expected that that’s re busted Trident don’t affect breezes oh look at this little guy I mean like this would make sense right he’s like hey yo he like the wind God all right Breeze what do you think about my Trident oh okay well I think this is uh this has been busted ladies and gentlemen oh oh wait a second okay it’s like some of the times it doesn’t actually hit him okay let’s see it time it oh wait you can hit the wind Chargers back but that’s crazy you can’t actually hit him with a trident there is a new item which drops from the breeze mob you look like that’s a weird looking Breeze all right Mr Breeze come on they’re so honestly they’re so freaking hard to catch like look these guys freaking springing into action dog this is like the world’s most ABN a breeze Rod wait is this hold on rewind the video was this the hand of the mace so previously they only dropped wind charges but now you can turn the breeze rods into wind charges and then you can do this or this it’s fun okay so if you find an aelia tree you can dig straight down and next to it there will be a lush cave okay we’ve got a Alia tree which I didn’t know that they were called this until today and then you dig straight down now what we find a lush cave Lush cave okay so far nothing Lush about this it’s oh wait a second hold on like this could have been just a fluke I got to find another tree okay here we go we got a second one there’s no way like I feel like that was just dumb luck which could be a thing that is freaking crazy this is true but it like it shouldn’t be okay so the way to do it is you need an elytra you got to have soul speed three in your boots and you need speed to and jump boost too so you need quite a lot of things this is a four block wall cuz I just want to see if it works first oh wow I might have gone six blocks there like all you do is you just Spam space bar look straight up when you land and you freaking like that might have been six blocks like I wonder if we can make it to six but let’s try five first all right five this would be a big moment here and land it boom Oh cleared the five I’m telling you I think we can jump six all right now this is the big moment six block jump would be actually insane come on oh oh wait can we go for seven n dude there’s no way we can get this high right like there’s no freaking Way Seven blocks would be insane and we can freaking clear it so can you go to eight and oh no didn’t get again oh all right for now seven is the highest if you can make it to eight please let me know if you log out after throwing a loyalty Trident it will freeze midair and it won’t be able to be picked up by anyone all right loyalty tree huh throw that bad boy disconnect log back in oh it came back 2% chance to get a secret item from The Trial vaults the secret item is called the heavy core this is three come on there’s got to be a heavy core in here somewhere oh wait I think I just saw it ladies and gentlemen the heavy cor 61 Keys which is by the way less than a 2% chance now the question is what does this do oh that’s right you’ll find out about that later in this video oh when you fall from higher up you do more damage with the mace so like it’s like a super crit oh cow’s alive okay three hearts of damage now we go up here and oh that was like five hearts of damage that was two more okay regular zombie three I think it was three hearts again now oh dude that was like eight hearts okay ravager this is a big one big crit right here ladies and gentlemen come on lad it’s okay that was like 30 Hearts like that’s an incredible amount of damage the further we go up the more damage we crit with the maze so can we one shot the warden that would be insane all right we are now Max hype ladies and gentlemen one shot one opportunity dog I can’t even see the warden oh my gosh wait we are going so much deeper than I realized boom that is correct crazy and you don’t even take fall damage like how is this legal oh if you give a snowman fire resistance it won’t burn now I’m curious ladies and gentlemen ah come on I love these snowman too I mean obviously they oh my wow instant death snowman you’ve got one chance here buddy all right now don’t move stay right there uh oh he’s got particle effects this is a good sign hey it does work he is so confused right now the pitcher plant is the only flower which gives two dye when crafted uh okay red tulip one dye corn flour one dye pitcher plant to freaking die eh enjoy this useless information if you damage your wolf armor you can repair it with armadillo Scouts all right Wolfie get that armor on oh I got to tame you first don’t I yeah get over here you look like a sausage I don’t know why but I kind of want to eat him oh I didn’t know that it broke like that oh I’m cracking that Dow shell Brothers okay this is freaking crazy now let me see if I can repair you with this armadillo scoot oh it’s like an iron golem it does work all right now scoot on out of here partner oh you can duplicate armor trims with a secret crafting recipe uh okay so the question is what is the secret recipe what why would you spend eight diamonds to duplicate this let me know in the comments is this worth it I don’t think so like this this is freaking crazy but it does work bonus Smith can you trim your Wolf’s armor if you breed GED sheep you can get new colors okay so red and blue we should get a purple sheep right come on show me the purple baby hey look at the purple baby and then we [Applause] go well this is awkward I don’t know who the father is so if I breed a white sheep and a red sheep will we get a pink sheep we do look at him can you just dye them with pink though too like technically can you just do this well next myth there are new variants of wolf which spawn in only certain biomes so what does this guy look like wa he looks so much better than a regular wolf oh and they’re always the exact same color pattern oh dude okay now I want to try the Old Pine Tiga all right this one’s probably going to like have like a it’s going to be like white right oh yo the Dark Wolf yo these guys look actually freaking sick okay jungle like green or camo maybe you are ugly I’m sorry but the jungle wolves are not pretty looking okay we’re going to go on to Forest this one’s got to be like normal colored right a little better kind of looks like a Chewbacca a little bit okay snowy TAA okay this has got to be the regular white wolf it’s gray look at this guy dude all right but honestly though best looking one by far is Savannah if there’s any biomes that we missed please let us in the comments and we’ll test it in our next myth video oh you can walk on campfires without taking damage with frost Walker boots so if I put down a bunch of campfires get some Frost Walker going on over here so obviously we take damage without them on but if we put them on do we now okay this where’s the logic here I don’t understand but it does work I’m literally cooking if you spawn a frog in the jungle it will be a poisonous frog oh he’s decrepit looking but is he poisonous how do I know I touch you he is not poisonous he’s a beautifully ugly creature he’s a danger to himself if you hit a mob just before you die when holding a mace you will take no fall damage what is these weird mace myths I don’t know why this this thing is freaking massive I just want to say by the way like this does this look like a mace to you anyways let’s test this I don’t even think I hit him somehow yeah boy oh is that what that achievement’s about this is Wicked ah this is freaking sick we’ve got a new clutch in house ladies and gentlemen axotal kill tropical fish if you put them in the same fish tank no axelos you’re supposed to be so cute no D the food chain you know what’s crazy they don’t even eat the fish they just kill them you think they’re cute but they’re like freaking Hunters oh baby villagers will play around and jump on beds all right baby villager you’re not a baby leave okay baby villagers yeah now jump no don’t leave come on yeah yeah yeah come on they’re not watching you can do it now yeah yeah look at him go freaking tyrants huh that’s a battling I told you to Jumping on the Bed wait if you land on a baby slime you will bounce on It come on man oh hello baby sorry adults all right I think the chances of this working are 1 in 100 but I’m willing to do it for the cont and die we knew that was going to happen we knew it but we didn’t want to believe it Hing dirt allows you to open chests when dirt is placed above it are we saying like this okay okay yeah we can’t open the chest so if I hoe it so what the haircut just allows you to open the chest to be fair you can do a little bit of a secret chest like this and then you can open it from beneath do we hide our diamonds here is this the best place to hide diamonds you tell me two new armor trims in m craft okay what what armor trims are we thinking about here dude flow armor wait this sounds sick bolt armor oh wait a second who let Moen cook okay wait I’m thinking I’m thinking for this one maybe Diamond let’s see let’s see how the diamond looks oh wait that is sick wait that is sick okay what about this one let’s see what it looks like with the diamonds first wa wait this one’s better honestly I think the bolt looks better but what about with the amethyst oh wait Deep Purple again this is the flow okay pretty clean I’m not going to lie but what about the bolt dude oh oh this is dude this is hard which one looks better flow or bolt let me know in the comments I’m leaning towards the flow Enderman will stand in water without being damaged if it’s in a cauldron the bucket the Enderman oh look at him he he likes it he’s definitely in the water but then if you put them in regular water you do not like it why do they like The Cauldron water I think Inman are secretly just cats I’m going to be honest baby piglins can use a totem of undying as if we needed another reason for baby piglins to be more terrifying and annoying all right are you ready to be even more annoying than you typically are okay you’re cold this is just like the Axel you’re very cold oh now you’re warmer warmer warmer warmer but can he use it oh no you know what we got to do here we’re going mace W do yeah buddy this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you boom oh now that is freaking terrifying like he actually gets all of the look at this guy he’s a freaking speed demon now I can’t let you live you’re a danger to society don’t ever give a baby piglin a totem of undying there’s a secret hidden tab in the creative menu so the only thing I’m seeing right now is there’s a weird looking Gap right here okay now either the creative menu lost a tooth or there’s a way to enable this tab like okay not no controls oh operator items tab what is an operator items tab is this it wo w light dude what are these and the Lord said let there be light oh you can make snow Le if you use powdered snow oh my freaking gosh dude I freaking hate snow okay this is this is a j I’m literally freaking dying can you not thank you okay so you just got to water logum uh well that didn’t work cuz you can put water in the leaves you cannot do this this is Cap ladies and gentlemen but you know what’s crazy is like you can actually like there’s snowy leaves in Bedrock but in Java you can’t do it I don’t understand why is bedrock so much better than Java oh wait you can make an infinite water source with one bucket of water interesting okay but to do this I’ve got kelp okay so kelp is weird can I do I can’t even place the kelp down kelp okay well that is definitely not oh that is oh cuz it retains the water wait a second wait could you just do this would you get infinite water source like this oh aha you only need one k to do it throwing an XP bottle up gives you more XP all right let’s start with 10 down what are we going to get oh okay about five and a half almost on the dot okay but if this works that’s going to be crazy uh oh I got six maybe it was a fluke let me try it again there we go and let’s try this again oh see we we almost got six there and that was down okay we’re going to go up again oh I don’t know man I this is a tossup I feel like this one is Cap it’s all RNG baby wo coal blocks last longer than nine coal in a furnace you know this would make sense but the thing is it’s a block it’s compacted into one you know oh wow the coal is already dying meanwhile the coal block is freaking Trucking we haven’t lost a singular flame also can we just talk about how Mojang took the fire logo that is my logo why you taking fire merch you can’t take logo Mo all right dude it last significantly longer like this is almost this is this is 25 this is like half gone meanwhile the cold block hasn’t even lost a singular flame for spring we’ve released the largest fire merch collection ever with over seven new designs only available at firem Link in the description I’m going to let these cook and we’ll check back later to see if the cob block wins ooh there’s a new villager variant in the deep dark what is this like the deep dark villager or you look normal do maybe um okay buddy I wouldn’t be going that direction you um you’re going to summon the the the big guy you know like the big guy I wonder if I’m just in the wrong area maybe we spawn him uh on the skull no uh okay what about the portal area maybe no freaking bust like I want a new villager variant Mojang all right this is going to be crazy if this works so activator rails down here boom Minecart with TNT you know we like we like a couple more yeah okay then lightning okay now we got to do a weather freaking Thunder dude get it thundery put the Trident in place freaking back up buddy oh it’s sparking look at it look it’s sparking look at it look at it let’s put it right on the tip right that oh my go now that is freaking crazy like do you realize what could be done with this like you do realize the like the chaos like what if I’m freaking over here right and I just go for a freaking schnip freaking SN the pig why you get in front of my way the pig get in my way dude serves you right pork chop that is nuts that is like that is freaking crazy cool the dinner bone name tag does not work on the breeze mob which honestly fair I could I could see this I could see the dinner bone not working on this bad boy all right Mr I mean cuz what would a breeze look like upside down come here oh wait wait it does work why does the breeze look better upside down than he does rightside up can somebody tell me this like he look way better like this is him normally he actually looks better being upside down okay now you guys are just bullying me really freaking air Benders sunflowers don’t actually face the sun are you telling me right now you’re not even a sun why why would you be why are you like this why server set the time to not night they’re Moonflowers ladies and gentlemen sunflowers are actually Moon flowers you can’t 360 no scope epic gamer moment mg water bucket clutch on leaves sorry I got carried away on this one sign the server yes you did server so you’re telling me right now I cannot water bucket log this bad boy that’s kind of sad honestly I want to see if we could what if we Crouch while doing it maybe it won’t put the water in the leaves maybe maybe maybe come on scoble oh you can’t so don’t land where there’s Le oh if you smelt a wet sponge with a lava bucket you get a water bucket back I get a what back I’m going to get a water bucket back why would we get a I mean I guess I I don’t know but why you could Shear goat’s horns off to get the horn all right boys it’s trimming time let me see them horns um well I don’t think you can what you’re wait he’s missing one ew oh I don’t like one horn goats but you cannot trim their you can’t trim their horns off you are not no there is no way to do that ladies and gentlemen is there any way to get a goat horn other than killing goats do you know please let me know you get a wither skeleton skull every time you kill a Wither with a mace uh let’s see about that I’m that was the No No all right check it out dude we have three coal left in the furnace now what about the coal block not a single flame has dwindled this is confirmed ooh there’s a secret wolf bear iant in the end oh tell me it’s real tell me it’s real he’s normal I wanted it to be real oh you don’t need to defeat the Ender Dragon to go to the elytra end Islands you can Bridge there could you IM like can you really just Bridge there do you know how much Bridge you would need you would need a lot of bridge I the speed bridging is not terrible right now I’m actually kind of cooking but honestly I’m looking at the camera and I haven’t failed the speed bridge yet that hey hey tell me that’s not impressive all right gentlemen we have gone quite the distance oh wait there is wait so can I fly here you can wow you can actually make it to the end Islands I mean no guarantee you’re going to find yourself an in city but you can get to the islands by just building there well I’ll be done but have you wondered if digging straight down is dangerous I don’t see how this is dangerous that was a little dangerous but still we’re fine I mean what are the chances of us actually falling into lava I would say very minuscule okay foxes can use a totem of undying to survive because foxes are the only animal of Minecraft that like pick things up in their mouth uh they’re supposed to be able to survive I don’t think it’s going to work well D come cauldron save you from Fall damage oh oh oh what you can mine lapis lazul with a stone pickaxe I actually have no idea if this confirmed diamonds and turtle eggs have the exact same textures just different colors they’re literally the same texture oh my god I’ve been playing Minecraft for a 10 years and my whole life is a lie that myth was excellent you can’t eat food underwater I’m going to say this one is a bust that’s a buz using a Minecraft border you can stack slabs on top of each other if this actually works my mind is going to be blown so this slab is one block outside of the world border and it should work no way oh my seeing two different slabs stacked on top of each other is insane using your Minecraft username for SE generation gives you an OP spawn as you can see there’s no cheats none of that stuff making the world uh okay this is definitely not overpowered but that goes into our next myth if you dig straight down from where you spawn you will find diamonds I’ve actually heard about this myth but never tested it it’s going to take a long time because I don’t have any tools or do I I say there’s a 0% chance of this working oh we found coal not Diamonds though that’s busted we dug straight down the Bedrock if you put 23 cows in a hole they give you enough kinetic energy to fly with elytra to test this we have to dig a two block hole spawn 23 cows inside of it four 5 6 and then we jump inside let see you baby what no I’m I’m done those cows just launched me hundreds of blocks away that is a confirmation you’ve got to subscribe for that one can llama spit 10 blocks we’re about to see oh can they spit 11 ll’s got range what about okay we’re going to go for 12 oh okay 13 surely llamas can’t spit 13 [Music] block what okay what about 15 blocks I’m done when standing still skeletons never miss oh after about 10 shots he shot an arrow that went right over my head can you cure a zombie villager with a golden apple no no I he’s my test subject please sir what have you done what okay now okay here you go take take this that’s a big fat myth all he wants is my flesh you only need 15 bookshelves to get maximum enchance have I been doing it wrong my entire life we’re about to find out that’s confirmed does your Minecraft character ever blink W oh that was creepy witches are immune to Lava and Fire so she’s able to somehow swim in the lava she’s like half immune half not immune so she’s not immune but she does give herself fire resistance see if FES back dying in the end with a totem takes you to a custom Dimension negative Endermen can’t see you through glass none of these Enderman I can’t believe this works are they I think they’re glass blind I don’t know they got glass they got ligma cats in Minecraft don’t take fall damage sorry what I did not think this is going to work are you kidding me what is that why well maybe it works for me yeah apparently you can survive fall damage with a watermelon because it has water in it I don’t think this is going to work if you’re extremely lucky eating a golden apple will give you three effects that’s only two two I really want this myth to work I’m eating every single Golden Apple now you know what after eating 32 golden apples this myth is busted evokers will turn a blue sheep into a red one what why that is so weird look at this what it only turned one of them into a red sheep what is the point of that the point is it it’s confirmed you can cross a one block Gap with the roof without jumping okay we’re just supposed to Sprint through it it works but not all the time that’s so weird point is don’t rely on this to get you safely across you can Sprint in a Minecraft boat that is confirmed and it looks like we’re going way faster sugar canane grows faster on dirt than it does on Sand and now we wait ah busted it grows faster on Sand you can survive four anvils Dro on your head I am definitely going to get brain damage oh oh my gosh you you can but you can’t you can’t get out afterwards this one is weird but you all wanted to see it you never spawn on Stone when making a new world big cap on this one oh all right let’s try let’s try again shall we negative grass again wow I want you to try this one for yourselves he even spawned on Stone once unless nope throwing Diamond gear into lava turns it into netherite gear you would have to be an absolute idiot to F this one this one is interesting if you kill a piglin in one shot it will not aggravate the other piglins around what oh my gosh we have been doing the nether the wrong way the entire time ladies and gentlemen you can light Netherrack underwater that no yeah okay that’s what I thought I was like there’s no chance that’s a busted Withers will not spawn in snow biomes I think it’s going to work what it didn’t spawn but if you break the snow around the Soul Sand will it spawn it will oh God okay I’m I’m running to the next myth using an anvil you can combine two different types of armor I’m going to call cap on this one before we yeah there yeah again what did I tell you doesn’t work bust it white tulips don’t give you white dye that one will be interesting it g what really it it gives you light gray dyet not white using the Minecraft border you can put two stairs inside of each other oh my gosh wearing a helmet protects you from Anvil damage oh great more more brain damage like I need any more of that okay and that was with a helmet supposedly creepers deal zero damage when you’re holding a shield out oh gosh wait it’s true what and here you are thinking creepers are the biggest baddest mob in Minecraft as long as you have your Shield out creepers literally do no damage that’s crazy if you splash an invisibility potion on a shulker box it shows what he actually looks like wo oh my gosh that’s so weird we took shell away Dolphins will play with your items let’s see come on Dolphin oh what that is so cool look at me spitting the diamonds back up you can get way more music discs from creepers if you trick a skeleton into shooting a TNT block okay now we just trick the skeleton and is shooting the TNT all rightman skeleton oh let’s see oh my wait there is so many music disc what oh my God you can literally get every music disc in Minecraft like this confirmed the Wither can actually beat the warden in an open area oh dear uh why is there this innocent dog don’t shoot the dog hey yo what that dog doing though oh God okay well the wolf just died I just spilt everything Warden look what you made me do I’m literally watching the fight as we speak and this just happened to my beautiful desk now I am sad are you sure about that what the heck what the Wither actually won tamame wolfes take two hits from the wardens to die all right wolf let’s see what you got buddy oh okay well that was a non- tame wolf but now we’re going to tame Sparky good luck buddy go oh my it actually what no matter what you cannot blow up reinforced deep slate which I mean we’re going to see impressive eggs and snowballs can distract the warden okay look at him he actually follows the snowball okay what about the egg let’s go I can’t believe this works oh no the chicken spawned run chicken run exploding ores now drops experience I’m only going to use one TNT just in case it decides to you know explode the XP what oh my gosh dude mining with TNT is actually useful now you can block a warden supersonic shriek with a shield this is a great time to mention if you’re not subscribed yet you totally should because it might help me survive the streak I took a lot of damage from that yeah it does not work I’m surrounded by a Zia and zombies can’t jump over them I mean the thing is these are only one block High I mean as you can see I can jump over them this is the new Mangrove trap door and because it’s got this hole in it the myth is that you can shoot things through it snowballs don’t work okay eggs eggs definitely don’t work but what about a projectile weapon no I mean that is L look at the arrow it like floats in midair but you cannot shoot through these things frogs cannot drown I don’t even know frogs can drown in real life I don’t study amphibians enough pathetic hey Siri can frogs drown yes frogs and tots can drown apparently they can drown but not in Minecraft this guy is living life the new enchantment Swift sneak 3 is faster than walking this is definitely faster than not having Swift sneak on but when you look at the sidebyside comparison it’s clearly slower big shout out to Meep for all of these ideas his Channel’s amazing in full diamond armor the warden will still one shot you I don’t believe this I mean look the warden’s strong but is he that strong apparently can the warden survive maximum fall damage well let’s see uh there he goes oh my God he’s so cool wait that’s insane that he can these guys are literally unkillable there’s a secret room in the ancient city and to get in that room you have to take this Golden Apple from the chest take it down here underneath the bridge and then all you do is stand in front of either one of these while eating the golden apple and it opens up watch ah so cool wardens can’t hear you if you use a goat horn I don’t think it’s working nope no other mobs except for the warden spawn in the deep dark and to test that we’re going to place this torch yep only the warden spawns you can clutch in the deep dark using skull veins I don’t even know what are you say oh I don’t think this works I don’t all right time it time it time it NE busted does not work the warden can shoot through blocks if this is true it’s going to be even more of a terrifying mob wait a second second buddy can you not shoot through can you really be the warden if you can’t shoot through blocks never mind XP bottles distract the warden if this is true so instead of killing me you’re going to go for this XP bottle come on look at him what this is supposed to be Minecraft’s most terrifying mob and he’s distracted by breaking bottles of experience I would say this Warden lacks experience okay but what about it when we’re not in creative mode is he still distracted look at this hey wait what he’s still distracted oh no we might have made a mistake oh no h no okay I think he has more experience now you can light an ancient portal with a soul campfire uh do I just like put it here I’ve been roasting wieners and marshmallows over this campfire and it is not lighting the ancient portal this is a bust you can turn this regular magma block into this blue magma block I’m kidding it’s a diamond block wrapped in skull veins boo you stink but if I got you you got to like the video the warden cannot Escape water if that’s true he’s technically hydrophobic are you kidding me so he’s just stuck in there you’re supposed to be the most evil mob in all of Minecraft could you imagine just being the strongest mob in Minecraft and you can’t freaking leave a little bit of water yeah look at that you can’t yes I forgot he can go through blocks wardens are immune to Lava just like witches we have now turned the water into lava and the warden is immune to Lava okay you know what oh and he can escape lava too oh no oh no no no no wearing the head to a mob protects you from that mob we’re going to start with a zombie I’m going to put his head on oh God okay he can see me but the question is will he attack me yes he will but funny enough if you go far enough away he actually can’t see you now what about a skeleton we have the skeleton head on and at 16 Blocks he’s not even taking a shot at us oh what about eight blocks oh oh he could see us now I’m going to this I’m going to go and say this is busted I I don’t think this works naming a warden gloen makes him glow I don’t think this works Hoppers can collect items through mud blocks making a secret vacuum cleaner almost so this is what that’s crazy can you imagine just asking somebody hey can you throw your diamonds down for me and then it gets sent to the secret chest beneath this is like the best new way to steal diamonds from your friends skull sensors can’t hear carpet so if you’re not walking on carpet they can hear you but if you walk on carpet they cannot hear you this is sick if you summon a bunch of wardens in a hole together do they shoot a death laser oh look at these death lasers oh my did you see that look at how much damage the Wither is taking from this massive laser so you can disable the warden running this command so now he can’t naturally spawn but you can still spawn him with a spaw EG you are one ugly s if you give an aay a pickaxe it will mind diamonds they kind of look like they’re made of diamonds uh buddy that’s my diamond pickaxe I did you just steal my diamond pickaxe I don’t think this works 1,000 frogs are strong enough to kill the warden I don’t believe this I mean that is a lot of frogs but I don’t even think they’re doing damage to him the frogs are not strong enough that’s busted Sprint jumping allows you to bypass skull sensors so what you would do is you would go what what so the most important thing to do is when you sprint jump you have to land crouched if you do you’re fine what that’s insane sculp catalysts work when killing the inner dragon so this new block multiplies when killing mobs next to it look at that it even works on Enderman but does it work on the Ender Dragon right in Dragon let’s see it and I don’t think it works it doesn’t multiply when you kill the Ender Dragon but it does when you kill other mobs because Minecraft decided to add new secret mobs like the mo Bloom what if there’s other mobs that you can summon like a firefly there is no firly drinking a water bottle when you’re on fire in the nether gets rid of the fire as you can see we are definitely on fire but drinking the water bottle does not work you will always find diamonds underneath mud okay we’re going to try this one come on show me the diamonds I really want this to work no I no you can convert a Vex into an Alay with milk hello buddy I’m going to make I don’t think you’re going to transform like look they don’t even take the milk they won’t even drink the milk reinforced deep slate is unbreakable the wooden pickaxe is having no effect but what about the stone okay what about iron what about Diamond netherite what if we give ourselves efficiency 5 with our netherite wow it’s literally unbreakable wait it’s breaking it’s cracking because you guys bought all of our fire merch from firem like this beautiful t-shirt this squish on my microphone I now have the ability to break this is bedrock really not the okay what I thought deep slate was stronger than Bedrock we have Jus disproved this today ladies and gentlemen there are new custom villagers in the mang Grove biome oh my God look at a what yo and if you were to place them in this biome which is the Savannah they’re regular villagers are not normally known for their looks but these are the best looking plant they’re vegan wardens have the most health out of any mob in Minecraft and test that we have a bajillion TNT yeah he didn’t even die I’m going to keep whacking him craing all right I’m going to drink a strength two potion this is taking so long this is a sharpness 4 netherite axe with strength two and I’m critting oh my god dude this guy is unkillable wow that’s a lot of damage they added a rare Blue Frog to Minecraft so in different biomes you get different colored frogs like this one is orange one of my favorites in this biome you get green frogs in the jungle biome you get like a sick looking gray frog there are no blue frogs I’m saying this is false call me out in the comments if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen a blue frog in Minecraft you can use mud to run underwater if we’re to run without mud we just do this awkward swim uh nothing like Michael Felts you got to sink on the mud and then run what oh oh that’s weird the next myth is that if you had ice above the mud in water you can run even faster I think I’m going to the same speed okay here’s a side by side with and without ice I’ll let you you’d be the judge if it was faster you can convert a mud block into clay so in order to do this you put a mud block on top of a dripstone block and you wait you can clutch using mud and no but has our mud block turned into a clay block yet no it has not we will check back again later you can call goats using the goat horn this would make sense for it to work right like it should it it doesn’t work it doesn’t work what’s the point of blowing this horn if I don’t even get goats in this new version of Minecraft you can place a structure with a command no no what oh my God wait this is amazing so I can place any structure in Minecraft by just typing a command you got to be kidding me so you’re telling me I can just spawn a swamp Hut this is insane I’m just summoning Igloo Minecraft has changed forever renaming a frog to underscore Jeff turns it into a rainbow frog okay come on rainbow frog I really wanted that one to work killing a flying mob does not activate a skull Catalyst oh you got to hit him first I mean it didn’t activate it is literally the next day and I forgot to check and see if our mud turned to Clay but it freaking did literally I waited an entire day to log back onto the server and check this I can’t believe this works people are saying they removed the Birch Forest so you can locate the biome but when you teleport to it nothing happens and as you can see this is busted the Birch forest is beautiful it’s birin we all know that if you sneak next to a shul sensor you don’t get spotted but what about if you’re invisible okay here we go and popping it oh what they can still see you when you’re invisible dude that’s so op man does wool trigger the shul sensors what so any other block they sense but for some reason they’re not capable of sensing wool in the new version of Minecraft you can spawn four new secret painting this one is called water and my personal favorite fire yeah come on and then there’s got to be Earth and finally wind and with that we’ve become the Appo you can now trap fish in leaves there’s no way oh we kind wait he kind of escaped hold on hold on let’s try this again oh he’s stuck they’re never going to find Nemo UDS are invincible if you give them an item I’m pretty sure I pronounced that right what this one doesn’t have an item and I can definitely kill him but this one holding the corn flowers Invincible okay this is a wild myth but it apparently frogs can eat Magma Cube let’s see get over here no get over here no way what is this all right this is incredible witches can survive two Wen shots at the same time now we Punch The Witch and it and it works oh wow what so look what she’s doing she’s she’s drinking a healing potion every time she gets hit by the freaking Warden all right but I’m pretty sure if we break this glass she’s going to die yep if you create a new world in one 19 in the seed write I want ancient city I know great grammar and then created a new world the ancient city is supposed to spawn directly beneath you I’m going to open this bad boy to land not mining down there wait it does I mean I know you can barely see cuz it’s freaking pitch black that is crazy that works look at this that’s freaking amazing I thought it was fake shulk sensors will summon a warden right I think they just summoned the warden but if you cover them in water it doesn’t work look at this so Warden spawned over here where I didn’t cover them in water and then over here things are covered in water and it it’s not spawning a warden that’s so cool if you place down a ton of torches it will keep the warden from spawning I mean there’s a lot of torches it does get rid of the the oh but it definitely did no no no the warden still spawns did he just put me did he just take me out of game mode how did you just take me out of game mode no please

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  • WhaleBoxx

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    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Features Experiment with new features such as crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the bogged, the mace, 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and more! Community Join a friendly community with multiple towns and a diamond-based trading economy. Explore the End every month, participate in enhanced dragon fights, and never worry about resets… Read More

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