Extreme Minecraft Madness at Dawn

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Starting Stream YouTube show me the game YouTube YouTube starting okay I can hear it awesome we’re good we’re good let’s hop into this all right so good morning it is morning for me and I think it’ll go about till probably 11:30 or noon or maybe sooner if I feel like it but right now I’m

Definitely thinking 5 11:30 or so is probably we’re the stream we’re just going to chill have a chill morning um also going to be eating my breakfast that I got I don’t know what just for context it Texas is usually hot today though though it is very cold and for

Some reason when I woke up today I I don’t usually eat breakfast I usually don’t bother getting breakfast usually cuz I’m not up early anyway today I happen to get up early and today I decided you know what I could really go for some breakfast tacos so

Yeah went over down the road in the cold got some breakfast tacos and they’re going to warm me up I’m going to enjoy Minecraft while I do that and it’s going to be fun have a good time and I do not remember much of what I was doing in

This world I remember I had a second dog that’s still missing somewhere I have no idea where you are should I do that first should I go looking for the dog so I got like a farm set up starting to get set up and some other stuff that I’m villagers of course

That I wanted to get working on but where the hell did that dog go like it I remember that I never got a notification of it like drowning or something like that it just got lost somewhere along the way so the one I want to say I gave a

Different colored color I don’t remember for sure but I believe it had a different colored color and that it was I want to say blue but again I don’t remember for sure it’s been a minute so I’ll just take a chill straw around look around for my dog maybe stop to eat

Every few moments hope that’s fine with anyone who happens to catch this in the future because no one’s watching it at the moment but yeah I’m just going to be chill just going to be chill we’re going to look for the dog real quick and to be

Honest I guess it’s not the end of the world if I don’t find him it’s like I I have another dog and it’s not impossible to find more dogs it would really suck to lose him I hope I could find him at some point but man if I don’t find him it’s

What can I do you know it’s like it’s kind of all there is to it I didn’t find him yeah I remember there was like a cave that I fell into and got almost killed by creepers I’m thinking maybe the dog teleported to that cave if I don’t find him like

Anywhere you know around the coastline thing is I can’t I couldn’t find where that cave was last time which is really annoying cuz it’s like I had an idea where that general area was and it there was just no cave there I don’t know if I was just looking the wrong spot or

What trying to look around the coastline cuz if he froze up somewhere it would be around water right if not he’s in that hole and I guess teleported to me when I took damage that’s the only thing I can think of and he was sitting like that’s the

Only way that would work out I would think it’s like you’d have to be at one or the other either in that hole or somewhere next to some water that I was by he either didn’t teleport to me from the water and he’s just stuck swimming somewhere Frozen in an unloaded

Chunk or’s in that hole and I need to find that hole one of the other eatat for a moment am I streaming in 2024 yet is this my first stream in 2024 hold on let me let me go check my channel real quick my camera is not following me at all my god

Um come on YouTube load no no no there’s one on this January second okay that last Hollow night stream so it’s been about two weeks well that in itself is terrifying and that we’re already two weeks in 2024 already how all right my fov is different

No I guess not but I don’t know something about it feels more zoomed in than usual I don’t know what’s up actually I have any bones on me I could get a second dog while I’m out here I happen to run into some you this is the same world that I

Had that house next the river on right like I haven’t died since then which means that this is this world have actually survived a surprising amount of time long is it now hold on should say the day somewhere um um I thought it says day somewhere where is it where is that South

Beach day 11 there it is which day 11’s not like some huge achievement or anything but you know I’ve had plenty of Minecraft games that have lasted way shorter so yeah I think this is new to me I don’t think the dog would be over here I don’t think I’ve been over

Here okay so let me head back see if I can’t find that hole and if not well then we’ll just move on with our lives I guess it’s kind of like real life you know like sometimes if you lose a pet you know like your pet gets out can’t find him

Anywhere gota kind of hope that they’re doing all right wherever they’re at move on and just hope maybe they find their way back but if not then does have a different stack what was I thinking all right so I should just be able to follow the coast around and then reach

The village pretty quickly um would it be around this Shore I believe so yeah yeah yeah that’s the village all right I’m definitely going to need to get like more resources and build up the house a little bit that’s definitely something I want to do I don’t know if

It’ll for sure be this stream but I definitely want to right not my first priority you know but I definitely want to get that taken care of because the house looks so bad right now and you know I feel like that’s like an important step that I found in like

Caring about a Minecraft world is like they stick with me more if I have a place that like I genuinely have had an impact on and like change you know like you forget about a Minecraft world after a while if it’s like just something you explored or like a village you

Saw stuff like that some of them you remember for a long time of course like I still have like not only worlds that I’ve had on stream but just like offline worlds from like years ago that like I remember the layouts of some of the villages because I

Just ended up spending a lot of time there for whatever reason I set up animal [ __ ] I don’t think I’ve done that yet okay I want to look around see if I can’t find a cave that might have happened to be where my wolf ended up not

There so I remember there was it was like not even like that kind of hole it was just like an actual hole in the ground that I fell into got my way out of that’s definitely not big enough but like there were creepers that was I want to say I I fell

Down there from zombies maybe it’s here probably not go ahead where I don’t think this is it so I don’t think I’ve been down this maybe here N I haven’t been down there I hear a dog is that by my house maybe or is it somewhere over

Here and I’m hearing the one that’s missing ow Al I guess the best way to like really test that is to like move my dog over the one that I do have and see if I can still hear dog sounds um hold on not here good try though good

Try that felt like it had potential I know buddy I know hopefully we’ll get lucky soon all right yeah this place definitely needs a makeover but first let me enjoy some breakfast you know what what is my priority for this honestly might search a little bit more

For the dog but assuming I don’t find him what what am I going to doday what am I do in this stream probably around like I said 11:30 or noon a little bit before that just cuz like they a sports ball game I feel like watching going to watch some sports for

Yeah how’s the farm coming along there’s some weed I can why is that one missing can’t believe I missed a spot for wheat H despicable okay let me look around a bit more for the dog already looked in here right yeah maybe it was like more towards like that area of the village

Possibly I don’t know I want to say it was over here but now I’m doubting myself again if I don’t find him as something in the world but I I just like I don’t know I I just feel like I knew where that hole

Was and then now I can’t find it it bugs me that I can’t find it like like even separated from like not finding the dog it’s like not finding that hole when I knew it existed I’m just like what how did I lose it how did I lose the entrance to a

Hole how do how does how does that happen all right I think I’ll just need to move on with things I guess CU you look down here right where I heard the Enderman I think it’s not here so I can’t even get down in there I could if I really want to dig

But I’m not doing that this moment have I set up a Mine by the way I don’t think I have well hello pets you’re what I have for now yeah maybe maybe that’s the step for now is like you’ll get I’ll set up a mine

Um maybe to the right of my house be good I also need to set up a pen for animals too actually I don’t any torches hold on do I have coal in the house let’s take like half of Those that’ll work for now all right let’s get some resources nothing else I need coal I have very low on coal um armor I’m doing good I didn’t I don’t remember how much iron I had in general at the house but probably not enough but enough for now you know in that vein

Um there I don’t think I have diamonds yet do I man I know i’ never gotten even remotely close any of these times man it’ be so cool if like one of these times I actually did genuinely get far in this and like actually have like a fza

Esque long lived World thing is like for me after a certain point Minecraft gets boring because I’m just like I don’t know what to do anymore I guess to an extent that’s more like where you have to start getting creative and seeing what what do I want to do

Now I don’t know I just have fun do what I feel like I have fun with the base game to a certain extent and then when the base game runs out I’m just like damn I don’t want to have to learn mods guess I’ll have to

What I guess could always get to that moment when we get to it for now I am completely fine playing normal old Minecraft I’ve seen some like mods that are just like really really cool like I I’ve seen people like already complaining about it but I’ve seen like the like these horror mods

Where they had like Herobrine bunch of stuff in I watched um Alvin I don’t know if you ever heard of his channel like I watched him play a bit of that and a lot of people been complaining about um not him specifically but like the genre of

People that have been like exploding on that Frontier of mod Minecraft because apparently it’s just a whole bunch of the same [ __ ] and I haven’t really watched anyone outside of Calum I could say his has been entertaining the rest of them I can’t speak on on M sha all right we’re going

Have to be really careful in here because it’s very easy to get killed in a m shaft but this is an excellent Discovery do I have another pickaxe I do not right just grab as much iron as I can for my pickax breaks there we go then I will book

It back up and get restocked on equipment my breakast up there should be my last breakfast taco may it be the best one of the three I don’t know you know today’s been kind of weird for me cuz um I’m usually very much of a

Night out my job is a closing Shi so I don’t get out of my job most of the time until like 12: or 1 a.m. and even then there’s a lot of [ __ ] that like I don’t fall asleep easy so there’s a lot of times where I don’t get

To sleep until 3:00 a.m. 4:00 a.m. and then sometimes if I’m unlucky I can’t fall asleep until much later than that and you know people are waking up but I never made a pickaxe when I dude all right let me head back up so this past like week or so my sleep

Schedule had gotten really bad and I was like waking up in time to go to work at like 4 or 5 which you know wasn’t good I I I don’t like missing out on the world so made an effort to fall asleep early took some sleeping pills stuff like that you know

And for some reason when I take stuff like that I don’t sleep long so I ended up falling asleep around like 3:00 a.m. 4:00 a.m. woke up around 7 and was just still awake for a bit and that’s why I decided you know what I’m just only

Running off of this amount of sleep for today I guess we’re just going to roll with it hence why I’m here streaming at 9:00 a.m. oh I did more IR okay um oh I used up all my sticks did I wait no I put the sticks in the chest cuz I’m idiot

Okay I was confused for a moment I’m like where did my sticks go I thought I had some threw them away all I had another boat ah I’m an idiot that’s fine it’s easy to get more wood anyway though we have a m shaft here which is actually actually let me

Do a little farm before I go down CU I saw some beat ready just take care of that real quick but yeah M shafts could be dangerous if you don’t have equipment which I kind of don’t right now and like iron he know was the worst but obviously not fully geared

Up but there’s a lot of good stuff to be found in M shafts name tags would be awesome all right um let’s just pour down here first sorry about that okay breakfast done I can move on with actually Minecrafting at 9:30 like this been a slow 30 minutes sorry for

That again going to be a bit relaxed here today whatever reason I just feel like it name tag awesome um I don’t remember prob I put enough melons down so that that’ll be handy so that’s probably a spider poison spider spawner so that could be a pain

In the ass depending on where that is oh there we go oh hello yep okay luckily he seems stuck so I’m probably fine yep please let me eat yo okay bro you you don’t even want none he ran off he said I’m not fighting you I know better

Um also I don’t know which oh hello well that’s not of close scar me like that game um is that a chest over there no I don’t think so I feels like I’m come across a lot of areas that have like just a lot of directions to go so that’s a little

Annoying It’s like it’s going to be super easy to get lost down here I can already tell I’ll keep going this way for now oh hello I don’t see any diamonds not going down there for anything else okay all right I didn’t explore much of this so let’s go to oh hello hello

Scpf sight Fox how are you doing I am just chilling right now just exploring Minecraft I don’t I don’t know which language that is I’m sorry to say I don’t know what you’re saying if I had did guess I’m asking where I am which case America just based on context because I

Think that’s what you’re asking Andes glad you’re doing good I’m assuming that’s what that is get a lot of iron from this hoping to find more chests but I have one name tag and I’m happy with that so I do not speak German no I’m sorry it it’s just close enough the language

That some of the stuff I’m able to make some guesses on like a we are kind of sounds like where are so I’m just like I think that yours and GES of course is kind of close to good CU English is a bit based on German it’s one of the languages that englishes

Derve from so able to make some guesses here or there um do you do you speak English or you’re just making guesses on what I’m saying to English yet see what are I why I say see um yes English uh well I see you down there see you down there with a fancy

Bow hold on yeah fight each other damn he didn’t Dro it okay that’s fine oh hey I was up there earlier um I don’t have what I need to get rid of that that is perfectly fine that is that is okay it doesn’t need to be I think we’re doing pretty all right

Communicating as is surprised didn’t get hit there but I think you’re doing perfectly fine considering that you’re able to understand me well enough you’re doing great oh hello nope ow I meet an auto Uber siter um you know what I’m GNA hold on involved in now trans oh okay I

Was actually just about to go look and see if I could find a translator to see what you meant that’s cool do you go to um other um language streams often or is this just something you happen to come across I probably should speak more slowly just for your benefit Um which iron have I gotten 54 I have an auto translator I do not the best I can do is like uh try and put what you say into Google Translate but i’ been able to make some guesses and I’m kind of proud of that something I came over that’s

Cool glad to have you here okay and what and and what okay oh got a big cave out here actually I can just go I and what oh that’s what you were saying was and that’s okay we can just move on yes equals yes yes it does hold on let

Me um yes is Jah got a lot of iron okay I’ve already been over there whoa many creepers I don’t me sticks uh my armor doing Shields not doing great but it could be worse oh hello come get me come get me fall off fall off like the other ones sh oh

Hello well fight on the beach we will fight on the landing base we will fight on the fields and the streets we will fight in the Hills we will never give up Winston Churchill yes he was uh the English leader in World War II not sure what you brought him up for

But was a great speech oh here a zombie villager where’s he at just thre the L just trying to get in me or something um random text oh it’s just something you found okay um pretty sure it was already over here yeah this where it got down from got him

All right all right so that way is fully explored that way is fully explored feel like there’s a lot more to the m shaft I haven’t gotten to yet but that’s fine yeah haven’t gone this way yet we came I can train my auto translator on here if you SAR

Huh trying to play Minecraft my dude there we go um need gravel yeah I can help you train if you if you need I can just talk I don’t know how much that helps but actually there should be like a decent amount you could get from uh just seeing the little

Text on the side here could help you a ton kind of curious um G find it um depends on what you mean by that I’m aware that your auto text is on I can understand what you’re saying right now that’s because you’re saying it in English I don’t have it on myself there’s

Tur Um that should definitely be in here where is that could put it on French and we could both struggle let’s have some fun let’s go pirates speak customize your clothes thed oh I can’t pick up iron right now I need to drop something he block be broken

I know right come new subscriber oh I appreciate that thank you I don’t feel like I deserve it I’ve not done a good job of understanding you hello ah [ __ ] by okay you have a good Day Undead sailor groans oh God damn the pirate speaks oh hello sir what are you doing here oh f Fu almost looked at you already been over here man there’s so many spiders around okay please let this go away soon thank you oh there’s a chest right there

Well nothing else has been a great trip for coal and iron found so much 13 on this new set of iron I have in Here got a million spawners at least if I ever need any I know where to look um I don’t need tracks it’s probably about time I leave all right follow the left follow left torches where I come from this way I think based on the Torches yeah seems about right

Is there like a whole another way that I haven’t gone yet is this is this new [ __ ] yeah I think this is where I came in all that there’s a whole another place right by the front ships manifest report F Seas oh I love Pirates be B Vine moves parrot killer oh the

Cat Hound fair enough um what I need okay perfect then if I want to expand I’ll just put these away for now and I’ll be all ready that behold ye drafts IR three okay Two and three all right should have enough to make it already there we go really cooking okay Pebbles [ __ ] hell P build you farm and stick a rock [Laughter] filth oh I love it slimy PES rocketeers is it the rocketeers though it’s not even like crying obsidians shrugging obsidians

Right how much wood do I have actually just enough there they then throw more valuable stuff in here f oh all right now we’re back to English so I did the melons but I did not do these yet Farming Farming Farming let’s go I feel accomplished

Damn it’s not quite enough to finish it off oh well um all right so I think it’s probably about time that I set up somewhere for the animals we’ll do for now hey you where yes welcome just in time I’m almost out of Mudd there’s definitely another cow around hold

On there’s some down there grab those in a second you hold on anything else around or is just you okay okay you come on you know I’ve decided I don’t feel like Gathering sheep as well we’re just going to eat eat cows that will be perfectly fine oh man M well that worked out all right hold on I do not remember if I already set up a a farmer or not I’m assume I haven’t he kind of already has a job everyone else did I leave that open nothing for you get out here take your job sir take your job sir

Sir become farmer all right for some reason he’s not doing it and I don’t want to bother with him so sorry if he could just uh scooch out of the way I’m not above just breaking down your wall damn it okay I missed I swear if he just goes over

There and becomes a farmer again all right all right got to set up a regular farmer now okay you ho right up on it come on man work with me here I need wheat take the job sir thank you there we go does do melons so that’s a good

Side sorry pumpkins I mean to say I said think I said melons I’m going need to remember to put him lock him back up uh what else do I need sugar cane sugar cane something I will very much need okay I have a a book have any lect turns see Mike

So we’re going to have to build the heeld fashioned way at least the process is started um all right I need sugar cane I see some way out there okay here’s some here I kind of want it to set up a bit more closer to my house

Though instead of along the River Front just see feels like a bit of a walk excuse me squid so I I may set up something by my house 15 how am I at 15 that doesn’t add up I should be an even number hold on what did I

Miss ah well it’s not in the world okay okay I guess it’s good that I got cows anyway I’m going to need leather definitely going to need Leather hey you come on come get Hey sir come get in the cow hole Yeah for well that works for me may we get that villager back inside is locked up again as he should be me get some of these dark spots out of here get him good job

Buddy oh yeah I forgot about that h okay Um really Tor whether I want to add melons into or not I think I’ll be fine hey you yeah come here come here hey guys oh this is an interesting area over here hav really looked on this side yet come on guys hey come on Sir yeah follow the weed come

On come on guys come on that’s good excellent work yes yes keep following Yes good make more cows we got tons of iron that’s good um I guess for now I’m mostly just waiting for stuff to grow wheat sugar cane stuff like that I’m just kind of waiting on it now start getting leather and might as well get sheep too

As long as I have those those like sheep that I have inside the fence pinned up like I’ll always have she have wool I can always make more beds if I need oh I will leave the pigs for technoblade sake but the cows and sheep Boo got nine leather out of it we can do better I get everybody I guess so there’s a cow they’re not ready for more yet literally one piece of wheat grew in all that time one getting there um I kind of want to set up a pumpkin farm to be

Honest just because I know that like it’s going me a pain in the ass with the melons until like I have a so touch think I just want to set up another area for pumpkins go ahead and uh make another shovel cuz I know I’ll need one right here okay getting

Close oh I’m going to need clear that next block too that’s fine all right let’s get rid of this finish Towing and plant and we’re good will it make it I have a feeling it won’t uh oh just barely all right all right so I’m thinking on a bit more I feel

Like the most beneficial thing I could do right now a lot of this stuff is going to be time consuming so I could either go exploring which who knows what could happen with that no idea just an adventure um I could go like looking for sugar

Canane and and cows stuff like that just try and build up the amounts of stuff that I have that’s also you just a possibility or I can go get some diamonds see how that goes this whole damn farm will have like two things done that’s [ __ ] wild it’s so close

Okay see I think my best bet right now I’ll take two how’s my shield looking may want to make another one I’m going to need more I had wood didn’t I yeah there we go got a back up just actually I’m going to need an axe too um I’m probably relatively

Set got food got equipment even got spare wood yeah I’m probably fine should be fine all right so I’m going to look through that last area of mine that I haven’t done yet and outside of that I think it’ probably just be best to go deeper see about finding any um

Diamonds this way I have not gone yet that’s nothing arm tempted to not even grab the iron because I kind of don’t need it at this point got a ton I me I I can never have enough iron but still mostly just keeping an eye out for anything that’s uh more interesting no

Oh the water nothing got some iron out of the really ends here cool is that it that way check this way there’s nothing else over I guess not all right that case I can either um check up what’s up here real quick just you know make it safer if nothing

Else that should be fine then now I suppose wait wasn’t my entrance like up here yeah it is all right I’m curious if I dig in there dig in here oh I’m safe so now I can keep going deeper hopefully get down to where I can find some

Diamonds got to get through that water in the way what time is it just about 11 I’ll give it a little bit more mining check on the stuff up top and then we’ll call it but definitely less than an hour okay we’re getting deep do with crab always stresses me out so I

Always feel like I’m going to fall or I break any of it five goes down to like negative 50 something right uh Diamond Level between level 16 and 63 64 is better C oh cave noises God I love them cave noises always showing up at the most stressful time well not really there plenty of times where they don’t show up and it’s really stressful in plenty of times where they do and it’s like

Like now I’m just like okay I’m just digging down I’m fine me they show up sometimes and you’re like oh oh why now why now you have 21 come On pickax is going any second there we go God damn it not more gravel okay went pretty well can’t complain all right now 43 let me give it about 10 more 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 still check okay diamonds where you at finding a cave would be cool iron I guess we’ll do but a cave is what I was hoping for on does it say it doesn’t okay but I feel like I’m in one of those like iron heavy

Biomes look at this [ __ ] it’s all over the place yeah there’s definitely like some kind of like underground biome that like it’s super iron heavy I love it this is great but where’s the diamonds knowing my luck I’ll find it in just a moment my pickaxe will break right

Before I can actually get to the diamonds and I have to go make a new one and then come back down here that’s what I’m predicting never mind I just straight up ran out all right let me go up top drop off what I have got a surprising amount of

Iron considering I was just trying to dig deep see how my Farms are doing oh it’s raining what I didn’t what you kid I didn’t even land on that what bab going to make me sad pumpkins are kind of already growing in you’re doing good we did it sugar canane is fully

Planted it’s a joyous day so is the wheat it’s fully planted even if it’s we don’t have a ton of it yet M are growing in everything’s looking great let me feed the animals Oh okay okay see 11 15 let me go see if I can’t find diamonds real quick and if I don’t then oh well but if I do hopefully able to get that knocked off at least so I want to get at least three get a diamond pick more would of course

Be great but all we’re looking for right now is just getting diamond pick why am I stuck okay that’s a perfect start wait I didn’t real I didn’t think it would happen this quick um I kind of want to leave that one try and get fortune on this I think we’re set

Now it’s just a matter of uh getting money and setting up Le turns there it is she’s beautiful ah for now I’m just going to leave it in here though don’t want to use it yet all right I guess right now what I want to be doing um do I Have I don’t there should be another one around the village I know there’s I know there’s at least one dude yeah we go then if I want to make more Farmers I can make more but for now I want this for me for my usage for

Okay um much I love to hit those I think it’ actually be more beneficial to get these cooking up hey Pig hold on can I I need to D I need this and then I can make this and then with wood hold on make that then if I make some uh

Slabs can make that we have our first Le turn ladies and gentlemen with this in hand and let’s get our first dude you know I think it’d be fitting to get you you caused me trouble at one point got out don’t think I’ve forgotten but now you become my first librarian

All right man I need a good deal from you come on piercing one lur three binding excuse me sir r two power five tempting certainly tempting actually I need paper don’t I I don’t have what I need for paper so I’ll just roll with it hope it doesn’t okay

Man hate it when they do that thanks for making my my Lector not exist anymore luck of the se2 surpris this ax is still holding on yeah I knew that was coming come on man do something nice for me come on man fire aspect two o that actually would be nice

But it’s not what I need right now oh that is tempting but H It Can Wait It Can Wait breaking two close close my man dep Strider onein oh I don’t even have a book for him anyway hold on hold on my man I’m pretty sure I had another book

Right like there was just one in my chest just want to double check for paper real quick um oh hey MJ what’s up my man probably isn’t enough and come on all right Al I should just have one of these out here I don’t know why I don’t

Okay that made all of nine paper great I think I need 20 that that’s the deal I believe is 20 I need a bit more paper I can’t Flex my huge amounts of paper how will these villagers ever respect me okay do not know how many more of

These I need so I’ll just go one at a time just bust up pumpkin Seeds it’s at least I think I think it’s at least 12 more I’ll just go Ahad and do all these yeah okay and then just four more just one more pumpkin needs to grow then that’s set 18 I just need like one more literally just one more sugar cane come on come on

Give it to me oh hello I pick that up where that would even go I guess I got it cuz I don’t see another one all right now I’ve got enough I’ll go try and make a deal with him again now that I’ve got everything I need Hey sir where you

Going come on man we got deals to make efficiency 4 oh that’s close that’s really close I am kind of tempted but let’s just go with this pods is I’m tempted to do a lot of the deals that are like one off and it’s

Like going to take a be a pain in the ass to get the the perfect one but it’s also like once you do get that good one then like they become Obsolete and I hate having like those just villagers that are just kind of existing just to

Exist like if I can’t use you you know if I can’t profit off of you what’s the point be good if I had a trident but that’s not happening for a while channeling again be good if I had a trident dude get back to work I’m holding on to this until you’re

Ready okay what time is it it’s 11:33 yeah as soon as like he gets something silk touch y I’ll take it got our s touch boy I can live with that you know it’s not fortune 3 but I can still go grab that diamond that’s down there and anything else that I

Happen to come across I haven’t made an anvil yet have I there we go got backups come on all right do have silk touch so now I can just grab the block itself and be ready to roll out then once I do have Fortune I can just use that to break it

Um think I’ll leave more Diamond searching for later I don’t want to spend too much longer I’m going to end stream soon I think I do want to at least try and get the pumpkins uh fully like slotted out in little farm area get that set up at the very least

That I might call it maybe also I’ll feed the cows for leave my farm alone thank you yeah okay real quick real quick actually just go through Farm up a bit time is 11:38 all right right right let me go talk to that one dude real quick is this where my fer

Is no you’re nitwit uh which one’s my Farmer your not this dude you’re probably a farmer I want to say yeah hey man all right at least it moved him all honestly thought it would do more that’s fine all right now with these oh I had plenty more wheat I didn’t even

Notice it’s all right and use it to feed these guys first and foremost going to need lots of uh lots of leather but you guys are to me big piles of leather there it Is that everybody Okay all right I think I’ll stop here see you all in another stream hope youall have a good day goodbye

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