Gaming Marathon: 48-Hour Minecraft Stream Challenge!

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working now I just need to change the window capture or I need to change it to game capture only problem is sometimes like Minecraft that’s a weird thing uh with a full screen that I don’t like so that’s sometimes like uh it’s like alt tabbing I don’t remember man usually I play in window just because of that and I don’t really notice the bar uh how do I do it I forget how to do it because I have OptiFine installed and it’s different I don’t like change it’s different you don’t like it because it’s different you don’t like people that are different yeah message M you’re getting cancelled I know uh game capture not ready or not I don’t need to capture that man with the with the different types of games I’m playing I’m bet I I I will if I keep on making content that’s a lot of different uh that’s a lot of different fan bases I’ll be getting bro Minecraft and ready or not that’s wow um it’s not capturing the specific window okay well capture it then I don’t specified window is not a game yes it is it’s Minecraft oh you are live what the heck is rgb1 A2 color space I don’t know what that means all right let’s try window capture oh that’s not the right thing that’s Durango chit um yes it is a game how about that one on it’s not wanting to load it I don’t know why I also forgot that I need to turn on split what’s the what’s it called it’s the live stream the speed run split what’s it called live split I don’t why is it not there okay live split okay split I’m looking in my whoa reev viwers YouTu on YouTube you have one and I I think that’s just me live split is this the application yep oh wait a minute I can just go here there we go it doesn’t capture 1.12.2 Minecraft okay oh you went from three viewers to one viewer that’s sad it says it’s three viewers still oh for me it just says one oh now it says for I think it’s just bugging Minecraft that’s the name of that very good stream black screen I know I’m so good at streaming Windows 10 come on why is it not wanting to work brother I don’t know why I had to say brother there brother hey brother um Shield mode chat will be clear okay well I don’t want to do that fine then I will just do this because unfortunately Minecraft 1.2.2 is a little bit flawed in that category emo only chat subscriber only chat only slow mode okay we need slowe there’s too many people typing in chat right now oh I need it now okay this why is it not wanting to window title must match okay well there we go it’s going to be slightly off but that’s okay I don’t know why I put on a British accent for that one you can kill me now um there we go Lago meter would it be a lomer or would it be a lagam meter Lago meter wa Math Man is calling me through phone like phone oh wait he’s he was pinging me I thought he was mass pinging me but because this OBS turns it turns off notifications like that um send me your IP address math men yeah is the server supposed to be is the mod supposed to be in 1.2 yes I said yes okay um should we call or actually no play should call him pbsg yeah we probably shouldn’t um for for no reason in particular yeah let’s just add math man right here and let me start this all right I have to go live streaming twitch boom okay um you could just have people at me or math man if they want in since you’re in stream mode oh yeah um that’s fair um let me just make it my status all right I’ll just say okay I think my status is pretty good when you say um I I activated my timer prematurely by accident but it’s fine it’s the uh yeah wow can you DM me the IP um check okay yeah hold on give us your full IP address and credit card information just I got change my guys just uh I can’t really just check it’s the same thing in um in the one group chat just that’s the P because it’s connected to the it’s the same server just on a different port here let me get I want to get new texture the clouds are different if you look at an angle because the weather mod you can still see normal Minecraft clouds but it’s weird I I’m going to set it to actually I don’t think I can use cheats so I’m not going to do that in fact I’m going to deop myself just to make sure I don’t accidentally activate something you’re not allow to use cheats for the thing I don’t think so that’s weird so are we working together for this um we’re going to do teams I think there’s a village I mean there’s not a lot of people right now so I mean for now we can probably just oh yeah I forgot um I am limited to uh there was a thing I am Li I can do like a preset thing like the ring so I’m going to take the dragon thing so I’m going to go to console to do that where’s the where’s the oh my gosh an existing connection was for forcibly closed by the remote host it’s had mods that require FML Forge to be installed on the client um did you add more mods I didn’t add anymore hold on there’s a zombie uh I need to go find a house to sleep okay just send me the mod pack again yeah I’ll I’ll do that hold red I got you since I have it hold well if it’s if it’s the one he just sent it didn’t work for me uh where is a bed dude 1.12 Villages where’s a bed where are beds in 1.12 Villages what the heck the house I not see I’ll check like every house map man I don’t know bro probably in one of the houses that I had to guess I’m just going to go up I know that wait hold up um wait no I think beds are actually a recent thing beds are relatively recent like not beds but like beds in villages like I remember like the probably added in4s probably ones with the roof don’t have beds because they’re libraries or butcher houses I don’t think they have beds all right need to send this over you know I’ll just put it in here um okay there we go so many where’s where’s the I okay I’m going to just op myself temporarily then God dang it I tried to type tab I need it this one nope okay yeah I have no idea where the IP is or the group chat with it here I can send you just give me a second all right um um it is let’s see is Shadow joining us uh I don’t know it says he’s playing Roblox so oh it’s called Pringle okay it’s just this but add add the number he scent on the end here let me just edit it there we go yep that’s the right IP confirm oh wow okay so because I have night vision with the dragon thing um the the clouds are very visible the weather mod clouds how do I activate the fire again I don’t remember is it it’s oh yeah where’s my origin where my origin doesn’t exist on 1.12 ah yes I have to crouch to go through one one two block tall doors where my origin where my origin where’s my orange I what the heck is a stone compound gear and I got a katana bro iron spear versus Iron Katana I’m going to take the uh Katana dark Steel Ingot Frick I don’t know what this compound Ingot does but I’m taking it bro so do we not have origins in this one uh it doesn’t exist in 1.12 as far as I’m aware oh okay so we have a bad knockoff now basically I mean it’s I think it’s cooler in a way uh you want to take this math Man the spear okay take that spear bro this F this sensitivity is horrible give me a second give me a second I don’t can’t deal with the sensitivity is it too fast or something or too slow it’s way too fast yeah I usually put mine on uh 0.72 or something where is uh it’s controls oh it isn’t um how do I yeah look controls not there do I have numb lock on why does pressing this button make me jump oh there it is do I have a razor thing set there is good how do I activate it I don’t remember right now it’s way too slow what is going on dude okay I give me it there we go okay whoa what so I can’t use chip the tool tip wait all right M here you go you okay here we go can I throw it no okay give me the spear mathman I think I I’m slightly taller than you in in this which is not that is not uh correct in real life just realize I have my cape on wait let me see how I we’ll go in third person um third person yeah look how much taller I am oh my God I have to crouch to get under don’t kill me sometimes I do not I I know I can crit to make it so it’s like focused but it’s like annoying so what’s our objective here um for me to figure out how to turn on live split right now hold on you know what the real objective for us we got to get a paxel we need a paxel um so to start it it’s why is it B uh do that you can do that pause if you just right click on the on the thing on the on a plant with the seed it will break the plant and place the seed H that’s cool that’s really cool now give us some food all right um I have four viewers on Twitch I don’t know like hold on um all here oh he is let me just uh freck it’s 1.12 you can’t swim where’s this mob spawner I’m in the you know I haven’t chopped down a tree I need to chop down a tree don’t there we go so I feel like we’re going to be able to do like automation of some sort perhaps um let me see okay what what are we doing right now on Instagram man you guys are doing great stuff oh yeah uh you guys need to become you guys need Dragon Gem right or um you want the Dragon Gem right what is that math I’m gonna give you a a uh hold on I’m I’m hearing the one weird Minecraft cave noise there you said you’re giving me a cave noise no I heard a weird Minecraft your cat don’t give me get taco did you know taco cats I didn’t I to remember a viewer that we had long ago named Taco uh I need to I need to what do I need to do oh yeah I need Google Sheets I do you need Google Sheets because I need to give you I need to give you this math man let me show you this me what this this is the thing of every everything that you need to know and then you can pick which one you want a Google sheet it’s always a Google sheet or a Google doc okay well it’s useful hey man that was not cool that was not cool oh I remember this stuff it’s the it’s like the origins before Origins I don’t know which came first um but sure the chicken or the egg oh um the there’s a nether portal on not nether portal um what’s it called a lava pool near here on I can see it on Journey map uh uh well math man you should pick one because I mean honestly dragon is probably the best it the only downside really is um crouching under two block tall things and then that’s pretty much it and also you can fly Math Man look can we are we what am I gonna say oh frick um different ones or the same okay math math band speak first what are we are we all going to be different ones or the same uh you can choose which one I mean you can be the same okay give me a second the Titan you’re like four blocks tall or something yeah Titan anything that’s big isn’t worth it respectfully the the one fairy one is also I’d say not worth it because it has so many downsides for Creative flight mhm which I mean you can order to get that as a dragon so it’s like does it is it really that good Dragon Monkey D Dragon okay uh um and then what do you want I don’t know I have to look eat that I want to I want to watch uh I want to yeah you you’re now slightly taller and you’ll notice that you have to go oh yeah the flight is kind of slow but it’s flight so [Music] hey red let’s see what oh was it limited time flight also I I I made a deal with Shadow so you cannot pick Goblin I I already knew okay Shadow just really wants Goblin understandable what is it it’s not even good he wants to be he quoted by him he wants to be different what does skilled Miner mean um what is this I just broke the fabric of reality oh that’s the Dimensional Doors thing um so if you die inside of inside of a dimensional whatever um you get sent to a very scary place and it’s not fun and like keep inventories on and everything but you will be stuck there until you figure out a way to get out can I get the ring of the L’s that’s really the only one that’s not terrible I guess hey guys I’m breaking the fabric reality uh sure let me just I have to op myself again guys what happens if I break the fabric of reality just keep doing it and nothing bad will happen put the wood button all right come here I have Elf Zap for you so uh what what is this dimension for it’s not even fast travel it’s like wait where where are you I’m in the I’m in the can you go out so I can I don’t know how to okay well mathman the thing with the dimension it’s like for storage because you can open it up or it’s like it’s just like you can go what is that the nether oh my God lost I’m so lost as you can see I’m lost for words I made it to the nether I have no idea how you made it to the nether I’m going to be real honest like the ne in the dimension so fake the nether I don’t no it looks like the Nether and and punching iron bars to get out okay then we’ll just don’t die I’ll try not to but I don’t know if I can are you what happens if you do die um well you get sent to a place I don’t remember what it’s called um but it’s a lot like living and Wyoming I’ve never been to Wyoming wasn’t be good why can’t I make a ax um you can’t yeah wait why is the crafting recipe for the axe so weird I don’t know I to smelt it I have to smelt it for some reason SM what to get stone tools I had to smell stone is it because it’s Stone and not like a different type of stone yeah it can’t be Cobblestone it has to be Stone you can’t make cobblestone tools I guess not guys the fabric of reality is now broken because of that I’ve already broken it I’ve already broken it that’s you have a literally broken the pepper no I have I have the peer reality in my hand I know what do y’all think’s GNA happen like what happen what’s goingon to happen to me I need three buttons just in case at all time all right time to make a cobblestone pickaxe hopefully this will work are these trip wires this is definitely trick wires yep exactly I knew it can’t trick me sticky pistons and stuff like that you can’t trick me why I don’t know what mod changes it to that so what so that you have to use like Stone smelted Stone like Cobblestone smelted into stone I just clipped I just clipped through blocks okay I doors need to do this I can just flip through the blocks okay bro dragon is way too op and not for the not for the same reasons uh I need to get like a piece of block piece of block give me that do you need fabric of reality I have some of that no I need a piece of black I don’t know why I said it with it oh like that I have that reality if you need it masman are you high or something what is what up with you no I’m just so confused on what’s going on you are laughing a lot more than usual bro okay okay bro if you if you were seeing what I was hold up can you are you no okay no never mind that won’t this is definitely a trap this I found diamonds I found diamonds man this isn’t even fair anymore bring the fabric of reality While y just having fun in over this is what happens when you break the laws of physics this Minecraft server isn’t there I don’t remember I don’t think I added that okay okay wait creeper drop TNT somebody makes a creeper Farm I think that’s I think that’s my fault guys can’t wait for MTH man to create the bombing of of 2024 in Minecraft 20 what with because he’s going to make a creeper farm and then he’s going to get so much TNT that he can blow up an entire nation get out of a room how am I going to make a creeper Farm if I can’t even get out of a multi-dimensional room well math man you’re math man you’re right you’re right can I F the door I flew to the door yes let me back in okay just going to make this hello Enderman I’m not going to attack you actually hello sheep oh my God spiders look horrible yeah I bet you I I bet you just love it don’t you I’m going to check what my journey map looks like in this Dimension oh it’s like equally spaced rooms okay that’s actually kind of cool wait math Ben can you remind me how I how I get a white dye and wait no you can’t do that in this um I was going to say put bones in a crafting table but that’s 1.3 flower wow thanks oh wait no you have to get it by bones never mind you have to get it by are there different cor beds in this I don’t remember yeah there is that’s a wait yeah it is because this it’s the color update the 1.12 is the color update I need okay oh is it right here okay boom boom I have two string okay I need more string multidimensional I’m breaking this so that I can get through that’s what I’ve been doing the whole time in this Dimension no no no no hello spider hey I got a heart Shard or a heart container go I almost died I almost died oh my God you sound like my grandma and I’m not even kidding like with the accent you have you have like an accent when you when you were saying oh my God don’t know because she’s from Maine who’s her main from Main I can’t believe you’re from Main Ma I’m not from Main where’s the door where’s the door that I came from where’s the door that I came from oh boy hey there skeleton hey there skele bones does anyone want to go into the multi-dimensional area with me I’m not sure I’ll go all right then well now I feel I feel like I have to where wait where are you I went to a multi-dimensional door I don’t know what to tell you where where was that door it was by a river I know that that’s all I know though um let me see let me get up here hello there ow what the heck die die I got more diamonds I have an enchanted book no enchantment description it’s just an enchanted book uh oh it treasur eyes too oh wait never mind it’s good description with this enchantment you’ll see special effects on and entities depending on the enchantments on it only certain enchantments have okay I have no idea what that means I’m going to take it anyways okay I now have a black bed oh and then I can make a bed for if anyone wants it what and more color beds add I remember them being added in a lot lot L it was 1.12 cuz that was the color update I’ve been playing for longer than I thought yeah if you go into ji and look up bed you can see the different I’m pretty sure 1.2 was like 2017 or something yeah I thought it was a lot longer ago can I go up there what is this stuff ancient fabric okay got to find that math man is going into a rabbit hole I am going math man are you going to publish this as scientific research this is scientific research right here this is this is how our universe was made of this point guys Frick it’s I knew it I knew it math man I uh I have now made a B I have now made a bed I only have I only have um I only have two colors black and white which one I don’t care okay where is hello hello zombie I killed a zombie child that that’s some weird armor what armor did you get no I have I found a crafting recipe for weird armor oh wow uh you said you were by a parachute I found the portal Mech I don’t I don’t think this is the same one he was talking about but I found one of the portals I think this is yeah this one of what’s a stable fabric see me m uh let me see you can make these doors okay uh is it is it right on that stand whatever that you’re there at yeah this little sand thing here hold on I don’t even know where I’m at hold on where where to of a yeah I know but like where I’m trying to find myself on the map on the okay there we go so it’s just this way you know I wish this flight speed could be a little improved I mean at least you can fly fair I feel like if you flew too fast it would be a bit too op if you fly too much it makes it that you can’t fly anymore oh oh and it disappeared with you oh okay well uh yeah you think it regenerates I’m not sure so I forgot that this mod is like oh oh no oh no oh no wait since I have the map since we have Journey map we can see where each other are in the oh my gosh yeah you’re not even on my map are attacking wait you’re in the you’re in the a room that is like I don’t know how to describe it’s like right is just talking and he’s screaming help uh oh I created one of those things also be careful of traps traps can kill you hey math man I picked up a broken spawner I forget how this mod works but I created one of those like Rifts that we need to patch up or it’ll spread or something I forget I’m sure it’ll be fine math man I I uh I have a broken skeleton Spawner in my hands and it can apparently deactivated again oh no wa it’s probably going to turn into a pig spawner no it it says broken spawner skeleton it’s a mod thing this is a trap this is a trap there’s no way it’s a long hallway it’s not a trap this is a trap I can’t this is this it’s a trap it’s a trap it’s a trap it’s a trap it’s a trap never mind it’s not a trap okay we’re good now I need to find another one ooh big staircase with big hallway I’m going to smelt this and I need to get some coal yeah I need coal you got to find one of these multi-dimensional doors really fun I found one and then I went back through because I was I didn’t know where to go does it respawn at the location that you came from no I created one of those things that like one of those rips that like spread I forget how this mod works really but I remember you have to like use this thing this world thread thing that should up do you think we’re slowly corrupting the over world as we do this yeah that that thing if I remember right it like corrupts the area around it or something hey mat can you go back and check on the one that red was at I checked it haven’t spread yet but there’s a tear because I went back through oh osmium oium does that I mean paxel paxel paxel yeah there’s paxel in this yeah we can get paxel yeah yeah let’s go paxel pael yeah yeah um so the viewers don’t even understand how good the paxel is for us yeah the two viewers the three viewers actually you better not get in the way me getting pel you better not you better not get in the in the face of my P this work is that water oh my gosh that’s you better get moving a it does not like you this ain’t no child’s toy it’s a paxel freck I almost fell off the edge oh the it will deal damage to you there’s so much a and there’s this skeleton I’m about to die okay this uhoh we’re both dying to skeletons at the same [Music] time I have two TNT now oh no I died to that thing wait why didn’t it set my spawn point is there a keep inventory no there’s not okay I don’t think there’s keep inventory wait you made the world you should know well yeah but I don’t remember because I reset the the world and I don’t remember if that resets the settings didn’t the game is bugging out right now what’s happening this skeleton’s like SP I mean the skeleton’s like tweaking he’s like vibrating and a creeper all my stuff is still there even though I picked it up it’s just it I’m going to relo oh frick you do that pal not flicking levers today well I’m going to do I’m going to go to outside of the room and then look at the red I just noticed that it says it says skeleton when whenever I crouch can I not break ancient fabric no you cannot I I don’t know so what is this weather mod does it add anything good like tornadoes yeah there are tornadoes and stuff it’s just well of course it it’s not going to spam them because that would be annoying can I get like a TNT that spawn can I spawn in a tornado in any way uh I think think there’s like something that might be creative mode I don’t I don’t know let me look it up what is this whoow this is cool weather item oh I know what I’m going to do that’s actually that’s actually very cheap why is it so cheap to spawn in a tornado uh wait how what is it just look at toward t or just T oh it’s one of these things it’s a very it’s surprisingly easy to make one I feel like it should cost like a diamond or something Tado sensor oh wait tornado sensor oh I’m done you are I thought someone was adding okay um I hate these types of puzzles does goldfish really Smile Back did one time I remember the one time I ate a goldfish and um it ate me what how did math man you are speaking crazy talk right now I am speaking what happened to me I got eaten by a goldfish was it like a big goldfish or you just really small no I just got eaten by a goldfish how did it like unhinge it jaw or something no it just ate me I don’t I don’t even know how to describe it it just ate me like cartoon dors no dors it was in a it was in its bowl too Source what source Source engine wait what am I trying to do here I can just disconnect all this Redstone The Source engine is actually a game engine made by V yeah I know math man you don’t know that I don’t think what we talking about math man what game engine is in halflife 2 portal or uh halflife 2 portal portal two Le or dead left or Dead 2 Counter Strike Source Counter Strike uh Global Offensive and Counter Strike to all of them okay so what what did this connect to okay this connects to what what what is this supposed to connect what if I just move all these blocks I can’t oh I see okay all I have to do is power this and I should be good right S I don’t remember if it’s RF um the power system I mean like I think RF means I don’t remember if I don’t remember if RF means Redstone flux or whatever real fun or do that I well it means you’re having real fun po po what and you don’t or osmium pael wow I got na P there there’s a cave here if you want to go mining I got an iron pick for you I uh I’m trying I’m trying to find my way out of hey what do you know did you find the pel hey just letting you know there was a wind like pickup thing and I’m pretty sure that’s the sound effect for when a tornado might happen I also don’t know if you guys see but there’s a lot of leaves going like traveling yeah um I’m getting okay I wish I could see how much fps I’m getting but I can’t oh we both have bed so we can sleep through the night it’s just there’s mobs camping my bed and wait which version got rid of the thing where like never I don’t think that’s a while ago okay I’m sleeping there’s a creeper on me I’m seeing my YouTube stream and my twitch stream at wildway different points I know they’re both and they’re both pretty delayed as well I need to go down into the mines thaton oh my God that is a lot of mobs um I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep ma okay pal just sleep you know oh okay I didn’t think about that wait just give me a second I think if I just what if you know you just slept yeah oh okay now I can sleep okay all right okay I disconnected all the Redstone this area dude my Hunger is you may not rest now there are monsters nearby what if there’s not actually monsters nearby in your Math Man Math Man you Math Man okay I healed the monsters I don’t know why I’m speaking with the I don’t know what what accent in the South this would be but I am oh frick very oh wait is there a Lord of the Ring this is why you always check for traps guys you never know when there might be a trap that’s a PSA for landmines okay do I this game wants me to do a maze you really think I’m going to do a maze no I’m not doing a maze that’s like the only thing that I that 1.6 doesn’t have that actually game really wants me to do a maze like I’m GNA do one you where’s the secret treasure oh my God that’s all right you better get your stuff your you better get your stuff pal stuff pal pal I Die the game bugs out where’s my pael I am now full saturation and full hunger I’m now healing at rapid speed oh my God uh food yummy I don’t why is any time I die all my stuff just stays there you tell me I’m making osmium ingots oh this is the nether it’s like a fortress guys thoughts on the mechanism mod which adds osmium um and it also adds generators does it add p yeah it does yeah pel yeah I think then you should be rooting for a mechanism then pxel yeah oh my God this game is so bued the heck I um I I literally I I’m stuck I I can’t get my stuff because the the mobs are standing still but they’re like they’re invisible basically mobs are just invisible I’d boss up and what happened oh are youing yeah I’m want to re I guess but this happens every time I die I have a bunch of garbage in my inventory so I need to get this out of here I probably shouldn’t put the TNT in there if Shadow joins he’ll he’ll definitely grab it no doubt yep what if Shadow’s actually watching the well hi Shadow I know you’re going to grab the TNT knows you have the TNT he’s Sol Roblox I think yeah oh hey Dominican oh music no oh there’s Hoppers what what’s inside The Hoppers nothing is that a mine cart what’s inside the mine now it’s a shovel for the last thing right axe pickaxe shuel I think I just kind of swapped it around until I got it all right well here we go oh yeah it’s axe pickaxe and shovel think think about how it’s spelled it’s like packs like oh wait no never mind that’s not it works never mind that’ be smart if they did that I got to the first part of it and I was like nope never mind TH or copper or iron ore wowe I could probably make that is that the return system you know what I’m just going to press a button I don’t care what it does is there a secret treasure what I don’t think there’s a secret treasure guys there’s no secet treasure I’m out of here there’s an invisible spider no way is it scaling health no idea but uh this just 10 attack I want to use my okay I still want to be able to you want to know something funny what what they the game really thinks I’m going to run across this area and have a chance of getting trapped inside the void no I’m just going to walk over it okay pal take your meds whatever whatever you say whatever you say grandpa you’re a grandpa no I’m an uncle you’re Uncle oh yeah you’re right literally I even with that one You Are stupid that’s that’s what the world is the world doesn’t know that you can simply make a dimensional door and rip the fabric of reality like why haven’t scien thefting for it math man you should give it you should you should make it in real life and then become the most the world’s most pronounced scientist you know um violent prize what a Nobel violent prize yeah because you violently ripped the the fabric of reality no I did it nice and calmly and also doing it while doing it you killed like trillions of people oh okay I did it nice and calmly I don’t know you’re talking about [Music] diamonds Matt Ben are you happy about them diamonds yeah yeah diamonds what Frick I hate mining this dimensional stuff well don’t then the fabric of reality stuff I hate Min um can we confiscate these bookshelves where’s it at you can’t even turn up your brightness to see it is enchanting infuser in this or what I don’t think I Ed a void okay oops enchanting oh enchant nope I don’t I’m not seeing it bottle of enchant there’s an enchanter and an Ender iio I don’t know if that’s the same thing Ender iio I think is what the heck is this what the heck is the moon Rose okay hey more fabric of reality what do you think fabric of reality is used for y’all check ji right now red oh is it like a more constant block that oh okay it’s just a building block I think stable fabric oh you can also use use it for you can use it for missile but why is Dimensional Doors combined with a missile one I don’t know bro what if it’s the ammo for it D dimensional ammo dimensional ammo painted Cobblestone with fabric of reality also I have World thread what is world World thread oh there there nothing there okay St fabric you can make a dimensional oh Dimensional Doors if I remember they’re like portals that you can do oh you also make armor out of it it’s not that good you can make armor out it I don’t know if it’s any good though I think it would it would just be better probably to save it for the portals or whatever yeah I have a whole bunch of stuff I bro imagine an Infinity room now that we have this stuff yeah cuz we can use it for a bunch of storage wait do you all want to collect some of it in the dimensions and then trap it trap spawn with it I mean what would happen if you uh I mean really you could just send um all right question because I can do configuration stuff but not cheats should I turn on keep inventory um I feel like since there’s going to be teams on this you shouldn’t because it’s kind of op you can just keep respawning and then with are we using are we having factions is there going to be factions yeah we’re we’re going to have like teams I think okay y’all You’re Gonna Want me since I got I got PVP skills oh yeah I’m on a team of shadow all right well Shadow abandon huh wh what shadow abandon he he hasn’t he hasn’t he hasn’t said a single he’s still playing Roblox like I said he’s playing Roblox is that really a good teammate is this a really good teammate play Roblox yeah I feel like that’s that’s a pretty good teammate I need to make more armor hey four viewers can you sleep ma yeah sleeping I’m not sleeping I’m still in a multi-dimensional area with fabric of reality in my hand I need more osmium for armor I have almost I know to tell you man I almost F the floor there’s cave at spawn that I’m in it’s it goes very deep down hello giraffy the giraffe very creative name uh yeah slow mode of one second so then people don’t spam as easily is it fre I can’t break out of this stuff I have no idea how behind this stream is oh it’s like a like maybe like 20 seconds 10 20 oh is this where my door is where’s the door where’s my door oh Yep this is a very nice cave lots of stuff I’m going to mine this there’s a bunch of different I’m going to go insane if I can’t get out of here wait is that is the chat on emote only no no Ben are you perhaps looking at the wrong chat um it’s twitch okay well YouTube and twitch that’s why you got to look at I have to look at I have to look at YouTube too yeah there’s all yeah YouTube 2.0 that’s the new one YouTuber or YouTube usually gets more like people chatting but the T usually gets more viewers from what I’ve seen yeah and I’m too wait why why isn’t like when I joined the twitch chat it said the slowmo was on it is I’m pretty sure I I usually said it just only not bad let me see is it on emot no emote un chat is off on Twitch you are insane I’m in slow mode I’m not slow but I don’t know what I’m saying anymore never mind math B this is just more evidence that you are clinically insane you know what Frick I can’t get out there we go oh that’s a dead end there’s another way to go though I need two more osmium for chest plate I’m running out of food fast the way that I’ve been sleeping to try to get it so then I uh I was going to wake up at like 5 or whatever was weird because um so I slept from like 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. did some stuff and then I slept from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so that so it I feel like it’s in the middle of the night right now I’m going to be honest my circadian rhythm is making me feel like it’s in the middle of the night even though it’s 7 I know it’s 7 but but I keep on thinking it’s like 3 in the morning oh yeah I know that’s that’s happened to me before come on dude I’m Too Tall God dang it when I’m when I’m in this room it’s all like one um one by two areas so I have to keep spam crouching to move in any sort of distance fast there we go yeah but like if you if you’re fighting someone they can just go in a two like a two block High space and just easily outrun you yeah it’s a this a real problem with this probably probably a comparator behind this isn’t there is it yeah osum the what are you going to do about it you going to explode the room yeah explode that room now I don’t have to go in it [Music] anymore frck there’s a right there get that TNT out of here Math Man how you’ve been how long have you been in been in there the whole time almost in the overw world I haven’t left this room is all I’m going to say I haven’t left this Dimension that’s all I’m going to say math man are you a fan of advanced rocketry we tried to make that advanced rocketry stuff in the other world y’all can do that I’m not doing that all I need is a is a refined obsidian paxel and I’m good and it’s a good thing that advanced rocketry will actually work because this is it’s actually natively made by the developer instead of a mod pack Dev yeah I’m seeing the thing where uh mobs are invisible so that like everything is the bats like well the mobs were just like oh I found a spawner oh I can do that hold up redstone torch and redst oh what is this I open what is this why is the floor crumble why did you crumble the floor what did I tell you about crumbling the floor copper inot I’m just going to collect all this I don’t know what it does recall potion like from Terraria like uh I don’t know capacitator of holding machine upgrade increases energy in stor Phantom prison prism togg visibility of some armor embbl right click to open GUI gold I guess I’ll just take I don’t need copper ore right now wait did you have like a Terraria potions mod cuz these are both po Terraria um there’s a thing there’s a thing for the bables which adds some stuff from ter Terraria so maybe that’s part of that yeah it’s the exact name and the exact description and everything [Music] that look kind of cool I need there we go I forgot how to craft sticks for a second how much osum will I need to make a full set it’s like 24 not I need more osmium more more well I have eight iron loock I need a chest oh hello man hello wait is it I’m going to is it like how close I am because you you were just you were just gone and then I came up close to you and then you were back um what’s this by the way Mac I have both the YouTube and twitch screen pulled out at the same time wow Math Man Chubby’s playing rust is Chubby ever not playing R he has nearly a thousand hours on it I know right I was about to say sad but hours on forn I was to say that’s sad but I have like more than that on fortnite so huh I am too good at this game to die I have a lot more than that on fortnite I think I have like 2,000 hours oh no M guys I’m stuck here I’m stuck here what what happened server lag okay no I’m just the other door okay it’s definitely like render distance entity render distance guys I can’t get out of this Dimension why you mind the spawner oh I Instinct guys what do I do um D fre I’m going to oh my go almost what iron chest PL I don’t need it okay well now I have that all actually looks cool I’m try Kill Me game is quite literally trying to kill me well math you need to get better do get better the game try to kill me okay okay well maybe that’s maybe the game has some issues and you are not being very nice lava oo I am so thankful that I added the one mod that I can see stuff because it doesn’t help that I’m color blind and so and there’s like iron or fake whatever why are both of these open Max does does a dragon have fire resistance yeah it’s a dragon math man you didn’t even tell me it’s a dragon Math Man your point it’s a dragon math man what’s your point it’s a dragon math man what’s your point it’s a dragon map man I don’t see the connection oh my god well you should so not all dragons ask Durango Durango will tell you that not all dragons are immune to Lava oh my God okay but Durango’s not here right now so then go get Duro I would but I don’t okay dude I can’t I’m Too Tall I can’t see where they are and I’m too too tall to return the favor by telling you you know ha this the baby skeletons bro I those are just the worst part there’s baby skeletons yes that is just the most horrible thing no one asked for that no one has ever said hey I want baby skeletons I you would ask for baby no I would not ask for skeletons I need uh let me see to get out of here OptiFine I’m kill this mobs not looking CU or is it Mo BS freck OptiFine let me see I’ve gone even deeper into the rabbit hole okay no rift at location something I don’t know I just saw that in the config when I was going back to Minecraft um I’m going to quickly restart my game so I can remove Ro uh Mo BS and see if that helps so let me pause the timer pause oh do I have to put it okay and then I have to remove Ms so then it doesn’t break the YouTube stream’s still going now it just paused just not paused Frick hey guys is it ever good when there’s a room full of pressure plates no there’s probably like a specific path you have to follow probably or I can just hello greasy Rock greasy that’s a that’s very good name yeah gree is in it looks like the country I guess oh like Greece is a country like is it with a c yeah yeah g r e e c y yeah you got be I hate these Crossroads math are you angry I’m stuck in this Dimension I don’t want to be here anymore use your angry do that to get it out I’m gonna add Durango to this yeah Duro yeah I thought Durango would one in I didn’t I didn’t Durango didn’t say any messages to me I was just assuming that Durango would know add Shadow into this I feel like he would be a really good addition um [Laughter] you might you might be a really good addition okay I just oh crap I’m Tes Frick it’s a room full of glass it’s a glass maze okay just looking at something okay and I am out of wood okay as soon as I get into it I’m gonna where am I okay here we go is there a way to Center OH follow there we go how much are we going to really need gold probably a lot yeah okay pretty much everything okay game just bugged okay it froze for a moment dude 1.12 the Mana thing thing is gone in the top okay uh let’s see I am getting like 300 FPS it looks like 250 what FPS are you guys getting um I am getting press F3 freck I can’t see cu the Mana thing I’m getting I cannot tell I think I’m getting like I would assume between 30 and and 60 between that I think I have ited where’s the other big room um do I have to go through the big room I could just skip this right yeah go to this Bend no the P one then dig through the walls boom chest room I’m so smart I feel like no that’s okay that’s the same room I feel like the game like freezes for a second but my mouse m is like it gets shot in the direction that whatever uh it was going in oh I don’t know what that is I don’t know yeah I don’t know yeah don’t [Music] know what is the point of lapis again like yeah other than that uh in the base game I don’t think there’s anything but so you’re telling me lapis is just kind of useless pretty much it is useless other than that things are pretty much useless in b game yeah they need to make I feel like Minecraft needs more content I mean it doesn’t even really need more content they just need to upgrade their old stuff like it takes them like 10 years to get around to upgrading something that Notch added the beginning of the game I mean before before Notch actually sold the game uh I’m pretty sure updates were really man what what the heck yeah up were really fast but they were small I remember I was watching U um one of fit MC’s videos um about how there was a like a almost a decade now old wait no more than a decade old exploit from one point um uh from beta 1.8 um where there um where there was an exploit where um Notch made a single mistake in the RNG and someone was able to figure out player position by throwing an item because of it huh and they didn’t fix the um they didn’t fix um what was then on the the the RNG code till what was it uh the cave update I’m pretty sure huh but it was still it’s still usable to this day people can still use it there’s that stew the the like rabbit stew that is just completely useless rabbit stew isn’t useless you just eat it one of the stews one of the stews to make r or I think it’s rabbit stew to make rabbit stew it’s better it giv food to just eat all the ingredients rabbit stew than to just make it eat rabbit I’m watching a skeleton duel right now what of them missed like 30 times bro get on get on the track stupid Minecart we currently have a total of three viewers Redstone door oh a secret chest room down ow I hate skeletons so much oh my God have I died once and the G oh my God I hate one. 12 hey guys if you like a little bit that was my fault I accidentally destroyed a whole room well I didn’t so okay that 12 doesn’t even have spawn H it’s a mod what has a it has like a bad version why can’t I every time I punch the TNT it breaks oh God what are these Rifts even used for it’s not even doing anything what the heck look at that look in the YouTube chat dude oh my god look in the YouTube chat look in the YouTube chat I’m looking in the YouTube chat I can’t they miss you come back is that a bot or something I I don’t know that is definitely a bot mat can you come can you come help me I’m I’m I locked myself in a room because I forgot there was B zombies for some reason and it got in and now I stuck in there cuz I don’t have a pickaxe speaking of being stuck I’m stuck in a multi-dimensional area and I have no way out Ma you have your problems and we have ours man oh wait I can just solve my problems by making a multi-dimensional door right dud this big zombie is just camping me right called fa fabric something fabric Ed for you got to be I need a door to make it I don’t have wood wait how do you you can make a trick I forgot about that guys I might I might be I might I might be saved I might be saved are you saved I have to re I might be I just need an iron door hold no I should probably keep my crafting table out stable Fab freck I need an end Pearl never mind I hear tornado wait oh boy oh boy that a tornado probably I’m going to go up hey guys how do I get out of here oh my God it’s getting louder the noises the voices getting louder hey guys how do I get out of here oh yeah that’s I think that’s tornado I’m going up oh yeah oh God the is but it’s not oh my God it looks like an F1 like a I’m going over oh it’s full on blocks yeah I remember like I’m getting a little bit uh weird FPS that’s a big tornado I’m storm chasing I’m just chasing it in the hopes that it picks me up dude I’m my FPS is not liking this too much it’s still fine though I’m okay with this I’m I’m just going to fly over to it bro it goes too fast I’m going over to it I couldn’t get destroyed by a tornado dang good morning darling wake up it’s too late you come back remember to eat all cookies what a bot darling are you having good dreams we miss you come back to Paradise I’m real one woke up wake up and you will be as well goodbye see you after wake up hey wake up how do you get outside ofion area I’m stuck okay it’s I don’t think it’s working I don’t think I can do that all right I’m going away from the tornado hey guys how do I get out of here I can’t be here for the rest of the 48 hours um what the heck is this I know one way out no I can’t die cuz Max that will be in a weirder area oh wait yeah I forgot about that all I had to do was just um what’s it called there was this wooden door and then there was like the dimension side of it um hey uh to craft that stuff kayen can you come here uh not really what you can’t not really I’m to keep in a cave okay is it making the crops grow faster I cannot tell iron inot I think I think wake up left yeah I think so that kind of weird wake up wake up wake up wake up those are that use that yeah guys I’m fully stuck I’m stuck in this Dimension there’s no way out hey M can you do a little slash TP if you know what I’m saying no I can’t because of the world record thing you just what you just wake up already man oh yeah I forgot about that yeah like you’re not even attempting a world record like you’re not even up yeah what are you talking about you need to get up Mac the world record’s about to start like you’re about to miss the deadline yeah I have like three I have three gillion subscribers right they’re waiting yes you’re three quadrillion Subs well because the the United States took over the Multiverse right they already have okay man stuck here then Math Man sometimes you got to deal with your problems I think you can get stuck in there yeah but if you die you can get stuck in there I’m pretty sure but if you die in there you’ll go to this weird Dimension I forget if you keep your stuff once you die in there but you have to escape to this weird red stuff and you can’t look at anything there or you can’t look at any of the Crees there is there any way out um probably I don’t know why are you asking me stop asking me sometimes you can get soft locked I’m already soft locked so yeah you might as well just die and see if you keep your stuff I think you might keep your stuff if you die in there and then if you die in the second area you lose it oh I just fell into and it teleported me somewhere yeah don’t don’t look at anything and try to find this red stuff or don’t look at any creature well I know there’s hostile mobs on the map so are you saying when you say don’t look at them are you mean like don’t look at them as in like how you don’t look at an Enderman or do you mean don’t look at them as like don’t have them in your screen just just don’t look at them like an Enderman you can’t look at them at all I mean if they’re on your scen it’s fine as long as they’re just not on your Crosshair I think or near your Crosshair okay here we go what well I just got I need to make some baked potatoes I need to make some baked potatoes I need to make some baked potatoes I need to make Po potatoes what are you making big potatoes so I haven’t looked at any of the mobs but they but when I was standing still one of them was looking at me and I noticed at the corner if they open their eye fully I get teleported wow so you you see the monoliths is that that’s what they’re called monoliths they’re called monoliths yep what happens if you kill one um yeah I’m not sure if we can okay I have two pieces of bread right and a and a gapple that’s all I have to F what is this breed block that I’m looking for it it’s kind of like a I think it’s a liquid I’m gonna I’m GNA use ji I’m going to be smart about this I’m going to use ji Frick and look up red block I’m going to use ji right and then look up the tag for Dimensional Doors oh you can do that yeah you can look up tags for um stuff and um at least the crafting menu you can I don’t know about so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go into to the crafting menu and then tag skeletons are worse than Creepers the do math man what would happen if Shadow just bomb bed a Russian convenience store why are you asking me this I don’t know mathman you probably you you should know the answer to this question your map man um byebye that’s what happened wow kayen what would happen in that situation boom [Music] wow is that it no that’s a creative Spa I think it should be the only red thing there I mean yeah I get that but I want to make sure that red altered fabric I have mining fatigue it’s just when I hold this weird what even is the biome that I’m in it says I’m in the plane so I don’t even know where I am te you’re in the what type of plane the planes on I’m trying to get do you think the block is at0 0 um maybe but I think it just spawns like it spawns like an ocean dang Durango can’t join because art homework it’s not like small it’s like I think there will be like a big ocean over you have to go far enough out um iron or not IR Tak iron ore iron ore iron ore error error er error what the heck what theck Heckman Pacman this baby zombie has full something armor full P armor P huh it’s yeah a pe oh my God this is horrible die dude wait is it because I have something here it is okay that is annoying cuz I want to hold that in my hand hey yeah about this red stuff right is it just one pool of it or is it is there just one p in the entire world or oh I don’t think so I don’t think it’s that I just think it’s somewhat rare okay dang there’s so much stuff okay I would just keep going in One Direction and eventually you’ll find it yeah I’m trying that from the monolith kill this PE baby skeleton is that the color of the armor yeah for a second I thought I just heard an ice cream truck no there’s no ice cream trucks that ever come over here so I was confused ice cream trucks are rip off now made me so much one and didn’t have anything either I need elytra man well wait yeah actually it would work now what the heck is wrong what is wrong with the rendering what is wrong with the rendering what the heck it be like an FPS thing I don’t why are all of the mobs invisible seriously I don’t because now I’m having your issue and I don’t know what it is and it’s annoying well for me they weren’t invisible they were just freezing like they were frozen but they would move and I couldn’t tell where they gosh these monoliths are annoying [Music] I just ate my last piece of bread Frick I have no idea where I am this cave is like the biggest cave I’ve that’s I think I may have to wait if I just have a monolith look at look at me a bunch of times it teleports me to a random place what are the chances that I land near a red spot I don’t know all right I need to um and you take no fall damage with dragon right um I don’t I don’t know I need to relog real quick so let’s pause timer Let’s uh y do that hey Ma yeah what happens um do you take fall damage with dragon um fall damage with dragon uh it I don’t know oh my gosh I found it I found it I found the red pool nice I need to remove OptiFine just jump in it all right all I don’t care if it would give me more performance it’s nice I’m back I’m back I’m 2,000 block away from everyone okay well can’t keep up running two seconds behind wow it’s the only time it’s actually had lag what do you know 1.1.2 is just faster it is faster by like I I don’t know how to explain how much faster uh it is compared to 1.16 I don’t know in the chat wait what can you send chords in the chat cords to me where wherever you are I need chords so I I can get P there’s a cave like oh I’ll just I am pretty much just at like 0 I’m just at spawn pretty much there’s a cave at spawn and I went down in that okay if I told you my cords I’d be like far I just know the entrance to the cave I’m like very deep in the cave come on Come on load faster yes okay I need a boat and as soon as I load in are boats janky on this version or no can’t remember I don’t are those trees that is a falling tree okay what type of w is this oh it’s a c okay I can see the difference in performance I mean not visibly I mean the FPS is still high but it’s lower here’s the Enderman found the end Dimension the Ender burn baby zombie I hate you I hope all babies burn you what I swear if OptiFine is causing the issue but OptiFine also causing me to not freeze then this is going to be annoying as heck oh crap dude my my game just has bad performance when I don’t have OptiFine on do I need to turn down chunks is it is it that or is it the server I’m turning myth map levels different uh no it’s it’s not the server it’s not server side it’s client side my game is like stuttering a little bit okay okay well my game just froze okay okay why is it freezing what the heck Mac you said the spawners are minable right yeah yeah I have a broken skeleton spawner how do I make a backpack what kind of spawner is this it’s a skeleton spawner wait ma we can just make an overpowered skeleton spawner I picked up the one Mac broke earlier if we can just find a bunch of these monoliths and it should be good wait hold up up I need white wo and then I need two red wool okay I make a OS guys we can’t place the spawners Back Down The Mach it says it’s broken combine with a powered Spawner in an anvil to set spawn tip I guess that’s how we reactivate them how do we make one I don’t know at ji I would look but um not in the best spot right now I found another I found okay there we go can you use what kind is this it is another skeleton wait no this one’s stray I have a stray Spa that’s actually really good no that’s actually overpowered this the strafe the one the strafe spawner is one of the best spawners inside the entire game wow you can get diamond from that that’s epic Math Man the only way that we can get Strays um we can make a stray Farm without huh okay black wool no can’t do that okay all right well I can do that I did not know that you could turn it into string and then I don’t know if that’s a mod or something but I can do it so okay the game fr okay I need leather anybody have leather no but I have a Frozen game I have no Lether guys I think there might be another tornado spawning it’s not near me so um uh let me just see how far away are you Math Man really I’m really far away I’m two I’m 2025 I’m let’s see um if you go on if you go on the journey map you will have to go thousands of blocks to the um to the I guess North Southeast uh uh thousands of blocks Southeast to get to me Southeast okay so Southeast is bottom oh my God yeah you are what the heck I know right I’m mining a obsidian so I can go through the Nether um through a portal I need I need eight so I can go through oh wait no I’m going to need more because I need to make one for the bags I need to find wait is it is it only eight make a portal I thought it was 10 it’s 10 but I’m leaving two on the ground so I don’t have to pick it up where are cows I need to find cows are probably in a farm wow thanks forgot how long it takes to m obsidian without efficiency or haste um am I not affected by this thing by what by the tornado I don’t I’m not been affected by it it depends on it depends on the level well like I should be like dragged a little bit but I’m not this is this looks like a big tornado I forgot that 1.16 doesn’t let yet oh okay that’s affecting me a little bit yeah what what um this is like a like a tornado monitoring or weather block or something I will tell you that the the fze man I’m I’m being carried around by this tornado see I feel like I could have been done watching One Piece by the time I’m done there we go finally all right I need to get out of here this is a little Annoying wait am I not to am I not to make it so other people can’t see me I don’t think so the other I need oh boy let me go through come on let me go thank you huh do you know how to make it so other people can’t see me on the map uh some hold on first points is crazy the tornado I think is coming for our stuff I’m just going to take this just in case announce mod whoa hey guys I spawn here Nether Fortress I gu the tornado is coming right for us I uh grabbed my chest hey speed running are you where are you are you below ground here I don’t know I’m I’m just trying to figure I don’t want other people to see where I am on the map um let’s see options Advanced options yeah I can’t see mini map um um I got sulfur is that used for anything I have no clue I’m going to drop it and I’ll grab the spawner after are all spawners grabbable or just certain types of Spawn with mons it was so easy on the other yeah I’m not sure how you do it on this I don’t want see stop giving me I don’t want it let me pick it up okay there we go oh boy oh yeah catch fire lowy I forgot that you can’t catch fire okay this is just crazy this is crazy brother I’m watching The Stream how do you up huh how do you pick up TI to the uh hold uh you hold uh right click and then or what is it you hold shift and then right click put it on the oh apparently the admin can do it what an admin can make it so you can’t like no one can see it players oh uh oh yeah that makes sense uh the village is currently being destroyed by the tornado I see that you since I I’ll do that in a second just hold on want that armor that you got this have it help well there’s you being stingy Mr come on let me go through great oh boy this is okay wow you know what I’ll just let it take me it’s taking me I mean you don’t take fall damage I don’t think so it’s not really it also so does sort of give you a low gravity effect oh my God a zombie just got launched okay wow um I’d like for this tornado to stop I it’s just kind of annoying me right now I I can’t really hear myself speak that well um I’m going my game is the FPS is going down a little bit man there’s grass in the nether this game is just wonderful performance I know the ne ah okay I’m getting hit by a skeleton let me get out of here oh why is the gas disappearing what the gas do the gas is coming in what come on hit the Zone the gas is come on let me get out of here I just need to get out of here okay lives ruined multiple villager lives have been ruined in this catastrophe wa you got to say in like the movie voice then you said in the movie voice yeah many lives have been lost in this devastating tornado okay news anchor Anor yeah I’m not an anchor I don’t know man devastating lives have been lck in this tornado devastating Liv deast me live let me familyes devastated by this horrendous tornado horrendous This Tornado This Tornado is bad This Tornado might be horrendous you know what I’m Tornado Alley tornado forend this Farm has just been pretty much completely destroyed and math man has now finally died Mass famine throughout the village Millions dead guys millions in a village bro tornado math did you get spawned into the tornado no I just see it I’m toward you Ma where are you at uh I just heard thunder get interrupted where you where you I don’t know where you are I can’t see name oh you’re right there are you inside of this house you’re inside this house hey that’s my stuff there’s a gear in there you know you can fly right yeah I know I want to he give me the gear give me the gear okay what the skeleton just not oh ow stop hurting me I don’t like that ow being beled I don’t have any armor what the heck stop I’m being harassed it’s the baby skeleton run fly fly fly I forgot I could do that I was about the moon just looked like a black hole and I was really concerned for a second why are you going back there that’s where the skeletons are right here bro you can take the spawner Math Man spawner oh yeah SP I’m G to go towards the tornado I need to make paxel paxel paxel Yeah I broke mine d break a pi oh my gosh the dimensional Rift that I went through we need to make a refined obsidian P see where I was and what it looks like now all right I need Le what come over to me okay freak I’m gonna die stupid skeleton the yeah you see the this is just a giant Rift yeah I saw that so does it just keep growing until it consumes the world uh I don’t know probably not that would be too much you see all the wind you see all this wind guys the dust I guess clouds I’m underground oh yeah I see him also math Ben just so you know you’re actually able to change the color of your wings like the two different colors you just get rid of them to my what of your wings oh I am yeah how do I do that I got my I got rid of my ear how do how do I make it match my like in your inventory I don’t what’s the hex code of or or GB thing yeah I’ll just what’s there’s an RGB hex code I wish I could make my armor a different color to match Dr Doom I mean I know that leather can do that but you have to like code that why are you invisible on my screen I don’t know oh yeah can you make it so you’re not able to see other players on the map yeah I have to opt myself to do that so I want to be a little sneaky snitch I I need I can’t have people see [Music] me snitch I just made it all black uh um hey guys can we go into the max servers uh friend VC yeah all right all right where’s that in Max servers oh like bbfg yeah I’m not in that server anymore I don’t think oh yes I am never mind okay in bbfg no okay go to bbfg go to announcements yeah just go to announcements yeah I can just invite him and then you servers I see it all right and then math then you have been immediately promoted to VIP Customer because you’re a friend okay there we go the first one in here that means I am Epic I’m a pro at joining VC we’re only two hours in feels like it’s been longer hold let me uh leave and rejoin the game I have to add play list hey kid I hope you’re having a great time tonight okay there we go it’s not even night time it’s still 8 I mean um8 is kind night I guess good morning light this well I mean it’s the summer and lights still out till like 9 or 10 okay here we go oh no you we’re we’re on the we’re on the um crap the Northern Hemisphere oh no people know that now I’ve been doxed they now know it’s guys they’re going to know exactly where I live they I live on one they know what like corner of the earth I live on they know my time zone guys this is scary hello are all crapped in thanks I live in Beverly Hills hey guys guess what there’s leaves underwater there’s wood underwater too I wonder where that came from okay I’m going to put this I’m rich I’m just rich rich guy over there and stole your items rich guy three I need my bed I live in Beverly Hills I have a Beverly Hills mansion hello I am under the water please help me I’m drowning oh I have how did I get a skeleton he tornado looks like it’s coming back my that is that is unfortunate this is some unfortunate news mathman I blame you because you delivered the news uh oh server lag it’s lagging no I just can’t M these blocks right here for some reason M can you help me or math man I can’t tell oh I don’t know where you are I I can’t mine these blocks I can mine other blocks I don’t know where you are I don’t see your tag oh I’m below you never mind I’m good all right this is a nice little down I’m trying to figure out how to get back up I forget where my stuff is baby skeleton I can’t even see it because it’s mod okay where are I can’t see him where are the fillers where are the guys hey look at that is that iron in a furnace iron iron in a furnace math then I think we need to I think we need to teach you how to pronounce your word properly I don’t know okay I just need to find some cows because I need leather oh crap where where is my furnace and stuff where did that go oh here it is I was near me yeah I found I need Hearts I have two heart shards can I have them the Tado launched uh two sheep into the sea oh three I dropped them somewhere where did they go te sheep why is that is getting larger actually that Rift Wait no that’s not the one that I was that yeah but the one mine mine is like I think it’s bigger than that I need to find where are the cows bro they’re running from me you know I need their flesh I’m back up I haven’t seen the surface in years Discord moderator real I’m really a how much is a backpack uh well I need four leather for it so yeah I do too because I really need freck freck freck I probably make that well they certainly aren’t on the coast oh that’s that’s my chest oh I was coming to oh you’re invisible okay wait how did I pick stuff or TI into these uh you hold shift and then right click oh yeah I uh okay yeah I can do that Journey map okay down here did you have to change something in does I have to an empty chest um no hold shift and right click that’s how I do it yeah I don’t know I stop it that’s also 10 also also two different tins I could not figure out how to change it so then it wouldn’t work I mean what am I saying there’s there’s two different tins by the way guys just so you don’t get confused all right it just will not let me do it I believe that it that the problem is it’s probably okay where is the okay I’m trying to look for the journey map config freak the spawner is with me yeah I’m GNA relog I guess yeah Rel logging doesn’t really seem to help though I’m seeing if that’s why I can’t pick up chests because it just will not work I can’t even see the name tags of the mobs now yeah I don’t know I’m just being attacked by invisible things I can’t like what is going on what why is this happening why are mobs invisible krie just let me carry your chest what what the heck okay let me go do you all know what’s going on what how I feel dude oh my God what the hell do I have to make a specific chest what are you trying to do I’m trying to carry a tile entity stupid oh you have shift click on it I know that’s it’s just not working oh where are you at cuz I don’t see you on the map um I am in I’m by that chest in the cave I don’t know if I can get to you because I can’t go in the cave without being able to dodge enemies I know I missed the other version this just so buggy me why are we using this one instead of the other one I mean the lagy yeah it was laggy and I just I hate it man I can’t how we supposed to play when we can’t even see the enemies me i’ rather play on 1.7.10 than this I we too deep in now yeah I got I got your chest I got your chest oh okay uh I think we should sleep now I need to get back up to my bed wherever it is hey you shi you don’t shift left click you shift right click yeah I know it wasn’t working for some reason is your offhand free yeah is your main was your main hand free too oh does your main hand have to be free yeah they both have to I placed on top of the church okay thank you I need fun where do I get out of here oh it’s over here uh I need go for thatuh okay uh skeleton you will now die what the heck this is so this is a red stuff skeleton I need your whoa baby skeleton where what also if you want to um fix the issue where you can’t see enemies disable OptiFine or just remove OptiFine from your thing from the mod pack from the mod folder yeah all right give me a second okay just that disastrous [Music] disastrous it doesn’t even say OptiFine is even in here did you download it should have been added to the pack it’s not yeah I added it to the pack it wasn’t in there for me yeah it’s not in here for me either then I guess I mean if oh are you looking at the folder or curse Forge because it’s in the folder C oh okay yeah and then that you should see it and if it’s still not working then remove Mo bins because it’s an animation pack and I don’t know all right so where would it where would it be in the folder it’s under the O category it’s just in mods and then no I mean I’m I was looking in Cur Forge and I didn’t see OptiFine where is OptiFine Okay Go Okay go look on C Forge do you see the so you’re on 40 hour the sequel or whatever it’s called right yep click the three dots and do show folder yeah uh and it should open up uh File Explorer then in file explorer there should be the thing open up go to two mods yep and then find OptiFine and then just delete it we have six viewers keep can’t be found but it’s clearly right here huh so I need four Lea I’m so glad they added swimming it’s like one of the best new features they’ve ever added yeah math man what are your thoughts trying to delete this dumb it says it’s j it says it’s jar jar like dot jar Do jar that’s strange oh my God that you can’t delete it I can’t delete it h i don’t know why I was able to delete it now I’m getting the invisible mob no I can’t even drag into the recycling bin I I’m not sure is Minecraft still open no it’s closed I closed it Minecraft launcher no check task manager and see if Java is open as a process let’s see I found the jar file for OptiFine so I’m gonna delete that you’re having a wonderful time over there aren’t you nope no I’m talking the kid I’m starting to get an invisible bug too all right then well you can just uninstall OptiFine I guess that’s what we’re trying to do if if it gets worse it it fixed itself so if it gets worse uh oh we make a base on here we’re probably going to have to make it like underground or something yeah I need to get what do I need to get I need leather I really need leather what is this config I’ve killed like five cows and I’ve gotten one piece of leather here let’s sleep some more spawn go back to my cave okay it seems like I removed OptiFine think suver side rain State um can you sleep man yeah you there monsters nearby where I’m going to kill them [Music] is never where any new uh no no okay it’s crafed yeah that that’s that’s that’s RL craft you yep oh it’s I don’t even know if you I don’t remember I don’t I don’t think red know yeah I don’t okay I am currently looking for the mo okay who broke the dirt on on who broke the dirt in my house me because uh the my chest was up on the roof okay um sleep we have five viewers on Twitch oh up that’s uh strangely High anyways I need to go up I need cows I need leather I swear if there’s another tornado bro I swear this is freaking annoying put my I just left my chest in the open I need to put it in the wait is this a thunderstorm can s through it I don’t know I think hold on I need to change my performance to be whatever because it’s just annoying there we go all right time to look for some cows um is that something is that okay well there’s a cow right there okay well I also see a rift here that’s expanding I think there’s about to be a tornado that spawns I see it spawning in the sky okay that’s annoying yeah I see a big swirly Cloud I’m pretty sure that’s a tornado about to spawn let me put this chest in the basement all right here we go the cow just give me why don’t I use the spider thing on the cow so I can get cooked meat dude where okay you’re dying pal anal yeah that is what macking gaming condones oh my God there is going to be tornado I hear the lightning thunder have I gotten any leather seriously bro why is it so hard to spawn all right I just got two leather okay I can’t even find cows now all right we’re going to hope that [Music] works I need one more leather please just yes you see the right here hold on I need to what the I’m going to jump into it dude because the world has been regenerated before I’m seeing just like different past Generation stuff uh uh oh that Rift is getting pretty big yep that would be my fault no you can’t uh what Rift oh look at that over there looks like I think we summ the tornado wait if you look inside of it it’s inverted it’s like semi inverted bro why are there no cows there was a cow over here I got all the cows oh I just realized the mobs are invisible oh my God this sucks all right let me check files what the heck is that noise okay what the oh furnace crackles furnace crackles wait is that Hil I just took damage is that hail what the hell well we don’t have a weather block so we don’t know I mean they’re not that hard to make I just don’t have Roots do do we got do we all want to go on an expedition to make a weather block um I mean we just need Redstone like I said I I know where Redstone is all right I need 1 2 3 four five six 7even I need four sand ma are you going to be at twitch con am I am I am I going to get it are you going to be at twitch yeah are you going to be at ttch uh I don’t think I have the money for that I don’t know how much it cost actually so I can’t let me check and it is like hundreds of dolls oh well yeah I don’t even I don’t really I don’t really watch Twitch streamers that much anyways I know I don’t I don’t understand people who watch like I I have never been interested in watching streams really I’m a streamer who uh doesn’t watch Twitch I mean I like I like small streamers because like you can kind of talk with them but like other than that I just do not take it’s just too long unedited wait J Jade is here okay hello Jade Jade’s here Jade said meow I’m looking in the chat oh yeah there yep I see Jade what’s up Jade we have seven viewers takes a few minutes for it to syn though or not minutes but a few seconds for it to BR if you if you donate a billion Subs I will now see hey rain doesn’t like me guys all right no more wait does do items float in the direction of the wind no okay they don’t it’s just particles oh God Jade if you want to join the VC I can give you the the mod pack thing or dang dang there’s another Rift over here I don’t know who made this one do we need we need like the protective thing so we can like make our houses Invincible with the security craft I’m just going to oh yeah that’s not that expensive it’s just I haven’t yet see a diamond a single Diamond uh so I remember I remember our old modded world World um I remember our old moded world2 that was that was such a fun world Jay just I don’t remember if you I mean wait I think I can just change the description of the stream to add the Discord I’ll just do that um okay that God dang it bro we should have the morph the morph mod again I love that it’s my favorite oh yeah where where is okay I need to pop out chat no I don’t I don’t need to pop out chat I need to extend the windows so then I can edit the description War spawn is probably my favorite mod okay now you can uh you can refresh the page and it should be there and then send um I forgot there’s no there’s no uh oh my gosh this Stone tool thing is so Anno okay mathman I trust you enough with uh moderation to um get admin probably no guarantees you’re now Discord moderator yeah just give just give Jade the thing whenever the yep what’s the rule called um I believe it is VIP customer got you where the hell are these cows what am I doing okay there just like all right Jade whenever you’re ready that is not how you corupt it is it no it’s the other way around so uh how do you how do you how are you supposed to get iron hello Jade I heard the I only heard the Discord notification noise from math man’s thing you smell so how how supposed to get iron if we can’t craft a stone pick you just you just you can craft St how do you how okay that makes no sense but okay I need what makes total sense okay zombie down found coal so hopefully that’s going to be sufficient I didn’t think You’ remember me I haven’t talked to you guys in a while I mean bfg’s one rare event is the summoning of Jade yeah it’s okay I’m back I’m better than ever where’s the the second sheep I’ve seen spawn in the water but not a single cow oh there’s a there’s a m SP here there’s a disc and there’s Flint aren’t Jade and red from from entirely arrows of bbfg entirely there at the start of it okay mm and then you disappear fre baby skeleton oh my God okay I don’t use that account anymore hate the baby skeletons I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them get them out of here remove him from the game I don’t know fre um boom boom and I need this hoay Travelers backpack um oh my gosh so much of the gang is here God dang it I need to put wait what how do I use this I can craft leather with four rabbit side I need to look at this mod pack I don’t know I forgot about that recipe It’s s it’s such a dumb recipe too I don’t even understand how I store the backpack I feel like it’s harder to kill rabbits but it’s way harder to kill rabbits right now it’s hard it’s easier to kill rabbits because I can’t find a b cow you’re killing rabbits for I need I need that refined obsidian tax I just realized I think we’re we’re some of the only people that are going to be joining the server that knows about the ref obsidian pel well now you said it twice I mean if they go back in the Stream I mean if there’s nobody really watching does it really matter yeah and they probably don’t know how to make it anyway yeah like we’re the only people who will know how to we need to make a Bunger fast then I mean it took it took me like two minutes to figure out how to make that yeah up then again I think I think Shadow is more hyper fixated on the fact that um it was netherite and netherite is considered the strongest in Minecraft so I mean I’m teaming with Shadow I mean I’m I’m uh I’m might have to give him the info while bro imagine if if my origin was in this that would be that would be so op quick I need to place that down actually um so are we going for is the bulletproof vest in this I’m assuming it is no we don’t have Timeless on here there might be a different one though yeah we have a Mr C fish’s gun mod which I mean Timeless and Classics is just like uh there they used to be um an add-on to it but they left uh yeah they they just worked off there’s refined obsidian chest plate it’s not a thing hold up let me look at paxel real quick refined there’s no refined obsidian p no is the there’s swordian okay the strongest paxel in the game is going to be the obsidian paxel so we should get that it should be relatively oh frick no it requires refined obsidian I mean I can we can make it again I just we diamonds who joined Shadow oh wait Shadow joined [Laughter] fck hi [Music] Shadow is he just know I’m in the 48 hour thing right now I’m streaming hello Jade hello [Music] Shadow you know I totally forgot about that era I totally forgot about that era totally cringing I’m cringing out right now [ __ ] man come on we have a history don’t be like this we yeah history don’t be like BF G is deep BBF Gore is deep it is Shadow just wants to pretend it’s not real Shadow we have history it’s not real I don’t know it is real Shadow I don’t know you yes you do no real well Shadow BG hasn’t War he just wants to pretend it isn’t real I’m a I’m a different man oh a oh you aren’t you still the same height no how tall are you Shadow I’m 5’11 what yeah yeah I’m still I’m still 5 fo4 so he’s not he’s not a short King no more he’s not a short King no more yeah I’m a I’m a uh I’m a big Power Li now so bro yeah I believe you Shadow yeah okay I said I believed you I said I you that’s sarcastic you’re sarcastic oh someone like very sarcastic here what why would I ever what has it been uh three years oh God years is crazy no it has has it actually yeah I think two I it was definitely during Co but I don’t know oh my god I’ve been ghosting you guys for years that’s what I’m saying like I even started ghosting them I’m sorry like bbmg practically I think bbmg is more of like a summer thing it I can’t I can’t talk about that SM streaming mat can you meet your one time uh I don’t I I I need to keep it constantly going for the world record guys no it was two years ago it was two years ago I remember because it was New Year M me mute me mute me real quick okay um yeah let me do that right now oh no what’s he gonna say uh hold on hold on um mut no no okay you’ve been muted I think you math tell me when he’s done oh maybe I no not knowing what’s going on oh my God no I do remember cuz my sister banned him immediately come on I can’t oh my God the L is crazy it goes beyond what I know I’m so sorry Shadow I’m so sorry if I unban you will you not forget about the lore not all to forget about the L Shadow I will never forget about the L this is no cuz it was on New Year’s too I remember that clearly that was a key event I’m sorry Pooky you did it to yourself can I uh unmute now because I no no okay yeah you can you said yeah okay hold on I need to get back to base huh okay hello Shadow hello Mac ghetto Shadow do you need the um you need the zip file I’m not I’m not joining okay so so happy to see me I never thought I’d see you again in my life actually so you’re happy about it right yeah I guess you guess yeah I’m happy though yeah that’s what I thought wow mean that’s crazy what I’m happy to see you too make feel better it’s it’s it’s I have mixed feelings about the way that you said I mean I’m like smiling but in like a awkward nervous way oh because of the past huh yeah big time bud this is just funny can it it’s a live all right guys I have easily fangled uh Shadow under my finger again my God been here for like five minutes um guys I Fallen okay let’s go I can do it even two years later Speed Run question Mar did I just get speed it’s just that longdistance relationship [ __ ] [Laughter] ah okay different topic I can’t drive even though I’m 16 because I’m legally blind are you like a woman I don’t drive and I’m 17 um I’m gangster okay pal oh my God I’m 17 I’m almost 18 in January it’s like like my brother not going lie that’s kind of old it’s not that old Y what the exactly like yo Jade are you on no I just hang out for a minute yeah how did how did Bray get contact of you um I still wait let me tell this one because I haven’t made any contribut to this lore so we were streaming right just now and then Jade hopped in and then ma noticed yeah back back literally [ __ ] DMD me like he said he said Jade’s in the Mac server VC I said oh hell no do not talk about me at all what shadow really Shadow really no I didn’t say that I’ve never said that in my life really no happy to see me what I’m happy to see you uh I got one I don’t know only I complete this uh this uh whatever thing is if Chubby join VC Discord accounts how many Discord accounts do you own now oh this is my second one the other one I just seeing through I’m seeing through blocks okay I can see the storm clouds okay I thought for a second well I I know you have like eight accounts that I’ve add what yeah do I yeah that one with the cat smoking the heart I no idea about that that’s like an old account that’s that’s a really old account it’s a really old account yeah oh my God I don’t even think I have the log to that and then you have jith yeah that one I bar I’ve never used in a while either me personally I keep all my accounts the same I don’t have so got time God dang it I need this backpack here I have an idea Shadow just to just to just to fondle you some more one second let me D you whoa F what she said she already said that before yeah okay how do I put this freaking I want make you have a major crush on me real quick okay right now okay not be not sorry what is this thing dude you’re going to you’re going to fall in love okay am I going to fall in love here yeah uh y’ wait till New Year’s like oh my God shut [Laughter] up this is going to be weird detailing the events of whatever to the G World Records guys there’s a reunion it’s a [Music] reunion the best OG is here okay I was one of the first I’m the I’m the best guys I’m not a narcissist also I don’t I don’t I don’t know you know I’m just going to say this Shadow’s actually younger than me not older we already knew that did didn’t I don’t think yeah I did yeah huh everybody thought Shadow was like the second oldest in bbfg yeah but I think I told her a while ago yeah I told her I’m like my fault gang I lied you did not talk like that I’ll I promise you that shadow she’s the only one that knew back then you know how yeah I’ve kept this persona for so long CU I was too crush on me shadow it’s okay just a minute you did and it’s gonna got to be relived go look in your DMs brother go look in your DM brother it’s crazy yeah the only reason I found out is because uh well essentially I don’t like talking about this me me uh shadow um me my dad and Shadow went to another place what is it another state I I’ll just say that I don’t want to really say that in stream I don’t I’m going to expose Shadow real quick you just sent the hard eye emoji in the end oh my God I hope [Laughter] you this is funny this is flat out funny oh I’m having so much fun don’t worry about it don’t worry about Shadow like it’s interesting right now but uh I I feel like explaining this in the email that I am required to write to Guinness is going to be just a little weird if I have to detail the events like hour by hour um I’m because I’m not we’re not really doing much right now Hayden is not involved yeah I’m I’m um half I’ve had a glow up I’m not like an ugly skinny kid anymore thank God proof proof or it didn’t happen Okay proof yeah why on this little island I do got to go though what I would like uh what I would what I would like to say is that this is for some reason boosted viewership hell yeah love you sh see you later guys see bye love you to down wait a minute I just realized Shadow didn’t say he loved me back yes I did I just did now I said I love you too un say it one more time I I just did twice one love you too no what’s my name d come on come on love you too Jade thank you bye guys that was the most embarrassing moment of my life I’m very nervous and my cheeks are red okay wow all right the thing that would complete the bbfg reunion would get uh would be getting chubby in Jo yeah that’s true yeah and that one gay guy what guys she just she just called me a CTI PTI y on my level does he have a boyfriend though well I mean I would assume by the way she was talking to you maybe no I don’t know her I love him and then he’s so smelly he’s better than all of you I don’t know wait she’s still watching the stream isn’t she she was confirmed 100% ironic hey uh look at the YouTube chat um Shadow she’s still she’s still in the Stream isn’t she yep I don’t want to look at the YouTube chat I knew it I knew [ __ ] that’s [ __ ] up Jade why did I just look up YouTube on YouTube to get to YouTube Shadow better know I can still hear him that’s what she just ch y calm down I thought you had to go um I need to change this how do I go to where’s what’s Max user lower and it’s spes well not all spes but you know what I’m saying I just spelled gaming two M [Music] congratulations back gam he’s on live right red what are you where are you what are you doing I’m on the island I see nothing in the chat I finally got a account congratulations you probably don’t see anything Shadow because you just just joined the she DM me four times I can hear you I I can listen all I want I’m G stalk you yeah I [ __ ] with that I [ __ ] with that uh math man would you like to uh I’m not you like to write the um would you I’m not gonna lie me and Joelle were uh we were uh we’re talking about Jade like yesterday Jo was like you fumbled so hard and I was like I know bro I I can’t I can’t I can’t handle this it’s actually crazy prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick can you say [ __ ] no how do I uh send like money to what how do I send you money on your stream you have to go to Twitch I don’t have monetization on YouTube that’s [ __ ] up you can do it on Twitch though if you have you can also get free bits okay uh you get free bits interesting username Channel interesting username this is not my only account this is not my account alone wait what’s his username nothing nothing really me me and my brothers share this account so that ain’t all me wait how do you get free bits though uh you can do what you can do um surveys for on Twitch wait really oh okay yeah you have to sign up for some other thing and they give you like some whatever every few weeks so infinite money glitch you can’t donate to yourself mapman and they give you like a dollar worth alt account well yeah but you can still use an you make ton of alt accounts they probably have some protection oh my gosh the skeleton just sniped that creeper thank you for the disc my username is actually I got [Music] four you got an FF AR no that’s the that’s the um the disc I got as far ah congratulations mathman I’m the rler just putting that out there I’m the rling now I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around I’m pretty sure Jade R yeah you got okay guys I think did I get R change my username you really need to change your username don’t you yes I do how do I equip the backpack how to make gun I don’t remember how to make on um with with with the with the the thing you know you know what I’m saying backpack but workbench or something right is that a BL end no okay that’s not to that’s a workstation oh I need light gray concrete specifically look for oxid oh you can put you can put liquids in your backpack yeah but that’ll be useful for transportation what the heck what is this holy crap how big is that tornado probably won’t spawn that speed boost how big is this tornado bro see tab your channel tab what guys I’m very confused right now and I don’t know what’s happening what YouTube is confusing I haven’t what’s going on yo okay I need to get over here uh guys we’ve held a consistent viewership of like seven to nine viewers on which on which one twitch or uh combined what is a stone compound gear for bro I you should know oh I dropped all my stuff dude is that hail that’s hail we’re GNA I’m getting out of here so uh can you tell me why hail keeps standing in our area I don’t know math man I’m getting a horse and I’m guys I I might actually be the rler I don’t believe you I think it’s the other way no I just R I never thought I would say that in my life hey Jay are you still are you still in the Stream what was that what what was that notification on my phone oh it was me Snapchat oh is that oh you got the snap accept wait a second hold up give me a second Shadow I’m going to DM you I’m killing this yes Jade is in the chat okay well I’m gonna just kill these shadow I just DM you give second okay yeah there’s guys another tornado is spawning in and it’s I don’t like it I don’t like it guys I just Lo in guys this is not fun no tornado a even doing nothing I’m I’m inside of the to oh no oh boy MTH man M help I might here I might be dead here I’m good i’ played the Dr before why are you not helping are you a bad person kayen how bad of a person is he m St person okay oh my dog no no I just boat clutch I’m so good at this game give me my boat back getting sucked all right who getting sucked okay I don’t my fault my bad sh you see what I sent nope I am just hovering in the air help help me help help help me help you’re fine bro it’s pulling me whoa survey freck freck I I can’t okay you know what I think I can I just am I able to just fly out of here ow what the heck wait are you inside too yeah I am current okay well yo I might actually be [Music] dumb were you dumb hell what I missed oh my God what happened I missed the button that was so obviously there are you playing are you playing find the button no I’m I what are you doing Shadow I’m going to be honest this is the most confused I’ve seen you in a very long time I mean certain event just happened yeah I know A lot’s happened yo I see chat I’m stalking Shadow I [ __ ] with a heavy is this or gosh okay I’m so smart what is there’s a boat in the water what the hell is this no okay this tornado will not let me go guys I’m coming to the surface I be uh it’s out of your direction I mean I’m right below you not well I’m fine it’s in the it’s in the ocean now okay y why is my name taken on Google [ __ ] what also righted your chest is still down here I know I was trying to get it but then I got violated by a tornado hey MTH Math Man what is a chance of getting a uh getting a zombie head from a zombie please let it’s a 0% chance you need a you need a charge creeper okay then so I guess this game changes it because I have two of them yeah I’m [Laughter] SK yep yep that’s crazy yeah bro I think mine’s like a 79 or something that’s okay it’s not like I mean it’s kind of crazy it’s not that bad might I have an explanation no okay how do I change my my uh my profile picture on YouTube I’ve had this one for like five years math man yeah take this and also this okay well I need to get I need to get my been the most famous egg ever is my uh my user is there another tornado spawning bro you’re kid it’s right on top of us get into the cave I’m trying I need to find the cave it’s in here mman where’s the G with the I I can’t escape it wrong cave freck this is the wrong cave okay we need we need to go out like a bajillion blocks and then bro I’m actually I’m actually stuck why won’t this thing spawn it’s right here math man we need to go out like a bajillion blocks and then make an underground base please please I swear to God I swear to God my God it’s right here it’s right on top of us y not going to lie that that’s like the the most nervous I’ve been in a while I expect that my heart’s still beating fast all right where’s where’s Red at okay red is this way go this I’ve gotten kidnapped wait can you guys like take my chest or something I had some good [ __ ] in there I can’t get it I’m over here now okay I just ran out of Mana so I can’t fly right now I think they like follow players or something what tornadoes cuz it is following me for a while is he in this direction dude yeah I’m running I can see the storm clouds where he’s at I don’t know how long ago Jade said this but SMH SMH my head what is that is that a w yeah it is did you just say shake my head my head yes yeah it doesn’t have anything I don’t even know what to where oh he’s to oh there I see I see red red over here to your to your right yeah I I see I need to get my stuff go come back here all right well gosh just leaving us bro I need to get my stuff pleas let us let us get over there first your stuff is safe I know I I need to bring it with us or wherever we’re going I thought more people were going to join this yeah it’s just um I don’t know how do I change my username on what my profile picture on YouTube bro I CH I changed my YouTube still so long ago I don’t even remember how to change it BR i l it’s link to your Google profile picture I’m pretty sure oh it is cuz like I changed my I added like some friends from like when I was in like third grade and I just haven’t been able to remove them and they all got oh my God how do I I have an old picture of my cat on Google photos wait I might need to check Google wait how do you check Google photos okay no you just uh you how I did it is I just went to Google and I typed dot enter and then my little profile picture I clicked on edit it and then change and then Google photos is there oh [ __ ] I just wait yo there’s so many of my old cat I think he do it automatically put your photos in the Google photos no um if you haven’t link to that yet wow to get glowing powder I kind of forgot about fluffy wait I might actually oh wait no that account got deleted never mind electric engine electric engine I’ve had so many Discord accounts I forget how many you even had all I remember is two of them never mind I’m not going to say that on stre what are you filers doing there waiting for this dude uh I’m just steering at my chest I don’t know what to take bro just take the chest like come on put I have a backpack I have a backpack be efficient with it man he’s stealing he’s stealing I’m taking the chest you take too long me my stuff teams are revent right now Math Man give him it math man I will kill you what if I what if I Math Man give him it it right here wait so if it’s if it’s link to my Google account I just changed my Google change bro what all right then can I get my stuff I need my stuff give me my stuff back he’s taking your stuff I oh my gosh bro I have some of your chest items what are you doing here here I just I just took a diamond that’s the only thing I took I think I thought you had more diamond do you want your stuff back nah you can you can have it you don’t want your capacitor of holding your Elite circuit and your Phantom pris actually yeah I do want and your gunpowder and your wooden gears your spider eyes wait yeah I do actually want to make some bombs so I’ll take oh ICBM hold on a second whoa I’m Lear I’m I’m learning so much lore right now about what can I make a plane who’s in the chat J no no no what chat uh twitch no um Discord general of uh Max server that was on the 25th actually I don’t see anything from there dude my cheeks are hot as hell what I’m flustered chill chill chill I’m just okay why did someone say that in what wait someone in general just said I’m a uh uh end yeah I’m not say that I’m stre you guys see you guys got that hey who was that was a week ago that was a week ago though what do you mean yeah were they George Washing Machine the hell I’m delete that I’m G delete wait no no no I’m standing I’m standing by I’m standing by is that your all account what oh did you J said something in the in the chat I don’t know how the TOs works on twitch and stuff so I know well I’m on both YouTube and twitch so it’s even more strict we’re gonna get banned forf huh do you think we’re gonna get banned for bbfg lore no you didn’t even say anything bad yeah it’s not inappropriate so it’s not it’s not like people know they like know anything about it I mean I don’t know anything about know you all are really talking about that much new new generation New Gen yo new J new J guys I listen to cemetery kidden can’t fit in I lost well actually I have a better one math man do you have do you have osmium armor yet I have I’m half osmium okay uh wait I’ll be right back all right well math Ben here’s backup armor for you thanks all right where are we going oh there’s a chest we have a total of six viewers well this is very interesting give me a second yeah we need to get the hell out of here math man just why [Music] I want to kill people whoa I something I almost said something crazy in game in game in game in game in I mean you could just say whatever just say in game at the end uh it’s AI who basically looks uh AI essentially looks through um the transcript of the entire thing and then if there’s anything that looks like it could be bad then whatever if you say in game seriously it um it basically just takes away some more stuff I mean not everything but I’m goingon to okay yeah you see and not everything try it don’t try it but no but um I remember this guy he he he sent death threats to a uh to a a senator or something but he at the end of it he said in Minecraft or something and he got arrested he really thought that would work in game he was talking about in in game that’s against his constitutional rights wait guys guys come come over here come over here to where the giant Rift is where I am right there’s two things one the rift the area around the rift is completely destroyed it wasn’t like this before and be there’s Farmland under here there’s Farmland underwater you know eventually well we’ll f i we’re probably not going to play on this world really after this so I’m sure this won’t be a problem if we just go far enough away I’m I’m sure this won’t be a problem but look there’s Farmland underwater man what the hell anyways youall want to youall want to book it yeah let’s get the freak out of here guys let’s get the freaking freak out of here I’m going freaking insane well don’t go insane freaking stream guys I’m actually really happy I’m glad for this event it because of events that happened like 30 minutes ago 30 30 minutes ago practically 30 minutes ago is it because the 25% off you can get on Max servers right now no actually uh no unfortunately I don’t uh no discount right now I have to state that I was just about to buy something I was about to buy 10 million dollars worth of now I’m get well you guys are VIP customers you automatically get you automatically get discounts well I don’t know if I Services anymore because um you lied about a discount [Music] so Mac where okay where do we want to travel do we want to go north south east west or whatever I say we go wherever the wind takes us I suppose we go north because and it looks like Tado over there um where are you guys I don’t I don’t know where you guys are where you going Ma Head East yeah why boats in the ocean because that’s that’s where people put their boats you should know this we should we should have done this on Crazy Craft guys can I catch up a little bit no here I’ll get you I also need some mustard what what’s mustard have to do with this ketchup I need a ketchup get in the boat get in the boat it’s not letting me get in okay bro your wings are in the way why are my why are my wings flapping and yours aren’t mine are yours are okay well then huh okay that’s what you meant by boat okay teila hey Ma can you turn the lights on are you on land right now red yes Shadow I reserved Goblin for you oh you me to hop on yeah Max do you have Max Max do you have Max Mana I have 96 Mana all right we’re gonna have to fly so well is that oh freck I need that go north you see what kind of armor that is yeah I’m just if I can get me some of that oh my gosh I got me I got some of it I got some of it yes isn’t that rare to get a drop from mobs wearing armor yeah but it’s even rare for it to be that good of of a piece of armor my speed is being interrupted by by the damage I’m taking from Poison I need food right now actually I got carrots on me okay well I ate some baked potatoes uh yes Max send me the zip I’ll download it okay I would but I’m I’m on like two hearts and I need to not die here I’ll just I’ll just send it to you or like I I’ll just add you to Discord where you sent it oh the [ __ ] is your okay I need to stay safe yo guys I’m listening to Flowers by Ghost Mountain am I mysterious and cool I have no idea never heard that song which one do I download the latest one the most recent one okay so the most are you still on land and then I sent the IP no I’m I’m long gone all right mag get in the boat okay hold on guys I’m hating on Happy couples right now you said what I’m hating unhappy couples right now we am I able to hit you no okay that’s not spreading positivity guys I wanted to be able to not hit you by I almost said something I almost said something very bad after you said that I I think I know ma man your cape is bugging out a lot I actually hate I actually hate 2022 and 2021 version of me I was so edgy I have I have the twitch cake too the only one that I need is the Tik Tok what do you mean you’re so edgy now you’re so edgy now oh yeah guys yeah I don’t think we should say that that’s too edgy and uh yeah dude why did he say that we lately BR I don’t know he was actually like cringing me out when he said that I know and he’s like he’s like he says that she the time bro why do you why do you keep heading Southeast we need to meet up red cuz that’s where Ghost Mountain exactly yeah this this guy’s an old gen I can just tell math you’re a n you’re n bro you’re a nfg bro no not to be can you keep driving can you keep um boating Southeast this way oh I have to go the way that we were heading before okay well I don’t okay Southeast well I’m never going to catch me I got to close my blinds I don’t have blinds don’t have blinds D no I just leave my window open all the time the last I the last I my window I don’t am I not not you Mac I’m talking red okay well you said get in the boat and okay I was confused the last my window because there there was like a dead skunk outside my yeah yeah we need to go Southeast red needs to stop going Southeast yeah there was like a dead skunk in my backyard and and it was like smelling really bad so I had to close my window guys it’s almost been 3 hours really yep wow I mean the stream has been running for 3 hours and 20 minutes but the but the timer in the top left oh there’s an ocean Monument is there now so are you going to wait for us what I just said exactly what I just said what is making my camera turn wait can I pick a boat a TI entity no it’s not what am I talking we should do longest play session to see if the I want to be a pirate right now in the in the chat is it said from Jade Shadow crushing on me IIs that was likeo yeah that was a while ago math really yeah oh we got Godly memes in the chat saying hi what’s up laughing crying Emoji is that a hold on the eyes are wait wait are your memes Godly you weren’t a meme reposter channel are you D wait do you get your meme do you repost your memes from God stop going oh my God stop going south so we can catch up to you do do you get your memes from God Almighty Jay just said I’m still here oh there’s a witch hut right here you can’t even stalk Shadow Shadow’s not even here wait Shadow’s not here no he want the good Godly memes said memes yeah no I’m poor what does that have to do Delay from the oh go Mo said template Oh I thought he was saying like he was too poor to get his memes from God is crazy IM imagine like you go to heaven like no you’re too poor the the oh we got a new follower Shadow J Jade’s looking for her Pooky we got a new twitch Bower um I’m back um J Jade was looking for her Pooky guys we got a new twitch follower uh can somebody pronounce that yeah I got I got that I got that I got that no one ever no one else try I’m not even going to try okay what what is it what is it go on Twitch chat twitch chat send me send me a screenshot I’m not going on Twitch go to Twitch okay let me go to Twitch maack and gaming you’re the only person I follow other than Jade what the hell is that name okay um halberg first try bro you’re G to make them unfall they got a confusing ass [ __ ] name oh we’re so close to Red oh crap I got how far am I going to have to travel I am currently 4,000 blocks away from Spawn but don’t don’t worry I I have no no I have a way I can get 4,000 you’re only a couple you’re only a couple hundred above us what spawn we’re like 4,000 blocks away from Spawn yeah I I have I have a way that we can get you to us guys am hi Jade I see what you said in chat guys my heart is beating very fast wait guys I’m actually about to full why does it say my twitch follower goal is 16 out of nobody knows followed me I was thinking I was like follow follow Bots aren’t that small follow Bots aren’t that small all right Mac we got to go and foot from here okay y never catch on me bro we can fly we can catch up to them easily we have 400 you don’t even fly that fast I run faster than you fly Mac we can boat from here all right guys how do I my ah insomnia how do you hear your insomnia I don’t know the other day I was like three days what is this hold we can take a little detour from Red for a second wait guys we’re almost we’re almost at the location where I spawn oh freck there’s Rifts why is location where I died from the from the from I was in the nether right wait should we make should we make our base location there in in the where where um I I got a I I got a spot just follow me keep following me that’s the hard part but just get faster hey Ma is there anything in these structures or supposed to be into structures I have never seen this structure before M man I don’t know why I ask y anything anymore about mods yall don’t know anything math Ben I just made the mod pack also I don’t think I can distribute this mod pack because some mod pack whatever don’t like to um they don’t like to be featured what how happy I am right now oh uh first time chat from username I’m not going to pronounce hello you H okay bro shut up okay um okay it was it was a bot thank God [ __ ] you y it’s y it’s a bot automatic protection [ __ ] you little you little I wanted to see what the message was I I have the message right here do you already do do you already try stream viewers Donald okay wait are you in a flying boat no we have wings and we’re using the boat dude we have gone so far I’d like to zoom out on the map even more I would I would like Jade is the reason I would like to publicly say Jade is the reason I’m very happy right now wait really I was I was not told to say that [Music] a is that a rift if I go if I go missing it’s don’t look for me is was that a Snapchat notification I heard shut [Laughter] up sh we hear every time there’s a Snapchat notification go back okay you’re you’re you’re a hater I’m not ma why are you praying on his downfall bro I’m not what bro Max just DM me like uh Jade is now in the twitch chat oh J you have not followed me until now on Twitch bro bro ma said I hate y’all yo M Mac is a hater wait red um if you go to the Savannah that’s over there that’s where the nether portal area is I’m pretty wait no it’s not where the nether portal area is but it’s um where I spawned in from the from the void M just said every night before bed I pray on Shadows down why are you continuing this Minecart rolls what what Minecart rolls is that someone’s used yeah haven’t you hav’t you heard the new the new side dish mine cart rules no there was a subtitle huh there was a subtitles that said M Minecart rolls my computer is running at 96 memory right now bro how much RAM are you using right now I don’t know God help wait you have twitch Prime are you already using that sub hold up Max stay in the boat I said stay in the boat I swear to God I did all get out of the boat so I can get I think I’m losing my mind oh okay I was in 30% I thought there was a desert temple over there wait can I put my horse in a [Music] boat oh yeah we’re we’re far we’re wait how far like enough time that I could catch a horse without yall catching me yeah hoay Jade is now subscri on Twitch I just got paid like two and a half bucks free money free money free money scammed you just got scammed um let me edit my controllers you my my autism is uh going off the charts right now okay well you can’t you can’t okay I’m just going to have to execute this horse you’re going to execute why I couldn’t put him in a boat so yo just use him for the I should have just drowned him bro I’m picking up all the blocks you’re welcome freak you red we’re so close to you we were so close we’re about to be at the spot we’re about to be at the F just keep following me just keep following me you actually set up like a a nuclear Silo like yeah like I did last time but it didn’t even work out cuz I couldn’t use enage anymore I’m pretty sure this mod will be much more stable I mean have we even lagged at all no but there’s been a ton of bugs most of those bugs are just client side though I think how do you spse what perks is I don’t know what perks Jade can get from being a a subscriber now I don’t think he get anything at least oh my god oh boy I think he’s cring little too hard guys all this land and I have not seen a single villager in this I guess all right mag it’s time to fly heyy theas like a couple there’s a creep right there get out all right you have godang it why why do I do this I hate I need 1.13 swimming I need it Ma it’s just you don’t shift don’t shift just hold space bar and jump how do I turn into my Goblin I I I need to give you the thing first just give me a second I’m running from spiders I have the boat M wait I don’t need fire resistance why did I try to get all right are you guys here I’ll let you guys catch up and then I’ll get Shadow to him freck he’s going this way he’s going he’s going Southwest yo I’m beefing with the witch right now wait why is a random Village Farm here and nothing else guys I got pois oh yeah I see that all right um we need to pause with the village or whatever nether portal oh my God so right there are you good yeah yeah I’m chill I’m at half a heart I’m chilling bro here don’t worry Shadow don’t worry okay I need to opt myself all right uh Jade you are trustworthy enough to get mod permission I got I got one step closer I don’t remember how to give you mod permission oh there we go the zombies all right you guys you guys yeah goodbye wait why don’t you just use the nether to get back did I just hear the sort of Plants versus Zombies music for a second I don’t know hey Shadow wait you just tped him that makes is invalid no I TP to him all right uh is Mak in no I used the recoil potion all right Shadow eat that oh I’m eating I’m the size of a goblin here let me see Shadow come here where are you I’m over here I’m over here Jade are you EX are you excited that shadow a goblin Goblin goblins are goblins are on top I’m saving your life right now holy [ __ ] we got a super Goblin bro goining IBM come come back to my crib come back to my crib bro do you have a flint and steel do you have Flint actually I’m about to die uh because I have TNT sorry j that I’m not texting you back a high RIS right now this is high risk all right the crib’s up here the crib’s up here look at this CRI up here oh my God fly over to this over here I fck with a crib heavy CRA heavy what the hell is that all Goblin here here I’ll uh I’ll give you you want some armor I need some bones I need a dog oh Bon oh hell yeah having Army is there a skill tree in this all right I can make some some armor and God dang I’m getting bombarded with [Music] arrows Mac I need to show you what I got so far that gets us closer to the the the godliness of god dude there is so many mobs chasing me then get on a tree you have the ability to fall yeah I know but I want to kill him I want to get the XP and stuff ma it’s not worth it in the desert like there’s going to be so many fun I got a creeper wait that that wait wait let him let let him here get the speed get the speed yep and then who’s the who’s the packs oh [ __ ] oh boy all right Mac get on top of this tree I need to show you what I have to get us closer to the godliness of the Gods all right I have this right don’t say what these are but I have this and I have this which can be used to craft the big oh yeah yeah MH do you know they can just okay well oh my God Godly pickaxe let’s go over to the stone statue over here man is there a myai a what a myai a moi like the statue yeah I forgot uh the specific pronunciation I don’t think so I’m trying to find where is the admin panel where is the Aden panel for all right make a Miss colorfulness in what context is missile said I’m making a bomb in game what get out of here sleep oh yeah I need to make another bed oh wait there’s a tornado don’t go outside I’m going [Music] outside oh my God it was grabbing me oh yeah get bitched skeleton get bitched I need to grab my dog hold on um all right pausing timer do up so off what you doing yeah I’m actually so in love chat what do I do um matching profile pictures um matching insta notes um posts about each other um I don’t know what else is I to do I don’t I I have no idea yeah am I giving good advice Shadow this is good advice okay unpause oh I forgot I had this Mac look I need I need to chat to witness your health increases by that much I got more health I got I’m more healthy more healthy is the tornado gone no it’s never gone y’all know Gunther from Adventure Time he just like me for real I recognize the name don’t recognize what like oh yeah I love gun wait Ma you know what we should do what we should go that we can grab and then we can use that combine with our Dragon abilities to try and get as many hearts as we can I got a potato bro that’s fair y a like me I got a potato I know I know we’re one of the I know where the portal is with a pretty sure go to that one oh yeah broken heart bro yeah you got a broken heart yeah I I got a broken I got broken heart [Music] whoa yo what is that is that the portal to Hell NE yeah that’s one of the going in that you can’t go in it I already went through and almost died going to naby it doesn’t even let you what’s in it like hell it’s like all these rooms and [ __ ] and it’s like this big ass maze that’s scary as hell bro KN Lobby I ain’t got my license have you seen that red oh no he’s in G he’s in GTA and he crashes into some pregnant what wow okay he’s in GTA like GTA role play he crashes into a pregnant woman he’s like sorry B I ain’t got my license funny that I had to describe it now is it what’s his name like swag it’s it’s that one guy that like pretends to be white on yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s hilarious bro he he us the guy who’s like the Diddy party thing yeah dude I can just climb up blocks go all right are we gonna get to Mac and them um the we’re going to the nether through a portal that I made a while back yo guys man is doing whole thing I have no idea what we’re doing bro math just decided to take me on an adventure somewhere I explained to you the plan uh no I wasn’t listening so it doesn’t count we got a goodners kill Hearts yeah but like why are we out here because we’re going to the portal I mean the portal that I made is like like a couple blocks away from a giant Fortress so get and since they’re all blaz that for rods and also XP since it’s one of the most XP oh my gosh there’s a giant M shaft down there guys I just just loaded in yeah guys my dog needs out okay okay hold on do math I I can’t follow you if my dog needs out what’s your dog need out for um he needs to use the bathroom bro not going to hold you I yo there’s grav right here that’s not gravel that’s andesite I didn’t even know andite stop here and wait for you but be quick okay well I’m not sure if I can be quick because my dog is 16 Math Man hey do we have any food no okay just need to grab my dog oh yeah the nether has like nothing in this version it has fortresses which are more common which is the only thing but and quartz but that’s it oh but um this version does have this version specifically in this um mod does have more blocks so what is that like just different color blocks it has like no there’s there’s different types of blocks there’s like I remember they’re being ashed there’s some other stuff too but I don’t remember I’m so rich I got so much iron does anyone have any stories to tell chat while they chat wait is CH asking no no one’s saying anything either so um I forget honestly you forget all the stories like I forget 90% of things that happened to me I have a story but I don’t know if I can tell it yeah I can’t even tell it’s yeah it you know you should give us you should give us some you should give the chat some bbfg lore I’m I’m not good at bbfg lore 2021 Edition okay BBF in 2024 and like 2021 guys you guys you guys think the Jade Saga is Gonna Come Back Jade is still in the Stream I’m pretty sure hey Jade can you can you type if um if you’re s um well I hope so because it was like 10 minutes ago or that was the last mess oh yeah J still here J still here what she say hi and also I heard Shadow oh hi why you say yo I got cocaine look what are you talking about bro it’s sugar proba sugar wa is there a myth oh I don’t think we can say all these illegal substances on stream my bad in game hey hey shadow um do you you watch demon player right yeah I’ve watched it did you see the new episode that came out oh no wait there’s a new season out yeah there’s a new a new Season’s been out wait wait oh the new season it’s the training yeah okay the one with the pot demon the guy in the little water no no it’s the one it’s the one after That’s The Swordsman Village oh my God I’m still in The Swordsman Village yeah there there’s four new episodes and um a new quote unquote movie it’s a connection you know that they do every yeah yeah yeah block oh my God there’s a fortress right here I still I still use the same um um site that you told me about and the same blocker go oh yeah yeah I I still use that one blocker as wait is it the one where you can like share watch come on mister I I ain’t gonna lie come on I don’t got my I don’t have any food R do you have any spare food for the poor why am I hearing screaming my God is it keep inventory on I just lost everything it’s not guys I just lost everything my bad okay Ma let’s continue our journey okay that was scary as hell I got shot by a blaze into lava well I wonder if it’s the all right is there anything if you do come across any spers can you pick them up with your tools I have a spawner okay like like any blade spawner specifically who needs armor I’m the goat my dog is staring at me you said what my dog is staring at me they do stop it kill it eat it I’m not trying to waste Mana Frick the boat’s underwater man I’m killing these cat I should have done this it didn’t okay hold on I need to YY what the die yeah they both dead oh my God y work on your your stuff burned I don’t think yeah I’m sure it’ll be fine wow I hate this yo there is a zombie pigin moaning in my ear right now what’s wrong with that yeah a freak flesh block yo man what man what the hell I’m collecting flesh right the visceral Heap what see that is that is that from the nether guys I’m making flesh walk y’all Ain like I thought you said did you say flesh water flesh [Music] blocks you forgot to keep playing the timer oh yeah I did it’s fine we’re all fine it’s fine we’re all finding Dandy we’re losing minutes wait what up uh yeah oh yeah I already got this one the heck let’s go back I’m way too quick man okay what you doing on here yo red did you get all your stuff back see lost like a ton of [ __ ] all right we got to go on land now my bad I guess me and Math Man are just ahead now no we’re just good like that so we’re at a imagine that we appear at the same at the same are you Spiderman bro what the hell yeah I’m a goblin I just climbed [ __ ] I love these randomly interjecting scream there’s a blaze and he’s very scary he’s very scary he’s a spooky scary I’m the warrior he’s G to die is he [ __ ] [ __ ] there’s so many there’s a wither skeleton NE oh there’s a gas oh my Shadow needs a little bit of your comfort so scared right now hey Ma do you feel taking okay my dog is my dog is barking at me I’ve never raged in my life dude he win he’ll be dude my dog needs out but I okay hold on I need let’s keep going okay I I I I need to I need to take my dog out again I hope because I only have a certain amount of break time and I do need to take care of my dog but he needs to go out so much sometimes even though like he PE he he doesn’t even try to pee sometimes why why how much break time do you get I get 10 minutes per hour and it’s then only like three hold on Mr hold on hold on hold on is it stackable yeah it is it’s stable yeah oh you’re you got like 30 minutes yeah that’s fair oh yeah your dog will probably fine your like at night come on do you want out come on Mister come on like I would how long’s the record how long 3 36 maybe no 38 38 hours only I know yeah that that’s what I’m saying why are these records so short like I could be do they fall asleep on stream and then it gets cancelled yeah um well they said no AFK so like two days to waste yo I me personally I have insomnia there’s like periods where I go three days without sleeping I can break this record so easily it’s just I getb on Minecraft it’s why I get yeah I I get bored if I don’t have friends if I don’t have a goal and this like this world kind of sucks too like if it was the other world I’d be able to play it for like 40 hours yeah but then again we have more stuff done in that so or if there were just more people like if if I could kill kir in this world bro I’d be on it all day but Shadow I’m a D1 kator bro D1 kator Shadow you hear what I said no K K K’s I’m actually like two locked in texting Jade where I just forget about everything else like it doesn’t even matter it was about Jade CU I’m talking about Jade oh it’s what what Jade said in the twitch what she said poor Shadow yeah poor me dude I was getting assaulted in that nether fortress Oh I thought you said foreshadow forh foreshadow yeah I I thought you meant like foreshadowing I was like foreshadowing what what cuts off guys am I mysterious I listen to uh radio head am I am I mysterious bro I listen to I listen to King vaugh am I’m a serious my fa my favorite lyrics of all time is come my life in pieces this is I think just yeah I’m going to be going there in a second I don’t know why I’m [Music] learning what kind of armor is that is it better than mine glowstone how is that actually just found a keeper oh my God I am so happy she likes radio head J Jay likes radio yes you know how much radio head I listen to oh my God I’m actually in love the real question is how is glowstone better than osmium wait glowstone is better than osmium not on durability I’m pretty sure but like on on um protection on like armor it’s seven instead of five red where are you I’m lost and scared I just went into the nether bro I don’t even know helmet’s the same but the is it actually better no it’s it’s not better on durability but it’s better on Armor um protection like on um the on the oh only it’s only worth for the chest plate the leggings and the boots since that’s what um has more armor but the helmet isn’t worth it it’s the same as osmium so osmium is better there should have died again I’m not very good at this same so old NE old NE is terrible it’s it’s like terrifying it’s yeah it’s actually H I think the old nether is what the nether should have been intended to be but the new nether is definitely better for the game I mean then yeah the new nether is like more interesting but like the old nether is actually kind of scar like I guess I don’t know it’s like intimidating yeah it’s like there’s there’s [ __ ] you can fall down everywhere and like lava everywhere and I’m actually the go y’ there’s a spider he wants to oh I lost all those bones God damn it wait does this have the dog mod or yeah well since I’m a uh a goblin I can just ride on dogs oh wait he is the he he added the training treat too you can like upgrade your dog and [ __ ] to make it like immun to fire dude I’mma have a warrior zombie get away from me you don’t want this smoke little back up back up did I will respond wait did you I’m G to throw a grenade through nether portal I’m gonna throw a grenade out my window in the game wait math man get a grenade and throw it to throw it through the nether portal do I have don’t do that ites Port crashes the server no no cuz like it will make it like run fast I remember when the shadow did that and the whole server crashed I threw a decoy it’s different it’s a normal grenade W yeah a normal grenade will like it will be fine but like if it’s a decoy it will break it but if it’s a normal grenade okay I’m killing myself I mean in game in game like I just did in like I just jumped off of a building in game I need to go to a gothic church to take an insane I just lost all my [ __ ] Bro now I’m just Dr Doom and I can’t even be real Dr Doom because he didn’t add the superhero mod bro yeah that’s in this version right yes there’s so many good super I mean this isn’t even like I rather play on 1.7.10 version is so much better bro I need we need M back like right now his dog is more important than Minecraft I know but it’s almost 10 minutes though so if he wants to it’s stackable it’s stackable he’s already taking more than 10 minutes on each hour I’m pretty sure no I don’t think so no he he definitely hasn’t there was like a he didn’t even do like he was just playing for like the first two hours yeah if my dog was that old I think i’ just that’s that’s kind of what we did though like if that was my dog I’d just drop kick him that’s crazy do bro this is actually such a good stream bro look like my look at Max stream it’s so good it’s my favorite stream I’m I’m watching on YouTube and twitch it’s that good in the background I’m gonna go the see what did you see earli shout out there was just this random like random ass girl her name was or I don’t even know if it was a girl there this random ass person said wake up or their name is wake up and they said good morning darling wake up it’s too late they miss you come back remember to eat all the cookies what’s a bot because she said that or they said that because we were just talking about how like it was a bot and what’s a bot darling are you having good dreams we miss you come back to Paradise if I ever heard that randomly I’d I’d actually like freak out no imagine if you’re if you’re asleep on call and then Jade does that to you you you guys how like insomnia affects me really bad so sometimes they get really delusive I don’t know how to say the word delusion delusional yeah it’s like it’s like you’re you’re in a really weird State of Mind where you don’t know what’s real and what’s fake okay that sounds like I’m quoting Fight Club but I’m not sort of God everything seems so far away I like Fight Club it’s not really a good repres representation ofia though yeah it’s just a good movie it’s just a good movie if you can’t sleep no my jade would know because I’ve been sitting here snaps but my eye bags are so bad there’s like they’re so bad oh I found another hell portal I go yeah actually I want to find I want to only one person can go in though okay all right Mac that that was really close on time what how do I go in how do I go in just walk go inside of it I’m going it’s not working oh yeah like normally like you know how the end portal work looks like it just looks kind of like that oh okay I don’t know where you are I got yeah just head north you’ll find me oh yeah that’s something you can make like armor out of it and [ __ ] once you once you head um somewhat North you should see on your journey map this weird black blob or you you’ll see the portal once you once you start heading north oh yep I’m currently in the lava so oh yeah there’s a nether portal um he basically stretching across this entire lava pool but I’m in the lava I can’t goep oh yeah one of the mods makes it she another look down yeah is that I don’t know I don’t I tried to like I tried to place down a bed and sleep in the Nether and it actually let me like sleep in the ne I don’t know which mod does that I’m actually going to die man all I see is high hor shadow in the twitch chat what the heck Ash block [Music] yep see if we can get up this way ma are you allowed to do this challenge in Creative uh I don’t I don’t believe so it’s just like survival it’s essentially just the rules just get it out to be just Survival Mode no cheats whatever you can do configurations on like the server but not not cheats isn’t you giving us that thing cheats then no that would be counted as configuration by a technicality I found another of the [ __ ] what this one’s really big of the Rifts I got see what kind of armor this this pig it corrupts the world oh my God it does oh my God you can fix it but I forget how oh my God it’s humongous there’s so much World thread like everywhere all right Mac so we’re looking for for these spawners over here we’re just going to just going to take them if we can all right let’s see if we’re able to grab it woven World chest plate yep we’re able to grab it there was so many of them that just spawned in wa is it is it in your inventory uh what the uh yes Blaze all right how do you make a backpack I have one how do you make one uh my dog is whining at hold on dude just look at ji it’s like four leather and yeah hold on I need to talk to my dad right now yo my armor is H need to to my dad oh I go I’m trying to find one of those portals I’m seeing things I’m seeing like eyes outside my window I’m losing I’m losing my mind yo I can’t believe how perfect Jade is she listens to radio head how do they have a radio on their head Mister come here come here Mister come come here come on let’s go come on let’s go thinkx a dog whisper not going to lie whenever Mac talks to his dog it sounds like he doesn’t know his dog’s name he’s like Mister you there Mr have wooden tools but uh woven World threaded armor that is lowkey kind of opium as hell I just found random why is there just okay random World blocks like like sometimes I’m in the over I’m trying to get the backpack okay sometimes sometimes I find like things whispering to me this I don’t know bro me to do bad things like burn down buildings and like in mcra Minecraft like to kill people like kill villagers and like burn Villagers houses and Villages down in in Minecraft Minecraft vill Minecraft villagers I found a Minecraft village for me to pillage and storm you’re a Pillager sometimes I just start like a survival world and just like it’s on site with every yeah and I go into my local Village SL town like Minecraft town Village and I and I I start I start burning everything down and assaulting every villager I find and see and I go into the local like V Village gas station in Minecraft I get my Mr Crayfish gun and like steal the emeralds in game bro steals in game yeah hey Matt can you get help me get wo how do you get wool no can you help me get it I potatoes I’m looky lit right now yeah yeah M man wait ma yeah can you do like some configuration where you give us like where you like send us to the Moon instantly no I don’t think that counts under configuration Matt kill spiders whoa mathman that’s a little racist no we’re trying to get we’re trying to get wool here MTH I don’t know if I feel comfortable with that yeah killing all spiders all spiders that’s oh only some spiders okay yeah sure okay because that makes it better Math Man only I think trying to get this this stream taken down that won’t get it taken down uh justice for the spiders figh I’m fighting zombie right now I killed it proud spider powers SPID dude I kind of have spider powers I can climb [ __ ] oh my God my dog is barking hold on dude your dog is not optimal for the speed run I’m just saying bro you could just I’m not going to lie guys I think I think we need to implement Dog Skip bro Max’s going to fail the challenge cuz his dog I know right oh as soon as I say that there’s a dog just slaughtering sheep I wish I had a bone dude Max dog’s kind of cute I like Max dog I never seen it I don’t think it’s kind of one’s kind of really fat and the other’s kind of just chill he’s talking about my I’m pretty sure my dogs are all really fat and small and are very annoying guys I might have to postpone this stream my dog is going into this thing again where he he needs to go out so many times again and again and again but he doesn’t pee so then he needs to go out again wait does he actually need to go out yeah he needs to go he’s whining at me like uh so much and I bring him outside and he doesn’t even pee just let him piss on the floor no my Game just crashed oh no I’m back I can’t I can’t guys I might have to postpone it man hello hello yep well Ma what are you going to to do cuz this is going to happen every time right no it only happens some nights but he’s doing it mister I can’t I don’t know what you want I brought you out like three times now I just randomly got disconnected wait can can your dad do it or is that not my dad is too sick right now mister I I I you yeah just postponed the stream it’s only like two hours yeah I’m just going to bro it’s not as bad as last time were you like five hours in yeah

This video, titled ‘Streaming Minecraft for 48 Hours – No Sleep – WR Attempt 2’, was uploaded by Mac and Gaming on 2024-06-03 02:37:07. It has garnered 56 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 04:15:19 or 15319 seconds.

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