Get Ready for Epic HIVE LIVE Action! Fixed Computer in 2 Hrs (Parties, 1v1s, Tournaments)

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hello why you live because I want to because I want to be live why is my Minecraft not loading up that’s the best question and my fan is dying that’s great that is great so it kind of took me like 2 hours to fix my laptop but it’s but it’s fixed can you hear the fan what is it like I’m back bruh sorry I left for 10 seconds what very slightly what what do you mean by that yeah my fans are like going oh I lost my login street because a computer break great let’s go oh hello Noah uh wait did did this stream just crash by the way EU wait did the stream just crash I just started I just started wait everyone did the stream trash no it hasn’t okay that’s fine why is it crashing on my it’s crashing on my phone though maybe just cuz my internet’s bad oh well hello final players um okay let me just oh great I’m lagging yeah I fixed you’re just bad I fixed my computer but it’s not like it’s kind of still dying wait wait are my text tracks not working can I have a party invite maybe just delete the virus oh my God it’s not a virus it’s just pain I need to get my text packs working after this and then I guess I’ll make a [Music] party let me get Onyx line up as well basically I got to do I got to fix things got to go I’ll be back soon all right bruh okay I’m ignore him is he double bridging no way he wins this K him and I have full diamond bro moment we’ll be back can we party yeah [Music] what okay ignore him let’s go kill people that’s always a constructive things to do okay this guy seems like a sweat okay that’s fine I’m alive maybe uh I’m not alive so tell me your secrets I’m being alive what is living oh no this guy’s a sweat I can tell he’s got the sweaty skin Nick a 30 oh this guy’s going to third party in know what I don’t mind them fighting I can rear and then I’ll just [Music] sweep okay now I can kill him see capitalism capitalism he’s pulling no way that just happened I’m a hacker no you’re not watch where you from somewhere they had two hearts that’s cringe all right let me sort out my texture packs so I’ll make a party right and I also need to onx client oh and my Minecraft is crashing I think nope it’s fine man say you hello kick I’m just fixing my things what if I just put it back on ignore that that’s fun that’s funny I should actually add that okay please say the resource Packs work please say it work all right so it do work wait who wants a party by the way who wants a party oh I’ve been as well what your what’s your IGN what’s your IGN who is going to buy that that looks horrendous Gad boy all right for party oh yeah what’s your IDE and then is it the same as your YouTube I’m guessing it is nope why are you just asking what everyone’s wrong okay fine I’ll One V one you all right I’m going to One V one this guy all right by the way if you’re wondering how my computer BR my friends were forcing me to install fortnite so I installed it and it broke so now I’m not installing it no matter what bro mush invite me well yeah but what’s your IGN huh how am I meant to invite you without knowing who you are yes nine concurrent in 11 minutes that’s actually cool never mind it isn’t cool it’s five now people left that’s something I could cringe to be [Music] honest and I have zero blocks apart from these crumbling hello VA Vault I [Laughter] guess I need diamonds there we go [Music] bro guess we stop whoa I can’t aim actually I’m practicing two days because this whole drama okay you just got one extra hit now I did five extra hit six do I have a bow no I don’t that’s actually cringe so so cringe 7 8 9 10 oh yeah he’s dead he is literally dead he recovered four but that’s fine how many those going to going to use cringe what are you doing I’m going stab you with a pickaxe even though that do the same damage so it’s not really insult but well he’s dead yo Danny wait what wait wait what uh oh hello Danny Ben Hello Ki is a professional mod I can’t remember if he was the guy who just asked what does a mod do I think that was someone else though Danny L true this is actually crazy I’ve had a few people with clout coming to my stream but this is by far the most sub it’s not cringe that is what I put imagine not being mod you assulting daddy’s the bomb it’s hilarious oh he’s dead whoa what if I just hit him into the lava I remember watching a Danny tutorial what are you doing I’m going use my fire oh that’s what you wanted that’s great oh great am I okay am I okay can I hit okay now I can hit there we go oh he’s dead here what is he going to do no way he’s block trapping what was that Mar permission to sell promo real quick sure I am now the biggest who was the most clouted other person than me I think it was Lil Ma I think it’s l Mac you got Danny XD yes bloy yeah sub to spoopy as well all right hello Molin I’m inviting Molin if I can click I looked at both your streams L my connect my controller keeps disconnecting so I keep losing bro I was in sploofy stream earlier and I was I I’m looking around the streamers right now gasp everyone should quickly sub to me because MH basically said so bro put FPS top middle key strok bot right should I wait what just like here yeah that’s probably fine wait who needs to be in the Party by the way is he in a party or should I actually I know what to do I know what to do I know what to do wait no I’m just going to we’re going to play close game mode I think red sub to Prof as well should I say that uh probably not actually fine everyone sub to codus on YT cuz he’s very epic and cool uh let’s see all right let me just wait for anyone who hasn’t me added SL P teleport correct wait it was war but oh well let me add the code all right C you should say that I said it I said it should I add this code in my stream like other two I don’t know vot to my server times no how’s the map I made it was cool especially in like a day that was nice and it looks like it had so many Maps don’t say that name finally wa 16 concurrent that’s actually what a Time B it’s been streaming that’s quite good watch I’m fing C okay nice 8226 B Lee 8226 wait oh my God I’m bad at spelling there we go bro he’s got the offline glitch I had to call in every friend and admin to Max 40 what I can’t clip it haha why haha invite again I toggles bro fin lay 8226 surprised I remember that salt to the wound oh my God all right everyone joined there’s a Code I’m actually going to put on stream actually because why not great um text if I put text and if I put whatever the code was wait I can’t see the code great that’s great um if I zoom in I can read this is why I have glasses PN q0 CK should I just put it like yeah did that work she probably it maybe that work much you got 447 Subs not 4 before you8 fix it wait but it’s fixed okay let me edit some settings uh should I make this Cur what can I do should I just make it like bro what about a game of almost free shop the screen says haha yeah cuz it’s not updated yet your thing is wrong my thing is correct yeah I don’t think the 15 viewers are very you know chatty it’s like if you had a class full of quiet kids and then you and then you ask them to will talk to each other all right we’re going to do almost free shop Treasures M okay let’s just put the map two Pirates I’m just a toxic kid yeah I know bro 1 2 3 4 five six 7even we need to wait for one more person if there’s no more people and it gets quite not quick each time I go on hive you have to download resource packs yeah yeah if it doesn’t get quick then I’m going to have to a SP joining don’t wor nice you’re back in your plane you’re taking so long uh you officially became substitute mush he said mush what mush oh wait what is this by the way uh almost free shop almost we shop I’m joining okay it’s almost free sh I should be editing but oh well let me just red red wait what if I do Duos code is working huh you and EU my game froze what wait that’s too many blue blue blue you sure you typed the code correctly I’m captured a flag leaderboard for the month nice I don’t know how people play Capture the Flag they just swear I guess do Duos the code a working he typed it wrong wait am I blind no I didn’t oh wait the last one is K oh um I’m just okay it’s capital K it is capital let me just change that ah no not rename okay yep yep there we go I hope people can tell that’s capsu oh I’m frozen V wolves in start we gain more people join VC important uh in a minute how verified can I be on yellow now okay I’m going to do Duos since people want Doos actually it might have to be trios great um I’ll be backck I’ll be back for now or do we do free trios that’s probably better oh and someone left that’s great why can’t this work out correctly hello magic wait please okay yeah everyone everyone get in oh you got four minutes to get in by the way uh you can be yellow uh green I mean that’s green not yellow L everyone like the stream it gives me more in pressions so that’s cool now Doos ah sure wait no we don’t have enough people even if we wanted to all right we need one more one more person in three minutes that’s great one more the stream is delayed by like 10 seconds from me gain low I think it’s just my internet my internet is actually dead oh well one more person join if it gets to one minute I’ll just have to start and there just be a team or two spofy it’s spliffy okay wait oh no wait who left on which team wait one two oh great oh there’s a lot okay wait maybe we can do fours can be red can be blue you can be yellow you can be green okay guys we literally have a squads game we have a squads game yeah [Music] great great I have to go eat that’s unfortunate H I might make Sumo after this just a sto I guess let me just buy things W was free I don’t think I’ve played much almost free shop even though I invented it should the frosz are on yellow nah why would I do that good idea I’m going go Rush swy stream wait should I just raid sofy that’ be funny and no it’s been it’s too early for anything oh no okay that did not go well no my game crashed again oh no hello Callum I just joined nice you love new people because you know what new people are subscribe I’m just kidding yeah I’m finishing okay this is going to not go well I’ll be back I guess I’ll try e as quick as possible so don’t leave I’m about to have a big drop off but oh well I’m becoming IR [Music] [Music] [Music] real [Music] for [Music] [Music] [Music] e [Music] [Music] [Music] e [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] e [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] for [Music] is hello all right hello what happened yeah I finished oh my mic is down there hello I finish eating we won oh I okay yeah it’s fine Green Team who was Green on well he was he was on green what what should I do I’ll do another treasure I had to carry you prop but tell I found a void coming to keep you alive no yeah I kind of died oh we’re do another squads why not let’s let’s see ax crank up open to all invite W stream by the way that is correct it kind of just fell off since I had to eat but oh well you from 18 concurrent to 11 that’s just life I guess all right codes everyone is B let me let me add it to OBS so this old code can go it’s a cringe new code uh and there’s no quality can I get something other than 144p so I can actually see the code I’ll join in a bit all right okay I got it there we go skins and I have to eat all right yep I know I have to eat feeling I got kicked all right that’s unfortunate I see my room okay I’m back hello I’m back from eating you died correct okay let me join this guy’s party hello hello [Music] hello oh I’ve got some important news for you what what’s your news my news is is pretty bad oh that’s unfortunate yeah I was trying to remember a massot news the problem is uh I can’t go on my Xbox for the next day or tomorrow you get banned get banned no it’s because uh my parents and my brother my uh little sister’s playing that oh I sometimes get that but now I’m on laptop so it’s because I haven’t let her on the Xbox in a year that’s why she’s going on it or tomorrow and today she said I’m allowed 2 hours on it so mhm I’ll still be watching the live stream but I have to work on a PowerPoint presentation for school tomorrow so good luck luck yes I probably might not be on for an hour all right I I will be I will be still watching the live stream then right well bye all right nice bye bye all right that guy was the cast guy oh wait wait this guy’s back hello SL I guess how can I join you put in the code slcs you put that in chat enter invite code whatever the code is I know what code is invite me to your party what’s your IGN oh I being verified it’s being bullied hello swoo what oh yeah that was my failed pronunciation attempt what how is it meant to be pronounced or forun I guess in English I still don’t get that Prof what youi what would this be no clue let’s figure that out actually um what curse game mode can I do what Gold Rush all right we’re going to do a game mode which I now going to cool Gold Rush well there’s tons of gold but none of anything else pretty much well there’s still other things but oh well um Treasures let’s have Treasures on map we’re going to set it to Pirates uh set rolls wait how many 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 just do 5v5 and wait for one more unless my counting is bad should be good in this case wow my counting is good actually that’s bad okay one more person needs to be in getting 61 FPS Max is that like the max my computer can run on that’s actually crazy maybe because I have so many maybe because I’m streaming and I’m have so many applications open how F should I make that go in oh no no why that crash my game did that crash my game please say code wait it’s right there though it’s 61 FPS wait is my game just crash I pressed module setting and it crashed I think you saw your MC de bruh that’s a bra moment uh so I guess it’s not going to we get my Minecraft back Open Press windows and close MP bro yeah that is a ra moment oh I have to REM Remain the Cs I stopped using Onyx for this reason well I guess you just don’t press module wait does that happen like randomly or does it happen like oh my Minecraft not opening that is great I’m pressing play but it’s not it’s not playing I hate this are we going to have to end stream because of this you get task manager fail to startop okay bro do I have to restart launcher as well restart MC that’s what I’m doing you have to restart your PC it’s not let me play this click is not clicking oh my I might have to end the stream this isue like stucks right now yeah I the same and I’m stuck on that screen too bro wait I refreshed things let’s see Lo got go by you still do streaming no it’s not my stream that’s bugging it’s my launch in Minecraft which means I pretty much can’t stream since my stream is Minecraft now it’s saying that close Minecraft why is it see if it works now I just just did a little bit of tinkering not working okay let me just task manager and like try Force Onyx launcher.exe is still up let me just end that task now will work nope nope I just ah give me a break oh wait it’s up but it’s not showing me anything I I just ended the task of Minecraft launcher let’s see if I can reset it now okay you have to restart your PC I’ll try that if it don’t work it’s still not working let me see if it adds a task manager for it is why are there five minecraft.exe why is Windows problem reporting now going crazy what yo hi you I see some improvements in the Stream I don’t think this is much of improvement seeing as I cannot get this Minecraft to work I mean everyone enjoy the black uh screen short entertaining is it just cuz I press Onyx modules this all right I have to figure out how to fix this later what’s not working I’m a technician um I still see MC wait yeah because it just Frozen there it’s just Frozen My Stream is just Frozen at that point but whenever I press play nothing works on the fail to start game great what is this uh I to restart Minecraft I just did what did you learn don’t use Onyx correct um I’m going try fix this worst case scenario I’ll just stream tomorrow instead okay the modules and it fro here just ins start you MC I just did the reason it looks like it’s a frozen screen on your on the stream is because um the OBS doesn’t know what else to put there because it’s on game capcher and since it crashed it don’t know what to put there so just showing the L frame yep uh see you tomorrow I guess is it not working oh well

This video, titled ‘HIVE LIVE WITH VIEWERS BUT I FIXED MY COMPUTER AFTER 2 HOURS! (parties, 1v1s, tournaments and cs)’, was uploaded by Prof Mush on 2024-03-06 18:01:28. It has garnered 114 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 01:02:15 or 3735 seconds.

hive is live

chatgpt is taking over now…

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Title: “HIVE LIVE WITH VIEWERS – Minecraft Adventure Awaits!”

Description: 🔴 Greetings, fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! 🌍✨ Get ready for an epic journey as we dive into the blocky world of the HIVE LIVE WITH VIEWERS livestream! 🚀🎮

👾 Join us for a pixelated adventure where the Hive Minecraft server community comes alive! Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a crafting novice, this livestream is your passport to the ultimate Minecraft experience.

📡 What to Expect: 🔹 Live Gameplay: Watch as our skilled hosts navigate the challenging landscapes of the Hive server. From daring parkour to intense PvP battles, there’s never a dull moment! 🔹 Viewer Challenges: Have a unique quest or challenge in mind? Share your suggestions in the live chat, and our hosts might just take on your epic challenge! 🔹 Community Showcases: Discover incredible builds, redstone contraptions, and creative masterpieces crafted by members of the Hive community. 🔹 Minecraft Trivia: Test your Minecraft knowledge with live trivia sessions and win awesome in-game prizes.

💡 Your Participation Matters: This livestream is all about our amazing viewers! Engage with us in the live chat, share your Minecraft stories, and join the discussion on the latest updates and events in the Hive server.

📅 Save the Date: Grab your pickaxe and mark your calendars! Hive Live with Viewers – Minecraft Edition is scheduled for most days 6-8pm. Don’t miss out on the fun, laughter, and unforgettable Minecraft moments. See you in the virtual world!

🚀 Let’s embark on this Minecraft adventure together! 🌍🎮 #HiveLive #MinecraftAdventure #GamerCommunity #JoinTheHive

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    SCANDALOUS MINECRAFT DRAMA: CPotworek vs MALTIXONVideo Information This video, titled ‘OSTRA DRAMA MALTIXON I BUZKAA (NOWA PELERYNA W MINECRAFT, BANY NA PYKMC, KORONA ANARCHII)’, was uploaded by CPotworek on 2024-04-21 19:18:24. It has garnered 27558 views and 2171 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:59 or 899 seconds. LEAVE A SUB FOR MORE! 👉 👈 Here’s the LINK 👆 to my last video 👉 MY SOCIALS: ✉️ BUSINESS/COOPERATION: [email protected] 🎞 SEND YOUR IDEAS FOR SHORTS/VIDEOS TO MY DC 0:00 – Introduction 0:25 – Return of the MCC tournament (Minecraft Championship) 1:34 – Failed overplays of xFelt and Mantis 2:07 – A strange… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Experiment: EVERYONE In My World! #shorts

    Insane Minecraft Experiment: EVERYONE In My World! #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Put EVERYONE Into My Minecraft World! #shorts’, was uploaded by JustANoob on 2024-06-23 06:34:59. It has garnered 2492 views and 127 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:47 or 47 seconds. I Put EVERYONE Into My Minecraft World! Hello my name is JustANoob, I make minecraft houses, cool builds, would you rathers, shower thoughts, wholesome moments, minecraft but challenge videos, i post videos that i make and edit, and it’s my goal to get to 100,000 thousand subscribers-, youtube shorts, hypixel parkour, minecraft shorts, minecraft parkour. I like pumpkins. #shorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #viral Read More

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    "Insane Minecraft Blender Animation LIVE" #minecraftanimationVideo Information This video, titled ‘Live animating minecraft animation blender #minecraftanimation #live’, was uploaded by Ender extra on 2024-06-15 07:05:40. It has garnered 7 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:52 or 52 seconds. DOSTON COMMENT KARNA NA BHULE! LIKE TOH KAR HE DIYA HOGA SUBSCRIBE TOH KAR HE DO Follow On Instagram :)) Join My Discord If You Want To Talk To Me :)) SMP MEMBER’s Special Thanks To Video Inspired By – Thumbnail Inspired By – Contact Me Here For Any Sponsership :- ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ⚔️TAGS (IGNORE) :- #loyalsmp #loyalsmpapplication #lifestealsmp #vrminecraft… Read More

  • ApeTownSMP

    ApeTownSMPApeTown SMP is a Minecraft server with the goal to never reset the world in a free for all 2 rules pvp environment, with little modification to the vanilla survival gamemode. Read More

  • Fabled Battlegrounds PVP, Magic, Classes, Skilltree, lightweight – Abilities – Competitive 13+

    Join Our Modded PvP Server for Summer Fun! Looking for a lightweight modded server to play over the summer? This is for you! We are a mainly PVP styled server with multiple class, skilltree, and weapons mods to promote swordplay and teamwork. Join our small group for some mindless beef and entertainment for the next 3 months. Interested? Find all the information on how to join here (No whitelist) 🙂 Read More

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    Minecraft Meme: Burning Down the House “Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNT-sion!” Read More

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  • BitCube

    BitCubeExperience the best of both worlds on our semi-vanilla server with a plethora of tweaks that enhance vanilla Minecraft mechanics. We offer a range of vanilla-like features that maintain the original texture and aesthetics, ensuring a non-modded feel. Dive into a world where player shops, player warps, and custom crafting recipes are just the beginning. Say goodbye to pay-to-win schemes as our server provides a fair and balanced playing field for all. Enjoy interactive visual mechanics that bring the game to life, while pre-loaded chunks enable lightning-fast teleports. Take control of your gaming experience with individual view distance settings. Start… Read More