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it’s kind of [Music] awesome is that real are you today I played the insanity mod in Minecraft actually it was yesterday but we don’t talk about that this is one of the scariest mods I’ve ever played in Minecraft it adds a little icon in the corner of your screen that controls your sanity it’s kind of like the game don’t starve where if you go into darkness you lose sanity but I didn’t know that by the way YouTube says that two people are subscribed so please subscribe anyways enjoy the video I don’t know how this works I’ve actually never played this mod guys I’m going to destroy destroy the tree I’m going in fully freaking blind bro well I might as well just make a silly little pickaxe and silly little go in a cave right everything’s going to be awesome dude Everything is Awesome Everything guys I’m freaking sick of myself already how do I check my is that SL sanity oh crap man SL say hi whoa I learned how to type in Minecraft I learn [Music] how how to type now dear viewer did you see anything wrong with that clip that’s right it drained my sanity that means not only does Darkness drain my sanity but killing things drain it as well now you’re probably thinking Willow how do I get that sanity back at $9.99 real restore your sanity and then some made from all finest materials like eight dandelion anyways back to your normally scheduled programming guys Minecraft can’t be that scary of a game a block game for children oh oh no can I put mending on that oh I need a lot of dandelion then I need a freaking bunch of dandelion I’m going to safety precaution make a freaking another one that’s not how you make it silly little old man guys what if I added the herob Brien mod I’ve been thinking about herob Brien a lot recently in my dreams I need a freaking shield and the freaking zombie is going to get me and bruh all over me like this video if you like bruh ink I can feel my sanity draining but like IRL I just feel like guys maybe I am going insane but like not in the I’m a little guys I’m a little cute gy I’m kind of Gully pot right now get away get away you you silly Billy I think creepers might creep me out I might get the freaking heie jibbies if I go near that guy help help me help why why am I down am I hungry is that what help help me out bro okay it because I was hungry guys that’s so me when I’m hungry my goland is about to freaking expire I don’t want to die yet not yet I’d say say I need a little bit of armor before I little bit of die in my little bit of cave is Garland even in here I downloaded the recipe browser to find my freaking recipes and there’s no recipes man I am hungry I’m going to starve come here buddy epic PVB come here bud let’s um let’s let’s cook some of my food let’s get uh let’s get some more Dand liion up in [Music] here what am I doing whoa ych yaa everything’s fine I just need to make sure that I don’t go in darkness like that guys the Beast is calling the Beast is calling and it’s saying I need to go to the darkness like I can’t I can’t how am I going to get down the I don’t know I don’t know how am I guys can you sp a way [Music] down did you predict this way is that a skeleton am I go you get out of here pal did they remove diamonds in this Minecraft 101 I use one log to get one charal I use charcoal to get more charcoal I use the charcoal that I used to get chal to get my iron and then I win finally okay okay okay and now and now and now we’ve got the power of two diamonds and I think that’s it is that it I’d say let’s go this way wait maybe I do I make it to the ne can I is there anything no diamonds I’ve never uh I’ve never done this um this speedrun thing so I don’t know how to do it wait I just realized I don’t have a flint and steel there we go and now Linton steel and now my brain um not having the best time I think it is getting less and less saturated the voices in my head are telling me to do things right now um I’m so dead I’m so dead dude leave me alone please I’m pretty pleased with the cherry on top is that you did you I don’t like this either dude why do I have no torches that’s not even real that’s not even a real sound effect dude that’s not even freaking real what did you see that did you see it I swear there was a guy over there I swear is that I think it’s time to leave I’ll be on my way I guess what are you dude I can’t see I need 56 7 8 5 6 7 8 yeah he yeah is this the way out I don’t freaking know I don’t freaking know well might as well just like might as well just get some napis I hate that I hate that so much hello is that is that a m shot actually kind of interesting in going towards that like I know I saw the freaking Beast earlier but but like that’s kind of awesome is that real are you wo oh what do you mean someone’s behind me him him he’s definitely behind me he’s freaking definitely behind me man he’s definitely behind me oh my God oh my God oh my God what I’m back here I’m okay this is where I saw him right what is that I think that’s him okay but what if I gave him a little [Applause] smack excuse me sir what happens if I give you a little swing hello I freaking got him I freaking got him they ain’t nothing they a [Applause] [Music] um guys I can’t believe we just beat that guy that was crazy anyways that’ll be it with the video thank you guys so much for watching and if you excuse me I have a phone call to take [Music]

This video, titled ‘Minecraft but I can (and will) GO INSANE…’, was uploaded by WillowWisp on 2024-03-02 15:00:24. It has garnered 3069 views and 182 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:34 or 454 seconds.

In this video… I played the INSANITY MOD in MINECRAFT, and literally lost my mind. The mod “Sanity: Descent Into Madness” uses horror elements and such (blah blah blah) and recreates the insanity system from dont starve. Also… I didn’t realise how much I say “freaking”, sorry for all the “freaking”s.

Socials: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/willlowwisp Twitter: https://twitter.com/WilllowWisp Discord: https://discord.gg/9tKcTsQjWU’

Download the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/sanity-descent-into-madness

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  • SkillsGrind

    SkillsGrindSkillsGrind is a minecraft server hosted on the platform minehut when you will join the server you will receive a “guide’s letter” with a message in chat explaining that you need to choose one of the places you can go they are currently 4 places : the forests, the dungeons, the farms and the mines. If you need help to choose one of these here is my advice : Choose the forests to get better axes and most likely do more damage to mobs Choose the dungeons if you are well equipped and want to fight mobs to get loot… Read More

  • Enter the Chaos – Anarchy

    Enter the Chaos – The Ultimate Anarchy Minecraft Server Server IP: Java Version: 1.20.4 Bedrock Port: 25565 Why Enter the Chaos? True Anarchy: Experience pure Minecraft anarchy with no rules or restrictions. Endless Possibilities: Explore a vast world and unleash your creativity. Intense PvP & Raiding: Engage in fierce battles and conquer your enemies. Griefing Encouraged: Protect your creations or watch them fall to rivals. Alliances and Betrayals: Form alliances but beware of betrayals. Bedrock Support: Play on Java or Bedrock with the same server IP. Join the Ultimate Chaos Today! Dive into a world where rules don’t exist… Read More