GOOBY POSSESSES Johnny in Minecraft!

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guys Welcome to our new house um daddy what the heck is this place what do you mean it’s our new house H Tada looks great right I don’t want to go in there this place smells what do you mean it smells you didn’t even go in yet nope I can tell it smells really old nail yeah Daddy are you joking this place literally looks like a haunted mansion oo maybe there’s some ghosts in there nope I don’t want to go no daddy that’s not funny we’re not joking guys okay just go inside and see what it looks like maybe it’s like really big and you guys have big rooms to jump around and do you know fun activities wait are we going to have our own rooms yep and we’re going to be able to decorate them yep I want the biggest one hey wo wo wo I want the biggest one no wait hold on hold on I want it I want it yep that’s not fail ooh this is really nice oh gosh this place is terrifying pretty big that one has a yellow bed oh Johnny this is your room is blue oh this is goomy’s room I want that one Daddy was this house built a thousand years ago cuz that’s what it looks like no it was not there’s a skull there’s a skull on this table no there’s not it can’t be there’s a skull I’m telling you guys it’s real yep that’s scary let me lick it yep that’s a skull day that’s a dead person this is like an artifact yeah I don’t think that’s an artifact daddy that’s a skull it’s clearly an artifact okay everybody is everyone in their rooms did everyone find their rooms wait wait look at my room over here what something really scary in it what is it what is it o what’s scary it’s a skeleton of a tail oh oh gosh it’s a skeleton guys it’s just a regular chair it just doesn’t have a seat on it no look this is what a wheelchair looks like and that’s like a skeleton of a chair look oh taada it’s a chair I don’t know I still think it’s a little suspicious well sit on it it’s not comfortable let me feel oh yeah this is terrible daddy I’mma break my back on his chair look could we just get rid of it yeah I don’t like that well Daddy so far this house is pretty terrible I think we should keep looking for the next one you know I already bought it what guys I for a million bucks million dollars yep it was a price that I just couldn’t refuse you know like I had to buy for that it was cheap yeah oh that sounds like so expensive you know how many Roblox we could buy with that yeah a lot but you know what I can’t make money off of Roblox this maybe if we redo this house a little bit I can sell it for a lot of money boring it’s going to need a lot of work no it’s not okay I think there’s an attic everyone follow me all right now let’s go to the attic oh no let’s see where scaryest things are I think it’s up here oh gosh this looks a little scary up here I don’t think I like it it’s not scary ooh this is kind of a scary hallway oh God what’s in here there’s a skeleton head there it is again Daddy skel are very scary look there’s another one over here oh gosh um uh why does that say Gooby is next no no you see this is why I don’t like this house I’m leaving come Daddy are you pulling a prank are you pulling a prank did you put this your daddy yes I did do that cuz I knew he would run away and be scared come on Daddy really now Gooby is all the way downstairs this isn’t funny he’s probably just going to go into his room and he’s probably going to start decorating I think that’s a good idea for you guys to do too all right Daddy I guess we’ll just start decorating our rooms yeah everyone’s got to move in and feel comfy all right Daddy come on Daisy let’s go decorate our rooms yeah they need a lot of work Gooby gooby where where are you going Gooby come back here nope nope this place is haunted and it’s the W Lil I’m leaving Gooby hold on we need to redecorate our rooms though where you can’t be that scared come on oh well my room will be at old house cuz I’m not staying in this new house nope no Gooby you can’t go back to the old house someone’s living there already Gooby you know what fine whatever I’ll just redecorate my room and then he’ll just be excited cuz I got a new pps5 for him yeah that’s a good idea can’t believe it’s a new house the old house better weird house wait there’s a bunny right here hello Mr Bunny where are you going no wait come back here like the best part of this new house where are you going you going in a wh no no no what a hole this must be your house oh there’s lots of things in here like carrots and mushrooms this must be the really good place I think I want little here wa this place is awesome what what is that your Lego right there welcome to my bunny cave Gooby whoa how do you know my name I know everybody’s name you yes like your father oh yeah well what’s my father’s name Steve of course whoa how you know that that’s crazy you really must be the king of all the bunnies well Gooby since you love bunnies so much would you like to become the bunny King what me the bunny King I’m not even the bunny I can’t be the B bunny King well who says you can’t be the bunny King come here Gooby he’s gone I don’t know what just happened there but I don’t like it sorry bunnies but I got to go back upstairs oh I feel so weird all of a sudden so but I don’t get sick from a bunny virus or something oh no it’s almost dark out I got to go tell everybody about this bunny thing guys you guys what the heck Gooby gooby I knew you would come back no no this is really bad you guys really bad what’s going on just like a bunny came down SS in a big hole with all these bunnies and he said that I was going to be the next bunny King which I thought was kind of cool but I didn’t think I could do it cuz I’m not a bunny but then he just went into me and said like Gooby shut up Gooby be careful you’re going to hurt yourself with your mouth it was really scary though Gooby did you watch Alice in Wonderland again no that movie is too scary okay everything you’re saying is fake right this just a prank no it’s real now I don’t feel really good I think I have a bunny vibe I was what you have a bunny wait hold on you’re saying that you followed a bunny and then it bit you well it kind of just like ran into me and then disappeared you got rabies goopy ass rabies Daddy Daddy get away from him get away from him what do you guys want from me I’m in my room can you see I’m decorating Go’s got rabies he got bit by a bunny and he’s got rabies you have rabies did you get bit no it was like a bunny King and he was like I’m going to make you the bunny King next he’s just like we at me okay you know what guys I know what it is he’s just so scared from the attic that he’s just like in shock right now I think he just needs to go to bed and you need to wake up tomorrow morning and you’ll feel you know you’ll feel a lot better I think we got to put him down do not put that gun in me stop that give me give me the gun he’s trying to shoot me why are you shooting at I don’t know to aim with this thing all right hey Daddy put me down give me the gun give me give me okay okay fine oh God Gooby got it koby’s got it he’s got the gun wa he’s got rabies I don’t want it I don’t want it I don’t want it all right Gooby go to bed whoa whoa okay I’m going to bed go to bed don’t do anything W I don’t even know you just said just go in your room and go to sleep okay hold on let me just ring this Bell okay that’s it I will shoot I will do it that was the last thing I wanted to do well Daddy what about me and Daisy what should we do you stay right there I’ll shoot you too just just stay behind me okay Daddy it’s not your room wait I don’t know where my room is it’s over here Gooby here oh okay I’m just going to stay in here all right now we’re locking the doors I never want to see see him again Daddy he’s got rabies move move get out of the way oh yeah good idea real quick yeah Daddy this is good this is a good idea so in the morning you should be okay but we’re doing this to you know just double check cuz he might turn into a zombie we don’t know what if he poops in there use your sheets what Daddy’s going to wipe his butt with his bed sheets yeah Gooby we’ll talk to you in the morning okay guys I’m going to go to sleep now all right bye Gooby all right daddy I’m going to go to bed too if something happens just scream all right good night guys guys I’ll see you in the morning good night good night don’t let the the rabbits bite so stupid it’s morning time already that was the best sleep I ever had in my entire life oh but my stomach is growling I got to go get some food downstairs daddy um daddy I don’t even know where the kitchen is where’s the kitchen in this place I’m in the kitchen just look for me oh yeah Daddy I found you ooh this looks super good oh yeah we got some waffles you got three waffles for me Daisy and Gooby but where is Gooby gooby is probably sleeping it sounded like he was screaming all night wait what he was screaming I didn’t hear any of that guys that’s because you sleep like a rock yeah he was making crazy noises he was doing [Applause] like like screaming well guys maybe we should you know check on him because remember we locked him in his room oh yeah yeah hold on let me get my gun real quick what if he turned into a zombie guys where we’re not going to kill Gooby are we no we’re not going to kill Gooby that’s my brother I might have to put him down Daisy if he’s got the heie jeebies and he’s uh you know a zombie I’m going have to shoot him well don’t shoot me no I shot next to you I didn’t shoot at you okay guys come on come on come on let’s go upstairs I think he should be fine all right everyone be really careful and be quiet all right daddy hello Gooby are you in there daddy I I don’t hear anything that what do that sound it’s probably Gooby guys it’s just Gooby okay we can’t be afraid all right come on let’s just go inside Gooby where’s Gooby oh my God oh my God heting what’s happening he’s being possessed he’s being possessed I shoot him daddy shoot him shoot him no you can’t shoot him that’s Gooby uh Gooby what’s wrong with you I am your bunny King what he said he’s the bunny king daddy he’s chasing us okay guys we need to get out of this rooming okay it’s not good oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God get outside get outside close the door no Daddy you close the door daddy you’re the one smacking the doors close it Daddy close the door myny arm is coming for you oh my God oh my God oh my God we have to call 911 we have to call an ambulance we have to go for help now uh guys uh no one can help us what do you mean daddy he’s possessed who helps possessed people no one Daddy there’s only one thing we could do we got to pray to Jesus what you have a cross in your hand and I got holy water Daddy I got to splash him with holy water he’s possessed by a demon no he was talking about a bunny what maybe it was a demon bunny I don’t know all I know is that he I got to Splash this holy water on him you saying the bunny King ooh the bunny king daddy Gooby needs Jesus right now and I’m going to give it to him oh where are you oh my god what the heck is that thing did get a pet I’m your buy King now king of all the bunnies how dare you make your house on top of the bunny sacred grounds uh I did not buy I did not build the house on the sacred ground I actually bought it on the sacred ground so that means that I’m not at fault well that’s still your fault for buying it oh come on Mr Bunny King we’re sorry we didn’t mean to build a house on top of your layer of bunnies okay just go home and everything will be okay and give us back Gooby no it’s too late Gooby is mine now I’m going to be the bunny king forever Gooby I could hear your voice okay I know it’s you you just got to get out of this bunny form and just go back to your regular form there’s no way to get to be back I’m going to go get my bunny Army and take over this whole place what bunny Army you can’t do that you’re not allow I have a shotgun I’ll just kill all of them I’m not scared of bunnies well maybe you’re not scared of one bunny but you’ll be scared of a bunny arm me oh gosh boom boom boom boom guys where is he going hey hey destroy the house what are you doing hey come back here you stupid buddy throw across at you this is just a small example of my Powers my entire bunny Army will break you you bite everything good job oh my goodness you come back here hey no come back hey oh my goodness guys he’s hopping away this is not good he’s got Gooby and he has a bunny Army you know waiting to kill us yeah and guys if one bunny can do this much damage think about what a bunny Army can do oh my go oh gosh I think we’re going to die Daddy I think we just go to the dark side and turn into bunnies as well no I am not turning into a smelly bunny okay that poops every 5 Seconds they like leave like little poop Trails they go like this I got to start eating carrots daddy oh gosh I hate carrots stop stop we need to defend this house guys we need to defend it from Gooby the bunny King There You Go Daddy eat some carrots get used to it this not going to do anything for me we can just hop and be bunnies now guys guys you’re giving up too easily you’re going to eat the foundation of this house and the house is going to fall into the dir well Daddy what do you want to do about it then huh we need to secure this house secure the house H yeah I don’t I don’t want to I don’t want to do that yeah I don’t really know how to do that what do you want to do what we want to do big boy Daddy I already told you I just want to become a bunny and join the bunny Army that’s not happening that is not going to happen you know what I’d rather trap you in a cage that allow you to join the Dark Side all hail the bunny King okay hey put me down hey Daddy this isn’t funny Daisy do something I will drop you put Johnny down put him down daddy you’re evil you’re evil daddy apologize and say you’re going to join my team I’m sorry Daddy why are you talking like that Daddy please put me down oh I’ll put you down no no no no not on the floor though not on the floor okay oh job’s joking Daddy I’m sorry I’ll join your team I’ll join your stupid team okay all right good a you going to join or do you want to you know be thrown off the roof I really just follow Johnny so if he’s on your team then I am too okay good all right well Daddy what you like us to do okay we need to repair this that is that is uh option number one okay let’s just use this block and let’s just do something like this there we go all right good job guys good job you’re doing a really good job get inside daddy oh you guys just built yourself out stupid you you built me out okay good as reinforced now we need to go down to the first floor main floor main floor Daddy I don’t even know how we’re going to stop a bunny Army what do bunnies don’t like H what don’t they like they don’t like hot stuff they don’t like oh what we need to do is make sure the floor is made out of stone they could dig underneath dirt Stone really yeah look at this look how poopy this is I got a better idea Daddy Let’s just burn them burn them stupid bunnies magma blocks burn okay we could do like a little border around I like that idea going to kill the bunnies daddy one by one oh I’m sure I’m sure it’s going to kill the bunnies all right everyone replace all the green with these magma blocks on the front yes Daddy this is going to be awesome trust me okay this going to burn the little feedies we’re going to have a bunny killing machine oh there’s a bunny there’s a bunny where where where kill it kill it where’s my gun oh my gosh oh my gosh oh wait it kind of looks cute I like it Daddy yeah wait can you drop it real quick no hey hey hey I like this bunny Daddy I like this one it he’s bring the house bring inside he’s okay okay you want to keep it you want to keep it fine we have to keep it we have to keep it in a cage okay make a cage cuz I don’t want to kill this one okay why don’t you want to kill it because daddy it looks cute cute meant ugly I agree I think Daisy would agree that this is a cute bunny yeah I I think all bunnies are cute yeah well I think it’s ugly all right is he in there a he look so cute and adorable I’m going to feed him carrots all right let me just put a a cage on top cuz he might be a jumper there we go I’m giving him a bunch of carrots daddy now he’s going to eat forever what’s his name um let me see oh Larry yeah that’s a good that’s a good name for a bunny well Larry you’re our first prisoner hey Daddy get the gun away we’re going to make this a prison well Daddy Larry is not really a prisoner okay he’s kind of just like my friend you looking at me funny rabbit I will rip those ears right off we got a lot of defenses to add all right he’s looking at me funny I don’t like it ooh Daisy’s been doing a good job over there how you go help her ooh good job Daisy thanks I really just kind of want to save goopy wait what you just did this whole entire wa you’re moving really fast well guys I need some help over here we’re already on your side what just did this whole right side oh my goodness all right I’m going to break you guys place all right just going to place a few more wait what the heck um guys I found something what did you find it’s like a hole or something I don’t know everyone come over here ho oh my goodness I see bunnies what do you mean you see bunnies oh God oh God it’s the bunny King everyone out everyone out everyone out oh God we got to block it off block it off block it off cover it up cover it up oh can we fill it with lava yes that’s a good idea lava lava lava yeah yeah send some lava their way okay I got it Daddy I got it take that oh lava lava lava lava all right there we go that’ll kill a bunch of bunnies bad bunnies all right I feel a lot better now but we still need to put more defenses up yeah we need to watch out for more holes like that cuz bunnies like to make holes H what else should we do should we do like a little lava Mo no I think we should just add a wall wall but they can hop over walls it’s got to be a really tall wall unless we put spikes on the top H let me think and use my genius ooh I got an idea let’s put a wall and then put some spikes on top what I just I just said that no I just said that wo what kind of wall is that it’s an iron wall wo check it out guys this is going to be super good that’s crazy but there’s a lot of stuff in the way I got to break there we go just make this wall super tall oh yeah this is coming out really good guys nice I’m going to start working on like the Border you guys just place the blocks on top wa guys this wall is coming out so good oh my goodness no bunnies going to be able to get over this this is incredible hey why is our front door opened what do you mean it’s open hold on hold on hold on hold on hey hey there’s bunnies in here hey oh my God oh my God we have an infestation guys I need help wait they’re kind of cute come to the back yeah I don’t think they’re cute I don’t think they’re cute shoot them kill them kill them oh my gosh oh my gosh I’m eating rabbit tonight they’re upstairs as well oh my goodness why are these guys so tanky what the heck there’s infinite amount of bunnies guys this is not good I’m shooting them in the face and they’re dying how’ they get inside this is not fair oh my gosh there’s like 100 of them in this corner Oh no you’re not get away from me I bet the bunny you put in the cage was a spy no way I said that Larry’s a spy D I’m going to shoot Larry right in the face guys I got it don’t worry I got I got a grenade launcher I’ll take care of them take that stupid bunnies yep there you go see you never oh This Woman’s eating our food on our on our table Yeah well he’s not eating anymore he’s eating lead take that oh you like that stupid bunnies I’m going back upstairs I’m making sure there’s none upstairs okay there’s too many of them there’s too many of them why is there lava on the roof what hey hey hey he hey how’d this get here did you read the sunris your sign here what does this sign say this is just the beginning oh gosh come on oh it’s the bunny King they’re in my room they’re in my room gosh lava is going everywhere lava is going everywhere don’t let it burn the house down daddy um I think it’s already starting to how you going up be stupid rabbit Daddy I think the value of our house is going down with all these bunnies in it yeah I I I could tell it’s working their plan is working or is it going up because bunnies are kind of expensive no it’s going down fively ugly we have an infestation okay I think I cleared all the bunnies out of this room where my bed guys you need to use the grenade launcher I’m telling you it kills like a 100 of them at a time all right where’s the stupid grenade launcher woo this is so much fun no it’s not we’re blowing up the house well it’s still kind of fun DD I’ve always wanted to blow up a house and now you can’t say no yeah I can’t say no because we have an infestation that needs to be taken care of it’s so much fun wait is there some in the Attic oh no please oh God there’s some in the Attic too they keep spawning in they’re so annoying okay I don’t see any more rabbits so far I think I killed most of them up here ah they’re in your room Bo no no no get him out I killed him I killed him grenade launcher is really good all right guys okay why is there lava in the ceiling well Daddy what are we supposed to do now because now the wall is pointless oh gosh we need to think of something different well first off we need to clean up the house well at least we had a cool wall yeah it’s cool it probably adds value to the house daddy daddy check it out look what’s on my head why do you have ears why do you have bunny ears because daddy um I’m going to be the new bunny King well you’re not possessed so I don’t think that’s going to happen well Daddy it was always my dream to become a bunny King and now today’s going to be the day because I’m killing all the bunnies and they’re joining my team okay nope that’s not working that is not working take those ears off we have other plans we got other things to do oh gosh how dare you D impersonate the bunny King oh my goodness who’s that Daddy the bunny King’s talking to us you just made me very angry I’m going to send my whole Army at your door no no no no no no oh gosh where are they well guess what I’m going to Blum your home how that y don’t do that hey that’s a good idea oh he said don’t do that that means we’re doing it everyone follow me wait hold on I got to get some dynamite oh get out of here stupid bunny all right Daddy I got sticks of dynamite let’s go blow up their house all right let’s go look for it I think I saw an entrance over here come here guys oh I found an entrance ooh daddy look there’s a bunch of bunnies and there’s a bunch of carrots die stupid bunnies guys I don’t want to hurt them you have G you’re shooting them what are you talking about man they’re just kind of cute they’re not cute at all okay they almost died oh God there’s magical ones they’re flying around these ones are scary okay kill them kill them use your gun okay so me and Johnny will go in there and then kill the bodes and someone’s got to play DNT da you got to do that or or Dynamite you mean to throw Dynamite yes here take a bunch of dynamite I got a bunch of dynamite too okay let’s go let’s go let’s go Dynamite ah take that ah ah take that stupid bunny King go no no you can’t stop me I’m coming for you ah oh you’re dead take that keep going guys keep going blow it up blow it up blow it up none of it could remain oh I see some more bunnies back there hit them they’re floating in the air killed them Daddy okay I think we got it guys oh a couple more is in the sky never mindo man that was a lot of work oh we did it oh wait a second where did Gooby go is Gooby dead no we can’t be dead guys guys guys Gooby cannot be dead he’s probably like at the house or something or in his bed yeah come on guys everyone follow me Gooby gooby where are you guys everyone search around and find Gooby Gooby gooby stop pranking us Gooby are you inside no I don’t see him in the living room I’m going to go check his room make sure Larry’s not here yeah Larry’s definitely dead guys Gooby no Gooby is not even in his bed what the heck this is stupid maybe he’s actually dead guys he’s not dead I mean he was just possessed but then we killed the thing that possessed him wait guys did we killed Gooby I hope we didn’t kill him I think Daisy’s a murderer it wasn’t me was you you’re going to jail for a Liv it was me oh it was definitely me I shot right between the eyes oh D it was you going to jail it wasn’t me at all jail oh no I’m going to get away with murder let’s go wait guys since we killed the bunny King does that mean I can be the new bunny King uh I don’t know if that’s how it works but daddy look I already got the ears on okay maybe you have the like the magic powers and everything ooh guys I have a really good idea watch this okay hey you everyone watching this video I need you to leave a like right now if you do it’s going to turn me into the big bunny King do you guys think it’s going to work no no hey you know what I bet it’s going to work right now quick like the video in three 2 one wow guys check it out oh yeah I’m the bunny King I’m the bunny King e you’re so ugly get away from me you smell wait since you’re the bunny King can you bring Gooby back to life wait oh my goodness I think think I can Daisy um let me think ooh I’m just going to fart my pants really hard and then he’s going to come back to life that sounds disgusting Daddy it’s going to work just trust me all right okay do it it’s going to sound and smell horrible oh God oh God I’m faring really hard oh yay Gooby is back Gooby what just happened to me he just blew up the ceiling yay Gooby oh I’m going to come give you a nice hug here oh no it’s the bunny King he’s back no Gooby gooby it’s me Johnny Gooby come back wait that you’re the bunny King yes I’m the new bunny King and I’m not evil like that last bunny King I won’t possess you again waa that’s awesome she can swoll all the bunnies in the world exactly Gooby but you know what I’m not buying it really Daddy get out of here you stupid bunny King you think that little gun is going to do something against me yes yes it will well Daddy guess what what now you’re going to have to fight two bunny Kings come here Gooby oh no oh no yeah check that out daddy oh god oh there’s two of them we got to get come come here run Dy run you must become one of us come here Daddy if you guys enjoyed watching this video then make sure to leave a like And subscribe right now bye

This video, titled ‘GOOBY Gets POSSESSED In Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Johnny Minecraft on 2024-05-11 21:01:33. It has garnered 441575 views and 12916 likes. The duration of the video is 00:25:24 or 1524 seconds.

Today, Gooby gets POSSESSED In Minecraft! Can Johnny and his friends save him? Or will Gooby be possessed forever? Watch to the end to find out!

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    Where's the Waist, Little Brat? Minecraft Shenanigans! Minecraft: Exploring the World of Blocks with 方块轩 方块轩, a prominent creator in the Minecraft realm, brings a unique blend of humor and creativity to the gaming community. With a focus on providing child-friendly content, 方块轩’s channel is a hub of original animations and entertaining videos that aim to spread joy and laughter among viewers. Unique Content Offerings From hilarious Minecraft animations to educational classroom series and even song adaptations, 方块轩’s channel offers a diverse range of content to cater to different interests. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or some engaging learning experiences, 方块轩 has something for… Read More

  • BoyGirl Normal: Minecraft Animation Part 15

    BoyGirl Normal: Minecraft Animation Part 15 Minecraft Animation BoyGirl Normal -Part 15- -Season1- ♪Music Video The Mysterious White Ball In the world of Minecraft, a mysterious white ball appears, claiming to be a ball of power or magic that can protect the player. It offers to be a partner in times of danger, promising to always be by the player’s side. What secrets does this ball hold, and how will it impact the player’s journey? A Strange Dream The player, Oy Revan, experiences a strange dream where their body moves on its own. Is it truly a dream, or is there more to it? The… Read More

  • Dragon Fight & Elytra Raid in Minecraft Hardcore

    Dragon Fight & Elytra Raid in Minecraft Hardcore Minecraft Hardcore Survival Longplay – Ender Dragon Battle & Elytra Raid Exploring the World of Minecraft In this exciting Minecraft longplay video, the player embarks on a thrilling adventure to defeat the Ender Dragon and obtain the coveted Elytra. The journey begins in a moon-shaped lake where the player’s house is located, unknowingly built on top of a stronghold. The player’s exploration leads them to a spider farm and a surprising discovery of the stronghold’s entrance while mining coal. Conquering Challenges With determination and skill, the player faces the Ender Dragon in Hardcore mode for the first time, showcasing… Read More

  • uArch – 🌟 FACTIONS RETURNS! New Series!? #01

    uArch - 🌟 FACTIONS RETURNS! New Series!? #01Video Information sal você sab maiser nover tá ligado porque tá complicado V entrei no server deix entrar aqui eu tô aqui na bar tá ligado os Car Me cham PR est jogando com eles entrei de Capitão tá ligado E ontem de noite internet caiu tá ligado e voltou só agora a pouco então não consegui est gravando vídeo para vocês por isso o vídeo est saindo tarde já era para ter saído o vídeo perdão gravando no vídeo de 3 horas da tarde mano 3 horas da tarde era o horário que o vídeo estaria saindo então perdão… Read More

  • 🔥Lezzy dominating Free Fire with WEAK PC!🔥

    🔥Lezzy dominating Free Fire with WEAK PC!🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVE ON👑FREE FIRE AO VIVO👑SMARTGAGA PC FRACO👑SALA PERSONALIZADA👑JOGANDO COM OS INSCRITOS’, was uploaded by L e z z y ツ FFX on 2024-05-20 12:48:29. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:27:51 or 1671 seconds. ➡️ Tags Ignore ⬅️ #freefire #pcfraco #pc #fivem #gtarp #revelação #pcgaming #hardware #pcbarato #minecraft #valorant #forzahorizon5 #freefireaovivo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirehighlights​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirenoelff​​​ #smartgaga #freefiremusic​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirem1014​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #aimbotfreefire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #emoteheadshot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireshotgun​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireemoteheadshot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirebrasil​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireruokmode​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #highlightfreefire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #emuladorfreefire #mobile #emulador #mobilador #aovivo #livefreefire #freefirelive #ff #jogandocominscritos Ненужные теги: xxxtentacion, empire, rap, bad vibes forever / empire, hip hop xu0026 rap, xxx,… Read More

  • The Ravens Nest

    The Ravens NestThis is a massive MASSIVE network that will include all your favorite games! This will become bigger then hypixel! Make sure to do /buy! Read More

  • RPG Modpack modded SMP whitelist

    Looking for Players for Modified Craft to Exile 2 RPG Modpack If you are interested in playing a slightly modified version of Craft to Exile 2 with us, we are looking for up to three players. The RPG modpack consists of over 300 mods and features level requirements for gear, quest progression, skills, a new fighting system, and other interesting mechanics. Join us at Apply Now Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - My favorite FPS Game is MinecraftMy favorite FPS game is Minecraft, because nothing gets the adrenaline pumping quite like trying to outrun an exploding creeper! Read More

  • Crafty Chaos: Upin Ipin Part 5 Mines Dark Things

    Crafty Chaos: Upin Ipin Part 5 Mines Dark Things In the dark of night, Upin Ipin’s plight, Trapped in a time warp, no end in sight. A mystery unfolds, with each passing scene, As they navigate through a world unseen. Ehsan’s secret revealed, a sibling unknown, Hidden in shadows, his true colors shown. Why does he hide, his brother so dear? The answer lies close, so crystal clear. Join the adventure, in this Minecraft tale, Where imagination soars, without fail. Subscribe for more, to see what’s in store, In the world of Upin Ipin, forevermore. Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: History of Epic Fails 😂🔥

    Minecraft Meme: History of Epic Fails 😂🔥 “When you accidentally hit a pig in Minecraft and suddenly the entire village wants to cancel you for animal cruelty 🐷🚫 #CancelCultureInMinecraft” Read More

  • Empowered Oil Hacks: Level Up Your Game

    Empowered Oil Hacks: Level Up Your Game Automating Empowered Oil in Minecraft with Actually Additions Introduction In the world of Minecraft, automation is key to streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency. One such task is generating empowered oil using the Actually Additions mod. This guide will explore two ways to automate this process, one utilizing other mods and the other relying solely on vanilla and Actually Additions items. Empowered Oil Automation with Other Mods To begin automating empowered oil production, ensure that all necessary inputs are consistently supplied to the machine. Utilize a portable tank to store and regulate the empowered oil output. Any fluid and item… Read More

  • Boomers Attempt Fortnite in Minecraft

    Boomers Attempt Fortnite in Minecraft Minecraft Players Dive into the World of Fortnite Join us on an epic adventure as Minecraft players step out of their blocky world and into the fast-paced realm of Fortnite for the very first time! Watch as they navigate the world of building, battling, and looting, all while embracing their inner noobs. Will they conquer the battlefield or fall victim to their lack of experience? Tune in to find out in this exciting crossover! Game 1: The Adventure Begins The players land in Fortnite, unsure of what to expect. As they explore, they encounter other players and engage in… Read More

  • CATNAP FAMILY in Minecraft?! Block Buddies

    CATNAP FAMILY in Minecraft?! Block BuddiesVideo Information wait a second where am I right now I don’t know why are you here right now who is this um interesting looking friend we have here this guy looks so cool you want a cookie oh guys I’m TV man I’m from skiy toilet do you guys know what that is okay this guy is suspicious I mean did you hear like that that doesn’t even exist what is this guy even talking about I mean I thought I was going to do a skibby toilet build challenge with my whole family but I guess I’m playing… Read More

  • Ultimate Mini Wooden House Build!

    Ultimate Mini Wooden House Build!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft making mini wooden house. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #shorts #shortvideo #viral’, was uploaded by NV GAMING on 2024-02-15 14:00:01. It has garnered 3390 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:20 or 20 seconds. Minecraft making mini wooden house. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #shorts #shortvideo #viral Minecraft made scary way #minecraftshorts #minecraft #viral #shortvideo Minecraft villager and zombie tnt experiment. #minecraftshorts #minecraft #shorts #viral Minecraft TNT experiment with cripper. #minecraft #minecraftshorts#shorts #viral Minecraft scary moment #minecraftshorts #minecraft #shortvideo #shorts minecraft minecraft 100 days minecraft house tutorial minecraft music minecraft civilization minecraft song minecraft house minecraft legends… Read More

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    INSANE! Indian Tekken Gamer's Lucky Minecraft Moments 😱Video Information तो आज के इस वीडियो में हम कुछ ऐसे लकी एस्ट मोमेंट्स को देखने वाले हैं जो कि हमारे इंडियन गेमर्स के साथ हुई है तो चलो बिना आपका टाइम वेस्ट करे वीडियो शुरू कर लेते हैं वेल हमारी पहली नंबर की क्लिप निकल के आती है वो होने वाली है गेमर फ्लीट की क्या ही दिमाग लगाया भाई वहीं पर बैड लगा के मेरे मुह आग थोड़ा दूर भी लगा लेते भाई या कहीं आसपास मतलब समझ रहे हो ना तुम लोग भाई बिल्कुल बगल में लगा के धड़ाधड़ आए जा रहे हैं आए जा रहे मार… Read More

  • Unlock Rare Pets and Hidden Locations in Minecraft PS3 Edition!

    Unlock Rare Pets and Hidden Locations in Minecraft PS3 Edition!Video Information and I think every episode I will change my skin to something else to kind of keep it interesting you know surprisingly most of you voted for me to be Clank so that’s what I’m going to be for this episode I also got a lot of requests for Herobrine so maybe I will buy the pack that has him and use him for an episode anyway um time to hop back in I guess hello cake so last time I got wood and went mining which gave me a lot of iron and now today I think… Read More

  • Unbelievable Find! Massive Iron Vein in Minecraft Modded Let’s Play

    Unbelievable Find! Massive Iron Vein in Minecraft Modded Let's PlayVideo Information This video, titled ‘Biggest Iron Vein EVER! – Minecraft 1.20.4 Modded Longplay (No Commentary) – Ep 10’, was uploaded by EmilyTheDemon on 2024-02-26 22:00:07. It has garnered 9 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 02:41:05 or 9665 seconds. All I wanted was some cobbled deepslate for my next project. Instead I found something terrifying (if you caught my livestream on the 21st, then you know what it is!). Then I poked around some more cave and found legitimately the hugest iron vein I’ve ever seen. It was just ridiculous. Every time I thought it… Read More

  • Yahiamice EXPOSED! Don’t join Jschlatt’s SMP

    Yahiamice EXPOSED! Don't join Jschlatt's SMPVideo Information [Music] all right and with that I think uh oh we’ve got a sign Diamond duplicator drop one diamond on this plank and step back and it’ll double that seems like a no-brainer [Music] [Laughter] this Looney Tunes ass [ __ ] going on in the server today [ __ ] wow why do my skin look so different what the [ __ ] why is Animal Crossing faintly playing I immediately welcome by like every aspect of a SCH video just faint Animal Crossing music Isn’t that cool welcome Good Vibes and wholesome fun for theah I’m… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Build – Japanese Shinto Shrine Timelapse 🏯

    Insane Minecraft Build - Japanese Shinto Shrine Timelapse 🏯Video Information This video, titled ‘Building a Japanese Shinto Shrine in mincraft | Relaxing Minecraft Timelapse’, was uploaded by Animation Timelapse on 2024-05-14 16:15:00. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:57 or 177 seconds. Hello a relaxing time-lapse of building a Japanese Shinto shrine in Minecraft: 🌸 “ZenCraft: Building a Tranquil Shinto Shrine in Minecraft” 🌸 Embark on a serene journey as we construct a mesmerizing Japanese Shinto shrine within the pixelated world of Minecraft. 🏯✨ In this enchanting time-lapse, watch as we meticulously place each wooden beam, carve intricate torii gates,… Read More

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    Secret Enchantments for Ultimate Minecraft Crossbow Power #shortsVideo Information गड लेवल एं चेंट मेंट फॉर योर क्रॉस पो फर्स्ट अनब्रेकिंग थ्री अनब्रेकिंग थ्री आपके क्रॉस पो की ड्यूरेबल को इंक्रीज करता है सेकंड मेंडिंग मेंडिंग आपका एक्सपी लेकर आपके क्रॉस पो को हील करता है थर्ड क्विक चार्ज क्विक चार्ज आपके क्रॉस पो की रीलोड स्पीड को इंक्रीज करता है फोर्थ पियर्सिंग या मल्टीशॉट पियर्सिंग से आपके रो पियर्स करना चालू कर देते हैं मतलब कि अगर एक के पीछे एक मॉब खड़ा है तो वो दोनों को डैमेज होगा ना कि एक मॉब को और अगर आप लोग मल्टी शॉट लगाते हैं तो आप एक बार… Read More

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  • Celestria SMP Java 1.20.4 Dynmap Earth

    Welcome to The World of Celestria! Greetings wanderers! Join our Minecraft geopolitical server where you can unleash your creativity and explore different gameplay styles: Builders: Create your own structures and landscapes Roleplayers: Dive into immersive storytelling Lore Writers: Shape the history of Celestria Pvpers: Test your skills in combat Earth is your canvas, whether you want to create a nation, join a cult, start a religion, establish guilds or businesses. Rise to the top and make your mark in the History of Celestria! Join Us Now: Discord Server Link Read More

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    Looks like this meme is scoring higher than my grades in math class. Read More

  • 1v5 Ravagers: Minecraft Mayhem!

    1v5 Ravagers: Minecraft Mayhem! In the world of Minecraft, a player did fight, Against five Ravagers, with all their might. Twice they clashed, in a battle so grand, But alas, the player fell, not able to stand. The Ravagers triumphed, their victory clear, Leaving the player with nothing but fear. But in the end, it’s all just a game, In Minecraft, things are never the same. So like and subscribe, to the channel so dear, For more Minecraft battles, to bring you cheer. Thanks for watching, until next time, In the world of Minecraft, where the sun always shines. Read More

  • POV: Villager Chad vs Villager Chadwick 🔥

    POV: Villager Chad vs Villager Chadwick 🔥 POV: Short Villager rank 1 trying to reach the top shelf in the village store vs Rank 999 Villager who can just levitate up there with their god-like powers. #shortpeopleproblems #minecraftmeme Read More

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    Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Crazy Portals and Epic Adventures! Welcome, Minecraft enthusiasts! Are you looking for a new and exciting Minecraft server to join? Look no further than Minewind! With a vibrant community and endless possibilities, Minewind is the place to be for all your Minecraft adventures. But why should you join Minewind, you ask? Well, imagine a world where you can unleash your creativity, explore vast landscapes, and engage in thrilling PvP battles. That’s what Minewind offers – a dynamic and immersive Minecraft experience like no other. Join us at Minewind and embark on epic quests, build magnificent structures, and forge alliances with fellow players. The possibilities… Read More

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    Ultimate Deepslate Castle Build Guide Minecraft: Building a Deepslate Castle for Survival Welcome to the world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds! In this tutorial, we will delve into the exciting realm of building a Deepslate Castle for survival. Let’s explore the unique features and challenges that come with this project. Exploring Deepslate Deepslate is a new addition to Minecraft, introduced in the Caves & Cliffs update. This block adds a darker, more rugged look to your builds, perfect for creating a medieval-style castle. Its deep gray color and rough texture make it a standout choice for a fortress. Gathering Resources Before you… Read More

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    🔴 Insane Steampunk Room Makeover in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴 Jdu si dodělat svůj pokoj [Minecraft Steampunk stream]’, was uploaded by Popo CZ on 2024-02-12 17:41:01. It has garnered 124 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 02:14:10 or 8050 seconds. Hi welcome to my stream, today I’m going to play on my MC server, enjoy the stream! Discord server: Donate (Contribution to the MC server): Read More

  • Trapped in 40×40 Border – Minecraft Hardcore

    Trapped in 40x40 Border - Minecraft HardcoreVideo Information bro these goddamn chickens I can’t even no stop stop no no no stop yo yo yo yo guys stop hold up and another expansion has occurred so let’s see how much this does for us possibility of this villager coming to our uh yeah sure actually yeah him coming in here that is that doesn’t seem absolutely impossible I have 16 string right here what I’m going to do is I’m going to make a bed and no I will not be using it as we’ve said we are not sleeping in this series but that doesn’t… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft Parkour Cubes w/ CaptainSparklez!

    EPIC Minecraft Parkour Cubes w/ CaptainSparklez!Video Information welcome everybody to parkour cubes oh boy it it do be going up high oh my goodness gracious all right this is a this is a big map Cube Runner Studios and I guess we have some prologue parkour drip Leaf no less man can he do it without falling he does let’s go I made it out of the prologue area that wasn’t even the start oh my god dude this thing goes so high up this is from clue who does pretty freaking epic parkour maps to be fair which is very awesome ow I took… Read More

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    EPIC Minecraft Discovery! Secret Treasure Uncovered!Video Information This video, titled ‘Ep-6 I Found Secreet Treasure in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Sokher Gamer on 2024-01-13 04:31:00. It has garnered 710477 views and 31072 likes. The duration of the video is 00:22:51 or 1371 seconds. Ep-6 I Found Secreet Treasure in Minecraft MINECRAFT SERIES 2024 Like Aim 16k #minecraft #part6 #treasure Subscribe to my second channel: Follow on Instagram: Please like this video if you enjoyed, And it also gives me motivation to make more those types of videos.          And……….Subscribe….        Higher number looks good 😉 It also shows the power of Bangla gaming… Read More

  • “Unbelievable! Hydriel crushes Minemanner in intense Minecraft PvP battle!” #shorts

    "Unbelievable! Hydriel crushes Minemanner in intense Minecraft PvP battle!" #shortsVideo Information yeah it’s over no oh my go my rods this is where you get the come back comat maybe not no This video, titled ‘he beat minemanner… #minecraft #pvp #shorts’, was uploaded by hydriel on 2024-04-30 16:07:43. It has garnered 1147 views and 18 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. This video isn’t by me, it’s actually by @sweatgod. Subscribe to him, he’s insane. #shorts #minecraft #pvp #minemanner #straight Tags (ignore) Minemanner is cool, minemanner song, iusehuzuni, i use huzuni, ricefarmer11, rice farmer 11, rice farmer11, ricefarmer, ricefarmer 11, mine manner, i use… Read More