Greeism – In Plain Sight 2 UPDATE! – Haunted Homecoming Event (Part 1) Gameplay

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In plain sight 2 dropped part one of the 2023 Halloween event last night let’s go over what’s been added in this half of the Halloween event update anomal is now spawn outside the anomalous special Mission rounds again meeting every normal round is anomalous albe it with a special round occurring pumpkins now

Spawn again but don’t give you a random copy of an event Thief instead you’ll be given a new currency called scares scares is the currency used for this year’s Halloween event pumpkins are also renamed due to this change frightened pumpkins could be found by thieves and ghost pumpkins can be found by cameras

Finally there were many character reworks in store for us today which I’ll be showcasing in today’s video with that out of the way it’s Showtime whoa It’s Me Again back at again with another inlan sight 2 video and today we’re going to be checking out the new reworked Thieves for the Halloween event so let’s start this off by checking out scar so um scar no longer gets extra weight capacity by

Game damage so in order to get more weight capacity you got to eat items so basically scar will eat anything like in front of them so I’m going to Showcase that just going to give the game a bit to load and then we’ll cut right to the

Chase and uh there we go and let’s get started um so for those who haven’t seen the behind the scenes video I’ve already spent a ton of cash on getting Halloween characters and um or span of a few hours including including me at 1:00 a.m. I actually stayed up at 1:00 a.m.

Just to spend some more cash um that is a uh that is a jewelry shipment all right so let’s just do something funny I’m feeling kind of hungry how hungry I’m very hungry I just ate that car all right so now we have an increased weight capacity

Of 45 but you’ll soon notice that this this diminishes like eventually will gradually diminish so you’ll lose some of that weight capacity oh thanks dib’s very cool um as I was saying you’re going to lose that weight capacity eventually that is a awesome sauce um ah no no thank you

Goodbye what else can I eat I’m kind of hungry I’m kind of hungry I’m kind of hungry how hungry uh Minecraft horse death sound effect I’m going to eat this n uh that was not a great idea by the way here’s here’s a friend pumpkin maybe

Not nuh I want that awesome sauce give it to me ah freak I’m too late yeah I’m just messing around this way I’m just going to Showcase his ability um yeah not going too much about it but scar is going to be great if you’re trying to

Uh steal many things at once I kind of want that so I’m going to steal this money money money um also there was a small patch that was released overnight so some servers will have ghost pumpkins visible and in some servers it’s not so just keep an eye out for that you

Won’t see those anymore this happens to be um a fresh server um as in like the update just dropped and it’s the same version so yeah I need to eat some more stuff I’m feeling kind of hungry you know what I’m saying I’m feeling kind of hungry someone found another fighting pumpkin that’s

Cool also I would be showing this right now but there is a indicator in the chat that tells you how many frighten pumpkins or ghost pumpkins are left in the map um depending on which team you’re on oh there’s a Ply runs here it’s work an exclamation point um that’s

A lot of ghost pumpkins do they not know how to get how to get scares as camera that’s kind of concerning ah uh no thank you I kind of forgot I don’t have Dash oops all right let’s let’s just eat that I’m feeling kind of hungry I’m feeling kind of hungry I’m

Going to take this in technal support away goodbye no more all right um yeah I’m kind of in a rush here I don’t see the camera I’ll revive you please give me extra heart thank you very cool I’m out of here goodbye ah come on well I deserve that all

Right can I get a revive or you just yeah yeah they’re just sitting there and dead well uh that is a demonstration of Scar you just got to eat get more weight weight capacity and then uh bam profit all right now I’m going to demonstrate Great Pumpkin on police

Station so um great pumpkin’s ability is sort of the same but it is a rework so basically instead of pressing e and making both cameras suffer you just put down a pumpkin that has a um a range so if the cameras hit that pumpkin they’re going to get the guts effect and only

Dim so it’s only going to affect one car instead of both yeah so that’ll be great so I’m going to be so ultimately the goal of Great Pumpkin now is to make yourself a moving Target and then you use the ability to make him go blind

Yeah you know what I’m saying just like that okay let’s just go my usual route uh nope what about uh nope not there here’s an anomaly highlight yeah that’s a ghost that’s a ghost pumpkin uh H 17 there we go that’s a firefly Great okay I’m kind of blind I cannot see I’m I’m hi there buddy you want to come shoot me hello come on come on come over here I got yeah he just got got it pumpkin guts we love pumpkin guts no we don’t it actually is kind of

Annoying pumpkin guts we do a little trolling all right there we go I am probably going to come back for those falling cabinets at the balcony I I kind of forgot they existed because I got a basic Tower run uh that’s a golden server I don’t

Think I’ve seen one of these um hey Buddy we do a little trolling uh my abilities on cool down I can’t do that okay golden picture frame nice also um missions got nerfed this update so um yeah you can cry about it I I’d say it was kind of deserved because after all that’s how he ended up with 50 million

Cash and uh it’s kind of Overkill so I’m kind of glad I got nerfed that means you got to play the game more now the Armor’s been looted oh well whatever uh 15 make that 20 let’s go also if you didn’t notice already um the pumpkin the pumpkin appearance or

The ability changes BAS Bas on uh energy cell it it changes based on uh your skin so you got everald it changes it to to a green pumpkin I want that energy cell hello this is mine now H no no no no no no no no no no

No no no ah well that all fa and come on not my not my energy cell hey buddy do me a favor go thank you I’m going to take that now uh yeah that was a 480 yikes y energy cells gone oh they dropped it okay that’s mine now mine

I love stealing energy cells money money money money no money money money money money money money money money money money money uh uh-oh this is not good I got to go grab some more stuff all right I hope there’s no one here money money money money money money money money money money

Money all right that’s mine now i’ say that’s a win wait before grabbing more no I don’t want to wait I got to get some more money uh hey buddy how’s it going we do little trolling you like those pumpkins yeah I think I’m having a little bit too

Much fun with those pumpkins right now but it is a pretty cool ability it’s not like before where you make the where you make cameras suffer it’s actually kind of fun it’s all about strategic placement hey buddy how’s it going you want a piece of me ah crap I’m not going

To make it two ah okay well well then um patience wins and uh I lost death by patience okay damn I’m being watched like a hawk ah come on oh Cal you got this no kind of want that money bag is there anything else here I’m kind of blind

Uhoh all right it’s just me I’m going to steal some more before I get out of here all right I don’t have much time let’s get out of here no wait no that’s going to jeopardize my chances never mind I’m out money money money money money money that’s awesome

Yeah I made some money oh yeah very funny thing um because an because anom no spawn in every round the anonymous special Mission doesn’t exist that’s funny okay perfect all right so I’m going to demonstrate how to get how to get scares as a uh camera with I think

Probably the most fitting choice I think you left me on red ha um yeah so I got Ruby clown I got I got Ruby witch I got uh I don’t have I don’t think I have enough time Ruby Spidey and uh Ruby Ruby bat I it doesn’t really

Matter anyway I already have clown set all right let’s go I got some people to kill and also got to find them ghost Pumpkins I think you left me on red haha I love money I love killing people as well today we’re going to cyber bully some children while we get some ghost pumpkins that’ll be fun and it’s on restaurant all places so that’s even more fun um that’s that’s at least 3.5k actually

Four okay where did them ghost pump ah hello just got clowned on bud Um where are you I see you know I can see you right be a mistake uh H where are them ghost pumpkins at ah here ah hello glad to glad to see you that was Skelly probably wait I was in our ghost pumpkin uh that doesn’t work but uh I really don’t want to take a guess and that was actually a player I’ll go back for it later uh

Uhoh I cannot leave do That unfortunately I I saw that so you’re good as dead no get out of there you got to be kidding me nope can’t let you do that I love explosive shot all right let’s see okay that hatch is occupied hang on yeah I didn’t think so

I wonder if there are any more ghost pumkins out there I’m hurt someone over here uhoh well that’s not good ah I see holy crap that is the mo that is the laggiest play I’ve ever seen in a while damn that is crazy you know I can see you right no

You cannot do that heard a freeze anomaly around here probably in Blue Moon then um no well uh you know what yeah please revive okay I heard something over here Hello there’s someone over here probably yep there they are good God you are laggy my God yeah six hearts I forgot about that nope here’s good is gone when I find You how much health you even have not even your ability can save you from me okay I went from killing people to uh I went from looking for ghost pumpkins to killing people so now I’m going to go back to looking for a look at all those

Bones bones all right um where are those uh ghost pumpkins at I got to look for them now oh I heard a sound Q up here never mind you heard a sound Q somewhere here uh uhoh yeah you can do all the grunt work

Go do that for me I’m going to go look for ghost pumpkins uh no not here oh here’s one all right let’s check over look here’s one oh there’s two perfect kind of want them scares oh don’t tell me you going to get your kills in or

What okay so the last one’s probably a scavenger so I’m going to go over here damn okay well uh is the last person going to escape or what I guess not well that was well that was close w w I did I did make some money though five scares that’s pretty Cool all right so um for for the time being at as of the recording of this video you can see the Mas scares you got by looking up here on on the missions counter so once you do that you got to memorize that number damn memorizing

That sucks so you got to come over here this is where you can get your event characters um for some reason some characters um seem to be H be pulled less from bulk rules I’ve been pretty much every single character that I’ve been getting during this event

Other than wit which I have five copies of since I did make the remodel for it um those were those were obtained through the bulk buys and I’ve spent probably like I’ve spent um 7 million on bulk buys explicitly yeah 7 million bul Buys so there’s

That I don’t know for some reason I’ve been getting I’ve been getting both bat and greyman less commonly in comparison to the other characters I don’t I don’t know I just I don’t even think it’s intentional that’s kind of the thing I don’t think it’s intentional all right so now I’m going

To show off Skelly this is actually kind of perfect considering the circumstances it is going to be a pretty tight quarters kind of thing so I kind of need to be seeing my cameras to show this off so basically instead of permanently losing Health you basically temporally

Lose it and uh to get your health back you got to pick up your own bones and uh if you try to pick up and also no you can’t pick up other people’s bones you’re just going to get called off and uh the game will say that’s not yours or

Some like that it’s pretty funny all right let’s go rattle me bones me bones all right um I just realized how weird emerald Skelly looks damn that kind of no face uh don’t look back here bud nothing uh suspicious going on here yo ho ho why did you do that

Okay there is no important laptop here uh grab this as well Ah that’s an incinerator and El great that’s a quadrupled drinking fountain let’s take that free cash I love free cash uh-oh what what where did they go okay um here they are rattle me bones rattle me bones rattle me bones welome

For board me hearty yeah I just healed up all your I I just undid all the all your hard work how do you feel buddy surprise wait where is that other skell wait did they leave uh uhoh that’s I kind of need to show off something

Here all right where is the okay I’m going to revive this person uhoh come on come on come on come on how did he not see me I’m kind of surprised about that okay so I’m going to pick up someone El’s bone that’s not yours come on

Buddy can I pick this up thank you yeah I don’t know it’s kind of funny that the prise just that’s not yours I I kind of like doing that in an extremely obnoxious voice that’s not yours let me do a little trolling sorry about that okay where is where is the other person

There nope nope ah come on my bones my bones it looks so stupid stupid look at all the bones on the ground no come on revive me first you got to get your priorities straight okay give me my bones back yeah I still got my bones

Left over wait wait I don’t think that’s supposed to happen wait what all right energy cell I want give it to me well uh not really since that’s the only good one of the only good things that are actually on the map so uh sure I guess that’s a bag of 685

Uhoh free cash I love free cash five six 7 uhoh no don’t look down you look down you cannot do that you’re not allowed to I gotta be I got to be quick I need to I need to get the energy cell uhoh no you’re not nah well it was fun while it

Lasted so uh yeah that’s that’s part one of the Halloween events um so those are the reworks um they’re pretty fun to say the least I’ve uh I’ve yet to to mess around with them more so that’s just that’s just my first time just messing around with this character so

Yeah see for yourself come get your own come get your own KES of each character um there’s um four four cameras you can get in this event and um I don’t even it’s probably like uh I cannot do math 10 10 uh no that’s 12

That’s 12 um no wait no sorry that’s 11 yeah so there’s 11 Halloween thieves and four Halloween cameras you can get so there you go anyway I’m going to go head off and do something else um yeah anyway thank you for watching later yeah

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how hungry… 🐴

Minecraft horse death sound effect

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