GUMMIGOO Survival Challenge: 100 Days in Minecraft!

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gummig goo is one of the coolest new characters to come from the latest episode of The Amazing digital circus which is why I decided to add him and the rest of the candy Canyon Kingdom into Minecraft now for the next 100 days I’ll be surviving as gummy goo pulling off explosive heists and making Great Escapes as I encounter all the members of the digital circus and transform into even bigger and more powerful forms will I be able to overcome the odds and defeat the fudge or will I get deleted from the circus you’ll have to watch until the end to find out on day one I spawned in as baby gummy goo with my friends Max and Chad my mom and dad were watching over me Overjoyed that I was now a part of the village welcome home son you look so handsome with your little hat mom come on I’m with my friends suddenly the ground trembled around us and a terrifying mass of chocolate goo emerged from the chocolate River we were being attacked by the fudge what’s this a little candy Village if princess l l won’t me into the Candy Candy Kingdom that this place will just have to do the fudge began to attack my people killing and swallowing up one gummy crocodile after another oh no this is terrible he then turned towards my mom and I but before he could get his tendrils on us my dad jumped in and intervened leave our family alone using his revolvers my dad fired a flurry of bullets onto the fudge however his attacks weren’t enough to stop the Monstrous blob from squashing him next d no we have to run hurry boys I tried to escape with my mom and friends but it wasn’t long before the fudge set his sights on us again back here the fudge smashed through the village and launched a ball of fudge straight towards us but my Mom jumped in to take the blow she survived but I could tell something was terribly wrong Mom are you okay I’m fine keep running we all continued to run before the fudge had the chance to finish us off for good on day two Max Chad and I took my mom to cover behind a giant donut as the fudge continued his hunt for us with one look at my mom I could tell she was Gravely ill what did that monster do to you we have to help we don’t have much of the village but maybe the syrup from the candy Canyon Kingdom could help me it’s worth a shot looks like we’re going on a heist boys thinking quickly we carved into a nearby doughnut to create a makeshift shelter to protect my mom we then set off together towards the candy Canyon Kingdom In Search of the magical syrup after some travel we finally arrived at the massive Kingdom only to find that the gates were being guarded by a massive gummy elephant alongside princess Lully lau’s mannequin army they couldn’t make it too easy for us we’ll need to find another way in how are we going to get inside with the castle surrounded by this molten chocolate M oh I know this is spot a ram back with a m is lower we can just walk across good thinking Chad we just need to get over there without being spotted my friends and I tried to stealth around the perimeter of the castle walls taking cover in the trees to stay hidden from the mannequin guards when we reach the back of the castle there was a small land bridge across with a weak part of the wall hiding behind a corner was a strange garden gnome what is this doing here it’s one of them Easter eggs I’ve been hearing about Easter eggs yeah there’s probably more of them around they’re well hidden so they can be hard to spot sometimes there should be five more of them try to find all of them and leave a comment if you did who are you guys talking to we have to move let’s break through this wall using our combined power my friends and I broke through the wall but to our horror princess LLY Lalu was standing on the other side Bandit capture them guards the princess’s guards came bolting after us and we all made a break for it into the castle on day three we are being chased by mannequin guards into the castle the three of us darted through the Halls to avoid our pursuers until we finally arrived at the syrup supply room quick everyone hide inside the syrup the three of us dove into the syrup storage container only for an intense sensation to come over our bodies my friends and I all transformed into adults gaining five more hearts and new powers what just happened I don’t know but this is awesome suddenly the guards were seen approaching the room we were out of time I’ll hold these guys off you both prepare a way to haul his stuff out of here Chad and Max got to work well I use my strength to fend off the incoming guards armed with my new gummy Chomp attack I was no longer defenseless I used my power to fight off the hordes of enemies but even though I was able to defeat them more reinforcements were on the way the tank is drained take this and let’s get out of here I grabbed the giant barrel of syrup and put it in my inventory the three of us rushed towards the walls where Max had rigged some TNT already we ignited it blowing up the walls and escaping with the syrup Barrel in my possession time to save my mom just as we thought we had made it out a group of strangers stopped us in our tracks looks like we have company Boys on days 4 through 7 our Heist was interrupted by a group of people we had never seen before all right you’re all coming with us what makes you think we’ll listen to you oh I was hoping you wouldn’t without warning the rabbit attacked me I tried to fend him off with my upgraded strength but he was quick on his feet and landed a mean punch just as I thought I was about to be bested Max intervened helping me knock the enemy away let’s get out of here the three of us ran through the group and made a run for the hills we’re going to make it oh no you don’t get him py wait what no the rabbit hit his clown friend sending her flying our Direction huh the clown crashed into me with the enough Force to send me clipping through the floor and falling through the map on days 8 through 10 I landed inside of a strange digital realm I had never seen before where am I I began exploring the area until I found a location where characters were standing in a line like statues hey this is me and my friends what is this place I looked behind me and spotted a letter lying on the ground I then picked it up and began to read what was inside there is more Beyond just the candy Canyon Kingdom and at the center of it all is the digital circus entities that reside outside of the circus are known as NPCs they’re lesser beings if an NPC explores the realm outside of the kingdom and gathers all six candy relics they will obtain ultimate power and become a main character I’m an NPC but our lives are just as important as anyone else’s I’ll find those relics get the power of a main character and save my Village from the fudge just then I heard the sound of something closing in behind me I turned around and saw I was being ambushed by digital entities on day 11 through 14 I was defending myself from the menacing Digital Monsters they were beginning to overpower me but just as I thought I was done for the clown from before intervened leave him alone using her firecracker Powers the girl helped me fight off the enemies until none of them remained why’d you help me weren’t you one of those people trying to stop me earlier because you seem like a good person I’m sure there was a reason why you stole that serup in the first place my Village is in trouble and I think finding the so-called circus and the candy relics inside are what I need to to save it did you say circus that’s where I’m from my name’s pomy if the circus is the key to saving your village I’ll help you find it I followed pomy through the digital realm trying to ignore all the lifeless assets surrounding us eventually we both discovered a portal waiting for us does this go where I think it does uh there’s only one way to find out with nowhere else to go we walk towards the portal and pass right through it when we emerged on the other side we had arrived inside of the circus we made it now we just need to watch out for Kane who’s Kane just then a ring Master appeared before us out of thin air humy you’re back early uh-oh looks like one of the NPCs got out time to lock this place down suddenly Kane used his magic powers to make the portal behind us disappear sit tight candy Critter soon this will all have been just a bad dream before Kan could hurt me pomy launched a barrage of fireworks to distract him hide on days 15 through 17 I ran into a hiding spot as pomy continued to keep Kane occupied she couldn’t keep it up for long as he teleported pomy out of his way what was that for now I have to look for The Runaway the terrifying ring Master began to scour the circus for me and I took my chance to search for an exit eventually I found a strange door and I figured it was my best bet out of here all right gummy goo you’ve got one shot at this I Tred closer and closer towards it but before I could reach my goal Kane appeared in front of me there you are you rascal he Unleashed a laser attack at me but I was able to narrowly dodge it and run Kane chased behind and fired more attacks at me his overwhelming power pushing me more and more to my limits things were looking Grim until I heard pomy call out to me over here I followed the sound of her voice and found her standing next to a strange passage in the ground I’ll keep him away uh good luck without warning pomy pushed me into a weird pit sending me falling into the unknown on days 18- 21 one I landed at the bottom of the pit to find myself in another part of the circus standing before me was the first candy Relic there it is I made my way towards it but before I could get my hands on it the glowing Queen slithered out from around the corner that’s my precious candy you can’t have it she came after me and I braced myself for battle the glowing Queen used her larger size to her Advantage trying to squash me with her stomp attack hasn’t your mom taught you to share no everything here is mine she continued to chase me while trying to eat me in the process at this rate I knew I wouldn’t win but I noticed a weak point in the wall and got an idea hey over here ugly that’s no way to speak to royalty I lured the queen towards the weak wall and I jumped out of the way as she charged into it she collided with the wall with massive force and became dazed temporarily buying me just enough time to go for the Relic that Relic is mine I snagged my prize causing my form to change once again again I grew bigger and stronger in size as well as gained five more hearts and two revolver weapons armed with my new guns I shot down the queen defeating her once and for all one down five more to go just then pomy ran into the room I’m so glad you’re okay but we need to hurry Jax was able to capture your friends oh no please take me to them I Then followed pomy out of the cave and back up towards the circus on days 22- 25 pomy and I returned to the circus the the way we came she then led me to a portal back to the candy Canyon Kingdom when I arrived there I found Max and Chad trapped in a cage standing before both of them was Princess Luli Lalo and the other members of the digital circus thank you for apprehending the bandits brave warriors now we can begin the execution execution I knew that things would only get worse if I did nothing so I ran in to intervene leave my friends alone don’t go we’re so glad to see you you dare to come back you’ll be executed too get him GRS her guards and swarmed in on me from the castle before they could close in though the ground began to tremble around the candy Canyon Kingdom what’s happening suddenly a towering monstrous form smashed through the wall of the kingdom it was the fudge oh finally I’m free to eat the whole delicious Kingdom he barreled towards us to begin his attack on days 26 through 28 the circus crew ran for the lives and the fudge began terrorizing the kingdom his hunger was insatiable and he used his immeasurable power to consume everything around him the guards tried to stand against him but he swallowed them up like they were snacks it was so rude of you to banish me from the kingdom all for eating a few tasty PS folk now I’m hungrier than ever with every guard he consumed he seemed to grow stronger and stronger the fudge had thrown everything into chaos but while things were out of control troll like this I had a chance to save my friends I’m enough Dilly dallying let’s get out of here I use my guns to Black part the cage and free Max and Chad from their prison thanks mate I was going St crazy in there you can thank me later we got a run with both of my friends free we fled the kingdom together once we had put some distance between us and the fudge we found some cover Cy that was close you saved our hearts back there gy you sure did do you still have the syrup you bet I do now let’s get this back to mom before things get even worse the three of us left the area hoping it wasn’t too late to sa her on days 29 through 32 we got back to the Village only to find that the place was in Ruins there was chocolate fudge everywhere and there was no survivors oh no the fudges ATT totally destroyed the place but we can’t give up please hang in there a little longer Mom I’m coming for you I navigated past the ruined Village and into the dut lands until I reached the shelter I had built for my mom to my relief she was still inside Mom are you okay he gig go I’m GL you here son but I’m feeling weak it’s okay drink this I gave her some syrup and she drank it slowly although it caused her to heal up a little it was not enough to cure her I don’t think it worked thank you for trying dear but I think we have to search for something strong enough to defeat the fudge if we’re to rid my body of his curse that’s right we have to find the candy relics do you know about those then please take this map the next Relic should be sealed inside the candy corn jungle oh you’ve grown up so much already your father would be proud I love you Mom guys you two think you could look after her while I go look for those no questions asked Mike good luck I took the map and set off while Max and Chad stayed behind to watch over my sick mother on days 33 through 35 I arrived at the location on the map I had been led to the Candy Corn jungle mom said the next Relic is hiding somewhere around here I better get searching I scoured the Candy Corn jungle for The Relic but was unable to find anything suddenly I heard something shuffling in the lollipop trees around me who goes there hi didn’t hesitate in turn firing my weapon into the lollipop trees this caused a candy monkey to fall down before me the call of this candy monkey caused more shuffling sounds to come from the trees above that’s when a horde of candy monkeys dropped down and came after me I used my new powers to fight them off they were bloodthirsty but I was much stronger and was able to take them down one after the other you can’t stop me out of nowhere a massive candy monkey dropped down behind me Intruders will die he attacked me and immediately overpowered me his strength was far greater than my own I turned and ran through the woods to try and Escape as the massive candy monkey charged after me he was fast and I could feel him gaining on me with every passing second I thought I was going to get caught until I spotted a nearby temple in the distance knowing that the massive candy monkey would rip me apart if he caught me I jumped inside the temple to take cover on days 36 to 39 I entered the temple to find the second candy Relic sitting on the other side of a pit of lava this looks dangerous but I can’t leave without that Relic I used the candy platforms floating on the lava to begin jumping across the pit as I approached the other side of the pit I realized that the heat of the lava was breaking the platforms apart who thought candy and lava would mix well together I move faster platforming my way to the other side as quickly as I could as the candy PL platforms broke apart behind me the final platform I had to jump to was as thin as a candy cane if I misstepped at all I would fall into the lava here goes nothing luckily I managed to make the jump and land on the other side of the pit I had reached the Relic without hesitation I grabbed it I gained five hearts and new powers one step closer to saving mom despite this Victory I felt the room begin to tremble around me I looked at the pedestal The Relic had been sitting on and saw that there was a pressure plate before it I had set off a trap this place is coming down I have to get out of here I couldn’t go back the way I came so I ran deeper into the temple in hopes of finding a way out on days 40 through 43 I was running for my life as the candy Temple collapsed around me high evaded incoming reubel straping side to side as I ran to avoid the debris that fell from the ceiling I saw an exit up ahead and picked up the pace running straight for it but a large chunk of rubble fell in front of me blocking my path out of my way I use my newly acquired Dynamite powers to blast through the blockage and clear my path this allowed me to keep moving I managed to escape the temple just as it collapsed entirely behind me there was now nothing left of it but Rubble sheesh everything here was to kill me just then I noticed something sticking out of the rubble I investigated and found that it was some kind of map I picked it up and saw that it was titled candy Relic is this another clue lucky I left the temple behind following the directions on the map eventually it led me to discover a portal another another one well here goes nothing I passed through it and when I emerged on the other side I found a giant theme park that was near the circus the next candy Relic must be hidden in here somewhere just then I spotted Kane flying through the sky nearby I couldn’t let him see me so I scrambled to find somewhere to hide on days 44 through 46 I managed to find a hiding place to take cover from Kane fortunately I was well hidden and he didn’t spot me yet I got to lay low I can’t risk him finding me I had to stay out of Kane’s sight while still searching for The Relic so I began stelting around the amusement park to avoid him as I made it to another hiding spot I found that zubal was already there what’s an NPC doing here ah please don’t tell Kane I just came for the candy Relic jeez calm down I don’t really care what you’re up to and if it’s candy you’re looking for saw Jack’s messing with a candy something or other by the roller coaster that’s actually really good to know thanks zo I don’t really care I made my way to the roller coaster and saw Jax next to it he was messing with the next candy Relic just like zubel said I tried to sneak towards it and grab it without him noticing but once I got close he turned around and spotted me you I wanted to see an execution you loser you just had to go and ruin it by getting your two friends out of there huh the fudge terrorized the whole city he probably executed like a hundred people what more could you want no he ate them I wanted an execution and if you’re going to be a smart alec about it then I’ll just do it myself he grabbed the Relic causing him to transform into a stronger form I didn’t have time to react as he charged at me on days 47 50 I was fighting the empowered Jacks he was armed with two massive hammers every time he landed a hit with them he dealt major damage I fought back with my own powers but his empowered form was able to take everything I threw at it the Relic had made him too strong giving up already huh come on at least make this a little interesting man whatever you say I hit Jack with my Dynamite attack aimed right at his feet while he stumbled it gave me an amazing idea on how to end this once and for all I quickly climbed onto the track of the roller coaster and started to climb get back here he chased after me but he didn’t expect me to ride up the ramp on a cart Look Out Below I didn’t think this one through I crashed into him with the roller coaster knocking him back and causing him to drop the Relic and return to his normal form wow do you enjoy being a buzz kill or something I grabbed the Relic and powered up gaining five hearts and new powers any last words Last Words H you really don’t know me at all game on the NPC without warning Kane appeared behind me thanks J I’ll take good care of him what no before I knew what was happening he made me vanish Into Thin Air on days 51 to 54 I appeared in a cage surrounded by other NPCs like me I knew I had to get out of here my mom was still waiting for me you there where am I the NPC storage room Kane keeps us here until he needs to use us for one of his adventures so your NPC is just like me that’s right although he tends to just make new characters so most of us have been here for a long time I don’t have that luxury my mom and Friends need me now well we’ve been down here for quite a while and none of us have been able to get out surely there’s a way well there was this one guy that got out but Kan got to him quick and deleted him from existence that’s terrible I’ll have to start looking for a better way to get everyone out I looked around the room trying to think of a way to escape when I suddenly spotted a button on the wall That’s when an idea popped into my head I’ll shoot my way out of here I fired the bullet and it was a clean shot nailing the button the cage then crumbled bring all the NPCs within my prison cell you actually broke us out of here but we’re just NPCs where will we go now Kane is going to find out all about this and Hunt us down NPC or not our lives have value now free the rest of the NPCs and run before Kane finds us we’ll do thank you the NPC then ran off to free the rest of the prisoners and I split off to find my own way out on days 55 to 57 I I was roaming the depth of the storage area when I heard Kane approaching I need to find a way out of here quick I then turned a corner and spotted an exit door there’s my way out I made a break for it but just before I could run through it shut in front of me looks like there are safety measures in place I’m going to have to move quick I spotted another exit and ran for it but it shut before me too surely there’s another one somewhere I quickly ran around the area and spotted one last door I ran as fast as I could knowing that this was my last chance to escape just before I was able to run through the exit I heard a scream for help I could hear someone calling for help but I was running low on time every second I spent in here mom’s condition could be growing worse I have to leave now but I can’t someone anyone no I can’t turn my back on someone in trouble hang on I’m coming I followed the screams and eventually came across the NBC from before pinned under a heavy chunk of rubble please help me I can’t move I’ll get you out I called upon the strength I had and Unleashed a Dynam attack into the rubble destroying it and freeing the NPC thanks again I managed to get the others freed but I accidentally set off a trap and got left behind a trap who would be leaving traps down here in this Barren Wasteland Kane set them up in case of scenarios like this unfortunately I was a victim and almost got stuck here well you’re free now get out of here they ran away and I made my way back to the door but before I could make my Escape Kan appeared in front of me I had been caught on days 58- 61 I was face to face with Kane well well lookie here looks like I caught the little troublemaker really love your spirit but on account of all the problems you’ve caused I’m afraid I’ll have to get rid of you no please wait before Kane could delete me however a fudge monster closed in overhead what in the name of the circus are you the monster attacked Kane and he quickly sprung into action fighting back against it I helped him fight off the Beast knowing full well that this had to be the work of the fudge with Kane’s magic energy and my good old batch and dynamite we both stood a chance against the Beast together we were able to take it down but once we did Kane started looking around like he was feeling uneasy something is very wrong you come with me Kane then used his powers to create another doorway out of here what so you can try and delete me again H oh that that’s ancient history you should really be focusing on what’s important right now you know I followed Kan through the door and into another room with the zoo what I thought was that all the animals had been turned into fudge the zebras were fudge the cows were fudge and even the pigs were fudge not my precious animals what’s going on here the fudge his power must be spreading to the circus too just then I looked further in to see manyi versions of the fudge running around the zoo you go to the lion exhibit and grab the candy Relic from there I’ll take care of these fudge guys I accepted Kane’s request and headed for the line Exhibit while Kane pended off the fudge monsters on on days 62 to 64 I was running towards the line exhibit to grab the next Relic when I arrived I saw that The Relic was sitting on a pedestal under a tree however the fudge had also infected the lion who had now been turned into a fudge lion he looks like he’s sleeping I better stay sharp and out of his reach I snuck into the exhibit and made a break for The Relic hoping the lion would not spot me before I reached it unfortunately just when I was about to grab the Relic the lion woke up he quickly lunged towards me ready to strike me down I managed to evade its attacks but the lion was ruthless and kept attacking I hopped on the tree and fought back with my Dynamite explosives to try and keep it away from me eventually I put enough distance between us to where I had enough time to grab the Relic as I touched it I gained five hearts and a new Candy breath power let’s see you sink your teeth into this I use my new powers to the relicate granted me to slay the fudge lion as the lion fell Kane appeared before me H not bad I have to say you’re the most useful NPC I’ve ever made probably thanks to that new AI I was trying out I’ll tell you what since I’m feeling generous you can stick around for now enjoy the circus Kane vanished Into Thin Air once again leaving me with access to the entire circus that guy’s off his rocker but if he’s leaving me alone now then at least my quest should be a little easier with the rest of the circus to explore I continued searching for more relics on days 65 to 67 I emerged back at the Circle circus keeping a sharp eye out for the next candy Relic I now have full reain of the circus I wonder where I should go first I navigated the circus further making my way to the dorms of the main characters I wonder what it’s like inside one of these rooms I opened one of the doors at random once I did I realized that it was cmo’s room the walls inside had an Irving text crawled all over them whoever lives here needs serious help I shut the door disturbed by what I had seen and continued on without a word continuing through the circus I I eventually Came Upon an arcade wa this feels like a real throwback I explored the arcade and got absorbed in all the games and bright colors one particular cabinet caught my attention with a sign beside it if it’s a relic you seek then take a peak a peak is it linked to this game somehow I turned on the cabinet but I suddenly found myself surrounded by some kind of strange magical energy before I could do anything I was sucked into the game on days 68 to 72 I appeared inside of a game level where a platforming challenge was laid out before me I was standing on a platform over a pit of water I looked at the corner of the room and saw a lives counter on the wall all I had was three lives I must have been sucked inside of the game how am I going to get out of here I peered over the edge of the platform down at the water I decided to jump down hoping I could swim through it but when I hit it I was teleported back to the beginning of the platform challenge I looked up and realized that one of my lives was gone h kind of want to find out what happens when they hit zero looks like I’m playing this level I jumped from one platform to the next with these eventually I landed on a platform which turned out to be made of ice the lack of friction caused me to slide forward and slip off the platform I fell into the water and lost my second life I only had one left this is my last shot I better not mess it up I tried the platforming challenge again quickly making my way back to the platform before the icy one this time I was ready and accounted for the slipperiness when I jumped onto it as I slid forward I jumped as I reached the edge of the platform and landed on the other side of the pit I had completed the platforming challenge Fanfare played and fireworks went off behind me in a celebration of my victory new high score with that I was sent back to the arcade everything was the same as it was but the arcade machine had dispensed a map this must be a clue to the next Relic I better check it out I made my way through the arcade following the directions on my new map on days 73 to 75 I was following my new clue as I left the arcade behind and headed to the main area of the circus to my surprise I saw my friends Chad and Max running up to me what are you guys doing here we were looking for you your mom’s condition is getting worse she doesn’t have much time left you mean you just left her gumy listen we didn’t want to but when she heard there was only one Relic left she insisted on sending the both of us to help you find it besides we have a better chance if we find it together that’s right we can handle ourselves in a fight suddenly a fudge monster dropped in before us must consume candy look out the monster attacked my friends and I it began focusing its attacks on Max and Chad but I defended them with my attacks it’s too dangerous for you two to be here I’ll find the last two relics and heal mom as fast as I can my friends ran off and I clashed with the fudge Monster again I used everything I had to defeat the beast but my strength was not enough to take him down the Beast was enraged and charged towards me I had no choice but to use my last resort take this I threw Dynamite at the creature blasting a hole in the ground the creature fell through it but so did I on days 76 to 79 I landed in a new area fortunately I had managed to survive the fall looking around I discovered the fifth Relic waiting for me however I was not the only one who had fallen in and survived must consume sweet candy the fudge monster came for me again and and landed a heavy blow I knew I couldn’t beat him by myself The Relic was my best bet I sprinted as fast as I could down the hallway and hopes of getting the Relic before he could catch me luckily I managed to grab it gaining five hearts and new powers all right tough stuff time for round two I called upon my new bubble gum bullets firing multiple sticky rounds of the fudge monster and slowing it down it DED to charge towards me but thanks to my new powers I was able to fend them off let’s end this I closed in on the fudge monster and dealt a clean killing blow defeating it for good I have to check on Max and Chad and make sure they’re okay suddenly the fudge appeared behind me don’t you worry about that he then used his overwhelming strength to strike me and soon everything went dark on days 80 to 83 I awoke in a very chocy part of the candy Canyon there the fudge was bloming over me and I realized I was in a cage with my friends and the circus members you will all soon see what happens when you try to deny me the candy I deserve the fudge left and I was alone with everyone in the cage yumig go you’re okay what are you guys doing here the fudge has taken over the circus and captured everyone we were hoping Kane would come save us eventually how long have you all been here days not that you actually care or anything are you still mad about the execution thing what gave it away huh I can’t stay here for days my mom’s condition is getting worse I’m sorry Max and Chad if you guys hadn’t come after me you wouldn’t be in this position hey don’t talk like that boss we’ll help you out of this one it’s right quit feeling sorry for yourself we’ve never abandoned you before and we won’t start now thanks guys let’s find a way to break out of here on days 84 to 86 I was trying to chip away at the cage my friends and I were locked in I Chuck Dynamite at it to try and break it open but nothing seemed to make a dent in it step aside let me give it a go Chad then stepped up trying to smack the cage but his efforts didn’t make a difference either well I’m out of ideas me and the other circus members want to get out of here too maybe something we have could help break us out it’s worth a shot everyone empty your pockets the group then dropped everything they had in a pile for us to examine pomy and I then look through the pile of junk in hopes of finding something useful to use uh this could work pomy then picked up the hammer from the pile and then tried smashing the cage walls with it after a few attempts it was clear that it wasn’t going to work dang it is that everything we have everything except something from Jack you expect me to help this guy clearly I made my hatred for him too subtle oh come on we’re going to get turned to fudge food here J can you stop being a jerk for one second if we don’t get out of here you’ll never get to witness another execution again ah okay you make a compelling argument fine stand back she cleared the way for JX and he took out a giant bowling ball placing it on the ground and roll ping it into the side of the cage at full force it was enough to shatter the walls of the cage it worked I stepped out and heard alarms going off in the area while we were free I knew more trouble was on the way on days 87 to 89 a swarm of fudge minions charged into the area to stop us I fought them off using my gummy abilities as my friends and the members of the digital circus provided backup Jax rolled his bowling ball through the army of budge monsters while pomy used her circus magic and Hammer one by one I was able to knock multiple fudge goons down and with the help of my friends we were able to stand up to the fudge’s forces keep it up we’re almost out of here not so fast suddenly a fudge monster managed to sneak up on me I tried to fight him off but he had caught me by surprise and his bite attacks were dealing heavy damage to me none will escape our of hunger just then princess Lulu ran in out of nowhere to help me sorry I think you’ve had plenty she then hit him with a sugar blast attack killing it instantly thanks to the help of my friends all of the mini fudge goons have been eliminated and we won the battle thanks princess you really saved me there it’s not over yet there’s one more getting away look I looked over and noticed that there was one stay fudge minion we had missed and he was running away the fudge will hear about this oh no he won’t I chased after him but as I turned a corner I accidentally fell into a bottomless pit made by the fudge on days 90 to 992 to I landed at the bottom of the pit to find myself in a Dark Void I don’t think I’m in the circus anymore I explored the strange realm of nothingness unsure of which way to go or what I was meant to be looking for out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure pass by hey wait come back I chased after them and eventually my Chase led to the final candy Relic the figure stepped forward and I was shocked as it was revealed to be my dad dad is that you I’m a memory of your dad but I’ll still carry all of his his same emotions I’m so proud of how far you’ve come but mom is still sick what if I fail what if she dies because I can’t save her with the power of the candy relics anything is possible I know you can finish your quest and save your mother I love you son before my eyes my dad vanished Into Thin Air leaving me feeling emotional knowing I had to move quickly I grabbed the final Relic I gained five hearts and new powers with all the relics now in my possession I had become a main character what out digital circus a new main character has arrived suddenly the ground began to tremble and I knew in my heart that something was horribly wrong just then an abstracted entity smashed the wall before me on days 93 to 95 I was face to face with the abstracted entity just looking at it made a chill run down my spine I knew that whatever this enti was it was bad news I got to get out of here I ran from the enti but it didn’t pursue all it did was stand in place and watch me ominously despite this wherever I ran the enti was waiting for me there perfectly still join us buy goo what are you we are the obstruction and now that you are a main character we will consume you next without it even touching me I began to take damage I tried to run but the abstracted world sh shied around me doing more unseen damage and soon I was at low health I thought I was surely going to die but just as I was about to give up I spotted a portal a short distance away if I don’t take this chance I’m as good as dead I ran for the portal and escaped through it unsure where it would take me but knowing that it was my only choice on days 96 to 98 I arrived on the other side of the door and found myself back in the candy Canyon Kane the other circus members and my friends were waiting for me gummy goo so glad to see you’re not a horrifying grotesque Blob made entirely of eyes uh thanks were you the one who made that door that’s right I had a feeling you might be stuck in the void good to see it worked last guy who went through a door I made became a horrifyingly grotesk blob okay okay I get the picture look I got all six candy relics I’m a main character now and I think it’s time we stop the fudge for good and save my mom that’s the spirit but I’m not sure I can do it alone I looked around at everyone they all went quiet I began to lose hope until pomy spoke up I’ll help me too you can count on me mate one after another everyone spoke up and declared that they would help me stop the fudge all except Jack everyone turned to look at him expectantly ah well I suppose being eaten by the fudge would stink if I were eaten by any candy it’d be a gummy bear I’ll help too the rest of the circus members cheered as Jax agreed to help I officially had everyone on my side next stop the candy Canyon Kingdom on day 99 we arrived at the candy Canyon Kingdom to find the place in chambles there were fudge minions everywhere all right everyone let’s reclaim the kingdom Hallis one my friends the circus members and I charged in for the final battle we were met head-on by swarms of fudge guards the ruined Kingdom became our Battlefield as we clashed with the monsters I called upon all the powers I had gained over the course of my journey to cut down as many of them as I could around me my friends and the circus members did the same hitting the fudge guards with everything they had and killing many of them thanks to everyone’s help it looked like we were going to be victorious after all suddenly I felt the battlefield Shake beneath my feet and looked up to hear an explosion going off in the distance what was that sounds like it came from the direction of the donut Fields oh no that’s where Mom is you got to go and make sure she’s okay but I can’t leave you guys the fudge minions began to close in on me when pomy suddenly ran in and took them out your mom needs you gummy goo go stay strong everyone we can win this I left my friends and the circus members to hold off the fudge’s forces while I ran to save my mom on day 100 I arrived back at the donut fields to find my mom captured by the fudge if I didn’t defeat the fudge fast enough she was going to die let my mom go never I said off to eat everyone and that includes this yummy gummy I’ve captured then I’ll just have to stop you by force I rush into battle prepare to end this once and for all I used my bubble gum shots on the massive monster his body was so large that it seemed to absorb most of what I threw at him he fought back with his own fudge ball attacks and I felt them cut into me deeply not good enough I think it’s time for a snack fueled by his hunger he set his eyes on my dying mother and reached over towards her you keep your hands off of her now full of rage and determination I lunched with a fudge and threw out a stick of dynamite the explosion not him away from my mother and did significant damage no now you made me angry he Unleashed a deadly fudge tentacle attack pulling me down and trapping me but nothing was going to stop me from protecting my mother I used all my strength to escape the tentacle grasp and got in close for the kill this is for my people I struck down the fudge finally killing him I turned to find my mom running towards me she was finally back to good health you saved me my son thank you Mom you’re okay with the fudge defeated and my mother’s health restored everything was right in the world again

This video, titled ‘I Survived 100 Days as GUMMIGOO in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by MaxCraft on 2024-05-31 22:00:04. It has garnered 1118134 views and 12318 likes. The duration of the video is 00:40:06 or 2406 seconds.

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Gummigoo is one of the coolest new characters to come from the latest episode of The Amazing Digital Circus, which is why I decided to add him and the rest of the Candy Canyon Kingdom into Minecraft! Now, for the next 100 days, I’ll be surviving as Gummigoo, pulling off explosive heists and making great escapes as I encounter all of the members of the Digital Circus and transform into even bigger and more powerful forms! Will I be able to overcome the odds and defeat The Fudge, or will I get deleted from the circus? You’ll have to watch until the end to find out!

Mods utilized: Curseforge Mods Maps

Additional Lights – Alex’s Mobs – Citadel – Angel Ring – Curious API – Cyclic – BetterAnimalsPlus – Architectury API – BMorph – Carry On – Catalogue – CMD Cam – Creative Core – Configured – Custom NPCs – Dynamic Surroundings – Effortless Building – Fakename – Flyspeedmod – Hide Armor – Just Enough Items – LuckyTNT – Mob Battle – MorePlayerModels – OptiFine – Fan – Shrink – Supplementaries – Selene – The Mighty Architect – Warp – Wings – World Edit –

Suggested rating: TV-PG This video contains material not suitable for younger audiences.

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