Hermitcraft 10: Scar Gets Roasted for 3 Hrs!

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it’s time here we go guys are we ready are we ready are we ready are we ready to move the mobs to the nether through a portal and not die in an endless death Loop why is Minecraft not showing Again Minecraft why are you being elusive every stream you don’t show up for me come on show up for me today I need you it’s going to be a dangerous it’s going to be a deadly day thank you Minecraft showed up for us today big day important day remember guys there’s going be some big spoilers here when I turn around boom I made a portal I made a portal big spoilers you’re getting exclusive previews of my big portal so there are some very strange things wrong with this portal by the way um but we’re not going to get into that today um that’s for the video okay whatever I’ll spoil it if you enter this portal at different areas you go different places don’t ask me how that works don’t ask me how portals work I have no idea I spoke to the portal doctor cub and he didn’t know either but uh it’s in the video it’s going to be amazing but first thing we need to do we need to kill the portal and Cub showed me this great trick too by the way um you can break a portal by just putting lava in it I had no idea I had no idea now you don’t have to break obsidian you just put a little bit of uh you just put a little uh little lava here look at this watch this boom broken portal that’s magic right there that’s magic I had no idea that worked isn’t that incredible I had no idea just magical things happening today guys just magical things okay okay all right so let’s drop this bucket off I am trying to collect these so I don’t want to lose it and if I put it in a chest I’ll never see it again there we are sure would be nice if I had some dolphins in here okay let’s go check in with make sure my Dr is still alive let’s go make sure my drown is still alive over at the maple leaf enchanteria see some of you guys didn’t know that now I don’t feel as bad now I don’t now I don’t feel as bad thank you thank you for uh thank you for uh making me feel better all right you know Etho still hasn’t put a roof on the top of his base up here look at this whoa what in Carnation the heck it’s got he’s got like a termite problem here cheered x5000 big question for you how did you really feel about your big adventure to the farthest reaches of the nether JY songs thank you so much for the bits very much appreciated I’m juding weaving um that was wild so in my next episode the episode as I mentioned before that I’ve been trying to get done for 5 days now um it has the conclusion to my big Adventure in the nether 4 million whatever blocks it was away um it gave me a lot of ideas it gave me a lot of ideas I think uh the popo should banish people to the far lands I think it would be really fun violators of the rules repeated violators now the popo doesn’t have any actual author oh gosh I thought he wasn’t there for a second and I I had a moment I had a moment guys I had a moment I had a moment there a panic I was so worried I was so worried hello friend you will soon be transported to the nether regions and you’ll love it how come you’re not being aggressive today oh okay he’s aggressive he’s aggressive it’s fine he is aggressive you need to be very aggressive oh I’ve got a I’ve got an I got a question for you guys okay so you see this fella right here good guy important guy he got his Trident right if I were to give him an even more powerful trident to me if scar is in charge of all the mobs does that technically make him a mob boss oh Cass you just gave me a perfect I’ve been looking for what the idea is for my shop in the shopping district for my animals and you know what I was thinking I I don’t know if I want to like do the zoo carry the zoo over to the shopping district no we’re going to have an alter ego and I’m going to be the mob boss oh I could wear a suit people could come to me and they can negotiate for a mob delivery oh thank you this is why this this I’m so glad I streamed today dude that that’s a perfect that’s a perfect idea dude I could have a suit maybe like a little a little uh Rose in my in my lapel what the heck was that somebody just trimming nose hair over here or what um oh that could be cool okay thank you thank you guys I’m going to put a sign above the door saying this was G that is perfect cuz I was thinking right I I was like do I just want to have the Zookeeper ID over there do I want to be just this whatever and no no no mob boss oh this is perfect oh I love it thank you for that idea that is fantastic oh anyway okay this guy’s ready to go so um how we’re going to move our drown is we’re going to build a little rail track here and that going to go all the way over to ethos portal which is far too far away um over here so we’re going to use that to move are drowned I have I told you guys what I’m doing I don’t think I’ve told you what I’m doing am I just rting around not telling you what we’re doing okay yeah well maybe we’ll figure it out as we go along my father 10 out of 10 um such a great name oh my gosh sign right above there C’s idea it’s fantastic idea okay so what we’re doing is that I hate the nether I don’t think we should use the nether the nether Hub is poop and my portal on the other side is going to be deadly and it’s just going to kill people and when people say scar use the nether and be like I can’t if I go through I’ll die so what I’m going to do is I’m going to place six skeletons on well three that is three skeletons on either end of the portal I’m going to put a drown on top of it and anybody walks by my portal is going to die and if you walk through here you’re probably going to end up in the mail system unless you do some weird parkour and go up to the top like I said I don’t make the rules um all right so to do this we need to make a portal up at the top I know this is weird it’s because of the portals in Minecraft being wonky and the mail system we had to break this portal and I need to make another portal a little higher and then that will connect my portal in the Nether um it’ll all be clear when you watch my video it’ll all be clear okay so first things first we need to get some rail done and send our mobs to the nether regions you know I did have some levers right here I did I had them I enjoyed them and I appreciated their presentence but apparently I put them away I did anyway let me check him in the chat how are you guys doing let’s see sub to Mumbo thank you for the 26mon res subcription 26 months excited to see the stream today good luck mob wrangling sub to Mumbo hope you’re hope you’re enjoying some Parkour mcci star 274 thank you for the 11mth res subcription much appreciated uh to thank you for the prime much appreciated uh mini monin Mon Mon mkin Mon monin thank you for the 18 months much appreciated very much appreciated um and J Brook thank you for the five gifted subscriptions to the chat very generous much appreciated thank you so much for the support was very nice of you um if you are gifted a subscription let that person know that you’re thankful and um and uh you appreciate it okay here we go so let’s see let’s start our rail oh no wait I’m getting ahead of myself we should make our other portal make sure that links that’s probably the smart thing to do where did my flint and steel go you have failed me for the last time uh J mouth thank you for the prime much appreciated uh let’s see hoffin coming in at 23 monthly subscription much appreciated much appreciated and H man thank you for the wait not prime no thank you for the brand new subscription welcome aboard um all right there we go let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see H’s over there with a printing press with scarland ARA just that’s the printing I don’t know I don’t know that’s like a 1700’s uh press like I think I’ll take the I think I’ll I’ll take the the rail up like this I don’t think it I don’t think it works like that anymore but maybe maybe it does g h thank you for the pride much appreciated um all right let’s see let’s see let’s see you’re printing all yourself yes I’m like a big press oh I’m trying not to get distracted today doing my best I found the the funniest channel it’s the art museum in Sacramento California and they’ve got like this old press and they put all the little um stamps for a lack of a better term into the press and they they rub like the ink onto it and then the guy like takes this big lever and goes pulls it across and then it like stamps down I’m like I enjoy this channel it’s very it’s very relaxing just a bunch of guys just printing in a in a little tiny museum in Sacramento California on these things oh it’s funny okay all right all right all right let’s do this we’re going to go a boom and a bam go a little like this yeah I know we’re cutting wait is wait to5 Father Don scar I come to you with a humble request my shops keep getting taken over by the popo I need your protection much love scar I’m so confused let’s see come request my shop SK take over so not only do we not only are we the authority of of the shopping district we are also the mob boss how has this happened how has this happened do we have a wild gem in the chat hello gem hello hello there we go look at look at this gem do you like my portal I spent so much time on it for enough to work much sadness but still love it if you if you use the portal JB ever I have to show you to properly use it or you’ll end up in not this place you’ll end up in the mail system and it’ll be a disaster okay so this is working this is the portal out here um so what we’re going to do is we’re going to stack our skeletons along this rail going upwards the Trident is going to go up at the top it’s going to be amazing it’s going to be it’s go it’s going to be amazing guys this is great by the way what we need to take a moment here and just look at this thing over here this monstrosity do you guys remember when we played sons of the forest this just reminds me of some kind of shrine from that game just of the heads I’m not sure if he’s a cannibal I I I don’t know who who’s to say really who’s to say really um but what I can say is the little like headbutt is is disturbing to me this is greatly disturbing the little headbutt here if he just put like an like one darker pixel here and here he would have like another face under his face it’s so disturbing it’s like a Lego head oh yeah you’re right it is a little bit like a Lego head also guys please be proud of me I did use scaffolding I didn’t want to use scaffolding I didn’t I didn’t but I I did it was the first time I’ll say that I’ve actually used scaffolding for its intended purpose yeah mildly disappointed not horribly disappointed just mildly disappointed and I’ll probably never use it again cuz it’s kind of the worst alen 40 thank you for the 3 months much appreciated J 3 4 five eight eight thank you for the five months much appreciated um all right where are we up okay so we’re right here okay so one thing we need to do is we’re going to need to make sure we have a landing zone for our skellingtons so when our Skellington go up all the way to here um we’re going to have to eject them from their Minecart and then they need to go through the portal okay okay I got this guys guys I’ve got this I’ve got a zookeeper hat on see zookeeper hat we also need to block off this side so they don’t go to their deaths because getting all these skeletons uh was not easy was not easy I will say was not easy there’s also a little bit of a surprise with our skeletons you’ll find out very soon they’re not just skeletons they’ve got a surprise on them it’s crazy by the way um I mentioned in the last stream yes I was watching the video on the galactic star Cruiser and yes I have completed it and watched all four hours of it I have completely finished it I have watched all 4 hours of this video it has been complet complete it is complete I have watched the video so yeah I I did finish it okay so we’re going to start with this one right here and then just work our way around um and I think there’s two on the other side of the portal talk about it please I mean it’s it’s a lot like what I’ve been shouting to the void it’s just nice that somebody with like a enormous platform can be like yeah guys they really messed up finally and I’m like yes finally finally I’m I’m tired of hearing the the propaganda of like PR from the company and then there was okay so for context we’re talking about the galactic star Cruiser at Disney World and this this hotel that Disney created was this roleplay thing you go in there and all of a sudden you’re like Bob from Tatooine and you sell hamburgers and then there’s Sarah but she’s now Sarah 374 she’s a robot you know the whole thing and it’s just a complete disaster like from marketing from creative to execution it’s just a complete disaster and there’s a 4-Hour video documenting this in the most perfect possible way a very fair way even though it was very tough I thought it was a very fair like it it was fair um and it was hilarious I I I enjoyed every four I enjoyed every minute of the 4-Hour video I think what it got me the most and it’s something that I have just been relentlessly hey leave me alone scar something I’ve been relentlessly frustrated about is that a lot of the additions to what is Star Wars land Galaxy’s Edge that were meant for the land for the paying guest for the day was removed Andor taken away and then monetized behind the galactic star Cruiser and I thought um uh this person did a fantastic job documenting this um I say this person because for whatever reason I’ve completely forgot this person’s YouTube channel name and I feel very embarrassed but that is a streamer brain for you um like you know the the the person that uh made the long video I feel like such a dumb dumb sometimes actually most times um all right all right like that I don’t know what I’m doing I feel like a dumb dumb so I’m just Rolling Along guys we’re just Rolling Along it’s like I always to oh Jenny Nicholson that’s right oh my gosh I’m sorry I forgot it’s it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of their videos I remember their videos a long time ago they used to have a piece of concept art for the original original Paradise Pier behind their as like a backdrop I remember seeing I’m like that’s an original original piece of concept art like that’s that’s not even the Pixar that’s not Pixar Pier that’s not Paradise Pier that’s like an original piece of of art from so long ago um very interesting uh but anyway it’s a great video and yeah like I said it it it it it picked up a lot of the points that I’ve been frustrated about and then had the perspective of somebody actually going to it and then somebody far more articulate than I am to express these things so it was a great video I enjoyed it I enjoyed it I also very much have enjoyed watching people uh or that is like media Outlets trying to trash it that’s just Classic this just classic little PR a little PR damage control get the old uh friendly media Outlets together anyway anyway how are you guys doing is there an emote drop now what is an emote drop what what is this speak speak to me what is this what is this emote drop what is this emo drop I still have barely any idea how the capes Andor the drops work on Twitch with the 15th anniversary people say scar you’re you have it enabled people can get capes or they can get this or that and I’m like wow how fantastic I don’t know what that means but great um so yeah I have no idea but maybe if you watch the stream you get a cape I I have no idea guys the only thing I care about with the 15th anniversary is the mine con announcement and it’s not coming and I tear up every night before I go to bed it’s fine it’s fine I’m used to it I’ve been wait I’ve been waiting since 2016 guess I’ll just continue to wait guess I’m just going to continue to wait I’m putting these these power rails and no rhyme nor reason to them so I’m just going to continue to cry myself to sleep uh thought answer thank you so much for the 10 gifted subscriptions the community much appreciated my friend if you want me to rant about Star Wars land or the galactic star Cruiser I will do so you just have to ask nicely five eggs cheer x1000 hi scar just a reminder that you are an incredibly thoughtful caring person you always know how to make people laugh or feel better and all of us are grateful to be part of your community I love hearing you ramble about what you are passionate about and seeing what you are able to create your strength is inspiring oh and you’re handsome as well this okay okay you had me going until then you had me going you had me going stream and never stop being yourself ah you had me going until then geez ah untruths untr pers spoken at that point um or get rid of the scaffolding I hate it I decided I I despise it it’s the worst ever um I’m trying to think of how I want these to be laid out but anyway I’m joking thank you so much for the nice message very much appreciated um that was very nice of you I appreciate that very much thank you uh and thank you for the bits okay um let’s see so okay I want this to go right the first time and I barely have any dirt left but I think what we’ll do is we’ll make a platform here so we’ll probably take out this like so and then let’s we don’t have much of this left but we could probably do a block no how do you okay you can just click on the scaffolding I thought you couldn’t maybe I’ve been slaying during scaffolding for for no reason and then I think I can go like [Applause] this and then no gosh I hate scaffolding never mind I hate it so if I put a block here here and then I’m going to put a dirt block here temporarily the skeleton should be able to just chill right here correct should be able to chill just hang out do its thing I think so sweet okay let’s pop back over here oh by the way we need need to figure out how we’re going to okay I need to block this side but I need more blocks we’ll going get them all right all right here we go here we go here we go getting the rant built up the rant’s building up guys the rant’s building up um so I think correct me if I’m wrong I believe the galactic star Cruiser was announced in 2017 prior year 2016 Galaxy’s Edge was announced Bob iger’s up on the stage and he’s like and we’re going to buil two of them um so I think it was I think it was I think it was announced in um in 20 uh 2017 and the concept art was incredible like I don’t know man like when I when I saw that do we got a wild tubo in the chat hello tubo how are you hope you’re doing well hopefully you’re recovering from that like dude I I I dude I have no idea how in the world you stream for that many days and kept your sanding like I I don’t get I like I I don’t know I don’t know how you did that I like one day I one day I saw you were on and it was like 8:00 my time and I’m like bro’s up early and I see you’re you’re just like passed out like asleep and I’m like oh he’s doing the tubo marathon and then I saw how many days it was I was like what the how is that possible how does one keep their sanity much impressed I am much impressed I am um that’s not an easy feat you know for like viewers just watching chilling enjoying it that’s that’s a lot of that’s a lot of like mental and physical pain to enjoy that so well done on that well done on that um all right let’s grab some supplies there we go okay okay so question question what is the Minecraft block that breaks a mine cart very technical terms today what is the what is the block right is it an activator rail is it a minecart breaker rail Cactus no there’s it’s an activator rail shoot did I make an activator rail please make it an activator rail a detector rail look at me guys come on you got to be proud of me with that you got to be proud you got to be proud a little bit there it’s big stuff right there look at me making those nut realizing it anyway okay so they announced the galactic star Cruiser in 2017 and the concept art looked fantastic and it said that you could be like a part of this like kind of like you know kind of like story that takes place around you didn’t really go into that you were going to be like role playing or anything like that and the concept art looked really cool and I remember green and I like dude dude we’ve got to go and I remember my brother called me up he’s like we’re going we’re doing this we’re going to to the Star Wars hotel and then fast forward you start seeing like newer pieces of concept art come out kind of portraying what the Star Wars Hotel was going to be and you can kind of see like the kind of degrading of the the quality a little bit as they got further into the the production or the process of constructing it and I was like uh but I’m still I’m still excited about it and then the marketing starts coming out and then it it it you start seeing the cracks you start seeing the cracks but you’re staying f you’re like this is going to be cool this is Star Wars Hotel I’ve always wanted to go to the Star Wars hotel and then you find out like there’s going to be some activities right like lightsaber stuff and you think in your head like wow how cool would that be I wonder if it’s going to be like VR and you put on the headset and all of a sudden you’re in the Star Wars Universe to swing in you know your your favorite lightsaber around you know um and then more marketing comes out and it’s just like I’m keep I’m I’m keeping I’m keeping positive guys I’m keeping positive but you start seeing like not not exactly what they originally described for and uh and then you see the the the lightsaber training and it’s basically you have like a shortened lightsaber and it’s shooting like some light at you and you’re pretending to like block lightsaber shots and you’re like oh no and then you see the bridge training and it’s like some like a video game you’d see on your phone with some buttons and you’re like oh no know I don’t know and it’s like but I’m staying true this might be better in person you’re like I I’m I’m staying true and then they show the price and at like minimum you’re spending like $5,000 for like two days and it was it and with that I was out when that price hit I was like looking at the Quality looking at the price and was like with that I I I can’t I can’t proceed any further I can’t proceed any further and then you you you have to account for the cost because a lot of the like people defend starers are like it’s a once- in a-lifetime experience and the price is well worth it and it’s like yeah it’s well worth it it’s $55,000 on top of already traveling to Florida on top of already potentially going to Disney World and it’s like dude that’s expensive and $5,000 is just during an average time like you could end up going to um you could end up going say near Christmas or anywhere near a holiday you’re you’re paying way more than that you’re probably paying 20 30% more than that and uh you’re just getting a standard room that’s not even a suite you know You’ think hey $55,000 gosh dang it I I probably got a probably got a a Droid Butler outside ready to come in and uh give me a foot rub absolutely not that’s a basic it’s a basic room tiny room by the way um and so that’s when I fell apart on it I was like and then later on I found out that you had to do a lot of a little bit roleplay a little laring ah just I just don’t think it was for me I just don’t think it was for me he easy scar easy um so yeah I’m trying to make sure I break this without causing any problems um so the price was ridiculous the marketing was probably even more so if I be honest with you um the marketing was probably the worst part of the whole thing now we just need to set up on the other side of the Nether um there was this video where this like this kid goes in there right and then he gets like lured into a bar where this lady’s singing and then people are just like there’s just some candid shots that they added for like b-roll while the person’s singing and people just going like this it’s like you’re not actually listening to anything you are you were just told by the director smile and Nod it’s so creepy dude it’s so creepy that marketing was so bad that marketing was so bad that they deleted the video they deleted the video it was so bad like it wasn’t just that it was bad and everybody just like haha Disney like whatever no Disney deleted that video was so bad they’re like no this is so bad we have to delete the video off of YouTube they did a full they did a full deletion they were just short of a classic YouTuber apology video at that point so oh my gosh it uh unbelievable so so once I saw that marketing and the the price that’s when I was out that’s when I was out and it’s it’s it’s it’s sad really because it’s an interesting idea to have like this like immersive Hotel kind of like a Westworld or something like that but it was so poorly designed and I think it goes back to somebody making and designing something that they themselves would never use or care about that’s the feeling that I get from a lot of this stuff is that this was designed by somebody who is projecting what they think other people might like but not what they’d like themselves and it shows when you’re doing something like that like it it shows there’s like an authenticity that’s just missing if that makes sense um and that that’s I mean that’s just my opinion but that’s how I feel I feel it’s made it’s it’s like somebody like what would a Star Wars fan like instead of I’m a big Star Wars fan like I know I like I have a good grasp on what the community potentially want that’s that’s how I feel about it and as I said in the last stream it’s just a lot of fart sniffing it’s like somebody says something and it’s like w here we go it’s like here we go and it’s wild too to me that corporations can just like blow hundreds of millions of dollars and be like better luck next time better luck next time boys just make any sense to me quite honestly but nothing does in in reality but yeah it’s wild wild wild times it’s wild times you know I’ve said this before you know how Disney’s deleted a lot of like shows on Disney plus because they underperformed or it’s so poor and then they’re just like tax right off dude why can’t we as YouTubers or streamers why can’t we go like man that video underperformed full tax right off full tax right off why are they allowed to do that chat why are they allowed to do that I call Shenanigans and next video that underperforms I want to go to the IRS and be like underperformed I’m going to I want to take about 10% off my taxes yeah I’m going to I’m going to take about 10% off just like Disney did with Willow that’s right it’s like with Willow gon to going to say that this was a failure and we’re going to take a $100 million write off on our taxes Galactic star Cruiser big F failure going to take a take a $350 million loss on the taxes made out like Bandits they did made out like Bandits strange worlds we live in my friends strange worlds okay all right can you can you just go down there please hello how do I do this without losing my my my skeleton here I’m so nervous wait wait I don’t want that to happen I don’t want that actually to go down there come on Mr skeleton so I need to okay I am competent guys I know I don’t look competent right now but I am competent sometimes at times I have my moments oh it’s this block blue $3 not wanting to disturb your rant but I have a question that I want to ask I’m doing an original comic and I want to include some references on you and other Hermits what one way of doing so I want to include jelly may [Music] I yeah you can use you can use you can use jelly yeah jell jelly um yeah I I I’ve said it before I’ve said it before like we might not have jelly anymore like in in real world but jelly lives with us in Minecraft so she’s still part of the community no matter what um she’s in the game she’s having fun she’s going on adventures and all that so um yeah so she she is she’s still with us in that in that way so um yeah yeah you know speaking of speaking of jelly actually I just talked to my mom about this last night um you know like a long a bit ago we we talked about um uh like doing like a jelly sweatshirt or something uh and then I’ve had like three merchandise things not work out and then just so expensive like inflation has just made that stuff so expensive do do you guys still want that like is that something You’ still want like I want it even if I don’t actually sell I’m going to I’m going to make them and give them to my mom because she wanted them originally so if that’s something you guys still want like a like a a commander of jelly thing like let me know um as I I have oh come on go in go in the mine cart go in the mine cart please go in the mine cart come on go in the mine cart you know you want to you know you want to please if I ask real nicely if I ask real nicely would you please go in the mine cart what if you went in the mine cart and I gave you a treat I’m I’m like bribing a kid to get in a car for school if you get in the mine cart you can get a treat this is like me when I didn’t want to go to swimming and my dad’s like come on let’s go and I’m like I don’t want to go to swimming he’s like you can get a slurpie I’m like w I love swimming here we go where’s my goggles where’s my kickboard let’s roll we’re getting a slurpie after swimm me woo love it oh dog hello there doc my voice just cracked hello um put a block behind the markart I did put a block I did put I did put right there I did I did this a scar with his voice cracking want it get a slurpie uh um Duc how would you how would you get this guy in there if you if if you’re in my position it’s got to be moving okay nope nope you’re not getting out you’re not getting out buddy no no don’t die don’t die little scar don’t die little scar Junior okay okay okay we’re good guys we’re good okay this is going to go really well everybody I’m nervous I’m nervous I’m nervous I’m going to eat I’m going to eat I’m being I’m being um doing things right here we go come on go go go go go let’s go let’s go scar Junior’s on the way oh please work please work I only have one spare skeleton if this one dies oh dude he’s back there he’s back there oh this worked this worked oh this is good okay I don’t want him to kill me okay how do I get him in the hole now how do I get you in the hole what’s what’s my best method here the minecart moving closer is very ominous just want to break the car here if I could okay hey hey hey don’t go back through there please don’t go back through there no don’t do it don’t do it oh shoot shooto if you go through there it’s going to be big pain for me and I don’t want to have big pain no no don’t go through there don’t go through there bad bad skeleton come here come here scar come here junior come here scar Junior come here come here come here I could break the portal how do I lure him scar junr would you I’m trying to think of something what should I lure him with a fishing pole that’s a good idea scar junr I’ll give you that drone you’ve always wanted that you look at every day and don’t buy come here come on you want the Drone don’t you I know you do you want the Avada to come on NOP no no no by his scar put him in a boat wait they’re not attracted by bones are they come on wait a second wait are we realizing something here he won’t walk on the scaffolding wait a second I just realized he has never left the portal plane because he hasn’t been sucked back into it a another reason why Port my scaffolding is trash guys look at this look at the scaffolding be being trash look at the scaffolding being so trash hey buddy I’ve got the IAT 2 over in the corner yeah it’s good isn’t it it’s fun oh no no no no no no no no no no no he’s in the hole he’s in the hole I just need to block it off no no no no no no don’t go back through there no no bad scar bad scar into the hole into the hole come on come on come on come on come on come on you got this you got this around the corner come on come on come on come on yeah there we go there we go there we go shoot how am I going to go around so he doesn’t move come on back through back around come on into into into the hole come on come on this this is pain this is pain right now I’m feeling inside me come on come on yes oh yes yes yes yes yes yes oh good good good I’m actually going to take advantage of the scaffolding thing by the way okay let’s box him in so he doesn’t get in any more trouble dude it worked oh let’s go let’s go um let’s do the other side let’s do the other side so we have like nice even coverage of our destruction that we’re causing here on herocraft today uh we’ll go like that a little bit like this a little bit like that and then we’re going to go up here like that and then we’ll place the block here which keeps him in gosh we’re we’re so good at this we’re so good at this we should give him his good bow oh where’s my Ender Chest never mind well we’ll give his good bow later so we just need to not fall just need to not fall okay around the corner like that okay okay okay and then we’ll we’ll we’ll make the little Trail here we’ll make the little Trail like this let’s go let’s go oh we need to fix that beautiful one down many more to go but that was good that was good we learned a lot and I feel like maybe some compliments are in order that I got this all set up and and it worked the first time pretty good decently good adequately I’m pretty proud of myself I’m pretty proud of myself and as C would say I am the m boss so that’s good 70 men thank you so much for the one month retion much appreciated paper bugs thank you for the 26 monthly subcription very much appreciated just one simple human thank you for the prim much appreciated uh let’s see did 81 gave duck him 77 live a re subscription much appreciated do by the way why are you streaming so gosh darn it early I missed your streams every time I’ve heard big things important things um and I’m missing every single one of them so I just want to let you know that I am disappointed want to let you know that I’m disappointed can we get one stream during scar [Music] hours I think that also is the same with pearl I think I think she streams and I have like no idea I have like absolutely no idea cuz I am the furthest hermit West it’s kind of a bummer kind of a bummer docy should be swimming right [Music] now sup the Mumbo I’m going to murder you um okay all right okay we we we did a good one sh X300 scar technique for moving mobs is to them in place by making them an offer they can’t refuse [Music] that’s that’s funny that that is funny okay looks like he’s got nothing to to kill himself as far as I can tell as far as I can tell okay let’s let’s let’s let’s be positive guys let’s be positive for once in the last few years I’ve been very very negative uh about all things like Disney lately just because creatively I think they’ve failed on some accounts and have been incredibly greedy Beyond normal greed but let’s be positive let’s be positive for a little bit anti-consumer Etc um Disneyland forward interesting somewhat excited we’ll see um so Disneyland forward is their project for the future of Disneyland and Anaheim so that project does look intriguing um we’ll see what they end up doing with it because what they have now is the freedom to kind of do whatever they want uh quite honestly so one of the the problems that Disney faced um in around like 2017 18 time frame was that uh they had a a fairly you know good or bad not going to get into that but they had a fairly adversarial relationship with the city of Anaheim um and at the time Disney was trying to get a lot of tax breaks and you know the whole thing so they were going to build a ginormous hotel in the downtown Disney area and with that they were supposed to get some some kind of you know corporate tax breaks whatever um but the Disney was was entitled to it technically right and then Disney decided and the city did not want to give it to him but they were entitled to it based on the law right so what happened was Disney decided they were going to rotate the hotel slightly for some design purpose reasons and it the address of the hotel would actually be on a different street and that was enough for the city at that point to be like you’re not you don’t qualify for that anymore sorry out of the question and Disney’s like w and so there was a lot of fighting and this and that then the pandemic happens and then the city of Anaheim realizes that Disney’s like 40% of their tax revenue base and without Disney operating they’re they’re they’re they can’t function and so now they’re like best friends Anaheim and Disney they’re just like lots of hand shaking lots of pats on the back uh big friends um why do I see so many skeletons in this River these days anyway um so now with Disney done is they don’t want to be told anymore by the city that you can build a hotel here but you can’t build a parking lot or you can build a hotel here but you can’t build a theme park so with Disneyland forward all Disney property is considered Resort land and Resort land could be a theme park a parking lot a uh a shopping district a hotel whatever so now Disney has a little bit more freedom on what they do with their land okay so with that the question is do they expand the existing Parks do they do they bring Disneyland into some new land so like they expand outside of the existing footprint and the same with California Adventure um do they create a third Park do they do absolutely nothing which they’ll probably do in the end knowing them um so there there’s just a lot of okay okay we’re good we’re good everything’s good guys we’re doing really well we’re doing really well we’re doing really well everything’s going fantastic oh yeah doc told me to put a block there um so they have a lot more freedom to guys PR proud of myself right now just saying hello smile how was your day you are on my TV right now I had a bad day but you are making it better scar streams my beloved a map thank you so much for the nice comment and I hope I hope today gets turned around and you start having a much much better day um but thank you so much for the nice comment very much appreciate it um and I’m on the TV huh wow like a big TV like a big TV I want a TV I’ve never I haven’t my TV is my iPad someday if I move and I actually have more space than just this little room right here without a closet I want a TV I want TV um okay so he shouldn’t die right okay hello there scar junr how are you doing okay everything should be set okay here we go and Away scar junr goes oh I love scar I love scar uh I love little lar junr there dude come on you red Stoners out there got to be super proud of me right now like the skill the Precision that no no no no you will not kill me you will not die don’t make yourself dizzy no don’t go back through there ow wait wait I saw Doc’s comment he was probably telling me how great I’ve done ideally use a powered rail before the block so you can boost it is the only Tradesman I would ever trust the man knows what people like even the mobs even the mobs oh thank you so much for the so much for the bits much appreciated how do I wait did he go inside bro let’s go wait no he needs to go in like another inch we need him to go in like another inch and I’ve got him in in in the in the bag here no no come on buddy look fun times are F no no this way thank you n there’s got to be an easier way of doing this um my Pi High tipped I assure you it’s a big TV wait no no no no no no no no no no no no no back through the portal back through the portal whoa whoa whoa whoo come on buddy no no no no no oh jeez he’s going to hit me oh shoot okay he can’t no not on the track no you shouldn’t be able to walk on the track no no why are you on the track I thought mobs couldn’t walk on track shoot no no scar Junior the second no no no oh things were going so well I was so proud of myself I was giving firm handshakes and pats on my own back about how great I was doing [Music] a things are going so well guys they were going so well silver whin thank you for the eight months much appreciated Harrison 614 thank you for the 25 months lucky lucky 2023 thank you for the one month pres subcription Taz Yoda thank you for the one month n thank you for the 6 months D 21 thank you for the prime Sam thank you for the Prime C ITV thank you for the seven months yums 153 thank you for the prime appreciate it appreciate it it’s a sad day guys it’s a sad day it’s a very sad day I’m sad you’re sad or Mountain was cut in half for a second casok gaming 300 once the next one goes through try blocking off the path before you follow into the portal just in case he comes back out yes good idea good idea I was curious by the way too let me know in the in the in the in the chatar Rio um I they won’t be able to then cross this way but they could cross before I thought mobs couldn’t cross railroad track I know am I crazy sad day [Music] for okay so we we next time we’re going to come back you know what we could we could do some safety rails guys we could do some safety rails just in case give a little bit of a buffer right doing some safety rails some training wheels here that could be enough just in case you know it’s good that’s good I use a piston to push them into place could be yeah I need I need I need something really simple to get them into that hole H okay okay all right well we mourn Scar junr the second now we need to get scar Jr theii ready to go here let’s sleep let’s sleep and then we’ll figure this out I don’t I don’t know how I’ve gotten into where I’m at but apparently I’m napping not in a bed um but as I was saying before about the um Disney on forward it does give Disney a lot of flexibility for potential expansion and Disneyland needs that expansion capacity is ridiculous stuff along those lines um I saw somebody was like when was the last time I went to Disneyland it was 2019 I’ve actually really haven’t had a a a major desire to go back just because the Fastpass thing now that dis now Disney doesn’t like wouldn’t they got rid of their disability thing it’s been a whole thing so it’s been kind of like every time I’m thinking about like oh I like to go back to dis they like so happy to catch you streaming oh Jay thank you so much for the bits much appreciated my friend and Kos crafting thank you for the 25 month res subcription much appreciated um but yeah they got rid of that um so it’s like for me to to sit in a line is difficult because it’s like oh if my oxygen runs out oh if my medicine goes out then I got to figure out how to like navigate out of the line it’s like I hope the next mob cooperates hugs sending sending sending good luck thank you ter thank you well hope this next one goes well hope this next one goes well okay this one’s pre wow look at this this one’s already pre- carded I think this is the only one that’s actually in a minecart I think the rest of them are all in boats I died many times for these guys by the way I don’t want to talk about it okay all right okay how we doing this fingers crossed yeah we’ll see he’s got a head yeah they all have heads they all have heads it’s the Disney Empire failing um no I don’t think so they’re’s going through a rough patch I’m trying I’m trying to make sure I do this right oh God I’m nervous but I’m feeling confident I’m feeling confident guys I feeling confidence I don’t think they got rid of it they did get rid of the disability pass the disability pass is now only given out to people with um developmental um disabilities and then you have to go pre you have to get you have to do a a virtual like appointment if you will with Disney and then they’ll determine your eligib eligibility and then they’ll also in conjunction work with some kind of like online Health thing I have no idea but yeah you it has to be the only people that can use it now are people who have um developmental uh disabilities um any physical disability anything like that um they don’t accept anymore more um which makes which makes my ability to go kind of not I mean at the end of the day like the amount of rides that I could go on was limited and now the amount of rides that I could possibly get in a day is like three it’s like then you’re spending that much money to whatever it’s like I couldn’t get on that many rides in the first place and now it’s like even you get on like two rides a day you know it’s yeah because a lot of people you forget that people in wheelchairs if if you’re in a wheelchair and you have to do the transfers you wait in the line the longest like you will wait in the line the longest pre renovation of the Haunted Mansion we’ll see how it how it pans out in the end you would be waiting like if you had a red card and you had to go down wait for a special vehicle that and this and that you would wait in the line longer and people would be like oh D wheelchair people they get right through that line so quickly um no no no no especially if you can’t if you can’t walk and you have to use the waves or any of those things you always have to wait longer like for Midway Mania any of those rides you probably wait an extra 20 minutes or something for an accessible ride vehicle Scot junor the third let’s go let’s go so so now it’s just that’s why it’s like I sometimes I’m just like man I don’t know if I want to go okay he’s in he’s in he’s in he’s in he’s in he’s in okay okay okay okay here we go here we go go here we go here we go we got this guys we got this this is big this is big we’re doing this right we’re doing this right come on come on come on come on come on come on you know what I need I need a back a back like a back here behind my head so when he shoots me I don’t get blasted back if I had netherite that might help because that has knockback protection a little bit Anyway come on get in there get in there the one block I didn’t have a back rest on a shield shield could work too yeah come on come come no you’re not going to get me you’re not going to get me you’re not going to get me oh come on eat okay come on buddy come on come on come on come on no you need to go yes let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go yes yes you scared me so bad oh my God I thought it was like I don’t know what oh like I don’t know what that was terrifying doc am I muted doc you scared me so I don’t know why I did I thought I was alone on the server I don’t know what oh my God all I saw was that red eye and I thought it was over for me I I would stand over there in the corner and then you can box him in what are you doing even is that your ominous I’m going to make my portal deadly thing you’re threatening us for like weeks in the meetings yeah exactly Duc I don’t think we should use the nether oh what what do you mean it’s dangerous it’s coarse and irritating why do we come here it’s dark everybody always dies here it’s miserable you can’t build in the nether because it’s so dark YouTube’s compression kills the videos and people feel sad when they’re in the nether yeah but you know that’s why we stay in the nether roof so we can avoid all the all the crap down there and just it’s even boring her dock look at the boring it is look at how boring it is we need to love we need to create I arms race doc War arms War just arms race like I bu I was just scoping what you be doing my problem is though my portal is technically like a thousand blocks this way or something like nobody will come to visit so I need I might take the I don’t know maybe shopping district portal and claim it as mine I technically made it Duc when this is an anarchy Zone I have declared it with no Authority other than me just saying this this is anarchy you take whatever you want you you I’m building a portal that kills people you take what you want I’ve declared with no Authority that this is an anarchy on I mean you know the good thing up here is you have pretty much a super nice straight line of sight and shot right you could set up an a devastating thing somewhere over there and somebody comes to the portal poof one shot bye-bye ooh okay doc how you you do that DOC for your portal you kill people just like I am we kill everybody it’ll be wonderful doc I like it I like it them you know just waiting before it started so otherwise people will say again dog is the villain you did come through that portal really aggressively I’m just you know here for the ride you’re just I don’t think anybody’s going to die from those skeletons like okay wait honestly oh oh you’re preparing things a one wide walkway I see duck tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck I spent hours getting them bows power five punch flame yeah there’s going to be a death did you bre did you buy all the Unbreaking books in the shop no those were already out of stock but I did buy Infinity well I did buy some Unbreaking but then it ran out of stock um okay so then I’m here to officially file a complaint oh no I couldn’t buy Unbreaking books too that’s two customers you’re the popo you got to do something man don’t let her get away just because you park your pigs in her shop that’s true that’s true okay we we’ll put it put an official out of stock warning on Cleo’s shop that’s right I had to go to her villagers and trade for myself imagine that I get then I only paid two diamonds before the work I had to do myself I mean that’s more than fair that seems fair that seems fair you had it’s like uh you know packing your groceries up at the at the thing when there’s not a grocery Packer person dude that’s an totally American thing you know that right no I think nowhere in the world is somebody sitting at at your counter and is doing your stuff like I the only time I saw it was in the United States for real it’s usually like that’s like an entry level job like usually like at somebody in high school that’s like their first job like you know packing the groceries up you know saying something nice to the old ladies complimenting them on C going shopping grocery shopping in Germany is like riding on the autoban the women you know I tell you man the people on the cashier they’re fast so as soon as they start typing bro you better start pecking because they be like you know back in the days they were typing by hand you know and they had all the codes uh memorized for every individual item you can buy and then they would just sit there you know and type like a freaking machine and You’ be like totally stressed like quickly into your shopping cart quick quick and these days they have scanners you know what that means it’s like and you’ll be like whoa whoa whoa whoa quickly and you know better if you have it too much and you don’t bring a shopping cart they will give you the look because you know if you have shopping bags it will take too long to pack in so they’ll be like next time maybe a shopping cart yes mhm oh wow okay okay I see oh yeah and they and they’re really aggressive yeah yeah it’s not not in aggressive but you know it’s expected to move quickly at the Cashers that’s the German thing man everywhere else people be chilling you know somebody a nice chat you know you slowly pack your backs in Germany you be like okay get that you know yeah okay interesting wow yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s weird I don’t know I just I just yeah it’s a skill you know it’s like they they Pride themselves of being fast scanners you know what I mean like the faster you scan the more props you get I guess in the cashier Community there I don’t know maybe they get like a trophy like a Zuma gives trophies for how many diamonds people get in their shops they’re getting little those scanner trophies I don’t know also people are really short tempered when it comes to long line so you know so yeah yeah they it’s interesting to be fair I haven’t been to a grocery store in a long time yeah well yeah with the wheelchair it sucks anyways to do shopping and stuff like that right d people people have no idea how to deal with a wheelchair especially in a shopping experience yeah man I can imagine there’s a lot of like hands in the fa like you know if you’re if you’re okay so if you’re think about you’re probably in you’re probably sitting down right now right and I consider the the the like the space between my head as a square between my knees this is my zone this is my space this is my area but in in stores like people are just like walking it’s like walking by with the shopping bags and blah blah blah and yeah that’s I mean you know if you’re not you know in a wheelchair yourself you will never consider that it’s like I get a little bit of experience how it is you know my uncle right it was in a in a wheelchair for like 40 years he passed away recently so in our family it’s kind of you know we we we know a little bit what’s what’s what the handicaps are you face if you have a wheelchair I mean just [Music] accessibility doy said good night oh good night baby doy yeah in in in Germany accessibility is partially really worse like Street cards and stuff I I don’t I can’t even imagine how you get on there uh with a wheelchair partially if there’s nobody there that can help you you’re screwed you just cannot use the public transport the end and that’s that’s in Germany yeah partially yeah it’s it’s getting better and better and better but you know uh yeah some areas just not accessible and yeah as you said the shopping experience alone pushing right um do you have an electric wheelchair um I I got one on years like super long ago but I had no way of transporting it so I’ve just stuck with my manual wheelchairs which I could go on the rant of a century about the undertaking of in right now to get a new wheelchair but I know yeah you meant you told in it’s gotten it got so much worse yesterday even worse I was spitting angry I saw yeah I was wondering you know just to tell you guys like yeah normally here and there when I come on early scar is on super late and then here and there we hang out a little bit in chat yesterday I flew over to see what he was doing then I poked him like and he just like muted nothing it’s like okay he’s mad mad then I saw n million things last yesterday first of all they come here the floor people Flor people scamming my dad made me so mad right so they say that they’ll move furniture right so my dad but but my dad’s my dad like he’s like I’m going to do it all you know whatever you know like he’s just that’s the way he is like he’ll never have anybody ever help him he does it all right and so they have like this limit like oh will me move five items per per room or we won’t move glass or something and my dad moved everything they get here and they go no we want to start with this room and he goes okay and he starts moving all the stuff and he moves like 90% of it and they go here let me help you with this item or something it was like uh something that looked like it was glass but it was actually plexiglass and then after they were done they took a picture of it and said we move this glass and that’s that’s now $100 like f like fee and then they moved like cabinet special fee for uh easy breakable stuff movement but it was literally plexiglass it wasn’t even glass and then a few other things that they took pictures of that he physically moved he was like wrecked the next day like he’s 70 years old like he was wrecked he moved everything and then they come back and they’re like yeah we need you to authorize a $500 fee because they moved furniture and my dad’s like I mean I get it you know you you got to make a living too as a as handy man but man you know well they I mean they got they got pay like yeah and he moved all of that but what we found is is and looking at reviews and I don’t know if it’s the same in this situation or not you never know but a lot of times it’s like this is a way for some people to make extra money they’re like oh yeah we actually moved all these items but didn’t and just people are like whatever we’ll just pay pay the fee whatever but it was I mean you know sometimes the people that do these jobs right got also fleas from their employers on like 10 bucks an hour working their butts off see where you can make some this just gives incentive to do stuff like that right trying to somehow extra flee thing going man but they didn’t the thing is they didn’t say anything ever and then then the fact later like it’s so weird and it it it’s such a thing like you should take pictures of what you do like you can see that like I moved all this stuff like if my dad would have done that or something because it’s it’s cruel and then the fact is like they smash the walls all the way up the stairs like death scratches all the way up and then Home Depot’s like we’re we’re not liable for that well how like that’s the weirdest thing how can you just simply claim I’m not liable for that T it’s like what you go to somebody’s place you fix something and you damage something else you well that’s why there’s insurances that’s why insurances exist for Handy men yeah it’s always the thing you know get a lot and then all that that’s always the thing like all the time and your nerves you invest is probably not worth the 300 bucks you will get back and then after lawyer fees you probably get like a 20 a 20 back 20 exactly like my parents long ago like got wildly scammed like by a real estate agent that claimed all this stuff that was blatantly not true but at the end of the day once it went through a bunch of like litigation or whatever it was the lawyer fees ate up everything there was like there’s nothing like the all the the yeah there’s nothing so it’s yeah I dude I I don’t know I just feel bad for my dad who moved all that stuff who was just beat down the next day and then to get that call and said oh no we actually moved all that stuff and he’s like my back is broken from moving all this stuff yo it’s just that’s just cheeky man I mean I don’t know yeah I I looked up and saw a bunch of reviews that were similar for other things like they’re like oh the the contractors came back with all these extra fees after the fact and and then it’s like Home Depot’s like oh like yeah I I learned a lesson from from that I don’t think using them again will be a if I can and have to do you know some Contracting stuff done or anything like I try to hire small like companies right I’d rather go to the to a local Carpenter it might be then 100 bucks more maybe in the end or so but you know normally a more personable experience and you know they’re not they have interest to actually doing a good job at home people they don’t care you’re one of a billion customers right okay we lost one gain two others tomorrow yeah exactly it’s like when we had some we had painting done it was just this guy and like my dad and mom just talked to him the whole time while he painted because my dad couldn’t go up the ladder that high so we just hired him to do like the high parts super nice guy he just talk to them the whole time as he painted like and there’s a guy keeps fixing our heater because every other day it breaks and like that guy’s like super chill he just lives in the neighborhood like um yeah it was just a mistake on this one was on this one now you learned your lesson No More carpet from Home Depot No More carpet from Home Depot they screwed up you tweeted about it man yeah it’s like a Yelp review it’s Yelp review yeah owned dude I was thinking about this like when you said it was difficult in Germany to get around like a lot of times United States there’s rules to say you have to do said things but I feel like there’s not a lot of followup to make sure it actually is working in yeah kind of the same situation the B obviously regulations and laws exist and you know as I said it it’s it drastically improved over the last 10 years or 15 years gets better and better and like anything that is newly made for sure you know has proper accessibility and whatnot but in Europe there’s a lot of stuff that is literally hundreds of years old and a lot of uh I don’t know maybe you know the city council sits in a thing that is 300 years old ain’t that easy to make it really fully wheelchair accessible because well back in the days nobody cared right so sometimes it’s even they still have no elevators in there right so I’m not talking about wheelchair accessibility like for most people it’s a long chain right like some some could be accessible like a venue you’re going to but is the chain to get there and back accessible or like the pathways or the elevators to the public transportation or is there parking for a car or is there it’s it’s just a long chain of things that have to work out to actually make something actually accessible like you know airport could be accessible to get in but is it accessible to get there you know Etc or even get in a plane that is but what I found like what I found is like so many things are like made just to check a box to say like this was accessible without a lot of thought to it and it’s it makes me in some Day wish I was like a guy that could go to like hotels and be like that sink doesn’t work for any wheelchair person that sink works on some kind of spreadsheet in a boardroom and like it doesn’t make any sense like oh you can roll under here but why is there this giant piece of wood that you put there to try to make it look prettier and block the piping and stuff but that that board just makes it so you’re like three feet away from the sink and you’re like I can’t get in it’s like that’s stff bothers me um yeah you would assume that I mean big corporations hotels and stuff right they they would have Consulting in that regard also probably from people that are in a wheelchair or so they know what they’re thank you so much for the 25 generous beyond words thank you in that regards so yeah yeah and I I like cand is like I’d like to do some of that stuff like be like come on this is just a bad Design This is just a bad design like it’s not even that it’s like you know how some accessibility stuff works for some people some people not some of the stuff I see is like just genuinely bad all around it’s like no this is bad yeah there see future career PA when this hold YouTu youtubing goes down to hell you know eventually Mar yeah you never know did you see what Google is doing with the new search engine and stuff it’s like literally completely broken I saw a post today somebody posted uh what did they ask for health advice and Google answered it’s healthy to smoke two to three cigarettes a day so and then this post about hermitcraft it was like what some AI thing made it it’s like completely insane that’s hilarious it was green Mumbo and uh what that o girl or something like that oh my God yeah that stuff’s the disaster have you seen the new YouTube layout where it puts the comments on the right side on desktop and then puts like 9 million random videos below the feed yeah why I it’s such a disgusting design like like it’s a strong word but it’s like a disgusting design because it’s like your eye is like kind of like darting around because it’s like oh there’s videos down here I’m trying to watch the video oh there’s comments here like you know who’s to blame for that El mask the the layout no you know I tell you the reason okay he made it so people accept that you don’t have any gauges in your car anymore and you constantly have to Ste look to the right on the stupid middle screen okay right okay and now it got transferred to YouTube now we got the same stuff you cannot keep your eyes on the road you need to look to your right and it’s cool it’s not I want to have the comments under the video so I see what I need to see not on the side you know do you know that Ellen musk is my Disney right dude chat Elon lives in Doc’s head rentree like 28 hours a day but I I I I maybe I I I I guess I see where you’re going but I what I can see is that this design is abysmally awful like it is yeah it’s so bad it’s so bad like man guys why is the comments over on the right side hopefully they backpedal you know in the in the past it’s not like when Google did weird stuff with YouTube they’re not like completely deaf dumb and blind yeah I I hope they back this is not a good Design This is this doesn’t benefit anybody and second of all why can’t they at least give us the courtesy of putting one of our videos in the the recommended videos below the like come throw us a bone like at all like try so hard YouTube to pull the viewer away from our channels like so hard like I mean it’s cool you know this idea hey you know suggesting re but it’s really true back in the days it was always a thing that sure there was the suggested but there was a few videos of your own right like you’re lucky Channel yeah it’s if you’re lucky these days it’s at least a Hermit but you know in most case it it’s like random stuff it’s like you know my my viewing habits I don’t really watch any m content that much on YouTube I watch weird stuff like documentaries and things like that right and then it’s literally I I I watch A hermits video and next to it there’s a submarine documentary uh I don’t know the Mexican drug cartels um uh best of you know you name it and it keeps on going like that and then let me maybe all the way down the line some random Minecraft video that has nothing to do with anything yeah it’s like what it’s so dude that that layout drives me crazy because back in the day this this is a long time ago but maybe like a 2012 2013 14 the suggested videos on the side at one point were 100% all your channel and then then it kind of like started adding you know other videos to the mix and and you had influence on it it also recommended some of the channels um you would Link in your you know recommended Channel box thing that would also show up there that’s you have no influence on that at all yeah dead I I just think like maybe one video from your channel would be would be nice just one just one just like one video would be nice because like you said I look down there and there is not from from my video and I’ve looked at other Hermits there’s not one video from The Hermit ecosystem and at least back in like 2020 and any of those times a lot of times it’s good like if if if my video is playing in your video or Gan or or impulse whatever like their videos are suggest in the corner that creates like a really healthy community and ecosystem amongst all the videos now it’s like you said it’s like drug cartel or this or that it’s like ah jeez come on now yeah and you know what it that forces you you know what we have here on hermitcraft right we support each other that not goes like personal support and blah blah blah also with the video making and stuff we we feed like it’s just disappointing um I hope that that system yeah that system gets undermined right like we now we would also be forced to do click baity titles and blah blah blah so you stand out amongst these random videos that get suggested all over the place God knows where the viewers come from like these days you can also tell in the comments like you know some like I always get so many comments where people really ask stuff where you clearly see okay they didn’t come from from within the hermitcraft community they don’t know at all who I am yeah and yeah I mean it’s kind of a good thing I guess on the one side but on the other side it also shows that we don’t send so many viewers around anymore due to the algorithm yeah it’s it’s it’s it feels like YouTube changes the algorithm like big like there’s sometimes big changes like it could be every like six months or every so often and this is just another one of those um yeah or were just you know just another change I’ve noticed that it I think we we felt a big change algorithmic wise I think in 2020 or 20 was it 2020 was it it was summer 202 too I think was like a really weird change at least I I I I felt like it was there was like a weird change to the way the algorithm started putting stuff out there and it’s I don’t know the whole thing is just such a mystery box too because you don’t re nobody really knows what think but honestly man are you thinking about this YouTube stuff and things like that anymore it’s like I I literally don’t the only thing I care about hey Friday I want to get my video out like that’s the only thing I care that I have my schedule kind of going right and then the rest I don’t you know I don’t think about what title it should have I don’t think thumbnail I just picked a fan art I like most I don’t think about is this a good YouTube thumbnail nothing yeah like if you I I’m done join a group we’re moving we’re moving another one here doc we’re moving another one I just exist join a Group doc we we’re moving another one well I think that is a I think that’s a good thing about hermercraft hermercraft and I explained this recently to someone um was that herac Craft’s is a very Timeless thing we don’t we don’t get into a lot of like uh what am I trying to say like a lot of there’s not a lot of um fads there’s not a lot of weird Trends we’re not doing like Tik Tock dances like you don’t see green over there flossing you know we’re Timeless here we’re classy why would you what do people I’m just making an example of like you know weird stuff that um wait what flossing means cleaning your teeth with a string right no talk no talk oh no not but I’m just saying like herocraft very like Timeless and it’s doesn’t have to follow like a lot of the stupid Trends but we do feel sometimes when the YouTube algorithm decides to be like we’re going a different direction today guys you know I don’t have Tik Tok and now I was thinking God thank God people are literally flossing their teeth over there what the hell’s going on man dude every time I log on the Tik Tok I get kind of sick so I stopped I don’t do it I I was just curious like I was curious about it I gave it a try I’ll give anything I’ll give it something a try once right I uploaded a couple videos and then every time I turned on the app it was like instantly somebody was screaming at me and like I’m like I don’t why like he got of he got to whine and Dy me before before I like get into content like straight up every time it was just somebody was just like top of the long screaming and I one time I dropped my phone it was terrifying I I don’t know I I here and there get sucked into the stupid shs I have to confess like always get sucked into these weird videos where people to you know there’s this one guy he gets super excited if things are packed up neatly you know and yeah you know and it go like oh yeah it’s fitting in there perfectly look at that you know it’s like people I don’t know they have their kitchen right and then they organize their candy and everything they unpack everything and put it in neat little glass jars and what and people it like people react to it and props yeah this is really neatly packed amazing what not dude it’s unreal what things exist shorts showed me things the deepest darkest corners of humanity man it’s like I don’t even want to know what’s going on on on you know like Tik Tok it’s like you know all these Trends where teenagers die they all spring from Tik Tok they eat detergent they eat deter you know somebody tells him to eat some like recently somebody had a heart attack because they did some hot chip challenge I mean what’s going on chip challenge get eat some super spicy something you know duck we have a command for that why do you and other people not use it it is driving me crazy it’s a nice you know they’re so nice not nice in the go to sweep I’m using the texture pack since that also I’m kind of lonely out there in the swamp so I’m happy dude why are you so far away why don’t you come here like a normal hermit and be a normal hermit over here jeez Louise why are you being little hermit I it was not planned I just wanted to hang out there and do things is this a sunk cost thing where you just have to just keep keep doubling down or what here no I’m just I don’t know it just happened it’s naturally evolved I had no plans to really live out there but now I I put so much work in and then now I don’t want to leave okay I was like in my brain my base is going to expand and expand and spend and eventually it’s going to eat up Joe hills’s place you’re going to merge it’s going to be a merge of the two well you you have a lot of stone that’s for sure yeah it’s like I don’t know what the what the heck is going on with Joe like I had the biggest laugh in the in the last hermitcraft meeting like you know I was trying to get get an explanation from Joe what he’s actually doing with his huge area right and he goes like yeah this is a replica of the 1985 and there he lost already and then he was starting to talk about workshops people could do workshops there like he’s he’s got a stuff oh I was going to try to save yeah oh I’m sorry doc yeah um I workshops what are we talking about I think it’s like just a big community area like for different activities and stuff I think this is content land pretty much hey that’s a that’s a classified project doc that’s a classified project yeah it’s your fault when you react to it it could have made it up and now you gave it away that it’s something you’re just like a Zuma when you pull secret things out of my head Parts it’s like when he pulled out when he unintentionally pulled out my my base ideas oh my God what okay wait this is looking promising okay does he have is promising I’m an expert at this when we lost one oh you got hats on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah dude the the uh the percentage of these guys picking up heads was really low um I had to kill a lot of them to get ones that would actually pick up heads wasis should be 50% if I’m not mistaken when we on hard so maybe you got just pretty unlucky why are we on hard can we be on normal can we be normal doc I don’t know it’s been a tradition some things are just not questions we play on hard mode period we should be on normal mode so they pick up stuff easier no I think that it’s actually less oh really okay we should play on super hardc then that’s what I’m saying oh okay yeah yeah yeah but see like if you catch a guy like that it always is good like if you the last rail you do it make it Power rail already then you can just put a block behind little fella there goes scar junor scar Jun scar Jun looks so Dy man oh we got to get to the other side do oh come on oh yeah I want beat him in I want to beat him in come on come on I don’t think so I think he went right through oh come on up the stairs up the stairs up the stairs don’t go back don’t go back don’t go back up the stairs up the stairs maybe we can lure him as a i lure him into the corner and you block him in or so where are we like he’s he’s he’s going to kill me shoot nah chill we got it look here he’s on me now if I can get if I can look he’s on me now wall him in wall him in oh no he’s on you again no he’s still on me okay go behind him he’s trying to hit me got him got him got him got him got him nice no there we go okay so that’s that’s that’s three yeah that’s three okay yeah mob handling should always be a two-man job man one guy can kite him the other guy can block him in that’s that’s true that’s true ah this is working this is working after all these years right mob wrestling and wrangling is still one of the most tricky things in Minecraft man it’s so annoying they never do what you want to do even with years you have 100 Years of mob moving experience 100 years of experience are we getting that old on the server here dude we are we are ancient speci 48 no I’m not 48 and I will not hear of it I will not hear of it it’s the best rumor it’s one of my favorite rumors out there it’s one of my least favorite what about what about the rumor of me being super cool and and handsome well that’s not a rumor that’s a reality you know people always give you props for your for your looks no I’m hideous doc I’m hideous yeah that’s what you say that’s what beautiful people say I know I speak from experience okay that we like to call ourselves not so attractive super are we good you think we’re good on this one I think we’re good let’s make a little back here I’m slowly learning okay sweet okay so I was thinking doc I was thinking somebody else here could put like a put a ghast on top of their portal like what if green had a ghast up there just hooking Fireballs at people yeah there’s some over there we can you know it’s oh look at them over there gring over there look at them how happy they are dude what is that out there you never been there no what what is this that’s what I’m saying man I woke up one morning and thought somebody has put something in my tea then this thing was here what is this this is Joe’s this is Joe’s B oh is this like a like a map of his base what it will be yes it’s a replication of the whole thing on the ne Roof oh I was like dude is this a board game 100% we could have like a board game on here too like it could be a map of Joe’s base but 100% like this could be you know dog dog I’m saying Joe explained to me like five times what he’s doing here it’s still an absolute mystery to me I just know he’s digging and digging massive terraforming is going on it’s like I don’t know what the heck is happening is there supposedly huh should we take a look I I don’t have you ever been to his place yeah I I bug Jo quite often I bug him quite oh never DED to go there because you know know actually I haven’t bugged him as much as the last season every time he’d stream I’d go and bug him a little bit last season because he was close to me um I mean he’s happy for some interaction yeah no Joe Joe’s always good for for like a laugh or whatever on stream um yeah hermit get bored on streams so it’s good to give him a little give him a little have a little fun with him yeah howdy as Joe Hills from Nashville Tennessee yeah I used to in the last season I would just randomly show up with either scarland treat like a you know some kind of like scarland food item from last season or I would hotkey him it was either or either he was getting a treat or uh or a trick dude I think the first time ever I met Joe or you cannot say meat I didn’t talk to him I think was at m at the first MineCon in Las Vegas in 2012 and he already looked exactly the same as he does today that’s funny oh wow so that was my Con in Vegas right yeah yeah it was very very sketchy and and you know but it was fun it was really small like I don’t know oh that yeah I dude I remember that I was I was like man I want to go to that but it’s in Vegas good Lord a Sin City dude I am I I am I despise Vegas oh my God I wait wait do you have a power dra on you yeah may I have one yeah thank you dude my my Las Vegas experience at twitchcon I I twitchcon was great I loved MCC seeing all the the Hermits all of the MCC guys um the viewers we had really great meetups and stuff but but boy howdy man I despised Vegas oh God never again I’ve been to Vegas once many years ago I was already of legal gambling age but yeah I didn’t didn’t gamble at all there I didn’t trust any buddy I was just like no man it was horrific I just going to take my money like yeah and then and then the worst part about it I missed cut playing golf didn’t get to see it okay now put a button at the dirt block let me get a button classic non- redster what are you talking about I’m a great red Stoner hey let’s go on the oh let’s beat him let’s beat him easy dude doc I’m going to learn Redstone at some point it’s going to happen is this it’s going to happen you know it’s crazy doc I I joke but I used to do some little bit not nothing very good but I used to do little bits of redstone I have not done Redstone in forever I mean as you know there’s this people always say learning Redstone I mean to me if you I don’t know put a lever onto something got him I got him I got him oh my god let’s go nice Pro I mean it doesn’t always have to be this crazy stuff I don’t know just you know we got some nobody would expect you to build a pig Cannon now all of a sudden you know can like everybody’s happy about beat ups this Redstone you know do what I what I want to do doc good stuff is just enhance the build with like movement or something like that yeah that’s easy peasy man that’s the stuff that’s the stuff I would want like like my CL out there just blanks and that’s that that’s like small but okay here’s what I want when we go back out all these are the things that are in my head that I want to do with redstone that I don’t know how to do I’ll show I’ll show you one of them yeah and that’s why I want does always have to be so complicated look for example one of the nicest builds this season I find uh Mambo’s gold shop oh I think he made it so nice you know the little the little I don’t know look like a little mine right and then just using a little bit of redstone to have the animated car there that gives it a little bit of life and it’s like wi it’s really I I I love it it’s really cool I don’t know if I’m doing this very efficiently it doesn’t matter I’m just trying to get the I’m trying to get the guy to walk up here yeah there’s so much dirt we need more wallage yeah well more wall yeah okay and then we need a backdrop over here dude if if we get that as efficient as the last two we’ll be able to get to the Trident soon wait what you going to hook up a trident I already got it e said I can have it it’s great I got him already he just needs to come over it’ll be great um okay that’s lethal I think this is good I think this is good I think we got this wait you you check it you check it I I’ll prepare the site I’ll prepare the site yeah that’s they will not be able to make this and in case of emergency I got a boat with me because when in doubt use a boat when is the boat why am I why am I going to sleep it’s clearly not sleepy time okay I think I’ve cleared out all of the mobs on this side so now I need to go get the other ones okay do you also get Delirious after a while when you stream do I get Delirious yeah I do dude I’m always actually I need that hole to be open where is it there it is um no I’m always delious I’m always on another world these days doc I live in I live I live in my own world doc I reject reality and substitute my own yeah oh so so let me tell let me tell let me okay so there was this South Park episode that was hilarious for one fact it the whole title of it was I wish I could use I wish I could do carman’s voice but it was like navigating American H system um and it was so accurate that I wanted to cry like it was so accurate and then like having to go and get these like test results and then they’re like that’s not an authorized um specialist and it’s like then they go back navigating the American Hill system and he’s like filling out paperwork he’s like I already filled out this paperwork navigating the American Hill system and so I go to I just just excusing the fact that I’ve tried to get a new that I’ve tried to get a new wheelchair since 2021 didn’t get that year didn’t get in 2022 2023 I just gave up then 2024 my chair so old and it’s been beat up by Airlines too much it needs to get replaced and finally I’m like okay I’m doing it so I take my my I go to the appointment and the doctor’s like sure 3 weeks later I send a message and I’m like Hey doctor friend not friend I’m like uh have have have this has this gotten sorted out have you taken the prescription have you taken the PT recommendations and sent it to the wheelchair man the wheelchair company and they’re like oh yeah we forgot wait what they just forgot and then they’re like okay and I’m like okay can you send it and then I get a message I’m not kidding a week later and it goes hey we sent your power wheelchair prescription to a company that I didn’t want to work with so I didn’t want to work with because they’re awful and you probably won’t be able to get a new wheelchair because you got a new wheelchair in 2021 and I’m like no what they repaired my chair in 2021 because of my Broken Wheel and and the dumbest thing so what if you need a new wheelchair it shouldn’t matter so what if your wheelchair falls down the stairs now and breaks in a thousand pieces and it’s a new one they like bad luck you got one in 2024 you know what it’s like what’s the argument behind that like if something’s broken if your shoe is broken or your bike it’s like what does it mean okay bad luck you bought it 2021 can buy a new bike now well that’s a good point I’ve always actually wondered if my wheelchair was completely totaled not by a not by an airline which has happened too many times but just by like accident do they actually pay for it okay so in United States they’ll pay for a new wheelchair every 5 years um most likely um they they’ll pay for it every 5 years so that’s kind of like a like a norm um but um so so I do that right Duc and and then I explain to them that this is not that was not a new wheelchair that was a repair that was a repair and then they say oh okay yeah thanks for letting must no and then um it I send two more message following up if they got my uh if they sent it and they go we just did and didn’t reply to those other two so then they like okay finally turns out they sent the the the prescription for a power wheelchair which I didn’t want I want a lightweight manual wheelchair and the sent it to the wrong company nice and I’m like no you did all the wrong things and then you know what you should do get that wheelchair from the other company you don’t like sell it on the black market and then take the money and buy yourself like some wheelchair with golden pimp rims I mean I guess you know electric wheelchair probably costs more than a normal one an electric wheelchair cost just ridiculous money exactly that’s what I’m saying like they and then I sent a message back and I’m like that’s the rug company and that’s no we talked about this and then they’re like dude man and then they’re like oh I’m a different person than the person you talk to and I’m like I don’t know who I’m talking to anymore but scar may I ask you a question though that is really really buckling my mind since we’re doing this yeah why why do you dig down and put the lever on the side well it has to be on the side it’s attached to the block that’s powered look I’m going to break I’m going to change your world can you put tell me don’t no this is going this is just no put it put it back put the block back trust me and now put the liever right on that block flick it magic this whole time I’ve been digging it out for no reason yeah I mean see you’re learning Redstone I’m crying doc you’re learning Redstone looks like I I checked this to make sure there’s no blocks for it to like suffocate in under I sign up for this wait what what was that dude that was spooky oh somebody’s horning us I believe who’s who’s over there being who the culprit come come show yourself this is Joe Hills hi Joe can you explain your face concept of Doc again not again no no please what is the difference between music and not music that’s good keep going keep going he’s still a little confused that’s exactly how it was man anyway that what oh my God I love this is the best part about hermitcraft end where is everybody is just Insane In Their Own way this is like a lot of other servers there’s like too much like sameness we’re all so different and weird that it’s what makes it just tick yeah do you do you realize there’s a website now that is called hermit horn.com or something where people can upload hermit horn.com where people can upload random bits of our videos as horn sounds oh no I saw it on the Reddit man it’s real who’s the Magic like uh Tech person who made the time zone thing which is actually really useful have you seen that like it’s like genuinely really useful oh my God they even have a horn of the day I think there do they somebody that they putting them on the on the Discord sound B oh lord of Mercy dude I it’s getting more crazy by the day dude are you in the Horn of the month club uh yes horn I wonder how how cop’s going to that going to deliver that to me that’s right w I’m trying to think how to get this guy here this this week I wanted to break the news to Pearl and Etho and Tango that I’m staying out in the swamp then and I want my mabx no we talked about the doc you’re coming over here jeez jeez what are you talking about we just talked about this earlier oh man I’m saying out there in the swamp it’s nice there oh my God what what the heck how oh it’s a child it’s a child how am I man this skeleton is being a pain what am I doing no no no I’m going back to the water ah no no okay I’m chasing you again no no no no I’m going back to the water if you don’t kill that thing dead I cannot K kill a child okay doc true um doc can can you heal skeletons because they have all taken a little bit of damage do I give them yeah like potions of of like poison damage potions you know okay like damage potions like they they the Undead right so you you give them damage potion that heals them if you throw healing you damage them so yeah potion of harming it’s called technically I think right it would be really nice but hello there it would be really nice if uh be’s open po shop how are you the taxi is here are you going to give us a ride are you going to text around the server hello are they’re in the group hold on hello chaps is all right take me around Mr Taxi hello okay there we go it’s uh the meat is running scar one Diamond every 10 blocks oh that’s that’s a lot of money can we go over track oh we can it’s New York taxi prices it’s true never been to New York uh scar I come here with a purpose friend okay what is this purpose I hear that you have purchased all the Unbreaking books may I purchase two this is rumor that’s going around the D A okay okay come over here come over here come over here okay okay okay okay okay okay this rumor so if there if there okay so I bought what was left and you can have whatever is in there okay and I’m not sure because I learned something chat by the way um uhhuh I was going to give my skeletons infinity and Unbreaking but according to zoom zoom the um skeletons have already by default infinite you know boat they don’t need and they don’t need unbre but you can sorry I don’t have a lot but I bought what was there so I’m sorry that’s totally cool I’m paying you five diamonds for your your uh convenience for the inconvenience yeah I’m sorry I didn’t have more one of those actually came literally enchanting a book yeah the the rumor going around is that you bought like a thou you bought the place out okay now that’s an exaggeration that’s an exaggeration how did that rumor come about I also heard about it like we have this like I don’t know like weird rumor thing going on like that’s so weird I don’t know how that rumor got around I’m not sure where be restocking that shop right now yeah what’s going un unless she’s playing The Witcher would she gets the pass then okay she gets pass I agree she gets a pass I’m going to send her an angry uh customer email though you know well if you a complain oh r Wait a minute oh you filing a complaint too I also filed an official Complaint about Cleo not restocking her shop so we’re two people now affected CC oh yeah ah there we go there there will be a formal complaint by today’s end at C shop to restock it perfect perfect uh Sergeant scar I would like to um file an official Complaint you can add it to the pile okay where where is the pile it’s on top of my head okay I I keep my my papers under my hat okay there we go complaint added please uh you know try to get that through the courts as fast as possible cuz it’s out I will it’s outrageous oh Ren need a I’d like to show you something real quick Ren come okay come yeah okay okay okay okay okay I thought it would be just nicer to talk over here guys I just thought it would be nicer just it’s a nice view over here just a nice view dolphins wait what is that all I know what’s going on here I know I know what’s going on here I know what’s going on here ooh somebody’s playing the Terra Cotta game big time I see he I wasn’t playing the game I was forced into the game strong arm some may say strong armed into the game and on my day off of all things the only true rumor going around is scars has a day off every day you they call me the bad guy when when I was trying to acquire a majority in the wood shop dude you’re wearing villain armor no wonder people think you’re the villain jeez yeah it’s just because you look like a taxi driver and Indiana Jones doesn’t make you less evil I mean come on man cap drivers are known to be not the most nice folk all right especially the new do you me the New York what I mean look I I will I will secede that I am a complete mess right now I mean look at the state of me you literally look like a cheap cheap clown that got hired for a kids party and comes with the m no this is what this is what I am I’m a 10-year-old going to a birthday party and my mom it’s a dress up party my mom is late cuz she was busy at work and she just told me to go choose anything in my cupboard you dressed yourself no no no no no I know how this happened you’ve been a cheeky kid and you be like I want to be a creeper 5 minutes later you got I want to be a Bumblebee and then oh I also a taxi and a magician and then Mom at some point says you know what here put that all on yep that’s it yep hilarious I mean you hate to see it really yeah but I I I’ve gotten that treatment before where um somebody looked at me and goes ah you dressed yourself today it was very humiliating I was I was you know I was wearing my best Disneyland shirt but I didn’t realize that my pants were also White and the shirt was white and I was just like all white and and it was just it looked horrendous I think I had like a bunch of other weird accessories of some kind and my coach looked at me and he’s like he my nickname was cat dog and he was like ah cat dog dress dress himself today everybody and I was like not in front of everybody while we’re stretching you you just casually dropped that your nickname was cat dog oh CH knows that CH knows that cat dog C do dog cat dog man I love C as a show you do so Pearl and you love cat dog that makes me so happy yeah yeah oh that makes me very happy also a bit creepy well no it’s a delightful show it it’s just a cat and a dog joined at the rear without any explanation of the fact of how that happened yes anatomically speaking it’s incredibly weird dude look at this look at this don’t even first of all let me get a couple cat dog things wait what I got a couple cat dog things here oh God I might back out of this no no you come you come back here you you back right up in your taxi cab um this is the toy that I got when I was a kid from Burger King in the kids menu um this is how I ended up with the cat dog game and then this my brother actually made for me like 10 years ago but I still have it he made this little cutout thing of cat dog’s house made out of like I mean this thing’s really cool you can see how old it is the sun has like you know what of I’m looking for a word help me out here it’s uh not tarnish bleached bleached there you go um yeah it’s really cool this is really detailed this is really cool you just made that tell you know you know how you can tell that it’s old it’s actually exists in reality it’s not just drawing on a computer oh okay that that that’s a fair point oh deep yeah man today I’ve spoiled I want to spoil something today I’m very pleased with the uh vast use of beacons over there dude I bought all of those from you yep thank you actually no one of them was from my my disastrous uh wither fight but no the other three were all from you I’d love to see it dude yeah I might need another one i’ fully stocked is this zoo is this your zoo construction site over there oh what are you doing like you’re mining away this mountain look I want to show you guys something I want to show you guys something all right okay it’s because I’ve spoiled already enough stuff today I thought i’ would spoil something all right we might as well just just spoil everything everything SPO look at that oh that’s going in that’s going in my my final car on the back of the train see the idea is that as I as I travel the world you know grabbing up uh you know mobs as I go along I’m also painting the sceneries that I see and and uh right that’s one of my paintings from years back all right enough spoilers that is legit good wait did you paint that IRL yeah yeah and then I just took a picture of it I took a picture of it and then uh and then good old hoffen uh made it into a Minecraft uh you know set the dimensions right and all that scar you’re so talented dude I’m proud I’m proud of I’m excited I can’t wait for people to see it once it’s done it’s done oh Mojang can we please have that as a painting instead of the spider please well that’s the thing I I was like they’re adding all these paintings why don’t I go back and add my paintings that I used to have in my survival world cuz I used to have these in my survival world but I didn’t realize that the texture pack system changed so many times so I was like I don’t know how this works anymore that’s so old we shouldn’t yes like I was thinking about it right getting fan art pieces onto pictures here on the server and then we could have a art gallery that would be maybe a super cool Community project we all do I like that we put everything in there like some people do crazy Redstone then massive fireworks nice building and then we have like f fan out pieces there the problem is with it right who do you pick and choose that’s why that’s what we what we always stopped from trying to you let the fans choose right you set up a poll you let the fans decide so they take true the chat’s like at Joe’s Place right right doc yeah we can do that in Joe’s Place it’s actually a perfect spot for that as a workshop you know Workshop yeah we going have a workshop out there it’s going to be great R Doc is still very confused on what doc what Joe’s doing and it’s it’s tickling me it’s very funny dude there going to be workshops it’s going to be team building exercises it’s going to be wonderful Dude when he said team building like I I thought how fun would it be if we all got together like office style like beach day you remember Beach Day episode like we did something like that on stream would be so funny yeah when you have we have to do trust building exercises you know we all climb up a high scaffolding and people are below with uh buckets reverse mg bucket jumping dude you to place the bucket at the bottom yeah bro would you all the team building it’s going to be wonderful yeah or then then we have to sit around the fire and talk about our feelings one by one it’s true yeah it’s true no we don’t do that no we do that dude it’s it’s happening what we’re going to get deep into your soul my we’re going to open up that German brain in your going to pour out your emotions Pride open dude and Redstone man that’s not true and Redstone it’s not true there’s there’s fluffy there’s there’s fluffy goats and tomatoes I’m floating I’m going up like plane I got that good Red Stone in my brain what the hell oh God it was just a song I heard the other day oh in my brain your bra dark man it’s it’s dude we I can’t wait for the workshops man it’s going to be awesome I can’t wait I I really want Beach day just like the office we get in a we get in a van we got to do it dude walk through coal oh maybe maybe Huff can make us Sumo suits hey we we could literally do we could literally do walking over hot coal you have to walk over magma blocks without crouching yeah exactly exactly it’s awesome I like I like all of this I like all of this dude this Joe is taking notes you know that right next next hcraft meeting there’s going to be a presentation a PowerPoint PowerPoint it’s got to be a PowerPoint man it has to be only only the greatest presentations in Herra come be a powerpint maybe you know maybe back in when we planned the season and Joe said he made this really lengthy and in-depth PowerPoint presentation about this area we should not have said it’s okay you do whatever dude I forg said Joe whatever you want to do is totally cool okay doc you just needed to hear the PowerPoint Joe we need you to give doc a full PowerPoint presentation then you’ll understand yeah probably he actually explained the whole thing to me so it’s it’s amusing to me to listen to this because I know exactly what he’s doing and you not knowing is is just tickling me one of his on a craft stream with him and he he explained the whole thing to me dude it’s it’s awesome it’s awesome idea I know I’m just like so funny you know you have to see like I love Joe every bit of Joe right but Joe and I are the most different people you can even imagine I cannot comprehend for a second what’s going on in Joe’s brain and maybe he feels the same with me but to me Joe it’s like it’s like I have no clue what he’s go what is going on I’m intrigued by it and I love it but I have no idea what you’re doing whatever the hell is going on that’s it that’s Joe to me it’s like some Enigma or something like in my life amazing my tweet about my Kane and I just wanted to tell you how much you are loved and cared about less than three big fan L thank you so much for that nice message very much appreciated um yeah thank you for that it’s very much appreciated um yeah and uh oh oh I was like yeah the Tweet that’s right that’s right I I got you I got you yeah thank you so much for the nice message very much appreciate it chipping again no more friendliness between us for what no more friendliness I I just came back what yeah what just happened between me leaving and now there’s not friendliness no it’s a thing man like dude it’s it’s no it’s all good it’s all good all good they’re shipping us so hard man they’re shipping us so hard scar well I don’t know any shipping I keep very far away from the from the shipping places I I don’t I don’t want to see any of it know I got a recommendation for you for shipping okay my local UPS Store nicest gu imaginable when I went to that shop like I I always heard horror stories horror stories of cost angry glares but no super nice and when he uh he the guy asked what was inside for insurance purposes I said oh that’s hard to explain because these are charity items and uh and he goes you know what this is Charity item 15% off really really nice guy he didn’t need to do that but he was really nice he’s like this I’m going to give you a 15% discount still cost $175 but you know I got there and I learned about shipping very important okay so you heard it here first use code charity item at your local I or but there’s a nice guy and he taught me about the shipping industry by the way in this like brief five minute interaction um it’s not about the the weight of it it’s about the size of the box and I didn’t know that I always thought it was the weight of the box that mattered but no it’s the size because the size will take up more room in the in the the shipping compartment right um the weight really doesn’t matter all that much it’s about the size because how many things can you pack into the like the little you know boxes that they put in the plane and stuff so I learned a lot because the box was so big it it uh it cost so much but it wasn’t that heavy it was only 10 lb dude I at one of the the most wholesome humans that I’ve ever met at my local the last town I lived in at the local post office there oh really he was so incredibly passionate about shipping that it was a joy to go to him so so I used to like uh buy and and sell things on eBay you know uh like oh I see cartridges and Xbox games Atari just things like that right just as a little uh side hustle hobby thing yeah yeah and I would like I would go to him you know on the Monday and i’ be like okay I got to ship the satari and he’d be like dude he’s like I’ve got the perfect box I love face would just light up like his face would light up he’s like he would go back and he’s like this is the this is the you know the S1 uh four by kenx this will be perfect for this and like he just had the perfect box for everything that I ever wanted to ship and he was he was such a delight like when I went there I just leave with such happiness like he was one of the few people that I’ve ever seen who like truly loved their job like you could see he just loved it that’s that’s hilarious yeah it was so cool he’s like our mailman loves his chub too man our mailman is also a legend he’s the most friendly person ever you know every morning when he rolls in brings packages or whatever he’s like you know he makes your day he’s like hey how you doing this morning and blah blah blah it’s like always make sure around holidays and stuff you know we give him a nice tip or something cuz you know reward nice behavior right and be just making people stay like that’s my new mot recently bro you know if you chbe ever explodes at some point I’m going to the mail it’s an awesome job you get a van you get to walk in the sunshine and like deliver the mail to people say hello to people every day like it’s awesome it’s an awesome job lots of sun in the UK scar is become a going to become a consultant for for handicap accessibility for Disney you’re going to be a postman I am I going to be you’re going to be a tomato farmer and a goat hder yes exactly tomato farmer you’re going to be a goat Rancher a goat Rancher oh man this morning I was on the market guys I love to go to the market don’t you too me too I love the market you know like Farmers Market kind of you know where I don’t the house I’m sorry you know you always make these jokes that make you feel bad to laugh about all right like it’s on that level when you made this video where you fell out of your wheelchair this is why I don’t go anywhere every time I hate you it’s like how could you make me laugh about a person falling out of their wheelchair huh every time I try something new these days it’s something happens and then I’m like I’m out I I finally after since 2019 I finally get in an AO plane and I go to twitchcon last year within minutes of getting off the plane I’m in a concussion in an ambulance going to the hospital and you also are really unlucky when you travel and stuff it’s always something and then you get back and they smash your wheelchair SC we need to get what r a lucky rabbit’s foot like on a necklace around your neck you know it’ be awesome yeah that that that would yeah that’ll it’ll definitely work work yeah yeah sure on I want this lucky lucky lucky F probably get the r from it on a bit of like a little sterling silver Mount you know man dude do to get from it is like flee and rabies what do they still sure do that and also I never knew I never got confirmation are they actually rabbit’s feet and why is it so that people say a rabbit foot gives you good luck I mean why is it so that they say walking under a ladder is bad luck those Chad should look up now and let us know but my brother had one of those rabbits Feats as a kid and it terrified me I was like and he he he wouldn’t tell me how he got the foot and it terrified me and he would he would rub it on the back of my neck and I would squeal I would like I’d just be like go i’ run that sounds like the S I do have bad memories of those things he left itally sounds like the Ted Bundy origin stories he never told me where he got it and and he kept telling me it was real my mom said it was fake he said it was real and then every once in a while like I said you just rub it on the back of my neck dude my grandpa had a hunting knife that had the lag of a small Bambi as a as a what handle a Bambi a little little deer little deer dear damn dude that is with the fur and damn yeah and it is actually called in German the the the type of knife is called H fanger that means deer catcher okay so it’s like you know you use it in the woods yeah now I mean the trinkets from the like pre- 50s were wild right wild trinkets from back then oh yeah there some crazy stuff I never like I don’t understand the origin of the monkey paw like it’s in fasmo and I thought it was just a fasmo thing but it turns out it’s like a real thing um I’ve never this what is this well in fasmo all I know from fasmo is like it’s this it’s this hand but supposed to be a monkey the you’re like you know show me show me evidence or lock the ghost or kill green or you know you just tell it something and like one of its little PS will come down and I guess the the point of it is if you ask for death or you ask for evidence it’s going to take something from you too to give you that information weird man bro all kinds of weird stuff like that it’s like some beauty stuff I guess right must be some beauty stuff I suppose you know back in our days you know back in our old days boys back in noway before the internet was so prevalent before electricity a there was a lot of Tall Tales were told in our time but nowadays do the children have the Tall Tales because they can look it up on the interwebs and not and find it to be not true like we believed a lot of weird stuff back in the day that turned out to not be true to kids still have that weirdness or not yeah you know you could scare kids by telling a creepy story on the campfire and be like oh look there’s some crackling in the woods kids be like these days when you tell them you know they take the they go into the woods get some clubs and beat you up n dude they just like like if you tell them there’s a ghost in this woods they just Google are ghosts real and they’re like dude je GPD says J we can confirm though right okay I want I want to confirm I don’t know if it is the coolest toy when we were kids but it’s definitely up there what lawn darts no walkie-talkies oh oh right it’s close to being the best toy right is that not like the best toy that’s still a hit these days that’s still a hit these days I can mhm kids love n i dude I haven’t seen kid on a walkie-talkie where you going he said that so someone definitively kids these days walkie talkies are you over there with your walkie-talkie like this is rity dog here coming to you R digity dog coming in hot at a candle strength of five anyone out there hold on I’m out of batteries got to get five batteries here dude so epic right cuz your brother’s like okay okay I’m going to go to the kitchen and you’re like okay I’m going to go to I’m going to go to the bathroom and then 2 minutes later hello are you in the kitchen yes are you in the bathroom yes awesome when I was when I was a when when I was a kid the US military would always do milit Maneuvers in the woods close by to us and we would go there as kids and we you know trade stuff with them all the time because and um at one point they gave us two of their uh you know radios really so for yeah for so so for the longest time we had some radios and we could actually listen in on some US military talk maybe like CB radios the ones that what yeah two of them what did you trade them like what were they what was what were the trades like mostly food they they enjoyed like homecooked food our mom’s and Grandma’s made so we went there brought them some good some good sausage and stuff and they hooked us up with with ammunition you know the the blank though not the one of those round I guess but just some blank rounds or yeah blank rounds but in the still in the you know they be doing the maneuver that I don’t didn’t use like hot ammunition so we had like I had like I don’t know 10 m of blank still in the chain you know for ma all kinds of stuff like whole uniforms like the combat gear what that’s wild yeah that was totally normal and that was just like kind of in your Woods like if you went a little too deep in the woods there would just be like a a random like military guy like hey Sean you got sausage like yeah no the the there was a pretty big uh military installation close by and then they would practice there and then you know afterwards they would come to town a bit and hang out and blah blah blah with the kids because they didn’t want to stay in the woods all the time stay in the woods we’ll be trading you know what I mean that’s so funny oh the Americans are here again nice mom where’s the where’s the good ham you know I need to get me some ammunition that’s hilarious yeah and then we would go and open up all the ammunition right and make a huge pile of gunpowder and then you know build our own little devices with him chat’s like they were wandering traders in the woods my brother and I used to make uh make little Rockets out of out of the TNT Fireworks we’d like make our own Rockets with tin foil dangerous stuff man you got all your fingers no we had this one kid so cool though we had this one kid in class he was always the kid where things went wrong like he fell out of his bed broke his shoulder he was the kid that all of a sudden had a pipe coming out of his nose because he had some some breathing situation for a while you know like all the stuff um happen to him pretty much yeah some tubing you know he had to have some some tubing in his nose for half a year because he had a constant ear infection and everybody kept mocking him because of that all the time you know I don’t know all yeah all the stupid stuff yeah whatever all the stupid stuff some drainage pipe right or something some drainage home so draining like like the inner ear fluid yeah something like that so it was really unfortunate for him teenagers you know mocking him all the time and he was also the guy that thinks he needs to build some homemade firework in his basement obviously something went wrong you know and he literally blew off half of his finger and uh like nice God God knows what burned off all his hair and at the ceiling I saw it later in the basement dude there was a black like giant black spot on the ceiling in the basement and like yeah it was the firework into the ceiling unintentionally what he was doing he was collecting like the the light the lighting tips of of you know matches okay right and then he wanted to cram that into something and then something went wrong thing took off fire and went off as like typical yeah for this dude he was like on a road yeah man he never should do that St I’m trying to think of any other wild like wild crazy people like that that I would have known Ren did you have any people building borderline bombs in their basement no but I had a friend who used to throw Widow makers into the pool they make what’s that so in South Africa we used to get these fireworks called Widow makers which were I don’t know how to explain this it was basically a stick of TNT Jesus Christ with a a match lighter on one end so not a fuse it was like a a big like a really big oh jeez you was gotten could you tend to in the nether dog can you tend to him in the nether yes I will one second wait he stopped oh wait never mind he’s stuck on a boat hold on hold on he he he’ll be good in the day he’ll be good in the day it’s my boat I left it there for whatever no so so the Widowmaker again wait why is there a permit over here okay yeah so so the Widow Maker was just like I would say it was like the size of your your front your forefinger right maybe a little bit thicker uhhuh and on one end instead of a fuse it was like a a big match head like a really big self-lighting match head oh wow okay it almost like a flare right when you lit this thing it was insane and he would cellotape it to Bricks like four of them to to a brick Jesus Christ and then Chuck it into the pool holy and then would explode underw and make this like huge um implosion that would suck like would make you know it would implode in on itself because the pressure of the water would push the explosion back in on it some people are just pyromaniacs wow it’s like dud it it was so cool I also know I also know one of those guys his happiest time of the year is when New Year’s comes around and they can finally buy illegal fireworks from Poland from Poland is that where you get the illegal stuff from Poland well illegal in a sense you know in Poland they have less restrictions how strong of these fireworks can be yeah like in Germany no way in hell you can get away with it but you know those things are literally like little TNT sticks I mean I was I was celebrating once one New Year’s Eve with them never ever again dude I’m chilling sending up my tiny little Rockets all of a sudden there is an explosion where I could feel the shock wave 50 ft away one of these things way bu you know exploding in a field and there was literally a crater there where that thing went off so if that thing explodes in your hand bro that’s like some serious yeah so not allowed not allowed here in Germany for sure no almost there we almost got it we almost got it oh no no no dang it no dang it oh I don’t want him to die oh crud okay I blocked it him in oh you got him in okay good I I’m I’m coming back I’m I’m dead yeah dude somay someday you guys got to see what American Fourth of July looks like when there’s no firework restrictions and you’re near if some people will go real wild and they’ll go to like um you know like a Native American reservation and uh that they have no restrictions on what kind of fireworks you can sell and it is literally World War 3 well I guess with all the fireworks in place as well people probably ALS to shoot into the air and whatnot right I never saw anybody do that but not wait you blocked him in with a Ender Chest that’s all I had in the air but the fireworks just insane dude they had like these enormous mortar cannons the neighbor behind us like years and years and years and years ago at an old house and they caused damage to the street like there were like chunks missing in this asphal dude people just living that dream when there’s Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve here in Europe people go wild yeah it’s in burlin in Berlin and other big cities in Germany around New Year’s Eve literally a street War breaks out street street War like people be shooting at everything police cars everything with rockets from the balconies from it’s insane look on YouTube look for Berlin New Year’s Eve and you won’t believe your eyes it’s it’s insane like people shoot you know like that’s thousands of people on the streets and they’re shooting at each other with these firework Rockets into crowds you know what I’m me right in there it’s like poof in that giant like cups Cups size of explosions in in the middle of people like do we put I removed it yeah oh oh it’s right here this one goes here right and then that’s okay oh gosh we did it did we get yeah oh my gosh we got them all in so is there two for each side yeah two okay I probably put three eventually here but is good okay Trident time wait do you have I’m going to love and leave you I got some mud to collect we’ll see you later all right R we’ll see you later all right catch you later okay later BR I want to see if if I do oh dude I can do one more wait do you have them offset that will drive me insane don’t tell me you don’t have him oh no okay it’s cool oh okay are you sure wait oh no we got to do one more right here to make it even yes okay I was just like please no okay that even okay yeah no I I I I’m somewhat confident it’s good good man it was a smooth sailing surprisingly I mean if this was villagers it would been a whole other deal yeah but you know also if you want to bump him in right let’s say the I’m the I’m the Skelly right uh like stand in my spot right here real quick yeah so you a Skelly you can literally just jump in front of him like this and bump him over and then do this and then place a block here oh I think like I think I think I see what you’re throwing down here yeah you you don’t have to lure him from behind you can literally just can you just be the guy can you just be the guy ah wait did one get you no I just fell off and panicked shortly okay dude the music is so like chill and kind of Disney Vibes right now and then it’s just absolute chaos trying to get these guys an angry German screaming in between angry German scre get the skeleton in [Laughter] here okay okay all right let’s eat make sure make sure we’re good okay yeah I hope there’s an extra one we only killed one right uh yeah by we you mean you well I mean it was it was an effort none died is one alive still I’m hoping after I sleep here I’m hoping there is still one more I’m very much hoping there is one more still alive ah creepers dude I’m so interested now in this uh in in these like American troops in the woods just trading Wares that’s so funny it was a pretty common thing but I was let’s say uh really young kid then you know maybe 8 to 10 so it’s been a while you know oh good we got one more yes I think the policies these days might be slightly stricter yeah I think so yeah probably nobody likes to have fun these days doc I’ll tell you that right now yeah I know the fun police is everywhere the more free ammunition in the woods for a bit of yeah I mean come on they’re just trading trading ammunition to the kids there’s nothing no harm in that that’s so funny I know what like when my parents grew up they they grew up near a um uh they grew up by a base and there was a section of the base that was like notorious where the the guards were wild but the the thing is they built you know it was during the era after World War II where they you know they’re building houses like crazy and they built houses right up against the fence but the fence leaded right up to where they had it turns years later once it was Declassified that they stored partial and whole nuclear weapons there before they were transported to other areas like they would ship them to this place and then from there then they would be distributed into the ships and sent off to wherever uh but the police there were wild like the military police and so if kids got too close to the fence where their house was like they literally their fence backed right up onto it like the guys would just show up with guns like right immediately to show up there this so if you got too close playing ball to the fence um where I lived they also had persing rockets and stuff right so around the actual Barracks there was no mess in the about and nobody would you know you could just walk in there uh some people could for example if you played good basketball they would invite you to play good basketball so you know it was always good because you could get in there first of all they got some Nike sneakers and stuff you wouldn’t get in Europe also it was dirt dirt cheap in comparison for a lot of us consumer goods that were Tech normally always kind of high priced here yeah so I loved it like I was always hanging in there getting cheap cheap Jordans you know relatively cheap let’s say yeah was that the conquered Weapon Station it was like they declass like my my aunt worked with like the decommissioning stuff and she found like a bunch of papers that weren’t really supposed to be known like early on about where they did store the partial like weapons Jesus but yeah it’s uh man we used to we used to it was a it was always a uh like an urban legend my brothers told me when we would go by there was like a road that cut through the base and when I was a kid it was the base was pretty much I think pretty well shut down but some of the guard towers were still all around and my brothers would tell me like if our car breaks down those guys in those towers are going to kill us and so like when we would cut through because there was like this bypass that kind of cut through like the center of it and the guard towers were along there and and um and obviously they weren’t and I don’t even think there was anybody in the towers in hindsight but when we would drive through there I would like duck down because we were going by the towers like God I hope we don’t break down if we get a flat tire that’s it that’s it God my brothers were tormenting me my God jeez I look back I’m like gosh dang it guys man you really put me through a lot I we we also told one of our buddies real well you know their parents were they were they had they had a thing against car washes car washes like yeah automatic car wash you drive in there and your car gets washed like in Germans in their car it’s huge so in Germany there’s this long wash lines you know you can drive in and it takes you like 10 15 minutes to go through the whole thing and will polish everything and there will be brushes coming from all sides and you know it’s crazy ride so my buddy never wasn’t a car wash ever like right and then my mom and I were trolling him saying okay when we go in there you know we get we need to sit still and blah blah blah because you know if you shake the car too much the brushes might break the windows and stuff and then he was so paranoid that he literally was n of course not and by the end he was so paranoid that he was literally hiding under a blanket believing you know the water is going to come inside and we all going to get wet she’s like okay now we get to cover and he covers up and be like oh we trolled him hard poo Michael bless your heart never been in the car wash before poor guy oh my I was just always I dude in every scenario I was always the the youngest in every scenario I’ve ever been it like so I never got to troll anybody I was the trolly I was the TR honestly those guy I was also never like somebody that trolled much I was more like a protector you know I had no doc the it’s empty huh the cart just came through it it’s empty oh dude dud d d wrong way budy wrong way wrong way wrong way this way this way it’s he’s coming okay good W the cart came through here empty ah he’s here he’s here oh boy no man you know I never like to to prank and troll people when I was younger I had exaggerated sense for justice and I was the guy that would beat up bullies and you know trolled him back I never like that when people were like mean okay how we how we doing is he getting up here oh I need to get the block I need to get Block no dang it h I’ll bump him in and I just do this bump oh no he ran out oh he’s on to you oh he’s in he’s in got him oh shoot wrong block but that’s okay switch blocks yeah so that goes here and then break that one oh dude is that three then or is that two I keep forgetting that’s six oh let’s go let’s go D that can become it can be lethal now it is six with power five oh I got the bows the bows are ready to go they will ding you up man like if you walk up here and they all take aim at you I mean that can be lethal dude I’m so excited nice man a I approve dude and then what we’re going to do up here this is our next challenge Doc it’s going to be good Trident guy we got to figure out how to get the how how do how do we want to assemble the Trident I haven’t thought about that one yet H you want to give him some some decent line of sight so ideally you only have half slabs on foot height and trap him in like that they can shoot down nicely why I’m giving you tips to kill I’m going to be killed by this port I see it coming already in the future I’m actually going to might not approve of this but I’m going to break these Corners it’ll give him even better line of sight nice yeah I’m not sure help help Gob what’s wrong oh that’s a horn isn’t it Jesus Christ that really sounded he was like in distress oh my God I know right I was like oh no you okay like man we need to help Cub it’s like serious like real life distress I was about to dial 911 honestly like this is the best way to harass someone that you we’ve ever invented wait what who it’s really confusing it is very confusing was that Cleo just confessing it’s her must be grin who’s on it’s the bird who else it’s the bird only robs on request stop that is not allowed this is a where can I buy that where can I buy that one I bought him all they’re no longer available it’s a forbidden horn wait mean that one wait you horn no no no no no no there’s nothing Shady or weird going on here it’s just just building the base that that beautiful horn it’s confiscated it’s it’s it’s on the index horn man can you play that one again can you play that one of dock it can only be had underground anymore I don’t think Horman plays buts on request ask Ren wait what it’s not it says I only rub butts on request ask oh and I don’t know why I said that and when and ever oh Snappers it’s a good confiscated it’s conf it’s confiscated where is where is the horn man this has to be shut Up And subscribe to my YouTube Channel right now that’s right guys right now yeah I love the way Joel interacts with his audience dude pretty much Joel interacts with his audience like nobody else does it’s it’s like hey I don’t know I drew a blank what what is he it’s like hey I was going to say idiots but I don’t know if he goes that aggressive or not but no it’s funny he he’s he’s he’s unique with that it’s I don’t think I have the gut to be like hey idiots he calls us idiots they say in Chad he does okay pulling that out of my butt then okay do we know where ethos portal is oh there he is but who’s that hi hi what you doing grou oh he you can’t hear us hello there hello how are you Cub how are you did you see the port well actually you can’t see the portal but we’re fully stocked with um with uh the guys on all all ends here oo dude I’ve been placing torches all evening like I have the Torches in my offend all the time I just want to click somewhere it’s like torch here torch there look there’s another button right inside you it’s like I need justop he does that just for silly times he loves his audience of course of course but I got to say I do love the even though it’s a it’s villain Shut Up And subscribe to my YouTube Channel right now that’s right I had to I had to um um I do really love the red and the purple I think it’s very complimentary on your armor purple yeah course now when is the when is the trim shop going to be opening cuz I need trim for my Darth Vader yes uh this coming week I’m thinking I have the Redstone done it’s going to be cool it’s going to display you know you can select and see oh how is this trim looking and then armor stand’s going to magically appear and show you all the armor Trims and stuff and then when you’re happy with your you go like yeah I want this boom by really so it’s like a like a moving display like a Carousel of Progress I don’t know why you come up with Carousel but you know it’s a dis it’s a Disney thing yeah it’s nice okay yeah then no wonder but how many how many mobs do you have in the portal area SC three on each three on each end three on each end all right all right now do powerful oh they will have powerful bows because do God dang it I hate scaff so freaking much um doc was like this isn’t going to kill anybody and I’m like I’ve got the arrows they’re ready well now it’s six with power five bows I mean and Flame that stinks I think it’ll look cool I think it’ll look cool with all the flame but now we just got to get that tridon up there yeah ah yeah I don’t know how about that um what time is it no you mister you you sat here this whole time you’re helping me with this I never said that I was just hanging out and got dragged into helping you I was like yeah you’re in it now buddy I didn’t sign up for this exactly no you oh he’s out he’s out oh God you didn’t sign up for this I suppose I need to name the the guy I tried putting a head on the drown but apparently you can’t put heads on the Dr which is a bummer really unless the one I have just wasn’t accepting oh maybe there he is cop can help you he’s where is ethos I’m busy I’m busy here cop can help you he’s got this n n you got this doc yeah you you got this doc you’re officially recruited oh I’m hungry I I want to Doc I will give you I will give you ammunition yeah you would to try to you like some Nat yeah it was the 56 Nat actually like belts of it like meters meter long belts why you blocking E’s portal why am I getting roped into I’m an Etho girl I don’t e later oh doc you’re getting ried into good stuff really good stuff oh my God hold on we got to go get some here come through here dog come through here come through here wait what you what do you mean by getting some supplies are we stealing from Etho no I would never from Etho Etho is my supplier of gunpowder oh okay okay all right just like the friendly GIS in the woods you see yeah the friendly G in the woods all right come over here come over here I got this all worked out plus Etho said I could have this guy you need to move him from here what are we talking about now it’s here I thought you had him in the portal like wait oh it’ll be simple it’s simple times duck look he’s right here chilling yeah does he have a helmet no I tried giving him a hat and he wouldn’t take my hat well then it’s not a keeper it’s not a keeper then you need to yeah if you can’t pick up a helmet then we I don’t need to move him at night and you also need yeah he ain’t likeing he’s not a keeper that’s really sad people be saying dispense it on I tried dispensing I tried dispensing a scarhead on him and it wouldn’t work n if he’s not a keeper he’s not a keeper we need a different one shoot oh there’s nothing in the system either dang it no this Farm is slow I mean I need my stuff back he seems to be kind of slow doc like he’s not sluggish why doesn’t he just annihilate you I don’t know what’s wrong with you he’s not he’s not a good drone he’s not yeah Willie would not be proud man oh my God you punched me in yeah he’s not doing anything what’s wrong with him you’re just chilling in the boat with him you’re just chilling with the with them what’s going on he the friendly neighborhood ghoul okay that makes no sense um he’s very focused on you his head is backwards right now no is it where’s his ice oh wait I’m just realizing something from chat they said this might not work because he needs to be in water or something oh it’s daytime he’s not Agro yeah yeah in the nether if he’s up on the top would he not throw his Spears maybe I don’t never thought about it it’s technically it’s constantly daylight there but who knows only aggressive in water or at night so he’ll only throw a spear if it’s night in the Overworld you can put him in a cauldron really would that work that would be some testing would be oh but it’ be in the nether so you couldn’t you wait you can have water in a in a in a cauldron yeah oh dude it’s getting complicated so if he no wait wait we you bring no they’re not turning into husks you bring them to the ne are they no who’s saying that you need to be oh you need to be in water right there that’s it so if he’s if if and you can do water and cauldrons in the nether now right yeah but it doesn’t matter like you need the player needs to be in the water it’s so weird with them if you if you’d stand in water now he’d instantly attack you during daytime they had such weird Behavior to have that’s kind of a bummer well I guess we could get my uh well it would be too high up to hit people with then I was saying we could get my ravager but the ravager it’s the Portal’s too tall for that to work yeah I think in the nether it would be considered constant daylight so he would never attack pretty much that’s kind of funny you can have a you know a drown pet in the nether you’d be just chilling I guess I’m going to need more skeletons is he not even trying to poke me though I mean I get the throwing but he’s not even picking up what is he looking at even he’s aggro to something over there what is he here like he’s looking over here e where is he what is he aging does he have some Villages here I don’t get it I’m tempted to leave him free just to see where he goes but he’ll die if he gets out in the light yeah he’s trying to get back into the water I guess well this is an aggressive one because I have a video where I kept putting me down to like one heart when I was messing with him originally well when night falls he will IM immediately start shooting at us wait does he now just oh he does he does have a trident okay it’s just low down on the ground okay he had the whole Trident in the ne thing he’s just taking a break he’s tired it’s fine so okay hm doing my thinkers so okay so it might not work as well as I hoped that he would be up at the top just like hucking um no I don’t think I’ve never thought about it but yeah their mechanics is a bit weird they attack during night time and you got to be touching water for daytime for them to do anything they even stop walking it’s like if you literally I think if he was a water puddle and you jump into it now he would immediately lock onto you and try to get to you it’s like it’s really weird but right now he’s literally just I don’t care I don’t see you I’m staring up at the gravel or whatever I’m looking at yeah I’m trying to think of any other mobs that would work that but nothing else has projectiles that I can really think of like a guardian but it’s like a death beam piglins know the pig guys they with the arrow maybe oh you could put a evoker me let if if I didn’t evoker right the magic handsman when when they send up those things from the ground would that kill the skeletons ah probably not but that’s definitely a good one you know then calling in and stuff yeah bro I want to get one of those I do have a ravager but I can’t think of a way of really putting it there that would be interesting yeah this guy is definitely pointless unfortunately well on the one side I’m also kind of happy about it because now I don’t need to help move it like a thousand blocks over the whole server uh pillagers with crossbows do run out of arrows but it takes a lot of Arrow to shoot yeah can you give but doc can you give a Pillager a a crossbow with fireworks no not with fireworks oh MOJ you got to give us the fun I think they would just yeah because you know how is fireworks triggered right you have it in your inventory and it’s taken from there so yeah they would only shoot normal arrows it’s kind of fake they also have Infinity in a way but dude what be hilarious if you gave a Pillager like a crossbow and it had fireworks in it and then just infinitely shot those fireworks dude it would be so cool why don’t they do things like that the fun police right that would be so funny imagine like this raid comes in and you just hand them a few fireworks and they go like hilarious oh man a witch could work but it’s just oh now he’s mad it’s getting darkg enough ow okay and he’s happy again wait come out around come out around I want to see if he’ll throw it again okay yeah so he’ll only throw at night yeah and then if even if he’s in a so if he’s in a cauldron wait okay no I I’m trying to keep this straight someone or you said that the nether is always considered day yeah bees don’t sleep there right so I think it’s just considered always day there I have no idea how they actually behave it’s a bit of specul but just logically thinking I think they would always think it’s day and just don’t attack anybody in there ever unless the target would be in water which is next to Impossible they have a cauldron floor and have people sitting in it or something yeah that is not happening well I don’t know if it’s worth putting him in the nether then um I don’t think so shoot that’s a bummer yeah that’s that’s a bit unfortunate yeah little bit of a yeah suck man why don’t you want to attack what’s that complicated the ey of you why wouldn’t you attack you know why they did that they during the daytime right they don’t want the drowns to come out of the water and Target players and then just burn all all over the place they only want them to St pretty much want to stay in in during night time they ascend from the waters as well and come out and people during daytime they the solution was let’s disable their AI completely so they think down to the bottom of the ocean and do nothing that’s such a bummer honestly man yeah a blaze yeah we could set a blaze a witch just throws bottles it’s not too exciting like getting hit by that spear would be awesome but the likelihood of it actually doing any of that is probably zero if the nether is consistently daytime Chad could somebody test it evoker maybe we could we could see an evoker I just don’t want it to kill the skeletons says shooting somebody in the nether with a trident would be next impossible wait tried the drown in the nether it does actually work uhuh Kings blade says it does work what what do you mean by work Sher oh dude that would actually be a good idea to have a bunch of shulkers and then people are just constantly being levitated near my portal that’ be a fun one someone said it worked they tested it yeah some one but they could be trolling and having us haul it all the way we don’t need the we have thead more people to confirm yeah Shadow collectives assemble wait wait they’re saying no trolling they say no they weren’t okay some um maybe they were saying I sorry we had a few people working on I’m I feel like maybe they were they were feeling it DOC I feel like maybe they were right why don’t you test it in Creative why because we’re lazy and don’t want to go to creative that’s why the chat is here you don’t say that out loud Doc it’s like 6,000 people here one could go to you know more than one could go and quickly test doc I feel like we I feel like we need to send this I feel like we need to try I feel like we’ve gone this far we got to try for the for the chat where is this where’s isos portal did we just walk him right we wait until it’s night time and let him walk after us oh then walk him into the portal I guess I guess yeah that that works I I was just going to build a whole Rail and everything and going to do some music have an animatronic pop up you can if you want to no let’s that’ll be easier I’m just getting the water for The Cauldron you should be tracking us okay got that and I’m going to grab a cauldron so somebody put him in a cauldron or what’s the plan now what did they try they just having sitting there yeah I’m assuming where’s my where’s my Redstone where’s my Redstone box my boxing mat Rock I don’t know about Java though oh that’s already getting fishy territory wait wait what what was that again not in not in cauldron work okay we don’t need a cauldron so you just put him there and he attacked you all right well fish cooker one man I tell you if you if you’re trolling us I tell you then I’m done with fish fish they had fish food poisoning the other day fish are not on not on good terms at the moment it’s not on good terms damn [Laughter] fish oh that’s funny okay big salmon is back did Big salmon poison you doc yeah man I wanted to go for a 3-day relaxation with the wifey yeah first day we arrive at the hotel I eat salmon 3 hours later I’m dying in my room food poisoning for a whole week and it was salmon say that I you know it’s not joking about fish anymore since then since I see when I see Fish now all I need all I think is oh no you know like okay we have a where is this portal oh it’s back here where is it why I don’t I don’t know it’s ethos portal I don’t make the rules just eth those nobody’s going to we need to tell people to to uh can you put that I I tried doing it the other day how do you put that thing up on the screen where it’s like do not sleep I no idea I mean there is a thing that you can put on the chat where it says do not sleep no idea like Terminator voice do not it’s so aggressive too it shows okay people confirm in it works like there’s more than one person confirming it works there okay so there’s confirmation in the chat okay mhm mhm is it in the status mod oh I don’t do the status mod me neither like do you have the status mod I haven’t installed never used it it’s one of these doohickey suuma has a you know a pet PE for or so it’s half of the mods please don’t sleep that should work I don’t know shout at them so they know it’s Gem’s fault she she made me she she told me to switch my my run key to the caps lock which I love it’s great but the side effect is the Caps why don’t you have it on your side key of your mouse literally okay that’s not a bad idea either take me three more years to get used to that then but it’s really comfortable you just yeah I I don’t know wait oh wait dude they’re doing like science in the chat also confirmed no need for water agro’s in the nether dude we’re breaking new Minecraft ground today nice so it thinks it’s always night or something in there loses completely like where the hell am I hell ah attack by the way did you see how nice the terraforming is over here that Pearl did looks really cool over there yeah is Pearl I love Pearl stuff because he has a really you know unique distinguished style you can immediately tell okay Pearl this is Pearl very colorful good use of color and shapes she Brave with shapes and stuff it’s like you know Grand use Grand yeah Grand Canyon wait what wait where you get Grand Canyon from I it’s just you know Grand use if you’re grand dur you know uh great great yeah whatever am I falling asleep what are we talking about Grand that’s Grand are you choking what is going on I’m speaking French never go to Canada man oh oh okay French okay it’s grandio there must be an English word for that look at Chad they’re saying it grandio grandio okay I I was I was a little worried for your safety there I was like you’re like [Laughter] goers what the heck oh what do we do oh hey there’s another Tri oh my gosh dude okay if this one dies no problem because there’s more now maybe there’s a keeper where is he I pulled one I pulled one out should I toss there’s a hopper below it will eat up your yeah shoot how do I not break ethos oh well hello he will he can’t come out dude I rather have this dude maybe it’ll maybe it’ll gra oh wait hold on hold on hold on hold on sorry Etho we’ll fix this oh he’s a keeper we keep him yes Indiana no not that way not that way not that way he should be fine is this a pumpkin yeah it’s a pumpkin a pumpkin so yeah all good come on we can oh really it’s all good yeah the pumpkin will never burn right I’m going to fix the seat I promise you promise you I have a boat in case of emergency I think he’s trying to no where is he going hey hey no no no no no no no this way bud this way treasure this way Merida is over here can we just just row him P paddle him a bit let dude he looks amazing with that hat on yeah it’s epic the other one was kind of a kind of not as good that’s good crap oh wait I can make it over there a little bit okay we can tell people they can sleep right we’re cool no let’s just make him suffer all right so are we going to tear up his landscape to make a straight line across no no let’s just try to okay I’ll have another boat I have another boat do you want another boat yeah no like you take it I’ll I’ll I I got boats for day oh he met he met oh no no no no hold on hold on hold on you’re not going to die but I’m going to die doc hold on give me a second I need to get a totem he’s ah now he’s on to me now are you free him out of the boat so he chases me okay I got I just give me need protection okay okay there coming oh yeah he’s coming oh man yeah he’s tough he’s a big guy are you familiar with the high seas rule that I’ve implemented on hcraft oh my God Phantoms where dude there’s a command to get rid of the Phantoms there’s a creeper no Kill The Creeper I’ll try it oh he’s on to you now is he hold on hold on this is going really well this is fine okay we’re good we’re good we’re good no problem where’s the portal though I can’t find it he he’s in it he’s got it in the woods okay we could really use sleep time now yeah maybe sleep help [Laughter] help I’m about to die oh God I’m really wait take a totem take a totem I’ll give you a totem wait wait I’m cool he’s on to you now watch out no no no no I I’m just I’m just elyra hopping hoping you can’t hear he’s still on to you why is he mad still he’s so angry wait wait wait watch out for this one watch out for this guy there we go wait it’s daytime and he still agoing you okay that is good where’s the portal I can ride with him a bit more he keeps it in he keeps it in the woods so if you go down this path follow me down this way ow ow so funny that he’s still mad at you during daytime but it’s good he stay onto you then yeah yeah yeah okay right around the corner right over here where are you don’t go don’t go below this this block right here and you’ll go right in careful oh my God ah careful no no you monster that was he tried to hit you and shot the Golem you know how that was the best drown ever it had the Hat it had the the shell it was aggressive it serves you right serves me do I’m ashamed at you what why what did I do you you allowed yourself to be strong armed into this yes that’s right yes I’m sorry I was just I’m so hungry apologize to Etho Etho allows me to destroy his farm he told me I could the is a police is here I see I’m messaging him right now he said go for it that was all he said he said go for it and that implied I could do whatever I wanted why do you added right that scar took off to two of the corner blocks of his nether portal scar took two Corner block oh my God what a mess off your portal died dude that was glorious oh no the Golem was here scar goes past the Golem he shoots the Golem is like oh you shoot me in my back uhoh uhoh who has my sneakers not I I’ll repair the Golem man that that you repairing the Golem yes you if you repair that Golem I’ll unrep you he’s good as new I didn’t but that was before you threatened me wow oh man we were so close to getting that thing those yeah those Golems here blame Etho the totem didn’t work at all would you like a shell be sure oh my God okay all right let’s go hope there’s another good one there was a few lined up in the in the dispenser oh man we everything was going so well there for a minute but we yeah but with a keeper the whole night thing was a stupid idea man we put him in a boat and then we just ride over with a keeper guy here it comes you asked Etho if you could oh he wears it nice okay I asked Etho I asked him he said go for it is what his words were go for it prank me there was a there was a trap door there do you have to trap door still I I put I put everything in the Box here so we can fix it after how do we do do I’m going to fix it don’t worry guys he’s leaving guys the drown left guys stop worry about e dang farm he the drown has left put him in a boat you know what to do come on okay I thought he just he the boat with it here we go okay the boat is always the solution to all your problems and now you pedal over we don’t CCH can you make me a little could you make me like a little walkway so I get they’re not touching the it’s not touching isther Landscaping there’s no Landscaping you’re talking to the wrong people here oh my God all right don’t go you guys wearing Fanboy shirts or what don’t go lower don’t go don’t don’t go don’t don’t go don’t go cuz you’ll have to go up here okay if the the grass dies under the stone it’s your fault I’ll fix it God this is what it’s like being with Etho fan girls oh there’s a piece of grass we have to oh my God there’s a piece of grass here hope you know how he loves this green grass right yes yes I dodged yeah yeah there you go okay that was good of me whoops uhoh broke a p broke some paths it’s fine just I just smashed a cat no no you know I’m like like a contractor I’m filming everything in advance so later I can claim it wasn’t me hey guys is there going to be an issue with the Golems yes oh yeah they they already look somebody somebody sees the moment attack attack full frontal attack okay um Pinsir pincer that’s quite a bunch here do really like I don’t know if they have a serve a purpose they serve no purpose EO said uh in the implied that go for it that also means kill the Golems okay beat ups got him on a leash I didn’t you can lead them man I’m leading them away wait can you fly with a with a Golem behind you I wouldn’t dare that sounds like torture if you can put him on a leash you can fly it right oh I hit him that’s it oh great that’s ites him right no you didn’t yep I hit him I’m fine can you get the other one away beat ups too can you get that one yes but I’m I’m in a precarious situation now here is he still mad at you dude if there’s ever a mine con I’m going I’m going to and beb you you you by law have to go and yeah I will I will print a shirt and it just is eo’s face and it just says Etho Fang girl very funny you’re the one obsessed with him over here all the time oh Sho get him out of there guys get him out of there my guy’s hitting him my guy’s hitting him oh he has your bow by the way I do want to get this guy into the portal before nighty time okay go for it it’s time it’s time it’s that my okay it’s now on never yeah can I go down to another level yes just keep on going beat ups is hurting the Golems why are we helping him with this beat ups you know he tries to make the portal more Leal and trying to kill us you guys are fine well I’ve you know this whole thing of Etho saying that it’s okay uh changing changing the circumstances a little bit goodness sakes I asked before okay first of all BBS okay this isn’t yeah yeah no that’s what I’m saying it changes circumstances so I’m okay helping so first of all as you know on hermac Craft if something is built in the sea in the ocean that means it’s free game I’ve I’ve implemented this world yesterday it’s called the sees that no I’ve heard this like seven times so you implemented it like a long time ago well I can’t be responsible for remembering things but it was implemented as of yesterday and I found somebody’s raid farm and I got a healthy amount of tokens from it so oh that’s nice but I would never take ethos thing here because this is on land and I asked him and he said and I quote go for it yeah yeah that’s great that’s great that’s why I’m helping helping Etho and I okay so I said say I say hey Etho can I grab a trident drown from your farm for my deadly portal um da da da and I’ll pay it I’ll I’ll pay for it or do work for you and he goes yeah go for it and I said also the the mail system portals are broken and he didn’t reply um would you oh again he’ll never come back you got to understand it’s like dealing with a rabbit you got to don’t don’t pester it all the time let it just leave it and it’ll come to you okay yeah I know like your clock but it just in case oh okay talk I ain’t going in there you’re coming with me okay you’re going you have another boat we’re going through then you snatch him in a boat all right yeah I’ll break the boat here you’ll be on the other side boom bang grab him okay all go I’m a little nervous no don’t break wait we need some dirt hold on hold on hold on hold on just need some just need to shave a little off the water no no you catch him with a boat on the other side no just in case we need to block him in or something it’s natural it’s natural BBS I’m keeping with the Terin mhm mhm that was a hole down that was an access hole there God that she covered what are you is Mom it is and I I’m sorry but I I won’t let you cover that up he probably uses that from time to time I’m sorry how many moms does Etho have on the server this is what it’s like having a friend all I no we’re friends not [Laughter] moms oh my God okay he’s through he’s through oh yeah he’s so angry in the nether guys he is so angry consistently angry okay very good okay doc lava come come back through Doc and get a lava bucket what no stop it stop it he’s in a boat now he’s chill okay so how how should we get him in there because if we’re not doing cauldron then no we just you you build a thing you walk way up and then you just bait him and make him walk in there I guess right let my over there what do you think oh he’s still shooting at you yeah he he big Angry um oh no it’s me dude I wonder if I can get more than one up here he’s still trying I mean it’s literally can’t make it we do more than one up here dude there’s plenty of room for more Jesus Christ don’t be so ambitious now dude when things worked out why don’t why don’t just double why don’t triple down on Thursday you were complaining you you were procrastinating too much troubles with motivation and now I’m here hungry like a lion and you need to transport like 20 drowns into your portal and then for No Gain oh so much gain so much game knowing that I never have to go to the nether is so much game all right I guess what what if what if we did one you have half slabs look you have half slabs like this or carpet even better carpet tell me tell me tell me how this works move move here I have to block yeah wait wait you you wanted half slabs I brought half slabs yeah oh carpet would even give him more line of sight right but oh I don’t assum as chargeing an arm and a leg for w these days then just this right later all right coming through so to to get him in we do this we make make hole here okay then we come in from on top and drop him in then boom oh oh oh I see okay and we want to just walk him up a walkway and then drop him down into this yeah literally just here then here go goes our staircase somewhere or okay and should I put the half slabs like that it’s good enough yeah you will like if you no you don’t need to oh okay you could literally have one half slab at two block height you know like here one yeah you show me show me that I’m a little confused here oh then and then he sits in there and then has 360 view all around can’t get out oh Neato like this okay but but we have to set up so he falls in right yeah but we yeah that’s why and then we do we do this right from on top and then he sits in the thing and stands there and then we can easily place his block on his head yeah and we’ll be chilling where’s he shooting at of things over there still trying to hit me whatever Target he acquired last he will always try to shoot look it’s piling up towards me if I go over there now see if you can get him to shoot over here that’s hilarious see if he is trying to hone in on me still okay so we just need to make like a little walkway down and then we’ll drop him into the hole he is now he shoots this way what a dumbass okay I have very little material I have a lot of obsidian but I have not a lot of materials yeah and then I guess you know we just have to have him walk up here and then somehow make him go into the thing maybe a little bit behind I have no blocks anymore yeah I should have grabbed more I was trying to grab dirt but bebs was pressuring me not to destroy the landscape that’s right all right um I’m going to go I’m going to go grab some material real quick I’ll use scens portal yeah that’ll be that’ll be good okay so another thought um we could get more Trident on the right and left side so one in the center and then two on the on the flanks later on I’m not doing that those today but future expansion future expansion sure sure um let’s see I have 1 two 3 four 5 six okay be careful though maybe grounds can probably also shoot each other right yeah they can probably hit each other no not friendly fire god man sometimes it’s hard to if you have some next sit next to them they might annihilate each other when they when they’re trying to hit it okay well I’ll have a shield dude six power five skeleton and uh a trident is definitely some some Firepower I mean you think it’s enough I only know there is like 500 Trident entities sitting here and it’s like what is this bebs do you have a portal they’re moving no never yeah right see bebs is bebs and I think the same thing we don’t need portals this is why I’m making a stand for both bebs and I the portals and nether are unnecessary unless you’re doing it like Doc where you need it for like you know some some science yeah true true or I’m going to live 5,000 blocks away doc why do you live so far away again it’s not that far I was just looking for a good witchard and the only one in reach was there and all of a sudden boom boom I’m stranded happens quickly do you guys think this is an efficient way to SC uh scaffold this down no I don’t even know what you’re doing like build dude it’s been 3 hours my brain is fried and I worked on a video for staircase can just build a staircase like up here from the you know I’m doing it I’m tired my brain’s tired I dealt with an angry carpet people with my doctor tired he’s trying to fly and place block midf flight there’s been some on the scaffolding how are we going to get didn’t we learn the lesson that they don’t like walk on walking on scaffold why are we building staircases from the scaffolding it’s like look where I’m standing scar can you not build a a normal staircase up here up to your portal like this it’s way less blocks yes yeah that’s it and we just walk with the guy and you know it’s all right we’ve committed he’s got his hands in his his face in his hands you know and I a long week boys yeah yeah yeah he denied that he gets Delirious during streams you know oh yeah no no of course not no did I did I deny that you said you’re always Delirious oh yeah safy it’s been a long time since I was confident boys this is crazy man this is wild what how would you how do you want to get him up on the scaffolding here we got coar dirt going in can you throw me a stack of blocks real quick scar sure sure if you want to help out my God I’m just up here doing it all myself what are we building here give please okay so let me let me do some explaining let me do some explaining here okay first of all last time we didn’t have any rails on the sides we lost a skeleton he just walked right off the edge rails is a good plan but you wouldn’t need them for a small staircase leading up to the p i mean you you’re putting up some tight rope egg here I don’t even know what hell it’s like evil Canal style over the Grand Canyon yeah why didn’t you go higher [Music] [Laughter] yeah yeah I think it is maybe maybe wasn’t the smartest idea I’m so hungry man like all I can think about if these nice little mini pizzas we still have in the fridge man since why don’t you just get a feeding tube and you don’t have to eat my God Christ I don’t understand y these jokes man you know you never know can you are you allowed to laugh about this like oh my God if you laugh he’s going to get mad so don’t yeah like major major angry yeah yeah so what kind of pie are those what kind of pizzas do you on there it’s like these mini pizzas they’re literally like I don’t know 3 in diameter and you know they’re like tiny ones they’re amazing and you like I’m if I can get my video done in a reason amount of time after the stream I might make pizza Andor um uh what’s it what’s it called um tortillas not sure which one guys look at this look at this it’s going really well it’s going really well looks nice shut up it’s good it’s good this will work oh we got another staircase coming in this is the one you should have done over by the portal and then case awesome Doc’s done Doc’s got it finished scar we can go use that oh man can I at least just finish this one yeah go ahead knock yourself off Doc’s already got it in the portal it’s already done wait what really no no okay are it wouldn’t do bad it’s the the thing can hurt I think there possibility of death is real I mean some need to come but if you you know he’s always going to be on to one so I’m going to Arro him and bring him and Scar you kick him into the hole when we there yeah I almost got the staircase done um and you have the totem of undying beb you have one too yes okay good the rule of the high SE if you need more of those I know where to go um oh yeah oh he’s still mad at me O Okay Circle right Circle right Circle right wow he’s really he’s angry here we go I’m just taking notes for Etho later oh my this is this is limited life the whole time this is limited life the whole time mhm just sitting up there taking notes photos just wait till you realize how no doc my staircase is right there are you kidding me Doc he’s going to die on that one there’s no protection take it a f you’ll be fine if he dies to me you got to help and kick him into the hole though you got to follow behind scar mhm mhm I put all this work to make that staircase you here he comes got to hurry oh can you explain again what I need to do just punch him punch him somewhere oh God I’m going to but we need to wall him in up here somehow so you are going to kill him don’t punch him anymore now he’s on to you is he oh oh God if we would have brought him up the Safeway no he went through the P yeah wait did it work did it work did it work no he went back to the P he’s in the Overworld yeah why were you so excited bebs let’s start over because every second this goes by is a second closer to Etho logging on and catching you guys he accept he he he allowed it I told you I’ll go back to his message oh God he don’t come through the portal he’s pretty mad go for it okay he’s here now we have him in a good spot I trapped him here can’t burn can’t shoot anybody he’s just chilling inside the P you know if we would have just brought him up the staircase that I made that we wouldn’t have had this problem because he would have just Fallen right into the hole you know what that halfway there all I can think about is my mini pizza ask to do anything like all day long I wanted to eat this pizza you know then the worst thing is then I made me three right then docky comes home from the playground with mom like docky what do you want to eat oh mini pizza God damn it that’s it then they ate my mini pizza and then all they was like okay when doy’s in bed the first thing I’m going to do is make me some mini pizza and then I got dragged into this mob moving situation you know come at the sense of being like in Ren both like and I’m out of here they both left cold hearted as they were like completely like yeah we out by it’s like what hey come on it’s like but you know who the worst was it’s 11:00 p.m. what Tango Tango never offers an ounce of help he’s been on the entire time at least made a couple jokes in the chat wait what we now we Shifting the blame to tango 100% innocent this ising away yeah I mean T’s not even part of the LLC anymore so it’s I’m so tired okay did you secure him is he in the other side he’s on the other side yeah you can come if you go through green you you should be good go through chilling there yeah we want to get him out of the so he no longer touching the portal block so his timer resets then eventually he’ll go back I guess I actually don’t know how we’re going to get him up at the Top If he’s back here L him out but you know what this is a problem for tomorrow dog oh no no this is a this is a problem for now dog why we you made a lot of progress you have him right there but you got to watch him he might go through the portet any second I’m trying to get this video done for for five days now oh you’re coming now now this that’s what you’re using a help me get my video done thing oh wow wouldn’t you help you don’t want to disappoint PE do you like think about the audience and all this W yeah yeah yeah yeah guys sorry I couldn’t release today doc wouldn’t help me dog had to you know dog’s pizza was more important than helping you yeah yeah it doesn’t draft up well not a pizza a mini pizza right three of probably heat up in the microwave not even on on a on a quar inch steel no the stove in the stove in the stove yeah but what is it on a cookie sheet or something no you just put him on a like our stove has a special Pizza mode so it makes sure that’s just marketing you got to put that on a quarter inch steel or or some kind of ceramic and then you get the nice are done in 10 minutes if they get too much heat they literally Stone like a stone like a baked Stone like this guy is never going to go through here D we to lure him out of portal again so his portal timer resets there’s a hole in the ground there’s a hole in the ground how many do we have blocks wait why why are we trying to get him to go down there no I don’t fill the hole before he goes down oh too late my God I had no building blocks anymore yeah why are you asking questions did he die no he’s here he is he is right here oh wait a second I I thought oh shoot you’re not trapping Etho portal no no it’s his own oh there’s no reason for me to be here then PBS what did you say say to me he’s gone he thought we were trapping him yeah he was thinking we were trapping iso’s portal and he wanted to make sure he can I get that he’s eo’s mom but like oh my God it is it is working out doc I I am so angry right now I will no no not that way bud no oh God do we have a boat let’s put him in a boat call it a day let’s put him in a boat and then how do we no he’s coming he’s coming dog he’s coming this is going to work out really good dog this is going to work out really good I am give me one building block I I’m going to use the last thing I had his path here no he can get through here oh stay I don’t have a block oh my God where’s he going dude he’s like come back you damn idiot oh my God how is there any way to lure him during the day I mean what do we give him like some tuna mini pizza dude we could use turtle eggs okay luckily I have one of those by the way chat I need Building Blocks he’s back come back give me building blocks why haven’t you grab some building blocks at this point he went through the portal by himself oh he did yeah he’s in there again do we have the boat again uh I can drop your boat all right so we can control him somehow yeah okay here we go Jesus Christ we got this we got this do you want to put the turtle legegg up there there he is no yeah but he’s angry wait we can break this now that the we can break this oh God the scaffolding I don’t know how to click on I can’t Scout I can’t shift gosh dang it I couldn’t shift jeez come on oh God now Etho shows up now e get him in the boat dude I don’t want I’m going to I’m going to go our away so he doesn’t fall all right I’m coming back with a boat I’m hoping he’s just going to stay right there for a second where is he eo’s here he’s he’s going to come over here and cause an issue bebs is over somewhere just having a having a hoot in a holler oh God okay he’s he’s Agro at on at me now at the moment okay all right so what what do you what do we want to do see can I tra what’s this about trapping my portal nobody’s trapping anybody’s portal oh my God people call me incompetent beat ups didn’t even understand the whole thing he’s causing all sorts of turmoil and drama now you’re out of here don’t even know to or here to save me hey yeah so I they they I thought they were trapping your portal they didn’t trap your portal they did damage some of your iron golems but I healed them back up you healed those Iron Golems yep got them full to die let them die oh for real oh shoot I’ll go kill him um I’m watching what you’re doing scar is infuriating me bump him put a water bucket down they go to water what are you doing it’s the ne water in the nether what in the nether like that’s how we get like bum bump him bump him scar why put a boat next to him and bump him a little bit he needs did I’m trying not I just don’t want him to fall if he falls like I will straight up explode put a boat next to him okay put a boat oh God thank you oh nice nice this has been quite the exercise I did bring the turtle eggs by the way yeah he not going to go the portal in a boat though you got to now now block the the way back to the portal right I am I have I’m running out of um materials here all right but now we have no pic and now from there where we are on the platform we build a nice walkway up into his hole and into the hole we put the P turtle egg and then you should literally go like yeah I want to smash this what is this you ever move a m before in your life come on get I got you build a roller coaster over here what is this you built this long walkway for no reason I don’t know no if we would have brought him up that walkway we would be done right now because you brought him up this like cheap shortcut way and you cried all this like bumping and banging we’re SP away because you didn’t come after me and bump him did you believe this speed UPS what I can’t in just awe speechless maybe you guys can give a hand Doc’s over there is shocked he’s he’s debating his life choices right now I’m just million TR At His Feet I’m making sure he doesn’t shoot anybody else Scar’s building another roller coaster now we’re going up we’re going up you got to have a drop in a raise of the roller coaster for it to be fun right [Music] how much are these tickets going to cost scar I’ll read chat for you for a little bit hello scar I love you you’re a huge inspiration this is inspiring people how are we doing this don’t know let give Esa some blocks and let him do it no no I I came for the show I’m here to watch no there’s no show the show is over no but SC but in all seriousness I think just build a walkway up to the pit where you want to drop in and put a put turtle egg there right he should like he’s obsessed with turt like you want to walk there and stomp it or something okay well he’s got a little bit of a vendetta against Turtles I see let me go get some more materials because I ran out of dirt break the other one you want me to break the other pad no it’s become a sculpture at this point okay yeah I just want to point out for the eighth time my uh my walkway would have solved all of this problems maybe yeah potentially too never we never find out we could have found out okay how long have you guys been at this I just tuned in has this been a few hours kind of thing three hours and a half yeah but we need to say we also moved six skeletons in there already all right so oh okay yeah we have moved six skeletons so that that is can you continue I can’t move you know what I would love to do take dirt blocks and build but I can’t because his Arro on me and I’m doomed to stay here forever I gave you a do you want the turtle there’s the turtle egg I’ll stand here go stairc go he’ll run it doesn’t matter he’s onto me I need to okay then I’m I’m going to leave okay he’s on me I think now I think he’s on [Music] me oh wa wait now yes got the right people that’s it stay close though so he stays on you man I hope we’ll have enough range for him up at the top he’s on do now come on how is he still on you well relog baby no like somebody no okay now he’s UNS scar now he’s on okay there we go okay this is great where are the skeleton three4 of the NH still can’t get it done wow that hurts you get dragged into this T tainting my reputation you know why are you building a roller coaster still dog I thought you had turtle eggs yeah we got to make a walk we keep running out of blocks all these walkways that are here are pointless I don’t even know where they lead to anymore get them going through the portal what are you doing no we don’t need him what no we want him up here in the oh you want him in here oh I see what do you think we idiot I thought he went on the other end I don’t know what you’re doing you got to a picture e there is confidence in here everybody’s giving me static as buil all this to get him through a portal or one it’s like that’s a little less confidence in abilities here beat’s here thinking I’m pranking you e though when I asked you permission to have one of the I thought they were pranking your portal I thought they were bringing it to your I mean yes instead we were and I’m was going to give you an IOU Etho do you have the turtle egg should we try I gave you one I don’t have no turtle turtle EG check your inventory by the way I’m selling turtle eggs a diamond block little popup shop here we go Turtle EGS I don’t have any I have it I have it come over here all right and can we can can I change plac turtle eggs for sale turtle eggs for sale I am worried about him because there’s no uh guard rails on the sides there just leave a little bit Yeah you can build your guard rails okay okay let me let me go go further no not closer a little bit further oh he’s still on me is tough yeah you need to deagro him first let him how do you deag let’s see who he picks he’s still on to you we need to go away for a bit like really go away like yes yeah okay we’re good okay so now I can add the I can add the protection now what are you doing standing behind me okay okay this guys this this is working out this is this is this is what we’re going to do everybody’s on the same page bebs knows that we’re not pranking Etho e knows that we’re not what did you think we were doing not sure what you’re I thought you were building a theme park by the looks of it wrong season now I’m not sure what you’re doing I’m buil okay so I had a skeleton just walk right off of a rail well walk off like you know one block like this so I’m just adding some some handrails here where OA compliant so that he doesn’t just walk off and fall and die cuz if I had to go back to that farm and wait for another drown to show up i’ oh oh were there none there no I had to AFK for a long time oh God no he fell on it where are the skeletons if you guys how fre tired I am the worst heckers both of you yeah you’re like those Muppets those those older men those old who are the Muppets the two old dudes what are their names I don’t know old guy one and old guy two yeah MH yeah they have ster and what are their names hofler and something I think that’s what they call in Germany Stadler and Waldorf or something ster dude I’ll I’ll say that those guys actually at at at Disneyland they had the Muppets ride they were really funny they were my favorite characters no Disney RS now we’re we’re the comic relief yeah yeah that’s it your face is Comic we got to do something to hide the shambles in front of us hey these are working out really well you’re representing hermitcraft here you can’t be doing stuff like this and it be streaming and people think we’re incompetent or something around you forget everything else and make this this the thumbnail this thing this right here yeah my proudest work on hermit okay I think it’s safe I don’t think it it can fall yeah but then wall him in to though when when you break the boat he’s going to teleport somewhere too you got to yeah while you at Guard railing wall him in to right so we can you know mhm it’s nice you guys are [Music] helping well we want you to be able to say that now it’s going to be funny look he’s breaking line of sight to me and he’s targeting him now oh oh no okay I think it I think we’re good oh man this thing really did get wild oh my gosh is it all right now we what do you think here what’s happening oh God don’t tell me Tango’s here oh my God what is happening when you move mobs Tango does it look something like this usually what what are you building out of dirt is that is that a pirate ship what the it’s um venture out on the high seas dude from the side it looks like a guy falling over dead if you look at it from from this angle over here he fell over the portal this is you scar very unbrand for what’s happening here oh my can hold on what what are you trying to accomplish can we say that first or thank go this drown needs to get on top of the portal in no distractions boys na going okay put a little German there let’s go you just say do it I want my mini pizza I’m so hungry scar German oh nice there he is that’s the little guy you want to get him on top of the portal in the structure you see the the the you mean the dirt there’s only blob of dirt there’s just a blob I trust the do to make sure that that thing set up properly is he a gopher you want to get right if he’s in the stone hole po his head out of the hole every once in a while I told put some turtle eggs down and we be golden since to hour gave you the turtle I don’t have it oh I have it yes exactly does the structure begin where do we put it Tango you the you are um you know familiar with moving drowns yeah that’s your that’s your expertise you don’t want your name associated with yeah I’m spect here it’s way better if I just sit back and watch anyway join us up here in the gallery I’m going to put this turtle egg here hey hey scar I’m going to lure him up there and behind me you stay behind me and close the gap so we have him at least up here already okay you know here yeah you okay where is this is like a maze here where are we going even a maze now it’s it’s very common bur he’s coming yeah it’s very common sense okay here he comes it’s happening it’s happening this is going to be great okay and dying you po the totem no but soon okay okay get him in here wall him in I’m out oh wait I’m going down I’m going down I’m going down I’m going down he’s in he’s in y guys that was actually easier than I thought that’s good that’s really that was simple easy zombie coming too man all right cool now we need the half slab on top yeah just make sure that yeah we you you had an idea for this part yeah can can you come up here and give me a half slap or what and then you cap his head off and then we cool and then we can remove all this monstrosity around it finally the heck man I just want to I just just just just to be clear like I am confident it’s just things just didn’t go to plan all right toss me your SL I gave you some I gave you some ah thank you sorry I’m so hungry where’s the peanut gallery oh there okay he’s in right let me see ouch a killed me oh no oh wow what in the world and I’m stuck now cuz I was in free cam now I got to relog Christ drama okay I see yeah scum so is the idea that he shoots whoever comes through your portal is that is that the goal yeah that’s the worst thing about it you know since 2 hours or so I’m helping him making his portal the most OB not just plays on the whole server I don’t gain anything out of this I don’t know why I’m here all I wanted to do is quickly say hi and eat a pizza and then no mini pizza yes mini pizza mini pizza dud it’s going to be fun it’s going to be fun I’m never going to have to use the Nether Again people okay in my video it makes a little more sense uh-huh uh-huh yeah town right we did some off camera work and boom boom he’s in there you know hey guys just took a little off camera work here did really good J you know that’s the thing with the meme when people are like hcraft off camera mining Hall this is the off camera mining segment guys you just witnessed it this is what happens the we have to do stuff off camera otherwise people will think we completely incompetent we can’t show this kind of stuff is that a brute ow what is that a is this oh my God my roller coaster spawning brutes yeah we should get rid of all this stuff before the gas spawn and blow up all our portals here and things so sorry honestly scar you should get a brute mhm what do you think what what for what that’s going to go that go smooth yeah that’ll go real smooth e just wants more entertainment lo give them give him like a netherite axe with sharpness five oh there’s a scar in there and like netherite armor uhhuh he’ll never die and he’ll kill anybody that comes by your portal sh I don’t have any I do have enough neite for one one tool you know it’s funny the other day I I was asking Cub I forgot how it worked with the um you know the new mechanic um for netherite tools you know you need the template what am I doing what am I saying wrong everybody’s snickering now what’s going on no no because the the I’m just killed drown is on fire man he’s he’s taking aim oh he’s working ready oh dude he’s got great great um Range yeah it’s awesome he’s boming look at this dude when we get two more up there it’ll be great two two more they will die of Friendly Fire I wouldn’t put another one up there to I’ll put one at the bottom then then you can yeah one at the bottom be yeah but to the sides man that’s going to be so obnoxious oh my God and plus there’s six skeletons already making czy dude there’s six skeletons with power five bows in the dirt you say oh sure enough there are are they sitting under dir or can we break the dirt no no they’re in their spots but I need them protected so I can get them their bows I have the bows made oh so when you give them the bows nobody you will never like six power Five Guys plus the Trident dude that’s not no joke people will die here that’s the point no doubt wow four signs I we also we got to fix’s farm by the way we got to put those blocks back I had fixed already oh you did okay sweet good I was wondering how you’re going to get them out of there is it a big mess no no your farm also isn’t baby proofy though uh mostly is but there is a leak a baby got in it and like sent one of the one of the mine carts on a little like water ride for a minute I watched it it was very fun CP of this in your video you were all completely unhinged and it was so so great and I always love your okay I think we’re done scar oh yeah thank you yeah appreciate it what’s going on over here what a million guas can I have one of these doc sure sure dude if I put this on a balloon like and make it look a little like it’s a balloon above my portal oh dude dude okay next their range though they’ll destroy the whole they’ll kill everything Place wow it would be such a shame if this got destroyed guys what a treasure we we’ve made together today best another H ever that’s my thing my thing is a protest both the nether worst and our and our thing here is terrible so scar volunteering to build the nether Hub thank you scar absolutely not you heard it here wow if only we had a couple people on the server often referred to as the best Builders ever who could ever build us something inconvenient yeah I wish we had we had them if only if only we had someone like that that wasn’t as you can see we’re busy with other things Technic wasting their time moving tridus around instead yeah we’re busy dude he looks kind of cool up there by the way he looks kind of sweet yeah yeah and he I like his hat maybe we to a glass block so or like a pan or something so his hat really shows up I would do a chain yeah chain or a glass or something CH something yeah what I another time SM another time use Carpets on the floor right you don’t see them it all and then a chain on top or a glass pane or something then he has really free range right now there’s some angles you could duck away from him level 2,300 de 500 the Mad scientists and what are you going to do about like when Cub comes by and he’s got his Thorn’s armor on oops he’s going to ban Cub from the nether Cub just going to AFK Cub’s going to walk by your guy’s dead yeah shoot well I think it’s dude has level three thorns on all of his armor Oh e that one guy in the comment like who does that nobody does that who does it like really how does that work with ranged weapons in the game I think they’re fine right I don’t know it works it works does it I don’t know about weapons it’s fine that’ be so weird I used to get scar with my with his Hawkeye bow I had thorns on my armor and you felt it didn’t you I don’t know actually does anybody have any Thorns that they could try no nobody has THS audience Chop Chop no to the chest off to the test World jeez oh my God what in the world who put that there not I is this a dare is this a dare do it don’t that was beautiful there’s a lot of I got such a migraine oh my God I’m glad this got done I was I refused I refused to not end the stream until this was done persistent yeah okay um good you want us to leave you alone now yeah you can just say it I got to take you and murder you all here’s your egg it’s fell off very fine job scar we’ll see you later very fine very fine yes thank you did you want to see the portal can I show you my portal yeah bye oh God he doesn’t even want to see my portal I want to see it I feel like you’re oh the overall side yeah yeah just didn’t even want to see my portal might have to go to Green’s portal guys y yep yep Etha didn’t want to see my poral no it’s fine he like he doesn’t like spoilers you know he wants to see it in the video oh I forgot it’s a mess up here too dang oh ain’t so bad though ain’t so bad oh that’s fantastic that’s cool Pizza Time doc can finally go get his pizza yay that’s good so uh Tango um yeah the mail system the mail system yeah cub and I found the weirdest glitches with this portal yeah you talk to Etho about that how it’s set up now basically you can go to different places depending on where you enter the portal right that’s always the case it’s which block you’re standing on is the block it uses to link to other Nether Portals I don’t know what manual you ever had for portals but I didn’t know this there’s like yeah just a big man you can make you can make huge portals and then like go to like 10 different places depending on which block you go to oh that’s cool actually it is actually cool is cool just thought it was a really cool feature we found no just humiliated again today just you know standard vanilla knowledge you you you’ll get eventually yeah any baby knows it my kids know exactly yeah no not your not your cat hating kids dang it my my dog knows it God this is beautiful though it’s so beautiful yeah I like it someone with this kind of talent should build a nether Hub oh true if I built a nether Hub it would be a sidescrolling parkour nether Hub and nobody would use it and they would hate it maybe I should do it that sounds great it would be it would be a sidescrolling two like 2D um thing maybe get some sleep before you commit maybe just bang that out tomorrow when you wake up yeah you know me it’s beautiful scar it looks so great y I love the flashing lights as well oh that is that’s a t coil yeah that’s it I didn’t know you had FL lights on it well I tried to I wanted to create something that made it um I wanted to you know obviously I wanted to create something that made it look like it was you know zapping I guess that makes sense yep um you nailed it it’s weird I think there’s probably some better ways of turning on the lights for it better and better Orient you know have particular ones flashing and not the other ones just to make it more better but a little more random yeah yeah yeah but it’s there’s not a lot of room in the inside um yep so it’s been a long stream very cool saw those skull sensors I thought you were going to like ignite the portal when you approach or something that I okay if this stream would have went better I was going to ask doc that I wanted to do that but I didn’t know I didn’t know how to do that I was going to ask um see that’s the thing I want the portal to ignite when you walk by it so it like turns on in front of you yeah because it looks cool with it off because the glass behind it so how would one do that oh this is simple anybody got a uh hand me my wrench we don’t have I’m not asking anybody to do it now I’m just just mean it would be cool it’s not hard though scar yeah you you can totally do it okay yeah just put a dispenser hook it cuz that sends out Redstone signal put a dispenser under it run the Redstone signal over uh dispenser onto the obsidian block right not just in the Gap but it would you would have to break it right with a lava bucket if you or water or something like that sure does water break a portal too sure does does it I thought only lava did I don’t know I use lava but how dare you question me sorry that was perfect Redstone yeah okay there we go now you can see the portal okay looks fantastic I’m happy this is how I this is how I Envision the train like from day one like going into a portal so finally the stupid project is done oh so good he has even started his real base right no I’m working on it I’m taking the mountain down I’m working on I know I know it’s big progress look at this see look at the mountain it’s coming down it is coming down it’s getting there it’s getting there it’s a lot it’s a it’s it’s taking a little longer than I thought but one one good night in our live stream and I should get it all out yep I will help you hm lnc will take care of that lnc did come by and help the other night we did yeah we’ll do some more mhm oh God now I I’m being more Inc confident as the day goes on I just unwaxed that while I was trying God my bra so tired bra’s falling apart sounds like you should get some sleep scar yeah I got to finish the video first wondering Trader if anybody wants here oh what’s he got uh Diamond he’s dead he’s dead never mind I’m not Jeb hey stop it no I just wanted to see him die all right I’ll take these leads thank you very much all right scar get some sleep portal looks great I’m going to take off now bye bye see you bye is he leaving or is he just going to stare at me oh my God that is actually genuinely terrifying did you ask Tango about the TNT method did I dude I don’t know why he’s really creeping me out like that um what did I ask Tango for tell ether to stop by what did I somebody said something about ask Tango what what did we want to ask Tango dude he’s just staring at me dude if you walked if you just like dude if he stared in stayed in your base and he just stared at you like that oh my God it’s like those uh that optical illusion where it’s like a like a a bust right but it’s like inverted in you know that effect where it’s like the eyes will follow you if it’s like a you know like a like a face bus right and it follows you they use that in the Honda Mansion oh it blinks too is what’s even crazier this really terrifying it’s very much a Honda Mansion why is that so scary and he’s gone goodbye Brave Soldier wow my brain is absolutely shot I’m going to take three Excedrin I am so glad we got that done big thanks to Doc for putting up with me um but we got it done we got it done so hopefully this episode can finally go out it’s four or 5 days behind now so it’s now done we’re good guys we can all take a deep breath Portal’s done um for for the episode this is a spoiler so still watch my episode please it would make me feel happy um video wise we’re taking this down zoo is coming second the back of the train will be complete with its final car um that’ll be my like residence we don’t have lot of room so that’s going to be a tricky thing um and then the shopping district we need to finish the uh we need to finish the um I’m I’m shot I just want to give you guys a quick update finish the Death Star and then um today we were inspired to create our mob permit shop which is going to be uh the mob boss man I don’t know if I’m going to get any business at the mob boss shop now after today’s exercise oh I just realized that that’s yeah I don’t know if I don’t know if the Hermits are going to uh shop at the mob boss shop for their mob needs yeah that’s unfortunate chip will Che x 500 thank you for a fantastically hilarious stream it’s been a heck of a laugh oh I’m glad I’m glad it was fun it was fun hope you guys enjoyed and thank you all so much for all the subscriptions res subscriptions bits and tips is very much appreciated thanks for everybody who followed for the first time today welcome welcome and everybody who’s been here for years on end welcome welcome welcome as always love you to pieces and appreciate each and every one of you if you’re new around here and you haven’t followed yet make sure you hit the follow button and make sure notifications are enabled because you never know when I’m going to go live I never have any schedule so it’s good to be notified when I go live I have no schedule we’ll never have a schedule we’ll stream when as I please um and uh new video tomorrow so make sure you stay tuned for that um what else what else anything else what else any other updates I can give um no okay good all right guys appreciate you and we will see hopefully hopefully we see you again on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or maybe tomorrow depending on if I’m alive or not um we’re going to raate I am so delirious after all that oh my gosh okay I’m going to go take a migraine pic bro my head is going to explode I will see you guys later new video tomorrow um and yeah we’ll see you later goodbye everybody goodbye we’re raiding Ren we’re raiding Ren right now we’re powering the raid up and we’re going to see the ren diggity dog he’s probably cooking with gas building out his terrain it’s going to be amazing okay guys go

This video, titled ‘Getting ROASTED For 3 Hours By The Hermits For This….. (Hermitcraft Season 10)’, was uploaded by GoodVodsWithScar on 2024-05-27 18:24:56. It has garnered 564204 views and 4452 likes. The duration of the video is 03:50:29 or 13829 seconds.

I get roasted by the Hermits for 3 hours for this Nether portal design and how I move Minecraft mobs in the game. One of my all time favorite streams on the Hermitcraft server. I hope you enjoy and see you in the next Hermitcraft live stream.

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    JOIN MY MINECRAFT SERVER NOW!!!Video Information This video, titled ‘【Minecraft】I Joined A Server, Let’s Attempt to Socialize’, was uploaded by Chris Talus Ch. on 2024-07-05 21:45:04. It has garnered 36 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:30:54 or 12654 seconds. friends doko? — Background Music: Sparkle City by Xotikó tou Dásous (https://twitter.com/homodio_VT) — Meet Chris Talus, The VTubing Carbuncle Prince of the Crystal Kingdom! 💎My Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrinceTalus ✨Join the Crystal Kingdom: https://discord.gg/NwxJMJFsse 💎Live: #CTalusLIVE ✨Art: #CreaTalus 💎Clips: #ClipTalus ✨Memes: #JesTalus 💎Model: https://twitter.com/L0NQQ — Rubylight Socials: https://twitter.com/RubylightVT https://discord.gg/2bHeQ2JwKv — STREAM RULES: This stream is 13+ because YouTube is, I also just… Read More

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    Luvstar's magical fairycore build in Minecraft ✨Video Information This video, titled ‘A Chill Building Day ♡ Fairycore Minecraft Let’s Play ✩⋆ Ep 36 ✮⊹♡’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-05 17:00:13. It has garnered 2339 views and 177 likes. The duration of the video is 01:04:26 or 3866 seconds. 🌈Become a Channel Member for exclusive posts, early access videos, BTS, exclusive videos, discounts on stickers, and more: https://www.youtube.com/@luvstarkei/join Hey everyone my name is Luvstar! Welcome to my fairycore-themed relaxing modded let’s play! This series will include episodes of me living as a mage elf and exploring and transforming a beautiful fantasy minecraft world. I chose the… Read More

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  • CloudySMP

    CloudySMPCloudySMP (1.18 – 1.20.4) Welcome to CloudySMP. We pride ourselves on being a fully customed server. We have a friendly community and friendly staff team to help provide you with the best support and experience you will ever get. Here at CloudySMP you can choose to either be a friendly player or go out into the world and hunt everyone until you become the last person standing. Play.CloudySMP.com Read More

  • MossCraft! Semi-Vanilla SMP, whitelist, Cross-Play, 1.20.6, Bluemap, Pets

    Custom Minecraft World Features: – Nearly 100 New Biomes and 100+ Structures provided by Terralith, Incendium, NullScape and Structory. – World reset on May 5th, 2024. – In-game voice chat available (not required). – BlueMap Webmap. – Premium Pets, Ranks, and Particle Trails. – /sit and /lay commands available. – Cross-platform with Bedrock for playing with Console and Mobile Gamers. – Fast leaf decay, no need for leaf crushers in wood farms. – Grief Prevention with player action logging and rollback ability. – No chat reports, ensuring privacy and freedom from bans due to mass reporting. – Ability to put… Read More

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    Survived 100 Days: Desert-Only Minecraft Adventure! In the desert world, I took my stand, Surviving 100 days, with shovel in hand. Building my shelter, under the hot sun, Mining for diamonds, oh what fun! Facing creepers and zombies, with skill and might, Crafting new tools, in the dead of night. Exploring the desert, for treasures untold, In this harsh world, my story unfolds. So if you enjoyed this epic tale, Leave a comment, like, and set sail. For more adventures in Minecraft land, Stay tuned, for I have more plans! Read More


    100 ZOMBIES VS 3 NETHERIE GOLEMS: ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! When you realize the zombies are actually just trying to get the Netherite Golem to do their taxes for them in Minecraft. #taxseason #zombieaccountants Read More

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    🏠 Minecraft Madness: Drawing Houses in Willow Woods - ART STREAM #26Video Information This video, titled ‘lets draw minecraft houses again! – ART STREAM #26 (5/22/24)’, was uploaded by Willow Woods on 2024-06-12 19:00:18. It has garnered 480 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 03:32:56 or 12776 seconds. during this stream, i drew another minecraft house for practice! STREAMS (7 PM EST, TUES, WED AND THURS): https://www.twitch.tv/fourleafisland ART TUMBLR: https://fourleafisland.tumblr.com/ ART TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fourleafisland ART INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fourleafisland/ ART BSKY: https://bsky.app/profile/fourleafisland.bsky.social SHOP/OTHER LINKS: https://fourleafisland.carrd.co/ WEBCOMIC: https://www.webtoons.com/en/canvas/laikas-comet/list?title_no=857623 Read More